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Forum - General: Music/Charts related - 25 Years Ago... ARIA Chart

This week, it's 25 years since my obsession with charts took over my life, so I've written something about it.


I'm sure plenty of people on here can relate. Check it out if the names Wa Wa Nee, The Chantoozies, The Cockroaches and, er, Cattletruck mean anything to you.
Nice site Gavin. I don't remember 1987 too well or fondly (I was 9-turning-10 and had a difficult childhood) but the music always lives on and I have many favourites from that year (which just happens to be 87 singles to be precise!). I'm coming up to my own anniversary in December. 20 years of buying CDs. lol

It's nice to know that you have every ARIA chart from 1987 to 1998. Will you be scanning them all? I wouldn't be surprised if you don't because I scanned all of mine and it was a royal pain in the arse. My collection started in January 1993 and ended in January 2000 but is not complete.

By the way, The Cockroaches should mean something to our younger members, especially, because they went on to form The Wiggles! I told this fact to my housemate a little while ago to his horror. His fond memories of the band were ruined in that one revelation. lol. I wasn't big on Wa Wa Nee but I do like some Chantoozies tunes still. I agree with you about Cattletruck. Baaad band name.
I loooove Breakout from that chart! Awesome track! I really like that Janet track (Let's Wait A While), it's a shame it was one of the last releases from Control because I honestly thought it was one of the best from this album and showcased a great and unique voice.

I'm enjoying the commentary very much
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Thank you both for the feedback! Yeah, it's been fun going through that week's top 50 - and it was a pretty fantastic week. There's not much from the chart I didn't like.

Grant, not sure if I'll scan them all - in fact I'm not entirely sure what the content of the blog will be week to week. Chart related obviously, but I might mix it up a bit. Watch that space!
Part three is now up - the top 20 from 25 years ago:


Catch you there!
Well done there Gavin. That was a great read. I also started seriously following charts in 1987, so I know every song there.
The only track I can't recall clearly is Leave Me. I probably haven't heard that song in 20 years.
I remember Leave Me but haven't heard it in ages - it's definitely a forgotten gem. It definitely made my own charts, which I started compiling around the same time, probably because I wasn't happy with some song or other not going as high as I'd hoped.
My 30th anniversary of following charts is next July.

Congrats on your 25 years of following charts GavinScott.
Thanks, Gavin R, I consulted your and David Kent's books to help with my facts and figures!

Great year, great music... So many memories.

Love the Chart Beat Gavin.

I am a radio announcer and I have a weekly show that goes back in time via the charts, pop culture facts, etc.

Gavin, can you contact me. I'd love to ask you more about 1987, the charts, etc.

Tony -- email... flashback@yourstation.com.au
It was a great year! Just did a Spotify playlist of 40 of the top 50 (the other 10 weren't on there). I think this link will work:

Awesome to look back at all that Gavin, thanks so much for posting!
I started my chart obsession early 1989, Madonnas Like a Prayer was the first single I remember frantically following it's chart progression as a nine year old lol
I remember that feeling well of scanning the chart to see where whatever songs I loved at the time had got to and being so disappointed when they went down instead of up.

I'm just writing my next entry now - will post when it's live.
Glad that you are such a Whitney fan! I can't believe it was number one 25 years ago to the week . Her first number one being the classic track, Greatest Love Of All. She's had so many amazing ones along the way though
I love Glad I'm Not A Kennedy haha, but agree with you on Hymn To Her. It's my favourite track from the Pretenders. Love #3 as well.
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I think the only thing I liked about the Shona Laing song was the use of brackets in the title. You don't get good use of brackets much anymore...
OK, the next post is up - and I've stepped back even further in time...
Without Shania Twain, (Brackets) Are a Rarity (These Days)!
25 Years Ago this week... July 12, 1987.

The new entries were:

#48 - "Shakedown" - Bob Seger

#42 - "City Flat" - Boom Crash Opera

#31 - "I Want Your Sex" - George Michael

Read more: www.chartbeat.blogspot.com.au
25 Years Ago this week... July 19, 1987.

The new entries were:

#47 - "Old Time Rock And Roll" - Bob Seger

#44 - "Bus Stop (Stop And Go Remix)" - Fatback

#39 - "Get Ready" - Carol Hitchcock

#35 - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" - Samantha Fox

#29 - "Alone" by Heart

Read more: http://chartbeat.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/25-years-ago-this-week-july-19-1987.html

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25 Years Ago this week... July 26, 1987

The new entries were:

#50 "Wild Horses" - Gino Vannelli

#49 "Luka" - SUzanne Vega

#43 "Girls Girls Girls" - Motley Crue

#36 "Suddenly" - Angry Anderson


Obviously, it's also 25 years on Saturday July 28 since "Locomotion" was released - and it made a big debut on August 2, 1987.
Angry. Hehe. I'm having flashbacks to Batmobiles at footy grand finals.

Relive the lulz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7J2madZVFA (skip to 2:31 for the good stuff)

After fail like that it's no wonder we lost the game. Not to mention it was played at Waverley Park and not the MCG. Nice way to celebrate the first ever non-Victorian club to make the grant final. Mehness.
I always hated Bound For Glory - and this performance explains why!
I've done a special post on the 25th anniversary of Locomotion's release (which was yesterday). You can read it here:

25 Years Ago this week... July 26, 1987

The new entries were:

#47 "Seven Wonders" - Fleetwood Mac

#46 "When You Walk In The Room" - Paul Carrack

#44 "Sally" - Carmel

#40 "He's Just No Good For You" - Mental As Anything

#10 "Locomotion" - Kylie Minogue


Sorry, that last post should read August 2, 1987
Nice bunch of songs here except for Sally which I never got into. My favourite would be the breaker you mentioned in the blog 'Rhythm Is Gonna Get You'.
'Seven Wonders' still sounds great 25 years on
Yeah, I was really surprised "Rhythm..." wasn't a bigger hit.
25 Years Ago this week... August 9, 1987

The new entries were:

#41 "Rhymes" by Rockmelons

#29 "It's A Sin" by Pet Shop Boys

#17 "Who's That Girl" by Madonna

25 Years Ago this week... August 16, 1987

The new entries were:

#50 "Good Times" by Hoodoo Gurus

#49 "Living In A Box" by Living In A Box

#48 "Radio Waves" by Roger Waters

#45 "When Smokey Sings" by ABC

#44 "The Living Daylights" by a-ha

#43 "Friday On My Mind" by Gary Moore

#24 "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" by Michael Jackson / Siedah Garrett


25 Years Ago this week... August 23, 1987

The new entries were:

#50 "The Pleasure Principle" by Janet Jackson

#49 "I Heard A Rumour" by Bananarama

#46 "Fall Of Rome" by James Reyne

#28 "You I Know" by Jenny Morris

These were the days. Nearly all these songs of the last few weeks were personal-chart worthy. Except Radio Waves and Living In A Box that weren't quite for me.
I'd kill for the day when tracks like those 4 were charting again!

Someone like Jenniy Morris or James Reyne could never have a hit these days.
I remembered it was a good year when I started revisiting it, but each week I'm amazed just how many classics keep entering the chart. Good times.

Although one of this week's (Aug 30) entries was a bit of a shocker...
25 Years Ago this week... August 30, 1987


The new entries were:
#43 "Star Trekkin'" by The Firm

#40 "First We Take Manhattan" by Jennifer Warnes

#37 "Flames Of Paradise" by Elton John & Jennifer Rush

#31 "True Faith" by New Order

#24 "La Bamba" by Los Lobos

#19 "Beds Are Burning" by Midnight Oil
Ah Star Trekkin' one of those real "guilty pleasures"
25 Years Ago this week... September 6, 1987


The new entries were:

#50 "Diamonds" by Herb Alpert

#49 "Myfanwy" by David Essex

#47 "Do It Again" by Wall Of Voodoo

#45 "Didn't We Almost Have It All" by Whitney Houston

#44 "Heart And Soul" by T'Pau

#40 "Let's Dance" by Chris Rea

25 Years Ago this week... September 13, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 48 "F.L.M." by Mel & Kim

Number 47 "Painted Moon" by The Silencers

Number 42 "Never Say Goodbye" by Bon Jovi

Number 20 "Electric Blue" by Icehouse
25 Years Ago this week... September 20, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Wishing Well" by Terence Trent D'Arby

Number 49 "Live! On Tour" (EP) by Bon Jovi

Number 45 "Say It" by Kids In The Kitchen

Number 42 "Shattered Dreams" by Johnny Hates Jazz

Number 34 "Paper In Fire" by John Cougar Mellencamp

A slow week, 25 years ago this week... September 27, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Hold Me Now" by Johnny Logan

Number 44 "Can't We Try" by Dan Hill with Vonda Shepard

To make up for it, I've also looked at the albums chart for that week.
Week ending October 4, 1987


Number 50 "Love Somebody" by Noiseworks

Number 48 "Pretty Flamingo" by Huxton Creepers

Number 46 "What Have I Done To Deserve This" by Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield

Number 45 "Do To You" by Machinations

Number 44 "Let's Work" by Mick Jagger

Number 40 "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)" by The Cockroaches

Number 9 "Bad" by Michael Jackson

Of the last 3 weeks my faves are Wishing Well, Shattered Dreams, Hold Me Now, What Have I Done To Deserve This and Bad.
The most forgettable would be the Live! Tour (EP) and Pretty Flamingo. But I do remember them all. Breakout was the track I remember hearing on the radio from the Bon Jovi EP.
I had wondered if radio played any of the Bon Jovi EP songs (since I couldn't remember) or if it just sold because they were so massive at the time.
Week ending October 11, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 48 "Her Charity" by Boom Crash Opera

Number 39 "Where The Streets Have No Name" by U2

Number 38 "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac
Week ending October 18, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 47 "Don't Tell Me Now" by Mental As Anything

Number 45 "Hammerhead" by James Reyne

Number 31 "Brilliant Disguise" by Bruce Springsteen

Number 21 "Causing A Commotion" by Madonna

Number 13 "Need You Tonight" by INXS
Week ending October 25, 1987


Number 48 "Oh Darling" by Models

Number 43 "You Win Again" by Bee Gees

Number 38 "Run To Paradise" by Choirboys

Number 28 "Hold Your Head Up" by The Party Boys
Wow. To think i only stumbled across this site at the start of the month!!! I've been following the Aria charts since late 1988 (Fairground Attraction's Perfect was #1), I would love to get all the charts from 1987 to july 1988 from somewhere! I'd also love to now chart details of John Farnham's Whispering Jack album and single You're The Voice.
Mostly good entries there for the last couple of weeks. I don't remember 'Oh Darling'.
Week ending November 1, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Rock On" by John Justin

Number 49 "Die Yuppie Die" by Painters & Dockers

Number 43 "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley
Week ending November 8, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 49 "Physical Favours" by Sharon O'Neill

Number 47 "I'll Save You All My Kisses" by Dead Or Alive

Number 45 "Learning To Fly" by Pink Floyd

Number 39 "Is This Love" by Whitesnake

Number 34 "To Her Door" by Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls

Number 13 "Too Much Ain't Enough Love" by Jimmy Barnes
Week ending November 15, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 50: "Animal" by Def Leppard

Number 45: "Adultery" by Do Re Mi

Number 35 "Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)" by Eurythmics

Week ending November 22, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 50 "We'll Be Togther" by Sting

Number 44 "Unchain My Heart" by Joe Cocker

Number 43 "Do You See What I See" by Hunters & Collectors

Number 42 "Glory Road" by Richard Clapton

Number 38 "Bridge To Your Heart" by Wax

Number 33 "Mony Mony" by Billy Idol

Number 27 "Faith" by George Michael

This was an interesting time on the charts. Icehouse finally get that #1 hit after waiting 5 weeks at #2. Just in the nick of time too, as there's a race on for #1 with Jimmy and Rick climbing strongly.
The #1 ambitions for 'Need You Tonight' were seemingly lost too at this point, which at that time I was kind of annoyed about.

ELECTRIC BLUE Icehouse1222
LA BAMBA Los Lobos2111

Next week's ARIA chart (29/11) was the first one I picked up from the music stores
Yes, Jimmy was lucky he got a look in at all!
Week ending November 29, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Toy Boy" by Sinitta

Number 49 "Skeletons" by Stevie Wonder

Number 47 "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson

Number 46 "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" by Glenn Medeiros

Number 45 "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake

Number 42 "Got My Mind Set On You" by George Harrison

Number 39 "Crazy Crazy Nights" by KISS

Number 29 "The Right Stuff" by Bryan Ferry
Week ending December 6, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 45 "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston

Number 43 "Come On, Let's Go" by Los Lobos

Number 41 "Back In The USSR" by Billy Joel

Number 24 "My Obsession" by Icehouse
The Way You Make Me Feel, So Emotional, My Obsession
The rest of the recent debuts were not so strong really.
Sinitta begins her run at #50
Week ending December 13, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 47: "Dance Little Sister" by Terence Trent D'Arby

Number 45: "Cherry Bomb" by John Cougar Mellencamp

Week ending December 20, 1987


The new entries were:

Number 45: "Resurrection Shuffle" by Cattletruck

Number 42: "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany

Plus, the top 50 highest selling singles in Australia for 1987 featured

lol, the only song I can't recall is that Bohemian Rhapsody cover.
It really was terrible - even as a novelty record.
The first chart for 1988:

Three weeks ending January 10, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 47 "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley / Jennifer Warnes

Number 41 "Celebration" by Dragon

Number 38 "Walk The Dinosaur" by Was (Not Was)

Number 32 "Pump Up The Volume" by M/A/R/R/S

Week ending January 17, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Never Can Say Goodbye" by Communards

Number 48 "Love Me Tender" by Mental As Anything

Number 45 "Welcome To The World" by Noiseworks

Number 42 "New Groove" by Rockmelons

All fairly good tracks there. Noiseworks certainly did underperform with many of their singles unfortunately.
Definitely an albums act - although I thought they had a fantastic catalogue of singles.
Week ending January 24, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50: "Don't Shed A Tear" by Paul Carrack

Number 47: "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" by Belinda Carlisle

Number 46: "Put Down That Weapon" by Midnight Oil

Number 41: "Tunnel Of Love" by Bruce Springsteen

Number 38: "Say You Will" by Mick Jagger

Number 35: "Say You Will" by Foreigner

Number 34: "Rip It Up" by James Reyne
Week ending January 31, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50: "Driving Wheels" by Jimmy Barnes

Number 49: "Revolution Love" by Kids In The Kitchen

Number 36: "Valerie" by Steve Winwood
I found the top of the chart was getting a bit stale around this time with good songs like The Way You Make Me Feel, Mony Mony (live), My Obsession and even Pump Up The Volume missing out on a better peak.
It was coincidental, the two 'Say You Will' hits debuting in the same week. The better one did peak higher thankfully.
Week ending February 7, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 49 "Some People" by Cliff Richard

Number 48 "Whenever You Need Somebody" by Rick Astley

Number 46 "Should've Known Better" by Richard Marx

Number 25 "Heatseeker" by AC/DC

Week ending February 14, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Man Of Colours" by Icehouse

Number 49 "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac

Number 41 "Touched By The Hand Of God" by New Order

Number 35 "Love In The First Degree" by Bananarama

Number 28 "Twistin' The Night Away" by Rod Stewart

Week ending February 21, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 46 "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" by The Angels

Number 44 "Forget About The Working Week" by V. Spy V. Spy

Number 42 "Shame" by Eurythmics

Number 28 "Boys Will Be Boys" by Choirboys

Number 19 "Father Figure" by George Michael

Number 10 "I Should Be So Lucky" by Kylie Minogue

I recall the colour of that week's chart being horrid
Some good entries there, particularly Kylie & George Michael. I remember lots of publicity for Kylie on the morning TV shows which I thought was helping the rapid rise of I Should Be So Lucky and later songs. But with her third #1 later in the year (also to be only the 2nd debuting #1) you had the impression she wasn't going to disappear anytime soon.
Yeah some of the chart colours were terrible - but I missed the colour changes when it went to being red all the time. Bloody Coke.

Kylie really was unstoppable at that point - probably the best move she ever made was going overseas and waiting out the tall poppy syndrome backlash.
Week ending February 28, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 42 "Hazy Shade Of Winter" by The Bangles

Number 33 "I Found Someone" by Cher

Number 31 "Always On My Mind" by Pet Shop Boys

Number 25 "Devil Inside" by INXS

Week ending March 6, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Bury Me Deep In Love" by The Triffids

Number 48 "Don't Tell Me The Time" by Martha Davis

Number 35 "Hungry Eyes" by Eric Carmen

Number 32 "Just Like Paradise" by David Lee Roth

Week ending March 13, 1988


Number 49 "The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)" by Roger Waters

Number 44 "Groove" by Eurogliders

Number 43 "Back To The Wall" by Divinyls

Number 40 "When We Was Fab" by George Harrison

Number 36 "Sign Your Name" by Terence Trent D'Arby

Number 26 "Stutter Rap (No Sleep Til Bedtime)" by Morris Minor & The Majors

hi guys am looking for someone who has Aria Charts during the 1980s as I am interested in printing them

Go to this thread: http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=34759&pages=1

bulion may be able to help you out with what you want.
Week ending March 20, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "On The Turning Away" by Pink Floyd

Number 46 "Check It Out" by John Cougar Mellencamp

Number 45 "Man In The Mirror" by Michael Jackson

Number 44 "Breakaway" by Big Pig

Number 43 "Highway Corroboree" by Austen Tayshus

Week ending March 27, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 49 "I Get Weak" by Belinda Carlisle

Number 43 "Under The Milky Way" by The Church

Number 28 "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" by Billy Ocean

Week ending April 3, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 48 "For You" by John Denver

Number 47 "Kiss And Tell" by Bryan Ferry

Number 44 "When Will I Be Famous?" by Bros

Number 31 "She's Like The Wind" by Patrick Swayze

Week ending April 10, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Heaven Knows" by Robert Plant

Number 48 "Dreaming" by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Number 46 "Could've Been" by Tiffany

Number 37 "That's The Way It Is" by Mel & Kim

Number 33 "Rev It Up" by Jerry Harrison: Casual Gods

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Week ending April 17, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "I Don't Mind At All" by Bourgeois Tagg

Number 49 "Stuck On Earth" by ALF

Number 45 "Wonderful Life" by Black

Number 41 "I'm Still On Your Side" by Jimmy Barnes

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Week ending April 24, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 49: "Sweet Little Mystery" by Wet Wet Wet

Number 41: "Tell It To My Heart" by Taylor Dayne
Week ending May 1, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 49 "Shake Your Love" by Debbie Gibson

Number 48 "Boys (Summertime Love)" by Sabrina

Number 47 "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" by Michael Bolton

Number 46 "Suedehead" by Morrissey

Number 26 "When I Fall In Love / My Arms Keep Missing You" by Rick Astley
Week ending May 8, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 49 "Love Is A Bridge" by Little River Band

Number 40 "Endless Summer Nights" by Richard Marx

Number 27 "The Flame" by Cheap Trick

Week ending May 15, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 49 "Underneath The Radar" by Underworld

Number 47 "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

Number 41 "Cars And Girls" by Prefab Sprout

Number 40 "You're Not Alone" by Australian Olympians

Wow, what a flashback. 'Cars And Girls'. Probably haven't heard that in over 10, maybe closer to 20 years. Different to how I remembered it, if that makes sense.
'Suedehead' is kind of a flashback too, but I'm sure I heard that not so long ago.
I do recall 'Heart Of Gold' and it snuck in at #46 on my Personal chart, the only other charting hit from Johnny Hates Jazz for me.
Week ending May 22, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 49 "I Want You Back" by Bananarama

Number 48 "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" by Whitney Houston

Number 46 "Get It On" by Kingdom Come

Number 42 "What's It Gonna Be" by Rockmelons

Number 39 "Pink Cadillac" by Natalie Cole

Week ending May 29, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Mandinka" by Sinead O'Connor

Number 49 "If You Let Me Stay" by Terence Trent D'Arby

Number 47 "Alphabet St." by Prince

Number 38 "Heart" by Pet Shop Boys
Week ending June 5, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Bitter Tears" by Venetians

Number 49 "One More Try" by George Michael

Number 45 "Nothing Too Serious" by Icehouse

Number 42 "New Sensation" by INXS

Number 33 "Drop The Boy" by Bros
Week ending June 12, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 46 "Wanna Be Up" by Chantoozies

Number 42 "I Saw Him Standing There" by Tiffany

Number 38 "One Good Reason" by Paul Carrack

Number 31 "Blue Monday 88" by New Order

Number 27 "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson
Week ending June 19, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 46 "Tall Cool One" by Robert Plant

Number 44 "I Don't Want To Live Without You" by Foreigner

Number 40 "Rok Da House" by Beatmasters featuring Cookie Crew

Number 39 "My Love" by Julio Iglesias featuring Stevie Wonder

Number 32 "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman

Quite a varied 5 debuts there. But I like them all.
Week ending June 26, 1988 - the first week of the new-look ARIA chart, with compiling done in-house


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Lost In You" by Rod Stewart

Number 46 "Struggle Town" by Choirboys

Number 41 "The Valley Road" by Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Number 36 "Better Be Home Soon" by Crowded House

Number 34 "Don't Turn Around" by Aswad

Number 25 "Together Forever" by Rick Astley

Number 22 "Perfect Day" by Fischer Z
Week ending July 3, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Nothin' But A Good Time" by Poison

Number 43 "Motor's Too Fast" by James Reyne

Number 37 "Prove Your Love" by Taylor Dayne

Number 36 "Tomorrow People" by Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers

Single of the week and 5 breakers covered also
Week ending July 10, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 50 "Don't Be Cruel" by Cheap Trick

Number 49 "Hey Little Boy" by Divinyls

Number 1 "Got To Be Certain" by Kylie Minogue
Week ending July 17, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 48 "Man With A Gun" by Jerry Harrison

Number 46 "Don't Go" by Hothouse Flowers

Number 43 "I Don't Want To Go On With You Like That" by Elton John

Number 42 "Roll With It" by Steve Winwood

Number 41 "Perfect" by Fairground Attraction
Week ending July 24, 1988


The new entries were:

Number 47 "When It's Love" by Van Halen

Number 45 "Broken Land" by The Adventures

Number 3 "Age Of Reason" by John Farnham

Plus a look at the albums chart
Week ending July 31, 1988


Five new entries including "Weird Al" Yankovic, S'Express and a future number 1 from Robert Palmer.
Week ending August 7, 1988


A song that took three years to become a hit and 1988's most controversial song.
Week ending August 14, 1988


A rap classic that started out as a B-side and Bros' best single.
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Well I didn't know 'Push It' was once a B-side. I also didn't know 'I Owe You Nothing' was actually Bros's first release (or had forgotten that fact). Interesting facts.
I do remember that Debbie Gibson song. I did once have her album many many years ago, on cassette.
I'm not sure if they bothered with I Owe You Nothing here first - we probably got When Will I Be Famous as the first single.

I also had Debbie's album on cassette! Was one of my favourites.
Week ending August 21, 1988


A song linked to a sci-fi series that's still around today and Pat Benatar taking on an Aussie rock song.
Week ending August 28, 1988


The Fat Boys, Coldcut, George Michael, Tracy Chapman, Chicago and Schnell Fenster recapped.
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Week ending September 4, 1988


A big new Australian band, and one of the most enduring Aussie performers of all time. Plus, a song made famous all over again by a shampoo commercial.
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Week ending September 11, 1988


The return of ONJ, the 6th single from Bad, an 80s classic from Aztec Camera and more
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Week ending September 18, 1988


The arrival of Guns 'n' Roses, Daryl Brathwaite's comeback, a second single from Morris Minor & The Majors and more
Week ending September 25, 1988


The Stones, Yello, Climie Fisher and a look at the albums chart...
Week ending October 2, 1988


How do you follow up a massive hit? John Farnham, S-Express and UB40/Chrissie Hynde find out.
Week ending October 9, 1988


Yazz, and a bunch of songs time forgot.
I never knew The Only Way Is Up was covered. Yazz improves on the original I think.
Week ending October 16, 1988


The debut of Transvision Vamp, and the return of Phil Collins, U2 and Bon Jovi.
Week ending October 23, 1988


Only two new entries - one the debut of Melissa Etheridge.
Week ending October 30, 1988


The debut of one of my most hated songs of all time - and the return of three artists I quite liked.
Week ending November 6, 1988


One of Australian TV's most popular characters of the late 80s releases a single - as does one of the most popular TV actors of the time.
Week ending November 13, 1988


A new single from another number 1 album for Jimmy Barnes - and the debut of his protégé, Johnny Diesel.
Week ending November 20, 1988


Just the two new entries - Voice Of The Beehive finally crack the chart and Noiseworks come back for seconds.
Week ending November 27, 1988


Will Smith's first ARIA chart appearance plus big hits from The Beach Boys and 1927
Week ending December 4, 1988


Womack & Womack arrive, Pseudo Echo go rock, Pat Benatar walks away and more from this week in 1988:
Week ending December 11, 1988


10 new entries, including Handle With Care, Domino Dancing, Love, Truth & Honesty and In Your Room.
I just checked my archives. This was only the 3rd time in the 1980s that there were 10 new entries in the Top 50 chart, an equal record with the 25/11/84 chart and 17/8/86 chart.
10 new Top 50 entries wouldn't happen again until the 26/7/92 chart.
Quite the rarity! Pity most of them were flops.
Week ending December 18, 1988


Only one new entry on the singles chart, so I've also looked at what albums were being bought in the lead-up to Christmas.
The first ARIA chart for 1989 - with debuts from Especially For You, Smooth Criminal, Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Two Hearts, plus the demise of Tiffany.

Week ending January 15, 1989


Christmas hits late thanks to Bros and Cliff Richard. Plus, the Crowded House and George Michael flops
Week ending January 22, 1989


Orange Crush, Copperhead Road and Art Of Noise's cover of Kiss debut.
Week ending January 29, 1989


Big changes on the ARIA chart this week in 1989. Plus, Enya, Ian Moss, Mike + The Mechanics, Roy Orbison.
Week ending February 5, 1989


This week's tale: New Order and the Curious Extended Version
For something a bit different, I'm looking at bona fide one-hit wonders from the 80s:

Part 2 of my one-hit wonders of the 80s list:


44 acts with one top 10 hit and no further top 50 appearances.
Week ending February 12, 1989


The debut of Neneh Cherry, plus KISS, Def Leppard, Chris de Burgh and Robert Palmer
And for good measure - 80s two-hit wonders:


Starring Feargal Sharkey, Deniece Williams, The Hooters and Glenn Medeiros
Week ending February 19, 1989


She Drives Me Crazy, Soul Revival, Dumb Things, Left To My Own Devices and the arrival of Milli Vanilli
Week ending February 26, 1989


Stop!, End Of The Line and One Summer debut... in the last week of summer 89.
Week ending March 5, 1989


Debuts of Belfast Child, What I Am, The Living Years and more.
Week ending March 12, 1989


Another Proclaimers hit, Boy Meets Girl, Simply Red, Poison and more...
Week ending March 19, 1989


Madonna returns with Like A Prayer. Plus, Holly Johnson, Marc Almond, The Black Sorrows and Inner City.
Week ending March 26, 1989


Collette, Jason Donovan, Pseudo Echo, Wa Wa Nee, Debbie Gibson and more debut
Week ending April 2, 1989


Now You're In Heaven debuts, Bomb The Bass miss the top 50 and, on the albums chart, Like A Prayer misses the top spot - but what three albums kept her off number 1?
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Week ending April 9, 1989


Eternal Flame, Paradise City, Twist In My Sobriety and more hit the chart. Plus, the arrival of gold and platinum accreditations on the ARIA chart.
Week ending April 16, 1989


Tone Loc, Lou Reed, Living Colour, Jody Watley and more.
Week ending April 23, 1989


The Cult, Paula Abdul, Dragon, Bette Midler and two members of Models going solo
Week ending April 30, 1989


Bobby Brown, 1927, Samantha Fox, Johnny Diesel & The Injectors and... Petula Clark

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Week ending May 7, 1989


The demise of Stock Aitken Waterman begins thanks to a protest song against radio programmers
Week ending May 14, 1989


The Look, Bedroom Eyes, Iko Iko and more hit the ARIA top 50.
Week ending May 21, 1989


Lesser singles by Cyndi Lauper, James Reyne, The Black Sorrows, Bananarama and the debut of Metallica.
Week ending May 28, 1989


Rock, rock and more rock from Bon Jovi, GnR, Richard Marx, Noiseworks and John Mellencamp
Week ending June 4, 1989


Great week with entries for Express Yourself, You Got It (The Right Stuff), Hand On Your Heart and If You Don't Know Me By Now
Week ending June 11, 1989


New entries from Queen, Hoodoo Gurus, Def Leppard and Peter Cetera & Cher, and non-entries from Soul II Soul and Boy George
Week ending June 18, 1989


Some girl power with Debbie Gibson, Stevie Nicks, Sam Brown and Transvision Vamp. Plus, Ross Wilson, Phil Collins and Inner City.
Well done Gavin. Loving reading your blog. Brings back sooo many memories and it's good seeing that there are others who are having the same reactions. As I've only just recently discovered your blog, I have a lot to read to go back over the two years your blog has been running. Excellent stuff. Thanks Finn
Thanks for reading. So far I've not missed a week so I must be enjoying it too!
Week ending June 25, 1989


Sealed With A Kiss, Forever Your Girl, Onion Skin, Telephone Booth and more
Week ending July 2, 1989


The compilations top 5 makes its first appearance, plus three new entries on the singles chart
As promised in February, I've begun my look back at one-hit wonders of the 90s on the ARIA chart:

Week ending July 9, 1989


Batdance, Say Goodbye, Saved Me, Manchild and more
Edwyn Collins, Deep Blue Something, Babylon Zoo, Tracy Bonham, Donna Lewis (who I'd somehow forgot was a one-hit wonder), Third Eye Blind, Marcy Playground, Stardust and Tal Bachman were the acts in that list I would have most wanted to somehow get another hit. Maybe F.C.B. too, to see what other novelty track they might have potentially had success with.
A very good blog there.
Thanks Dave. And finishing it all off with two-hit wonders of the 90s:

Week ending July 16, 1989


Texas, Tone Loc, Collette and a couple of flops by local rock bands.
Week ending July 23, 1989


Sinitta, Michael Damian, Bette Midler, Debbie Gibson Kate Ceberano, Gipsy Kings & Rip Rip Woodchip
Week ending July 30, 1989


Real Life's "Send Me An Angel" returns plus Dead Or Alive, Simple Minds and 38 Special
Week ending August 6, 1989:


Dressed For Success, The End Of The Innocence, Be With You, One More River and Bros become 2
Week ending August 13, 1989:


New Kids hit number 1 and debut a new single to celebrate, Cliff Richard celebrates a century of releasing singles and Roxus.
Week ending August 20, 1989:


Milli Vanilli hit the chart with a song that spends 38 weeks on the top 50, plus Donna Summer, Wildland, Hoodoo Gurus, Grayson Hugh and more
Week ending August 27, 1989:


A U2 B-side, a Soul II Soul classic that should have been bigger, a Natalie Cole ballad that was massive overseas and more.

Week ending September 3, 1989:


Toy Soldiers, Blush, Wait, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Right Here Waiting and more
Week ending September 10, 1989:


Wouldn't Change A Thing, The Best, Poison, Liberian Girl, Way Of The World and more
Week ending September 17, 1989:


If I Could Turn Back Time, Cherish, In My Youth, You'll Never Stop Me Loving You and more
Week ending September 24, 1989:


She Has To Be Loved, Get Out Of The House, Revival, A New Flame and more
Week ending October 1, 1989:


Miss You Much, Nightrain, Sowing The Seeds Of Love, Lay Your Hands On Me, Tell Me Something and more
Week ending October 8, 1989:


The rise of Jive Bunny, and the decline of Jason Donovan, Fine Young Cannibals and Tone Loc
Week ending October 15, 1989:


Bobby Brown finally cracks Australia, Icehouse return and major action on the albums chart
Week ending October 22, 1989


Roxette and NKOTB managed 3 simultaneous top 40 hits each when their latest singles debuted. Plus, Aerosmith's first top 40 hit and more.
Week ending October 29, 1989


Billy Joel's angry history lesson, Motley Crue and "one-hit wonders" Collette and Paul Norton return
Week ending November 5, 1989


Martika, Kate Ceberano, Black Box, Nick Barker & The Reptiles, Warrant and more
Week ending November 12, 1989


Belinda Carlisle, Big Fun, Dragon and Joe Cocker
Week ending November 19, 1989


Another Day In Paradise, Five In A Row, Don't Wanna Lose You, French Kiss and more
<3 Another Day in Paradise. It's my favourite of Phil Collins' solo singles (if you don't include his collab with Philip Bailey on "Easy Lover").
'Sometimes' - that's a great flashback! Their 2nd personal chart #1 for me and a good indication of the music style on the Max Q album.
I don't think the D-Generation type humour would have even half a chance on today's music charts.
That kind of musical parody was really big at the time with Fast Forward doing a string of them around the same time - especially in 1990 with Dannii, Tina Arena and Wilson Phillips made fun of.

It wasn't a great week for new entries as far as my own tastes went at all!
Week ending November 26, 1989


Love Shack, I Want That Man, Numero Uno, You're History and more.
Week ending December 3, 1989


Pump Up The Jam, Just Like Jesse James, On Our Own, That's What I Like and more
Is it just my imagination or did Black Box's Ride On Time have a different video clip?
No, it's not your imagination. I probably should have looked harder to find the Aussie one - but it's discussed in the comments section for that week's post and there's a link to it there.
Week ending December 10, 1989


Craig McLachlan, Kylie, Eurythmics, Tina Turner, Taylor Dayne, Janet Jackson and more
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Week ending December 17, 1989


The final ARIA chart for 1989 - and the 80s! - and the top 100 singles for the year.
Week ending January 7, 1990


The ARIA chart enters the 1990s - with new entries from Bad English, New Kids (again!) and Tears For Fears
Wooohooo welcome to the 90's, personally my fave.
I'll be following even closer this year but i'll be recapping the whole TOP 100 each week instead (yes I have no life :p).

Anyway this weeks highlights for me was the introduction of 'Living In Sin' even thougth it debuted late November '89 during Jovi's tour of Australia.
It's always been a weird one out of their catalouge in which it failed on so many charts around the world, personally it was a fave of mine.

Looking back at NKOTB they really do age really badly for me, especially 'Cover Girl'. It's just so lack luster and predictable but slightly better than what 'Hangin' Tough' has become, what a boring song!

I remember 'When I See You Smile' was still big on Sydney FM radio in the mid to late 90's, I was still hearing it daily on the rock stations.
Loved John Waite's solo stuff from the 80's and I too failed to make the connection till years later.
Starting next week, I'll include a section about what else was going on in the top 100 outside the top 50 and breakers. I didn't have the full top 100 for this chart but I have it for next week on.

I really like John's These Times Are Hard For Lovers from 1987 as well. I wasn't a fan of When I See You Smile, though.
Here the link to my first 30 Years Ago... post:


I'll start a separate thread as well
Week ending January 14, 1990


Janie's Got A Gun, Don't Know Much, La Luna, Kickstart My Heart and more
Ahhh our first full 100 chart recap, bless.

Anyway I really like 'Rock and a hard place' infact I actually enjoy that album still to this day.

After all the popalicious fabtabulous Bros had released I really thought this was pretty tame considering, so did the buying public :p

'Enemy of the sun' is and always will be a big steaming turd!

I guess your right about the millions that had already spent their hard earnt on Madonna's album, just feel really bad it just missed our 50 by 1. Oh father!

To me 'Kickstart My Heart' screams bigger hit than 'Dr. Feelgood', Motley Crue really didn't set my world on fire anyway.

'Come Back To Me' is official my fave Obsession track but that ain't rocket science :p

I played the video for 'La Luna' the other week from my collection and nobody in the room remembered it, to it sounds really dated and one of my least faves of hers from the 90's.

Big hit in 'Don't Know Much' still hear it a lot today on the oldie station, like it but don't love it.

As with the previous 'Janie's Got A Gun' is one of those tracks I have mixed feelings on, if I hear it to much I dislike it alot more.

Finally the less we say about the Band Aid offering the better, it's probly the worst version for me.
Week ending January 21, 1990


Black Velvet, All Around The World, Please Send Me Someone To Love, Sacrifice and more
It really did bug me not knowing why 'I See Red' was still so popular in the mid to late 90's as it pales in comparison to their other hits.
I picked up a sealed re-released 7" many moons ago which is worth a small fortune now
Not really fussed on the Gipsy Kings or Whitesnake releases this week and i'm glad they missed the fiddy.
For ages i really liked 'Sacrifice' but it hasn't aged very well for me, funnily I loathed 'Healing Hands' at first but now it's one of my faves of Sir Elton's.
The Alannah Myles story is interesting and her release history is bizarre and then she disappeared from our charts, pity the girl had talent.
Personally i have never been a Lisa Stansfield fan and this one is decent but doesn't again really scream hit to me.
Wow! I didn't know 'Please Send Me Someone To Love' wasn't included on the debut album (was sure it was until now). For me it's a real sleeper song that I enjoy now even more today than before.
That movie though was yuck!
Week ending January 28, 1990


The arrival of Lenny Kravitz, plus Martika, The Angels, Rococo and more
I love Prince and loved the Batman soundtrack but 'Scandalous!' was awful for me and surprised it even made the chart.

The Martika track is very bland and not memorable at all, her worst charting song for me easily.

Recently acquired a box set of original albums of The Angels and was not surprised how great some of their material was and this single is a pure belter.
Would've been awesome hearing this in jukeboxes around the country in smoke filled pubs & bars.

Up until recently I was never the biggest Lenny Kravitz fan, sure he has some great tunes but never wanted to go out of my way to hear his back catalogue.
Pure genius comes to mind with this period and a better than before thought lead single.


I'm with Gav, i'd rather hear the originals.
Week ending February 4, 1990


Michael Bolton, two songs from Adeva, Lambada and more
Week ending February 11, 1990


Midnight Oil, The Pursuit Of Happiness, Girl Overboard, Alannah Myles, The Stone Roses and more
For anyone curious about chart peaks between #51 and #100, I've updated all my posts between June 26, 1988 and the end of 1989 with ARIA peaks and not AMR peaks for all the breakers and singles of the week that didn't crack the top 50.

These have been sourced from ARIA direct.


Week ending February 18, 1990


Nothing Compares 2 U, Tears On My Pillow, Roam, Just Between You And Me, Every Little Hit Mix and more
Week ending February 25, 1990


Soul II Soul and Roxette hit the top 50. Tina Turner, Cher, Indecent Obsession, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and more don't.
Week ending March 4, 1990


A terrible week on the ARIA chart. Truly.
Week ending March 11, 1990


A great week on the ARIA chart. Truly. Eight - count 'em - new entries from Margaret Urlich, Michael Penn, Milli Vanilli, Technotronic, Paula Abdul, Phil Collins, Peter Blakeley and the ARIA debut of Dannii Minogue.
Week ending March 18, 1990


Deborah Harry, D*A*D, debut singles from The Sundays and Shawn Colvin, and Neneh Cherry
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Week ending March 25, 1990


Martha Wash sues Black Box, Bang The Drum, Madonna, Jimmy Somerville and Megadeth
Week ending April 1, 1990


Janet Jackson's best single, The Church's highest-charting single, Cathy Dennis' debut single, Bad English's other single, plus Boom Crash Opera, Bobby Brown, Lisa Stansfield, Edie Brickell and Lenny Kravitz
Week ending April 8, 1990


Del Amitri, Wet Wet Wet, Notting Hillbillies, Jamie J Morgan, 808 State, Skid Row, Kate Ceberano and more
Week ending April 15, 1990


Fools Gold, Summer Rain, Black Betty (remix), Sit And Wait and more
Week ending April 22, 1990


Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2's "Mona" rides high, while Fleetwood Mac flop - but not as badly as Martika. Plus, Depeche Mode, Robert Plant and more.
Week ending April 29, 1990


Vogue debuts on the chart with only two days' sales - in only two states. Plus, Aerosmith, the demise of Jive Bunny, and third time's not so lucky for Alannah Myles and The B-52's
Week ending May 6, 1990


Balladsville with new entries from Heart, Michael Bolton, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper and Shakespear's Sister. Plus, Joan Jett, Linda Ronstadt/Aaron Neville, Kiss and Hunters & Collectors outside the top 50.
Week ending May 13, 1990


Guru Josh, Young MC, Billy Idol, 49ers, The Angels, Midnight Oil and more
Week ending May 20, 1990


Andrew Ridgeley's solo hit, Absent Friends, Taylor Dayne and Bang The Drum
Week ending May 27, 1990


I Need Your Body, It Must Have Been Love, This Beat Is Technotronic, Dub Be Good To Me, Club At The End Of The Street, plus the demise of Milli Vanilli and more
Week ending June 3, 1990


NKOTB return, as does Sam Brown, plus Soul II Soul's highest charting Australian single. Also, top 50 misses from NWA, Jane Child, The Beloved, Girl Overboard, David Bowie and Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy
Week ending June 10, 1990


Better The Devil You Know, Tell Me A Story, Strawberry Fields Forever, Don't Shut Me Out, Here We Are and Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
Week ending June 17, 1990


The arrival of Wilson Phillips, plus Hi Tek 3, Mark Williams, The Chimes, Roxus and top 50 misses from Michael Penn and, thankfully, Serena.
This is cool stuff,some of which i never knew.This is a period where i was obsessed with the top 50 chart and lower 50 chart positions that would continue for at least the next 15 years so i find this fascinating.You got me coming back on a weekly basis,gavin!
Thanks for checking it out, Jesse! I've discovered lots of things I didn't know at the time as well. The period from 1985-1992 is still my all-time favourite era for music.
I would probably agree with you on that,gavin.Certainly of the years i grew up in(i was born in 77 as one can work out)85-92 would be some of the best of the best music wise.Even a little bit here and there in 1993 but that's when things change quite a bit.
Week ending June 24, 1990


Australia's first rap number 1 debuts, plus The Power, Unskinny Bop, Still Got The Blues (For You) and the usual quota of top 50 misses.
I never felt we were "stuck" with heart at #1 But that's the fun thing about life,different people have different tastes.Looking at that top 50 from memory i think there's quite a few #1's in that top 5 alone with both kylie and roxette having got there.
1990 was the year I got into music and it is because of the great standard of music. Every song is a gem and screams classic.

Looking back all these years every song is recognisable. If I were to look back on more recent music in 25 years time I am sure I would be stumped with some tunes as I already am showing signs of that.

It also helps that music from 1990 (bar a minor few) are set in stone unlike recent years where too many songs crossover between years and it's hard to tell the years apart.

I remember watching Rage every Saturday and being excited for the weekly countdown.

A few notes regarding some songs.

Tell Me A Story is a brilliant song. Was always on the radio. Definately an under rated tune.

Better The Devil You Know had a weak year end rank (not making the top 50) for a song with a high debut (at the time).

Hold On is pure class. What a gem. I used to love the song and still do.

The Power was always a fun hit.

1990, what a year. Still ranks as my all time favourite year in music.
@Jesse - I guess someone had to like that Heart song for it to stay at #1 for so long! I find that when I trash a song, someone always defends it - which makes for a more interesting blogging experience. Yep, Roxette is the next #1 after Heart, but Kylie didn't get to #1 with BTDYK. If only!

@K8 - I love 1990 as a year for music as well - although my taste was just as influenced by the UK and US chart as the ARIA one by then, since American Top 40 and UK Chart Attack were both airing on 2DayFM in Sydney. Still, so many great songs made the ARIA chart and it's fun recapping them all. I think the issue with BTDYK was that it debuted high but only stayed in the top 50 for 13 weeks. Agreed re Hold On!
I also want to chime in and share my love for Heart. A well deserved #1 imo. Amazing lyrics and a nice rock song by some females.

The fact AIWDIMLTY ended as the 5th biggest seller of the year shows what an epic song it is.
Week ending July 1, 1990


World In Motion, Everybody Everybody, Doubleback, Runaway Horses, Sleeping My Day Away and more
Gav,you think 4 weeks at no.1 for heart is pretty bad,wait'll next year when we reach bryan adams spending 11 weeks at the top! Ponderings on some of those entries; Never knew katrina and the waves had released other singles before they won eurovision. Gary moore can't seem to get a break,one hit wonder i guess(though what a hit it was)
That sporting anthem is crap. I actually don't even remember it.

Nothing beats The Cup Of Life imo.
I actually stumbled across this this arvo and actually enjoyed the watch. Some classic tunes for sure. Was from back in January 1990.


I was however surprised to see no film clip for Martika, Elton John and Cher. I am sure they were all delayed releases and had video clips.
K8, (I uploaded that video) that was the week the Martika track debuted in the top 50, and if I remember correctly, rage didn't air the video for it until a couple of weeks later. I remember seeing it at #40 straight after a rage interlude, and wondering what it was (before the artist/title superscript appeared). It's odd that rage didn't have the video when it debuted, as the track was originally released in Australia in March/April 1989 (I have a copy of it from a monthly Australian promo video series dated April 1989).

The video for 'Sacrifice' wasn't aired until a couple of weeks into its top 50 chart run (possibly its second, but I'm not an Elton fan so can't recall precisely).

There was no proper video for 'Just Like Jesse James'. A compilation one was put together I think for its UK release, but I never saw it on TV here. A friend from school at the time claimed to have seen a video airing on Video Hits' Sunday top 30 program (which I didn't watch routinely), but he said that it featured 'shots of Jesse James' and I was inclined not to believe him. I've only seen the video on youtube once or twice and from memory it doesn't. UK record companies must've felt compelled to put together compilation videos where none was made/available, as I've seen UK videos for Madonna's 'Angel', 'Rescue Me', 'One More Chance', 'Fever' (before the real video was made), and Donna Summer's 'Breakaway', to name just a few.

Back in those days, rage seem to have cleared out their library regularly; and there are many videos missing from the 1988 end of year top 50 chart (which I uploaded a similar video from recently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OotZklX8BPI ) - presumably they discarded of them once their original top 50 run ended. That didn't happen with subsequent annual top 50s though, so maybe they were just gung-ho in 1988.
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That is awesome mate. Sucks so many clips weren't shown in the 1988 year end.

I have most year ends from 1991 and have really wanted to get my hands on the 1990 one.

I know most of the songs from the 1988 one but was surprised to see Perfect at #6 ahead of some better known and more popular hits. That was one of the few songs I wasn't familiar with.

Love these vids. Will have to watch your others and I hope you have the time to upload a few from the 90s.
RAGE (or I should say the ABC archive team) unfortunately were notorious for destroying or re-dubbing tapes back in the early days of airings up until the mid 90's.
The ABC archive also lost a significant amount of material in the early 00's due to a fire in the archiving department.
Speaking of Rage not showing clips, I do recall for a period in early to mid 1991 where Rage didn't show a number of clips and not sure of the reason. I assumed it was to do with the record label.

All of the songs that weren't shown at the time featured on the compilations at the time Yo Let's Go and Do It Now (both which were the last compilations before the 100% Hits series would kick off) and not the opposing compilations of Wiggle n Sweat 91 or Here We Go 91 hence why I assumed it had to do with record companies.

Some of the clips that weren't shown in the weekly countdown included:
That Ain't Bad, Don't Go Now, Better, Just Another Dream, Let's Kiss Like Angels Do, Wicked Game, Blue Hotel.

There were a few others but I can't remember now. Just The Way It Is Baby, More Than Words Can Say and Operra House could have been too but not 100% on them.

One week Ratcat held positions #2 and #3 and The Screaming Jets were at #4 and all three songs were not shown.

Oddly enough once That Ain't Bad left the top 60 (as it was at the time) the clips started to be played again in the weekly countdowns.
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K8 - I've got the end of year rage charts from 1990 through to 1996 inclusive; though the 1990-1992 ones I digitised using a faulty audio cable (left speaker audio-only) in 2005, so I need to re-do those (thankfully I kept my original VHS tapes) before uploading anything from them. My 1990 one isn't in too great shape (wobbly picture and lots of TV signal static throughout). I also remember that period in 1991 when there were several charting videos that didn't air (Amy Grant's 'Baby Baby' and Ratcat's 'Don't Go Now' were 2 I recall... I think they were both Polygram releases, so maybe it was something to with the record label) in the top 60 chart (though it went back to being a top 50 between March & June 1991).

There was a period in late 1995 (I think from late September through to the end of the year) where rage aired pretty much the same videos over and over, with very few new releases being shown. That was, I believe, due to the main programmer being on long service leave during those months. They also stopped airing the top 50 during that period, and it didn't resume until the first week of 1996. The first Friday night (new release) episode of 1996 I remember well, as they played a lot of new release videos from the last few months, starting with Smashing Pumpkins' 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings', which rage would normally have aired as soon as it was released. A new summer music video show, Pepsi Rock-It (sp?) hosted by the Chocolate Starfish singer popped up in late '95 on Saturday nights, and I remember seeing several new release videos there for the first time, rather than on rage.

'Perfect' was huge at the time. I hated it back then, but grew to love it some years later. I thought it would've been well-known still, as it was used in a TV ad many years ago too (though I forget what for now).

BeansterBarnes - wow, I never knew the ABC archives were affected by a fire in the early 00's! That is sad. I know that rage had regular clear-outs of their library though until at least early 1997 (they had to re-acquire Tracy Bonham's 'Mother Mother' video to air in 2009), though I thought they'd stopped culling things since then (e.g. they still had some obscure Yazz video they aired once in May 1997, which they surely would have culled in years earlier, when I got to program an hour of rage in 2010).
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nugs, I so hope you upload more of them including the 1990 year end.
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Nugs and I might have to coordinate so my end-of-90 blog and his upload come out at the same time in a multimedia extravaganza!
Week ending July 8, 1990


Only one new entry on the top 50 - but it was possibly my least favourite song for the year. Plus, Shakespear's Sister, Webb Wilder, D*A*D (again), Seven Stories and Peter Blakeley
Not a bad idea, Gavin (re: the cooordination). That will give me a few more months to procrastinate with re-converting that video. I just hope it's still in working order, as it was in pretty fair-at-best shape when I digitised it in 2005.
Oh I like Joey. Had a different sound but was still cool.

A lot of these songs were covered on Fast Forward with parodies. I recall seeing a parody on:
If I Could Turn Back Time
Eternal Flame
Sweet Dreams
Wind Beneath My Wings
Black Velvet
Nothing Compares 2 U
Opposites Attract
I Need Your Body
Hold On
Crying In A Chapel
Love & Kisses
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
Heart In Danger
Black Cat

In 1991:
From A Distance
Read My Lips
Grease Megamix
I Touch Myself
I've Got To Go Now
You Could Be Mine
The Shoop Shoop Song
It Takes Two
More Than Words

in 1992:
Be My Baby
Amigos Para Siempre
Achy Breaky Heart
Save The Best For Last

By then The Late Show kicked in and I don't remember which show the parodies I saw were from.
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I've been linking to a few of those parodies on my blog - the Dannii, Tina and Wilson Phillips ones.

I have such vivid memories of Fast Forward at that time and they got so many of them bang on.
The heart parody is so funny.Gina reilly captures ann wilson's look from the video to a tee.They also did a parody of the bangles 'eternal flame' which is also very funny. Once again i agree with K8 re: concrete blond,gav's gonna write that he got in trouble again on next weeks blog lol. I understand the vocals sound dreary,but i think given the subject there's a reason.Anyone singing that song would want to make the listener feel something and i think it works. Concrete blonde never had any major hits after 'Joey' which was a pity.
I don't remember a Southern Sons parody; I'll have to look that up (if it's on youtube).

One of my favourites was Full Frontal's Whigfield 'Sexy Eyes' parody in 1997; but that doesn't seem to be on youtube.

Fast Forward repeats periodically (usually not every week though - I think it's a back-up filler) on ONE, but I haven't seen it there for several months, and it was still on 1989, where there were no music parodies yet.
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Yeah,the rubbery figures days. I remember watching those repeats hoping they'd continue with 1990
Southern Sons parody was called Hair in Danger and it made fun of their long hair. From what I remember the drummer got his hair tangled in his sticks and the lead singer had his hair stuck in the fan. I thought it was pretty funny at the time.
^ That vaguely rings a bell; I just wish I could remember how the song (parody) went.
Week ending July 15, 1990


Electronic, Arthur Baker, Rob 'n' Raz feat. Leila K, Redhead Kingpin & The F.B.I. and flops from World Party, The Stone Roses and De La Soul
Not a huge amount to comment on but i do like that electronic single,
Week ending July 22, 1990


Faith No More change the face of rock, Craig McLachlan trades in Mona for another chick, and should've been bigger singles from Boom Crash Opera and Margaret Urlich.

Plus top 50 misses D Mob, Exploding White Mice, The Church, Was (Not Was) and Michael Bolton.
From your teases of next week i can guess almost all of those entries mostly cause i remember the music so well of this era.I think margaret urlich was one of the underrated singer australia had in the 90's. 'Escaping' is a really good song.Would be a while before a lot of those below 50 artists had great success again,if at all.
Week ending July 29, 1990


Random duet between Japanese star Seiko and New Kid Donnie Wahlberg, new Jimmy Barnes, scandalous Madonna (so, no surprise there), solo Jeff Lynne, one of SAW's last great singles plus The Angels.

Also, top 50 misses from 49ers and Heart
Week ending August 5, 1990


Bobby Brown helps Glenn Medeiros sex up his image, Maxi Priest returns, Turtle Power hits the chart and Bust A Move finally becomes a hit in Australia.

Plus, Lily Was Here, a solo single from former Goanna singer Shane Howard and top 50 misses from Louie Louie, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes and No Justice.
Week ending August 12, 1990


Mariah Carey arrives, plus singles from Sinead O'Connor, Paul Norton, Gloria Estefan, Icehouse, The Black Sorrows, and top 50 misses from Hothouse Flowers and Iggy Pop.
I am surprised Vision Of Love wasn't a bigger hit here.

i had never seen Sinead's film clip until now and lol at her dancing. I am also surprised this wasn't a bigger hit.

When looking at some of these chart runs it makes you wonder what happened in 1990 in the year end chart. Vision of Love ranked in the 60s and She Ain't Worth It failed to crack the top 100 and had a very similar if not better chart run at pretty much the same time.

I Need Your Body also seemed to place strongly at #17 with a rather average chart run for a #3 peaking song compared to Blaze Of Glory coming in at #20 and spending 6 weeks at #1 and Bust A Move coming in at a low #50 for a #1 single that had a decent chart run in the top 50. Even Hold On at #11 doesn't seem right compared to Blaze Of Glory.

I do miss the days when year ends were more representitive of the year in music compared to these days where each year blends into each other. But i do like an accurate year end too and 1990 doesn't appear to be completely accurate.
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I don't know how accurate the year-end chart was, but I always assumed the overall sales during the weeks when Blaze Of Glory (which is coming up in next week's post) was #1 must have been lower for it to wind up so far down the annual tally. Likewise, the other songs you mentioned.

But perhaps I was giving the year-end chart too much credit.
Week ending August 19, 1990


The aforementioned Blaze Of Glory, Farnsey's Chain Reaction, The Machine Breaking's Down, LA Woman.

Plus, top 50 misses from Calloway, Wilson Phillips, Wendy & Lisa, Absent Friends, Bell Biv DeVoe and Motley Crue
Oh, and I've started a FB page for my blog:

Please come and like it!
What are the 4 rap songs in 7 months that reached #1?

Bust A Move
Ice Ice Baby
Sucker DJ

what am I missing?
Unless you count Do The Bartman..Otherwise i can't think of it. Let's Talk About Sex went #1 but that was longer than a 7 month period,so can't be it
I thought of Do The Bartman but thought Groove Is In A Heart was more rap sounding and don't class either as rap singles.
Yeah, I was including Do The Bartman since the vocal is rapped - even if it is by a cartoon character.
I think the success of whispering jack to this day being the highest selling album in australia is a testament to how great a songwriter farnham is,however i don't think 'chain reaction' as a single was one of his best. 'That's freedom' was certainly pure farnham.
It was almost like one of those taster promo/hype singles that get released these days before the real first single. Whack something new and a little bit different out, get people excited and then hit them with the official single. Even the rapid turnaround is similar.

Wonder if the record company planned it all along like that or panicked when Chain Reaction didn't get to number 1 straight away.
Was 'Burn for you' off that album as well? Another example of excellent farnham songwriting. A song that's so incredibly moving. Commenting on other chart movers,is interesting motley crue did so bad with a power ballad as they're the kind of group that could pull it off(from memory i think other rock artists had trouble with ballads charting too,alice cooper comes to mind)At least soon the crue would be back up the charts with 'kickstart my heart'
Yeah Burn For You was that album as well. Three very different singles - although That's Freedom and Burn... were more typical Farsney material.

For Motley Crue, it was back to back ballad flops - they and Alice Cooper had ballads on the May 6 chart. And Kickstart was on the Jan 14 chart. Australia never really took to Motley Crue they way we did Poison, Bon Jovi or Guns 'n' Roses.
Week ending August 26, 1990

Out with the old and in with the new as 1927 flop and Southern Sons debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Yazz, Belinda Carlisle, Guru Josh, Sam Brown, The Party Boys, Martin Plaza, Kings Of The Sun and Ray Lyell & The Storm.
Unless i'm blind,there's no usual link to the blog,gav
Oops. I forgot to include it. Here it is:


If I do that again, you can always find links on the FB page or sign up to follow the blog.
Cheers,gav. Am not on FB so it might have to be the latter. You do really good work I have to say i don't remember a lot of those entries.I really only remember southern sons though i was not a fan
Week ending September 2, 1990


George Michael and Prince return, plus New Kids, Snap! and Cheap Trick.

And top 50 misses from Collette, Wet Wet Wet, Beats International and Chicago.
A lot of #16 peaks in this weeks chart, and a number of songs that i thought went higher. My memory must be awful because i had for years thought that new kids and george michael both went top 10 with these tracks. I know in the UK they both did (new kids getting to #3). No real surprise to see collette tanking. Even her soapie career wasn't a great success.

Thanks gav!
Both Praying for Time and Thieves In the Temple are classics and should have been top 10 hits, not peaking at #16
Week ending September 9, 1990


King Of Wishful Thinking, King Of The Mountain and a Paula Abdul mega-mix.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Traveling Wilburys, Phil Collins, The Stone Roses and Don Pablo's Animals.
It's not really 25 Years Ago related, but I posted about my 80s and 90s one-hit wonder lists here before so here are the links to the 1HWs from the 2000s:

Part 1 - one number 1 and no other hits

Part 2 - one top 10 and no other hits
Ooh part 2 is up!
I don't remember a lot of those because by around 2001 i'd stopped being interested mostly in modern music cause of the whole idol thing. I will say even though i'm not familiar with the name kayne taylor looks a bit hot lol.The fact that a lot of these artists had even one hit is embarassing!
Back to 1990...

Week ending September 16, 1990


Another big week in music history for INXS as Suicide Blonde debuts. Plus, Black Cat, Have You Seen Her and Five More In A Row.

Plus top 50 misses from ex-Kids In The Kitchen singer Scott Carne, Crime Fighters Inc, Jerry Harrison and Public Enemy.
Jesse77, yes, the Idol onslaught made the charts even worse than they were at that point IMO. Though Popstars Live was great trainwreck TV.
Week ending September 23, 1990


Success, Wild Women Do, Miss Divine and top 50 near-miss Rockin Over The Beat.

Plus, flops from Shane Howard, Mondo Rock, Real Life, En Vogue and The Charlatans
Week ending September 30, 1990


Wendy Matthews goes solo, plus a rock fest from Faith No More, Concrete Blonde, AC/DC, John Farnham and Del Amitri. Even Taylor Dayne goes rock.

And, top 50 misses from Johnny Gill, Schnell Fenster, Gloria Estefan and The Human League.

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I love That's Freedom. Actually I love 1990 in general. Every song screams classic.

Does anyone have the Video Hits 1990 year end chart? I remember watching it and seeing it very different to the Rage one.
Week ending October 7, 1990


One of those weeks I hated - with new hits from Angry Anderson and Bob Geldof. And another top 50 miss from Bell Biv DeVoe, as well as Third Eye.
Normally when i read your thoughts on some songs gav i do think to myself that you might just be a teensy bit wrong,but on the two top 50 entries this week i agree 100%. Bound for glory is one of those songs that sticks out in my memory,and not in a bad way. I have a recollection of the song being quite popular when i was in high school and it being used in a play that i was in.I can't even remember what the play was about but i recall disliking the song back then and even more so now!

K8 i tried googling but couldn't find any results. VH's charts back then were quite different from ARIA's as they were still using charts compiled by the australian music report (from memory anyway) and they didn't start using aria to compile their charts for a year or so
Not wrong - just a different opinion! But I welcome people telling me they disagree. I get most of my feedback when I trash a song.

Re the 1990 EOY chart. The AMR top 25 singles and albums are available in David Kent's yellow book - and MC Hammer was the #1 single of the year, with Sinead down at #3.

I wouldn't be surprised if the full AMR list is on this site somewhere?
Jesse77, I'm pretty sure Video Hits used the Kent/Australian Music Report chart right up until it ceased publication in (from memory) early 1998. Although by that point Video Hits was largely plugging their very questionable Interactive Top Ten, supposedly voted for by viewers (courtesy of a 0055 or 1902 number), although the 10 songs were already chosen by Video Hits - the viewer only determined the ranking of those 10 (though I think the bottom 2 were eliminated each week). I remember Daniel Amalm's 'Honey Dip' being #1 on it for months on end despite its ARIA peak somewhere in the 80s.

Take 40 Australia used to air a different end-of-year chart to ARIA's too, even after they began airing the ARIA chart (from some other chart that wasn't AMR's either) in early 1989. I remember 'Kokomo' was the #1 single for 1989 on it, rather than 'Like a Prayer'.

I also remember a 'top 90 of 1990' radio show airing on Melbourne station Fox FM at the end of 1990, but it wasn't based on ARIA either.

David Kent's green (weekly top 20 charts) book has end of year and end of decade charts in it as well, except I thought it was rather questionable 'Love Shack' ended up in the top 20 of the 80s chart (from memory) when it only spent about 5 weeks in the top 50 by the end of the 1980's (and hadn't reached #1 until the first chart of 1990, notwithstanding that being a 'for the 3 weeks ending' chart); even if it was based on chart-runs rather than actual sales.
You're right gav. I think the use of the word wrong was incorrect but yeah difference of opinion is right. Most times i pretty much agree with you! I gotta ask who daniel amalm is...was he the guy from home and away? I didn't even know he had a single! I liked some of the picks from the interactive top 10. I liked seeing The Hamsterdance Song at #1 for a few weeks (another of gav's hated tracks i suspect lol) Then you had some of the odd ones that never seemed to even get a physical release..like i think there was a group called the star girls. Am i misremembering?
I'm not ashamed to say that I liked the Hampsterdance Song. It's easily my favourite of the Cotton Eye Joe/5, 6, 7, 8 country-inspired novelty dance genre.

Yes, Daniel Amalm was Jack in Home and Away.

I never really watched Video Hits for the chart (rage easily surpassed it on that front), but used to watch the Saturday morning show for new releases/stuff they'd play from the lower half of the top 100. I pretty much stopped watching Video Hits altogether in '95, once I figured out how to dub from VCR to VCR (allowing me to keep new release videos I'd recorded from rage without having to watch it live), so I missed most of the Interactive top 10 era.

Video Hits started to become very dodgy, I thought, as soon as they introduced the 0055 competitions (presented by some random model/aspiring actor) around early '95. When they introduced hosts some time in 00's I thought it was awful.
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Hampsterdance... yep, up there with Crazy Frog for me. And 5,6,7,8 is the only Steps single I don't like.

And Star Girls - gosh, I'd blocked them from memory. They were around when I worked at Smash Hits. How we used to laugh about them. Then again, we put Mercury 4 on the cover...

The guy who ran Video Hits was very powerful. And as soon as he got the boot, they brought hosts on. He'd always been against it.
Sorry i think we're in danger of overlooking something very important here and that is the fact that gav worked at smash hits. This is the first i've ever heard of it,do tell more gav! Mercury 4 i've not heard that name for a while,though i don't remember them at all. Would the guy who ran video hits be garry dunstan? I recall he was exec producer for quite some time. Getting the hosts was a bad idea. It's like that show on digital tv now 'The Loop' hosted by a bimbo and a bogan..you play music videos,you don't need hosts! lol
Interesting info about Video Hits.

It was kind of amusing seeing Dylan Lewis host Video Hits, after previously hosting the 'alternative' Recovery. I'm sure he hated pretending to be interested in the acts they interviewed, but I guess the money was good. Just as it was amusing seeing Louise from Eternal appear on Recovery in 1997... so not the audience who would have been interested in her.

I'm pretty sure I've never heard of the Star Girls. The name alone sounds dodgy. I just had a look at 'Girls Like Me' on youtube. Cheeky Star... Dream Star. Very poor-man's-Spice-Girls looking. Aimed at 4-7 year olds by the looks of it (and not in a good way).

I think I probably would have wanted to work for Smash Hits when I was a kid; but of course, by the time I would have been old enough to do so, I wouldn't have been interested in any of the artists featured in it.
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Week ending October 14, 1990


Deee-Lite, Betty Boo, Skyhooks, Mark Williams and top 50 misses from Aerosmith, Craig McLachlan and Soul II Soul
Like you say in your blog gav,i too had no interest in the skyhooks reunion but i remember liking 'Jukebox In Siberia' a lot. I was pleased to see it hit no.1. not surprised aerosmith didn't chart,since the version of 'Walk This Way' with run-dmc is much better
To answer questions above - yes, it was Gary Dunstan. He had record companies jump through hoops and those prize slots were very coveted.

And yep, I worked for Smash Hits for 4 years. I mention it a bit in my year-end charts for 2001-2005 on my blog since it was that era. All Eminem, Avril and Australian Idol front covers.
The tell all book of the millenium. Gavin Scott: My life at smash hits, a series of 5 books covering the years 2001-2005. Coming to bookstores..never
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The Video Hits 1990 year end went something like this:

1. U Can't Touch This
2. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
3. Nothing Compares 2 U
4. Don't Know Much
5. Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
6. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
7. Opposites Attract
8. must Have Been Love
9. Blaze Of Glory
10. Vogue

11. Love Will Lead Back
13. Joey
14. Lambada
20. Bust A Move

21. Close To You
23. I Don't Want to be with Nobody But You
30. Groove Is In A Heart

31. Hold On

That is all I can remember. Not sure if the Kent report is the same?
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What's no.6 K8? Not the sheryl crow song obviously since that was 1994(?)
There used to be a site called Oz chart which had the top 25 of every year followed by the top 10 Aussie songs of the year.

This site used to list the #1 song in America, UK and Oz every week and year and had a top 30 of the year based on how many weeks a song spent at #1 in all three countries.

Does anyone recall this site?
Jesse77, #6 is the song Gav loves by Heart. I should have typed the whole song out.
Oh right,that song. Yeah i can't believe how much Gav loves it. Stop bangin on about how much you love it already,gav...we get it! lol

K8 i have no recollection of that site at all
Looks similar - I can fill in 11-25 when I'm back from holidays.

80s Heart > 90s Heart
Surprises me that Absent Friends would be so high as #23. I'm not saying they aren't accurate,but even #4 seems a little dubious.Must've got high airplay.
We were talking groups that video hits seemed to take a personal interest in (star girls etc) another one came to mind..i don't remember the year may have been early 2000's..but anyone remember girl thing. they had a song called 'last one standing'.They were british and i remember video hits playing them practically every week,and even at one point puttin them in the interactive top 10 probably to get them more exposure.
12. Black Velvet
15. Epic
16. Love Shack
17. Lay Down Your Guns
18. Ride On Time
19. Crying In the Chapel
22. Show No Mercy
24. Pump Up The Jam
25. Janie's Got A Gun
Week ending October 21, 1990


Third-generation musicians Nelson, The Cure jump on the remix bandwagon, Jimmy Barnes teams up with Diane Warren.

Plus, top 50 misses from Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys, Maxi Priest, The Lightning Seeds and James Blundell.
Pity that 'Pure' by The Lightning Seeds charted so low,cause for me it's an awesome song
Jesse77, the girl group you're thinking of is Girl Thing. They appeared on the second (and final to date) season of the UK 'The Big Reunion' TV series in 2014.

I didn't know 'Pure' until rage aired it recently.
Did you like it,nugs?
Not particularly. Though for that kind of thing I suppose it was alright/no worse than the Spice Girls.
Week ending October 28, 1990


Suzanne Vega and Shocking Blue get the remix treatment, while Technotronic jumps on the megamix bandwagon.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bananarama, 1927, The Angels, The Proclaimers, Big Pig, Crash Politics and Sound Unlimited Posse.
Way too many remixes on the chart this week
Week ending November 4, 1990


Changing of the guard in the hair metal stakes with Poison on the way out and Warrant on the way up. Also, Whitney Houston returns, Margaret Urlich, Allanah Myles, Iggy Pop and Hothouse Flowers.

Plus, top 50 misses from Duran Duran and Sweet Sensation.
Love when you do these charts,gav! Looking at some of those releases,i feel margaret urlich was a very underrated singer. same as someone like jenny morris.Both those deserved a lot more success.That whitney song is one of my favourites of hers. great video for it too!
Cherry Pie is such a strip joint song.

I actually went to a strip club a few weeks ago on a bucks night and the show the girls put on to the song was pretty bloody good and fitting to the song.
We're learning more and more about you with each passing week,K8
Week ending November 11, 1990


A soundtrack double from The Righteous Brothers and Maria McKee. And new hits from Elton John, Noiseworks, The Slow Club and Pet Shop Boys.

Plus, top 50 misses from Gary Moore, Ana Christensen and The Black Sorrows.

Adding to the discussion about 'Cherry Pie' above

In one of the earliest (I think maybe even the first) episodes of 'Crank Yankers' (an American show from the early/mid 00's with actual recorded prank calls re-enacted by puppets), there's a hilarious skit where a blind stripper with a seeing-eye dog calls up a strip club to see if she can organise an audition as a dancer there (with her dog in tow - which, as she asserts, she has every right to according to the Americans with Disabilities Act). Anyway, playing in the background during the call is a re-worked version of 'Cherry Pie' with the lyrics:

"Please let me put my fingers in your apple pie
Tastes so sweet, I just wanna eat your hot apple pie"

So I think you're onto something, K8, with 'Cherry Pie' being a classic 'strip joint' song.

I think of the Crank Yankers version every time I hear 'Cherry Pie' now...
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I thought noiseworks did a lot better with 'miles and miles'. I do wish gary moore had had a more successful career here,but alas it was not to be.
Week ending November 18, 1990


Ice Ice Baby, From A Distance, Cult Of Snap, Miracle, Strong As Steel, Rhythm Of The Rain and The Obvious Child hit the chart.

Plus, top 50 misses from Neneh Cherry, Weddings Parties Anything, Adamski, Chantoozies and Iron Maiden.
Week ending November 25, 1990


Another of my most hated songs of 1990 debuts. Plus, debuts from Southern Sons, Midnight Oil and Daryl Braithwaite.
No action below the top 50 then? In response to a previous week's chart,i *have* heard holy smoke by iron maiden and while it wasn't anything terrible,it wasn't anything memorable either. It debuted in the UK at #2 and if my memory is accurate it was held off the top spot by 'The Joker' by Steve Miller Band.
Jesse77, I was thinking the same thing about the lower half of the top 100, but when I checked the chart for that week saw that all the new entries in that range enter the top 50 eventually.

And I just noticed that The Black Sorrows' 'Angel Street' spent 3 consecutive weeks at #100. Surely that must be a record; the 'for the 3 weeks ending' Christmas break charts notwithstanding.
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It can't have sold much,the threshold for a number 100 can't be very high. I wish aria had printed full top 100 charts back in the day.
The number would fluctuate each week, but from memory you needed to sell about 700 copies of a single in one week to dent the ARIA top 100 singles chart in the early 00's, which is actually more than I would have thought. It's probably higher these days, with downloads.

ARIA did print the full top 100 charts in the ARIA report, available through subscription, from January 1990. e.g. this scan of a photocopy: http://i.imgur.com/4M3kUBs.jpg . I too wish the top 100 would have been available in stores back then, though.
Week ending December 2, 1990


Step Back In Time, Justify My Love, Burn For You and Dirty Cash debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Jive Bunny.
Week ending December 9, 1990


I Touch Myself, Pray, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Piece Of My Heart and Moneytalks.

Plus, top 50 misses from Skyhooks and Public Enemy.
I always remember the hilarious send up gina reilly did of chrissie amphlett in the video for 'ITM'. I think honestly if that's the song you are most known for then you're in the wrong business. No surprise that the skyhooks thing was a fluke.Thanks as always for posting these gavin!
Funny you should mention the Fast Forward parody of this one - I posted it earlier today on my FB page:


I know you don't have FB, Jesse, but anyone else can check it out there or, of course, do their own YouTube search.
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Despite not using FB,i can actually view your page Gavin. It's very diffcult for anyone growing up in the 90's to not associate the video for ITM with the fast forward parody. I like 'Unchained Melody' but i can understand why people may dislike it.It's a very slow song,a bit long and 7 weeks at no.1 is a bit excessive.
If you look at this weeks chart on this site it doesn't have I Touch Myself as being one of the debuts and says it debuts next week at #30.

Has a different song at #45. Travelling Wilburys She's My Baby.
Interesting - not sure why there'd be the discrepancy, but I'm just going off the physical printed chart as usual.
Now this is interesting. Reading this thread prompted me to check my 'chart book' from 1990, where I wrote down the top 50 (or top 60 as it was at the time) from rage. And for this week's chart, I too have 'She's My Baby' at #45 (see the scan below; forgive my strange 'small and squished together' handwriting phase):


But the chart on Gavin's blog has Divinyls at #45 instead. I wonder what is going on

I even contacted Gavin Ryan a while back to alert him to an 'error' in his book with 'She's My Baby's peak listed as #58.
Actually, now that I think of it, I don't recall rage airing a video for 'She's My Baby' when it was in the top 60 (though a video exists and is on youtube). They didn't air the 'I Touch Myself' video when it was in the chart, presumably due to the 'racy' lyrics. Maybe it was rage who stuffed up and mistakenly put up the superscript for Traveling Wilburys rather than Divinyls, during the interlude they used to air for singles that had no video (or where the video wasn't deemed suitable to air within that time slot). That would explain it.

But then the author of this site must have obtained their top 50 charts from this era from someone who copied them down from rage, rather than sourcing the printed charts directly?
I can only imagine rage got it wrong.Perhaps rage susbstituted 'She's My Baby' for 'I Touch Myself' since the latter wouldn't get played anyway,and then a decision was made to allow the song into the top 60 but just not play the video.ARIA do get things wrong,but i'm not sure that this is one of those times.Is an interesting puzzle,nugs
^ The other possibility is that it was me who got it wrong. It happened very rarely, but a couple of times I remember rage aired an interlude for a missing video but did not put up any superscript on what it was. If this happened, I may have just assumed it was 'She's My Baby' (which was #58 the previous week and no video aired in the top 60). But that would mean the author of the site got that chart placing from me, and I don't remember helping him with any charts for the site; though he did contact me early on to ask if I had any 1988 charts.

I remember one time this happened for Skid Row's 'B Side Ourselves' on rage, and I had to get up on Sunday morning as well (when they repeated the chart) to see if they aired an artist/title superscript during the interlude (between 51-60, so it wouldn't have appeared on the printed top 50 chart). Thankfully they did.
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I wish I still had my old Rage tapes. I am certain I had this weeks top 60 as I'm Free was the first song.

Really looking forward to the 1990 year end write up too.

Great year coming to an end. Bring on 1991.
^ I still have my old rage tapes, but the only full chart countdowns I kept (even back then) were the end of year charts, from 1990-1996 inclusive. I still have other, individual videos I recorded from it through the years, though; but sadly recorded over 2 of my tapes from 1989/90.
I had all the year ends from 1990 until 1997 and floods destroyed my tapes. That was a sad day.

I did manage to get parts of 91, 92, 94 and 96 back off friends but not my two favourite years in 90 and 93. my 96 tape has also lost the sound for some reason.

I have the top 50 year ends from 98-05 cept part of the 99 countdown was accidently recorded over between Weir and Waiting For Tonight.

I miss the Rage countdowns especially as some of the Foxtel countdowns are rubbish.
^K8, I can copy you mine if you want, though I have to first re-encode them, as back when I originally digitised them in 2005, I didn't realise that one of my audio-in cables was faulty, resulting in left-channel only audio. Just as well I still kept the VHS tapes after doing this. It might take me a few months to get around to doing them, though, but I have to re-encode them anyway for my own collection if nothing else.

Some of them (the 1990 one in particular, and to a lesser extent, 1991) aren't in particularly great shape, though, with signal interference throughout for most, and some tape wobble on the 1990 one. All of mine have two-channel mono audio, too, I'm pretty sure, as I didn't have a stereo VCR back then. I used BASF tapes for the '92 one onwards; the cheaper brand tapes certainly haven't held up as well.
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I miss the top 60/top 50 too. I sometimes look at the countdowns that MAX(which i think is on the aforementioned foxtel) does when i'm at the gym and they can often get pretty rubbish.
Week ending December 16, 1990


New entries from INXS, Mariah Carey, Young MC and The Soup Dragons. Plus top 50 misses from The Screaming Jets, Prince, Collette and Bombalurina.

AND, a look at the controversial year-end top 100.
I could be wrong as you are the master when it comes to these charts,gavin.But i recall that 'Polka Dot Bikini' spent 2 weeks at #1 in the U.K not 3,but as i said i may be wrong and will apologise if so. A big thank you from me for doing this all this year(even though i only started following around mid year)It's been fascinating reading about the hits and misses from a year where i was very heavily into the charts.

And it's quick apology time as you're right,it was three weeks lol
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How many artists in the 1990 top 100 year end have passed away?

Milli Vanilli (one of the singers)
Guru Josh
Skyhooks (lead singer)
INXS (lead singer)
The Angels (?)
Whitney Houston
The only other name on that year end list that i know has passed away is Gary Moore, who had a hit with 'Still Got The Blues'.
Yes, Doc Neeson, the singer from the Angels, died last year.

It doesn't really count, as it was some years before 'Love Shack', but Ricky Wilson from The B-52's is another one.

A few others have been/are ill...

Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson's disease (and can't sing anymore).

Brett Michaels, the singer from Poison, has had a stroke.

Kylie and Marie from Roxette have had cancer.

George Michael was seriously ill with pneumonia a few years ago.
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I never knew that about Linda Ronstadt. She had a strong voice too.
Everyone ready to dive into 1991?

Three weeks ending January 6, 1991


Debuts from Ratcat, Janet Jackson, Soho, Hunters & Collectors and NWA.

Plus, top 50 misses from Cliff Richard, UB40, Dannii, Faith No More and Boxcar.
While i do like the 'Love Will Never Do Without You' video to me it's another of the so so singles from janet. The song just doesn't have enough bite,it's a little dull. Janet does ballads quite well 'Let's Wait A While' being one of em.
Been waiting for 1991, along with 1990, my two favourite years of music!

Janet's 'Love Will Never Do' is probably one of my all time favourites of hers, but all singles from Rhythm Nation were/are classics (except maybe State of the World). I still think she could have released The Knowledge as a 9th single and it would have charted.

It's a pity Dannii was all but ignored on the Australian charts after Love + Kisses and up until This Is It, I Don't Wanna Take This Pain I agree is one of her best of the early years.
I've always thought 'Love Will Never Do..' was overrated, too. But compared to some of the bland stuff she'd later release, it's a classic
I agree with Bretticus that 1990 and 1991 are two of my favourites in terms of music.

It was around this time 25 years back I would start to get up early on a Saturday morning to watch Rage.

This is the version of Throw Your Arms Around Me I Love. I have been looking for it on ITunes but always get other versions. This is the version on the Wiggle n Sweat compilation.

I like Love Will Never DO Without You. Would rank in Janet's top 10.

And I love Hippychick. Great track.

Look forward to the rest of 1991.
Agree with Bretticus, Janet's 'Love will Never Do' was definitely a favourite of mine at the time of release, and is still now. I liked that the single version was different to the album version. Most of the other singles were excellent, and it was disappointing that 'Rhythm Nation' single and 'It's Alright' single didn't really chart here in Australia. The reworked single versions and remixes are excellent.

On the chart that I have it doesn't have the Cliiff Richard entry but everything else is correct.
At #97 is The Traveling Wilburys with 'She's My Baby' down from #86.

Also just noticed that some of the numbers are like this 100, would they be guestiments?
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I'm pretty sure 'Alright' wasn't actually released as a single in Australia until 1996. Though I think the video aired during a 1993 rage Janet Jackson special.

Beanster Barnes, Cliff Richard was definitely #97 that week - it was in a thread on something else (I think the ARIA EOY charts from the 90s, maybe) recently. Yes, those Italic numbers are guestimates. I went through my version of that document to correct all of those guestimates, and something like less than 20% of them were right.
Yep, I also amended my spreadsheet (which I'm guessing we all have) to replace the italics with info provided in that other thread:


Re Throw Your Arms... - I'm surprised Collected Works isn't on iTunes. And I'm also surprised the recent Anthology release doesn't include both versions, especially since the 1990 recording performed better.

Re Janet - I probably should've mentioned that Alright and Come Back To Me were skipped over in favour of other singles here. I might amend the post. Glad those in favour of Love Will Never Do outnumber the ambivalent among us.
The 1990 'Throw Your Arms Around Me' seems all but erased from history. I never heard it when I listened to Triple J in the mid/late 90's, and rage never air it - always opting for the 1986 video instead.
We all have our own spreadsheets? Or we all have a copy of Gav's?
I have a copy on Wiggle n Sweat 91 but it is pretty scratchy. Maybe I will buy another copy from Ebay seeing as I am after that one particular version of the song.

I wonder why that Hunters & Collectors album is missing from ITunes.
I got the spreadsheet from someone on here. When I say "my" spreadsheet, I mean "my copy of it". Easier than flipping through physical printouts all the time.

I did have Collected Works but got rid of it when Crucible came out since it had the early 90s singles like Holy Grail on it too.
K8, I just realised I still have the Collected Works version in my iTunes since I didn't rip the Crucible version when I switched CDs. Send me your email address in a memo and I can email you the MP3.
I gotta say i have no real spreadsheet. My mind is my spreadsheet and there's many gaps lol
Gavin, you are awesome.
Well i've decided that 1991 will be the year I start re-visiting my personal charts (Even though I don't have any information on hand until mid '96 and even then it's scratchy till the start of '98 ).
Your probly asking why not start back in '88 to sync with this site or better still start last year? TBH my knowledge on everything obscure pre '91 is really sketchy and my memory failed me way too many times in the last 2 and a bit years following GavinScott and his magical time machine

As for this weeks new entries, the Cliff Richard track is nothing new for him and is bland and unforgettable.

I actually enjoy the UB40 track, disappointed it didn't crack the TOP 50 here in Aus.

From Out Of Nowhere still sounds very dated to me, it sounded that way when I first heard it and is not a favorite of mine from their back catalogue.

Dannii still didn't do anything for me at this point so this one didn't surprise me.

Never heard the Boxcar track till tonight and it's pretty cool on first listen.

LOVED That Ain't Bad. used to own that EP but for some stupid reason I offloaded it a few years back on Ebay

Throw Your Arms Around Me has grown on me immensely over recent years and for a long time I really didn't get what the fuss was in this track. I remember first stumbling upon it during the 1998 BEST OF ALL TIME on RAGE and thinking, really?
Now I personally regard up their as one of their best behind When The River Runs Dry.

As you all probly know N.W.A. have been prominent on our charts in the past 12 months or so, so i've been revisiting a lot of their back catalogue aswell. 100 Miles & Runnin' still doesn't do anything for me and it's really disappointing that they have really no chart success here in Australia because they do have some great tracks.

After Black Cat, Love Will Never Do (Without You is Janet's second best from the album and that sexy vibe with the killer video makes it even more irresistible.

Hippychick is pretty cool with the sample but apart from that it's got nothing going for it.


Had a look at your chart beanie,and it made me think how under rated a musician jenny morris was back then. She had a great voice. Even though this was the time when i was watching rage regularly i've never in my life heard of 'Miracle' by jon bon jovi.
Cool chart Beanster.

I love how you can identify which songs you really love or really hate. clearly Show Me Heaven isn't a song you are a fan of so I imagine it will be #13 again next week.
Week ending January 13, 1991


Freedom 90, Fantasy, I've Been Thinking About You, Little Darling and Anything Is Possible.

Plus, top 50 misses from Debbie Gibson (another Anything Is Possible), Public Enemy (again), New Kids On The Block, James Ingram, Aztec Camera, Stray Cats and Steve Winwood.
That new kids song is as you say pretty bad. Practically dripping with more cheese than a toasted cheese sandwich,but they were riding off some pretty big success. The self imposed exile george michael had from his clips i don't think lasted long which kinda makes his decision to seem a bit pointless. It would take i think until 1994 for public enemy to crack the top 50 again. Thinking on the clues for next weeks chart,the martha wash controversy makes me think C + C Music Factory as they were around this time. Thanks,as always Gavin.Love reading these rundowns!
Up until today I had no idea that the Steve Winwood track charted
I still hear it on AM radio quite often and is a great track.

Never was fussed with Stray Cats and Cross Of Love is no exception.

Good Mornin' Britain is a bit of a struggle to sit through, as is i Don't Have The Heart.

I liked Debbie's newy more than Icehouse's

The Public Enemy track is pretty cool as was most of their releases around this era

New Kids really never captured me anyway and as i've said before their sound and songs all sound dated and tired imo.

I still enjoy Little Darling by Jimmy as I don't hear it much anymore.

Classic! is I've Been Thinking About You who doesn't love this track?

I do enjoy Freedom but only whilst enjoying the fabulous video as when I hear it occasionally on radio I get the Robbie Williams version in my head, which I hate!

Unfortunately except for Ride On Time I never warmed to Black Box.

My PERSONAL CHART for this week in 1991 is below, enjoy

I've been thinking about you is a great track. I much prefer that original video as opposed to the one they did for the american market.
I too prefer the original/UK video for the Londonbeat track. Despite it's cheapness, it's much more interesting than the US one (which also aired here in the rage top 50/60 during the latter part of its chart run).
I barely remember Steve Winwood's 'One And Only Man'. It obviously wasn't picked up much on Aussie radio stations, maybe a couple of particular ones.
George Michael must have been struggling with the stardom by this time. Too many public appearances would have become draining. Fortunately, his music was still good and there was more to come later in the '90s.
The NKOTB track is literally quite forgettable.
Yes, Icehouse were fading by this time It was their last 'current hit' ARIA Top 50 singles appearance ... but I didn't find 'Anything Is Possible' all that exciting either (just a little catchy). Better than Debbie's though
and I was quite a DG fan back then.
Will have to check out that other Londonbeat video to remind myself of its existence.

@Beanster - I find George's original way too overpowering compared to Robbie's later cover which I barely remember and haven't heard in ages. So that hasn't tarnished it for me.
I wouldn't say I like Warrant's 'Cherry Pie' as much as you but it is ok and was about right for it's time before rock started fading from the mainstream.
Yes, 'Miracle' is great and I have fond memories of friends playing it in the car. in fact the 'Young Guns II' album went on high rotation there for a few weeks.
I'm glad to see 'Always And Ever', 'Disappear', Janet Jackson and George Michael charting better than average for you.
Week ending January 20, 1991


New dance hits from C&C Music Factory and Deee-Lite.

Should've been big rap songs from Dream Warriors and Candyman.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Breathe.
Score 1 nerd music point to me for guessing C + C Music Factory from one of the clues Martha Wash was certainly the flavour of the day back then,but that said she has a great voice. I saw 'Gonna Make You Sweat' on one of those foxtel music channels and it made no real impact on me now as it did then
Wasn't really familiar with the track by Breathe so no biggie it didn't do great things here.

I too am surprised Knockin' Boots didn't do better here as with Wash Your Face In My Sink, really think both could've done big things with proper radio backing.

It was always gonna be hard for me to take Deee-Lite seriously as I find Groove Is In The Heart a really tacky novelty song, it's probly the most played song from this era on RAGE imo.
So linking any sort of follow up was gonna be a hard stretch and unfortunately for them it's all forgettable to me.

Like last week with Londonbeat's entry who in the world doesn't know this jam by C + C Music Factory? I would think Things That Make You Go Hmmm would be a more well known track but Gonna Make You Sweat just screams JAM!!! to me and is still enjoyable today.



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Well we know why TTMYGH was so popular as it was sort-of used in an advertising campaign for a well known fast food business.Of the two i prefer GMYS. Surprised me that nothing exercise related used 'Gonna Make You Sweat'
Funny you mention exercise Jess77, two things come to mind with that song.
Firstly Aerobics Oz Style was using it in their promo's in the mid 90's and I distinctly remember Gladiator also used it on their promo one year.
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Week ending January 27, 1991


The Simpsons become chart stars, plus Wendy Matthews, Pebbles, Sting, Stephen Cummings and Betty Boo.

And, top 50 misses from The Cure, The KLF, Hothouse Flowers, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Nelson and Pet Shop Boys.
Being Boring is an aptly named title for the track but it's probly a stand out for me from this era, surprised it didn't do better on the charts.

Tony! Toni! Toné! debut isn't something I remember and I wasn't expecting it to be so repetitive and weak in comparison to their big hit If I had No Loot!.

After The Rain is really MOR fodder and an attempt to sound serious which unfortunately for them bombed and rightly so.

Out of all the hard electronic acts that came from this era I really liked a lot of The KLF's stuff and What Time Is Love? is no exception.

Movies to me doesn't sound like a single and is probly an afterthought? It's a nice track and all but I never knew it was released or even charted until today
Loved the album it comes from and know the track well so chuffed it did

For years I've been chasing a Cure clip with them performing underwater in an aquarium situation and now i've found out what it was (thanks GavinScott ). The track it's self in original form is a classic but this was pointless.

Never got anything out of Woman's Gotta Have It in all honesty.

Giving You The Benefit is decent enough to be a TOP 20 hit in this era, wonder what went wrong? Lack of exposure i'm assuming...

Stephen Cummings I'm not familiar with so this track is very obscure to me so i'll pass on judgement on this one and won't be so harsh. It's ok but I wouldn't lose any sleep if I didn't hear it again.

I hated Doin' The Do so I wasn't expecting to like the follow up which is a really cute and poppy delight I still enjoy today.

Hahahaha Do The Bartman, it really is a bit of harmless fun but it really is a horrible #1 meaning their are worse, it just doesn't scream #1.



I was first exposed to 'being boring' on their discography greatest hits album and it didn't do much for me at first but over the years it's become one of my favourites. Does anyone know if it's dusty springfield doing backing vocals on that track? I've thought it was for years,but have found nothing in searches to suggest that was the case.

Also related to last week's chart it looks like Freedom Williams and a host of other 90's acts are touring australia soon
I'll join the consensus I am reading here that Pet Shop Boys' 'Being Boring' has been a slow improver. I also think I first heard it on their greatest hit album.
I would not have been aware of The KLF at this early stage (except the knowledge of 'Doctorin' The Tardis' released by The Timelords in 1988, of course). I found the original of 'What Time Is Love?' to be quite ordinary.

lol, I hadn't seen the video of 'Close To Me (Remix)' before.

On 'Do The Bartman', it would probably have to be described as iconic today, but it's not a typical icon

Beanster, you should check out some of Stephen Cummings back catalogue, there are a few goodies there in the early/mid '80s, but not blockbusters by any means. You may remember the chorus of 'Gymnasium'. Certainly The Sports have a few good songs beyond 'Who Listens To The Radio'.
By the way, I agree with 'Where Are You Baby?' being better than 'Doin' The Do'
'Home' is a superb album from Hothouse Flowers, so expect some chart action from there for me soon.

@ your chart Beanster - good to see 'I'll Be Your Baby Tonight' get a turn at #1. On a recent listen, it is better than I remembered. So long since I'd previously heard it.
I observe that you like 'Thunderstruck' significantly better than 'Moneytalks'. Only 'Moneytalks' made the Billboard Top 40, so I'm not sure how that happened. Actually I now see 'Moneytalks' is their highest ever USA charter at #23 (as Gavin mentioned on the blog a few weeks back)
Week ending February 3, 1991


New Kids becomes NKOTB, Warrant try to go back to being serious and 2 In A Room wiggle up the chart.

Plus, top 50 misses from Falling Joys and Sisters Of Mercy

Thanks for all the clicks and comments - great to see people engaging with the blog!

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Wow you were fired up this week,Gavin! You are 100% right about warrant though. Don't try and pull the wool over people's eyes when you release a song like 'Cherry Pie' and then try and establish yourselves as a group that can write powerful rock music. Sisters of mercy were quite successful in the UK and two of the members left to form The Mission in 1986,and i don't know that the SoM ever reformed with the original line up. NKOTB were fooling no-one. This was the beginning of a steep decline for them.
^ Jani Lane from Warrant had some interesting things to say about 'Cherry Pie' in this video:

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I enjoy The Sisters Of Mercy a lot but More has really done nothing for me over the years but i'm glad they at least visited our charts finally!

Lock It is a very tired and boring attempt at being clever, like most of their material.

I also agree on Warrant, there was no way the buying public was going to fall for that and a majority of the time since it's been relatively the same with that kind of set up. EVERY rock band goes through this stage, strange ain't it!
I Saw Red isn't the worst thing but it's much to be desired and even though it sounds nothing like a famous Split Enz song it lacks it's atmosphere.

I know i've said in the past that NKOTB sounds dated... Well imo i've always liked Games and tbh is probly my favorite.

I also understand why Wiggle It was so popular but i'd like to think if it were released a couple of years later (say '94) or now it'd hopefully bomb.
It's not horrible, it's just corny and icky.



'Games' is not really as I remember it and I did struggle to enjoy it on my listen just before. 'More' must have been forgettable for me too. I'm really not familiar with The Sisters Of Mercy's discography.
'Wiggle It' however was fun, even if dated now.

@Beanster - nice to see Janet Jackson and Ratcat going strong. Deee-Lite's 'Power Of Love' would have to be the most forgettable song for me on that chart.
Week ending February 10, 1991


It Takes Two, Heart Of Stone and Innuendo debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from After 7, Whitney Houston, Monie Love and Joey B Ellis.

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I am not a Rod Stewart fan at all but I don't mind It Takes Two. 1991 was a decent year for him. I am surprised It Takes Two wasn't a bigger hit as it is pretty catchy and memorable and I would even call it a classic. I remember at the time it was always on the radio.
Wow! That Rocky track is rather cheesy ain't it, although i'm not familiar with it I do recognize it from somewhere else and it has been bugging me all week.

After 7 only had the one 'decent' track imo, which was their hit here Til You Do Me Right.

The Monie Love track doesn't interest me be but the follow up did

It still surprises me the lack of chart success Whitney had here before The Bodyguard soundtrack. Or should I say chart flops?

Been recently discovering or re-discovering (depends on which way you look at it) Queen's back catalog recently and this era really doesn't do much for me at all. Nor does the self titled lead single.

Big miss for me was Heart Of Stone, it'd been done before Taylor.

I also agree with It Takes two being more 'classic' than first thought and I still hear it regularly on AM radio here.
On a side note I really dislike Tina's vocal here.



I am a rod stewart fan,and i don't think the song was one of his best but it's alright. Of course the song was used again much later in the reality tv 'dancing with the stars' clone that i think seven also did also called 'It takes two'. The song would have helped rod's profile in australia as he did have a couple more hits in the 90's that he may not have had before his duet.
I think you'll find that Whitney had lots of success before The Bodyguard soundtrack. I'm looking at her singles from 1985 to 1992 and she was certainly successful. Not all reached the top 50, but it certainly wasn't 'a lack of chart success' as you say.

Chart EntryDate of Highest PositionTIHPTI No.1TI Top10TI Top50TITLE
26-Aug-8521-Oct-851758000You Give Good Love
04-Nov-8513-Jan-8629200020Saving All My Love for You
08-Jul-8514-Apr-862720818How Will I Know
02-Jun-8614-Jul-861911716Greatest Love of All
25-May-8715-Jun-8723151118I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
24-Aug-8714-Sep-871327007Didn't We Almost Have it All
23-Nov-8708-Feb-8819260014So Emotional
18-Apr-8816-May-881448001Where Do Broken Hearts Go
08-Aug-8815-Aug-88377000Love Will Save the Day
03-Oct-8828-Nov-881749002One Moment in Time
28-Oct-9002-Dec-902070115I'm your Baby Tonight
03-Feb-9131-Mar-911659000All the Man that I Need
06-Dec-9220-Dec-92291101725I Will Always Love You

Cheers Finn

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Just for clarification, here's Whitney Houston charts positions after The Bodyguard soundtrack.

Chart EntryDate of Highest PositionTIHPTI No.1TI Top10TI Top50TITLE
28-Feb-9321-Mar-9321110016I'm Every Woman
09-May-9313-Jun-931728009I Have Nothing
01-Aug-9301-Aug-93672000Run to You
05-Dec-9316-Jan-94588000Queen of the Night
03-Apr-9410-Apr-94382000Something in Common
10-Dec-9517-Dec-9517180014Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
07-Apr-9607-Apr-96287000Count on Me
22-Sep-9622-Sep-96199000Why Does it Hurt So Bad
22-Dec-9623-Feb-9720120015Step by Step
20-Apr-9711-May-97670000I Believe in You and Me
22-Mar-9912-Apr-99288000It's Not Right But It's Okay
30-Nov-9828-Dec-9820130014When You Believe
07-Jun-9926-Jul-9919170012Heartbreak Hotel
04-Oct-9911-Oct-991827007My Love is your Love
26-Jun-0021-Aug-0017120014Could I Have this Kiss Forever
18-Sep-0018-Sep-00837004If I Told You That
02-Dec-0202-Dec-02848001One of Those Days / Whatchulookinat

Cheers Finn
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And here's the resurgence she had when she died.

Week CommencingTI YearHP YearTI No.1 YearTI Top10 YearTI Top50 YearTITLE
20-Feb-12195000I'M EVERY WOMAN
27-Feb-12247001I HAVE NOTHING
27-Feb-12267000HOW WILL I KNOW
Thanks for the stats,finn! Really informative stuff.
^ 'Love Will Save the Day' peaked at #84 and 'One Moment In Time' peaked at #53 on the ARIA chart. The peaks for those two you've listed are AMR peaks.
Yes they are AMR peaks as I don't have the data for #51 to #100 for the ARIA charts from June 1988 to the end of 1989.
The thing with Whitney is that while she had 4 big top 10 hits pre-Bodyguard, she had a lot of mid-table singles and a lot of flops, especially compared to that run of #1s in America.

And, only 1 of her 4 big hits was a ballad. Didn't We..., Where Do Broken..., One Moment..., You Give Good Love and All The Man... were all chart disappointments, despite being massive hits in the US and/or UK.
I always thought Australia rarely embraced the slow RnB ballads that were successful in America. Even Mariah had a few chart toppers in the early 90s that were average charters.
Didn't think my comment about Whitney would create such a stir
Anyway Gavin has put it the way it was meant to come out, thanks Gavin.
Whitney actually did better as an albums artist with her first two albums. The first album spent more than two years on the top 100. The second did more than one year. Both were #1s.

True K8 - a lot of big US ballads under-performed here. And that was true across all genres - pop, R&B, rock. All those Bon Jovi/Warrant/Motley Crue/Poison ballads that were US top 10 hits did much worse here. Of course, Heart's All I Want To Do... was one exception.
Heh heh!! Going by the stats, I think she had better success (higher placed singles) in the 80's than she did latter on. Latter on they weren't quite as high, but there were a few more to choose from. But then maybe I'm simply being nostalgic and remember those songs more fondly!!!
Once the bodyguard faded from people's memories so did Whitney sadly. She's a great artist and sadly missed to this day but i mean look at what she did for the rest of the 90's. She did 'The Preacher's Wife' with denzel washington which i don't recall being a great hit box office wise. And then she changed her music style and there were less and less power ballads like IWALY.

One question for Gavin if i may. How good is your memory when you compile these blogs? When you look at the debuts for the week as you are writing them up do you re-listen to some of the songs to jog your memory or is it mostly crystal clear?
Jesse, it differs from week to week. I tend to re-listen to everything anyway and sometimes it's a case of "what was that sample again?" or "what was the controversy about this song" and sometimes "how have I never heard this song from 1986 before?". But often it's crystal clear.
Week ending February 17, 1991


Vanilla Ice's other hit. Stevie B's only hit. Another remake from Will To Power. Plus a David Lee Roth song that time forgot.

Plus, a shocking top 50 miss from Gloria Estefan, and one from Pop Will Eat Itself.
Weeks ago we had Warrant trying to convince the public that despite 'Cherry Pie' they were a serious rock band who could do rock ballads and still be successful..the public didn't believe them. Now we David Lee Roth,a man who is no stranger to music trying to convince his fans that even though it is 1991 that we are back in 1985 and that the public isn't any smarter when they bought the idea for the video for 'California Girls' back then and he attempts to do it 6 years later. Once again the general public are no fools and it shows in the limited success he had with this single. David Lee Roth is a showman,i get it. He does things that are over the top but no one is gonna buy an idea that had been done 6 years ago and is being used again. We'd seen it before,it was interesting back then for about 5 seconds,we're over it and i think people became over DLR.
Week ending February 24, 1991


The best song of all time debuts on the top 50, along with Enigma's "Sadness".

Plus, top 50 misses from Seven Stories and Lee Aaron.
Thought I commented on last weeks chart, oh well i'll do a double since it's a quiet one this week

Pop Will Eat Itself were a total waste of time imo, I know they had a huge underground following and their track Can U Dig It? was pretty popular amongst RAGE guest programmers in the early days.

I also agree with your comments about Coming Out Of The Dark, great track in hindsight as I over looked it for many years. Also had no idea about Gloria's situation so thanks for sharing that GavinScott

To this day I still have not heard the Will To Power cover

After all these years I finally got around to hearing A Lil' Ain't Enough and yes I can hear the old stale '85 banter but to me it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

Absolutely love Because I Love You, has been one of my favorite love song/ballad for as long as i've been interested in pop music.

On the flip side I really think Play That Funky Music (even the original) is terribly immature and stupid, god knows why Vanilla Ice even touched it



I don't mind Whatcha Do To My Body but it was definitely not what I was expecting and a pleasant surprise.

I think my younger self would slap me sideways if I ever admitted liking Enigma but I can't deny it's catchyness and always enjoy when I do hear it.

Love What Do I Have To Do would be up there as one of her best from this earlier era of output.



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Just the 2 debuts in the Top 50. At least they were good ones. That Lee Aaron song is rather forgettable (and I have heard it before). Not much different to other cheesy rock tracks of the era.
The second Vanilla Ice track is quite dire now (aged terribly!) but I'll have to give it a minor chart run as I think I didn't mind it too much at the time.
'Burn For You' falling too fast.

@Beanster - Great to see Janet Jackson going well and 'I'm Free' grab a decent new peak. 'All This Time' is travelling well do. I'll have to give it a bump this week.
I don't mind the 'I'm Not In Love' remake, but I agree that 'Doin' The Do' had outstayed its welcome by this stage. I also liked 'Because I Love You' quite quickly. From memory I was familiar with the song by this time as I was occasionally listening to the American Top 40 chart on radio where it had already charted strongly.
Week ending March 3, 1991


A huge week - with 9 new entries, including The Horses, Sucker DJ, The Shoop Shoop Song, Operaa House, Miss Freelove 69, Just Another Dream, Here Comes The Hammer, On The Way Up and Bitter Tears.

Plus, top 50 misses from Elton John, Happy Mondays, The Real Milli Vanilli, Margaret Urlich and a charity ensemble cover of Give Peace A Chance.
Big week compared with last weeks but some damn good songs entering the ARIA chart this week in 1991

Up until today I had no idea Guilty People actually charted so it was a pleasant surprise as it was a great album track up until today

I have no recollection of the Give Peace A Chance remake, I do like the original but this was rather blah.

The Milli Vanilli track is terrible, always has been, always will be!

Never got into the whole brit-pop psychedelic scene so Happy Mondays were always going to be hard pressed impressing me seeing The Stone Roses failed previously.
Kinky Afro was one of those tracks RAGE played heaps of in the late 90's but never really grabbed me.

You're right about Easier To Walk Away being a mediocre album track, it really is a poor offering and long forgotten in Elton's back catalog (to me anyway).

Yet another INXS track I liked but bombed on the ARIA chart

Really like On The Way Up, would be interesting to hearing what else she came out with because the Prince influence is very strong with this track.

Here Comes The Hammer is an absolute atrocity! It's worse than I remember and is easily his worst charting single for me.

Loved Cathy Dennis when I first got into chart music but after awhile she disappeared, or so I thought. Pity because I really thought she had the stuff to be huge like the Kylie's and Madonna's.

Miss Freelove '69 is easily my favorite Gurus track, loved it from the first time I saw the film clip

It still baffles me even today Australia's obsession with The Horses.
Daryl's output at this point in his career imo was sublime, so many other tracks deserved the success this track had.
The original is rather icky and tbh it's one of those tracks that sound that way by whoever does it except Daryl, Daryl owned it still does.

My ex loved Mermaids (I have no memory of it other than a very young Christina Ricci) so this one got an absolute flogging from memory.
I actually was still consistently playing it quiet regularly around 10 or so years ago, don't as much now but still a joy.

One of my very first introductions to video clips was the track Operaa House. It was a Saturday morning on Video Hits and I remember being transfixed to the screen watching this. The track itself to me doesn't work without the clip.

Sucker DJ was a favorite of mine to play when I was DJing at parties in my teens in the mid 90's, daggy yeah but good times and memories.
Always peeved me when I ever heard the edited radio version though



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Week ending March 10, 1991


Better, Unbelievable, Crazy, Joyride, Rescue Me and Mary Had A Little Boy debut.

Top 50 misses from The Black Crowes, Lowen & Navarro and Meat Loaf
A great time on the charts with plenty of Top 50 debuts. Some were better than others. Also some notable Top 50 misses, such as from Whitney Houston and Gloria Estefan.
I don't recall 'Walking On A Wire'.

@Beanster - wow you must have good nostalgia for the 'Do The Bartman' track.
Hoping Ratcat will continue to improve. The Soup Dragons are still going strong.
I agree to some extent with your comments on 'The Horses'. It is a great track but not my fave of his solo stuff around that time and shouldn't take all the spotlight from the great listens to be had from his 'Edge' and 'Rise' albums.
I was quite the Milli Vanilli fan, but yes, that new track from The Real Milli Vanilli did not compare (not even close).
The Stone Roses I didn't mind but never really got into any of the Happy Mondays material.
"Rescue Me" by Madonna is so underrated!
Before Gavin gives us this weeks look back at 1991 i'll give you mine from last

Hard To Handle is such an iconic track in The Black Crowes catalog that it surprises me it failed on the charts, I can only imagine it was exposure because it really is a cool track and fits the period of time really well.

Bat Out Of Hell eh! Such an over rated piece of garbage!

"The things, you say, your purple prose just gives you away, the things, you say, you're unbelievable!" still an awesomely fun track.

JOYRIDE Yes! The moment I instantly fell in love with music video and Roxette, will always be my favorite Roxette track and an instant reminder of this era.

Another icon track but to me doesn't feel as old, or is it just because he really had a scattered discography? Anyway it's still a gem of track.
"But we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy"

Rescue Me definitely is one of many 90's tracks that get lost in her vast catalog, it's a not a particularly bad track and does have it's great moments especially post chorus when the rhythm lifts. It just gets looked over unfortunately.

Out of all the Snap! madness Mary Had A Little Boy was a train wreck in my opinion. It had no vibe and was very childish in all honesty.

Better would have to be one of the most recognizable Australian rock tracks of all time and is probly the pinnacle of Screaming Jets career.
Personally not my fave of theirs but it's still a great ball tearing rock song.



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Week ending March 17, 1991


Wicked Game, Falling, Cry For Help and Shelter Me debut.

Top 50 misses from Bell Biv DeVoe, Scatterbrain and The Angels.

I have such mixed feelings about 1991. On the one hand it gave us Prince's excellent 'Diamonds and Pearls' album,but on the other hand it was a very much soapie lead chart year. I dread when we get to Melissa (tkautz) and those awful songs she did. Does anyone know when the whole eurodance thing became massive? I know snap had hits as early as 1990,but not till 'Rhythm Is A Dancer' did they become huge. I'm thinking maybe it began to be big in 1991.
I think Eurodance kicked off with the likes of 2 Unlimited followed by Corona and Culture Beat. Eurodance was also big at the time the Colossal megamixes came out which from memory was 1993?

Songs like James Brown Is Dead probably contributed to some hype too.

C + C would have been one of the leading dance acts of 1991. Most dance acts in 1991 where pop infused unless you look at songs like I Wanna Give You Devotion which was a dance gem back in the day.
Does anyone remember in 1991 when Rage didn't show multiple video clips during the weekly top 60 countdown?

Happened for about a month.

Songs which were not played included Better, Wicked Game, Don't Go Now, Just Another Dream, That Ain't Bad and Let's Kiss Like Angels Do.

Once That Ain't Bad left the countdown these songs were played again.

I assume it was a record company thing?

I remember one week where Better, Don't Go Now and That Ain't Bad were consecutively in the top 5 in positions 2, 3 and 4 and weren't shown. The Horses was #1 that week and was shown so I was happy.
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Vaguely now you mention it,K8. I do seem to recall 'That Ain't Bad' being skipped. Why a tv show that plays the top 60 songs per week would skip much of the top 5 confuses me.
K8, yes that happened on rage in '91. I think it was discussed in another thread here a couple of months ago. The clips affected were mostly, if not all, Polygram artists. The 'Grease Megamix' and Amy Grant 'Baby Baby' videos were also not played, and they were both on Polygram/Polydor too, from memory.

If I remember correctly, the video for 'Don't Go Now' wasn't shown the week it was #1.

Rage reverted back from the top 60 (which they'd been airing since September 1990) to a top 50 this week, due to finishing at 9am instead of 10. This continued until about the second week of June, when the top 60 came back.

I was gutted, as I loved seeing these 'not on the printed ARIA chart' positions, and always found the lower end of the chart more interesting.

These singles all peaked between 51-60 during those months:

Bleeding With the TimesANGELS
My Side of the BedSUSANNA HOFFS
All the Man That I NeedWHITNEY HOUSTON
Been Caught StealingJANE'S ADDICTION
Mea Culpa (Part 2)ENIGMA
Deeper Shade of SoulURBAN DANCE SQUAD

Snap!'s 'Rhythm Is a Dancer' was technically eurobeat, and was the really the first big hit of its kind. The people behind Snap! were quite innovative with bringing new sounds to the charts. Although it wasn't a hit here, their '94 single 'Welcome To Tomorrow' had the sound that Tokyo Ghetto Pussy used 6+ months later.

2 Unlimited was branded 'techno' at the time, and yes LA Style would have been another of the earliest chart crossovers of that genre here.

'Quadrophonia' by Quadrophonia peaked here in the 70's later in '91, and has a 2 Unlimited-esque sound to it, but pre-dates them.

I remember seeing the 'Rhythm Is a Dancer' video on rage just before the top 60, as a new release, on the Queen's birthday (Vic) weekend in '92, and thinking it had a different sound. Given their previous single, 'Colour of Love' flopped, I wasn't expecting it to chart here at all, and was pleasantly surprised when it did.
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Re Eurodance: Technotronic say hi.

There was also a fair bit of Italo house around with Black Box, 49ers and Starlight.
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There's a few on this latest blog entry I don't recall and are disappointing.

The Bell Biv DeVoe song isn't bad as such, but will be unmemorable and I'd describe as album-track filler.
I'd never heard Scatterbrain's follow-up single. It's quite a mess, very bad cohesion. Maybe the only fun part is to try to identify the different guitar riffs thrown in along the way.

I feel rock songs had to offer something special around this time after the many classics of the preceding years to rate well. 'Bleeding With The Times' and 'Shelter Me' don't live up to that in my opinion. 'Shelter Me' is quite boring and it is songs like these that could be thought to have contributed to the turning tide of rock not having as much mainstream prominence. Rock wasn't dead of course as the Gunners would soon show, and grunge was on its way too near this time. It was just that other genres were clearly taking centre stage.

Rick Astley's different comeback with 'Cry For Help' was a good one, but I did have to adjust to the change at the time. 'Wicked Game' and 'Falling' are welcome debuts even if belated.
Week ending March 24, 1991


New hits from Southern Sons, Alias, Londonbeat, The Slow Club and The Black Sorrows.

Far more interesting top 50 misses from Susanna Hoffs, Ralph Tresvant, The Boys and Dream Warriors, as well as The Soup Dragons and Bob Geldof.
Been a bust few weeks for myself so I've got a two week recap to do

From last week:

B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)? by Bell Biv DeVoe has always been horrible but I had no idea it charted here.

Down With The Ship (Slight Return) by Scatterbrain is even worse than Don't Call Me Dude is that even possible?

Bleeding With The Times by The Angels is a decent track for them but unfortunately long forgotten in their back catalog.

I'm probly gonna get some hate for saying this, but I love Rick Astley's Cry For Help. It really is a brilliant ballad and so different from his previous chart successes. On ya Rick.

Shelter Me by Cinderella is vile, even if it at the time was endorsed by mr Jon Bon Jovi himself.

Here's a little bit of trivia about myself for ya's, I actually do a pretty good Chris Isaak impersonation and Wicked Game by far my most requested song to sing whenever I do karaoke locally.
I've always loved the track anyway so that's just a bonus

Falling by Julee Cruise is one of those tracks that I forget how great it really is and is also one of those tracks that gets lots of exposure then suddenly disappears to return a few years later to remind me how great it is again.



This weeks chart is a pretty non event for me in terms of the tracks outside of the TOP 50, all of them are really tracks that if I never heard them again I wouldn't be bothered. No quality at all in this lot so i'm not gonna waste any more time on them

More Than Words Can Say by Alias, your probly thinking i'm gonna love this track... wrong! It's just your average run of the mill rock track of it's time.

I'm starting to warm to A Better Love and the more I hear it the more i'll like it, unfortunately it gets no exposure after these chart recaps unless I play it randomly.

I really liked Never Let Me Go and really thought it performed better than the poultry #30 on ARIA.

Again it's another miss for me with The Slow Club and Rosalie.

Predictably I loved Hold Me In Your Arms and still is an awesome ballad.



Week ending March 31, 1991


R.E.M. explode and Black Box mega mix.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Rolling Stones, Mondo Rock and Technotronic.
A quiet time for new debuts on that latest chart. The #1 was dodgy but that happens sometimes.
'Falling' continued to surprise me with its high placing and while 'Joyride' was climbing fast, I kind of recall thinking it didn't seem to be rising fast enough.
I wouldn't have known how well 'The Horses' would do after its fairly slow climb so far. 'The Total Mix' I'll have to replay as I forget how they assembled that medley.
Technotronic's 'Turn It Up' is not one I recall and is very subpar. It's like a promo release. They could never have seriously thought it would light up the charts.
On R.E.M. it was surprising in hindsight that 'The One I Love' wasn't a better success chartwise. I do recall it being a fairly regular radio track back in 1987.
Looking at the ARIA chart posted brought back a very specific memory. I remember listening to this chart when it was broadcast on Take 40 Australia and i remember Barry Bissell commenting that EMF's Unbelievable with the 1500th hit to appear,and Total Mix was hit 1501. I love The Total Mix as a song even though i don't like all the songs that are featured. 'Sucker Dj' is a song i'd rather forget as it's just so dated now and i liked it 25 years ago which is embarassing. 1991 is not a good year for me though when roxette reach the top,things get awesome.
Week ending April 7, 1991


When Your Love Is Gone and Someday reach the top 50.

The latest from 2 In A Room, Bon Jovi and Bette Midler don't.
Week ending April 14, 1991


Bingoboys, C&C Music Factory, Megabass, Choirboys and Junior Tucker debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Midnight Oil, Nick Barker & The Reptiles, Damn Yankees, Janet Jackson and The Escape Club.
I'll probably get in trouble for this,but what puzzles me gavin is what you consider basic and simplistic about 'How To Dance' by Bingoboys. Is it the song,is it the melody,is it the samples,is it the instructional video part? Cause i'm just not comprehending. I'm sure someone who probably understands your mind a lot better than me will comment lol. The thing is dance music at this time was very basic and simplistic. There was no edge to it. Look at songs like 'Gonna Make You Sweat' and 'Ride On Time' to name just a few. Just as simplistic to my (possibly) deaf ears. I'm not criticising you gavin and i apologise if it comes across that way i'm just confused as to what part of that song is simplistic. Please don't feel that you have to justify your opinions,as it's not that i'm questioning
I just find it kind of cheap and tacky with the novelty spoken sample. It's not very sophisticated.

Whereas I think C&C Music Factory and Black Box were a lot more inventive with their records, and their tracks pushed music forward more than Bingo Boys.

But I know, like Heart's "All I Wanna Do..." that people are going to disagree with me - and that's the best part about writing my blog, everyone has different opinions that they're welcome to share in comments etc.
OK i understand more of what you were trying to say now and i like the song (i don't love it) but it might have been a better song without the spoken sample. I was listening to a 1991 uk chart (W/E 6 april) over the weekend and there was a good deal of stuff that never made it successfully here,like james and chesney hawkes in the top 2.
I've never had a problem with the Bingoboys song. The spoken sample in my opinion adds to the song. I've never considered it novelty, perhaps because I've never taken my music that seriously. If anything the spoken bit makes it stand out compared to a lot of dance music at the time, which seemed to come out of europe (You've only got to listen to the Deep Heat compilations which came out of the time to hear the style of music). That particular song is the first song on the Do it Now compilation and it still gets a spin on my mp3 player.
Not a great bunch of "Off The Chart" songs two posts ago. The 2 In A Room song is completely forgettable and surprisingly even Jon Bon Jovi's 'Never Say Die' is too, despite much listening of the album back then.
'Someday' hasn't aged well for me. But wow, with my recent listening of the 1991 hits, I realise how similar that start is to 'Do The Bartman'.
'When Your Love Is Gone' was a surprise high peaker for Jimmy, considering it was a 4th release from the album and also that not even a 3rd released single ever went as high as Top 10 for solo Jimmy before (or Cold Chisel most likely, who only had 2 Top 10 hits in the '80s period).
Of the latest post I did like 'How To Dance' and that would be my favourite of all the songs listed in detail there. Fun vibe but not a classic.
I agree with 'Here We Go' having an inferior quality about it. The chorus isn't convincing and I'm sure I was enjoying listening to many of the other charters more around that time.
Ah Do It Now. I always thought that was a rather boring compilation. My mum bought it because it had Falling on it and she liked the song and my brother convinced her to buy that CD. I believe that was the last compilation before the 100% series commenced.

1991 had some great compilations. Wiggle n Sweat was my favourite and we also had Take 40 Australia and Yo! Let's Go and I always wanted Here Wo Go but I wasn't allowed that one because my brother wanted Daryl Braithwaites Rise instead so we got that one.

1991 was actually a pretty solid year in music.
^ Sometimes the 'hits' compilations had to resort to including a lot of non-hits, and I think 'Do It Now' was one of those. Although I generally prefer non-hits, so that was fine with me; but I hated how the various artists compilations suddenly stopped having the year in the title around this time.

I can't remember what I bought it for now, but I bought 'Do It Now' on CD on eBay about 10 years ago, presumably to get the single edit of something on it. I didn't know (or had forgotten) The Beautiful South's 'A Little Time' on it, but that was a pleasant surprise I discovered through buying it.

The compilations peaked for me in 1988, when I was 9-10. By 1991 I'd stopped buying them, but resumed doing so again when I got my first CD player later in the year.
Been a very busy few weeks for me so i've been busily updating my '91 database in the past day and so here goes my review of the past 3 weeks

Turn It Up by Technotronic is rather forgettable and by now I was getting rather tired of their sound.

Mondo Rock and Ross Wilson in particular were laughable by this time and were purely riding on the coat tails of all the other Australian artists doing well in the charts.
So it was no surprise I didn't find I Had You In Mind not appealing at all.

Highwire by The Rolling Stones is rather average but the live album it comes from (Flashpoint) was probly my first Stones live experience and I still enjoy it today.

Losing My Religion has been a cult classic on RAGE since it's release but it took me years to realize it's beauty.

Another mega-mix, this time from Black Box and for me it was the worst of the bunch released around this time.


She's Got Me Going Crazy was pretty cool and I prefered it over the dribble that was Wiggle It.

Meh at Night And Day.

I only discovered Never Say Die was released as a single when I stumbled across this site, so you could imagine my excitement in trying to find more stuff on the track.
My efforts were fruitless, NO video was ever made and from what i'm seeing on trade sites like EBAY & Discogs. There must've been only a limited amount of copies made because a 2 track cardboard sleeve CD retails for over $60.
The track itself is good but far from the best off Blaze Of Glory.

Someday was a step down from here previous releases for me.

Absolutely love When Your Love Is Gone. up there as one of his best ever releases.


Call It Poison is ok but nothing special.

Come Back To Me was always going to struggle this late as a release and in my mind was a poor choice for a single.

I still struggle with politically bland Midnight Oil, I like rocking angsty Midnight Oil more aka Beds Are Burning.
One Country is ok but like Janet it's release was rather pointless.

I enjoyed Damn Yankees and would've liked for them to of done better on the charts. But I guess your right, we were moving away from that 80's hard rock sound.

Won't Get You Loved like most of their material i've heard is rather bland, rock for bogans me thinks.

While your at it you can throw the Choirboys in the same group (though I still enjoy their two big hits Run To Paradise, Boys Will Be Boys).
Rendezvous is rather blah in comparison.

Junior Tucker was indeed hanging around, following your weekly it felt as it would never make the 50. Thankfully it did as I like the original immensely, this doesn't do it any harm I just don't like it's style as much.

I like How To Dance but I can understand it's simplicity. To me it was something different to just being a tiring house hit and I can appreciate that.

Megabass is just a total mess but not the worst of those big mash ups that have been released over the years.

Here We Go is awesome in my opinion and probly behind Things That Make You Go Hmmm as their best.



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I've created a YouTube playlist of late 80s/early 90s dance tracks I rate more highly than the likes of Bingoboys and Megabass:


Going back to something you've said before,gavin. You mention how you don't like 'All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You' by Heart,well i watched an interview with the wilson sisters last night and Ann Wilson doesn't like it either so you're in good company ;-)
I looked at your playlist and of the ones i recognise, 'Got To Have Your Love' by Mantronix certainly should have been a bigger hit.
^ Definitely, it was a great track.
Week ending April 21, 1991


The KLF, Simple Minds, Wendy Matthews, John Farnham and Divinyls debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Celine Dion (her English-language debut) and The Mixmasters.
Week ending April 28, 1991


Don't Go Now, Rhythm Of My Heart and Love The One You're With debut.

Top 50 misses from Jane's Addiction, Tara Kemp, Beautiful South, Ice-T and The Hummingbirds.

And, if anyone can come up with another case where an act had two future number 1 singles in the top 10 at the same time, let me know!

Black Eyed Peas did it in 2003 with Where Is The Love and Shut Up and again in 2009 with Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling no?
Where Is The Love had been and gone from number 1 by the time Shut Up made the top 10.

Same with BBP and IGF.

The situation with Ratcat was that neither Tingles nor Don't Go Now had yet reached number 1 but both were in the top 10 simultaneously before that happened.

Perhaps it's a one-off since Tingles was unusual in that it took so long to actually get to number 1.
From last week:

Thankfully the atrocity that was the Night Fever Megamix never made an impact on out charts. That megamix alone put me off them forever as it brings back bad memories of my first year of high school, it used to get flogged in Drama.

I must admit I do enjoy a big ballad from Celine Dion and Where Does My Heart Beat Now is no exception.

Another surprising flop from Farnsey, thought In Days To Come was again a great offering to commercial radio. Heard it a fair bit up until the mid 00's but not so much now.

In my review for Let's Kiss (Like Angels Do) I stated that it reminded me of ex North Sydney and QLD rugby league Les Kiss.
I still have a chuckle and sing the line 'Les Kiss' instead of.

Divinyls I thought were really unlucky in their chart life and Love School is another example, shits all over I Fuck Myself.

Recently been hearing a LOT of Simple Minds and liking a LOT at the same time. To me Let There Be Love sounds very dated for this era but it's still another chart gem for them.

I never got the fuss over The KLF until I heard and saw 3am Eternal!
What A Jam! Easily their best work!


Hold You Tight was a song I was only familiar with by listening to the American TOP 40 with Rick Dees (I Think?). Good to see it charted, at least. And to hear it again after all these years.

Another song I thought should've been bigger than it obviously was. The Beautiful South do have a cult following but i'm unfamiliar with them in general. A Little Time however is probly their most known track being a former UK #1.

I sometimes cringe that Ice-T has so many TOP 100 entries because by himself he just doesn't do much for me. New Jack Hustle is just an example of this.

Hummingbirds are boring

Been Caught Stealing still gets flogged on music television because of that iconic video. The song itself is mediocre imo.

Chantoozies' cover of Love The One You're With is pretty good considering their previous efforts for me. I still do prefer the original though.

Sorry but I like crooning Rod Stewart and liked Rhythm Of My Heart.

Don't Go Now was still getting flogged well into the 00's, don't hear much these days. I still think (but am undecided depending on mood) I like That Ain't Bad more. But I think it's only because I still hear that a lot more than this.
It's a cool track but the video still shits me, wished they'd put more effort into that and made it more memorable.



Week ending May 5, 1991


LL Cool J, Monie Love vs Adeva, Pet Shop Boys and Chris Isaak debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Russell Morris, Warrant, Stevie B, 2NU and The The.
I'm fairly certain I knew of Tara Kemp's 'Hold You Tight' originally from the American Top 40 radio show as well. It is the 2nd best of the two songs from her I know well.
'A Little Time' sounds ok but is not as memorable as it could be.
I don't know Ice-T's back catalogue so well but 'New Jack Hustler' has a reasonable groove to it. It sounds right for early '90s.
I liked some of the 1989-90 releases from The Hummingbirds. Unfortunately 'If A Vow' didn't deliver any catchy hooks for me.
'Been Caught Stealing' has slight fun elements but is kind of annoying to be honest. It is not one I took much attention of back then.
'Love The One You're With' was a last-time good comeback for The Chantoozies, showing off a happy vibe. Then and now I'm not overly familiar with the original. I wasn't aware of that recent cover of 'Baby It's You'. They should have left that one alone.

'Rhythm Of My Heart' is good. I don't think I was aware it was a cover? I would have preferred that at #1 to the Grease Megamix. The movie Grease was great but the times between views are much longer (by choice) for me these days.
'This Is Ponderous' blows. But it is a good example of how nearly anything can be a hit.
'I’ll Be By Your Side' sounds like a nice song from Stevie B, but unfortunately is not that memorable.
Monie Love & Adeva's 'Ring My Bell' is another that I struggle to remember by sound. I couldn't even remember it has a beat nearly identical with 'Vogue'. There were plenty of better raps featured in hip hop songs around that time.
Pet Shop Boys' 'Where The Streets Have No Name (Can't Take My Eyes Off You)' is sublime. A great flashback!

@Beanster - Quite nice to see 'Hold Me In Your Arms' having a very strong run for you. 'Cry For Help' is highly regarded for you too I see.
'Wicked Game' is also performing well and 'Losing My Religion' seems to be making early gains. They're both songs that took a while to grow on me.
I like those releases from The Black Sorrows and Alias too, but they're being kept at bay on my retro chart due to too many quality releases at that time.
Week ending May 12, 1991


The Grease Megamix, Roxus, The Simpsons, Timmy T, AC/DC and The Rembrandts debut.

Top 50 misses from Enigma, Sheila E and Robert Palmer.

Week ending May 19, 1991


Baby Animals and The Clouds arrive, Transvision Vamp and James Reyne return, and Black Box strike it up.

Plus, top 50 misses from Urban Dance Squad, Gerardo and NKOTB's bodyguard, Biscuit.


An interesting read... Seen 3 different articles about the new #1 single from 25 years ago

I have always been a massive fan of it too...
Week ending May 26, 1991


Sheena Easton and Mike & The Mechanics return, while Michael Bolton gets sued.

Plus, top 50 misses from Definition Of Sound, Electronic, Ralph Tresvant and Nick Barker & The Reptiles.
I think I would rule on the side of Michael Bolton in that case, the verdict and amount of money awarded does seem a bit unjust. "Love is a wonderful thing" would be a fairly common expression to any teenage romantic poetry writer, doesn't necessarily mean you copied it from a decades old song that wasn't even a hit single. Nice song though.

Love the Sheena Easton and Electronic songs.
Week ending June 2, 1991


Big week! Rush Rush, Fading Like A Flower, Baby Baby, Waiting For That Day, Iesha, By My Side and Snap!'s Megamix.

Plus, top 50 misses from Scritti Politti, Susanna Hoffs and, er, the Rocky Horror Cast.
Week ending June 9, 1991


Even bigger week!

Read My Lips, Love Rears Its Ugly Head, Chocolate Cake, Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey), Shiny Happy People, Touch Me (All Night Long), Always On The Run, Right Here Right Now and 1000 Miles Away all debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from EMF and The Doors.
I love that Leon Berger from Koo De' Tah was responsible for Melissa's hit.
^ Yeah, though I can't imagine the Koo Dé Tah singer ever singing those "hands off my detonator" lyrics
Week ending June 16, 1991


The KLF, The Screaming Jets, The Triplets and Daryl Braithwaite.

Plus, top 50 misses from OMD and Tracie Spencer.
Week ending June 23, 1991


Johnny Diesel goes solo, as does Richard Pleasance. Plus NZ's Push Push.

Top 50 misses from Massive Attack, Jason Donovan, BG The Prince Of Rap, Hothouse Flowers, Elvis Costello and Dramarama.

Week ending June 30, 1991


Shocked and Hot Chilli Woman debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from New Kids On The Block, Quadrophonia, The Black Sorrows and King Kurlee.

Week ending July 7, 1991


I Wanna Sex You Up, Things That Make You Go Hmmmm..., Couple Days Off, Future Love Paradise and Monkey Business debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Van Halen, The Wonder Stuff and Jesus Jones.

This week in 1983 - the first ever ARIA chart.

Numbers 50 to 26:

Numbers 25 to 1:

And I'll be adding 1983 recaps to my weekly posts from now on. Will start a separate thread.
Week ending July 14, 1991


More Than Words, You Could Be Mine, People Are Still Having Sex, Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless), (I Wanna Give You) Devotion, Treaty, It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over and Love And Understanding all debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Janet Jackson, Betty Boo and The Twins.
Week ending July 21, 1991


Bryan Adams' number 1-hogging soundtrack hit, plus Mariah Carey, Ratcat and Hi-Five.

Top 50 misses from Sydney Youngblood and Sinead O'Connor.
Week ending July 28, 1991


Unforgettable, It's Only The Beginning, Walking In Memphis, The Motown Song, Hey Stoopid, Train Tracks and Mama Said Knock You Out debut.

Top 50 misses from Ian Moss, The Hummingbirds and Ice-T.

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Week ending August 4, 1991


Kate Ceberano returns with album number two, plus Troy Newman and Jimmy Barnes.

Top 50 misses from Rubbery Figures, Simple Minds and George Michael.

Week ending August 11, 1991


99 Reasons, Wind Of Change, Pump It (Nice An' Hard), Every Heartbeat, Unity, Human Nature, I've Got To Go Now and P.A.S.S.I.O.N. all debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Jason Donovan, Glenn Frey, Killing Time and The Hard-ons & Henry Rollins.

Interesting to learn what happened to Icy Blu!
Ice-y Blu was a rather unfortunate name for her, in retrospect.
Wow I never knew Troy Newman charted on Billboard. Where did he peak?

I also didn't know he passed away.

I always loved his song.

A lot of these songs were quite under-rated. Jo Beth, Cebrano, Rhythm Syndicate, Amy Grant, Troy Newman and a future Craig McLachlan song to name a few.
"Wow I never knew Troy Newman charted on Billboard. Where did he peak?"

#92 on the Billboard Hot 100
^ Still, that's pretty good for an Aussie 'one-hit wonder' (although he doesn't technically meet Gavin's definition of that) whose sole 'hit' peaked in the 20's.
Funny how mammoth Aussie hits that were out in the same year (3 of which were in the top ten best sellers of 1991) failed to chart on Billboard yet Love Gets Rough and Higher Than Hope both did and failed to even crack the Aussie top 20.
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Week ending August 18, 1991


Love... They Will Be Done, Now That We Found Love, Here I Am (Come And Take Me), Learnng To Fly and Escape From Reality.

Plus, top 50 misses from Transvision Vamp, James Reyne, Seal, Richard Pleasance, Living Colour, Bros and "comedy" duo Victor & Sveta.

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Classic from Martika.

Some of the "misses" are really good too - I like that Transvision Vamp song, and the Seal and James Reyne songs are underrated imo. Richard Pleasance is... pleasant.
Week ending August 25, 1991


BAD II's Rush does the opposite up the ARIA chart, plus new entries from Salt 'n' Pepa, Roxus, Technotronic and Metallica.

Top 50 misses from Vanilla Ice and Push Push.
Week ending September 1, 1991


Dire Straits return. Plus, debuts from Paula Abdul and Baby Animals.

Top 50 misses from Girl Overboard, Falling Joys, Soft Cell, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and Hoodoo Gurus.

Week ending September 8, 1991


Beatfish, Craig McLachlan and The Screaming Jets debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Desmond Child, FireHouse, Definition Of Sound, Morrissey and Kenny G.
I used to love that Beatfish song as a kid and would always watch Rage with the hope it would rise up the charts.

I didn't mind Craig McLachlans song either and found it better than Mona. what was the issue with him in 1991 that affected this to chart better?
There was a pretty strong backlash against a lot of the soap stars-turned-pop stars in 1991 - and Craig suffered, but not as much as Jason Donovan.
Week ending September 15, 1991


Sexy (Is The Word), Don't Cry, The Big L, Fall At Your Feet, Kiss Them For Me and Sexuality all debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, De La Soul and Gloria Estefan.
Week ending September 22, 1991


Break In The Weather, She Talks To Angels, Hieronymus and Children debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Karyn White, Titiyo, Voice Of The Beehive and Kirsty MacColl.

Week ending September 29, 1991


Can’t Stop This Thing We Started, Gett Off, Emotions, Just Like You, Ballad Of Youth, I’ll Be There, RIP (Millie) and Primal Scream.

Plus, top 50 misses from Young MC, REM, Russell Morris, MC Skat Kat, Ana Christensen, Nomad, Ian Moss and Quadrophonia. Phew!
Week ending October 6, 1991


Jimmy Barnes, The Cult and Maybe Dolls debut.

Top 50 misses from Daryl Braithwaite, Aaron Neville, Roxus and Harry Connick Jr.

Week ending October 13, 1991


I'm Too Sexy, Good Vibrations, Motownphilly, All 4 Love, Get A Leg Up and Where Do You Go? debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Cathy Dennis, Corina, Grace Knight, Kate Ceberano, S-Witch and Divinyls.

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Week ending October 20, 1991


Live Your Life Be Free, Jump To The Beat and Stand By My Woman debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Commitments, Vanilla Ice, Simple Minds, LL Cool J and Troy Newman.

Week ending October 27, 1991


Set Adrift On Memory Bliss, Love Sick, Something Got Me Started, Sometimes It's A Bitch, Hole Hearted, Nutbush City Limits (90s Version) and Give It Away debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bonnie Raitt, Erasure, Public Enemy and AC/DC.

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Week ending November 3, 1991


The Fly, Change, Cream, Do Anything and Shining Star debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Cold Chisel and Bob Seger.

Week ending November 10, 1991


When Something Is Wrong With My Baby and The Unforgiven debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Technotronic and Heavy D & The Boyz.

And a look at the albums chart.
Week ending November 17, 1991


Black Or White, Painless, Somebody’s Singing New York New York, Kingston Town and Heavy Fuel debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Enya, New Kids On The Block, Among Thieves, FireHouse and The Angels.

Week ending November 24, 1991


Let's Talk About Sex, Come To Me, Ain't No Sunshine, I'll Be Back and No Son Of Mine debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Texas.

Week ending December 1, 1991


Love You Right, Word Is Out, Under My Skin, Stop The War In Croatia, The Globe, Please Don't Ask Me, Keep Coming Back and House Of Hope debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Beatfish, Icy Blu, Adeva and Roberta Flack & Maxi Priest.
Week ending December 8, 1991


Everybody's Free (To Feel Good), Spending My Time, See Right Through, Caught In My Shadow and 2 Legit 2 Quit debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Paula Abdul, Nia Peeples and Farmhouse.

Week ending December 15, 1991


Saltwater, Mysterious Ways, Live And Let Die, Just A Touch Of Love (Everyday) and Christmas Day debut.

Plus, top 50 misses for Seal and Hothouse Flowers.

Oh wow, I forgot about the Tin Lids. They did well to crack the top 40 with such a dreadful song. Chorus is decent enough.

C & C's hit was decent. I remember it being in the Sister Act movie.

Mysterious Ways is a great track. Shame it didn't chart longer.

I found Live and let die a boring song.

I remember having to sing Saltwater at school for the choral festival which was an annual event all year 5 and 6 students in the community had to take part in. Schools were getting behind the message back then. I always found the video odd and was surprised it only ended up #14 in the 1992 year end and wasnt higher.
Week ending December 22, 1991


The final chart for 1991, featuring debuts from Smells Like Teen Spirit, There Will Never Be Another Tonight and the Dreams On Fire EP.

Plus top 50 misses from Queen, The Godfathers and Motley Crue.

And a look at the top 100 singles for 1991.

I'll cover the first chart for 1992 on January 12.

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It's pretty funny seeing I Wanna Sex You Up censored back then and much worse songs in later years not censored at all (Eamon and Frankee in particular come to mind).

Video Hits used to play I Wanna Sex You Up where Rage censored it. I can't remember if it was the same for I Touch Myself?

Also does anyone have the Video Hits year end for 1991?
I asked this after Gavin posted the 1990 year end last year so will ask it again this year.

How many artists in the 1991 top 100 year end have passed away?

Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole (who had already passed away in 1991)
Divinyls (lead singer)
The KLF (the male singer)
Yothu Yindi (lead singer)
Michael Jackson
The Righteous Brothers (one of the singers)
Heavy D
Robert Palmer
PM Dawn

From memory the lead singer from Warrant passed away but I am not 100% sure on that one?
Sadly, we can add George Michael to the list of deceased artists from the 1991 year end.
K8, rage never aired 'I Touch Myself' when it was in the top 60. Now they air it on a Saturday morning without any qualms. The same has happened with 'I Wanna Sex You Up'.

And yes, Jani Lane from Warrant died in 2011.

One of EMF (Zac, the bass player) died a couple of years ago, too. edit - yes, it was him, and it was in 2002.

And Malcolm McLaren, who was behind the World Famous Supreme Team Show.

I don't have Video Hits' end of 1991 chart, but if you meant more generally the Australian Music Report end of year chart, the top 25 is published in David Kent's 1970-1992 book (the yellow one). Surprisingly, 'Grease Megamix' topped the AMR end of year chart, but then David Kent's end of year charts were based on chart runs/a points system rather than actual sales. Bryan Adams (who is only #3 on the AMR chart!) clearly outsold it.
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I could've used the break between chart flashbacks to have a break from blogging. Instead, I've compiled a list of all the number 2 hits on the Australian chart from the 80s.

Here's part 1, covering 1980-1984:


Week ending January 12, 1992


Welcome to 1992!

Debuts from Justified & Ancient, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Martika's Kitchen, Wildside, Finally and How Can I Keep From Singing.

Plus, top 50 misses from Amy Grant, Rod Stewart, Gloria Estefan, LL Cool J and Def FX.

KLF comeback. Will be interesting to say the least.

If two songs from 1996 can be covered and become hits then KLF should do alright too!
Cheers Nugs for the reply too!
Week ending January 19, 1992


O.P.P., One Word, Addams Groove, Spill The Wine and I've Had You debut, while Bohemian Rhapsody re-enters.

Plus, top 50 misses from OMD, Mariah Carey, Army Of Lovers and Violent Femmes.

Week ending January 26, 1992


Rocket Man and I Adore Mi Amor debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Blue Train, 2 Live Crew, The Revelators and Bette Midler.

Week ending February 2, 1992


Pride (In The Name Of Love), Peace, If You Were With Me Now, Ain't No Mountain High Enough and If You Go Away debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from The Smithereens.

Week ending February 9, 1992


Remember The Time, Black Or White (C&C remix), Tip Of My Tongue, Diamonds And Pearls, I Can't Dance, Do You Feel Like I Feel? and Once Bitten Twice Shy debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Cathy Dennis, Latin Alliance, James Reyne and Ned's Atomic Dustbin.

Week ending February 16, 1992


Dizzy, Don't Talk Just Kiss and It's Only Natural debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Tall Tales & True.

Week ending February 23, 1992


Feel So High, Stars, Mustang Sally and Cool Jesus debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Deborah Conway, Snap!, Daryl Braithwaite, Noiseworks and M DJ Mad.

Week ending March 1, 1992


Get Ready For This, Alive, I Think I Love You, Again Tonight and Foreplay debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Black Box, PM Dawn, Robbie Nevil, Diana Ross, The Beatmasters, Troy Newman, D.A.D. and The Smithereens.

Week ending March 8, 1992


Under The Bridge, Come As You Are, Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven and Ghost Of A Texas Ladies Man debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Lisa Stansfield, Single Gun Theory, Bonnie Raitt, The Sugarcubes and Jenny Morris.

Week ending March 15, 1992


Marvellous and Anthem debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Digital Underground and Texas.

Week ending March 22, 1992


You Showed Me, Not A Day Goes By and Human Touch debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Hard-Ons & Celibate Rifles, Sabrina Johnston, PiL, Extreme, The Cult and Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart.

Week ending March 29, 1992


Stay, One, November Rain, Baby Love, Coloured Kisses, Way Out West, Insanity and Killing Time debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Tina Turner, The Other Two, Naughty By Nature, The Commitments, Chic, Spinal Tap and Nick Barker & The Reptiles.

Week ending April 5, 1992


To Be With You, Why, High, Let's Get Rocked, Goodnight Girl, Ain't It Heavy and Cold Day In Hell debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Craig McLachlan, Amy Grant, Roxette, Big Audio Dynamite II and Hugh Wilson & The Blue Phoenix.

Some great songs these past few weeks.

In the new chart format that came out in 1992 what is the definition for Breakers?
Same definition as far as I know - just a different design.
Week ending April 12, 1992


Be My Baby, I Love Your Smile and Give Me Just A Little More Time/Do You Dare debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from UB40, Rozalla, Matthew Sweet, Ride and Luka Bloom.

Week ending April 19, 1992


Skin To Skin, James Brown Is Dead, Djapana, Help Yourself and America: What Time Is Love? debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Church, Baby Animals, Rozalla, Nia Peeples, The Jesus And Mary Chain and Angelique Kidjo.

Week ending April 26, 1992


Take It From Me, That Word (L.O.V.E.), Nothing Else Matters, Money Don't Matter 2 Night, Sound and Sometimes debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Clivilles & Cole.

Week ending May 3, 1992


Clunk (featuring Ordinary Angels), Kickin' To The Undersound and Weather With You debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Simply Red, Push Push, Genesis and Mark Seymour & Paul Kelly.

Week ending May 10, 1992


One In A Million, Mistadobalina, Twilight Zone, Make It Happen, In The Closet, Kiss Me and Viva Las Vegas debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Cruel Sea and Des’ree.

Week ending May 17, 1992


She's Got That Vibe, Suck My Kiss, Sister's Crazy and Tears In Heaven debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Opus III, Maybe Dolls, Tracy Chapman and Joe Cocker.

Week ending May 24, 1992


Save The Best For Last, Hazard, Man Alive, (Simply) The Best, As Ugly As They Wanna Be, Joy and Father's Day debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Wonder Stuff, The Lightning Seeds, Oceanic, Primal Scream and Devils In Heaven.

Week ending May 31, 1992


Jump, I Can Feel It, Cry, Friday I'm In Love, Remedy, Even Flow and Innocence debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Billy Bragg, Tall Tales & True, Metallica, Nathan Cavaleri, Crash Test Dummies, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, The Hummingbirds, Tommy Emmanuel and Scatterbrain.

Week ending June 7, 1992


Massive Attack and Iron Maiden debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Deborah Conway and Melissa Etheridge.

Week ending June 14, 1992


Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover, The One, Smells Like Nirvana, This Road, God Gave Rock n Roll To You II and It Must Be Love debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Paula Abdul, John Cougar Mellencamp, Falling Joys, Peter Andre, Soundgarden, Bruce Springsteen and Hunters & Collectors.

Week ending June 21, 1992


Beauty And The Beast, Too Funky and Just Take My Heart debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Dramarama and Def FX.

Week ending June 28, 1992


Winter, Make Love Like A Man, We Got A Love Thang, Senza Una Donna, Do It To Me and We Will Rock You debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Morrissey, Andrew Pendlebury/Kate Ceberano, Smashing Pumpkins, The Poor Boys and Beth Nielsen Chapman.

Week ending July 5, 1992


ABBA-esque, Please Don't Go, I'll Be There, Heaven Knows, Heaven Sent, Midlife Crisis, The Disappointed, You Won't See Me Cry and Always The Last To Know debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Kylie Minogue (!), The B-52's and Annie Lennox.

Week ending July 12, 1992


Even Better Than The Real Thing, Love Is Holy, Workaholic, Fly Like An Eagle and Living In England debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Concrete Blonde, Simply Red, Michelle Shocked and Dave Koz.

I am currently watching a top 20 countdown on Max called this week in 1992.

So far.

#20. Fathers Day
#19. Smells Like Nirvana
#18. Midlife Crisis
#17. Please Don't Go
#16. Mistadobalina
#15. Djapana (not the film clip I remember. They are in snow)
#14. Man Alive
#13. Take A Chance On Me
#12. Remedy
#11. To Be With You

Max seems to play iconic songs or iconic artists so don't expect to see Twilight Zone, I can Feel It or Cry in the top 10.

That Word, Ordinary Angels and Take It From Me will all make it as they are often played on Max. I expect Under The Bridge and Jump in the top 10 too. Possibly Hazard, Too Funky, Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover and Save The Best for Last also to make the top 10.
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I predict the top 10 songs based on what I have seen played on Max previously. INXS' inclusion is no surprise as they seem to play iconic songs, artists or big aussie songs. Mistadobolina might scratch your heads as it doesn't really tick any box but Max plays this regularly especially in 90s countdowns.

#10. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
#9. Heaven Sent
#8. Heaven Knows
#7. Even Better Than The Real Thing
#6. Take It From Me
#5. Ordinary Angels
#4. Too Funky
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The top 3 should be consistent with the ARIA top 3. Surprised no That Word or Under The Bridge as they get regular plays on Max.

Last week they had the 1990 countdown and they played Opposites Attract which wasn't even in the top 20 and made me think they would play Under The Bridge for sure.

#3. Hazard
#2. Save The Best For Last
#1. Jump
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Ugh, Max. they have to ruin everything.
Week ending July 19, 1992


Sexy MF, This Used To Be My Playground, I Don't Care, I Can't Help Myself and Perfect Place.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Tin Lids (thank goodness), Soul II Soul and Girl Overboard.

Week ending July 26, 1992


Rhythm Is A Dancer, Jam, Life Is A Highway, Everything's Alright, Warm It Up, Girl's Life, Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg, My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It), Knockin' On Heaven's Door and Four Seasons In One Day debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Nirvana, The Dukes, Sonic Youth and Craig McLachlan.

Week ending August 2, 1992


Deeply Dippy and Pretend We're Dead debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Madness and Tori Amos.

Week ending August 9, 1992


Amigos Para Siempre, Baby Got Back, How Do You Do!, Tear Me Apart and Barcelona debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Celine Dion, Hard-ons, Dramarama, Queen and Michael Bolton feat. Kenny G.

Week ending August 16, 1992


Tennessee, Boy In The Moon, It's Probably Me and Live And Learn debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Melissa and Weddings Parties Anything.

Week ending August 23, 1992


Humpin' Around, Do For You, It's Not Over, Baby Don't Cry, All I Want Is You and I Don't Care As Long As We Beat NZ.

Plus, top 50 misses from Genesis, Diesel, Elton John/Eric Clapton, Morrissey, Gyan, James Blundell and Levitation.

Week ending August 30, 1992


Achy Breaky Heart, Sesame's Treet, Take This Heart and Candyman debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Pearl Jam, Caligula, The Black Crowes, Tall Tales & True and The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy.

Week ending September 6, 1992


The Best Things In Life Are Free, Love Is In The Air (remix), Indio and Just Another Day debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Screaming Jets, Body Count, Vince Neil, Faith No More, Dream Frequency, Enya and David Sylvian / Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Week ending September 13, 1992


The Day You Went Away, Proove, Breaking The Girl, Motor City (I Get Lost) and Ain't Love The Strangest Thing debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Annie Lennox, Billy Joel, Peter Cetera, Megadeath and Del Amitri.

Week ending September 20, 1992


White Men Can't Jump, Digging In The Dirt, Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home, Without You, Lead Me To Water, Who Is It, Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad and Don't You Want Me debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Beastie Boys.

Week ending September 27, 1992


Ain't No Doubt, What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before), Love How You Love Me, Neighbor and Share This Wine debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Sound Unlimited, Yothu Yindi, En Vogue, Judge Mercy and Cliffs Of Dooneen.

Week ending October 4, 1992


Something Good, Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough and Hey Hey We're The Broncos debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from TLC, Clouds, Hunters & Collectors, Suzanne Vega, Jon Stevens and The Shamen.

Week ending October 11, 1992


End Of The Road and Keep It Comin' debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Kris Kross, Extreme, Bob Marley and Mantissa.

Week ending October 18, 1992


Rock Your Baby, No Regrets, Pressure Drop and Sad But True debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Betty Boo, Alannah Myles, Mark Williams, Paul Norton, Roy Orbison/kd Lang and Jude Cole.

Week ending October 25, 1992


Erotica, My Name Is Prince, Keep The Faith, The Magic Friend, Too Much Love Will Kill You and Drive debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Maxi Priest, L7, Soundgarden and Noiseworks.

Week ending November 1, 1992


Dancing Queen, I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore and I Wonder Why debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Sex Pistols, Celine Dion, Skid Row, Nu-Q and Undercover.

Week ending November 8, 1992


Accidently Kelly Street, Would I Lie To You?, Talking Sly, Shake Your Head and What's Wrong With That Girl debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Richard Marx and The Black Sorrows.

Week ending November 15, 1992


Ebeneezer Goode, Tequila, Jump, Holiday, Bettadaze, Impossible To Fly and Highway To Hell (live) debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Club Hoy, Tumbleweed, Dr Alban and Neneh Cherry.

Week ending November 22, 1992


Jump Around, Taste It, Layla and Yesterdays debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Messiah.

Week ending November 29, 1992


In Your Room, You Don't Treat Me No Good, December 1963 (Oh What A Night) (remix), The Last Song, Scars, Sweet Love, People Everyday and Faith debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Southern Sons, Jenny Morris, Movida, Ruth Campbell and Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch.

Week ending December 6, 1992


I Will Always Love You, Good Enough, I Don't Know How To Love Him and the parody version of Amigos Para Siempre.

Plus, top 50 misses from Nick Cave and Roxette.

Week ending December 13, 1992


Deeper And Deeper, 7, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Celebration and To Love Somebody debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Genesis, Felix and N93.

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Week ending December 20, 1992


Gimme Little Sign and Bad Attitude debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bryan Adams, TLC, Rod Stewart, Nick Cave & Shane MacGowan and Margaret Urlich.

And the year-end top 100.

I did this after both the 1990 and 1991 year ends and I don't claim to know them all but a mention of those who made the top 100 year end chart and have since passed away. This one seems like a longer one compared to previous years.

#12. Kris Kross (one of the members)
#17. Whitney Houston
#19 & #57. George Michael
#24, #51 & #73. Euphoria (one of the female members)
#30. Charles & Eddie (Charles)
#39. The KLF featuring Tammy Wynette (rapper Ricardo Da Force and featured artist Tammy Wynette)
#46. Nirvana (lead singer Kurt Cobain)
#49. The Wonder Stuff (a few members have passed away)
#53, #77, #80 & #83. Michael Jackson
#58. Yothu Yindi (lead singer)
#59. Queen (lead singer Freddie Mercury)
#63, #82 & #85. Prince
#90. Felix (female vocalist)
#98. Cilvilles & Cole (member Cole)

Any others I have missed?

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Welcome to 1993!

Week ending January 10, 1993


Sweet Lullaby, Happy Birthday Helen, Man On The Moon, I Will Never Leave You and Oíche Chiúin (Silent Night) debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Nirvana, Icehouse, Mark Williams & Tara Morice and Alvin & The Chipmunks.


> Any others I have missed?

I haven't yet looked at the '92 end of year chart again to check, but one I know off the top of my head you've missed is Holly Garnett from Euphoria (the blonde one) (#24, #51, #73). She took her own life in 1998.

I wasn't aware that any Wonder Stuff members had died though

edit - OK I'm looking now. Does James Brown actually being dead now (#61) count?

The then-drummer from Kiss, Eric Carr, died in 1991, before 'God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You II' was a hit here, funnily enough (though he appears in the video), of heart cancer (!), the same day as Freddie Mercury.

While not a part of 'Felix', the singer of the female vocals sampled for 'Don't You Want Me' (#90), from Jomanda, died circa 2003 from memory.
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Cheers Nugs,
I never knew the blonde female from Euphoria died. That is terrible and sad to hear.

My music knowledge is no where near as good as any of yours so I was bound to leave some out so thanks for adding the ones I left out.

Kiss I had a feeling someone had died but with groups changing line ups I wasn't 100%.

The Wonder Stuff I read up on not long ago. Not sure how many or how they have died.

I like the Felix song. That evil C word rears its ugly head.

If anything this is a reminder to live every day like it's your last because you don't know what lies ahead.

The James Brown thought crossed my mind too lol.
^ K8, her suicide was reportedly (well, according to sources cited on the Euphoria (Australian band) wikipedia page) at least partly due to her brother's incarceration in a Thai prison for drug smuggling. He spent over 20 years behind bars and holds the record (according to a Banged Up Abroad episode on his story I saw a few months back) for the Australian who has spent the most time in prison overseas. Holly wasn't mentioned in the episode, though.

At least two of The Wonder Stuff have died, I skim-read on wikipedia after seeing your post last night.

Interestingly, the original drummer of KISS (Eric Carr replaced him) has also dealt with a rare-ish cancer - male breast cancer. But he has survived.
Thanks for the info. I have updated the above list not including Kiss. Was Eric Carr the drummer for God Gave Rock n Roll to you or was he replaced before the song came out do you know?

Also was Euphoria ever parodied on Fast Forward or The Late Show? They seem like they could have been an easy target to be made fun of much like Frente? For some reason Fast Forward parodies that I remember well are the 1990/1991 ones and the Late Show ones are the 1993 ones pretty much. 1992 is a bit of a blur but I do remember Prince, Teen Queens, Jimmy/Tina and Sarah Brightman/Jose on Fast Forward but not much else from 1992.
Eric was the drummer for 'God Gave...'. He also appears in the video, which was filmed in July 1991; virtually a year before it became a hit here! He died 4 months later. He's wearing a wig in the video. I don't even remember his death being mentioned here at the time; though I'm not a Kiss fan.

I agree that Euphoria would have made great fodder for parody; if it's possible to look more ridiculous than they did in the 'One In a Million' video (those dresses! ). I'm thinking they could have done a good job of 'Love You Right' with the lip syncing and all the pouting and gyrating model extras.

'92 is also a bit of a blur for me when it comes to Fast Forward parodies, though I don't even remember watching it that year. I assume the great ABBA one they did for 'Mamma Mia' ("ABBA's Here") is from '92, or early '93, as it's all about their 'comeback'. It's on YouTube if you haven't seen it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR80tnIz5r4

As a side note, speaking of parodies, I wish the Full Frontal parody for Whigfield's 'Sexy Eyes' was on YouTube. I believe it's from a 1997 episode that has been blocked (someone has uploaded full episodes, but some are missing). I remember it going "goo goo ga ga" for the 'ooh ooh ah ah sexy eyes' bit, and I think it also had "making songs is a piece of piss" and "you sing the words you learnt when you were three". It also ended with a rubbish truck dumping the woman playing her in a bin
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Week ending January 17, 1993


She's Playing Hard To Get, Free Your Mind and Do You Believe Is Us debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Rage, Rockmelons, Heaven 17, Shakespears Sister and Rhapsody.

Week ending January 24, 1993


House Of Love, I'd Die Without You, Gangsta, Sweat It Out and Faithful debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Dan Baird, The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M., Ralph Tresvant, Color Me Badd and Sister Act.

It still amazes me to this day that Gangsta wasn't a bigger hit in the US and was bigger in Oz. More so because they were a known group from the early 90's in America.

I remember it came in at #44 in the Video Hits 1993 Year End Countdown. Speaking of the 1993 Year End Video Hits played #60 to #31 on the Saturday and displayed the numbers each song ranked and on the Sunday counted down from #30 to #1 However, they must have stuffed up as they played more than 30 songs which were in the ARIA top 60 Year End and they only displayed the song title and artist and no number for every song they played on the Sunday. I remember at the time writing down every song that was played and writing its position and there was definitely more than 30 songs from 1993. Does anyone else remember this? Sonia Dada was the last song they played so I assume that came in at #1 but I had already got to #1 so he got no number.
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Week ending January 31, 1993


How Do You Talk To An Angel, Little Miss Can't Be Wrong, Friday's Child, Love U More and Behind The Sun debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Jesus Jones, Boney M and John Stamos & The Beach Boys.

Week ending February 7, 1993


True Tears Of Joy, Steam, Shivers and Hope Of Deliverance debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from DIG and Toad The Wet Sprocket.

Week ending February 14, 1993


You Ain't Thinking (About Me) and Could've Been Me debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Shamen, Sound Unlimited, LA Style, Poison, The The, Reckless Hearts and Del Amitri.

Sonia Dada sound like something that could have been big on Billboard.
Week ending February 21, 1993


If I Ever Fall In Love, Sleeping Satellite, Bed Of Roses, Sweet Thing, Connected and Whore's Moaning debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bobby Brown, The Cult, Hothouse Flowers, House Of Pain, Jackyl and Charles & Eddie.

Week ending February 28, 1993


Ordinary World, Mr Wendal, No Limit, Rump Shaker, I'm Every Woman, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You and Exterminate! debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Rick Price, Technotronic, Club 69 and Rolf Harris.

Week ending March 7, 1993


Cats In The Cradle, No Time, Sundial and Forever In Love debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Radio Freedom, Dekko, Living Colour and Zillian & The Zig Zag Men.

Week ending March 14, 1993


Mrs Robinson, Are You Gonna Go My Way, In The Still Of The Nite (I'll Remember), Stand Up, Daddy's Gonna Make You A Star and Wherever I May Roam debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Def FX, The Black Sorrows and Alice In Chains.

Week ending March 21, 1993


Easy, Little Bird, I Feel You and Truganini debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Prince, The Movement, Things Of Stone And Wood and Mantissa.

Week ending March 28, 1993


Give In To Me, Heal The World, Bad Girl, Constant Craving, Deep Forest and Black Stick debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from the Jackson 5 and Van Halen.

Week ending April 4, 1993


You Were There and In The Morning debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from David Bowie, R.E.M., Screaming Trees and Paul McCartney.

Week ending April 11, 1993


The Right Kind Of Love, A Whole New World and Livin' On The Edge debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Caligula, Stereo MCs, Girlfriend, Coverdale-Page and Bryan Ferry.

Week ending April 18, 1993


I Want You and Open Your Mind debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Utah Saints, Vanessa Paradis and Def Leppard.

Week ending April 25, 1993


Beautiful Girl and Wild Thing debut.

Plus, top 50 misses Sonia Dada, The Dukes, Iron Maiden and Lisa Edwards.

Week ending May 2, 1993


Somebody To Love, Two Princes, Deep and If Only I Could debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Teen Queens.

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Week ending May 9, 1993


Informer, Detachable Penis, Hip Hop Hooray and Metal Mickey/The Drowners debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Depeche Mode and Monie Love.

Week ending May 16, 1993


That's The Way Love Goes, Stone Cold, Could It Be Magic, More Than A Woman, I Have Nothing and No Ordinary Love debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Badloves, The Lemonheads, Shinehead and Chris Isaak.

Week ending May 23, 1993


She Kissed Me, The Crying Game, Regret and Train Of Thought debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Jade, Girl Overboard, Arrested Development and the Joseph megamix.

Week ending May 30, 1993


Tribal Dance, Oh Carolina, The Hitman, Civil War and Encores debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bobby Brown, Madonna, Annie Lennox and World Party

Week ending June 6, 1993


Freak Me, Believe, Killing In The Name, Walk Away Renee and Holy Grail debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Shai, Cameron Daddo and B. Brown Posse.

Week ending June 13, 1993


Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Funky Junky, Linger and Saving Forever For You debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Jimeoin, Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg and Bruce Samazan.

Week ending June 20, 1993


(I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You, Almost Unreal, Push Th' Little Daisies and Busy Bee debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from En Vogue, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Sting and Restless Heart.

Week ending June 27, 1993


In These Arms, Here We Go Again! and I Know Why debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Defryme, Boom Crash Opera, Wreckx-N-Effect, Aerosmith, Faith No More and Felix.

Week ending July 4, 1993


Looking Through Patient Eyes, Gloria and Cantaloop debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Porno For Pyros, Suede, Def FX, Tears For Fears and Run-DMC.

Week ending July 11, 1993


Everybody Hurts, Never Miss Your Water, Don't Tell Me What To Do, Have I Told You Lately and Single Perfect Raindrop debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Neneh Cherry, Sunscreem, Naughty By Nature, Richard Clapton, A Lighter Shade Of Brown and Died Pretty.

Week ending July 18, 1993


Can You Forgive Her, Sweat, I'm So Into You, Is It....?, Voice Of Freedom and Burnt Sienna debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Euphoria, Midnight Oil, The Screaming Jets and Tim Finn.

Week ending July 25, 1993


Wannagirl, Give I've Been Hurt, The Honeymoon Is Over, Shock To The System and Big Gun debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Spin Doctors and Terence Trent D'Arby.

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Week ending August 1, 1993


West End Girls, Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use), Love Is, The River Of Dreams and I Don’t Wanna Fight debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Boyz II Men, Jamiroquai and Whitney Houston.

Week ending August 8, 1993


The Floor, Come Undone, Three Little Pigs and What’s Up debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Utah Saints, RuPaul, Rage Against The Machine, Billy Ray Cyrus, Headless Chickens and Paperboy.

Week ending August 15, 1993


If, Sweat and Bad Boys debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bell Biv DeVoe, Silk, Jo-Beth Taylor and Southern Sons.

Week ending August 22, 1993


This Is It, Rain, Tease Me and Right By Your Side debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bass Culture, Hunters & Collectors and James Blundell.

Week ending August 29, 1993


Dreamlover and Get A Haircut debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from H-Town, AB Logic and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Week ending September 5, 1993


Mr Vain, I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That), You’re So Vain, If I Can’t Have You, The Journey, Numb and More & More debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Clive Griffin/Celine Dion, Kris Kross, The Breeders, 2 Unlimited and Jamiroquai.

Week ending September 12, 1993


All That She Wants, If I Had No Loot, Insane In The Brain and Scratch My Back debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Aerosmith, Midnight Oil, Pat Benatar, The Clouds and Deborah Harry.

Week ending September 19, 1993


Dreams, Heart-Shaped Box, Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time, Runaway Train, Harness Up, Human Wheels and Monday’s Experts debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Tracey Arbon, Bjork and Andrew Strong.

Week ending September 26, 1993


Soul To Squeeze, Higher Ground and I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Cruel Sea and Living Colour.

Week ending October 3, 1993


The Key: The Secret, Heartbeat and Going Down debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from New Order, Depeche Mode, R.E.M. and Fu-Schnickens.

Week ending October 10, 1993


The Gift, Somewhere, Send Me A Lover, Masterplan and The Best (again!) debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Terence Trent D’Arby, Lenny Kravitz, The Cure, Icehouse and Living Colour.

Week ending October 17, 1993


Boom! Shake The Room, Right Here (Human Nature), Distant Sun, What Is Love and I Remember debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Belinda Carlisle, Jade, Ice Cube, De La Soul and Juliana Hatfield Trio.

Week ending October 24, 1993


Go West, Go, Plush, Rubberband Girl, Somebody Dance With Me and Peach debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Deborah Conway and Tina Turner.

Week ending October 31, 1993


Creep, Boom-Shack-A-Lak, Two Steps Behind and Sail Down To Australia debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Baby Animals, Christine Anu/Paul Kelly, Concrete Blonde and Melissa Etheridge.

Week ending November 7, 1993


Shoop, The Right Time and The World As It Is debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Yothu Yindi, The Black Sorrows, Michael Crawlford/Patti LaBelle, 4 Non Blondes, Alice In Chains and Rhonda Burchmore.

Week ending November 14, 1993


Please Forgive Me, No Rain, Dur Dur D’etre Bebe, Hero and Got To Get It debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Doug Mulray, Johnny Gill, Duran Duran and Iggy Pop.

Week ending November 21, 1993


Moving On Up, Both Sides Of The Story, All Over Me, Lemon, Yeah I Want You, All About Soul and This Is The Way debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Died Pretty, Green Jelly, Southern Sons, Tiddas, Lisa Stansfield, Mr Big and Enigma.

Week ending November 28, 1993


Again, The Weight and I Believe debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Jenny Morris, Jon Stevens, En Vogue and Bitty McLean

I did this after both the 1990 to 1992 year ends and I don't claim to know them all but a mention of those who made the top 100 year end chart and have since passed away. This one seems like a longer one compared to previous years.

#2 & #61. Whitney Houston
#14. The Four Seasons (I don't know how to define this group but I recall at least one member had passed away at the time of release)
#32. Michael Jackson
#35. Urban Cookie Collective (lead singer)
#73. Charles & Eddie (Charles)
#79. AC/DC (band member)
#85. Blind Melon (lead singer)
#99. PM Dawn

'93 had a more unknown list of artists so there could be more but these are the ones I know of. Not as many as '92. If there are more please share.
Week ending December 5, 1993


Bye Bye Baby, Hey Mr DJ, True Love, Please (You Got That…), Relax and Let’s Get It On/Do You Wanna Dance debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Jeremy Jordan, Weird Al Yankovic, Tony! Toni! Tone! and Right Said Fred.

Week ending December 12, 1993


Tears Of A Clown, Said I Loved You… But I Lied, Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams Come Through, Angels and Where Is The Love debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Sting, Kim Wilde, Un Disco In Lattina and Weddings Parties Anything.

Week ending December 19, 1993


Give It Up, Slave To The Music and Feels Like Heaven debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Xscape, Nirvana, Madonna, Boyz II Men, Ice Cube and Michael Jackson.

And it's into 1994

Three weeks ending January 9, 1994


All For Love and I've Been Loving You Too Long debut.

Plus, top 50 misses for Tumbleweed, Wreckx-n-Effect, Juice, Terence Trent D'Arby and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Week ending January 16, 1994


Maximum Overdrive, Wishing On The Same Star, Into Your Arms and Green Limousine debut.

Plus, top 50 misses for The Goodmen, Bjork, Usura and GANGgajang.

Week ending January 23, 1994


Feelin' Alright, Can We Talk, Asshole and She Don't Let Nobody debut.

Plus, top 50 misses for kd lang, Defryme, Daryl Braithwaite and Baby Animals.

Week ending January 30, 1994


What’s My Name?, Will You Be There (in The Morning), Daughter, Dirty Dawg, Now & Forever and Estranged.

Plus, top 50 misses from Gabrielle, Rozalla, Cher with Beavis & Butt-head, Stone Temple Pilots and Body Count.

Week ending February 6, 1994


The Power Of Love (by Beverly), I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing, Time, Is There Any Love In Your Heart, Nails In My Feet, Relight My Fire and Open Up debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Robin S, Frente!, Paul Kelly, Ice-T, Teenage Fanclub, Funky Poets and Bjork & David Arnold.

Week ending February 13, 1994


Stay (Faraway, So Close)/I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Spoonman, In Your Room and I’m Looking For The One (To Be With Me) debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Ren & Stimpy, Joey Lawrence, Urge Overkill, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Ace Of Base, The Lemonheads and SWV.

Week ending February 20, 1994


It’s Alright, The Power Of Love (Celine Dion) and You Open My Eyes debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from DIG, The Immortals, Jimmy Barnes, You Am I, John Farnham, Phil Collins, Toni Braxton and The Tea Party.

Week ending February 27, 1994


Sing Hallelujah, Dum Da Dum, Without You, Anything, Cornflake Girl and One Night In Heaven debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Cruel Sea and The Doobie Brothers.

Week ending March 6, 1994


Things Can Only Get Better, Whatta Man, Mountain and Peace, Love & Harmony debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from DJ BoBo, Gary Sweet, Peter Blakeley and Village People.

Week ending March 13, 1994


Life, Because Of Love, Streets Of Philadelphia, Return To Innocence and I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That debut.

Week ending March 20, 1994


Breathe Again, Helping Hand, I Can See Clearly Now, Let Me Show You, Mr Jones and Loser debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from K7, DJ Miko, Blind Melon, Sarah Washington and Color Me Badd

Week ending March 27, 1994


Twist And Shout, Let The Beat Control Your Body, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart and Feel Like Making Love debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Sister Sledge and Nick Barker.

Week ending April 3, 1994


The Sign, Since I Don’t Have You and Dry County debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Michael Bolton, Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston and Motley Crue.

Week ending April 10, 1994


Is It Love, Sail Away, Hush Sweet Lover and I’m Ready debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from DRS, Caligula, The Badloves, Morrissey, Swoop and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Week ending April 17, 1994


Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music), Steppin’ On Remix, The Way You Work It and Groove Thang debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Cappella, Redd Kross, Doug Parkinson and Ed Kuepper.

Week ending April 24, 1994


Sleeping In My Car, Easy, Animal and Gin And Juice debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Deborah Conway and Carmella.

Week ending May 1, 1994


The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, I’ll Remember, Doop, Whoomp! (There It Is), I Believe, Rocks, Danny Man and To The Top debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bjork, The Tea Party, Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Rollins Band, Ice-T, Nine Inch Nails and Tyme.

Week ending May 8, 1994


Stay, Satisfy The Groove, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, U R The Best Thing, I’ll Stand By You and Less Than A Feeling debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from R.Kelly, Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes and Bono & Gavin Friday.

Week ending May 15, 1994


It’s My Life and I’m Broken debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Celine Dion, M-People, Tori Amos, Culture Beat and Primus.

Week ending May 22, 1994


Shaka Jam, Greedy People, Hey Jealousy, Hip Hop Holiday, Mama Said Knock You Out and One debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from UB40, Cut ‘n’ Move, Urban Cookie Collective, Jimmy Barnes & Diesel, GANGgajang and Nail Young.

Week ending May 29, 1994


I Like To Move It, More Wine Waiter Please and When The Sh** Does Down debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from All-4-One, Pet Shop Boys, Staxx, Barry Manilow and Sonic Youth.

Week ending June 5, 1994


Pray, I Wanna Dance, Lonely/Bizarre Love Triangle, Disarm and Beautiful Experience debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Vika & Linda, Crowded House and Pink Floyd.

Week ending June 12, 1994


Love Is All Around, Around The World, Light My Fire, Laid and Girls And Boys debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Seal, Meat Loaf, Dawn Penn, Counting Crows, You Am I and Alice Cooper.

Week ending June 19, 1994


The Winner Is…, You Gotta Be, Anytime You Need A Friend and Chocolate Starfish.

Plus, top 50 misses from Hole, Tevin Campbell, Sisters Underground and Enigma.

Week ending June 26, 1994


100% Pure Love, Only To Be With You and Hey DJ debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Twenty 4 Seven, Erasure, Julio Iglesias and Radiohead.

Week ending July 3, 1994


Baby, I Love Your Way, Son Of A Gun, The Real Thing, Ease My Mind, Alone Like Me and Flashdance… What A Feeling debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Dannii Minogue, Kate Ceberano, K7 and BC-52’s.

Week ending July 10, 1994


Shine, Wild Night and Sweets For My Sweet debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Roxette, Cappella, M-People, Primal Scream, Grace Jones and Michael Bolton.

Week ending July 17, 1994


I Swear, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Black Hole Sun, Don’t Be Shy, Don’t Turn Around and Love Is Strong debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Haddaway, Pauline Henry, Defryme and The Knack.

Week ending July 24, 1994


Absolutely Fabulous and Any Time, Any Place debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from D:Ream, International Chrysis and Bjork

Week ending July 31, 1994

No Good (Start The Dance), Longview, You Got Me Floatin’ and Snake Skin Shoes debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Take That, Pandora, 3 The Hard Way and Itch-E & Scratch-E

Week ending August 7, 1994


7 Seconds, Stay (I Missed You), Vasoline, Find Me (Odyssey To Anyoona) and American Life In The Summertime debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from L7, Alice Cooper, Robertson Brothers and Eternal.

Week ending August 14, 1994


Swamp Thing, Jessie, Do You Wanna Get Funky, Give It Up, Heaven N Hell and Speed debut,

Plus, a top 50 miss from The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Week ending August 21, 1994


The Rhythm Of The Night, If You Go, Tunnel and Letitgo debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Dr Alban, Wendy Moten, DJ BoBo and Terrorvision.

Week ending August 28, 1994


Rockin’ For Myself, Regulate, Ballad Of Oz/Happy Hippy Hut, Rain (Let The Children Play) and Afternoons & Coffeespoons debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Des’ree, Elastic and Anticappella.

Week ending September 4, 1994


No More Tears (Enough Is Enough), Alrabaiye (Take Me Up), You Mean The World To Me and Standing Outside The Fire debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Dinosaur Jr.
Week ending September 11, 1994


Confide In Me, Ain’t Nobody, My Enemy, Wildflowers, Dreams, I Love The Nightlife and That’s The Thing About Football debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Ice Cube, Tag Team, Hope and Reel 2 Real.

Week ending September 18, 1994


Chains, Endless Love, Selling The Drama, One Night A Day, Black Book and Hands Out Of My Pocket debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Enigma, Rockmelons, Living Colour, Electric Hippies, Seal, Underground Lovers and Inner Circle

Week ending September 25, 1994


I’ll Make Love To You, When Will I See You, Come Out And Play, Poison, Gimme, What’s The Frequency, Kenneth and Fly Girl debut,

Plus, top 50 misses from The Sharp, Weezer, Gin Blossoms, Collective Soul and Twenty 4 Seven.

Week ending October 2, 1994


Tomorrow, Always, Lay Your Love On Me, Fantastic Voyage, Red Light Avenue and No Matter What You Do debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Beck, Body Count, 2 Cowboys and Chris Doheny.

Week ending October 9, 1994


Voodoo People, Goodnight Girl 94, Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) and Post Moronic debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Aaliyah. Crystal Waters, KC & The Sunshine Band, Vika & Linda, Nathan Cavaleri Band, Pantera and Sinead O’Connor.

Week ending October 16, 1994


Steam, Love Ain’t Here Anymore and Standing Strong debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Grid, Jennifer Brown and Cyndi Lauper.

Last edited:
Week ending October 23, 1994


Closer, Secret, Eighteen Strings, Walkaway Lover, I Miss You, (I Could Only) Whisper Your Name, Yesterday, When I was Mad and Compliments On Your Kiss debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Roxette, Green Day, 2 Unlimited and The Truth

Week ending October 30, 1994


Sooner Or Later, All I Wanna Do, All Come Together, The Strangest Party (These Are The Times) and Nothing But You debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Mazzy Star, The Angels, The Rolling Stones, Counting Crows, Beastie Boys and Pop Will Eat Itself.

Week ending November 6, 1994


Turn The Beat Around, Zombie, About A Girl and Lucas With The Lid Off debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Single Gun Theory, Swoop, Skunkhour, Nick Howard, Warren G and DIG.

Week ending November 13, 1994


Hook Me Up, Interstate Love Song, Coming Down (Drug Tongue) and Trouble debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Daryl Braithwaite, Peaches & Herb, Clouds, Redd Kross, Aerosmith and Eagles.

Week ending November 20, 1994


Think Twice, Cruise Control, Spin The Black Circle and Last One Standing For You debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Margaret Urlich, Jon Stevens, Billy Joel, Elton John and Crash Test Dummies.

Week ending November 27, 1994


All I Want For Christmas Is You, Sure, Tighten Up Your Pants and My Wave debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Massive Attack, Marcia Hines, John Mellencamp and Look Twice.

Week ending December 4, 1994


Dead Eyes Opened, Baby Come Back, Gyroscope and Love Spreads debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Blondie, Prince, Donna Summer and The Black Crowes.

Week ending December 11, 1994


Here Comes The Hotstepper, Short Dick Man, If I Only Knew, On Bended Knee, Put Yourself In My Place and Better Get A Lawyer debut.

Plus top 50 misses from New Order, The Grid and Luther Vandross.

Week ending December 18, 1994


Stay Another Day, You Want This, Bang And Blame and Coma debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Coolio, Tori Amos, Spearhead, Sacred Spirit and Ammonia.

Week ending December 25, 1994


Hot Hot Hot, Take A Bow, Sympathy For The Devil, Sight For Sore Eyes and Seether debut.

Plus, top 50 misses by Hootie & The Blowfish and Mission Squad.

Last edited:
Week ending January 8, 1995


Another Night and Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Magic Dirt, Live, Love Spit Love, Praxis featuring Kathy Brown and Weezer.

Week ending January 15, 1995


Beautiful In My Eyes and Bug Powder Dust debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Eternal, Wet Wet Wet and Mother Hubbard.

Week ending January 22, 1995


Here’s Johnny, Come Back, Self Esteem, Private Universe and A Girl Like You debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Raffles and Tom Petty.

Week ending January 29, 1995


Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Pure Massacre, Soul Feeling, Run To You, Out Of Tears and Supernova debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Midnight Oil et al, Sister Bliss with Colette, R.E.M., James Reyne, Died Pretty, Ween, Technotronic, Baby D and Wendy Matthews.

Week ending February 5, 1995


Nothing In The World, Let The Dream Come True, Can’t Get Enough and Gallows Pole debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Roachford and The Cult.
Week ending February 19, 1995


No More “I Love You’s”, She’s A River, Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night, 15 Feet Of Snow, Churchill’s Black Dog, You Suck and Inside debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Vika & Linda.

Week ending February 26, 1996


Sky High, When I Come Around, Ode To My Family, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me and Not For You debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from All-4-One, Enya, Slash’s Snakepit and The Angels.
This year, I've jumped back in time to 1980 to look at the Australian charts from 40 years ago. Here are the posts so far:

Week ending January 13, 1980


Week ending January 20, 1980


Dreaming My Dreams With You and Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from XTC, Jimmy Buffett, Lewie Wickham, Leo Sayer, Voyager and Don Williams.

Week ending January 27, 1980


If It’s Love You Want, Hot Town, Locomotion, You’re Only Lonely and I’m An Aussie, Yes I Am debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Dolly Parton and Frank Mills

Week ending February 3, 1980


Do That To Me One More Time and Sara debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Marcia Hines, The Dooleys, Sad Café and Michael Johnson.

Week ending February 10, 1980


Crazy Little Thing Called Love, My Knight In Black Leather, I Want You Tonight, Carrie and Moonlight And Muzak debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Status Quo and Dennis Wilson.

Week ending February 17, 1980


Another Brick In The Wall (Part II), Drac’s Back, I Go To Pieces, I Love You So Rebecca and September Morn debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Crusaders and Racey.

Week ending February 24, 1980


He’s My Number One, Space Invaders, Money, Under Cover, Fly Too High and Diamond Smiles debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Freefall, Jefferson Starship and Two-Man Band.

Week ending March 2, 1980


Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, Rock With You, Walking On The Moon, Have A Cigar, Strangers On A Train and Coward Of The County debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from T.M Singers.
Week ending March 5


Creep, She Don’t Use Jelly, Here Comes The Big Parade and (Back On The) Terra Firma debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Christine Anu, Sting and Extreme

Week ending March 12


Cotton Eye Joe, I’m Jealous and Regurgitator debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Radiohead, Portishead and Cliff Richard.

Week ending March 19


Sukiyaki, Thank You, Believe, Open Your Heart, Mr Natural, Everlasting Love and Yesterdays debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Ultra-Sonic, Violent Femmes, Tom Petty and Toni Pearen.

Week ending March 26


I Know, Hey Girl (This Is Our Time), When I Was A Sperm and Digging The Grave debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Let Loose, Immature, PJ Harvey, Mary J Blige and Nine Inch Richards.

Week ending April 2


I Wanna Be Down, Run Away, Speed and Just A Man debut.

Plus, top 50 miss from Thelma Houston.

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