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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Irelander's Hot 100! - 2013

18-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun
23-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun (2)
30-Nov-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life
7-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (2)
14-Dec-09White Rabbits - The Lady Vanishes
21-Dec-09Pearl Jam - The End
28-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (3)
4-Jan-10Pearl Jam - The Fixer
11-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash
18-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash (2)
25-Jan-10Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun
1-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (4)
8-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (5)
15-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk
22-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (2)
1-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (3)
8-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (4)
15-Mar-10The Model School - It's Hard To Dance When Your Legs Are On Fire
22-Mar-10Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known
29-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
5-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (2)
12-Apr-10Deep Sea Arcade - Lonely In Your Arms
19-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
26-Apr-10MGMT - Flash Delirium
3-May-10MGMT - Flash Delirium (2)
10-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
17-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn (2)
24-May-10Local Natives - Airplanes
31-May-10Passion Pit - The Reeling
7-Jun-10Passion Pit - The Reeling (2)
14-Jun-10Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
21-Jun-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
28-Jun-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday
5-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (2)
12-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (3)
19-Jul-10Yves Klein Blue - Digital Love
26-Jul-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat
2-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (2)
9-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (3)
16-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses
23-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (2)
30-Aug-10Grizzly Bear - Dory
6-Sep-10Grizzly Bear - Dory (2)
13-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle
20-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (2)
27-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (3)
4-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (4)
11-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (5)
18-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand
25-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand (2)
1-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic
8-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic (2)
15-Nov-10Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight
22-Nov-10Gyroscope - What Do I Know About Pain?
29-Nov-10Deep Sea Arcade - Keep On Walking
6-Dec-10Washington - Underground
13-Dec-10Washington - Underground (2)
20-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
27-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (2)
3-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (3)
10-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (4)
17-Jan-11The Novocaines - Adhere To
24-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro
31-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro (2)
7-Feb-11The Novocaines - Adhere To (2)
14-Feb-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias
21-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo
28-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo (2)
7-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (2)
14-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (3)
21-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (4)
28-Mar-11Lykke Li - Get Some
4-Apr-11Eddie Vedder - Longing To Belong
11-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (5)
18-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (6)
25-Apr-11Quiet Child - Underage & Well Behaved
2-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight
9-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight (2)
16-May-11Children Collide - Loveless
23-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (2)
30-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (3)
6-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep
13-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (2)
20-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (3)
27-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (4)
4-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
11-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (2)
18-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (3)
25-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (4)
1-Aug-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (5)
8-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look
15-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (2)
22-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (3)
29-Aug-11Metronomy - The Bay
5-Sep-11Taking Back Sunday - Sad Savior
12-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis
19-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (2)
26-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (3)
3-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls
10-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (2)
17-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (4)
24-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (5)
31-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (3)
7-Nov-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (4)
14-Nov-11Children Collide - Asleep On My Feet
21-Nov-11Woe & Flutter - Cities Of The Red Night
28-Nov-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You
5-Dec-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You (2)
12-Dec-11Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know
19-Dec-11Boy - Waitress
26-Dec-11Boy - Waitress (2)
2-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (3)
9-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (4)
16-Jan-12Boy - Little Numbers
23-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (5)
30-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (6)
6-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (7)
13-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (8)
20-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam
27-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam (2)
5-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down
12-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down (2)
19-Mar-12Boy - Waitress (9)
26-Mar-12Boy - Drive Darling
2-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
9-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (2)
16-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (3)
23-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (4)
30-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (5)
7-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On
14-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On (2)
21-May-12Django Django - Default
28-May-12Django Django - Default (2)
4-Jun-12Django Django - Default (3)
11-Jun-12Django Django - Default (4)
18-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American
25-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American (2)
2-Jul-12Portugal. The Man - So American (3)
9-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone
16-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (2)
23-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (3)
30-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (4)
6-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta
13-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta (2)
20-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again
27-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (2)
3-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (3)
10-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (4)
17-Sep-12Loon Lake - Fantastica
24-Sep-12Redcoats - Raven
1-Oct-12Redcoats - Raven (2)
8-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby
15-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (2)
22-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (3)
29-Oct-12Muse - Panic Station
5-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground
12-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground (2)
19-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick!
26-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (2)
3-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (3)
10-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (4)
17-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (5)
24-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness
31-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (2)
7-Jan-13Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (3)
14-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace
21-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (2)
28-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (3)
4-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound
11-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (2)
18-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (3)
25-Feb-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You
4-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (2)
11-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (3)
18-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (4)
25-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (5)
1-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (6)
8-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (7)
15-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (8)
22-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (9)
29-Apr-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine
6-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (2)
13-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (3)
20-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature
27-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature (2)
3-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (4)
10-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (5)
17-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (6)
24-Jun-13Washed Out - It All Feels Right
1-Jul-13Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
8-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action
15-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (2)
22-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (3)
29-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (4)
5-Aug-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (5)
12-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
19-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (2)
26-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (3)
2-Sep-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (4)
9-Sep-13Franz Ferdinand - Love Illumination
16-Sep-13Davey Lane - You're The Cops, I'm The Crime
23-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor
30-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (2)
7-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (3)
14-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (4)
21-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (5)
28-Oct-13The Jungle Giants - Home
4-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (6)
11-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (7)
18-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye
25-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye (2)
2-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart
9-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (2)
16-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (3)
23-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini
30-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini (2)

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 Points by song  
1Operator PleaseLogic176242
2Children CollideMy Eagle171120
3Two Door Cinema ClubI Can Talk166937
4White RabbitsPercussion Gun165529
5MGMTFlash Delirium158563
6Those Dancing DaysFuckarias151485
7Django DjangoDefault145871
9GotyeSomebody That I Used To Know (ft. Kimbra)141107
10Franz FerdinandUlysses140899

 Points by artist 
1Two Door Cinema Club837980
2Children Collide806008
3Deep Sea Arcade701902
4Friendly Fires628676
5Grizzly Bear508151
7White Rabbits471729
8Franz Ferdinand456712
10Operator Please445439

 Entries by artist 
1Friendly Fires19
2Two Door Cinema Club17
 Children Collide17
6Deep Sea Arcade15
 The Vasco Era15
 White Rabbits15
9Franz Ferdinand14
 Grizzly Bear14

 Weeks at #1  
2Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You6
 Those Dancing DaysFuckarias6
4Aloe BlaccI Need A Dollar5
 Arctic MonkeysR U Mine?5
 Children CollideMy Eagle5
 Friendly FiresKiss of Life5
 Kanye West & Jay-ZOtis (ft. Otis Redding)5
 The Magnetic FieldsQuick!5

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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 7/1/13
Edition No.165
Songs retire at 75 weeks

New year of charts! Be sure to check out my EOY on last year's thread; plus, click on my archived charts to the "Albums" section to see my favourite albums of 2012, plus from each of the past five years before.
Anyway, onto relevant things and it's Wave Machines for a third week on top with 'I Hold Loneliness'. Wow this song is great! The Soft Pack have two challengers, with epic album closer 'Captain Ace' coming in at #2 and their best impersonation of The Strokes 'Bobby Brown' in at #3. The Trouble With Templeton are also still a threat, moving up one spot to a new peak of 4; and The Magnetic Fields are still fifth spot with 'Goin' Back To The Country' but see all but one of their tracks down.

ENTRIES: - A certain someone is charting a really bloody long album track really really high at the moment. Well in the words of Art vs. Science, "aim fire!" The Soft Pack's album Strapped is rather great, and 'Captain Ace' in at 2 could possibly be my favourite song from it.
- And yes, it's basically The Strokes. I can't really pin down a certain track too easily, but maybe 'Taken For A Fool'? I don't know, it's just the general sound of it. The Soft Pack again at 3 with what is apparently a promotional single with 'Bobby Brown'.
- I actually went there.
- This is much better than the song that will obviously finish higher than it on the H100! Of Monsters and Men beat Sigur Ros to a second entry with 'Mountain Sound' at 73.

11313Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
2NEW12 The Soft PackCaptain Ace
3NEW13 The Soft PackBobby Brown
4554 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
5272 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
632715The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
7947 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
86114 The Black KeysDead And Gone
9897 Abbe MayKarmageddon
10492 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
1123311 Fort LeanSunsick
12755 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
1320413 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
1418514 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
1512412 BattleshipsYour Words
1613813 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
1710123 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
1836318 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
191179 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
2015162 The Soft MoonInsides
2117107 Local NativesBreakers
2214713 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
231689 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
2421620 The Black KeysMoney Maker
25191310 AdeleSkyfall
2628926 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
272278 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
28251411MusePanic Station
2924124 Violent SohoTinderbox
30311129 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
3127425 San CiscoBeach
3238530 MammalsCarried
3429620 The RubensThe Best We Got
3532432 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
3630128 Atoms For PeaceDefault
37711337 The Soft PackSaratoga
3835835 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
3933810 The PresetsIt's Cool
40371018 FlumeHoldin On
4139158 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
4341241 Two Door Cinema ClubHandshake
44432214Grizzly BearYet Again
45441117 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
4646346 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
4747174 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
49482533 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
5045212 The PresetsGhosts
5142642 The Jungle GiantsShe's A Riot
5255749 The Soft MoonMachines
5354236 YeasayerLongevity
5450216 Tame ImpalaElephant
5551164 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
56521614 360Run Alone
57491215 The Model SchoolPictures of Summer
5858658 Cub ScoutsTold You So
59561826 The xxAngels
6064760 The Magnetic FieldsI'd Go Anywhere With Hugh
61592212 Django DjangoHail Bop
62531232 AbandonLive It Out
63612514 Hunting GroundsFlaws
64571133 MetricSynthetica
65NEW165 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
6674758 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
67673814Django DjangoDefault
6865347 HermitudeSpeak Of The Devil
69631819 TwinsyWater Bombs
70721743 Kanye West & Jay-ZThat's My Bitch
71621254 Django DjangoWor
7277472 The RubensBe Gone
73NEW173 Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
7466204 MuseMadness
7560739 The RubensThe Day You Went Away
7668763 VydamoGonna Make It
7787277 The Temper TrapLondon's Burning
78701025 YeasayerReagan's Skeleton
80761414 YeasayerFingers Never Bleed
8178878 Sticky FingersClouds & Cream
8280830 Foster The PeopleDon't Stop (Color On The Walls)
8382159 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursAmerican Dream Part II
84691213 The OwlsBetter Off Deaf
85811322 GrinspoonBeaujolais
86852627 Beach HouseMyth
8790887 Bombay Bicycle ClubLights Out, Words Gone
88791343 MetricSpeed The Collapse
8992380 The LumineersHo Hey
9084384 Bruno MarsLocked Out of Heaven
9196443 Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
9289784 Ball Park MusicComing Down
9399412 FirehorseOur Hearts
9486259 Children CollideThe Flat Earth
95831051 Delta GoodremWish You Were Here
96952411Loon LakeFantastica
9797397 Bored NothingShit For Brains
9891491 Two Door Cinema ClubSomeday
99731145 Far East MovementTurn Up The Love (ft. Cover Drive)
100984712Deep Sea ArcadeSteam

882346 The KillersRunaways
941918 Owl EyesLove Run Dry
100295 Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
Tbh the similarity in the names of The Soft Moon and The Soft Pack has been confusing the hell out of me. So the real Soft Pack now enters and the band I mistaked for as The Soft Pack are dropping out of the top 15. Hopefully there will only be one Soft band that I have to worry about.
I prefer Little Talks but Mountain Sound is also very cool; glad to see it in. I know not of the other debuts, perhaps I shall check them out come the weekend. Nice jumps for The Temper Trap and The Lumineers.
Your #1 is alright, Nice to see The Vaccines, TDCC & The Lumineers moving up, Great debut for OM&M.
lol The Trouble With Templeton & Sugar Army still rising? Won't complain Can I ask The Vaccines to go away fast though? Dune & Spendsies up a lot is great though. I'm not entirely sure Way II War fully constitutes as a song Oh and Mountain Sound is excellent but I'm disappoints that Lerdy didn't quite make 20 weeks
Nice to see Turn Up The Love still in, probably my favourite song in your chart. I like Delta's song too so good to see it still around.
Come on, get rid of Far East Movement Good to see The Lumineers rising and Delta holding on.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 14/1/13
Edition No.166
Songs retire at 75 weeks

For the past two years, I've had the same situation at the top of my chart: one song remains at #1 for the last two weeks of the first year and then the first two weeks of the second. 'Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass' was the 2009/2010 song to achieve this, and 'Waitress' for 2010/2011. Wave Machines seemed destined to keep this trend going with their wacky track 'I Hold Loneliness'. Well it's not to be. The Soft Pack's wonderfully epic closer to their album Strapped in 'Captain Ace' becomes the 72nd #1 on my chart (and if I'm not mistaken, the longest ever!).

ENTRIES: - He is all the rage with nearly everyone at the moment. Macklemore and his partner in crime Ryan Lewis enter for the second time with 'Same Love' at 41 featuring Mary Lambert on guest vocals.
- Cadence Weapon was destined for one-hit-wonder status on my chart after #2-peaker 'Conditioning' finished at #16 on my 2012 EOY. However, after hearing his album, he breaks the curse! The rather unique sound that is 'Jukebox' comes in at 50.
- I'll admit it'll seem out of place, but no more so than 'Turn Up The Love'. 50 Cent comes in with his second entry (after featuring on 'Right There'), Adam Levine contributes to his third (after 'Misery' and 'Moves Like Jagger') and Eminem for his third (after 'Drop The World' and 'Not Afraid'). Anyway, 'My Life' features all of those and it's in at 72.
- How to describe this in a word? Wacky I suppose. Major Lazer enters in at 86 with 'Jah No Partial'.
- And Foals come in with their third entry, 'Inhaler' at 98.
- Oh and Cadence Weapon re-enters at 99 with 'Conditioning'.

12211The Soft PackCaptain Ace
21413Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
3323 The Soft PackBobby Brown
4464 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
5755 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
6582 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
762815The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
88124 The Black KeysDead And Gone
91359 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
1010102 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
119107 Abbe MayKarmageddon
1211411 Fort LeanSunsick
1318413 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
1414614 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
151265 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
1616913 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
1717133 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
1815512 BattleshipsYour Words
1932619 MammalsCarried
2020172 The Soft MoonInsides
2121117 Local NativesBreakers
221989 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
2324720 The Black KeysMoney Maker
2422813 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
25371425 The Soft PackSaratoga
26281511MusePanic Station
272399 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
28301228 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
292788 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
30261026 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
3138931 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
3229134 Violent SohoTinderbox
33251410 AdeleSkyfall
3431525 San CiscoBeach
3541168 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
36401118 FlumeHoldin On
3735532 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
3836138 Atoms For PeaceDefault
3939910 The PresetsIt's Cool
41NEW141 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
43442314Grizzly BearYet Again
4434720 The RubensThe Best We Got
45451217 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
4673246 Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
4746446 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
4847184 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
4943341 Two Door Cinema ClubHandshake
50NEW150 Cadence WeaponJukebox
5251742 The Jungle GiantsShe's A Riot
5350222 The PresetsGhosts
5453246 YeasayerLongevity
5552849 The Soft MoonMachines
56492633 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
5766857 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
5855174 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
5954226 Tame ImpalaElephant
60571315 The Model SchoolPictures of Summer
6160860 The Magnetic FieldsI'd Go Anywhere With Hugh
6258758 Cub ScoutsTold You So
63591926 The xxAngels
64561714 360Run Alone
65621332 AbandonLive It Out
6665265 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
67612312 Django DjangoHail Bop
68673914Django DjangoDefault
69641233 MetricSynthetica
70691919 TwinsyWater Bombs
71632614 Hunting GroundsFlaws
72NEW172 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
73711354 Django DjangoWor
7468357 HermitudeSpeak Of The Devil
7572572 The RubensBe Gone
76701843 Kanye West & Jay-ZThat's My Bitch
7876863 VydamoGonna Make It
7974214 MuseMadness
8081978 Sticky FingersClouds & Cream
8175839 The RubensThe Day You Went Away
82781125 YeasayerReagan's Skeleton
83801514 YeasayerFingers Never Bleed
8483169 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursAmerican Dream Part II
8577377 The Temper TrapLondon's Burning
86NEW186 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
8792884 Ball Park MusicComing Down
88862727 Beach HouseMyth
8982930 Foster The PeopleDon't Stop (Color On The Walls)
90851422 GrinspoonBeaujolais
9187987 Bombay Bicycle ClubLights Out, Words Gone
92841313 The OwlsBetter Off Deaf
9389480 The LumineersHo Hey
9491453 Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
95962511Loon LakeFantastica
9694269 Children CollideThe Flat Earth
9793422 FirehorseOur Hearts
98NEW198 FoalsInhaler
99RET302 Cadence WeaponConditioning
1001004812Deep Sea ArcadeSteam

881343 MetricSpeed The Collapse
90384 Bruno MarsLocked Out of Heaven
951051 Delta GoodremWish You Were Here
97397 Bored NothingShit For Brains
98491 Two Door Cinema ClubSomeday
991145 Far East MovementTurn Up The Love (ft. Cover Drive)

Last edited:
I need to hear these top two songs, because I don't think I've ever heard anything from either artist and I feel like I should fix that. But then, I hope they're less weird than last time I listened to someone for you. Great to see Same Love debut, and yes it is weird that you debuted My Life, but I still think you charting Turn Up The Love was stranger; at least this song has Adam Levine. Nice jumps for Thrifty, Mountain Sound and Tame Impala.
Nice to see Thrift Shop moving up but AWESOME to see Same Love debut!! Nice rise for Mountain Sound and good to see My Life debut albeit for the Adam Levine and Eminem parts.
lololol you posted last week's dropouts originally? [/modlife ]

Such a short #1! At least Sugar Army are in the top 5, but their song is even shorter Great to see Black Sand in the top 10 and wow at Sun's revived run. Great jump for Mountain sound and cool debuts for Major Lazer & Foals.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 21/1/13
Edition No.167
Songs retire at 75 weeks

It's very tight at the top, and The Soft Pack stay on top for a second week with 'Captain Ace'. The top three remains the same and Sugar Army jump ahead of The Trouble With Templeton to #4 with 'Will You Follow'. Dune via Spender and Two Door Cinema Club continue to move inside the top 10, whilst Mammals and Of Monsters and Men also make noteworthy rises.

- The Soft Pack are in with their sixth entry overall, and fourth from their recent album Strapped. The ever-so-catchy 'Tallboy' comes in at 19.
- As far as supergroups go, this is rather great. Really looking forward to Atoms For Peace's album this year and their second entry is here with 'Judge Jury and Executioner' at 24.
- I've never charted Delphic until now. 'Baiya' in at 33.
- Queensland grunge outfit Violent Soho continue their impressive form with their fourth entry overall. 'Neighbour Neighbour' enters at 81.
- Did you know MCR were back? Neither did I until a couple of weeks ago. 'Kiss The Ring' debuts at 86.
- What's all this then? A random Aussie band? Debuting IN MY CHART?!?!?! Yeah I'll admit it's not an uncommon event. The Good Morrows enter at 92 with the short but catchy 'Get Out Of My Head'.

11312The Soft PackCaptain Ace
22513Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
3333 The Soft PackBobby Brown
4564 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
5474 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
6692 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
7967 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
88134 The Black KeysDead And Gone
972915The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
1013510 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
1114711 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
1210112 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
1312511 Fort LeanSunsick
1411117 Abbe MayKarmageddon
1519715 MammalsCarried
161575 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
1717143 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
18161013 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
19NEW119 The Soft PackTallboy
2018612 BattleshipsYour Words
2146321 Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
2221127 Local NativesBreakers
2320182 The Soft MoonInsides
24NEW124 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
2523820 The Black KeysMoney Maker
26251525 The Soft PackSaratoga
272299 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
28261611MusePanic Station
29311029 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
3024913 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
31281328 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
3227109 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
33NEW133 DelphicBaiya
342998 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
35331510 AdeleSkyfall
36361218 FlumeHoldin On
3734625 San CiscoBeach
3832144 Violent SohoTinderbox
39301126 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
4041240 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
4137632 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
4238148 Atoms For PeaceDefault
4435178 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
45432414Grizzly BearYet Again
46391010 The PresetsIt's Cool
4750247 Cadence WeaponJukebox
48451317 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
5048194 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
5152842 The Jungle GiantsShe's A Riot
5257952 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
5347546 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
5555949 The Soft MoonMachines
5649441 Two Door Cinema ClubHandshake
5754256 YeasayerLongevity
5859236 Tame ImpalaElephant
59562733 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
6053232 The PresetsGhosts
6144820 The RubensThe Best We Got
6266362 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
63684014Django DjangoDefault
64601415 The Model SchoolPictures of Summer
6558184 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
66651432 AbandonLive It Out
67632026 The xxAngels
6862858 Cub ScoutsTold You So
6986269 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
70641814 360Run Alone
7161960 The Magnetic FieldsI'd Go Anywhere With Hugh
72702019 TwinsyWater Bombs
7372272 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
74672412 Django DjangoHail Bop
75691333 MetricSynthetica
7674367 HermitudeSpeak Of The Devil
77731454 Django DjangoWor
7875672 The RubensBe Gone
79712714 Hunting GroundsFlaws
81NEW181 Violent SohoNeighbour Neighbour
8279224 MuseMadness
83761943 Kanye West & Jay-ZThat's My Bitch
84801078 Sticky FingersClouds & Cream
85891030 Foster The PeopleDon't Stop (Color On The Walls)
86NEW186 My Chemical RomanceKiss The Ring
8784179 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursAmerican Dream Part II
88882827 Beach HouseMyth
89911087 Bombay Bicycle ClubLights Out, Words Gone
90831614 YeasayerFingers Never Bleed
9185477 The Temper TrapLondon's Burning
92NEW192 The Good MorrowsGet Out Of My Head
93901522 GrinspoonBeaujolais
9493580 The LumineersHo Hey
9594463 Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
96952611Loon LakeFantastica
9778963 VydamoGonna Make It
9898298 FoalsInhaler
9987984 Ball Park MusicComing Down
10099312 Cadence WeaponConditioning

81839 The RubensThe Day You Went Away
821125 YeasayerReagan's Skeleton
921313 The OwlsBetter Off Deaf
96269 Children CollideThe Flat Earth
97422 FirehorseOur Hearts
1004812Deep Sea ArcadeSteam
Yay, the song I like best of the top three remains on top! Awesome debut for Baiya and I did not know about new MCR but awesome entry for them too. Nice to see TDCC hit the top ten and a great jump for Mountain Sound, as well as both Macklemores rising.
Sadly I'll start off with a bad note, with Deep Sea Arcade leaving but on a good note for Violent Soho entering .Also some good jumps for Foster The People ,Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ,Two Door Cinema Club ,The Vaccines and Django Django .
Great to see Sun, Teenage Icon, Mountain Sound, Same Love, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards & Don't Stop moving up.
Wow, Sugar Army STILL rising? Dune via Spender/Dune feat. Spender/Spender via Dune too! Good on TDCC hitting the top 10, and I love the jump for Mountain Sound. I need to hear the Atoms For Peace song more I think. Hearing Baiya more couldn't hurt either but I already know I love it. Good jump for Major Lazer and I hope Tame Impala keep being ironic. The Violent Soho & MCR entries are good too.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 28/1/13
Edition No.167
Songs retire at 75 weeks

It was close but The Soft Pack are still #1. Two Door Cinema Club are now #7, and Of Monsters and Men are now in the top 10. At the top of the chart, Wave Machines hold their own but Sugar Army are an increasing threat.

Cadence Weapon is back again! I didn't think he'd get two entries, let alone three. The rather intriguing 'Hype Man' comes in at 71.
lol I know.
This is a really cool track but not quite up to the standard of 'Holdin On'. Flume is in for a second time with 'On Top' featuring that [s]'90s sensation[/s] some random rapper T.Shirt.
Every French artist that has graced my chart has been somewhat electronic in genre, and C2C continue that alarming trend with 'Down The Road' debuting at 93.
And what a moment that was yesterday when Teeds came on <3

11413The Soft PackCaptain Ace
22613Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
3473 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
4343 The Soft PackBobby Brown
5584 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
66102 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
71067 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
8777 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
98144 The Black KeysDead And Gone
1021410 Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
1193015The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
1219212 The Soft PackTallboy
1311811 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
1415814 MammalsCarried
1512122 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
1614127 Abbe MayKarmageddon
1713611 Fort LeanSunsick
1817153 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
1924219 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
201685 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
2120712 BattleshipsYour Words
22181113 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
2322137 Local NativesBreakers
2433224 DelphicBaiya
2523192 The Soft MoonInsides
26261625 The Soft PackSaratoga
2725920 The Black KeysMoney Maker
28291128 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
29281711MusePanic Station
30311428 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
3127109 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
32301013 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
33361318 FlumeHoldin On
3432119 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
3534108 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
3637725 San CiscoBeach
37351610 AdeleSkyfall
3840338 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
39391226 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
4038154 Violent SohoTinderbox
4144188 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
42521042 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
4341732 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
4442158 Atoms For PeaceDefault
45452514Grizzly BearYet Again
4647346 Cadence WeaponJukebox
4873348 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
49461110 The PresetsIt's Cool
51592833 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
5268952 Cub ScoutsTold You So
5350204 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
5551942 The Jungle GiantsShe's A Riot
56481417 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
5769357 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
5853646 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
59551049 The Soft MoonMachines
60722119 TwinsyWater Bombs
6156541 Two Door Cinema ClubHandshake
6262462 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
6357266 YeasayerLongevity
64634114Django DjangoDefault
6560242 The PresetsGhosts
6658246 Tame ImpalaElephant
6765194 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
68641515 The Model SchoolPictures of Summer
70661532 AbandonLive It Out
71NEW171 Cadence WeaponHype Man
72672126 The xxAngels
7361920 The RubensThe Best We Got
74701914 360Run Alone
75711060 The Magnetic FieldsI'd Go Anywhere With Hugh
7681276 Violent SohoNeighbour Neighbour
77742512 Django DjangoHail Bop
7876377 HermitudeSpeak Of The Devil
79751433 MetricSynthetica
80NEW180 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
81792814 Hunting GroundsFlaws
8278772 The RubensBe Gone
83771554 Django DjangoWor
84NEW184 FlumeOn Top (ft. T.Shirt)
8582234 MuseMadness
86841178 Sticky FingersClouds & Cream
8787189 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursAmerican Dream Part II
88891187 Bombay Bicycle ClubLights Out, Words Gone
89832043 Kanye West & Jay-ZThat's My Bitch
90882927 Beach HouseMyth
91901714 YeasayerFingers Never Bleed
92851130 Foster The PeopleDon't Stop (Color On The Walls)
93NEW193 C2CDown The Road
94RET274 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursHousehold Goods
9591577 The Temper TrapLondon's Burning
9694680 The LumineersHo Hey
9795473 Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
98100322 Cadence WeaponConditioning
99991084 Ball Park MusicComing Down
10092292 The Good MorrowsGet Out Of My Head

86186 My Chemical RomanceKiss The Ring
931522 GrinspoonBeaujolais
962611Loon LakeFantastica
97963 VydamoGonna Make It
98298 FoalsInhaler
Glad to see Captain Ace staying on top and Sun still moving up. Another awesome jump for Mountain Sound, I hope it can keep rising. Good jumps also for Delphic, Macklemore, Sleep Alone and Cub Scouts. I still don't plan to listen to that ASAP Rocky thing.
Nice top 100
You are still charting Live It Out, yes! Awesome! Great to also see 360, Django Django, Foster, The Temper Trap, Grinspoon, Delphic, Of Monsters, Thrift Shop and I guess I can add Tame Impala to the list now
The lack of top 70 debuts is odd to me. And I've been saying this basically every week, but Sugar Army are STILL rising?! Neato for TDCC rising (although they ruin DVS's all 7s ), and Mountain Sound charging into the top 10. Good moves for Atoms for Peace, Tame Impala, Cub Scouts, Major Lazer & Violent Soho. Cool debuts for A$AP, Flume & C2C too.
Great rise for Mountain Sound, Same Love, Feels Like We only Go Backwards and My Life. Eurgh for A$AP Rocky though haha.
Nice to see Sun, Mountain Sound, Same Love, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards & My Life, Nice debut for Flume.
Good to see Of Monsters and Men jumping into the top ten. I haven't found Mountain sound as instantly enjoyable as Little Talks, but it is good. Nice rises for Macklemore x 2 & 50 Cent, plus the Lumineers and 360 still hanging around.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 4/2/13
Edition No.169
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Did anyone see that coming? Doubt it. Of Monsters and Men jump to #1 with 'Mountain Sound', and Sugar Army continue to rise, knocking The Soft Pack down to #3 with 'Captain Ace'.

I would usually introduce the entries individually; but quite frankly, I have a record 19 entries this week, so you can imagine my laziness for that The main one to note is Minneapolis group Poliça entering at #8 with 'Dark Star'.

110511Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
2382 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
31513The Soft PackCaptain Ace
42713Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
5453 The Soft PackBobby Brown
6776 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
7594 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
8NEW18 PoliçaDark Star
91239 The Soft PackTallboy
106112 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
119154 The Black KeysDead And Gone
12887 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
1314913 MammalsCarried
1419314 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
15113115The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
1613911 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
1717711 Fort LeanSunsick
1815132 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
1918163 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
2024320 DelphicBaiya
2116137 Abbe MayKarmageddon
22NEW122 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
2321812 BattleshipsYour Words
2423147 Local NativesBreakers
2548425 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
262095 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
27NEW127 Everything EverythingCough Cough
28281228 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
29221213 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
30271020 The Black KeysMoney Maker
3125202 The Soft MoonInsides
32291811MusePanic Station
33301528 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
34261725 The Soft PackSaratoga
35331418 FlumeHoldin On
3631119 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
3735118 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
3834129 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
3938438 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
40371710 AdeleSkyfall
4180241 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
42321113 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
4346443 Cadence WeaponJukebox
44391326 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
4536825 San CiscoBeach
46NEW146 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
4740164 Violent SohoTinderbox
48421142 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
50452614Grizzly BearYet Again
5157451 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
5244168 Atoms For PeaceDefault
53NEW153 The Soft PackSecond Look
5441198 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
55512933 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
5643832 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
58521052 Cub ScoutsTold You So
5953214 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
60491210 The PresetsIt's Cool
62NEW162 The Airborne Toxic EventTimeless
63561517 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
6458746 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
65551042 The Jungle GiantsShe's A Riot
6663276 YeasayerLongevity
6771267 Cadence WeaponHype Man
68644214Django DjangoDefault
69602219 TwinsyWater Bombs
70591149 The Soft MoonMachines
7176371 Violent SohoNeighbour Neighbour
72NEW172 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
73NEW173 The Soft PackThey Say
7465252 The PresetsGhosts
7562562 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
7661641 Two Door Cinema ClubHandshake
77722226 The xxAngels
78701632 AbandonLive It Out
8067204 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
8184281 FlumeOn Top (ft. T.Shirt)
82772612 Django DjangoHail Bop
83681615 The Model SchoolPictures of Summer
84NEW184 Beach HouseWild
8578387 HermitudeSpeak Of The Devil
8666256 Tame ImpalaElephant
8793287 C2CDown The Road
8894284 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursHousehold Goods
89NEW189 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
90NEW190 Alt-JBreezeblocks
91NEW191 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
92NEW192 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
93NEW193 Allday x C1So Good
94NEW194 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
95892143 Kanye West & Jay-ZThat's My Bitch
96NEW196 Hilltop HoodsRattling The Keys To The Kingdom
9798332 Cadence WeaponConditioning
98NEW198 Mumford & SonsBabel
99NEW199 AltaStay Awhile
100NEW1100 Major LazerGet Free (ft. Amber Coffman)

73920 The RubensThe Best We Got
741914 360Run Alone
751060 The Magnetic FieldsI'd Go Anywhere With Hugh
791433 MetricSynthetica
812814 Hunting GroundsFlaws
82772 The RubensBe Gone
831554 Django DjangoWor
85234 MuseMadness
861178 Sticky FingersClouds & Cream
87189 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursAmerican Dream Part II
881187 Bombay Bicycle ClubLights Out, Words Gone
902927 Beach HouseMyth
911714 YeasayerFingers Never Bleed
921130 Foster The PeopleDon't Stop (Color On The Walls)
95577 The Temper TrapLondon's Burning
96680 The LumineersHo Hey
97473 Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
991084 Ball Park MusicComing Down
100292 The Good MorrowsGet Out Of My Head
Really great to see The Hilltop Hoods debut and awesome to see Of Monsters And Men at #1! Sad to see 360 and Foster The People fall out, but cool to see Abandon, Flight Facilities, Default, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Tame Impala hanging around. Go Delphic!
Wow, surprised to see Mountain Sound, and yes, I didnt' see it coming
I like Mountain Sound, Sun (your next #1?), Dead And Gone, Quick!, Clean Slate, Karmageddon, My Life (), Cough Cough, Thrift Shop, Money Maker, Panic Station, Do It With A Rockstar, Holdin' On, Clair de lune, Same Love, Same Love, Skyfall, F**kin' Problems, Pyramid, Beach, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Yet Again, Jah No Partial, Stronger, Sleep Alone, Rocksteady, Gotta Have It, It's Cool, She's A Riot, Default, Waterbombs, Neighbour Neighbour, HyperParadise (Flume Remix), Ghosts, WIIW (lol ), Angels, Waitress, Clique, On Top, Speak Of The Devil, Elephant, Down The Road, Household Goods, The Sea Is Calling, Breezeblocks, Swimming Pools (Drank), So Good, Nancy From Now On (HFCS is better though ), Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom, Babel, and Get Free!
Sad to see The Best We Got, Run Alone, Madness, Clouds & Cream, Myth, Don't Stop, Ho Hey, and Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings leave though.

Oh wow!!! great to see OM&M #1, that was certainly a surprise, Great rises aswell for TDCC (Completely destroyed my chart run of this haha I remember when you didn't like it that much when I first charted it ), 50 Cent & Flume, Nice debuts for Kendrick Lamar & Hilltop Hoods.
Reposting just 'cause: http://i50.tinypic.com/11b8dgz.png [/my captcha was 'white rabbit']

But yes it is totally accurate to say that I'm surprised, but that's not to say that it's undeserved. For possibly the last time I get to say this: SUGAR ARMY ARE STILL RISING??!!!!! Also awesome to see Dark Star debut in the top 10 even if it's freefalling out of my chart now Also Atoms For Peace, Delphic, A$AP lol, Major Lazer, Flume, C2C, all good.

I can't help but feel the debut run is somewhat contrived, I mean, so many all right near the bottom? The cool news is The Strokes, Everything Everything, Beach House, The Temper Trap, Alt-J, Kendrick Lamar, Father John Misty!, Hilltop, Mumford & Major Lazer.
Wow, I dont recognise most of these songs, and the ones I do know I dont really like, sorry

The 'best' one here would have to be Skyfall
I didn't see that coming when I saw the last chart, but when you said you had a surprise, I kind of thought it'd be somthing I liked, and it seemed to be separate to the mammoth amount of debuts you mentioned, so it did occur to me that Mountain might be #1. Only because I didn't really think there was anything else going on high enough up that you'd think would interest me enough to hint at to me.

So, um, yay Mountain Sound! Also go Sugar Army; I have that album sitting next to me but I haven't listened to it yet, still I believe I heard and liked that song okay. Nice jump for Baiya, but wtf My Life? I'm sure Adam Levine is the sole reason behind that nearly halving its position, right?

As for the insane debut numbers, go Cough Cough, The Sea Is Calling, Breezeblocks and Get Free.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 11/2/13
Edition No.170
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Momentum is a strong thing. 'Mountain Sound' holds #1 for a second week. Poliça are up to #4 with 'Dark Star' while Atoms For Peace achieve their second top 10 hit with 'Judge Jury and Executioner'.

ENTRIES: Thank you to a certain person who pointed this band out to me. That being said, I did not realise they had newer stuff! Sure, this is nearly a year old but tell you've heard of it New York outfit Bear In Heaven make a big entrance to the chart with 'The Reflection of You' at 15.
I didn't think I'd ever chart it. But alas, 'Clique' became somewhat of a hit, why the heck not? Kanye West and his crew enter at 39 with 'Mercy'.
If you can't draw a crowd, draw dicks on the wall. It's at 52.
A solid ballad from Bat For Lashes in 'Laura', with enters at 79.
Flume makes his third appearance on my chart. 'Sleepless' comes in at 84.
Regina Spektor is another artist I didn't think I'd ever end up charting. Evil JJJ 'All The Rowboats' is nice bar the bizarre drum thing and all of it is in at 92.

11612Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
2292 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
33613The Soft PackCaptain Ace
4824 PoliçaDark Star
54813Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
6686 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
7563 The Soft PackBobby Brown
8948 The Soft PackTallboy
97104 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
1014410 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
1111164 The Black KeysDead And Gone
1210122 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
13131013 MammalsCarried
141297 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
15NEW115 Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
1641316 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
17153215The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
1822218 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
19161011 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
2018142 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
2120420 DelphicBaiya
2217811 Fort LeanSunsick
2321147 Abbe MayKarmageddon
2424157 Local NativesBreakers
2527225 Everything EverythingCough Cough
2619173 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
2723912 BattleshipsYour Words
28281328 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
2926105 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
30331628 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
3125525 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
32291313 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
33301120 The Black KeysMoney Maker
34341825 The Soft PackSaratoga
35321911MusePanic Station
3631212 The Soft MoonInsides
3746237 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
38351518 FlumeHoldin On
39NEW139 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
4036129 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
41401810 AdeleSkyfall
4239538 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
4338139 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
44421213 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
4543543 Cadence WeaponJukebox
4637128 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
4751547 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
48441426 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
4945925 San CiscoBeach
50481242 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
52NEW152 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
5347174 Violent SohoTinderbox
5452178 Atoms For PeaceDefault
5553253 The Soft PackSecond Look
56502714Grizzly BearYet Again
5773257 The Soft PackThey Say
5854208 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
59553033 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
6189261 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
6267362 Cadence WeaponHype Man
6356932 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
6462262 The Airborne Toxic EventTimeless
65581152 Cub ScoutsTold You So
66684314Django DjangoDefault
67601310 The PresetsIt's Cool
6872268 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
7066286 YeasayerLongevity
71631617 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
7259224 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
7364846 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
74692319 TwinsyWater Bombs
7674262 The PresetsGhosts
77701249 The Soft MoonMachines
78651142 The Jungle GiantsShe's A Riot
79NEW179 Bat For LashesLaura
80772326 The xxAngels
8191281 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
8281381 FlumeOn Top (ft. T.Shirt)
8375662 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
84NEW184 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
8571471 Violent SohoNeighbour Neighbour
86781732 AbandonLive It Out
8780214 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
8876741 Two Door Cinema ClubHandshake
89822712 Django DjangoHail Bop
9087387 C2CDown The Road
9188294 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursHousehold Goods
92NEW192 Regina SpektorAll The Rowboats
93831715 The Model SchoolPictures of Summer
9490290 Alt-JBreezeblocks
9592292 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
9685397 HermitudeSpeak Of The Devil
9797342 Cadence WeaponConditioning
9896296 Hilltop HoodsRattling The Keys To The Kingdom
9994294 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
10084284 Beach HouseWild

86256 Tame ImpalaElephant
93193 Allday x C1So Good
952143 Kanye West & Jay-ZThat's My Bitch
98198 Mumford & SonsBabel
99199 AltaStay Awhile
1001100 Major LazerGet Free (ft. Amber Coffman)
Great to see OM&M still on top and that Atoms For Peace song was pretty good so I'm pleased it's in the top ten. Ewww ASAP Rocky; bring back Fiddy Cent or FEM, but please not the Bingo thing. Eww Kanye too, maybe the Bingo thing by comparison. Nice to see Ben Folds Five debut though, and I am thrilled for the Laura entry, it's lovely. Also liking the Regina entry and the Flume one isn't bad either. Great jump for The Temper Trap too.
Cool debut for Flume , but sad to see Tame Impala leave with Elephant .A cool number one for Of Monsters and Men and cool to see Two Door Cinema Club's song "Sun" in the top 10.
Great to see Mountain Sound is still #1, Nice to see these songs moving up aswell, oh wow damn all my favs drop , but nice debut for Kanye.
But Sugar Army had great momentum, what with their perpetual rising! But nice to see Poliça on the rise; makes for a cool top 5. Atoms For Peace top 10 is nice too. lol A$AP, #1 still out of the question? Our chart runs for "One Way Trigger" are eerily similar thus far. I suppose Regina's is my favourite debut but lol it's like a year old
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 18/2/13
Edition No.171
Songs retire at 75 weeks

A third week on top for Of Monsters and Men, while Atoms For Peace, Bear In Heaven and Mammals hit the top 10. The Temper Trap are the big rise of the week, with 'The Sea Is Calling' up to 19.

Rihanna enters at 39 with her third entry, with 'Stay' featuring Mikky Ekko from her latest album Unapologetic.
The latest from British India is in anticipation for their upcoming record Controller. 'Summer Forgive Me' enterrs at 55.
Alt-J enter for the second time, 'Tessellate' at 61.
A unique way for !!! to return, 'Slyd' comes in at 64.
WA group Sugarpuss enter at 93 with 'Falling Outta Love'.
The Delta Riggs with their third entry at 95 with 'Rah Rah Radio'.
Justin Timberlake has found his way in to my chart, with 'Suit & Tie' at 99.

11713Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
23713The Soft PackCaptain Ace
3433 PoliçaDark Star
42102 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
5695 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
65913Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
71057 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
81528 Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
9773 The Soft PackBobby Brown
10131110 MammalsCarried
11858 The Soft PackTallboy
1216412 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
139114 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
1411174 The Black KeysDead And Gone
1514107 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
1612132 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
1718317 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
18173315The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
1961319 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
20191111 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
2125321 Everything EverythingCough Cough
2220152 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
2321520 DelphicBaiya
2423157 Abbe MayKarmageddon
2522911 Fort LeanSunsick
2626183 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
2724167 Local NativesBreakers
28281428 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
2929115 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
30301728 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
31271012 BattleshipsYour Words
3231625 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
33331220 The Black KeysMoney Maker
3481334 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
35321413 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
36352011MusePanic Station
37341925 The Soft PackSaratoga
38381618 FlumeHoldin On
39NEW139 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
4037337 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
4136222 The Soft MoonInsides
4240139 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
4342638 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
44411910 AdeleSkyfall
4543149 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
4639239 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
4745643 Cadence WeaponJukebox
4847647 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
49501342 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
50441313 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
51481526 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
5252252 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
54491025 San CiscoBeach
55NEW155 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
5646138 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
5754188 Atoms For PeaceDefault
5868358 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
5955353 The Soft PackSecond Look
6058218 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
61NEW161 Alt-JTessellate
62593133 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
6353184 Violent SohoTinderbox
64NEW164 !!!Slyd
6557357 The Soft PackThey Say
66562814Grizzly BearYet Again
6762462 Cadence WeaponHype Man
68631032 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
69651252 Cub ScoutsTold You So
7072234 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
71664414Django DjangoDefault
7370296 YeasayerLongevity
74671410 The PresetsIt's Cool
75711717 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
7673946 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
78742419 TwinsyWater Bombs
7979279 Bat For LashesLaura
80771349 The Soft MoonMachines
8184281 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
8264362 The Airborne Toxic EventTimeless
8376272 The PresetsGhosts
85802426 The xxAngels
86781242 The Jungle GiantsShe's A Riot
8785571 Violent SohoNeighbour Neighbour
8882481 FlumeOn Top (ft. T.Shirt)
8988841 Two Door Cinema ClubHandshake
9091304 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursHousehold Goods
91892812 Django DjangoHail Bop
9287224 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
93NEW193 SugarpussFalling Outta Love
9494390 Alt-JBreezeblocks
95NEW195 The Delta RiggsRah Rah Radio
96861832 AbandonLive It Out
9792292 Regina SpektorAll The Rowboats
9898396 Hilltop HoodsRattling The Keys To The Kingdom
99NEW199 Justin TimberlakeSuit & Tie (ft. Jay-Z)
10096407 HermitudeSpeak Of The Devil

83662 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
90387 C2CDown The Road
931715 The Model SchoolPictures of Summer
95292 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
97342 Cadence WeaponConditioning
99294 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
100284 Beach HouseWild
Nice to see "F**kin' Problems" up and "Stay" debuting
Thank god for Kirin J Callinan leaving! Because the song is weird itself but the music video is another dimension .Nice jumps for Two Door Cinema Club ,Flume ,Kanye West & Jay-Z , Tame Impala and The Temper Trap (big jump).
yay MS still #1 and stuff , Nice to see Sun hit the top 5 though and Tame Impala moving up, wow at that Rihanna debut...
Wait, I've heard the whole top 8, what is this?! Awesome to see Of Monsters and Men still holding #1. Those rises for Atoms For Peace, A$AP, The Temper Trap & Everything Everything are cool too. 4th week in a row of H100-related debuting, you'll run out of songs soon surely But then I'm not very fond of Tessellate. Nothing wrong with more British India though!
1 1 7 1 3 Of Monsters and Men Mountain Sound
3 4 3 3 Poliça Dark Star
12 16 4 12 A$AP Rocky F**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
23 21 5 20 Delphic Baiya
27 24 16 7 Local Natives Breakers
28 28 14 28 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
36 35 20 1 1 Muse Panic Station
38 38 16 18 Flume Holdin On
39 NEW 1 39 Rihanna Stay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
43 42 6 38 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
44 41 19 10 Adele Skyfall
46 39 2 39 Kanye West Mercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
53 51 27 1 3 Grinspoon Passerby
56 46 13 8 Flight Facilities Clair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
57 54 18 8 Atoms For Peace Default
58 68 3 58 Hermitude HyperParadise (Flume Remix)
61 NEW 1 61 Alt-J Tessellate
66 56 28 1 4 Grizzly Bear Yet Again
77 69 18 1 2 Grinspoon Battleground
79 79 2 79 Bat For Lashes Laura
85 80 24 26 The xx Angels
87 85 5 71 Violent Soho Neighbour Neighbour
88 82 4 81 Flume On Top (ft. T.Shirt)
92 87 22 4 Kanye West Clique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
99 NEW 1 99 Justin Timberlake Suit & Tie (ft. Jay-Z)

Cool #1 track! Nice (and unexpected) to see Stay debut and also cool that All The Rowboats debuted last week (even if it might be a very short chart run )
Wait, I've heard the whole top seven, wtf? Even though several I don't recall, I know I have. Great to see Mountain Sound still on top, and TDCC into the top five now, getting closer to achieving some of their former success. Awesome move for The Temper Trap! Great to see British India debut probably, but seriously, wtf Stay!? Nice to see Justin Timberlake and nobody else in too.
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Come on Delphic! Go higher! Nice to see Thrift Shop, Delphic, Loony, Django hanging around as well. It looks like Abandon might not reach 20 weeks! Surprised but glad to see Stay in there, I'd noticed it had been growing on you.
Still haven;t managed to get into Mountain Sound, although I think if I took took the time to actually sit down and pay ful attenton to it, it would chart on my chart. Great to see Same Love still charting.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 25/2/13
Edition No.172
Songs retire at 75 weeks

How's this for a change? Bear In Heaven jump from #8 to top spot with 'The Reflection Of You'.

I'm happy that I've got around to charting this. Cadence Weapon makes it five entries with '(You Can't Stop) The Machine'.
Darwin Deez! His new album is quite good, and new single 'You Can't Be My Girl' is a jam. It's in at 61.
I really forget how good Black Rabbits is, Grinspoon are in with 'Tightrope' at 72.
Grinspoon enter again, this time with current single 'Branded' at 76.
Kendrick Lamar re-enters at 80.
'Fineshrine' at 89 by Canadian outfit Purity Ring. I must point that this makes 5 consecutive weeks of H100 debuts
I downloaded this and then forgot about it, until I heard it on the radio and realised I liked it. Sydney group Jagwar Ma come in at 91 with 'The Throw'.
I didn't necessarily succumb to peer pressure, but it has just snuck in Birds of Tokyo in at 96 with 'Lanterns'.

18311Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
21813Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
3763 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
43444 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
5343 PoliçaDark Star
65105 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
74112 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
82813The Soft PackCaptain Ace
961013Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
1012510 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
11101210 MammalsCarried
1219412 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
13983 The Soft PackBobby Brown
1414184 The Black KeysDead And Gone
151168 The Soft PackTallboy
1615117 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
1713124 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
1817417 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
1916142 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
2021420 Everything EverythingCough Cough
21183415The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
2222162 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
2324167 Abbe MayKarmageddon
2423620 DelphicBaiya
25201211 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
26281526 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
2726193 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
28301828 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
29251011 Fort LeanSunsick
3027177 Local NativesBreakers
3129125 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
32381718 FlumeHoldin On
33362111MusePanic Station
3432725 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
35331320 The Black KeysMoney Maker
36372025 The Soft PackSaratoga
37311112 BattleshipsYour Words
38351513 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
3955239 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
40NEW140 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
4141232 The Soft MoonInsides
4242149 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
4340437 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
4443738 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
4561245 Alt-JTessellate
46442010 AdeleSkyfall
4745159 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
48491442 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
4946339 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
5039239 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
5156148 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
5248747 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
5352352 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
5447743 Cadence WeaponJukebox
5657198 Atoms For PeaceDefault
57511626 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
5864258 !!!Slyd
59501413 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
6058458 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
61NEW161 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
6260228 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
63541125 San CiscoBeach
6459453 The Soft PackSecond Look
65691352 Cub ScoutsTold You So
66623233 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
6765457 The Soft PackThey Say
6863194 Violent SohoTinderbox
6967562 Cadence WeaponHype Man
7070244 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
71662914Grizzly BearYet Again
72NEW172 GrinspoonTightrope
74714514Django DjangoDefault
75681132 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
76NEW176 GrinspoonBranded
77741510 The PresetsIt's Cool
7879378 Bat For LashesLaura
79782519 TwinsyWater Bombs
80RET380 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
8173306 YeasayerLongevity
8281381 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
84751817 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
85801449 The Soft MoonMachines
87852526 The xxAngels
8894488 Alt-JBreezeblocks
89NEW189 Purity RingFineshrine
90761046 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
91NEW191 Jagwar MaThe Throw
92861342 The Jungle GiantsShe's A Riot
9387671 Violent SohoNeighbour Neighbour
9497392 Regina SpektorAll The Rowboats
9593293 SugarpussFalling Outta Love
96NEW196 Birds of TokyoLanterns
9783282 The PresetsGhosts
9890314 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursHousehold Goods
9992234 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
10098496 Hilltop HoodsRattling The Keys To The Kingdom

82362 The Airborne Toxic EventTimeless
88481 FlumeOn Top (ft. T.Shirt)
89841 Two Door Cinema ClubHandshake
912812 Django DjangoHail Bop
95195 The Delta RiggsRah Rah Radio
961832 AbandonLive It Out
99199 Justin TimberlakeSuit & Tie (ft. Jay-Z)
100407 HermitudeSpeak Of The Devil

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Oh, a new #1 I need to hear. I'll get to it, in a few weeks probably with my track record! Nice to see The Temper Trap still making good gains and the moves for British India, Alt-J and Alt-J are pleasing also. Best thing about your chart this week is the debut of Lanterns of course though. Shame to see Justin out though.
Sad to see Flume leave but a cool debut for Birds of Tokyo just getting in the chart .Not liking Mountain Sound being number 2 now, it just doesn't look right. But also some cool rises for Boy ,British India ,Flume and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Good chart!
No idea what #1 is, I will have to check it out, but cool to see Muse & British India moving up, Nice re-entry and debut for Kendrick / BOT.
Well if I'm largely responsible for a #1 I should be happier for it right? Haha, it is interesting though. Very strong showing for Atoms For Peace too, though I still think it can't compare to Default. lol yuss at A$AP making the top 10 Not Fineshrine!!! Debut Gasoline or something next week But yes the Lanterns is good stuff.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 4/3/13
Edition No.173
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Nothing different at the top with Bear In Heaven at #1 for a second week but plenty of shifting nearby, most notably Split Seconds who move up to second with 'She Makes Her Own Clothes'.

Their new sound continues to impress me. 'I Hold Loneliness' made it to #1 and now their second entry of the year enters in the top 5. Got it yet? Well it's Wave Machines and the very nifty 'Ill Fit' is in at 5.
A near six-minute instrumental track is the second highest debut of the week. Remember Caribou? Well, Canadian musician Daniel Victor Snaith now has a new moniker and a slightly different sound. Daphni enters at 14 with 'Ahora'.
This has, on multiple occasions, become increasingly close to charting in this past month. 'Love Is All I Got' by Feed Me & Crystal Fighters is one of those H100 tracks that has grown on me a fair bit, probably I'd liken it to how 'Speak Of The Devil' grew on me last year. Will this one have the same longevity? Probably not, but you never know. It enters at 70.
Don't know much about whatever this is, but it's catchy. 'Jurassica' by Phebe Starr enters at 81.
Another stunning track from his debut album Trouble, 'Closer' enters in at 88 by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. It's Orlando's ninth entry overall.
French turntablers C2C are back with 'Down The Road' at 87.
All I know is that this band is Aussie, the song is nice. 'Friends' by Rainy Day Women is shockingly neither a British India nor a Flight of the Conchords cover :O But as I mentioned, it's nice. It's in at 96.
I'll admit that it's fairly easy to judge this one immediately as mediocre but there are some cool things about this. I think it reminds me most of 'Stand Up Tall'. Dizzee Rascal strips back the instrumentation almost as an homage to his early work. 'Bassline Junkie' is a bouncy hip-hop track and it's in at 97.
Now The Good Morrows have two entries overall, their second is in at 100 with 'Spaceman'.

11412Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
2452 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
3373 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
42913Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
5NEW15 Wave MachinesIll Fit
6553 PoliçaDark Star
77122 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
86115 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
91069 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
1091113Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
11111310 MammalsCarried
1212512 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
138913The Soft PackCaptain Ace
14NEW114 DaphniAhora
1514194 The Black KeysDead And Gone
161393 The Soft PackBobby Brown
1720517 Everything EverythingCough Cough
1816127 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
1918517 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
2017134 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
211578 The Soft PackTallboy
2219152 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
23291111 Fort LeanSunsick
2424720 DelphicBaiya
25261625 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
2622172 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
2727203 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
28251311 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
29213515The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
30281928 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
3123177 Abbe MayKarmageddon
32321818 FlumeHoldin On
3330187 Local NativesBreakers
3434825 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
3531135 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
36351420 The Black KeysMoney Maker
3739337 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
38362125 The Soft PackSaratoga
3940239 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
40371212 BattleshipsYour Words
4141242 The Soft MoonInsides
42332211MusePanic Station
4342159 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
4449439 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
4543537 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
4645345 Alt-JTessellate
4744838 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
48462110 AdeleSkyfall
49481542 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
5047169 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
51381613 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
5262238 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
5351158 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
5453452 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
5558355 !!!Slyd
5652847 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
5756208 Atoms For PeaceDefault
5861258 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
5954843 Cadence WeaponJukebox
60571726 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
6150339 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
62591513 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
63631225 San CiscoBeach
64744614Django DjangoDefault
6560558 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
66651452 Cub ScoutsTold You So
6868204 Violent SohoTinderbox
6970254 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
70NEW170 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
7180471 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
72663333 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
7369662 Cadence WeaponHype Man
7464553 The Soft PackSecond Look
7572272 GrinspoonTightrope
76713014Grizzly BearYet Again
7776276 GrinspoonBranded
7967557 The Soft PackThey Say
80792619 TwinsyWater Bombs
81NEW181 Phebe StarrJurassica
82751232 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
8482481 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
85100585 Hilltop HoodsRattling The Keys To The Kingdom
8678478 Bat For LashesLaura
8781316 YeasayerLongevity
88NEW188 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursCloser
8988588 Alt-JBreezeblocks
9091290 Jagwar MaThe Throw
91841917 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
92901146 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
93872626 The xxAngels
94RET487 C2CDown The Road
9589289 Purity RingFineshrine
96NEW196 Rainy Day WomenFriends
97NEW197 Dizzee RascalBassline Junkie
9896296 Birds of TokyoLanterns
9999244 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
100NEW1100 The Good MorrowsSpaceman

771510 The PresetsIt's Cool
851449 The Soft MoonMachines
921342 The Jungle GiantsShe's A Riot
93671 Violent SohoNeighbour Neighbour
94392 Regina SpektorAll The Rowboats
95293 SugarpussFalling Outta Love
97282 The PresetsGhosts
98314 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursHousehold Goods
yay at least Lanterns is charting I'm really getting into Mountain Sound now, so yay! Go Delphic, Thrift Shop and Clair de Lune, I hope Can't Hold Us can debut really soon!
Still haven't heard the #1 yet of course; I am still me. Nice jump for Everything Cough 2X and good to see British India sneak up too. I hope Lanterns can move up. I know only one debut and I can't make up my mind on it. I did say the other day that Love Is All I Got is the most irritating song on the H100 compilation, but I'm now starting to enjoy it.
here we go, here come the random songs I don't know to increase the obscureness Good to see A$AP, Everything Everything, Kendrick, Hilltops rising. Why did it have to be Love Is All I Got? A better choice next week please? Haha Bassline Junkie
I like Mountain Sound, Sun, F**kin Problems, The Sea Is Calling, Dead And Gone, Cough Cough, Thrift Shop, Holdin On, My Life, Summer Forgive Me, Panic Station, Mercy, Same Love, Skyfall, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Clair de lune, Draw A Crowd, Jah No Partial, Default, Pyramid, Stay, Beach, Default, HyperParadise (Flume Remix), Told You So, Gotta Have It, Love Is All I Got, Swimming Pools (Drank), Sleep Alone, Rocksteady, Sleepless, Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom, Laura, Gun-Shy, Down The Road, Fineshrine, Bassline Junkie , Lanterns and Clique.

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 11/3/13
Edition No.174
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Bear In Heaven's 'The Reflection Of You' becomes the fourth consecutive #1 to spend three weeks on top. Wave Machines make a noteworthy rise to third with 'Ill Fit', whilst Everything Everything crack the top 10.

Where to start? Well there are five new entries and three re-entries, but they're all quite low. First up are British group Dutch Uncles who enter for the first time with 'Fester' at 85.
With one of the highlights on Amok, Atoms For Peace enter at 88 with 'Stuck Together Pieces'.
The Soft Pack are at it again, this time with 'Everything I Know' at 90.
Following on from their 2012 success on this chart, Loon Lake are back with new single 'On Fire' at 91.
Father John Misty is back at 92.
so catchy <3
The Strokes are in with their proper comeback single 'All the Time' at 98.
And JT is back also.

11513Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
2262 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
3523 Wave MachinesIll Fit
4383 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
541013Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
67132 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
7663 PoliçaDark Star
81768 Everything EverythingCough Cough
9979 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
108125 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
11101213Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
1214212 DaphniAhora
13131013The Soft PackCaptain Ace
1415204 The Black KeysDead And Gone
15111410 MammalsCarried
1612612 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
1716103 The Soft PackBobby Brown
1819617 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
19231211 Fort LeanSunsick
202188 The Soft PackTallboy
21251721 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
22281411 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
2339323 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
2420144 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
2522162 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
2618137 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
2755427 !!!Slyd
2824820 DelphicBaiya
2927213 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
3037430 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
3126182 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
3231187 Abbe MayKarmageddon
33321918 FlumeHoldin On
34293615The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
3534925 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
3635145 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
3741252 The Soft MoonInsides
3833197 Local NativesBreakers
39361520 The Black KeysMoney Maker
40382225 The Soft PackSaratoga
4144539 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
42302028 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
4346443 Alt-JTessellate
44401312 BattleshipsYour Words
45422311MusePanic Station
4645637 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
4743169 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
48491642 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
4947938 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
50482210 AdeleSkyfall
5154551 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
52511713 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
5352248 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
5461439 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
5550179 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
5653168 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
5759943 Cadence WeaponJukebox
5857218 Atoms For PeaceDefault
59601826 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
6058358 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
61661552 Cub ScoutsTold You So
6256947 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
6370263 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
64644714Django DjangoDefault
6565658 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
66621613 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
6769264 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
6871568 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
70763114Grizzly BearYet Again
7175371 GrinspoonTightrope
7268214 Violent SohoTinderbox
73802719 TwinsyWater Bombs
7473762 Cadence WeaponHype Man
75723433 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
7774653 The Soft PackSecond Look
7877376 GrinspoonBranded
8084580 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
8179657 The Soft PackThey Say
8281281 Phebe StarrJurassica
83631325 San CiscoBeach
8490384 Jagwar MaThe Throw
85NEW185 Dutch UnclesFester
8685685 Hilltop HoodsRattling The Keys To The Kingdom
8789687 Alt-JBreezeblocks
88NEW188 Atoms For PeaceStuck Together Pieces
8994587 C2CDown The Road
90NEW190 The Soft PackEverything I Know
91NEW191 Loon LakeOn Fire
92RET392 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
9388288 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursCloser
9495389 Purity RingFineshrine
95RET762 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
96821332 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
9797297 Dizzee RascalBassline Junkie
98NEW198 The StrokesAll the Time
99RET299 Justin TimberlakeSuit & Tie (ft. Jay-Z)
1001002100 The Good MorrowsSpaceman

86478 Bat For LashesLaura
87316 YeasayerLongevity
911917 Grizzly BearGun-Shy
921146 Darwin DeezFree (The Editorial Me)
932626 The xxAngels
96196 Rainy Day WomenFriends
98296 Birds of TokyoLanterns
99244 Kanye WestClique (ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean)
I am surprised to see Suit & Tie back - I didn't pick it as a track you'd like for some reason. Nice to see Mountain Sound still in the top five, as well as solid runs for Same Love, Thrift Shop, Holdin' On, 50 Cent and Adele.
Nice to see British India, Kanye West, Tame Impala & Kendrick Lamar rising.
Surprised to see Kanye and Birds of Tokyo leaving but a cool debut for The Soft Pack.
Still yet to hear the #1; I think the current pattern I have going is that I hear them right after they drop; will it keep up!? Great jumps for Everything Everything, British India, Alt-J and love is all I got if love is all I got then love is all I got cause love is all I got so love is all I got if love is all I got. Nice to see JT back in, and ooh, getting close to retirement time for Waitress Boy.
I wanna say I still don't see it, but it's hardly a fair assessment as I haven't heard it since What a leap by Everything Cough though, and perhaps Sugar Army can repeak?! New peak for Thrift Shop lol. Nice to see The Strokes still rising, hopefully you'll follow suit with me and surge All The Time right up there with it, the guitar solo is killer I must say that I find the lack of Hottest 100 debuts disturbing.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 18/3/13
Edition No.175
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Bear In Heaven break the pattern of three-week #1s and hang on for a fourth week with 'The Reflection Of You'. Some intense competition at the top with new entries at #2 and #3 from The Love Junkies and Portugal. The Man respectively.

I didn't expect this at all. The Love Junkies enter for the second time, and 'Black Sheep Blues' and all of its bombastic awesomeness enters at 2.
They're back! Portugal. The Man enter with their third entry to date, 'Evil Friends' from their upcoming record of the same title at 3.
Darwin Deez's third entry from his new album, and this one is the highest thus far. 'Redshift' comes in at 43.
I'm not sure if I feel an obligation to give her songs more of a chance than other artists but I really like her. Owl Eyes in with her fifth entry 'Closure' at 74.
I wasn't sure if I would ever chart them again after their ARIA #1s, but they're back! Fun. in with 'Why Am I the One' at 89.
This is an odd case. I've heard it so much on the radio but it's still quite great. Even weirder is that it's been my own fault that I'm getting into this. The Black Keys in at 91 with 'Little Black Submarines'.
I wasn't sure if I'd ever chart this, but Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have cracked the top 100 for a third time with 'Can't Hold Us' at 95.
What's all this then? P!nk in my chart??? Great week for Fun. lead singer Nate Ruess, with 'Just Give Me A Reason' in at 98.
Regina Spektor is back too.

11614Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
2NEW12 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
3NEW13 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
4333 Wave MachinesIll Fit
5272 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
6493 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
7877 Everything EverythingCough Cough
851113Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
9773 PoliçaDark Star
106142 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
11989 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
12131113The Soft PackCaptain Ace
13111313Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
1412312 DaphniAhora
1510135 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
16151510 MammalsCarried
1714214 The Black KeysDead And Gone
1827518 !!!Slyd
1917113 The Soft PackBobby Brown
2023420 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
2116712 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
2218717 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
232098 The Soft PackTallboy
24191311 Fort LeanSunsick
25221511 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
26211821 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
2730527 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
2824154 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
2926147 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
3029223 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
3128920 DelphicBaiya
3225172 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
3337262 The Soft MoonInsides
3432197 Abbe MayKarmageddon
35343715The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
36332018 FlumeHoldin On
3731192 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
3836155 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
3941639 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
40351025 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
4146737 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
42391620 The Black KeysMoney Maker
43NEW143 Darwin DeezRedshift
44422128 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
4543543 Alt-JTessellate
4638207 Local NativesBreakers
47441412 BattleshipsYour Words
48402325 The Soft PackSaratoga
49491038 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
50481742 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
5154539 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
5247179 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
53452411MusePanic Station
5491254 Loon LakeOn Fire
5551651 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
5653258 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
5760457 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
58521813 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
59591926 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
6055189 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
6168661 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
62502310 AdeleSkyfall
6367274 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
64571043 Cadence WeaponJukebox
6563363 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
6665758 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
67611652 Cub ScoutsTold You So
6856178 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
69621047 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
70644814Django DjangoDefault
71661713 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
7258228 Atoms For PeaceDefault
74NEW174 Owl EyesClosure
75703214Grizzly BearYet Again
76732819 TwinsyWater Bombs
7784477 Jagwar MaThe Throw
7871471 GrinspoonTightrope
8080680 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
8174862 Cadence WeaponHype Man
8278476 GrinspoonBranded
8386783 Hilltop HoodsRattling The Keys To The Kingdom
8489684 C2CDown The Road
85753533 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
8695862 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
8782381 Phebe StarrJurassica
8892488 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
89NEW189 Fun.Why Am I the One
9077753 The Soft PackSecond Look
91NEW191 The Black KeysLittle Black Submarines
9285285 Dutch UnclesFester
9387787 Alt-JBreezeblocks
9481757 The Soft PackThey Say
95NEW195 Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
9698296 The StrokesAll the Time
9799397 Justin TimberlakeSuit & Tie (ft. Jay-Z)
98NEW198 P!nkJust Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)
99RET492 Regina SpektorAll The Rowboats
10088288 Atoms For PeaceStuck Together Pieces

72214 Violent SohoTinderbox
831325 San CiscoBeach
90190 The Soft PackEverything I Know
93288 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursCloser
94389 Purity RingFineshrine
961332 The Bloody BeetrootsRocksteady
97297 Dizzee RascalBassline Junkie
1002100 The Good MorrowsSpaceman

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Great entry for Pink and yay to see Rihanna rise.
Ooh, it's still on top and I still haven't heard it; the pattern continues? Big debuts right behind mean that I could have to hear it next week, go Porty just on principle!

It's good to see Brindia and Nancy sneaking up a little more and I'm very pleasantly surprised to see Pink/Nate debut; I certainly did not expect that! I'm also very happy about the debuts for Fun and Macklewton, as well as liking Closure quite a bit and thinking All The Rowboats is still good.
I need to get around to re-sampling some more tracks but damn that tight uni schedule I don't like that the songs that I actually do know well are slipping. At least Everything Everything inch up. British India, Kanye, Kendrick, C2C & FJM sneaking up is good too. I like the debuts for Fun., Macklemore & The Black Keys, the latter is possibly my favourite of the week. lol jk I can see Closure
Nice to see P!nk enter, even if it s so low.
The bottom of your chart is more interesting for me Great to see fun, Macklemore and Pink debuting. In other news, good to see Rihanna knocking on the door of the top fifty again.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 25/3/13
Edition No.176
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The Love Junkies seemed so destined to jump to top spot this week, but Bear In Heaven have hung on again to make it five weeks at #1. 'The Reflection of You' becomes the first track since 'Quick!' last year to manage five consecutive weeks at #1. It's just the fifth track to achieve that feat in the chart's history. However, the great test of this chart is six consecutive weeks, something that has never happened!

This is just such a lovely return. Two entries in a week to mark the triumphant comeback of Vampire Weekend, the first of which is 'Step' at 8.
James Blake is back also, and his third entry to date 'Retrograde' comes in at 32.
I think this one is the proper single but nevertheless Vampire Weekend again with 'Diane Young' at 45.
If VW and Blake think they've had a long time between drinks, how about this: remember that Rosemary song that graced my chart towards the end of 2009 and start of 2010? Well they're back with a new album and lead single 'Moving Out of Eden' has entered at 55. 'Rosemary' was my 35th ever entry, entering in my second week of charts; only Black Eyed Peas, The Fratellis, U2, Macaco, Datarock and Correcto await longer returns to my chart.
Cadence Weapon's album continues to astound me, and the title track 'Hope In Dirt City' enters at 59.
New Strokes has been interesting, 'Partners In Crime' could be one of my favourites from the new album. It enters at 83.
Darwin Deez's first of two new entries today, 'Moonlit' at 86.
More Strokes with 'Welcome To Japan' at 96.
This has a number of cool Aussie references Nevertheless, Darwin Deez's 13th entry to date in 'Alice' comes in at 97.
I don't care what it actually is, I always sing 'let me gnaw you here on the floor' Flume's zombie anthem 'Sintra' is in at 98.
And finally, The Griswolds make it 11 entries for the week with 'The Courtship Of Summer Preasley' at 100.

11715Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
2222 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
3323 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
4443 Wave MachinesIll Fit
5582 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
6786 Everything EverythingCough Cough
76103 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
8NEW18 Vampire WeekendStep
981213Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
101199 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
11983 PoliçaDark Star
12131413Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
13121213The Soft PackCaptain Ace
1410152 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
1518615 !!!Slyd
1615145 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
1720517 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
1814412 DaphniAhora
1917224 The Black KeysDead And Gone
20161610 MammalsCarried
2119123 The Soft PackBobby Brown
2243222 Darwin DeezRedshift
23311020 DelphicBaiya
2421812 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
25241411 Fort LeanSunsick
26251611 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
2722817 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
2827627 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
29261921 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
3033272 The Soft MoonInsides
3139731 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
32NEW132 James BlakeRetrograde
3328164 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
3454334 Loon LakeOn Fire
3530233 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
3632182 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
3723108 The Soft PackTallboy
38362118 FlumeHoldin On
3929157 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
4038165 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
4137202 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
4241837 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
43353815The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
44421720 The Black KeysMoney Maker
45NEW145 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
46442228 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
4734207 Abbe MayKarmageddon
4846217 Local NativesBreakers
49401125 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
50491138 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
51501842 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
5251639 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
5345643 Alt-JTessellate
5466854 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
55NEW155 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
56471512 BattleshipsYour Words
5756268 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
58532511MusePanic Station
59NEW159 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
6052189 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
6161761 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
62482425 The Soft PackSaratoga
6377563 Jagwar MaThe Throw
6455751 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
6574265 Owl EyesClosure
6663284 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
6765463 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
6860199 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
6957557 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
70592026 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
71671752 Cub ScoutsTold You So
72622410 AdeleSkyfall
73581913 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
74641143 Cadence WeaponJukebox
75704914Django DjangoDefault
7768188 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
78753314Grizzly BearYet Again
79691147 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
80762919 TwinsyWater Bombs
8180780 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
8288582 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
83NEW183 The StrokesPartners In Crime
8478571 GrinspoonTightrope
8591285 The Black KeysLittle Black Submarines
86NEW186 Darwin DeezMoonlit
8784784 C2CDown The Road
8896388 The StrokesAll the Time
8989289 Fun.Why Am I the One
9092385 Dutch UnclesFester
9198291 P!nkJust Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)
9272238 Atoms For PeaceDefault
9386962 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
9495294 Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
9582576 GrinspoonBranded
96NEW196 The StrokesWelcome To Japan
97NEW197 Darwin DeezAlice
98NEW198 FlumeSintra
9993887 Alt-JBreezeblocks
100NEW1100 The GriswoldsThe Courtship Of Summer Preasley

711713 The Magnetic FieldsInfatuation (With Your Gyration)
81862 Cadence WeaponHype Man
83783 Hilltop HoodsRattling The Keys To The Kingdom
853533 Two Door Cinema ClubSleep Alone
87381 Phebe StarrJurassica
90753 The Soft PackSecond Look
94757 The Soft PackThey Say
97397 Justin TimberlakeSuit & Tie (ft. Jay-Z)
99492 Regina SpektorAll The Rowboats
100288 Atoms For PeaceStuck Together Pieces
I heard a Love Junkies song on the radio today/yesterday. I'm going to take a fair assumption that it wasn't that one though. However the important thing is that I have more greatly verified that I do indeed enjoy the Bear In Heaven song. However I think I'd prefer Portugal. The Man to take it, and not just for the 'lol at this random band getting two #1 hits from different albums in such a short space of time' factor. I do hope Step is the better of the two. Excellent to see James Blake enter and Owl Eyes get one of the few notable rises in the bottom half.
Nice to see Kanye West, Owl Eyes, The Black Keys, Pink & Macklemore moving up.
I think it would be super cool if Mountain Sound just made a sudden rebound back to #1 Great to see P!nk, Stay, Baiya rebound, Can't Hold Us!, Clair de Lune! and it looks like Default - Django Django might make a year!
Well it hasn't fallen yet and I haven't heard it yet, will the pattern continue to hold!? I haven't heard any new Vampire Weekend yet but I'm going to assume they're still good and cheer it on early; yay for the top ten debut! Awesome debut for James Blake too and cool jumps for Owl Eyes and Delphic.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 1/4/13
Edition No.177
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The Love Junkies are #1! April Fools, they're not. Bear In Heaven make it a record six consecutive weeks on top with the awesome 'The Reflection Of You'.

His album continues to impress me, Cadence Weapon at 32 with 'Cheval'.
Really quite fun! Sort of like Kimbra crossed with Lana Del Rey? All I can say is that it is a unique sound that's hard to describe. Lorde with 'Royals' at 46.
More Cadence Weapon, 'Crash Course For The Ravers' at 55.
'Cough Cough' is doing very well in the chart, and now Everything Everything have a second entry in 'Kemosabe' at 73.
The slow burner 'There We Go' by Cadence Weapon at 80.
This probably isn't their best, but The Love Junkies are in at 93 with new single 'Maybelene'.
Not without trying but nevertheless 'Too Fast For Love' by Them Swoops has snuck in at 100.

11816Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
2232 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
3333 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
4824 Vampire WeekendStep
5695 Everything EverythingCough Cough
6453 Wave MachinesIll Fit
7592 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
810108 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
91769 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
1015710 !!!Slyd
1191313Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
127113 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
13121513Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
141193 PoliçaDark Star
1518512 DaphniAhora
16201710 MammalsCarried
1755217 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
18131313The Soft PackCaptain Ace
1916155 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
2014162 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
2159221 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
22231120 DelphicBaiya
2322322 Darwin DeezRedshift
2432224 James BlakeRetrograde
2519234 The Black KeysDead And Gone
2621133 The Soft PackBobby Brown
2731827 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
2845228 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
29261711 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
3034430 Loon LakeOn Fire
3128727 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
32NEW132 Cadence WeaponCheval
3327917 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
34292021 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
3530282 The Soft MoonInsides
36251511 Fort LeanSunsick
3735243 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
3836192 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
3933174 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
4024912 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
4165341 Owl EyesClosure
42382218 FlumeHoldin On
43441820 The Black KeysMoney Maker
4439167 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
4540175 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
46NEW146 LordeRoyals
4741212 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
4863648 Jagwar MaThe Throw
49433915The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
50462328 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
5142937 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
5237118 The Soft PackTallboy
53511942 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
54501238 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
55NEW155 Cadence WeaponCrash Course For The Ravers
5652739 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
5761857 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
5857278 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
5953743 Alt-JTessellate
60491225 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
6154954 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
62582611MusePanic Station
6348227 Local NativesBreakers
6464851 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
6547217 Abbe MayKarmageddon
6689366 Fun.Why Am I the One
6769657 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
6860199 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
69622525 The Soft PackSaratoga
7090470 Dutch UnclesFester
71711852 Cub ScoutsTold You So
72561612 BattleshipsYour Words
73NEW173 Everything EverythingKemosabe
7467563 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
75702126 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
76722510 AdeleSkyfall
7766294 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
78741243 Cadence WeaponJukebox
7982679 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
80NEW180 Cadence WeaponThere We Go
81783414Grizzly BearYet Again
8268209 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
8398283 FlumeSintra
8488484 The StrokesAll the Time
85732013 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
8791387 P!nkJust Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)
88803019 TwinsyWater Bombs
8994389 Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
9083283 The StrokesPartners In Crime
9181880 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
92931062 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
93NEW193 The Love JunkiesMaybelene
9485385 The Black KeysLittle Black Submarines
95755014Django DjangoDefault
9687884 C2CDown The Road
9784671 GrinspoonTightrope
9886286 Darwin DeezMoonlit
9999987 Alt-JBreezeblocks
100NEW1100 Them SwoopsToo Fast For Love

77188 Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)
791147 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
92238 Atoms For PeaceDefault
95576 GrinspoonBranded
96196 The StrokesWelcome To Japan
97197 Darwin DeezAlice
1001100 The GriswoldsThe Courtship Of Summer Preasley
Sad to see Grinners and Darwin Deez both out of the charts. Cool rises for Pink, Fun. and Flume.
I know some of these songs... I think.
Nice to see Owl Eyes, Fun., Pink & Macklemore moving up, Good debut for Lorde.
Nice to see Bear In Heaven holding down #1. Portugal. The Man would be my favourite potential riser nearby so I hope they can get it. Interesting to see Everything Everything crack the top 5 now. And lol, new peaks for F**kin' Problems are never discouraged Otherwise it's nice news for James Blake, Owl Eyes, and a bunch of other songs that aren't in my top two atm and thus don't deserve to get mentioned alongside Cool debuts for Lorde & Everything Everything.
Still haven't heard it, but I think I'm getting close to doing so soon. I like the Portugese song, and also Cough 2X, and probably like the Vampire song too, so I'd be okay with any of them taking over. I did not notice how high Effing Probrems was, ewwww. Cool jumps for James Blake, Owl Eyes, Fun, Nancy, Pink/Nate and Macklewton, and nice to see Lorde debut.
Great to see my three favourite tracks on your chart - Pink, fun and Macklemore - all rising this week. Solid debut for Lorde.
Great debut for Royals! Yayyy!
Cool to see Same Love hanging around, Why Am I The One moving up and Just Give Me a Reason moving up too.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 8/4/13
Edition No.178
Songs retire at 75 weeks
Bear In Heaven still unstoppable, seven weeks at top. Vampire Weekend move into the top three while The Love Junkies spend their fourth consecutive week at #2.

I give in, this is brilliant! Midnight Juggernauts are back with 'Ballad of the War Machine' at 5.
The Temper Trap make another entry with the upbeat 'Where Do We Go From Here' at 75.
Bear In Heaven are unbeatable at the top, and now they have two entries. Album opener 'Idle Heart' comes in at 81.
Re-entries for The Soft Pack and The Griswolds.
And lastly The Strokes enter with 'Tap Out' at 97.

11917Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
2242 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
3433 Vampire WeekendStep
4343 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
5NEW15 Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
65105 Everything EverythingCough Cough
77102 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
8978 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
91739 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
10663 Wave MachinesIll Fit
118118 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
1221312 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
13161810 MammalsCarried
14111413Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
1514103 PoliçaDark Star
1610810 !!!Slyd
17131613Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
1815612 DaphniAhora
1923419 Darwin DeezRedshift
2012123 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
21181413The Soft PackCaptain Ace
2230522 Loon LakeOn Fire
2320172 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
2419165 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
2524324 James BlakeRetrograde
2628326 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
2741427 Owl EyesClosure
28221220 DelphicBaiya
2927927 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
3032230 Cadence WeaponCheval
3131827 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
32291811 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
3326143 The Soft PackBobby Brown
3425244 The Black KeysDead And Gone
3573235 Everything EverythingKemosabe
36331017 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
3746237 LordeRoyals
38342121 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
3966439 Fun.Why Am I the One
40361611 Fort LeanSunsick
4135292 The Soft MoonInsides
42422318 FlumeHoldin On
4348743 Jagwar MaThe Throw
44401012 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
4539184 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
46431920 The Black KeysMoney Maker
47502428 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
4838202 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
4957949 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
5044177 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
5137253 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
52611052 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
5345185 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
5458288 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
55494015The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
5656839 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
57511037 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
58532042 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
59541338 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
6047222 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
61601325 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
6252128 The Soft PackTallboy
6370563 Dutch UnclesFester
6455255 Cadence WeaponCrash Course For The Ravers
65781343 Cadence WeaponJukebox
66622711MusePanic Station
6759843 Alt-JTessellate
6864951 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
6967757 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
7074663 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
7183371 FlumeSintra
7263237 Local NativesBreakers
7377304 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
7480274 Cadence WeaponThere We Go
75NEW175 The Temper TrapWhere Do We Go From Here
7665227 Abbe MayKarmageddon
7768209 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
78711952 Cub ScoutsTold You So
79762610 AdeleSkyfall
8079779 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
81NEW181 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
82RET282 The Soft PackEverything I Know
83813514Grizzly BearYet Again
84692625 The Soft PackSaratoga
85752226 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
8689486 Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
8884584 The StrokesAll the Time
8982219 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
9087487 P!nkJust Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)
91883119 TwinsyWater Bombs
9294485 The Black KeysLittle Black Submarines
9393293 The Love JunkiesMaybelene
94955114Django DjangoDefault
9596984 C2CDown The Road
96RET296 The GriswoldsThe Courtship Of Summer Preasley
97NEW197 The StrokesTap Out
98991087 Alt-JBreezeblocks
9991980 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
100921162 Kirin J CallinanWIIW

721612 BattleshipsYour Words
852013 Tokyo Denmark SwedenWhen It Breaks
90283 The StrokesPartners In Crime
97671 GrinspoonTightrope
98286 Darwin DeezMoonlit
1001100 Them SwoopsToo Fast For Love
I don't know what to make of Ballad Of War Machine's music video

Anyway, great to see Step, Cough Cough, F**kin' Problems, Mountain Sound, Slyd, Judge Jury and Executioner, Sun, Retrograde, Diane Young, Closure, Mercy, Summer Forgive Me, Dead And Gone, Kemosabe, One Way Trigger, Royals, Thrift Shop, Why Am I The One, Holdin One, The Sea Is Calling, Money Maker, Swimming Pools (Drank), HyperParadise (Flume Remix), Stronger, Stay, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, My Life, Panic Station (wow, I can't believe it's more than half a year old already ), Draw A Crowd, Love Is All I Got, Sintra, Gotta Have It, Where Do We Go From Here, Skyfall, Pyramid, Can't Hold Us (maybe it can rise further next week?), Just Give Me A Reason, Little Black Submarines, Default (wow, almost a year! ), Down The Road, and Sleepless. WIIW's video <3

The top 10 is extremely indie, but i like it. Bear In Heaven ,Vampire Weekend ,Portugal. The Man and Wave Machines.
Nice to see Owl Eyes, Lorde, Fun., Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore & The Black Keys rising.
Lol, still haven't heard it. The last couple of weeks as I've been commenting, I've thought that I'd listen right now, but I've been already listening to something and then I forget later. The same will probably happen this week, but I feel more determined, so maybe! Also, it'll be hilarious if when I do hear it I absolutely love it and kick myself for not listening earlier, but I dunno. Great to see Probrems outta the top ten and nice jumps for Owl Eyes and Fun. Also quite happy to see another Temper Trap debut.
Neato that Bear In Heaven song. Still haven't heard the other Vampire Weekend song Love the Juggers one of course though! Also now that I've remembered, I like that Of Monsters and Men have a healthy lead over the rest of the ARIA songs. Oh and I like the Owl Eyes, Everything Everything, Lorde, Fun., Jagwar Mar & Kendrick Lamar jumps. I finally gave The Strokes' album a listen and I think Tap Out stood out but I can't remember
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 15/4/13
Edition No.179
Songs retire at 75 weeks
The unthinkable happened. The Love Junkies have spent five long weeks stuck at #2, and for the last eight weeks it's been complete domination by Bear In Heaven. 'The Reflection Of You' is just one week away from equalling Boy's seemingly unassailable lead.

Rock! We've had plenty of imitators in the meantime but QOTSA are back with 'My God Is the Sun' at 32. I've observed that the guitar riffs have a real Arctic Monkeys edge to them, interesting given that Alex Turner is contributing to this album.
I've given it time, and Flume scores another entry. 'Insane' comes in at 44.
This is one that just wasn't good enough to chart. Now it's grown on me and Yeah Yeah Yeahs have finally cracked my chart for the first time. 'Sacrilege' is in at 83.
Owl Eyes enters with the title track to her upcoming debut album Nightswim at 87.
Bear In Heaven <3333 'World Of Freakout' is an album highlight at 89.
Do I classify as late? Probably. Do I care? Not in the slightest. Passenger with 'Let Her Go' at 92.
Now that 'Carried' has just returned to my top 10, Mammals has been able to make another entry. 'That Was Then, This Is Now' enters at 95.
Birds of Tokyo re-enter.
Bastille have made my chart! I'm bracing myself for the bombardments of OMFGUD(U$@ri42o@!!11!11 with 'Pompeii' at 98.

111018Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
2252 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
3523 Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
4343 Vampire WeekendStep
5453 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
66115 Everything EverythingCough Cough
71247 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
87112 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
9888 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
10131910 MammalsCarried
11949 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
1211128 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
131073 Wave MachinesIll Fit
1422614 Loon LakeOn Fire
15141513Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
1615113 PoliçaDark Star
1719517 Darwin DeezRedshift
1825418 James BlakeRetrograde
19171713Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
20211513The Soft PackCaptain Ace
2116910 !!!Slyd
2227522 Owl EyesClosure
2318712 DaphniAhora
2420133 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
2523182 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
2635326 Everything EverythingKemosabe
2726426 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
2831927 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
2924175 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
30281320 DelphicBaiya
3139531 Fun.Why Am I the One
32291027 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
33NEW133 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
3430330 Cadence WeaponCheval
35321911 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
3633153 The Soft PackBobby Brown
37422418 FlumeHoldin On
3834254 The Black KeysDead And Gone
3981239 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
4037337 LordeRoyals
41361117 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
42401711 Fort LeanSunsick
4343843 Jagwar MaThe Throw
44NEW144 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
45382221 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
4641302 The Soft MoonInsides
47441112 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
48521148 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
4945194 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
50491049 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
5153195 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
52472528 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
53462020 The Black KeysMoney Maker
5454298 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
55554115The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
5670756 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
57582142 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
5860232 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
5948212 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
6050187 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
61591438 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
6256939 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
63611425 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
6451263 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
6564355 Cadence WeaponCrash Course For The Ravers
6671466 FlumeSintra
6782367 The Soft PackEverything I Know
68571137 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
6963663 Dutch UnclesFester
7067943 Alt-JTessellate
7162138 The Soft PackTallboy
7273314 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
73651443 Cadence WeaponJukebox
7472247 Local NativesBreakers
75662811MusePanic Station
7669857 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
7775275 The Temper TrapWhere Do We Go From Here
78681051 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
79782052 Cub ScoutsTold You So
8080879 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
8176237 Abbe MayKarmageddon
8277219 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
83NEW183 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
84833614Grizzly BearYet Again
8588684 The StrokesAll the Time
87NEW187 Owl EyesNightswim
8896388 The GriswoldsThe Courtship Of Summer Preasley
89NEW189 Bear In HeavenWorld Of Freakout
90852326 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
9186586 Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
92NEW192 PassengerLet Her Go
93945214Django DjangoDefault
94981187 Alt-JBreezeblocks
95NEW195 MammalsThat Was Then, This Is Now
96RET396 Birds of TokyoLanterns
9792585 The Black KeysLittle Black Submarines
98NEW198 BastillePompeii
991001262 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
100991080 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)

74274 Cadence WeaponThere We Go
792610 AdeleSkyfall
842625 The Soft PackSaratoga
89219 The Magnetic FieldsGod Wants Us To Wait
90487 P!nkJust Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)
913119 TwinsyWater Bombs
93293 The Love JunkiesMaybelene
95984 C2CDown The Road
97197 The StrokesTap Out
Dayum 8 weeks! But ooh, I hope Midnight Juggernauts are a chance, or better yet, James Blake and/or Owl Eyes I know and like a shockingly high amount of those debuts, but particular yuss to QOTSA, Flume, Owl Eyes, Passenger & Bastille.
You won't believe it; I've heard it!!! I decided to give it a listen in preperation for my comment; thanks half time! Anyway it was decent; I didn't kick myself for not listening earlier, but I liked it enough that I'll keep supporting it for #1 over stuff I don't know. Of course, now that I've heard it, it's probably done for.

I like the jumps for James Blake, Owl Eyes, Brindia and Fun. The entries are much more pleasing to me. Sacrilege is growing on me and soon I might learn how to spell it correctly instinctively without having to pause and think. It doesn't matter how old Let Her Go is, it still deserves an entry. Lanterns returning is wonderful; it deserves a much better peak. And I guess I'll say I'm happy for that Bastille thing coming in too since others are apparently going to be excited about it.

OMFGUD(U$@ri42o@!!11!11 Pompeii finally debuts!!!!1!!!1!!!1!! OMFGUD(U$@ri42o@!!11!11
I was about to complain about Bluezombie's ridiculous last sentence making scrolling up and down your chart more difficult until I realised what it was about. Yes go Pompeii! Even if it's at a lowly #98 fingers crossed it'll get a new peak next week. Great to see Passenger in too!

Great to see Default make a year and nice to see Delphic, Stay, Fun, Mountain Sound and Can't Hold Us in the chart.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 22/4/13
Edition No.180
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Well there you have it. The Love Junkies have persisted and persisted, and then persisted some more, but they stay at #2 for a sixth consecutive week! What's even more unprecedented is Bear In Heaven who celebrate their ninth week at #1 with 'The Reflection Of You'. Not only is this (still) the consecutive record but it now ties with Boy's 'Waitress' for total weeks at #1! Next week will be the ultimate decider of how far they can go.

This is still the only song I've heard from this band that have been around for three decades. Nevertheless, I really like the layered guitar in this that creates a soothing sound. 'New You' by My Bloody Valentine is in at 13.
Next is a track from The Rubens and the dramatic 'Never Be The Same' at 55.
This stands out for me among the album tracks, which for a Strokes record is saying something as the songs can just blend into each other at times 'Slow Animals' by The Strokes has a great chorus and it's in at 66.
Sneaking in are Atoms For Peace with their fourth entry 'Before Your Very Eyes..." at 98.
Also sneaking in is Darwin Deez with 'No Love' at 99.

111119Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
2262 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
3333 Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
4453 Vampire WeekendStep
5755 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
6563 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
76125 Everything EverythingCough Cough
88122 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
92759 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
10998 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
11102010 MammalsCarried
1212138 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
13NEW113 My Bloody ValentineNew You
1417614 Darwin DeezRedshift
151159 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
1618516 James BlakeRetrograde
1714714 Loon LakeOn Fire
18151613Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
191383 Wave MachinesIll Fit
2016123 PoliçaDark Star
2122621 Owl EyesClosure
22201613The Soft PackCaptain Ace
23191813Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
2433224 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
25211010 !!!Slyd
26281026 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
2724143 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
2826426 Everything EverythingKemosabe
2929185 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
30301420 DelphicBaiya
31321127 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
3225192 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
3334430 Cadence WeaponCheval
3431631 Fun.Why Am I the One
3523812 DaphniAhora
3639336 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
37352011 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
3892238 PassengerLet Her Go
3936163 The Soft PackBobby Brown
4040437 LordeRoyals
4138264 The Black KeysDead And Gone
42372518 FlumeHoldin On
43411217 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
4444244 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
45421811 Fort LeanSunsick
4643943 Jagwar MaThe Throw
47481247 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
48452321 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
4946312 The Soft MoonInsides
5049204 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
51501149 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
5251205 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
5367453 The Soft PackEverything I Know
54471212 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
55NEW155 The RubensNever Be The Same
56532120 The Black KeysMoney Maker
5754308 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
58522628 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
5956856 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
60554215The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
6158242 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
62572242 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
6360197 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
6466564 FlumeSintra
65621039 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
66NEW166 The StrokesSlow Animals
67611538 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
68701043 Alt-JTessellate
6964273 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
7059222 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
7180971 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
72681237 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
7369763 Dutch UnclesFester
7472324 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
7571148 The Soft PackTallboy
7683276 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
7777375 The Temper TrapWhere Do We Go From Here
78752911MusePanic Station
7985779 The StrokesAll the Time
8074257 Local NativesBreakers
8187281 Owl EyesNightswim
8276957 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
83792152 Cub ScoutsTold You So
8482229 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
85731543 Cadence WeaponJukebox
8781247 Abbe MayKarmageddon
8889288 Bear In HeavenWorld Of Freakout
8991686 Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
9065455 Cadence WeaponCrash Course For The Ravers
91843714Grizzly BearYet Again
9298292 BastillePompeii
93902426 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
9488488 The GriswoldsThe Courtship Of Summer Preasley
9595295 MammalsThat Was Then, This Is Now
96941287 Alt-JBreezeblocks
97935314Django DjangoDefault
98NEW198 Atoms For PeaceBefore Your Very Eyes…
99NEW199 Darwin DeezNo Love
100781151 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd

631425 50 CentMy Life (ft. Adam Levine & Eminem)
96396 Birds of TokyoLanterns
97585 The Black KeysLittle Black Submarines
991262 Kirin J CallinanWIIW
1001080 FlumeSleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran)
Surprised at the lack of a new #1 since I've now heard the current one, but yay I guess! Cool to see Vampire Weekend in the top ten now, I really need to get around to hearing it! Awesome jump for Passenger and a nice gain for Bastille too, but poor Lanterns. The Rubens and The Strokes both have cool albums and if I could pick those songs based on title I'm sure I'd approve of the debuts.
It's a weird state of affairs when my #1s are cycling faster than yours. Though unless Midnight Juggernauts can bullet ahead I'm happy for it, even if #3 is a totally respectable position to be charting them at for the time being. C'mon Owl Eyes, QOTSA or British India to make the top 20. Passenger's jump though leads me to think he could do it instead.

I'm actually not even sure if New You is my favourite from the album, just the one that is easiest to listen to on its own Great to see that Atoms For Peace song debut, it's probably my favourite on the album bar Default.
Good to see appearances form Of Monsters and Men, Fun, Passenger, Lorde, Macklemore (x3) and Bastille. Bye 50 Cent
88122 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
1212138 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
1618516 James BlakeRetrograde
18151613Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
22201613The Soft PackCaptain Ace
26281026 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
30301420 DelphicBaiya
31321127 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
3431631 Fun.Why Am I the One
3892238 PassengerLet Her Go
4040437 LordeRoyals
51501149 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
5956856 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
65621039 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
67611538 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
68701043 Alt-JTessellate
78752911MusePanic Station
8074257 Local NativesBreakers
91843714Grizzly BearYet Again
9298292 BastillePompeii

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 29/4/13
Edition No.181
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The suspense! Bear In Heaven have slipped to second after an equal-record nine weeks on top, with Midnight Juggernauts scoring their first #1 with 'Ballad of the War Machine'. They're equal with Boy's 'Waitress' and for now that record will remain. Not far behind is Dinosaur Jr. with the rocking 'Pierce the Morning Rain', and then The Love Junkies who fall to 4 with 'Black Sheep Blues' after six consecutive weeks at #2. Yep, they're the Moves Like Jagger of my chart

This literally came out of nowhere this week, what a track! Particularly enjoy the interview J Mascis did with the Portlandia feminist bookstore character, just hilarious. Dinosaur Jr. make their first appearance on my chart with 'Pierce the Morning Rain' at 3. The verses are very Soft Pack / SSLYBY while that riff is QOTSA-like in a way, but I just love it!
Daft Punk are back, and I'm actually excited! This is better than anything they've done previously for me, possibly helped by the smooth vocals of Pharrell Williams. 'Get Lucky' comes in at 41.
Thirdly, the juggernaut that has been The Soft Pack in 2013 continues. 'Head On Ice' comes in at 44.
This only just clicked with me. Sigur Rós are back with 'Brennisteinn' at 56. It's their second entry overall.
Bernard Fanning is back for the first time since Powderfinger's split. I don't think anything will ever top 'Watch Over Me', and for that matter 'These Days'. Nevertheless, 'Battleships' is in at 61.
Major Lazer returns at 68.
And seeing as I'm in that mood, ShockOne makes his first impression on my chart with 'Harmonize' at 73.
Delphic's second entry with 'Memeo' at 88.
Their domination isn't over yet, Bear In Heaven at 94 with 'Cool Light'.
Re-entries for Flume and Sugarpuss.

13411Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
211219Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
3NEW13 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
4272 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
5965 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
6463 Vampire WeekendStep
7565 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
8673 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
910108 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
108132 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
117135 Everything EverythingCough Cough
12112110 MammalsCarried
1312148 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
1416614 James BlakeRetrograde
1513213 My Bloody ValentineNew You
1614714 Darwin DeezRedshift
1717814 Loon LakeOn Fire
18311218 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
191569 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
2024320 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
21181713Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
2220133 PoliçaDark Star
23221713The Soft PackCaptain Ace
241993 Wave MachinesIll Fit
2521721 Owl EyesClosure
26251110 !!!Slyd
27231913Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
28261126 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
2927153 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
3038330 PassengerLet Her Go
3129195 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
3236432 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
33301520 DelphicBaiya
3432202 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
3533530 Cadence WeaponCheval
3628526 Everything EverythingKemosabe
3734731 Fun.Why Am I the One
3835912 DaphniAhora
3940537 LordeRoyals
4039173 The Soft PackBobby Brown
41NEW141 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4241274 The Black KeysDead And Gone
43372111 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
44NEW144 The Soft PackHead On Ice
45431317 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
46451911 Fort LeanSunsick
4744344 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
48461043 Jagwar MaThe Throw
49422618 FlumeHoldin On
50482421 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
5149322 The Soft MoonInsides
5255252 The RubensNever Be The Same
53471347 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
54511249 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
5553553 The Soft PackEverything I Know
56NEW156 Sigur RósBrennisteinn
5752215 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
5857318 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
5950214 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
60562220 The Black KeysMoney Maker
61NEW161 Bernard FanningBattleships
6259956 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
63622342 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
64711064 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
65541312 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
66582728 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
6761252 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
68RET1247 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
69651139 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
70681143 Alt-JTessellate
71671638 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
7266266 The StrokesSlow Animals
73NEW173 ShockOneHarmonize
7463207 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
75604315The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
7664664 FlumeSintra
7779877 The StrokesAll the Time
7874334 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
7981379 Owl EyesNightswim
8069283 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
8170232 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
8277475 The Temper TrapWhere Do We Go From Here
8376376 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
84721337 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
8575158 The Soft PackTallboy
86783011MusePanic Station
8784239 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
88NEW188 DelphicMemeo
8973863 Dutch UnclesFester
90821057 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
9180267 Local NativesBreakers
9389786 Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
94NEW194 Bear In HeavenCool Light
9592392 BastillePompeii
96RET581 FlumeOn Top (ft. T.Shirt)
97832252 Cub ScoutsTold You So
98961387 Alt-JBreezeblocks
99RET393 SugarpussFalling Outta Love
100913814Grizzly BearYet Again

851543 Cadence WeaponJukebox
87247 Abbe MayKarmageddon
88288 Bear In HeavenWorld Of Freakout
90455 Cadence WeaponCrash Course For The Ravers
932426 Two Door Cinema ClubPyramid
94488 The GriswoldsThe Courtship Of Summer Preasley
95295 MammalsThat Was Then, This Is Now
975314Django DjangoDefault
98198 Atoms For PeaceBefore Your Very Eyes…
99199 Darwin DeezNo Love
1001151 Ben Folds FiveDraw A Crowd
vampire weekend at 5 and 6 = omg-i-love-this-chart-thank-goodness-someone-else-realizes-their-amazingness.

I'm struggling badly to get interested in new Sigur Ros
Very sweet new #1. I also like that James Blake, Kanye lolwust, Queens of the Stone Age, Passenger & Father John Misty are still rising. Oh and Get Lucky is awesome and I quite like the Delphic song.
Nice to see Lorde & Owl Eyes moving up, Good re-entry for Flume.
Ooh, the #1 has changed but it's something I've already heard. Not that I remember it well, but I think I liked it okay, but I also think I preferred what it booted. Good jumps for James Blake, Passenger, The Rubens and Father John Misty. Nice to see Daft Punk debut and I should give that Delphic song a go. I also really need to get around to listening to those Vampire Weekend songs.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 6/5/13
Edition No.182
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Midnight Juggernauts make it two weeks in a row on top with 'Ballad of the War Machine'. Dinosaur Jr. hold their spot but are unable to overtake Bear In Heaven.

Quite a high debut by anyone's standards, let alone a band I've never charted, sort of I Know The Chief come in at 13 with 'Creature'.
I keep hearing this on the radio and it's pretty addictive. K.Flay enters at 33 with 'Hail Mary'.
I dismissed this one initially, but I've come to appreciate it more. Bear In Heaven enter with 'Sinful Nature' at 52. It rivals Bliss N Eso in long outros though, wow
The Model School continue their assault on my chart with their fourth entry overall. 'Purple AM Radio' at 73.
An unexpected entry in Ariana Grande with 'The Way' featuring Mac Miller (SERIOUSLY, HIM!?!?! ) at 85. Yes, I'm charting something that MAC MILLER CONTRIBUTED TO!?!? Meh, Far East Movement last year was weirder
Flume enters at 92 with the addictive 'More Than You Thought' to round out the week's entries.

11512Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
221319Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
3323 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
4574 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
5482 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
6673 Vampire WeekendStep
710142 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
89118 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
91539 My Bloody ValentineNew You
1014710 James BlakeRetrograde
11883 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
12122210 MammalsCarried
13NEW113 I Know The ChiefCreature
14775 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
1513158 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
1620416 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
1711145 Everything EverythingCough Cough
18181318 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
1917914 Loon LakeOn Fire
2016814 Darwin DeezRedshift
21211813Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
221979 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
2322143 PoliçaDark Star
2425821 Owl EyesClosure
25231813The Soft PackCaptain Ace
2629163 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
2724103 Wave MachinesIll Fit
2830428 PassengerLet Her Go
29272013Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
30281226 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
3132531 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
32261210 !!!Slyd
33NEW133 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
3431205 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
3535630 Cadence WeaponCheval
3634212 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
3737831 Fun.Why Am I the One
3839637 LordeRoyals
3941239 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
40331620 DelphicBaiya
4140183 The Soft PackBobby Brown
42381012 DaphniAhora
4344243 The Soft PackHead On Ice
4442284 The Black KeysDead And Gone
4556245 Sigur RósBrennisteinn
46432211 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
4736626 Everything EverythingKemosabe
4847444 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
49531447 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
50451417 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
51462011 Fort LeanSunsick
52NEW152 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
53492718 FlumeHoldin On
5452352 The RubensNever Be The Same
55502521 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
56481143 Jagwar MaThe Throw
57541349 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
5851332 The Soft MoonInsides
5958328 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
60681347 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
6161261 Bernard FanningBattleships
6255653 The Soft PackEverything I Know
6357225 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
6459224 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
65602320 The Black KeysMoney Maker
66621056 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
67641164 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
6872366 The StrokesSlow Animals
6977969 The StrokesAll the Time
70651412 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
71701243 Alt-JTessellate
7267262 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
73NEW173 The Model SchoolPurple AM Radio
74711738 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
7573273 ShockOneHarmonize
76662828 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
7774217 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
7876764 FlumeSintra
79691239 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
80754415The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
8179479 Owl EyesNightswim
8278344 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
83632442 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
8483476 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
85NEW185 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
8681242 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
8788287 DelphicMemeo
8880293 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
8982575 The Temper TrapWhere Do We Go From Here
90841437 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
9185168 The Soft PackTallboy
92NEW192 FlumeMore Than You Thought
93863111MusePanic Station
95901157 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
96981487 Alt-JBreezeblocks
9787249 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
9893886 Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
9994294 Bear In HeavenCool Light
10096681 FlumeOn Top (ft. T.Shirt)

89863 Dutch UnclesFester
91267 Local NativesBreakers
95392 BastillePompeii
972252 Cub ScoutsTold You So
99393 SugarpussFalling Outta Love
1003814Grizzly BearYet Again
Great to see Ballad Of The War Machine, Diane Young, New You, Retrograde, F**kin' Problems, My God Is the Sun, Cough Cough, Mercy, Mountain Sound, Closure, Judge Jury and Executioner, Let Her Go, Summer Forgive Me, Slyd, Sun, Why Am I the One, Royals, Get Lucky , Baiya, Dead And Gone, Kemosabe (I still can't believe this has been charting on the AMR100 for the past few weeks!), Insane, HyperParadise (Flume Remix), One Way Trigger, Holdin On, Never Be The Same, Thrift Shop, Swimming Pools (Drank), Stronger, Jah No Partial, Battleships, Money Maker, Love Is All I Got, The Sea Is Calling, Tessellate, Harmonize, Sintra, Nightswim, Gotta Have It, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Clean Slate, More Than You Thought (I was choosing between this or Insane to be my next charting track, but it's more likely that Insane will chart. More Than You Thought is still great!), Panic Station, Waitress (what a great run it has had!), Can't Hold Us, and On Top! Sad to see Pompeii leave though...

Yay for Ballad of the War Machine still holding #1. Great to see James Blake & My Bloody Valentine make the top 10 too! Would've hoped that Get Lucky could rise a little more, and lol The Way is my favourite debut
I've heard Vampire Weekend songs now so I hope they can take #1, they were both good. Great to see Blakey hit the top ten and Passenger and Daft Punk sneak up a little. Poor Bastille. The Way is another hilariously strange and unexpected debut for you, but I'm enjoying when these sneak in, except when they're as bad as FEM.
Good see Passenger, fun, Lorde and Daft Punk in the top fifty.
Nice to see Ariana debut
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 13/5/13
Edition No.183
Songs retire at 75 weeks

A third week on top for Midnight Juggernauts, but were nearly beaten by I Know The Chief.

Redcoats are back for more. 'Raven' was a smash hit in 2012, and 'Evergreen' is in at 23.
I didn't think I'd ever chart this, but here we go. 'Australia Street' by Sticky Fingers enters at 63.
As above! Haim enter for the first time in my chart, with 'Falling' at 69.
MGMT are back yay! 'Alien Days' enters at 86.
I'm still charting 'Black Sand' and now one half of that collaboration is in my chart too. Spender enters at 95 with 'Bed & Chair'.
Re-entries for The Black Keys and Two Door Cinema Club.

Meanwhile, Boy's 'Waitress' has retired. It's just the 16th song in my chart's history to do so, and the first since Those Dancing Days' track 'Fuckarias' back in July last year.

These are the songs that have retired thus far in my chart:
White RabbitsPercussion Gun12
Franz FerdinandLive Alone6 
Franz FerdinandUlysses12
Franz FerdinandNo You Girls21 
Friendly FiresKiss of Life15
Vampire WeekendCousins6 
Grizzly BearReady, Able4 
Grizzly BearTwo Weeks7 
Two Door Cinema ClubI Can Talk14
Deep Sea ArcadeLonely In Your Arms11
Operator PleaseLogic2 
MGMTFlash Delirium12
Ou Est Le Swimming PoolDance The Way I Feel11
Children CollideMy Eagle15
Those Dancing DaysFuckarias16

11613Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
21322 I Know The ChiefCreature
321419Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
4333 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
5484 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
6683 Vampire WeekendStep
77152 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
8948 My Bloody ValentineNew You
9592 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
108128 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
1110810 James BlakeRetrograde
121193 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
13122310 MammalsCarried
1416514 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
1536222 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
1615168 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
171485 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
1823153 PoliçaDark Star
19181418 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
2020914 Darwin DeezRedshift
21191014 Loon LakeOn Fire
2217155 Everything EverythingCough Cough
23NEW123 RedcoatsEvergreen
2424921 Owl EyesClosure
2531625 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
26211913Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
2726173 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
282289 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
2933229 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
3028528 PassengerLet Her Go
31251913The Soft PackCaptain Ace
32301326 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
3341193 The Soft PackBobby Brown
3452234 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
3535730 Cadence WeaponCheval
3627113 Wave MachinesIll Fit
3738737 LordeRoyals
3834215 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
39292113Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
40321310 !!!Slyd
4139339 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4237931 Fun.Why Am I the One
4343343 The Soft PackHead On Ice
44401720 DelphicBaiya
45462311 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
46491546 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
47601447 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
4844294 The Black KeysDead And Gone
4992249 FlumeMore Than You Thought
5045345 Sigur RósBrennisteinn
51421112 DaphniAhora
5248544 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
53501517 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
54532818 FlumeHoldin On
5561355 Bernard FanningBattleships
56512111 Fort LeanSunsick
57552621 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
5847726 Everything EverythingKemosabe
59571449 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
6059338 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
6154452 The RubensNever Be The Same
6258342 The Soft MoonInsides
63NEW163 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
6462753 The Soft PackEverything I Know
65561243 Jagwar MaThe Throw
66691066 The StrokesAll the Time
6763235 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
68661156 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
69NEW169 HaimFalling
70652420 The Black KeysMoney Maker
7173271 The Model SchoolPurple AM Radio
72671264 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
7364234 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
7472272 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
75711343 Alt-JTessellate
7668466 The StrokesSlow Animals
7785277 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
78741838 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
79701512 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
8077227 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
81804515The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
8278864 FlumeSintra
8382354 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
84762928 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
8575373 ShockOneHarmonize
86NEW186 MGMTAlien Days
8781579 Owl EyesNightswim
88791339 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
8987387 DelphicMemeo
9084576 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
9189675 The Temper TrapWhere Do We Go From Here
9288303 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
93933211MusePanic Station
94832542 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
95NEW195 SpenderBed & Chair
9699394 Bear In HeavenCool Light
97951257 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
98RET685 The Black KeysLittle Black Submarines
99RET591 Two Door Cinema ClubSomeday
10086252 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country

901437 Cadence WeaponNo More Names (Aditi)
91168 The Soft PackTallboy
947519BoyWaitress [RETIRED]
961487 Alt-JBreezeblocks
97249 The Magnetic FieldsYour Girlfriend's Face
98886 Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
100681 FlumeOn Top (ft. T.Shirt)
I don't Know The Chief, I guess I will if it gets to the top. Still hoping Vampire Weekend could take it; I need to work out which one I'm gonna chart, but one should be debuting this weekend. Great rebound for Sugar Army and nice to see MGMT and Spender debut and The Black Keys and TDCC return. Farewell Waitress Boy.
Cool to see Lorde moving up and good debut / re-entry for Haim & The Black Keys.
You've had way more retirements than I thought. It's great to see Ballad of the War Machine holding the top spot. My Bloody Valentine notching another spot is nice too but lolwtf Sugar Army Cool Haim, Spender & MGMT debuts.
Nice rise for Battleships but sad to see Can't Hold Us drop out and Stay, Daft Punk, Baiya, Mountain Sound, Let Her Go and Retrograde fall. Congratulations to Waitress
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 20/5/13
Edition No.184
Songs retire at 75 weeks

A change at #1, with Midnight Juggernauts lasting just three weeks on top with 'Ballad of the War Machine'. The new #1? I Know The Chief with 'Creature'.

I have no idea where this came from, but Big Black Delta is in with 'Side of the Road' at 46.
Owl Eyes enters at 55 with album track the popular title that is 'Hurricane'.
Juggers!! <3 Proper single 'Memorium' enters at 84, release BOTWM on iTunes ffs
This has grown on me. Lana Del Rey's fifth entry overall with 'Young and Beautiful' at 88.
Paramore are back in my chart, 'Still Into You' at 92.
P!nk re-enters.
Quiet Child are also back! Their third entry overall in 'I've Found Some Poison' at 97.
Further proof that (except that stupid Internet craze ) 2013 has produced terrific ARIA #1s! Robin Thicke with T.I. and Pharrell collaborating on 'Blurred Lines' enters in at 99.

12311I Know The ChiefCreature
21713Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
331519Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
4443 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
5594 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
67162 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
7693 Vampire WeekendStep
8858 My Bloody ValentineNew You
99102 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
1011910 James BlakeRetrograde
1110138 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
1218163 PoliçaDark Star
1312103 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
1414614 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
1515232 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
16132410 MammalsCarried
1716178 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
1823218 RedcoatsEvergreen
191795 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
20201014 Darwin DeezRedshift
21191518 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
2225722 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
2322165 Everything EverythingCough Cough
2429324 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
25211114 Loon LakeOn Fire
2663226 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
27241021 Owl EyesClosure
28312013The Soft PackCaptain Ace
29262013Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
3027183 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
312899 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
3237832 LordeRoyals
3334333 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
3433203 The Soft PackBobby Brown
35321426 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
3630628 PassengerLet Her Go
3735830 Cadence WeaponCheval
3836123 Wave MachinesIll Fit
3995239 SpenderBed & Chair
4038225 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
41471541 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
42392213Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
4341439 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
44421031 Fun.Why Am I the One
4543443 The Soft PackHead On Ice
46NEW146 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
4749347 FlumeMore Than You Thought
48441820 DelphicBaiya
49401410 !!!Slyd
50461646 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
5148304 The Black KeysDead And Gone
52452411 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
5352644 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
54511212 DaphniAhora
55NEW155 Owl EyesHurricane
56562211 Fort LeanSunsick
5755455 Bernard FanningBattleships
5850445 Sigur RósBrennisteinn
59572721 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
60531617 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
6161552 The RubensNever Be The Same
6271362 The Model SchoolPurple AM Radio
63542918 FlumeHoldin On
64591549 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
65681256 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
6660348 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
6764853 The Soft PackEverything I Know
6869268 HaimFalling
6962352 The Soft MoonInsides
7058826 Everything EverythingKemosabe
71661166 The StrokesAll the Time
72702520 The Black KeysMoney Maker
7377373 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
7467245 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
75651343 Jagwar MaThe Throw
76721364 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
7773244 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
78751443 Alt-JTessellate
79781938 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
80791612 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
8176566 The StrokesSlow Animals
8280237 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
8374282 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
84NEW184 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
85814615The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
8683364 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
8786286 MGMTAlien Days
88NEW188 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
89843028 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
9087679 Owl EyesNightswim
9182964 FlumeSintra
92NEW192 ParamoreStill Into You
93881439 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
94RET587 P!nkJust Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)
9590676 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
9685473 ShockOneHarmonize
97NEW197 Quiet ChildI've Found Some Poison
9896494 Bear In HeavenCool Light
99NEW199 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
10099691 Two Door Cinema ClubSomeday

89387 DelphicMemeo
91675 The Temper TrapWhere Do We Go From Here
92303 UrthboyClean Slate (ft. Delta)
933211MusePanic Station
942542 Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
971257 Darwin DeezYou Can't Be My Girl
98685 The Black KeysLittle Black Submarines
100252 The Magnetic FieldsGoin' Back to the Country
Nice to see Paramore debuting.
I don't know her. But I do know the Jamesy and it's nice to see it back in the top 10. Sticky Fingers song still doesn't do it for me like the other two, Spender's jump is plenty cool though. Hurricane ain't one of my faves, even if it's awesome by default How odd that bottom 10 is.
Well, I guess I have a new #1 to listen to, it's been a while actually. Nice to see Diane Young staying in the top five and James Blake back into the top ten. Cool jumps for Lorde and Spender and a nice debut for Hurricane. I concur that the bottom ten is odd, but nice to see Blurred Lines and Still Into You debut and JGMAR get back in.
Excellent to see Lana Del Rey, Paramore and Robin Thicke debut. I hope they all can have decent chart runs!
More fake Delta Nice to see Owl Eyes, Lana, Paramore and Robin debut and P!nk re-enter!
Nice to see Lorde rising, awesome debuts for Paramore and Robin Thicke and a pleasing return for Pink & Nate.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 27/5/13
Edition No.185
Songs retire at 75 weeks

I Know The Chief stay on top for a second week, with Midnight Juggernauts holding second spot still. Big jumps for Sticky Fingers, Midnight Juggernauts and Spender are noteworthy and that's why I made note of them.

Just four entries this week. First up is a song that I held off last week, Vampire Weekend with 'Finger Back' from their latest record.
Her longest song title ever! That's a feat that really isn't as exciting as I made it sound. 'Diamonds In Her Eyes' is a lovely synthy track by Owl Eyes and it's in at 72.
Another Strokes entry with '50/50' in at 91.
Flume rounds out a week of album track entries with the succinct 'Change' at 95.

11412I Know The ChiefCreature
22813Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
3453 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
46172 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
531619Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
65104 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
78427 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
8868 My Bloody ValentineNew You
97103 Vampire WeekendStep
1026310 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
1112173 PoliçaDark Star
12101010 James BlakeRetrograde
1314713 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
149112 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
1515242 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
1618316 RedcoatsEvergreen
1739317 SpenderBed & Chair
1811148 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
1913113 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2017188 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
21162510 MammalsCarried
2219105 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
2322822 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
24201114 Darwin DeezRedshift
25282113The Soft PackCaptain Ace
2623175 Everything EverythingCough Cough
27211618 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
2824424 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
29271121 Owl EyesClosure
30251214 Loon LakeOn Fire
31292113Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
3232932 LordeRoyals
3331109 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
3430193 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
3533433 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
36351526 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
37411637 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
3834213 The Soft PackBobby Brown
3936728 PassengerLet Her Go
4047440 FlumeMore Than You Thought
4137930 Cadence WeaponCheval
4243539 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
43422313Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
4446244 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
4540235 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
4638133 Wave MachinesIll Fit
4745543 The Soft PackHead On Ice
48501746 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
49441131 Fun.Why Am I the One
5061650 The RubensNever Be The Same
51481920 DelphicBaiya
52522511 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
53NEW153 Vampire WeekendFinger Back
5451314 The Black KeysDead And Gone
5568355 HaimFalling
56491510 !!!Slyd
5757555 Bernard FanningBattleships
5862458 The Model SchoolPurple AM Radio
5955255 Owl EyesHurricane
6053744 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
6173461 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
62541312 DaphniAhora
63562311 Fort LeanSunsick
6458545 Sigur RósBrennisteinn
6566358 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
66601717 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
67633018 FlumeHoldin On
68641649 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
69592821 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
70651356 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
7169362 The Soft MoonInsides
72NEW172 Owl EyesDiamonds In Her Eyes
7367953 The Soft PackEverything I Know
74711266 The StrokesAll the Time
7574255 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
76751443 Jagwar MaThe Throw
77722620 The Black KeysMoney Maker
7888278 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
79761464 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
8077254 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
8187381 MGMTAlien Days
8270926 Everything EverythingKemosabe
83801712 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
8492284 ParamoreStill Into You
85781543 Alt-JTessellate
8681666 The StrokesSlow Animals
8799287 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
88854715The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
89893128 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
9082247 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
91NEW191 The Strokes50/50
9290779 Owl EyesNightswim
9397293 Quiet ChildI've Found Some Poison
9483292 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
95NEW195 FlumeChange
96792038 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
9786374 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
98911064 FlumeSintra
99100791 Two Door Cinema ClubSomeday
10094687 P!nkJust Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)

931439 RihannaStay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
95676 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
96473 ShockOneHarmonize
98494 Bear In HeavenCool Light
So I tried to be all efficient and stuff and get your #1 listened to last week, but all I could find on youtube were live versions so I didn't bother with that. I also checked Now without luck and then gave up. I'll search further some other time, but for now I'm yet to know the chief. Great jumps for Spender, Haim, Paramore, The Rubens and Robin Thicke, but poor Stay is gone! Nice to see that Owl Eyes song in; I actually noticed it on the album for the first time yesterday and liked it. I also presumably like that Vampire Weekend song not that I can place it atm.
Good rises for Haim, Lana Del Rey & Paramore, Owl Eyes debut is pretty cool.
Oh well now that I know that apparently I can't find it, what am I to do? Great to see Midnight Juggernauts jump right into the top 10, really growing on me. And it's ace to see Spender at about the right spot Good to see Owl Eyes debut as I can't remember the others
Nice to see Ariana and P!nk in rhere.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 3/6/13
Edition No.186
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Midnight Juggernauts return to #1 with 'Ballad of the War Machine', with I Know The Chief slipping down to #2.

British India kick the entries off this week with 'Another Christmas In The Trenches' at 46.
Next up is WA songstress Abbe May with her bizarre and dark 'Sex Tourette's' at 51.
Wavves enter for the first time on my chart. 'Sail To The Sun' is at 65.
It's hardly my favourite from MVOTC but it's another solid effort from it. Vampire Weekend come in at 75 with 'Unbelievers'.
It's finally on iTunes, so it's finally on my chart! City and Colour makes his first entry on my chart with 'Thirst' at 83.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs re-enter.
Vampire Weekend are in again with 'Obvious Bicycle' at 88. That's their thirteenth entry overall.
!!! (that's pronounced Chk-Chk-Chk) enter for the fifth time with the funky 'One Girl / One Boy' at 91.
More Aussie hip-hop in my chart with Spit Syndicate's 'Folly' at 93.
Delphic re-enter.

12914Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
21512I Know The ChiefCreature
351719Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
4363 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
5735 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
64182 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
71047 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
86114 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
9878 My Bloody ValentineNew You
1011183 PoliçaDark Star
1117411 SpenderBed & Chair
129113 Vampire WeekendStep
1316413 RedcoatsEvergreen
1414122 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
1513813 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
16121110 James BlakeRetrograde
1715252 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
1823918 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
1920198 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2019123 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2118158 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
2228522 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
23212610 MammalsCarried
24252213The Soft PackCaptain Ace
2522115 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
2626185 Everything EverythingCough Cough
27241214 Darwin DeezRedshift
28291221 Owl EyesClosure
29312213Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
30301314 Loon LakeOn Fire
31371731 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
32271718 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
33361626 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
34321032 LordeRoyals
3540535 FlumeMore Than You Thought
3635533 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
3733119 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
3844338 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
3934203 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
4047640 The Soft PackHead On Ice
4139828 PassengerLet Her Go
4242639 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4338223 The Soft PackBobby Brown
44411030 Cadence WeaponCheval
45432413Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
46NEW146 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
4746143 Wave MachinesIll Fit
48481846 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
4945245 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
5055450 HaimFalling
51NEW151 Abbe MaySex Tourette's
5250750 The RubensNever Be The Same
5353253 Vampire WeekendFinger Back
54512020 DelphicBaiya
55522611 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
56491231 Fun.Why Am I the One
5761557 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
5857655 Bernard FanningBattleships
5954324 The Black KeysDead And Gone
6058558 The Model SchoolPurple AM Radio
6172261 Owl EyesDiamonds In Her Eyes
6260844 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
6359355 Owl EyesHurricane
64561610 !!!Slyd
65NEW165 WavvesSail To The Sun
66673118 FlumeHoldin On
67621412 DaphniAhora
6881468 MGMTAlien Days
6984369 ParamoreStill Into You
7065368 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
7164645 Sigur RósBrennisteinn
7278372 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
73661817 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
74632411 Fort LeanSunsick
75NEW175 Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
7671372 The Soft MoonInsides
77772720 The Black KeysMoney Maker
78741366 The StrokesAll the Time
7987379 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
8075265 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
81692921 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
82731053 The Soft PackEverything I Know
83NEW183 City and ColourThirst
84701456 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
85761543 Jagwar MaThe Throw
86681749 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
87RET776 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
88NEW188 Vampire WeekendObvious Bicycle
8980264 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
90884815The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
91NEW191 !!!One Girl / One Boy
92831812 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
93NEW193 Spit SyndicateFolly
94791564 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
9595295 FlumeChange
9686766 The StrokesSlow Animals
9793393 Quiet ChildI've Found Some Poison
98RET487 DelphicMemeo
99981164 FlumeSintra
10099891 Two Door Cinema ClubSomeday

82926 Everything EverythingKemosabe
851543 Alt-JTessellate
893128 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft OrchestraDo It With A Rockstar
90247 Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
91191 The Strokes50/50
92779 Owl EyesNightswim
94292 City Calm DownPleasure & Consequence
962038 Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
97374 Kanye West & Jay-ZGotta Have It
100687 P!nkJust Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)
I like F**kin Problems, Mountain Sound, Let Her Go, Get Lucky, Why Am I the One, Still Into You, Blurred Lines and Thrift Shop. Sad to see Just Give Me A Reason drop out.
Great to see Delphic and YYY return and the entries for British India, Vampire Weekend and City And Colour. Nice jumps for Spender, Haim, Paramore, Lana Del Rey, Owl Eyes and Robin Thicke. Even though it's dropped I'll still have to make the move to hear that ex #1 now that I apparently can.
Yay for Midnight Juggernauts getting back to #1, I've been monumentally flogging it now that I've FINALLY bought it. Bear In Heaven are actually slaying that longevity. And cool to see Spender approach the top 10. I still can't work out the odd appeal that I have towards the Abbe May song. I actually bought Thirst weeks ago Unbelievers is rad, and lol I almost charted Folly a couple months back.
Great to see Ballad Of The War Machine, Australia Street, New You, My God Is The Sun (great video/s), F**kin Problems, Cough Cough, Closure, Mountain Sound, Jah No Partial, Mercy, Summer Forgive Me, Royals, More Than You Thought (I might actually chart this soon...), Get Lucky, HyperParadise (Flume Remix), Sun, Falling, Baiya, Why Am I the One?, The Way, Battleships, Dead And Gone, Diamonds In Her Eyes, Insane, Hurricane, Slyd, Holdin On, Alien Days, Young And Beautiful, Money Makers, Blurred Lines (lol wut? ), Thrift Shop, Thirst, Love Is All I Got, The Throw, Swimming Pools (Drank), Quick!, The Sea Is Calling, Folly, Change, and Sintra!

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 10/6/13
Edition No.187
Songs retire at 75 weeks

More Juggers at #1! 'Ballad of the War Machine' makes it five weeks on top and seeing off some tough competition in the process.

Truth be told, this was really close to debuting at #1. Vampire Weekend enter at 5 with the lovely 'Hannah Hunt'.
One Father John Misty song out, another in! 'This Is Sally Hatchet' is FJM's third entry overall, and it comes in at 18.
More Vampire Weekend, with 'Ya Hey' at 28.
Karnivool yell their way into the chart for the first time with 'The Refusal' at 87.
Cadence Weapon is back already (disregarding the fact that I'm slow ). 'When It's Real' features vocalist Jarell Perry, and it enters at 92.
Boards of Canada are an artist that I've ignored a fair bit over the years. I've heard one or two songs of theirs but I haven't really given them much of a chance. Well here we go! Daphni is still in the chart with the long electronic instrumental 'Ahora', but now Boards of Canada enter one of their own with 'Reach for the Dead' sneaking in at 98. I think it's a bit of an anomaly in this chart but I appreciate it as a song so yeah.

111015Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
22612I Know The ChiefCreature
331819Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
4544 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
5NEW15 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
6473 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
76192 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
8757 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
91159 SpenderBed & Chair
108124 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
11181011 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
1210193 PoliçaDark Star
1322613 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
1413513 RedcoatsEvergreen
1512123 Vampire WeekendStep
16988 My Bloody ValentineNew You
1714132 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
18NEW118 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
1917262 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
2015913 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
21161210 James BlakeRetrograde
2219208 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2351223 Abbe MaySex Tourette's
24242313The Soft PackCaptain Ace
2520133 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
26232710 MammalsCarried
27311827 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
28NEW128 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
2926195 Everything EverythingCough Cough
30281321 Owl EyesClosure
3138431 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
32292313Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
33271314 Darwin DeezRedshift
3425125 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
3535635 FlumeMore Than You Thought
36341132 LordeRoyals
3721168 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
3846238 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
3936633 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
40331726 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
41321818 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
4237129 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
43301414 Loon LakeOn Fire
4442739 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4540740 The Soft PackHead On Ice
4641928 PassengerLet Her Go
4743233 The Soft PackBobby Brown
48452513Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
4950549 HaimFalling
50441130 Cadence WeaponCheval
5139213 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
5257652 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
53481946 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
5479454 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
5549255 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
5653353 Vampire WeekendFinger Back
5761357 Owl EyesDiamonds In Her Eyes
5847153 Wave MachinesIll Fit
5965259 WavvesSail To The Sun
6052850 The RubensNever Be The Same
6170378 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
62552711 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
6369463 ParamoreStill Into You
6468564 MGMTAlien Days
6558755 Bernard FanningBattleships
66542120 DelphicBaiya
6772467 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
6860658 The Model SchoolPurple AM Radio
6962944 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
7083270 City and ColourThirst
7163455 Owl EyesHurricane
7291272 !!!One Girl / One Boy
73663218 FlumeHoldin On
7475274 Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
75561331 Fun.Why Am I the One
7687876 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
7759334 The Black KeysDead And Gone
78671512 DaphniAhora
79821153 The Soft PackEverything I Know
80731917 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
8171745 Sigur RósBrennisteinn
82781466 The StrokesAll the Time
8380275 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
84742511 Fort LeanSunsick
8576382 The Soft MoonInsides
86641710 !!!Slyd
87NEW187 KarnivoolThe Refusal
88772820 The Black KeysMoney Maker
89813021 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
9093290 Spit SyndicateFolly
9188288 Vampire WeekendObvious Bicycle
92NEW192 Cadence WeaponWhen It's Real (ft. Jarell Perry)
93841556 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
94904915The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
95861849 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
9689274 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
9797493 Quiet ChildI've Found Some Poison
98NEW198 Boards of CanadaReach for the Dead
99851643 Jagwar MaThe Throw
10095395 FlumeChange

921812 The Temper TrapThe Sea Is Calling
941564 Father John MistyNancy From Now On
96766 The StrokesSlow Animals
98487 DelphicMemeo
991164 FlumeSintra
100891 Two Door Cinema ClubSomeday
76192 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
108124 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
2015913 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
21161210 James BlakeRetrograde
2219208 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
24242313The Soft PackCaptain Ace
32292313Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
36341132 LordeRoyals
40331726 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
41321818 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
4442739 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4950549 HaimFalling
5257652 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
5479454 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
6369463 ParamoreStill Into You
6558755 Bernard FanningBattleships
66542120 DelphicBaiya
6772467 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
75561331 Fun.Why Am I the One
7687876 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
82781466 The StrokesAll the Time
95861849 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)

Oh, I hope Lorde hasn't stalled. Good to see Lana, Paramore and Robin Thicke all rising though.
Cool to see Haim & Lana Del Rey moving up.
Yes all the godspeed things are still rad, reminds me that I need to get Memorium. Father John Misty is always quality too.
I couldn't pick those top three debuts but I've heard them all amongst their album and presumably like them all since on those albums there's nothing I dislike. I'd have enjoyed seeing Vampire Weekend debut on top though. Great to see Spender make the top ten and jumps for Owl Eyes, Haim, Robin Thicke, Lana Del Rey, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Paramore.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 17/6/13
Edition No.188
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Juggers, Juggers and more Juggers! Six weeks of them to be exact. 'Ballad of the War Machine' outlasts competition from Washed Out and Vampire Weekend to continue their great run, now beginning to rival Bear in Heaven's 17-week run in the top 5 with 'The Reflection Of You' which is still going.

This week features 12 debuts and 1 re-entry. The first of them is Ernest Greene's return to my chart with 'It All Feels Right' under the pseudonym Washed Out at number 2. He previously charted in 2011 with 'Amor Fati', peaking at #27.
Nine Inch Nails are one of those bands I've ignored for no reason for way too long. Now that I appreciate them, I was excited for the comeback single and it's pretty nifty! 'Came Back Haunted' certainly retains Reznor's dark ferocity in all its glory, entering at 13.
Grouplove are another group that have also just made their return. 'Ways To Go' is third entry overall and it comes in at 41.
I'm really enjoying British India's new album at the moment. Closing track 'Crystals' enters at 44.
American blues musician Joe Lewis entered my chart two years ago with top 20 peaker 'Mustang Ranch' under the band Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears. It seems this time he's dropped the Honeybears from the title and it's a different project. I think so anyway. Black Joe Lewis comes in with 'Skulldiggin' at a respectable 65.
Fitting! Owl Eyes comes in at 69 with the dreamy 'Find Out'.
Cloud Control are back as well, like seriously, at least now I know Franz is on its way. If I didn't, this would be another cruel tease 'Dojo Rising' is cool in its own right and it debuts at 72.
More Brindia with the awkwardly titled 'Twice Inna Lifetime' at 77.
FJM are just so good, they re-enter with 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings'.
Vampire Weekend's album continues to grow on me, and 'Everlasting Arms' is another entry from it at 87.
F**king! Robert DeLong took his time but he finally cracks the chart with 'Global Concepts' at 92.
'And so they ran faster...' made such a profound impact on me last year, with its soothing tones and stunning vocals from none other than Leah Siegel. Firehorse are back with 'Bloodstream' from the upcoming second record Pills From Strangers dropping next week. 'Bloodstream' is in 94 and it's a shift in sound for sure, much less sombre and more upbeat.
And this song which I wasn't sure on at first but I like it now. The heavy brass sound on this takes some time to get used to but 'Someone Else' by Queensland group StormChasers makes its way onto the chart at 98.

111116Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
2NEW12 Washed OutIt All Feels Right
3523 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
431919Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
52712I Know The ChiefCreature
6454 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
71377 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
87202 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
9969 SpenderBed & Chair
10683 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
11111111 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
12867 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
13NEW113 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
1414613 RedcoatsEvergreen
1510134 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
1612203 PoliçaDark Star
1715133 Vampire WeekendStep
1818218 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
1928219 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
2017142 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
211698 My Bloody ValentineNew You
2222218 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2323323 Abbe MaySex Tourette's
24271924 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
2519272 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
26201013 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
27242413The Soft PackCaptain Ace
28211310 James BlakeRetrograde
2938329 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
3025143 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
3131531 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
32301421 Owl EyesClosure
33322413Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
3429205 Everything EverythingCough Cough
35262810 MammalsCarried
3634135 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
3754537 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
38401826 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
39331414 Darwin DeezRedshift
40361232 LordeRoyals
41NEW141 GrouploveWays To Go
4244839 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4335735 FlumeMore Than You Thought
44NEW144 British IndiaCrystals
4539733 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
4659346 WavvesSail To The Sun
47461028 PassengerLet Her Go
48411918 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
4937178 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
5052750 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
51431514 Loon LakeOn Fire
5245840 The Soft PackHead On Ice
5363553 ParamoreStill Into You
5442139 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
5549649 HaimFalling
5651223 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
5747243 The Soft PackBobby Brown
58482613Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
5956453 Vampire WeekendFinger Back
6070360 City and ColourThirst
61532046 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
62501230 Cadence WeaponCheval
6364663 MGMTAlien Days
6457457 Owl EyesDiamonds In Her Eyes
65NEW165 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
6655265 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
6761388 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
6865855 Bernard FanningBattleships
69NEW169 Owl EyesFind Out
70691044 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
7167567 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
72NEW172 Cloud ControlDojo Rising
7360950 The RubensNever Be The Same
74622811 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
7558163 Wave MachinesIll Fit
7676976 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
77NEW177 British IndiaTwice Inna Lifetime
7872372 !!!One Girl / One Boy
79662220 DelphicBaiya
8068758 The Model SchoolPurple AM Radio
81733318 FlumeHoldin On
82RET483 Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
8371555 Owl EyesHurricane
8477344 The Black KeysDead And Gone
8574374 Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
86751431 Fun.Why Am I the One
87NEW187 Vampire WeekendEverlasting Arms
88791253 The Soft PackEverything I Know
89781612 DaphniAhora
90821566 The StrokesAll the Time
9185392 The Soft MoonInsides
92NEW192 Robert DeLongGlobal Concepts
9390390 Spit SyndicateFolly
94NEW194 FirehorseBloodstream
95842611 Fort LeanSunsick
96945015The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
9798297 Boards of CanadaReach for the Dead
98NEW198 StormChasersSomeone Else
9987287 KarnivoolThe Refusal
10097593 Quiet ChildI've Found Some Poison

801917 The StrokesOne Way Trigger
81745 Sigur RósBrennisteinn
83275 The Love JunkiesOxymoron
861710 !!!Slyd
882820 The Black KeysMoney Maker
893021 Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
91288 Vampire WeekendObvious Bicycle
92192 Cadence WeaponWhen It's Real (ft. Jarell Perry)
931556 Feed Me & Crystal FightersLove Is All I Got
951849 Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
96274 The Trouble With TempletonSix Months In A Cast
991643 Jagwar MaThe Throw
100395 FlumeChange
Excellent; Ballad is still excellent. I'd heard good things about NIN but it hasn't clicked with me yet. It just occured to me that Jah No Partial is still peaking Forget what I said the other day, Grouplove's song is growing on me. Find Out is a tuuuune, and a fitting one at that! Hollywood Forever is still perfection.
Cool to see British India & Paramore rising, GLOBAL CONCEPTS!!! I hope it goes much higher!!
Good rise for Robin Thicke. To be honest, I haven't heard almost all of your chart but its nice to see someone with different music in their chart
Lovely climb for "Blurred Lines" and great to see "Get Lucky" and "The Way" up too. Interesting Owl Eyes debut is interesting
It's falling, but I still need to remember to hear The Chief. Great jumps for Vampire Weekend, Robin Thicke and Paramore, and among the many debuts I am pleased to see Robert DeLong, Vampire Weekend, Brindia and Grouplove. Nice to see FJM back in also, I'm not tired of that at all.
Nice to see Ariana peak inside the top 50.
Great to see Robin Thicke bullet into the top fifty, as well as Paramore rising in the bottom fifty. Solid debut for Robert DeLong!
Great to see Robin Thicke, Ariana Grande and Paramore rise.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 24/6/13
Edition No.189
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Washed Out overtake Midnight Juggernauts at #1 and a massive jump for K.Flay to #3 undoubtedly creates even more competition in the top 5.

First up is fairly obvious. Arctic Monkeys dominated my chart last year with #2 of the year 'R U Mine?' and they're back with 'Do I Wanna Know?' Clearly their question-asking approach to title making is working because it's in at 7.
Two things I want to make aware about this: I did not know this was a b-side to 'Sixteen Saltines' last year; I also was unaware this was a U2 song originally even though I vaguely remember the title. Nevertheless, Jack White is back in my chart sooner than I thought 'Love Is Blindness' enters at 36.
Bernard Fanning's album is quite great, and now the second entry from it comes in at 56 in 'Tell Me How It Ends'.
I'm spending too much on music at the moment, dammit favs Portugal. The Man enter with 'Purple Yellow Red and Blue' at 66.
Bear In Heaven re-enter with the song that I love to air-drum to, 'Cool Light' at 70.
Nick Cave at 75. Need I say more.
Was unsure of this at first, but this really catches on in a 'Lifeblood Flow' kind of way. Juggers at 85 with 'Deep Blue Lines'.
More Vampire Weekend with the catchy 'Don't Lie' at 90.
Bear In Heaven re-enter again, and it's 'World of Freakout' at 91.
Melbourne group All The Colours sneak in with 'Second To None' at 100.

12211Washed OutIt All Feels Right
211216Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
3783 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
4333 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
542019Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
65812I Know The ChiefCreature
7NEW17 Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
8664 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
98212 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
10111210 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
11979 SpenderBed & Chair
1213212 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
131093 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
1414713 RedcoatsEvergreen
151277 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
1619316 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
1716213 PoliçaDark Star
1815144 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
1918318 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
2020152 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
2117143 Vampire WeekendStep
22242022 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
2321108 My Bloody ValentineNew You
2422228 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2529425 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
2623423 Abbe MaySex Tourette's
27261113 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
28272513The Soft PackCaptain Ace
2930153 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
3025282 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
3165231 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
3231631 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
3337633 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
34332513Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
35281410 James BlakeRetrograde
36NEW136 Jack WhiteLove Is Blindness
3741237 GrouploveWays To Go
38321521 Owl EyesClosure
3934215 Everything EverythingCough Cough
4045833 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
41381926 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
42352910 MammalsCarried
43391514 Darwin DeezRedshift
4436145 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
45401332 LordeRoyals
4643835 FlumeMore Than You Thought
4742939 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4853648 ParamoreStill Into You
4944244 British IndiaCrystals
5046446 WavvesSail To The Sun
5150850 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
52471128 PassengerLet Her Go
53482018 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
5472254 Cloud ControlDojo Rising
55511614 Loon LakeOn Fire
56NEW156 Bernard FanningTell Me How It Ends
5749188 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
5860458 City and ColourThirst
5968955 Bernard FanningBattleships
6063760 MGMTAlien Days
6157253 The Soft PackBobby Brown
6252940 The Soft PackHead On Ice
6369263 Owl EyesFind Out
64612146 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
6555749 HaimFalling
66NEW166 Portugal. The ManPurple Yellow Red and Blue
6754149 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
6856233 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
69582713Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
70RET570 Bear In HeavenCool Light
71701144 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
7264557 Owl EyesDiamonds In Her Eyes
7359553 Vampire WeekendFinger Back
74621330 Cadence WeaponCheval
75NEW175 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
7667398 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
7771667 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
7878472 !!!One Girl / One Boy
79731050 The RubensNever Be The Same
8066275 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
8182493 Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
8275173 Wave MachinesIll Fit
83742911 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
8487284 Vampire WeekendEverlasting Arms
85NEW185 Midnight JuggernautsDeep Blue Lines
8677277 British IndiaTwice Inna Lifetime
8784354 The Black KeysDead And Gone
8892288 Robert DeLongGlobal Concepts
8983655 Owl EyesHurricane
90NEW190 Vampire WeekendDon't Lie
91RET388 Bear In HeavenWorld Of Freakout
92761076 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
9380858 The Model SchoolPurple AM Radio
9494294 FirehorseBloodstream
95813418 FlumeHoldin On
9693490 Spit SyndicateFolly
97965115The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
9897397 Boards of CanadaReach for the Dead
9999387 KarnivoolThe Refusal
100NEW1100 All The ColoursSecond To None

792220 DelphicBaiya
85374 Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
861431 Fun.Why Am I the One
881253 The Soft PackEverything I Know
891612 DaphniAhora
901566 The StrokesAll the Time
91392 The Soft MoonInsides
952611 Fort LeanSunsick
98198 StormChasersSomeone Else
100593 Quiet ChildI've Found Some Poison
Oh, I still haven't even caught up on the Creature #1 yet, let alone a new one! Perhaps this weekend, although I do have several other things planned. I may have to make effort though. Nice to see Arctic Monkeys debut quite well, not a surprise. I haven't heard it yet but that'll happen soon too. Same for Portugal also, far too many cool bands with new music atm. Nice to see Blurry continue to sneak higher.
I feel like I may have heard that new number one on the radio, or at least possibly recall hearing it get back announced. Only #7 for Arctic Monkeys? What is this flop Nice to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds debut!
Good to see Robin Thicke continue to improve, as well as a jump into the top fifty for Paramore.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 1/7/13
Edition No.190
Songs retire at 75 weeks

A very close week at the top, but Arctic Monkeys have ended up at #1 with 'Do I Wanna Know?', their second #1 in as many years, with 'R U Mine?' becoming their first #1 ever in 2012. Longevity powers 'Ballad of the War Machine' and 'The Reflection Of You' continue to make breaking into the top 5 difficult for newer songs on the chart, with Vampire Weekend's 'Hannah Hunt' pushed out and I Know The Chief down another spot.

I first encountered this band with their interesting take on Nirvana's 'Territorial Pissings'. Now that I have found new music of theirs that is simultaneously cool and relevant, they can finally make an impact on my chart. The rocky number 'Demon Dance' by Florida outfit Surfer Blood comes in at 17.
If you're quicker than me with Australian alternative music, you've probably already heard 'Giant Tortoise' by Pond. It's finally in my chart at 35.
Sydney DJ duo Wordlife enter the chart at 51 with the Flume-esque 'Hold Tight'.
Third Aussie in a row! Josh Pyke is just about the most famous (recent) Australian musician I like that hasn't yet made my chart, and now 'Leeward Side' breaks the hoodoo at 67.
Vampire Weekend's new album is just so different and interesting, and the unique rhythms on 'Hudson' are enough to give it a debut of 70.
Turns out I like this! Melbourne group Baptism of Uzi enter with the catchy 'Stray Current' at 76.
Bernard Fanning makes it three entries from his latest record in the chart with 'Grow Around You' at 86.

17211Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
21311Washed OutIt All Feels Right
321316Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
4393 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
552119Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
6443 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
76912I Know The ChiefCreature
810138 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
9874 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
109222 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
111189 SpenderBed & Chair
1212312 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
1314813 RedcoatsEvergreen
1413103 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
1516415 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
161587 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
17NEW117 Surfer BloodDemon Dance
1831318 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
1933719 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
2017223 PoliçaDark Star
2118154 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
2220162 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
2325523 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
2419418 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
2521153 Vampire WeekendStep
2624238 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2736227 Jack WhiteLove Is Blindness
28222122 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
2926523 Abbe MaySex Tourette's
3023118 My Bloody ValentineNew You
31271213 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
32282613The Soft PackCaptain Ace
3329163 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
3432731 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
35NEW135 PondGiant Tortoise
3630292 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
37381621 Owl EyesClosure
38342613Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
3940933 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
4060840 MGMTAlien Days
4137337 GrouploveWays To Go
4275242 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
43351510 James BlakeRetrograde
44471039 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4539225 Everything EverythingCough Cough
4648746 ParamoreStill Into You
47423010 MammalsCarried
4854348 Cloud ControlDojo Rising
49412026 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
50451432 LordeRoyals
51NEW151 WordlifeHold Tight
5249344 British IndiaCrystals
5346935 FlumeMore Than You Thought
5456254 Bernard FanningTell Me How It Ends
5550546 WavvesSail To The Sun
5644155 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
57532118 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
58431614 Darwin DeezRedshift
5951950 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
60521228 PassengerLet Her Go
6185261 Midnight JuggernautsDeep Blue Lines
6258558 City and ColourThirst
63591055 Bernard FanningBattleships
6457198 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
6565849 HaimFalling
6661263 The Soft PackBobby Brown
67NEW167 Josh PykeLeeward Side
6863363 Owl EyesFind Out
69642246 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
70NEW170 Vampire WeekendHudson
71621040 The Soft PackHead On Ice
7266266 Portugal. The ManPurple Yellow Red and Blue
7372657 Owl EyesDiamonds In Her Eyes
74551714 Loon LakeOn Fire
7576408 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
76NEW176 Baptism of UziStray Current
77692813Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
7873653 Vampire WeekendFinger Back
7968243 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
80711244 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
8167159 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
8277767 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
8394383 FirehorseBloodstream
8478572 !!!One Girl / One Boy
85791150 The RubensNever Be The Same
86NEW186 Bernard FanningGrow Around You
8781503 Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
8888388 Robert DeLongGlobal Concepts
89100289 All The ColoursSecond To None
9070670 Bear In HeavenCool Light
91833011 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
9291488 Bear In HeavenWorld Of Freakout
9384384 Vampire WeekendEverlasting Arms
9480285 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
95921176 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
9690290 Vampire WeekendDon't Lie
9798497 Boards of CanadaReach for the Dead
98975215The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
9987364 The Black KeysDead And Gone
10099487 KarnivoolThe Refusal

741330 Cadence WeaponCheval
82173 Wave MachinesIll Fit
86277 British IndiaTwice Inna Lifetime
89655 Owl EyesHurricane
93858 The Model SchoolPurple AM Radio
953418 FlumeHoldin On
96490 Spit SyndicateFolly
109222 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
1933719 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
2118154 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
2521153 Vampire WeekendStep
2624238 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2736227 Jack WhiteLove Is Blindness
31271213 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
32282613The Soft PackCaptain Ace
38342613Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
4137337 GrouploveWays To Go
43351510 James BlakeRetrograde
44471039 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4648746 ParamoreStill Into You
49412026 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
50451432 LordeRoyals
5456254 Bernard FanningTell Me How It Ends
57532118 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
5951950 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
60521228 PassengerLet Her Go
6258558 City and ColourThirst
63591055 Bernard FanningBattleships
6565849 HaimFalling
8277767 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
8888388 Robert DeLongGlobal Concepts
95921176 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
10099487 KarnivoolThe Refusal

Checking out the other Soft Pack tracks and Vampire Weekend tracks from your chart
Great to see Paramore rise and Ariana Grande in there too!
Not surprised at the new #1 (well slightly because I was expecting Franz Ferdinand there ) but it is very cool. And ooh Surfer Blood, I know there's a song from that album I've heard and quite like but can't remember the title. Maybe that's it! Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/MGMT sharp rises are cool, as are Pond & Baptism of Uzi.
Awesome jump for Blurred Lines! Yay! Also good to see Paramore move up.
Nice to see Owl Eyes & Paramore moving up.
Same boat as Jinx, I'm not overly surprised at the new #1 except that I was kind of expecting Franz to debut this week. I'm also pleased about Surfer Blood, but to differ I've heard the whole album, however it's yet another situation where I don't know any of the tracks by title. However I really like it so I'm pleased. Also good entries for Josh Pyke and Vampire Weekend.
Wow at Robin Thicke doing well for you! Great to see Mountain Sound reach half a year too. Surprised to see Ariana Grande in! Yay for Passenger, Lorde, Global Concepts, Paramore, Daft Punk, Owl Eyes and Bernard Fanning
Awesome jump for Robin Thicke. It is such a catchy song! Nice rises for Daft Punk and Paramore as well.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 8/7/13
Edition No.191
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Before today, only ten songs had ever debuted at #1. Now I know what you're thinking: "oh yeah, he did what everyone expected him to do". Well maybe I did. Okay fine, I did. Franz Ferdinand released new material ten days ago and of course I love it. 'Right Action' becomes the eleventh song to debut at #1 on my chart, following this elite category of tracks:

White RabbitsPercussion Gun
Friendly FiresKiss of Life
Vampire WeekendGiving Up The Gun
Two Door Cinema ClubI Can Talk
Local NativesAirplanes
Foo FightersWhite Limo
Eddie VedderLonging To Belong
Deep Sea ArcadeGirls
Deep Sea ArcadeSteam
Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
Franz FerdinandRight Action

In any case, it's my 79th #1 overall and Franz's second, after 'Ulysses' which scraped through despite predating my chart's inauguration.

Meanwhile, Surfer Blood rocket up to 4 with 'Demon Dance' just ahead of Franz's other entry at 5 'Love Illumination'. Robin Thicke and Nine Inch Nails both make moves for the top 10, whilst MGMT, Baptism of Uzi and Pond are rising not too far below them.

It's been a long, long wait. The one and only Franz Ferdinand enter with their 15th and 16th entries respectively, with 'Right Action' at #1 and 'Love Illumination' not far behind at 5.
Portugal. The Man's new album continues to impress me and this song could possibly become my favourite from it. The catchy 'Creep In a T-Shirt' enters at 15.
The years of 2010 and 2011 each brought one entry from US rock band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin but sadly they did not release any new material last year. Their third entry 'Nightwater Girlfriend' is in at 48.
Wasn't sold on this at first but I'm really liking it now. Jimmy Eat World score their second entry overall after a minor hit in 2010 in 'My Best Theory'. The rocky 'I Will Steal You Back' debuts at 58.
Firehorse enters at 64 with 'Fool', her eighth entry overall. It also beats her other recent entry 'Bloodstream' which is about twenty places below it this week.
Were they ever going to be a massive one-hit wonder? Maybe, but now they won't be! Victorian outfit City Calm Down follow up last year's #2-peaker 'Pleasure & Consequence' with 'Stay' fittingly at 69.
I remember hearing this and thinking firstly that I can rule out ever charting it. Yeah Evan & the Brave enter with the Split Seconds-like 'Stay This Way' at 80 for their first entry overall.

1NEW111Franz FerdinandRight Action
21311Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
331416Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
41724 Surfer BloodDemon Dance
5NEW15 Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
652219Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
72411Washed OutIt All Feels Right
84103 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
98148 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
1071012I Know The ChiefCreature
1112411 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
1219812 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
13653 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
1415514 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
15NEW115 Portugal. The ManCreep In a T-Shirt
161199 SpenderBed & Chair
1710232 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
18984 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
1918418 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
2013913 RedcoatsEvergreen
2114113 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
2240922 MGMTAlien Days
2376223 Baptism of UziStray Current
2420233 PoliçaDark Star
251697 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
2635226 PondGiant Tortoise
2721164 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
2822172 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
2927327 Jack WhiteLove Is Blindness
3026248 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
3123623 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
3230128 My Bloody ValentineNew You
3325163 Vampire WeekendStep
3424518 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
3542335 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
3629623 Abbe MaySex Tourette's
37322713The Soft PackCaptain Ace
3846838 ParamoreStill Into You
39282222 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
40311313 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
41391033 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
4233173 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
4341437 GrouploveWays To Go
44441139 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4548445 Cloud ControlDojo Rising
4634831 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
47371721 Owl EyesClosure
48NEW148 Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinNightwater Girlfriend
4951249 WordlifeHold Tight
50431610 James BlakeRetrograde
5136302 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
5261352 Midnight JuggernautsDeep Blue Lines
53382713Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
5445235 Everything EverythingCough Cough
5554354 Bernard FanningTell Me How It Ends
56591050 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
57601328 PassengerLet Her Go
58NEW158 Jimmy Eat WorldI Will Steal You Back
59492126 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
6070260 Vampire WeekendHudson
61501532 LordeRoyals
62473110 MammalsCarried
6352444 British IndiaCrystals
64NEW164 FirehorseFool
65531035 FlumeMore Than You Thought
6667266 Josh PykeLeeward Side
6755646 WavvesSail To The Sun
6862658 City and ColourThirst
69NEW169 City Calm DownStay
70572218 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
71581714 Darwin DeezRedshift
7256165 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
7365949 HaimFalling
7472366 Portugal. The ManPurple Yellow Red and Blue
75631155 Bernard FanningBattleships
7689376 All The ColoursSecond To None
7766273 The Soft PackBobby Brown
7864208 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
7982867 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
80NEW180 Evan & the BraveStay This Way
8168463 Owl EyesFind Out
82692346 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
8375418 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
8473757 Owl EyesDiamonds In Her Eyes
85711140 The Soft PackHead On Ice
8679253 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
87772913Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
8886286 Bernard FanningGrow Around You
8983483 FirehorseBloodstream
90801344 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
9178753 Vampire WeekendFinger Back
9288488 Robert DeLongGlobal Concepts
9396390 Vampire WeekendDon't Lie
9490770 Bear In HeavenCool Light
95851250 The RubensNever Be The Same
9697596 Boards of CanadaReach for the Dead
97100587 KarnivoolThe Refusal
9892588 Bear In HeavenWorld Of Freakout
9993484 Vampire WeekendEverlasting Arms
100913111 The VaccinesTeenage Icon

741714 Loon LakeOn Fire
81159 The SnowdroppersMoving Out of Eden
84572 !!!One Girl / One Boy
87503 Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
94285 Two Door Cinema ClubSun
951176 Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
985215The Magnetic FieldsQuick!
99364 The Black KeysDead And Gone
What an excellent Top 2!!! I am not surprised Franz managed at #1 debut - I expect it to achieve a solid debut in my on my charts (#3), and I am happy it managed to reach #1!

Great also to see Ballad of the War Machine, Love Illumination, Came Back Haunted, Blurred Lines (lol wut ), Memorium, Alien Days, Australia Street, Giant Tortoise, Diane Young, Love Is Blindness, F**kin' Problems, New You, Jubilee Street, Still Into You, Jah No Partial, My God Is The Sun, Ways To Go, Get Lucky, Closure, Retrograde (it's finally starting to grow on me), Mountain Sound, Cough Cough, Tell Me How It Ends, The Way (I like Ariana Grande, she's hot ), I Will Steal You Back, Summer Forgive Me, Royals, More Than You Thought, Leeward Side (cool video too), Mercy, Falling, Battleships, Young And Beautiful, HyperParadise (Flume Remix) (Listen to Rustie - Slasherr (Flume Remix): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUBQoBjxfg4 , and Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUkkaqSNduU - they're both just as good as the Flume Remix for HyperParadise), Stronger, Judge Jury and Executioner, Insane, Global Concepts, Never Be The Same, and The Refusal.

Sad to lose Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (I wanted it to reach 52 weeks ), Sun, Quick!, and Dead And Gone.

I expect to see a few tracks from Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta...Holy Grail' chart next week. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet (I might listen tomorrow or something), but from what I've heard, it is a solid album. Interesting that none of the 'Yeezus' tracks have managed to debut.

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Shocking that new Franz is #1 , Cool rises though for Paramore & Lana
I'm also stunned that new Franz debuted at #1 and also in the top five; I haven't listened to them yet but I expect to like them. I listened to the Surfer Blood song though and I was pleased to discover that it was not only my favourite song on the album anyway, but that it's a single so I can chart it too! Great jump for it, not that it has a hope at #1. Nice move also for Thicke, lol go top ten! And great to see Jimmy Eat World debut.
I'm sure I've said or strongly implied somewhere that I prefer Love Illumination; why could it at least debut at #2?! Neat to see Surfer Blood jump into the top 5, and MGMT really powering now.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 15/7/13
Edition No.192
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Believe it or not, it was actually really close this week. Surfer Blood have to settle for second place though, pushing up two spots with 'Demon Dance'. Franz Ferdinand make it two weeks at the top with 'Right Action', with Arctic Monkeys and Midnight Juggernauts each shifting down a spot. Portugal. The Man score another top 10 hit and Robin Thicke sneaks in at #10 with 'Blurred Lines'.

Last week I was charting 4 artists from my top 15 artists on last.fm (5 if you count Jack White). In any case Jay-Z joins the category of artists I love with new music out, yay! His first of three entries this week comes in at 7 with 'Holy Grail' featuring Justin Timberlake.
As above, another of my favourites are back. Pearl Jam enter with a very 'Vs.'-like track in 'Mind Your Manners' at 24.
More Jay-Z with the dramatic 'Somewhere In America' at 27.
This just missed out last week but it had plenty of momentum to get there now. Minnesota three-piece Low enter at 51 with 'Plastic Cup'.
This has creeped up nicely for me. Duke Dumont's catchy dance track 'Need U (100%)' enters at 77.
This immediately stood out for me as a favourite from 'Magna Carta... Holy Grail'. Great production on 'Tom Ford' by Jay-Z, his third and final entry of the day - and 21st entry overall - debuting at 79.
Better late than never. The chorus is just so catchy. Olly Murs enters at 86 with 'Army of Two'. And perhaps due to my own fascination, American post-hardcore outfit Letlive. enter at 99 with 'Banshee (Ghost Fame)'.

11212Franz FerdinandRight Action
2432 Surfer BloodDemon Dance
32411Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
431516Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
5525 Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
662319Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
7NEW17 Jay-ZHoly Grail (ft. Justin Timberlake)
87511Washed OutIt All Feels Right
91529 Portugal. The ManCreep In a T-Shirt
1012910 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
119158 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
12101112I Know The ChiefCreature
138113 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
1411511 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
15221015 MGMTAlien Days
1614614 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
1723317 Baptism of UziStray Current
181363 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
1917242 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
2026320 PondGiant Tortoise
2116109 SpenderBed & Chair
2219518 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
23201013 RedcoatsEvergreen
24NEW124 Pearl JamMind Your Manners
2521123 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
261894 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
27NEW127 Jay-ZSomewhere In America
2835428 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
2924243 PoliçaDark Star
3027174 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
3128182 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
3229427 Jack WhiteLove Is Blindness
3358233 Jimmy Eat WorldI Will Steal You Back
3430258 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
3525107 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
3632138 My Bloody ValentineNew You
3760337 Vampire WeekendHudson
38372813The Soft PackCaptain Ace
3931723 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
4045540 Cloud ControlDojo Rising
4134618 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
4233173 Vampire WeekendStep
4336723 Abbe MaySex Tourette's
4438938 ParamoreStill Into You
45411133 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
4676446 All The ColoursSecond To None
47441239 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4849348 WordlifeHold Tight
49401413 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
50392322 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
51NEW151 LowPlastic Cup
5243537 GrouploveWays To Go
5352452 Midnight JuggernautsDeep Blue Lines
5442183 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
5548248 Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinNightwater Girlfriend
5680256 Evan & the BraveStay This Way
5746931 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
58471821 Owl EyesClosure
59501710 James BlakeRetrograde
6051312 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
6155454 Bernard FanningTell Me How It Ends
62532813Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
6354245 Everything EverythingCough Cough
6466364 Josh PykeLeeward Side
65561150 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
66623210 MammalsCarried
67592226 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
6864264 FirehorseFool
6963544 British IndiaCrystals
7067746 WavvesSail To The Sun
7169269 City Calm DownStay
72571428 PassengerLet Her Go
73651135 FlumeMore Than You Thought
74611632 LordeRoyals
75731049 HaimFalling
7668758 City and ColourThirst
77NEW177 Duke DumontNeed U (100%) (ft. A*M*E)
78711814 Darwin DeezRedshift
79NEW179 Jay-ZTom Ford
80702318 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
8172175 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
8274466 Portugal. The ManPurple Yellow Red and Blue
8377283 The Soft PackBobby Brown
84751255 Bernard FanningBattleships
8589583 FirehorseBloodstream
86NEW186 Olly MursArmy of Two
8778218 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
88822446 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
8981563 Owl EyesFind Out
9079967 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
91873013Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
9286263 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
93851240 The Soft PackHead On Ice
9483428 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
9596695 Boards of CanadaReach for the Dead
9692588 Robert DeLongGlobal Concepts
9797687 KarnivoolThe Refusal
9888386 Bernard FanningGrow Around You
99NEW199 Letlive.Banshee (Ghost Fame)
10094870 Bear In HeavenCool Light

84757 Owl EyesDiamonds In Her Eyes
901344 FlumeInsane (ft. Moon Holiday)
91753 Vampire WeekendFinger Back
93390 Vampire WeekendDon't Lie
951250 The RubensNever Be The Same
98588 Bear In HeavenWorld Of Freakout
99484 Vampire WeekendEverlasting Arms
1003111 The VaccinesTeenage Icon
Ooh but I'd like anything else in the top 5 to be #1 because I'm actually charting them. I find the high Jay-Z debut to be as strange as the subsequent and very similar Billboard one. I also find it weird to see Blurred Lines in the top 10. Go MGMT & Pond; making great strides. I like that Pearl Jam song but not on the level of Spin the Black Circle, I think I like that other Jay-Z song. lolwut Army Of Two, that feels so ancient now even though I do really like it.
I still haven't listened to new Franz, perhaps tomorrow but for now go Surfer Blood! Not that I think there's a real chance of it, surely not. Also haven't listened to new Jay Z, perhaps I will be forced to tomorrow. Great to see Robin Thicke in the top ten and the jump for Jimmy Eat World too, and nice to see Olly debut.
Very surprised at the high debut for Jay+Z. Robin top 10 is awesome! And so is the debut for Duke Dumont. And lol Olly
Nice debut for Olly Murs
Wow for Olly Murs debuting. That is so random. Great to see Duke Dumont in the chart. And it's also good to see Blurred Lines in the top ten and Holy Grail debut so high.
As surprising as it is, I am pleased to see Olly debuting. Super pleased though to see Robin Thicke hit the top ten!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 22/7/13
Edition No.193
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Wow it was so close this week. Franz Ferdinand hang on for a third week at #1 with 'Right Action', just ahead of Surfer Blood's 'Demon Dance' which may just get there next week.

Another of my favourite artists have returned! Kings of Leon enter at 24 with 'Supersoaker'.
This has become my favourite song from the new Firehorse album. 'Walls' comes in at 27.
This has certainly grown on me. It's an interesting new track from Bloc Party. 'Ratchet' in at 45.
Here's some proper ratchet I know that a lot of people certainly hate this; I understand why. However, the more I listen to this, the more I get into the brilliant production. And say what you will, but the rap verses are very cool. It's in at 73. And I don't care.
This is quite catchy, but late irish as per usual. AlunaGeorge in at 93 with 'Attracting Flies'.
As above Kelis at 95 with 'Jerk Ribs' although this has taken a while to grow on me.
Still iffy on this. It's decent but I'm not sure if I'd ever enjoy it as much as 'Six Months In A Cast'. The Trouble With Templeton enter with 'Like A Kid' at 98.

11313Franz FerdinandRight Action
2242 Surfer BloodDemon Dance
33511Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
4534 Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
541616Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
662419Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
715117 MGMTAlien Days
8727 Jay-ZHoly Grail (ft. Justin Timberlake)
9939 Portugal. The ManCreep In a T-Shirt
108611Washed OutIt All Feels Right
11101010 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
1217412 Baptism of UziStray Current
1327213 Jay-ZSomewhere In America
1411168 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
1513123 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
1614611 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
17121212I Know The ChiefCreature
1824218 Pearl JamMind Your Manners
1916714 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
2028520 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
211873 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
2220420 PondGiant Tortoise
2319252 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
24NEW124 Kings of LeonSupersoaker
2533325 Jimmy Eat WorldI Will Steal You Back
2621119 SpenderBed & Chair
27NEW127 FirehorseWalls
28231113 RedcoatsEvergreen
2922618 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
3029253 PoliçaDark Star
3125133 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
3226104 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
3331192 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
34382913The Soft PackCaptain Ace
3532527 Jack WhiteLove Is Blindness
3630184 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
3737437 Vampire WeekendHudson
38451233 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
3934268 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
4056340 Evan & the BraveStay This Way
4135117 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
4240640 Cloud ControlDojo Rising
4336148 My Bloody ValentineNew You
4499244 Letlive.Banshee (Ghost Fame)
45NEW145 Bloc PartyRatchet
4639823 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
4746546 All The ColoursSecond To None
4848448 WordlifeHold Tight
4941718 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
5051250 LowPlastic Cup
51441038 ParamoreStill Into You
5242183 Vampire WeekendStep
5343823 Abbe MaySex Tourette's
54502422 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
55471339 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
5653552 Midnight JuggernautsDeep Blue Lines
5755348 Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinNightwater Girlfriend
58491513 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
5954193 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
6052637 GrouploveWays To Go
6171361 City Calm DownStay
62581921 Owl EyesClosure
6364463 Josh PykeLeeward Side
64571031 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
65651250 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
6661554 Bernard FanningTell Me How It Ends
67591810 James BlakeRetrograde
6869644 British IndiaCrystals
6970846 WavvesSail To The Sun
70622913Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
7163255 Everything EverythingCough Cough
7260322 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
73NEW173 Major LazerBubble Butt (Remix) (ft. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic)
7477274 Duke DumontNeed U (100%) (ft. A*M*E)
75672326 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
76663310 MammalsCarried
77731235 FlumeMore Than You Thought
78721528 PassengerLet Her Go
7968364 FirehorseFool
8086280 Olly MursArmy of Two
81741732 LordeRoyals
8276858 City and ColourThirst
83751149 HaimFalling
8479279 Jay-ZTom Ford
85802418 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
8683293 The Soft PackBobby Brown
87931340 The Soft PackHead On Ice
88882546 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
8981185 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
9097787 KarnivoolThe Refusal
91913113Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
9295792 Boards of CanadaReach for the Dead
93NEW193 AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
94100970 Bear In HeavenCool Light
95NEW195 KelisJerk Ribs
9689663 Owl EyesFind Out
97901067 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
98NEW198 The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
9992273 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
10085683 FirehorseBloodstream

781814 Darwin DeezRedshift
82466 Portugal. The ManPurple Yellow Red and Blue
841255 Bernard FanningBattleships
87218 Cadence Weapon(You Can't Stop) The Machine (ft. Buck 65)
94428 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursStronger
96588 Robert DeLongGlobal Concepts
98386 Bernard FanningGrow Around You
My comment from last week about the top 5 rings true still because it's the same top 5 And oh dayum, MGMT just keep going, and that Jay#Z song I probably kinda like! Lovely to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in the top 20 and a lovely debut for Kings of Leon. Bloc Party too
Franz song is good but go Demon Dance!! Haven't listened to KOL song yet but good to see them and Bloc Party in. Lolwut Bubble Butt, eww. Worse than FEM.
Hell yeah for the KOL debut not so much for the Bubble Butt debut
Nice debutnfor AlunaGeorge
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 29/7/13
Edition No.194
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Well Franz are still on top, that's four weeks now for 'Right Action'. MGMT are the big mover of the week.

It turns out I look for music in obscure places. This band is on the record label which sponsors my second favourite English soccer team The Polyphonic Spree enter at 27 with 'You Don't Know Me'.
So much about this song is like a massage for my ears, so nice. 'Despair' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs in at 49.
Yeasayer's album came out last year but I'm still enjoying it now. 'No Bones' has grown on me a fair bit and it's in at 62.
More Yeah Yeah Yeahs with 'Subway' at 81.
Really enjoying the debut record from The Love Junkies, and 'Heads Down' enters in at 83 and I can see this being a hit for me.
Yet another Jay-Z entry, and this time it's his collaboration with Frank Ocean with 'Oceans' at 86.
And NSW band Postblue enter at 98 with 'Kids Need Jesus'.

11414Franz FerdinandRight Action
2252 Surfer BloodDemon Dance
33611Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
47124 MGMTAlien Days
5444 Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
662519Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
751716Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
8837 Jay-ZHoly Grail (ft. Justin Timberlake)
91259 Baptism of UziStray Current
1013310 Jay-ZSomewhere In America
11949 Portugal. The ManCreep In a T-Shirt
12111110 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
1320613 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
1414178 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
1510711Washed OutIt All Feels Right
1615133 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
1718317 Pearl JamMind Your Manners
1827218 FirehorseWalls
1916711 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
2022520 PondGiant Tortoise
2125421 Jimmy Eat WorldI Will Steal You Back
2219814 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
23171312I Know The ChiefCreature
242183 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
2524224 Kings of LeonSupersoaker
2623262 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
27NEW127 The Polyphonic SpreeYou Don't Know Me
2826129 SpenderBed & Chair
29281213 RedcoatsEvergreen
3029718 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
3133202 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
32343013The Soft PackCaptain Ace
3330263 PoliçaDark Star
3432114 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
3531143 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
3640436 Evan & the BraveStay This Way
3735627 Jack WhiteLove Is Blindness
3836194 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
3944339 Letlive.Banshee (Ghost Fame)
4039278 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
4137537 Vampire WeekendHudson
4245242 Bloc PartyRatchet
43381333 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
4450344 LowPlastic Cup
4598245 The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
4642740 Cloud ControlDojo Rising
47551439 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
4847646 All The ColoursSecond To None
49NEW149 Yeah Yeah YeahsDespair
5043158 My Bloody ValentineNew You
5148548 WordlifeHold Tight
5241127 Sticky FingersAustralia Street
5349818 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
5446923 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
5552193 Vampire WeekendStep
5661456 City Calm DownStay
5753923 Abbe MaySex Tourette's
58511138 ParamoreStill Into You
5957448 Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinNightwater Girlfriend
6056652 Midnight JuggernautsDeep Blue Lines
61542522 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
62NEW162 YeasayerNo Bones
63581613 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
6459203 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
6573265 Major LazerBubble Butt (Remix) (ft. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic)
6660737 GrouploveWays To Go
67622021 Owl EyesClosure
6869946 WavvesSail To The Sun
6963563 Josh PykeLeeward Side
70651350 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
71641131 Big Black DeltaSide of the Road
7274372 Duke DumontNeed U (100%) (ft. A*M*E)
7372332 Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
7468744 British IndiaCrystals
7566654 Bernard FanningTell Me How It Ends
76703013Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
77671910 James BlakeRetrograde
78752426 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
7971265 Everything EverythingCough Cough
8080380 Olly MursArmy of Two
81NEW181 Yeah Yeah YeahsSubway
82771335 FlumeMore Than You Thought
83NEW183 The Love JunkiesHeads Down
84831249 HaimFalling
85763410 MammalsCarried
86NEW186 Jay-ZOceans (ft. Frank Ocean)
87781628 PassengerLet Her Go
8884379 Jay-ZTom Ford
89811832 LordeRoyals
9082958 City and ColourThirst
9179464 FirehorseFool
92882646 HermitudeHyperParadise (Flume Remix)
93100783 FirehorseBloodstream
9492892 Boards of CanadaReach for the Dead
95941070 Bear In HeavenCool Light
96852518 Kanye WestMercy (ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
97871440 The Soft PackHead On Ice
98NEW198 PostblueKids Need Jesus
9999283 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
100971167 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful

86293 The Soft PackBobby Brown
89185 Cadence WeaponHope In Dirt City
90787 KarnivoolThe Refusal
913113Wave MachinesI Hold Loneliness
93193 AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
95195 KelisJerk Ribs
96663 Owl EyesFind Out
Great top two once again; I'm charting them both now! I would prefer them the other way around though; go Surfer Blood! Good jump for Jimmy Eat World and nice YYY entries.
My comment about the top 5 last week and subsequently the week before still sort of rings true even though I'm not charting MGMT anymore Good to see Nick Cave creeping up as well as The Trouble With Templeton lol. Despair I quite like but I don't think Subway was a highlight. Sad that F**k Out is out
33611Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
12111110 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
1718317 Pearl JamMind Your Manners
1916711 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
242183 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
2524224 Kings of LeonSupersoaker
2623262 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
32343013The Soft PackCaptain Ace
3330263 PoliçaDark Star
3735627 Jack WhiteLove Is Blindness
3836194 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
4039278 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
4137537 Vampire WeekendHudson
4245242 Bloc PartyRatchet
47551439 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
49NEW149 Yeah Yeah YeahsDespair
58511138 ParamoreStill Into You
63581613 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
6573265 Major LazerBubble Butt (Remix) (ft. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic)
70651350 Ariana GrandeThe Way (ft. Mac Miller)
7274372 Duke DumontNeed U (100%) (ft. A*M*E)
7566654 Bernard FanningTell Me How It Ends
76703013Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
77671910 James BlakeRetrograde
78752426 British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
84831249 HaimFalling
87781628 PassengerLet Her Go
89811832 LordeRoyals
9082958 City and ColourThirst
100971167 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful

Shame to see what appears to be Robin Thicke on the decline. Nice rebound for Daft Punk and good to see Olly holding on.
Shame AlunaGeorge drops out
Huge apologies in advance

1151 (5)Right ActionFranz Ferdinand
21372Jubilee StreetNick Cave
3262Demon DanceSurfer Blood
4371 (1)Do I Wanna KnowThe Arctic Monkeys
54134Alien DaysMGMT
6554Love IlluminationFranz Ferdinand
76261 (9)The Reflection of YouBear IN Heaven
8847Holy GrailJay-Z
97181 (6)Ballad of the War MachineMidnight Juggernauts
10969Stray CurrantBaptizm of Usi
1110410Somewhere In AmericaJAY Z
121159Creep In a T-ShirtPortugal; The Man
1317413Mind Your MannersPearl Jam
14121210Blurred LinesRobin Thicke
1514188Idle HeartBearInHeaven
171581 (1)It All Feels RightWashed Out
1816143Hail MaryK-Flay
1927219You Don't Know MePolyphonic Spree
2020620Giant TortoiseTame Impala
2121521I Will Steal You BackJimmy Eat World
2219811Came Back HauntedNine Inch Nails
2325323SupersoakerKings of Leon
2422914Ya HeyVampire Weekend
25NEWYou & Me (Remix)Disclosure/Flume
2623141 (2)CreatureI Know A Chief
2745327Like A KidThe Trouble With Templeton
2826272She Makes Her Own ClothesSplit Seconds
292493Hannah HuntVampire Weekend
3036530Stay This WayEvan & the Brave
3132311 (3)Captain AceThe Soft Pack
3230818SkulldigginBlack Joe Lewis/Honeybears
3444434Plastic CupLow
3533273Dark StarPolica
3728139Bed & ChairSpender
3849238DespairThe Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3931212Black Sheep BluesThe Love Junkies
4042340RatchetBlock Party
4237727Love IS BlindnessJack White
4335153Pierce the Morning RainDinosaur Jr.
44471539Get LuckyDaft Punk/Pharrell
4540288F**kin ProblemsASAP Rocky/2 Chains/Kendrick Lamar/Drake
4638204Diane YoungVampire Weekend
4859548Nightwater GirlfriendSomeone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
4941637HudsonVampire Weekend
5069650Leeward SideJosh Pyke
5148746Second To NoneAll The Colours
52431433Sinful NatureBear In Heaven
5483254Heads DownLove Junkies
5546840Dojo RisingCloud Control
5653918This Is Sally HatchetFather John Misty
5751648Hold TightWordlife
5855203StepVampire Weekend
5950168New YouMy Bloody Valentine
60581238Still Into YouParamore
61NEWPicasso BabyJay-Z
62541023Another Christmas In The TrenchesBritish India
63951163Cool LightBear In Heaven
64571023Sex Tourette'sAbbe May
6552137Australia StreetSticky Fingers
6660752Deep Blue LinesMidnight Juggernauts
67612622Jah No PartialMajor Lazer / Flux Pavillion
6862262No BonesYeasayer
6965365Bubble Butt (Remix)Major Laser
70NEWFool I KnowThe Love Junkies
71701450The WayAriana Grande
7281272SubwayYeah Yeah Yeahs
73631713My God Is the SunQueens of the Stone Age
7466837Ways To GoGrouplove
7564213Evil FriendsPortugal. The Man
77NEWDistant DreamingShining Bird
7872472Need UDuke Dumont
7975754Tell Me How It EndsBernard Fanning
8076311 (3)Mountain SoundOf Monsters and Men
81672121ClosureOwl Eyes
84772010RetrogradeJames Blake
8573342Will You FollowSugar Army
86782526Summer Forgive MeBritish India
87NEWBaby Come HomeThe Love Junkies
8879275Cough CoughEverything Everything
89NEWFeck With Me You Know I Got ItJaye-Z / Rick Ross
9080480Army of TwoOlly Murs
9188479Tom FordJayZ
9286286OceansJ Z
93871728Let Her GoPassenger
95711231Side of the RoadBig Black Delta
97NEWMosquitoYeah Yeah Yeahs
98NEWSpinningThe Love Junkies
99R/E292When It's RealCadence Weapon/ Jarell Perry
10094992Reach FOR the DeadBoards of Canada

821335 FlumeMore Than You Thought
841249 HaimFalling
853410 MammalsCarried
90958 City and ColourThirst
91464 FirehorseFool
922646 Hermitude/FlumeHyperParadise (Remix)
962518 Kanye West/Big Sean/Pusha T/2 ChainsMercy
971440 The Soft PackHead On Ice
98198 PostblueKids Need Jesus
99283 Atoms For PeaceJudge Jury and Executioner
1001167 Lana Del ReyYoung and Beautiful
Good to see Kings Of Leon rising and thats about it

Franz Ferdislay! 5 Weeks on top is excellent, great to see we share the same #1. Wow at the surprise rise for Jubilee Street; interesting lyrics and video (though I heard it all the way back in March ). Great to also see Do I Wanna Know, Alien Days, Love Illumination (still unsure when I should chart this - maybe in the coming weeks), Holy Grail, Mind Your Manners (Top 10 next week?), Blurred Lines, Giant Tortoise (go irelander, you're drunk ), I Wlll Steal You Back, Came Back Haunted (Prodigy tryhard? ), Supersoaker, You & Me (Flume Remix) (Awesome!), Like A Kid, Dark Star, Ratchet (The Block Sky High Party ), Memorium, Love IS Blindness, Get Slayucky, Fslaykin' Problems (I noticed ), Hooooles, Leeward Side Gotye, Dojo Rising, Step, New You, Still Into You, Picasso Baby, Another Christmas In The Trenches, Australia Street, Jah No Partial, (haha Bubble Butt at #69 ), The Way, My God Is The Sun, Ways To Go, Evil Friends, Need U (100%), Tell Me How It Ends, Mountain Sound, Closure (I really hope Nightswim re-enters soon), Retrograde, Summer Forgive Me, Cough 2X, F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt, Army Of Two, Tom Ford, Feckitfeckit, Fitzpleeeeausredundundun!#$%@UJN$*NHY&*IJHGT^&UJBVFR^&^%$EDV(%GHU%$EDF*omgcall911now*^&!, and Royals (please don't leave so soon). Sad to see More Than You Thought, Falling, Thirst, Hyperjanuary, Mercy, Judge Jury and Executioner, and Young And Beautiful all out though.

Those Bad Seeds have been holding him back I say, I mean, they could never get inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame! Although now I'm rooting for anything in the top 9 for next #1! Yuss at the super high Disclosure debut! Yay Fitzpleasure too. wtf Mercy was still charting before? Surprised I didn't notice that
Great to see Franz still on top but a shame Demon Dance was knocked back by Nick. Good small jump for Supersoaker and a great larger one for Josh Pyke. Awesome entry for Holes and very happy to see Fitzpleasure debut too.
Great to see Holy Grail in the top ten and nice debuts for Disclosure and Passenger. WTF at Bubble Butt!!!!!!!! Noooooooo
50NEW150ROCK U TONITE Wave Racer

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
100962032ROYALS Lorde 
5047245THE RUBENS The RubensLP

49441639GET LUCKY Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
9998298SPINNING The Love Junkies 
out99292WHEN IT'S REAL Cadence Weapon feat. Jarell Perry 
49408951TEN Pearl Jam ▲29LP
9999491VISIONS GrimesLP

4845298F**KIN PROBLEMS A$AP Rocky fear. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar ▲

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
9889289F*CKWITHMEYOUKNOWIGOTIT Jay-Z feat. Rick Ross 
48421501YOU COULD HAVE IT SO MUCH BETTER Franz Ferdinand ▲ 11LP
98100967NO CODE Pearl JamLP

4739222BLACK SHEEP BLUES The Love Junkies ▲ 2

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
97812221CLOSURE Owl Eyes 
out97197MOSQUITO Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
4743234THE TEMPER TRAP The Temper TrapLP
97NE197YEEZUS Kanye WestLP
out971041EASY Grinspoon 

4637149BED & CHAIR Spender ●

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
9682944CRYSTALS British India 
46392561ODYSSEY NUMBER FIVE PowderfingerLP
9696790HORSES Patti SmithLP

45NEW145DON'T GIVE UP Washed Out

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
9574937WAYS TO GO Grouplove 
out951231SIDE OF THE ROAD Big Black Delta 
4544641TAKING BACK SUNDAY Taking Back SundayLP
9595578ATTACK & RELEASE The Black KeysLP

4435283DARK STAR Poliça ●

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
94931828LET HER GO Passenger 
44411531FRANZ FERDINAND Franz Ferdinand ▲ 14LP

4347243HOLES Passenger

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
9387287BABY COME HOME The Love Junkies 
4337851AND SO THEY RAN FASTER… FirehorseLP
93933240NEON BIBLE Arcade FireLP

42331413EVERGREEN Redcoats

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
9292386OCEANS Jay-Z feat. Frank Ocean 
4238372TORCHES Foster The PeopleLP
92832132KALA M.I.A.LP
out92464NIMROD Green Day 

4148641NIGHTWATER GIRLFRIEND Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
911001091REACH FOR THE DEAD Boards of Canada 
out91479TOM FORD Jay-Z 
4136332SHIELDS Grizzly BearLP
9194206IN A MILLION YEARS Last DinosaursLP

4032918SKULLDIGGIN Black Joe Lewis

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
out90480ARMY OF TWO Olly Murs 
4034372PACIFICA The PresetsLP
9085492BORN TO DIE Lana Del ReyLP

3938338DESPAIR Yeah Yeah Yeahs

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
3935321OK COMPUTER RadioheadLP
89863211AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO JusticeLP
out89981YIELD Pearl Jam 

3840438RATCHET Bloc Party

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
8880321MOUNTAIN SOUND Of Monsters and Men 
out88275COUGH COUGH Everything Everything ▲ 
3832164LONERISM Tame ImpalaLP
8882217A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIX Bombay Bicycle ClubLP
out88353WALKING ON A DREAM Empire Of The Sun 


50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
87842110RETROGRADE James Blake ● 
3733461WATCH THE THRONE Kanye West & Jay-ZLP
out87242TONGUE N CHEEK Dizzee Rascal 

3628282SHE MAKES HER OWN CLOTHES Split Seconds ▲ 2

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
8675223EVIL FRIENDS Portugal. The Man 
out862526SUMMER FORGIVE ME British India 
8691425PORTAMENTO The DrumsLP

3529103HANNAH HUNT Vampire Weekend ●

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
85NEW185SOUTHERN SUN Boy & Bear 
out85342WILL YOU FOLLOW Sugar Army ▲ 2 
3525625GRACE Jeff BuckleyLP
85761264BREED OBSESSION GyroscopeLP

3466834DEEP BLUE LINES Midnight Juggernauts

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
84711550THE WAY Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller 
3430801TOURIST HISTORY Two Door Cinema ClubLP
8479991OUTLANDS Deep Sea ArcadeLP

3336533BANSHEE (GHOST FAME) Letlive.

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
83731813MY GOD IS THE SUN Queens of the Stone Age 
3328281THE 2ND LAW MuseLP
8377871WASTING LIGHT Foo FightersLP

3231321CAPTAIN ACE The Soft Pack ▲ 3

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
8268362NO BONES Yeasayer 
3227281BEACON Two Door Cinema ClubLP

3126151CREATURE I Know The Chief ▲ 2

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
81672722JAH NO PARTIAL Major Lazer feat. Flux Pavilion 
31291681TONIGHT: FRANZ FERDINAND Franz Ferdinand ▲ 16LP
8175215INVADERS MUST DIE The ProdigyLP

30241014YA HEY Vampire Weekend

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
8065147AUSTRALIA STREET Sticky Fingers 
3026452EL CAMINO The Black KeysLP
80741051BACKSPACER Pearl JamLP

2930629STAY THIS WAY Evan & the Brave

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
79NEW179IN OUR SLEEP The Love Junkies 
out79754TELL ME HOW IT ENDS Bernard Fanning 
2924951THEORY OF EVERYTHING Children Collide ▲ 10LP
7973511MONUMENT Children CollideLP

2822911CAME BACK HAUNTED Nine Inch Nails

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
7883978BLOODSTREAM Firehorse 
2821271FRAGRANT WORLD YeasayerLP
78812341VITALOGY Pearl JamLP

2721621I WILL STEAL YOU BACK Jimmy Eat World

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
77641123SEX TOURETTE'S Abbe May 
out77177DISTANT DREAMING Shining Bird 
7772402RED FLAGS The ChargeLP

2634526PLASTIC CUP Low

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
out761046SAIL TO THE SUN Wavves 
2626751ELEPHANT The White Stripes ▲ 11LP
7671474DE STIJL The White StripesLP

2523423SUPERSOAKER Kings of Leon

50 Below:
7578572NEED U (100%) Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E 
2523144AMOK Atoms For PeaceLP

2418153HAIL MARY K.Flay feat. Danny Brown

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
74601338STILL INTO YOU Paramore 
2418291LOVE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA The Magnetic Fields ▲6LP
7466511ICKY THUMP The White StripesLP

2316416WALLS Firehorse

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
2320351HOPE IN DIRT CITY Cadence Weapon ▲ 4 LP
7368781THE LONG NOW Children CollideLP


50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
7269465BUBBLE BUTT (REMIX) Major Lazer feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic 
2217301BLACK RABBITS GrinspoonLP
7264302MILK FAMOUS White RabbitsLP


50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
7170270FOOL I KNOW The Love Junkies 
2116103NIGHTSWIM Owl EyesLP
71651441RIOT ACT Pearl JamLP

2015198IDLE HEART Bear In Heaven ●

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
7061261PICASSO BABY Jay-Z 

191269CREEP IN A T-SHIRT Portugal. The Man

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
69NEW169ENDLESS DRAIN Major Leagues 
1915142CONTROLLER British IndiaLP
6970651GOOD THINGS Aloe BlaccLP

1819318YOU DON'T KNOW ME The Polyphonic Spree

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
6859178NEW YOU My Bloody Valentine 
6869981GLOVES Operator PleaseLP

171791IT ALL FEELS RIGHT Washed Out

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
67521533SINFUL NATURE Bear In Heaven 
171274DEPARTURES Bernard FanningLP
67611421APOCALYPSO The PresetsLP

16141310BLURRED LINES Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell ●

50 Below:
6658213STEP Vampire Weekend 
1611391TROUBLE Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs ▲ 2LP
6657428CODES AND KEYS Death Cab For CutieLP


50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
6555940DOJO RISING Cloud Control 
159242SINCE I LEFT YOU The AvalanchesLP
6563831GET BEHIND ME SATAN The White StripesLP

14NEW114SUMMER RAIN Simone & Girlfunkle

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
6472364SUBWAY Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
1413241YOU'LL TURN INTO ME Split Seconds ▲LP
6458196BROTHERS The Black KeysLP

131079STRAY CURRENT Baptism of Uzi

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
6353653STAY City Calm Down 
131072EVIL FRIENDS Portugal. The ManLP

1225212YOU & ME (FLUME REMIX) Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
62561018THIS IS SALLY HATCHET Father John Misty 
6260202ZEROS The Soft MoonLP

119191BALLAD OF THE WAR MACHINE Midnight Juggernauts ▲ 4

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
61631261COOL LIGHT Bear In Heaven 
118181I LOVE YOU, IT'S COOL Bear In HeavenLP

1013510MIND YOUR MANNERS Pearl Jam

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
6051846SECOND TO NONE All The Colours 

92749LIKE A KID The Trouble With Templeton ●

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
5954354HEADS DOWN The Love Junkies 
97141FLUME FlumeLP

8857HOLY GRAIL Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
5857748HOLD TIGHT Wordlife 
58531021VECKATIMEST Grizzly BearLP

77271THE REFLECTION OF YOU Bear In Heaven ▲ 7

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
57NEW157HURT YOU The Love Junkies 
7525MOSQUITO Yeah Yeah YeahsLP

6664LOVE ILLUMINATION Franz Ferdinand ●

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
5650750LEEWARD SIDE Josh Pyke 
6431UNCANNY VALLEY Midnight JuggernautsLP
5652301BLUNDERBUSS Jack WhiteLP


50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
5542827LOVE IS BLINDNESS Jack White 
52301STRAPPED The Soft Pack ▲ 3LP
5550248WHITE BLOOD CELLS The White StripesLP

4481DO I WANNA KNOW? Arctic Monkeys ▲ 2

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
5449737HUDSON Vampire Weekend 
5451271DJANGO DJANGO Django DjangoLP

3372DEMON DANCE Surfer Blood ▲ 2

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
5341134MEMORIUM Midnight Juggernauts 
53481035FUNERAL Arcade FireLP

2161RIGHT ACTION Franz Ferdinand ▲

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
5243163PIERCE THE MORNING RAIN Dinosaur Jr. 

1281JUBILEE STREET Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ▲1st week @ 1

50 Below:
TWLWWIHPTitles - Artistsinfo
5146214DIANE YOUNG Vampire Weekend ▲ 
1NE11MAYBELENE The Love Junkies ▲LP
51465441VS. Pearl Jam ▲10LP
This makes it really hard to comment , but yay for the Boy & Bear debut..
While that is one of the funniest and most creative ideas for chart imitation it's also near on impossible to comment on properly. Certainly not without a lot of effort and that's just not me. Shame to see Jubilee Street on top; I don't mind it but I prefer Franz and if it were going to be booted off, I'd have preferred Demon Dance do it. Good jump for Holes and nice debuts for Boy & Bear and Chvrches.
Great effort!
yeah, you definitely win chart imitation month Dayum at the effort in ranking 100 albums. Yay for Southern Sun and The Mother We Share debuts (two songs I know and like debuting in one week, wtf ), Mind Your Manners top 10, You & Me up heaps, Supersoaker down, Summer Forgive Me off, and probably a few other things I missed
Rock U Tonite is good. Yay for Royals just hanging on but it should've done better, and old school 'scope is cool.

Glad that Get Lucky hangs on in the top 50 (and not for AP purposes ) and Pearl Jam still keeping up their killer run.

Same goes for A$AP.

Oh noes, Closure is almost out And what a flop debut for Yeezus

Bad drop for Bed & Chair. I heard it on the radio this morning so hopefully it can rebound. Good to see Powderfinger still in the top 50 but I hate that they've still not been accreditated.

I think I know that Washed Out song, ouch for Grouplove.

dat Dark Star longevity slayage <3

Yuss at Holes getting a new peak and Arcade Fire not dropping!

Poor Nimrod, I actually bought The Grouch last night

Nice to see Boards of Canada get an epic new peak.

Yay at The Mother We Share charting finally

Awkward 3rd week drop for YYYs, I hope Radiohead can keep racking up more weeks though.

Ratchet still climbing very slowly, yeaah. Worried that Mountain Sound will drop out soon though.

Retrograde still kicking around yay.

Good longevity for Evil Friends.

Yay at Southern Sun debuting! Bad drop for Jeff Buckley though

Ooh, I hope DSA can make 100 weeks.

Great to see Wasting Light still kicking around.

lol Jah No Partial.

Good run for El Camino but I'm still pressed at it missing #1

If In Our Sleep is what I think it is, I like it.

Nine Inch Nails dropping quickly like in the US it seems.

I'm ready for Sex Tourettes to leave

Good jump for Plastic Cup!

aww no if Supersoaker's already peaked

Failing to remember which Foals song that is but yay.

Bubble Butt why you no drop faster

Oh noes, Nightslay out of the top 20 But yay for Black Skinhead.

Good to see Major Leagues fittingly debut.

Decent rise for You Don't Know Me. MBV need a new single!

Shame to see Since I Left You leave the top 10, still hoping for #1 at some point.

wtf at Simone and Girlfunkle, must have been physical sales

Great jump for Disclosure, needs some top 10 action soon.

Shame Ballad of the Slay Machine finally left the top 10

Did not expect Alt-J to debut so high

lmao, TTWT finally in the top 10.

Not high enough for Foals #flop

Surprised at how well YYYs held on their 2nd week

Top 10 turning out eventful thus far

Still swooning for the MGMT.

Great Arctic longevity

noooo Funeral out of the top 50

I think I'm fine with this change because...

Yay for le Jubilee Street
Good to see Robin Thicke, Paramore, Passenger and Lorde still hanging around.

Impressive chart imitation!
Last edited:

82362 YeasayerNo Bones
86223 Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
883213Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
92386 Jay-ZOceans (ft. Frank Ocean)
93287 The Love JunkiesBaby Come Home
95937 GrouploveWays To Go
972221 Owl EyesClosure
99298 The Love JunkiesSpinning
Sad to see Royals out just as I'm really getting into it. Nice to see Blurred Lines high up, and Ariana Grande still in there, hopefully you like her new one just as much.
Sad to see 'Still Into You' at the low 90s , let's hope that it stays on the chart for at least another week
haha I love it You should remain consistent with IC/DLC and randomly choose to include the 'days' counter with absolutely no discernable ruling as to when you do it

I also like that the colours help me know what to comment on; reminds me of my spreadsheeted charts Only problem is that I have to make the extra effort to check peaks, so for the sake of this comment, they all are

Great to see MGMT hit a new peak of #3, still just want to buy it though! Minor new peaks for Jay-Z, Disclosure & The Polyphonic Spree are good too. Excellent move for Chvrches and great to see Lorde get a new peak after 20 weeks stuck at #100! Those three debuts that I have also debuted recently are neat too.
OMG bring on September! This is possibly harder to comment on than last week; my computer is already taking four hours to load a thread and now I have to open a link! Eh, I've already seen that someone else has been more annoying in that regard though. Presumably nice to see Arctics debut quite high even though the poor grammar of the title bugs me and I haven't head the song. Great entry also for TNAF and a nice jump for Chvrches. At least the colours were indeed helpful for commenting purposes.
Haha, nice work. Unfortunately, Lorde is the only rise that I am pleased with, as all the other tracks I know fall.
26th August
01. 01. 10. 01. Nick Cave / The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street.
02. 02. 08. 01. Franz Ferdinand - Right Action.
03. 06. 08. 03. Franz Ferdinand - Love Illumination.
04. 03. 16. 03. MGMT - Alien Days.
05. 04. 09. 02. Surfer Blood - Demon Dance.
06. 07. 07. 06. Jay-Z / Justin Timberlake - Holy Grail.
07. 05. 10. 01. Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?.
08. --. NE. 08. Davey Lane - You're The Cops, I'm The Crime.
09. 08. 29. 01. Bear In Heaven - The Reflection of You.
10. 10. 07. 10. Pearl Jam - Mind Your Manners.
11. 09. 06. 09. The Trouble With Templeton - Like A Kid.
12. 20. 07. 12. Low - Plastic Cup.
13. 13. 05. 13. The Polyphonic Spree - You Don't Know Me.
14. 11. 04. 11. Disclosure / Eliza Doolittle / Flume - You & Me (Remix).
15. 12. 02. 12. MGMT - Your Life Is A Lie.
16. 16. 02. 16. Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?.
17. 15. 03. 14. Simone & Girlfunkle - Summer Rain.
18. 32. 03. 18. The Love Junkies - In Our Sleep.
19. 14. 21. 01. Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine.
20. 23. 03. 20. Low - Just Make It Stop.
21. 26. 10. 21. Midnight Juggernauts - Deep Blue Lines.
22. 19. 07. 10. Jay-Z - Somewhere In America.
23. 17. 09. 09. Baptism of Uzi - Stray Current.
24. 18. 11. 01. Washed Out - It All Feels Right.
25. 22. 03. 21. Kanye West - Black Skinhead.
26. 21. 15. 10. Robin Thicke / T.I. / Pharrell - Blurred Lines.
27. 25. 09. 20. Pond - Giant Tortoise.
28. 28. 06. 23. Kings of Leon - Supersoaker.
29. --. NE. 29. The Fratellis - Seven Nights Seven Days.
30. 24. 08. 09. Portugal. The Man - Creep In a T-Shirt.
31. 30. 07. 30. Letlive. - Banshee (Ghost Fame).
32. 41. 02. 32. The Love Junkies - Broken Strings.
33. 27. 21. 08. Bear In Heaven - Idle Heart.
34. 29. 06. 16. Firehorse - Walls.
35. 35. 08. 35. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Nightwater Girlfriend.
36. --. NE. 36. Yuck - Middle Sea.
37. 31. 17. 03. K.Flay / Danny Brown - Hail Mary.
38. 38. 06. 38. Bloc Party - Ratchet.
39. 39. 03. 39. Wave Racer - Rock U Tonite.
40. 33. 12. 03. Vampire Weekend - Hannah Hunt.
41. 37. 34. 01. The Soft Pack - Captain Ace.
42. 34. 08. 21. Jimmy Eat World - I Will Steal You Back.
43. 40. 08. 29. Evan / the Brave - Stay This Way.
44. 36. 11. 11. Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted.
45. 42. 12. 14. Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey.
46. 45. 03. 45. Washed Out - Don't Give Up.
47. 43. 17. 01. I Know The Chief - Creature.
48. 66. 03. 48. Foals - Providence.
49. 44. 05. 38. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Despair.
50. 47. 11. 18. Black Joe Lewis - Skulldiggin.
51. 46. 30. 02. Split Seconds - She Makes Her Own Clothes.
52. 56. 02. 52. Cub Scouts - Paradise.
53. 48. 03. 48. The Love Junkies - Hurt You.
54. 51. 02. 51. The Naked / Famous - Hearts Like Ours.
55. 60. 03. 55. Major Leagues - Endless Drain.
56. 52. 30. 03. Poliça - Dark Star.
57. 50. 04. 43. Passenger - Holes.
58. 49. 16. 13. Redcoats - Evergreen.
59. 53. 14. 53. Bear In Heaven - Cool Light.
60. 69. 05. 60. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Subway.
61. 54. 18. 39. Daft Punk / Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky.
62. 58. 31. 08. A$AP Rocky / Drake / 2 Chainz / Kendrick Lamar - F**kin Problems.
63. 72. 03. 63. Chvrches - The Mother We Share.
64. 55. 24. 02. The Love Junkies - Black Sheep Blues.
65. 61. 18. 03. Dinosaur Jr. - Pierce the Morning Rain.
66. 59. 16. 09. Spender - Bed & Chair.
67. 57. 23. 04. Vampire Weekend - Diane Young.
68. --. NE. 68. Super Best Friends - Round and Round.
69. 63. 09. 37. Vampire Weekend - Hudson.
70. 62. 05. 54. The Love Junkies - Heads Down.
71. --. NE. 71. Foals - Milk & Black Spiders.
72. 64. 15. 04. Midnight Juggernauts - Memorium.
73. 68. 10. 46. All The Colours - Second To None.
74. 71. 09. 48. Wordlife - Hold Tight.
75. 70. 19. 08. My Bloody Valentine - New You.
76. 65. 10. 27. Jack White - Love Is Blindness.
77. 67. 09. 50. Josh Pyke - Leeward Side.
78. 77. 12. 18. Father John Misty - This Is Sally Hatchet.
79. 75. 04. 61. Jay-Z - Picasso Baby.
80. 74. 08. 53. City Calm Down - Stay.
81. --. NE. 81. The Love Junkies - Ashtray.
82. 73. 11. 40. Cloud Control - Dojo Rising.
83. 87. 04. 83. Alt-J - Fitzpleasure.
84. 84. 03. 84. Boy & Bear - Southern Sun.
85. 80. 07. 72. Duke Dumont/ A*M*E - Need U (100%).
86. 81. 11. 78. Firehorse - Bloodstream.
87. 76. 17. 33. Bear In Heaven - Sinful Nature.
88. 79. 04. 70. The Love Junkies - Fool I Know.
89. 78. 23. 03. Vampire Weekend - Step.
90. 83. 20. 13. Queens of the Stone Age - My God Is the Sun.
91. 86. 06. 65. Major Lazer / Bruno Mars / 2 Chainz / Tyga / Mystic - Bubble Butt (Remix).
92. 89. 12. 89. Boards of Canada - Reach for the Dead.
93. 00. 20. 28. Passenger - Let Her Go.
94. --. NE. 94. Dizzee Rascal - I Don't Need A Reason.
95. 88. 13. 23. British India - Another Christmas In The Trenches.
96. 82. 29. 22. Major Lazer / Flux Pavilion - Jah No Partial.
97. 85. 02. 85. Au Revoir Simone - Somebody Who.
98. 98. 22. 32. Lorde - Royals.
99. --. NE. 99. Firehorse - Good.
00. 99. 04. 89. Jay-Z / Rick Ross - F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.

Drop Out:
--. 90. 12. 23. Abbe May - Sex Tourette's.
--. 91. 14. 38. Paramore - Still Into You.
--. 92. 01. 92. Washed Out - All Over Now.
--. 93. 15. 07. Sticky Fingers - Australia Street.
--. 94. 10. 44. British India - Crystals.
--. 95. 22. 10. James Blake - Retrograde.
--. 96. 16. 50. Ariana Grande / Mac Miller - The Way.
--. 97. 01. 97. The Bloodpoets - Destroy The Sun.
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Surfer Blood getting further away from #1 now, I think their chance is gone. I'd prefer anything else in the top five to Nick Cave though. New Fratellis is hopefully cool but I'm yet to hear it. Good jumps for Chvrches and Alt-J and hello again Let Her Go!

For some reason I find 'The Naked / Famous' hilarious. Good to see Foals improving their outings, and I still think that this Cub Scouts band sound* terrible.

*I use the word 'sound' ironically because obviously I didn't listen to them.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 2/9/13
Edition No.199
Songs retire at 75 weeks

200th edition next week!

This chart has been ultra-competitive for a couple of months now, and a lot of high charters have been doing their best to get a good peak in while they could. Well, now is when their time has probably run out, with of course the release of Franz Ferdinand's fourth studio record last month. And the effect on the chart is noticeable, with three new entries in the top 20 this week and another two down lower. However, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds stay on top with 'Jubilee Street' for week number 4, despite a healthy rise for Franz's 'Love Illumination'. You Am I guitarist Davey Lane is potentially the only other challenger for Franz at this stage, with 'You're The Cops, I'm The Crime' moving up to fourth spot. And after 28 weeks in the top 10 (it debuted at #15 and then made the top 10 the week after), Bear In Heaven's powerhouse charter 'The Reflection of You' makes a tumble down three spots - its largest ever drop - to #12. The only other group with considerable progress is Low, who move into the top 10 with 'Plastic Cup' and newer single 'Just Make It Stop' up to #17.

The brace yourself meme would have been appropriate for this situation last week, so just picture that! Franz Ferdinand enter with album closer 'Goodbye Lovers And Friends' at 5.
I made note that another new Franz track bears resemblance to a Regurgitator song, and then also this shares the title of another Regurgitator song on that same album. But yeah, this doesn't sound like Regurgitator at all. 'Evil Eye' comes in at 11.
The intro to this one got me thinking it was Juggers the other day :O but yeah it's Franz again. 'Brief Encounters' at 20.
This just missed out last week but it was not harmed of a strong debut. Abbe May notches up her fifth entry overall, and impressively the third from her new record Kiss My Apocalypse. At 30, it's 'Perth Girls'.
Did you know Eskimo Joe were back? Well their comeback single 'Got What You Need' is quite a boppy number. As the second highest non-Franz entry, it comes in at 45.
Now to the other side of the country and it's IH100 juggernauts Deep Sea Arcade with 'Black Cat' at 49.
Previous single 'Falling' peaked at #49, and now Haim enter for a second time with 'The Wire' at 62.
And in case you forgot that Franz slay, 'Treason! Animals.' is in at 68.
I remember hearing this at first thinking I'd never chart it which is a shame because the artist and song titles are both so awesome. But hey, it grew on me Unearthed High winners Lunatics on Pogosticks are in at 74 with 'Picasso's Saddest Love'.
And for their fifth new entry of the week, seventh entry from this album, and 21st overall, Franz Ferdinand in with 'The Universe Expanded' at 81.
To round out the 11 entries this week is 'Buried Alive' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs featuring a cool rap verse from Dr. Octagon. It's in at 82 and it's their fifth entry overall, which is impressive considering three months they didn't have any.

111114Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
2392 Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
32915Franz FerdinandRight Action
4824 Davey LaneYou're The Cops, I'm The Crime
5NEW15 Franz FerdinandGoodbye Lovers And Friends
6686 Jay-ZHoly Grail (ft. Justin Timberlake)
74173 MGMTAlien Days
85102 Surfer BloodDemon Dance
971111Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
1012810 LowPlastic Cup
11NEW111 Franz FerdinandEvil Eye
1293019Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
1313613 The Polyphonic SpreeYou Don't Know Me
1410810 Pearl JamMind Your Manners
1515312 MGMTYour Life Is A Lie
161179 The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
1720417 LowJust Make It Stop
1816316 Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
19211119 Midnight JuggernautsDeep Blue Lines
20NEW120 Franz FerdinandBrief Encounters
2118418 The Love JunkiesIn Our Sleep
2225421 Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
2314511 DisclosureYou & Me (ft. Eliza Doolittle) (Flume Remix)
2417414 Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
2522810 Jay-ZSomewhere In America
26192216Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
2729227 The FratellisSeven Nights Seven Days
28271020 PondGiant Tortoise
2931829 Letlive.Banshee (Ghost Fame)
30NEW130 Abbe MayPerth Girls
3128723 Kings of LeonSupersoaker
3239432 Wave RacerRock U Tonite
33261610 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
34241211Washed OutIt All Feels Right
3532332 The Love JunkiesBroken Strings
3623109 Baptism of UziStray Current
3748437 FoalsProvidence
3836236 YuckMiddle Sea
3935935 Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinNightwater Girlfriend
403099 Portugal. The ManCreep In a T-Shirt
4133228 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
4237183 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
4338738 Bloc PartyRatchet
4434716 FirehorseWalls
45NEW145 Eskimo JoeGot What You Need
46413513The Soft PackCaptain Ace
4742921 Jimmy Eat WorldI Will Steal You Back
4840133 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
49NEW149 Deep Sea ArcadeBlack Cat
5057543 PassengerHoles
51451314 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
5260652 Yeah Yeah YeahsSubway
5354351 The Naked And FamousHearts Like Ours
54441211 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
5555455 Major LeaguesEndless Drain
56471812I Know The ChiefCreature
5743929 Evan & the BraveStay This Way
5849638 Yeah Yeah YeahsDespair
5963459 ChvrchesThe Mother We Share
6046445 Washed OutDon't Give Up
61611939 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
62NEW162 HaimThe Wire
6368263 Super Best FriendsRound and Round
6452352 Cub SportParadise
6551312 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
6653448 The Love JunkiesHurt You
67501218 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
68NEW168 Franz FerdinandTreason! Animals.
6956313 PoliçaDark Star
70591553 Bear In HeavenCool Light
7171271 FoalsMilk & Black Spiders
72741048 WordlifeHold Tight
73581713 RedcoatsEvergreen
74NEW174 Lunatics on PogosticksPicasso's Saddest Love
7562328 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
7667244 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
7784477 Boy & BearSouthern Sun
7864252 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
79691037 Vampire WeekendHudson
8075208 My Bloody ValentineNew You
81NEW181 Franz FerdinandThe Universe Expanded
82NEW182 Yeah Yeah YeahsBuried Alive (ft. Dr. Octagon)
83731146 All The ColoursSecond To None
8472164 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
8566179 SpenderBed & Chair
8670654 The Love JunkiesHeads Down
8765193 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
8883583 Alt-JFitzpleasure
8981281 The Love JunkiesAshtray
90771050 Josh PykeLeeward Side
91932128 PassengerLet Her Go
92871833 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
9394293 Dizzee RascalI Don't Need A Reason
94781318 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
95963022 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
9679561 Jay-ZPicasso Baby
97982332 LordeRoyals
9889243 Vampire WeekendStep
9985872 Duke DumontNeed U (100%) (ft. A*M*E)
10097385 Au Revoir SimoneSomebody Who

761027 Jack WhiteLove Is Blindness
80853 City Calm DownStay
821140 Cloud ControlDojo Rising
861178 FirehorseBloodstream
88470 The Love JunkiesFool I Know
902013 Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
91665 Major LazerBubble Butt (Remix) (ft. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic)
921289 Boards of CanadaReach for the Dead
951323 British IndiaAnother Christmas In The Trenches
99199 FirehorseGood
100489 Jay-ZF*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt (ft. Rick Ross)
I must say, congratulations for the effort you put in your charts during the month of August. Great longevity for Ten!

Prepare for the Franz influx
But 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action' is a great album anyway.

I suppose Right Action was a better #1, but good to see Jubilee Street at #1 anyway. I hope Love Illumination can now reach the top spot.

Great to see Right Action, Love Illumination, Goodbye Lovers And Friends, Holy Grail, Alien Days, Demon Dance, Do I Wanna Know? , Evil Eye, Mind Your Manners Your Life Is A Lie, Like A Kid, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?, Black Skinhead, You & Me (Flume Remix) (such a shame this missed the Top 10. It's not too late though... (you can vote for it in the Aus-charts Interactive this week - I nominated it )), Somewhere In America, Ballad of the War Machine, Giant Tortoise, Perth Girls, Supersoaker, Blurred Lines (I would prefer Kendrick Lamar on this track over T.I, but T.I's dancing is too cool ), Providence, Ratchet (yay ), Got What You Need, I Will Steal You Back, Holes, Ya Hey, The Mother We Share, Get Lucky, The Wire, Round & Round (cool video ), Milk & Black Spiders, Picasso's Saddest Love (one of the coolest Unearthed High winner's names ), F**kin Problems, Southern Sun, New You, The Universe Expanded, Memorium, Fitzpleeeeausredundundun, Leeward Side, Let Her Go, I Don't Need A Reason (epic rise ), Jah No Partial, Picasso Baby, Royals, and Need U (100%).

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That's a lot of Franz! Nice to see Haim debut. The rises for Lorde and Passenger (x2) are pleasing.
No surprise to see most of Franz's album debut , Nice to see TNAF rise and Haim debut.
Come on Franz juggernaut, dethrone Nick! Nice to see the Franz tracks in; I don't really have any standouts atm however I like the album. I wonder how much Arctic Monkeys the next chart will see. Nice also to see Haim and Eskimo Joe in. I love the Lunatics On Pogosticks name and will eventually check out their track because of their cool name unless I forget to which is probably the more likely outcome.
I actually thought the Franz influx was rather small, but then I realised that the tracklisting wasn't very long and it made more sense It's nice to see Jubilee Street killing it at #1. Also seriously I cannot recognise those Foals titles, possibly since I haven't heard it in ages Nice to see Chvrches on the rise and Haim debuting. I actually don't know if I've heard Lunatics on Pogosticks' song but I should, the only radio I have that gets reception atm is a really shitty one
Well our charts have almost nothing in common right now Great to see Holes back in the top 50 and nice rebound for Southern Sun. Yay for Supersoaker and Blurry.
1313613 The Polyphonic SpreeYou Don't Know Me
3128723 Kings of LeonSupersoaker
33261610 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
5057543 PassengerHoles
51451314 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
5354351 The Naked And FamousHearts Like Ours
5849638 Yeah Yeah YeahsDespair
5963459 ChvrchesThe Mother We Share
61611939 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
62NEW162 HaimThe Wire
7667244 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
97982332 LordeRoyals
9889243 Vampire WeekendStep

hooray for good music
Yay for Chvrches moving up and Haim debuting!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 9/9/13
Edition No.200
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Davey Lane seemed to have a lot of momentum, and it was going to take a lot to overtake powerhouses 'Jubilee Street' and 'Right Action'. While he was able to do that, he still couldn't grab #1 as Franz Ferdinand's patience pays off with 'Love Illumination' just scraping through. And how fitting that my favourite artist is at the top for my 200th chart!

It's been an absolute ball to make charts for the last 200 weeks. At times I've had days where it's been a bit of a chore, but the end result is always worth it. I've charted 1403 songs over the past nearly four years. Thanks for everyone who spends their precious time checking what stuff I'm loving

To celebrate, I've made a Sporcle quiz on the top 100 songs I've ever charted, ranked by total points*. It may be a bit difficult for some, but why not have a go?


*Points are quite inaccurate for me but at the very least everything in this list was a hit for me to some extent. Anyway, the songs in the quiz are randomised.

Anyone who assumed Franz would have the highest debut this week would be wrong, because I'm not done with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' debut record just yet. I've recently discovered how sublime this truly is. 'You Need Me On My Own' comes in at 5.
The chorus sounds like some other band but with Alex Kapranos on lead vocals. Nevertheless it's unconventional Franz and I like it. Wasn't sold at first on 'Fresh Strawberries' but entering at 24, I certainly am now.
At first I was confused with why JJJ played this, when I felt that there were so many better tracks from the record. However, it came up on shuffle the other day at uni and I'm really into it! British India with 'Plastic Souvenirs' at 35.
Franz again with the boppy 'Stand On The Horizon' at 40.
Drake now dominates 2% of this chart! :O :O Anyway his ARIA hit 'Hold On, We're Going Home' featuring Majid Jordan is in at 43.
This was awesome on first impression but it's waned on me compared to the rest. Nevertheless, 'Bullet' by Franz Ferdinand is at 57.
Portugal. The Man's new single 'Modern Jesus' enters at 65.
Actually didn't think this would grow on me, but it did. Paramore enter again with 'Ain't It Fun' debuting at 78.
More British India with the surfy 'Twice Inna Lifetime' at 80.
Eminem hasn't graced my chart for a while, but 'Berzerk' is a fine return to form for him and it's in at 84.
Atoms For Peace re-enter at 93.
Dustin Tebbutt finally cracks the top 100 with 'The Breach' at 96.
And thanks to a certain person on here, The Strypes in at 98 with 'What a Shame'.

121011Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
2432 Davey LaneYou're The Cops, I'm The Crime
311214Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
431015Franz FerdinandRight Action
5NEW15 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursYou Need Me On My Own
6696 Jay-ZHoly Grail (ft. Justin Timberlake)
7525 Franz FerdinandGoodbye Lovers And Friends
81098 LowPlastic Cup
98129 Franz FerdinandThe Universe Expanded
108112 Surfer BloodDemon Dance
1191211Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
1211211 Franz FerdinandEvil Eye
137183 MGMTAlien Days
1415412 MGMTYour Life Is A Lie
15123119Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
1625910 Jay-ZSomewhere In America
1713713 The Polyphonic SpreeYou Don't Know Me
1827318 The FratellisSeven Nights Seven Days
1914910 Pearl JamMind Your Manners
2017517 LowJust Make It Stop
2118416 Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
2220220 Franz FerdinandBrief Encounters
23191219 Midnight JuggernautsDeep Blue Lines
24NEW124 Franz FerdinandFresh Strawberries
2522521 Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
261689 The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
2729927 Letlive.Banshee (Ghost Fame)
2821518 The Love JunkiesIn Our Sleep
29281120 PondGiant Tortoise
3023611 DisclosureYou & Me (ft. Eliza Doolittle) (Flume Remix)
31262316Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
3224514 Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
3337533 FoalsProvidence
3432532 Wave RacerRock U Tonite
35NEW135 British IndiaPlastic Souvenirs
3630230 Abbe MayPerth Girls
37331710 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
3835432 The Love JunkiesBroken Strings
3931823 Kings of LeonSupersoaker
40NEW140 Franz FerdinandStand On The Horizon
41341311Washed OutIt All Feels Right
4249242 Deep Sea ArcadeBlack Cat
43NEW143 DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (ft. Majid Jordan)
4438336 YuckMiddle Sea
4536119 Baptism of UziStray Current
4650643 PassengerHoles
4745245 Eskimo JoeGot What You Need
48391035 Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinNightwater Girlfriend
4942193 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
5048143 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
5140109 Portugal. The ManCreep In a T-Shirt
5243838 Bloc PartyRatchet
5341238 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
54463613The Soft PackCaptain Ace
55471021 Jimmy Eat WorldI Will Steal You Back
5652752 Yeah Yeah YeahsSubway
57NEW157 Franz FerdinandBullet
5844816 FirehorseWalls
59511414 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
6059559 ChvrchesThe Mother We Share
6153451 The Naked And FamousHearts Like Ours
62721148 WordlifeHold Tight
63561912I Know The ChiefCreature
6468264 Franz FerdinandTreason! Animals.
65NEW165 Portugal. The ManModern Jesus
6655555 Major LeaguesEndless Drain
6762262 HaimThe Wire
68571029 Evan & the BraveStay This Way
69541311 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
7064452 Cub SportParadise
7163363 Super Best FriendsRound and Round
7277572 Boy & BearSouthern Sun
7358738 Yeah Yeah YeahsDespair
7471371 FoalsMilk & Black Spiders
7560545 Washed OutDon't Give Up
7665322 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
77612039 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
78NEW178 ParamoreAin't It Fun
79671318 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
80NEW180 British IndiaTwice Inna Lifetime
8182281 Yeah Yeah YeahsBuried Alive (ft. Dr. Octagon)
8269323 PoliçaDark Star
8374274 Lunatics on PogosticksPicasso's Saddest Love
84NEW184 EminemBerzerk
85701653 Bear In HeavenCool Light
8693386 Dizzee RascalI Don't Need A Reason
8776254 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
8866548 The Love JunkiesHurt You
8988683 Alt-JFitzpleasure
9080218 My Bloody ValentineNew You
9178262 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
92912228 PassengerLet Her Go
93RET293 Atoms For PeaceBefore Your Very Eyes…
9484174 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
95972432 LordeRoyals
96NEW196 Dustin TebbuttThe Breach
9775338 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
98NEW198 The StrypesWhat a Shame
99731813 RedcoatsEvergreen
10085189 SpenderBed & Chair

791037 Vampire WeekendHudson
831146 All The ColoursSecond To None
86654 The Love JunkiesHeads Down
87193 Dinosaur Jr.Pierce the Morning Rain
89281 The Love JunkiesAshtray
901050 Josh PykeLeeward Side
921833 Bear In HeavenSinful Nature
941318 Father John MistyThis Is Sally Hatchet
953022 Major LazerJah No Partial (ft. Flux Pavilion)
96561 Jay-ZPicasso Baby
98243 Vampire WeekendStep
99872 Duke DumontNeed U (100%) (ft. A*M*E)
100385 Au Revoir SimoneSomebody Who
Out of the top 10 I only know two songs and only like one of them so go Demon Dance I guess. Good to see Hold On, We're Going Home debut but sad to see Need U (100%) out.
Personally not a fan of the new Franz, but I knew you would high expectations, so I'm happy it didn't disappoint!

Diane Young deserved a better run and I like Picasso Baby so much more than Holy Grail. Good to see British India and Drake debut, and good to see Wave Racer on a chart too!
Nice to see MGMT moving up a little, Great debuts for Drake & Eminem.
Hmm, I was expecting Arctics to dominate the debuts, but perhaps next week. Or maybe you haven't even heard/got it yet. In any case I'm pleased about the Franz influx again. I'm also pleased about Love Illumination taking the top spot too. Nice jumps for Passenger and Boy & Bear and good Brindia debuts too.
I may not be able to get anyone to agree with me that LU is clearly the better track but I'll take this!

I do like that British India song, just not enough to chart it. I see a lot of downness that makes me sad so yay Chrvches for only dropping a little! Boy & Bear went one better and rose so yay them!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 16/9/13
Edition No.201
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The revolving door continues. Davey Lane jumps to #1 with 'You're The Cops, I'm The Crime'. Otherwise a fairly stable top 10.

I really do love the Arctic Monkeys so much, and their new album is quite great. 'One For the Road' at 15 and 'Arabella' at 25 become the fourth and fifth entries from it.
And there's also a new MGMT album. The catchy melodies of 'Cool Song No. 2' comes in at 33.
It'd be up there with my longest charting entries ever by duration, but certainly not the longest. Anyway, Arcade Fire finally enter into my chart with 'Reflektor' at 48.
Portugal. The Man come in with the rocky number 'Hip Hop Kids' at 69.
Re-entries for The Love Junkies at 74 and 88.
Another awesome band on my chart for the first time! We haven't heard from Spiderbait in a long time and 'Straight Through The Sun' enters at 84.
And this has been "bubbling under" pretty much since it was released in January and it's finally become chartworthy. After his Major Lazer collaboration 'Jah No Partial' became a chart hit, Flux Pavilion achieves an entry of his own with 'Do Or Die' featuring vocals from Childish Gambino.

12411Davey LaneYou're The Cops, I'm The Crime
211111Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
331314Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
441115Franz FerdinandRight Action
5525 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursYou Need Me On My Own
6735 Franz FerdinandGoodbye Lovers And Friends
76106 Jay-ZHoly Grail (ft. Justin Timberlake)
8938 Franz FerdinandThe Universe Expanded
98108 LowPlastic Cup
1010122 Surfer BloodDemon Dance
1114511 MGMTYour Life Is A Lie
12111311Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
1312311 Franz FerdinandEvil Eye
1418414 The FratellisSeven Nights Seven Days
15NEW115 Arctic MonkeysOne For the Road
16153219Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
1713193 MGMTAlien Days
18161010 Jay-ZSomewhere In America
1921516 Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
20191010 Pearl JamMind Your Manners
2117813 The Polyphonic SpreeYou Don't Know Me
2222320 Franz FerdinandBrief Encounters
2320617 LowJust Make It Stop
2428618 The Love JunkiesIn Our Sleep
25NEW125 Arctic MonkeysArabella
26271026 Letlive.Banshee (Ghost Fame)
27231319 Midnight JuggernautsDeep Blue Lines
2833628 FoalsProvidence
2925621 Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
3024224 Franz FerdinandFresh Strawberries
31291220 PondGiant Tortoise
322699 The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
33NEW133 MGMTCool Song No. 2
3430711 DisclosureYou & Me (ft. Eliza Doolittle) (Flume Remix)
3532614 Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
3635235 British IndiaPlastic Souvenirs
3734632 Wave RacerRock U Tonite
3842338 Deep Sea ArcadeBlack Cat
39312416Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
4036330 Abbe MayPerth Girls
4139923 Kings of LeonSupersoaker
4238532 The Love JunkiesBroken Strings
43371810 Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (ft. T.I. & Pharrell)
4443243 DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (ft. Majid Jordan)
4540240 Franz FerdinandStand On The Horizon
4644436 YuckMiddle Sea
47411411Washed OutIt All Feels Right
48NEW148 Arcade FireReflektor
4945129 Baptism of UziStray Current
5047345 Eskimo JoeGot What You Need
5146743 PassengerHoles
5250153 Vampire WeekendHannah Hunt
53481135 Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinNightwater Girlfriend
5456852 Yeah Yeah YeahsSubway
5549203 K.FlayHail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)
5651119 Portugal. The ManCreep In a T-Shirt
5760657 ChvrchesThe Mother We Share
5853248 Bear In HeavenIdle Heart
5957257 Franz FerdinandBullet
6052938 Bloc PartyRatchet
61551121 Jimmy Eat WorldI Will Steal You Back
62543713The Soft PackCaptain Ace
6365263 Portugal. The ManModern Jesus
6461551 The Naked And FamousHearts Like Ours
65621248 WordlifeHold Tight
6664364 Franz FerdinandTreason! Animals.
67591514 Vampire WeekendYa Hey
6858916 FirehorseWalls
69NEW169 Portugal. The ManHip Hop Kids
7066655 Major LeaguesEndless Drain
7170552 Cub SportParadise
72632012I Know The ChiefCreature
7384273 EminemBerzerk
74RET374 The Love JunkiesBaby Come Home
7573838 Yeah Yeah YeahsDespair
7672672 Boy & BearSouthern Sun
7767362 HaimThe Wire
7881378 Yeah Yeah YeahsBuried Alive (ft. Dr. Octagon)
79681129 Evan & the BraveStay This Way
8071463 Super Best FriendsRound and Round
81691411 Nine Inch NailsCame Back Haunted
82772139 Daft PunkGet Lucky (ft. Pharrell Williams)
8374471 FoalsMilk & Black Spiders
84NEW184 SpiderbaitStraight Through The Sun
8586485 Dizzee RascalI Don't Need A Reason
8676332 Split SecondsShe Makes Her Own Clothes
8798287 The StrypesWhat a Shame
88RET570 The Love JunkiesFool I Know
8978278 ParamoreAin't It Fun
90NEW190 Flux PavilionDo Or Die (ft. Childish Gambino)
9183374 Lunatics on PogosticksPicasso's Saddest Love
92791418 Black Joe LewisSkulldiggin
9393393 Atoms For PeaceBefore Your Very Eyes…
9490228 My Bloody ValentineNew You
9589783 Alt-JFitzpleasure
9688648 The Love JunkiesHurt You
9782333 PoliçaDark Star
98922328 PassengerLet Her Go
9975645 Washed OutDon't Give Up
100952532 LordeRoyals

80180 British IndiaTwice Inna Lifetime
851653 Bear In HeavenCool Light
87254 Vampire WeekendDiane Young
91262 The Love JunkiesBlack Sheep Blues
94174 Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
96196 Dustin TebbuttThe Breach
97338 A$AP RockyF**kin Problems (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
991813 RedcoatsEvergreen
100189 SpenderBed & Chair
Yeah I'm surprised The top 10 seems unusually unbusy too. Arctic Monkeys album grew on me quite a bit on my second listen. And now for something I don't really get to say on other people's charts: OMFG Arcade Fire WTF super awesome crazy madness I love it. I think there's a reason I don't say it more Also wut random at Flux Pavilion just debuting now.
Oh hmmm guess I should listen to Davey sometime. Nice to see Chvrches moving up and here are the Arctic entries I've been expecting. I also like what I've heard of The Strypes.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 23/9/13
Edition No.202
Songs retire at 75 weeks

It's been a busy week for me Equally busy on the chart, with Arcade Fire leapfrogging everyone to achieve their first ever #1 with 'Reflektor'.

Kings of Leon's new album came out last Friday of course, and I like the mellow second single 'Wait For Me'. It's in at 44.
Another Arctics album track (yes I'm charting a lot of album tracks at the moment ). 'Snap Out of It' enters at 56.
Further proof to the above, Jay-Z enters with 'F.U.T.W.' at 63.
Is it an alarm clock? Is it a star or something? Or is it a synthesiser? Well it's not a plane, it's Coldplay's 'Atlas' at 82.
'Tennis Court' missed out but 'Team' comes in by Lorde at 84.
Owl Eyes support solo act The Kite String Tangle comes in at 93 with 'Given The Chance'.
And to close the entries, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' delightful finisher to 2013 album Mosquito with 'Wedding Song' at 99.

148211Arcade FireReflektor
21511Davey LaneYou're The Cops, I'm The Crime
321211Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
441215Franz FerdinandRight Action
5535 Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursYou Need Me On My Own
631414Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
7847 Franz FerdinandThe Universe Expanded
8645 Franz FerdinandGoodbye Lovers And Friends
97116 Jay-ZHoly Grail (ft. Justin Timberlake)
10181110 Jay-ZSomewhere In America
1113411 Franz FerdinandEvil Eye
129118 LowPlastic Cup
1314513 The FratellisSeven Nights Seven Days
1410132 Surfer BloodDemon Dance
1511611 MGMTYour Life Is A Lie
1619616 Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
1715215 Arctic MonkeysOne For the Road
18163319Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You
19121411Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
20261120 Letlive.Banshee (Ghost Fame)