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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Longest chart runs in the Australian Top 10

One thing that has always fascinated me in my 20+ years of following the ARIA charts are those songs that just spent almost forever in the Top 10, and you were never sure when they were going to leave...

Below I have put together a list as to the songs that have spent the most amount of time in the Australian Top 10 over the last few decades (this is based on info from ARIA, Kent and AMR). There are a few things to note with the below list:

- After each song, I have also indicated when its Top 10 run occurred, as well as its peak position.
- * means the song is currently in the Top 10, ie. its run is still going.
- ** means the song had non-consecutive runs in the Top 10
- For runs that transcended calendar years, I have included the Xmas/NY weeks that the charts were not published, as it would be safe to assume that the songs would have remained Top 10 during that period.
- I have started the base level at 16 weeks, as this is where the chart runs really start to become significant IMO (also it becomes more work to maintain!).

This is an ongoing project, so if you spot any errors or come across any songs that you believe should be in this list, send me a message and I can check it out for you. Enjoy!

31 Weeks:
** SUNFLOWER - Post Malone & Swae Lee (2018/9, #1)

25 Weeks:
** PERFECT - Ed Sheeran (2017/8, #1)

24 Weeks:
FERNANDO - ABBA (1976, #1)
NOVEMBER RAIN - Guns'n'Roses (1992/3, #5)
BREATHE - The Prodigy (1996/7, #2)
SHAPE OF YOU - Ed Sheeran (2017, #1)
** EASTSIDE - Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid (2018/9, #2)

23 Weeks:
CLOSER - Chainsmokers feat. Halsey (2016/17, #1)
SHOTGUN - George Ezra (2018/9, #1)
BAD GUY - Billie Eilish (2019, #1)
* OLD TOWN ROAD - Lil Nas X (2019, #1)

22 Weeks:
HEY JUDE - The Beatles (1968/9, #1)
FLAUNT IT - TV Rock feat. Seany B (2006, #1)
** SHALLOW - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (2018/9, #1)

21 Weeks:
** BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY - Queen (1976, 1992 #1)
GHOSTBUSTERS - Ray Parker Jr (1984/5, #2)
NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP - Rick Astley (1987/8, #1)
I WISH I WAS A PUNK ROCKER - Sandi Thom (2006/7, #1)
** I GOTTA FEELING - Black Eyed Peas (2009/10, #1)
ROAR - Katy Perry (2013/4, #1)
UPTOWN FUNK - Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars (2014/5, #1)
BE ALRIGHT - Dean Lewis (2018, #1)

20 Weeks:
YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John (1978, #1)
TOMORROW - Silverchair (1994/5, #1)
HAPPY - Pharrell Williams (2013/4, #1)
SHAKE IT OFF - Taylor Swift (2014/5, #1)
YOUNGBLOOD - 5 Seconds Of Summer (2018, #1)
WITHOUT ME - Halsey (2018/9, #2)

19 Weeks:
THE PUSHBIKE SONG - The Mixtures (1971, #1)
EAGLE ROCK - Daddy Cool (1971, #1)
ISLANDS IN THE STREAM - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton (1983/4, #1)
WHERE IS THE LOVE - Black Eyed Peas feat. Justin Timberlake (2003, #1)
LOW - Flo Rida feat. T-Pain (2008, #1)
** ROLLING IN THE DEEP - Adele (2011, #3)
MOVES LIKE JAGGER - Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera (2011, #2)
WHAT DO YOU MEAN? - Justin Bieber (2015/6, #1)
ROCKSTAR - Post Malone feat. 21 Savage (2017/8, #1)
I FALL APART - Post Malone (2017/8, #2)

18 Weeks:
TIE A YELLOW RIBBON ROUND THE OLE OAK TREE - Dawn feat. Tony Orlando (1973, #1)
MAMA MIA - ABBA (1975/6, #1)
IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME - Cher (1989/90, #1)
** I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU - Whitney Houston (1992/3, 2012, #1)
LOVE IS ALL AROUND - Wet Wet Wet (1994, #1)
IRIS - Goo Goo Dolls (1998, #1)
** FROM THIS MOMENT ON - Shania Twain (1998/9, #2)
TEENAGE DIRTBAG - Wheatus (2000/1, #1)
I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN' - Scissor Sisters (2006/7, #1)
THE WAY I ARE - Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson (2007/8, #1)
STARBOY - The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk (2016/7, #2)
DESPACITO - Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee (2017, #1)
WOW. - Post Malone (2019, #2)

17 Weeks:
NEVER NEVER NEVER - Shirley Bassey (1973, #1)
WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN - The Bangles (1986/7, #1)
** LA BAMBA - Los Lobos (1987/8, #1)
LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX - Salt'n'Pepa (1991/2, #1)
ACHY BREAKY HEART - Billy Ray Cyrus (1992/3, #1)
STAYIN' ALIVE - N-Trance (1995/6, #1)
** GANGSTA'S PARADISE - Coolio (1995/6, #1)
BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME - Celine Dion (1996, #1)
TRULY MADLY DEEPLY - Savage Garden (1997, #1)
HIGH - Lighthouse Family (1998, #1)
REDUNDANT/TIME OF YOUR LIFE - Green Day (1998/9, #2)
BABY ONE MORE TIME - Britney Spears (1999, #1)
LAST KISS - Pearl Jam (1999, #1)
THE KETCHUP SONG - Las Ketchup (2002/3, #1)
** BRING ME TO LIFE - Evanescence (2003, #1)
GIRLFRIEND - Avril Lavigne (2007, #1)
CANDYMAN - Christina Aguilera (2007, #2)
APOLOGIZE - Timbaland feat. OneRepublic (2007/8, #1)
** BLEEDING LOVE - Leona Lewis (2007/8, #1)
SEX ON FIRE - Kings Of Leon (2008/9, #1)
LOVE STORY - Taylor Swift (2009, #1)
THINKING OUT LOUD - Ed Sheeran (2014/5, #1)
ONE DANCE - Drake feat. Wizkid & Kyla (2016, #1)
HAVANA - Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug (2017/8, #1)
GIRLS LIKE YOU - Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B (2018, #2)

16 Weeks:
MY SWEET LORD - George Harrison (1971, #1)
POPCORN - Hot Butter (1972/3, #1)
BEN - Michael Jackson (1972/3, #1)
FOX ON THE RUN - The Sweet (1975, #1)
MULL OF KINTYRE - Wings (1977/8, #1)
I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU - Stevie Wonder (1984/5, #1)
LOCOMOTION - Kylie Minogue (1987, #1)
END OF THE ROAD - Boyz II Men (1992/3, #1)
YOU DON'T TREAT ME NO GOOD - Sonia Dada (1992/3, #1)
ALWAYS - Bon Jovi (1994/5, #2)
ZOMBIE - The Cranberries (1994/5, #1)
WANNABE - Spice Girls (1996/7, #1)
TUBTHUMPING - Chumbawumba (1997/8, #1)
** MY HEART WILL GO ON - Celine Dion (1998, #1)
I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING - Aerosmith (1998, #1)
** NO MATTER WHAT - Boyzone (1999, #5)
BLUE - Eiffel 65 (1999/2000, #1)
WHENEVER WHEREVER - Shakira (2002, #1)
IN DA CLUB - 50 Cent (2003, #1)
GOODBYE MY LOVER - James Blunt (2005/6, #3)
** SO WHAT - Pink (2008, #1)
** POKER FACE - Lady Gaga (2008/9, #1)
** BOOM BOOM POW - Black Eyed Peas (2009, #1)
SEXY BITCH - David Guetta feat. Akon (2009, #1)
TIK TOK - Kesha (2009/10, #1)
CALIFORNIA GURLS - Katy Perry (2010, #1)
** SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW - Gotye feat. Kimbra (2011, #1)
CALL ME MAYBE - Carly Rae Jepsen (2012, #1)
** GANGNAM STYLE - Psy (2012/3, #1)
** TAKE ME TO CHURCH - Hozier (2014/5, #2)
THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR - Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna (2016, #1)
MEANT TO BE - Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line (2017/8, #2)
** GOD'S PLAN - Drake (2018, #1)
SWEET BUT PSYCHO - Ava Max (2018/9, #2)
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I'll leave it to someone else to spot any errors (if there are any), but would like to say I love seeing these sorts of chart records here
Glad you like it, Hijinx! Happy to hear any feedback you might have, or any songs not listed above that you may want me to doublecheck.
Dayum Rick Astley. Uptown Funk and Roar sucks
LOL antonnalan! And to think that Uptown Funk's run may not be over just yet...

Seriously though, the one that surprised me when I first came across it in my research was in fact Ghostbusters! It had originally entered the Top 10 in early September 1984, and at its peak in late 1984, it was essentially deadlocked for a number of weeks in the Top 3 with I Just Called To Say I Love You and Careless Whisper, and looked like it would exit the Top 10 at the beginning of December. Imagine everyone's surprise when it continued to hang on right up to the last week of January 1985!
I lived through that period...wasn't that surprising at all... Ghostbusters, the movie and everything that came with it was HUGE!!!!...

I remember just about everyone had a Ghostbusters T-shirt, nearly every kid in the school yard had a jar of slime (kids toy/merchandise item at the time)....hahahaha I had one... The song was on the radio all the time, movie posters where everywhere....the whole Ghostbusters thing was a huge pop culture phenomenon..... and it was fun..
I see your point there Joe! It was a very popular movie at the time

Another one from the list that surprised me as well was Islands In The Stream. It had entered the Top 10 in mid-November 1983 and reached #1 4 weeks later for one week only. Somehow it then proceeded to spend another 14 weeks in the Top 10 until mid-March 1984. Not a song that people would immediately pick for a long Top 10 chart runner!
It does seem like there was a time in the mid '80s where some things were taking an unusual amount of time to vacate. Case in point, Last Christmas & Do They Know It's Christmas sticking around in the top 10 until the end of February
Could 'Uptown Funk' just have 1 week left in the Top 10, keeping 'Flaunt It' as the 21st century leader? We will see.
Some interesting stats here.

I also check this wikipedia website sometimes, though some parts haven't been updated
Hijinx - it's interesting with those two actually... they both entered the Top 10 right on Christmas 1984 (DTKIC was #2 first week in the chart, and Last Christmas had bolted up 26 spots to come in at #3 - Like a Virgin was still #1 at the time and had just narrowly held on that week). There was a 2-week chart hiatus following, after which DTKIC finally made #1.

Both songs had relatively *really* short Top 10 runs though - DTKIC lasted 9 weeks, Last Christmas managed 8. In fact, with the latter, it actually did a big last-gasp rebound after it started its initial descent, due to the fact that Wham were touring Australia at the time, but couldn't hang on longer.

Dave - It's gonna be REALLY close with Uptown Funk - iTunes has it just outside the Top 10 at the moment, but most likely will manage one more week but no more than that.

Keep the feedback and comments coming guys... this is awesome

Another intriguing observation, and one that has always left me scratching my head - 2 of the 3 longest running Top 10 hits are songs that did not ever hit #1.

What would it have been about Breathe and November Rain that kept them going and going??
Just added some more onto the list plus amended a couple as well (Rick Astley only had 21 as opposed to 23). Thank you DaveNT for your awesome feedback with the extra songs!
I think the answer to the longevity is right in the scenario OzFrog. Hitting #1 means selling a lot in a single week, which gives less potential sales in the future. For instance The Prodigy only really snuck into the EOY top 10, despite most of their top 10 run being in one year.
@OzFrog. November Rain hung around and actually moved up the charts again when Guns 'n' Roses toured Aust in Feb 1993. By that time the song was pretty much exhausted, but that is what helped to maintain its longevity. Apart from that, it's damn fine song. Re : "breathe" - not too sure. Perhaps someone else can explain. ...and yes, this is an awesome post. Next time a song starts to hit 18+ weeks in the Top10 we'll all be checking this post again. Good call setting it up.
Also, UpFunk has just left the iTunes Top 10 (after 5 & a half months). Cheers.
Just realised actually, Hozier just hit 16 weeks in the top 10 this week, so should be on the post.

And Thinking Out Loud got 17 weeks.
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Thanks Hijinx - I've now added both
Also now I just remembered, Bohemian Rhapsody had an additional 4 weeks in the top 10 in 1992. Oversight or different case?
OMG yes of course! Freddie Mercury's death in 1991 prompted the re-release! I did it for Whitney so only fair I do it for Queen as well.

Amended accordingly, and it now means that Bohemian Rhapsody in fact spent 21 weeks in total in the Top 10 if we combine the two runs.

Really loving your work, guys! Much appreciated
Bohemian Rhapsody wasn't re-released due to Freddie Mercury's death in 1991... it was re-released as part of the movie soundtrack for Wayne's World in 1992... you know the car scene...
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That's funny, Joe! Both events actually happened at the same time (the release of Wayne's World and Freddie's death)... Very bizarre and surreal coincidence for that to occur!
Very close indeed (3 months), maybe Mike Myers chose the song as a tribute to the late singer? Who knows?.... Anyways for me it's by far the best scene in the movie...hahahaha...
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LOL yes I actually skipped school a few times as a kid just to watch Wayne's World... a very funny movie at the time! And yes that scene is totally worth it!
Interesting point about Wham!'s Australian tour lengthening the stay of Last Christmas in the top 10. I hadn't thought of that - and that obviously would have played a part in people still buying it long after the festive season.

I think the presence of Everything She Wants on the single also had an impact (and obviously led to that song getting a separate release) - and gave people a reason to buy the song in January without them feeling like they were just a bit late buying a festive single.

It's interesting that the 80s is under-represented in this list. With notable exceptions like Ghostbusters and Rick Astley, songs did tend to drop down the chart pretty quickly once they'd reached their peak and not linger. It seems that once an act had a hit, record companies moved on to follow-up singles reasonably quickly as well, which would have hastened the decline of a prior hit.

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Gavin - and Wham were so popular at the time that when Everything She Wants got released on its own, it went Top 10 in its own right!

Chart runs through the 80s and 90s (and early 2000s to a lesser extent) did have relatively quick spans, and I think when downloads started to be counted, it had a very profound effect on the availability of a song to be bought, thus increasing its chances of a longer chart run (like we have seen in the last few years especially).
There are a lot more 90s songs in the list above. Perhaps record companies didn't delete singles as quickly then.

Another possibility is that in the 90s, Australia wasn't quite as behind as we were in the 80s. In the 80s, by the time labels got around to releasing a single locally it was sometimes 6 months after it came out overseas. They then had to then play a quick game of catch up with the follow-up singles or they'd still be on single number three by the time the artist had released a new album. So subsequent singles came out while the first hit was still in the top 50 - and either the first hit was quickly deleted or people stopped buying it, thus songs plummeting out of the chart.

Yep, I mentioned the Wham releases recently:

Just a not about Breathe, I think part of the reason for the longevity in the chart was the exposure the song got. I remember quite clearly that the song was used ALOT during the footy, both comps as it was the during the time lead up to the 1997 season. Super League and ARL.

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I think the Prodigy's "Breathe" was just one of those songs in a moment in time that just clicked with everyone... no particular reason why, it just did... It's happened heaps over the course of contemporary music.

I think sometimes we try to dig to deep for reasons or explanation as to why something is....rather than just excepting it and letting it be.
Breathe definitely clicked with a lot of people - just not all at once.

You had the dance fans buying it straight away, and then gradually people who'd probably never heard of The Prodigy got into it since it was already a big hit, which in turn kept it in the chart.

I remember working at Brashs when that was out and it being a solid seller for months and months as it crossed over to a wider and wider audience. The people who bought it later on were quite different to people who bought it at first.

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Some extra's for you:

She Loves You - The Beatles (20 weeks) (HP-3) (1963/64)
I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles (19 weeks) (HP-1x7) (1964)
I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do - The Beatles (16 weeks) (HP-1x7) (1964)

It's Now or Never - Elvis Presley (16 weeks) (HP-1x7) 1960

Love is a Many Splendoured Thing - Nat King Cole / Four Aces (20 weeks) (HP-3x3) (1955/56)
Pretend - Nat King Cole (18 weeks) (HP-1x7) (1954)
Mona Lisa - Nat King Cole (19 weeks) (HP-1x5) (1950)

My Foolish Heart - Billy Eckstine / Joe Loss & Orch. (20 weeks) (HP-1x4) (1950)

Some Enchanted Evening - Bing Crosby / Gordon MacRae / Ezio Pinza(21 weeks) (HP-1x3) (1952)

I Told Them All About You - Donald Peers (22 weeks) (HP-1x2) (1950)
The Harry Lime Theme - Donald Peers /Roberto Inglez & His Orch. / Guy Lombardo (30 weeks) (HP-3) (1950)

Quicksilver - Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters (22 weeks) (HP-1x8) (1950)

Thanks bulion for those ones! I'm in two minds about adding anything earlier than the 1960s onto the list, but I'll leave it up to you guys about whether I should include them or not...

In the meantime, Uptown Funk falls to #10 nationally this week, which means it celebrates 21 weeks in the Top 10. Can it maintain another week though?
What's perhaps ironic is that Uptown Funk is one of the biggest streaming hits ever...but streaming has shortened its top 10 run by keeping it at #11 when it debuted. Unless of course it kept it ahead of Sam Smith this week. Can't tell with the digital chart.
Uptown Funk has had a long run and I think it has had it's last week in the Top10. re: Breathe above - I remember the song and it just hung around for no particular reason. Sort of grew on people. November Rain is a different story because of the GnR concert in early 1993 - that is without doubt what kept it in the charts for a long time although just checking the aria charts I notice it didn't get higher than No.5 during it's run.
Sorry, Uptown Funk again (but this is the song which triggered this post) . I just chkd the US Billboard charts and it has just pulled in 14 weeks consecutive at No.1 there. Righteo.
I think 'Breathe's longevity might have been helped by there not being an album released containing it until about 7 or 8 months after it debuted. So if people wanted to own the track, they *had* to buy the single.

I remember thinking it rather odd at the time that, when the album came out, there was no new single release to accompany it, and the next single wasn't released for about another 5 months after the album debuted. It was a weird release strategy. That, plus the first single coming out over a year before the album release.

Maybe The Prodigy also performed at the Big Day Out in January 1997?

'November Rain' is an odd one, due to its initial, separate chart run months before the (proper) video was released (I remember rage aired a live performance for its initial chart run), and its sudden climb to the top 10 after re-entering the chart. Furthermore, the album(s) had been available for around a year by the time it entered the top 10, and the b-side was 'Sweet Child O'Mine' (+ 'Patience' on the CD single) - hardly an incentive for a GNR fan who surely already owned the albums to purchase it. That being said, looking at discogs.com, there were 2 separate 'limited' poster editions of the cassingle release in Australia, and also a limited 2-CD single set with a bonus 7-track 'promo' CD containing a combination of studio and live tracks in Australia. These bonus items no doubt helped the single to sell over time.
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'November Rain' is also one of those rare singles that ended up with a higher placing on the year-end chart (#2) that its peak position. The only other example that springs to mind for me is Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing In the Dark', which was the #1 single on the 1984 year chart, but only peaked at #5. However, another chart fiend I'm in contact with contacted David Kent not too long ago and asked him about the Kent Report/AMR year-end charts, and he said they were based on chart runs rather than actual sales... so 'Dancing In the Dark' may not have been the actual best-seller of 1984.
That 1984 EOY chart will always serve as the biggest ever WTF moment of the Kent era... Like Nugs mentioned, the song only peaked at #5 nationally, and furthermore only spent 11 weeks in the Top 10 itself.

However, its overall chart run in the Top 100 was absolutely incredible at the time (64 weeks in total during 1984 and 1985), and was a run that would not be rivalled for at least the next decade (the first song that comes to mind after this is Prisoner Of Society by Living End). If we were to hazard a guess as to the actual biggest seller of 1984, I would say "I Just Called To Say I Love You" - 8-week stretch at #1 as well as a 16-week Top 10 run.
Marilyn Manson's 'The Beautiful People' spent over a year in the top 100 - 56 weeks from memory (I should check, but can't be bothered atm). Even more bizarre is that it peaked at just #42. However, it spent over 30 weeks hovering between #51 and #60.

'Prisoner of Society' was the next single after it to spend more than a year in the top 100.
I was the "fiend" Nugs was referring to who emailed David Kent recently since I wanted to double check how he compiled his EOY charts.

I was tempted to ask him if he kept track of the actual best-selling singles for each year - but then I thought that info might already be known among the members here?
In regards to bulion's post, I can't see any reason why those singles shouldn't be added to that list.
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Ah, so it was you, Gavin I thought it was another chart 'fiend' who has been in contact with David Kent a few times; but couldn't find evidence of the Kent era EOY charts being based on chart runs rather than sales when searching though his emails... was nearly starting to wonder whether I'd made the whole thing up.

I wish someone would resolve once and for all what the biggest-selling single of the 80s was then in Australia. Without checking, I think 'Never Gonna Give You Up' was listed as such in David Kent's top 20 charts book (though that, too, was presumably based on chart runs then?); though several people (and indeed the liner notes of her 'Greatest Hits', from memory) are under the impression it was 'Locomotion'.
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Locomotion was the biggest-selling single of the 80s by an Australian artist, but I'm not sure about overall biggest of the 80s. Would love to know the answer to that one though as well.
When Angels Brought Me Here became the biggest selling song in 2003 it was stated it replaced Austen tayshus as the biggest selling australian single of all time so that counts locomotion out
Did Australiana really sell *that* many copies though?? Granted, it was the longest running #1 for 1983 (8 weeks), and it spent 15 weeks in the Top 10.

On the flip side, Locomotion spent 7 weeks at #1 in 1987 (equal longest for the year alongside La Bamba), and had 16 weeks in the Top 10. Without the raw sales data, it is hard to tell who has the more accurate information in terms of sales figures.
Biggest of the 80's. I reckon either Bette Davis Eyes or Eye of the Tiger
I might try Mr Kent again and see if he will/can reveal any info!

Bette Davis Eyes was definitely a big hit in 1981, but Antmusic would have easily outsold it during that year (its popularity was too big to ignore at the time). Eye Of The Tiger could possibly rank up there, but would have had some contenders that year (1982) including What About Me and Centrefold.
I don't know if this question is right for this thread but how many weeks once and for all did fernando spend at #1. I was always under the impression for many years it was 16,but i keep seeing mentions online that it was only 14. which is correct? is there an definitive answer?
Fernando: 75-14-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2-2-3-3-6-7-8-9-11-16-21-29-34-39-50-48-58-58-70-86-88-93, so 14 weeks!
75 to 14 crikey! Thanks Hijinx. Love seeing full chart runs like this.
The AMR (David Kent) did a 'Biggest Hits of the 80's' chart, and the winner was...

'Never Gonna Give You Up' by Rick Astley. If I can find the original report I will post the Top 10.
Had the AMR list posted from the old Fun Countdown thread.

100. LIVE IT UP Mental As Anything (1985, #2)
99. I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY Whitney Houston (1987, #1)
98. DEV-O LIVE EP Devo (1981, #1)
97. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN Europe (1987, #2)
96. I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Kylie Minogue (1988, #1)
95. MONEY FOR NOTHING Dire Straits (1985, #4)
94. PERFECT Fairground Attraction (1988, #1)
93. CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC Village People (1980, #1)
92. TAKE MY BREATH AWAY Berlin (1986, #2)
91. TO BE A LOVER Billy Idol (1986, #3)
90. YOU GOT IT (THE RIGHT STUFF) New Kids On The Block (1989, #1)
89. HOLD ME NOW Johnny Logan (1987, #4)
88. THE LIVING YEARS Mike & the Mechanics (1989, #1)
87. MORE THAN I CAN SAY Leo Sayer (1980, #1)
86. JEALOUS GUY Roxy Music (1981, #1)
85. I WANNA WAKE UP WITH YOU Boris Gardiner (1986, #1)
84. ENDLESS LOVE Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (1981, #1)
83. PASS THE DUTCHIE Musical Youth (1982, #1)
82. BEDROOM EYES Kate Ceberano (1989, #2)
81. BOOM BOOM (LET'S GO BACK TO MY ROOM) Paul Lekakis (1987, #1)
80. YOU CAN CALL ME AL Paul Simon (1986, #2)
79. CRAZY FOR YOU Madonna (1985, #1)
78. ANTMUSIC Adam & the Ants (1981, #1)
77. A GOOD HEART Feargal Sharkey (1985, #1)
76. WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO Wham! (1984, #1)
75. STARS ON 45 Stars On 45 (1981, #1)
74. WHAT ABOUT ME Moving Pictures (1982, #1)
73. TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART Bonnie Tyler (1983, #1)
72. BRASS IN POCKET Pretenders (1980, #2)
71. GOT MY MIND SET ON YOU George Harrison (1987, #1)
70. ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL Pink Floyd (1980, #2)
69. WOMAN IN LOVE Barbra Streisand (1980, #1)
68. COUNTING THE BEAT The Swingers (1981, #1)
66. WE BUILT THIS CITY Starship (1985, #1)
65. UP WHERE WE BELONG Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes (1982, #1)
64. IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME Cher (1989, #1)
63. BILLIE JEAN Michael Jackson (1983, #1)
62. WIND BENEATH MY WINGS Bette Midler (1989, #1)
61. RESPECTABLE Mel & Kim (1987, #1)
60. ALL NIGHT LONG (ALL NIGHT) Lionel Richie (1983, #1)
59. PHYSICAL Olivia Newton-John (1981, #1)
58. GET OUTTA MY DREAMS, GET INTO MY CAR Billy Ocean (1988, #1)
57. THE FLAME Cheap Trick (1988, #1)
56. DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY Bobby McFerrin (1989, #1)
55. SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY Fine Young Cannibals (1989, #1)
54. TURNING JAPANESE The Vapors (1980, #1)
53. TAINTED LOVE Soft Cell (1981, #1)
52. SEMANTICS EP (featuring "Reckless") Australian Crawl (1983, #1)
51. SLICE OF HEAVEN Dave Dobbyn with Herbs (1987, #1)
50. TOUCH ME (I WANT YOUR BODY) Samantha Fox (1986, #1)
49. THE LOOK Roxette (1989, #1)
48. LIKE A PRAYER Madonna (1989, #1)
47. A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE Phil Collins (1988, #1)
46. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH Billy Ocean (1985, #1)
45. KARMA CHAMELEON Culture Club (1983, #1)
44. LIKE A VIRGIN Madonna (1984, #1)
43. CHAIN REACTION Diana Ross (1986, #1)
42. LADY IN RED Chris De Burgh (1986, #2)
41. CARELESS WHISPER George Michael (1984, #1)
40. IF I COULD 1927 (1988, #2)
39. I'M GONNA BE (500 MILES) The Proclaimers (1988, #1)
38. COME ON EILEEN Dexy's Midnight Runners (1982, #1)
37. WIRED FOR SOUND Cliff Richard (1981, #2)
36. FUNKYTOWN Pseudo Echo (1986, #1)
35. (JUST LIKE) STARTING OVER John Lennon (1980, #1)
34. EYE OF THE TIGER Survivor (1982, #1)
33. IT'S JUST NOT CRICKET The 12th Man (1984, #1)
32. THE TIME WARP The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1980, #3)
31. ANGEL / INTO THE GROOVE Madonna (1985, #1)
30. ETERNAL FLAME Bangles (1989, #1)
29. START ME UP The Rolling Stones (1981, #1)
28. THE POWER OF LOVE Jennifer Rush (1985, #1)
27. YOU KEEP ME HANGIN' ON Kim Wilde (1986, #1)
26. I GOT YOU Split Enz (1980, #1)
25. FAITH George Michael (1987, #1)
24. TEARDROPS Womack & Womack (1988, #1)
23. VENUS Bananarama (1986, #1)
22. ELECTRIC BLUE Icehouse (1987, #1)
21. WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN Bangles (1986, #1)
20. THE ONLY WAY IS UP Yazz & the Plastic Population (1988, #2)
19. GLORIA Laura Branigan (1982, #1)
18. SHADDUP YOU FACE Joe Dolce Music Theatre (1980, 31)
17. KOKOMO The Beach Boys (1988, #1)
16. WE ARE THE WORLD USA For Africa (1985, #1)
15. (I'VE HAD) TIME OF MY LIFE Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes (1987, #1)
14. YOU'RE THE VOICE John Farnham (1986, #1)
13. OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL Bob Seger (1984/87, #3)
12. FLASHDANCE...WHAT A FEELING Irene Cara (1983, #1)
11. RUN TO PARADISE Choirboys (1987, #3)
10. DOWN UNDER Men At Work (1981/83, #1)
…9. LOCOMOTION Kylie Minogue (1987, #1)
…8. LA BAMBA Los Lobos (1987, #1)
…7. ISLANDS IN THE STREAM Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers (1983, #1)
…6. GHOSTBUSTERS Ray Parker, Jr. (1984, #2)
…5. I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU Stevie Wonder (1984, #1)
…4. SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE Robert Palmer (1988, #1)
…3. AUSTRALIANA Austen Tayshus (1983, #1)
…2. DANCING IN THE DARK Bruce Springsteen (1984, #5)
…1. NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP Rick Astley (1987, #1)
I know Roxy Music's 'jealous guy' is a cover of the John Lennon track,but is johnny logan's hold me now a cover of the thompson twins song or totally different? Can't say i've ever heard of johnny logan.
Uptown Funk falls out of the Top 10 finally after 21 weeks. The table has now been updated accordingly!

@Chri8topher: Was that chart based on chart runs or number of singles sold? I think that is the burning question right now!

@jesse77: Johnny Logan is Irish-Australian. His version of Hold Me Now was a different song entirely that he wrote and performed for 1987 Eurovision (representing Ireland). The song ended up winning Eurovision that year.
Heard from David Kent - he said about my request for EOY charts based on sales:

"Sorry, I don't have the data based on record company sales. I do have something which may be of interest."

He is going to post it out to me - but I assume it's probably the list above, which to me still looks like it's based on chart runs, given Dancing In The Dark's position.
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Thanks ozfrog! i learn something new every day
That's a shame that David Kent can't provide an EOY chart based on sales for those years. I would've thought it would be possible by just tallying the weekly sales (if he still has those figures) for likely contenders to see which one comes out on top (at least for the #1 single for the year).
The post has been updated with Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean, currently sitting at 18 consecutive weeks in the Top 10!
Very narrowly dodged Macklemore getting added to this list

Even though Downtown has many more unique listeners / purchases...

The other way to look at it is if your song is a laborious 5 minutes, people are going to wear out of it sooner. Same reason Can't Hold Us is listened to far more than Same Love (and Thrift Shop actually) nowadays.
What Do You Mean now increases to 19 weeks...
What do you mean continues remain top 10 as the same people are listening to the song again & again. This is supported by the ridiculousness that a single artist continues to have 3 songs in the top 10 over and over again. It's low in the radio plays now. What about each stream for the hardcore sales Adele made on iTunes? Are we saying they purchased it once that's it... Applaurable... We will have to hear how Bieber has broken record after record without looking at how he got them.

Please someone tell me in the last 10 weeks what number the song would have been without streams...it's becoming very close to my mind switching off.
Will be interesting to see how many weeks What Do You Mean? ends up with . My guess is that 19 or 20 will be it. Also will be interesting to see if Love Yourself ends up outdoing that, my guess is that it'll probably end up on this list but just fall short of What Do You Mean?'s total. I am ready for What Do You Mean? to leave the top 10 though, but it could definitely be worse. At least Downtown isn't having What Do You Mean's top 10 longevity
It is mind boggling how a song that's over 3 months old can continue to remain in the top ten for so long. Not to worry nate-o,i think in the next week or two you'll see WDYM slide out of the top ten as newer music begins to get played and released,but i think the streams are no different to someone repeatedly playing a song on youtube except that one is counted in terms of sales and the other isn't.If streams weren't included record co's would still find a way to spin that their clients/artists are breaking sales records everywhere where in actual fact it would be much further from the truth. As usual i'm blathering and making no sense,only this time it's not late at night lol
What Do You Mean? just dropped out of Digital Tracks top 10 this week. For what it's worth though, on last.fm (where Spotify largely dictates the listeners nowadays), the track is only running on a mean of 4 listens per listener, which is about 2% of a sale equivalent per user, so it is A LOT of people listening. He'll likely leave the top 10 for good this week.
If WDYM has been a top 10 seller all this time then I don't quite see your point Nate
It wasn't this week anton
I'm more shocked at how Bieber has managed to have 3 tracks in the Top 10 for sooo long now rather then WDYMs longevity myself. It's starting to get ridiculous, no wait it already is.
WDYM has now finished its current Top 10 run at 19 weeks!
Hey OzFrog, in the list you've got Take Me To Church listed as still in the top 10.
Updated! Thanks Tennis
Been a while since this list was last updated, but now with Drake's One Dance achieving 16 weeks in the Top 10 this week, it can now be added to the above list.

Any bets on whether it will last longer?
Depends on if he puts out a video for it lol. Should have a couple more weeks at least I think.
One Dance almost fell out of the Top 10 this week, but still manages to notch up 17 consecutive weeks.

The one I have my eye on now is This Is What You Came For. It too almost dropped out this week, but is currently at 15 weeks in the 10. Can it sustain another week?
^^ And surely enough it did! As One Dance falls out of the Top 10 this week, TIWYCF has managed to get to 16 weeks!
And the latest one to hit 16 weeks is Closer by the Chainsmokers. Still at #5 nationally, which means it will most likely notch up another 1-2 weeks inside the Top 10.
Haha I was just thinking about this thread, thanks for keeping it updated.
17 weeks now for Closer. The next song currently in the Top 10 with a slim chance of hitting 16 weeks is Dancing On My Own - however that has dropped to #7 this week after 13 weeks and looks likely to fall out of the Top 10 in the next week or two.
Closer notches up its 19th week in a row. Can it break the 20 mark?
Unfortunately yes.
And with that, Closer becomes the 18th single since at least 1969 to last at least 20 weeks in the Australian Top 10.

The most recent song to go 21 weeks was Uptown Funk last year, and for 22 weeks we go back to 2006 with Flaunt It. What type or genre of song would one think we'd expect nowadays to be in with a chance of another ultra-long run of the type of November Rain or Fernando?
I am seriously starting to scratch my head now. 21 weeks in the Top 10 for Closer. One of only 13 songs to have lasted at least this long in the last 45 years or so.

But yet when you compare it to other 21-weekers like Uptown Funk, I Gotta Feeling, Roar, etc, it simply does not strike me as a song that would be popular enough to sustain such a long Top 10 run.

EDIT: Another thought just sprung to mind as I posted the above. Incidentally, Starboy notches up week 10 at the #2 spot (albeit non-consecutive runs), but has not gone #1 yet. The last (and so far only other) song to go 10 weeks at #2 without ever hitting #1 was Moves Like Jagger 5 years ago.
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Honestly Closer feels like the Roar of 2016. Both were released just past the halfway point in the year, both were an instant smash, both spent 9 weeks at #1 and Closer looks pretty much certain to be EOY #1. I can mostly understand its lengthy presence in the top 10 but it's still a little weird

Also poor Starboy
You have to keep in mind that Closer is keeping its lofty position thanks to streaming, it's an immovable object in the top 3 on Spotify because it had SUCH a huge lead, and the playlists aren't dumping it yet. It was down to #17 on digital tracks.
@Zacco good point about Closer being the new Roar. If memory serves me correctly, Roar just narrowly pipped Blurred Lines at the post for EOY #1. It was a crazy time indeed.

The last song to do more than 10 weeks at #2 was Love Story back in 2009 (11 weeks total), but that also managed to get to #1 during its run. So it'll be fascinating to see what Starboy does in the next couple of weeks.

@Hijinx also a good point you've raised about streaming. Interestingly enough though, on Aussie iTunes, the track has stormed back into the Top 5 again. So I wonder whether this will mean yet another week or two in the Top 10 (in which case, it will match or even possibly overtake Flaunt It and Hey Jude).

How long was Moves Like Jagger? 10 weeks?
Yeah it's kind of a perfect storm of good release timing. Closer inevitably gets an iTunes boost on Christmas because it's generally kids (or thereabouts) who get vouchers for Christmas, and in my experience, they can't get enough of that song Maybe it'll chart similarly to how Gangnam Style did at this time of the year, the momentum surely has to run out soon!
@antonnalan Moves Like Jagger was indeed 10 consecutive weeks at #2 without making #1 (first 2 weeks behind Someone Like You, and then 8 weeks behind Somebody That I Used To Know for all of its #1 run). And this was the same year that Give Me Everything also had a longish stretch at #2 (6 weeks).

That period in 2011 at the time was crazy Top 10 wise, because the songs were just so strong in general. At one point, you had Someone Like You, Party Rock Anthem, Rolling In The Deep, Moves Like Jagger and Give Me Everything all in the same weekly Top 10 (and all songs that would eventually make the EOY Top 10). Very rare that you would see that nowadays.
So not one, but TWO records get matched this week...

Closer becomes the first song in over 10 years to notch up 22 consecutive weeks in the Top 10, matching Flaunt It set in 2006 and Hey Jude set in 1969. With its rebound inside the Top 10 back to #4 this week, we might possibly see a couple more weeks yet, meaning some long-standing records could get broken...

Starboy tentatively breaks the non-#1 most weeks spent at #2 this week, notching up 11 weeks and surpassing the 10 weeks gained by Moves Like Jagger back in 2011. It still remains to be seen, however, if it will eventually reach #1 the way that Taylor Swift did back in 2009 with Love Story...
23 weeks now for Closer! And in doing so becomes the first song in 20 years to go longer than 22 weeks inside the Top 10. The odds are looking good thus far for the Chainsmokers to hit 24 weeks next week...

And poor Starboy! It now has the dubious honour of being held at #2 for 6 weeks EACH by two different songs. This also means that the song itself has now amassed the most weeks at #2 ever on the Australian singles chart, regardless of whether or not it does hit #1 (and sadly the odds are drifting more and more every week).
I think the new Sheeran tracks have sealed Closer's fate, looks like it could be #12 this week.
And surely enough @Hijinx, your prediction was close to correct.

Closer is now out of the Top 10 to #13 after a massive 23-week run, including 9 weeks at #1. Starboy also falls to #6 this week after 12 weeks at #2 (beating both Love Story and Moves Like Jagger).
It's now 18 weeks in the 10 for Starboy!
Nothing really to report in terms of new songs hitting 16+ weeks, but nevertheless worthy to note that Shape Of You has hit 13 weeks at the top spot. This now draws Shape Of You level with Gangsta's Paradise in terms of the #1 run, and puts it in good stead to have a pretty lengthy run in the Top 10.

The current iTunes charts does NOT look promising for SOY in terms of a 14th week at the top next week (and thus equalling with ABBA's Fernando), but provided he can stay close to the top end, a decent Top 10 run is certainly within sights.

It's been a few weeks, so apologies for not updating this.

Obviously the latest song to hit these records is Shape Of You, which notches up 19 weeks this week (including a total of 15 weeks at the top, which draws it level with Hey Jude on the all-time list). I wouldn't be surprised if it gets another week or two inside the 10 after this.
I'm from the UK, but I like to study the Music Charts of other Countries.

OzFrog - You say that The Beatles 'Hey Jude' spent 15 Weeks at No.1 in Australia. (1968). However, Wikipedia Lists every Australian No.1 Hit and it gives 'Hey Jude' 13 Australian No.1 Weeks. All 13 Weeks were in 1968.



Wikipedia also has a Page about Australian Chart Feats & it too gives 'Hey Jude' 13 Weeks at No.1.



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@colin33 hey thank for your message! Basically it comes down to the fact that up until 1997, the Kent/AMR/ARIA charts had a 2-3 week break over Xmas and NY in which no charts were published.

So because Hey Jude was a crossover between 1968 and 1969, there are essentially 2 "ghost" weeks in that Xmas/NY period, in which it is assumed that Hey Jude still held #1 during those weeks.

Hope that makes sense!
And with Shape Of You hanging in at #8 this week, it now clocks up 23 consecutive weeks in the Top 10 - same as Closer did just 5 months ago! Can it last another week and level off with Fernando, Breathe and November Rain?
This week, Shape Of You becomes only the 4th song in 41 years to go 24 consecutive weeks in the Australian Top 10, and the first in 20 years to do so.

All eyes will be on this now to see if it breaks this long-standing record next week!
And it's over! After 24 weeks, Shape Of You has finally dropped out of the Top 10. It can be proud of the fact that it holds the joint record for both most weeks in the Top 10 AND most weeks at #1.
Despacito now joins the list of long running Top 10 hits, notching up its 16th week this week where incidentally it has concluded an astonishing 13-week run at #1. With it still at #3, we can expect a few more weeks in the 10 bar a massive plunge out next week.
Despacito ended up getting 18 weeks,I Fall Apart is currently on 16 weeks, Havana got 17 weeks, Rockstar got 19 weeks and Perfect is currently on 20 weeks
You need to add "Youngblood" by 5 Seconds of Summer (19 weeks as of the 17th of September).
"Be Alright" needs to be added as it has now spent 19 weeks in the Top 10. "Youngblood" ended up getting 20 weeks.
Perfect by Ed Sheeran at 25 weeks is now the longest running track.

Eastside for Benny Blanco feat Halsey & Khalid is now up to 23 weeks (as of 21st of Jan chart).

I'd be happy to hear that statistic if it wasn't such a poor song
Shotgun and Eastside have now spent 23 and 24 weeks in the Top 10 respectively.
Hey hey! Sorry to have been a stransger the last year and a bit. Things have been frickin crazy while I've been overseas. But today I FINALLY got a chance to update this. And all I can say is WOW to all the songs that went 20+ weeks during 2018/9.

From hereon in, now that things are just a little more settled on my end here in the UK, I'll be coming back to this more actively. So knock yourself out at all of the additions to the list!
With the new chart that’s just been released, we farewell George Ezra and Benny Blanco & Co this week from the Top 10. 23 and 24 weeks in the Top 10, respectively.

Which means the longest running song in the Top 10 at the moment is Without Me by Halsey, which incidentally makes the list this week as it notches up its 16th consecutive week in the 10.
Halsey adds another week to her run this week, and goes up to a total of 17 consecutive!
Halsey now at 18 weeks, and Gaga and Bradley make it on the list this week with their 16th in total!
Latest updates:

This week, Halsey goes to 19 weeks with Without Me, although whether she will stay in the Top 10 next week is anyone’s guess. Gaga & Bradley notch up their 17th. And one that I completely overlooked last week - Sunflower also goes to 17 weeks this week for Post Malone and Swae Lee.

Something to watch: Halsey has been involved in 2 songs that have gone 20+ weeks in the Top 10. If Without Me goes to 20 next week, she will be the only artist with THREE songs to have notched 20+ weeks in the Top 10.
What's a Halsey?
Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (born September 29, 1994), known professionally as Halsey is an American singer and songwriter

Unless you were being sarcastic about it Bretticus.
haha I was, I just can't believe she's so "popular"
Haha @Bretticus, I know what you mean, I'm not a massive fan of her either
Latest updates:

And she’s done it! Without Me cracks the 20-week mark, making Halsey the only artist in Australian chart history to have had 20+ weeks in the Australian Top 10 with a solo hit (Without Me), a duet (Closer), AND a multi-collaboration (Eastside).

And with Shallow having won Best Song at the Oscars, it has rebounded to #1 (?!), thus notching up 18 weeks. And Sunflower also gets to 18 this week.

It will be a while yet before we would see any new songs come onto the list...
Shallow and Sunflower have just clicked up 20 weeks in the Top 10.

Nicolette Frangipane lol
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Hey guys, been trying to update, however it’s giving me permission errors when I press Submit to commit the changes. Maybe one of the admins could see what’s going on?
Yeah for some reason there are a lot of seemingly random keyword traps that make this happen. Best solution for the time being is to change australian-charts.com to hitparade.ch in the thread URL (like so https://hitparade.ch/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=44483&pages=#120 ) and update your post through there.
I tried to isolate the cause (by trial and error) and it seems to be in Carly Rae Jepsen's song title, so as an alternative, if you censor it to "C*LL ME MAYBE" I think it'll work via aus-charts.
Finally updated via hitparade.ch.

Shallow and Sunflower up to 20 weeks. Halsey’s run also finished at 20 weeks last week.
21 weeks now for both Shallow and Sunflower. With both songs still holding steady in the Top 5, they may get a couple of weeks extra on that tally.

I said a few weeks ago it would be a little while before we saw any new entries on the list. However, Ava Max has surprised me this week by hanging on to #10 and thus getting 16 weeks with Sweet But Psycho.

The next longest sitting in the Top 10 after the aforementioned 3 is Post Malone’s Wow with 11 weeks. So will be at least 5 weeks away before we see any new entries...
Sweet But Psycho falls out this week, capping Ava Max’s run at 16 weeks.

Shallow and Sunflower both go to 22 weeks (it’s getting crowded up the top end now). Sunflower especially seems unstoppable at this stage...
It looks like Billie Eilish's album will push Shallow out of the top 10 next week, but not Sunflower.
Sunflower will probably overtake Perfect.
Shallow has dropped 7 spots to #15 after 22 weeks in the Top 10.
Sunflower is down 3 to #6 in its 23rd charting week in the Top 10.
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I was thinking Khalid's album could pose a threat to Sunflower but it's looking like a dud on Spotify, only Talk is only barely ahead and thus might not even overtake it since its sales aren't great. Jonas Brothers are also on a slow start so they look out of the question too. Looking pretty safe right now for some more weeks.
^ And Post's tour starts in barely 3 weeks in Australia.
Sunflower is down one spot to #7 and notches up a 24th week in the Top 10.
All updated now folks! Big question at this point... can Sunflower make it 25 CONSECUTIVE weeks next week? Not even Perfect managed to do this!
Early trends are pointing to yes.
Sunflower remains stable at #7 this week, now spending its 25th week in the Top 10. It's the longest consecutive run in the Top 10 ever and longest Top 10 hit ever, tied with Ed Sheeran's Perfect
The entire time no lower than #7 no less. Not sure it'll even drop next week as none of the new/climbing songs are looking to move up enough, and it might even overtake "Wow." again at this rate.
25 weeks for Sunflower! If it hits 26 next week, it will be exactly half a year (?!).

Also, Post Malone goes 16 with Wow., so will be interesting to see how many more he gets with this one (he’s already in the listing 4 times, with Wow, Sunflower, Rockstar and I Fall Apart).
Sunflower moves back up a spot to #6 and clocks up 26 weeks in the Top 10, becoming the longest Top 10 ever in Australia.

Wow. is down 1 to #7 and has now spent 17 weeks in the Top 10.
When Perfect went 25 weeks in the Top 10 last year, it was thought that no one else would match or break that record for a long time (it had, after all, taken 42 years to surpass the 24 week record originally set by ABBA’s Fernando back in 1976).

And yet over a year later, the record has been broken again! Sunflower notches up 26 consecutive weeks to claim the record for the longest running Australian Top 10 hit in chart history. It also becomes the first ever song to spend exactly six months in the Top 10.

And with his Australian tour imminent, Post Malone could still notch up even more weeks yet...
Incidentally I was doing some research last night and came across this Top 10 from 9 December last year. It is absolutely uncanny the amount of songs in there at the time that would eventually go 20+ weeks in their Top 10 runs:

2. SHALLOW - 22 weeks
3. SHOTGUN - 23 weeks
4. WITHOUT ME - 20 weeks
7. EASTSIDE - 24 weeks
9. BE ALRIGHT - 21 weeks

Are we slowly seeing a situation where these long runs are becoming the norm rather than the exception?
Yazz and The Plastic Population's 'The Only Way Is Up' should be added to the 16-week tally above. Although it appeared to only spend 15 weeks in the top 10, going by the printed top 50 charts at the time, ARIA dated their 1988 charts 13 days after the chart survey date (e.g. the top 50 chart dated week ending 11 December 1988 actually matches the chart survey conducted 28 November 1988), in keeping with AMR charts they had used for the first few months of the year.

There was actually a two-week gap with no chart over Christmas 1988, rather than the one week gap in the top 50 printed charts. The last chart survey of 1988 (19/12/1988) corresponds with the printed top 50 chart dated week ending 8 January 1989, and the first chart survey of 1989 (9/1/1989) corresponds with the printed top 50 chart dated week ending 15 January 1989.
@OzFrog: James Blunt's You're Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover spent each 16 straight weeks in the Top 10.
@Nugs if I'm understanding correctly, does that mean the 2-week gap is between the charts dated 08/01/1989 and 15/01/1989 on this site?

I think I'd seen a mention of that on GavinScott's site, but hadn't read into it further. Even outside of the extra week from moving the dates forward, it's very easy to assume the gap was in the same place as the gap in the dates (i.e. between the 25/12/1988 and 08/01/1989 charts). Does the same apply to the 1989-1996 Christmas breaks too (e.g. the gap actually being between the charts dated 13/01/1991 and 20/01/1991)?
@Innocent Eyes, I double checked You’re Beautiful... it only did 14 weeks. But you are correct on Goodbye My Lover - I’ll add that on for 16 weeks.
@Nugs - I’m going by the chart runs both from here and in my personal collection - they both say 15 weeks. So unless/until the chart run is updated on here, I’m leaving it as is.
I'd assumed you had everything, but since Goodbye My Lover was missing I had a look and found 3 more with 16 weeks: 50 Cent - In Da Club, David Guetta feat. Akon - Sexy Bitch and Boyzone - No Matter What
Sorry Ozfrog about You're Beautiful. Completely forgot that it spent its first two charting weeks at #11.
Sunflower and Wow. remain at #6 and #7 respectively, clocking up a 27th and 18th week in the Top 10 respectively.
Everyone’s comments and feedback have been noted and listing updated as such. On a related note, I’m tossing up whether to stop listing the 16-week runs, as we now have 34 songs on that list and it appears to be becoming the norm rather than the exception. Of course if you guys prefer I keep it up, I’m more than happy to do so.
28 weeks for Sunflower, and Wow falls out of the 10 this week, capping its run at 18 weeks!

Next longest in the Top 10 at the moment is Sucker at 10 weeks, followed by 3 Nights at 9 weeks. So it will be a while before any new songs hit the list.
Hmm... Pretty good.
One more week for Sunflower brings it to 29, however the song itself falls to #10 this week. Can it manage one more next week to get the tally to 30?
It's really hard to tell haha. If Halsey pulls good streaming numbers she can get a top 10 debut which would push Sunflower out, but otherwise all the other songs just outside the top 10 are also on the way down so it's hard to see them overtaking it.

On the other hand, "ME!" is starting to fall fast so that could fall behind Sunflower
Halsey's new single has entered at #51 on Spotify. Not sure it will enter the Top 10 next week.
One spot back up to #9 for Sunflower and thus makes it 30 consecutive weeks. The song has now spent SEVEN MONTHS in the Top 10.
IT’S OVER! After 30 consecutive weeks, Sunflower has finally dropped out of the Top 10! The record it has set will be one for the ages. Many congratulations to Post Malone and Swae Lee!
And just when we all thought it was over...

Sunflower re-enters the Top 10 this week to make it 31 weeks. It now holds the record for most weeks, both consecutive and non-consecutive.
Finally a new update after what has been a couple of quiet months...

Billie Eilish debuts on the list this week as Bad Guy notches up 16 weeks. Lil Nas X will in all certainty debut next week with Old Town Road.
Sorry for the late updates, had internet issues all of last week.

So Bad Guy currently sits at 18 weeks, with the song still sitting in the Top 5. Old Town Road is at 17 weeks as it holds on to #2.
One more week each this week for Bad Guy and Old Town Road!
I think End Of The Road by Boys II Men spent 16 weeks in the top ten.

You could of just looked that up in the search section at the top of the page.

End of the Road - 14 weeks in the T10

^ I think Darren is right that it's 16 weeks including the Christmas break though!
Thank you for spotting End Of The Road! Indeed it did 16 weeks in the Top 10 including the break weeks of Xmas/NY 1992-3. I’ve added it to the list.

Meanwhile in current day news, Bad Guy breaks the 20-week mark and Old Town Road gets to 19.
Bad Guy hitches up to 21 weeks while Old Town Road strikes 20. Both songs are still in the Top 5, so virtually guaranteed that they’ll both add more weeks to their tallies.
Bad Guy is down to the lower reaches of the Top 10 this week as she goes up to 22 weeks. Will be interesting to see if she gets one more week.

Old Town Road still holds steady in the Top 5 and gets 21 weeks this week. It should comfortably add at least one more week to the tally.

Nearest song to making the list is Senorita with 10 weeks and no signs of dropping out of the Top 3 just yet.
Not sure it'll make it, but at the moment, Sunflower is #9 on Apple & Spotify since it's on Post's new album
Apologies for the late update (internet issues)...

+1 again for Bad Guy and Old Town Road, but with Bad Guy falling to #10 this week, this may be it for Billie Eilish.

However, Lil NAS X returns to the Top 3 this week, so unless something drastic happens, he will have a couple more weeks yet.
So as predicted yesterday, Bad Guy’s run has capped at 23 weeks. Old Town Road drops to #6 this week, but now also moves up to 23 weeks. If it can hold on for another week, it will become the 5th song within the last 3 years to go 24+ (consider that before this, there had been only 3 songs since 1976 to achieve 24 weeks, and this was the record that stood right up until the first half of last year).

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