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Hello all! If you have been an active member of the chatroom in recent weeks you would be aware that I would be doing a broadcast of my Mid Decade Chart in early next year! For those completely out of sync with current events, the end of 2014 marks halfway through the 2010s decade and what better to celebrate an excellent 5 years of music but with an exciting countdown!

Before I continue, I would like to propose the evenings of Sunday the 4th and Monday the 5th if January for the countdown. Broadcasting would start from 7pm each evening. Please let me know either by commenting, in chat or memo if you can join. Otherwise, the 2nd and 3rd is also possible, or if absolutely necessary, we can do the following weekend.

Why do I ask? Well, the more the merrier of course! And if my personal charts are anything to go by, there will definitely be something for everyone! (Except for billbeast...and maybe you too crazychris, sorry).

*Christian songs have been removed to help the broadcast be a bit more user-friendly while it does unfortunately make my list slightly less authentic. This is a fair evalution that I have considered and decided for myself.

More details to come, hope to see you there!
Aww. Does that mean you'll be skipping the fabtastic "Alive" by Hillsong Young & Free?
Technically that may not be classified a Christian song for me because it charted...
This should be very interesting.
Well, I have received no objections so the countdown is officially on Sunday the 4th covering #100 to #51 and Monday the 5th broadcasting #50 to #1. The countdown will begin from 7pm but the broadcast will commence from 6:30 with a playlist featuring an assortment of songs that missed out, my favourite album tracks of the decade so far and some classic Aus Charts favourites of the past 5 years!

The broadcast will be done on Spotify. If you are unsure of how this will work, I will post some instructions on the day.

See you soon! Also got a quiz coming so stay tuned

I have been asked to instead do the broadcast this Saturday the 3rd from 3pm to 7pm because apparently this weekend's ARIA chart will be terrible. My broadcast will be in place of the normal ARIA broadcast. This Saturday will broadcast #100 to #51 and this Sunday the 4th will finish the countdown (#51 to #1) from 7pm. Let me know if you are not a fan of this change - I am not 100% sure of this, but will make a final confirmation soon.

Meanwhile, I have made a quiz! NOTE - All songs mentioned in this quiz DOES NOT IMPLY that they will be in the countdown.

Question 1: - (14 marks total, one mark each)
The following 15 artists all have 3 or more entries in the countdown! An impressive feat – but is it due to their high quality of music, or my dependable ability to stan any promising artist? Anyhow, a selection of 3 songs from each artist has been pitted against each other. Pick which song will be the highest for each artist!

A. Andreas Moe
Collecting Sunlight vs. Fade Into Darkness vs. Long Time

B. Avicii
Fade Into Darkness vs. Levels vs. Wake Me Up

C. Bastille
Of The Night vs. Pompeii vs. Things We Lost In The Fire

D. Birds of Tokyo
Circles vs. Lanterns vs. Wild At Heart

E. Boy & Bear
Milk & Sticks vs. Part Time Believer vs. Southern Sun

F. Calvin Harris
Thinking About You vs. Under Control vs. We’ll Be Coming Back

G. Coldplay
Charlie Brown vs. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall vs. Magic

H. Ed Sheeran
Small Bump vs. The A Team vs. Give Me Love

I. Foster the People
Call It What You Want vs. Coming of Age vs. Helena Beat

J. Imagine Dragons
It’s Time vs. On Top of the World vs. Radioactive

K. One Direction
Kiss You vs. One Thing vs. What Makes You Beautiful

Paranoia, Ghosts and Other Sounds vs. Take Me Over vs. You Are The One

M. Swedish House Mafia
Greyhound vs. Miami 2 Ibiza vs. One (Your Name)

N. 360
Just Got Started vs. Run Alone vs. Throw It Away

Question 2: - (4 marks)
Out of the above artists, who do you think has the most entries?

Question 3: - (4 marks)
Similarly, one high-performing artist (from the same list of 14 artists) also has 2 entries in my top 10! Who do you think it is?

Question 4: - (2 marks + 3 marks = 5 marks total)

a) What will be the highest JJJ Hot 100 #1?
A. Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane
B. Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know
C. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop
D. Vance Joy - Riptide
E. [Assuming] Peking Duk - High

b) What will the highest ARIA End of Year #1 be?
A. Eminem - Love The Way You Lie
B. LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
C. Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
D. Katy Perry - Roar
E. Pharrell Williams - Happy
F. An ARIA End of Year #1 will not appear

Question 5: - (4 marks)
What will be my #1 track of 2014?

A. Clean Bandit – Rather Be
B. Coldplay – Magic
C. The Kite String Tangle – Arcadia
D. Peking Duk – Take Me Over

Question 6: - (5 marks + 5 marks = 10 marks total)
This decade so far has definitely been characterised by many forms of dance music, and this music style will definitely make an impact in this countdown!

a) What percentage (%) of the top 100 will be dance songs?

A. 0-20% (0 to 20 songs)
B. 21-40%
C. 41-60%
D. 61-80%
E. 81-100% (God help us if this was correct)

b) How about the top 10? Will my top 10 be proportionate to the top 100? How many dance songs will be in the top 10?

A. 0-20% (0 to 2 songs)
B. 21-40% (2-4 songs)
C. 41-60% (4-6 songs)
D. 61-80% (6-8 songs)
E. 81-100% (8-10 songs)

Question 7: - (5 marks)
I will sadly admit that I am a sucker for Armin things, and have charted many of them during the past few years. Which will be the highest Armin thing in the countdown?

A. Armin van Buuren – This Is What It Feels Like
B. Calvin Harris – Summer
C. Calvin Harris – Under Control
D. Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash - Reload
E. Tiesto – Red Lights

Question 8: - (5 marks)
What will be the highest artist with only 1 entry?

A. Deadmau5 – The Veldt
B. Django Django – Default
C. Flight Facilities – Clair de Lune
D. Panic! At The Disco – Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)
E. Peking Duk – Take Me Over

Question 9: - (5 marks)
I don’t have any Wildcards in this countdown, but Hillsong Young & Free’s “Alive” – which IS in the countdown – would probably be the closest to being one. Where do you think it will land?

A. Between #1 - #20
B. #21 - #40
C. #41 - #60
D. #61 - #80
E. #81 - #100

Question 10: - (4 marks)
Finally, what do you think the #1 will be?

Either post or memo your answers to be by 2pm Saturday the 3rd
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Thank you to LIFTER500 who has had a good shot at the quiz so far! The rest of you have 48 hours to finish it!
Additional thank yous to Hijinx and Zacco for doing the quiz! It'd be great to just have a few more people!

A gentle reminder that the broadcast starts at 2:30 tomorrow, with the official countdown commencing at 3pm. My broadcast will be in place of the normal ARIA broadcast (because it is expected to be pretty boring and samey). Hope to see you there!

-You need to have Spotify downloaded beforehand and have an account created.

1. Click on this link: http://open.spotify.com/user/1230999775/playlist/1zkaMUZoM0dyTEKDnPHD6u
2. Click "Follow"
3. You then need to close the Web Player and Open Spotify on your computer as a separate application.
4. Click on "Anton's Mid-Decade Broadcast" under the Playlists, it will now appear on this section because you have already 'followed' it.
5. Make sure you have 'Shuffle' turned off so the countdown can progress as intended.
6. Sometimes the playlist will stop after an ad (if you have the free version). Simply resume on the next song if this happens

7. You may want to choose 'Private session' if you want to avoid ugly tags on songs or unwated scrobbles

Songs played beforehand:

Hope There's SomeoneAvicii'True' Album Highlight
GoldBritt Nicole#102
Mountain SoundOf Monsters And Men#108
I Would Do Anything For YouFoster The People'Torches' Album Highlight
The WireHAIMAus-Charts favourite
FireworkKaty PerryBig '10s hit/#103

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[Unlucky] #101 – SOME NIGHTS – Fun.

(#21 of 2012)

Had periods where I was a little sick of it, but a great song that has aged well from Fun.. Very unlucky to miss out, this area was by far the closest in the whole chart.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Fun%2E&titel=Some+Nights&cat=s

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#100 – TEAM – Lorde

(#29 of 2013)
(#35 AUS/NZ Songs)

Very lovely track from Lorde. I love the synths and lyrics most of all.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Lorde&titel=Team&cat=s

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#99 – GONE, GONE, GONE – Phillip Phillips

(#28 of 2013)

There’s something just really endearing about this. I’ve always liked Phillip Phillips but he resonated especially well with this one.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Phillip+Phillips&titel=Gone%2C+Gone%2C+Gone&cat=s
#98 – CALL ME MAYBE – Carly Rae Jepsen

(#20 of 2012)

Simply put, this is a darn good pop song. It has aged quite well for me, much better than I expected and it’s always a bit of fun whenever I hear it.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Carly+Rae+Jepsen&titel=Call+Me+Maybe&cat=s
#97 – THINKING OUT LOUD – Ed Sheeran

(#15 of 2014)

Whoooo! First Ed Sheeran song of the countdown! This is a great return to form even though I still quite like ‘Sing’ and ‘Don’t.’

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Ed+Sheeran&titel=Thinking+Out+Loud&cat=s

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#96 – THINKING ABOUT YOU – Calvin Harris (feat. Ayah Marar)

(#27 of 2013)

One of his more classy tracks for sure. The production continues to be a highlight and really shines in this effort. This track also keeps getting better and better the more I listen to it, don’t be surprised to see it climbing the 2013 EOY chart in future years.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Calvin+Harris+feat%2E+Ayah+Marar&titel=Thinking+About+You&cat=s
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
#95 – SOUTHERN SUN – Boy & Bear

(#26 of 2013)
(#34 AUS/NZ songs)

Great return for Boy & Bear! Expect them to do very well in this countdown. I like how this one is especially laid back. The video features them in snowy weather though? That still confuses me.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Boy+%26+Bear&titel=Southern+Sun&cat=s

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#94 – SUMMER – Calvin Harris

(#14 of 2014)


Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Calvin+Harris&titel=Summer&cat=s

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#93 – JUST GOT STARTED – 360 (feat. Pez)

(#24 of 2011)
(#33 AUS/NZ songs)

Super cool track from 360. This was the first song I heard from him and I was quite impressed. Pez makes a nice contribution too.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=360+feat%2E+Pez&titel=Just+Got+Started&cat=s

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Cool seeing Lorde's best track for me + Call Me Maybe, like you it has grown on me a lot long after it's release.
#92 – MILK & STICKS – Boy & Bear

(#23 of 2011)
(#32 AUS/NZ songs)

[s](I just realised this may be a 2010 song?)[/s] Another super cool offering from Boy & Bear.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Boy+%26+Bear&titel=Milk+%26+Sticks&cat=s

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#91 – STRONG – London Grammar

(#25 of 2013)

Fantastic track with almost a magical atmosphere to it thanks to those haunting vocals. I really thought little of it at the time but this has really grown on me lately. I hope I can like more London Grammar in the future!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=London+Grammar&titel=Strong&cat=s

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#90 – FEEL THE LOVE – Rudimental (feat. John Newman)

(#19 of 2012)

Awesome thumping track from Rudimental. What a debut(?) for both artists! This track was made extra special when it was the first song I heard when I stepped out of a German airport to begin travelling for 2 weeks!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=London+Grammar&titel=Strong&cat=s

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#89 – THROW IT AWAY – 360 (feat. Josh Pyke)

(#22 of 2011)
(#31 AUS/NZ songs)

An excellent follow-up to “Just Got Started” proved to be even better than the former. I love the casual piano chords and Josh Pyke’s chorus is very smooth.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=360+feat%2E+Josh+Pyke&titel=Throw+It+Away&cat=s

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Happy with all the songs from 101-90 so far! (Especially #90!)
#88 – HAPPINESS – Alexis Jordan

(#21 of 2011)

Okay so I was kinda wrong when I said deadmau5 only had 1 entry here. This is still a great song with strong vocals from Alexis and the (ofc) classy production from the mau5. I wonder if we’ll hear of Alexis ever again.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Alexis+Jordan&titel=Happiness&cat=s

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#87 – TWO MOON LOVE – Pigeon

(#13 of 2014)

So it turns out Danny Harley (The Kite String Tangle) was the lead singer of this band?! Mindblown!! Unbelievable!! I got into this via a Spotify ad (lol) and it has been one of my favourite indie dance hits of 2014.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Pigeon&titel=Two+Moon+Love&cat=s

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#86 – HOLLYWOOD – Michael Buble

(#20 of 2011)

A fantastic Adult Contemporary song that I also stumbled up around the same time “Happiness” came out. I did like “Haven’t Met You Yet” but upon discovering his next single, this one proved to heaps of fun and ultimately a lot better. A shame I didn’t like his 2013 output as much.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Michael+Bubl%E9&titel=Hollywood&cat=s

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#85 – TAKE CARE – Drake (feat. Rihanna)

(#18 of 2012)

So Rihanna does feature in this! This is such an awesome song from Drake. Production is fantastic, both vocalists are great and there is very little that can beat the brilliant piano loop when it comes to piano loops.

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#84 – SILHOUETTES – Avicii

(#17 of 2012)

So our first Avicii track to appear! This one took a while to grow on me, but has become a classic of his for sure.


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(#24 of 2013)
(#29 AUS/NZ songs)

Thanks chat people for the recommendation and RUFUS stanning in 2013 that finally got me into this Awesome atmosphere with this one and this marked the beginning of further Australian electronic artists to enter the chart in 2014.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=R%DCF%DCS&titel=Sundream&cat=s

(#23 of 2013)
(#28 AUS/NZ songs)

And here’s their other song! (And sorry Hijinx, this was a last minute swap too )

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=R%DCF%DCS&titel=Take+Me&cat=s
*loud expletives in Simlish*
#81 – OCEAN – Andreas Moe

(#12 of 2014)

Our first Andreas Moe entry! This is the single from his 3rd EP, released in 2014. It has been fascinating tracking his career so far, and this offering is a little more folky, less singer-songwriter and less pop than his previous stuff.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Andreas+Moe&titel=Ocean&cat=s
#80 – SPECTRUM – Zedd (feat. Matthew Koma)

(#16 of 2012)

Best Speccy, nothing beats this, no competition, hands down. Also Zedd’s best in a long way, although Clarity was close to making this.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Zedd+feat%2E+Matthew+Koma&titel=Spectrum&cat=s
#79 – UNDER CONTROL – Calvin Harris & Alesso (feat. Hurts)

(#22 of 2013)

The next Armin thing, in which I profusely apologise

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Calvin+Harris+%2F+Alesso+%2F+Hurts&titel=Under+Control&cat=s
#78 – GIVEN THE CHANCE – The Kite String Tangle

(#21 of 2013)
(#27 AUS/NZ songs)

So I literally discovered this while randomly walking down a Syndey street and hearing it. I quickly scribbled the lyrics down and I have become a big fan ever since.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=The+Kite+String+Tangle&titel=Given+The+Chance&cat=s

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#77 – ON TOP OF THE WORLD – Imagine Dragons

(#20 of 2013)

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Many 2013 tracks haven’t aged well for me lately and Imagine Dragons are no exception. They at least managed some entries though!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Imagine+Dragons&titel=On+Top+Of+The+World&cat=s
#76 – SHE’S LIKE A COMET – Jebediah

(#19 of 2011)
(#26 AUS/NZ songs)

Fantastic Aussie rock song that has surprisingly aged well for me. I still find this one heaps of fun!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Jebediah&titel=She%27s+Like+A+Comet&cat=s
#75 – THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE – Armin van Buuren (feat. Trevor Guthrie)

(#19 of 2013)

And here we have our final, but highest Armin thing I always thought this one was nicely atmospheric and Trevor’s part is solid.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Armin+van+Buuren+feat%2E+Trevor+Guthrie&titel=This+Is+What+It+Feels+Like&cat=s
#74 – WAIT FOR ME – Kings of Leon

(#18 of 2013)

This was a fantastic track from their latest album “Mechanical Bull” and a return to form in my opinion. I hope their new album will have more tracks that I like.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Kings+Of+Leon&titel=Wait+For+Me&cat=s
#73 – LANGUAGE – Porter Robinson

(#15 of 2012)

Beautiful and amazing house song from Porter Robinson. I never tire of this one.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Porter+Robinson&titel=Language&cat=s
#72 – LANTERNS – Birds of Tokyo

(#17 of 2013)
(#25 AUS/NZ songs)

Great return for Birds of Tokyo. I don’t think highlight of their latest stuff compared to their self-titled album, but this is still good.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Birds+Of+Tokyo&titel=Lanterns&cat=s
Solid track that took a while to grow on me.
#71 – I COULD BE THE ONE – Avicii vs. Nicky Romero

(#16 of 2013)

Was really doubtful of this at first, but I just love this now. This is a classic of both artists for sure.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Avicii+vs+Nicky+Romero&titel=I+Could+Be+The+One&cat=s
#70 – WINDOW TO THE SKY – Kim Churchill

(#11 of 2014)
(#24 AUS/NZ songs)

I also heard this on a Spotify ad and I really got into it since then I’m really hoping this can do well on the Hot 100!

Link: http://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Kim+Churchill&titel=Window+To+The+Sky&cat=s

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#69 – KISS YOU – One Direction

(#15 of 2013)

This wasn’t on purpose I swear! Guilty pleasure #1.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=One+Direction&titel=Kiss+You&cat=s
#68 – ROCK IT – Little Red

(#12 of 2010)
(#23 AUS/NZ songs)

We finally have our first song from 2010! Super cool offering from Little Red! It’s a pity they won’t ever make something as fun as this.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Little+Red&titel=Rock+It&cat=s
#67 – A SKY FULL OF STARS – Coldplay

(#10 of 2014)

Well, it’s time for Coldplay to finally show up, and arguably with their worst single of the decade so far To put this simply, I like this more than like to think I do, or want to.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Coldplay&titel=A+Sky+Full+Of+Stars&cat=s
*Their BEST Single of the decade so far!
#66 – SEVENTEEN – Jet

(#11 of 2010)
(#22 AUS/NZ songs)

Another slick offering puts Jet into the ‘10s countdown! I do also like She’s A Genius a fair bit still.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Jet&titel=Seventeen&cat=s

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(#9 of 2014)
(#21 AUS/NZ songs)

I love the bleak mood in this great song by SAFIA. Their first song in the countdown!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Safia&titel=Paranoia%2C+Ghosts+%26+Other+Sounds&cat=s
#64 – TREASURE – Bruno Mars

(#14 of 2013)

Fun, catchy, funk-revival and I’m yet to get sick of it! Congratulations Bruno Mars! (Looks up on Aus Charts, there’s a version with Pitbull?!?!?!)

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Bruno+Mars&titel=Treasure&cat=s
#63 – PARADISE – Coldplay

(#18 of 2011)

Loved this, got sick of it, overplay got me liking it again. At least this become a hit for them! 2 Coldplay down, but how many more to go?

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Coldplay&titel=Paradise&cat=s
#62 – MIAMI 2 IBIZA – Swedish House Mafia (feat. Tinie Tempah)

(#10 of 2010)

The first SHM track I got into, and a damn good one at that. I couldn’t care less for Tinie’s part though and I think I have more scrobbles of the instrumental

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Swedish+House+Mafia+vs%2E+Tinie+Tempah&titel=Miami+2+Ibiza&cat=s

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#61 – ALREADY GONE – Taylor Henderson

(#8 of 2014)
(#20 AUS/NZ songs)

Nice upbeat singer-songwriter song? Check, thank you Taylor Henderson

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Taylor+Henderson&titel=Already+Gone&cat=s

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#60 – NEED YOU NOW – Lady Antebellum

(#9 of 2010)

A brilliant song that deserved all the success it got, and a pity it couldn’t get more in Australia. This took such a long time to grow on me but this has become a huge favourite of the year.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Lady+Antebellum&titel=Need+You+Now&cat=s

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#59 – BORROW MY HEART – Taylor Henderson

(#13 of 2013)
(#19 AUS/NZ songs)

Sorry for making you listen to the same song again I’m not sure how further Taylor can go in his career, but I love his style so I will most likely like whatever he makes.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Taylor+Henderson&titel=Borrow+My+Heart&cat=s

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Not bad, much better then anything else from the 2011+ era of X Factor/Voice.
#58 – REVOLUTION – John Butler Trio

(#8 of 2010)
(#18 AUS/NZ songs)

I would have to say this is his/their most interesting offering by far, despite being a slow song An unlikely favourite from 2010, but I still really enjoy this.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=John+Butler+Trio&titel=Revolution&cat=s

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#57 – MESS IS MINE – Vance Joy

(#7 of 2014)
(#17 AUS/NZ songs)

So yes, we’re in the middle of an Australian singer-songwriter block Really nice track that really captivated me from the first listen. Good lead single after the “God Loves You When You’re Dancing” era.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Vance+Joy&titel=Mess+Is+Mine&cat=s

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#56 – HOUDINI – Foster The People

(#17 of 2011)

The first Foster The People entry! Their ‘Torches’ singles especially continue to fascinate me the more I listen to them and this one is no exception.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Foster+The+People&titel=Houdini&cat=s

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#55 – GREYHOUND – Swedish House Mafia

(#14 of 2012)

A fantastic dance instrumental and very unlikely to be dethroned as the best ever. I find this to be SHM’s most creative piece by far with a great variety of beats and fantastic production.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Swedish+House+Mafia&titel=Greyhound&cat=s
#54 – ONLY TO BE – Six60

(#13 of 2012)
(#16 AUS/NZ songs)

This is very nostalgic for me because this was played a lot during my holiday to New Zealand. This is a really nice folk track in a different way.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Six60&titel=Only+To+Be&cat=s
#53 – IT’S TIME – Imagine Dragons

(#12 of 2012)

Great debut track for Imagine Dragons. Great production I find, even though it is admittedly OTT. My story of how I got into ID is already well documented on the site, I don’t think I need to go into it here

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Imagine+Dragons&titel=It%27s+Time&cat=s

(#12 of 2013)

Awesome track from Bastille! The first one to appear. This was my favourite of theirs for a while but has slipped back a little to 2 other songs of theirs.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Bastille&titel=Things+We+Lost+In+The+Fire&cat=s

(#6 of 2014)

Just amazing. Not sure if it is a fitting #51, but oh well.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Safia&titel=You+Are+The+One&cat=s

Thank you to everyone that has tuned in so far! #50-#1 will be on tomorrow starting from 7pm and broadcasting will being from 6:30pm. Hope to see you there!
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Awesome list so far! I'm glad to see #s 101 100 98 97 95 94 93 91 90 89 88 85 84 83 82 80 79 78 77 76 75 73 72 68 67 65 64 63 62 60 58 57 56 55 53 & especially 51!

Due to convenience for everyone, there is another schedule change for tomorrow's broadcast of #50 to #1. The countdown will begin at 6pm instead for an earlier estimated finishing time of 9:30-10pm. Hope to see you there again!
I must say, your countdown started awesomely with Some Nights + Team. The following tracks have made pleasing appearances: 98, 87, 94, 93, 91, 90, 88, 86, 85, 77, 75, 72, 71, 69, 68, 67, 66, 64, 63, 62, 60, 59, 57 and 53. Surprised to see Happiness make the cut. I'm looking forward to the conclusion of the chart. I have my thoughts on what is going to be number one, but I won't worry about that for now
Broadcast is up! Same link as before, but I'll post again:

-You need to have Spotify downloaded beforehand and have an account created.

1. Click on this link: http://open.spotify.com/user/1230999775/playlist/1zkaMUZoM0dyTEKDnPHD6u
2. Click "Follow"
3. You then need to close the Web Player and Open Spotify on your computer as a separate application.
4. Click on "Anton's Mid-Decade Broadcast" under the Playlists, it will now appear on this section because you have already 'followed' it.
5. Make sure you have 'Shuffle' turned off so the countdown can progress as intended.
6. Sometimes the playlist will stop after an ad (if you have the free version). Simply resume on the next song if this happens

7. You may want to choose 'Private session' if you want to avoid ugly tags on songs or unwated scrobbles

Songs played beforehand:

In My MindIvan Gough & Feenixpawl#109
AmsterdamImagine Dragons'Night Visions' Album Highlight
Get LuckyDaft Punk'10s Hit
Daniel In The DenBastille'Bad Blood' Album Highlight
Stone ColdThe Kite String TanglePotential entry for End of Decade
Golden JubileeBoy & Bear'Moonfire' Album Highlight
Afire LoveEd Sheeran'x' Album Highlight

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#50 – HURTS LIKE HEAVEN – Coldplay

(#11 of 2012)

[With Mylo Xyloto intro] Brilliant music here, everything is very nice and is also really happy and joyful!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Coldplay&titel=Hurts+Like+Heaven&cat=s

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Really good start.
#49 – SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW – Gotye (feat. Kimbra)

(#16 of 2011)
(#15 AUS/NZ songs)

Took such an age to grow on me, but it is here! A wonderful composition that still continues to grow when I listen to it.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Gotye+feat%2E+Kimbra&titel=Somebody+That+I+Used+To+Know&cat=s
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Another cool track thats even better then the previous.
#48 – IF I LOSE MYSELF – OneRepublic

(#11 of 2013)

I’ll admit everyone is probably really tired of hearing this, but I still find this really uplifting and positive.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=OneRepublic&titel=If+I+Lose+Myself&cat=s

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#47 – OF THE NIGHT – Bastille

(#10 of 2013)

Super cool and very interesting and unique from Bastille! They’ve kinda been doing a lot of weird remixes and releasing random stuff lately but kudos for trying! Hopefully they’ve got more awesome stuff like this up their sleeve.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Bastille&titel=Of+The+Night&cat=s
#46 – RADIOACTIVE – Imagine Dragons

(#9 of 2013)

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Just a year ago, this song was #1 of 2013 and would have been sitting comfortably in the top 20…only for 2013 to be completely wrecked by overplay with many songs tumbling the further 2014 progressed. This is still top 50 though! And this marks the highest Imagine Dragon track.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Imagine+Dragons&titel=Radioactive&cat=s

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#45 – HELENA BEAT – Foster The People

(#15 of 2011)

Like I mentioned with “Houdini,” this really fascinates me. I have lately began noticing the interesting layering of the song, and I love how everything comes together in the final chorus. This of course isn’t without its own cool sound effects throughout!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Foster+The+People&titel=Helena+Beat&cat=s
#44 – POMPEII – Bastille

(#8 of 2013)

Awesome song and pretty unique! My introduction to Bastille landed with this, which also debuted straight at #1 for me. This is Bastille’s top song! In the battle of Bastille vs. Imagine Dragons, it turns out the Bastille gets the last laugh after super-stanning ID big time in 2013.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Bastille&titel=Pompeii&cat=s
#43 – FREE – Rudimental (feat. Emeli Sande)

(#7 of 2013)

Yes, I still really like this I love the vibe and mood of this and Emeli compliments that very well.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Rudimental+feat%2E+Emeli+Sand%E9&titel=Free&cat=s
#42 – COMING OF AGE – Foster The People

(#5 of 2014)

This was a great return for Foster The People with their 2nd album! Unfortunately, this is their only “Supermodel” entry. I really do think their other songs have been really cool and interesting, but I just haven’t been able to vibe on them like I do with their “Torches” singles.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Foster+The+People&titel=Coming+Of+Age&cat=s
#41 – WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL – One Direction

(#14 of 2011)

This has managed to avoid aging badly and I still find this very enjoyable and fun. Not their highest though!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=One+Direction&titel=What+Makes+You+Beautiful&cat=s
#40 – SOMETHING IN THE WATER – Brooke Fraser

(#7 of 2010)

I have always been a small fan of Brooke Fraser, and this comeback was very delightful! A brilliant pop track from 2010.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Brooke+Fraser&titel=Something+In+The+Water&cat=s
#39 – MIRRORS – Justin Timberlake

(#6 of 2013)

Very impressive ballad from JT which was (at the time) the first song I ever liked from him. (Technically still the only song I like now because Not A Bad Thing is aged crappily lol)

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Justin+Timberlake&titel=Mirrors&cat=s
#38 – ARCADIA – The Kite String Tangle

(#4 of 2014)

Love love love this song from The Kite String Tangle. I hope hear a lot more of him in the future (after I check out his EP).

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=The+Kite+String+Tangle&titel=Arcadia&cat=s
#37 – DEFAULT – Django Django

(#10 of 2012)

A fantastic song in which I will forever be indebted to irelander for recommending this to me. Super cool and catchy and I am yet to tire of it.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Django+Django&titel=Default&cat=s
#36 – PART TIME BELIEVER – Boy & Bear

(#13 of 2011)

This is another track from Boy & Bear that served as a great follow-up to Feeding Line.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Boy+%26+Bear&titel=Part+Time+Believer&cat=s
#35 – RUN ALONE – 360

(#9 of 2012)

Brilliant track from 360 and I think this is far and away his best. He sounds great throughout and the production is excellent.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=360&titel=Run+Alone&cat=s
#34 – THIS YEAR – Andreas Moe

(#5 of 2013)

Well we’re rolling through the 2013 songs. This was another really cool song from Andreas Moe, where in this EP he pursued a more singer-songwriter style over pop.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Andreas+Moe&titel=This+Year&cat=s
#33 – LONG TIME – John de Sohn (feat. Andreas Moe)

(#8 of 2012)

Is this really generic? Yes I admit. I’ll further concede that I only liked this because of Andreas Moe This is a stomping house track at least and the video is really something.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=John+de+Sohn+feat%2E+Andreas+Moe&titel=Long+Time&cat=s

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#32 – WILD AT HEART – Birds of Tokyo

(#6 of 2010)

A solid follow up from Birds of Tokyo to “Plans,” although this one took an age to grow on me. Tbh Plans is way better and I didn’t get the hype that this was better

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Birds+Of+Tokyo&titel=Wild+At+Heart&cat=s
#31 – ONE THING – One Direction

(#7 of 2012)

Their top song obviously. Still heaps of fun and very enjoyable

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=One+Direction&titel=One+Thing&cat=s
#30 – WE’LL BE COMING BACK – Calvin Harris (feat. Example)

(#6 of 2012)

And now we have the #1 Calvin Harris. Example is great and the breakdown melody is absolute tops. Will Calvin come back with more entries next time?

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Calvin+Harris+feat%2E+Example&titel=We%27ll+Be+Coming+Back&cat=s
#29 – RIPTIDE – Vance Joy

(#4 of 2013)

And so we get the highest JJJ Hottest 100 #1 This is still very endearing and very pleasant, but it suffered a lot from the 2013 slaughter.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Vance+Joy&titel=Riptide&cat=s

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#28 – WAKE ME UP – Avicii

(#3 of 2013)

I still think this is a fantastic track from Avicii, although it hasn’t aged the best. Aloe Blacc is still fantastic and the breakdown, yes repetitive still has a lot of potential.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Avicii&titel=Wake+Me+Up%21&cat=s
#27 – BURNING IN THE SKIES – Linkin Park

(#12 of 2011)

Hmmm. I personally hadn’t heard this for a long time before making this, but I still really enjoy this. This is nowhere near as much as I enjoyed it but it is still a solid effort from them. Unfortunately I don’t expect me to like any of their future songs anymore 

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Linkin+Park&titel=Burning+In+The+Skies&cat=s
#26 – FADE INTO DARKNESS – Avicii (feat. Andreas Moe)

(#11 of 2011)

The song where I loved Andreas Moe before I knew who Andreas Moe was. I think this is one of Avicii’s best ever. Very uplifting instrumental and Andreas’ vocals are brilliant as always.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Avicii&titel=Fade+Into+Darkness&cat=s
#25 – TROJANS – Atlas Genius

(#2 of 2013)

I discovered this while Playing TapTap in early 2013 and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. I think this is a fantastic Aussie alternative track and should’ve deserved more success.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Atlas+Genius&titel=Trojans&cat=s

#24 – THE VELDT – deadmau5 (feat. Chris James)

(#5 of 2012)

Amazing track by the mau5. I love the atmosphere created and Chris James suits perfectly.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Deadmau5+feat%2E+Chris+James+&titel=The+Veldt&cat=s
#23 – GHOSTS – New Empire

(#10 of 2011)
(#7 AUS/NZ songs)

This is such a fantastic ballad by New Empire. It really outshines “One Heart/Million Voices” in my opinion, and Jeremy’s voice suits this style much better than upbeat tracks.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=New+Empire&titel=Ghosts&cat=s

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#22 – ALIVE – Hillsong Young & Free

(#1 of 2013)
(#6 AUS/NZ songs)

It trolled the ARIA chart, so it can troll here right? Despite peaking at only #4 and dropping like a rock weeks after, this has grown on me significantly over the past year and has become one of my favourite Christian tracks of the decade. Also, it has been rather ubiquitous in many places I’ve been to last year.

Also, this is the highest 2013 song Fairly low indeed, although they will have consolation that it had the most entries in the countdown with 29.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Hillsong+Young+%26+Free&titel=Alive&cat=s
#21 – FOR THE FIRST TIME – The Script

(#5 of 2010)

This feels like a long time ago doesn’t it? Sadly I have now jumped off the The Script train and don’t really care about them anymore. This is still one of their best efforts ever though.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/search.asp?cat=s&search=for+the+first+time+the+script
#20 – RATHER BE – Clean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne)

(#3 of 2014)

So fantastic! Also, classical music <3

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Clean+Bandit+feat%2E+Jess+Glynne&titel=Rather+Be&cat=s
#19 – HALF OF MY HEART – John Mayer (feat. Taylor Swift)

(#4 of 2010)

It’s not hard to forget that I love my singer-songwriters! With Ed Sheeran in 2011, Andreas Moe in 2012, Vance Joy/Taylor Henderson in 2013, Kim Churchill in 2014 – it’s hard to forget that I also had John Mayer in 2010! His 2010 music has aged especially well, and be prepared for another entry of is later on.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=John+Mayer+feat%2E+Taylor+Swift&titel=Half+Of+My+Heart&cat=s
#18 – TAKE ME OVER – Peking Duk (feat. SAFIA)

(#2 of 2014)
(#5 AUS/NZ songs)

Whooooooo! Not #1 of 2014 though!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Peking+Duk+feat%2E+SAFIA&titel=Take+Me+Over&cat=s
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#17 – CIRCLES – Birds of Tokyo

(#9 of 2011)
(#4 AUS/NZ songs)

This thought sudden struck me: if it wasn’t the success of this single, I would have never loved Birds of Tokyo as much as I did. I loved Plans, but Wild At Heart didn’t impact much. When this became the next single, this was an instant hit, and Wild At Heart managed to hit #1 afterwards thanks to renewed interested in Birds of Tokyo from this song. That said, this is brilliant and one of their best by far.

Also, we’re almost done 2014 and we finished 2013 ages ago, but still 8 songs from 2011 to go!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Birds+Of+Tokyo&titel=Circles&cat=s
#16 – LEVELS – Avicii

(#8 of 2011)

Simply put, this is vintage Avicii and simply can’t be beat. His best song!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Avicii&titel=Levels&cat=s

#15 – MAGIC – Coldplay

(#1 of 2014)

My top 3 of 2014 was incredibly difficult to choose. So is it possible that I fell on the safe option? Quite likely actually. That said, this is very well crafted by Coldplay and I am content with calling this my best song of 2014.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Coldplay&titel=Magic&cat=s
#14 – CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT – Foster The People

(#7 of 2011)

Another brilliant quirky track from Foster the People. Super cool and just super awesome as usual.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Foster+The+People&titel=Call+It+What+You+Want&cat=s
#13 – FEEDING LINE – Boy & Bear

(#6 of 2011)
(#3 AUS/NZ songs)

Pure genius from Boy & Bear. They certainly deserved all the success they had with this one, maybe even more. If only I had gotten into them pre-2011 ARIAs though.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Boy+%26+Bear&titel=Feeding+Line&cat=s
#12 – READY TO GO (GET ME OUT OF MY MIND) – Panic! At The Disco

(#5 of 2011)

I don’t know what it is about this track, but this clicked with me straight away – and I still don’t like any of their other songs. That said this is heaps of fun and the chorus is massive!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Panic%21+At+The+Disco&titel=Ready+To+Go+%28Get+Me+Out+Of+My+Mind%29&cat=s
#11 – CHARLIE BROWN – Coldplay

(#4 of 2012)

This was an album highlight when I first heard “Mylo Xyloto” and then it became a single! This is a wonderful Coldplay track that has become one of my favourites this decade so far.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Coldplay&titel=Charlie+Brown&cat=s

(#3 of 2012)

So the same week I discovered Don’t You Worry Child, I decided to investigate the singer of Fade Into Darkness, and that led me to this. This was very unique and I instantly loved it, where it ended up holding the top 2 with DYWC for 8 weeks. And well, the rest is self explonatory. Andreas Moe <3

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Andreas+Moe&titel=Collecting+Sunlight&cat=s
#9 – SMALL BUMP – Ed Sheeran

(#4 of 2011)

Absolutely beautiful and stunning track from Ed Sheeran. I instantly loved it when hearing ‘+’ and then likewise with Charlie Brown, it became a single! Definitely a classic of this decade for me so far.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Ed+Sheeran&titel=Small+Bump&cat=s

(#3 of 2010)

Stunning from John Mayer, fantastic backing and vocals/lyrics makes this an instant winner. Another highlight of 2010 that has aged excellently to today.

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=John+Mayer&titel=Heartbreak+Warfare&cat=s
#7 – THE A TEAM – Ed Sheeran

(#3 of 2010)

So it is Ed Sheeran who scores the 2 entries in the top 10! Not hard to see with amazing quality that is this and Small Bump. Here’s to a long and successful career to Ed!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Ed+Sheeran&titel=The+A+Team&cat=s

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(#2 of 2011)

So I instantly loved this when it came out, and for some reason this is my favourite Coldplay song of the decade so far! Maybe because it is just very well thought out: the instrumental timings, the happy vibe, the fun lyrics? Oh well, Coldplay enjoys a top 10 position here!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Coldplay&titel=Every+Teardrop+Is+A+Waterfall&cat=s
#5 – CLAIR DE LUNE – Flight Facilities

(#2 of 2012)

Stunning, wonderful, beautiful, absolutely amazing. These are some words that wouldn’t even come close to describing this…masterpiece! Around ~6:30 mark where the strings come in is still sonically one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. Congratulations Flight Facilities for a top 5 finish!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Flight+Facilities+feat%2E+Christine+Hoberg&titel=Clair+de+lune&cat=s.
#4 – PYRO – Kings of Leon

(#2 of 2010)

So after such enormous success with “Only By The Night,” could Kings of Leon strike again? Well, Radioactive was nice, but this struck gold straight away. Brilliant track for Kings of Leon that really deserved its place in the top 5 in my opinion. Congratulations to Kings of Leon!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Kings+Of+Leon&titel=Pyro&cat=s

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I really couldn't go without playing:

#2.5 - FEEL IT IN YOUR HEART - Abandon

Special mention really must go to this song as it held the #1 spot for most of the decade (from late 2011) until mid-2014 where I finally decided to change the #1 spot to the current #1 that is there now. So while Christian songs have been excluded, this definitely needs a mention!
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#3 – PLANS – Birds of Tokyo

(#1 of 2010)
(#1 AUS/NZ songs

Wonderful, soothing, brilliance. Further words to compliment this stellar effort by Birds of Tokyo that would see them secure a position in the top 3. Plans is an amazing effort and definitely their best song for me. Super job Birds of Tokyo!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Birds+Of+Tokyo&titel=Plans&cat=s
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#2 – PUMPED UP KICKS – Foster The People

(#1 of 2011)

How many compliments can I throw? The quality is mind-boggling! I just love everything about it, so much I can’t be bothered talking about its outstanding factors, which , let’s be honest, is basically the whole song

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Foster+The+People&titel=Pumped+Up+Kicks&cat=s
#1 – DON’T YOU WORRY CHILD – Swedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)

(#1 of 2012)

Predictable #1 is predictable #1…BUT THAT DOESN’T STOP IT FROM BEING #1!!!! Congratulations to Swedish House Mafia for scoring the #1 song of the Decade so far!

Link: http://www.australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Swedish+House+Mafia+feat%2E+John+Martin&titel=Don%27t+You+Worry+Child&cat=s
A huge thank you to everyone that has commented, listened or even just glanced at my countdown. This was a heap of fun and I want to thank everyone for letting me share the joy I had with this countdown. Here's to more years of awesome music!

Also, now it's your turn. I am very looking forward to your Mid-Decade charts too!
And once again, here is the full chart:

1Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child2012
2Foster The PeoplePumped Up Kicks2011
3Birds of TokyoPlans2010
4Kings of LeonPyro2010
5Flight FacilitiesClair de Lune2012
6ColdplayEvery Teardrop Is A Waterfall2011
7Ed SheeranThe A Team2011
8John MayerHeartbreak Warfare2010
9Ed SheeranSmall Bump2011
10Andreas MoeCollecting Sunlight2012
11ColdplayCharlie Brown2012
12Panic! At The DiscoReady To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)2011
13Boy & BearFeeding Line2011
14Foster The PeopleCall It What You Want2011
17Birds of TokyoCircles2011
18Peking DukTake Me Over2014
19John MayerHalf of My Heart2010
20Clean BanditRather Be2014
21The ScriptFor The First Time2010
22Hillsong Young & FreeAlive2013
23New EmpireGhosts2011
24deadmau5The Veldt2012
25Atlas GeniusTrojans2013
26AviciiFade Into Darkness2011
27Linkin ParkBurning In The Skies2011
28AviciiWake Me Up2013
29Vance JoyRiptide2013
30Calvin HarrisWe'll Be Coming Back2012
31One DirectionOne Thing2012
32Birds of TokyoWild At Heart2010
33John de Sohn (feat. Andreas Moe)Long Time2012
34Andreas MoeThis Year2013
35360Run Alone2012
36Boy & BearPart Time Believer2011
37Django DjangoDefault2012
38The Kite String TangleArcadia2014
39Justin TimberlakeMirrors2013
40Brooke FraserSomething In The Water2010
41One DirectionWhat Makes You Beautiful2011
42Foster The PeopleComing of Age2014
45Foster The PeopleHelena Beat2011
46Imagine DragonsRadioactive2013
47BastilleOf The Night2013
48OneRepublicIf I Lose Myself2013
49GotyeSomebody That I Used To Know2011
50ColdplayHurts Like Heaven2012
51SAFIAYou Are The One2014
52BastilleThings We Lost In The Fire2013
53Imagine DragonsIt's Time2012
54Six60Only To Be2012
55Swedish House MafiaGreyhound2012
56Foster The PeopleHoudini2011
57Vance JoyMess Is Mine2014
58John Butler TrioRevolution2010
59Taylor HendersonBorrow My Heart2013
60Lady AntebellumNeed You Now2010
61Taylor HendersonAlready Gone2014
62Swedish House MafiaMiami 2 Ibiza2010
64Bruno MarsTreasure2013
65SAFIAParanoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds2014
67ColdplayA Sky Full of Stars2014
68Little RedRock It2010
69One DirectionKiss You2013
70Kim ChurchillWindow To The Sky2014
71Avicii vs Nicky RomeroI Could Be The One2013
72Birds of TokyoLanterns2013
73Porter RobinsonLanguage2012
74Kings of LeonWait For Me2013
75Armin van BuurenThis Is What It Feels Like2013
76JebediahShe's Like A Comet2011
77Imagine DragonsOn Top of The World2013
78The Kite String TangleGiven The Chance2013
79Calvin Harris & Alesso (feat. Hurts)Under Control2013
81Andreas MoeOcean2014
82RUFUSTake Me2013
85Drake (feat. Rihanna)Take Care2012
86Michael BubleHollywood2011
87PigeonTwo Moon Love2014
88Alexis JordanHappiness2011
89360 ft Josh PykeThrow It Away2011
90Rudimental (feat. John Newman)Feel The Love2012
91London GrammerStrong2013
92Boy & BearMilk & Sticks2011
93360 ft PezJust Got Started2011
94Calvin HarrisSummer2014
95Boy & BearSouthern Sun2013
96Clavin HarrisThinking About You2013
97Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud2014
98Carly Rae JepsenCall Me Maybe2012
99Phillip PhillipsGone, Gone, Gone2013
101Some NightsFun.2012

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I haven't really checked out your charts before but this was a pretty good countdown. I particularly agree with the Foster The People comments.
Not a massive shock to see DYWC at the top, and due to what was directly behind it I'm very happy that it's there. Good to see Rather Be just sneak into the top 20, likewise Lorde into the top 100, and nice appearances for Avicii (Levels), BOT (Wild At Heart), JT, Rudimental, Lady A (with what is probably my favourite song in the whole chart), Jebediah, Drake, Alexis Jordan (a close second behind Lady A) and Ed Sheeran (TOL) too. Very nice chart!

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