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Forum - General: General Discussion - Our new Facebook group

Hey guys! We have just created our first Facebook group where you can post videos of your favourite songs, talk about your charts just like you do here, and pretty much anything else music related (even photos of...err...music stuff).

Direct link to join group is right here for the people that we cant invite is here (one of us will approve you for sure):

Have fun!

P.S. Bulion will be on there posting videos and things of past hits and other interesting stuff we have yet to indulge upon
One of us will approve for sure, what is this? Needs a pointless initiation process
Boot camp isnt good enough!
We have an annoying random in the Aus-Charts last.fm group, we need a verification test
Ok it may be a good idea to identify who you are (on this thread) when you apply to join the group. We may not know who you are

Re-apply if u were rejected in this way, sorry

If you have been removed and you are a rightful member of this website, please say who you are when you re-apply to the group, or you will likely be rejected again. This is all to keep unnecessary people out of our group
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Well I'm Daniel Waters
you're in
how do you get approve ?
Jut letting everyone know that I have been receiving requests to join the Facebook group we have. Unfortunately half of them I have declined as they have come without information on who they are.

If any of you have been declined, try to join it again, but it would be good to let me know who you are before I accidentally decline it again!

Sending me a Facebook message is a really good way to let me know, as I see them as soon as I log in
Well I've requested.
I'm Michael Farrer
You are in
Am I a rightful member of this website?
If you like zxcvcxz, you can join
Pretty much any member of this site can join, especially ones that post their own charts
Yay Now let me in your special club.

Yep that's me
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I assume you're Jesse
I post as jess sowerby on FB,and request permission from our humble overlords to join the group...pweeeeeasse
Buggered if i know,i just stand here and look pretty
Anthony Gardner
Request granted
Thanks Beanie!
Keith Old
woot. the group is growing
I am Natasha, just sent you a request
I am Sean, I just sent a request not long ago

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