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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Irelander's Hot 100! - 2015

18-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun
23-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun (2)
30-Nov-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life
7-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (2)
14-Dec-09White Rabbits - The Lady Vanishes
21-Dec-09Pearl Jam - The End
28-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (3)
4-Jan-10Pearl Jam - The Fixer
11-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash
18-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash (2)
25-Jan-10Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun
1-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (4)
8-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (5)
15-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk
22-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (2)
1-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (3)
8-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (4)
15-Mar-10The Model School - It's Hard To Dance When Your Legs Are On Fire
22-Mar-10Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known
29-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
5-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (2)
12-Apr-10Deep Sea Arcade - Lonely In Your Arms
19-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
26-Apr-10MGMT - Flash Delirium
3-May-10MGMT - Flash Delirium (2)
10-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
17-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn (2)
24-May-10Local Natives - Airplanes
31-May-10Passion Pit - The Reeling
7-Jun-10Passion Pit - The Reeling (2)
14-Jun-10Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
21-Jun-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
28-Jun-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday
5-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (2)
12-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (3)
19-Jul-10Yves Klein Blue - Digital Love
26-Jul-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat
2-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (2)
9-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (3)
16-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses
23-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (2)
30-Aug-10Grizzly Bear - Dory
6-Sep-10Grizzly Bear - Dory (2)
13-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle
20-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (2)
27-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (3)
4-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (4)
11-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (5)
18-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand
25-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand (2)
1-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic
8-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic (2)
15-Nov-10Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight
22-Nov-10Gyroscope - What Do I Know About Pain?
29-Nov-10Deep Sea Arcade - Keep On Walking
6-Dec-10Washington - Underground
13-Dec-10Washington - Underground (2)
20-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
27-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (2)
3-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (3)
10-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (4)
17-Jan-11The Novocaines - Adhere To
24-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro
31-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro (2)
7-Feb-11The Novocaines - Adhere To (2)
14-Feb-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias
21-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo
28-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo (2)
7-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (2)
14-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (3)
21-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (4)
28-Mar-11Lykke Li - Get Some
4-Apr-11Eddie Vedder - Longing To Belong
11-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (5)
18-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (6)
25-Apr-11Quiet Child - Underage & Well Behaved
2-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight
9-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight (2)
16-May-11Children Collide - Loveless
23-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (2)
30-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (3)
6-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep
13-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (2)
20-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (3)
27-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (4)
4-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
11-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (2)
18-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (3)
25-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (4)
1-Aug-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (5)
8-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look
15-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (2)
22-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (3)
29-Aug-11Metronomy - The Bay
5-Sep-11Taking Back Sunday - Sad Savior
12-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis
19-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (2)
26-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (3)
3-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls
10-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (2)
17-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (4)
24-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (5)
31-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (3)
7-Nov-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (4)
14-Nov-11Children Collide - Asleep On My Feet
21-Nov-11Woe & Flutter - Cities Of The Red Night
28-Nov-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You
5-Dec-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You (2)
12-Dec-11Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know
19-Dec-11Boy - Waitress
26-Dec-11Boy - Waitress (2)
2-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (3)
9-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (4)
16-Jan-12Boy - Little Numbers
23-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (5)
30-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (6)
6-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (7)
13-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (8)
20-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam
27-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam (2)
5-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down
12-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down (2)
19-Mar-12Boy - Waitress (9)
26-Mar-12Boy - Drive Darling
2-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
9-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (2)
16-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (3)
23-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (4)
30-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (5)
7-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On
14-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On (2)
21-May-12Django Django - Default
28-May-12Django Django - Default (2)
4-Jun-12Django Django - Default (3)
11-Jun-12Django Django - Default (4)
18-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American
25-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American (2)
2-Jul-12Portugal. The Man - So American (3)
9-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone
16-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (2)
23-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (3)
30-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (4)
6-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta
13-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta (2)
20-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again
27-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (2)
3-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (3)
10-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (4)
17-Sep-12Loon Lake - Fantastica
24-Sep-12Redcoats - Raven
1-Oct-12Redcoats - Raven (2)
8-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby
15-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (2)
22-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (3)
29-Oct-12Muse - Panic Station
5-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground
12-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground (2)
19-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick!
26-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (2)
3-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (3)
10-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (4)
17-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (5)
24-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness
31-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (2)
7-Jan-13Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (3)
14-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace
21-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (2)
28-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (3)
4-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound
11-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (2)
18-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (3)
25-Feb-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You
4-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (2)
11-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (3)
18-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (4)
25-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (5)
1-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (6)
8-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (7)
15-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (8)
22-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (9)
29-Apr-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine
6-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (2)
13-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (3)
20-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature
27-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature (2)
3-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (4)
10-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (5)
17-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (6)
24-Jun-13Washed Out - It All Feels Right
1-Jul-13Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
8-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action
15-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (2)
22-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (3)
29-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (4)
5-Aug-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (5)
12-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
19-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (2)
26-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (3)
2-Sep-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (4)
9-Sep-13Franz Ferdinand - Love Illumination
16-Sep-13Davey Lane - You're The Cops, I'm The Crime
23-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor
30-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (2)
7-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (3)
14-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (4)
21-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (5)
28-Oct-13The Jungle Giants - Home
4-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (6)
11-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (7)
18-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye
25-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye (2)
2-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart
9-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (2)
16-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (3)
23-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini
30-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini (2)
6-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (3)
13-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (4)
20-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (5)
27-Jan-14Run The Jewels - A Christmas Fucking Miracle
3-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold)
10-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold) (2)
17-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold) (3)
24-Feb-14Holy Holy - Impossible Like You
3-Mar-14Holy Holy - Impossible Like You (2)
10-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters
17-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (2)
24-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (3)
31-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (4)
7-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life
14-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (2)
21-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (3)
28-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (4)
5-May-14Temples - Colours To Life (5)
12-May-14Temples - Colours To Life (6)
19-May-14Run The Jewels - Get It
26-May-14Run The Jewels - Get It (2)
2-Jun-14Run The Jewels - Get It (3)
9-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures
16-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures (2)
23-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures (3)
30-Jun-14DZ Deathrays - Keep Myself On Edge
7-Jul-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year
14-Jul-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year (2)
21-Jul-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash
28-Jul-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (2)
4-Aug-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (3)
11-Aug-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (4)
18-Aug-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year (3)
25-Aug-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys
1-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (2)
8-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (3)
15-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (4)
22-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (5)
29-Sep-14Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck
6-Oct-14The Antlers - Palace
13-Oct-14The Antlers - Palace (2)
20-Oct-14The Love Junkies - In the Belly of My Beast
27-Oct-14The Love Junkies - In the Belly of My Beast (2)
3-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper
10-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (2)
17-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (3)
24-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (4)
1-Dec-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (5)
8-Dec-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (6)
15-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light
22-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light (2)
29-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light (3)
5-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville
12-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (2)
19-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (3)
26-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (4)
2-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (5)
9-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (6)
16-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (7)
23-Feb-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Ray Gun (ft. DOOM)
2-Mar-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
9-Mar-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown) (2)
16-Mar-15Catfish and the Bottlemen - Pacifier
23-Mar-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen
30-Mar-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen (2)
6-Apr-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen (3)
13-Apr-15Mew - Satellites
20-Apr-15Mew - Satellites (2)
27-Apr-15Mew - Satellites (3)
4-May-15Mew - Satellites (4)
11-May-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Food
18-May-15Foam - Oil Well
25-May-15Foam - Oil Well (2)
1-Jun-15Nick Hill - Know This
8-Jun-15The Ocean Party - Charters Towers
15-Jun-15The Ocean Party - Charters Towers (2)
22-Jun-15Boy - We Were Here
29-Jun-15Boy - We Were Here (2)
6-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (3)
13-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (4)
20-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (5)
27-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (6)
3-Aug-15Boy - We Were Here (7)
10-Aug-15Django Django - Found You
17-Aug-15Django Django - Found You (2)
24-Aug-15Django Django - Found You (3)
31-Aug-15FIDLAR - West Coast
7-Sep-15FIDLAR - West Coast (2)
14-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy
21-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy (2)
28-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy (3)
5-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk
12-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk (2)
19-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk (3)
26-Oct-15Boy - Fear
2-Nov-15Metric - The Shade
9-Nov-15Metric - The Shade (2)
16-Nov-15Drake - Hotline Bling
23-Nov-15Beach Baby - Limousine
30-Nov-15Beach Baby - Limousine (2)
7-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (3)
14-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (4)
21-Dec-15Olympia - Tourists
28-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (5)

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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 5/1/15
Edition No.269
Songs retire at 75 weeks

So it's 2015 and I'm still on the other side of Bass Strait. I'll be home soon though. 'Shitsville' cracks #1 to kick the year off.

The Whigs have dominated my iPod over the New Year break, and now they have three tracks in the top end of the chart, with album closer 'The Difference Between One and Two' entering at 11.
Black Lips have achieved the same feat as well as they enter at 19 with 'Justice After All'.
At 27 with a song I considered a while back but it didn't quite make it. After their momentum with 'Safety In Numbers', We Were Promised Jetpacks enter with 'Peaks and Troughs'.
Four entries now for Royal Blood after I got a copy of their album for Christmas 'Out Of The Black' enters at 38, their third highest hit thus far.
I've surely had Las Vegas artists other than The Killers/Brandon Flowers make my chart in the past, but usually it's not an overly fruitful hit generating city. Perhaps Shamir can change that with 'On the Regular' at 49.
Texan trio Spanish Gold enter at 59 with 'Out on the Street'.
Two entries now for Aphex Twin, and I am always pro-duck. The track titled 'produk 29 [101]' comes in at 70.
And now Antemasque have two entries, with 'I Got No Remorse' at 77.
The Avener enters with ARIA hit 'Fade Out Lines' at 94.

12411Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
21513Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
3343 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
4554 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
54142 Kendrick Lamari
661116Jonathan BouletCreeper
71627 Joey Bada$$No. 99
8838 Black LipsFunny
9929 Dry the RiverGethsemane
10797 Black LipsSmiling
11NEW111 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
121083 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
1312712 The Weather StationDon't Understand
1411106 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
1513132 Little DragonPretty Girls
1622216 iamamiwhoamiVista
1714146 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
18151311 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
19NEW119 Black LipsJustice After All
2017617 Childish GambinoSober
2120719 SwansOxygen
2253222 The WhigsHit Me
2318318 Hockey DadSeaweed
24211010 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
2523914 San CiscoRun
261985 Father John MistyBored In the USA
27NEW127 We Were Promised JetpacksPeaks and Troughs
2825711 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
2934629 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
3031723 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
312475 HartsWhen a Man's a Fool
3229520 Death From Above 1979Trainwreck 1979
3326426 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
3427426 Felicity GroomBetter Days
35301912The AntlersPalace
36281412The Love JunkiesIn the Belly of My Beast
37321014 MastodonChimes At Midnight
38NEW138 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
3935622 D.D DumboTropical Oceans
40451014 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
4148341 Jonathan BouletTraveller
4233629 HuskyArrow
43411510 ÁsgeirGoing Home
44381733 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
45371716 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
463693 The DrumsThere Is Nothing Left
4739537 HowlerAl's Corral
4840185 clipping.Inside Out
49NEW149 ShamirOn the Regular
5042174 Alt-JEvery Other Freckle
51431143 HozierTake Me to Church
52521227 clipping.Get Up (ft. Mariel Jacoda)
5349228 Courtney BarnettAvant Gardener
54472514Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
5544173 SlipknotThe Negative One
56461717 Run The JewelsBlockbuster Night Pt. 1
5762847 Azealia BanksHeavy Metal and Reflective
5850734 The Dead WeatherBuzzkill(er)
59NEW159 Spanish GoldOut on the Street
60511811Vic MensaDown On My Luck
6154733 Jonathan BouletB.O.G.
62681742 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
6357194 A$AP Rocky1Train
6455118 The Rural Alberta AdvantageOn the Rocks
65642515Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys
6660163 Missy HigginsShark Fin Blues
6766238 SBTRKTNew Dorp. New York (ft. Ezra Koenig)
68611224 clipping.Body & Blood
69581029 The AntlersHotel
70NEW170 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
71561211 The Delta RiggsFrom My Mould
72591159 SlipknotThe Devil In I
7367961 Run The JewelsClose Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (ft. Zack De La Rocha)
74691617 Holy HolyHistory
7565245 clipping.Work Work (ft. Cocc Pistol Cree)
7675769 Taylor SwiftBlank Space
77NEW177 AntemasqueI Got No Remorse
7863152 The PiercesCreation
7973202 MillionsClementine
80722313 Jonathan BouletHold It Down
81701043 Flight FacilitiesHeart Attack (ft. Owl Eyes)
82773413ScHoolboy QMan of the Year
8371945 Lurch & ChiefKeep It Together
84741139 SBTRKTLook Away (ft. Caroline Polachek)
8583382 Taking Back SundayBeat Up Car
8678672 Bear In HeavenDemon
87761134 The Love JunkiesYou Are the Pins In My Ears. You Are the Salt In My Eyes
88791336 The Babe RainbowSecret Enchanted Broccoli Forest
8984584 The JezabelsLook of Love
9080866 Run The JewelsJeopardy
9181202 ScHoolboy QCollard Greens (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
9288388 Every Time I DieOverstayer
93862612 DZ DeathraysNight Slave
94NEW194 The AvenerFade Out Lines
95851140 Royal BloodTen Tonne Skeleton
9682951 Jonathan BouletYou're A Man
97871131 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCellophane
98921812 A$AP RockyGoldie
991004116TemplesColours To Life
10093216 Cloud ControlDream Cave

891728 Pulled Apart By HorsesLizard Baby
90679 ScHoolboy QHell of a Night
91951 clipping.Dominoes
94173 King TuffEyes of the Muse
95244 Young FathersGet Up
96179 The Delta RiggsThe Record's Flawed
97580 Calvin HarrisOutside (ft. Ellie Goulding)
98296 Calvin HarrisSlow Acid
991188 Taylor SwiftShake It Off

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Oh damn, Drown fell out of the top ten. Also a shame to see Hozier fall too but I really like that Royal Blood song so cool to see it debut.

So much Black Lips lately, I should get onto it. And lol, ever since mistakenly thinking you might have charted it back in 2013, I KNEW you'd like Out Of The Black Slaymir too of course, and lol, The Avener has been kicking around the #70 spot for a few months for me now

*inb4 double post*
Shitsville is quite cool from those two listens I've had in the past few days so good to see it at #1. Slay On The Regular, debuted it in the same spot as I did last week. Maybe it can rise to #9 on your next chart like it did on mine too Fade Out Lines is pretty cool also. Pity to see Calvin leave with two songs in the same week but good riddance Shake It Off
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 12/1/15
Edition No.270
Songs retire at 75 weeks

An easy two weeks for 'Shitsville' in one of the more stable weeks in a while.

More domination from The Whigs, with a song that arguably doesn't get going until dat bass line, but omg dat bass line! 'Modern Creation' in at 31.
They've now got five minor hits on their fingers, Royal Blood in at 43 with 'Little Monster'.
Pulled Apart By Horses have achieved one less than that, now with four. 'You Want It' comes in at 57.
Two entries in the bottom 10. George Ezra at 94 with 'Blame It on Me' and FKA twigs with her first ever entry in 'Video Girl' at 96.

11512Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
22613Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
3353 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
4464 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
5735 Joey Bada$$No. 99
661216Jonathan BouletCreeper
75152 Kendrick Lamari
81388 The Weather StationDon't Understand
9939 Dry the RiverGethsemane
10848 Black LipsFunny
1122311 The WhigsHit Me
1210107 Black LipsSmiling
1311211 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
141293 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
1516315 iamamiwhoamiVista
1615142 Little DragonPretty Girls
1714116 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
1819218 Black LipsJustice After All
1917156 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
20181411 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
2120717 Childish GambinoSober
2221819 SwansOxygen
2323418 Hockey DadSeaweed
2441424 Jonathan BouletTraveller
25241110 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
2627226 We Were Promised JetpacksPeaks and Troughs
27251014 San CiscoRun
282695 Father John MistyBored In the USA
2928811 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
3029729 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
31NEW131 The WhigsModern Creation
3230823 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
33441833 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
343185 HartsWhen a Man's a Fool
3534526 Felicity GroomBetter Days
3632620 Death From Above 1979Trainwreck 1979
3733526 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
38451816 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
39352012The AntlersPalace
4038238 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
41361512The Love JunkiesIn the Belly of My Beast
4249242 ShamirOn the Regular
43NEW143 Royal BloodLittle Monster
44371114 MastodonChimes At Midnight
4542729 HuskyArrow
46401114 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
4739722 D.D DumboTropical Oceans
4857947 Azealia BanksHeavy Metal and Reflective
49431610 ÁsgeirGoing Home
5046103 The DrumsThere Is Nothing Left
5147637 HowlerAl's Corral
5250184 Alt-JEvery Other Freckle
53542614Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
54511243 HozierTake Me to Church
5548195 clipping.Inside Out
5670256 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
57NEW157 Pulled Apart By HorsesYou Want It
58521327 clipping.Get Up (ft. Mariel Jacoda)
5953238 Courtney BarnettAvant Gardener
6059259 Spanish GoldOut on the Street
61561817 Run The JewelsBlockbuster Night Pt. 1
6255183 SlipknotThe Negative One
63601911Vic MensaDown On My Luck
6458834 The Dead WeatherBuzzkill(er)
6561833 Jonathan BouletB.O.G.
6663204 A$AP Rocky1Train
67621842 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
6864128 The Rural Alberta AdvantageOn the Rocks
69652615Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys
7066173 Missy HigginsShark Fin Blues
71681324 clipping.Body & Blood
72741717 Holy HolyHistory
7367248 SBTRKTNew Dorp. New York (ft. Ezra Koenig)
74691129 The AntlersHotel
75711311 The Delta RiggsFrom My Mould
7676869 Taylor SwiftBlank Space
77731061 Run The JewelsClose Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (ft. Zack De La Rocha)
78721259 SlipknotThe Devil In I
7979212 MillionsClementine
8077277 AntemasqueI Got No Remorse
8175255 clipping.Work Work (ft. Cocc Pistol Cree)
8278162 The PiercesCreation
83802413 Jonathan BouletHold It Down
84811143 Flight FacilitiesHeart Attack (ft. Owl Eyes)
85823513ScHoolboy QMan of the Year
8689684 The JezabelsLook of Love
87841239 SBTRKTLook Away (ft. Caroline Polachek)
88871234 The Love JunkiesYou Are the Pins In My Ears. You Are the Salt In My Eyes
89831045 Lurch & ChiefKeep It Together
9092488 Every Time I DieOverstayer
9185482 Taking Back SundayBeat Up Car
9286772 Bear In HeavenDemon
93881436 The Babe RainbowSecret Enchanted Broccoli Forest
94NEW194 George EzraBlame It on Me
9590966 Run The JewelsJeopardy
96NEW196 FKA twigsVideo Girl
97994216TemplesColours To Life
98100226 Cloud ControlDream Cave
99981912 A$AP RockyGoldie
10094294 The AvenerFade Out Lines

91202 ScHoolboy QCollard Greens (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
932612 DZ DeathraysNight Slave
951140 Royal BloodTen Tonne Skeleton
96951 Jonathan BouletYou're A Man
971131 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCellophane
Great to see the debuts this week for George Ezra and Royal Blood. Aside from that most of the songs I know/like are falling which is a shame.
I'm so calling Album Chart impact with that very specific Pulled Apart By Horses debut! Or maybe Royal Blood too, that's awesome. Cool for twigs too, outside of Two Weeks my pick would be Lights On, but that track leaves a good impression too. Love Kendrick's top 10 longevity so hoping for a nice EOY placement. Freddie Gibbs a year later I suppose, but that's reminded me how much I'm looking forward to A Christmas F**king Miracle & Get It
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 19/1/15
Edition No.271
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Three weeks have flown by for Madgibbs.

Melody's Echo Chamber is the first French artist in a while, with 'Shirim' at 13.
Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah combines with Canadian trio BADBADNOTGOOD, along with Danny Brown, in an absolute monster that makes me very excited for the upcoming album. 'Six Degrees' in at 20.
New Django Django in case you didn't know! 'First Light' bounces into the chart at 29.
Extremely addictive Warpaint song and I still don't know why besides the bass line. 'Disco//Very' in at 41.
That's it, I've charted The Beatles, I can pack it in! Well, it's Kanye West alongside Paul McCartney with 'Only One' at 50.
Second entrant from Caribou's latest record, and 'Silver' already beats 'Can't Do Without You' with a debut at 59.
He's being hailed as the new member of SSE already but I really dig it. James Bay in at 67 with 'Hold Back The River'.
Modest Mouse has been a band that I haven't paid much attention to, and Franz are much much better 'Lampshades On Fire' is quite cool though and it's in at 80.
I admittedly used to have something against Mark Ronson's productions. Often they never seemed to get me interested enough, but Lily Allen's music seemingly changed that. 'Daffodils' starring Tame Impala lead singer Kevin Parker may as well be a Tame Impala song, and it's in at 82.
South Australian MC Tkay Maidza finally has her second hit, off the back of some RTJ praise. 'Switch Lanes' comes in at 87.
Purity Ring did chart a while back with 'Fineshrine' but have returned at 91 with 'Begin Again'.
And this sticks out like a sore thumb in the chart but 'Ain't That Easy' from D'Angelo & The Vanguard enters at 93 to make it 12 entries for the week.

11613Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
22713Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
3473 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
4544 Joey Bada$$No. 99
5363 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
661316Jonathan BouletCreeper
7897 The Weather StationDon't Understand
8948 Dry the RiverGethsemane
91149 The WhigsHit Me
107162 Kendrick Lamari
1118311 Black LipsJustice After All
121058 Black LipsFunny
13NEW113 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
1415414 iamamiwhoamiVista
1512117 Black LipsSmiling
1613311 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
1724517 Jonathan BouletTraveller
1814103 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
1916152 Little DragonPretty Girls
20NEW120 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
2117126 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
2219166 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
23201511 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
2423518 Hockey DadSeaweed
2543225 Royal BloodLittle Monster
2622919 SwansOxygen
2721817 Childish GambinoSober
28251210 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
29NEW129 Django DjangoFirst Light
3026326 We Were Promised JetpacksPeaks and Troughs
31271114 San CiscoRun
32331932 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
3332923 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
3430829 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
3529911 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
3628105 Father John MistyBored In the USA
3731231 The WhigsModern Creation
3842338 ShamirOn the Regular
393495 HartsWhen a Man's a Fool
4066214 A$AP Rocky1Train
41NEW141 WarpaintDisco//Very
4237626 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
43461214 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
4436720 Death From Above 1979Trainwreck 1979
4535626 Felicity GroomBetter Days
46381916 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
4756347 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
48532714Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
49392112The AntlersPalace
50NEW150 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
51441214 MastodonChimes At Midnight
5247822 D.D DumboTropical Oceans
5340338 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
54411612The Love JunkiesIn the Belly of My Beast
5551737 HowlerAl's Corral
5650113 The DrumsThere Is Nothing Left
5745829 HuskyArrow
5859248 Courtney BarnettAvant Gardener
59NEW159 CaribouSilver
60481047 Azealia BanksHeavy Metal and Reflective
61491710 ÁsgeirGoing Home
6257257 Pulled Apart By HorsesYou Want It
63541343 HozierTake Me to Church
6452194 Alt-JEvery Other Freckle
6555205 clipping.Inside Out
6660359 Spanish GoldOut on the Street
67NEW167 James BayHold Back The River
68581427 clipping.Get Up (ft. Mariel Jacoda)
6965933 Jonathan BouletB.O.G.
70632011Vic MensaDown On My Luck
71671942 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
72611917 Run The JewelsBlockbuster Night Pt. 1
7364934 The Dead WeatherBuzzkill(er)
7462193 SlipknotThe Negative One
75692715Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys
7670183 Missy HigginsShark Fin Blues
77741229 The AntlersHotel
7873258 SBTRKTNew Dorp. New York (ft. Ezra Koenig)
7968138 The Rural Alberta AdvantageOn the Rocks
80NEW180 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
81711424 clipping.Body & Blood
82NEW182 Mark RonsonDaffodils (ft. Kevin Parker)
83721817 Holy HolyHistory
8480377 AntemasqueI Got No Remorse
85781359 SlipknotThe Devil In I
86751411 The Delta RiggsFrom My Mould
87NEW187 Tkay MaidzaSwitch Lanes
8876969 Taylor SwiftBlank Space
89771161 Run The JewelsClose Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (ft. Zack De La Rocha)
9079222 MillionsClementine
91NEW191 Purity RingBegin Again
9296292 FKA twigsVideo Girl
93NEW193 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
9490588 Every Time I DieOverstayer
9591582 Taking Back SundayBeat Up Car
9681265 clipping.Work Work (ft. Cocc Pistol Cree)
97853613ScHoolboy QMan of the Year
9886784 The JezabelsLook of Love
99832513 Jonathan BouletHold It Down
10082172 The PiercesCreation

841143 Flight FacilitiesHeart Attack (ft. Owl Eyes)
871239 SBTRKTLook Away (ft. Caroline Polachek)
881234 The Love JunkiesYou Are the Pins In My Ears. You Are the Salt In My Eyes
891045 Lurch & ChiefKeep It Together
92772 Bear In HeavenDemon
931436 The Babe RainbowSecret Enchanted Broccoli Forest
94194 George EzraBlame It on Me
95966 Run The JewelsJeopardy
974216TemplesColours To Life
98226 Cloud ControlDream Cave
991912 A$AP RockyGoldie
100294 The AvenerFade Out Lines

The Avener is French though, is 2 weeks really that long? Melody is pretty excellent though. Also confuzzled, I thought Toastface Grillah's album came out a couple months ago? Django is wonderful but I'm a little shocked I'm charting it higher than you! I'm still shocked anyone enjoyed that Warpaint song but much yay. #yeezyseason *.* I apparently like those Modest Mouse & Caribou songs but I haven't reviewed them so who'd know. Actually D'Angelo very good too as well as Tkay & Purity Ring...in short I like a lot of songs
Ooh exciting week for debuts! And I know a lot of them too! First Light, Only One, Silver, Hold Back The River, Switch Lanes, Begin Again and Ain't That Easy are all varying degrees of good so great to see them all debut, especially Daffodils. Shitsville at #1 is good too and I like the small rise for On The Regular
I'm giving First Light another go as I type this and I think I'm getting into it? We'll see

Nice to see i top 10, Django Django debut, DAFFODILS!!!! , Taylor Swift in, Ain't That Easy and James Bay too. Anything Ásgeir is also super awesome. Sad to see George Ezra only manage a single week in.
Everyone's already charting new Django Django and I still haven't heard it. For now I'll just go with it's good to see them back with new music at least. Hopefully I like it too. It's cool to see the debuts for James Bay and Modest Mouse too.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 26/1/15
Edition No.272
Songs retire at 75 weeks

A couple of days late, but it's still good!

11714Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
22813Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
3453 Joey Bada$$No. 99
47104 The Weather StationDon't Understand
5383 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
661416Jonathan BouletCreeper
7573 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
81328 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
9858 Dry the RiverGethsemane
1011410 Black LipsJustice After All
11959 The WhigsHit Me
1210172 Kendrick Lamari
131268 Black LipsFunny
1417614 Jonathan BouletTraveller
1520215 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
1614514 iamamiwhoamiVista
1715127 Black LipsSmiling
1825318 Royal BloodLittle Monster
1916411 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
2018113 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
2119162 Little DragonPretty Girls
2222176 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
2324618 Hockey DadSeaweed
2429224 Django DjangoFirst Light
25NEW125 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
26231611 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
2759227 CaribouSilver
2821136 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
29261019 SwansOxygen
30322030 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
31331023 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
3234929 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
3327917 Childish GambinoSober
3438434 ShamirOn the Regular
35351011 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
36281310 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
3741237 WarpaintDisco//Very
3830426 We Were Promised JetpacksPeaks and Troughs
39431314 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
4047440 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
4150241 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
42311214 San CiscoRun
43NEW143 Little DragonLet Go
4436115 Father John MistyBored In the USA
4537331 The WhigsModern Creation
46462016 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
47NEW147 The WhigsAsking Strangers For Directions
4844820 Death From Above 1979Trainwreck 1979
4942726 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
5040224 A$AP Rocky1Train
5139105 HartsWhen a Man's a Fool
5252922 D.D DumboTropical Oceans
53NEW153 The VaccinesHandsome
54482814Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
5545726 Felicity GroomBetter Days
56492212The AntlersPalace
57511314 MastodonChimes At Midnight
58NEW158 Joey Bada$$Christ Conscious
5953438 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
60541712The Love JunkiesIn the Belly of My Beast
61NEW161 GrenadiersSummer
6267262 James BayHold Back The River
6357929 HuskyArrow
6480264 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
65601147 Azealia BanksHeavy Metal and Reflective
66681527 clipping.Get Up (ft. Mariel Jacoda)
6756123 The DrumsThere Is Nothing Left
6858258 Courtney BarnettAvant Gardener
69611810 ÁsgeirGoing Home
7062357 Pulled Apart By HorsesYou Want It
71752815Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys
7282272 Mark RonsonDaffodils (ft. Kevin Parker)
73NEW173 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
7455837 HowlerAl's Corral
7564204 Alt-JEvery Other Freckle
7666459 Spanish GoldOut on the Street
77691033 Jonathan BouletB.O.G.
7865215 clipping.Inside Out
7991279 Purity RingBegin Again
80631443 HozierTake Me to Church
8193281 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
82712042 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
83722017 Run The JewelsBlockbuster Night Pt. 1
84702111Vic MensaDown On My Luck
85731034 The Dead WeatherBuzzkill(er)
86771329 The AntlersHotel
8784477 AntemasqueI Got No Remorse
8887287 Tkay MaidzaSwitch Lanes
8978268 SBTRKTNew Dorp. New York (ft. Ezra Koenig)
90891261 Run The JewelsClose Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (ft. Zack De La Rocha)
9179148 The Rural Alberta AdvantageOn the Rocks
92NEW192 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
9374203 SlipknotThe Negative One
9498884 The JezabelsLook of Love
95861511 The Delta RiggsFrom My Mould
96851459 SlipknotThe Devil In I
9776193 Missy HigginsShark Fin Blues
9895682 Taking Back SundayBeat Up Car
99973713ScHoolboy QMan of the Year
100811524 clipping.Body & Blood

831817 Holy HolyHistory
88969 Taylor SwiftBlank Space
90222 MillionsClementine
92292 FKA twigsVideo Girl
94588 Every Time I DieOverstayer
96265 clipping.Work Work (ft. Cocc Pistol Cree)
992513 Jonathan BouletHold It Down
100172 The PiercesCreation
Only know 1 of the debuts this week but I really like Pray To God so great to see it debut! First Light, Silver, On The Regular, Only One, Hold Back The River, Daffodils, Begin Again and Ain't That Easy all up to new peaks is cool too.
If there are songs around that aren't Shitsville then it's fair to say that I DO NOT GIVE A SINGLE, SOLITARY F**K For that matter, yay for Deeper. omg you have a higher peak for Shirim than I do! But it's nice to see some appreciation beyond the few people I saw voting for it on instagram (which is admittedly more than I expected). I liked Christ Conscious when I listened to the album last night too. And oooooooh, Chateau Lobby #4 [120.2] [source field mix] is #72 on my chart this week Also I will say this in the same sentence for that highlarious /r/nocontext, YAY CALVIN HARRIS AND YAY "SUMMER"
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 2/2/15
Edition No.273
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11815Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
2592 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
32913Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
44114 The Weather StationDon't Understand
5363 Joey Bada$$No. 99
661516Jonathan BouletCreeper
7837 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
8783 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
9NEW19 Black LipsDandelion Dust
1010510 Black LipsJustice After All
1115311 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
12968 Dry the RiverGethsemane
1312182 Kendrick Lamari
141169 The WhigsHit Me
151378 Black LipsFunny
1614714 Jonathan BouletTraveller
1718417 Royal BloodLittle Monster
18NEW118 PondZond
1924319 Django DjangoFirst Light
2027320 CaribouSilver
2116614 iamamiwhoamiVista
2217137 Black LipsSmiling
2319511 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
2422186 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
2525225 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
2621172 Little DragonPretty Girls
2720123 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
2837328 WarpaintDisco//Very
2923718 Hockey DadSeaweed
30261711 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
31302130 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
32391414 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
3373233 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
3428146 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
35291119 SwansOxygen
36311123 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
37321029 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
38NEW138 Will ButlerTake My Side
39331017 Childish GambinoSober
4040540 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
4143241 Little DragonLet Go
4234534 ShamirOn the Regular
4345431 The WhigsModern Creation
44351111 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
4553245 The VaccinesHandsome
46361410 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
47NEW147 Odd MobIs It A Banger?
4841341 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
4938526 We Were Promised JetpacksPeaks and Troughs
50421314 San CiscoRun
51542914Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
5294952 The JezabelsLook of Love
53NEW153 Childish GambinoSweatpants
5444125 Father John MistyBored In the USA
55462116 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
5649826 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
5750234 A$AP Rocky1Train
5864358 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
59521022 D.D DumboTropical Oceans
6055826 Felicity GroomBetter Days
6147247 The WhigsAsking Strangers For Directions
6262362 James BayHold Back The River
6348920 Death From Above 1979Trainwreck 1979
6451115 HartsWhen a Man's a Fool
65571414 MastodonChimes At Midnight
6658258 Joey Bada$$Christ Conscious
6761261 GrenadiersSummer
68562312The AntlersPalace
6959538 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
7081370 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
71601812The Love JunkiesIn the Belly of My Beast
72631029 HuskyArrow
73661627 clipping.Get Up (ft. Mariel Jacoda)
7472372 Mark RonsonDaffodils (ft. Kevin Parker)
75712915Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys
76651247 Azealia BanksHeavy Metal and Reflective
7779377 Purity RingBegin Again
7867133 The DrumsThere Is Nothing Left
79691910 ÁsgeirGoing Home
8068268 Courtney BarnettAvant Gardener
8170457 Pulled Apart By HorsesYou Want It
8288382 Tkay MaidzaSwitch Lanes
83NEW183 The PreaturesOrdinary
8474937 HowlerAl's Corral
8592285 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
86822142 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
87771133 Jonathan BouletB.O.G.
8876559 Spanish GoldOut on the Street
89NEW189 The Weather StationTime
9075214 Alt-JEvery Other Freckle
9178225 clipping.Inside Out
92801543 HozierTake Me to Church
93901361 Run The JewelsClose Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (ft. Zack De La Rocha)
94861429 The AntlersHotel
95842211Vic MensaDown On My Luck
96NEW196 RöyksoppMonument (The Inevitable End Version) [ft. Robyn]
97832117 Run The JewelsBlockbuster Night Pt. 1
9893213 SlipknotThe Negative One
9989278 SBTRKTNew Dorp. New York (ft. Ezra Koenig)
100993813ScHoolboy QMan of the Year

851034 The Dead WeatherBuzzkill(er)
87477 AntemasqueI Got No Remorse
91148 The Rural Alberta AdvantageOn the Rocks
951511 The Delta RiggsFrom My Mould
961459 SlipknotThe Devil In I
97193 Missy HigginsShark Fin Blues
98682 Taking Back SundayBeat Up Car
1001524 clipping.Body & Blood
ooooh interesting to see Royskopp and The Preatures debut. Hilarious to see Is It A Banger debut too. Nice rise for First Light and good to see Hozier, Atl-J, Tkay Maidza, Asgeir, James Bay, Daffodils and San Cisco!
Yay Is It A Banger? and to a lesser extent Monument debuting. Good to see Shitsville still #1 as well as new peaks for First Light, Silver, Ain't That Easy and Begin Again.

Antemasque back for the challenge, surprising! And I'm of course still surprised at how high Melody is! It's been a while since I heard it, but I believe I liked that Pond Zond. Meanwhile is it bad that I've thus far ignored Will Butler? Yas Sweatpants & Monument debuting, and also is rather appreciated to see D'Angelo, Modest Mouse, Django Django, Warpaint Warpaint, Father John Misty & The Jezabels on the rise.

I am going to bust out Modern Creation on Spotify in a bit with very limited idea of what to expect
Oh shiiiieeeet

Great to see Shitsville, No. 99 (B4.DA.$$ exceeded my expectation$ ), Shirim, Six Degrees, i, Little Monster, Zond, First Light, Silver, Warning, Pretty Girls, Drown, Multiply (ft. Juicy J), Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins), Sober, produk 29 [101], Let Go, Tribe, Is It A Banger?, Only One, Run, Hot Squash, Sweatpants (Yay finally!? ), minipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix], 1Train, Lampshades On Fire, Hold Back The River, Trainwreck 1979, Christ Conscious, Out Of The Black, Ain't That Easy, Get Up, Daffodils, Heavy Metal and Reflective, Begin Again, Going Home, Switch Lanes, Pray To God, Attak, Every Other Freckle, Inside Out, Take Me to Church, Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck), Down On My Luck, Monument (The Inevitable End Version), Blockbuster Night Pt. 1, The Negative One, New Dorp. New York, and Man of the Year all in this week!

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 9/2/15
Edition No.274
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11916Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
22102 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
331013Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
41824 PondZond
5573 Joey Bada$$No. 99
661616Jonathan BouletCreeper
7747 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
8928 Black LipsDandelion Dust
94124 The Weather StationDon't Understand
10893 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
1111411 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
1210610 Black LipsJustice After All
131479 The WhigsHit Me
1419414 Django DjangoFirst Light
1517515 Royal BloodLittle Monster
1633316 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
171278 Dry the RiverGethsemane
1820418 CaribouSilver
1913192 Kendrick Lamari
20NEW120 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
211588 Black LipsFunny
2216814 Jonathan BouletTraveller
2343523 The WhigsModern Creation
2422147 Black LipsSmiling
2523611 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
2621714 iamamiwhoamiVista
2729818 Hockey DadSeaweed
2838228 Will ButlerTake My Side
2924196 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
3025325 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
31321514 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
3226182 Little DragonPretty Girls
3328428 WarpaintDisco//Very
3427133 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
35312230 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
36NEW136 The WhigsFriday Night
37301811 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
3840638 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
39351219 SwansOxygen
40NEW140 Cold War KidsFirst
4134156 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
42361223 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
43521043 The JezabelsLook of Love
44371129 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
45391117 Childish GambinoSober
4641341 Little DragonLet Go
47513014Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
4842634 ShamirOn the Regular
4953249 Childish GambinoSweatpants
5045345 The VaccinesHandsome
51441211 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
52461510 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
5347247 Odd MobIs It A Banger?
5458454 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
5548441 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
5670456 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
57501414 San CiscoRun
58552216 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
59NEW159 HopiumDreamers (ft. Phoebe Lou)
6057244 A$AP Rocky1Train
6161347 The WhigsAsking Strangers For Directions
6249626 We Were Promised JetpacksPeaks and Troughs
6366358 Joey Bada$$Christ Conscious
6474464 Mark RonsonDaffodils (ft. Kevin Parker)
6567361 GrenadiersSummer
66NEW166 BriggsBad Apples
6754135 Father John MistyBored In the USA
6856926 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
69591122 D.D DumboTropical Oceans
7060926 Felicity GroomBetter Days
71682412The AntlersPalace
72631020 Death From Above 1979Trainwreck 1979
7362462 James BayHold Back The River
7485374 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
75651514 MastodonChimes At Midnight
7664125 HartsWhen a Man's a Fool
77721129 HuskyArrow
7869638 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
79731727 clipping.Get Up (ft. Mariel Jacoda)
8082480 Tkay MaidzaSwitch Lanes
81NEW181 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
8283282 The PreaturesOrdinary
83753015Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys
8477477 Purity RingBegin Again
85792010 ÁsgeirGoing Home
86711912The Love JunkiesIn the Belly of My Beast
87NEW187 Willow BeatsMerewif
88761347 Azealia BanksHeavy Metal and Reflective
89NEW189 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
9089289 The Weather StationTime
91862242 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
92NEW192 The GriswoldsBeware the Dog
9378143 The DrumsThere Is Nothing Left
9496294 RöyksoppMonument (The Inevitable End Version) [ft. Robyn]
9580278 Courtney BarnettAvant Gardener
9681557 Pulled Apart By HorsesYou Want It
97NEW197 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
98871233 Jonathan BouletB.O.G.
99952311Vic MensaDown On My Luck
10091235 clipping.Inside Out

84937 HowlerAl's Corral
88559 Spanish GoldOut on the Street
90214 Alt-JEvery Other Freckle
921543 HozierTake Me to Church
931361 Run The JewelsClose Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (ft. Zack De La Rocha)
941429 The AntlersHotel
972117 Run The JewelsBlockbuster Night Pt. 1
98213 SlipknotThe Negative One
99278 SBTRKTNew Dorp. New York (ft. Ezra Koenig)
1003813ScHoolboy QMan of the Year
Liquorlip, First, Beware The Dog, Dreamers awesome debuts! RIP Hozier. I'd comment further but I am meant to be gone in 1 minute so yeah
Ooh nice to see First, Dreamers, Merewif and Through The Roof all debut! Nice rises for First Light, Sweatpants, Ain't That Easy, Daffodils, Pray To God and Switch Lanes too.
Shitsville again? F**K YO BITCH IN '15, HIT THAT PUSSY FOR 6 WEEKS

Wow Pond have jumped a lot! Father John Misty doing very well too. Ooh at H100 related debuts. I was considering Liquorlip to debut at one point too. Also great to see Cold War Kids, Hopium, Willow Beats, Courtney, Madgibbs, Griswolds & Hermitude. I also like Briggs to a lesser extent which is good because one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch D:
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 16/2/15
Edition No.275
Songs retire at 75 weeks

111017Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
22112 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
3433 PondZond
431113Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
5583 Joey Bada$$No. 99
6NEW16 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
761716Jonathan BouletCreeper
8757 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
99134 The Weather StationDon't Understand
10NEW110 Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
1111511 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
1220212 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
13838 Black LipsDandelion Dust
1416414 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
1514514 Django DjangoFirst Light
1610103 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
1718517 CaribouSilver
1812710 Black LipsJustice After All
1915615 Royal BloodLittle Monster
201788 Dry the RiverGethsemane
211389 The WhigsHit Me
2223622 The WhigsModern Creation
232198 Black LipsFunny
2419202 Kendrick Lamari
2528325 Will ButlerTake My Side
2622914 Jonathan BouletTraveller
27311614 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
2836228 The WhigsFriday Night
2924157 Black LipsSmiling
3026814 iamamiwhoamiVista
31NEW131 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
3225711 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
3327918 Hockey DadSeaweed
3433528 WarpaintDisco//Very
3529206 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
3666236 BriggsBad Apples
37NEW137 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
3832192 Little DragonPretty Girls
3930425 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
40431140 The JezabelsLook of Love
4154541 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
4234143 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
43352330 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
4440240 Cold War KidsFirst
4581245 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
4649346 Childish GambinoSweatpants
4789247 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
48371911 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
4938738 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
5073550 James BayHold Back The River
51391319 SwansOxygen
52511311 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
5348734 ShamirOn the Regular
54441229 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
55421323 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
5641166 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
5753347 Odd MobIs It A Banger?
5850445 The VaccinesHandsome
59473114Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
6055541 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
61451217 Childish GambinoSober
6246441 Little DragonLet Go
63521610 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
6456556 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
6559259 HopiumDreamers (ft. Phoebe Lou)
6660254 A$AP Rocky1Train
6763458 Joey Bada$$Christ Conscious
68NEW168 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
69681026 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
70571514 San CiscoRun
71582316 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
7261447 The WhigsAsking Strangers For Directions
7364564 Mark RonsonDaffodils (ft. Kevin Parker)
7462726 We Were Promised JetpacksPeaks and Troughs
7587275 Willow BeatsMerewif
7665461 GrenadiersSummer
77751614 MastodonChimes At Midnight
7874474 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
79712512The AntlersPalace
8067145 Father John MistyBored In the USA
81691222 D.D DumboTropical Oceans
8280580 Tkay MaidzaSwitch Lanes
8384577 Purity RingBegin Again
84NEW184 Death TeamFucking Bitches In The Hood
85701026 Felicity GroomBetter Days
86912342 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
87791827 clipping.Get Up (ft. Mariel Jacoda)
88NEW188 Milky ChanceFlashed Junk Mind
89721120 Death From Above 1979Trainwreck 1979
90771229 HuskyArrow
9178738 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
9282382 The PreaturesOrdinary
93NEW193 Thelma PlumHow Much Does Your Love Cost?
9497294 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
9576135 HartsWhen a Man's a Fool
9692292 The GriswoldsBeware the Dog
9790389 The Weather StationTime
98833115Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys
99NEW199 AntemasqueRome Armed To The Teeth
100881447 Azealia BanksHeavy Metal and Reflective

84937 HowlerAl's Corral
88559 Spanish GoldOut on the Street
90214 Alt-JEvery Other Freckle
921543 HozierTake Me to Church
931361 Run The JewelsClose Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (ft. Zack De La Rocha)
941429 The AntlersHotel
972117 Run The JewelsBlockbuster Night Pt. 1
98213 SlipknotThe Negative One
99278 SBTRKTNew Dorp. New York (ft. Ezra Koenig)
1003813ScHoolboy QMan of the Year
Yuss slay Death Team! Nice rises for Silver, Sweatpants, Hold Back The River, Merewif and Through The Roof.

Oh and Flashed Junk Mind is pretty cool too
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Clear fuccboi week when I see those dropouts :/ lol at DOOM debuting, going to claim a-c avatar impact on that, but that's also enough to make me look it up before the album release I haven't given a shoutout to No. 99 before I think, I like that a lot, but I hate how most of the best tracks on the album were released as singles last year #ocd :/ Funny like a day before I saw your chart I was thinking of listening to that Manson track, though I still have not done so. Excellente for Future Islands, and also this is some form of @FVA by not getting onto Junky sooner
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 23/2/15
Edition No.276
Songs retire at 75 weeks

16211Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
211117Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
3343 PondZond
41024 Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
5865 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
641213Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
72122 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
871816Jonathan BouletCreeper
9593 Joey Bada$$No. 99
109144 The Weather StationDon't Understand
1111611 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
1214512 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
1312312 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
1415614 Django DjangoFirst Light
151348 Black LipsDandelion Dust
1619715 Royal BloodLittle Monster
1716113 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
1817617 CaribouSilver
1925419 Will ButlerTake My Side
2022720 The WhigsModern Creation
2118810 Black LipsJustice After All
222098 Dry the RiverGethsemane
232199 The WhigsHit Me
2431224 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
2523108 Black LipsFunny
2624212 Kendrick Lamari
2736327 BriggsBad Apples
28261014 Jonathan BouletTraveller
29271714 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
3028328 The WhigsFriday Night
3130914 iamamiwhoamiVista
3229167 Black LipsSmiling
3337233 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
3432811 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
3560635 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
3641636 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
3734628 WarpaintDisco//Very
3850638 James BayHold Back The River
3944339 Cold War KidsFirst
4045340 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
4135216 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
42331018 Hockey DadSeaweed
4339525 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
4446444 Childish GambinoSweatpants
45401240 The JezabelsLook of Love
4638202 Little DragonPretty Girls
4747347 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
4842153 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
49NEW149 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
50432430 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
51521411 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
52482011 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
5364653 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
5449838 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
55511419 SwansOxygen
56NEW156 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
57541329 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
5894358 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
5953834 ShamirOn the Regular
6058545 The VaccinesHandsome
6165359 HopiumDreamers (ft. Phoebe Lou)
6256176 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
63NEW163 Hayden JamesSomething About You
64551423 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
6557447 Odd MobIs It A Banger?
6666264 A$AP Rocky1Train
6762541 Little DragonLet Go
68593214Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
69611317 Childish GambinoSober
70631710 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
7178571 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
7291838 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
7367558 Joey Bada$$Christ Conscious
7468268 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
75NEW175 Run The JewelsAll Due Respect (ft. Travis Barker)
76691126 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
77712416 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
78NEW178 All We AreHoney
79701614 San CiscoRun
80771714 MastodonChimes At Midnight
8175375 Willow BeatsMerewif
8282680 Tkay MaidzaSwitch Lanes
8384283 Death TeamFucking Bitches In The Hood
84NEW184 Black LipsI Don't Wanna Go Home
8573664 Mark RonsonDaffodils (ft. Kevin Parker)
8672547 The WhigsAsking Strangers For Directions
87792612The AntlersPalace
8880155 Father John MistyBored In the USA
8983677 Purity RingBegin Again
9088288 Milky ChanceFlashed Junk Mind
91862442 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
92NEW192 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
9374826 We Were Promised JetpacksPeaks and Troughs
9493293 Thelma PlumHow Much Does Your Love Cost?
95NEW195 Sleater-KinneyNo Cities To Love
9697489 The Weather StationTime
97811322 D.D DumboTropical Oceans
9876561 GrenadiersSummer
99851126 Felicity GroomBetter Days
100983215Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys

871827 clipping.Get Up (ft. Mariel Jacoda)
891120 Death From Above 1979Trainwreck 1979
901229 HuskyArrow
92382 The PreaturesOrdinary
95135 HartsWhen a Man's a Fool
96292 The GriswoldsBeware the Dog
99199 AntemasqueRome Armed To The Teeth
1001447 Azealia BanksHeavy Metal and Reflective

I am yet to hear SOUR SOUL from Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD, but am definitely looking forward to it!

Great to see Shitsville, Zond, No. 99, Liqourlip Loaded Gun, First Light, Little Monster, Silver, i, Bad Apples, Only One, Lampshades Of Fire, Hold Back The River, First, Warning, Sweatpants (hope to see Retro soon), Drown, Tribe, Multiply, Ain't That East, produk 29 [101], The Blacker The Berry (thought this would be higher), Through The Roof, Dreamers, Something About You, Is It A Banger, Sober, Pray To God, Out Of The Black, All Due Respect, minipops 67, Run, Merewif, Switch Lanes, Daffodils, Begin Again, and Flashed Junk Mind all in this week!

Nice to see the jumps for Cold War Kids, Royal Blood, James Bay and Modest Mouse. Liking seeing Sleater-Kinney and Belle And Sebastian back.
Ghostface hasn't grabbed me with his new stuff yet, but I still appreciate him grabbing a #1!

Love most of the top 20, and below that, good to see Kanye and Childish gain new peaks.

Awesome debuts from Kendrick, Hayden, and RTJ. Here's hoping Purity Ring can rebound, though!
Clearly you need a DOOM profile pic too now, but still that's sofa king awesome Melody in the top 5 now wow! FJM close to the top 10 too, peaking at #12 just feels pretty civilian y'know Briggs getting pretty high wow lol, looks like it'll be my elimination come PDZ thread time whenever that is Kendrick, Hayden, RTJ & Sleater-Kinney debuting is pretty neat, I know/like a different All We Are single at the moment lol

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 2/3/15
Edition No.277
Songs retire at 75 weeks

111711Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
21311Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
3353 PondZond
421217Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
5434 Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
6575 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
761313Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
881916Jonathan BouletCreeper
97132 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
1012610 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
1110154 The Weather StationDon't Understand
1214712 Django DjangoFirst Light
139103 Joey Bada$$No. 99
1413412 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
1519515 Will ButlerTake My Side
1616815 Royal BloodLittle Monster
1717123 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
1849218 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
191558 Black LipsDandelion Dust
2020820 The WhigsModern Creation
21NEW121 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
2218717 CaribouSilver
2324323 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
2422108 Dry the RiverGethsemane
2535725 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
2621910 Black LipsJustice After All
2723109 The WhigsHit Me
2825118 Black LipsFunny
2938729 James BayHold Back The River
3026222 Kendrick Lamari
3127427 BriggsBad Apples
32291814 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
33NEW133 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
3430428 The WhigsFriday Night
3556235 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
3636736 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
37281114 Jonathan BouletTraveller
3832177 Black LipsSmiling
3933333 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
4078240 All We AreHoney
4134911 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
42311014 iamamiwhoamiVista
4337728 WarpaintDisco//Very
4444544 Childish GambinoSweatpants
4539439 Cold War KidsFirst
4640440 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
4758447 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
48551519 SwansOxygen
4941226 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
5043625 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
5146212 Little DragonPretty Girls
52NEW152 St. VincentDigital Witness
53421118 Hockey DadSeaweed
54451340 The JezabelsLook of Love
5547447 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
56502530 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
5748163 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
58NEW158 MewSatellites
59511511 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
60571429 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
6153753 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
6263262 Hayden JamesSomething About You
63522111 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
6454938 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
6571665 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
66NEW166 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
6762186 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
6865547 Odd MobIs It A Banger?
6972938 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
7066274 A$AP Rocky1Train
71641523 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
7260645 The VaccinesHandsome
7361459 HopiumDreamers (ft. Phoebe Lou)
74NEW174 Tkay MaidzaM.O.B.
75683314Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
7667641 Little DragonLet Go
7774368 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
7873658 Joey Bada$$Christ Conscious
79691417 Childish GambinoSober
80NEW180 Death Cab for CutieBlack Sun
81701810 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
8289777 Purity RingBegin Again
83772516 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
8490384 Milky ChanceFlashed Junk Mind
8581475 Willow BeatsMerewif
8659934 ShamirOn the Regular
8792287 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
88761226 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
8996589 The Weather StationTime
9075275 Run The JewelsAll Due Respect (ft. Travis Barker)
9194391 Thelma PlumHow Much Does Your Love Cost?
9282780 Tkay MaidzaSwitch Lanes
9385764 Mark RonsonDaffodils (ft. Kevin Parker)
9483383 Death TeamFucking Bitches In The Hood
95791714 San CiscoRun
96801814 MastodonChimes At Midnight
97912542 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
9895295 Sleater-KinneyNo Cities To Love
99NEW199 TwerpsBack to You
10088165 Father John MistyBored In the USA

84184 Black LipsI Don't Wanna Go Home
86547 The WhigsAsking Strangers For Directions
872612The AntlersPalace
93826 We Were Promised JetpacksPeaks and Troughs
971322 D.D DumboTropical Oceans
98561 GrenadiersSummer
991126 Felicity GroomBetter Days
1003215Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys
Well I never I also still have not heard said album because every time I think about doing something like that, I then think 'oh but maybe I should work on my commentary'. But as of tonight, NOT ANY MORE YA BISH. Although sadly I'm short on #1 puns for another week. Yayayay for Father John Misty with the top 10, Kanye with the new found momentum, the Hozier song I rather liked, the Tkay song I rather like, that absurdly old St. Vincent song and the Death Cab song I really quite like For the first time in ages, I have Warning the highest
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 9/3/15
Edition No.278
Songs retire at 75 weeks

So I haven't produced any notes for my chart in a while, and I figured that I best make an effort this week because there's a lot happening. I suppose today I had time to set aside, which is probably a greater factor nevertheless, but I digress.

There is finally some rock resistance looking to break up the 2015 domination of rap on the charts, as we're 10 weeks in and still only Freddie Gibbs & Madlib and Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD have controlled the top spot. 'Six Degrees' stays on top for another week but will face tough opposition not only from Catfish and the Bottlemen who rocket up to second, Pond who are at #3 for the fourth consecutive week, and Parquet Courts who leap into the top 5 in their second week in the chart. And down nelow, Django Django, Will Butler and Hozier are all making advances!

Last year I broke all forms of rules in my eternal OCDness to allow greater enjoyment of both my own music for myself as well as greater readability of my charts. For those not aware, last year The Jungle Giants with 'Anywhere Else' and Cloud Control with 'Dream Cave' made my EOY and probably wouldn't have if I had left them in their original states. Both tracks have approximately a minute each of pointless and frustrating ambience at the end, which I trimmed off to allow for a neater edit to exist on my iTunes and iPod (ftr I keep both version on my iTunes, but due to lastie scrobbling, only the edited version on my iPod).

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib's album is closed sensationally by the impressive closing title track, however it has almost three minutes of pointless garbage tacked on the end of it. The first minute after the track I can deal with because it's not dissimilar with a lot of the other outros on the record, but what really bothers me is the 109 seconds after 6:45 which is for me completely redundant. I suppose it's a debate between whether keeping the track in its pure version vs. actually being able to get what I want out of it, but hey, radio does this anyway! And besides, if 'Piñata' makes my EOY, you'll be thankful not to hear three pointless minutes afterwards!

As for the second precedent I have set today, even though the ugly "(feat. Domo Genesis, G-Wiz, Casey Veggies, Sulaiman, Meechy Darko & Mac Miller)" still reflects as such on my lastie, in the case of A$AP Rocky's '1Train' last year, I've decided to keep them off the crediting within this chart and on my database. In saying this, I am contradicting myself by saying it makes the chart more readable because ultimately this rant probably works against it Anyway this monster is in at 32.

Up next is Father John Misty, and this might be the next best thing to a HFCS version 2 @flopsatay! In any case I can see this being one of my favourites from the album as 'The Ideal Husband' enters at 42.

Kingswood are a frustrating example for me of a band that had its potential diminished by ending up with a sound that just feels too overproduced. The sheer raw power of 'Yeah Go Die' is something they have not yet matched, but this song is proof they can still end up with a catchy tune. 'Micro Wars' imo is not a title track because the album is not actually called that, but be that as it may, it enters in at 58.

I am the quintessential casual Sticky Fingers fan. I drop in and out of enjoying their music, but not paying too much attention when they release new stuff. Case in point is the past month or so, in that I've charted two songs of theirs purely off the back of H100. Their fifth entry to date 'Just For You' comes in at 64.

It's exciting to hear a new band and remark that they sound like the American version of an Aussie band I like, then to discover that they are Aussie after all. Well The Ocean Party's song 'Went Out' is channelling all sorts of The Model School and they also happen to be Victorian. It enters in fittingly.

Probably would have made more sense for this to precede The Ocean Party, maybe it would be best if everyone read the chart upside down this week Blur make amends with their five-year absence in the chart with their second entry 'Go Out' at 75.

Even though 'Buy Nothing Day' prior to today was the only thing of theirs I've charted, my favourite song from The Go! Team is clearly 'Ladyflash'. And they channel that same energy with new tune, 'Blowtorch', for a debut at 78.

Well I'm charting Will Butler, so why the f**k not I'm glad I've latched on to a different Philip Selway song now enough to chart it, hence the Radiohead drummer comes in at 'Around Again' comes in at 88.

Why am I charting this besides H100? No idea quite frankly. Thundamentals enter at 93 with 'Something I Said' featuring Thom Crawford, their second entry after last year I did the exact same thing with 'Smiles Don't Lie'

WHY ON EARTH DO YOU THINK THAT TAGGING THINGS LIKE THIS IS A GOOD IDEA. San Cisco are frustrating me with that but the song 'Too Much Time Together' is nice enough to enter at 94.

Toro y Moi is back, once again with a low peak though sadly. Hopefully 'Empty Nesters' can fulfil that psychedelic potential after entering at 97.

Exciting moment for the chart. 1937 days ago I began documenting my favourite songs on a weekly basis, which have been from 699 unique artists (excluding credits), which cover across 20 different countries as well as all 8 states and territories of Australia. This final debut of the week at 98 is officially my 2000th ever entry, and it comes from Melbourne 10-piece supergroup Dorsal Fins and their title track 'Mind Renovation'.

11812Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
2542 Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
3363 PondZond
42411Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
53325 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
641317Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
7685 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
882016Jonathan BouletCreeper
91569 Will ButlerTake My Side
1012810 Django DjangoFirst Light
1171413Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
1210710 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
1318313 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
1411164 The Weather StationDon't Understand
159142 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
1621216 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
1713113 Joey Bada$$No. 99
1817133 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
1916915 Royal BloodLittle Monster
2020920 The WhigsModern Creation
2114512 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
2229822 James BayHold Back The River
231968 Black LipsDandelion Dust
2422817 CaribouSilver
2536825 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
2623423 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
2725825 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
2844628 Childish GambinoSweatpants
2924118 Dry the RiverGethsemane
3040330 All We AreHoney
31261010 Black LipsJustice After All
32NEW132 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
3330232 Kendrick Lamari
3435334 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
3527119 The WhigsHit Me
3628128 Black LipsFunny
3731527 BriggsBad Apples
38321914 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
3934528 The WhigsFriday Night
40371214 Jonathan BouletTraveller
4139433 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
42NEW142 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
4346540 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
4438187 Black LipsSmiling
4558245 MewSatellites
4677446 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
47411011 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
4845539 Cold War KidsFirst
49481619 SwansOxygen
5052250 St. VincentDigital Witness
5155547 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
52421114 iamamiwhoamiVista
5347547 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
5482854 Purity RingBegin Again
5543828 WarpaintDisco//Very
5649236 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
5750725 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
58NEW158 KingswoodMicro Wars
5966259 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
60531218 Hockey DadSeaweed
6151222 Little DragonPretty Girls
6262362 Hayden JamesSomething About You
63541440 The JezabelsLook of Love
64NEW164 Sticky FingersJust For You
65562630 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
66601529 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
67691038 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
6861853 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
69NEW169 The Ocean PartyWent Out
7057173 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
71591611 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
7265765 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
7374273 Tkay MaidzaM.O.B.
7467196 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
75NEW175 BlurGo Out
76632211 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
77641038 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
78NEW178 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
79711623 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
8068647 Odd MobIs It A Banger?
81753414Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8289682 The Weather StationTime
8387383 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
8470284 A$AP Rocky1Train
8572745 The VaccinesHandsome
86811910 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
8778758 Joey Bada$$Christ Conscious
88NEW188 Philip SelwayAround Again
8973559 HopiumDreamers (ft. Phoebe Lou)
9080280 Death Cab for CutieBlack Sun
91881326 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
92791517 Childish GambinoSober
93NEW193 ThundamentalsSomething I Said (ft. Thom Crawford)
94NEW194 San CiscoToo Much Time Together
9592880 Tkay MaidzaSwitch Lanes
9691491 Thelma PlumHow Much Does Your Love Cost?
97NEW197 Toro y MoiEmpty Nesters
98NEW198 Dorsal FinsMind Renovation
99100175 Father John MistyBored In the USA
10099299 TwerpsBack to You

76641 Little DragonLet Go
832516 Aphex Twinminipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]
84384 Milky ChanceFlashed Junk Mind
85475 Willow BeatsMerewif
86934 ShamirOn the Regular
90275 Run The JewelsAll Due Respect (ft. Travis Barker)
93764 Mark RonsonDaffodils (ft. Kevin Parker)
94383 Death TeamFucking Bitches In The Hood
951714 San CiscoRun
961814 MastodonChimes At Midnight
972542 RustieAttak (ft. Danny Brown)
98295 Sleater-KinneyNo Cities To Love
OK I will give that album a listen tonight...FOR THE PUNS!

I hope we can at least agree that the GKMC skits are essential! Also I totally called Micro Wars a title track at some point didn't I? #oops Also yeah Just For You, can't get over how good Stickies were last year. Also again, Blur are in a similar place on my chart! Also I do like TOO MUCH TIME TOGETHER RIPping all mah faves this week though
Good to see Something I Said, Too Much Time Together and Empty Nesters all debut and rises for First Light, Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene, Hold Back The River, Sweatpants, The Blacker The Berry, Seasons (Waiting On You) and Begin Again. Congrats on the milestones!

RIPping all mah faves this week though [2]
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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 16/3/15
Edition No.279
Songs retire at 75 weeks


12511Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
21912Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
3NEW13 Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
4373 PondZond
5535 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
64511Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
7977 Will ButlerTake My Side
861417Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
9NEW19 HartsBreakthrough
1082116Jonathan BouletCreeper
11795 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
1228712 Childish GambinoSweatpants
1313413 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
1416314 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
1510910 Django DjangoFirst Light
1634416 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
17111513Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
1845318 MewSatellites
1914174 The Weather StationDon't Understand
2022920 James BayHold Back The River
2112810 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
2215152 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
2325923 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
24201020 The WhigsModern Creation
2542225 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
2617123 Joey Bada$$No. 99
27191015 Royal BloodLittle Monster
2846528 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
29NEW129 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
3043630 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
3118143 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
3221612 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
3324917 CaribouSilver
3427925 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
3526523 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
362378 Black LipsDandelion Dust
3730430 All We AreHoney
3829128 Dry the RiverGethsemane
39NEW139 Freddie GibbsPronto
4041533 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
4154941 Purity RingBegin Again
42311110 Black LipsJustice After All
4333242 Kendrick Lamari
44401314 Jonathan BouletTraveller
4569245 The Ocean PartyWent Out
4632232 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
4750347 St. VincentDigital Witness
48NEW148 Everything EverythingDistant Past
4935129 The WhigsHit Me
5036138 Black LipsFunny
5137627 BriggsBad Apples
52382014 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
5339628 The WhigsFriday Night
5459354 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
5544197 Black LipsSmiling
56471111 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
5753647 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
5851647 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
59491719 SwansOxygen
6056246 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
6158258 KingswoodMicro Wars
6248639 Cold War KidsFirst
63NEW163 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
64521214 iamamiwhoamiVista
65NEW165 Father John MistyHoly Shit
6655928 WarpaintDisco//Very
6762462 Hayden JamesSomething About You
68671138 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
69652730 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
7061232 Little DragonPretty Girls
7157825 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
7278272 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
73NEW173 The CribsBurning For No One
7464264 Sticky FingersJust For You
7573373 Tkay MaidzaM.O.B.
7672865 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
77711711 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
78NEW178 Surfer BloodDorian
79631540 The JezabelsLook of Love
80601318 Hockey DadSeaweed
81813514Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8275275 BlurGo Out
83NEW183 Young FathersRain Or Shine
84661629 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
8590380 Death Cab for CutieBlack Sun
8682782 The Weather StationTime
8783483 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
8885845 The VaccinesHandsome
8970183 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
9068953 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
91NEW191 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
9297292 Toro y MoiEmpty Nesters
93771138 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
9474206 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
9598295 Dorsal FinsMind Renovation
96NEW196 Richard In Your MindHammered
97791723 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
98NEW198 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
9996591 Thelma PlumHow Much Does Your Love Cost?
10084294 A$AP Rocky1Train

762211 A$AP RockyMultiply (ft. Juicy J)
80647 Odd MobIs It A Banger?
861910 …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of DeadThe Ghost Within
87758 Joey Bada$$Christ Conscious
88188 Philip SelwayAround Again
89559 HopiumDreamers (ft. Phoebe Lou)
911326 The Love JunkiesA Fool's Errand
921517 Childish GambinoSober
93193 ThundamentalsSomething I Said (ft. Thom Crawford)
94194 San CiscoToo Much Time Together
95880 Tkay MaidzaSwitch Lanes
99175 Father John MistyBored In the USA
100299 TwerpsBack to You
So much vagueness commentary, so f**k it if I tryyyyyy to work out what it's specifically meant for (wrong song, idc ). Of course it's surely about the end of the run of rippity raps at the top, so I assume that Barry guy from Tassie will be happy D: Side note though, I liked quite a bit of Sour Soul, Ray Gun & Six Degrees amongst it (though sadly not through the strength of guest verses). Dem Kendrick/Gambino jumps too! And like, Tame Impala being awesome as always. Holy Shit All Day, and yay finally some begrudging support for Rain Or Shine, I'll take it!

Also to fill a void in my week: THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN EYEBALL
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Tame Impala is a great debut, and I love the new peaks for Childish, Kendrick, Father John, Future Islands, Courtney, Purity Ring and St. Vincent.

More awesome debuts from Everything, Kanye, Father John and Young Fathers!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 23/3/15
Edition No.280
Songs retire at 75 weeks

13211Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
21611Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
321012Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
42534 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
51845 MewSatellites
6786 Will ButlerTake My Side
7927 HartsBreakthrough
8545 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
91449 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
106611Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
11102216Jonathan BouletCreeper
1281517Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
13483 PondZond
1412812 Childish GambinoSweatpants
1516515 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
1613513 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
1728617 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
18151010 Django DjangoFirst Light
1929219 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
2045320 The Ocean PartyWent Out
2111105 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
2219184 The Weather StationDon't Understand
23171613Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
24231023 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
25201020 James BayHold Back The River
2621910 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
27241120 The WhigsModern Creation
2830728 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
2922162 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
30411030 Purity RingBegin Again
31271115 Royal BloodLittle Monster
3239232 Freddie GibbsPronto
3326133 Joey Bada$$No. 99
3437530 All We AreHoney
3558735 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
3631153 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
3748237 Everything EverythingDistant Past
3835623 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
39341025 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
4032712 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
41331017 CaribouSilver
4240633 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
433688 Black LipsDandelion Dust
4443252 Kendrick Lamari
4538138 Dry the RiverGethsemane
46421210 Black LipsJustice After All
4747447 St. VincentDigital Witness
48441414 Jonathan BouletTraveller
49771811 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
5046332 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
5149139 The WhigsHit Me
52NEW152 Courtney BarnettDepreston
5391253 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
5451727 BriggsBad Apples
55901053 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
5654454 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
5750148 Black LipsFunny
5863258 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
59522114 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
6078260 Surfer BloodDorian
6153728 The WhigsFriday Night
6255207 Black LipsSmiling
6365263 Father John MistyHoly Shit
64561211 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
65NEW165 MusePsycho
6667562 Hayden JamesSomething About You
6757747 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
6873268 The CribsBurning For No One
69591819 SwansOxygen
7061358 KingswoodMicro Wars
7172371 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
7260256 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
73661028 WarpaintDisco//Very
7462739 Cold War KidsFirst
75791640 The JezabelsLook of Love
76641314 iamamiwhoamiVista
77681238 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
78692830 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
7970242 Little DragonPretty Girls
8082375 BlurGo Out
8176965 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
82813614Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8371925 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
8475473 Tkay MaidzaM.O.B.
85NEW185 GrenadiersTake Forever
8674364 Sticky FingersJust For You
87801418 Hockey DadSeaweed
8883283 Young FathersRain Or Shine
8998289 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
90841729 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
9185480 Death Cab for CutieBlack Sun
9286882 The Weather StationTime
9395393 Dorsal FinsMind Renovation
9492392 Toro y MoiEmpty Nesters
9596295 Richard In Your MindHammered
9699691 Thelma PlumHow Much Does Your Love Cost?
9787583 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
98RET398 TwerpsBack to You
99100304 A$AP Rocky1Train
10089193 Bring Me the HorizonDrown

88845 The VaccinesHandsome
931138 Aphex Twinproduk 29 [101]
94206 We Were Promised JetpacksSafety In Numbers
971723 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare

Great to see Let It Happen, Six Degrees, Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene, Sweatpants, The Blacker The Berry, First Light, Hold Back The River, Begin Again, Little Monster, Distant Past, I, Tribe, All Day, Psycho, Through The Roof, First, Out Of The Black, Pray To God, M.O.B., Lean On, 1Train, and Drown all in this week!

Tame Impala #1 is awesome! Not yet sure whether or not it can do the same for me but nonetheless obviously in super hype mode for it. Also lol I just sit here still thinking Strange Encounter is my fave. But Ideal Husband still v good! I like those debuts too but I'm surprised to see you charting a second Grenadiers track, I should go back to that album. Given that they're essentially my only #1s from this year thus far, is good to see Begin Again & The Blacker The Berry still on the rise!
Ooh impressive for Let It Happen! I quite like it so great to see it at #1. Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene was pretty good iirc so good to see it make the top 10 and I like the rises for The Blacker The Berry, Begin Again, Distant Past, Ain't That Easy and Lean On.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 30/3/15
Edition No.281
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11312Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
2552 MewSatellites
32711Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
4444 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
531112Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
6956 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
7696 Will ButlerTake My Side
8855 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
91569 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
1020410 The Ocean PartyWent Out
11737 HartsBreakthrough
12112316Jonathan BouletCreeper
1310711Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
1417714 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
1537315 Everything EverythingDistant Past
16121617Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
1719317 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
1814912 Childish GambinoSweatpants
19181110 Django DjangoFirst Light
201393 PondZond
2116613 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
2222194 The Weather StationDon't Understand
2353323 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
2421115 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
25231713Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
2628826 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
27241123 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
28NEW128 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
2960329 Surfer BloodDorian
30261010 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
3152231 Courtney BarnettDepreston
3263332 Father John MistyHoly Shit
33251120 James BayHold Back The River
34301130 Purity RingBegin Again
3532332 Freddie GibbsPronto
36271220 The WhigsModern Creation
3729172 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
38311215 Royal BloodLittle Monster
3933143 Joey Bada$$No. 99
4035835 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
41NEW141 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
4234630 All We AreHoney
4338723 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
44391125 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
4536163 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
46491911 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
47411117 CaribouSilver
4842733 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
4944262 Kendrick Lamari
5065250 MusePsycho
5147547 St. VincentDigital Witness
5240812 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
5356553 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
544398 Black LipsDandelion Dust
5545148 Dry the RiverGethsemane
56551153 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
5771457 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
58461310 Black LipsJustice After All
59481514 Jonathan BouletTraveller
6054827 BriggsBad Apples
6158358 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
6250432 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
6389363 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
6467847 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
6551149 The WhigsHit Me
6670458 KingswoodMicro Wars
6757158 Black LipsFunny
68592214 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
69NEW169 MuseDead Inside
7061828 The WhigsFriday Night
7166662 Hayden JamesSomething About You
72691919 SwansOxygen
7362217 Black LipsSmiling
7468368 The CribsBurning For No One
75NEW175 Ainslie WillsDrive
76641311 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
7772266 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
78771338 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
7979252 Little DragonPretty Girls
80751740 The JezabelsLook of Love
81NEW181 Django DjangoReflections
82823714Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8385283 GrenadiersTake Forever
8474839 Cold War KidsFirst
85731128 WarpaintDisco//Very
86782930 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
8780475 BlurGo Out
88NEW188 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHarold's
89761414 iamamiwhoamiVista
90811065 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
9186464 Sticky FingersJust For You
9284573 Tkay MaidzaM.O.B.
9397683 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
9491580 Death Cab for CutieBlack Sun
95831025 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
9688383 Young FathersRain Or Shine
9794492 Toro y MoiEmpty Nesters
9892982 The Weather StationTime
99871518 Hockey DadSeaweed
100901829 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret

93393 Dorsal FinsMind Renovation
95295 Richard In Your MindHammered
96691 Thelma PlumHow Much Does Your Love Cost?
98398 TwerpsBack to You
99304 A$AP Rocky1Train
100193 Bring Me the HorizonDrown
Hozier up to #6, Distant Past top 20 and Depreston (almost) top 30 are amazing! Multi-Love, Lean On, Through The Roof, Seasons, TBTB up I guess is okay too. Also just ok is the #1 again for Let It Happen and the debut for Kunta. Just jokes, all amazing ❤️❤️ poor Pacifier, Zond, First Light and First sliding away tho 💔
Omg harley's hearts turn into emojis on my screen; amazing

I did not realise until now just how much Madgibbs you've accumulated; 6 concurrent on the chart! Also TBTB top 10 is more than excellent! As is King Kunta debuting that high of course and ooh what a jump for Alabama Shakes! I thought you said you preferred Dead Inside In saying that, I'm not sure if it'll be able to overtake Psycho like I was expecting on my chart, the ass is so surprisingly catchy! Also YAY Ainslie. Drown feels waay older than that lol.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 6/4/15
Edition No.282
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11413Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
2262 MewSatellites
3453 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
43811Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
551212Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
6666 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
7977 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
81058 The Ocean PartyWent Out
97106 Will ButlerTake My Side
1032410 Father John MistyHoly Shit
11122416Jonathan BouletCreeper
12865 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
1317413 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
141147 HartsBreakthrough
1515415 Everything EverythingDistant Past
1613811Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
1723417 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
18161717Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
1914814 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
20181012 Childish GambinoSweatpants
2120103 PondZond
2228222 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
23191210 Django DjangoFirst Light
2421713 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
2522204 The Weather StationDon't Understand
2626926 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
2731327 Courtney BarnettDepreston
28NEW128 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
2924125 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
3035430 Freddie GibbsPronto
31251813Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
3229429 Surfer BloodDorian
33271223 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
34341230 Purity RingBegin Again
35331220 James BayHold Back The River
3640935 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
37301110 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
38NEW138 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
39361320 The WhigsModern Creation
40NEW140 FFSPiss Off
4137182 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
42381315 Royal BloodLittle Monster
4339153 Joey Bada$$No. 99
4441241 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
4550345 MusePsycho
4642730 All We AreHoney
4743823 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
4845173 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
49462011 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
50561250 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
51441225 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
52NEW152 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
5369253 MuseDead Inside
5457554 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
5551647 St. VincentDigital Witness
5648833 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
57471217 CaribouSilver
5852912 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
5953653 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
6049272 Kendrick Lamari
6154108 Black LipsDandelion Dust
62NEW162 Big PictureMachine
6355158 Dry the RiverGethsemane
6481264 Django DjangoReflections
65581410 Black LipsJustice After All
6660927 BriggsBad Apples
6763463 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
68591614 Jonathan BouletTraveller
6975269 Ainslie WillsDrive
7065159 The WhigsHit Me
7161458 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
7262532 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
73NEW173 Ariana GrandeOne Last Time
74722019 SwansOxygen
7564947 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
7670928 The WhigsFriday Night
77682314 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
7877276 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
7967168 Black LipsFunny
8071762 Hayden JamesSomething About You
81NEW181 SAFIACounting Sheep
8266558 KingswoodMicro Wars
8388283 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHarold's
8473227 Black LipsSmiling
85823814Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8693783 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
87801840 The JezabelsLook of Love
8879262 Little DragonPretty Girls
8991564 Sticky FingersJust For You
9074468 The CribsBurning For No One
91NEW191 Diplo, Edward Droste & RostamLong Way Home
92781438 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
93761411 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
94RET394 Sleater-KinneyNo Cities To Love
95NEW195 Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinStep Brother City
9683383 GrenadiersTake Forever
9794680 Death Cab for CutieBlack Sun
98901165 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
9987575 BlurGo Out
100981082 The Weather StationTime

84839 Cold War KidsFirst
851128 WarpaintDisco//Very
862930 HuskyI'm Not Coming Back
891414 iamamiwhoamiVista
92573 Tkay MaidzaM.O.B.
951025 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibDeeper
96383 Young FathersRain Or Shine
97492 Toro y MoiEmpty Nesters
991518 Hockey DadSeaweed
1001829 Every Time I DieThe Great Secret
Holy Shit FJM is just racking up the top 10 hits this era! Also I listened to the FFS and it elicited more of a WTF reaction Yas SAFIA and I'm feeling more familiar with the chart than usual which is cool!
Yes Tame Impala! The last time we both shared the same #1 was in 2013 with Right Action!

Great to see Let It Happen, Six Degrees, THhe Blacker The Berry, Sweatpants, King Kunta, First Light, Begin Again, Hold Back The River, Little Monster, Psycho, Tribe, Do You Remember, Dead Inside, I, Lean On, All Day, One Last Time, hrough the Roof, Something About You, Counting Sheep, Out Of The Black, and Pray To God.

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 13/4/15
Edition No.283
Songs retire at 75 weeks

21513Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
3363 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
41054 Father John MistyHoly Shit
54911Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
651312Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
7867 The Ocean PartyWent Out
8787 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
9676 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
109116 Will ButlerTake My Side
11112516Jonathan BouletCreeper
12NEW112 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
1313513 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
141275 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
1515515 Everything EverythingDistant Past
1617516 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
171457 HartsBreakthrough
1827418 Courtney BarnettDepreston
1916911Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
20181817Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
2122321 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
22201112 Childish GambinoSweatpants
2319914 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
24NEW124 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
2544325 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
2621113 PondZond
2740227 FFSPiss Off
28231310 Django DjangoFirst Light
29341329 Purity RingBegin Again
30261026 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
3124813 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
3225214 The Weather StationDon't Understand
33331323 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
34NEW134 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
3528228 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
3630530 Freddie GibbsPronto
3729135 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
38361035 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
39311913Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
40351320 James BayHold Back The River
4132529 Surfer BloodDorian
42371210 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
4338238 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
4441192 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
45391420 The WhigsModern Creation
4647923 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
4745445 MusePsycho
4852248 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
49421415 Royal BloodLittle Monster
5043163 Joey Bada$$No. 99
5162251 Big PictureMachine
5246830 All We AreHoney
5354653 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
54492111 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
55NEW155 Father John MistyStrange Encounter
5656933 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
5748183 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
58511325 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
59501350 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
6067560 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
6153353 MuseDead Inside
62571317 CaribouSilver
6373263 Ariana GrandeOne Last Time
6455747 St. VincentDigital Witness
65581012 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
6660282 Kendrick Lamari
6759753 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
68NEW168 FoamOil Well
6961118 Black LipsDandelion Dust
70661027 BriggsBad Apples
7164364 Django DjangoReflections
7263168 Dry the RiverGethsemane
7381273 SAFIACounting Sheep
74651510 Black LipsJustice After All
7569369 Ainslie WillsDrive
7683376 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHarold's
7770169 The WhigsHit Me
7871558 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
79681714 Jonathan BouletTraveller
8072632 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
81772414 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
82761028 The WhigsFriday Night
83751047 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
84742119 SwansOxygen
8586883 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
8682658 KingswoodMicro Wars
87NEW187 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
8879178 Black LipsFunny
8980862 Hayden JamesSomething About You
9078286 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
91853914Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
92921538 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
93871940 The JezabelsLook of Love
9484237 Black LipsSmiling
9588272 Little DragonPretty Girls
9689664 Sticky FingersJust For You
9791291 Diplo, Edward Droste & RostamLong Way Home
98931511 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
99981265 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
10094494 Sleater-KinneyNo Cities To Love

90468 The CribsBurning For No One
95195 Someone Still Loves You Boris YeltsinStep Brother City
96383 GrenadiersTake Forever
97680 Death Cab for CutieBlack Sun
99575 BlurGo Out
1001082 The Weather StationTime

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I don't know the new #1. I feel I probably should. Maybe another time Good to see 'Cause I'm A Man debut and rises for King Kunta, Do You Remember, Lean On and One Last Time. FFS still a flop tbh
Holy Shit FJM is racking up the top 5 hits this era! On related note, stoked to see Strange Encounter finally join the crew <3 Only ever be the song that just almost didn't enter. Your Tame Impala apostrophe is gross though!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 20/4/15
Edition No.284
Songs retire at 75 weeks

22613Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
3373 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
4464 Father John MistyHoly Shit
551011Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
661412Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
7777 The Ocean PartyWent Out
82548 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
9897 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
1012210 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
11986 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
1210126 Will ButlerTake My Side
13112616Jonathan BouletCreeper
1413613 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
15NEW115 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
1627316 FFSPiss Off
1716616 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
1821418 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
1915615 Everything EverythingDistant Past
201485 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
2118518 Courtney BarnettDepreston
221767 HartsBreakthrough
2324223 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
24331423 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
25191011Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
2634226 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
27201917Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
28221212 Childish GambinoSweatpants
2935328 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
30NEW130 MewWitness
31291429 Purity RingBegin Again
32231014 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
3326123 PondZond
34281410 Django DjangoFirst Light
35301126 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
3648336 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
3743337 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
3832224 The Weather StationDon't Understand
3931913 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
4041629 Surfer BloodDorian
41401420 James BayHold Back The River
4236630 Freddie GibbsPronto
43381135 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
4437145 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
45392013Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
46421310 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
4751347 Big PictureMachine
4844202 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
49461023 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
5047545 MusePsycho
51451520 The WhigsModern Creation
52491515 Royal BloodLittle Monster
5350173 Joey Bada$$No. 99
5453753 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
5552930 All We AreHoney
5655255 Father John MistyStrange Encounter
5760657 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
58542211 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
59561033 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
6057193 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
61591450 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
6268262 FoamOil Well
63581425 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
64NEW164 British IndiaSuddenly
65621417 CaribouSilver
6661453 MuseDead Inside
67914014Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
68651112 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
6975469 Ainslie WillsDrive
7066292 Kendrick Lamari
7163363 Ariana GrandeOne Last Time
7264847 St. VincentDigital Witness
7367853 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
7473373 SAFIACounting Sheep
75701127 BriggsBad Apples
7676476 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHarold's
7769128 Black LipsDandelion Dust
7871464 Django DjangoReflections
7972178 Dry the RiverGethsemane
8080732 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
8178658 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
82741610 Black LipsJustice After All
8387283 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
8477179 The WhigsHit Me
85812514 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
86RET1823 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
87791814 Jonathan BouletTraveller
8885983 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
8986758 KingswoodMicro Wars
9096764 Sticky FingersJust For You
91831147 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
92842219 SwansOxygen
93821128 The WhigsFriday Night
94NEW194 The Soft MoonWasting
9588188 Black LipsFunny
9690296 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
97RET1828 Pulled Apart By HorsesLizard Baby
9889962 Hayden JamesSomething About You
99921638 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
100991365 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)

931940 The JezabelsLook of Love
94237 Black LipsSmiling
95272 Little DragonPretty Girls
97291 Diplo, Edward Droste & RostamLong Way Home
981511 The WhigsThe Difference Between One and Two
100494 Sleater-KinneyNo Cities To Love
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 27/4/15
Edition No.285
Songs retire at 75 weeks

22713Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
3383 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
4474 Father John MistyHoly Shit
5855 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
6NEW16 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
751111Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
861512Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
91039 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
109107 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
11787 The Ocean PartyWent Out
1230212 MewWitness
1315213 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
141196 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
1516415 FFSPiss Off
16132716Jonathan BouletCreeper
1712136 Will ButlerTake My Side
1814713 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
1917716 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
2023320 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
2126321 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
2218518 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
23NEW123 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
2419715 Everything EverythingDistant Past
25241523 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
2621618 Courtney BarnettDepreston
2729427 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
2840728 Surfer BloodDorian
29351226 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
302095 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
312277 HartsBreakthrough
32341510 Django DjangoFirst Light
33272017Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
34281312 Childish GambinoSweatpants
35251111Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
3636436 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
37311529 Purity RingBegin Again
38321114 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
3954839 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
4037437 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
4133133 PondZond
42431235 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
43NEW143 FFSJohnny Delusional
4438234 The Weather StationDon't Understand
4562345 FoamOil Well
46391013 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
47411520 James BayHold Back The River
4842730 Freddie GibbsPronto
4947447 Big PictureMachine
50521615 Royal BloodLittle Monster
51452113Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
5244155 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
5348212 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
54491123 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
5569555 Ainslie WillsDrive
5650645 MusePsycho
57461410 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
5883358 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
59591133 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
6078560 Django DjangoReflections
6157757 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
6253183 Joey Bada$$No. 99
6366553 MuseDead Inside
64511620 The WhigsModern Creation
65NEW165 Marilyn MansonDeep Six
66582311 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
6760203 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
6856355 Father John MistyStrange Encounter
6974469 SAFIACounting Sheep
70551030 All We AreHoney
71611550 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
7264264 British IndiaSuddenly
73631525 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
7470302 Kendrick Lamari
75674114Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
76NEW176 Kendrick LamarWesley's Theory
77651517 CaribouSilver
78681212 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
7971463 Ariana GrandeOne Last Time
80751227 BriggsBad Apples
8172947 St. VincentDigital Witness
8276576 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHarold's
8373953 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
84861923 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
8579188 Dry the RiverGethsemane
8677138 Black LipsDandelion Dust
8780832 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
88NEW188 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
8989858 KingswoodMicro Wars
90881083 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
91821710 Black LipsJustice After All
9281758 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
93852614 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
9484189 The WhigsHit Me
9594294 The Soft MoonWasting
96RET1334 The Love JunkiesYou Are the Pins In My Ears. You Are the Salt In My Eyes
97971928 Pulled Apart By HorsesLizard Baby
98922319 SwansOxygen
9990864 Sticky FingersJust For You
10096306 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning

871814 Jonathan BouletTraveller
911147 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
931128 The WhigsFriday Night
95188 Black LipsFunny
98962 Hayden JamesSomething About You
991638 Royal BloodOut Of The Black
1001365 Calvin HarrisPray To God (ft. Haim)
How are these albums not out of entries yet??? Wesley's Theory & Gemini be ace tho! Also shit I don't remember not commenting last week
141196 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
1917716 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
25241523 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
34281312 Childish GambinoSweatpants
3636436 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
38321114 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
4133133 PondZond
47411520 James BayHold Back The River
50521615 Royal BloodLittle Monster
54491123 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
5650645 MusePsycho
5883358 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
6157757 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
6366553 MuseDead Inside
65NEW165 Marilyn MansonDeep Six
7264264 British IndiaSuddenly
77651517 CaribouSilver
78681212 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
7971463 Ariana GrandeOne Last Time
8172947 St. VincentDigital Witness
8989858 KingswoodMicro Wars
10096306 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 4/5/15
Edition No.286
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Four weeks for Danish band Mew with 'Satellites', and it's also four weeks in a row with the same top 4. Plenty of songs moving up to challenge these contenders though, including a couple of high debuts this week.

22813Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
3393 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
4484 Father John MistyHoly Shit
5625 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
6565 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
7947 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
871211Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
9NEW19 Nick HillKnow This
1012310 MewWitness
1181612Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
1210117 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
131197 The Ocean PartyWent Out
1413313 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
1519815 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
16NEW116 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
17162816Jonathan BouletCreeper
1823218 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
1914106 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
2015515 FFSPiss Off
2117146 Will ButlerTake My Side
2220420 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
2318813 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
2421421 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
25251623 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
2627526 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
2722618 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
2824815 Everything EverythingDistant Past
29NEW129 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
3026718 Courtney BarnettDepreston
31371629 Purity RingBegin Again
3239932 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
3328828 Surfer BloodDorian
34341412 Childish GambinoSweatpants
35332117Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
36291326 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
3730105 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
3845438 FoamOil Well
39351211Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
40321610 Django DjangoFirst Light
4136536 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
42NEW142 GengahrShe's a Witch
433187 HartsBreakthrough
44421335 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
4549545 Big PictureMachine
46381214 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
4760647 Django DjangoReflections
4841143 PondZond
49NEW149 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
5040537 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
5158451 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
5243243 FFSJohnny Delusional
5344244 The Weather StationDon't Understand
54461113 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
5565255 Marilyn MansonDeep Six
5648830 Freddie GibbsPronto
57471620 James BayHold Back The River
58541223 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
59NEW159 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
60501715 Royal BloodLittle Monster
6169561 SAFIACounting Sheep
62512213Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
6356745 MusePsycho
6455655 Ainslie WillsDrive
6576265 Kendrick LamarWesley's Theory
6652165 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
6763653 MuseDead Inside
68NEW168 Purity RingBodyache
6953222 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
70591233 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
7161857 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
72571510 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
73641720 The WhigsModern Creation
7462193 Joey Bada$$No. 99
7588275 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
76NEW176 HozierSomeone New
77662411 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
7872364 British IndiaSuddenly
79711650 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
80701130 All We AreHoney
8168455 Father John MistyStrange Encounter
82731625 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
8367213 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
84754214Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
85NEW185 Skrillex & DiploBeats Knockin (ft. Fly Boi Keno)
8682676 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHarold's
8774312 Kendrick Lamari
88901183 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
89801327 BriggsBad Apples
90771617 CaribouSilver
9179563 Ariana GrandeOne Last Time
9287932 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
93781312 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
94NEW194 A$AP RockyM'$
9586148 Black LipsDandelion Dust
96842023 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
97811047 St. VincentDigital Witness
9892858 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
99831053 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
10089958 KingswoodMicro Wars

85188 Dry the RiverGethsemane
911710 Black LipsJustice After All
932614 Cloud ControlThe Smoke, The Feeling
94189 The WhigsHit Me
95294 The Soft MoonWasting
961334 The Love JunkiesYou Are the Pins In My Ears. You Are the Salt In My Eyes
971928 Pulled Apart By HorsesLizard Baby
982319 SwansOxygen
99864 Sticky FingersJust For You
100306 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
Much exciting change, poor Toastface falling out of the top 10. Awesome to see Baby Blue debut and nicely, and the same sentiment for Olympia which I don't think I noticed first, but just happened to download 3 hours after you posted this Actually Loud Places is great too and Gengahr are one of those ones who just narrowly missed my top 40. If you do like Bodyache, maybe you would like the Purity Ring album more than me
So glad that Tame Impala reach #1 for three weeks! Great to also see Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD, Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, FFS (dat supergroup name), Modest Mouse, Purity Ring, Childish Gambino, Django Django, Jarryd James, Pond, Jamie xx, Tyler, The Creator, SAFIA, Muse, Major Lazer, What So Not, Theophilus India, British London, (lol), Kanye West, Skrillex/Diplo, Briggs, Ariana Grande, Sticky Fingers and A$AP Rocky.

Let It Happen still top 2 <3 I quite like Satellites but obv not as much as Tamey (I'm unsure of whether I'm cool enough to use this nickname but I'm using it anyway). yay Begin Again rebounding and go Loud Places, Counting Sheep & Gemini! I can't believe you're charting One Last Time
Finally heard Satellites and I do quite like it. Let It Happen is better of course but at least it got a turn. Loud Places and Someone New debuting is cool to see, while I'm also liking the new peaks for Counting Sheep and Gemini.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 11/5/15
Edition No.287
Songs retire at 75 weeks

15311Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
3923 Nick HillKnow This
42913Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
5494 Father John MistyHoly Shit
61836 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
7757 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
81628 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
93103 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
1038510 FoamOil Well
11675 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
1210410 MewWitness
13NEW113 The Ocean PartyCharted Towers
1415914 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
1581311Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
1629216 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
17111712Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
18NEW118 PeaceGen Strange
1912127 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
2014413 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
21172916Jonathan BouletCreeper
2213107 The Ocean PartyWent Out
2319116 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
2426624 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
25311725 Purity RingBegin Again
2622520 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
2742227 GengahrShe's a Witch
2821156 Will ButlerTake My Side
29321029 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
3020615 FFSPiss Off
3149231 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
3223913 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
3327718 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
34251723 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
3524521 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
36361426 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
3733928 Surfer BloodDorian
3830818 Courtney BarnettDepreston
3928915 Everything EverythingDistant Past
40NEW140 MewWater Slides
41341512 Childish GambinoSweatpants
42401710 Django DjangoFirst Light
4341636 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
4437115 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
45352217Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
4645645 Big PictureMachine
4768247 Purity RingBodyache
48441435 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
49391311Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
5055350 Marilyn MansonDeep Six
514397 HartsBreakthrough
52461314 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
5347747 Django DjangoReflections
5476254 HozierSomeone New
55NEW155 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
5651551 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
5748153 PondZond
5859258 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
5950637 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
6053254 The Weather StationDon't Understand
61571720 James BayHold Back The River
6252343 FFSJohnny Delusional
63541213 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
6456930 Freddie GibbsPronto
65NEW165 Courtney BarnettElevator Operator
6675366 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
67581323 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
68601815 Royal BloodLittle Monster
6961661 SAFIACounting Sheep
7067753 MuseDead Inside
71622313Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
7263845 MusePsycho
7365365 Kendrick LamarWesley's Theory
7464755 Ainslie WillsDrive
75731820 The WhigsModern Creation
76991153 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
7771957 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
7866175 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
79701333 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
8085280 Skrillex & DiploBeats Knockin (ft. Fly Boi Keno)
8169232 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
82844314Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8374203 Joey Bada$$No. 99
8478464 British IndiaSuddenly
85721610 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
8691663 Ariana GrandeOne Last Time
87NEW187 Woodes & ElkkleMuddy
88772511 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
8994289 A$AP RockyM'$
90791750 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
91NEW191 Sans ParentsLoose People
92801230 All We AreHoney
9386776 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHarold's
9487322 Kendrick Lamari
95891427 BriggsBad Apples
96NEW196 Tired LionI Don't Think You Like Me
9783223 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
98962123 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
99NEW199 Hudson MohawkeRyderz
100921032 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata

81455 Father John MistyStrange Encounter
821625 Kanye WestOnly One (ft. Paul McCartney)
881183 Belle and SebastianThe Party Line
901617 CaribouSilver
931312 Sticky FingersLiquorlip Loaded Gun
95148 Black LipsDandelion Dust
971047 St. VincentDigital Witness
98858 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
100958 KingswoodMicro Wars
I'm feeling so out of whack with a lot of the songs on your chart, I need to check some out. Where to start though!? Maybe with Surfer Blood (I listened to another of their newbies this week, so I'll check Dorian) and Jeff The Brotherhood. Most of my favourites are falling which is a shame but it's a nice jump for Hozier, a good rebound for Ariana and a cool debut for Courtney Barnett.
Toastface Grillah & BADBADNOTGOOD are the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis of your chart O: Lakers I'm sure I like but I haven't been back on that album in quite a while. I do remember Bronson well and top 10 yay! Unshockingly, I dig seeing Ecca, Tired Lion (I saw a poster for them in the city! ) & Woodes/Elkkle debut!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 18/5/15
Edition No.288
Songs retire at 75 weeks

110611FoamOil Well
2332 Nick HillKnow This
41411Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
541013Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
65104 Father John MistyHoly Shit
7837 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
8646 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
91259 MewWitness
109113 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
11767 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
1213212 The Ocean PartyCharted Towers
131185 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
14361514 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
15141014 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
1616316 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
1718217 PeaceGen Strange
1824718 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
1927319 GengahrShe's a Witch
20251820 Purity RingBegin Again
21213016Jonathan BouletCreeper
22151411Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
23171812Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
2433818 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
25291125 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
2619137 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
2720513 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
28RET1228 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
2923126 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
3028166 Will ButlerTake My Side
3126620 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
3240232 MewWater Slides
3322117 The Ocean PartyWent Out
34NEW134 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
3538918 Courtney BarnettDepreston
3631331 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
3730715 FFSPiss Off
3846738 Big PictureMachine
3954339 HozierSomeone New
40321013 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
4135621 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
42391015 Everything EverythingDistant Past
43341823 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
4447344 Purity RingBodyache
45371028 Surfer BloodDorian
4666446 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
47411612 Childish GambinoSweatpants
4855248 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
4953847 Django DjangoReflections
5043736 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
5158351 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
52421810 Django DjangoFirst Light
5344125 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
54452317Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
5556651 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
5674855 Ainslie WillsDrive
57481535 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
58521414 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
59491411Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
6065260 Courtney BarnettElevator Operator
6151107 HartsBreakthrough
6250450 Marilyn MansonDeep Six
6357163 PondZond
64NEW164 Courtney BarnettDead Fox
6559737 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
6660264 The Weather StationDon't Understand
67611820 James BayHold Back The River
6870853 MuseDead Inside
69641030 Freddie GibbsPronto
70NEW170 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
7162443 FFSJohnny Delusional
72631313 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
73671423 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
7469761 SAFIACounting Sheep
75681915 Royal BloodLittle Monster
7673465 Kendrick LamarWesley's Theory
77712413Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
7872945 MusePsycho
7980379 Skrillex & DiploBeats Knockin (ft. Fly Boi Keno)
8089380 A$AP RockyM'$
81751920 The WhigsModern Creation
82761253 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
83771057 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
8478185 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
85791433 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
86824414Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8791287 Sans ParentsLoose People
8887287 Woodes & ElkkleMuddy
8986763 Ariana GrandeOne Last Time
9083213 Joey Bada$$No. 99
9184564 British IndiaSuddenly
9281242 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
93882611 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
94921330 All We AreHoney
95851710 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
96982223 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
9794332 Kendrick Lamari
9893876 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHarold's
99901850 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
10099299 Hudson MohawkeRyderz

951427 BriggsBad Apples
96196 Tired LionI Don't Think You Like Me
97223 The WhigsToo Much In the Morning
1001032 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibPiñata
Great jumps for Courtney Barnett and Hozier this week. Also liking the Courtney debut and the British India one as well; despite never having looked at the titles of the songs on their album, I can pick which one that is due to it being the main hook. One of my highlights from it too! Not feeling the Hermitude love though, their album is certainly not to my taste. I did check out both the Surfer Blood and Jeff The Brotherhood songs and liked them both. I'd randomly heard some of the JTB album previously and really liked one of the songs I heard; I was hoping it'd be that one, but alas, no.
Great to see Tame Impala still in the Top 5, and rises of Action Bronson, Purity Ring, Kendrick Lamar, Hermitude x2, What So Not, Hozier, Django Django, Tyler, The Creator, British India, Jack U, and Pulled Apart By Horses.

I've heard the #1 now but just reminds me of how I wish I liked all that Dino Jr.-esque slacker indie rock stuff as much as I know I should/want to! lolzy Barnett & Hermitude smashing back with the new peaks, and some bonus Buzz for that matter...yet to determine if it will or won't sneak into my chart O: Also what a bizarre week when I have more debuts than you
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 25/5/15
Edition No.289
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11712FoamOil Well
2242 Nick HillKnow This
3NEW13 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
56114 Father John MistyHoly Shit
6NEW16 The Chemical BrothersGo
74511Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
8968 MewWitness
951113Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
1012310 The Ocean PartyCharted Towers
11856 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
12747 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
13NEW113 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
1410123 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
151177 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
16151114 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
1724917 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
18141614 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
191395 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
2016416 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
2117317 PeaceGen Strange
2219419 GengahrShe's a Witch
2318818 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
24NEW124 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
25201920 Purity RingBegin Again
26213116Jonathan BouletCreeper
27281327 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
2851428 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
29221511Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
30251225 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
31231912Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
32NEW132 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
3326147 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
3439434 HozierSomeone New
3527613 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
3634234 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
3729136 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
3849938 Django DjangoReflections
3930176 Will ButlerTake My Side
40NEW140 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
4132332 MewWater Slides
4238838 Big PictureMachine
4336431 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
4433127 The Ocean PartyWent Out
4531720 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
4637815 FFSPiss Off
47351018 Courtney BarnettDepreston
48NEW148 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
4956949 Ainslie WillsDrive
5044444 Purity RingBodyache
51NEW151 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
52401113 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
53421115 Everything EverythingDistant Past
54431923 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
5546546 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
56471712 Childish GambinoSweatpants
5741721 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
58542417Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
59521910 Django DjangoFirst Light
6048348 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
61581514 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
6250836 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
63451128 Surfer BloodDorian
6455751 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
6570265 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
66NEW166 Earl SweatshirtWool (ft. Vince Staples)
67571635 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
6853135 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
69NEW169 MuseMercy
7063173 PondZond
7160360 Courtney BarnettElevator Operator
72591511Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
7362550 Marilyn MansonDeep Six
7465837 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
75691130 Freddie GibbsPronto
7668953 MuseDead Inside
7766274 The Weather StationDon't Understand
78NEW178 AlpineFoolish
79671920 James BayHold Back The River
80NEW180 HermitudeMetropolis
8161117 HartsBreakthrough
82752015 Royal BloodLittle Monster
8371543 FFSJohnny Delusional
8464264 Courtney BarnettDead Fox
85NEW185 Future IslandsThe Chase
86721413 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
87864514Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
88812020 The WhigsModern Creation
8979479 Skrillex & DiploBeats Knockin (ft. Fly Boi Keno)
90NEW190 I Know The ChiefSahara
91NEW191 Tame ImpalaEventually
92731523 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
93821353 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
94NEW194 Best CoastFeeling OK
95NEW195 MF DOOM & MF GrimmTick, Tick…
9680480 A$AP RockyM'$
97772513Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
98NEW198 FoamYou Look Nothing Like Your Picture, But I Still Like You
9988387 Woodes & ElkkleMuddy
10074861 SAFIACounting Sheep

76465 Kendrick LamarWesley's Theory
78945 MusePsycho
831057 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
84185 Melody's Echo ChamberShirim
851433 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHigh (ft. Danny Brown)
87287 Sans ParentsLoose People
89763 Ariana GrandeOne Last Time
90213 Joey Bada$$No. 99
91564 British IndiaSuddenly
92242 AntemasqueIn The Lurch
932611 Theophilus LondonTribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
941330 All We AreHoney
951710 Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
962223 Pulled Apart By HorsesMedium Rare
97332 Kendrick Lamari
98876 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibHarold's
991850 D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
100299 Hudson MohawkeRyderz
I was just going to check out the #1; found myself with a few minutes of unexpected silence but sadly I couldn't find it on youtube. I'll find it some other time. Great to see Hozier still rising, as well as jumps for Django Django and Brindia. Nice to see debuts this week for Sufjan, Florence, Muse and Best Coast.
Well that makes up for last week Also omg Emil...hang on (for real though, way too similar names ). Kind of surprised to see The Chemical Brothers all the way up that high but yas. Naturally the yas does not stop when A$AP, Mini Mansions, Sufjan, Leftfield, Alpine & Future Islands join the party *.*
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 1/6/15
Edition No.290
Songs retire at 75 weeks

12511Nick HillKnow This
21812FoamOil Well
3323 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
41044 The Ocean PartyCharted Towers
55124 Father John MistyHoly Shit
6626 The Chemical BrothersGo
83228 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
97611Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
10878 MewWitness
1113211 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
12171012 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
1391213Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
141166 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
1521415 PeaceGen Strange
161257 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
1724217 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
1814133 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
19161214 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
201587 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
21181714 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
2220516 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
2322519 GengahrShe's a Witch
2419105 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
2548225 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
2628526 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
27271427 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
2823918 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
29381029 Django DjangoReflections
30263216Jonathan BouletCreeper
31252020 Purity RingBegin Again
32291611Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
33301325 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
34312012Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
3534534 HozierSomeone New
3633157 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
3736334 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
3835713 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
3940239 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
4037146 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
41NEW141 MetricThe Shade
4239186 Will ButlerTake My Side
4351243 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
44NEW144 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
4542938 Big PictureMachine
4643531 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
4760447 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
4841432 MewWater Slides
49471118 Courtney BarnettDepreston
5044137 The Ocean PartyWent Out
5155646 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
52NEW152 GrimesREALiTi
5345820 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
5446915 FFSPiss Off
55531215 Everything EverythingDistant Past
5680256 HermitudeMetropolis
57521213 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
5850544 Purity RingBodyache
59491049 Ainslie WillsDrive
60NEW160 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
61582517Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
62592010 Django DjangoFirst Light
63542023 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
6469264 MuseMercy
6562936 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
66561812 Childish GambinoSweatpants
67611614 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
68NEW168 ShamirCall It Off
69631228 Surfer BloodDorian
7066266 Earl SweatshirtWool (ft. Vince Staples)
7165365 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
7264851 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
7394273 Best CoastFeeling OK
7457821 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
7578275 AlpineFoolish
7668145 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
77671735 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
7870183 PondZond
79NEW179 Shura2Shy
8071460 Courtney BarnettElevator Operator
8173650 Marilyn MansonDeep Six
8285282 Future IslandsThe Chase
83874614Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
84792020 James BayHold Back The River
8577284 The Weather StationDon't Understand
8674937 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
87NEW187 Mac DeMarcoThe Way You'd Love Her
88721611Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
89761053 MuseDead Inside
9083643 FFSJohnny Delusional
91822115 Royal BloodLittle Monster
9289579 Skrillex & DiploBeats Knockin (ft. Fly Boi Keno)
93882120 The WhigsModern Creation
94751230 Freddie GibbsPronto
9584364 Courtney BarnettDead Fox
96861513 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
97NEW197 FeralMirror
98RET223 Joey Bada$$No. 99
99RET1157 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
10091291 Tame ImpalaEventually

81117 HartsBreakthrough
90190 I Know The ChiefSahara
921523 Marilyn MansonThird Day of a Seven Day Binge
931353 Unknown Mortal OrchestraMulti-Love
95195 MF DOOM & MF GrimmTick, Tick…
96480 A$AP RockyM'$
972513Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
98198 FoamYou Look Nothing Like Your Picture, But I Still Like You
99387 Woodes & ElkkleMuddy
100861 SAFIACounting Sheep
Great jumps this week for Sufjan Stevens, Django Django, Florence, Muse and Best Coast. I listened to the new Metric track and didn't like it as much as I'd hoped I would, but it could be a grower. Nice to see Father John Misty with another debut though.
If I wasn't so strapped for time right now I would get better in touch with the top 2...and a bit more Anyway though, liking these Kendrick, Mini Mansions, Sufjan, Ecca gains. I also do not have as high affections as I should for semi-new Metric so maybe you could outpeak me this time lolz Highly yays for Grimes, Shura, UMO & classic Joey tho.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 8/6/15
Edition No.291
Songs retire at 75 weeks

It has been a somewhat turbulent top end of the chart in recent weeks, with heaps of contenders for top spot pushing each other around. This week The Ocean Party lands their first #1 becoming the third Aussie #1 in a row.

14511The Ocean PartyCharted Towers
21611Nick HillKnow This
31133 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
4333 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
5635 The Chemical BrothersGo
6836 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
72912FoamOil Well
85134 Father John MistyHoly Shit
10121110 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
111088 MewWitness
1215512 PeaceGen Strange
139711Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
1425314 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
15131313Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
161476 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
1717317 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
1826618 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
19291119 Django DjangoReflections
201667 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
2118143 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
22191314 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
2352223 GrimesREALiTi
24211814 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
2522616 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
2623619 GengahrShe's a Witch
27NEW127 Django DjangoPause Repeat
2824115 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
29271527 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
302097 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
31303316Jonathan BouletCreeper
32281018 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
33312120 Purity RingBegin Again
3435634 HozierSomeone New
35NEW135 Courtney BarnettAqua Profunda!
3639336 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
37342112Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
3841238 MetricThe Shade
39331425 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
40321711Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
41NEW141 Kendrick LamarThese Walls
4237434 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
4373343 Best CoastFeeling OK
4438813 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
4536167 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
4643343 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
4742196 Will ButlerTake My Side
4856348 HermitudeMetropolis
4940156 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
5044244 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
51451038 Big PictureMachine
5260252 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
53491218 Courtney BarnettDepreston
5447547 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
5551746 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
5650147 The Ocean PartyWent Out
5748532 MewWater Slides
58541015 FFSPiss Off
5946631 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
6053920 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
6175361 AlpineFoolish
62551315 Everything EverythingDistant Past
6364363 MuseMercy
64612617Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
6558644 Purity RingBodyache
66622110 Django DjangoFirst Light
67571313 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
68591149 Ainslie WillsDrive
6971465 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
70NEW170 BlurLonesome Street
71632123 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
72661912 Childish GambinoSweatpants
7370366 Earl SweatshirtWool (ft. Vince Staples)
74NEW174 The RubensHallelujah
75651036 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
76671714 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
77691328 Surfer BloodDorian
78771835 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
7972951 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
8068268 ShamirCall It Off
81NEW181 JlinGuantanamo
82834714Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8382382 Future IslandsThe Chase
8479279 Shura2Shy
8576155 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
8674921 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
8781750 Marilyn MansonDeep Six
8880560 Courtney BarnettElevator Operator
8985294 The Weather StationDon't Understand
9078193 PondZond
9187287 Mac DeMarcoThe Way You'd Love Her
92861037 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
93912215 Royal BloodLittle Monster
94RET342 Kendrick Lamari
95842120 James BayHold Back The River
96881711Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
97RET2613Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
9898233 Joey Bada$$No. 99
99100391 Tame ImpalaEventually
100891153 MuseDead Inside

90643 FFSJohnny Delusional
92579 Skrillex & DiploBeats Knockin (ft. Fly Boi Keno)
932120 The WhigsModern Creation
941230 Freddie GibbsPronto
95364 Courtney BarnettDead Fox
961513 Dry the RiverHidden Hand
97197 FeralMirror
991157 Major LazerLean On (ft. MØ & DJ Snake)
Nice jumps this week for Sufjan Stevens, Django Django and Best Coast. Good to see the debuts for Courtbey Barnett, Django Django and Blur, I've been enjoying those three albums. I hadn't heard the new Rubens song so I checked it out, I did like it but I want it to grow on me more.
Great to see A$AP Rocky, The Chemical Brothers, Kendrick Lamar x4, Tame Impala x3, Ghostface Killah x5, Hermitude x3 ('Metropolis' is my 4th fav from 'DNSL', with 'Midnight Terrain' at 1st, followed by TTR then TB), Purity Ring x2, Hozier x2, What So Not, Jamie xx, Muse x2, British India, Blur, Childish Gambino, Earl Sweatshirt, Rubens, Jarryd James, Tyler The Creator, and Royal Blood all in this week!
Awesome to see Know This got to #1 last week! Hope it can somehow get back there again. Cool to see i re-enter and new peaks for Go (next #1 plz), King Kunta, REALiTi and Someone New.
Oh hey I know better now #noflex And I like the cracking of the top 10 by both Everyday & King Kunta, which means you share 3/10 with the ACI, that's the same as me! For that matter, These Walls is so f**king good even if I'll only give it its dues 6 months from now. And you're hyping me to want to go back to that Django album which I would but I am so currently in the frenzy of final exam week that it shall wait!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 15/6/15
Edition No.292
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11612The Ocean PartyCharted Towers
2342 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
32711Nick HillKnow This
4544 The Chemical BrothersGo
5645 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
6443 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
771012FoamOil Well
810128 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
9NEW19 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
1027210 Django DjangoPause Repeat
111198 MewWitness
128144 Father John MistyHoly Shit
1323313 GrimesREALiTi
1512612 PeaceGen Strange
16191216 Django DjangoReflections
1714414 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
1841218 Kendrick LamarThese Walls
1918718 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
20NEW120 Django Django4000 Years
21151413Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
2217417 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
231686 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
2413811Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
25221414 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
26NEW126 RatatatCream On Chrome
272077 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
2821153 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
2926719 GengahrShe's a Witch
30241914 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
3125716 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
32291627 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
3335233 Courtney BarnettAqua Profunda!
34313416Jonathan BouletCreeper
35NEW135 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
3628125 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
37321118 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
3881238 JlinGuantanamo
3936436 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
4048440 HermitudeMetropolis
4130107 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
4243442 Best CoastFeeling OK
4334734 HozierSomeone New
44332220 Purity RingBegin Again
4546443 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
46391525 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
4738338 MetricThe Shade
48NEW148 Mas YsaLook Up
4952349 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
5055846 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
51372212Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
5242534 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
53NEW153 FoamThe Gentle Snip
5445177 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
55401811Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
5661456 AlpineFoolish
5750344 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
5847206 Will ButlerTake My Side
59NEW159 Best CoastFine Without You
6044913 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
6157632 MewWater Slides
6256157 The Ocean PartyWent Out
6349166 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
64511138 Big PictureMachine
6559731 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
6654647 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
67531318 Courtney BarnettDepreston
6874268 The RubensHallelujah
69662210 Django DjangoFirst Light
7073466 Earl SweatshirtWool (ft. Vince Staples)
71791051 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
72621415 Everything EverythingDistant Past
73581115 FFSPiss Off
74NEW174 Pale HoneyYouth
75601020 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
7663463 MuseMercy
7769565 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
78671413 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
79642717Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
80824814Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
81761814 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
82781935 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
83681249 Ainslie WillsDrive
8470270 BlurLonesome Street
85751136 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
8665744 Purity RingBodyache
87771428 Surfer BloodDorian
8880368 ShamirCall It Off
89NEW189 Little MixBlack Magic
90712223 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
91722012 Childish GambinoSweatpants
9285165 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
9384379 Shura2Shy
9483482 Future IslandsThe Chase
9594352 Kendrick Lamari
9691387 Mac DeMarcoThe Way You'd Love Her
97932315 Royal BloodLittle Monster
9889304 The Weather StationDon't Understand
9998243 Joey Bada$$No. 99
100952220 James BayHold Back The River

86921 The Jungle GiantsEvery Kind of Way
87750 Marilyn MansonDeep Six
88560 Courtney BarnettElevator Operator
90193 PondZond
921037 JEFF the BrotherhoodBlack Cherry Pie
961711Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODRay Gun (ft. DOOM)
972613Dry the RiverEverlasting Light
99391 Tame ImpalaEventually
1001153 MuseDead Inside
OMG Everyday is so close to #1! And King Kunta still rising! Of more note though, this belated Big Sean appreciation?! I assume the work of Sunday chat because before that it felt like I was the only person on the site that liked the song Go Django Django & Grimes too. Lots of debuts I don't know but Pale Honey & Little Mix are not far off my chart, I just can't make any guarantees because I have like 10 songs I want to debut this week
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 22/6/15
Edition No.293
Songs retire at 75 weeks

1NEW111BoyWe Were Here
21712The Ocean PartyCharted Towers
3252 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
43811Nick HillKnow This
51035 Django DjangoPause Repeat
6454 The Chemical BrothersGo
78137 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
8555 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
91349 GrimesREALiTi
10653 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
11929 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
1271112FoamOil Well
1318313 Kendrick LamarThese Walls
1411108 MewWitness
1512154 Father John MistyHoly Shit
1626216 RatatatCream On Chrome
1720217 Django Django4000 Years
1917514 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
20161316 Django DjangoReflections
2115712 PeaceGen Strange
2219818 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
2338323 JlinGuantanamo
24211513Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
2522517 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
2624911Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
272396 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
28251514 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
2928163 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
3029819 GengahrShe's a Witch
312787 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
32302014 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
33321727 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
3431816 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
35343516Jonathan BouletCreeper
3640536 HermitudeMetropolis
3748237 Mas YsaLook Up
3833333 Courtney BarnettAqua Profunda!
3949439 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
4035235 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
41371218 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
4236135 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
4339536 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
4441117 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
45NEW145 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
4642542 Best CoastFeeling OK
47461625 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
4853248 FoamThe Gentle Snip
49NEW149 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
5043834 HozierSomeone New
5145543 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
5247438 MetricThe Shade
53512312Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
54442320 Purity RingBegin Again
55NEW155 RefusedElektra
5656556 AlpineFoolish
5759257 Best CoastFine Without You
5850946 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
59NEW159 FoamWarm
60551911Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
61711151 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
6254187 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
6352634 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
6461732 MewWater Slides
6558216 Will ButlerTake My Side
6657444 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
6763176 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
68NEW168 MewMaking Friends
69601013 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
7062167 The Ocean PartyWent Out
7168368 The RubensHallelujah
7266747 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
73NEW173 The WeekndThe Hills
7474274 Pale HoneyYouth
75671418 Courtney BarnettDepreston
76NEW176 BeckDreams
77641238 Big PictureMachine
7865831 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
79692310 Django DjangoFirst Light
80NEW180 Golden FeaturesNo One (ft. Thelma Plum)
81804914Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8270566 Earl SweatshirtWool (ft. Vince Staples)
8376563 MuseMercy
8477665 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
85851236 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
86NEW186 Adam LambertGhost Town
87792817Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
88781513 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
89731215 FFSPiss Off
90721515 Everything EverythingDistant Past
91NEW191 Slum SociableAnyway
92751120 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
93831349 Ainslie WillsDrive
94822035 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
9584370 BlurLonesome Street
96811914 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
97NEW197 METZAcetate
98912112 Childish GambinoSweatpants
9988468 ShamirCall It Off
10089289 Little MixBlack Magic

86744 Purity RingBodyache
871428 Surfer BloodDorian
902223 Modest MouseLampshades On Fire
92165 Parquet CourtsUncast Shadow of a Southern Myth
93379 Shura2Shy
94482 Future IslandsThe Chase
95352 Kendrick Lamari
96387 Mac DeMarcoThe Way You'd Love Her
972315 Royal BloodLittle Monster
98304 The Weather StationDon't Understand
99243 Joey Bada$$No. 99
1002220 James BayHold Back The River
Waitress Boy are back! I haven't heard it yet naturally, but I might have to check it out, see if it can sneak into my chart like their previous effort did. Nice jumps for Django Django this week, both into the top five and lower down. I'll have to get to hearing that Jarryd James song soon since I like Do You Remember. Adam Lambert debuting is a surprise; I don't like it as much as I would have hoped, but it is good.
Haha, that was quick But ooh King Kunta still rising and Grimes getting in the top 10 now (checks iTunes...still nope ). It is also pleasing to see Ratatat, Django Django & UMO performing well. And wahaha, Beck & Golden Features are higher on my chart More importantly though...REFUSED *.*.*.*.*
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 29/6/15
Edition No.294
Songs retire at 75 weeks

FYI: We Were Here is only available here at this stage: http://m.srf.ch/radio-srf-3/musik/de-song-vom-tag/de-song-vom-tag-boy-we-were-here

Also - the #1 from The Ocean Party is actually called "Charters Towers" instead, which while it stuffs up my lastie big time, I've made the change here (but not retrospectively on the thread because cbb)

11212BoyWe Were Here
2542 Django DjangoPause Repeat
3362 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
42812The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
54911Nick HillKnow This
6664 The Chemical BrothersGo
77147 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
81348 Kendrick LamarThese Walls
9959 GrimesREALiTi
10865 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
111063 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
12121212FoamOil Well
1317313 Django Django4000 Years
141139 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
1514118 MewWitness
1616316 RatatatCream On Chrome
1715164 Father John MistyHoly Shit
18281614 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
2021812 PeaceGen Strange
2123421 JlinGuantanamo
2219614 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
2322918 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
24201416 Django DjangoReflections
25241613Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
26RET926 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
2727106 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
2825617 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
2930919 GengahrShe's a Witch
3029173 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
3139531 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
32261011Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
333197 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
34322114 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
3545235 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
36353616Jonathan BouletCreeper
37NEW137 FoalsWhat Went Down
3834916 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
3976239 BeckDreams
40331827 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
4140335 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
4237337 Mas YsaLook Up
4336636 HermitudeMetropolis
4449244 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
45NEW145 Best CoastWhen Will I Change
4638433 Courtney BarnettAqua Profunda!
47411318 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
4855248 RefusedElektra
4943636 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
5042145 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
5144127 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
5273252 The WeekndThe Hills
53471725 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
54NEW154 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
5546642 Best CoastFeeling OK
5659256 FoamWarm
5752538 MetricThe Shade
5851643 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
5948348 FoamThe Gentle Snip
6050934 HozierSomeone New
6166544 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
62542420 Purity RingBegin Again
6356656 AlpineFoolish
64532412Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
6564832 MewWater Slides
6657357 Best CoastFine Without You
67581046 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
6868268 MewMaking Friends
6962197 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
70611251 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
71602011Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
7263734 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
73NEW173 A$AP RockyElectric Body (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
7480274 Golden FeaturesNo One (ft. Thelma Plum)
7565226 Will ButlerTake My Side
7671468 The RubensHallelujah
7772847 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
7870177 The Ocean PartyWent Out
79691113 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
8074374 Pale HoneyYouth
8167186 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
8291282 Slum SociableAnyway
83751518 Courtney BarnettDepreston
84792410 Django DjangoFirst Light
85771338 Big PictureMachine
8686286 Adam LambertGhost Town
8784765 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
8882666 Earl SweatshirtWool (ft. Vince Staples)
8978931 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
90901615 Everything EverythingDistant Past
9197291 METZAcetate
92815014Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
93851336 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
94872917Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
9583663 MuseMercy
9695470 BlurLonesome Street
97942135 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
98100389 Little MixBlack Magic
99962014 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
100921220 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man

881513 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODGunshowers (ft. Elzhi)
891215 FFSPiss Off
931349 Ainslie WillsDrive
982112 Childish GambinoSweatpants
99468 ShamirCall It Off
Great to see A$AP Rocky, Chemical Brothers, Kendrick Lamar, Grimes, Big Sean, Ratatat, Tame Impala, Kanye West, Jarryd James, Foals, Beck, Hermitude, FFS, Flume, Best Coast, Ghostface Killah, Florence + The Machine, Hozier, Purity Ring, What So Not, Tyler The Creator, Golden Features, Django Django, Adam Lambert, British India, Earl Sweatshirt, and Muse all in this week!

I hope King Kunta can score a new peak soon!

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Yaaaaas All Day, that's a much better peak, and at least somewhat alleviates the sadness of my Yeezy-free chart atm Great to see Foals & A$AP, and of course more Djangos! I find it somewhat surprising that Shitsville could leave before Hot Squash lol. Also These Walls in the top 10 = excellent. Don't forget to help the Arctic Monkeys and possibly M83 fund in you know which thread
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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 6/7/15
Edition No.295
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11313BoyWe Were Here
2252 Django DjangoPause Repeat
34912The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
4372 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
518175 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
6856 Kendrick LamarThese Walls
77157 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
851011Nick HillKnow This
9674 The Chemical BrothersGo
1013410 Django Django4000 Years
11969 GrimesREALiTi
12NEW112 LowNo Comprende
131075 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
141173 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
1515128 MewWitness
16121312FoamOil Well
1717174 Father John MistyHoly Shit
1816416 RatatatCream On Chrome
191449 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
2121521 JlinGuantanamo
2220912 PeaceGen Strange
23261023 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
2422714 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
2537225 FoalsWhat Went Down
26241516 Django DjangoReflections
2731627 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
28231018 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
2927116 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
30251713Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
3139331 BeckDreams
3228717 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
33291019 GengahrShe's a Witch
3430183 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
3541435 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
3635335 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
3754237 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
38342214 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
39321111Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
4044340 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
4145241 Best CoastWhen Will I Change
42381016 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
43363716Jonathan BouletCreeper
44531825 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
4533107 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
46NEW146 Sunbeam Sound MachineWandering, I
4742437 Mas YsaLook Up
48622520 Purity RingBegin Again
49NEW149 Catfish and the BottlemenHourglass
5048348 RefusedElektra
5143736 HermitudeMetropolis
52401927 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
5352352 The WeekndThe Hills
54NEW154 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
5546533 Courtney BarnettAqua Profunda!
5659448 FoamThe Gentle Snip
5750155 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
58471418 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
5957638 MetricThe Shade
6056356 FoamWarm
61NEW161 The Babe RainbowPlanet Junior
6249736 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
6358743 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
6461644 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
6551137 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
6655742 Best CoastFeeling OK
6765932 MewWater Slides
68601034 HozierSomeone New
6963756 AlpineFoolish
70701351 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
7168368 MewMaking Friends
72NEW172 Darwin DeezKill Your Attitude
73671146 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
74642512Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
7566457 Best CoastFine Without You
7669207 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
7782377 Slum SociableAnyway
7873273 A$AP RockyElectric Body (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
79712111Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
8072834 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
8180474 Pale HoneyYouth
8276568 The RubensHallelujah
8374374 Golden FeaturesNo One (ft. Thelma Plum)
8486384 Adam LambertGhost Town
8578187 The Ocean PartyWent Out
8675236 Will ButlerTake My Side
8777947 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
8881196 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
89831618 Courtney BarnettDepreston
90925114Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
91791213 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
92943017Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
93901715 Everything EverythingDistant Past
94891031 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
9587865 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
96842510 Django DjangoFirst Light
9798489 Little MixBlack Magic
9896570 BlurLonesome Street
9988766 Earl SweatshirtWool (ft. Vince Staples)
100851438 Big PictureMachine

91291 METZAcetate
931336 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
95663 MuseMercy
972135 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibThuggin'
992014 Future IslandsSeasons (Waiting On You)
1001220 Tame ImpalaˈCause I'm A Man
I don't know if they can do it but I wouldn't mind seeing Django Django get to the top. Nice jump for Alabama Shakes into the top five and another Catfish debut. I can't remember if Hourglass was one of the four I listened to so I'll have to intend to give it a listen.
This surprise momentum swing for Alabama Shakes Such a good song though. Yay though for not impeding on These Walls climbing, and Django Django getting another top 10. Another new peak for All Day too *.* Yay for FIDLAR debuting, another that's in a similar place on my chart ~
I know ...half of your top 10! Great to see that Everyday made top 2 and yay King Kunta & Go also top 10. All Day still peaking feels strange but I'm all for it! go Some Minds, Begin Again(!), Anyway and Black Magic, especially Black Magic. continued Foolish/Gemini/Loud Places is also super!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 13/7/15
Edition No.296
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Only one song has had five consecutive weeks at #1 in its first five weeks in the chart ('Right Action'), so Boy will be out to equal that record next week despite the tough competition.

11414BoyWe Were Here
2262 Django DjangoPause Repeat
3663 Kendrick LamarThese Walls
45184 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
531012The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
6NEW16 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
7482 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
81228 LowNo Comprende
97167 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
1010510 Django Django4000 Years
1181111Nick HillKnow This
12984 The Chemical BrothersGo
131179 GrimesREALiTi
14NEW114 Django DjangoFound You
151385 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
1615138 MewWitness
1717184 Father John MistyHoly Shit
18161412FoamOil Well
191483 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
2018516 RatatatCream On Chrome
2127721 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
221959 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
2325323 FoalsWhat Went Down
25221012 PeaceGen Strange
2621621 JlinGuantanamo
27231123 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
2824814 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
2931429 BeckDreams
30261616 Django DjangoReflections
3129126 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
3235532 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
33301813Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
3446234 Sunbeam Sound MachineWandering, I
35281118 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
3632817 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
3734193 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
38331119 GengahrShe's a Witch
3936435 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
4037337 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
41382314 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
4241341 Best CoastWhen Will I Change
4340440 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
44433816Jonathan BouletCreeper
4554245 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
46391211Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
4749247 Catfish and the BottlemenHourglass
4850448 RefusedElektra
49441925 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
50421116 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
51NEW151 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
5261252 The Babe RainbowPlanet Junior
5345117 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
5447537 Mas YsaLook Up
55482620 Purity RingBegin Again
5653452 The WeekndThe Hills
5751836 HermitudeMetropolis
5855633 Courtney BarnettAqua Profunda!
59522027 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
6056548 FoamThe Gentle Snip
61NEW161 Beach HouseSparks
6257165 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
6372263 Darwin DeezKill Your Attitude
6460456 FoamWarm
6559738 MetricThe Shade
66581518 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
6763843 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
6864744 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
6962836 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
70671032 MewWater Slides
7169856 AlpineFoolish
72NEW172 Nick HillSilk
7375557 Best CoastFine Without You
7466842 Best CoastFeeling OK
7565147 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
76731246 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
7771468 MewMaking Friends
7881574 Pale HoneyYouth
79681134 HozierSomeone New
8083474 Golden FeaturesNo One (ft. Thelma Plum)
81701451 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
82NEW182 A$AP RockyL$D
83742612Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
8476217 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
85NEW185 MuseThe Handler
8677477 Slum SociableAnyway
8778373 A$AP RockyElectric Body (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
88792211Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
8982668 The RubensHallelujah
90923117Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
9184484 Adam LambertGhost Town
9280934 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
93RET1436 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember
9485197 The Ocean PartyWent Out
95911313 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
96905214Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
97NEW197 JoakimEach Other
9897589 Little MixBlack Magic
9995965 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
10086246 Will ButlerTake My Side

87947 Ecca VandalBattle Royal
88196 HozierAngel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
891618 Courtney BarnettDepreston
931715 Everything EverythingDistant Past
941031 Jamie xxLoud Places (ft. Romy)
962510 Django DjangoFirst Light
98570 BlurLonesome Street
99766 Earl SweatshirtWool (ft. Vince Staples)
1001438 Big PictureMachine
The Yeezy resurgence over But These Walls still truckin'! I don't know what that Django Django song is but it's certified good! Best Coast I am familiar with and it is also in the realm of rather good! RÜFÜS be good, The Handler is one of the better songs on Drones n stuff. rip loud places
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 20/7/15
Edition No.297
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11515BoyWe Were Here
2272 Django DjangoPause Repeat
3373 Kendrick LamarThese Walls
44194 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
5835 LowNo Comprende
6626 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
751112The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
8792 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
91429 Django DjangoFound You
109177 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
1110610 Django Django4000 Years
1229512 BeckDreams
13111211Nick HillKnow This
1443514 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
151389 GrimesREALiTi
161294 The Chemical BrothersGo
1745317 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
1821818 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
191595 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
2017194 Father John MistyHoly Shit
2116148 MewWitness
2223422 FoalsWhat Went Down
23181512FoamOil Well
2420616 RatatatCream On Chrome
25271223 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
2626721 JlinGuantanamo
271993 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
282269 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
2932629 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
30251112 PeaceGen Strange
3128914 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
3340433 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
3434334 Sunbeam Sound MachineWandering, I
35301716 Django DjangoReflections
3656536 The WeekndThe Hills
3731136 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
38331913Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
3951239 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
40351218 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
4147341 Catfish and the BottlemenHourglass
4237203 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
4336917 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
44NEW144 Everything EverythingRegret
45381219 GengahrShe's a Witch
4639535 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
47443916Jonathan BouletCreeper
4848548 RefusedElektra
4942441 Best CoastWhen Will I Change
50412414 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
5152351 The Babe RainbowPlanet Junior
52492025 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
53NEW153 Years & YearsShine
54461311Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
5561255 Beach HouseSparks
56501216 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
5754637 Mas YsaLook Up
5863358 Darwin DeezKill Your Attitude
59552720 Purity RingBegin Again
6053127 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
6157936 HermitudeMetropolis
6258733 Courtney BarnettAqua Profunda!
6362175 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
6460648 FoamThe Gentle Snip
65592127 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
6665838 MetricThe Shade
6764556 FoamWarm
6868844 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
69661618 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
7091570 Adam LambertGhost Town
7173657 Best CoastFine Without You
7267943 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
73701132 MewWater Slides
7469936 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
75NEW175 Wavves & Cloud NothingsNo Life for Me
7671956 AlpineFoolish
77761346 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
7875157 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
7974942 Best CoastFeeling OK
8085280 MuseThe Handler
81791234 HozierSomeone New
8282282 A$AP RockyL$D
83NEW183 MewMy Complications
8472272 Nick HillSilk
8578674 Pale HoneyYouth
8677568 MewMaking Friends
8784227 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
88NEW188 Surfer BloodI Can't Explain
8980574 Golden FeaturesNo One (ft. Thelma Plum)
90903217Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
9187473 A$AP RockyElectric Body (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
9286577 Slum SociableAnyway
93832712Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
94811551 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
9597295 JoakimEach Other
9694207 The Ocean PartyWent Out
9789768 The RubensHallelujah
98882311Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
99965314Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
100931536 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember

92934 HermitudeThe Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz)
951313 Holy HolyYou Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog
98589 Little MixBlack Magic
99965 British IndiaThis Is How It Feels
100246 Will ButlerTake My Side
Another good week for Django Django is nice to see; I still haven't gotten to hearing the Boy song. Great to see a solid gain for Hourglass too which has grown on me a lot quite quickly. Nice jump for Adam Lambert too and cool to see Surfer Blood debut, I'll have to get to hearing that one.
Great to see Kendrick Lamar, Best Coast, A$AP Rocky, Django Django, Flume, Grimes, Chemical Brothers, FIDLAR, Kanye West, Big Sean, FFS, The Weeknd, Tame Impala, RUFUS, Years & Years, Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD, Putiry Ring, Hermitude, Adam Lambert, Florence + The Machine, What So Not, Golden Features, Tyler The Creator, The Rubens, and Jarryd James all in this week.

There goes my chance of getting the best peak for FIDLAR Yay Django replacing Django in the top 10 maybe...I can't decide which I prefer Big jump for Beck is nice too, and Years & Years be glorious. Oddly I've been ignoring that Wavves/Cloud Nothings album for whatever reason...thus far
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 27/7/15
Edition No.298
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11616BoyWe Were Here
2382 Kendrick LamarThese Walls
3282 Django DjangoPause Repeat
4544 LowNo Comprende
51465 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
64204 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
7636 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
8938 Django DjangoFound You
98102 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
1012610 BeckDreams
1111710 Django Django4000 Years
1271212The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
1317413 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
1410187 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
15131311Nick HillKnow This
161599 GrimesREALiTi
1718917 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
1816104 The Chemical BrothersGo
19251319 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
2019105 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
2120204 Father John MistyHoly Shit
2221158 MewWitness
2326821 JlinGuantanamo
24NEW124 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
2522522 FoalsWhat Went Down
2633526 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
27NEW127 VelociraptorDollarmite
2836628 The WeekndThe Hills
29231612FoamOil Well
3024716 RatatatCream On Chrome
3141431 Catfish and the BottlemenHourglass
3227103 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
332879 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
3444234 Everything EverythingRegret
35311014 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
3629729 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
37301212 PeaceGen Strange
3839338 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
40382013Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
4137146 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
4253242 Years & YearsShine
4346635 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
44351816 Django DjangoReflections
45401318 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
4634434 Sunbeam Sound MachineWandering, I
47NEW147 Django DjangoGiant
48431017 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
4951449 The Babe RainbowPlanet Junior
5042213 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
51474016Jonathan BouletCreeper
5249541 Best CoastWhen Will I Change
53451319 GengahrShe's a Witch
5448648 RefusedElektra
55NEW155 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
56502514 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
5758457 Darwin DeezKill Your Attitude
58522125 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
59541411Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
6057737 Mas YsaLook Up
6155355 Beach HouseSparks
6266938 MetricThe Shade
63561316 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
6475264 Wavves & Cloud NothingsNo Life for Me
6560137 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
66592820 Purity RingBegin Again
67611036 HermitudeMetropolis
6864748 FoamThe Gentle Snip
6962833 Courtney BarnettAqua Profunda!
7063185 Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing Tricks
7170670 Adam LambertGhost Town
7268944 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
73652227 HermitudeThrough the Roof (ft. Young Tapz)
7471757 Best CoastFine Without You
75691718 Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull Noir
7667656 FoamWarm
77721043 Florence and the MachineShip To Wreck
78731232 MewWater Slides
7983279 MewMy Complications
80741036 LeftfieldUniversal Everything
81761056 AlpineFoolish
8278167 The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could Be
83771446 What So NotGemini (ft. George Maple)
8488284 Surfer BloodI Can't Explain
85791042 Best CoastFeeling OK
86811334 HozierSomeone New
87NEW187 James BayLet It Go
8880380 MuseThe Handler
8984372 Nick HillSilk
9082382 A$AP RockyL$D
9185774 Pale HoneyYouth
9292677 Slum SociableAnyway
93903317Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
9489674 Golden FeaturesNo One (ft. Thelma Plum)
9587237 Kendrick LamarThe Blacker the Berry
9686668 MewMaking Friends
97995414Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
9896217 The Ocean PartyWent Out
99932812Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODSix Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
1001001636 Jarryd JamesDo You Remember

91473 A$AP RockyElectric Body (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
941551 Tyler, The CreatorDeathcamp
95295 JoakimEach Other
97768 The RubensHallelujah
982311Catfish and the BottlemenPacifier
The strength of Django Django continues with another debut, must be close to the whole album by this point? Also pleased to see the debut for James Bay and Bring me The Horizon have built up goodwill with me from Drown so I'll say I'm pleased for them too even though I didn't enjoy Happy Song as much as I'd hoped. Might be a grower though. Great jump for Hourglass which I hope will keep rising and a nice move for Everything Everything too. And I completely forgot about listening to the Surfer Blood song so I've just started it now.
The All Day hype train is still on the tracks! Also same number of debuts as me *.* Also Too Original *.* These Walls so close to #1, that'd be quite a moment.
Posting for my friend irish

Mid Week Chart Update 30 Jul 2015
1(1) Boy - We Were Here (7.0 wks #1)
2(2) Kendrick Lamar - These Walls
3(4) Low - No Comprende
4(5) Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt - Some Minds
5(3) Django Django - Pause Repeat

Full Chart 3 Aug 2015
1(1) Boy - We Were Here (7.0 wks #1)
2(4) Low - No Comprende
3(2) Kendrick Lamar - These Walls
4(5) Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt - Some Minds
5(13) FIDLAR - 40oz. on Repeat

6(8) Django Django - Found You
7(3) Django Django - Pause Repeat
8(6) Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight
9(7) Best Coast - California Nights
10(10) Beck - Dreams

11(9) A$AP Rocky ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson - Everyday
12(New) The Belligerents - Voices
13(11) Django Django - 4000 Years
14(24) Major Lazer ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell - Too Original
15(12) The Ocean Party - Charters Towers (2.0 wks #1)

16(27) Velociraptor - Dollarmite
17(14) Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta
18(16) Grimes - REALiTi
19(28) The Weeknd - The Hills
20(15) Nick Hill - Know This (1.0 wks #1)

21(17) Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Can't Keep Checking My Phone
22(18) The Chemical Brothers - Go
23(19) Kanye West ft Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney - All Day
24(21) Father John Misty - Holy Shit
25(34) Everything Everything - Regret

26(42) Years & Years - Shine
27(20) Ghostpoet - Off Peak Dreams
28(22) Mew - Witness
29(New) Pharrell Williams - Freedom
30(23) Jlin - Guantanamo

31(26) Django Django - Shake and Tremble
32(25) Foals - What Went Down
33(29) Foam - Oil Well (2.0 wks #1)
34(32) Emile Haynie ft. Lana Del Rey - Wait for Life
35(31) Catfish and the Bottlemen - Hourglass

36(30) Ratatat - Cream On Chrome
37(38) RÜFÜS - You Were Right
38(33) Big Sean ft. Drake & Kanye West - Blessings
39(35) Sufjan Stevens - Should Have Known Better
40(37) Peace - Gen Strange

41(36) FFS - Little Guy From The Suburbs
42(40) Tame Impala - Let It Happen (3.0 wks #1)
43(64) Wavves & Cloud Nothings - No Life for Me
44(39) Mew - Satellites (4.0 wks #1)
45(41) Freddie Gibbs & Madlib ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint - Lakers

46(New) Surfer Blood - Feast - Famine
47(43) Jarryd James - Give Me Something
48(44) Django Django - Reflections
49(46) Sunbeam Sound Machine - Wandering, I
50(47) Django Django - Giant

51(45) Wolf Alice - Giant Peach
52(55) Bring Me the Horizon - Happy Song
53(48) Mini Mansions ft. Alex Turner - Vertigo
54(52) Best Coast - When Will I Change
55(51) Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (6.0 wks #1)

56(50) Father John Misty - The Ideal Husband
57(49) The Babe Rainbow - Planet Junior
58(New) Ducktails - Headbanging in the Mirror
59(53) Gengahr - She's a Witch
60(62) Metric - The Shade

61(61) Beach House - Sparks
62(58) The Go! Team - Blowtorch
63(59) Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD - Food (1.0 wks #1)
64(57) Darwin Deez - Kill Your Attitude
65(56) Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian at Best

66(60) Mas Ysa - Look Up
67(54) Refused - Elektra
68(65) Action Bronson ft. Chance the Rapper - Baby Blue
69(New) Titus Andronicus - Dimed Out
70(63) Olympia - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

71(71) Adam Lambert - Ghost Town
72(68) Foam - The Gentle Snip
73(66) Purity Ring - Begin Again
74(67) Hermitude - Metropolis
75(69) Courtney Barnett - Aqua Profunda!

76(72) Father John Misty - When You're Smiling and Astride Me
77(76) Foam - Warm
78(70) Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD - Mind Playing Tricks
79(73) Hermitude ft Young Tapz - Through the Roof
80(74) Best Coast - Fine Without You

81(75) Pulled Apart By Horses - Skull Noir
82(80) Leftfield - Universal Everything
83(79) Mew - My Complications
84(77) Florence and the Machine - Ship To Wreck
85(New) Oh Mercy - If You Come Around Tonight

86(78) Mew - Water Slides
87(81) Alpine - Foolish
88(84) Surfer Blood - I Can't Explain
89(87) James Bay - Let It Go
90(82) The Weather Station - Way It Is, Way It Could Be

91(83) What So Not ft. George Maple - Gemini
92(93) Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (7.0 wks #1)
93(89) Nick Hill - Silk
94(97) Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (4.0 wks #1)
95(88) Muse - The Handler

96(86) Hozier - Someone New
97(96) Mew - Making Friends
98(New) Giorgio Moroder ft. Sia - Déjà Vu
99(91) Pale Honey - Youth
100(85) Best Coast - Feeling OK

Proper chart can be found at: http://pastebin.com/qzekMjaC
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I think we're taking for granted just how readable this is Also though I can't properly recall the top 2 (I'll try fix that tomorrow), I ACTUALLY KNOW THE WHOLE TOP 10 Yas Major Lazer smashing and good to see Pharrell & Giorgio (surprising!) debut. Pulled Apart By Horses/Madgibbs battle getting tense
DÉJÀ VU!!!!! <3 Probably my favourite song to debut on your chart this year. So unexpected to see it debut but so awesome. Also I finally heard your #1 and its good (I may even like it more than Waitress!) so nice to see it get a 7th week at the top. Great to see Some Minds has moved up a lot since I last commented, The Hills top 20, Go still up fairly high and Freedom, Shine, You Were Right, Happy Song and Ghost Town amongst others all charting too.
100 Songs You Absolutely Must Listen To Now Before You Decide To Visit Another Website*: https://www.sendspace.com/file/d05mkg

Proper chart can be found at: http://pastebin.com/f2LKmdVE

*Warning: beware, possibly big download

Also 300th chart
Great to see Django Django take the top spot, their amazing success continues! Awesome jump for Surfer Blood and also nice to see Bring Me The Horizon moving up. Shame Hourglass is already falling though, hope it can move back up soon.
Loves it, loves it, loves it

Found You at #1 is surprising just because to my ears it's not one of the more showy songs on the album. To belatedly note though, I do quite like We Were Here, it just couldn't quite fit on my extra thing on my chart last week ~ Great to have Years & Years smash into the top 10 though, and the Tame Impala cut is a very good one as well.
1Django DjangoFound YouBecause Music
2The BelligerentsVoicestriplejunearthed.com
3BoyWe Were HereGroenland Records
4Kendrick LamarThese WallsTop Dawg/Interscope
5Surfer BloodFeast - FamineSpunk Records/Warner
6FlumeSome Minds {Ft. Andrew Wyatt}Future Classic
7FIDLAR40oz. on RepeatMom + Pop
8LowNo ComprendeSub Pop
9Years & YearsShinePolydor/Interscope
11Major LazerToo Original {Ft. Elliphant/Jovi Rockwell}Interscope
12Django DjangoPause RepeatBecause Music
13!!!Sick Ass MoonWarp
15Django DjangoGiantBecause Music
16Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna FightATO
17A$ap RockyEveryday {Ft. Rod Stewart/Miguel/Mark Ronson}Sony
18Best CoastCalifornia NightsMexican Summer
19Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The BetterModular
20The WeekndThe HillsXO/Republic
21Django DjangoShake and TrembleBecause Music
22Everything EverythingRegretRCA
23Kendrick LamarKing KuntaTop Dawg/Interscope
24Django Django4000 YearsBecause Music
25The Ocean PartyCharters TowersSpunk Records
27Pharrell WilliamsFreedomInterscope
28Kanye WestAll Day {Ft. Theophilus London/Allan Kingdom/Paul McCartney}GOOD Music
29Bring Me the HorizonHappy SongSony
30Nick HillKnow ThisYes Please Records
31The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!Cooking Vinyl
32Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My PhoneJagjaguwar
33GhostpoetOff Peak DreamsPlay It Again Sam
34DucktailsHeadbanging in the MirrorDomino
35The Chemical BrothersGoEMI
36JlinGuantanamoPlanet Mu
37Wavves & Cloud NothingsNo Life for MeGhost Ramp
38Father John MistyHoly ShitSub Pop
40FoalsWhat Went DownWarner
41AlpineDamn BabyIvy League Records
42Catfish and the BottlemenHourglassIsland
43FoamOil Welltriplejunearthed.com
44RÜFÜSYou Were RightColumbia
45RatatatCream On ChromeXL
46Sufjan StevensShould Have Known BetterAsthmatic Kitty
47Emile HaynieWait for Life {Ft. Lana Del Rey}Interscope
48Tame ImpalaLet It HappenModular
49Darwin DeezKill Your AttitudeLucky Number Records
51RustieBig CatzzWarp
52Jarryd JamesGive Me SomethingUniversal
53Big SeanBlessings {Ft. Drake/Kanye West}GOOD Music
54Jonathan BouletCreeperPopfrenzy
55Beach HouseSparksSub Pop
56FFSLittle Guy From The SuburbsDomino
57PeaceGen StrangeColumbia
58Django DjangoReflectionsBecause Music
59MetricThe ShadeMom + Pop
60Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers {Ft. Ab-Soul/Polyester the Saint}Madlib Invazion
61Django DjangoVibrationsBecause Music
62Sunbeam Sound MachineWandering, IRemote Control
64Best CoastWhen Will I ChangeMexican Summer
65Titus AndronicusDimed OutMerge
66The Go! TeamBlowtorchShock
67GengahrShe's a WitchTransgressive
68The Babe RainbowPlanet JuniorFlightless Records
69Holy HolySentimental and MondayWonderlick
70Wolf AliceGiant PeachRCA
71Mini MansionsVertigo {Ft. Alex Turner}Capitol
72Father John MistyThe Ideal HusbandSub Pop
73Oh MercyIf You Come Around TonightEMI
74Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFoodLex Records
75OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice ThingsEMI
76CollarbonesTurning (Flume remix)triplejunearthed.com
77Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar CostTop Dawg/Interscope
78Action BronsonBaby Blue {Ft. Chance the Rapper}Warner
79Courtney BarnettPedestrian at BestMilk! Records
80Mas YsaLook UpDowntown Records
81HermitudeMetropolisElefant Traks
82Courtney BarnettAqua Profunda!Milk! Records
83Purity RingBegin Again4AD
84Adam LambertGhost TownWarner
85Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride MeSub Pop
86Best CoastFine Without YouMexican Summer
87HermitudeThrough the Roof {Ft. Young Tapz}Elefant Traks
88Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODMind Playing TricksLex Records
90Pulled Apart By HorsesSkull NoirTransgressive
91FoamThe Gentle Sniptriplejunearthed.com
92Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsvilleMadlib Invazion
93James BayLet It GoVirgin EMI/Republic
94Surfer BloodGrand InquisitorSpunk Records/Warner
95Pulled Apart By HorsesHot SquashTransgressive
96MewMy ComplicationsSony
97MewWater SlidesSony
98LeftfieldUniversal EverythingInfectious Music
99AlpineFoolishIvy League Records
100The Weather StationWay It Is, Way It Could BeParadise of Bachelors

New to the Hitlist: (via Spotify)
Django DjangoShot Down
FoamFour Men Enter a Room
Kendrick LamarFor Free?
Tame ImpalaNew Person, Same Old Mistakes
The Ocean PartyGuess Work

Feature Album Of The Week:
Django DjangoBorn Under Saturn


I want to make a prediction list this year for the EOY so I thought I'd share what I have so far!

I've got a few factors that I look at for choosing my list:
- Airtime (last.fm)
- Nationality of artist (Aussie's always get that boost)
- EOY history (irish has favourite artists e.g. Muse)
- EOY influence (e.g. The Novocaines once thought it was cool that they made the Aus-Charts Weekly)
- Release Date (some songs peak at EOY time)
- and just general vibes on the popularity

So here you go! I've got 3 groups, the first I'm fairly sure will poll, the second can all poll, depends how they get on really and the third is unlikely to poll, but I like to keep them in the mix for now. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear some opinions!!

Can't Keep Checking My Phone - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Let It Happen - Tame Impala
Off Peak Dreams - Ghostpoet
Know This - Nick Hill
Baby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper) - Action Bronson
Way It Is, Way It Could Be - The Weather Station
Sick Ass Moon - !!!
Mind Playing Tricks - Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD
Satellites - Mew
In The Lurch - Antemasque
Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth - Parquet Courts
The Blacker the Berry - Kendrick Lamar
Food - Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD
Dollarmite - Velociraptor
Pause Repeat - Django Django
4000 Years - Django Django
First Light - Django Django
Vertigo (ft. Alex Turner) - Mini Mansions
The Ideal Husband - Father John Misty
Liquorlip Loaded Gun - Sticky Fingers

Gethsemane - Dry the River
Witness - Mew
Too Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell) - Major Lazer
Pedestrian at Best - Courtney Barnett
Too Much In the Morning - The Whigs
Went Out - The Ocean Party
The Difference Between One and Two - The Whigs
Blessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West) - Big Sean
Everyday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson) - A$AP Rocky
Shine - Years & Years
Zond - Pond
Little Monster - Royal Blood
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - Olympia
Seasons (Waiting On You) - Future Islands
REALiTi - Grimes
Gen Strange - Peace
Hit Me - The Whigs
Breakthrough - Harts
King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar
40oz. on Repeat - FIDLAR
Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown) - Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD
Pacifier - Catfish and the Bottlemen
Some Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt) - Flume
No. 99 - Joey Bada$$
No Comprende - Low
Cream On Chrome - Ratatat
These Walls - Kendrick Lamar
Ray Gun (ft. DOOM) - Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD
Found You - Django Django
Charters Towers - The Ocean Party
Go - The Chemical Brothers
Sweatpants - Childish Gambino
Hidden Hand - Dry the River
Justice After All - Black Lips
Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins) - Father John Misty
Gunshowers (ft. Elzhi) - Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD
Feast - Famine - Surfer Blood

Distant Past - Everything Everything
Reflections - Django Django
We Were Here - Boy
Holy Shit - Father John Misty
Should Have Known Better - Sufjan Stevens
Voices - The Belligerents
You Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog - Holy Holy
Traveller - Jonathan Boulet
Vista - iamamiwhoami
Giant - Django Django
Piss Off - FFS
Dandelion Dust - Black Lips
Oil Well - Foam
Everlasting Light - Dry the River
Shitsville - Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Shirim - Melody's Echo Chamber
Take My Side - Will Butler
Dreams - Beck
Lakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint) - Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene - Hozier
California Nights - Best Coast
Don't Wanna Fight - Alabama Shakes
Wait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey) - Emile Haynie
Funny - Black Lips

Proper chart can be found at: http://pastebin.com/02DXaVaW
UMO to do that well? You cray Anyhow, I appreciate the seemingly accurate label information; I could never! Yay the lowest 4 debuts because I know them, and even with a dash of liking them to boot!
Love it! Although probably a bit behind the chart imitation two charts ago And ooh at a hot Lucas Nord cover at #2 Maybe I should give it a listen. Great debut for Damn Baby and the rises for Shine, Too Original and Happy Song. Pity that Déjà Vu is already out but 2 weeks in your chart is still great.

01 (01) Found You (Django Django)
02 (02) Voices (The Belligerents)
03 (NE) West Coast (FIDLAR)
04 (05) Feast Famine (Surfer Blood)
05 (03) We Were Here (Boy)
06 (04) These Walls (Kendrick Lamar)
07 (NE) Rise (Glass Candy)
08 (06) Some Minds (Flume)
09 (15) Giant (Django Django)
10 (07) 40oz. on Repeat (FIDLAR)
11 (09) Shine (Years and Years)
12 (10) Dollarmite(Velociraptor)
13 (08) No Comprende (Low)
14 (11) Too Original (Major Laser)
15 (14) Dreams (Beck)
16 (31) Baby Don't You Lie To Me! (The Fratellis)
17 (13) Sick Ass Moon (!!!)
18 (22) Regret (Everything Everything)
19 (12) Pause Repeat (Django Django)
20 (16) Don't Wanna Fight (Alabama Shakes)
21 (17) Everyday (A$AP Rocky and Rod stewaert)
22 (41) Damn Baby (Alpine)
23 (20) The Hills (The Weeknd)
24 (19) The Less I Know The Better (Tame Impala)
25 (29) Happy Song (Bring Me the Horizon)
26 (18) California Nights(Best Coast)
27 (21) Shake and Tremble (Django Django)
28 (23) King Kunta (Kendrick Lamar)
29 (24) 4000 Years(Django Django)
30 (25) Charters Towers ( The Ocean Party)
31 (26) REALiTi (Grimes)
32 (27) Freedom (Pharrell Williams)
33 (30) Know This (Nick Hill)
34 (28) All Day (Kanye West)
35 (34) Headbanging in the Mirror(Ducktails)
36 (32) Can't Keep Checking My Phone(Unknown Mortal Orchestra)
37 (36) Guantanamo (Jlin)
38 (38) Holy Shit (Father John Misty)
39 (33) Off Peak Dreams (Ghostpoet)
40 (NE) Bend (Chet Faker )
41 (39) Witness ( Mew)
42 (37) No Life for Me (Wavves Feat Cloud Nothings)
43 (55) Sparks (Beach House)
44 (35) Go (The Chemical Brothers)
45 (77) How Much A Dollar Cost (Kendrick Lamar)
46 (40) What Went Down (Foals)
47 (42) Hourglass (Catfish and the Bottlemen)
48 (44) You Were Right (
49 (43) Oil Well (Form)
50 (NE) Something Awful (Young Knives)
51 (46) Should Have Known Better (Sufjan Stevens)
52 (94) Grand Inquisitor ( Surfer Blood)
53 (49) Kill Your Attitude (Darwin Deez)
54 (48) Let It Happen(Tame Impala)
55 (47) Wait for Life (Emile Haynie)
56 (45) Cream On Chrome (Ratatat)
57 (50) Satellites (Mew)
58 (52) Give Me Something (Jarryd James)
59 (54) Creeper (Jonathan Boulet)
60 (51) Big Catzz (Rustie)
61 (59) The Shade (Metric)
62 (53) Blessings (Big Sean
63 (57) Gen Strange (Peace)
64 (56) Little Guy From The Suburbs (FFS)
65 (NE) Five More Hours (Deorro & Chris Brown)
66 (58) Reflections (Django Django)
67 (65) Dimed Out (Titus Andronicus)
68 (60) Lakers (Freddie Gibbs Feat Madlib)
69 (63) Elektra (Refused)
70 (66) Blowtorch (The Go! Team)
71 (62) Wandering, I (Sunbeam Sound Machine)
72 (61) Vibrations (Django Django)
73 (70) Giant Peach (Wolf Alice)
74 (67) She's a Witch (Gengahr)
75 (64) When Will I Change (Best Coast)
76 (72) The Ideal Husband(Father John Misty)
77 (69) Sentimental & Monday(Holy Holy)
78 (68) Planet Junior (The Babe Rainbow)
79 (NE) Peanut Butter Jelly (Galantis)
80 (71) Vertigo (Mini Mansions)
81 (74) Food (Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD)
82 (NE) Ghost (Halsey)
83 (73) If You Come Around Tonight (Oh Mercy)
84 (80) Look Up (Mas Ysa)
85 (78) Baby Blue (Action Bronson
86 (76) Turning (Collarbones Feat Flume)
87 (75) This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things (Olympia)
88 (84) Ghost Town (Adam Lambert)
89 (NE) Hoops (The Rubens)
90 (79) Pedestrian at Best (Courtney Barnett)
91 (82) Aqua Profunda! (Courtney Barnett)
92 (NE) Raided (Salt Ashes)
93 (83) Begin Again (Purity Ring)
94 (81) Metropolis (Hermitude)
95 (85) When You're Smiling and Astride Me (Father John Misty)
96 (92) Shitsville (Freddie Gibbs Feat Madlib)
97 (95) Hot Squash (Pulled Apart By Horses)
98 (NE) Melody (Oliver Heldens)
99 (NE) Energy (Drake)
100 (96)My Complications (Mew)

Drop Outs
Through the Roof
Mind Playing Tricks
Warm (Form)
Skull Noir (Pulled
The Gentle Snip (Form)
Let It Go (James Bay)
Universal Everything (Leftfield)
Foolish (Alpine)
The Way It Is The Way It Could Be?

Proper chart can be found at: http://pastebin.com/KrBEdBFV
I feel dumb for genuinely not recognising this It vaguely looks like Mykl's chart but it clearly isn't Anyway, wtf Young Knives still exist?! And yay Bend because Chet Faker's lazy cash in single deserves more credit than Vance Joy's lazy cash in single ~ Stupendous climbs for Alpine & K.dizzle. Unexpected yays for Deorro & Galantis, and also ooh, I think Ghost is one of my favourite Halsey songs, and finally yay Drake/Oliver Heldens.
31st August:

1321West Coast In A BarFIDLAR (1 week)
2181Found You In A TruckDjango Django (3 weeks)
3723Thinking Out LoudGlass Candy
4454Feast - Famine With My GuitarSurfer Blood
55111We Were Here With A CowboyBoy (7 weeks)
6252Voices In A BarEd Sheeran
7967Giant In A TruckDjango Django
86132Thinking Out LoudKendrick Lamar
91269Dollarmite With My GuitarVelociraptor
108114Some Minds With A CowboyBrandon Flowers featuring Andrew Wyatt
11109540oz. on Repeat In A BarFIDLAR
1222312Damn Baby In A TruckAlpine
1350213Thinking Out LoudYoung Knives
141179Shine With My GuitarYears & Years
1516315Baby Don't You Lie To Me With A Cowboy!The Fratellis
161392No Comprende In A BarLow
17151110Dreams In A TruckBeck
18NE118Thinking Out LoudNothing But Thieves
1917413Sick Ass Moon With My GuitarBrandon Flowers
2014611Too Original With A CowboyMajor Lazer featuring Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell
2118718Regret In A BarEverything Everything
2220254Don't Wanna Fight In A TruckAlabama Shakes
2325623Thinking Out LoudBring Me the Horizon
2419132Pause Repeat With My GuitarDjango Django
2521152Everyday With A CowboyA$AP Rocky featuring Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson
26271021Shake and Tremble In A BarDjango Django
27231119The Hills In A TruckThe Weeknd
2843828Thinking Out LoudBeach House
292686California Nights With My GuitarBest Coast
3028237King Kunta With A CowboyKendrick Lamar
312912104000 Years In A BarDjango Django
3224419The Less I Know The Better In A TruckTame Impala
3345333Thinking Out LoudKendrick Lamar
3431149REALiTi With My GuitarBrandon Flowers
3530171Charters Towers With A CowboyThe Ocean Party (2 weeks)
36341819All Day In A BarKanye West featuring Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney
3735534Headbanging in the Mirror In A TruckDucktails
3833181Thinking Out LoudNick Hill (1 week)
39361417Can't Keep Checking My Phone With My GuitarUnknown Mortal Orchestra
4040240Bend With A CowboyChet Faker
4132521Freedom In A BarBrandon Flowers
42371321Guantanamo In A TruckJlin
4382243Thinking Out LoudHalsey
4442734No Life for Me With My GuitarWavves & Cloud Nothings
4538254Holy Shit With A CowboyFather John Misty
4641208Witness In A BarMew
4739155Off Peak Dreams In A TruckGhostpoet
4844154Thinking Out LoudThe Chemical Brothers
4952349Grand Inquisitor With My GuitarSurfer Blood
50461022What Went Down With A CowboyFoals
5148837You Were Right In A BarBrandon Flowers
5247931Hourglass In A TruckCatfish and the Bottlemen
53511514Thinking Out LoudSufjan Stevens
5449211Oil Well With My GuitarFoam (2 weeks)
55NE155Leave a Trace With A CowboyCHVRCHES
5653949Kill Your Attitude In A BarDarwin Deez
5759451Creeper In A TruckJonathan Boulet (6 weeks)
5854251Thinking Out LoudTame Impala (3 weeks)
5955153Wait for Life With My GuitarBrandon Flowers featuring Lana Del Rey
60581135Give Me Something With A CowboyEd Sheeran
61561216Cream On Chrome In A BarRatatat
6257271Satellites In A TruckMew (4 weeks)
63611438Thinking Out LoudMetric
6465264Five More Hours With My GuitarDeorro & Chris Brown
6560447Big Catzz With A CowboyRustie
66NE166Nightlight In A BarSilversun Pickups
6762129Blessings In A TruckBig Sean featuring Drake & Kanye West
68641229Thinking Out LoudFFS
69662316Reflections With My GuitarDjango Django
70631712Gen Strange With A CowboyPeace
7167559Dimed Out In A BarTitus Andronicus
7279272Peanut Butter Jelly In A TruckGalantis
7368196Thinking Out LoudFreddie Gibbs & Madlib
74702625Blowtorch With My GuitarBrandon Flowers
7589275Hoops With A CowboyThe Rubens
76691148Elektra In A BarEd Sheeran
7777469Sentimental and Monday In A TruckHoly Holy
78NE178Thinking Out LoudKendrick Lamar
7972361Vibrations With My GuitarDjango Django
8071934Wandering, I With A CowboySunbeam Sound Machine
81741819She's a Witch In A BarGengahr
8276263The Ideal Husband In A TruckFather John Misty
83751041Thinking Out LoudBest Coast
84731818Giant Peach With My GuitarWolf Alice
8597591Hot Squash With A CowboyPulled Apart By Horses (4 weeks)
86801517Vertigo In A BarMini Mansions featuring Alex Turner
8778949Planet Junior In A TruckBrandon Flowers
8886469Thinking Out LoudCollarbones
8985187Baby Blue With My GuitarAction Bronson featuring Chance the Rapper
90881170Ghost Town With A CowboyAdam Lambert
91NE191High By the Beach In A BarLana Del Rey
9281191Food In A TruckGhostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD (1 week)
9383573Thinking Out LoudOh Mercy
9492292Raided With My GuitarSalt Ashes
95NE195Guess Work With A CowboyThe Ocean Party
9696381Shitsville In A BarFreddie Gibbs & Madlib (7 weeks)
97841237Look Up In A TruckMas Ysa
98871816Thinking Out LoudOlympia
99903014Pedestrian at Best With My GuitarEd Sheeran
100933320Begin Again With A CowboyPurity Ring

Saying goodbye this week:
911233Aqua Profunda With A Cowboy!Courtney Barnett
941436Thinking Out LoudHermitude
951344When You're Smiling and Astride Me In A BarFather John Misty
98198Melody With My GuitarOliver Heldens
99199Energy In A BarDrake
100679Thinking Out LoudMew

Proper chart can be found at: http://pastebin.com/XwVdgxGT
Gotta love August!

Great to see FIDLAR, Django, Kendrick Lamar, Flume, !!!, Major Lazer, BMTH, A$AP, Weeknd, Tame Impala, Grimes, Chet Faker, Halsey, Chemical Brothers, RUFUS, Chvrches, Jarryd James, Deorro, Big Sean, Galantis, The Rubens, Holy Holy, Collarbones, Adam Lambert, Lana Del Rey, Ghostface Killah, and Purity Ring all in this week.

Awesome effort with the August charts this year!
Making me feel like such a flop stan; I don't think I've heard any of those Brandon Flowers songs! I have some hunting around to do. Conversely, I don't think I'd much appreciate any of those Thinking Out Loud covers, certainly not in comparison to the original, so I'll probably avoid looking for them although a couple have me curious at the least. All these Truck/Bar/Cowboy songs sound quite promising though, and it's nice to see Chvrches debut. The Hourglass battle seems to be mine at this point.
I call bollocks on this chart, considering that it's a top 100, how could Thinking Out Loud EVER drop out?! But haha I didn't even notice all the Brandons until BZ pointed it out But ooh I oughta do some catching up primarily because my future chart is looking empty In the meantime, yayz for Sparks & How Much A Dollar Cost making the top 40. And of course also Leave A Trace, Nightlight & For Free? debuting. Blimey Hot Squash
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 7/9/15
Edition No.304
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Finally August is over :')

11312FIDLARWest Coast
2332 Glass CandyRise
3773 Django DjangoGiant
42913Django DjangoFound You
551217BoyWe Were Here
6464 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
78142 Kendrick LamarThese Walls
8662 The BelligerentsVoices
9979 VelociraptorDollarmite
1013310 Young KnivesSomething Awful
1111105 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
1212412 AlpineDamn Baby
1318213 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
1410124 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
1515415 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
161489 Years & YearsShine
1716102 LowNo Comprende
18171210 BeckDreams
1919513 !!!Sick Ass Moon
2023720 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
2120711 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
2221818 Everything EverythingRegret
2322264 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
24NEW124 Meg MacNever Be
2530247 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
2624142 Django DjangoPause Repeat
2743327 HalseyGhost
28271219 The WeekndThe Hills
29261121 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
3025162 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
3128928 Beach HouseSparks
322996 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
3366233 Silversun PickupsNightlight
34311310 Django Django4000 Years
3533433 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
3632519 Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better
3734159 GrimesREALiTi
38361919 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
39351812The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
40381911Nick HillKnow This
4140340 Chet FakerBend
42391517 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
43NEW143 Django DjangoShot Down
4441621 Pharrell WilliamsFreedom
45421421 JlinGuantanamo
4644834 Wavves & Cloud NothingsNo Life for Me
4745264 Father John MistyHoly Shit
4855248 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
4946218 MewWitness
5049449 Surfer BloodGrand Inquisitor
5137634 DucktailsHeadbanging in the Mirror
5247165 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
53631538 MetricThe Shade
5448164 The Chemical BrothersGo
5551937 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
56531614 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
57501122 FoalsWhat Went Down
58574616Jonathan BouletCreeper
5975359 The RubensHoops
60542212FoamOil Well
61521031 Catfish and the BottlemenHourglass
6272362 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
63582613Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
64561049 Darwin DeezKill Your Attitude
65601235 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
6759163 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
6878268 Kendrick LamarFor Free?
69611316 RatatatCream On Chrome
70NEW170 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
7165547 RustieBig Catzz
7264364 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
73742725 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
7467139 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
75681329 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
76761248 RefusedElektra
7771659 Titus AndronicusDimed Out
78692416 Django DjangoReflections
79701812 PeaceGen Strange
8073206 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
8177569 Holy HolySentimental and Monday
82NEW182 Macklemore & Ryan LewisDowntown (ft. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz)
83811919 GengahrShe's a Witch
84856014Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8579461 Django DjangoVibrations
8682273 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
87963917Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
88901270 Adam LambertGhost Town
89NEW189 Kendrick LamarAlright
90801034 Sunbeam Sound MachineWandering, I
91871049 The Babe RainbowPlanet Junior
9289197 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
9394392 Salt AshesRaided
94922011Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
95NEW195 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
9693673 Oh MercyIf You Come Around Tonight
9795295 The Ocean PartyGuess Work
98981916 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
99861617 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
100993114 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best

831041 Best CoastWhen Will I Change
841818 Wolf AliceGiant Peach
88469 CollarbonesTurning (Flume remix)
91191 Lana Del ReyHigh By the Beach
971237 Mas YsaLook Up
1003320 Purity RingBegin Again
Damn I missed commenting on the last two charts. The chart from two weeks ago has so many good debuts, great to see Bend, Five More Hours, Peanut Butter Jelly, Ghost, Hoops, Raided and Energy debut!

For last week's chart, great to see Leave A Trace and High By The Beach debut. And I love that chart imitation hahaha.

Now this week's chart: More slayish debuts in the form of Never Be, Burial, Downtown and CAN'T FEEL MY FACE!!! So I said Déjà Vu was my favourite song to debut on your chart this year when it debuted, then Peanut Butter Jelly got that honour and now Can't Feel My Face tops Peanut Butter Jelly. Seve to debut in a few more weeks? Also lovely seeing Damn Baby almost in the top 10 and rises for Happy Song, Ghost, Leave A Trace, Hoops and Peanut Butter Jelly. Also good to see We Were Here still going strong in the top 5.
I have insufficient time to feel my face when it is August...but I love it. Anyway it's also smashing to see Alright & Shot Down debut. Nightlight cutting its LW debut in half ^.^
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 14/9/15
Edition No.305
Songs retire at 75 weeks

1NEW111Wolf AliceFluffy
21412FIDLARWest Coast
3242 Glass CandyRise
4383 Django DjangoGiant
551317BoyWe Were Here
6NEW16 WAAXI For An Eye
741013Django DjangoFound You
81048 Young KnivesSomething Awful
9989 VelociraptorDollarmite
107152 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
11674 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
12NEW112 DestroyerTimes Square
13872 The BelligerentsVoices
1412512 AlpineDamn Baby
15NEW115 FoalsMountain At My Gates
1611115 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
1713313 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
1814134 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
1915515 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
2024220 Meg MacNever Be
211699 Years & YearsShine
22181310 BeckDreams
2317112 LowNo Comprende
2470224 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
25NEW125 Beach HouseSpace Song
2621811 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
2722918 Everything EverythingRegret
2819613 !!!Sick Ass Moon
2923274 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
3027427 HalseyGhost
3125257 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
3248332 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
3320820 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
34NEW134 LowLies
3526152 Django DjangoPause Repeat
3633333 Silversun PickupsNightlight
3743237 Django DjangoShot Down
38281319 The WeekndThe Hills
3930172 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
4035533 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
41291221 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
42311028 Beach HouseSparks
4332106 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
44382019 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
4536619 Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better
46341410 Django Django4000 Years
4741440 Chet FakerBend
48NEW148 Viet CongContinental Shelf
49402011Nick HillKnow This
5037169 GrimesREALiTi
51391912The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
52451521 JlinGuantanamo
53421617 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
5462454 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
5546934 Wavves & Cloud NothingsNo Life for Me
5644721 Pharrell WilliamsFreedom
57531638 MetricThe Shade
5850549 Surfer BloodGrand Inquisitor
5947274 Father John MistyHoly Shit
6059459 The RubensHoops
6149228 MewWitness
6252175 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
6354174 The Chemical BrothersGo
64551037 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
65632713Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
66584716Jonathan BouletCreeper
6751734 DucktailsHeadbanging in the Mirror
68561714 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
69602312FoamOil Well
7095270 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
71571222 FoalsWhat Went Down
7282272 Macklemore & Ryan LewisDowntown (ft. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz)
7368368 Kendrick LamarFor Free?
75611131 Catfish and the BottlemenHourglass
7672464 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
7767173 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
78651335 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
79691416 RatatatCream On Chrome
80641149 Darwin DeezKill Your Attitude
81761348 RefusedElektra
82732825 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
8374149 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
8471647 RustieBig Catzz
85751429 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
86791912 PeaceGen Strange
8781669 Holy HolySentimental and Monday
88846114Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
89782516 Django DjangoReflections
9077759 Titus AndronicusDimed Out
9180216 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
92874017Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
93832019 GengahrShe's a Witch
9493492 Salt AshesRaided
9586283 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
9685561 Django DjangoVibrations
97881370 Adam LambertGhost Town
98901134 Sunbeam Sound MachineWandering, I
99991717 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
10089289 Kendrick LamarAlright

911049 The Babe RainbowPlanet Junior
92197 Action BronsonBaby Blue (ft. Chance the Rapper)
942011Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOODFood
96673 Oh MercyIf You Come Around Tonight
97295 The Ocean PartyGuess Work
981916 OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
1003114 Courtney BarnettPedestrian at Best
Obviously I've already posted something similar to this effect but hoooooooooooooooooooooly shit And like, that's not even acknowledging WAAX & Beach House which in itself is a high level of holiness. Also yayz Foals.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 21/9/15
Edition No.306
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11212Wolf AliceFluffy
22512FIDLARWest Coast
3352 Glass CandyRise
4493 Django DjangoGiant
551417BoyWe Were Here
6626 WAAXI For An Eye
771113Django DjangoFound You
81968 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
9858 Young KnivesSomething Awful
1015210 FoalsMountain At My Gates
11999 VelociraptorDollarmite
1210162 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
1325213 Beach HouseSpace Song
1420314 Meg MacNever Be
1512212 DestroyerTimes Square
1637316 Django DjangoShot Down
1716125 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
1848218 Viet CongContinental Shelf
1924319 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
2014612 AlpineDamn Baby
2117413 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
221184 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
231382 The BelligerentsVoices
2434224 LowLies
2518144 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
2621109 Years & YearsShine
27221410 BeckDreams
2823122 LowNo Comprende
29NEW129 BoyFear
3028713 !!!Sick Ass Moon
3130527 HalseyGhost
3232432 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
33271018 Everything EverythingRegret
34NEW134 Wolf AliceSilk
3529284 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
3631267 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
3776537 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
3826911 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
3936433 Silversun PickupsNightlight
4033920 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
4154541 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
4240633 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
43381419 The WeekndThe Hills
4435162 Django DjangoPause Repeat
4539182 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
46411321 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
4743116 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
48421128 Beach HouseSparks
4945719 Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better
50442119 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
5147540 Chet FakerBend
52461510 Django Django4000 Years
53512012The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
54NEW154 Django DjangoBreak The Glass
55521621 JlinGuantanamo
5670356 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
5750179 GrimesREALiTi
58NEW158 Ainslie WillsConstellations
59492111Nick HillKnow This
60571738 MetricThe Shade
6158649 Surfer BloodGrand Inquisitor
62531717 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
6373463 Kendrick LamarFor Free?
6456821 Pharrell WilliamsFreedom
65664816Jonathan BouletCreeper
66652813Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
6760559 The RubensHoops
68551034 Wavves & Cloud NothingsNo Life for Me
69641137 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
7059284 Father John MistyHoly Shit
7172371 Macklemore & Ryan LewisDowntown (ft. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz)
7261238 MewWitness
7363184 The Chemical BrothersGo
74NEW174 Tame ImpalaNew Person, Same Old Mistakes
7562185 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
76692412FoamOil Well
77NEW177 Tiny Little HousesEasy
78711322 FoalsWhat Went Down
79681814 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
80924117Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
8167834 DucktailsHeadbanging in the Mirror
82811448 RefusedElektra
83822925 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
84751231 Catfish and the BottlemenHourglass
86781435 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
87886214Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
8877183 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
89801249 Darwin DeezKill Your Attitude
90791516 RatatatCream On Chrome
91851529 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
9283159 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
93862012 PeaceGen Strange
9491226 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
9584747 RustieBig Catzz
9694592 Salt AshesRaided
97892616 Django DjangoReflections
9887769 Holy HolySentimental and Monday
99932119 GengahrShe's a Witch
10095293 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband

90759 Titus AndronicusDimed Out
96561 Django DjangoVibrations
971370 Adam LambertGhost Town
981134 Sunbeam Sound MachineWandering, I
991717 Mini MansionsVertigo (ft. Alex Turner)
100289 Kendrick LamarAlright
Another week of slayage but omg go Foals & Beach House creepin' on up! It is bad that uni puts me off playing albums over and over again so not enough familiarity but I'm pretty sure I like Silk! And I'm more sure I like Tame Impala/Tiny Little Houses/Ainslie Wills/Django Django.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 28/9/15
Edition No.307
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11313Wolf AliceFluffy
22612FIDLARWest Coast
33423 Wolf AliceSilk
44103 Django DjangoGiant
5875 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
6362 Glass CandyRise
751517BoyWe Were Here
81338 Beach HouseSpace Song
91449 Meg MacNever Be
10NEW110 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
1171213Django DjangoFound You
1216412 Django DjangoShot Down
1319413 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
1410310 FoalsMountain At My Gates
1529215 BoyFear
16636 WAAXI For An Eye
1715312 DestroyerTimes Square
18968 Young KnivesSomething Awful
1912172 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
20NEW120 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
2111109 VelociraptorDollarmite
2217135 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
2318318 Viet CongContinental Shelf
2424324 LowLies
2521513 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
2626119 Years & YearsShine
2720712 AlpineDamn Baby
2825154 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
292294 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
302392 The BelligerentsVoices
31RET931 Pale HoneyYouth
3228132 LowNo Comprende
3331627 HalseyGhost
34271510 BeckDreams
3530813 !!!Sick Ass Moon
36NEW136 Tiger ChoirShani
3732532 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
3837637 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
3936277 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
40331118 Everything EverythingRegret
41NEW141 The Jungle GiantsDevil's Play
4235294 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
4339533 Silversun PickupsNightlight
44NEW144 Kidnap KidFall
45381011 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
4641641 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
47401020 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
4858248 Ainslie WillsConstellations
49431519 The WeekndThe Hills
5042733 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
5145192 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
5256452 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
5344172 Django DjangoPause Repeat
54461421 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
5551640 Chet FakerBend
56691237 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
57481228 Beach HouseSparks
58502219 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
59NEW159 Albert Hammond, Jr.Losing Touch
6049819 Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better
61521610 Django Django4000 Years
6247126 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
6377263 Tiny Little HousesEasy
6454254 Django DjangoBreak The Glass
65532112The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
66601838 MetricThe Shade
67551721 JlinGuantanamo
68NEW168 Wolf AliceYou're A Germ
69654916Jonathan BouletCreeper
7057189 GrimesREALiTi
7167659 The RubensHoops
7261749 Surfer BloodGrand Inquisitor
73592211Nick HillKnow This
74621817 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
7563563 Kendrick LamarFor Free?
7664921 Pharrell WilliamsFreedom
77662913Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
7871471 Macklemore & Ryan LewisDowntown (ft. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz)
79804217Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
80681134 Wavves & Cloud NothingsNo Life for Me
8172248 MewWitness
8270294 Father John MistyHoly Shit
83NEW183 Dick DiverWaste the Alphabet
8474274 Tame ImpalaNew Person, Same Old Mistakes
8575195 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
86762512FoamOil Well
8773194 The Chemical BrothersGo
88NEW188 Surfer BloodPoint Of No Return
8981934 DucktailsHeadbanging in the Mirror
90821548 RefusedElektra
91861535 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
92876314Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
93NEW193 HermitudeSearchlight (ft. Yeo)
95791914 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
96833025 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
97781422 FoalsWhat Went Down
9892169 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
9996692 Salt AshesRaided
10095847 RustieBig Catzz

841231 Catfish and the BottlemenHourglass
88183 Emile HaynieWait for Life (ft. Lana Del Rey)
891249 Darwin DeezKill Your Attitude
901516 RatatatCream On Chrome
911529 FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs
932012 PeaceGen Strange
94226 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibLakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint)
972616 Django DjangoReflections
98769 Holy HolySentimental and Monday
992119 GengahrShe's a Witch
100293 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
Great to see FIDLAR, Django Django, Yogi & Skrillex, Kendrick Lamar, Years & Years, Flume, Surfer Blood, Halsey, CHVRCHES, Deorro, Silversun Pickups, Major Lazer, Galantis, Bring Me The Horizon, The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, Chet Faker, RUFUS, Kanye West, Tame Impala, Grimes, Rubens, Pharrell, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Freddie Gibbs, Chemical Brothers, JarrydJames, Hermitude, Big Sean, and Rustie all in this week!

The Wolf Alice domination only gets more real O: And Beach House in the top 10 *.* Also lol, when I charted Pretty Pimpin I had to double check you hadn't already because it so sounds like something you'd like more than me Ooh neat Pale Honey though.
Ooh at Never Be top 10, and also yay Burial doing so well. Good to see Searchlight debut and Peanut Butter Jelly top 50. Raided still charting despite the low peak is pretty rad too.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 5/10/15
Edition No.308
Songs retire at 75 weeks

13311Wolf AliceSilk
21413Wolf AliceFluffy
32712FIDLARWest Coast
4584 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
51025 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
6956 Meg MacNever Be
74113 Django DjangoGiant
81538 BoyFear
9848 Beach HouseSpace Song
1071617BoyWe Were Here
11NEW111 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
1213512 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
13311013 Pale HoneyYouth
14111313Django DjangoFound You
15672 Glass CandyRise
1620216 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
1712512 Django DjangoShot Down
1814410 FoalsMountain At My Gates
191646 WAAXI For An Eye
201878 Young KnivesSomething Awful
2119182 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
2217412 DestroyerTimes Square
2324423 LowLies
2421119 VelociraptorDollarmite
2522145 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
2641226 The Jungle GiantsDevil's Play
2723418 Viet CongContinental Shelf
2826129 Years & YearsShine
29NEW129 DrakeHotline Bling
3037630 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
3125613 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
3228164 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
3327812 AlpineDamn Baby
3429104 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
3530102 The BelligerentsVoices
3636236 Tiger ChoirShani
37661937 MetricThe Shade
3832142 LowNo Comprende
3933727 HalseyGhost
4038737 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
41NEW141 NeroTwo Minds
42341610 BeckDreams
4335913 !!!Sick Ass Moon
4448344 Ainslie WillsConstellations
4539287 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
4652546 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
47401218 Everything EverythingRegret
4863348 Tiny Little HousesEasy
4942304 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
5044244 Kidnap KidFall
5143633 Silversun PickupsNightlight
52471120 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
5346741 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
54491619 The WeekndThe Hills
55561337 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
56NEW156 Of Monsters and MenEmpire
5750833 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
58451111 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
5951202 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
60NEW160 BoyHit My Heart
6153182 Django DjangoPause Repeat
6268262 Wolf AliceYou're A Germ
6355740 Chet FakerBend
64541521 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
6559259 Albert Hammond, Jr.Losing Touch
66571328 Beach HouseSparks
6783267 Dick DiverWaste the Alphabet
68582319 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
6960919 Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better
7064354 Django DjangoBreak The Glass
71611710 Django Django4000 Years
72652212The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
73901648 RefusedElektra
7462136 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
75695016Jonathan BouletCreeper
7670199 GrimesREALiTi
77732311Nick HillKnow This
7875663 Kendrick LamarFor Free?
79773013Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
8071759 The RubensHoops
81671821 JlinGuantanamo
82741917 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
8393283 HermitudeSearchlight (ft. Yeo)
8472849 Surfer BloodGrand Inquisitor
85794317Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
86761021 Pharrell WilliamsFreedom
8788287 Surfer BloodPoint Of No Return
8882304 Father John MistyHoly Shit
89862612FoamOil Well
9081258 MewWitness
9184374 Tame ImpalaNew Person, Same Old Mistakes
92801234 Wavves & Cloud NothingsNo Life for Me
9385205 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
94926414Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
9587204 The Chemical BrothersGo
9678571 Macklemore & Ryan LewisDowntown (ft. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz)
97NEW197 FIDLARPunks
99911635 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
100963125 The Go! TeamBlowtorch

89934 DucktailsHeadbanging in the Mirror
951914 Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
971422 FoalsWhat Went Down
98169 Big SeanBlessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
99692 Salt AshesRaided
100847 RustieBig Catzz
Great to see The Fratellis still rising, I hope they can go all the way to the top. Pretty safe to say you'll beat me for a peak on that one, as much as I do like it. Nice jumps also for Chvrches and The Weeknd and cool to see Of Monsters And Men debut.
haha, so copying Zacco's chart at the top Meanwhile a previous conversation was making me wonder what was going on with the lack of BOY domination but this week seems to somewhat answer that Yay for Drake, OM&M and Nero ofc.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 12/10/15
Edition No.309
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11412Wolf AliceSilk
22513Wolf AliceFluffy
33812FIDLARWest Coast
4534 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
5845 BoyFear
6494 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
713117 Pale HoneyYouth
8666 Meg MacNever Be
9958 Beach HouseSpace Song
10101717BoyWe Were Here
1111211 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
127123 Django DjangoGiant
13NEW113 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
1416314 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
1512612 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
16141413Django DjangoFound You
17NEW117 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
181582 Glass CandyRise
1917612 Django DjangoShot Down
2018510 FoalsMountain At My Gates
212088 Young KnivesSomething Awful
221956 WAAXI For An Eye
2323523 LowLies
24372024 MetricThe Shade
2526325 The Jungle GiantsDevil's Play
2622512 DestroyerTimes Square
27NEW127 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
2821192 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
2925155 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
3029229 DrakeHotline Bling
3124129 VelociraptorDollarmite
3236332 Tiger ChoirShani
3328139 Years & YearsShine
3430730 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
3527518 Viet CongContinental Shelf
3631713 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
3741237 NeroTwo Minds
3832174 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
3933912 AlpineDamn Baby
4056240 Of Monsters and MenEmpire
4134114 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
4235112 The BelligerentsVoices
4348443 Tiny Little HousesEasy
44731744 RefusedElektra
4538152 LowNo Comprende
4644444 Ainslie WillsConstellations
47NEW147 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
4839827 HalseyGhost
49NEW149 MontaigneClip My Wings
5060250 BoyHit My Heart
5140837 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
52421710 BeckDreams
5350344 Kidnap KidFall
5449314 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
5546646 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
5697256 FIDLARPunks
5745297 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
58471318 Everything EverythingRegret
5953841 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
60431013 !!!Sick Ass Moon
61551437 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
6251733 Silversun PickupsNightlight
63521220 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
64581211 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
65541719 The WeekndThe Hills
6659212 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
67NEW167 Wolf AliceBros
6857933 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
6961192 Django DjangoPause Repeat
7062362 Wolf AliceYou're A Germ
71NEW171 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
72641621 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
7380859 The RubensHoops
7463840 Chet FakerBend
75711810 Django Django4000 Years
76691019 Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better
77NEW177 Alessia CaraHere
7867367 Dick DiverWaste the Alphabet
79682419 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
80755116Jonathan BouletCreeper
8165359 Albert Hammond, Jr.Losing Touch
82661428 Beach HouseSparks
83722312The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
8483383 HermitudeSearchlight (ft. Yeo)
8570454 Django DjangoBreak The Glass
8674146 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
8778763 Kendrick LamarFor Free?
88793113Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
89NEW189 Bring Me the HorizonTrue Friends
90822017 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
91772411Nick HillKnow This
92854417Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
9391474 Tame ImpalaNew Person, Same Old Mistakes
94946514Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
9593215 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
96NEW196 The RubensSwitchblade
97NEW197 DisclosureOmen (ft. Sam Smith)
9876209 GrimesREALiTi
10087387 Surfer BloodPoint Of No Return

811821 JlinGuantanamo
84849 Surfer BloodGrand Inquisitor
861021 Pharrell WilliamsFreedom
88304 Father John MistyHoly Shit
892612FoamOil Well
90258 MewWitness
921234 Wavves & Cloud NothingsNo Life for Me
95204 The Chemical BrothersGo
96571 Macklemore & Ryan LewisDowntown (ft. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz)
991635 Jarryd JamesGive Me Something
1003125 The Go! TeamBlowtorch
Shame to see The Fratellis drop this week, perhaps I'll root for Boy or Kurt Vile for the top instead. Surprisingly debut for CRJ and so high too. I don't mind it but a couple of years ago I'd never have believed that she'd have a song charting quite highly for both you and Hijinx and it'd be nowhere near mine. Nice jumps for Of Monsters And Men, Metric and The Rubens too.
The top 2 slayage continues *.* (+ yay Bros) Also wow Pale Honey with this returned momentum. Run Away With Me finally yay and omg what's with everyone liking The Shade way more than me Ooh Refused getting a new peak with this belated momentum *.* And yass Montaigne.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 19/10/15
Edition No.310
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11513Wolf AliceSilk
22613Wolf AliceFluffy
33912FIDLARWest Coast
4444 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
5555 BoyFear
67126 Pale HoneyYouth
76104 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
81138 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
91329 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
10876 Meg MacNever Be
11101817BoyWe Were Here
12968 Beach HouseSpace Song
1314413 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
1419712 Django DjangoShot Down
1517215 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
1612133 Django DjangoGiant
1747217 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
1815712 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
19161513Django DjangoFound You
2027220 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
211892 Glass CandyRise
22242122 MetricThe Shade
232198 Young KnivesSomething Awful
24681024 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
2520610 FoalsMountain At My Gates
262266 WAAXI For An Eye
2723623 LowLies
2826612 DestroyerTimes Square
2925425 The Jungle GiantsDevil's Play
3034830 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
3128202 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
3233149 Years & YearsShine
3356333 FIDLARPunks
34NEW134 Jay RockGumbo
3529165 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
3630329 DrakeHotline Bling
3740337 Of Monsters and MenEmpire
3871238 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
3932432 Tiger ChoirShani
4031139 VelociraptorDollarmite
41441841 RefusedElektra
4238184 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
4350343 BoyHit My Heart
4436813 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
4567245 Wolf AliceBros
4637337 NeroTwo Minds
47NEW147 Hey ColossusThe Mourning Gong
4835618 Viet CongContinental Shelf
49391012 AlpineDamn Baby
5049249 MontaigneClip My Wings
5143543 Tiny Little HousesEasy
5241124 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
5346544 Ainslie WillsConstellations
5442122 The BelligerentsVoices
5545162 LowNo Comprende
5648927 HalseyGhost
5755746 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
58NEW158 FIDLARBad Medicine
5951937 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
60521810 BeckDreams
6153444 Kidnap KidFall
6257307 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
6397263 DisclosureOmen (ft. Sam Smith)
6454324 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
6577265 Alessia CaraHere
66581418 Everything EverythingRegret
67611537 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
6862833 Silversun PickupsNightlight
69601113 !!!Sick Ass Moon
7059941 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
71NEW171 Wolf AliceFreazy
72631320 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
7366222 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
7496274 The RubensSwitchblade
75641311 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
7669202 Django DjangoPause Repeat
7773959 The RubensHoops
7874940 Chet FakerBend
79651819 The WeekndThe Hills
80721721 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
81805216Jonathan BouletCreeper
8270462 Wolf AliceYou're A Germ
83761119 Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better
84792519 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
85751910 Django Django4000 Years
86821528 Beach HouseSparks
87NEW187 The RubensThe Original
8889288 Bring Me the HorizonTrue Friends
8978467 Dick DiverWaste the Alphabet
9084483 HermitudeSearchlight (ft. Yeo)
91832412The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
92924517Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
9386156 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
9481459 Albert Hammond, Jr.Losing Touch
95NEW195 Gary Clark Jr.The Healing
96100487 Surfer BloodPoint Of No Return
97946614Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
9893574 Tame ImpalaNew Person, Same Old Mistakes
99902117 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
100883213Tame ImpalaLet It Happen

85454 Django DjangoBreak The Glass
87763 Kendrick LamarFor Free?
912411Nick HillKnow This
95215 GhostpoetOff Peak Dreams
98209 GrimesREALiTi
I really need to get to hearing some more of this new BMTH, since Drown I think of them differently, but I still haven't listened to more than maybe two of the songs. Nice to see them in the top ten anyway, and nice jumps for Chvrches, OM&M and The Dead Weather. Good debuts for The Rubens and Gary Clark Jr.
Great to see FIDLAR, Bring Me the Horizon, Meg Mac, Django Django, Yogi & Skrillex, Kendrick Lamar, CHVRCHES, Years & Years, Jay Rock, Drake, Flume, Nero, Halsey, The Weeknd, Deorro & Chris Brown, Disclosure, RÜFÜS, Galantis, Bring Me the Horizon, A$AP Rocky, The Rubens, Major Lazer, Chet Faker, Tame Impala, Kanye West, Hermitude, and Pulled Apart By Horses all in the chart this week!

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Holy Wolf Alice domination moreso, and ooh terrific rebound for How Much A Dollar Cost?. lol you could also chart Metric higher than me this year and ayy we both debuted Jay Rock this week
Nice to see Fluffy still top 2 and the 5s for that BOY song. Amazing that Run Away With Me debuted and so high, outpeaked me on debut. And now it just needs to rise more than one spot and it will have gotten higher than Carly has on my chart in 2015 Nice to see Hotline Bling, Here Omen debuted in the last few weeks + rises for The Shade, Omen and Here. Great to see Can't Feel My Face still charting too.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 26/10/15
Edition No.311
Songs retire at 75 weeks

21613Wolf AliceSilk
331012FIDLARWest Coast
4934 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
52713Wolf AliceFluffy
622226 MetricThe Shade
724117 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
83428 Jay RockGumbo
9454 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
106136 Pale HoneyYouth
111278 Beach HouseSpace Song
127114 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
1317313 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
14848 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
15111917BoyWe Were Here
161086 Meg MacNever Be
1720317 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
1815315 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
1913513 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
2014812 Django DjangoShot Down
2136421 DrakeHotline Bling
2216143 Django DjangoGiant
2318812 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
2421102 Glass CandyRise
25191613Django DjangoFound You
2623108 Young KnivesSomething Awful
2732159 Years & YearsShine
28NEW128 Bec SandridgeIn The Fog, In The Flame
2938329 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
302676 WAAXI For An Eye
3128712 DestroyerTimes Square
3225710 FoalsMountain At My Gates
3345333 Wolf AliceBros
3430930 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
3531212 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
3627723 LowLies
3733433 FIDLARPunks
3829525 The Jungle GiantsDevil's Play
39NEW139 Beach HouseThe Traveller
4035175 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
4137437 Of Monsters and MenEmpire
4250342 MontaigneClip My Wings
4339532 Tiger ChoirShani
44411941 RefusedElektra
4540149 VelociraptorDollarmite
4671246 Wolf AliceFreazy
4742194 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
48NEW148 Duke DumontOcean Drive
4943443 BoyHit My Heart
5063350 DisclosureOmen (ft. Sam Smith)
5144913 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
5247247 Hey ColossusThe Mourning Gong
5346437 NeroTwo Minds
5457846 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
55491112 AlpineDamn Baby
56NEW156 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
5748718 Viet CongContinental Shelf
5851643 Tiny Little HousesEasy
59NEW159 ChromaticsShadow
6052134 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
61591037 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
6258258 FIDLARBad Medicine
6353644 Ainslie WillsConstellations
6454132 The BelligerentsVoices
6562317 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
66561027 HalseyGhost
67NEW167 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
6855172 LowNo Comprende
69601910 BeckDreams
7061544 Kidnap KidFall
7165365 Alessia CaraHere
7264334 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
7368933 Silversun PickupsNightlight
74661518 Everything EverythingRegret
75NEW175 ChairliftCh-Ching
76671637 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
77701041 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
78815316Jonathan BouletCreeper
79691213 !!!Sick Ass Moon
8074374 The RubensSwitchblade
8173232 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
82721420 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
83771059 The RubensHoops
84976714Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
85751411 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
86781040 Chet FakerBend
8776212 Django DjangoPause Repeat
88831219 Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better
89791919 The WeekndThe Hills
9087287 The RubensThe Original
91842619 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
9282562 Wolf AliceYou're A Germ
93801821 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
94924617Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
95912512The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
9690583 HermitudeSearchlight (ft. Yeo)
9793166 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
98992217 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
991003313Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
100NEW1100 L'TricThis Feeling

851910 Django Django4000 Years
861528 Beach HouseSparks
88288 Bring Me the HorizonTrue Friends
89467 Dick DiverWaste the Alphabet
94459 Albert Hammond, Jr.Losing Touch
95195 Gary Clark Jr.The Healing
96487 Surfer BloodPoint Of No Return
98574 Tame ImpalaNew Person, Same Old Mistakes
Boy back on top where they belong. Haven't heard that one, but hopefully it's as good as We Were Here. Nice jump for Drake and good to see Duke Dumont debut too.
Go Ocean Drive and This Feeling! Also ooh maybe you won't chart Carly higher than I have Good to see new peaks for Hotline Bling and Omen. Lovely rebound for Can't Feel My Face too. Also didn't realise Leave A Trace was still charting and so high, yay go it!
Stop conflicting my Metric feelings! On the other hand, I'm all for Kendrick & Jay Rock being top dawgs Ooh I've been outpeaked on Bros, but at least Fluffy can retire undefeated Much yayz for Chairlift & Beach House of course.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 2/11/15
Edition No.312
Songs retire at 75 weeks

162311MetricThe Shade
3833 Jay RockGumbo
4444 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
531112FIDLARWest Coast
67126 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
72713Wolf AliceSilk
85813Wolf AliceFluffy
9964 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
1010146 Pale HoneyYouth
1113411 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
121188 Beach HouseSpace Song
1317413 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
1412124 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
15152017BoyWe Were Here
161458 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
1721517 DrakeHotline Bling
181696 Meg MacNever Be
1939219 Beach HouseThe Traveller
2018415 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
2128221 Bec SandridgeIn The Fog, In The Flame
2219613 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
2329423 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
2420912 Django DjangoShot Down
2522153 Django DjangoGiant
2626118 Young KnivesSomething Awful
27251713Django DjangoFound You
2823912 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
2924112 Glass CandyRise
3027169 Years & YearsShine
313086 WAAXI For An Eye
3248232 Duke DumontOcean Drive
3331812 DestroyerTimes Square
3456234 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
3533433 Wolf AliceBros
3632810 FoalsMountain At My Gates
3737533 FIDLARPunks
38341030 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
39442039 RefusedElektra
4035222 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
4138625 The Jungle GiantsDevil's Play
4236823 LowLies
4340185 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
4442442 MontaigneClip My Wings
45NEW145 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
4649543 BoyHit My Heart
4741537 Of Monsters and MenEmpire
4843632 Tiger ChoirShani
4946346 Wolf AliceFreazy
5047204 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
5145159 VelociraptorDollarmite
5250450 DisclosureOmen (ft. Sam Smith)
5352347 Hey ColossusThe Mourning Gong
54511013 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
55NEW155 Mild High ClubWindowpane
5653537 NeroTwo Minds
5767257 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
5854946 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
5958743 Tiny Little HousesEasy
60551212 AlpineDamn Baby
6157818 Viet CongContinental Shelf
62611137 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
6364142 The BelligerentsVoices
6459259 ChromaticsShadow
65NEW165 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
6660144 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
6762358 FIDLARBad Medicine
6863744 Ainslie WillsConstellations
69661127 HalseyGhost
7075270 ChairliftCh-Ching
71NEW171 Diplo & Sleepy TomBe Right There
7265327 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
73692010 BeckDreams
7470644 Kidnap KidFall
7571465 Alessia CaraHere
7668182 LowNo Comprende
77785416Jonathan BouletCreeper
78731033 Silversun PickupsNightlight
7972344 Alabama ShakesDon't Wanna Fight
80771141 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
81741618 Everything EverythingRegret
82NEW182 RÜFÜSLike an Animal
83791313 !!!Sick Ass Moon
84846814Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
85NEW185 Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
8680474 The RubensSwitchblade
87761737 RÜFÜSYou Were Right
8881242 A$AP RockyEveryday (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)
8990387 The RubensThe Original
90NEW190 KelelaRewind
91831159 The RubensHoops
92892019 The WeekndThe Hills
93821520 Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song
94851511 Major LazerToo Original (ft. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell)
95NEW195 Vance JoyFire and the Flood
96861140 Chet FakerBend
97944717Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville
9887222 Django DjangoPause Repeat
99993413Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
100881319 Tame ImpalaThe Less I Know The Better

912619 Kanye WestAll Day (ft. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
92562 Wolf AliceYou're A Germ
931821 Django DjangoShake and Tremble
952512The Ocean PartyCharters Towers
96583 HermitudeSearchlight (ft. Yeo)
97166 Best CoastCalifornia Nights
982217 Unknown Mortal OrchestraCan't Keep Checking My Phone
1001100 L'TricThis Feeling
You could say that I was misusing my influence or something! Though maybe I'm being unfairly harsh; it's been a while since I last listened to the new Metric album. Nice non-Vance Joy debuts What Do You Mean? made #62 for me so that's the bar set (Sorry could go higher though? ). Slightly disappointed to see Hot Squash steady
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 9/11/15
Edition No.313
Songs retire at 75 weeks

112412MetricThe Shade
2342 Jay RockGumbo
46134 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
51935 Beach HouseThe Traveller
61766 DrakeHotline Bling
7454 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
851212FIDLARWest Coast
97813Wolf AliceSilk
108913Wolf AliceFluffy
1110156 Pale HoneyYouth
12974 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
1311511 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
141298 Beach HouseSpace Song
1513513 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
1614134 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
17152117BoyWe Were Here
181668 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
1921319 Bec SandridgeIn The Fog, In The Flame
2018106 Meg MacNever Be
2120515 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
2222713 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
2334323 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
2423523 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
25281012 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
2635526 Wolf AliceBros
2732327 Duke DumontOcean Drive
2845228 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
29241012 Django DjangoShot Down
3025163 Django DjangoGiant
3126128 Young KnivesSomething Awful
3229122 Glass CandyRise
3330179 Years & YearsShine
34271813Django DjangoFound You
3557335 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
363196 WAAXI For An Eye
3733912 DestroyerTimes Square
3836910 FoalsMountain At My Gates
3937633 FIDLARPunks
40381130 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
4140232 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
42392139 RefusedElektra
4355243 Mild High ClubWindowpane
4441725 The Jungle GiantsDevil's Play
45NEW145 Beach HouseMajorette
4642923 LowLies
4743195 FIDLAR40oz. on Repeat
4848732 Tiger ChoirShani
4944542 MontaigneClip My Wings
5046643 BoyHit My Heart
5152550 DisclosureOmen (ft. Sam Smith)
5247637 Of Monsters and MenEmpire
5349446 Wolf AliceFreazy
5450214 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
5565255 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
5653447 Hey ColossusThe Mourning Gong
5751169 VelociraptorDollarmite
58581046 The WeekndCan't Feel My Face
59NEW159 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
60541113 Nothing But ThievesTrip Switch
6171261 Diplo & Sleepy TomBe Right There
6256637 NeroTwo Minds
6359843 Tiny Little HousesEasy
6461918 Viet CongContinental Shelf
65621237 Deorro & Chris BrownFive More Hours
66601312 AlpineDamn Baby
6770367 ChairliftCh-Ching
6863152 The BelligerentsVoices
6964359 ChromaticsShadow
7067458 FIDLARBad Medicine
7166154 Surfer BloodFeast - Famine
7285272 Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
7368844 Ainslie WillsConstellations
7472337 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
75691227 HalseyGhost
7682276 RÜFÜSLike an Animal
77732110 BeckDreams
7875565 Alessia CaraHere
7974744 Kidnap KidFall
80775516Jonathan BouletCreeper
8176192 LowNo Comprende
82801241 GalantisPeanut Butter Jelly
83846914Pulled A