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Forum - General: Music/Charts related - 30 Years Ago... ARIA Chart

From the makers of 25 Years Ago This Week (that'd be me), comes a new blog series:

30 Years Ago This Week

We kick off with - 3 weeks ending January 13, 1985


New entries from Band Aid, Twisted Sister, Eurythmics, Julio Iglesias and Kenny Rogers. Plus links to all 50 songs on the chart.
Week ending January 20, 1985


Dr Beat, Skin Deep, The NeverEnding Story, Ti Amo, I Want To Know What Love Is and more
Week ending January 27, 1985


I'm Talking, Nik Kershaw, GANGgajang, Sheila E, INXS and more
Week ending February 3, 1985


Bananarama, Murray Head, Sheena Easton, Dead Or Alive, Bryan Adams, Divinyls and more
Week ending February 10, 1985


Corey Hart and Goanna with their other hits, plus Toto and a bunch of songs that missed the top 50
Week ending February 17, 1985


Wham!, Paul Young, Jimmy Barnes, Jim Diamond and more
Week ending February 24, 1985


Money Changes Everything, Invisible, The Boys Of Summer and more.
Week ending March 3, 1985


Neutron Dance, Shout, Loverboy and Mick Jagger goes solo
Week ending March 10, 1985


You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), California Girls, The Party, Tenderness and more
Week ending March 17, 1985


The 80s classics keep coming - Material Girl, Sussudio, Body Rock and more
Week ending March 24, 1985


Spandau Ballet, Dragon, Cats Under Pressure, Full Marks, Council Collective and more
Week ending March 31, 1985


David Bowie, Models, Bruce Springsteen and yet another Lloyd Cole single
Week ending April 7, 1985


USA For Africa storms the top 5, plus seven other new entries in the top 50 from the likes of Mental As Anything, Glenn Frey, Kane Gang, Chicago and Jacko.
Week ending April 14, 1985


King, Howard Jones, REO Speedwagon, Vitabeats, Dynamic Hepnotics and more
Week ending April 21, 1985


Duran Duran offshoot The Power Station, Teena Marie, Euro disco with Fun Fun Fun plus more
Great chart Gavin, might countdown this chart on my radio station tomorrow night if anyone is interested. More info.... http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?status=added&todo=viewthread&id=38342

Hope it's alright to mention this here.
Week ending April 28, 1985


Phil Collins vs Philip Bailey - Easy Lover duet partners go head to head with their follow-up singles.

Plus, Don Henley, Depeche Mode and Foreigner's flop after "I Want To Know What Love Is"
Week ending May 5, 1985


Nightshift, Wide Boy, Something That You Said, Kiss Me, Welcome To The Pleasuredome plus 7 songs that missed the top 50
Week ending May 12, 1985


Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Don't You (Forget About Me), Every Time You Go Away, R-O-C-K Rock and more
Week ending May 19, 1985


Go West, Ashford & Simpson, The Pookah Makes 3, David Lee Roth and more
Week ending May 26, 1985


Would I Lie To You?, Rhythm Of The Night, 50 Years, We Will Together, I Was Born To Love You and more
Week ending June 2, 1985


Dire Straits debut on the singles and albums chart with 1985's biggest record, plus Julian Lennon, Kim Wilde, Art Garfunkel and a couple of long-forgotten Australian rock bands: The Promise and F.A.B.
Week ending June 9, 1985


Angel/Into The Groove, 19, Live It Up, Walking On Sunshine and a whole lot more, including the final week of the 80s' longest-running top 50 hit.
Week ending June 16, 1985


Duran Duran's only 1985 single, Bronski Beat & Marc Almond, Dead Or Alive, Marilyn, Billy Ocean, Machinations and top 50 misses from Meatloaf, Goanna and King
Week ending June 23, 1985


Animotion, China Crisis, The Style Council, Do Re Mi and Men At Work's final chart appearance. Plus top 50 misses from Supertramp, Sam Harris, Sheena Easton and, once again, The Angels.
Week ending June 30, 1985


Madonna's first ballad single, Bryan Ferry returns, The Power Station make it two from two, a long-forgotten Prince single and more
Would it be safe to say madonna would not have another success with a ballad single till 'rain' ? 'Oh Father' flopped and so did 'Dear Jessie' (the latter i think is quite good). I never saw the film 'crazy for you' was taken from but i did wonder why i had seen that it was from a soundtrack with a name i'd never heard of. Great job,gavin!
Don't forget about Live To Tell!
oh,yes. good point. forgot that one
I'm not old enough to remember many of these charting at the time.I remember them later.The prince song i don't remember at all even though i'm kinda sure i've heard the album it was from.
I was 10 at the time so I remember most of the big songs, but there are lot of minor hits I don't recall at all, so I'm discovering some new stuff as well.
Week ending July 7, 1985


The song Cyndi Lauper used to hate, Go West back with a second single in just 7 weeks, Sting kicks off his solo career properly, plus Til Tuesday, Michael Winslow, Bob Dylan, Deodato and more
Quite a few one hit wonder debuts this week. Divine only had 1 top 10 single in 1984,Til Tuesday i didn't know even charted.The appearance of michael winslow shows how annoyingly popular the police academy films were at that time(for the record i've never seen them) Great chart gavin,had no idea about those songs that certain artists hate,though cyndi lauper i think was justified in dislking her song lol
A little detour from the normal chart recap to look back at Live Aid, which took place 30 years ago today:

The thing that came to mind looking at that line up (and maybe this is an age thing) was how big so many of those bands were compared to the concerts you see that are done for charity events these days.Groups like duran duran,boomtown rats to name a few. Back then never in your wildest dreams would you think that all these groups would be together in the one place.
Week ending July 14, 1985


Mary Jane Girls, Kids In The Kitchen, Howard Jones, Bruce Springsteen, plus top 50 misses from The Beach Boys and David Bowie - and an early flop from Whitney Houston
This is a week where i know a lot of the entries by name,but not how they sound.Gav,who would topple madonna off the top spot? Looking at that chart i couldn't work it out. Is quite possible now i look at it that madonna could have been knocked off by...madonna! Guess we'll find out soon enough. Love seeing these charts,gavin!
You might be onto something there, Jesse...
Despite how it may seem i'm not as psychic or intuitive as it may appear.When i was scanning the chart something you'd said rung a bell with me..i could be wrong though. Looking at some of those new entries i think beach boys were pretty much forgotten by australia by this time.They were big in the 60's and 70's but it wouldn't be for about another 3 years before they'd have a big success again.All thanks to a guy famous for jumping up and down on a talk show hosts couch lol
Week ending July 21, 1985


Out Of Mind Out Of Sight, Lead The Way, Heaven, Axel F, Baby Come And Get It. Plus, top 50 misses from three long forgotten Aussie bands.
Cool stuff as always gav. I've begun to really look forward to these charts now.Was listening to a radio show counting down the top 20 in the uk from this week in 1985 and the difference in both top 5's were interesting.While we had madonna spending the 4th and last week at the top,the uk had 'Frankie' by sister sledge also spending it's 4th and last week at the top of the charts. Far as i know that single didn't do nearly as well here.
Thanks for reading! I'll be writing about Frankie in mid-August - not a number 1 but a decent sized hit here.
Decent song too!
Week ending July 28, 1985


Dream Academy's only hit single, Phil Collins' best single, Godley & Creme's surprisingly not bigger single and a megamix of some of The Sweet's best known singles.
Gav,could that be the only time that a) an artist has replaced itself at #1 and also had both singles come from different movie soundtracks. Into the groove was from 'Desperately Seeking Susan(not sure if angel featured in the film too,i never saw it) and then 'Crazy For You' was from Visionquest
I haven't looked it up, but surely it must be.
lol easy answer
Week ending August 4, 1985


Tina Turner goes beyond thunderdome, the end of the road for Australian Crawl, Hoodoo Gurus' bittersweet breakthrough, Eurythmics change musical direction and Billy Joel gets a second wind.

Plus, the theme from the biggest musical of the year (in Australia, anyway) and top 50 misses from AC/DC, DeBarge and Survivor.
Anyone who's checked out my posts covering 1985 will have noticed the quality of the chart scans I have for that year vary quite dramatically.

If anyone has high res scans of charts from that year, please get in touch by memo or shoot me an email at gavinscott75@gmail.com

Week ending August 11, 1985


One of Elton John's lesser known duets plus Tears For Fears run out of steam. Plus a couple of top 50 misses.
Week ending August 18, 1985


Dire Straits want their MTV - and get it, Koo De Tah and The Hooters debut, plus new hits from Talking Heads, Prince, Jeff Beck/Rod Stewart.

And five top 50 misses, including Yello, Scritti Politti and Gary Moore/Phil Lynott.
Oh, and I've started a FB page for my blog:

Please come and like it!
Nice work as always gav. I love prince's raspberry beret.One of his best tracks and the video is cool. It may sound tragic but i'm probably one of the few who actually likes denise lasalle's 'my toot toot' . i even made it a song of the day some time ago.In the uk chart show i listened to this week they did another 1985 chart,about 6 weeks after the last one and it's such a contrast and it always surprises me the differences. Madonna had 2 singles in the top 3 Holiday (1985) and into the groove which was #1. Dire straits were #5
I wasn't aware of My Toot Toot until the last decade when I got whichever old British Now That's What I Call Music it's on.

Madonna had a crazy amount of chart entries in the UK in 1985!
Without wanting to give away spoilers if it hasn't occured yet,but has Jennifer Rush made an appearance yet? I know 'Power Of Love' was 1985 i'm just unaware of when
Nope - neither of 1985's Power Of Loves has arrived yet.
Oh yeah there was Frankie Goes To Hollywood as well
FGTH's Power Of Love came out end of 1984 actually - it was on the very first chart I covered in the 30 Years Ago... posts.

There's yet another Power Of Love from 1985.
Oh silly me,Huey Lewis & The News cause back to the future came out in 1985.FGTH's power of love is such a great song
Week ending August 25, 1985


The year's highest number of new entries, including Freeway Of Love, Frankie, Crazy In The Night (Barking At Airplanes), In Too Deep, Like A Surgeon, Icing On the Cake, Goodbye Bad Times, Forever Young and Tomb Of Memories.

Plus, top 50 misses from Belouis Some, Freddie Mercury, V Spy V Spy and Jean Knight.

And don't forget to come like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chartbeats.au

Cool stuff,gav. I love aretha's 'Freeway of Love'. I thought the title of that freddie mercury track seemed familiar!
Week ending September 1, 1985


One of the best soundtrack hits of the 80s, courtesy of Huey Lewis & The News, plus Phyllis Nelson, The Motels and V Capri.

Plus top 50 misses from Whitney Houston, Spaniards, Carly Simon and New Order.
You'd never think that someone so successful as Whitney Houston would have a chart flop. She did much later in her career,but come 1987 she'd get that richly deserved success. I like Carly Simon's music but i can understand why she didn't do that well here. Her music is very much a niche market and with pop music being so big around this time there was no place for her to fit into.

Thanks as always,gav!
Week ending September 8, 1985


Lesser-known hits from Katrina & The Waves, Corey Hart, Howard Jones, The Style Council, Uncanny X-Men and The Pointer Sisters.

Even lesser-known top 50 misses from Kenny Loggins, Billy Ocean, Deckchairs Overboard, Tim Finn and Nik Kershaw.
Love these gav. Gives me something to look forward to reading. I love that track by the pointer sisters and it was a long time before i even realised the junior jack connction.
Week ending September 15, 1985


All-Australian new entries with What You Need, I'd Die To Be With You Tonight, Idiot Grin, Date With Destiny and Giver Of Life.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Highwaymen, Australian Crawl and Marillion.
Week ending September 22, 1985


Current Stand, The City Of Soul, Spanish Eddie, Dress You Up and Australian charity record The Garden.

Plus, top 50 misses from Stephen Cummings, Motley Crue, Doug & The Slugs and Go West
Week ending September 29, 1985


Take On Me, I Got You Babe, Dancing In The Street, Part-time Lover, Summer Of '69 and an Electric Pandas song no one remembers.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Family, Sting and Renee Geyer
Any chance we can get this website backdated to 1985. At the moment this website kicks off from mid 1988 - I didn't realise ARIA was doing charts prior to 1988. Cheers
Paul'72, I asked about that recently - whether ARIA positions 51-100 could be added to the database, as well as whether data before mid 1988 could be added, but was told that the site did not have permission to add that information. ARIA licensed the top 50 portion of the Kent Report (which published a full top 100) chart from around mid 1983 until June 19, 1988. ARIA began compiling their own chart after that. The Kent Report had been in existence since 1974.

The first printed ARIA top 50 chart available in record stores was this one, dated 10th July 1983 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7OxWO4I2NY , but there were some New South Wales printed (top 40, I think) ARIA charts from a few months prior to that.
Last edited:
Week ending October 6, 1985


Divinyls, I'm Talking, Machinations and Time Bandits (who filmed their video in Australia). Plus, a top 50 miss from Chris Rea.
Last edited:
I can't think of any artist who ever did a pretty good version of 'Love Don't Live Here Anymore'. Even madonna's version was pretty dire. Is a shame Chris Rea never had much australian success.I doubt many people would even know who he is nowadays as he'd never get played on radio.
Thanks Nugs, didn't realise all the technicalities and sort of thought charts were public info. Be interesting to see if ARIA changes it's mind down the track.
Gavin - I've asked ARIA once before and they said they were "working on it". Could you possibly compile a list of the Top 50 songs for the 1990's based on your own knowledge/observations. There is a list on wikipedia but it doesn't break it down to Australian charts. No.1 is a given (Diana/Elton John), but I would be interested on the remainder and where songs ranked. Cheers, Paul
I wouldn't be able to come up with a top 50 of the 90s based on sales unfortunately. We'll have to wait on ARIA for that.

The only other way to compare songs from the 90s would be by chart performance (no. weeks on the chart/peak position etc), which is how the AMR did their EOY charts and how the decade chart from the 80s was calculated.
Week ending October 13, 1985


Gambler, Running Up That Hill, Cherish, Invincible, Johnny Come Home, In Between Days and St Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) - what a batch of songs!

Plus, top 50 misses from The Dream Academy, Sheila E, Loverboy, Amy Grant, Geisha and Placido Domingo.
Week ending October 20, 1985


Another song called The Power Of Love. Plus, Money's Too Tight (To Mention), And We Danced, Don't Mess With Doctor Dream and Face To Face.

And top 50 misses from Bryan Ferry and Prince.
Interesting stuff about Jennifer Rush that i didn't know. Nice debut for simply red. Would australia be one of the few countries to give them early success? I thought they didn't achieve a UK top 20 until 1986.
Money's Too Tight went to number 13 in the UK in 1985. Holding Back The Years flopped first time in the UK but then went to number 2 there on re-release in 1986.

In the States, it was the other way around, Money's Too Tight flopped in 1985 and eventually went top 30 in 1986 after Holding... had been a chart-topper.
Thanks gav! I knew there was one i was thinking of but couldn't remember the title.
Hi Gavin

Thanks so much for sharing all these past ARIA chart goodness. I just have a quick question, cause my brain is refusing to wrong. What year was the first ARIA approved chart published. I had no idea they were publishing chart pre-1988. I knew they used the AMR chart, but looking at your scans is amazing so see the movement of songs and albums on a weekly level.
The first printed ARIA chart was in mid-1983 (July 10) - using Kent Report/AMR info. Then, as you know ARIA took the compiling in-house in mid-88.
Week ending October 27, 1985


Only one new entry on the singles chart, plus four top 50 misses from Madness, The Stems, Hall & Oates and The Accelerators.

And a closer look at the albums chart.
Week ending November 3, 1985


New entries from Pseudo Echo, Tina Turner, Simple Minds, Talking Heads, John Cougar Mellencamp, Hoodoo Gurus and Bruce Springsteen.

And a top 50 miss from Cock Robin.
Week ending November 10, 1985


Olivia Newton-John writhes around in a bed, Heart make a comeback and Models don't do as well with their latest single.

Plus, top 50 misses from Ronnie Milsap, Lloyd Cole and Air Supply

Looking at that chart(more like squinting,sorry gav,not your fault) would the next #1 be 'Power Of Love' then (the jennifer rush version i mean) From listening to a UK 1985 chart this week she spent her last of her 5 week run at the top there,but curious how many weeks she managed here. Thanks for posting these gav,favourite parts of the week!
I know! I never collected these charts (I started in mid 87) so I had the choice between low res scans or scans with scribble on them.

I am trying to track down high res versions of all the charts between July 83 (when they started) and July 87 (when I started collecting), but it's a slow process. If anyone can help out with any weeks, please let me know!

Jennifer isn't the next number 1, but she's not far off.
Another question for gav to tease us on(in a good way mind you!) was thinking have we seen what will be the biggest selling single in aus for 1985 yet? I know what it was in the uk,and probably the u.s,but us aussies don't always follow the trend.
We have seen the number 1 single for 1985 already. Whether or not it was the highest-selling single is another question entirely, since the end of year charts were calculated by points for peak position, weeks on chart etc rather than sales.

I'll run through the end of year chart in the post for the final weekly chart for the year - for both 1985 and 1990.
Week ending November 17, 1985


Neil from The Young Ones debuts, Midge Ure goes solo (again), Elton John's equal-biggest hit of the 80s and a classic 80s synthpop track from Trans-X.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Clash, The Damned, The Style Council, Roger Daltrey and, surprisingly, Diana Ross featuring Michael Jackson.
Week ending November 24, 1985


Whitney finally breaks into the top 50... with a cover. Rose Tattoo also take a remake into the chart. And new entries from Aretha Franklin, ZZ Top, Prefab Sprout and Red Box

Plus, top 50 misses from Sting, Electric Pandas, The Church, Cheech & Chong and Feargal Sharkey.
Interesting that A-Ha made it to #1 here. We're considered fairly backwater compared to the UK and the US(although possibly it hit no.1 in the US) In the Uk it stalled at #2,held off by 'The Power Of Love'.
'Take on Me's a(n overplayed) classic, but I think the UK got it right with 'The Sun Always Shines on TV' going to #1 instead. 'Take on Me' is the more 'hits and memories' (as a friend put it) iconic, but TSASOT(V) is actually the 'better' song... IMO of course
Week ending December 1, 1985


Working Class Man, Say You Say Me, Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves, No Promises, Oh Sheila and Election Day debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Sade, Dropbears, Billy Joel, Kids In The Kitchen and Australian Crawl.
regarding 'Sisters are doing it for themselves' from what i heard recently someone said tina turner turned down the song because she thought it was too feminist. An aretha/tina turner duet would have been cool.just not this track.
Week ending December 8, 1985


The first record to debut at number 1 in Australia. And We Built This City, Can't Wait To See You and Separate Lives.

Plus, top 50 misses from Mental As Anything, Don Henley and Do-Re-Mi
It's a pity that Jennifer Rush gave up the top spot as it would have been a cool bit of trivia for the top spot and the bottom spot (on the published chart) to be song with the (nearly) same title.
I had no idea that Midnight Oil were that popular 30 years ago.
Week ending December 15, 1985


Dolly and Kenny reunite, and Koo De Tah struggle with their follow-up single.
Wow slow chart this week..
Yes, tomorrow's makes up for it, though.
Week ending December 22, 1985


The final chart for 1985 - with the first hits by two two-hit wonders, plus debuts from The Cure, Princess, INXS, Dead Or Alive and more.

And, eight top 50 misses from Phil Collins, Dire Straits, Bryan Adams, The Power Station and more

Also, the top 100 singles for 1985 and links to every chart from the year.
Thanks for a great year of charts,Gavin. I was surprised to see 'Brothers In Arms' become a flop.I can only think of one other Feargal Sharkey single and that's probably the one that appears in 1986.
Three weeks ending January 12, 1986


New entries for Wham!, Incredible Penguins and a seventh single from Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bryan Adams (again), John Cougar Mellencamp and Time Bandits
Week ending January 19, 1986


The ARIA chart upsizes.

New hits from Grace Jones, Glenn Frey, Thompson Twins, Dee C Lee, Geisha and The Cars.

Plus, top 50 misses from Models and Tina (Arena).
I had never seen those poster edition music charts (I had heard about long ago) so that is a very interesting bit of chart memorabilia there.
I also didn't ever know of that early Tina Arena song. Much in the same way I didn't know Delta had an early release until I read chatter about it on this site some time ago.
In line with the eventual chart success, I do think Dee C Lee had the best of the new entries.
RIP Glenn Frey, new at #50 on that chart & his 2nd highest solo song charter.
Week ending January 26, 1986


That's What Friends Are For, Sun City, The Sun Always Shines On TV, Miami Vice Theme, Don't Break My Heart and One Vision debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Stevie Wonder and Jenny Morris.
It was quite the wave of charity singles in the mid/late '80s. I suppose the success of 'Do They Know It's Christmas' kicked off the trend in much the way that 'Stars on 45' helped the medley craze a few years earlier.
It's a pity Dire Strait's single 'Brothers In Arms' couldn't crack the Top 50, but not so for the album, continuing to sell relentlessly at this time.
Any reasonable a-ha fan would know they certainly weren't one-hit wonders. How strange it would be if anyone in the UK thinks that, given they had a few Top 5 hits there. 'The Sun Always Shines on TV' is quite a grand track.
'Don't Break My Heart' and 'One Vision' I don't remember all that well. I'd obviously not given 'One Vision' a close listen right through before as I had to confirm its lyrics on what I was surprised to hear just now at the end ... “fried chicken”.
I'd say when I first checked out charts of this era, one of the bigger surprises for me was how well 'Miami Vice Theme' actually charted as I do not ever recall hearing it on radio and was not aware it was a single.
'That's What Friends Are For' I recall from very young as a pop friendly track.
Week ending February 2, 1986


Stevie Nicks, The Venetians, David Foster, The Johnnys, Pete Townshend, Baltimora and Go West debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Hooters, Paul McCartney, (UK) Squeeze, James Taylor and Cliff Richard.
Week ending February 9, 1986


Falco, Pseudo Echo, The Waterboys, Debbie Byrne, Phantom, Rocker & Slick.

Plus, top 50 misses from Nik Kershaw, Wax and Echo & The Bunnymen.

Week ending February 16, 1986


Elton John & George Michael, Big Audio Dynamite, Fine Young Cannibals, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions and Heart.

Top 50 misses from Olivia Newton-John and Pet Shop Boys.
I love pet shop boys but not even that could save how much of an awful song is 'Opportunties (Let's Make Lots Of Money). Even the video is rubbish.
'Opportunities' was a miss for me too. Perhaps its appeal was the new sound that PSB brought in at the time.
Heart's 'Never' I do not remember (except by title).
Great recent releases there for Stevie Nicks, The Waterboys, Fine Young Cannibals and I don't mind the Falco song either.
That Big Audio Dynamite song 'The Bottom Line' I do not know. The riff reminded me a little of Pink Floyd's 'Run Like Hell' initially but with less impact, but on more listens it is not alike at all really.
'Opportunities' is a great song by the Pet Shop Boys. Though I wasn't a fan at the time when it was released (that didn't happen until 'Always on my Mind' was released), when I discovered their first album 'Please', and then 'Disco', 'Opportunities' has always been a favourite from that period of releases.
Week ending February 23, 1986


Hit That Perfect Beat, And She Was, You're A Friend Of Mine, Weird Science, Sounds Of Then, Sex And Fame and Sleeping Beauty debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Survivor, V-Capri, Scritti Politti, Nena and V Spy V Spy.
I like 'You're A Friend Of Mine' and that's about it. The bronski beat changes in line up probably resulted in the eventual break up of the band. Here you have jimmy sommerville whose lyrics reflected a time in his life (to this day i cannot and have never watched the whole video for 'Smalltown Boy' though i have wiki'd it. The video makes me very uncomfortable) and then when you try and replace him with a similar sounding voice,i think for the fans there's obviously gonna be a disconnect.Did the new singer look anything like sommerville at all?
'A Good Heart' is a nice song. I'm glad that history made it a #1 hit here.
'Weird Science' I don't recall. I remember Oingo Boingo's single 'Stay' much better (later in 1986).
'Something' from V. Spy V. Spy and 'Sex And Fame' from Jump Incorporated I've also forgotten or never heard. 'Sex And Fame' has the better sound for me of these, but is unusual in that the choruses appear to be the weaker parts of the overall song.
The 4 highest debuts I know well and like, so I am happy they did well chart wise although 'Sounds Of Then' (a song sometimes not recognised by its title) ought to have had a better peak than #35 in my opinion.
I see the Sting's album doing quite well (33 weeks in) given that the singles weren't doing so well at least up to this point in time. Obviously the album was well received by the public. The title "The Dream Of The Blue Turtles" is a more memorable one over the years.
Week ending March 2, 1986


When The Going Gets Tough..., You Little Thief, Living In America, Sex As A Weapon and Walk Of Life.

Plus, top 50 misses from Arcadia, Mink DeVille, Nightlife and Matt Bianco
Week ending March 9, 1986


Concrete And Clay, Russians and I Knew The Bride...

Plus, top 50 misses from Violent Femmes, Jane Wiedlin, Alexei Sayle, Spaniards and Plan 8
Of the two charts that are being discussed each week i'm finding i'm enjoying 1986 more than 1991. 1991 has a lot more songs that i know and some make me look back and think why did i like this so much then,but 1986 has a lot more music i never heard or heard much.I was watching a doco on The Go-Go's just last night which had reminded me that jane wiedlin went solo.I know she had good success in the UK but not sure if that was her sole hit here. Concrete and clay i don't mind,but not heard it in a long time. As for next weeks clues,i thought the movie star might have been bruce willis but i don't think he did 'under the boardwalk' until 1988.
The 1986 chart is definitely better than the 1991 one so far. I didn't really notice it as much at the time (probably because I was getting more into music that didn't chart in Oz), but there's a notable decline in quality when comparing even 1989 to 1990 or 1991.
Week ending March 16, 1986


Party All The Time, How Will I Know, Sara, Ride The Night Away, Say Goodbye, It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back) and Sanctify Yourself debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Bryan Adams & Tina Turner, The Church, Haywoode, The Go-Betweens and AC/DC.

Week ending March 23, 1986


Stairway To Heaven finally becomes a hit (but not for Led Zeppelin), the debut of Mike + The Mechanics, and new hits from David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Hoodoo Gurus.

Plus, top 50 misses from Petra, Gary Moore and Talk Talk

Last edited:
I'm pleasantly surprised with some of the lower debuts. I enjoyed the Gary Moore, Talk Talk and Petra songs, all different to each other.
'Death Defying' I knew but didn't know of the Kakadu NP filmed video. Brings back some memories.
I was all prepared to dislike 'Stairway To Heaven', having not actually stopped to listen to this before. Some would say that's too great a classic to cover, right? Me included in a way. But I gotta say, beyond the carbon copy beginning, the musical arrangements kept me interested. Sounds a bit like the 'Relax' beat and has Phil Collins style drums after that 2 minute mark. Yes, quite 80s-esque. Hits a good stride beyond the 4th minute. On the whole though, I'm not completely sure as a complete listen.
'Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)' is quite brilliant, but I don't like the video clip idea. Maybe those guys should've filmed in Kakadu.
'Harlem Shuffle' overperformed on the charts in my opinion. 'Absolute Beginners' is quite good, although I don't know why it surged straight into the Top 10 (as the movie was a flop, not that I even recall there was a movie).
Well done to Jennifer Rush's 23 week run for 'The Power Of Love' on the chart. That was a rarer feat back then. A few weeks better than Celine's version in the next decade too.
Week ending March 30, 1986


Chain Reaction, Kyrie, Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) and Talk To Me debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Clannad (with Bono), Leo Sayer and The Cars
Week ending April 6, 1986


Kiss, Suspicious Minds, Conga, Beat's So Lonely and The Theme From Time.

Top 50 misses from Elvis Costello (effectively) and Paul Hardcastle.

Yet another version of 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' that I can say I now know. It's not bad but wasn't so exciting either.
'Don't Waste My Time' is certainly different from '19'. From my first listen I'd say it has an ok sound. I find '19' to have aged very poorly.
I know this song 'Beat's So Lonely' but didn't know he was so young back then. Yes, it has a Billy Idol style about it, more in the musical arrangement than the vocals. I don't recall the other single to come.
I don't remember 'The Theme From Time' (except by title) and I'd certainly agree it is not chart-worthy. 11 weeks in the Top 50 is just about as shocking.
It's difficult to know how well 'Conga' is expected to have gone on the charts. Latin music is often not embraced on our charts. I've penned it for a #16 peak on my personals. But wow! #1 peak in Canada.
I just uncovered another spooky fact. Both Prince's 'Kiss' and the later Art Of Noise / Tom Jones cover both moved into the ARIA Top 50 at position #19!
Until now I had no idea what 'Kyrie' meant either.
Week ending April 13, 1986


West End Girls, Baby You're So Strange, Eloise, ROCK In The USA, Calling America and Far Side Of Crazy debut.

Top 50 misses from Bryan Adams (yet again), Pete Townshend, Jackson Browne, Katrina & The Waves and The Stems

Gavin,it makes me happy to know you are a pet shop boys fan I don't think west end girls is terrible,but it's not their worst (opportunities (let's make lots of money) is certainly one for the list) There was a recent 4 part radio documentary done for the bbc covering their career up till 'electronic' as it's 30 years since the release of their album 'Please' . Check it out if you find the time as it's very good and features brand new interviews with neil and chris. Have you listened to their new album yet?

Thanks as always for compiling these.
I don't think West End Girls is terrible - but it's not in my top 10 favourite PSB tracks. I do like Opportunities, though - but again not one of my absolute favourites.

I bought Super when it came out, but I only really love the song Burn so far.

Would have to think what my least favourite PSB single is. Before, Love Etc and Winner would all be up there.
I agree with Love Etc not being one of their best. That was off the 'Yes' album,the last one i bought and maybe that track contributed to it. Thanks for replying!
Week ending April 20, 1986


Chart returns for Culture Club, Van Halen, The Saints and Public Image Limited, and Suzanne Vega's first hit.

Plus, top 50 misses for ZZ Top, Level 42, Dynamic Hepnotics and Dolly Parton.

That culture club song is very good. So's the van halen one. I can't at all imagine getting daryl hall as a singer for that band. It's like trying to force a square peg in a round hole. The only reason i can think of is around 1985 (when VH would have been writing new songs)is that hall and oates were pretty big.
Week ending April 27. 1986


Addicted To Love, Manic Monday, Absolutely, I Do What I Do and (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown all debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Five Star, Aretha Franklin and Geisha.

Week ending May 4, 1986


No One Is To Blame, These Dreams, A Different Corner and Living Doll debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Triffids, Julian Lennon, Elton John and Loverboy.
Week ending May 11, 1986


Live To Tell, Great Wall and Inspiration debut.

Top 50 misses from Anne Murray, Dee C Lee, Perfect Strangers and Arcadia.
Week ending May 18, 1986


Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Uncanny X-Men, Chris Isaak, Queen and The Art of Noise debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Feargal Sharkey and Larry Gatlin.
Week ending May 25, 1986


Pseudo Echo, I'm Talking and Atlantic Starr debut.

Top 50 misses from Martin Plaza, GANGgajang, Princess, Pat Benatar and Sade.
I'm not sure if I've heard 'Le Bel Age' before from Pat Benatar but I liked it.
The Sade track 'Never As Good As The First Time' is a good one too. They did underachieve a few times I think. I like the style of the video too. I'm glad to see this went Top 40 in at least a couple of countries including NZ.
Martin Plaza's 'Best Foot Forward' was just ok but kind of forgettable. Much the same for 'The Bigger They Are'.

'After The Love Has Gone' is not memorable to me but it has an ok sound. I did not know Princess used SAW as producers in all this time.
The Top 50 debuts are all chartworthy. 'Living In A Dream' surprisingly is the one I am least familiar with. It has some small traces of 'Funky Town' but apart from that positive this well overachieved by making Top 20, in my opinion.
Week ending June 1, 1986


The Blow Monkeys debut, Little Richard returns and Tim Finn flops.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bonnie Tyler, Divinyls and Graham Nash.
I never knew what the Blow Monkeys song was about until a few years ago. Great song on any level.

Had never noticed the similarity between the Bonnie Tyler song and You Give Love a bad name before!

Like the Divinyls song, but my god what an awful video. No wonder it was never played on television.
^ That Divinyls 'video' is not official, I'm 99.9% sure. It looks like (a soft-core BDSM?) movie footage put together by a fan.

A fan sent me a Divinyls DVD he made 10 years ago that was fairly comprehensive, but had no 'Heart Telegraph' video on it. I assume one doesn't exist.

The Blow Monkeys video was relatively tame considering the subject matter; but I guess that was perhaps the point? Though the large pink umbrella like those used in drinks was a subtle hint.
Last edited:
Glad to hear about the Divinyls "video". No video would be better than that
Perhaps I should've watched the Divinyls clip! I've replaced it with another one.
Thanks Gavin. It's a great song and album.
Week ending June 8, 1986


Big week!

Touch Me (I Want Your Body), What Have You Done For Me Lately, Stimulation, Pistol In My Pocket, Let's Go All The Way, All The Things She Said, C'mon C'mon and All I Need Is A Miracle debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Wax, Mr Mister, Julian Lennon and ZZ Top.
Week ending June 15, 1986


Sledgehammer, Greatest Love Of All, Train Of Thought and You Are Soul debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Laurie Anderson, Joe Jackson, Hear n' Aid, Itchy Feet and David Meece.
The top 50 misses this week (in 1986) were a very non-descript bunch, though I had no idea Tim Freedman had charted before The Whitlams, and I always enjoy seeing clips from Sounds or other music shows from the time.

Doug Mulray's "song" wasn't worth bothering with at the time, and certainly hasn't improved with age. If he was having a go at a famous pop star, the satire misses the mark by not being either clever nor funny.

On the positive side, some absolute classics in the Australian chart debuts for Janet Jackson, Samantha Fox & Wa Wa Nee, Peter Gabriel's best song, a classic Whitney ballad, and solid songs from a-ha, Simple Minds, Mr Mister and great one-hit wonders from Sly Fox & Lana Pellay.
Last edited:
Week ending June 22, 1986


If You Leave, Shellshock, There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry), Listen Like Thieves, Invisible Touch, On My Own and Who Made Who debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Diana Ross and Fine Young Cannibals.
Week ending June 29, 1986


I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Miss This Tonight, I Can't Wait, Throw Your Arms Around Me, Bop and Rain On The Scarecrow debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Stan Ridgway, Joe Cocker and Jean Michel Jarre.

Last edited:
Week ending July 6, 1986


Kids In The Kitchen, Charlie Sexton, The Rolling Stones, Prince and Big Audio Dynamite.

I love "Out Of Control" and the next two singles from Kids In The Kitchen. It's a shame that their popularity was declining while their material wasn't (unlike Uncanny X-Men who were going through the same, but their new songs were arguably weaker).

"One Hit (To The Body)" is actually one of my favourite Rolling Stones tracks, far better than "Harlem Shuffle".
I really like Out Of Control as well. And Say It and Revolution Love are both in my top 20 for 1987. Can't understand why they all flopped.
This week in 1983 - the first ever ARIA chart.

Numbers 50 to 26:

Numbers 25 to 1:

And I'll be adding 1983 recaps to my weekly posts from now on. Will start a separate thread.
Week ending July 13, 1986


New entries from Eurythmics, a-ha, Simply Red, Suzanne Vega and Floy Joy.

Plus, top 50 misses from Pet Shop Boys, The Radiators, Annabella (Lwin), Latin Quarter and The Saints.
Week ending July 20, 1986


Spirit In The Sky, Papa Don't Preach, Look Away, Love Touch and Exotic And Erotic debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Miami Sound Machine, Bob Seger, Lou Reed and Joan Armatrading.
Week ending July 27, 1986


The ARIA top 50 farewells Wham! and Culture Club. Plus a new hit from Icehouse.

Top 50 misses from Choirboys, Falco, Venetians, Robert Palmer, Jackson Browne and Marguerite Ayshford

Week ending August 3, 1986


Crowded House debut, plus David Bowie, Devo and The Angels.

Top 50 misses from Hipsway and The Johnnys.
Week ending August 10, 1986


Dancing On The Ceiling, Before Too Long, Modern Woman and Take It Easy debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from BoDeans, Heart and Flotsam Jetsam.
Week ending August 17, 1986


It's a music miracle - the take-home ARIA chart returns! And there are 10 new entries from Erasure, Janet Jackson, Midnight Oil, Boom Crash Opera, The Cure, Moody Blues, El DeBarge, I'm Talking, David Lee Roth and Joe Cocker.

Plus, top 50 misses from V-Capri and Innocent Bystanders.

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Week ending August 24, 1986


Venus, Danger Zone and Glory Of Love debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Peter Blakeley, UB40, Non Stop Dancers and Emerson, Lake & Powell.

Last edited:
Week ending August 31, 1986


True Colors, Higher Love and Fight For Ourselves debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Eurogliders, Art Of Noise, Chris Rea, The Housemartins, John Cougar Mellencamp and John Justin.

Week ending September 7, 1986


Mad About You, Take My Breath Away, I Could Make You Love Me and Princes Of The Universe debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Double, Cliff Richard, Matt Moffitt, Charlie Sexton, Little River Band and Stephen Cummings.

Week ending September 14, 1986


Sinitta, Dragon, Geisha, Models, The Bangles and Device debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Chris De Burgh, Brian Setzer and Ups And Downs.

Week ending September 21, 1986


A Matter Of Trust, Stuck With You, Dreamtime, I Don't Understand (Where I Fit In), Missionary Man and My Favourite Waste Of Time debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Pseudo Echo, Van Halen and Level 42.

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Week ending September 28, 1986


New entries from Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart.

Top 50 misses from Hunters & Collectors and Billy Ocean.

Plus a look at the albums top 50!

Week ending October 5, 1986


The Lady In Red, In Too Deep, Human, Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me), Don't Wake Me and What's The Colour Of Money? debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Simply Red and Dear Enemy.

Week ending October 12, 1986


Don't Leave Me This Way, Bad Moon Rising, You Can Call Me Al, Wild Wild Life, Typical Male, Wait Up and Feel The Heat debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Crowded House, Pete Wylie, Stan Ridgway and Mondo Rock.

Week ending October 19, 1986


You're The Voice, Walk This Way, Stay, We Don't Have To..., Heartbeat, I Didn't Mean To Turn You On and Rage Hard debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Koo De Tah, The Monkees, Nicole (not the Eurovision winner), The Moody Blues, Hoodoo Gurus, Love And Money, Stevie Nicks and Gwen Guthrie.

Week ending October 26, 1986


True Blue, Heartache All Over The World, Calling, Clap-Clap Sound all debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Timex Social Club and Barry Manilow.

Week ending November 2, 1986


Two Of Hearts, Emotion In Motion, (I Just) Died In Your Arms, Friends And Lovers and Eye Of The Zombie debut.

Plus a top 50 miss from V-Capri.

Week ending November 9, 1986


The Way It Is, (Forever) Live And Die and Darling It Hurts debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Manikins, Anita Baker, AC/DC and David Evans & Thunder Down Under.

Week ending November 16, 1986


You Can Leave Your Hat On, Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone), Brand New Lover, You’re Gonna Get Hurt and Take Me Home Tonight debut.

Top 50 misses from (shockingly) Janet Jackson, as well as Icehouse, Howard Jones, Samantha Fox and Niki Phillips.

Week ending November 23, 1986


To Be A Lover, Don't Get Me Wrong, Hungry Town, Amanda, I've Been Losing You and Don't Waste My Time debut.

Top 50 misses from Nik Kershaw and Geisha.

Week ending November 30, 1986


Thorn In My Side, I Wanna Wake Up With You, Notorious, No Lies and Let's Kiss debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Wham! and Peter Gabriel.

Week ending December 7, 1986


Funky Town, Let's Go To Paradise, More Than Physical, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Guns And Butter and Bottom Of My Heart debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Paul Young, Cattletruck and Bob Geldof.

Week ending December 14, 1986


Walk Like An Egyptian, You Keep Me Hangin' On, Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Hip To Be Square, Don't Stand So Close To Me 86 and Through The Barricades debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Til Tuesday, Mike Mareen, Talking Heads, John Forgerty and Billy Joel.

Week ending December 21, 1986


Change Of Heart, Twist And Shout, Primitive Love Rites and War/Merry Christmas Baby debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Petra and The B-52's.

Week ending December 28, 1986


Good Times, Pressure Down, Sugar Free and Like Flames debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Peter Cetera & Amy Grant and Simple Minds

And, the year-end top 100.

I could've used the break between chart flashbacks to have a break from blogging. Instead, I've compiled a list of all the number 2 hits on the Australian chart from the 80s.

Here's part 1, covering 1980-1984:

Three weeks ending January 18, 1987


French Kissin' In The USA, Open Your Heart, Land Of Confusion and Don't Dream It's Over debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Dragon, Lionel Richie, Elton John & Cliff Richard, The Beach Boys, Rose Tattoo, The Smithereens and Uncanny X-Men.

Week ending January 25, 1987


Bizarre Love Triangle, The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades and Welcome To The Boomtown debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Communards, The Pointer Sisters and Benjamin Orr.

Week ending February 1, 1987


Rooms For The Memory and Infected debut.

Top 50 misses from Ben E King, Paul Young and two America's Cup-related singles.

Week ending February 8, 1987


Word Up!, Always The Sun, We Love You, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, Don't Tear It Down and Shelter.

Plus, top 50 misses from Nick Kamen, The Radiators, Glass Tiger and GANGgajang.

Week ending February 15, 1987


Is This Love?, Shake You Down, Heartbreak Beat and Cry For Love debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Ric Ocasek, Stan Ridgway, Genesis and Ultravox.

Week ending February 22, 1987


I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me), The Final Countdown, Cry Wolf, Weirdo Libido and Deep River Woman/Ballerina Girl debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Howard Jones, Steve Winwood and Oran "Juice" Jones.

Week ending March 1, 1987


You Give Love A Bad Name, Something In My House, The Miracle Of Love and Boy In The Bubble debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from The Reels and Robert Cray.

Week ending March 8, 1987


She's The One, Keep Your Hands To Yourself and All I Ask Of You debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Julian Cope, Chris De Burgh, Paul Simon, Everything But The Girl, The Monkees and Steve Miller Band.

Week ending March 15, 1987


Witch Queen, Don't Give Up, C'est La Vie, We Connect, Coming Around Again and True Blue debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from China Crisis, Johnny Nash, Bruce Hornsby & The Range and Bruce Springsteen.

Week ending March 22, 1987


Livin' On A Prayer, Real Wild Child (Wild One), Hold Me, Words Get In The Way and Sometimes debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Paul Kelly, The Pretenders, The Big Supreme, Kool & The Gang and Gary Moore.

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Week ending March 29, 1987


Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room), A Touch Of Paradise, Somewhere Out There, Don't Need A Gun, It Didn't Matter, It's In The Way That You Use It and What You Get Is What You See debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Genesis, Glass Tiger and The Stems.

Week ending April 5, 1987


Male Stripper, Everything I Own, Hold On, What's My Scene, Midnight Blue and The Right Thing debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Dolly Parton/Linda Ronstadt/Emmylou Harris, Kissing The Pink and V. Spy V. Spy.

Week ending April 12, 1987


Ever Fallen In Love, Jacob’s Ladder and World Where You Live debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Janet Jackson.

Week ending April 19, 1987


Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend), With Or Without You, Sign O' The Times, (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!) and Let's Go debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Cyndi Lauper, The Bangles, Bananarama, The The, The Angels and The Radiators.

Week ending April 26, 1987


Slice Of Heaven, At This Moment, Heartache and Big Love debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Mandy Smith.

Week ending May 3, 1987


La Isla Bonita, Lean On Me, Hymn To Her, Weak In The Presence Of Beauty, Heat Of The Night and Day-In Day-Out debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Freddie Mercury, The Blow Monkeys and Kim Wilde & Junior.

Last edited:
Week ending May 10, 1987


Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now and Holiday Rap debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bruce Willis, The Cult, UB40, Paul Simon, Weddings Parties Anything, Rose Tattoo and Patrick Hernandez.

Week ending May 17, 1987


Ship Of Fools and Love And Devotion debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Bruce Hornsby & The Range. Billy Joel/Ray Charles and The Pony.

Week ending May 24, 1987


Take Me Back, One And One (Ain't I Good Enough) and Living Daylight debut.

Plus, a top 50 miss from Peter Wolf.

Week ending May 31, 1987


I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me), Caravan Of Love, Let's Wait A While, Let It Be, Rock The Night and, er, Roll It On Robbie.

Plus, top 50 misses from Big Pig, Georgia Satellites and Roger Whittaker & Des O'Connor.

Week ending June 7, 1987


Looking For A New Love, Respectable, (Glad I’m) Not A Kennedy and Hooked On Love debut.

Plus top 50 misses from Gary Moore, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Terence Trent D’Arby and Concrete Blonde.

Week ending June 14, 1987


Right On Track, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Leave Me, Reet Petite and Sonic Boom Boy debut.

Week ending June 21, 1987


Breakout, Dominoes and Big Time debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Jenny Morris, The Technicians and Dance Like A Mother.

Week ending June 28, 1987


He's Gonna Step On You Again, Something So Strong, Nude School, Some Kind Of Girl, Why Can't I Be You, Running In The Family, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and Sweet 16 debut.

Plus, top 50 misses from Al Jarreau and Uncanny X-Men.

Week ending July 5, 1987


We come back full circle to the chart I started with exactly five years ago.

Debuts from Icehouse, Chantoozies and The Black Sorrows.

Top 50 misses from Simply Red, Tina Turner, Lime Spiders, Dave Dobbyn, The S.O.S. Band, Kool & The Gang, David & David, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and V-Capri.
From now on, I'll be updating my original 25 Years Ago posts with the Off The Chart section each week.

Week ending July 12, 1987 is here: http://chartbeat.blogspot.com/2012/07/25-years-ago-this-week-july-12-1987.html

And then every week after that can be found on this thread: http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?status=added&todo=viewthread&id=39402
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