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Forum - General: TV Shows related - X-Factor Australia

X-Factor returns on 7 for its 3rd consecutive season, and 4th overall.
The Judging panel is the same as last year, including: Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and Melanie Brown (Mel B), Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating.

Apparently, the new way of finding Australia's next X-Factor is "revolutionary". Will they keep their word? From the ads, the X-Factor actually looks fairly decent, and better than last year. The X-Factor is also apparently creating a new boy band, with the overuse of One Direction in the ads.

Do you think the show will be better than the last two years, or will it be just as bad? What do you think?

You can discuss here everything that is happening on the show and also monitor iTunes chart re-entries which occurs when a no name performs a well known song.

Starts 7:30pm Monday 20 August on Channel 7.
Fingers crossed revoultionary doesn't mean borrowing The Voice concept and releasing studio recordings every week.

If what they are showing on the ads is the cream of the talent, then this season is just as dire as last season. No one has impressed me. And sadly for Australia X Factor they missed there opportunity to get a One direction without it looking like they were finding a one direction. last year they should have done the whole put solo artists together so it at least looked like they weren;t copying UK X Factor (only fans of the franchise would know it), doing it this year just smacks of hoping for lightning to strike twice.
I'm gonna make a prediction and say that Ronan, Natalie & Guy will all release new material during the series to help give it extra hype.

Odds on that happening are very likely!
Well, you're certainly right about Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating - Guy Sebastian is #1 now, and an album coming within the coming months, and Ronan Keating has a new single out (Fires, iirc), and an album in a few weeks. I'm unsure about Natalie though. Remember last time she released her single (it flopped )
Would've gone top 65 if Sony weren't such knob jockies
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Yeah but Trav, that doesn't mean that's the end of her career.

If there was a time to try again, while she's on one of Australia's top shows would be a good start
Ronan has just released a new single, so has Guy, so I'm sure both will be performing those on upcoming results shows.

Melanie B is also supposed to have recorded material recently for a new album under Universal Australia (I believe it was.)

Nat Bass has totally dropped off the musical radar, but I'd love a new album by her... without the Jennifer Lopez copycat singles though.
Johnny Ruffo also should get a new single out while the show is on, especially with him being part of the show this year.
Decent first episode last night with some good talent. I'm excited to see Samantha Jade (I bought her single way back when) so I'm hoping she makes the finals
Guy bugs me on this show. He is so up himself... I don't think a contestant of a show like this should really be a judge as they have had minimal experience.

Mel B on the other hand is smokin'... wow she has done a good job with herself weather natural or having work done, she def looks better than her Spice Girls days.
The whole Samantha Jade/Guy's bestie/Guy then crying thing is very suss!

Hello Delta/Chris Cunningham!
Is it just me or does anyone else think that these judges are only here because their careers are not exactly on fire. I mean of they had a huge audience and were concentrating on their music they wouldn't have time for reality TV. And what is with the UK ring ins? There are plenty of Aussie entertainers who could use the gig. Ronan's over reactions are quite painful to watch and Mel B......I just wish someone would shove a sock in her mouth. I like the forum and the concept but let's keep it what it is meant to be AUSTRALIAN X Factor.
@ausguy37. Yeah Guy Sebastian is really underperforming. I mean 10 top 10s and 6 number 1s isn't impressive or anything (Sarcasm intended)
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@Tennis, my comments were intended more for Mel B and Ronan having come here all the way from the UK for this gig rather than pursuing careers in their own larger more lucrative market but your point is noted,
@ausguy, Ahh okay but Natalie Bassingthwaighte is failing too
Even though Guy is still successful one could argue that his recent successes are linked closely to when the X Factor air. Just playing devil's advocate here.
Guy only has half the success he has because his music is flogged to death on radio and music programs on tv.

I honestly couldn't tell you how half his #1 singles even go. They aren't memorable and they sure as hell aren't very catchy.

To prove this theory last night I was out with 12 others (11 as i was the 12th) and Guy came up for discussion and someone asked how many songs of Guy Sebastian's do you actually remember how they go?

I won that game or quiz whatever you want to call it remembering 6 songs.

No one could remember his debut single Angels Brought Me Here and even I struggled to remember how it went yet we could all name 5 Shannon Noll songs.

It's funny how from 2003 you remember the songs which could be classed as classic hits... Ignition, Lose Yourself, Where Is The Love, Crazy In Love, In Da Club, All The Things She Said, Rock Your Body, Get Busy, She Hates Me, both Beautifuls and many more including Born To Try.

Guy is over-rated. He has had a few decent hits over the years which you can honestly count using one hand and most of which feature other artists.

I can't watch XFactor as he really turns me off it with his I'm an icon and Aussie Legend in the music biz. He hasn't even been in it for 10 years yet and most of those years were fails. He is so full of himself and so arrogant.
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Aren't most artists successful because their music is flogged to death on radio and music programs? Look at Madonna, flogged to death in the 80s and 90s and a huge success, today she is ignored and not very successful chart wise.

Guy's music is not my cup of tea, but I can recall the majority of his singles and even his debut song but then I am a tragic Idol whore.

Although I agree with your very last sentence though. And it is a reason why I don't watch The X Factor.

I think the main issue I have with this show and The Voice and even the path American Idol has taken is the idea that a music artist has more idea of what is required to make a star than a person who is involved in the behind the scenes of the music industry or a talent scout for a record company. It's like putting Rihanna on the panel because of her success and saying she is more cluey for talent than the producers of her albums, the people who find her songs, her PR team, her personal trainer etc. There is mroe to being a success in the music industry than having hits on the music charts.

Anyway this is all pointless cause we all know the winner of this season will be either the person with the best sob story or the one the teenage girls think is the hottest. And the record companies who see old songs find new life on the iTunes chart. Just as long as bearable music is produced afterwards I'll be happy.
Funny how people can use their own dislike of someone to interpret how that person actually acts When has Guy ever claimed to be a music icon or Australian legend in anything he has done or said? Now Shannon Noll has had that written in all his bios and boasted of it just about since he first released music, "Rock legend", "Music Icon" etc etc etc, even now that he hardly troubles the charts at all. But Guy has never boasted anything of the sort. He is actually pretty down to earth and doesn't self promote himself at all unless he is doing interviews, which all artists do. As far as being full of himself. No way. Confident and self assured in his abilities yes. And why shouldn't he be with what he has achieved, but full of himself. A definite no. As most people in the media who have met him would tell you. Now Seal was totally full of himself on The Voice, always bragging about how special he is, but I don't recall Guy ever doing that on X Factor

As far as his success being linked to X Factor that is a very inaccurate statement as well. He released six top ten singles including four #1's and five platinum/multiplatinum top ten albums before he was even selected as a judge on the show in 2010. Yes, since X Factor started he has performed twice on the show and released a platinum top ten album and four top ten singles with three of those singles reaching multiplatinum and two getting to #1. But anyone who watches what happens after a song is performed on tv would know that tv performances only gives about a week of high sales before that tv performance no longer effects its chart position. Apart from a rare occasion as has happened with Skinny Love, which was mainly because radio immediately began playing it repeatedly after it was sung by Bella on X Factor. And Guy's latest single actually went to #1 on the ARIA Chart in its first week of release without a single performance on tv, and almost a year after the 2011 X Factor finished. Also when it was still only the 31st most played song on radio. Now if being a judge or mentor on a tv talent show can give you hits all year round regardless of whether the show is airing at the time, how come that hasn't worked for Delta. Seems to me her latest single did next to nothing when she was out of the spotlight of a high rating tv show.

Over promoted. Hmm. Let me see. With a very few exceptions most of Guy's songs have not even made it into the top 5 most played songs on radio. Considering how much others including some Aussie artists like Jess Mauboy and Timomatic are thrashed on radio, I would say that Guy is no more promoted than quite a few aussies and way less promoted than many.

As for most of his hit songs featuring other artists. Again an incorrect statement. Only three of his ten top ten singles feature other artists. And interestingly his two #1 singles with features (Who's That Girl featuring Eve and Battle Scars featuring Lupe Fiasco) were the first #1's either of those artists ever achieved anywhere in the world. So they were hardly guaranteed to become #1's simply because they were featured on them. And as far as his five multiplatinum singles go, only two have a feature. Incidentally name one other Australian artist who has actually achieved five multi platinum singles I can't think of any. As for him having mostly fails out of his nine (not ten years) in the industry, well his 32 platinum and three gold certifications, ten top ten singles including six #1's, six top ten platinum/multi platinum albums and 14 ARIA nominations says that statement is a total joke. Dislike a musician if you like, but don't sprout bulldust incorrect information about them. It makes you look like sour graped tall poppy practitioners
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Ive never seen Shannon refer to himself as a rock legend or a music icon? :/ He's the most successful act on the Australian charts in terms of top 10 singles thus far, and that's been reported a lot, but he's extremely humble when it comes to his success and career, and I have never heard him call himself a legend or an icon, ever.

Guy has hits when he's on TV shows, kids watch these shows and then flock to iTunes. It's all planned and marketed fantastically, and good on him and Sony. When he's off TV screens or doesn't have a featured artist with him providing a rap, he struggles (i.e. "Gold" and everything prior to that song about walking in a club [another reason for success... mention clubs, girls and parties... teenage girls get excited and buy buy buy!])

I much preferred Guy back when he still had soul, like his 2nd album, the Motown covers album and even "Gold"... but all his recent singles sound like Taio Cruz-lite.
Elevator Love and Taller Stronger Better didn't do bad chartwise. There were nowhere near as strong as Who's That Girl or Battle Scars but both did well on the charts.

I kind of disagree about the fact that everything which is performed on TV becomes a hit. Of course TV shows like X Factor and The Voice enable songs to get huge boosts and even become proper hits (see Skinny Love) but if people don't connect with a song, it will flop even if performed a such a huge show like X Factor.
Remember last year how Altiyan Childs' Ordinary Man and Natalie Bassingthwaighte's All We Have remained flop even though they were performed.

Marbo: In regards to Guy being the only Aussie act to have five multi platinum singles, keep in mind that it's much much easier to have multiplatinum singles in the digital era.
Err Bretticus. Guy has also now had ten top ten singles, and they have sold way more than Shannons. And he has had three other top 15 singles as well. He has double the single sales Shannon has, and he also has substantially more album sales as well, as Shannon's last two albums hardly troubled the charts for more than a few weeks. And Shannon's last top ten single was five years ago in 2007, with his last three singles failing to even chart in the Top 100.


And anyway Shannon's claim to fame in the singles department is being the only Aussie male artist to score ten consecutive top ten singles, not the only Aussie act to have ten top ten singles. So as far as being the most successful artist, thats absolute nonsense. Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes and a number of others would find that statement rather laughable I would think. As far as Guy and Shannon go, I pointed out Guy's latest hit single was released 11 months after the 2011 X Factor aired, without a single tv performance to promote it. So your argument is nonsensical. As far as everything he released before Who's That Girl which was not while he was on a tv show being a failure????? Like It Like That went #1 and triple platinum before he was on X Factor and has no featured artist, and was his fourth #1 and fifth top ten single. He followed that with his sixth top ten single Art of Love which was also prior to X Factor. Ok with a featured artist, but there have been many featured singles which have not done all that well. Features do not guarantee success. Ask Jess Mauboy about Get 'Em Girls

Prior to X Factor Guy hardly had a failed career. And while the sales of Angels Brought Me Here can be attributed to Idol, his other top tens are no more because of that than nine of Shannon's top tens. Why give Shannon full credit for his singles, and say that Guy's are only because of tv shows or promotion or features. No amount of performances, promotion or features are going to make a song a hit if people don't connect to it enough to buy it. As far as Gold goes it reached the top ten and has sold over 50,000 units and although it has been out of the ARIA top 100 for quite a while it hasn't left the iTunes top 200 since it was released. I wouldn't be surprised if it was eventually certified platinum. Not a massive hit in these high sales times by any means, but most artists have songs which don't connect, even ones as big as P!nk and Lady Gaga, and I bet Shannon would love to get the sales and charting of Gold these days And lastly Shannon is far from humble. He has paraded himself as a rock legend for years.
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Yes Innocent Eyes it is much easier to get multi platinum singles now. But Guy has had four in the last three years. Name one other Aussie artist who has done that since 2009. The closest would be Sia with her three multiplatinum singles where she is featured.
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I wasn't diminshing Guy's achievments when I said that it was easier to get multiplatinum singles in the digital era. I was referring to successful aussie acts like John Farnham who cumulated several Top 10 hits that would've probably been multi platinum had the singles market been as strong as today.

But yeah, since 2009, he's probably the Aussie act that has sold the biggest amount of singles.
Marbo... please point me in the direction where Shannon has referred to himself as a "rock legend"... please?

Shannon doesn't make music that kids buy on iTunes as much as Guy does, it's simple as that. Is a pre-teen girl going to buy a song like My Place In the Line, or something like Who's That Girl w-w-w-w-w-w-walking in the club, w-w-w-w-w-w-walking in the c-c-c-c-c-club? It's easy.... but I'm glad Shannon hasn't sold out for hits like Guy has. to each their own!

With stuff like that PSY track about to be #1, and LMFAO being the biggest chart act last year, I couldn't care less about high selling singles anymore! I guess getting older does that to you

But yes, Guy has done well, and good for him, just wish it was with better quality music.
Well, the Top 12 has been announced (last Wednesday actually), with the live shows starting this week.

Here is the Top 12:

UNDER 25 FEMALES (Natalie Bassingthwaighte)
Bella Ferraro - 18 - NSW
Angel Tupai - 19 - NSW
Shiane Hawke - 14 - NT

Adil Memon - 18 - QLD
Jason Owen - 18 - NSW
Josh Brookes - 20 - WA

OVER 25 MIXED (Guy Sebastian)
Samantha Jade Gibbs - 26 - WA
Justin Standley - 41 - QLD
Nathaniel willemse - 26 - VIC

GROUPS (Ronan Keating)
Boy Band* (name tbc) - 17-22 - NSW,QLD,SA
Fourtunate - 17-20 - NSW
What About Tonight - 15-19 - QLD,NSW,VIC

*Chosen from eliminated contestants after bootcamp

To be honest, I have no early favourites yet, so I still have to see if anyone has enough potential this year to win me and millions of other people over.

Starts Monday 7:30pm on 7.
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Would love to see Samantha or Angel win but I think it will be Shiane.
I thought the pit together group was called Supergroup based upon the promo, or is that still a work in title. I hope so, cause it's terrible.
Angel, Bella and Samantha are my favourites.
I just hope 'What About Tonight' get knocked out, but I have this sneaky suspicion they'll get to the Final 3
Yeah, there were two 'supergroups', one being the Boy Band, the other being the Girl Band, both consisting of emlimintated contestants after the bootcamp. The Boy band got through though. It would've been cool imo if they were mixed, and mixed bands were brought back, but then again the late 90's/early 00's
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Marbo, you give great arguments but my beef is that it bugs me that Guy Sebastian is a judge on a reality show when he really hasn't had much experience in the music biz. 8 years is very little experience especially when he was absent or struggling for more than half of them.

His attitude on XFactor really bugs me. I don't think someone like him should be judging and putting others down. One episode I recall him laughing at a very ordinary performance and really putting that contestant down. Atleast for me he comes across as full of himself. You might disagree. I am not making this statement because I dislike him either. I will admit I have enjoyed a few of his songs over the years.

As for his success, well when you are on Idol your success sky rockets.I believe in the years between 2005-2008 he wasn't very successful at all. Elevator Love reached #11 and couldn't even rank in the top 100 year end. Taller Better whatever it's called peaked at #3 and couldn't even crack the top 50 year end. Poor effort for a song that went top 5.

Most of his #1s have also ranked rather poorly on the year end charts: Let's see:
*Angels Brought Me here - If it wasn't for Idol I doubt this would have been as huge as it was.
*All I Need ranked #47. For a #1 single that wasn't deleted yet a number of singles that were deleted like Toxic, Yeah & F You I Don't Want You Back could rank higher. i wouldn't call it a success. It only went #1 because it was at the turn of his Idol success.
*out With My Baby #69. If this is how a #1 single ranks on the year end chart then it really is a shame that it was a #1 single in the first place and probably only got to the top because of promotion of some sort... I guess Idol was in it's second year and still in its peak which helped.
Do all artists get this exposure and promotion to help them have so many #1??????????
*Like It Like That #6. Guy deserves credit for this one. He did a good job with it!
*Who's That Girl #42 and #47. Another song Guy did fairly well with. However, Eve fans who probably didn't care for Guy before probably downloaded it too, especially as she had a single with the same title 10 years prior. I downloaded it for that reason as I thought it was a remake of her song. Before you say Eve was never big in Oz, she has her fan base and her music caters for the urban/club anthems which was never Guy's style. I remember reading on a forum that people downloaded the song because they saw Eve on it and thought it would be a club banger.
*Battle Scars. I am loving this song. However the Lupe appeal gives it extra attention. Lupe is big in the Urban circuit and to a degree even Triple J. Fans of both these probably wouldn't normaly download a Guy Sebastian track. Genius is all I can say. It has even helped Guy crack Billboard.

two other songs I'd like to mention are Art of Love featuring Jordin Sparks which was a decent hit, however at the time it was mentioned that the pairing was done to try to help Guy crack the overseas market especially America. His other song is the top 5 song Don't Worry Be Happy. I am not a big fan of this but he did ok with it and was more successful with this than most of his #1s.

So in saying that, I wouldn't brag that Guy is so successful and has so many #1s or massive hits under his belt. I totally agree with Bretticus's last two sentences in the above post.
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Bretticus, yes teens are not likely to buy Shannon's singles right now, but older people do buy albums, and his latest album spend all of three weeks in the ARIA top 50. Enough said. He is not doing well with any demographic right now.

K8, in 2007 Guy released The Memphis Album which had no official singles and was his last album until 2009. So between early 2007 and late 2009 he had no singles released at all. So hardly a chance to get a lot of hit singles under his belt during that time. The Memphis Album was the 22nd highest selling album of 2007 overall and the 7th highest selling Australian artist album with only SIX weeks of sales counting and went on to reach double platinum. So his career was hardly a failure during that period of time.

Who's That Girl's sales were split over two years as it was only released 6 weeks before the end of 2010. Same goes for Don't Worry Be Happy. Released only 6 weeks before the end of the year so not exactly fair to take note of either of those songs positions on the EOY charts. They both reached 4x platinum which is not a very common occurance for Australian artists, even in this high selling single day and age.

As far as Who's That Girl being downloaded accidently which is why it was a success, well that means there are over 330,000 pretty stupid people in Australia including you. Because that is actually how many it has sold according to Guy and his manager, almost at the point of 5x P. His highest selling song ever atm. I actually fear for this country in this age where intelligence is needed to keep us in the forefront of world advancement if we have so many people not even smart enough to work out which song they are actually buying.

If you want to fudge the figures to paint Guy as being only a mediocre succes be my guest. But don't mind me if I crack up laughing at your supid attempts from my computer chair I shall leave you all to it. Hard to argue with people with a mindset determined to paint a succesful artist as a loser.

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I don't mean to be rude, but can we keep this sort of X-Factor related and not bully other members and/or artists here. Although I do appreciate the debate, we are sort of going off on a tangent.
I am really liking this tangent.

I think that Guy Sebastian has done outstanding considering the quantity of releases from reality music television (Popstars, Australian Idol, The X Factor, The Voice).
I think there are many more experienced music artists that could assist as a judge or mentor over Guy Sebastian. However he is the most successful product from a television franchise so i can see how his input is important.
Angels Brought Me Here is quite well remembered. With such massive ratings for the finale it was guaranteed to generate impressive single sales. That euphoric moment when the first Australian Idol winner was announced is very memorable in television.
The rolling success would see All I Need Is You & Out With Baby both debut at #01 in an underserving fashion. I don't think they are remembered. If played only Guy Sebastian's distinct vocals would reveal the artist.
Like It Like That was such an impressive return to form and will be well remembered i think this will also be the case with Battle Scars.
I have always been puzzled with Who's That Girl? I am going to say it deserved it's #01 position however over an extended period of time will be forgotten.
Guy Sebastian has provided other great singles though. I really like Gold, Taller, Stronger, Better, Art Of Love & Elevator Love.
I can only see Don't Worry Be Happy being remember due to the name (Bobby McFerrin). The various other hits he has delivered have been reasonable to some extent but i can tell you now they will go into the forgotten vault.
Marbo, First things first, I am an Eve fan so downloaded the song due to interest with her. Before I heard the song I thought it was a re-make of her 2001 hit. Something similar to what Eminem did with Stan and Like Toy Soliders using the vocals of Dido and Martika. Obviously once I heard it I realised it wasn't what I thought. I don't regret downloading it and if that makes me stupid then I'm stupid. Obviously you are not an Eve fan and when an artist has been absent for some time there will be some excitement when they release something new and it's not too often when an artist releases a song with the same title they have previously released so if people thought it was a cover of her previous hit then I don't think that is stupid logic. I question if you even knew she had a song with the same title? Furthermore, given the song wasn't a hit in Oz I can see why people thought the way they thought. I don't claim that everyone who purchased the song thought this but I am sure it happened to some people.

Secondly, I stated that Guy did well with this song and also highlighted it made 2 seperate year end countdowns so don't go off because you are in love with Guy Sebastian and you don't want to let anyone share their thoughts and opinions because you are so in love with him and daydream over the guy whilst you sit in your computer chair. I am cracking up at how defensive you are getting over Guy whilst I am sitting on my fitness ball.

Thirdly, Motown albums always sell well. Even Human Nature did well with their motown album and they sold rather average for the most part.

Fourthly, I wasn't dishing Don't Worry Be Happy. I said I wasn't a fan of it and that it was more successful than most of his #1 singles. I was trying to point out that for an artist to have so many #1 hits, the stats show they are ordinary and not impressive with how they rank on year end charts.

I am not trying to "fudge the figures to paint Guy as a mediocre artist" as I said he has had some decent hits but maybe you need to face the fact that Guy Sebastian might sell hundreds in Australia but he isn't as successful of an artist as you reckon hence why I wrote originally about how I thought he wasn't a good judge. He's been around 9 years and can only do well in Australia and minor success in New Zealand. He is trying to crack the overseas market to no avail. Good luck to him if he does, (I thought Battle Scars would do it but it looks like interest has died down with that).

So if Guy Sebastian is such a successful artist like you claim then everything you say is spot on! Not every artist gets the promotion he does and being a former Idol contestant and now a judge on another reality show really adds to his success. I am sure if every artist had the same exposure and promotion they would outsell Guy in a heartbeat. Most artists don't rely on TV shows to be successful. I guess this is why Guy Sebastian the overly "successful artist" has never won an ARIA award for anything other than highest selling single. Surely with his mammoth "sales" of his singles and albums he could win some of the other categories like best male or pop release. He can't even do that! I hardly call him successful but obviously we have different interpretations of being successful as an artist. The Veronica's are more successful in my opinion... Untouched had more sales worldwide than any one song of Guys has had!
I still stand by my claim that just cause you are a musician doesn't mean you are an expert on music. So I have a gripe with all 4 judges on the panel. I'm not a fan of panels made up solely of musicians, I like when you have a person who works within the record company. It's why despite some flaws, the panel or the early Australian Idol was great, you had a musician, a producer and an A&R guy. All spectrums of the music industry.

Luckily my addiction to reality show has subsided as I've gotten older, so I don't have to sit through the smugness of judges and can usually just wait until the winner is decided and then make up my decision on them based purely on their songs.

And as I say to people at my workplace at least once a month, you can make statisitics say anything. I could argue why someone like Rihanna is the greatest musician ever using statisitics. Yes Guy has been successful I won't take that from him but generally I'm not a fan of his music (mainly due to his whiny singing voice) and I do find him smug. So I don't enjoy him as a judge. And once again, I have found all the judges on The X Factor and some time of the other to be smug, so I'm not singally Guy out.

I plan to tune in tonight to get a feel for the Finalists, but after that I'm not sure if I will commit to watching it every week. Or even voting. It will depend on the how smug the judges are this year.
Round 1 of the Live Performances:

WHAT ABOUT TONIGHTRonanGlad You CameThe Wanted
JOSH BROOKESMel BDon't Wanna Go HomeJason Derulo
ANGEL TUAPINatHappyLeona Lewis
JUSTIN STANDLEYGuyFather And SonCat Stevens
FORTUNATERonanPayphoneMaroon 5
JASON OWENMel BHeavenBryan Adams
SAMANTHA JADEGuyWide AwakeKaty Perry
ADIL MEMONMel BFast CarTracy Chapman
BELLA FERRARONatBrotherMatt Corby
SHIANE HAWKENatCrazyGnarls Barkley

To be honest, not really the best song choices by the judges, but most weren't that bad. Find out who is leaving tonight, whilst Guy Sebastian & Lupe Fiasco, and Ronan Keating all perform tonight.
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Birdy AND Guy perform!? Talk about a battle for No.1!
Oh I see Guy still thinks its innovative and original to make a male sing a female song.
Birdy is performing in October
Sorry, it's just Guy/Lupe and Ronan performing tonight.
False alarm
Awww man! I wanted Birdy! THis show was just code for... 'We couldn't get a star in this week... lets just use the judges"

Also, Adil was right to go home, his vocals were not ready for the big time.
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I'm actually quite surprised to see Adil leave - I thought he was a favourite, especially amongst the girls. Surprised also to see Samantha Jade in the bottom two, nearly eliminated.
I have never seen artists use the same setting as their video clip like Guy and Lupe did. They even wore the same clothes.

I was surprised at the roars and screams Lupe was getting during the performance (mainly because he hasn't been that big of an artist here in Oz).

Guy's album actually looks good at first look. I don't mind the title either.
You can purchase a studio recording version of the group song Call Me Maybe. It's a charity song with all money going to Youth cancer (I think).
Contestant JOSH BROOKES has been withdrawn from the X-Factor due to 'breaches in social media policy'.
He wasn't that good anyway. Bring back Carmello! Never got why Mel B chose Adil and Josh over him.
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Interesting that The Collective was the only artist to crack the top 100 - both compared to all the other contestants and compared to The Voice's chart infiltration.
The main difference though GavinScott is that The Voice encouraged people to purchase off iTunes to show their support and vote for their artist. Every sale was 2 votes. With the X Factor its people purchasing it as a memento of the performance (why when it has screaming I don't know) and it doesn't count as a vote. So what you are seeing is people getting the song cause they like it, not because they want their artist to survive, which is what caused The Voice influx - people were voting for their artist, not purchasing a song cuase 'they liked it'.

The X Factor had this songs last year, but I think some of the viewers this year have got a little bit confused with The Voice and hence a bit of mass purchasing thinking they are voting when they are not.
Yeah, I know, but I'm just surprised there aren't more acts in the top 100 - even lower down.

Whatever the reason was that people decided to buy The Collective (memento/confusion etc), I would have thought that would extend to one or two other artists.

But then again, The Collective were better than most of the other performers so...
Round 2

ANGEL TUAPINatYoung Hearts run FreeKym Mazelle
JASON OWENMel BDancing In The MoonlightToploader
FORTUNATERonanBlame It On The BoogieThe Jacksons
NATHANIEL WILLEMESEGuyCanned HeartJamiroquai
BELLA FERRARONatWhat Makes You BeautifulOne Direction
WHAT ABOUT TONIGHTRonanYear 3000Busted
JUSTIN STANDLEYGuyBohemian RhapsodyQueen
CARMELLO MUNZONE*Mel BEverlasting LoveU2
SAMANTHA JADEGuyFreefallin’Zoe Badwi
SHIANE HAWKENatHeard It Through The GrapevineMarvin Gaye
THE COLLECTIVERonanFootlooseKenny Loggins

*Replaces Josh Brookes

Quite a bit of controversy with some of the song choices, which divided the judges.

Tomorrow, JAMES MORRISON, THE SCRIPT, and RITA ORA are performing.
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Well, WHAT ABOUT TONIGHT has been eliminated
And with that, my most hated contestants are gone! I'm one happy chappy!

Next, Fortunate must go! The Collective is far and beyond the best group in the comp and Ronan doesn't need any others because The Collective have to be odds on favourites.
Round 3 - "Top 10 Hits"

THE COLLECTIVERonanYou Got It (The Right Stuff) / Billie JeanNew Kids On The Block / Michael Jackson
ANGEL TUAPINatNext To MeEmeli Sande
CARMELLO MUNZONEMel BWhataya Want From MeAdam Lambert
SAMANTHA JADEGuyEverytimeBritney Spears
BELLA FERRARONatBig Yellow TaxiCounting Crows & Vanessa Carlton / Joni Mitchell
JASON OWENMel BDon't Wanna Miss A ThingAerosmith
NATHANIEL WILLEMESEGuyTry A Little TendernessOtis Redding
SHIANE HAWKENatBeautifulChristina Aguilera
FOURTUNATERonanDedication To My Ex (Miss That)Lloyd ft. Andre 3000 & Lil' Wayne

Decent show tonight, improvement from previous weeks.

Tomorrow, PINK, LADY ANTEBELLUM, and THE VERONICAS are performing.

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The Veronica's might get a boost.

I just realised by seeing her name above that someone I taught when she was in primary school is a finalist on this show. What a blow out. I guess I should tune in and actually watch it.
Top 9 - "Legends"

FOURTUNATERonanEasy LoverPhil Collins
CARMELLO MUNZONEMel BEvery Little Thing She Does Is MagicThe Police
SAMANTHA JADEGuyRun to YouWhitney Houston
SHIANE HAWKENatPiece of My HeartJanis Joplin
JASON OWENMel BDancing in the DarkBruce Springsteen
THE COLLECTIVERonanA Hard Day's NightThe Beatles
BELLA FERRARONatRay Of LightMadonna
ANGEL TUAPINatDirty DianaMichael Jackson

Tomorrow, BIRDY, LABRINTH, and JESSICA MAUBOY are performing.
BIRDY!!!! Finally!
Woo Jessica Mauboy!!! And poor Angel, hopefully she gets through anyway.
Top 8 - "Eighties"

JASON OWENMel BI’m Still StandingElton John
ANGEL TUAPINatI Want To Know What Love IsForeigner
FOURTUNATERonanHow Will I KnowWhitney Houston
NATHANIEL WILLEMESEGuyWhat’s Love Got To Do With ItTina Turner
BELLA FERRARONat99 Red BalloonsNena
SAMANTHA JADEGuyYou Can’t Hurry LoveThe Supremes
SHIANE HAWKENatTrue ColoursCyndi Lauper
THE COLLECTIVERonanLike A PrayerMadonna

JAY SEAN, REECE MASTIN, and PSY are all performing tomorrow.
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Top 7 - "Latest and Greatest"

FOURTUNATERonanYou Make Me Feel...Cobra Starship feat. Sabi
JASON OWENMel BYou Belong With MeTaylor Swift
SHIANE HAWKENatHometown GloryAdele
NATHANIEL WILLEMESEGuyLet Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)Ne-Yo
THE COLLECTIVERonanLego HouseEd Sheeran
BELLA FERRARONatShake It OutFlorence + The Machine

CHER LLOYD and MATCHBOX TWENTY are all performing tomorrow.
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Halfway in the competition so far...
Top 6 - "Aussie Hits"

SAMANTHA JADEGuyUFOSneaky Sound System
SHIANE HAWKENatShineVanessa Amorosi
THE COLLECTIVERonanIncredibleTimomatic
NATHANIEL WILLEMESEGuyRedDaniel Merriweather
BELLA FERRARONatSweet DispositionThe Temper Trap
JASON OWENMel BWhat's My SceneHoodoo Gurus

ELLIE GOULDING and LITTLE MIX are performing tomorrow.
On the SONY Release schedule this week, they have 'penciled' (in other words not fully confirmed yet) the 23rd of November as the release date for the "X-Factor Winner - Single".
Top 5 - "Other Judges Choose"

SHIANE HAWKENatA Thousand YearsChristina Perri
THE COLLECTIVERonanBeauty And A BeatJustin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj
SAMANTHA JADEGuyWhat Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)Kelly Clarkson
JASON OWENMel BIf Tomorrow Never ComesRonan Keating
BELLA FERRARONatDreamsThe Cranberries

KE$HA and JOHNNY RUFFO are performing tomorrow. (I'm not sure about SAM AND THE WOMP though)

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Sam & The Womp will be performing next week. Same for Elton John & PNAU.
'Turn Around' by Samantha Jade peaked #83 in 2007.

Top 4 - "Semi Finals - Power & Passion"

THE COLLECTIVERonanYeah 3XChris Brown
  ApologizeTimbaland presents. OneRepublic
SAMANTHA JADEGuyHeartlessKanye West
  Where Have You BeenRihanna
JASON OWENMel BLife Is A HighwayTom Cochrane / Rascal Flatts
  How Do I LiveLeAnn Rimes / Trisha Yearwood
BELLA FERRARONatBulletproofLa Roux
  Last Day On EarthKate Miller-Heidke

ELTON JOHN vs. PNAU, and SAM AND THE WOMP are all performing tomorrow.

BRUNO MARS is no longer performing on the X-Factor due to illness.
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Mel is out of her mind, Bella's rendition of 'The Last Day On Earth' was magical!

Hooray for no Bruno Mars! That means there is a less chance of it rocketing to No.1!
#Yeah Mel B was wrong, and Sammi's rendition if Heartless was amazing too.

Bruno Mars might not be performing now but I'd still rather see his song go #1 than Bom Bom.
Life Is A Highway is by Tom Cochrane. Rascal Flatts just covered it for Cars.
Well, BELLA has been eliminated, so the Grand Final Acts have been determined.


Next week, BOYZ II MEN, GUY SEBASTIAN (omg again lol ), and ONE DIRECTION will also be performing next week.

Who do you think will win and why?

1. Samantha Jade - I think she should win because she is the most developed and most experienced in the music industry. She is ready, and has the capability of being Australia's next pop princess. Also, with the previous years winners all being male, it should be a female this year.
2. The Collective - Very popular group, yet they were in the bottom two over the past few weeks. They are a solid group, and were much better than What About Tonight. Although they may seem a bit too manufactured, they have got many similarities to One Direction, and have gelled together as a group. They do have the potential and fan base to win, but some aspects need work.
3. Jason Owen - I am genuinely surprised to see how far this country bout has come. I did not expect him to make it into the Top 5, let alone the Grand Final (Top 3). He is a great country-pop artist, but lacks lustre. Although his journey has been incredible, I can't see him winning, even though he's never been in the bottom 2.

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Boyz II Men and One Direction? Looks like it's boy band night.
WHY!? Why does Guy always get the Grand Final spot?
Samatha Jade's appearance on this show doesn't sit well with. Only because she has already had a chance at stardom, she has the advatange of already having the experience and the training so can appear more professional. Plus she has the added disadvantage for me by being on Guy's team. I'm never a fan of a mentor winning back to back titles.
Well, tonight were the Grand Final performances

Top 3 - "Grand Final"

THE COLLECTIVERonanSurrenderThe CollectiveWinner's Single
  We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin HarrisFirst Audition
  BrokenheartedKarminMentor's Choice
JASON OWENMel BMake It LastJason OwenWinner's Single
  Annie's SongJohn DenverFirst Audition
  Lonely BoyThe Black KeysMentor's Choice
SAMANTHA JADEGuyWhat You've Done To MeSamantha JadeWinner's Single
  BreakevenThe ScriptFirst Audition
  Take A BowRihannaMentor's Choice

GUY SEBASTIAN has performed, with OWL CITY, BOYZ II MEN and ONE DIRECTION performing for tomorrow night's announcement.

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Go Sammi!!
The one thing this finale has over The Voice finale is that I really cannot call who is going to win. iTunes (and ARIA) spoiled any suspense for the finale of The Voice.

Jason has never been Bottom 2 but yet has never cracked the ARIA Top 100 let alone been a consistent seller on iTunes.

Samantha Jade was pretty much ignored on iTunes until last week, but has been in the Bottom two a numebr of times.

The Collective have been consistent sellers on iTunes and appeared numerous times on ARIA but have been Bottom Two a couple of times.

There appears to be no connection between iTunes and votes, so I have no idea how it will end. I will say though that out of the 3 winner's songs I found Samantha's the most generic and least likely to stand out from the usual songs playing on 'popular' radio at the moment.
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Wasn't Jason's winners song called Make It Last?
Yay Samantha Jade wins! And her song was like an updated version of Kylie Minogue. Well in my opinion anyway.
I am disappointed. I found Samantha Jade too generic for my liking. She is easily interchangable with any of the current pop princesses out there. Plus I don't like how she has already had a swim in the music industry and thus had an advantage over all the other 'unknowns'. Oh well. At least I don't actively dislike her like I do with RatBoy.
Let the raping of the charts begin.
Hopefully with the show ending on a Tuesday the impact of the live tracks is minimal on the ARIA charts.
The right person won this year. However I would have preferred for Bella to go through over The Collective!
Her self-titled album is out December 7th, here's the track listing:

What You've Done To Me


Wide Awake

Free Fallin’


Run To You



Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

Where Have You Been


So, basically just another album of covers.

Didn't see that one coming!
KingBandicoot: They have to do that. You can't put out an album of newly written material in like 2-3 weeks.

Although Rihanna could probably do it....
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But that's because Rihanna has other people to write songs for her

Sadly I'm with BillyBrett. I would really have no problem with these talent show winners if they produced consistently good music, but they're all just generic waste buckets.
V1AHHHH: Good point, but seeing as Jade was a song writer beforehand, I was hoping that she may have had some material already set-up, but alas, this is not the case.
Even if she had some material, I doubt that Sony would include it on her album. They also put an album of covers last year with Reece Mastin.
Is Samantha the dullest reality show winner since Wes Carr?

Will her career last as long as his?
Well, for Series Five, Guy Sebastian and Mel B will be leaving the judging panel.

As far as replacements go, it looks like Stefan Gordy (Redfoo ) and Danni Minogue are likely to take over.

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Well, we know what will be number one on the ARIA Charts during X Factor
I didn't know Guy Sebastian & Mel B had left the judging panel. Thanks for posting TravD.
Interesting to see that Samantha Jade - What You've Done To Me is catching Reece Mastin - Good Night.
Reece Mastin - Shut Up & Kiss Me charted in early May two weeks after Good Night had exited the top 100 singles chart. I wonder if Samantha Jade will release her next single around this time.
I think it's embarrassing that Reece Mastin - Shout It Out went to #01 yet couldn't make the official top 100 highest selling singles chart for 2012. It's the only song to do this besides Karise Eden - Stay With Me Baby.
It's funny how television ratings don't translate into single / album sales. I think that Johnny Ruffo, Bella Ferraro & The Collective won't be having any further chart success.
Ruffo possibly gonna become a TV star now anyway
Redfoo? (we really need a facepalm smilie on here)
Samantha Jade is closing in on Reece Mastin - Good Night.

Also i noticed Johnny Ruffo has moved to Home & Away. I thought all he ever wanted to be was a musician?
Once Take It Home had failed i guess he had no other options... Good news is his debut album shouldn't see the light of day
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According to this http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2012/10/johnny-ruffo-for-home-and-away.html he's only going to be on the show for 16 episodes. He might release a new single soon while he's on the show to help with it's chart performance. But I guess he might end up becoming a permanent actor on the show in future and stop his musical career.

And I can't imagine an album coming out from him anyway, he'll probably just end up like Justice Crew and never release an album due to poor chart performance of most of his singles
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Samantha Jade has exited the top 100 Singles Chart this week. Another 20 points would have secured her the #01 position ahead of Reece Mastin. Those extra weeks @ #01 have helped Reece Mastin.
Okay it's now time to see whether the record company will give Samantha Jade a shot. If you look at my post on the 04-03-2013 it outlines when Reece Mastin's follow-up single hit the charts.
Man Sony Music are a bunch of retards. No wonder none of their artists who are so talented have become massive international superstars. E.g. Guy Sebastian and Jess Mauboy. They should've released Sammi's new track already. By the looks of things it won't be released till June at the earliest and by June last year Reece had already released two singles following Good Night. Sammi is one of the few australian artists that can break america but unless sony do the right thing here i fear she won't be able to
Waiting a few months more won't be the make-or-break for her career.
I do agree. I know that she's writing a fair few of the songs on her album so it's gonna take a little longer obviously than say someone like rihanna or one direction who can record in 1-2 months since all their songs are pretty much already written. however i remember in interviews they said they'd chosen what the next single will be a while ago. And i would much rather a better album if it took longer. But releasing one single by now wouldn't matter. The thing is the first x factor usa winner waited 9 months to release her first single. although she lacked star quality this didn't exactly help her succeed. im just scared they may do something as stupid as that. also all the retards on facebook are pretty much already writing her off as a one-hit wonder flop. although they are idiots what they say is pissing me off so i just hope her new single's released very soon to shut them all up
Can anyone confirm whether Samantha Jades new single is going to be called Soldier co-written with the guys from Dna songs.
I can't confirm anything, but the current state of affairs with pop songs by Aussie artists is you have a 90% chance it was written by bloody DNA.
Especially if you are an artist signed to Sony. I see Dna just extended their production deal with Sony just recently.
Why Samantha Jade wasn't/hasn't been launched in the UK at least I never know. Sony Australia always screw over their talent.
Agreed she is one of the few talented people to emerge from a reality show to potentially be an international star. Sadly Sony Music has just put her into a typical DNA generic cast-off lane. Sony went to shit in the last few years it was so much better as BMG. Guy had a few successes overseas after idol and Delta was massive in the UK for a while (yes she was on neighbours too and that helped). i just hope it's not too late for her. they certainly put in the effort for reece mastin last year he had 3 singles and his album out by now and he's not even a tenth of the talent samantha is
It has been confirmed that Sammi Jades new single is called Soldier which was co-written with guys from dna.
benzir, not to mention what they did to Shannon Noll as well.
List of songs performed:

‘Pound The Alarm’ - Nicki Minaj
‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ - Cyndi Lauper
‘I Won’t Give Up’ - Jason Mraz
‘Saving All My Love For You’ - Whitney Houston
‘Give Me Everything’ - Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer
‘Wrecking Ball’ - Miley Cyrus
‘Dynamite’ - Taio Cruz
‘Against All Odds’ - Phil Collins


Little Mix - Move
Tina Arena - You Set Fire To My Life
Imagine Dragons (no song specified on the X Factor website)
Some might already be aware of this but Samantha Jades song firestarter has risen to no 10 on the Russian singles charts. It is also currently no 9 on the airplay chart with nearly 10, 000 spins last week.
The X Factor Australia. Based on ARIA Top 100 Singles Chart.
Column 01: Rank.
Column 02: Total Score.
Column 03: Artist / Song.
Column 04: Top 50 Points.
Column 05: Top 100 Points.
Column 06: Accreditation.
Column 07: Top 100 ARIA Debut.
Column 08: Weeks Inside Top 100 ARIA Charts.
Column 09: ARIA Chart Peak.
Column 10: Amount Of Weeks On Chart Peak.
Column 11: Debut Year.
Column 12: The X Factor Series.
* - Currently Charting.

11867REECE MASTIN - Good Night4851382▲412114W2011S:3 
21848SAMANTHA JADE - What You've Done To Me4541394▲312111W2012S:4 
31712TAYLOR HENDERSON - Borrow My Heart4531259▲211711W2013S:5*
41707NATHANIEL WILLEMSE - You4481259▲291841W2013S:4 
51287SAMANTHA JADE - Firestarter29199691691W2013S:4 
61156RANDOM - Put Your Hands Up267889 71572W2005S:1 
71152REECE MASTIN - Rock Star2119413116162W2011S:3 
81121JOHNNY RUFFO - On Top2558662814141W2012S:3 
9994REECE MASTIN - Shut Up & Kiss Me19080421621W2012S:3 
10980REECE MASTIN - Shout It Out20078011411W2012S:3 
11920SAMANTHA JADE - Soldier1927281712171W2013S:4 
12869DAMI IM - Alive19167811211W2013S:5 
13754ALTIYAN CHILDS - Somewhere In The World16858681081W2010S:2 
14433WHAT ABOUT TONIGHT - Time Of Our Lives92341 305251W2013S:4 
15359THE COLLECTIVE - Surrender553046861W2012S:4 
16346JOHNNY RUFFO - Take It Home37309 818301W2012S:3 
17339TAYLOR HENDERSON - Girls Just Want To Have Fun902492421W2013S:5 
18332DAMI IM - Purple Rain31301 299291W2013S:5 
19279RANDOM - Are You Ready?29250 386361W2005S:1 
20275SAMANTHA JADE - Heartless61214 124121W2012S:4 
21273JAI WAETFORD - Your Eyes55218 6411W2013S:5 
22209TAYLOR HENDERSON - The Horses24185 275271W2013S:5 
23166THIRD D3GREE - Different Kind Of Love29137 223221W2013S:5 
24164DAMI IM - Bridge Over Troubled Water36128 152151W2013S:5 
25157DAMI IM - One9148 525421W2013S:5 
26140THE COLLECTIVE - Domino20120 352351W2012S:4 
27136DAMI IM - Roar7129 444441W2013S:5 
28131TAYLOR HENDERSON - One Crowded Hour13118 383381W2013S:5 
29127THE COLLECTIVE - Another Life4123 473471W2013S:4 
30120TAYLOR HENDERSON - Wake Me Up2118 494491W2013S:5 
31113BELLA FERRARO - Set Me On Fire1598 364361W2012S:4 
32110THE COLLECTIVE - Footloose10100 412411W2012S:4 
33105JAI WAETFORD - Don't Let Me Go1491 372371W2013S:5 
34104JOHNNY RUFFO - Untouchable1292 392391W2013S:3 
35103TAYLOR HENDERSON - I Will Wait0103 644641W2013S:5 
36101JOELLE - Joey1883 332331W2013S:5 
3794DAMI IM - And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going2272 291291W2013S:5 
3886ALTIYAN CHILDS - Ordinary Man086 552551W2011S:2 
3984BELLA FERRARO - Dreams084 822821W2012S:4 
4083TAYLOR HENDERSON - Choir Girl083 513511W2013S:5 
4182SAMANTHA JADE - Turn Around082 833531W2007S:4 
4266TAYLOR HENDERSON - The Blowers Daughter858 431431W2013S:5 
4365BELLA FERRARO - What Makes You Beautiful065 622621W2012S:4 
4464DAMI IM - Wrecking Ball064 612611W2013S:5 
4562TAYLOR HENDERSON - Some Nights656 451451W2013S:5 
4658THE COLLECTIVE - Apologise454 471471W2012S:4 
 58JASON OWEN - Make It Last454 471471W2012S:4 
4856DAMI IM - Don't Leave Me This Way056 673671W2013S:5 
49 SAMANTHA JADE - Where Have You Been050 511511W2012S:4 
5046JAI WAETFORD - Fix You046 551551W2013S:5 
 46JIORDAN TOLLI - Thriller046 632631W2013S:5 
5244CHRISTINA PARIE - 16 & Unstoppable044 692691W2012S:3 
5342BELLA FERRARO - Sweet Disposition042 591591W2012S:4 
 42REECE MASTIN - Girls (All Around The World)042 591591W2013S:3 
5539DAMI IM - Hero039 621621W2013S:5 
5636THE COLLECTIVE - Like A Prayer036 651651W2012S:4 
5733TAYLOR HENDERSON - I Won't Let You Go033 842841W2013S:5 
5831THE COLLECTIVE - Lego House031 701701W2012S:4 
5930DAMI IM - Best Of You030 782781W2013S:5 
6029THE COLLECTIVE - Yeah 3X029 721721W2012S:4 
6126BELLA FERRARO & WILL SINGE - Forgot You026 751751W2013S:4 
 26NATHANIEL WILLEMSE - The Scientist026 751751W2012S:4 
6324DAMI IM - Clarity024 771771W2013S:5 
6423THE COLLECTIVE - You Got It (The Right Stuff)023 781781W2012S:4 
6521JIORDAN TOLLI - Royals021 812811W2013S:5 
6618JAI WAETFORD - That Should Be Me018 831831W2013S:5 
6717BELLA FERRARO - Big Yellow Taxi017 841841W2012S:4 
 17THIRD D3GREE - Pump It017 841841W2013S:5 
6916DAMI IM - Saving All My Love For You016 851851W2013S:5 
 16REECE MASTIN - Timeless016 851851W2013S:3 
 16TAYLOR HENDERSON - Let Her Go016 851851W2013S:5 
7214REECE MASTIN - She Will Be Loved014 871871W2011S:3 
 14SAMANTHA JADE - Breakeven014 871871W2012S:4 
7412JAI WAETFORD - Dynamite012 891891W2013S:5 
7511BELLA FERRARO - The Last Day On Earth011 901901W2012S:4 
 11TAYLOR HENDERSON - Against All Odds011 901901W2013S:5 
7710NATHANIEL WILLEMSE - Red010 911911W2012S:4 
787THE COLLECTIVE - Beauty & A Beat07 941941W2012S:4 
796JAI WAETFORD - Somewhere Only We Know06 951951W2013S:5 
805SAMANTHA JADE - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)05 961961W2012S:4 
 5THIRD D3GREE - Pound The Alarm05 961961W2013S:5 
824JAI WAETFORD - The Way You Make Me Feel04 971971W2013S:5 
 4WHAT ABOUT TONIGHT - Year 300004 971971W2012S:4 
Is anyone watching/following this season of The X Factor?

Under 25 Girls: Ronan Keating
Sydnee Carter (16)
Marlisa Punzalan (14)
Caitlyn Shadbolt (18)

Under 25 Boys: Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Adrien Nookadu (17)
Dean Ray (22)
Tee (24)

Over 25s: Redfoo
Reigan Derry (25)
Jason Heerah (35)
Rochelle Pitt (41)

Groups: Dannii Minogue
Brothers3 (Wildcard) (16-18)
Trill (14-15)
XOX (17-21)
Younger Than Yesterday (16)

Final Positions
12th: Trill
11th: Younger Than Yesterday
10th: Adrien Nookadu
9th: TBA
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Ella Henderson, Hanson, and G.R.L are performing tonight.
Yes please Ghost rebound! and unlike Wings (which should've gotten to #1 after that performance) this is already in the top 10 ready to go! Oh but G.R.L. otherwise they're both songs I like but wtf Hanson

Btw I'm watching Trav
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I am watching this year...

Round 1:
Best: Dean Ray.
Worst: Adrien Nookadu.

Round 2:
Best: Jason Heerah.
Worst: Marlisa Punzalan.
Younger Than Yesterday' have been eliminated.
Yay? I didn't remember them but I think they're a boyband so good to see them go.

Slay slay slay Reigan
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I will admit that I'm on the anti Reigen train solely cause I'm not a fan of past reality contestants trying their luck on another reality show. No matter how good they are.
Not only has she been on a talent show previously, but she was also a part of Scarlett Belle who had two top 50 hits (and even performed on the X Factor in 2010 which makes her being a contestant on the show absolutely hilarious)
Oh, I didn't know that! I'm not a fan of that also, but idk she's my favourite this year, every one else is fairly average. That's really typical of me though

Funny how she's part of the Over 25s and she's 25
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I forgot Scarlett Belle performed on The X Factor. Ah the hilarity. I wonder if Ronan recognised her at the audition.
Adrien Nookadu was eliminated last week.

Paloma Faith and Redfoo are both performing tonight.
XOX are eliminated didn't deserve to be...

Redfoo's performance was really bad...
While I see what they were trying to do with XOX I am glad they are gone. It really really annoyed me that the 'rapper' one never ever sang. I never cared about her singing solo lines, cause she is the 'rapper' but it shows her limitations when the only thing she could contribute to the choruses were uh and ooh and yeahs. In a girl group it is vital for me that all members sing the chorus.
Ariana Grande and Hilary Duff are both performing tonight.

Also, voting results are being made public and announced in the correct order.
From the Wikipedia page. Putting it here as I'm sure it will be edited out soon enough

Bassingthwaighte: Sydnee Carter - rambled on about nonsense then chose Sydnee
Interesting how the live performances seem popular this year especially after the results show...

They did mention 5 Seconds Of Summer would be performing two of their songs soon on the show also Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, Taylor Henderson & Nathaniel Willemse.

Does anyone know how they choose the lineup of where they perform because Derry always gets last?
If it's anything like Idol the official line for deciding the line up would be "Based on rehearsals the performers who are mind blowingly awesome get to open the show and close the show, so it starts and end with a bang" Of course one could argue that last spot is given to the act who the producers want to win but is struggling to get the regular votes. Which I am pretty sure was the reason behind revealing the order of votes this week, to scare people. I'm pretty sure the show wants Derry to win, but currently she isn't blitzing the votign pool like they anticipated.
Having watched Popstars, Australian Idol, The X Factor & The Voice and seen countless terrible performances & quite good performances I have to say Dean Ray's performance tonight of INXS - New Sensation was seriously the best ever. Also I have never seen an artist so consistently good on a reality music show as Jason Heerah.

After tonight's performances I think we should see Rochelle Pitt & Caitlyn Shadbolt in the bottom two possibly Tee also.

Brothers 3 are stating to irritate me slightly as I feel there isn't really anything overall negative spoken about their performances though Redfoo was spot on saying they played safe in rock week and weren't any different from any other week.

Well done to Dean Ray & Jason Heerah though making a frustrating show really worth the watch week after week.

I need to check out some of last night's performances, but from the recap and the limited performances I saw, Reigan sounded really good. I really hope she wins, her voice never falters and she is so consistently good.

I have a feeling that Jason was the least voted last week; though his performances have been good, he's not an underdog imo and I don't expect him, or Rochelle Pitt, to go any further. It's sad because both are much older than the other contestants but considering the age of most of the viewers, I wouldn't have expected either to have gone far anyway.

I don't have a high opinion of Brothers 3 at all and they can go away but they most obviously will make the top 3. I don't mind Caitlin and she's a strong performer so I predict a long stay for her. But from the recap I think she could've performed "Closer To The Edge" with a little more oomph I guess.

Dean Ray's performance of "Budapest" last week was pretty terrible imo, I don't think his performance of "Reckless" was very good either hence I don't like him very much. He seems to be an audience favourite unfortunately, so I can't do much about him being eliminated at this point. I do have to see his performance this week however.

Poor Sydnee, I did like her and she was definitely a stronger performer than Jason lbr
Nathaniel and Meghan Trainor are both performing tonight.
I hope Brothers 3 or Reigan win, although there is a part of me that doesn't want Reigan to win because of her previous experience (and the fact that she performed on the X Factor as a signed-to-a-record-deal artist with Scarlett Belle )

And please stop the manufactured boy band/girl band idea unless it is part of the contract with Syco or Simon Cowell's company (unlikely as it is a newish idea). It worked ONCE here when The Collective went top 3 in 2012, the others went out early. It reeks of the hope that lightning will strike twice. It has worked in the UK (One Direction finished 3rd in 2010 and their success speaks for themselves, Little Mix won and became the first group to do so in the UK series).

I am enjoying it this year but were puzzled with a few questionable song choices and if they actually fit the theme (seriously Katy Perry and Lady GaGa are not (yet) legends), and enjoy the banter between the judges. Redfoo is a highlight, I thought he was going to be crap, but I guess if you are the son of the founder of Motown then you should have some idea of what you are talking about
The next elimination is tonight, where the bottom three acts will be revealed and have to perform for the judges. Obviously Tee & Caitlyn Shadbolt will be up for elimination however I am thinking Marlisa Punzalan will be safe with Dean Ray as the third act in the bottom. When it comes down to it I think they will opt to send Caitlyn Shadbolt home.

Ronan: Tee.
Natalie: Caitlyn.
Dannii: Caitlyn.
Redfoo: Caitlyn.

The spanner is if Redfoo decides to choose Tee it will go to the bottom vote which will be Tee saving Caitlyn for the second week in a row which I don't think that will happen as Natalie's absence last week meant that Rochelle Pitt got sent home against Caitlyn Shadbolt which was clearly the wrong decision by the public.

#16 - Jason Heerah - Latch.
#20 - Dean Ray - Stolen Dance.
#29 - Milky Chance - Stolen Dance.
#30 - Reigan Derry - Dog Days Are Over.
#36 - Disclosure & Sam Smith - Latch.
#39 - Brothers 3 - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).
#41 - Sleeping At Last - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).
#62 - Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over.
#73 - Sam Smith - Latch [Acoustic].
#76 - Marlisa Punzalan - Try.
#98 - Pink - Try.
#134 - Prince - When Doves Cry.
#155 - Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).
#164 - Caitlyn Shadbolt - Still Into You.
#191 - Paramore - Still Into You.

*I'm not sure who is set to perform tonight or which song the group will choose to ruin. I'm guessing maybe Taylor Henderson?
American Authors and Ricki Lee Coulter are performing tonight.
AJR will perform "I'm Ready" tomorrow with the final six contestants. Veronicas will perform "You Ruin Me" & Ed Sheeran will also perform.

Caitlyn Shadbolt will obviously go home tomorrow even though her performance wasn't the worst of the night. That would go to Brothers 3 - Amnesia.
Yeah... why Brothers 3 did 5SOS is anybodys guess... they are different from your typical boy band. Then again, 5SOS are not a 100% boy band considering they actually play instruments and not just sing. It didn't seem right for them.

Marlissa... good song choice but the outfit seemed all wrong! She's only 14/15 and you put her in that. Really?

Caitlyn has just been dudded by shocking song choices. Seriously, 'Closer to the Edge' and 'Still Into You' for a country girl? She seemed more at ease tonight with Cold Chisel.

Reigan was brilliant, as always, but was Dannii critizing her for being too diverse?

I really hope Jason goes a little bit further... I am enjoying him.

Dean's performance was sensational.

Dannii Minogue & Redfoo had a heated disagreement after Reigan Derry butchered Radiohead's - Creep. Redfoo then unfairly criticised Brothers 3 performance of Simon & Garfunkel's - Sound Of Silence to get even which was wrong as I thought that was their best performance of the series.

Brothers 3 also performed Que Sera

Dean Ray was consistent as usual.

Taylor Henderso & Nico & Vinz will be the guests tomorrow. Surely Caitlyn Shadbolt will be going home this time?
Oops I must have missed XF last night - what did everyone perform and how did they go?
Marlissa seemed to be given a tiny curveball with Over the Rainbow. Great voice, but IMO shes too young to be on the show they should really bump up the age limit to 16, 17, 18 even. 14 is too young.

I liked Dean's take on Crying, at least he had a go.

I didn't watch Caitlyn's performances, she should (logically) be the next to go since she been towards the bottom. I am shocked Jason got eliminated!

Obviously Reigan was shaken by being in the bottom two last week, Creep was not her best performance. It seemed to pick up from there.

Redfoo unfairly criticized Brothers 3 after they sang Simon and Garfunkel, that song was perfect for them. I hope Sony does NOT make them like every other boy band... because they did 5SOS and Justice Crew
A part of me wants Brothers 3 to win cause out of all the bands that have won X Factor around the world. How many of them were not put together by producer (little Mix) OR discovered each at auditions (Random). I can think of Alex & Sierra and maybe says a greek group. I'm sick of the show putting groups together. If that's your girl resurrect Popstars.
Current iTunes positions lets see the change after the elimination show tonight.
#03 -- Dean Ray - Crying.
#07 -- Brothers 3 - Que Sera.
#11 -- Brothers 3 - The Sound Of Silence.
#33 -- Justice Crew - Que Sera.
#36 -- Dean Ray - Lonely Boy.
#38 -- Marlisa Punzalan - Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
#43 -- Reigan Derry - Only Girl (In The World).
#44 -- Marlisa Punzalan - Titanium.
#49 -- Caitlyn Shadbolt - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.
#54 -- Reigan Derry - Creep.
#82 + #181 -- Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong.
#100 -- Nico & Vinz - In Your Arms.
#101 + #130 -- David Guetta & Sia - Titanium.
#104 -- Taylor Henderson - Host Of Angels.
#112 -- Radiohead - Creep.
#113 -- Caitlyn Shadbolt - Before He Cheats.
#155 -- Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World).
#178 -- Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence.


Bottom two I will go for Caitlyn Shadbolt & Dean Ray with Caitlyn eliminated with everyone except Ronan Keating voting Caitlyn Shadbolt.

Marlisa Punzalan is to young for this competition furthermore her performances are never top notch. I have seen way better performances of Somewhere Over The Rainbow & Titanium before.

Reigan Derry will survive due to the publicity generated between Dannii Minogue & Redfoo spat. She deserves to continue even though Creep was a disaster. Still bothered she has had a shot on Australian Idol & charted with the Scarlette Belle act. Though Samantha Jade did the same and I got over it.

Caitlyn Shadbolt did have her best vocal performance with Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow as Natalie Bassingthwaighte said. Redfoo must have cotton wol in his ears because he said it was her worst? I still feel she has been given continuous duds. Carrie Underwood has not been huge here. Kasey Chambers or Shania Twain would have been a better option.

Brothers 3 irritate me mostly because I feel that one particular member doesn't do anything. Looking back on last night he was pretending to play the guitar and he is yet to have a solo and look how far we have come. I will give them a thumbs up for their Simon & Garfunkel cover which was for me their best to date. Their older material is available on iTunes - shudder. Also let's remember these guys are the wild card... they weren't technically good enough to make it in!

Dean Ray has been consistent throughout the competition and even though he has had so-so performances they weren't bad it was just a loss of connection between the song choice and the audience. I want him to win but usually the person I want to win never does.
I've barely watched X Factor this year but caught Reigan's performance of the Rihanna song last night.... I thought her vocal was absolutely terrible and do not understand the hype around her.
Caitlyn Shadbolt has been eliminated against Dean Ray.

Ronan Keating: Dean Ray.
Natalie Bassingthwaighte: Caitlyn Shadbolt.
Dannii Minogue: Caitlyn Shadbolt.
Redfoo: Caitlyn Shadbolt.

Current iTunes positions
#03 -- #03 Dean Ray - Crying.
#07 --> #06 Brothers 3 - Que Sera.
#11 --> #08 Brothers 3 - The Sound Of Silence.
#82 --> #20 + #181 --> #65 Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong.
#100 --> #23 Nico & Vinz - In Your Arms.
#33 --> #32 Justice Crew - Que Sera.
#38 --> #36 Marlisa Punzalan - Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
#104 --> #37 Taylor Henderson - Host Of Angels.
#44 --> #40 Marlisa Punzalan - Titanium.
#36 --> #44 Dean Ray - Lonely Boy.
#43 --> #45 Reigan Derry - Only Girl (In The World).
#49 --> #47 Caitlyn Shadbolt - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.
#54 --> #48 Reigan Derry - Creep.
#101 --> #107 + #130 --> #125 David Guetta & Sia - Titanium.
#112 --> #108 Radiohead - Creep.
#113 --> #115 Caitlyn Shadbolt - Before He Cheats.
#155 --> #159 Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World).
#178 --> #175 Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence.

Looking at the return of previous live performances you can expect a big impact in two weeks for the grand finale.
Caitlyn has been eliminated.

NateBoi is making some good points there.
Samantha Jade I don't think ever charted in the ARIA Top 50 until after X-Factor. Marlissa's voice is great but 14 is too young to be on the show. And don't forget Reigan even performed on X-Factor as part of Scarlett Belle as well as being on Idol.

I've continously said there had been some shocking song choices for Caitlyn. Paramore? 30 Seconds to Mars? Carrie Underwood?... they were either songs that were not her genre or have never broke through here.
I have just returned from a much needed break in Cairns.

Just watched The X Factor two episodes thanks to Foxtel. 5 Seconds Of Summer were quite average as were The Script. Boyzone weren't too bad.

I feel that Marlisa Punzalan has been improving throughout the competition Girl On Fire, Impossible & Help were all performed well. I think if she takes the win it will be a chart disaster she cannot compete in the main arena. I noticed her surname "Punzalan" has been dropped from iTunes meaning they'll attempt to promote her as "Marlisa"

Brothers 3 rendition of Best Song Ever really was atrocious! The cameraman focus's continuously on the youngest of the three and the black haired one cannot sing, dance and pretends to play the guitar. I'll give them credit for the Bee Gees performance which along with Simon & Garfunkel last week as their best.

Dean Ray deserves to win however depending on the final song it could all go horribly wrong. It could be another Listen With Your Heart moment. I think a better song choice could have been chosen rather than Gabrielle Aplin.

Reigan Derry can sing and just because she has been eliminated I think she will be signed and a label will attempt to capitalise on her appearance. I think her success will surpass any other contestant this series in the long run. Big call, I know but I've said it.

Okay so finale is next week!

Guy Sebastian will be perform for the second time this series there was also an announcement that whoever the winner is of this series they will be a support act for his first Australian arena shows ever. It has taken him ten years to get to an arena which I have no doubt he won't be able to fill and it's sad that he is still utilising reality television to promote his music.

Jessica Mauboy is also set to perform her new single so The X Factor stage is beginning to regurgitate Australian Idol acts...

Taylor Swift is also set to perform I am guessing Shake It Off with a secondary single which should be serviced to media during the week.

Dean Ray should take the title with Marlisa Punzalan as runner-up & Brothers 3 in third.
Taylor's 2nd single has just surfaced so its most likely she will perform both singles.
Guy performing again? Hasn't he performed on the grand finale for 5 years in a row now?
Reigan gone , but I was in two worlds. As I stated a part of me wanted Reigan to win but another part of me didn't want Reigan to win because it would just be unfair because she had an ARIA Top 50 with Scarlett Belle AND performed on the show prior to this year . X Factor and The Voice should tighten the eligibility guidelines (not just no record deal currently; no ARIA Top 50 singles or albums prior) unless these programs are going to look increasingly like a second chance saloon very quickly.

I want Dean to win because it would just be a breath of fresh air from the perpetual pop music pumped out every year. Brothers 3 wouldn't be bad either, thouugh I do not want Sony to change them into every other boy band. We have 5SOS that are one of the biggest boy bands in the world, and they are not even (technically) a boy band, considering they play instruments and write their songs on their own!

As stated, Marlissa is too young although she is an absolute powerhouse. They should revert the age eligibility back to 16 being the youngest age you can audition.
My predictions:

3rd: Brothers3
2nd: Marlisa Punzalan
1st: Dean Ray
Well, congratulations to Marlisa Punzalan who won

Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Shelton Woolright are set to replace Natalia Kills and Willy Moon on X-Factor NZ, who were fired over their controversial comments the other day.
*off to goodgle who the hell Shelton Woolright is*
He's a member of NZ rock band 'I Am Giant'.
Redfoo will not be returning this year as a judge for X-Factor Australia (Series 7).

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Dannii Minogue will be returning this year for X-Factor, whilst Ronan Keating will not be returning this year.

THANK GOD re: Redfoo
I think we can be thankful for small mercies with no redfoo on the judging panel.
It would be awesome if the whole show would not be returning this year.
i second what grant says
X Factor doesn't bother me as much as The Voice.
I used to like The Voice but I stopped watching it because of will.i.am, what a horrid, arrogant little man. Never watched X Factor but I might watch depending on who they choose as the 4th mentor, I've heard Guy and Gotye mentioned elsewhere but nothing for certain that I've found.
I 3rd what Grant says but until ratings plummet we will have to keep dreaming sadly SG, scrap the Voice too while your at it.
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Bye Ronan, a few years too late though.

On who will replace them, Jess was mentioned last year as they wanted her to be a judge but they didn't want to break up the current 4. Maybe she will be one, and I'd say/hope Guy would be the other. Pls not Gotye.
Would be cool if it was a panel of all Australian artists.
Well it now looks like Natalie Bassingthwaighte will not be returning this year as a judge on X-Factor Australia.

They need to just put this show to bed for a few years. Let the pool of talent re-build it's exhausted. Having said that I can see Australian idol re-launched before they get rid of both the X factor and the voice.
I don't think Australian Idol will be relaunched. While Factor and Voice are rating solidly I don't think they are reting that well to justify TEN relaunching Idol. And not sure Sony needs Idol when they have Factor. Also throw in the fact hat American Idol really isn't the trailblazing ratings juggernaut it use to be in the US, it seems Idol really is past its useby date. Plus TEN can get its Idol fix cheaply by just showing American Idol
Doubt Idol will relaunch on Ten after their recent massive financial loss, perhaps Nine but then again - so reality tv fatigued! Idol really would have a shot if it was totally renovated taking elements from other versions rather than just upgraded but then comes the same DNA/Sony crap after unless there is another local label with enough money n balls.
the rumour mill is in overdrive with claims that the judges will be Dannii, Guy Sebastian, Chris Isaak and James Blunt. Not impressed with the type of music that will be pushed by them (not that I think they have any say)
I'm all for James Blunt but only if he is prepared to write hilarious tweets about the sjow. I imagine him being a judge would cause Australians to whinge about him resulting in him tweeting many more classic comebacks.
I didn't bother watching much of the show last year and was never really sure why.

Thinking about it now, it was probably that the talent pool was very thin the previous year and the outcomes from the show (along with Got Talent & The Voice) has been mediocre at best for the past few series. It is cringeworthy to watch successful singers/artists who are the panellists big-noting contestants who are mostly very ordinary and never likely to amount to anything substantial. It doesn't help that they always cut some of the better singers at the boot camp stage e.g. not picking Dami Im in the original top 3 of her category in her season.
I may have to pay attention to what James Blunt does just to see the potential comeback tweets.
Further to my post yesterday, this judging lineup has been confirmed. Excitement plus!
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I can deal with all but Guy. I don't know why, I just don't like the man. I enjoy the humour of Chris and James, and Dannii often seems to know what she is doing on these types of shows.
And the fun has started: James Blunt just tweeted this:

Good news for the UK: I'm being deported to Australia. Bad news for Australia: I'm your new X Factor judge.
Guy Sebastian

They have obviously realised that if he isn't on television people don't buy his music.
I'll be so disappointed if James Blunt has to tone down his Twitter twattiness when it starts
OMG I need to follow James on Twitter
If they do the 'make groups from failed soloists' idea again, I will go like this. .
Yes, the temptation will be there, because One Direction, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony have been highly successful post X Factor. But that does not mean that a Aussie X Factor made group will work here.
The Collective went to the Grand Final in 2012 and released a single but I haven't heard much since. The 2 X Factor groups made from failed soloists last year were out early and Brothers 3 made the Grand Final.

I will be most likely watching this year depending on prior commitments.
Sorry I haven't been active on this page this year. I stopped follow X-Factor a while back


CYRUS VILLANUEVA wins the 2015 edition of X-Factor Australia.

1. Cyrus Villanueva
2. Louise Adams
3. Matt & Jess
4. Big T
5. Mahalia Simpson
6. Natalie Conway
7. Michaela Baranov
8. In Stereo
9. Jimmy Davis
10. Georgia Denton
11. The Fisher Boys
12. Dan Hamill
The top 7 were truly fantastic and it's my opinion that any of them could have won and no one would have cared. A bit pissed that my personal faves (Louise & Natalie) didn't win but congrats to Cyrus. Hopefully the show retains their judges because they've all done their jobs spectacularly this year. Sure there a some artists that i'd love to come on the show (someone like Gwen Stefani or Chris Martin) but I just can't see X Factor getting a better panel of judges than the current lot.
Returns for another season tonight.

Adam Lambert
Iggy Azalea
Guy Sebastian

Plus another judge who will be joining later in the season.
Honest question - Are there people out there who honestly don't know who the 4th judge is?
Me! I don't know... but this is only because of the sheer lack of caring...
"King of Pop" Adam Lambert is already grating

Only one decent talent from last night's 1st audition, the 14 yo girl at the end. The others would have strugged to make it past seasons, I think the barrel has well and truly been scraped clean.
I'm still getting over Iggy being dubbed "The biggest female rapper on the planet".
Iggy's face when she was watching the 3 boys dancing, "Really....". Bloody hilarious.
Dunno if anyone has been following X Factor this season, but...

Samantha Jade & Cyrus
Little Mix
The Veronicas

...are all performing tonight.
Well, I was following it until they got rid of the 3 best acts in the first 3 weeks (Natalie, then Aya, and then Chynna). Now I don't really care for it, but will watch tonight purely for Little Mix and Samantha Jade.
^^ Same here crazychris

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