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Forum - General: General Discussion - BIRTHDAYS!!!!! [2]

Part 1: http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=31514

Trav's table
16/3HeadInAMuse25/5album guru joe19/8antonnalan4/12liza2010
24/3Effluvium120/6bangalore14/10.UrMumIsABigHoney29/12Chris A

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Can someone please add my birthday to the table. Sadly, I passed away in May and would have turned the ripe, old age of 15 this year (Yes, kitty heaven has internet access!)
Sure but I don't know your birthday
It's in my profile big boy. xx
Oh Added with love from Earth xoxo
So today is my birthday. Yayness and stuff
Happy b'day Daniel

Belated birthday wishes to UrMumIsABigHoney
Happy Birthday Daniel!
Happy birthday Daniel!
Happy birthday Daniel, you got the eye of the tiger or something
Happy B'day
Happy birthday Daniel! Hope you enjoyed it!
Happy birthday Daniel!
Happy birthday KingBandicoot
Happy 21st birthday Hijinx
Happy birthday Hijinx
Happy birthday jinx!! I'm glad you'll enjoy your birthday #1 for once! have a smashing day
Happy B Dayz!
Happy birthday Hijinx!
Happy B'day Hijinx, hope you've had a great day
Happy belated Birthday to


you guys are awesome
Happy birthday Hijinx!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Hijinx! hope you had a great day.
Happy birthday Hijinx! Hope you've had a great one.
Happy birthday Chris A
Happy birthday Chris
Happy birthday other Chris!

Enjoy your birthday #1
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Happy B'day for yesterday Chris A
yay my b'day tomorrow
Yay my birthday today
Happy birthday Martin
Happy B'day
Thanks everyone it was a great day
Happy birthday harleyrules170!!
Happy birthday harley
Happy birthday harley!
Ahead of my Birthday tomorrow, I created a new FB page just for birthdays:

Happy Birthday TravD for Saturday
Happy B'day TravD for Saturday...hope you had a good one

And Happy B'day bulion & Tennis for today...hope both of you have a great day
Happy birthday to Trav, bulion and Tennis
Happy 114th, 392414
Happy Birthday 392, Have A awesome day!

Quite a horrid birthday #1
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Happy birthday 392!

Haha at the birthday #1, but I think 392 likes it anyway so I'm sure it won't bother him
You are correct, though I'd rather go by IWNLYD in the UK

Thanks very much everyone
Happy birthday 392!!!!!!
That whole happy birthday hoopla and whatnot 392.

imo you should go with France though
Hey hey add my birthday it's 24th March cheers
Happy B'day 392
Well I finished my 38th trip around the sun two weeks ago...but anyways...

Happy B'Day for yesterday crazychris, hope you had a good day
Woah, I forgot about this

Anyways, Happy (late) birthday crazychris
Happy (belated) Birthday to 392414, albumgurujoe, and crazychris!
Happy birthday antonnalan!

And happy birthday to everyone who has had a birthday since I last commented
Happy birthday Anton!
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Happy B'day Anton!
Happy B'day antonnalan...

And happy belated B'Day too all I've missed
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Happy birthday anton, I hope you somehow got a cooler ISP for it!
Happy birthday to antonnalan and dirk_charter who I missed the other day.
Happy birthday anton. Derulo didn't crash your birthday #1 this year.
Happy birthday anton
Thank you so much everyone! And I think I've found a solution to my Spotify problem so happy days
I'm moderately sure it's your birthday Zacco, just letting you know
Happy birthday to anton (sorry I'm late!!) and Zacco (surprisingly I'm on time!!) hope your birthdays were and are awesome
Happy B'day Zacco
Happy Birthday Zacco
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Happy birthday Zacco!

btw sorry about your UK #1 but at least you got a good Australian one
Happy birthday Zacco!!
Thanks everyone, I had a great day. And also a good birthday #1
Happy Birthday irelander, have a good day
Happy birthday irelander
Yeah happy birthday hey
Have a grouse day irelander!!
Happy B'day irelander
Happy birthday!
Happy belated Birthday to


Happy Birthday IRELANDER!
Happy birthday irelander.
Happy Spring to everyone this side of the equator.
Thanks guys, 'twas a good one.
Late happy birthday wish to irelander.

Nice to hear you had a good day.
Happy birthday irelander!
happy birthday Daniel!
Happy birthday Daniel
Happy birthday Daniel
Happy Birthday DANIEL09!
Happy Birthday Dan09.
Happy birthday Daniel09
Happy birthday Daniel!
Happy birthday DanielO9
Happy B'day Daniel, have a good day.
Happy B'day Daniel
Happy birthday Daniel!!
Thanks guys, and for once I have no real problems with my birthday #1 this year
Happy Birthday KB, Have a good day.
Happy B'day KB
Happy birthday
Thank for the messages guys.
Happy Birthday jinx, have a good day.
Happy birthday Hijinx
Happy birthday (enjoy the blank slay etc)
Happy Birthday DANIEL09 & K8 for October , and BEANSTERBARNES for November

Happy Birthday HIJINX
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happy birthday hijinx.

(You know my lack of enthusiasm here is just an act! Have an awesome day, and what 392 said! )
Happy birthday Hijinx!
Have a good birthday Hijinx
Happy B'day Hijinx, hope you had a good one
Happy birthday Hijinx!

Edit: and of course I third the Blank Slay support
Last edited:
thanks y'all.
Happy B Day (Belated).
Happy birthday Chris!
Happy birthday
Happy B'day Chris A
Happy birthday Chris A!
Happy birthday Chris
Happy B Day.
Happy birthday harley!
Happy Birthday Harley, have a good one.
Happy Birthday harley!
ay happy birthday!
Happy birthday Harley, hope you're having a great day
Happy birthday Harley!
Happy B'day
thanks guys finally got what I have wanted for 6 years, a 160gb iPod Classic! now to embark on some big projects!
For all of the End of April and start of May Taureans (TravD, Tennis, {boss} Steffen and TimK) Happy Birthday to us all.
A late happy birthday to everyone who's had one since Harley
Happy belated B'day to all who've recently completed another lap around the sun
Happy Birthday everyone
Happy birthday anton And happy birthday to everyone who's had a birthday in the last few months
Happy burfday anton! I'd have made you a cake but i got hungry and ate it all
Happy birthday anron , have a good one.
Crap I thought that was dead and gone... thanks everyone!
Happy happy birthday zaccy!
Happy b'day Zacco
Ayy lamar happy birthday, remember don't be so hard on your cheerleader's wings ~

(or if you prefer, CFMF was the Billboard #1 dated for 22/08 ~)

Thanks for the birthday wishes
Happy birthday irelander
Happy birthday, 'Lander! Hope it's an enjoyable one
Happy B'day too all who have celebrated another lap around the sun since my last post... hope you all had a good one
Happy birthday old girl!
Happy Burfday Beanster!
It will probably be a Happy Barfday if he gets on the piss.
happy birthday Beanster!
Happy B'day Beanster
Was meant to reply earlier but got side tracked, thanks for the birthday wishes for last Friday
Happy birthday Hijinx
Happy B'day Hijinx, hope your day has been filled with fav MUSIC!!!
Happy B Day Hijinx
Happy birthday to granto Hope you have an enjoyable day today mon frer
Cheers. I woke up with chest pain so I'm off to a great start.
so coronary by lunch time then
Happy birthday
Happy B Day Gran t.
Thanks guys/hippies.
We're both in WA so I'm justifiably on time!

Hope you had a good one
Happy Birthday to Chris A (i'm a poet and i know it!)

Since there's no moree birthdays on the list,looks like we're done for another year. Hope everyone enjoyed their days this year
Happy birthday Chris A
A big happy birthday to my friend lift-o-matic,aka,liftasaurus aka the one and only LIFTER500! hope you have an enjoyable day
Happy Birthday LIFTER! I keep forgetting your birthday is a day after mine how old?
Happy B'day Lifter.
6 years more then you Bsb.

Thanks everyone.
Happy Birthday to SavageGrant today. He's still within the Top 40 (just).
Happy Birthday SavageGrant also my birthday is the 3rd of July
Thanks guys. Yep buls - the big 4-OMFG-I'm-middle-aged-now!
oh happy birthday savage, forgot to say it yesterday
Stank you very much!
Can someone please add my birthday? It's on my profile. Thanks

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