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This thread is about discussing everyone's favourite school memory or really bad memory. I will mention one of my school memories. School Camp the worst of all I couldn't survive one night camping. What kind of Teacher chucks a whole bunch of kids in a tent feeding them nothing but franks and beans? The bears didn't know what hit them. Each member can discuss their school memories.
You wanted school memories? Well too bad. You get these memories of watching TV. A really long time ago. Watch if you were born in the 90's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM4VhmoUHFQ
I remember learning German at school. Then Swedish. Then Japanese. Then German again. Then it was not offered at year 8. Oh what great memories.

I also remember eating a pie for lunch.

I remember all of those shows Zxcv (Apart from 1), some
of which I completly forgot about until I saw that video.
Good Link.
A long time ago now, hmmm...it was something like...hangin' shit on teachers, kissin' hot babes & smoking without being caught....lol....and somewhere along the line learnt something....
Come on there must be more school memories than that you can include happy, the sad, the bad, good, bad and ugly or you can include the great music you listened to on your ipod while you were at school don't be shy share your memories
I remember another school memory of mine it was back in Primary School back then everyone was football mad. We had a footy colors day and everyone dressed in footy colors I decided not to participate because I wasn't interested in football I dressed in my school uniform which happened to be yellow and black and a teacher said you can be Richmond. Most children barracked for Essendon and over the years some people who barracked for Essendon were bullying me because I went for Richmond because during that time Essendon were the only good football team even people that didn't even go for Essendon barracked for Essendon. Eventually some of them admitted that they went for a different team and said they had to pretend to go for Essendon because there are greatest team of all time. I assumed that Essendon won every grand final every year and in 2001 I was happy to hear that Brisbane Lions won and a lot people said they didn't barrack for Essendon and they finally admitted their football teams.

I guess the reason I am posting this because I have bad memories of the football team Essendon and how people were bullied for barracking for Richmond that was 20 years ago. Since January this year I made a prediction that Richmond will win the grand final this year and it will be a battle against Essendon and Richmond will win once and for all. Unfortunately I was wrong about that instead they are battling against Adelaide. I will still stick with Richmond winning the grand final. I doesn't matter who wins at least it is not Essendon
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