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No.1 Songs of 1964:
DateWksTitles / Artists
4-Jan-642I Want to Hold Your Hand - The BEATLES
11-Jan-643I Want to Hold Your Hand - The BEATLES
18-Jan-644I Want to Hold Your Hand - The BEATLES
25-Jan-645I Want to Hold Your Hand - The BEATLES
1-Feb-646I Want to Hold Your Hand - The BEATLES
8-Feb-647I Want to Hold Your Hand - The BEATLES
15-Feb-641I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do - The BEATLES
22-Feb-642I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do - The BEATLES
29-Feb-643I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do - The BEATLES
7-Mar-644I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do - The BEATLES
14-Mar-645I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do - The BEATLES
21-Mar-646I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do - The BEATLES
28-Mar-647I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do - The BEATLES
4-Apr-641Roll Over Beethoven / Hold Me Tight - The BEATLES
11-Apr-642Roll Over Beethoven / Hold Me Tight - The BEATLES
18-Apr-641All My Loving (EP) - The BEATLES
25-Apr-642All My Loving (EP) - The BEATLES
2-May-643All My Loving (EP) - The BEATLES
9-May-641Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That - The BEATLES
16-May-642Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That - The BEATLES
23-May-643Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That - The BEATLES
30-May-644Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That - The BEATLES
6-Jun-645Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That - The BEATLES
13-Jun-641My Guy - MARY WELLS
20-Jun-642My Guy - MARY WELLS
27-Jun-646Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That - The BEATLES
4-Jul-641Requests (EP) - The BEATLES
11-Jul-641You're My World - CILLA BLACK
18-Jul-642You're My World - CILLA BLACK
25-Jul-641A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today - The BEATLES
1-Aug-642A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today - The BEATLES
8-Aug-643A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today - The BEATLES
15-Aug-644A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today - The BEATLES
22-Aug-645A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today - The BEATLES
29-Aug-646A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today - The BEATLES
5-Sep-641I Should Have Known Better / If I Feel - The BEATLES
12-Sep-642I Should Have Known Better / If I Feel - The BEATLES
19-Sep-643I Should Have Known Better / If I Feel - The BEATLES
26-Sep-644I Should Have Known Better / If I Feel - The BEATLES
3-Oct-645I Should Have Known Better / If I Feel - The BEATLES
10-Oct-641Oh Pretty Woman - ROY ORBISON
17-Oct-642Oh Pretty Woman - ROY ORBISON
24-Oct-641Have I the Right? - The HONEYCOMBS
31-Oct-642Have I the Right? - The HONEYCOMBS
7-Nov-641She's a Mod - RAY COLUMBUS & The INVADERS
14-Nov-642She's a Mod - RAY COLUMBUS & The INVADERS
21-Nov-641Ain't That Loving You, Baby / Ask Me - ELVIS PRESLEY
28-Nov-642Ain't That Loving You, Baby / Ask Me - ELVIS PRESLEY
5-Dec-643Ain't That Loving You, Baby / Ask Me - ELVIS PRESLEY
12-Dec-641I Feel Fine / She's a Woman - The BEATLES
19-Dec-642I Feel Fine / She's a Woman - The BEATLES
26-Dec-643I Feel Fine / She's a Woman - The BEATLES
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
4-Jan-64349-Drag CityJAN & DEANLiberty
4-Jan-64665-Mexicali RoseHAWKING BROTHERS, TheW&G
4-Jan-642910-Country BoyHEINZDecca
4-Jan-64961-Midnight MaryJOEY POWERSHMV
4-Jan-641001-Ninety Miles an Hour (down a Dead-End Street)HANK SNOWRCA
11-Jan-64(2) 3199Glad All OverDAVE CLARK FIVEColumbia
11-Jan-64(2) 5145Please / Half as MuchFRANK IFIELDColumbia
11-Jan-641212-Popsicles and IciclesMURMAIDS, TheW&G
11-Jan-641213-As Usual / Lonely, Lonely, Lonely MeBRENDA LEEFestival
11-Jan-645386Twist and Shout (EP)BEATLESParlophone
11-Jan-642415-I Can DanceBRIAN POOLE & The TREMELOESDecca
11-Jan-642814-TeenyJOHNNY CHESTERW&G
11-Jan-645611-Wives and LoversJACK JONESKapp
11-Jan-643210-I Can't Stop Talking About YouSTEVE LAWRENCE & EYDIE GORMECBS
11-Jan-64835-Broken WingsFRANKIE DAVIDSONW&G
11-Jan-647210-Comin' in the Back DoorBAJA MARIMBA BANDFestival
18-Jan-644167You Don't Own Me / Run Bobby RunLESLEY GOREPhilips
18-Jan-641610-WhisperingNINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENSAtlantic
18-Jan-64(3) 7153Surfin' BirdTRASHMEN, TheStateside
18-Jan-646133Long, Tall TexanMURRY KELLUMLondon
18-Jan-64446-BeachcomberSTATESMEN, TheHMV
18-Jan-64584-It's Almost TomorrowMARK WYNTERAstor
18-Jan-64676-SomewhereTYMES, TheColumbia
18-Jan-643213-My Little Rocker's Turned SurfieDIGGER REVELL & The DENVERMENRCA
18-Jan-64981-The Impossible HappenedLITTLE PEGGY MARCHRCA
18-Jan-646010-Girls Grow up Faster than BoysCOOKIES, TheColpix
18-Jan-64963-I Saw Her Standing ThereANTHONY NEWLEYDecca
25-Jan-64(7) 12916I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me DoBEATLESParlophone
25-Jan-6410111For YouRICK NELSONFestival
25-Jan-641612-A Fool Never LearnsANDY WILLIAMSCBS
25-Jan-64653-That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)RAY CHARLESAmpar
25-Jan-643914-HeartCOLIN COOK with The STRANGERSW&G
25-Jan-64497-In the Summer of His YearsCONNIE FRANCISMGM
25-Jan-64635-Raise Your HandCOL JOYEFestival
25-Jan-64887-Since I Fell for YouLENNY WELCHLondon
25-Jan-64845-When You Walk in the RoomJACKIE DE SHANNONLiberty
25-Jan-644310-Say it isn't So / Don't Blame MeFRANK IFIELDColumbia
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
1-Feb-641091Hey Little CobraRIP CHORDS, TheCBS
1-Feb-649171HawaiiBEACH BOYSCapitol
1-Feb-64675-Forgive MeNOELEEN BATLEYFestival
1-Feb-643112-I Wanna Take a Trip to the Islands / Scatter ShieldSURFARIS, TheFestival
1-Feb-64853-It's Time we PartedBOBBY RYDELLColumbia
1-Feb-64616-Louie LouieKINGSMEN, ThePhilips
8-Feb-64(2) 6195I Only Want to Be With YouDUSTY SPRINGFIELDPhilips
8-Feb-649162Who Needs it / That Girl Belongs to YesterdayGENE PITNEYUnited Artists
8-Feb-641122-Anyone Who Had a HeartDIONNE WARWICKPhilips
8-Feb-64484-Baby, I Love YouRONETTES, TheLondon
8-Feb-64409-Southtown U.S.A.DIXIEBELLES, The with CORNBREAD & JERRYLondon
8-Feb-64723-Come, Dance With MeJAY & The AMERICANSUnited Artists
8-Feb-64658-Big LoveNED MILLERW&G
8-Feb-64698-Two Little BoysBRANDYWINE SINGERSW&G
8-Feb-64686-Foggy Mountain TopDE KROO BROTHERSFestival
8-Feb-643916-JavaAL (He's the King) HIRTRCA
15-Feb-64(2) 10222I Love You More and More Every DayAL MARTINOCapitol
15-Feb-648163He Walks Like a ManJODY MILLERCapitol
15-Feb-641414-I'm the OneGERRY & THE PACEMAKERSColumbia
15-Feb-642510-What Do Ya Say!CHUBBY CHECKERColumbia
15-Feb-643310-Out of LimitsMARKETTS, TheWarner Brothers
15-Feb-64527-Who CaresFATS DOMINOAmpar
15-Feb-64803-Living in the PastJOHNNY CRAWFORDLondon
15-Feb-64428-Come OnTOMMY ROEAmpar
22-Feb-644176Needles and PinsSEARCHERS, TheAstor
22-Feb-64(2) 7197The HaremMr. ACKER BILK & His Paramount Jazz BandColumbia
22-Feb-64(3) 1115-Hippy Hippy ShakeSWINGING BLUE JEANSHMV
22-Feb-642410-Little BoxesPETE SEEGERCBS
22-Feb-643613-Please Please Me ®BEATLESParlophone
22-Feb-64497-Carmen!ROB E.G.Festival
22-Feb-645215-The Beatles Hits (EP)BEATLESParlophone
22-Feb-64813-My Baby Left MeDAVE BERRYDecca
22-Feb-64805-Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, UmMAJOR LANCECBS
22-Feb-642815-Fun in AcapulcoELVIS PRESLEYRCA
29-Feb-641613-I'm the Lonely OneCLIFF RICHARDColumbia
29-Feb-64(3) 1314-Dawn (Go Away)FOUR SEASONS, ThePhilips
29-Feb-64(2) 1914-Navy BlueDIANE RENAY20th Century-Fox
29-Feb-64309-I'm Gonna Love You Too / Rock Around with Ollie VeeBUDDY HOLLYCoral
29-Feb-642120-From Me to You / Thank You Girl ®BEATLESParlophone
29-Feb-643111-One RoadJIMMY LITTLEFestival
29-Feb-642911-My BonnieBEATLES feat Tony SheridanPolydor
29-Feb-64931-Have You Ever Been LonelyCARAVELLES, TheDecca/Ritz
29-Feb-64767-I Listen to My HeartSANDY SCOTTCBS
29-Feb-64814-Amapola / AnnaSPOTNICKS, TheW&G
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
7-Mar-648112Borne on the Wind / What'd I SayROY ORBISONLondon
7-Mar-641714-Fun, Fun, FunBEACH BOYSCapitol
7-Mar-64319-Abigail BeecherFREDDY CANNONWarner Brothers
7-Mar-642512-California SunRIVIERAS, TheW&G
7-Mar-64833-Surfer DollROBERT HELPMANNHMV
7-Mar-64535-We Love the Beatles (Beatlemania)VERNONS GIRLS, TheDecca
7-Mar-64945-What's That I Hear? (Freedom Calling)JOE & EDDIEVogue
7-Mar-64952-You're My ManEARTHA KITTRCA
7-Mar-643414-Anyone Who Had a HeartCILLA BLACKParlophone
7-Mar-64981-Oh, No!BROWNS, TheRCA
7-Mar-645116-Blue DayBILLY THORPE & The AZTECSLinda Lee
14-Mar-64(2) 12210Roll Over Beethoven / Hold Me TightBEATLESParlophone
14-Mar-64(2) 4176Bits and Pieces / All of the TimeDAVE CLARK FIVEColumbia
14-Mar-643207DianeBACHELORS, TheDecca
14-Mar-641913-Candy ManBRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOESDecca
14-Mar-642517-Blue WinterCONNIE FRANCISMGM
14-Mar-642213-StayFOUR SEASONS, TheFestival
14-Mar-644512-That's What I WantCICADAS, TheRCA
14-Mar-64811-Miller's CaveBOBBY BARERCA
14-Mar-64798-The Beatles No.1s (EP) (feat Anna (Got to Him) / Chains / Misery)BEATLESParlophone
14-Mar-64902-The Galloping ComedianTELSTARS, TheCBS
14-Mar-64599-See the Funny Little ClownBOBBY GOLDSBOROUnited Artists
14-Mar-64606-My True Carrie, LoveNAT KING COLECapitol
21-Mar-64(3) 12914All My Loving (EP)BEATLESParlophone
21-Mar-64269-Let Me Go, LoverKATHY KIRBYDecca
21-Mar-642711-Hey Jean, Hey DeanDEAN & JEANFestival
21-Mar-644113-We're Gonna Have a Party TonightLITTLE PATTIEHMV
21-Mar-64508-Understand Your ManJOHNNY CASHCBS
21-Mar-64798-5-4-3-2-1MANFRED MANNHMV
21-Mar-645012-Hokey Pokey Stomp / You Make Me HappyJIMMY HANNANRG Records
21-Mar-64665-Bird Dance BeatTRASHMEN, TheStateside
28-Mar-64(2) 1120-4,003,221 Tears from NowJUDY STONEFestival
28-Mar-64289-My Heart Belongs to Only YouBOBBY VINTONEpic
28-Mar-644112-Nadine (is it You?)CHUCK BERRYChess
28-Mar-64477-Baby, Let's Play HouseMERV BENTONW&G
28-Mar-64712-Saginaw, MichiganKEVIN SHEGOGW&G
28-Mar-642716-Stay AwhileDUSTY SPRINGFIELDPhilips
28-Mar-64722-Good NewsSAM COOKERCA
28-Mar-64854-War of the WorldsATLANTICS, TheCBS
28-Mar-64744-My Heart Cries for You / Baby Don't You CryRAY CHARLESAmpar
28-Mar-64952-PenetrationPYRAMIDS, TheLondon
28-Mar-64992-Mary JaneDEL SHANNONStateside
28-Mar-64863-Always in My Heart / Moonlight and ShadowsTRIO INDIOS TABAJARASRCA
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
4-Apr-64(3) 9203She Wears My Ring / Let's Love TonightJOHNNY O'KEEFELeedon
4-Apr-6410161Crooked Little Man (Don't Let the Rain Come Down)SERENDIPITY SINGERS, ThePhilips
4-Apr-648261Tell it on the MountainPETER, PAUL & MARYWarner Brothers
4-Apr-642611-Hey, Bobba NeedleCHUBBY CHECKERParkway
4-Apr-64782-Steptoe & Son at Buckingham PalaceWILFRED BRAMBELL & HARRY H. CORBETTAstor
4-Apr-64714-I'll Make You MineBOBBY VEELiberty
4-Apr-64663-StardustNINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENSAtlantic
4-Apr-64882-Surf Ridin'TONY BRADYRCA
4-Apr-64665-Ain't Gonna Tell NobodyJIMMY GILMERDot/London
4-Apr-643313-Not Fade AwayROLLING STONES, TheDecca
11-Apr-64(2) 42411Viva Las Vegas / What'd I SayELVIS PRESLEYRCA
11-Apr-64(2) 10162Little ChildrenBILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTASParlophone
11-Apr-643212-Good Golly Miss MollySWINGING BLUE JEANSHMV
11-Apr-643611-On and OnJERRY VALECBS
11-Apr-64678-Gonna Leave Tomorrow / Whispering PinesCOL JOYEFestival
11-Apr-64626-Think / The Waiting GameBRENDA LEEFestival
11-Apr-643213-White on WhiteDANNY WILLIAMSHMV
11-Apr-64419-Dead Man's Curve / New Girl in SchoolJAN & DEANLiberty
11-Apr-642913-Just One LookHOLLIES, TheParlophone
11-Apr-64854-I Think of YouMERSEYBEATS, ThePhilips
11-Apr-64897-Sad RememberingJOHNNY MAC with The STARLINERSGAS
11-Apr-646310-New Orleans / Everybody Needs a Little LoveBERN ELLIOTTDecca
18-Apr-64(3) 2189A World Without LovePETER & GORDONColumbia
18-Apr-643167SuspicionTERRY STAFFORDLondon
18-Apr-64583-Out the Back / That's How Many TearsDELLTONES, TheLeedon
18-Apr-64655-Move Over DarlingDORIS DAYCBS
18-Apr-64772-It's Party TimeWARREN WILLIAMSLeedon
18-Apr-64793-Shelter of Your ArmsSAMMY DAVIS Jr.Reprise
18-Apr-643816-Hot PotTORNADOS, TheDecca
18-Apr-64962-Over You / Come Back When You're ReadyFREDDIE & The DREAMERSColumbia
18-Apr-642111-The Shoop Shoop Song (it's in His Kiss)BETTY EVERETTFestival
18-Apr-64972-Gonna Build a MountinVINCENT EDWARDSFestival
25-Apr-64(6) 12515Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do ThatBEATLESParlophone
25-Apr-641611-That's the Way Boys AreLESLEY GOREPhilips
25-Apr-641810-Shangri-LaVIC DANALiberty
25-Apr-642032-Love Potion No.9 / Ain't Gonna Kiss YaSEARCHERS, TheAstor
25-Apr-643912-I Wish You LoveGLORIA LYNNEW&G
25-Apr-642213-Boys CryEDEN KANEPhilips
25-Apr-643810-Shangri-LaROBERT MAXWELL, His Harp & OrchestraFestival
25-Apr-642420-I BelieveBACHELORS, TheDecca
25-Apr-643216-Cry for a ShadowBEATLES feat Tony SheridanPolydor
25-Apr-64855-Oh BoyJACKIE DE SHANNONLiberty
25-Apr-64862-We Love You BeatlesCAREFREES, TheW&G
25-Apr-64688-Free MeDICKIE VALENTINEPhilips
25-Apr-64982-The Dream MakerTOMMY STEELEColumbia
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
2-May-6422110My Boy LollipopMILLIEPhilips
2-May-649162It's Over / Indian WeddingROY ORBISONLondon
2-May-64(2) 12110My GuyMARY WELLSStateside
2-May-64(2) 1816-Invisible TearsNED MILLERW&G
2-May-64904-Just Call on MeDIGGER REVELL & The DENVERMENRCA
2-May-64379-Kiss Me SailorDIANE RENAY20th Century-Fox
2-May-642114-Don’t Let the Sun Catch Your CryingGERRY & The PACEMAKERSColumbia
2-May-64923-Hi-Heel SneakersTOMMY TUCKERChess
2-May-642920-C'Mon Everybody (EP)ELVIS PRESLEYRCA
9-May-643239Poison Ivy / Broken ThingsBILLY THORPE & The AZTECSLinda Lee
9-May-64644-Rock and Roll MusicCHESSMEN, TheW&G
9-May-645612-Kiss Me Quick / Suspicion (EP)ELVIS PRESLEYRCA
9-May-64507-Tell Me WhenAPPLEJACKS (UK)Decca
9-May-64941-(I Say) You're Driving Me CrazyDEL JULIANARCA
9-May-64972-Book of LoveRAINDROPS, TheFestival
9-May-64923-This Can't Be LoveBRENDA & JOHNNYDecca
16-May-644147(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock ®BILL HALEY & HIS COMETSFestival
16-May-641611-CarolTOMMY ROEAmpar
16-May-64(2) 1413-Don't Throw Your Love AwaySEARCHERS, TheAstor
16-May-64318-I Only Have Eyes for YouCLIFF RICHARDColumbia
16-May-64692-Peggy Sue ®BUDDY HOLLYCoral
16-May-64683-Lewis BoogieJERRY LEE LEWISLondon
16-May-64637-ForeverPETE DRAKE and his Talking Steel GuitarPhilips
16-May-642613-Yesterday's GoneCHAD STUART & JEREMY CLYDEFestival
16-May-64981-Moon in the AfternoonCHEROKEES, TheW&G
23-May-641813-(Just Like) Romeo and JulietREFLECTIONS, TheStateside
23-May-641918-Love Me With All Your HeartRAY CHARLES SINGERSCommand
23-May-64607-I'm on FireJERRY LEE LEWISPhilips
23-May-642610-RonnieFOUR SEASONS, ThePhilips
23-May-64655-The Very Thought of YouRICK NELSONFestival
23-May-643210-Angry at the Big Oak TreeFRANK IFIELDColumbia
23-May-642811-Walk on ByDIONNE WARWICKPhilips
23-May-64745-CharadeSAMMY KAYE & His OrchestraFestival
23-May-64695-I Don't Want to Be Hurt AnymoreNAT KING COLECapitol
23-May-64723-Cotton CandyAL HIRTRCA
30-May-64(1) 12111Requests (EP) (feat Long Tall Sally / Boys / I Call Your Name)BEATLESParlophone
30-May-64(3) 5208The Rise and Fall of Flingle BuntSHADOWS, TheColumbia
30-May-64(2) 12310You're My WorldCILLA BLACKParlophone
30-May-64457-Make the World Go AwayAPRIL BYRONLeedon
30-May-64487-Be Anything (But Be Mine)CONNIE FRANCISMGM
30-May-64539-They Call My Guy a TigerJODY MILLERCapitol
30-May-64752-Gonna Get Along Without You NowSKEETER DAVISRCA
30-May-645914-You're the OneKATHY KIRBYDecca
30-May-64794-GoneSHIRLEY BASSEYColumbia
30-May-64991-Java Jones (Java)DONNA LYNNCapitol
30-May-64934-Bye Bye Johnny / Miss AnnJOHNNY CHESTER & HIS CHESSMENW&G
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
6-Jun-641115-No Particular Place to GoCHUCK BERRYChess
6-Jun-641811-Yesterday's HeroGENE PITNEYUnited Artists
6-Jun-641718-Someone, SomeoneBRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOESDecca
6-Jun-641713-Chapel of LoveDIXIE CUPS, TheAstor
6-Jun-64676-Nervous BreakdownMERV BENTONW&G
6-Jun-646811-She Wears My Ring / Love Hurts (EP)ROY ORBISONLondon
6-Jun-64703-Wrong for Each OtherANDY WILLIAMSCBS
6-Jun-64894-Do it RightJOHNNY DEVLINFestival
6-Jun-64941-You Better Move OnROLLING STONES, TheDecca
6-Jun-643212-The Court of King CaractacusROLF HARRISColumbia
6-Jun-643812-Tears and RosesAL MARTINOCapitol
6-Jun-64972-Swing Down, Chariot / Children GoJOE & EDDIEVocalion
13-Jun-645327Hello, Dolly!LOUIS ARMSTRONGKapp
13-Jun-64429-From Russia With LoveAL CAIOLAUnited Artists
13-Jun-64673-Yesterday's GoneOVERLANDERS, TheAstor
13-Jun-643315-I Get Around / Don't Worry BabyBEACH BOYSCapitol
13-Jun-64599-Tell Me MamaCHRISTINE QUAITEW&G
13-Jun-643412-(They Call Her) La BambaCRICKETS, TheLiberty
13-Jun-64497-Shout (Parts 1 & 2) (1964)JOHNNY O'KEEFE with The RajahsLeedon
13-Jun-64746-From Russia With LoveJOHN BARRY SEVEN & OrchestraFestival
13-Jun-64862-I Need You / I'll Prove itCICADAS, TheRCA
20-Jun-641313-Chulu ChululuBILL & BOYDPhilips
20-Jun-641610-Ain't She SweetBEATLES, The with TONY SHERIDANPolydor
20-Jun-649131Nobody I KnowPETER & GORDONColumbia
20-Jun-641615-Oh, Rock My SoulPETER, PAUL & MARYWarner Brothers
20-Jun-641318-Can't You See That She's Mine / BecauseDAVE CLARK FIVEColumbia
20-Jun-64459-Joey's Song ®BILL HALEY & HIS COMETSFestival
20-Jun-64793-Barley Charlie ThemeBRUCE CLARKE & GROUPW&G
27-Jun-64(3) 6186Constantly (L'Edera)CLIFF RICHARDColumbia
27-Jun-64537-JulietFOUR PENNIES, ThePhilips
27-Jun-643811-RamonaBACHELORS, TheDecca
27-Jun-64811-Blue Suede ShoesJOHNNY DEVLINFestival
27-Jun-64842-Tim-Buc-Too / Adventures in ParadiseROB E.G.Festival
27-Jun-64803-MilordBOBBY DARINAtlantic
27-Jun-642411-Here I Go AgainHOLLIES, TheParlophone
27-Jun-64399-AloneFOUR SEASONS, TheFestival
27-Jun-64685-Tell Me WhyBOBBY VINTONEpic
27-Jun-64827-From Russia With LoveVILLAGE STOMPERS, TheEpic
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
4-Jul-642176Wishin' and Hopin'DUSTY SPRINGFIELDPhilips
4-Jul-649273A Million DrumsTONY SHEVETONW&G
4-Jul-64419-I'll Touch a StarTERRY STAFFORDLondon
4-Jul-64728-Monte CarloTORNADOS, TheDecca
4-Jul-645410-Copy CatPLATOParkway
4-Jul-64507-Lazy Elsie Molly / RosieCHUBBY CHECKERParkway
4-Jul-64679-You're No Good / Don't You Worry About MeSWINGING BLUE JEANSHMV
4-Jul-64766-Beans in My EarsSERENDIPITY SINGERS, ThePhilips
4-Jul-643612-The Mexican ShuffleHERB ALPERT'S TIJUANA BRASSFestival
4-Jul-64923-Theme from 'The Travels of Jamie McPheeters'OSMOND BROTHERSMGM
11-Jul-64(6) 12414A Hard Days Night / Things We Said TodayBEATLESParlophone
11-Jul-648141The SpartansSOUNDS INCORPORATEDColumbia
11-Jul-648231The World I Used to KnowJIMMIE RODGERSDot/London
11-Jul-641710-Handy ManDEL SHANNONStateside
11-Jul-644422-The French Song (When the Sun Says Goodbye to the Mountains)LUCILLE STARRFestival
11-Jul-642411-I Want to Hold Your Hand/Hello, Dolly (Medley)BOSTON POPS ORCHESTRARCA
11-Jul-647112-He's My BoyLITTLE PATTIEHMV
11-Jul-64933-ShoutLULU & The LUVERSDecca
11-Jul-642412-Sweet WilliamMILLIEPhilips
11-Jul-64924-Love Came A'Tricklin' DownWOMENFOLK, TheRCA
18-Jul-64(2) 21910The House of the Rising SunANIMALSColumbia
18-Jul-64(2) 3156Rag DollFOUR SEASONS, ThePhilips
18-Jul-649162It's All Over NowROLLING STONESDecca
18-Jul-64478-MemphisJOHNNY RIVERSLiberty
18-Jul-64569-The Little Old Lady (from Pasadena)JAN & DEANLiberty
18-Jul-64901-Look at MeJIMMY GILMERDot/London
18-Jul-64982-A Little LovingFOURMOST, TheParlophone
18-Jul-64991-Hello, DollyKENNY BALL & His Jazz MenAstor
25-Jul-64(2) 1218-Everybody Loves SomebodyDEAN MARTINReprise
25-Jul-642211-Walk - Don't Run '64VENTURES, TheLiberty
25-Jul-643414-First Night of the Full MoonJACK JONESKapp
25-Jul-642718-Only YouWAYNE NEWTONCapitol
25-Jul-64942-Hello, DollyELLA FITZGERALDVerve
25-Jul-64637-Love Me Do / All My LovingHOLLYRIDGE STRINGSCapitol
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
1-Aug-647141More Requests (EP) (feat Slow Down/Matchbox/Till There Was You)BEATLESParlophone
1-Aug-64(3) 1322-Hold MeP.J. PROBYDecca
1-Aug-64198-Dang MeROGER MILLERPhilips
1-Aug-64(2) 7183When You're Not NearROB E.G.Festival
1-Aug-64486-HuskyJIMMY NICOLAstor
1-Aug-642811-Call Up the GroupsBARRON KNIGHTSColumbia
1-Aug-64716-The Girl from Ipanema / Blowin' in the WindASTRUD GILBERTO / STAN GETZMGM
1-Aug-642212-Spanish Harlem / Rinky DinkSOUNDS INCORPORATEDColumbia
1-Aug-64725-I Wanna Love Him So BadJELLY-BEANS, TheAstor
1-Aug-646113-Pink Champagne and a Room of RosesJOHNNY MAC with The STARLINERSW&G
1-Aug-64981-Frankie's TuneBECHUANALAND BOYS, TheFestival
1-Aug-64991-She's My GirlBOBBY SHAFTOParlophone
1-Aug-64784-Like Dreamers DoAPPLEJACKS (UK)Decca
8-Aug-649132Mashed Potato / Don't Cha KnowBILLY THORPE & The AZTECSParlophone
8-Aug-644212-Looking for LoveCONNIE FRANCISMGM
8-Aug-64764-(You Don't Know) How Glad I AmNANCY WILSONCapitol
8-Aug-644811-Some Day We're Gonna Love AgainSEARCHERS, TheAstor
8-Aug-64666-SunnyNEIL SEDAKARCA
8-Aug-64921-Remember MeRITA PAVONERCA
8-Aug-645813-Pearly ShellsJOE & EDDIEVocalion
8-Aug-64836-Lips are Redder on YouGENE PITNEYUnited Artists
8-Aug-64965-Puppet StringsKRAVATS, TheW&G
8-Aug-643213-Tell Me (You're Coming Back)ROLLING STONES, TheDecca
15-Aug-643219Such a NightELVIS PRESLEYRCA
15-Aug-646163It Hurts to Be in Love / HawaiiGENE PITNEYUnited Artists
15-Aug-64(2) 2229Do Wah Diddy DiddyMANFRED MANNHMV
15-Aug-641416-Where Did Our Love GoSUPREMES, TheStateside
15-Aug-641616-I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself (EP)DUSTY SPRINGFIELDPhilips
15-Aug-64528-Be SweetMERV BENTONW&G
15-Aug-64814-Blowin' in the Wind ®PETER, PAUL & MARYWarner Brothers
15-Aug-64627-Under the BoardwalkDRIFTERS, TheAtlantic
15-Aug-64819-Ringo's Theme (This Boy) / And I Love HerGEORGE MARTIN & His OrchestraParlophone
15-Aug-64793-The FlipperBREAKAWAYS, TheW&G
15-Aug-64992-Walking Along / Paper DollDELLTONES, TheLeedon
22-Aug-64(5) 12612I Should Have Known Better / If I FellBEATLESParlophone
22-Aug-641714-It's For YouCILLA BLACKParlophone
22-Aug-64(2) 1730-Don't You Know YockomoDINAH LEEHMV
22-Aug-641812-From a WindowBILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTASParlophone
22-Aug-642110-You Never Can TellCHUCK BERRYChess
22-Aug-64566-The Cowboy in the Continental SuitMARTY ROBBINSCBS
22-Aug-64684-Al Di LaRAY CHARLES SINGERSCommand
22-Aug-64694-Sugar LipsAL (He's the King) HIRTRCA
22-Aug-641001-Th' WifeJOHN D. LOUDERMILKRCA
29-Aug-647205Kissin' Cousins / It Hurts MeELVIS PRESLEYRCA
29-Aug-648153Bread and ButterNEWBEATS, TheHickory
29-Aug-648212Tobacco RoadNASHVILLE TEENS, TheDecca
29-Aug-643713-Maybe I KnowLESLEY GOREPhilips
29-Aug-643410-A Tear FellRAY CHARLESAmpar
29-Aug-64605-I Want You to Meet My BabyEYDIE GORMECBS
29-Aug-64714-Bama Lama Bama LooLITTLE RICHARDStateside
29-Aug-64487-Thinking of You, BabyDAVE CLARK FIVEColumbia
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
5-Sep-64(2) 12210Pretty WomanROY ORBISONLondon
5-Sep-64(3) 7185I Wouldn't Trade You for the WorldBACHELORS, TheDecca
5-Sep-641121-Always TogetherAL MARTINOCapitol
5-Sep-64675-LucilleHOLLIES, TheParlophone
5-Sep-64399-MaybellineJOHNNY RIVERSLiberty
5-Sep-644214-Haunted HouseGENE SIMMONSLondon
5-Sep-64793-Baby Come HomeRUBY & The ROMANTICSKapp
5-Sep-64885-Waltzing on Top of the WorldJIM REEVESViking
5-Sep-64845-Twelve Steps to LoveBRIAN POOLE & The TREMELOESDecca
12-Sep-64(2) 12410Have I the Right?HONEYCOMBS, TheAstor
12-Sep-642113-Rhythm and GreensSHADOWS, TheColumbia
12-Sep-64537-I'm into Something GoodEARL-JEANColpix
12-Sep-64694-People SayDIXIE CUPS, TheRed Bird
12-Sep-643912-Little Treasure from Japan NOELEEN BATLEYFestival
12-Sep-644510-The Sphinx Won't TellKINSMEN, TheVamp
12-Sep-64773-More and More of Your AmorNAT KING COLECapitol
12-Sep-64922-Invisible TearsRAY CONNIFF SINGERSCBS
12-Sep-64924-James Bond ThemeBILLY STRANGE, His Guitar & OrchestraVocalion
19-Sep-64(2) 1228She's a ModRAY COLUMBUS & THE INVADERSZodiac
19-Sep-642410-Save it for MeFOUR SEASONS, ThePhilips
19-Sep-642217-Pearly Shells (Pope O Ewa)BURL IVESFestival
19-Sep-643213-In the Misty MoonlightJERRY WALLACELondon
19-Sep-64564-Exodus / Blackpool RockTORNADOS, TheDecca
19-Sep-644910-Say YouRONNIE DOVEStateside
19-Sep-643612-It's Gonna Be All RightGERRY & The PACEMAKERSColumbia
19-Sep-64812-Frankie and JohnnyGREENWOOD COUNTRY SINGERSKapp
19-Sep-64717-HappinessKEN DODDColumbia
19-Sep-64833-Funny (How Time Slips Away)JOE HINTONW&G
19-Sep-643210-You'll Never Get to Heaven (if You Break My Heart)DIONNE WARWICKPhilips
26-Sep-642199William Tell Overture / MariaSOUNDS INCORPORATEDColumbia
26-Sep-6410151We'll Sing in the SunshineGALE GARNETTRCA
26-Sep-64(2) 8224You Really Got MeKINKS, TheAstor
26-Sep-64646-G.T.O.RONNY & The DAYTONASStateside
26-Sep-64721-Follow the RainbowTERRY STAFFORDLondon
26-Sep-64724-MichaelTRINI LOPEZReprise
26-Sep-64569-Clinging VineBOBBY VINTONEpic
26-Sep-645010-Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)SHANGRI-LA'S, TheRed Bird
26-Sep-64733-The Crying GameDAVE BERRYDecca
26-Sep-643910-Yet… I Know (et Pourtant)STEVE LAWRENCECBS
26-Sep-64587-Golden Wedding ®WOODY HERMANFestival
26-Sep-64982-You Better Believe it, Baby / She Wants t'SwimCHUBBY CHECKERParkway
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
3-Oct-64(2) 2187When You Walk in the RoomSEARCHERS, TheAstor
3-Oct-641126-She's Not ThereZOMBIES, TheDecca
3-Oct-642114-Little HondaHONDELLS, ThePhilips
3-Oct-644013-I'm CryingANIMALSColumbia
3-Oct-64704-Put Away Your Tear DropsLETTERMEN, TheCapitol
3-Oct-64852-Ringo for PresidentROLF HARRISColumbia
3-Oct-643214-Let it Be MeJERRY BUTLER & BETTY EVERETTFestival
3-Oct-64398-When I Grow Up (to be a Man)BEACH BOYS, TheCapitol
3-Oct-644915-A Summer SongCHAD STUART & JEREMY CLYDEFestival
3-Oct-64736-I Don't Want to See Tomorrow / L.O.V.E.NAT KING COLECapitol
3-Oct-64902-There's Nothing I Can SayRICK NELSONFestival
3-Oct-642710-Do You Want to DanceDEL SHANNONStateside
10-Oct-641623-Reet Petite / Do the Blue Beat (The Jamaica Ska)DINAH LEEHMV
10-Oct-649192Someplace GreenJIMMIE RODGERSDot
10-Oct-643510-As Tears Go ByMARIANNE FAITHFULLDecca
10-Oct-642815-Cousin of MineSAM COOKERCA
10-Oct-642414-Ride the Wild SurfJAN & DEANLiberty
10-Oct-642810-I Don't Want to See You AgainPETER & GORDONColumbia
10-Oct-645110-Hey Girl Don't Bother MeDELLTONES, TheLeedon
10-Oct-64726-The Things in This HouseBOBBY DARINCapitol
10-Oct-64887-Little Lonely Summer GirlDAVID BOXLondon
10-Oct-64966-Seven Golden DaffodilsCHEROKEES, The (UK)Columbia
17-Oct-646174The Twelfth of NeverCLIFF RICHARDColumbia
17-Oct-644184Come a Little Bit CloserJAY & THE AMERICANSUnited Artists
17-Oct-641119-I'm into Something GoodHERMAN'S HERMITSColumbia
17-Oct-64(3) 1130-Sick and Tired / About LoveBILLY THORPE & The AZTECSParlophone
17-Oct-64426-Chug-a-LugROGER MILLERPhilips
17-Oct-64349-Lonely CityJOHNNY NOBLELinda Lee
17-Oct-64744-Softly, As I Leave YouFRANK SINATRAReprise
17-Oct-64882-I Can't Get You Out of My HeartAL MARTINO20th Century-Fox
17-Oct-644017-Summer is OverFRANK IFIELDColumbia
17-Oct-64932-TogetherP.J. PROBYDecca
17-Oct-645011-So Long, DearieLOUIS ARMSTRONGPhilips
24-Oct-642812-Don't it Make You Feel GoodOVERLANDERS, TheAstor
24-Oct-64559-All Cried OutDUSTY SPRINGFIELDPhilips
24-Oct-642213-The Honey Wind BlowsGLENN YARBROUGHRCA
24-Oct-64716-Dancing in the StreetMARTHA & The VANDELLASStateside
24-Oct-641001-I've Got Sand in My ShoesDRIFTERS, TheAtlantic
31-Oct-641718-Five by Five (EP) (feat Around and Around)ROLLING STONES, TheDecca
31-Oct-641617-(There's) Always Something There to Remind MeSANDIE SHAWAstor
31-Oct-641625-The Beating of My Heart / Questions I Can't AnswerHEINZColumbia
31-Oct-643015-Gone, Gone, Gone / TortureEVERLY BROTHERS, TheWarner Brothers
31-Oct-64692-Around and AroundASTRONAUTS, TheRCA
31-Oct-642610-Baby LoveSUPREMES, TheStateside
31-Oct-64786-PeopleNAT KING COLECapitol
31-Oct-646613-Teen Beat '65SANDY NELSONLiberty
31-Oct-64942-Turn Around, Look at MeBARRY GIBB & The BEE GEESLeedon
31-Oct-64885-We're Through / Come on BackHOLLIES, TheParlophone
31-Oct-646511-Unless You CareJOHNNY CHESTER & HIS CHESSMENW&G
31-Oct-644320-I Don't Like to Be AloneBRYAN DAVIESHMV
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
7-Nov-64(3) 11810Ain't That Lovin' You Baby / Ask MeELVIS PRESLEYRCA
7-Nov-643157Leader of the PackSHANGRI-LAS, TheRed Bird
7-Nov-644186Time is On My Side / CongratulationsROLLING STONES, TheDecca
7-Nov-64257-Rock and Roll Will Stand (It Will Stand) / Will You Still Love Me TomorrowJOHNNY O'KEEFELeedon
7-Nov-643415-The Door is Still Open to My HeartDEAN MARTINReprise
7-Nov-64589-Is it TrueBRENDA LEEFestival
7-Nov-643213-The Three TreesLUCKY STARRFestival
7-Nov-645215-Sha La LaMANFRED MANNHMV
7-Nov-648216-Jay Walker / PathfinderFABULOUS BLUE JAYS, TheSunshine
7-Nov-64885-Take it EasyBLUE STREAKS, TheLeedon
14-Nov-644126RingoLORNE GREENERCA
14-Nov-64(1) 13015The WeddingJULIE ROGERSPhilips
14-Nov-64(2) 5187I'm Gonna Be StrongGENE PITNEYCBS
14-Nov-641918-Mountain of LoveJOHNNY RIVERSLiberty
14-Nov-645913-Rap City / Slaughter on Tenth AvenueVENTURES, TheLiberty
14-Nov-646710-Is it BecauseHONEYCOMBS, TheAstor
14-Nov-64991-Eternally (Terry's Theme from "Limelight")JIMMY LITTLEFestival
14-Nov-64954-Apple of My EyeFOUR SEASONS, TheFestival
21-Nov-646245Walk Away (Warum Nur Warum)MATT MONROParlophone
21-Nov-645310-Everything's AlrightNEWBEATS, TheHickory
21-Nov-645010-We CouldAL MARTINOCapitol
21-Nov-64439-Reach Out for MeDIONNE WARWICKPhilips
21-Nov-642215-So Much in LoveMIGHTY AVENGERS, TheDecca
21-Nov-64775-Any Way You Want itDAVE CLARK FIVEColumbia
28-Nov-64(8) 12312I Feel Fine / She's a WomanBEATLESParlophone
28-Nov-644188On the BeachCLIFF RICHARD & The SHADOWSColumbia
28-Nov-64(2) 1418-All Day and All of the NightKINKS, TheAstor
28-Nov-64(2) 1912-Theme for Young LoversSHADOWS, TheColumbia
28-Nov-64724-Yo-YoRAY COLUMBUS & The INVADERSZodiac
28-Nov-64714-Jenny, JennyDIGGER REVELL & The DENVERMENRCA
28-Nov-64891-Little MarieCHUCK BERRYChess
28-Nov-64843-Needle in a HaystackVELVELETTES, TheStateside
28-Nov-64546-Sidewalk Surfin'JAN & DEANLiberty
28-Nov-64834-Soon I'll Wed My LoveJOHN GARYRCA
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
5-Dec-645165Mr. LonelyBOBBY VINTONEpic
5-Dec-641815-ReminiscingJAY JUSTINHMV
5-Dec-646511-Come On and Get MeMERV BENTONW&G
5-Dec-64832-(There's) Always Something There to Remind MeLOU JOHNSONLondon
5-Dec-64961-March of the Bob Cats ®BOB CROSBY & His BOB CATSCoral
5-Dec-64983-Don't Waste Time with TeardropsJOHNNY MAC with The STARLINERSW&G
5-Dec-64769-Last KissJ. FRANK WILSON & The CAVALIERSFestival
12-Dec-642178Little Red RoosterROLLING STONES, TheDecca
12-Dec-649172Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)DEL SHANNONStateside
12-Dec-647172Party GirlTOMMY ROEAmpar
12-Dec-64427-Guitars and BongosLOU CHRISTIEColpix
12-Dec-64617-A'Soalin'PETER, PAUL & MARYWarner Brothers
12-Dec-64695-Big Man in TownFOUR SEASONS, ThePhilips
12-Dec-64885-Me You Gotta Teach / I Sure Know a Lot About LoveTONY WORSLEY & The FABULOUS BLUE JAYSSunshine
12-Dec-64812-Leave Me BeZOMBIES, TheDecca
12-Dec-64961-Willow Weep for MeCHAD STUART & JEREMY CLYDEFestival
12-Dec-64837-Losing YouDUSTY SPRINGFIELDPhilips
12-Dec-642615-I Go to Pieces / Love Me BabyPETER & GORDONColumbia
19-Dec-642239Over the Rainbow / That I LoveBILLY THORPE & The AZTECSParlophone
19-Dec-6410171Saturday Night at the MoviesDRIFTERSAtlantic
19-Dec-64476-The Opera House is Falling DownNORFOLK SINGERS, TheCBS
19-Dec-643116-Hawaii TattooMARTIN DENNYLiberty
19-Dec-647810-Come See About MeSUPREMES, TheStateside
19-Dec-64853-It Ain't Me, BabeJOHNNY CASHCBS
19-Dec-64903-Come Out DancingJIMMY HANNANRG Records
19-Dec-647110-Thou Shalt Not StealDICK & DEEDEEWarner Brothers
19-Dec-645511-My Love, Forgive Me (Amore, Scusami)ROBERT GOULETCBS
19-Dec-64953-Brush Those Tears from Your EyesNAT KING COLECapitol
19-Dec-64648-I'm Walkin' / Who Stole the Sugar?DINAH LEEHMV
19-Dec-64915-Surfin' Time AgainLITTLE PATTIEHMV
26-Dec-64(3) 2013-Theme from "The Endless Summer"SANDELLS, ThePhilips
26-Dec-64299-Three BellsBRIAN POOLE & The TREMELOESDecca
26-Dec-644410-And I Love Her / Tell Me Why (EP)BEATLESParlophone
26-Dec-643611-He's in TownROCKIN' BERRIES, TheAstor
26-Dec-642511-Show Me GirlHERMAN'S HERMITSColumbia
26-Dec-643510-Tell the Other GuyBRYAN DAVIESColumbia
26-Dec-642714-What Have They Done to the Rain / This Feeling InsideSEARCHERS, TheAstor
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