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Forum - General: TV Shows related - Celebrity Pop Star

Seen the ad for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and they say a record breaking pop singer will be on the show.

Who do we suspect it could be?

I have my money on either Guy, Shannon or Anthony Calea as they seem like they could fit the record breaking tag.

Gotye is a maybe but I wouldn't call him a popstar.
maybe Leonardo's Bride lol
I don't think Guy Sebastian will be allowed to move to Channel 10?

When Ten claim 'record-breaking', it might be exaggerated, and probably applies to a minor chart statistic that the artist has achieved.

But who knows?

Kudos to Ten though for taking larger risks with formats in comparison to Channels Seven and Nine. Apparently there's an Australian version of Survivor coming to Channel Ten next year as well.
Olivia Newton-John?
I have been curious about this too. I will just guess Callea and then wait to be proven wrong.
I can actually see Shannon Noll being the person. Although did they say they were Australian? I can't remember the ad.
Shannon Noll or Anthony Callea haven't really broken a record as Guy still outsold them however maybe their songs sold more in the first day or something and that is the record breaking claim?

Unless it's Scott Cain or some random but I would hardly call him a celebrity.

The ad also implied it is an Aussie artist as the female host makes a comment and then the male host swings overseas to mention there will be a Hollywood heartthrob, model and comedian in the cast (presumably all American).
I think Shannon holds the record for most consecutive Top 10 singles by an Australian male and I think Anthony holds the record for fastest selling single of an Australian.

Plus those two might see the show as a way of relaunching their chart career.
Calleas more into Xmas related stuff these days so if it's him I doubt that.
If it isn't Callea then Nollsy is my 2nd prediction.
An international DJ is also going to be in this. First I thought maybe Martin Garrix but he is too recent. Will have to be someone who isn't big atm. Maybe someone random like DJ Quicksilver.

Who do you think the international DJ could be?
Havana Brown. Irrelevant enough to need an appearance here for the boost, and due to the success of We Run The Night overseas, probably qualifies to the marketing department as an international DJ.

I instantly thought Callea for the pop star. Of course the "record-breaking" isn't necessarily a proper record and could just be something the marketing department came up with to ramp up speculation and make the cast seem exciting. This record could be something age-related making it Nikki Webster, or it could be Lee Harding: record holder for the highest selling song called "Wasabi".
Ooh I like the idea of Nikki Webster. And I reckon its Havana Brown. Really that's the only DJ mainstream Australia would know by name.
Havana Brown did come to mind. I doubt they'd mean radio DJ otherwise they'd say so
Didn't Nicki Webster recently have a kid?

I think you might be spot on with HB.
Shannon holds the record for most consecutive top 10s by any artist ever on the ARIA chart, so it could be him, but have noticed he has gigs booked for the time period the show was aired last year. Shannon has just signed with Warner music and has a new single coming soon, so it's a big possibility it is him.

Maybe Melissa Tkautz or Vanessa Amorosi? Isn't Vanessa the youngest Aust. female to have a #1 album and Melissa a #1 single?
Update on the celebrity popstar says "he is an Australian chart topper in Oz & the US"

Gotye could fit the bill but so could Darren Hayes. This rules out all Idol contestants.

If It was Oz & the UK I would say Peter Andre.

I can't think of any other male artists that have done well in the US.
The way the media and advertisers are, I would take the "record breaking" comment with a grain of salt. With that being said, you could be thinking a bit too current. What about a Leo Sayer type?
Or maybe it could be Olvia Newton John.
Curious what the record is though.
I'm sooo watching the show (for the first time) if it's Darren and I'm sooo not watching the show if it's Goatse.

By the way, it could be Rick Springfield. It can't be Olivia Newton-John, Liftie. She didn't a have a penis the last time I checked...well, I've never checked but you know what I mean. lol
Maybe I am thinking too recent but I am tipping Darren to be the celeb pop star. He has had a low profile since his stint as a judge on whatever show he was on. Could be a way for him to reignite his popularity.
Ok, maybe one of you clever music buffs can think of something here...

The clues they have given as to who is in the jungle are based on chocolates:
Violet Crumble,
Summer Roll,
Rocky Road,
Old Gold (I am guessing an Olympian for this one),
Twirl (a dancer?),
Kit Kat (someone who has had a break maybe),
Guerlain and

Do any stand out for a male Aussie record breaking pop star?
Apparently whoever the popstar is has apparently performed for/in front of the Queen.
Summer Roll surely has to be Shannon Noll!
actually that makes a lot of sense,lifts
A few musicians.

Jo Beth Taylor
Anthony Callea
Dean Geyer
Havanna Brown
I can't match the celeb to the choc bar name tbh.
It's back.

This year another popstar. The clues include:
*one of the biggest names in Australian TV
*pop diva
*soap star
*number of top 10 hits.

Kylie or Delta perhaps?
It's more likely Kylie. I don't think Delta would go to Channel 10 for this especially since she's one of the coaches in The Voice (I know that Kylie was also a coach but not the Australian version).
Toni Pearen?
Dannii? Or possibly Natalie Imbruglia?
Last edited:
Melissa Tkautz? lol
Melissa is supposed to be on that Real Housewives show, so probably not her, unless her desperation is at a really high level!

There's also a "singing sensation" who has won an ARIA award and is an author.
As someone that has only recently been bingeing on the UK I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here for no particular reason and has ashamedly really enjoy the TV show, you must understand that all the celebrities are usually in a lull in their career, or have past their prime decades ago. Any sensible celebrity that has work to do, careers to build or have busy schedules wouldn't even dare go on a trashy reality show. + A lot of celebrities that enter show usually have strong personalities or have a strong enough legacy/reputation to warrant being on the show.

Delta is still way too wildly successful right now to bother, but I could be wrong. Dannii is more likely than Kylie.
I'm more interested in which Brownlow winner will be on there. Smart money is on Crawford or Aker
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I don't know my AFL but totally Aker
I thought Aker. I think Crawford is linked to Nine with the Footy Show which may rule him out. Other theories I've heard are Dipper and Dane Swan, but I don't think Swan has enough personality.
and news.com.au are picking Casey Donovan for the "singing sensation" and Samantha Jade/Natalie Bassingthwaite for # of top 10 hits, all very plausible guesses.


I don't Dane Swan could go for that long in the jungle without his recreational fun times
It's clearly Woewodin because he's the one who has nothing on his CV except that Brownlow
Casey Donovan definitely sounds like a strong contender for "singing sensation". I think Nat Bass is more likely than Samantha Jade for the pop star, but there are so many options for that one.
Nat Bass and Casey it is!

Good guessing bluezombie
Omfg it is Dane Swan. Nice work, BZ.

Surprised he can pull himself out of Revs for long enough to go to the jungle tbh 😛

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