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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Irelander's Hot 100! - 2016

Every week I produce a chart of my favourite songs. You know the drill.

IPAC 2016: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=45701
EOY thread: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=45336
IH100 2010: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=30652
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IH100 2014: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=42291
IH100 2015: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=43979

Number Ones: 2009-2015

18-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun
23-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun (2)
30-Nov-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life
7-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (2)
14-Dec-09White Rabbits - The Lady Vanishes
21-Dec-09Pearl Jam - The End
28-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (3)
4-Jan-10Pearl Jam - The Fixer
11-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash
18-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash (2)
25-Jan-10Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun
1-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (4)
8-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (5)
15-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk
22-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (2)
1-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (3)
8-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (4)
15-Mar-10The Model School - It's Hard To Dance When Your Legs Are On Fire
22-Mar-10Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known
29-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
5-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (2)
12-Apr-10Deep Sea Arcade - Lonely In Your Arms
19-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
26-Apr-10MGMT - Flash Delirium
3-May-10MGMT - Flash Delirium (2)
10-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
17-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn (2)
24-May-10Local Natives - Airplanes
31-May-10Passion Pit - The Reeling
7-Jun-10Passion Pit - The Reeling (2)
14-Jun-10Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
21-Jun-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
28-Jun-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday
5-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (2)
12-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (3)
19-Jul-10Yves Klein Blue - Digital Love
26-Jul-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat
2-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (2)
9-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (3)
16-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses
23-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (2)
30-Aug-10Grizzly Bear - Dory
6-Sep-10Grizzly Bear - Dory (2)
13-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle
20-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (2)
27-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (3)
4-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (4)
11-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (5)
18-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand
25-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand (2)
1-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic
8-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic (2)
15-Nov-10Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight
22-Nov-10Gyroscope - What Do I Know About Pain?
29-Nov-10Deep Sea Arcade - Keep On Walking
6-Dec-10Washington - Underground
13-Dec-10Washington - Underground (2)
20-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
27-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (2)
3-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (3)
10-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (4)
17-Jan-11The Novocaines - Adhere To
24-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro
31-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro (2)
7-Feb-11The Novocaines - Adhere To (2)
14-Feb-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias
21-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo
28-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo (2)
7-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (2)
14-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (3)
21-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (4)
28-Mar-11Lykke Li - Get Some
4-Apr-11Eddie Vedder - Longing To Belong
11-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (5)
18-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (6)
25-Apr-11Quiet Child - Underage & Well Behaved
2-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight
9-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight (2)
16-May-11Children Collide - Loveless
23-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (2)
30-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (3)
6-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep
13-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (2)
20-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (3)
27-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (4)
4-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
11-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (2)
18-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (3)
25-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (4)
1-Aug-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (5)
8-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look
15-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (2)
22-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (3)
29-Aug-11Metronomy - The Bay
5-Sep-11Taking Back Sunday - Sad Savior
12-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis
19-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (2)
26-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (3)
3-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls
10-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (2)
17-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (4)
24-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (5)
31-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (3)
7-Nov-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (4)
14-Nov-11Children Collide - Asleep On My Feet
21-Nov-11Woe & Flutter - Cities Of The Red Night
28-Nov-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You
5-Dec-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You (2)
12-Dec-11Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know
19-Dec-11Boy - Waitress
26-Dec-11Boy - Waitress (2)
2-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (3)
9-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (4)
16-Jan-12Boy - Little Numbers
23-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (5)
30-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (6)
6-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (7)
13-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (8)
20-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam
27-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam (2)
5-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down
12-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down (2)
19-Mar-12Boy - Waitress (9)
26-Mar-12Boy - Drive Darling
2-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
9-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (2)
16-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (3)
23-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (4)
30-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (5)
7-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On
14-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On (2)
21-May-12Django Django - Default
28-May-12Django Django - Default (2)
4-Jun-12Django Django - Default (3)
11-Jun-12Django Django - Default (4)
18-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American
25-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American (2)
2-Jul-12Portugal. The Man - So American (3)
9-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone
16-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (2)
23-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (3)
30-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (4)
6-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta
13-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta (2)
20-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again
27-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (2)
3-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (3)
10-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (4)
17-Sep-12Loon Lake - Fantastica
24-Sep-12Redcoats - Raven
1-Oct-12Redcoats - Raven (2)
8-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby
15-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (2)
22-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (3)
29-Oct-12Muse - Panic Station
5-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground
12-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground (2)
19-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick!
26-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (2)
3-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (3)
10-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (4)
17-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (5)
24-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness
31-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (2)
7-Jan-13Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (3)
14-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace
21-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (2)
28-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (3)
4-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound
11-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (2)
18-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (3)
25-Feb-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You
4-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (2)
11-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (3)
18-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (4)
25-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (5)
1-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (6)
8-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (7)
15-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (8)
22-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (9)
29-Apr-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine
6-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (2)
13-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (3)
20-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature
27-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature (2)
3-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (4)
10-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (5)
17-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (6)
24-Jun-13Washed Out - It All Feels Right
1-Jul-13Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
8-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action
15-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (2)
22-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (3)
29-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (4)
5-Aug-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (5)
12-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
19-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (2)
26-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (3)
2-Sep-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (4)
9-Sep-13Franz Ferdinand - Love Illumination
16-Sep-13Davey Lane - You're The Cops, I'm The Crime
23-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor
30-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (2)
7-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (3)
14-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (4)
21-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (5)
28-Oct-13The Jungle Giants - Home
4-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (6)
11-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (7)
18-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye
25-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye (2)
2-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart
9-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (2)
16-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (3)
23-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini
30-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini (2)
6-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (3)
13-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (4)
20-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (5)
27-Jan-14Run The Jewels - A Christmas Fucking Miracle
3-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold)
10-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold) (2)
17-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold) (3)
24-Feb-14Holy Holy - Impossible Like You
3-Mar-14Holy Holy - Impossible Like You (2)
10-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters
17-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (2)
24-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (3)
31-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (4)
7-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life
14-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (2)
21-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (3)
28-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (4)
5-May-14Temples - Colours To Life (5)
12-May-14Temples - Colours To Life (6)
19-May-14Run The Jewels - Get It
26-May-14Run The Jewels - Get It (2)
2-Jun-14Run The Jewels - Get It (3)
9-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures
16-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures (2)
23-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures (3)
30-Jun-14DZ Deathrays - Keep Myself On Edge
7-Jul-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year
14-Jul-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year (2)
21-Jul-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash
28-Jul-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (2)
4-Aug-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (3)
11-Aug-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (4)
18-Aug-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year (3)
25-Aug-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys
1-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (2)
8-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (3)
15-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (4)
22-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (5)
29-Sep-14Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck
6-Oct-14The Antlers - Palace
13-Oct-14The Antlers - Palace (2)
20-Oct-14The Love Junkies - In the Belly of My Beast
27-Oct-14The Love Junkies - In the Belly of My Beast (2)
3-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper
10-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (2)
17-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (3)
24-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (4)
1-Dec-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (5)
8-Dec-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (6)
15-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light
22-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light (2)
29-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light (3)
5-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville
12-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (2)
19-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (3)
26-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (4)
2-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (5)
9-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (6)
16-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (7)
23-Feb-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Ray Gun (ft. DOOM)
2-Mar-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
9-Mar-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown) (2)
16-Mar-15Catfish and the Bottlemen - Pacifier
23-Mar-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen
30-Mar-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen (2)
6-Apr-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen (3)
13-Apr-15Mew - Satellites
20-Apr-15Mew - Satellites (2)
27-Apr-15Mew - Satellites (3)
4-May-15Mew - Satellites (4)
11-May-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Food
18-May-15Foam - Oil Well
25-May-15Foam - Oil Well (2)
1-Jun-15Nick Hill - Know This
8-Jun-15The Ocean Party - Charters Towers
15-Jun-15The Ocean Party - Charters Towers (2)
22-Jun-15Boy - We Were Here
29-Jun-15Boy - We Were Here (2)
6-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (3)
13-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (4)
20-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (5)
27-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (6)
3-Aug-15Boy - We Were Here (7)
10-Aug-15Django Django - Found You
17-Aug-15Django Django - Found You (2)
24-Aug-15Django Django - Found You (3)
31-Aug-15FIDLAR - West Coast
7-Sep-15FIDLAR - West Coast (2)
14-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy
21-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy (2)
28-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy (3)
5-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk
12-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk (2)
19-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk (3)
26-Oct-15Boy - Fear
2-Nov-15Metric - The Shade
9-Nov-15Metric - The Shade (2)
16-Nov-15Drake - Hotline Bling
23-Nov-15Beach Baby - Limousine
30-Nov-15Beach Baby - Limousine (2)
7-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (3)
14-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (4)
21-Dec-15Olympia - Tourists
28-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (5)

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Number Ones: 2016

4-Jan-16Beach Baby - Limousine (6)
11-Jan-16Heron Oblivion - Oriar
18-Jan-16Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon
25-Jan-16Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon (2)
1-Feb-16Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon (3)
8-Feb-16Dumbo Gets Mad - Andromedian Girl
15-Feb-16Sunflower Bean - Wall Watcher
22-Feb-16Sunflower Bean - Wall Watcher (2)
29-Feb-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner
7-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (2)
14-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (3)
21-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (4)
28-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (5)
4-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man
11-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man (2)
18-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man (3)
25-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man (4)
2-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner
9-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (2)
16-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (3)
23-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (4)
30-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (5)
6-Jun-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (6)
13-Jun-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (7)
20-Jun-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (8)
27-Jun-16The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
4-Jul-16Autolux - Change My Head
11-Jul-16The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM) (2)
18-Jul-16Teleman - Düsseldorf
25-Jul-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (2)
1-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (3)
8-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (4)
15-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (5)
22-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (6)
29-Aug-16Crystal Castles - Char
5-Sep-16Crystal Castles - Char (2)
12-Sep-16Crystal Castles - Char (3)
19-Sep-16Glass Animals - Life Itself
26-Sep-16Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam - A 1000 Times
3-Oct-16Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam - A 1000 Times (2)
10-Oct-16Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam - A 1000 Times (3)
17-Oct-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me
24-Oct-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (2)
31-Oct-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (3)
7-Nov-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (4)
14-Nov-16Sleigh Bells - I Can Only Stare
21-Nov-16Temples - Certainty
28-Nov-16Temples - Certainty (2)
5-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (3)
12-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (4)
19-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (5)
26-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (6)

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Chart Statistics

Most entries by country

6New Zealand30

Also tied in 9th: Norway

Most entries by Australian State

1New South Wales300
4Western Australia118
5South Australia24
8Northern Territory1

Most weeks at #1

 Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You20139
3The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner20168
4Arcade FireReflektor20137
 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville20157
 BoyWe Were Here20157
7Those Dancing DaysFuckarias20116
 Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine20136
 TemplesColours To Life20146
 Jonathan BouletCreeper20146
 Beach BabyLimousine20156
14Friendly FiresKiss of Life20095
 Children CollideMy Eagle20105
 Aloe BlaccI Need A Dollar20115
 Kanye West & Jay-ZOtis (ft. Otis Redding)20115
 Arctic MonkeysR U Mine?20125
 The Magnetic FieldsQuick!20125
 Franz FerdinandRight Action20135

Also tied in 13th: Obits - Operation Bikini, Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys, The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner

Most entries by artist (not including credits)

1Franz Ferdinand24
3The Love Junkies20
4Friendly Fires19
 Kings of Leon19
 Taking Back Sunday19
 Two Door Cinema Club19
8Vampire Weekend18
9Children Collide17
 Deep Sea Arcade17
 Django Django17
13Arctic Monkeys16
 British India16
 Pearl Jam16
17Darwin Deez15
 Tame Impala15

Also tied in 17th: The Vasco Era, White Rabbits

# of debuts per week:

Above stats up-to-date as at & including 26 December
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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 4/1/16
Edition No.321
Songs retire at 75 weeks

I will be broadcasting my 2015 EOY chart on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 January!

11816Beach BabyLimousine
2522 Heron OblivionOriar
3NEW13 Jess KentGet Down
53122 Jay RockGumbo
6NEW16 Susanne SundførAccelerate
74113 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
86116 ChairliftCh-Ching
910109 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
1092012FIDLARWest Coast
117105 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
1281411DrakeHotline Bling
1330513 JaalaWar Song
1418314 MuteMathUsed To
15NEW115 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
16111910 Ainslie WillsDrive
1720217 RadioheadSpectre
18151111 Duke DumontOcean Drive
19133212MetricThe Shade
201476 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
2112113 Beach HouseThe Traveller
2232322 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
2319717 The FratellisDesperate Guy
2417813 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
2516214 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
26252917BoyWe Were Here
27NEW127 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
2821818 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
2941229 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
30221713Wolf AliceFluffy
3135331 The JezabelsCome Alive
3227927 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
33341728 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
3538535 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
3626722 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
37291613Wolf AliceSilk
3831826 WAAXHoly Sick
3928178 Beach HouseSpace Song
4024134 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
4133827 DMA'sLay Down
4236236 Pale HoneyYouth
43391315 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
4454344 Lost FrequenciesReality (ft. Janieck Devy)
4545445 Nosaj ThingLet You
4640734 Jai WolfIndian Summer
4737922 Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble With Us
48421313 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
4983249 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
5046154 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
51431311 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
52441122 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
5347832 CHVRCHESClearest Blue
5450450 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
5576255 Still CornersHorses at Night
5648645 DisclosureMagnets (ft. Lorde)
5760652 Missy ElliottWTF (Where They From) (ft. Pharrell Williams)
58NEW158 Cage the ElephantTrouble
5949214 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
60511119 Bec SandridgeIn The Fog, In The Flame
6153259 Years & YearsShine
62561326 Wolf AliceBros
6352647 Beach HouseOne Thing
6455148 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
6557243 Django DjangoGiant
66591048 Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
6762186 Meg MacNever Be
6887655 FIDLARSober
69631513 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
7067367 Bloc PartyThe Good News
7158258 Mystery JetsTelomere
72641712 DestroyerTimes Square
7366202 Glass CandyRise
74722613Django DjangoFound You
75701323 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
7674208 Young KnivesSomething Awful
77NEW177 Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
78681812 Django DjangoShot Down
7965929 Beach HouseMajorette
8061838 DJ SnakeMiddle (ft. Bipolar Sunshine)
81806316Jonathan BouletCreeper
8269560 FIDLARDrone
83751812 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
84853713Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
85RET865 Alessia CaraHere
8673842 BoyNo Sleep For The Dreamer
8771664 ProtomartyrDope Cloud
8882312 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
8991389 Dillon FrancisBruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin')
90NEW190 Beach BabyNo Mind No Money
9178176 WAAXI For An Eye
92811350 DisclosureOmen (ft. Sam Smith)
93NEW193 Nosaj ThingCold Stares (ft. Chance The Rapper)
94791054 Diplo & Sleepy TomBe Right There
95841710 FoalsMountain At My Gates
96771039 Mild High ClubWindowpane
9789294 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
9888577 Major LazerBe Together (ft. Wild Belle)
9994417 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
100861930 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace

901333 FIDLARPunks
922839 RefusedElektra
93290 Kid CudiConfused!
951432 Tiger ChoirShani
961425 The Jungle GiantsDevil's Play
971543 Tiny Little HousesEasy
98323 Father John MistyThe Ideal Husband
99987 Vance JoyFire and the Flood
1001623 LowLies
Nice to see Accelerate, Here and Omen all charting - im going to need to educate myself on a lot of your chart

Sad to see Fire and the Flood go
Wow Jess Kent. I wasn't sold on it last time I heard it but listening now it's pretty cool. Great to see Accelerate so high as well the re-entry for Here. Great to see Puppet Theatre, Reality, FloriDada and Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin') with rises this week also.
Bloody hell the fact that there are two Get Down's going around meant I didn't know what it was gonna be; colour me surprised! More importantly though, Susanne & Vince! Mac DeMarco still climbing & omg this Jaala impact!
oh it's been a bloody sad day

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 11/1/16
Edition No.322
Songs retire at 75 weeks

12311Heron OblivionOriar
21916Beach BabyLimousine
3323 Jess KentGet Down
45132 Jay RockGumbo
5625 Susanne SundførAccelerate
72247 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
89118 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
91529 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
107123 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
11102112FIDLARWest Coast
128126 ChairliftCh-Ching
1314413 MuteMathUsed To
1413613 JaalaWar Song
1527215 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
1611115 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
17121511DrakeHotline Bling
1817317 RadioheadSpectre
19162010 Ainslie WillsDrive
20181211 Duke DumontOcean Drive
21193312MetricThe Shade
222086 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
23321023 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
2421123 Beach HouseThe Traveller
2523817 The FratellisDesperate Guy
2625224 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost
27263017BoyWe Were Here
28331828 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
2924913 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
3035630 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
32NEW132 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
3329329 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
3428918 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
3549335 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
36301813Wolf AliceFluffy
3736822 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
38371713Wolf AliceSilk
3931431 The JezabelsCome Alive
4055340 Still CornersHorses at Night
4138926 WAAXHoly Sick
4277242 Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
43431415 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
4439188 Beach HouseSpace Song
45NEW145 PoliçaLime Habit
4650164 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
4740144 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
4844444 Lost FrequenciesReality (ft. Janieck Devy)
4958249 Cage the ElephantTrouble
50NEW150 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
5142246 Pale HoneyYouth
5245545 Nosaj ThingLet You
5341927 DMA'sLay Down
54NEW154 MuteMathStratosphere
5546834 Jai WolfIndian Summer
56471022 Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble With Us
57481413 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
5854550 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
59511411 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
6068755 FIDLARSober
6163747 Beach HouseOne Thing
62521222 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
6357752 Missy ElliottWTF (Where They From) (ft. Pharrell Williams)
6453932 CHVRCHESClearest Blue
6559224 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
6656745 DisclosureMagnets (ft. Lorde)
6761269 Years & YearsShine
68601219 Bec SandridgeIn The Fog, In The Flame
69NEW169 ANOHNI4 Degrees
70621426 Wolf AliceBros
7165253 Django DjangoGiant
7264158 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
73NEW173 HælosPray
74661148 Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
7573212 Glass CandyRise
7685965 Alessia CaraHere
77691613 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
7867196 Meg MacNever Be
79951810 FoalsMountain At My Gates
8070467 Bloc PartyThe Good News
81742713Django DjangoFound You
82751423 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
83843813Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
8476218 Young KnivesSomething Awful
85NEW185 MansionairPick Me Up
8671358 Mystery JetsTelomere
87781912 Django DjangoShot Down
88791029 Beach HouseMajorette
89721812 DestroyerTimes Square
90816416Jonathan BouletCreeper
91NEW191 LandingsMy Bones
9288322 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
9389489 Dillon FrancisBruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin')
94831912 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
9597304 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
9699427 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
9780938 DJ SnakeMiddle (ft. Bipolar Sunshine)
98RET1522 FoalsWhat Went Down
9990290 Beach BabyNo Mind No Money
10093293 Nosaj ThingCold Stares (ft. Chance The Rapper)

82560 FIDLARDrone
86842 BoyNo Sleep For The Dreamer
87664 ProtomartyrDope Cloud
91176 WAAXI For An Eye
921350 DisclosureOmen (ft. Sam Smith)
941054 Diplo & Sleepy TomBe Right There
961039 Mild High ClubWindowpane
98577 Major LazerBe Together (ft. Wild Belle)
1001930 CHVRCHESLeave a Trace
Very out of it in regards to the top part of your chart; I don't think I've heard anything above Hotline Bling! Great to see Elle King in a decent position and Kurt Vile with a small rebound; I should have charted that one much sooner since I've always liked it. Great to see Here rebounding nicely as well.
I really don't know much of this chart at all - might have to take some time to listen to your top 4 at least, #5 Accelerate is awesome to see though - really getting into that song
Looking forward to your charts in 2016!

Great to see Jess Kent, [s]Slay[/s] Jay Rock, Vince Staples, FIDLAR, Pusha T, Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$, Drake, Duke Dumont, Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar, Claptone, Methyl Ethel, Boo Seeka, Lost Frequencies, Cage The Elephant, DMA's, Jai Wolf, Marcus Marr & Chet Faker, Grimes, Missy Elliot, CHVRCHES, Disclosure, Years & Years, Bring Me The Horizon, ALessia Cara, Meg Mac, Mansionair, Dillon Francis, Yogi & Skrillex, Flume (check out the 'Skin' LP Preview), and DJ Snake all in the chart this week!

Twilight Driving, Pray and Pick Me Up all debuting is cool stuff. Liking the moves for Accelerate, The Moment, Puppet Theatre and FloriDada. Quite a few faves leaving this week though
I feel like I'm familiar with all the wrong songs with a lot of these debuts Heck, I think triple j played Dark Star the other day, I think I heard Lime Habit just once when it first came out Vincey in the top 10 thooooo.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 18/1/16
Edition No.323
Songs retire at 75 weeks

1NEW111Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
21411Heron OblivionOriar
321016Beach BabyLimousine
4333 Jess KentGet Down
54142 Jay RockGumbo
6936 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
7757 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
8535 Susanne SundførAccelerate
91359 MuteMathUsed To
11112212FIDLARWest Coast
1242312 Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
138128 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
1414713 JaalaWar Song
1545215 PoliçaLime Habit
1610133 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
1712136 ChairliftCh-Ching
1815315 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
1916125 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
2018417 RadioheadSpectre
21171611DrakeHotline Bling
22231122 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
23192110 Ainslie WillsDrive
24201311 Duke DumontOcean Drive
2530725 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
26213412MetricThe Shade
2732227 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
2835428 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
2973229 HælosPray
302296 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
31NEW131 Mr Little JeansFool 4 You
3224133 Beach HouseThe Traveller
33281928 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
34273117BoyWe Were Here
3526234 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost (ft. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley)
3625917 The FratellisDesperate Guy
37291013 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
38NEW138 David BowieBlackstar
4050240 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
41341018 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
4233429 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
43381813Wolf AliceSilk
4449344 Cage the ElephantTrouble
4537922 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
46361913Wolf AliceFluffy
47NEW147 M.I.A.Borders
4840440 Still CornersHorses at Night
4944198 Beach HouseSpace Song
50411026 WAAXHoly Sick
5154251 MuteMathStratosphere
52431515 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
5346174 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
5439531 The JezabelsCome Alive
55NEW155 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
5648544 Lost FrequenciesReality (ft. Janieck Devy)
5751256 Pale HoneyYouth
5860855 FIDLARSober
5947154 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
6099360 Beach BabyNo Mind No Money
61561122 Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble With Us
62531027 DMA'sLay Down
6352645 Nosaj ThingLet You
64571513 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
6561847 Beach HouseOne Thing
6655934 Jai WolfIndian Summer
6763852 Missy ElliottWTF (Where They From) (ft. Pharrell Williams)
6858650 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
69591511 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
70761065 Alessia CaraHere
71621322 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
7266845 DisclosureMagnets (ft. Lorde)
73681319 Bec SandridgeIn The Fog, In The Flame
7465234 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
75812813Django DjangoFound You
76641032 CHVRCHESClearest Blue
7767279 Years & YearsShine
78NEW178 The Last Shadow PuppetsBad Habits
7971263 Django DjangoGiant
80771713 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
81741248 Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
8275222 Glass CandyRise
83701526 Wolf AliceBros
8480567 Bloc PartyThe Good News
85791910 FoalsMountain At My Gates
8678206 Meg MacNever Be
8785285 MansionairPick Me Up
88833913Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
8972168 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
90NEW190 Anderson .PaakAm I Wrong (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
91821523 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
9269269 ANOHNI4 Degrees
93906516Jonathan BouletCreeper
9491291 LandingsMy Bones
95872012 Django DjangoShot Down
9696437 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
97942012 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
98891912 DestroyerTimes Square
9984228 Young KnivesSomething Awful
100881129 Beach HouseMajorette

86358 Mystery JetsTelomere
92322 Kendrick LamarThese Walls (ft. Anna Wise, Bilal & Thundercat)
93489 Dillon FrancisBruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin')
95304 FlumeSome Minds (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
97938 DJ SnakeMiddle (ft. Bipolar Sunshine)
981522 FoalsWhat Went Down
100293 Nosaj ThingCold Stares (ft. Chance The Rapper)
Car Seat Headrest is a great artist name. Kind of tempted to listen to the song based on just that. I did check out Limousine after you mentioned it, and it was pretty cool. I've also heard Accelerate now, so that's two of your top ten and I liked them both. I actually love the artist name Methyl Ethel also, so I hope that's cool; I'll root for them/him/her/it in the meantime anyway. Great to see the debut for Bowie this week, a cool song from a cool guy, what a legend!

Listening to Something Soon right now and this is quite good. Great #1 debut, I can easily see this growing on me a lot.
Listened to the #1 just then, I like it. Good to see The Moment, Puppet Theatre, FloriDada and Pray all move up. And wow I hadn't noticed or had forgotten how well Some Minds did for you. Wow!
Oooh I've heard that Justin Bieber song you are charting LOL
Ooh I'm behind everyone but give me time, my time of being extremely busy is nearly over :') On the other hand I can say yay Bowie/M.I.A./Mr. Little Jeans! ^.^ I want that Last Shadow Puppets song to grow on me or for them to have an ace up the sleeve just because they would obliterate my record for longest gap between chart entries
Nice to see Drake, Duke Dumont and Elle King in the top fifty. Shame to see Carly Rae down, but the rise for Alessia Cara is pleasing.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 25/1/16
Edition No.324
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11212Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
21242 Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
3643 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
42511Heron OblivionOriar
5443 Jess KentGet Down
631116Beach BabyLimousine
71537 PoliçaLime Habit
8767 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
95152 Jay RockGumbo
10845 Susanne SundførAccelerate
11NEW111 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
12112312FIDLARWest Coast
13969 MuteMathUsed To
1438214 David BowieBlackstar
1513138 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
17NEW117 BattlesThe Yabba
1814813 JaalaWar Song
1927319 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
2029320 HælosPray
2118415 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
2228522 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
2317146 ChairliftCh-Ching
2420517 RadioheadSpectre
2516143 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
2631226 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
2719135 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
28232210 Ainslie WillsDrive
29211711DrakeHotline Bling
3025825 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
31241411 Duke DumontOcean Drive
32221222 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
3340333 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
34263512MetricThe Shade
3532143 Beach HouseThe Traveller
3655236 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
37343217BoyWe Were Here
3830106 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
3944439 Cage the ElephantTrouble
4035244 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost (ft. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley)
41332028 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
42361017 The FratellisDesperate Guy
4347243 M.I.A.Borders
4542529 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
46371113 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
47NEW147 Nothing But ThievesWake Up Call
48411118 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
49431913Wolf AliceSilk
5051350 MuteMathStratosphere
51521615 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
52451022 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
53462013Wolf AliceFluffy
5448540 Still CornersHorses at Night
5560455 Beach BabyNo Mind No Money
5649208 Beach HouseSpace Song
57501126 WAAXHoly Sick
58NEW158 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
5953184 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
6056644 Lost FrequenciesReality (ft. Janieck Devy)
6154631 The JezabelsCome Alive
62701162 Alessia CaraHere
6357266 Pale HoneyYouth
6459164 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
6558955 FIDLARSober
66611222 Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble With Us
67641613 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
6878268 The Last Shadow PuppetsBad Habits
6965947 Beach HouseOne Thing
7063745 Nosaj ThingLet You
71621127 DMA'sLay Down
72691611 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
73711422 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
7467952 Missy ElliottWTF (Where They From) (ft. Pharrell Williams)
7572945 DisclosureMagnets (ft. Lorde)
76661034 Jai WolfIndian Summer
77731419 Bec SandridgeIn The Fog, In The Flame
7868750 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
7974244 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
8077289 Years & YearsShine
8179273 Django DjangoGiant
82761132 CHVRCHESClearest Blue
83852010 FoalsMountain At My Gates
84752913Django DjangoFound You
85NEW185 Plague VendorJezebel
86884013Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
8790287 Anderson .PaakAm I Wrong (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
88811348 Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
89801813 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
9087385 MansionairPick Me Up
91831626 Wolf AliceBros
9284667 Bloc PartyThe Good News
93936616Jonathan BouletCreeper
9482232 Glass CandyRise
9586216 Meg MacNever Be
9689178 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
9792369 ANOHNI4 Degrees
98NEW198 AbelardI'm OK For Now
99911623 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
10094391 LandingsMy Bones

952012 Django DjangoShot Down
96437 Kendrick LamarKing Kunta
972012 Yogi & SkrillexBurial (ft. Pusha T, Moody Good & TrollPhace)
981912 DestroyerTimes Square
99228 Young KnivesSomething Awful
1001129 Beach HouseMajorette
Good to see Drake, Kendrick, Alessia Cara, Missy Elliott, Disclosure all in there.
For those who are unaware, I will be broadcasting my 2015 EOY at the following times:

Friday 29 January 7:30pm - #100 to #51
Saturday 30 January 9pm - #50 to #1

Plenty of lower 100 / album counting-down shenanigans along the way, look forward to seeing you there

EDIT: please note amended start to Saturday's broddy to 9pm.
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Great to see Car Seat Headrest still on top, and what a fantastic band name at #2 now; have you foregone listening to the songs and are just rating people based on their names? I like it and now I want to listen to Dumbo Gets Mad, especially after how good Something Soon was. Nice jump for Alessia Cara and an awesome move for Bowie.
Great to see Never Be Like You debut already and that high! Go Twilight Driving, Pray and FloriDada.
And now I've heard that tune and was not expecting something akin to early Strokes Even if it's helping Norf Norf, poor Accelerate feels so shortlived But I am quite happy to see Nothing But Thieves this time around.
Thanks again to everyone who listened to my 2015 EOY, and for those who haven't checked out the list have a look by clicking on the EOY thread link at the top of the page

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 1/2/16
Edition No.325
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11313Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
2252 Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
3743 PoliçaLime Habit
4353 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
54611Heron OblivionOriar
61436 David BowieBlackstar
7553 Jess KentGet Down
81728 BattlesThe Yabba
9122412FIDLARWest Coast
1011210 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
1161216Beach BabyLimousine
12877 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
131055 Susanne SundførAccelerate
1419414 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
1522615 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
169162 Jay RockGumbo
1720417 HælosPray
1815148 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
191379 MuteMathUsed To
2018913 JaalaWar Song
2226322 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
2323156 ChairliftCh-Ching
24NEW124 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
2521515 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
2624617 RadioheadSpectre
2736327 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
2825153 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
2930925 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
3033430 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
31NEW131 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
3227145 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
33282310 Ainslie WillsDrive
3458234 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
35NEW135 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
36412128 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
37291811DrakeHotline Bling
38321322 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
39311511 Duke DumontOcean Drive
4043340 M.I.A.Borders
41373317BoyWe Were Here
42343612MetricThe Shade
4338116 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
4435153 Beach HouseThe Traveller
4539539 Cage the ElephantTrouble
46621246 Alessia CaraHere
47421117 The FratellisDesperate Guy
48NEW148 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
4945629 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
5040254 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost (ft. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley)
52461213 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
53671713 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
54521122 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
5550450 MuteMathStratosphere
5647247 Nothing But ThievesWake Up Call
57NEW157 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
58481218 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
59492013Wolf AliceSilk
6055555 Beach BabyNo Mind No Money
61NEW161 Iggy PopGardenia
62532113Wolf AliceFluffy
63571226 WAAXHoly Sick
64511715 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
6560744 Lost FrequenciesReality (ft. Janieck Devy)
6659194 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
6756218 Beach HouseSpace Song
6864174 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
69651055 FIDLARSober
7054640 Still CornersHorses at Night
7163276 Pale HoneyYouth
7261731 The JezabelsCome Alive
73731522 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
74691047 Beach HouseOne Thing
75NEW175 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
76751045 DisclosureMagnets (ft. Lorde)
7768368 The Last Shadow PuppetsBad Habits
78NEW178 SparkySignals
79661322 Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble With Us
80741052 Missy ElliottWTF (Where They From) (ft. Pharrell Williams)
8170845 Nosaj ThingLet You
82721711 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
83761134 Jai WolfIndian Summer
8481283 Django DjangoGiant
85771519 Bec SandridgeIn The Fog, In The Flame
8680299 Years & YearsShine
87NEW187 Gang Of YouthsMagnolia
88711227 DMA'sLay Down
8979254 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
90832110 FoalsMountain At My Gates
91NEW191 SkeptaShutdown
92843013Django DjangoFound You
9390485 MansionairPick Me Up
94936716Jonathan BouletCreeper
95864113Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
96881448 Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
97NEW197 The BenniesParty Machine
9878850 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
9994242 Glass CandyRise
100891913 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do

821132 CHVRCHESClearest Blue
85185 Plague VendorJezebel
87287 Anderson .PaakAm I Wrong (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
911626 Wolf AliceBros
92667 Bloc PartyThe Good News
95216 Meg MacNever Be
96178 Bring Me the HorizonThrone
97369 ANOHNI4 Degrees
98198 AbelardI'm OK For Now
991623 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
100391 LandingsMy Bones
4353 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
61436 David BowieBlackstar
169162 Jay RockGumbo
2624617 RadioheadSpectre
38321322 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
39311511 Duke DumontOcean Drive
42343612MetricThe Shade
4338116 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
47421117 The FratellisDesperate Guy
52461213 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
53671713 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
58481218 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
59492013Wolf AliceSilk
62532113Wolf AliceFluffy
64511715 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
6756218 Beach HouseSpace Song
75NEW175 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
79661322 Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble With Us
8680299 Years & YearsShine
8979254 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
90832110 FoalsMountain At My Gates
95864113Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
96881448 Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
9878850 GrimesFlesh Without Blood

Nice to see Car Seat Headrest still on top; keep going! I didn't listen to Dumbo Gets Mad, and after your non-recommendation, I probably won't. Great to see Bowie surge into the top ten and a good move for Alessia Cara too. Nice to see Snakehips debut.
Great to see Norf Norf, Blackstar, Get Down, West Coast, Accelerate, FloriDada, Gumbo, Venus Fly, M.F.T.R, Puppet Theatre, The Love Within, Lose Control, Never Be Like You (great rise - would be #1 if my charts were a countdown still), No More Parties In L.A, Hotline Bling, The Moment, Ocean Drive, Borders, Trouble, Here, Working For It, How Much A Dollar Cost, Roses, Reality, All My Friends, Magnets , The Trouble With Us, WTF (Where They From), Indian Summer, Shine, Magnolia, Shutdown (YASSSS! Better late than never tbh ), Let It Happen, Party Machine, and Flesh Without Blood all in this week. Love the post-Hottest100 entries.

Where to start?! Vince, Heron, and Jess are my faves of your top 10, but Susanne's drop seems too early

Loving the new peaks for Hælos, Yeasayer, Flume, and Alessia.

All the debuts are pretty great too (Bloc Party's synth abuse aside!). Although, I wish Clearest Blue had a better run
Post-EOY rebounds are clearly the in-thing But woo Blackstar in the top 10, and Grimes/Ye making strong impressions! Can't not enjoy the figuratively surreal state of The Chainsmokers being here, but even higher esteem for Gang of Youths/Bennies/Snakehips/Skepta!
ack, without Limo/Accelerate I have no knowledge of anything in the top 10 :/ Much more familiarity further down though; rises for AnCo, Never Be Like You (!), Here + Venus Fly/Working For It/Roses/All My Friends/SIGNALS/Shutdown/Party Machine debuts are all quite fire emoji! and RAWM/Space Song/Magnets longevity <3
another week, another Monday night cruelly taken away from me

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 8/2/16
Edition No.326
Songs retire at 75 weeks

12611Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
21413Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
32423 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
4353 PoliçaLime Habit
5463 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
6NEW16 Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
75711Heron OblivionOriar
8646 David BowieBlackstar
9838 BattlesThe Yabba
10NEW110 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
1192512FIDLARWest Coast
12763 Jess KentGet Down
1310310 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
141365 Susanne SundførAccelerate
15111316Beach BabyLimousine
1614514 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
1717517 HælosPray
181287 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
1915715 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
2018158 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
2116172 Jay RockGumbo
2223166 ChairliftCh-Ching
2331223 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
2425615 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
251989 MuteMathUsed To
2635226 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
27201013 JaalaWar Song
2822422 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
3026717 RadioheadSpectre
3130530 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
3227427 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
33NEW133 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
3428163 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
3534334 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
3632155 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
37291025 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
38362228 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
39332410 Ainslie WillsDrive
40NEW140 Alison WonderlandRun
41371911DrakeHotline Bling
4248242 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
4340440 M.I.A.Borders
44413417BoyWe Were Here
4545639 Cage the ElephantTrouble
46381422 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
47423712MetricThe Shade
48391611 Duke DumontOcean Drive
4957249 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
50NEW150 Horror My FriendEasy Going
51461346 Alessia CaraHere
52NEW152 SavagesAdore
5344163 Beach HouseThe Traveller
5443126 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
5549729 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
5661256 Iggy PopGardenia
57471217 The FratellisDesperate Guy
58NEW158 Seth SentryHell Boy
5950264 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost (ft. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley)
61581318 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
62592113Wolf AliceSilk
63531813 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
6468184 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
65622213Wolf AliceFluffy
6655550 MuteMathStratosphere
6760655 Beach BabyNo Mind No Money
68521313 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
69NEW169 The WombatsBe Your Shadow
70541222 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
7178271 SparkySignals
7265844 Lost FrequenciesReality (ft. Janieck Devy)
7356347 Nothing But ThievesWake Up Call
74641815 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
7567228 Beach HouseSpace Song
7666204 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
77631326 WAAXHoly Sick
78NEW178 UrthboyLong Loud Hours (ft. Bertie Blackman)
7975275 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
8070740 Still CornersHorses at Night
81NEW181 David BowieLazarus
82761145 DisclosureMagnets (ft. Lorde)
83731622 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
8471286 Pale HoneyYouth
8584293 Django DjangoGiant
86741147 Beach HouseOne Thing
87691155 FIDLARSober
8872831 The JezabelsCome Alive
89801152 Missy ElliottWTF (Where They From) (ft. Pharrell Williams)
9081945 Nosaj ThingLet You
91NEW191 The Cat EmpireWolves
92791422 Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble With Us
93946816Jonathan BouletCreeper
94923113Django DjangoFound You
9587287 Gang Of YouthsMagnolia
9686309 Years & YearsShine
9777468 The Last Shadow PuppetsBad Habits
98821811 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
9997297 The BenniesParty Machine
10099252 Glass CandyRise

831134 Jai WolfIndian Summer
851519 Bec SandridgeIn The Fog, In The Flame
881227 DMA'sLay Down
89254 The FratellisBaby Don't You Lie To Me!
902110 FoalsMountain At My Gates
91191 SkeptaShutdown
93485 MansionairPick Me Up
954113Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
961448 Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?
98850 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
1001913 Lianne La HavasWhat You Don't Do
Good to see Flume, The Chainsmokers, Alessia Cara, Elle King & Boo Seepa in the mix, also Lost Frequencies, Carly Rae and Kurt Vile. Great to see Bowie debut as well. Been listening to Triple J the last little bit so some of the names are starting to look familiar
OMG OMG OMG ALISON <3 Not her best song but still awesome to see Run debut! Nice to see Long Loud Hours and Lazarus in too. The rises for Venus Fly (next #1 plz!) Working For It and Roses are pleasing to see. Awesome to see All My Friends debuted last week. FloriDada making it to #15 is pretty great too!
Your top 10 keeps getting filled up by the weirdest artist names But less weird (just name wise) woo Grimes! Also go Yeezy (mad it's not on the album D: ). You have reminded me I need to give the Savages album a listen, that's not a song on it I know, but also yay Bowie, Urthboy & Seth. re: Wolves, y'know you don't have to chart every entry
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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 15/2/16
Edition No.327
Songs retire at 75 weeks

16211Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
2332 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
32513Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
41711Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
5463 PoliçaLime Habit
6573 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
77811Heron OblivionOriar
82638 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
91029 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
10856 David BowieBlackstar
11112612FIDLARWest Coast
1213410 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
13948 BattlesThe Yabba
141475 Susanne SundførAccelerate
15151416Beach BabyLimousine
16NEW116 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
171273 Jess KentGet Down
1816614 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
1917617 HælosPray
2021182 Jay RockGumbo
21NEW121 City Calm DownSon
221897 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
2320168 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
2440224 Alison WonderlandRun
2519815 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
26NEW126 Milwaukee BanksFaded
2723323 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
2824715 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
2935429 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
3022176 ChairliftCh-Ching
3133231 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
3228522 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
33271113 JaalaWar Song
342599 MuteMathUsed To
3552235 SavagesAdore
3642336 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
3831630 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
3949339 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
4030817 RadioheadSpectre
41NEW141 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
4232527 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
4350243 Horror My FriendEasy Going
44392510 Ainslie WillsDrive
45443517BoyWe Were Here
46NEW146 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
4736165 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
4834173 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
49412011DrakeHotline Bling
50371125 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
51382328 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
5245739 Cage the ElephantTrouble
5356353 Iggy PopGardenia
54473812MetricThe Shade
5558255 Seth SentryHell Boy
5643540 M.I.A.Borders
5753173 Beach HouseThe Traveller
58481711 Duke DumontOcean Drive
59NEW159 MisunGive It Up
60461522 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
6154136 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
62511446 Alessia CaraHere
63571317 The FratellisDesperate Guy
6571365 SparkySignals
6655829 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
6759274 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost (ft. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley)
68652313Wolf AliceFluffy
6964194 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
70631913 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
71NEW171 PJ HarveyThe Wheel
7266650 MuteMathStratosphere
73611418 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
7478274 UrthboyLong Loud Hours (ft. Bertie Blackman)
75701322 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
7669269 The WombatsBe Your Shadow
77622213Wolf AliceSilk
7867755 Beach BabyNo Mind No Money
79741915 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
80681413 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
8173447 Nothing But ThievesWake Up Call
82831722 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
83NEW183 Ty SegallCalifornia Hills
8485303 Django DjangoGiant
8579375 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
8676214 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
8775238 Beach HouseSpace Song
8872944 Lost FrequenciesReality (ft. Janieck Devy)
89861247 Beach HouseOne Thing
90936916Jonathan BouletCreeper
91NEW191 Vallis AlpsYoung
92771426 WAAXHoly Sick
93RET950 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
9491291 The Cat EmpireWolves
95943213Django DjangoFound You
9681281 David BowieLazarus
97871255 FIDLARSober
98NEW198 Kamikaze
99821245 DisclosureMagnets (ft. Lorde)
10084296 Pale HoneyYouth

80740 Still CornersHorses at Night
88831 The JezabelsCome Alive
891152 Missy ElliottWTF (Where They From) (ft. Pharrell Williams)
90945 Nosaj ThingLet You
921422 Marcus Marr & Chet FakerThe Trouble With Us
95287 Gang Of YouthsMagnolia
96309 Years & YearsShine
97468 The Last Shadow PuppetsBad Habits
981811 The Jungle GiantsNot Bad
99297 The BenniesParty Machine
100252 Glass CandyRise
Smoke & Retribution! Give It Up! Young! Flesh Without Blood! Kamikaze! So much yass Great to see Venus Fly, Run, Never Be Like You, Working For It, Roses, Signals and Long Loud Hours moving up too. Venus Fly for #1 please
Holy shit Grimes But woo Yeezy! And dem debuts in particular for Primal Scream (let's see if it can make my chart this week ), Flerm, City Calm Down & Vallis Alps (lol).
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 22/2/16
Edition No.328
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11312Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
2242 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
33613Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
4NEW14 The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
54811Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
6573 PoliçaLime Habit
71627 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
8848 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
9939 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
107911Heron OblivionOriar
11683 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
12112712FIDLARWest Coast
131066 David BowieBlackstar
14NEW114 Sunflower BeanCome On
1512510 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
161485 Susanne SundførAccelerate
1726217 Milwaukee BanksFaded
18NEW118 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
191358 BattlesThe Yabba
20151516Beach BabyLimousine
211783 Jess KentGet Down
2220192 Jay RockGumbo
2324323 Alison WonderlandRun
24NEW124 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
2521221 City Calm DownSon
2618714 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
2735327 SavagesAdore
2831328 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
2919717 HælosPray
3023178 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
3139431 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
3225915 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
3328815 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
3422107 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
35NEW135 KiiaraGold
3629529 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
3741237 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
3830186 ChairliftCh-Ching
3927423 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
4036436 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
41331213 JaalaWar Song
4243342 Horror My FriendEasy Going
43NEW143 Spring KingWho Are You?
4446244 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
4534109 MuteMathUsed To
46453617BoyWe Were Here
4732622 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
4838730 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
4942627 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
51492111DrakeHotline Bling
5255352 Seth SentryHell Boy
5340917 RadioheadSpectre
54NEW154 Luca BrasiThe Cascade Blues
55442610 Ainslie WillsDrive
56543912MetricThe Shade
5759257 MisunGive It Up
5848183 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
5947175 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
6053453 Iggy PopGardenia
6157183 Beach HouseThe Traveller
62512428 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
6352839 Cage the ElephantTrouble
64501225 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
6556640 M.I.A.Borders
67682413Wolf AliceFluffy
68NEW168 DaughterNumbers
69581811 Duke DumontOcean Drive
7066929 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
71NEW171 Plague VendorCredentials
72621546 Alessia CaraHere
73601622 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
7465465 SparkySignals
75772313Wolf AliceSilk
76702013 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
7772750 MuteMathStratosphere
7861146 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
79751422 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
8085475 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
8171271 PJ HarveyThe Wheel
82631417 The FratellisDesperate Guy
83NEW183 DrakeSummer Sixteen
8469204 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
8583283 Ty SegallCalifornia Hills
8667284 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost (ft. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley)
8774374 UrthboyLong Loud Hours (ft. Bertie Blackman)
88801513 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
89731518 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
90821822 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
91NEW191 DIIVOut of Mind
92792015 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
93907016Jonathan BouletCreeper
9487248 Beach HouseSpace Song
9578855 Beach BabyNo Mind No Money
9684313 Django DjangoGiant
97NEW197 Paul DempseyMorningless
9896381 David BowieLazarus
99931050 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
10086224 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin

76269 The WombatsBe Your Shadow
81447 Nothing But ThievesWake Up Call
88944 Lost FrequenciesReality (ft. Janieck Devy)
891247 Beach HouseOne Thing
91191 Vallis AlpsYoung
921426 WAAXHoly Sick
94291 The Cat EmpireWolves
953213Django DjangoFound You
971255 FIDLARSober
98198 Kamikaze
991245 DisclosureMagnets (ft. Lorde)
100296 Pale HoneyYouth
Good to see Gold and Summer Sixteen debut. I like the improvements for Run, Roses, Smoke & Retribution, Give It Up and All My Friends too.
Great to see Grimes, Kanye West, Vince Staples, FIDLAR, Jay Rock, Alison Wonderland, Flume, Chainsmokers, Kiiara, Zhu, Drake, Glass & Joey, Claptone, MIA, Duke, Tame Impala, Snakehips, Kendrick Lamar, and Urthboy all in this week!
I have a somewhat large list of albums in my head I want to get to that are being put off by my 2005 playlist and the sunflower is one of them #realproblems Woah Primal Scream in the top 10 tho! I also like that new DZ Deathrays which is in the bottom half of my chart currently, while Drake has spent two consecutive weeks at #41 ouch Love da Daughter obvs tho.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 29/2/16
Edition No.329
Songs retire at 75 weeks

14211The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
21412Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
3252 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
4683 PoliçaLime Habit
53713Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
6736 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
75911Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
81568 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
9858 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
10949 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
1118211 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
121193 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
13101011Heron OblivionOriar
14122812FIDLARWest Coast
151376 David BowieBlackstar
1614214 Sunflower BeanCome On
171695 Susanne SundførAccelerate
181968 BattlesThe Yabba
1917317 Milwaukee BanksFaded
2024220 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
2122202 Jay RockGumbo
22201616Beach BabyLimousine
232193 Jess KentGet Down
2443224 Spring KingWho Are You?
2527425 SavagesAdore
2623423 Alison WonderlandRun
2731527 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
2828428 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
2926814 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
30NEW130 Car Seat HeadrestVincent
3125321 City Calm DownSon
3229817 HælosPray
3335233 KiiaraGold
3430188 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
3544335 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
36NEW136 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
3733915 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
3836629 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
39411313 JaalaWar Song
4037337 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
41NEW141 Wild NothingTV Queen
4234117 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
4340536 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
44321015 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
4538196 ChairliftCh-Ching
4642442 Horror My FriendEasy Going
4739523 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
48463717BoyWe Were Here
4952449 Seth SentryHell Boy
50NEW150 Kanye West30 Hours
5154251 Luca BrasiThe Cascade Blues
5245119 MuteMathUsed To
53512211DrakeHotline Bling
55531017 RadioheadSpectre
5648830 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
5760553 Iggy PopGardenia
58NEW158 Parquet CourtsDust
5949727 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
6047722 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
6168261 DaughterNumbers
62552710 Ainslie WillsDrive
63564012MetricThe Shade
6458193 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
6571265 Plague VendorCredentials
6659185 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
67NEW167 MOSSYElectric Chair
6861193 Beach HouseThe Traveller
6957357 MisunGive It Up
70672513Wolf AliceFluffy
7165740 M.I.A.Borders
7363939 Cage the ElephantTrouble
74622528 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
7591275 DIIVOut of Mind
76752413Wolf AliceSilk
77NEW177 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
7880575 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
79641325 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
80NEW180 GrimesKill V. Maim
81762113 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
8281371 PJ HarveyThe Wheel
83701029 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
84731722 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
8574565 SparkySignals
86721646 Alessia CaraHere
87691911 Duke DumontOcean Drive
8883283 DrakeSummer Sixteen
8986294 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost (ft. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley)
90NEW190 ShearwaterQuiet Americans
9177850 MuteMathStratosphere
92937116Jonathan BouletCreeper
93991150 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
9484214 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
95791522 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
9678156 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
9787474 UrthboyLong Loud Hours (ft. Bertie Blackman)
9885383 Ty SegallCalifornia Hills
9994258 Beach HouseSpace Song
10098481 David BowieLazarus

821417 The FratellisDesperate Guy
881513 MetricToo Bad, So Sad
891518 Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
901822 Alabama ShakesGimme All Your Love
922015 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With Me
95855 Beach BabyNo Mind No Money
96313 Django DjangoGiant
97197 Paul DempseyMorningless
100224 Kurt VilePretty Pimpin
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 7/3/16
Edition No.330
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11312The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
22512Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
3493 PoliçaLime Habit
41134 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
5362 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
65813Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
7967 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
871011Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
94129 Wild NothingTV Queen
10878 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
111059 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
1219412 Milwaukee BanksFaded
1312103 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
1424314 Spring KingWho Are You?
15646 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
16142912FIDLARWest Coast
1716314 Sunflower BeanCome On
1820318 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
19131111Heron OblivionOriar
201586 David BowieBlackstar
211878 BattlesThe Yabba
2217105 Susanne SundførAccelerate
2327623 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
2436224 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
2521212 Jay RockGumbo
2635426 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
27221716Beach BabyLimousine
2830228 Car Seat HeadrestVincent
2967229 MOSSYElectric Chair
3025525 SavagesAdore
3123103 Jess KentGet Down
3233332 KiiaraGold
3326523 Alison WonderlandRun
34391413 JaalaWar Song
3531421 City Calm DownSon
36NEW136 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
3729914 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
3849538 Seth SentryHell Boy
3928528 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
40NEW140 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
4134198 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
4243636 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
4332917 HælosPray
4450244 Kanye West30 Hours
4540437 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
4638729 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
47371015 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
48NEW148 Cub SportI Can't Save You
4958249 Parquet CourtsDust
5042127 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
5151351 Luca BrasiThe Cascade Blues
5245206 ChairliftCh-Ching
53441115 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
5446542 Horror My FriendEasy Going
55532311DrakeHotline Bling
56483817BoyWe Were Here
5777257 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
5847623 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
5969457 MisunGive It Up
6075360 DIIVOut of Mind
6152129 MuteMathUsed To
6257653 Iggy PopGardenia
63NEW163 Ali BarterFar Away
6456930 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
66NEW166 Ty SegallDiversion
67634112MetricThe Shade
68551117 RadioheadSpectre
6965365 Plague VendorCredentials
70762513Wolf AliceSilk
7161361 DaughterNumbers
72622810 Ainslie WillsDrive
73NEW173 Justin BieberLove Yourself
7459827 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
75702613Wolf AliceFluffy
7668203 Beach HouseThe Traveller
7760822 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
7878675 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
80731039 Cage the ElephantTrouble
8164203 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
82791425 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
8366195 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
8471840 M.I.A.Borders
85RET1723 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
8682471 PJ HarveyThe Wheel
87NEW187 Karma FieldsGreatness (ft. Talib Kweli)
88742628 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
89831129 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
90861746 Alessia CaraHere
9180280 GrimesKill V. Maim
92927216Jonathan BouletCreeper
9390290 ShearwaterQuiet Americans
9488383 DrakeSummer Sixteen
95NEW195 MothersCopper Mines
96812213 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
9791950 MuteMathStratosphere
98931250 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
9994224 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
10098483 Ty SegallCalifornia Hills

841722 Tame ImpalaThe Moment
85565 SparkySignals
871911 Duke DumontOcean Drive
89294 Kendrick LamarHow Much A Dollar Cost (ft. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley)
951522 Boo SeekaDeception Bay
96156 Beach HouseElegy to the Void
97474 UrthboyLong Loud Hours (ft. Bertie Blackman)
99258 Beach HouseSpace Song
100481 David BowieLazarus
Nice to see Far Away, Love Yourself and Greatness debut. Wow at Love Yourself though. Good to see Roses, Stressed Out, Smoke & Retribution, Come Home (Cardinal Pell), Give It Up all move up also.
I just wanna say last week that ooh 30 Hours, mfw I still haven't had Andre 3000 on my chart usher.jpg But moreso yas Grimes. And of course this week holy shizz Far Away, and also lol I'm somehow not sick of Love Yourself yet actually. Something something we on that ultralight beam too.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 14/3/16
Edition No.331
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11413The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
2442 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
3933 Wild NothingTV Queen
42612Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
53103 PoliçaLime Habit
6776 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
76913Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
81258 Milwaukee BanksFaded
9572 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
1013113 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
111088 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
1224312 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
1381111Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
1440214 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
1514414 Spring KingWho Are You?
1629316 MOSSYElectric Chair
171169 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
18163012FIDLARWest Coast
191556 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
2017414 Sunflower BeanCome On
212188 BattlesThe Yabba
2238622 Seth SentryHell Boy
23191211Heron OblivionOriar
2418418 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
252096 David BowieBlackstar
2622115 Susanne SundførAccelerate
2723723 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
2826526 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
2925222 Jay RockGumbo
3036230 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
3128328 Car Seat HeadrestVincent
3232432 KiiaraGold
33NEW133 Alan WalkerFaded
34271816Beach BabyLimousine
3530625 SavagesAdore
3648236 Cub SportI Can't Save You
3731113 Jess KentGet Down
38341513 JaalaWar Song
39NEW139 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
4033623 Alison WonderlandRun
41371014 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
4235521 City Calm DownSon
4339628 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
4449344 Parquet CourtsDust
4541208 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
4657346 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
4744344 Kanye West30 Hours
4845537 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
4942736 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
5059550 MisunGive It Up
5146829 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
52431017 HælosPray
5352216 ChairliftCh-Ching
5466254 Ty SegallDiversion
55471115 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
5650137 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
57NEW157 Sunflower Bean2013
5851451 Luca BrasiThe Cascade Blues
59563917BoyWe Were Here
60552411DrakeHotline Bling
6154642 Horror My FriendEasy Going
62531215 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
6360460 DIIVOut of Mind
6458723 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
6573265 Justin BieberLove Yourself
6661139 MuteMathUsed To
6763263 Ali BarterFar Away
6862753 Iggy PopGardenia
69641030 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
70674212MetricThe Shade
72681217 RadioheadSpectre
73NEW173 Zara LarssonLush Life
74702613Wolf AliceSilk
7571461 DaughterNumbers
7669465 Plague VendorCredentials
77722910 Ainslie WillsDrive
7895278 MothersCopper Mines
7974927 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
80752713Wolf AliceFluffy
8176213 Beach HouseThe Traveller
8278775 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
8477922 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
85851823 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
8683205 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
87821525 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
88962313 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
89927316Jonathan BouletCreeper
90NEW190 YeoIcarus
9181213 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
92901846 Alessia CaraHere
93981350 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
94NEW194 HalseyHold Me Down
95801139 Cage the ElephantTrouble
96882728 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
9787287 Karma FieldsGreatness (ft. Talib Kweli)
9884940 M.I.A.Borders
9993390 ShearwaterQuiet Americans
10099234 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?

86471 PJ HarveyThe Wheel
891129 Elle KingEx's & Oh's
91280 GrimesKill V. Maim
94383 DrakeSummer Sixteen
97950 MuteMathStratosphere
100483 Ty SegallCalifornia Hills
Good to see Kiiara, Snakehips and Alessia Cara all appear, and great to see Ex's & Oh's out too.
Nice to see Faded and Hold Me Down debut but particularly happy to see Lush Life! What a surprise but a very lovely one. Also this is amusing to me that you're charting more current ARIA top 50 hits than me Great to see No More Parties In L.A., Stressed Out, Come Home (Cardinal Pell), Give It Up and Love Yourself on the move.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 21/3/16
Edition No.332
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11514The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
2342 Wild NothingTV Queen
3252 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
44712Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
5685 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
65113 PoliçaLime Habit
7NEW17 Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
871013Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
910123 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
1014310 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
11868 Milwaukee BanksFaded
12NEW112 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
131198 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
1415514 Spring KingWho Are You?
1512412 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
16982 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
17131211Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
1816416 MOSSYElectric Chair
19183112FIDLARWest Coast
202198 BattlesThe Yabba
211779 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
2222722 Seth SentryHell Boy
2320514 Sunflower BeanCome On
24231311Heron OblivionOriar
2539225 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
261966 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
27NEW127 BaronessShock Me
2830328 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
2924518 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
3027823 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
3128626 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
3233232 Alan WalkerFaded
3336333 Cub SportI Can't Save You
3425106 David BowieBlackstar
3529232 Jay RockGumbo
3626125 Susanne SundførAccelerate
3732532 KiiaraGold
3831428 Car Seat HeadrestVincent
3935725 SavagesAdore
40411114 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
41341916Beach BabyLimousine
42381613 JaalaWar Song
43NEW143 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
4447444 Kanye West30 Hours
4545218 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
4637123 Jess KentGet Down
4742621 City Calm DownSon
4840723 Alison WonderlandRun
4954349 Ty SegallDiversion
5048637 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
5150650 MisunGive It Up
5246446 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
5344444 Parquet CourtsDust
5449836 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
5543728 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
56NEW156 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
5753226 ChairliftCh-Ching
58594017BoyWe Were Here
59551215 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
60621315 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
6151929 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
6257257 Sunflower Bean2013
6365363 Justin BieberLove Yourself
64521117 HælosPray
65NEW165 The Love JunkiesNobody
6656147 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
6758551 Luca BrasiThe Cascade Blues
68602511DrakeHotline Bling
6961742 Horror My FriendEasy Going
7073270 Zara LarssonLush Life
7164823 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
7263560 DIIVOut of Mind
7368853 Iggy PopGardenia
7467363 Ali BarterFar Away
7566149 MuteMathUsed To
76NEW176 AlunaGeorgeI'm In Control (ft. Popcaan)
77691130 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
78704312MetricThe Shade
7975561 DaughterNumbers
80721317 RadioheadSpectre
82802813Wolf AliceFluffy
83NEW183 PorchesGlow
84742713Wolf AliceSilk
8581223 Beach HouseThe Traveller
86791027 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
8778378 MothersCopper Mines
88NEW188 M83Do It, Try It
89897416Jonathan BouletCreeper
90773010 Ainslie WillsDrive
9176565 Plague VendorCredentials
92NEW192 Ra Ra RiotAbsolutely
9394293 HalseyHold Me Down
9490290 YeoIcarus
95882413 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
96851923 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
97841022 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
9982875 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
100931450 GrimesFlesh Without Blood

86205 Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$Lose Control
871525 ClaptonePuppet Theatre (ft. Peter Bjorn and John)
91213 Dan KellyNever Stop The Rot
921846 Alessia CaraHere
951139 Cage the ElephantTrouble
962728 Father John MistyWhen You're Smiling and Astride Me
97287 Karma FieldsGreatness (ft. Talib Kweli)
98940 M.I.A.Borders
99390 ShearwaterQuiet Americans
100234 ProtomartyrWhy Does It Shake?
Someone Who'll Get It, Genghis Khan, I'm In Control and Do It, Try It all debuting is cool stuff. Good to see No More Parties In L.A., Faded and Lush Life move up. I hope Give It Up can rebound, but at least I can be pleased it did make the top 50
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 28/3/16
Edition No.333
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11615The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
2722 Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
3593 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
4252 Wild NothingTV Queen
5362 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
61226 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
74812Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
86123 PoliçaLime Habit
91049 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
109133 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
1181113Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
121178 Milwaukee BanksFaded
13NEW113 OlympiaSmoke Signals
1415512 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
1514614 Spring KingWho Are You?
1613108 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
1722817 Seth SentryHell Boy
18193212FIDLARWest Coast
191692 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
20171311Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
2127221 BaronessShock Me
2225322 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
2318516 MOSSYElectric Chair
2420108 BattlesThe Yabba
252189 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
2623614 Sunflower BeanCome On
2732327 Alan WalkerFaded
28241411Heron OblivionOriar
2937629 KiiaraGold
3029618 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
3143231 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
322676 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
3328428 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
3431726 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
35NEW135 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
3651736 MisunGive It Up
3730923 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
3833433 Cub SportI Can't Save You
3934116 David BowieBlackstar
4052540 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
4144541 Kanye West30 Hours
4256242 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
4335242 Jay RockGumbo
44401214 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
4536135 Susanne SundførAccelerate
46421713 JaalaWar Song
47NEW147 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
48412016Beach BabyLimousine
4947721 City Calm DownSon
5039825 SavagesAdore
5145228 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
5238528 Car Seat HeadrestVincent
5346133 Jess KentGet Down
5453544 Parquet CourtsDust
5550737 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
5648823 Alison WonderlandRun
5763457 Justin BieberLove Yourself
5849449 Ty SegallDiversion
59584117BoyWe Were Here
6057236 ChairliftCh-Ching
6155828 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
62601415 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
63611029 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
6454936 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
65NEW165 Wild NothingA Woman's Wisdom
66591315 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
6772660 DIIVOut of Mind
68NEW168 Dua LipaBe The One
6962357 Sunflower Bean2013
7065265 The Love JunkiesNobody
71641217 HælosPray
7270370 Zara LarssonLush Life
73682611DrakeHotline Bling
7466157 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
75NEW175 PoliçaSummer Please
7667651 Luca BrasiThe Cascade Blues
7783277 PorchesGlow
7876276 AlunaGeorgeI'm In Control (ft. Popcaan)
7974463 Ali BarterFar Away
8071923 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
8173953 Iggy PopGardenia
8269842 Horror My FriendEasy Going
8379661 DaughterNumbers
84897516Jonathan BouletCreeper
8588285 M83Do It, Try It
86784412MetricThe Shade
8792287 Ra Ra RiotAbsolutely
88801417 RadioheadSpectre
89771230 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
9075159 MuteMathUsed To
9185233 Beach HouseThe Traveller
9287478 MothersCopper Mines
931001550 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
94861127 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
95842813Wolf AliceSilk
9691665 Plague VendorCredentials
97822913Wolf AliceFluffy
98962023 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
99952513 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between

903010 Ainslie WillsDrive
93293 HalseyHold Me Down
94290 YeoIcarus
971022 Mr. Little JeansFool 4 You
99875 SnakehipsAll My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)
Be The One debuting is great. Now that I've heard Thick As Thieves I can now say I like seeing it move up this week. Gold, Give It and Genghis Khan all up is great too. I hope No More Parties In L.A. can get to #1.
Great to see Kanye West, The Temper Trap, 21P, FIDLAR, Grimes, Alan Walker, Kiara, Flume, Chainsmokers, Miike Snow, Jay Rock, Zhu, Drake, AlonaGeorge, and M83

Nothing sets in my slack commenting more than the fact that my last one bears a super time-capsuled Usher joke In the meantime, LOOK WHO HAS OLYMPIA HIGHER!!1!! Also wow The Temper Trap though that song has been growing on me. I also have not noticed this subtle creep into the top 20 for Seth Have to rep the Baroness/Highasakite climbs too of course, oh and Dua Lipa ^.^
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 4/4/16
Edition No.334
Songs retire at 75 weeks

12311Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
21715The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
33103 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
4462 Wild NothingTV Queen
5635 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
6572 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
7957 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
88133 PoliçaLime Habit
97912Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
1013210 OlympiaSmoke Signals
1114611 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
1210143 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
1317913 Seth SentryHell Boy
141288 Milwaukee BanksFaded
1531315 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
16111213Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
1715714 Spring KingWho Are You?
1816118 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
1941619 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
20183312FIDLARWest Coast
2119102 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
2222422 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
2321321 BaronessShock Me
24201411Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
2524118 BattlesThe Yabba
262599 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
2723616 MOSSYElectric Chair
2835228 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
2927427 Alan WalkerFaded
3026714 Sunflower BeanCome On
3142331 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
3229729 KiiaraGold
33281511Heron OblivionOriar
3434826 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
3533528 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
3630718 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
373286 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
3847238 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
3936836 MisunGive It Up
40NEW140 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
4138533 Cub SportI Can't Save You
4239126 David BowieBlackstar
43441314 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
4440640 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
45371023 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
4643252 Jay RockGumbo
47NEW147 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
4845145 Susanne SundførAccelerate
4968249 Dua LipaBe The One
50461813 JaalaWar Song
51482116Beach BabyLimousine
52641036 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
5351238 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
5450925 SavagesAdore
5553143 Jess KentGet Down
5649821 City Calm DownSon
5765257 Wild NothingA Woman's Wisdom
5857557 Justin BieberLove Yourself
59594217BoyWe Were Here
6052628 Car Seat HeadrestVincent
6175261 PoliçaSummer Please
6260246 ChairliftCh-Ching
6354644 Parquet CourtsDust
6456923 Alison WonderlandRun
65NEW165 Heron OblivionRama
6661928 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
6758549 Ty SegallDiversion
6878368 AlunaGeorgeI'm In Control (ft. Popcaan)
6955837 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
70931650 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
71631129 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
72621515 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
7367760 DIIVOut of Mind
7477374 PorchesGlow
75661415 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
7682942 Horror My FriendEasy Going
7769457 Sunflower Bean2013
78732711DrakeHotline Bling
79711317 HælosPray
8072470 Zara LarssonLush Life
8170365 The Love JunkiesNobody
8285382 M83Do It, Try It
8376751 Luca BrasiThe Cascade Blues
8487384 Ra Ra RiotAbsolutely
85801023 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
8674167 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
87864512MetricThe Shade
88811053 Iggy PopGardenia
8979563 Ali BarterFar Away
9083761 DaughterNumbers
91891330 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
92881517 RadioheadSpectre
93941227 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
94NEW194 RihannaWork (ft. Drake)
9590169 MuteMathUsed To
9691243 Beach HouseThe Traveller
97982123 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
98973013Wolf AliceFluffy
9992578 MothersCopper Mines
100992613 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between

847516Jonathan BouletCreeper [RETIRED]
952813Wolf AliceSilk
96665 Plague VendorCredentials
I somegow didn't notice or did and forgot that you were charting I Am Chemistry! Yay for that. Great to see Work debut and improvements for Someone Who'll Get It, Genghis Khan and I'm In Control. Also ooh at Stressed Out still going
Oh hey Smoke Signals at #10 how incredibly convenient Also omg Highasakite smashing it now! Also Real Friends/Work finally; omg Fade
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 11/4/16
Edition No.335
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11412Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
2762 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
32815The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
43113 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
5472 Wild NothingTV Queen
6545 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
71547 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
8682 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
91039 OlympiaSmoke Signals
10131010 Seth SentryHell Boy
1191012Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
128143 PoliçaLime Habit
1311711 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
1412153 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
1519715 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
161498 Milwaukee BanksFaded
17161313Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
1817814 Spring KingWho Are You?
1918128 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
20203412FIDLARWest Coast
2122521 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
2229522 Alan WalkerFaded
23NEW123 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
2421112 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
2523421 BaronessShock Me
2626109 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
2732827 KiiaraGold
28241511Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
2931429 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
3025128 BattlesThe Yabba
3127716 MOSSYElectric Chair
3249332 Dua LipaBe The One
3328328 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
34331611Heron OblivionOriar
3530814 Sunflower BeanCome On
3635628 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
3734926 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
38NEW138 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
3944739 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
4047240 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
4138338 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
4236818 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
4340240 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
4439936 MisunGive It Up
453796 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
4641633 Cub SportI Can't Save You
47NEW147 WoodsSun City Creeps
4846262 Jay RockGumbo
49431414 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
5061350 PoliçaSummer Please
5142136 David BowieBlackstar
52451123 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
5348155 Susanne SundførAccelerate
54501913 JaalaWar Song
55521136 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
5665256 Heron OblivionRama
5755153 Jess KentGet Down
58512216Beach BabyLimousine
5963744 Parquet CourtsDust
60NEW160 Kanye WestFather Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 (ft. Kid Cudi)
6156921 City Calm DownSon
62594317BoyWe Were Here
6357357 Wild NothingA Woman's Wisdom
6458657 Justin BieberLove Yourself
6582465 M83Do It, Try It
66541025 SavagesAdore
67NEW167 The ThermalsInto the Code
6874468 PorchesGlow
6967649 Ty SegallDiversion
7053248 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
7162256 ChairliftCh-Ching
72NEW172 Death GripsHot Head
7360728 Car Seat HeadrestVincent
74641023 Alison WonderlandRun
7569937 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
76711229 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
7768468 AlunaGeorgeI'm In Control (ft. Popcaan)
78661028 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
79701750 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
8080570 Zara LarssonLush Life
81751515 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
82782811DrakeHotline Bling
83721615 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
84NEW184 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardGamma Knife
8577557 Sunflower Bean2013
8673860 DIIVOut of Mind
8794287 RihannaWork (ft. Drake)
88NEW188 PinkshinyultrablastThe Cherry Pit
89761042 Horror My FriendEasy Going
90791417 HælosPray
9181465 The Love JunkiesNobody
92983113Wolf AliceFluffy
93NEW193 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 08 l 09.06.2014.
9484484 Ra Ra RiotAbsolutely
95881153 Iggy PopGardenia
9686177 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
97911430 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
9896253 Beach HouseThe Traveller
9995179 MuteMathUsed To
10089663 Ali BarterFar Away

83751 Luca BrasiThe Cascade Blues
851023 Bloc PartyThe Love Within
874512MetricThe Shade
90761 DaughterNumbers
921517 RadioheadSpectre
931227 YeasayerI Am Chemistry
972123 The Dead WeatherI Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
99578 MothersCopper Mines
1002613 The Go! TeamThe Scene Between
Ultralight Beam would be a pretty cool #1. Good to see Faded, Gold, Be The One, Come Home (Cardinal Pell), Do It, Try It and Work improve this week. Pity I Am Chemistry drops out though
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 18/4/16
Edition No.336
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11513Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
2272 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
33915The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
44123 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
5582 Wild NothingTV Queen
6756 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
7NEW17 The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
8655 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
9949 OlympiaSmoke Signals
1013810 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
11892 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
12101110 Seth SentryHell Boy
1323213 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
14111112Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
1512153 PoliçaLime Habit
1615815 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
1714163 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
1818914 Spring KingWho Are You?
19171413Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
2038220 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
21203512FIDLARWest Coast
2216108 Milwaukee BanksFaded
2319138 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
2422622 Alan WalkerFaded
2527925 KiiaraGold
2621621 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
2747227 WoodsSun City Creeps
2829528 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
2925521 BaronessShock Me
3043330 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
3124122 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
3232432 Dua LipaBe The One
3326119 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
34NEW134 Aesop RockRings
35281611Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
3631816 MOSSYElectric Chair
3730138 BattlesThe Yabba
3833428 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
3942918 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
40NEW140 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
4135914 Sunflower BeanCome On
42341711Heron OblivionOriar
43371026 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
4441438 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
4540340 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
4636728 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
4739839 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
48NEW148 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
49441036 MisunGive It Up
5050450 PoliçaSummer Please
5145106 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
5246733 Cub SportI Can't Save You
5359844 Parquet CourtsDust
5456354 Heron OblivionRama
5548272 Jay RockGumbo
5665556 M83Do It, Try It
57491514 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
5851146 David BowieBlackstar
5960259 Kanye WestFather Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 (ft. Kid Cudi)
6053165 Susanne SundførAccelerate
6167261 The ThermalsInto the Code
6272262 Death GripsHot Head
63521223 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
6457163 Jess KentGet Down
65624417BoyWe Were Here
6688266 PinkshinyultrablastThe Cherry Pit
67NEW167 PinegroveOld Friends
68542013 JaalaWar Song
6963457 Wild NothingA Woman's Wisdom
70551236 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
7184271 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardGamma Knife
72582316Beach BabyLimousine
73611021 City Calm DownSon
7464757 Justin BieberLove Yourself
7568568 PorchesGlow
76NEW176 Split SecondsRelocation Blues
77661125 SavagesAdore
7871266 ChairliftCh-Ching
7970258 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
8069749 Ty SegallDiversion
81NEW181 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 02 l 06.23.2014.
82791850 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
83751037 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
84741123 Alison WonderlandRun
85761329 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
8680670 Zara LarssonLush Life
87781128 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar
8877568 AlunaGeorgeI'm In Control (ft. Popcaan)
8994584 Ra Ra RiotAbsolutely
9086960 DIIVOut of Mind
91811615 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
9285657 Sunflower Bean2013
93822911DrakeHotline Bling
94831715 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
9587387 RihannaWork (ft. Drake)
96901517 HælosPray
97923213Wolf AliceFluffy
9873828 Car Seat HeadrestVincent
9993293 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 08 l 09.06.2014.
100891142 Horror My FriendEasy Going

91465 The Love JunkiesNobody
951153 Iggy PopGardenia
96177 Dan KellyNational Park and Wildlife
971430 YACHTL.A. Plays Itself
98253 Beach HouseThe Traveller
99179 MuteMathUsed To
100663 Ali BarterFar Away
I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix) and untitled 02 l 06.23.2014. are both cool debuts. Ooh Stressed Out in the top 10, maybe you'd enjoy seeing them live more than I would ~ Although I do have Lane Boy which peaked at #14 on my chart Yay Gold and Do It, Try It making moves upwards too.
Great to see the Temper Trap, Kiiara, Miike Snow, M83, double Flume and Tim Minchin lol. Posner debut is awesome though!
Y'know I might go back to that Shadow Puppets album if not for the fact every time I go onto Spotify I have something VERY LARGE looming there that distracts my attention omg are you about to outpeak me on Pleasure Drive tho? Surprisingly yeah for Mike Posner, like the most real sounding hit of the year. Also pimp pimp!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 25/4/16
Edition No.337
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11614Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
2722 The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
3282 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
431015The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
51335 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
64133 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
7666 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
8592 Wild NothingTV Queen
9959 OlympiaSmoke Signals
1010910 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
11865 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
1234212 Aesop RockRings
1311102 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
14NEW114 LushOut of Control
15121210 Seth SentryHell Boy
1616915 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
1727317 WoodsSun City Creeps
1815163 PoliçaLime Habit
19141212Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
2020320 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
2117173 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
22NEW122 SuedeOutsiders
23213612FIDLARWest Coast
2428624 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
25191513Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
26NEW126 Modern BaseballEveryday
27181014 Spring KingWho Are You?
2823148 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
2922118 Milwaukee BanksFaded
3030430 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
3124722 Alan WalkerFaded
32251025 KiiaraGold
3362333 Death GripsHot Head
3432532 Dua LipaBe The One
3540235 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
3656636 M83Do It, Try It
3726721 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
3831132 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
3933129 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
4029621 BaronessShock Me
4138528 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
4245440 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
4367243 PinegroveOld Friends
44351711Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
4537148 BattlesThe Yabba
4653944 Parquet CourtsDust
47391018 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
4836916 MOSSYElectric Chair
49431126 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
5081250 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 02 l 06.23.2014.
51421811Heron OblivionOriar
52411014 Sunflower BeanCome On
5344538 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
5448248 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
5547939 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
5646828 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
57491136 MisunGive It Up
5861358 The ThermalsInto the Code
5952833 Cub SportI Can't Save You
6050550 PoliçaSummer Please
61571614 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
6259359 Kanye WestFather Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 (ft. Kid Cudi)
63NEW163 The RangeFlorida
6451116 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
6555282 Jay RockGumbo
6658156 David BowieBlackstar
67654517BoyWe Were Here
6871368 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardGamma Knife
69NEW169 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
7060175 Susanne SundførAccelerate
7164173 Jess KentGet Down
7266366 PinkshinyultrablastThe Cherry Pit
73631323 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
7454454 Heron OblivionRama
75701336 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
76682113 JaalaWar Song
7769557 Wild NothingA Woman's Wisdom
7874857 Justin BieberLove Yourself
7975668 PorchesGlow
80722416Beach BabyLimousine
81NEW181 GUMAnesthetized Lesson (Kevin Parker Remix)
82731121 City Calm DownSon
8380849 Ty SegallDiversion
84831137 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
8576276 Split SecondsRelocation Blues
8688668 AlunaGeorgeI'm In Control (ft. Popcaan)
87841223 Alison WonderlandRun
88821950 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
89NEW189 PoliçaWedding
9078276 ChairliftCh-Ching
91NEW191 Future of the LeftThe Limits of Battleships
9279268 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
9386770 Zara LarssonLush Life
94771225 SavagesAdore
95851429 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
96911715 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
97973313Wolf AliceFluffy
9895487 RihannaWork (ft. Drake)
99933011DrakeHotline Bling
100871228 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar

89584 Ra Ra RiotAbsolutely
90960 DIIVOut of Mind
92657 Sunflower Bean2013
941715 Animal CollectiveFloriDada
961517 HælosPray
98828 Car Seat HeadrestVincent
99293 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 08 l 09.06.2014.
1001142 Horror My FriendEasy Going
There's nothing more 2016 than saying I'm so out of touch by not having copped the new Lush & Suede releases Wow at the Sun City Creeps dominance; iconic sitter on my 2016 Spotify playlist for months FADEDFADEFADED. Oh yeah, obviously I welcome F**KING FILTER in the top 40 as well.
Yasss Florida debuting. Good timing too with FloriDada dropping out Nice to see Stressed Out still in the top 10, I did enjoy seeing them live more than I thought I would Too many to list but yay to everything else I quite like that's still charting
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 2/5/16
Edition No.338
Songs retire at 75 weeks

12311The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
21714Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
3392 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
4544 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
51235 Aesop RockRings
641115The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
71427 LushOut of Control
82628 Modern BaseballEveryday
96143 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
10969 OlympiaSmoke Signals
11101010 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
1217412 WoodsSun City Creeps
13776 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
148102 Wild NothingTV Queen
15161015 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
161175 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
17151310 Seth SentryHell Boy
1836718 M83Do It, Try It
1920419 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
2013112 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
2133421 Death GripsHot Head
2218173 PoliçaLime Habit
2335323 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
24191312Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
2521183 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
26233712FIDLARWest Coast
2724724 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
28611714 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
29251613Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
30271114 Spring KingWho Are You?
3163231 The RangeFlorida
3222222 SuedeOutsiders
33NEW133 AutoluxBrainwasher
34321125 KiiaraGold
3531822 Alan WalkerFaded
3634632 Dua LipaBe The One
3728158 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
3830530 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
3937821 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
4029128 Milwaukee BanksFaded
4141628 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
42461042 Parquet CourtsDust
4340721 BaronessShock Me
4439139 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
4538142 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
4643343 PinegroveOld Friends
4745158 BattlesThe Yabba
4850348 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 02 l 06.23.2014.
49441811Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
5042540 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
51471118 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
52NEW152 DesiignerPanda
53491226 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
54481016 MOSSYElectric Chair
55511911Heron OblivionOriar
5653638 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
57NEW157 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
5858458 The ThermalsInto the Code
59521114 Sunflower BeanCome On
6054348 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
61551039 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
62571236 MisunGive It Up
6359933 Cub SportI Can't Save You
64NEW164 Spring KingRectifier
6556928 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
6669266 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
6762459 Kanye WestFather Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 (ft. Kid Cudi)
6860650 PoliçaSummer Please
6966166 David BowieBlackstar
70674617BoyWe Were Here
7171183 Jess KentGet Down
7265292 Jay RockGumbo
7379768 PorchesGlow
7468468 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardGamma Knife
7564126 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
76751436 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
7789277 PoliçaWedding
78NEW178 StonefieldStranger
7970185 Susanne SundførAccelerate
8072466 PinkshinyultrablastThe Cherry Pit
81762213 JaalaWar Song
8274554 Heron OblivionRama
83731423 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
8477657 Wild NothingA Woman's Wisdom
8578957 Justin BieberLove Yourself
8690286 ChairliftCh-Ching
87802516Beach BabyLimousine
8893870 Zara LarssonLush Life
8986768 AlunaGeorgeI'm In Control (ft. Popcaan)
90NEW190 Beach BabySleeperhead
9183949 Ty SegallDiversion
9281281 GUMAnesthetized Lesson (Kevin Parker Remix)
9385376 Split SecondsRelocation Blues
94882050 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
95821221 City Calm DownSon
9698587 RihannaWork (ft. Drake)
97871323 Alison WonderlandRun
98841237 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
99993111DrakeHotline Bling
100973413Wolf AliceFluffy

91191 Future of the LeftThe Limits of Battleships
92268 Mac DeMarcoAnother One
941225 SavagesAdore
951429 FlumeNever Be Like You (ft. Kai)
961715 Pusha TM.F.T.R. (ft. The-Dream)
1001228 Dumbo Gets MadMisanthropulsar

yassss Florida Panda debuting is pretty great, as well as Do It, Try It and untitled 02 l 06.23.2014. on the move
You may have already noticed but I'll be broadcasting my 2007 EOY this Friday night

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 9/5/16
Edition No.339
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11412The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
22814Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
3833 Modern BaseballEveryday
4454 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
53102 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
6736 LushOut of Control
7545 Aesop RockRings
861215The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
91079 OlympiaSmoke Signals
10NEW110 RadioheadBurn the Witch
1112511 WoodsSun City Creeps
129153 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
13111110 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
1423414 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
151386 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
1618816 M83Do It, Try It
1731317 The RangeFlorida
1821518 Death GripsHot Head
19171410 Seth SentryHell Boy
20151115 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
2114112 Wild NothingTV Queen
221685 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
2319519 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
2433224 AutoluxBrainwasher
2522183 PoliçaLime Habit
2620122 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
27241412Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
28263812FIDLARWest Coast
2925193 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
30281814 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
31301214 Spring KingWho Are You?
3257232 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
3327824 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
3432322 SuedeOutsiders
35341225 KiiaraGold
36291713Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
37NEW137 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
3835922 Alan WalkerFaded
3937168 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
4036732 Dua LipaBe The One
4138630 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
42421142 Parquet CourtsDust
43NEW143 YeasayerSilly Me
4439921 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
4541728 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
4664246 Spring KingRectifier
4740138 Milwaukee BanksFaded
48NEW148 Sticky FingersOutcast at Last
4943821 BaronessShock Me
5046443 PinegroveOld Friends
51NEW151 BeyoncéFormation
5252252 DesiignerPanda
5344149 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
5445152 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
5547168 BattlesThe Yabba
5650640 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
57491911Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
5866358 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
59541116 MOSSYElectric Chair
60552011Heron OblivionOriar
6148448 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 02 l 06.23.2014.
62531326 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
63511218 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
6456738 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
6560448 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
66611139 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
6758558 The ThermalsInto the Code
68651028 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
69621336 MisunGive It Up
70591214 Sunflower BeanCome On
71704717BoyWe Were Here
7269176 David BowieBlackstar
73631033 Cub SportI Can't Save You
7467559 Kanye WestFather Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 (ft. Kid Cudi)
7593475 Split SecondsRelocation Blues
7672302 Jay RockGumbo
7773868 PorchesGlow
7874568 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardGamma Knife
7977377 PoliçaWedding
8068750 PoliçaSummer Please
8171193 Jess KentGet Down
8278278 StonefieldStranger
8390283 Beach BabySleeperhead
84761536 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
8575136 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
8679195 Susanne SundførAccelerate
87812313 JaalaWar Song
88NEW188 ModeratReminder
8980566 PinkshinyultrablastThe Cherry Pit
90831523 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
91851057 Justin BieberLove Yourself
9288970 Zara LarssonLush Life
93872616Beach BabyLimousine
94NEW194 BeyoncéHold Up
9592381 GUMAnesthetized Lesson (Kevin Parker Remix)
96911049 Ty SegallDiversion
9796687 RihannaWork (ft. Drake)
98NEW198 Meghan TrainorNo
9989868 AlunaGeorgeI'm In Control (ft. Popcaan)
10086296 ChairliftCh-Ching

82554 Heron OblivionRama
84657 Wild NothingA Woman's Wisdom
942050 GrimesFlesh Without Blood
951221 City Calm DownSon
971323 Alison WonderlandRun
981237 Clara LuziaThe Drugs Do Work
993111DrakeHotline Bling
1003413Wolf AliceFluffy
Would love to see Florida make the top 10! Awesome to see it in the top 20. Burn The Witch is cool and I like One Dance, Formation and NO debuting even more.
Radiohead in the top 10 woo! Drake & Beyonce bringing the goods too.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 16/5/16
Edition No.340
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11513The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
2342 Modern BaseballEveryday
32914Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
4464 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
51025 RadioheadBurn the Witch
65112 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
7987 OlympiaSmoke Signals
8646 LushOut of Control
981315The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
1017410 The RangeFlorida
11755 Aesop RockRings
1214512 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
1311611 WoodsSun City Creeps
14131210 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
1512163 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
161596 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
17191510 Seth SentryHell Boy
1818618 Death GripsHot Head
1916916 M83Do It, Try It
20NEW120 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
21201215 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
2224322 AutoluxBrainwasher
23351323 KiiaraGold
2421122 Wild NothingTV Queen
2546325 Spring KingRectifier
2623619 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
272295 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
2894228 BeyoncéHold Up
2925193 PoliçaLime Habit
30283912FIDLARWest Coast
31271512Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
3229203 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
3332332 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
3437234 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
3526132 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
36NEW136 PorchesBe Apart
37301914 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
38311314 Spring KingWho Are You?
3951239 BeyoncéFormation
4043240 YeasayerSilly Me
4133924 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
4234422 SuedeOutsiders
43361813Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
44381022 Alan WalkerFaded
4540832 Dua LipaBe The One
46NEW146 Bad FrenchWithin You
4739178 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
4841730 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
49421242 Parquet CourtsDust
5045828 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
5148248 Sticky FingersOutcast at Last
52441021 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
5347148 Milwaukee BanksFaded
5450543 PinegroveOld Friends
5552352 DesiignerPanda
5649921 BaronessShock Me
5753159 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
5854162 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
5958458 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
6055178 BattlesThe Yabba
61572011Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
6256740 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
63591216 MOSSYElectric Chair
64NEW164 Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities
65602111Heron OblivionOriar
6665548 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
67621426 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
6864838 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
69661239 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
70631318 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
71691436 MisunGive It Up
72681128 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
7361548 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 02 l 06.23.2014.
7467658 The ThermalsInto the Code
7572186 David BowieBlackstar
76714817BoyWe Were Here
77701314 Sunflower BeanCome On
7876312 Jay RockGumbo
79NEW179 Major LeaguesBetter Off
8075575 Split SecondsRelocation Blues
8174659 Kanye WestFather Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 (ft. Kid Cudi)
82731133 Cub SportI Can't Save You
8381203 Jess KentGet Down
8479477 PoliçaWedding
8578668 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardGamma Knife
8677968 PorchesGlow
8783383 Beach BabySleeperhead
88841636 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
8982378 StonefieldStranger
90901623 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
9198291 Meghan TrainorNo
9280850 PoliçaSummer Please
9388288 ModeratReminder
94872413 JaalaWar Song
9586205 Susanne SundførAccelerate
96NEW196 The CreasesImpact
9785146 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
98911157 Justin BieberLove Yourself
99932716Beach BabyLimousine
10097787 RihannaWork (ft. Drake)

89566 PinkshinyultrablastThe Cherry Pit
92970 Zara LarssonLush Life
95381 GUMAnesthetized Lesson (Kevin Parker Remix)
961049 Ty SegallDiversion
99868 AlunaGeorgeI'm In Control (ft. Popcaan)
100296 ChairliftCh-Ching
Oh wow it really did make the top 10. Yassssss Florida Dark Necessities is cool and nice improvements for Hold Up, Formation and NO.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 23/5/16
Edition No.341
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11614The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
2252 Modern BaseballEveryday
3533 RadioheadBurn the Witch
431014Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
5NEW15 M. WardPirate Dial
6474 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
7797 OlympiaSmoke Signals
8856 LushOut of Control
91059 The RangeFlorida
106122 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
1112611 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
1291415The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
1320213 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
14NEW114 The KillsDoing It To Death
15141310 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
161165 Aesop RockRings
1713711 WoodsSun City Creeps
18231418 KiiaraGold
1918718 Death GripsHot Head
2028320 BeyoncéHold Up
2116106 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
2215173 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
23171610 Seth SentryHell Boy
2440324 YeasayerSilly Me
25191016 M83Do It, Try It
2622422 AutoluxBrainwasher
2739327 BeyoncéFormation
28211315 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
2925425 Spring KingRectifier
3034330 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
3124132 Wild NothingTV Queen
3226719 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
3327105 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
34304012FIDLARWest Coast
3536235 PorchesBe Apart
3629203 PoliçaLime Habit
37311612Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
3832213 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
39NEW139 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
4033432 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
4135142 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
42NEW142 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
43372014 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
4542522 SuedeOutsiders
46381414 Spring KingWho Are You?
47411024 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
4845932 Dua LipaBe The One
49NEW149 MisunJune (ft. Gil the Kid)
50491342 Parquet CourtsDust
51431913Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
52NEW152 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
53441122 Alan WalkerFaded
5446246 Bad FrenchWithin You
5555452 DesiignerPanda
5648830 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
5747188 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
58NEW158 SløtfaceSponge State
5950928 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
6064260 Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities
6153158 Milwaukee BanksFaded
6259558 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
6351348 Sticky FingersOutcast at Last
6458172 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
6557169 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
6654643 PinegroveOld Friends
67521121 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
68561021 BaronessShock Me
6960188 BattlesThe Yabba
7079270 Major LeaguesBetter Off
71652211Heron OblivionOriar
7262840 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
73612111Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
74631316 MOSSYElectric Chair
7568938 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
76671526 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
7766648 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
78711536 MisunGive It Up
7973648 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 02 l 06.23.2014.
80701418 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
81NEW181 DrakeHype
82691339 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
8375196 David BowieBlackstar
84764917BoyWe Were Here
85721228 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
8678322 Jay RockGumbo
87NEW187 Choir Of Young BelieversPerfect Estocada
8874758 The ThermalsInto the Code
89NEW189 The Temper TrapFall Together
90771414 Sunflower BeanCome On
9183213 Jess KentGet Down
9285768 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardGamma Knife
9384577 PoliçaWedding
9491391 Meghan TrainorNo
95NEW195 Royal BloodWhere Are You Now?
96821233 Cub SportI Can't Save You
9780675 Split SecondsRelocation Blues
98901723 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
9981759 Kanye WestFather Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 (ft. Kid Cudi)
10096296 The CreasesImpact

86968 PorchesGlow
87383 Beach BabySleeperhead
881636 ZHU x Skrillex x THEY.Working For It
89378 StonefieldStranger
92850 PoliçaSummer Please
93288 ModeratReminder
942413 JaalaWar Song
95205 Susanne SundførAccelerate
97146 Primal ScreamWhere the Light Gets In (ft. Sky Ferreira)
981157 Justin BieberLove Yourself
992716Beach BabyLimousine
100787 RihannaWork (ft. Drake)
hahaha KARATE but yay and also yay June, This Girl and Fall Together. Florida still climbing is delightful while I also like seeing climbs for Gold, Formation and Dark Necessities. Give It Up still in is pleasing also. Need to hear that other Yeasayer track sometime
da multiculturalism on display though, best exemplified by BABYMETAL *.* This Girl is surprising but I suppose you gotta keep the relatively high ARIA quota of late up! I also like this trajectory that vaguely suggests that Formation COULD top the AP next week.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 30/5/16
Edition No.342
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11715The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
2262 Modern BaseballEveryday
3343 RadioheadBurn the Witch
441114Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
5525 M. WardPirate Dial
6866 LushOut of Control
77107 OlympiaSmoke Signals
81178 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
95829 SløtfaceSponge State
10684 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
1110132 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
1214212 The KillsDoing It To Death
1313313 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
14969 The RangeFlorida
15181515 KiiaraGold
16121515The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
17NEW117 A$AP FergStrive (ft. Missy Elliott)
1824418 YeasayerSilly Me
19151410 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
2042220 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
2119818 Death GripsHot Head
2220420 BeyoncéHold Up
2317811 WoodsSun City Creeps
2426522 AutoluxBrainwasher
2521116 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
2627426 BeyoncéFormation
271675 Aesop RockRings
2839228 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
2922183 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
30231710 Seth SentryHell Boy
31281415 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
33251116 M83Do It, Try It
3431142 Wild NothingTV Queen
35NEW135 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
3629525 Spring KingRectifier
3730430 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
38344112FIDLARWest Coast
3933115 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
4035335 PorchesBe Apart
4132819 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
4236213 PoliçaLime Habit
43NEW143 RadioheadDaydreaming
4438223 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
45432114 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
4640532 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
47371712Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
4855548 DesiignerPanda
49461514 Spring KingWho Are You?
50471124 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
5141152 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
52481032 Dua LipaBe The One
5352252 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
5445622 SuedeOutsiders
55501442 Parquet CourtsDust
56531222 Alan WalkerFaded
57512013Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
5849249 MisunJune (ft. Gil the Kid)
59NEW159 Modern BaseballWedding Singer
6056930 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
6154346 Bad FrenchWithin You
62RET861 DaughterNumbers
6357198 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
6462658 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
6560360 Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities
66591028 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
67NEW167 Young The GiantSomething to Believe In
6866743 PinegroveOld Friends
6961168 Milwaukee BanksFaded
7070370 Major LeaguesBetter Off
7163448 Sticky FingersOutcast at Last
7264182 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
73NEW173 The Dandy WarholsSearch Party
7465179 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
75671221 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
7669198 BattlesThe Yabba
77681121 BaronessShock Me
7881278 DrakeHype
79712311Heron OblivionOriar
80751038 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
81761626 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
82NEW182 KAYTRANADABULLETS (ft. Little Dragon)
8372940 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
8479748 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 02 l 06.23.2014.
85845017BoyWe Were Here
8683206 David BowieBlackstar
87781636 MisunGive It Up
88732211Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
8977748 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
90821439 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
91741416 MOSSYElectric Chair
92NEW192 DeftonesPrayers / Triangles
9389289 The Temper TrapFall Together
9494491 Meghan TrainorNo
9587287 Choir Of Young BelieversPerfect Estocada
96801518 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
9792868 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardGamma Knife
9886332 Jay RockGumbo
99851328 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
10097775 Split SecondsRelocation Blues

88758 The ThermalsInto the Code
901414 Sunflower BeanCome On
91213 Jess KentGet Down
93577 PoliçaWedding
95195 Royal BloodWhere Are You Now?
961233 Cub SportI Can't Save You
981723 The ChainsmokersRoses (ft. ROZES)
99759 Kanye WestFather Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 (ft. Kid Cudi)
100296 The CreasesImpact
Pity Florida drops this week but very pleased at how high it got! Silly Me is rather good too! Nice to see it as well as Gold, Formation, KARATE and Panda move up this week.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 6/6/16
Edition No.343
Songs retire at 75 weeks

11816The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
2352 RadioheadBurn the Witch
3533 M. WardPirate Dial
4NEW14 The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
5935 SløtfaceSponge State
6886 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
7676 LushOut of Control
8272 Modern BaseballEveryday
91239 The KillsDoing It To Death
1041214Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
117117 OlympiaSmoke Signals
1211142 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
1318513 YeasayerSilly Me
1417214 A$AP FergStrive (ft. Missy Elliott)
151094 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
1613413 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
1720317 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
181479 The RangeFlorida
19151615 KiiaraGold
21161615The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
2235222 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
23191510 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
2421918 Death GripsHot Head
2543225 RadioheadDaydreaming
2624622 AutoluxBrainwasher
2728327 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
2822520 BeyoncéHold Up
2925126 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
30NEW130 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
3126526 BeyoncéFormation
3223911 WoodsSun City Creeps
3329193 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
342785 Aesop RockRings
3537530 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
3634152 Wild NothingTV Queen
37301810 Seth SentryHell Boy
38384212FIDLARWest Coast
3948639 DesiignerPanda
40311515 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
41331216 M83Do It, Try It
42551542 Parquet CourtsDust
4339125 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
4436625 Spring KingRectifier
4540435 PorchesBe Apart
4642223 PoliçaLime Habit
4744233 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
4862948 DaughterNumbers
4941919 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
50452214 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
5154722 SuedeOutsiders
5246632 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
53NEW153 Band of SkullsKiller
54471812Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
5564755 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
56491614 Spring KingWho Are You?
57501224 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
5853352 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
5951162 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
60601030 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
6159259 Modern BaseballWedding Singer
62NEW162 The KillsSiberian Nights
63572113Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
64521132 Dua LipaBe The One
6561446 Bad FrenchWithin You
6667266 Young The GiantSomething to Believe In
67561322 Alan WalkerFaded
6858349 MisunJune (ft. Gil the Kid)
69NEW169 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
7065460 Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities
7168843 PinegroveOld Friends
7273272 The Dandy WarholsSearch Party
7363208 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
7482274 KAYTRANADABULLETS (ft. Little Dragon)
75NEW175 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
76661128 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
77NEW177 D.D DumboSatan
7870470 Major LeaguesBetter Off
7976208 BattlesThe Yabba
8069178 Milwaukee BanksFaded
8178378 DrakeHype
82NEW182 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
8371548 Sticky FingersOutcast at Last
8472192 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
8589848 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
8674189 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
87792411Heron OblivionOriar
88855117BoyWe Were Here
89771221 BaronessShock Me
90801138 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
91751321 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
9286216 David BowieBlackstar
93NEW193 FlumeWall Fuck
94811726 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
9592292 DeftonesPrayers / Triangles
9694591 Meghan TrainorNo
9784848 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 02 l 06.23.2014.
98831040 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
9993389 The Temper TrapFall Together
100871736 MisunGive It Up

882211Dumbo Gets MadAndromedian Girl
901439 Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)
911416 MOSSYElectric Chair
95287 Choir Of Young BelieversPerfect Estocada
961518 DZ DeathraysBlood On My Leather
97868 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardGamma Knife
98332 Jay RockGumbo
991328 The Parking Lot ExperimentsLife After Death
100775 Split SecondsRelocation Blues
Was wondering how high Frankie Sinatra would be. #4 is higher than I expected I think. Lone is definitely far higher than I expected and it's great and yas Too Good and Wall Fuck too. Nice to see Silly Me, KARATE, One Dance and Panda on the rise.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 13/6/16
Edition No.344
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Hello, it's me. I haven't written notes for a long time, and I think it's time to start it back up again. I can't make any long-term promises, but I'm going to give it a go

(I will also be making a better attempt to get to chart comments, I'm sorry for my slack attitude)

Seven weeks for The Last Shadow Puppets at #1 puts "Miracle Aligner" now in a very elite category of songs, with only five other songs having achieved the feat before. Their main obstacle to break any more records is the triumphant return from The Avalanches, as "Frankie Sinatra" moves up to #2. Radiohead are shifted down two places to #4 with "Burn the Witch" as M. Ward manages to hold his spot for the second week in a row at #3 with "Pirate Dial". After that there is a bit of a separation in competition for spots, with "Sponge State" well behind but keeping its #5 place, just ahead of Empress Of, The Kills and Lush. Yeasayer jump into the top 10 for the fourth time with "Silly Me", matching their #9 peak for "O.N.E." but behind #1-peaker "Henrietta" and #6-peaker "Longevity". Some important moves just outside the top 10, with BABYMETAL and Highasakite achieving new peaks of #12 and #13 respectively and a little lower Glass Animals, Autolux, What So Not and Radiohead also get to their highest placings thus far.

Now for the debuts and we start with everyone's favourite hip-hop weirdos, Death Grips. Partly because I was late on their pre-2014 material this is only their fourth entry, but already it's their second highest peaker. The energetic "Spikes" comes in at a rather high #17.

Another artist with their fourth entry this week is James Blake. After breaking into the chart in 2011 with two top 20 hits, he achieved a top 10 peaker in 2013 with "Retrograde", and now he has "Radio Silence" from his recently released third record coming in at #26.

The old adage of anyone that collaborates with Jack White is usually cool too is a good rule of thumb to have, and indeed The Kills have now got three songs on the chart in the short space of a month. "Heart of a Dog" has got a killer riff and it's in at #45.

And now for an artist I know very little about. A house music specialist out of the UK, Leon Vynehall, comes in at #53 with "Paradisea". He has a tendency to produce rather long drawn-out tracks but in this instance it works rather well.

People who have been following my retrospective EOYs may recall the track "Lovely Allen" by Canadian outfit Holy Fuck, which came in at #51 in 2009. Well now they're in the chart proper, with a new album out they have "Tom Tom" in at #66.

And pretty much copy and paste of the above, with another 2009 EOY artist making it in. Dappled Cities have never made my chart before but I've known of them for quite a while. Their new track released a week and a half ago "That Sound" comes in at #78.

Understandably I've known this song for a lot longer than the other debuts and it's slowly grown on me enough to sneak in here. Insanely young American singer Daya enters at #87 with "Hide Away".

The reaction to this next song has been fascinating. While there are still gaps in my Beck collection & knowledge, "Wow" is far removed from the pop brilliance of "Dreams" but interesting in its own way. I don't think it'll ever be near my favourite songs of his (and I can understand those who've not liked it at all) but for me this song proves that he can take even the most unfathomable concept and still make something listenable out of it. "Wow" is Beck's fourth entry to date and it enters at #95.

11917The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
2422 The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
3343 M. WardPirate Dial
4262 RadioheadBurn the Witch
5545 SløtfaceSponge State
6696 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
7947 The KillsDoing It To Death
8786 LushOut of Control
91369 YeasayerSilly Me
10882 Modern BaseballEveryday
11101314Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
1317413 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
1411127 OlympiaSmoke Signals
1512152 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
1622316 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
17NEW117 Death GripsSpikes
1816513 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
1926719 AutoluxBrainwasher
20191715 KiiaraGold
211889 The RangeFlorida
2230222 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
2325323 RadioheadDaydreaming
2415104 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
2527425 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
26NEW126 James BlakeRadio Silence
27211715The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
28231610 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
2914314 A$AP FergStrive (ft. Missy Elliott)
30241018 Death GripsHot Head
3162231 The KillsSiberian Nights
3228620 BeyoncéHold Up
3335630 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
3429136 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
35421635 Parquet CourtsDust
3633203 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
37481037 DaughterNumbers
38321011 WoodsSun City Creeps
3931626 BeyoncéFormation
403495 Aesop RockRings
41371910 Seth SentryHell Boy
42384312FIDLARWest Coast
4336162 Wild NothingTV Queen
4477244 D.D DumboSatan
45NEW145 The KillsHeart of a Dog
4639739 DesiignerPanda
4753247 Band of SkullsKiller
48401615 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
4955849 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
5069250 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
51411316 M83Do It, Try It
5251822 SuedeOutsiders
53NEW153 Leon VynehallParadisea
5482254 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
5543135 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
5661356 Modern BaseballWedding Singer
57491019 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
5847243 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
59541912Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
6052732 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
6145535 PorchesBe Apart
6246233 PoliçaLime Habit
63502314 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
6444725 Spring KingRectifier
6558452 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
66NEW166 Holy FuckTom Tom
6774367 KAYTRANADABULLETS (ft. Little Dragon)
68561714 Spring KingWho Are You?
6975269 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
7066366 Young The GiantSomething to Believe In
71571324 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
7259172 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
73601130 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
74641232 Dua LipaBe The One
75632213Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
7668449 MisunJune (ft. Gil the Kid)
7765546 Bad FrenchWithin You
78NEW178 Dappled CitiesThat Sound
7970560 Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities
80671422 Alan WalkerFaded
8171943 PinegroveOld Friends
82885217BoyWe Were Here
8379218 BattlesThe Yabba
8473218 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
8585948 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
8681478 DrakeHype
87NEW187 DayaHide Away
88761228 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
8972372 The Dandy WarholsSearch Party
9078570 Major LeaguesBetter Off
9184202 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
9286199 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
9392226 David BowieBlackstar
9480188 Milwaukee BanksFaded
95NEW195 BeckWow
96891321 BaronessShock Me
9796691 Meghan TrainorNo
9895392 DeftonesPrayers / Triangles
99872511Heron OblivionOriar
10083648 Sticky FingersOutcast at Last

901138 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 03 l 05.28.2013.
911321 Sunflower BeanEasier Said
93193 FlumeWall Fuck
941726 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
97848 Kendrick Lamaruntitled 02 l 06.23.2014.
981040 Kanye WestReal Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
99389 The Temper TrapFall Together
1001736 MisunGive It Up

Also - stats updated!
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omg Hide Away making it in after so long. Feels like forever since it was in my potential future charters playlist Nice to see Silly Me, KARATE, Lone and Too Good move up. I wish Wall Fuck had stayed in longer.
Oh now I see why the stats were brought up in the first place Also g'won Avalanches & BABYMETAL *.* Top 20 peaks obviously very appropriate for Glass Animals & Highasakite. Ooooooh James Blake too, I like that, that song seems to be getting more attention lately as it seemed like the random 'only my favourite' when the album first came out. Also that Dappled Cities song is fun, one can only be impressed that a band can have nearly 15 years of triple j airplay and still feel pretty niche
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 20/6/16
Edition No.345
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The unstoppable "Miracle Aligner" continues to climb towards the weeks at #1 record, achieving its 8th week at the top of the chart. It overtakes lasting hits "Reflektor", "Shitsville" and "We Were Here" which all ended with 7, and is only behind two songs, Boy's "Waitress" and Bear In Heaven's "The Reflection of You". Those two songs each hold the record of 9 weeks, and - despite the competition at the top end of the chart at the moment - it is in real danger of being equalled or broken entirely.

The top 3 remains the same this week, with "Frankie Sinatra" and "Pirate Dial" still pushing but ultimately unable to go any higher at this stage. A debut for Cymbals Eat Guitars comes in at #4, pushing Radiohead's "Burn the Witch" down a spot. What So Not rockets up to #6 with the loud "Lone", pushing Norwegian rockers Sløtface down to #7. Yeasayer continue to creep up with "Silly Me" at #8, and Death Grips jump straight into the top 10 with "Spikes" at #9 in it second week in the chart. The onflow effect of all these rises sees Empress Of, The Kills and Lush all move down spots.

Kicking off the debuts as noted above are unheralded New Yorkers Cymbals Eat Guitars. Following up on their superb #6-peaker "Warning" (#36 in 2014 EOY) is the saxophonic "Wish". It's such an exciting ride and it adds an extra spice to the current battle for #1 by entering in at #4.

Another artist with their second entry. This time it is English-born singer ANOHNI with the beautiful "Drone Bomb Me", with a #11 debut that also beats its predecessor, #69-peaking "4 Degrees" from January.

Aaaaaand... that's three sophomore entries in a row! Sydneysider Bec Sandridge's explicit "You're A Fucking Joke" is one of the catchiest songs doing the rounds at the moment, and it comes in at #16.

Capping off an excellent week for high debuts, Radiohead come in with their third entry from their new album (and sixth overall) "Decks Dark" which is in at #30.

While I cannot stand to hear the overplayed "7" anymore on the j's, Catfish and the Bottlemen's new album does have a rather cool tune on it by the name of "Twice". It is their third entry overall after their #1-peaker "Pacifier" and #31-peaker "Hourglass" from last year.

Also I'm starting to catch up on new albums which is great, some of which I've already bought and some I definitely have not. The disappointing follow-up from Flume is firmly in the latter, however the cut "You Know" featuring Allan Kingdom of "All Day"-fame and Raekwon of just general hip hop fame enters in at #67. It's Flume's 12th entry overall not including credits or remixes.

It's hard to pick favourite deep cuts from Parquet Courts' "Human Performance" but it is quite an impressive record. At #80 comes "Paraphrased", their fourth entry overall and third track currently in the chart.

And the final debut of the week was a bit of a last-minute one. After a number of weeks of climbing the IPAC, Anne-Marie's "Do It Right" sneaks in at #97. I'm not much of a "Rumour Mill" fan so I've never really had much reason to get to this until it charted in Australia. But I'm glad I did, and it's again a reflection of how much more open I am these days to music I previously wouldn't have given much attention to.

Flume's "Smoke & Retribution" re-enters at #98 after a week out of the chart.

111018The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
2232 The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
3353 M. WardPirate Dial
4NEW14 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
5472 RadioheadBurn the Witch
62236 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
7555 SløtfaceSponge State
8978 YeasayerSilly Me
91729 Death GripsSpikes
106106 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
11NEW111 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
12757 The KillsDoing It To Death
13896 LushOut of Control
141092 Modern BaseballEveryday
16NEW116 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
17111414Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
1813513 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
1916416 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
2031320 The KillsSiberian Nights
2114137 OlympiaSmoke Signals
2226222 James BlakeRadio Silence
2315162 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
2444324 D.D DumboSatan
2519819 AutoluxBrainwasher
2618613 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
2723423 RadioheadDaydreaming
28201815 KiiaraGold
292199 The RangeFlorida
30NEW130 RadioheadDecks Dark
3125525 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
32271815The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
3324114 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
34281710 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
3532720 BeyoncéHold Up
3645236 The KillsHeart of a Dog
3733730 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
3829414 A$AP FergStrive (ft. Missy Elliott)
3934146 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
40301118 Death GripsHot Head
41371137 DaughterNumbers
4236213 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
43424412FIDLARWest Coast
4439726 BeyoncéFormation
4553245 Leon VynehallParadisea
46351735 Parquet CourtsDust
47412010 Seth SentryHell Boy
4854348 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
4969349 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
50381111 WoodsSun City Creeps
5143172 Wild NothingTV Queen
5265552 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
5346839 DesiignerPanda
5447347 Band of SkullsKiller
5549949 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
5656456 Modern BaseballWedding Singer
5740105 Aesop RockRings
5850350 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
59481715 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
6055145 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
61NEW161 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
6252922 SuedeOutsiders
6378263 Dappled CitiesThat Sound
64511416 M83Do It, Try It
6558253 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
66592012Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
67NEW167 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
68571119 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
69632414 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
7079660 Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities
7167467 KAYTRANADABULLETS (ft. Little Dragon)
7260832 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
7366266 Holy FuckTom Tom
7464825 Spring KingRectifier
7562243 PoliçaLime Habit
76681814 Spring KingWho Are You?
7761635 PorchesBe Apart
78752313Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
79731230 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
80NEW180 Parquet CourtsParaphrased
8170466 Young The GiantSomething to Believe In
82741332 Dua LipaBe The One
83811043 PinegroveOld Friends
84825317BoyWe Were Here
8572182 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
86801522 Alan WalkerFaded
87711424 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
8876549 MisunJune (ft. Gil the Kid)
8987287 DayaHide Away
9083228 BattlesThe Yabba
9177646 Bad FrenchWithin You
9289472 The Dandy WarholsSearch Party
9395293 BeckWow
9486578 DrakeHype
95851048 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
9690670 Major LeaguesBetter Off
97NEW197 Anne-MarieDo It Right
98RET1826 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
9993236 David BowieBlackstar
10084228 Phantastic FernitureGap Year

881228 Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough Time
91202 GrimesVenus Fly (ft. Janelle Monae)
92199 Heron OblivionYour Hollows
94188 Milwaukee BanksFaded
961321 BaronessShock Me
97691 Meghan TrainorNo
98392 DeftonesPrayers / Triangles
992511Heron OblivionOriar
100648 Sticky FingersOutcast at Last
Great to see The Avalanches, What So Not, Glass Animals, Kanye West, D.D Dumbo, DJ Shadow, Kiiara, Radiohead, 21P, Beyoncé, Drake, A$AP Ferg, Death Grips, FIDLAR, Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners, DESIIGNER, The Temper Trap, Catfish And The Bottlemen, M83, Flume, RHCP, and Anne-Marie!

You Know is pretty good and also slay Do It Right and Smoke & Retribution in. Great rise for Lone and also good move for Too Good as well.
I was thinking this morning that you must clearly be controlling triple j's playlist to the timing of my alarm. The other day all I can remember is them playing The Belligerents (which I like), and today it was The Last Shadow Puppets, except it was Aviation I think Miracle Aligner sticks out the most for me from the album but still 8 weeks is quite something! Also funny story, the other morning I heard "7" on the radio and actually didn't mind it Wowzer Cymbals going so far as to outpeak Warning instantly And ooh ANOHNI, that's one of the tracks I can remember most clearly. Love seeing Decks Dark get in too. When the album came out it seemed like I was the only person not into it, but it's since becoming a real album highlight.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 27/6/16
Edition No.346
Songs retire at 75 weeks

I will say that it was one of the toughest calls for #1 I've had to make in a very long time. I had to really think about it but ultimately "Miracle Aligner" has been edged off top spot in favour of The Avalanches with "Frankie Sinatra". This ends The Last Shadow Puppets' incredible run at #1 at eight weeks, which if they cannot get back up will remain behind "Waitress" and "The Reflection Of You" as the record holders at nine weeks each.

Cymbals Eat Guitars may be knocking on the door of the top two soon as "Wish" moves to #3. There is so much fresh quality at the top end of the chart this week, with "Siberian Nights" launching itself 16 places up to #4, and "Lone" far less dramatically moving up one place to #5. This pushes "Pirate Dial" down to #6 and "Burn the Witch" to #8, with ANOHNI sneaking into the top 10 with "Drone Bomb Me" at #9 ahead of Yeasayer.

Up first with the debuts this week is Autolux, a band I knew nothing about two months ago but have followed their moderate hit "Brainwasher" in style. The dreamy hooks of "Change My Head" breaks in at #7.

Next up is a debutant to the chart in Brisbane singer Clea. After hearing it a lot in a TV ad, I really wanted to find out what it was as it just had me captivated. As it turns out "Crimson and Clover" is a Joan Jett cover, and it's in at #15.

And now for a song that was stuck in my head all day today (yesterday). Following up on their five entries in 2015 in collaboration with Ghostface Killah (three of which were #1s), BADBADNOTGOOD enter in for the sixth time with "Time Moves Slow". It features Future Islands singer Sam Herring, whose band have featured twice before in the chart with #14-peaker "Seasons (Waiting On You)" and #82-peaker "The Chase".

Ooooh I love "More Rain". The start of M. Ward's new record is rather cheerful, and this is probably exemplified by "Time Won't Wait", which enters at #41.

After a two-year absence from the chart, clipping. are back! The experimental hip-hop outfit from L.A. enter in at #51 with the party starter "Wriggle", their sixth entry overall.

Although it has one clear standout track, the new record from The Last Shadow Puppets is quite consistent and enjoyable. "Sweet Dreams, TN" has been close to charting for a few weeks now and it's in at #55, their fourth entry so far.

A band that is brand new to any of my charts, although "At the Bottom" was about 15-20 places away from making my 2009 EOY. At #62 the Long Island rockers Brand New are in with "I Am A Nightmare".

I went on Google Trends just now to see if I'm not the only one to search up what a ticonderoga is, but there didn't seem to be any recent patterns It's apparently a type of military building. Whatever it is, Red Hot Chili Peppers are singing about it and "This Ticonderoga" is in at #69, their tenth entry overall.

The one with the charming riff M. Ward is back for more with his third entry to date "Confession" at #73.

The final debut this week comes from first-timers Nothing, who are apparently a shoegaze band but I certainly don't hear it in "Eaten By Worms". I had them down for more post-punk or whatever. It's in at #76.

And on the back of "Drone Bomb Me" doing rather well and me getting into her album, ANOHNI returns at #92 with "4 Degrees".

12411The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
211118The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
3423 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
42044 The KillsSiberian Nights
5645 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
6363 M. WardPirate Dial
7NEW17 AutoluxChange My Head
8582 RadioheadBurn the Witch
91129 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
10888 YeasayerSilly Me
11939 Death GripsSpikes
1210116 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
13765 SløtfaceSponge State
1416214 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
15NEW115 CleaCrimson and Clover
161267 The KillsDoing It To Death
1730217 RadioheadDecks Dark
1927519 RadioheadDaydreaming
2014102 Modern BaseballEveryday
2113106 LushOut of Control
22171514Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
2324423 D.D DumboSatan
2419516 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
2522322 James BlakeRadio Silence
2621147 OlympiaSmoke Signals
2749427 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
2818613 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
2925919 AutoluxBrainwasher
3031625 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
3123172 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
32NEW132 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
3329109 The RangeFlorida
3448434 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
3526713 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
36281915 KiiaraGold
3736336 The KillsHeart of a Dog
3845338 Leon VynehallParadisea
39321915The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
40341810 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
41NEW141 M. WardTime Won't Wait
4233124 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
4335820 BeyoncéHold Up
44401218 Death GripsHot Head
4538514 A$AP FergStrive (ft. Missy Elliott)
46434512FIDLARWest Coast
4737830 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
4842223 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
4961249 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
5039156 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
51NEW151 clipping.Wriggle
5244826 BeyoncéFormation
5367253 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
5451182 Wild NothingTV Queen
55NEW155 The Last Shadow PuppetsSweet Dreams, TN
56411237 DaughterNumbers
57461835 Parquet CourtsDust
5852652 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
59472110 Seth SentryHell Boy
6053939 DesiignerPanda
6154447 Band of SkullsKiller
62NEW162 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
63501211 WoodsSun City Creeps
64551049 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
6558450 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
6660155 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
67591815 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
68662112Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
69NEW169 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
7056556 Modern BaseballWedding Singer
71621022 SuedeOutsiders
7265263 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
73NEW173 M. WardConfession
7470760 Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities
7563363 Dappled CitiesThat Sound
76NEW176 NothingEaten By Worms
77681219 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
7892572 The Dandy WarholsSearch Party
7957115 Aesop RockRings
80641516 M83Do It, Try It
8175253 PoliçaLime Habit
8271567 KAYTRANADABULLETS (ft. Little Dragon)
83692514 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
8473366 Holy FuckTom Tom
8572932 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
86761914 Spring KingWho Are You?
87845417BoyWe Were Here
8880280 Parquet CourtsParaphrased
89782413Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
9074925 Spring KingRectifier
91791330 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
92RET469 ANOHNI4 Degrees
9377735 PorchesBe Apart
94861622 Alan WalkerFaded
9589387 DayaHide Away
9697296 Anne-MarieDo It Right
9799246 David BowieBlackstar
9885192 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
99831143 PinegroveOld Friends
10090238 BattlesThe Yabba

81466 Young The GiantSomething to Believe In
821332 Dua LipaBe The One
871424 Miike SnowGenghis Khan
88549 MisunJune (ft. Gil the Kid)
91646 Bad FrenchWithin You
93293 BeckWow
94578 DrakeHype
951048 Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB remix)
96670 Major LeaguesBetter Off
981826 FlumeSmoke & Retribution (ft. Vince Staples & Kučka)
100228 Phantastic FernitureGap Year
TIL clipping. is numerous people and not a person Have to admit I've missed hearing Daveed Diggs' voice, Wriggle is pretty good. Good to see Lone, Too Good and Do It Right move up.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 4/7/16
Edition No.347
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Very tight at the top again which is turning into somewhat of a revolving door, with Autolux making "Change My Head" the third #1 in as many weeks. It is the 132nd #1 in the chart's history. The Last Shadow Puppets hold their spot at #2 with "Miracle Aligner", whilst the unlucky Avalanches slide down to #3 with "Frankie Sinatra". What So Not moves up a spot to #4, with Cymbals Eat Guitars making up the top 5 with "Wish".

I have been listening to The Kills' latest album quite a lot recently and it continues to grow on me. "Days Of Why And How" is a different record for them, with emphasis on the electronic rhythms which are backed up by a stunning chorus. It enters in at #6, their fourth entry overall.

And a song that quite late in the week rapidly grew momentum. Sydney band Middle Kids enter the chart for the first time with "Edge of Town" at #26.

Up next is a band that is certainly not foreign to this chart. In amongst the chaos of the 2010 charts, Local Natives managed a 1-week #1 in "Airplanes" and backing it up with #50-peaker "World News". Two years later, they scored a #7-peaker in "Breakers" but were to capitalise any further on past success. Now they're back and their fourth entry "Past Lives" is in at #34.

To possibly make up for losing top spot, The Avalanches score a second entry in "Subways" at #57.

I like repetitive, high-pitched riffs that remind me of Children Collide, so it should be no surprise that as soon as I heard this song I was impressed. White Lung are in at #71 with "Hungry".

Up next is another first-timer in the chart from Canada, however it's an artist that I have certainly known for a long time. After many near misses, it's great to finally chart a Tegan and Sara song, and "Hang on to the Night" comes in at #83.

And lastly, Northern Ireland's Two Door Cinema Club have returned after a three-year absence from the chart. Remarkably "Are We Ready? (Wreck)" is their 19th entry to date and hopefully there's more to come. It enters in at #85, their second lowest peaker from the 19 entries thus far.

17211AutoluxChange My Head
221218The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
31511The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
4554 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
5333 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
6NEW16 The KillsDays Of Why And How
7454 The KillsSiberian Nights
8892 RadioheadBurn the Witch
91439 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
10673 M. WardPirate Dial
111098 YeasayerSilly Me
1215212 CleaCrimson and Clover
1317313 RadioheadDecks Dark
1419614 RadioheadDaydreaming
15939 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
1612126 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
1727517 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
181149 Death GripsSpikes
2024616 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
211375 SløtfaceSponge State
2232222 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
2320112 Modern BaseballEveryday
241677 The KillsDoing It To Death
2530725 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
26NEW126 Middle KidsEdge of Town
2734527 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
2823523 D.D DumboSatan
29221614Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
3021116 LushOut of Control
3125422 James BlakeRadio Silence
3251232 clipping.Wriggle
33291019 AutoluxBrainwasher
34NEW134 Local NativesPast Lives
3526157 OlympiaSmoke Signals
3641236 M. WardTime Won't Wait
3728713 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
3831182 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
3953339 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
4033119 The RangeFlorida
41362015 KiiaraGold
4237436 The KillsHeart of a Dog
4338438 Leon VynehallParadisea
4435813 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
45401910 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
4643920 BeyoncéHold Up
47392015The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
48464612FIDLARWest Coast
4949349 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
5042134 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
51441318 Death GripsHot Head
5247930 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
5348233 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
5454192 Wild NothingTV Queen
5550166 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
5655255 The Last Shadow PuppetsSweet Dreams, TN
57NEW157 The AvalanchesSubways
5869258 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
5962259 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
6045614 A$AP FergStrive (ft. Missy Elliott)
6152926 BeyoncéFormation
62561337 DaughterNumbers
6376263 NothingEaten By Worms
64592210 Seth SentryHell Boy
6558752 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
66571935 Parquet CourtsDust
67711122 SuedeOutsiders
6873268 M. WardConfession
6966165 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
7078670 The Dandy WarholsSearch Party
71NEW171 White LungHungry
72631311 WoodsSun City Creeps
7370656 Modern BaseballWedding Singer
7461547 Band of SkullsKiller
7572273 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
7665550 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
77671915 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
78641149 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
79682212Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
8074860 Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities
81771319 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
82601039 DesiignerPanda
83NEW183 Tegan and SaraHang on to the Night
8475463 Dappled CitiesThat Sound
85NEW185 Two Door Cinema ClubAre We Ready? (Wreck)
8681263 PoliçaLime Habit
87875517BoyWe Were Here
88832614 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
8982667 KAYTRANADABULLETS (ft. Little Dragon)
9092569 ANOHNI4 Degrees
91801616 M83Do It, Try It
9288380 Parquet CourtsParaphrased
9379125 Aesop RockRings
9497256 David BowieBlackstar
95851032 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
96892513Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
9796396 Anne-MarieDo It Right
9893835 PorchesBe Apart
9995487 DayaHide Away
100862014 Spring KingWho Are You?

84366 Holy FuckTom Tom
90925 Spring KingRectifier
911330 Kanye WestFade (ft. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
941622 Alan WalkerFaded
98192 Sunflower BeanI Was Home
991143 PinegroveOld Friends
100238 BattlesThe Yabba
Subways I somehow did not notice last week that Frankie Sinatra was at #1, so go it I hope it can get back there, but ooh Lone would be even better as a #1 Nice to see Too Good and Wriggle move up and yay Do It Right lasting another week
Ooh all the chaos at the top and Cymbals nowhere amongst it actually lol. Surprised to see What So Not so high too! Daydreaming progress very good, and smashing debut for Middle Kids up there too! Subways is proper choonage and is coming to a chart near you!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 11/7/16
Edition No.348
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Another week with a lot of movement and The Avalanches fire back to the top of the chart for a second week. In fact, "Frankie Sinatra" is just the 10th song in the history of the chart to have multiple stints at #1. The Last Shadow Puppets continue their run at #2 with "Miracle Aligner" and The Kills halves their position to #3 with "Days Of Why And How". Parquet Courts enter at #4 which shifts previous #1 Autolux's "Change My Head" down four places to #5.

The excellent news is that this week's chart has the most debuts of any edition thus far in 2016. The first of 14 entries today comes from chart regulars Parquet Courts, who enter in at #4 - their highest position ever - with the title track to their recent album "Human Performance".

Not far behind them we see another debut in the top 10, something which is becoming a bit of a trend in recent weeks. This time it's a band I know very little about, but with a song that sounds so much like Franz Ferdinand I can't ignore it (and that's without mentioning the German reference!). The rather entertaining "Düsseldorf" enters at #7 by Teleman.

Up next is Greta Kline, daughter of actor Kevin, with a track from her latest album as Frankie Cosmos titled "Outside with the Cuties". As the title suggests it's rather charming, and it's in at #31.

Another first timer in the form of a wonderful imitation of The War On Drugs but - although it doesn't sound like it - sung by a woman. Kansas musician Taryn Miller a.k.a. Your Friend comes in at #36 with the delightful title track "Gumption".

And next is a song that originally I was not so keen on, but its repetition ironically has turned it into a massive jam for me. After two decent hits last year in "Multi-Love" and "Can't Keep Checking My Phone", Unknown Mortal Orchestra score their third entry to date with "First World Problem" entering at #41.

I have kept one ear on James Vincent McMorrow for a number of years now and sure enough I've been impressed by his new single. "Rising Water" is his first foray into the chart and it enters at #46.

Sadly breaking the pattern of entry numbers from above, KAYTRANADA comes in for his second entry with the much more popular "GLOWED UP" featuring Anderson .Paak at #52.

So while I remain adamant that "Skin" is rather disappointing, I've now charted 5 tracks from it. This time it's a track getting decent triple j airplay, "Lose It" featuring Vic Mensa in at #55. It's Flume's 16th entry to date including remixes, and Vic's second following the 2014 #1-hit "Down On My Luck".

I haven't given it anywhere near enough attention but Poliça's "United Crushers" is definitely one of the year's quiet achievers. "Melting Block" is their fourth entry from the record and fifth overall, entering in at #58.

It took me a while but I've finally picked my favourite of the new Strokes songs, and it's "Threat of Joy" which enters in at #59, their 13th entry overall.

Abbe May seems to be one of those artists I can get hyped for but somehow still completely miss the single release. Not sure if that's much to boast about but she's in at #67 with "Are We Flirting?", her sixth entry to date.

Up next is a debutant to the chart in Hot Hot Heat, a band I've known about for several years but having never heard a single track I had no idea what they were about. "Kid Who Stays in the Picture" is quite cool and it enters at #88.

I have certainly made my opinion over new Adele quite clear but I can confirm now it has changed somewhat! Her singles have been incrementally better as we have gone, with the dismal "Hello" followed up by "When We Were Young" which was not far off making the chart. But it has taken something slightly left-field from her to make it this time around, with "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" entering at #90, her fifth entry to date.

And given he's back on top of the chart, why not add some more Danny Brown? His own solo track "When It Rain" enters at #93, which is his second solo entry to date, or seventh if you include credited entries, which I should certainly do more often.

13612The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
221318The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
3623 The KillsDays Of Why And How
4NEW14 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
51311AutoluxChange My Head
6464 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
7NEW17 TelemanDüsseldorf
8543 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
98102 RadioheadBurn the Witch
10764 The KillsSiberian Nights
11949 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
1211108 YeasayerSilly Me
1320713 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
1414714 RadioheadDaydreaming
151083 M. WardPirate Dial
1613413 RadioheadDecks Dark
1717617 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
1912312 CleaCrimson and Clover
2027620 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
211549 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
2226222 Middle KidsEdge of Town
2322322 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
2416136 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
2525825 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
2657226 The AvalanchesSubways
271859 Death GripsSpikes
2828623 D.D DumboSatan
292185 SløtfaceSponge State
3023122 Modern BaseballEveryday
31NEW131 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
322487 The KillsDoing It To Death
33291714Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
3432332 clipping.Wriggle
3530126 LushOut of Control
36NEW136 Your FriendGumption
3734234 Local NativesPast Lives
3831522 James BlakeRadio Silence
3958339 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
40331119 AutoluxBrainwasher
41NEW141 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
4239439 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
4335167 OlympiaSmoke Signals
4436336 M. WardTime Won't Wait
4538192 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
46NEW146 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
4742536 The KillsHeart of a Dog
4837813 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
4943538 Leon VynehallParadisea
50412115 KiiaraGold
51484712FIDLARWest Coast
52NEW152 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
5353243 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
5440129 The RangeFlorida
55NEW155 FlumeLose It (ft. Vic Mensa)
56472115The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
57452010 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
58NEW158 PoliçaMelting Block
59NEW159 The StrokesThreat of Joy
60461020 BeyoncéHold Up
6154202 Wild NothingTV Queen
6244913 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
6349449 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
6459359 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
6555176 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
66521030 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
67NEW167 Abbe MayAre We Flirting?
68511418 Death GripsHot Head
6965852 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
7076650 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
7150144 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
7256355 The Last Shadow PuppetsSweet Dreams, TN
7368368 M. WardConfession
74611026 BeyoncéFormation
75621437 DaughterNumbers
76671222 SuedeOutsiders
7771271 White LungHungry
7863363 NothingEaten By Worms
79642310 Seth SentryHell Boy
80662035 Parquet CourtsDust
81721411 WoodsSun City Creeps
8260714 A$AP FergStrive (ft. Missy Elliott)
83792312Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
8475283 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
8585285 Two Door Cinema ClubAre We Ready? (Wreck)
8669175 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
87811419 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
88NEW188 Hot Hot HeatKid Who Stays in the Picture
8970770 The Dandy WarholsSearch Party
90NEW190 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
91772015 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
9283283 Tegan and SaraHang on to the Night
93NEW193 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
9484563 Dappled CitiesThat Sound
95875617BoyWe Were Here
9690669 ANOHNI4 Degrees
9774647 Band of SkullsKiller
98781249 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
9973756 Modern BaseballWedding Singer
10094266 David BowieBlackstar

80860 Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities
821039 DesiignerPanda
86263 PoliçaLime Habit
882614 Methyl EthelTwilight Driving
89667 KAYTRANADABULLETS (ft. Little Dragon)
911616 M83Do It, Try It
92380 Parquet CourtsParaphrased
93125 Aesop RockRings
951032 M83Time Wind (ft. Beck)
962513Car Seat HeadrestSomething Soon
97396 Anne-MarieDo It Right
98835 PorchesBe Apart
99487 DayaHide Away
1002014 Spring KingWho Are You?
Lose It is good. Also yay Frankie Sinatra back at #1. And the rises for Life Itself and Subways.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 18/7/16
Edition No.349
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Stability is clearly an increasingly distant memory with another change at #1, with Teleman leaping to top spot with their debut entry "Düsseldorf" in just its second week. Another debut from last week in "Human Performance" by Parquet Courts moves up to #2, leaving former #1s "Frankie Sinatra" and "Miracle Aligner", as well as "Days Of Why And How" to each slide down 2 places to #3 and #4 respectively.

So for a number of reasons we've broken a particularly tricky record this week. This chart contains precisely 20 debuts, which one rightfully disregards the three weeks in 2009 when my chart either started or expanded, is a record! I'll be adding a link to a new statistic at the top of the page which shows a list of all chart editions in order of debuts.

As the chart has already indicated, I continue to find gems throughout The Kills' "Ash & Ice". This time the very catchy "Let It Drop" enters at #12.

Just over a week ago the long-awaited second Avalanches album finally came to fruition and after numerous listens already, "Because I'm Me" is the first cab off the rank coming in at #13.

I'm not done with M. Ward's "More Rain" just yet! In fact, repeated listens of it continue to be so rewarding and have also helped prompt the appearance of "Temptation", which enters in at #21.

Still not sure what Tillman does here?? The Avalanches again with "Saturday Night Inside Out" at #25.

I'm yet to hear the album in full but there's plenty to like from what I've heard so far, as Beyoncé scores a #31 debut for "Sorry", her 10th entry to date.

At least in the context of this chart, Mitski follows in the footsteps of Thao Nguyen as another Asian-American singer-songwriter-in-a-band but time will tell if this can be as big of a hit as "Astonished Man" was. The surprisingly popular "Your Best American Girl" comes in at #35.

Another Avalanches/Danny Brown collab in a track which has been lauded as one of the album's standouts. Obviously it's very tough to make that call so early on, but "The Wozard of Iz" sure has that potential and enters at #37.

Full of wondrous vocals and glitchy synths, there's a lot to like on ANOHNI's record "Hopelessness", whose title track enters at #40.

Being produced by Alex Turner is quite possibly a guarantee that a song will be awesome. British singer Alexandra Savior enters at #47 for the first time with "Shades".

Out of the few songs I've heard from his mixtape it's by far the most impressive. Chance the Rapper enters in at #49 with "All Night", his first solo entry to date but fifth entry including credits.

It took me too long to realise this pays homage to late member A$AP Yams, although it is a pretty random jam nonetheless. A$AP Mob enter at #56 with "Yamborghini High".


Natasha Khan a.k.a. Bat for Lashes is finally back with new music and "Sunday Love" is complete not only with her famous vocals but also some lovely harps. It enters at #62, her third entry overall.

The Avalanches continue their assault on the chart with "If I Was a Folkstar" at #68, with it being Toro y Moi's third entry to date.

And a little lower we find The Avalanches' fifth debut of the day and seventh entry overall, "Colours" featuring Mercury Rev's Jonathan Donahue.

hmhmhmhmhm what does this remind me of. It continues to bug me, but it doesn't stop "Bitter Fruit" becoming The Kills' sixth entry to date entering at #83.

The one and only Tnaffy! "Higher" is an impressive return, and it's in at #87 as their sixth entry so far.

But honestly I've been much more hyped for Metronomy and it's been a rather significant let-down! I have a good one though in Robyn collab "Hang Me Out To Dry" - no relation to Cold War Kids - entering at #94.

Brisbane singer Arthur Wimble sneaks in at #97 with "Hearts", just a week after the similarly styled "Rising Water" debuts.

And lastly, Kent Jones, because why not?

2422 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
31712The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
421418The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
5333 The KillsDays Of Why And How
65411AutoluxChange My Head
71387 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
8674 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
91489 RadioheadDaydreaming
1017710 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
11853 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
12NEW112 The KillsLet It Drop
13NEW113 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
149112 RadioheadBurn the Witch
1522315 Middle KidsEdge of Town
1612118 YeasayerSilly Me
171074 The KillsSiberian Nights
1826318 The AvalanchesSubways
191159 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
2020720 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
21NEW121 M. WardTemptation
231593 M. WardPirate Dial
2446224 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
25NEW125 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
262159 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
2716513 RadioheadDecks Dark
2831228 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
2923422 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
3019412 CleaCrimson and Clover
31NEW131 BeyoncéSorry
3225925 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
3324146 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
3428723 D.D DumboSatan
35NEW135 MitskiYour Best American Girl
3630132 Modern BaseballEveryday
37NEW137 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
3841238 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
39331814Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
40NEW140 ANOHNIHopelessness
4136236 Your FriendGumption
4239439 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
433297 The KillsDoing It To Death
442769 Death GripsSpikes
4552245 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
462995 SløtfaceSponge State
47NEW147 Alexandra SaviorShades
4835136 LushOut of Control
49NEW149 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
5034432 clipping.Wriggle
5142539 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
52514812FIDLARWest Coast
5343177 OlympiaSmoke Signals
5438622 James BlakeRadio Silence
5567255 Abbe MayAre We Flirting?
56NEW156 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
5737334 Local NativesPast Lives
58401219 AutoluxBrainwasher
59NEW159 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
6044436 M. WardTime Won't Wait
6190261 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
62NEW162 Bat for LashesSunday Love
6355255 FlumeLose It (ft. Vic Mensa)
6445202 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
6547636 The KillsHeart of a Dog
6654139 The RangeFlorida
6761212 Wild NothingTV Queen
68NEW168 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
6964459 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
7063549 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
7159259 The StrokesThreat of Joy
72502215 KiiaraGold
7348913 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
7453253 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
7549638 Leon VynehallParadisea
76562215The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
77601120 BeyoncéHold Up
78572110 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
79NEW179 The AvalanchesColours (ft. Jonathan Donahue)
8070750 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
8158258 PoliçaMelting Block
82741126 BeyoncéFormation
83NEW183 The KillsBitter Fruit
84661130 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
8565186 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
86621013 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
87NEW187 The Naked and FamousHigher
8872455 The Last Shadow PuppetsSweet Dreams, TN
8973468 M. WardConfession
9071154 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
9193291 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
9269952 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
9377371 White LungHungry
94NEW194 MetronomyHang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
95681518 Death GripsHot Head
96802135 Parquet CourtsDust
97NEW197 Arthur WimbleHearts
98NEW198 Kent JonesDon't Mind
9988288 Hot Hot HeatKid Who Stays in the Picture
10084293 Vince StaplesNorf Norf

751437 DaughterNumbers
761222 SuedeOutsiders
78363 NothingEaten By Worms
792310 Seth SentryHell Boy
811411 WoodsSun City Creeps
82714 A$AP FergStrive (ft. Missy Elliott)
832312Sunflower BeanWall Watcher
85285 Two Door Cinema ClubAre We Ready? (Wreck)
86175 The Temper TrapThick As Thieves
871419 The JezabelsPleasure Drive
89770 The Dandy WarholsSearch Party
912015 Kanye West30 Hours (ft. André 3000)
92283 Tegan and SaraHang on to the Night
94563 Dappled CitiesThat Sound
955617BoyWe Were Here
96669 ANOHNI4 Degrees
97647 Band of SkullsKiller
981249 Parquet CourtsBerlin Got Blurry
99756 Modern BaseballWedding Singer
100266 David BowieBlackstar
I'll probably get around to listening to Wildflower, and Since I Left You too I guess. I did give If I Was A Folkstar a listen though because Toro Y Moi. I think it's my second favourite of what I've heard from the album. I also [s]don't mind[/s] like Don't Mind and Sorry but Sex I just can't I'm going to pretend it's Please Don't Go that's charting instead It's good to see Too Good and Subways moving up.
THEORY: if I comment this week, The Avalanches will return to #1 ~ Also ooh I need to go back to that Kills song myself because of that darned tune that I must uncover. All this swag Avalanches tho *.* That Chance track definitely sticks out; I've always thought he sounds out of his element on it and a bit awkward, but v catchy nonetheless. Middle Kids/Glass Animals/Radiohead/Drake with the continued climbing too!
31712The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
421418The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
5333 The KillsDays Of Why And How
71387 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
1017710 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
12NEW112 The KillsLet It Drop
149112 RadioheadBurn the Witch
1612118 YeasayerSilly Me
171074 The KillsSiberian Nights
231593 M. WardPirate Dial
3225925 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
3324146 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
3630132 Modern BaseballEveryday
433297 The KillsDoing It To Death
59NEW159 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
6190261 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
62NEW162 Bat for LashesSunday Love
6547636 The KillsHeart of a Dog
6654139 The RangeFlorida
6761212 Wild NothingTV Queen
6964459 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
7159259 The StrokesThreat of Joy
72502215 KiiaraGold
76562215The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
77601120 BeyoncéHold Up
83NEW183 The KillsBitter Fruit
84661130 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
86621013 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
9269952 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 25/7/16
Edition No.350
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The chart has settled down after a crazy few weeks, at least in the context of the top four which stays the same as last week. This is of course good news for Teleman who remain on top for a second week with "Düsseldorf".

The first of seven new entries in the chart this week is a band I know very little about but again tapping into the female-sung electric guitar somewhat-balladcore which has become a trend on the chart with "Crimson and Cloer", "Your Best American Girl", "Outside with the Cuties" [s]and "You're A Fucking Joke"[/s]. Big Thief debut at #40 with "Paul".

And now for a song which already on two occasions I have mistaken for "Future Reflections" or at least some other MGMT song just purely out of a subtle quirk in the intro, before realising it's clearly not. But it's been quite a prolific year for Spring King, who now score their third hit with "City" entering at #53.

Up next is a band that became an unlikely chart force with their previous album, scoring a number one hit in "Decayin' With The Boys" and managing a further five entries after that. American rockers Every Time I Die enter at #69 with "The Coin Has a Say".

This year has also been full of commercial hits that take plenty of time to grow on me. gnash's "i hate u, i love u" is another prime example of this as it debuts at #74.

This could easily pass as Triple M-core but it's catchy enough for me to not care really. Biffy Clyro's last chart hit was with "Bubbles" in 2011 which spent one week at #98. Five years later, they go 14 places better with "Animal Style" entering at #84.

This year has also been full of commercial... well actually, "Kiss It Better" was certainly not the massive smash I was expecting it to be, but even more unexpected is how it's really turned a corner for me personally. It's Rihanna's sixth entry to date.

Boy re-enters yeah ~

I'm clearly not the only one to liken Cities Aviv to Death Grips apparently. The oddly structured "Melanin Drop" sneaks in at #100.

also rip norfie

2232 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
33812The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
441518The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
51545 Middle KidsEdge of Town
6796 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
7543 The KillsDays Of Why And How
8884 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
96511AutoluxChange My Head
10999 RadioheadDaydreaming
1113211 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
1221212 M. WardTemptation
131784 The KillsSiberian Nights
1410810 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
1541315 Your FriendGumption
1612212 The KillsLet It Drop
171163 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
1814122 RadioheadBurn the Witch
1916128 YeasayerSilly Me
2018418 The AvalanchesSubways
211969 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
2237222 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
2320820 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
2424324 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
2628326 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
2723103 M. WardPirate Dial
2825225 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
292669 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
3035230 MitskiYour Best American Girl
3131231 BeyoncéSorry
32321025 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
3347233 Alexandra SaviorShades
3427613 RadioheadDecks Dark
3530512 CleaCrimson and Clover
3638336 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
3734823 D.D DumboSatan
3829522 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
3933156 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
40NEW140 Big ThiefPaul
4136142 Modern BaseballEveryday
42391914Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
4340240 ANOHNIHopelessness
4456244 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
4543107 The KillsDoing It To Death
4642539 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
4749247 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
4846105 SløtfaceSponge State
4945345 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
504479 Death GripsSpikes
51524912FIDLARWest Coast
5248146 LushOut of Control
53NEW153 Spring KingCity
5450532 clipping.Wriggle
5551639 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
5668256 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
5753187 OlympiaSmoke Signals
5861358 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
5954722 James BlakeRadio Silence
60581319 AutoluxBrainwasher
6157434 Local NativesPast Lives
6260536 M. WardTime Won't Wait
6362262 Bat for LashesSunday Love
6463355 FlumeLose It (ft. Vic Mensa)
6567222 Wild NothingTV Queen
6679266 The AvalanchesColours (ft. Jonathan Donahue)
6759259 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
6855355 Abbe MayAre We Flirting?
69NEW169 Every Time I DieThe Coin Has a Say
7065736 The KillsHeart of a Dog
7169559 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
7271359 The StrokesThreat of Joy
7364212 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
74NEW174 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
7566149 The RangeFlorida
7670649 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
77722315 KiiaraGold
78762315The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
7987279 The Naked and FamousHigher
8074263 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
8181358 PoliçaMelting Block
8294282 MetronomyHang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
83731013 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
84NEW184 Biffy ClyroAnimal Style
85771220 BeyoncéHold Up
86782210 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
8783283 The KillsBitter Fruit
88NEW188 RihannaKiss It Better
8975738 Leon VynehallParadisea
9085196 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
91821226 BeyoncéFormation
9293471 White LungHungry
9380850 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
94841230 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
9590164 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
9699388 Hot Hot HeatKid Who Stays in the Picture
9789568 M. WardConfession
98921052 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
99RET5717BoyWe Were Here
100NEW1100 Cities AvivMelanin Drop

861013 DJ ShadowNobody Speak (ft. Run The Jewels)
88455 The Last Shadow PuppetsSweet Dreams, TN
91291 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
951518 Death GripsHot Head
962135 Parquet CourtsDust
97197 Arthur WimbleHearts
98198 Kent JonesDon't Mind
100293 Vince StaplesNorf Norf
i hate u, i love u and Kiss It Better Subways still in the top 20 is fab too!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 1/8/16
Edition No.351
Songs retire at 75 weeks

I have very little time and really can't be assed so not now ~

Teleman make it three weeks in a row at #1, with Parquet Courts stuck at #2 for the exact same duration now. Middle Kids and Your Friend jump into the top 4, leaving The Last Shadow Puppets' "Miracle Aligner" down to its lowest position since April.

Three big debuts nice and close this week, the first of which is from Teleman whose album I gave a playthrough last week. I like things that remind me of the rhythm from "Masochist", therefore "Superglue" deserves a high debut at #14.

Speaking of "Masochist", it has been five and a half years since we last heard from The John Steel Singers, at least within the realms of this chart. I like things that remind me of the rhythm from "Will You Follow", therefore "Luke Perry's Lips" deserves a high debut at #17. It's the band's second entry to date after #7-peaker "Overpass" back in 2011.

Another artist whose last and only contribution prior to this week was back in early 2011! This time, Crystal Castles have lost and gained a vocalist but the sound isn't too different. They debut for the second time ever with "Char" at #18, following on from #24-peaker "Not In Love".

Somehow debutants (as artists) are becoming rarer this year despite the greater diversity of music. Mosquito Coast are a band I've kept an eye on for a while now and "Let's Be Friends" is their first entry in at #42.

A band whose name change meant little in terms of quality as this is their fifth entry to date. "Come On Mess Me Up" by Queenslanders Cub Sport is in at 53.

Starting to be come a bit obsessed now with what is one of my favourite albums of the year. A fifth debut for M. Ward, in at #67 with "Girl from Conejo Valley".

And lastly, MSTRKRFT give us an absolute banger in "Runaway" at #71.

2242 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
3553 Middle KidsEdge of Town
41544 Your FriendGumption
541618The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
66106 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
73912The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
81138 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
9753 The KillsDays Of Why And How
10894 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
1112311 M. WardTemptation
129611AutoluxChange My Head
1310109 RadioheadDaydreaming
14NEW114 TelemanSuperglue
151394 The KillsSiberian Nights
1624416 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
17NEW117 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
18NEW118 Crystal CastlesChar
1922319 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
2030320 MitskiYour Best American Girl
2114910 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
2216312 The KillsLet It Drop
2333323 Alexandra SaviorShades
2444324 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
2526425 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
2619138 YeasayerSilly Me
2718132 RadioheadBurn the Witch
281773 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
2920518 The AvalanchesSubways
302179 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
3140231 Big ThiefPaul
3223920 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
3436434 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
3528325 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
3627113 M. WardPirate Dial
3731331 BeyoncéSorry
382979 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
39321125 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
4034713 RadioheadDecks Dark
4156341 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
42NEW142 Mosquito CoastLet's Be Friends
4335612 CleaCrimson and Clover
4437923 D.D DumboSatan
4547345 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
4643340 ANOHNIHopelessness
4739166 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
4853248 Spring KingCity
4938622 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
50422014Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
5188251 RihannaKiss It Better
52515012FIDLARWest Coast
53NEW153 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
5441152 Modern BaseballEveryday
5558455 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
5646639 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
5745117 The KillsDoing It To Death
585089 Death GripsSpikes
5948115 SløtfaceSponge State
6049445 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
6155739 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
6269262 Every Time I DieThe Coin Has a Say
6352156 LushOut of Control
6454632 clipping.Wriggle
6562636 M. WardTime Won't Wait
6667359 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
67NEW167 M. WardGirl from Conejo Valley
6863362 Bat for LashesSunday Love
6965232 Wild NothingTV Queen
7071659 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
71NEW171 MSTRKRFTRunaway
72601419 AutoluxBrainwasher
7366366 The AvalanchesColours (ft. Jonathan Donahue)
7461534 Local NativesPast Lives
7557197 OlympiaSmoke Signals
7668455 Abbe MayAre We Flirting?
7764455 FlumeLose It (ft. Vic Mensa)
7876749 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
7972459 The StrokesThreat of Joy
8059822 James BlakeRadio Silence
8174274 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
8270836 The KillsHeart of a Dog
8382382 MetronomyHang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
8473222 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
85782415The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
8675159 The RangeFlorida
8779379 The Naked and FamousHigher
8880273 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
89772415 KiiaraGold
90851320 BeyoncéHold Up
9187383 The KillsBitter Fruit
9281458 PoliçaMelting Block
9392571 White LungHungry
9493950 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
95862310 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
9695174 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
97911326 BeyoncéFormation
98831113 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
9984284 Biffy ClyroAnimal Style
10089838 Leon VynehallParadisea

90196 HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
941230 DrakeOne Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla)
96388 Hot Hot HeatKid Who Stays in the Picture
97568 M. WardConfession
981052 Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 BurnersThis Girl
995717BoyWe Were Here
1001100 Cities AvivMelanin Drop
If I Was A Folkstar and Kiss It Better moving up
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 8/8/16
Edition No.352
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Little space between the top songs at the moment and Teleman again have it by a whisker, with "Düsseldorf" notching up its 4th week at #1. Middle Kids and Your Friend each move up a spot to challenge for #1 next week, while A$AP Mob deny Glass Animals of a top berth with a massive 19-place bullet.

One of those wtf moments when you do some research about the artist. Look Park is a new project from Chris Collingwood, who is best known for his band Fountains of Wayne and that "Stacy's Mom" song. He comes in with the much more sensible "Aeroplane" at #41.

And now for a band with a current top 10 hit in Glass Animals. Their new album has just been released and while I of course haven't heard it, "Youth" is a safe entry coming at #49, their fifth entry to date.

However the next artist is even better known for their reliability. Taking Back Sunday are back for their seventh album and it's the third album cycle in the chart's history. Today's entry moves them to equal-fourth on the list of the most entries per artist, now tied with the dormant Friendly Fires. Coming in at #53 is the title track "Tidal Wave", their 19th entry to date.

I haven't heard from Black Mountain in six years (and apparently neither has anyone else). The rather ambitious opening track to their new record titled "Mothers of the Sun" is their first ever entry debuting at #64.

ScHoolboy Q today follows Every Time I Die's lead in following up on a surprising #1 from a couple of years ago. "By Any Means" featuring uncredited vocals from none other than K-Dot himself enters at #73.

I thought this come in much higher but in the end it's lucky to make it despite the lack of competition at the bottom end. Aussie outfit Jagwar Ma enter at #90 with "O B 1", their third entry to date.

And lastly, Tegan and Sara are back

2362 Middle KidsEdge of Town
3453 Your FriendGumption
4252 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
52445 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
66116 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
751718The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
81428 TelemanSuperglue
9848 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
1071012The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
1111411 M. WardTemptation
12963 The KillsDays Of Why And How
1318213 Crystal CastlesChar
1410104 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
1517215 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
1616516 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
1712711AutoluxChange My Head
1815104 The KillsSiberian Nights
1923419 Alexandra SaviorShades
2013119 RadioheadDaydreaming
2119419 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
2220420 MitskiYour Best American Girl
2322412 The KillsLet It Drop
2431324 Big ThiefPaul
25211010 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
2625525 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
2726148 YeasayerSilly Me
2827142 RadioheadBurn the Witch
293089 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
302883 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
3129618 The AvalanchesSubways
32321020 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
3335425 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
3551335 RihannaKiss It Better
3634534 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
3737431 BeyoncéSorry
3836123 M. WardPirate Dial
3942239 Mosquito CoastLet's Be Friends
403889 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
41NEW141 Look ParkAeroplane
42391225 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
4341441 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
4440813 RadioheadDecks Dark
45441023 D.D DumboSatan
4653246 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
4745445 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
4846440 ANOHNIHopelessness
49NEW149 Glass AnimalsYouth
5043712 CleaCrimson and Clover
51502114Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
5247176 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
53NEW153 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
5449722 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
55525112FIDLARWest Coast
5655555 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
5748348 Spring KingCity
5854162 Modern BaseballEveryday
5957127 The KillsDoing It To Death
6056739 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
6159125 SløtfaceSponge State
6271262 MSTRKRFTRunaway
635899 Death GripsSpikes
64NEW164 Black MountainMothers of the Sun
6560545 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
6661839 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
6779559 The StrokesThreat of Joy
6862362 Every Time I DieThe Coin Has a Say
6966459 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
7063166 LushOut of Control
7168462 Bat for LashesSunday Love
7269242 Wild NothingTV Queen
73NEW173 ScHoolboy QBy Any Means
7464732 clipping.Wriggle
7570759 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
7667267 M. WardGirl from Conejo Valley
77721519 AutoluxBrainwasher
7865736 M. WardTime Won't Wait
7975207 OlympiaSmoke Signals
8078849 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
8173466 The AvalanchesColours (ft. Jonathan Donahue)
8277555 FlumeLose It (ft. Vic Mensa)
8381374 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
8483482 MetronomyHang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
8582936 The KillsHeart of a Dog
8687479 The Naked and FamousHigher
8774634 Local NativesPast Lives
88852515The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
8980922 James BlakeRadio Silence
90NEW190 Jagwar MaO B 1
9184232 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
9276555 Abbe MayAre We Flirting?
93901420 BeyoncéHold Up
9486169 The RangeFlorida
9593671 White LungHungry
9691483 The KillsBitter Fruit
9788283 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
98RET383 Tegan and SaraHang on to the Night
99941050 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
100892515 KiiaraGold

92458 PoliçaMelting Block
952310 twenty one pilotsStressed Out
96174 The BelligerentsBefore, I Am
971326 BeyoncéFormation
981113 HighasakiteGolden Ticket
99284 Biffy ClyroAnimal Style
100838 Leon VynehallParadisea

Less to comment on than usual this week, but I can say I like seeing a good improvement for Kiss It Better and Hang Me Out To Dry (now that I've heard it) hanging in there is cool.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 15/8/16
Edition No.353
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Last week was supposed to be the end of Teleman's reign on top, but alas here we are and they now have 5 consecutive weeks with "Düsseldorf". Crystal Castles launch to #4 with A$AP Mob holding firm for a nice-looking straight 5s.

First up is a local singer of the Courtney Barnett mould with two more well-known songs but in both instances don't quite have enough to really grab me. Instead at #25 she enters with "Ivy League".

Two first-timers/Melburnians in a row, and this time it's producer Running Touch with the annoying-outro-containing "Courtesy Of" at #41.

And now for a chart (but even more so, lastie) veteran in Father John Misty, who is back with a new single by the name of "Real Love Baby". Not sure if this means a new album or not so soon but I'm all for it if it's the case. Either way, it enters in at #52 for his tenth entry to date.

And now for an artist that had a rather surprising hit early in the year, and now they enter again. The Chainsmokers come in at #57 with the similar-sounding "Closer", their second entry to date and Halsey's third.
SAFIA have not made much an impact on this chart in the past, with #95-peaking "Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues" and last year's #61-peaker "Counting Sheep". This has the potential to go better than that but for now they must settle for a debut at #64 with the track "Over You".

I've been playing too much FIFA as I keep typing Cousins which is the name of a player #shitonlyirishsays. So many great lines in this one, and while it's not for everyone, it's certainly a step up from the previous singles. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis enter for the fifth time with "Brad Pitt's Cousin" at #67.

To round things out this week Mystery Jets are already back with new music :O It's only an EP / deluxe version of the album that I only heard one song from to be fair They enter at #83 with "The World Is Overtaking Me" which is their second entry so far.

2272 Middle KidsEdge of Town
3363 Your FriendGumption
41334 Crystal CastlesChar
5555 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
6836 TelemanSuperglue
76126 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
871818The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
9462 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
10958 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
1111511 M. WardTemptation
12101112The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
1315313 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
141273 The KillsDays Of Why And How
1516615 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
1614114 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
1719517 Alexandra SaviorShades
1818114 The KillsSiberian Nights
192999 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
2024420 Big ThiefPaul
2117811AutoluxChange My Head
2222520 MitskiYour Best American Girl
2320129 RadioheadDaydreaming
2421519 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
25NEW125 Alex LaheyIvy League
2623512 The KillsLet It Drop
2726625 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
28251110 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
2935429 RihannaKiss It Better
3027158 YeasayerSilly Me
3153231 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
3228152 RadioheadBurn the Witch
3349233 Glass AnimalsYouth
343093 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
3541235 Look ParkAeroplane
3633525 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
37321120 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
3831718 The AvalanchesSubways
4038133 M. WardPirate Dial
41NEW141 Running TouchCourtesy Of
4236634 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
4337531 BeyoncéSorry
444099 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
4546345 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
46421325 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
4767647 The StrokesThreat of Joy
4839339 Mosquito CoastLet's Be Friends
4944913 RadioheadDecks Dark
5043541 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
51451123 D.D DumboSatan
52NEW152 Father John MistyReal Love Baby
5348540 ANOHNIHopelessness
5462354 MSTRKRFTRunaway
5550812 CleaCrimson and Clover
5647545 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
57NEW157 The ChainsmokersCloser (ft. Halsey)
5864258 Black MountainMothers of the Sun
59512214Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
60555212FIDLARWest Coast
6154822 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
6252186 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
6356655 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
64NEW164 SAFIAOver You
6559137 The KillsDoing It To Death
6658172 Modern BaseballEveryday
67NEW167 Macklemore & Ryan LewisBrad Pitt's Cousin (ft. XP)
6869559 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
6971562 Bat for LashesSunday Love
7060839 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
7157448 Spring KingCity
7261135 SløtfaceSponge State
7368462 Every Time I DieThe Coin Has a Say
7465645 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
7563109 Death GripsSpikes
7666939 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
7772252 Wild NothingTV Queen
7873273 ScHoolboy QBy Any Means
7970176 LushOut of Control
8076367 M. WardGirl from Conejo Valley
8174832 clipping.Wriggle
8278836 M. WardTime Won't Wait
83NEW183 Mystery JetsThe World Is Overtaking Me
8475859 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
85771619 AutoluxBrainwasher
8680949 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
8779217 OlympiaSmoke Signals
8884582 MetronomyHang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
8983474 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
9081566 The AvalanchesColours (ft. Jonathan Donahue)
91882615The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
9295771 White LungHungry
9390290 Jagwar MaO B 1
9491242 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
95851036 The KillsHeart of a Dog
9682655 FlumeLose It (ft. Vic Mensa)
97931520 BeyoncéHold Up
9898483 Tegan and SaraHang on to the Night
9987734 Local NativesPast Lives
10086579 The Naked and FamousHigher

89922 James BlakeRadio Silence
92555 Abbe MayAre We Flirting?
94169 The RangeFlorida
96483 The KillsBitter Fruit
97283 Kanye WestNo More Parties In L.A. (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
991050 The Last Shadow PuppetsAviation
1002515 KiiaraGold
I'm amazed at Courtesy Of. Even though it made my chart a few months back, I'd forgotten it existed until harley mentioned it had debuted here. What a great surprise. Closer is good to see too and I can say I like Over You. Good to see a rebound for You're A Fucking Joke and a new peak for Kiss It Better. Florida out is sad, but 16 weeks is a pretty good effort.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 22/8/16
Edition No.354
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Six straight now for Teleman as "Düsseldorf" again sees off challengers in Middle Kids and Your Friend. Crystal Castles emerge as the next contender jumping to #2 with "Char", whilst Teleman themselves round out the top 5 with a rise for "Superglue".

Quieter week for new music but up first is a song I first heard on the j's and was quickly hooked. I miss the Violent Soho of old and "Blanket" is a sign that they can still make a great tune. It's in at #41, their seventh entry to date.

It's a new song from Warpaint which is of course called "New Song". As their third entry to date it comes in at #58.

A band continuing to develop an impressive chart history is Holy Holy. They have a new single out titled "Darwinism" which enters at #72, their seventh entry so far.

I don't have much to say on the next one except that I think I was pretty close to charting a Lightspeed Champion song in 2010. Blood Orange enters at #95 with "Augustine".

And lastly, Justice are in "Safe and Sound", at a very unsafe and unsound #99. Ha, ha.

2442 Crystal CastlesChar
3282 Middle KidsEdge of Town
4373 Your FriendGumption
5645 TelemanSuperglue
6565 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
77136 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
881918The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
91169 M. WardTemptation
10972 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
111068 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
1213412 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
1315713 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
14121212The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
1516124 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
161483 The KillsDays Of Why And How
1731317 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
1817617 Alexandra SaviorShades
1919109 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
2022620 MitskiYour Best American Girl
2118124 The KillsSiberian Nights
2229522 RihannaKiss It Better
2325223 Alex LaheyIvy League
2420520 Big ThiefPaul
2521911AutoluxChange My Head
2623139 RadioheadDaydreaming
2727725 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
2841228 Running TouchCourtesy Of
2924619 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
3026612 The KillsLet It Drop
3133331 Glass AnimalsYouth
32281210 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
3330168 YeasayerSilly Me
3432162 RadioheadBurn the Witch
3534103 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
3635335 Look ParkAeroplane
3747737 The StrokesThreat of Joy
3836625 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
3938818 The AvalanchesSubways
40371220 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
41NEW141 Violent SohoBlanket
4340143 M. WardPirate Dial
44461425 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
4557245 The ChainsmokersCloser (ft. Halsey)
4642734 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
4743631 BeyoncéSorry
4845445 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
4944109 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
5052250 Father John MistyReal Love Baby
51491013 RadioheadDecks Dark
5254452 MSTRKRFTRunaway
5350641 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
54511223 D.D DumboSatan
5553640 ANOHNIHopelessness
5656645 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
5755912 CleaCrimson and Clover
58NEW158 WarpaintNew Song
5948439 Mosquito CoastLet's Be Friends
60605312FIDLARWest Coast
61592314Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
6267262 Macklemore & Ryan LewisBrad Pitt's Cousin (ft. XP)
6358358 Black MountainMothers of the Sun
6461922 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
6564264 SAFIAOver You
6662196 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
6763755 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
6868659 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
6966182 Modern BaseballEveryday
7065147 The KillsDoing It To Death
7169662 Bat for LashesSunday Love
72NEW172 Holy HolyDarwinism
7370939 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
7472145 SløtfaceSponge State
7574745 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
7678373 ScHoolboy QBy Any Means
7771548 Spring KingCity
7875119 Death GripsSpikes
7983279 Mystery JetsThe World Is Overtaking Me
8077262 Wild NothingTV Queen
8180467 M. WardGirl from Conejo Valley
8284959 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
8379186 LushOut of Control
8489574 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
85761039 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
8682936 M. WardTime Won't Wait
8788682 MetronomyHang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
8890666 The AvalanchesColours (ft. Jonathan Donahue)
89912715The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
9081932 clipping.Wriggle
91851719 AutoluxBrainwasher
9292871 White LungHungry
9373562 Every Time I DieThe Coin Has a Say
9499834 Local NativesPast Lives
95NEW195 Blood OrangeAugustine
9694252 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
9787227 OlympiaSmoke Signals
98951136 The KillsHeart of a Dog
99NEW199 JusticeSafe and Sound
10098583 Tegan and SaraHang on to the Night

86949 Catfish and the BottlemenTwice
93290 Jagwar MaO B 1
96655 FlumeLose It (ft. Vic Mensa)
971520 BeyoncéHold Up
100579 The Naked and FamousHigher
great to see BLOOD ORANGE and JUSTICE debut
Safe And Sound debuting is great Kiss It Better, Courtesy Of and Closer on the move up is good stuff.
I feel like I said it before, but surprising dominance for Dusseldorf! Poor Middle Kids moving the right amount in the wrong direction D: Also aforementioned Kiss It Better lawls. Warpaint bringing out the jams, but Justice/Blood Orange also def worth mentioning.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 29/8/16
Edition No.355
Songs retire at 75 weeks

New #1! After many challengers, finally Teleman are knocked off top spot and the winning track is the enchanting "Char" by Crystal Castles. Glass Animals move up 2 spots to #4 with "Life Itself" after weeks of missing out on a top 5 berth.

Gypsy & The Cat not only round out the top 5 but they're also the highest debut of the week. I'm no lower 50 expert but as far as I am aware their latest album didn't even make the top 100 in Australia, however this track has impressed me more than anything they've ever done; and today they enter for the second time after #30-peaker "Time To Wander" in 2011. The epic "Odyssey of the Streets" debuts at #5.

I have to remember to make a pun with the album name when I inevitably type up EOY notes about it. But even I forget there's no denying how much depth M. Ward's "More Rain" has. Debuting this week is his sixth entry "I'm Going Higher" at #28, which may indeed end up being an omen of a song title.

Merely weeks after entering with "Brad Pitt's Cousin", the duo of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are at it again. Chance the Rapper collab "Need to Know" comes in at #34, Macklewis' sixth entry and also Chance's sixth entry when you include credits.

I know very little about Hein Cooper except that he's from Sydney. His track "Overflow" enters at #51 courtesy of the j's.

When it comes to record labels with random indie rock artists, Sub Pop is about as reliable as it gets. Case in point is the smooth "Some Sunsick Day" by Californian artist Morgan Delt which enters at #64.

So "A Moon Shaped Pool" is growing slowly on me and Radiohead now have four entries from it. "Identikit" comes in at #78.

"To Be Kind" was a very fun album for what it was, and now Michael Gira is back for some more two-hour-long shenanigans in "The Glowing Man". Hard to get much out of the solitary listen I've given it but "When Will I Return?" is my first pick from it, entering at #88.

also, suzieeeee.

12511Crystal CastlesChar
3392 Middle KidsEdge of Town
47144 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
5NEW15 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
6555 TelemanSuperglue
7977 M. WardTemptation
8483 Your FriendGumption
91389 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
1012510 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
1182018The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
121178 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
13675 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
1423314 Alex LaheyIvy League
151082 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
1622616 RihannaKiss It Better
17141312The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
1819119 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
1917417 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
2015134 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
2120720 MitskiYour Best American Girl
221693 The KillsDays Of Why And How
2321134 The KillsSiberian Nights
2428324 Running TouchCourtesy Of
2518717 Alexandra SaviorShades
2624620 Big ThiefPaul
2731427 Glass AnimalsYouth
28NEW128 M. WardI'm Going Higher
29251011AutoluxChange My Head
3027825 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
3126149 RadioheadDaydreaming
3229719 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
3330712 The KillsLet It Drop
34NEW134 Macklemore & Ryan LewisNeed to Know (ft. Chance the Rapper)
35321310 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
3641236 Violent SohoBlanket
3734172 RadioheadBurn the Witch
3833178 YeasayerSilly Me
3937837 The StrokesThreat of Joy
4035113 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
4150341 Father John MistyReal Love Baby
4236435 Look ParkAeroplane
4345343 The ChainsmokersCloser (ft. Halsey)
4438725 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
45401320 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
46441525 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
4743153 M. WardPirate Dial
4839918 The AvalanchesSubways
5046834 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
51NEW151 Hein CooperOverflow
5247731 BeyoncéSorry
5349119 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
5452552 MSTRKRFTRunaway
5558255 WarpaintNew Song
5648545 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
5762357 Macklemore & Ryan LewisBrad Pitt's Cousin (ft. XP)
5868758 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
59511113 RadioheadDecks Dark
60541323 D.D DumboSatan
61605412FIDLARWest Coast
6253741 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
6356745 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
64NEW164 Morgan DeltSome Sunsick Day
6555740 ANOHNIHopelessness
66612414Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
67641022 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
6859539 Mosquito CoastLet's Be Friends
6971762 Bat for LashesSunday Love
7069192 Modern BaseballEveryday
71571012 CleaCrimson and Clover
7284672 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
7365364 SAFIAOver You
7467855 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
7566206 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
7679376 Mystery JetsThe World Is Overtaking Me
7763458 Black MountainMothers of the Sun
78NEW178 RadioheadIdentikit
7974155 SløtfaceSponge State
8070157 The KillsDoing It To Death
8176473 ScHoolboy QBy Any Means
82731039 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
8372272 Holy HolyDarwinism
8475845 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
8578129 Death GripsSpikes
8680272 Wild NothingTV Queen
8783196 LushOut of Control
88NEW188 SwansWhen Will I Return?
8992971 White LungHungry
90861036 M. WardTime Won't Wait
91821059 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
92851139 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
9387782 MetronomyHang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
94911819 AutoluxBrainwasher
95RET215 Susanne SundførAccelerate
9677648 Spring KingCity
97892815The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
98901032 clipping.Wriggle
9996262 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
10081567 M. WardGirl from Conejo Valley

88666 The AvalanchesColours (ft. Jonathan Donahue)
93562 Every Time I DieThe Coin Has a Say
94834 Local NativesPast Lives
95195 Blood OrangeAugustine
97227 OlympiaSmoke Signals
981136 The KillsHeart of a Dog
99199 JusticeSafe and Sound
100583 Tegan and SaraHang on to the Night
I charted a Gypsy & The Cat song last year but it was from an EP they released last year and not their most recent album. Go Kiss It Better, You're A Fucking Joke, Courtesy Of and Closer this week. Pity Safe And Sound is already out though.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 5/9/16
Edition No.356
Songs retire at 75 weeks

This week was always about consolidation for Crystal Castles, who manage to retain their spot for the second week in a row with "Char". Competition will be fierce next week with rises from Gypsy & The Cat and Alex Lahey.

Up first is a band usually known for unheard of levels of treble but they've toned it down massively for this one. "Hyper Dark" by Sleigh Bells is also rather descriptive and it comes at #10, their third entry to date and already their highest!

Next is a UK band I knew nothing of up until this week. Slow Club come in at #15 with the charming "In Waves".

So this past Saturday, The John Steel Singers played their final show. Despite completely missing an album era of theirs I will miss them greatly. "Weekend Lover" comes in at #28, their third entry to date.

Another band with their third entry but they had only started in this chart two months ago. Teleman are in again with "Glory Hallelujah" at #58.

I can only see this being an inferior "The Last Goodbye" which along with "Future Starts Slow" I've realised are both outstanding Kills songs. The Kills enter for the seventh time with "That Love" at #69.

The debut album is on its way from D.D Dumbo and he achieves his third ever entry this week with "Walrus" at #85.

And because why not, Betty Who at #93.

11612Crystal CastlesChar
3523 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
44154 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
51445 Alex LaheyIvy League
63102 Middle KidsEdge of Town
7787 M. WardTemptation
81068 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
9999 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
10NEW110 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
1118129 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
12665 TelemanSuperglue
13112118The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
14893 Your FriendGumption
15NEW115 Slow ClubIn Waves
161288 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
1716716 RihannaKiss It Better
181385 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
191592 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
2028220 M. WardI'm Going Higher
21171412The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
2221820 MitskiYour Best American Girl
2324423 Running TouchCourtesy Of
2422103 The KillsDays Of Why And How
2519517 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
2625817 Alexandra SaviorShades
2720144 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
28NEW128 The John Steel SingersWeekend Lover
2923144 The KillsSiberian Nights
3034230 Macklemore & Ryan LewisNeed to Know (ft. Chance the Rapper)
3139931 The StrokesThreat of Joy
3227527 Glass AnimalsYouth
3336333 Violent SohoBlanket
3426720 Big ThiefPaul
3531159 RadioheadDaydreaming
36291111AutoluxChange My Head
3741437 Father John MistyReal Love Baby
3833812 The KillsLet It Drop
3943439 The ChainsmokersCloser (ft. Halsey)
4030925 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
41351410 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
4232819 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
4337182 RadioheadBurn the Witch
4438188 YeasayerSilly Me
4540123 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
4642535 Look ParkAeroplane
47461625 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
4844825 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
49451420 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
5051250 Hein CooperOverflow
51481018 The AvalanchesSubways
5247163 M. WardPirate Dial
5352831 BeyoncéSorry
5550934 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
5653129 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
5758857 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
58NEW158 TelemanGlory Hallelujah
5954652 MSTRKRFTRunaway
6057457 Macklemore & Ryan LewisBrad Pitt's Cousin (ft. XP)
6155355 WarpaintNew Song
62591213 RadioheadDecks Dark
63615512FIDLARWest Coast
6470202 Modern BaseballEveryday
65601423 D.D DumboSatan
6662841 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
6776467 Mystery JetsThe World Is Overtaking Me
6856645 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
69NEW169 The KillsThat Love
7063845 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
7165840 ANOHNIHopelessness
72662514Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
7364264 Morgan DeltSome Sunsick Day
7468639 Mosquito CoastLet's Be Friends
7572772 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
76671122 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
7769862 Bat for LashesSunday Love
78711112 CleaCrimson and Clover
7983372 Holy HolyDarwinism
8073464 SAFIAOver You
8175216 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
8274955 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
8379165 SløtfaceSponge State
8486282 Wild NothingTV Queen
85NEW185 D.D DumboWalrus
8680167 The KillsDoing It To Death
87821139 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
8887206 LushOut of Control
89891071 White LungHungry
9081573 ScHoolboy QBy Any Means
91901136 M. WardTime Won't Wait
9288288 SwansWhen Will I Return?
93NEW193 Betty WhoI Love You Always Forever
9478278 RadioheadIdentikit
9584945 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
9677558 Black MountainMothers of the Sun
9785139 Death GripsSpikes
9893882 MetronomyHang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
99911159 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
10095225 Susanne SundførAccelerate

921139 FlumeYou Know (ft. Allan Kingdom & Raekwon)
941819 AutoluxBrainwasher
96648 Spring KingCity
972815The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner
981032 clipping.Wriggle
99262 Kanye WestUltralight Beam (ft. Chance The Rapper & Kirk Franklin)
100567 M. WardGirl from Conejo Valley
For a moment there I thought Crystal Castles was Crystal Fighters Silly me lol I Love You Always Forever is the wtf debut this week, but I like it so it's nice to see it in. You're A Fucking Joke just doesn't want to go away does it, not that I'm complaining at all. Courtesy Of and Closer still moving up is nice also.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 12/9/16
Edition No.357
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The attention remains on Crystal Castles who achieve a third week at #1 with "Char" however an incredible surge to the top for Glass Animals now has them at #2 with "Life Itself" in its 16th week. Gypsy & The Cat hold their spot whilst M. Ward smashes into the top five for his second top five hit, whilst Teleman slip three spots down to #5.

Thanks to Angel Olsen, 10 of the top 20 this week are female-sung! The St. Louis-born singer comes in at #13 with the track "Shut Up Kiss Me".

"Amnesty (I)" isn't full of "Char"s, sadly, but it does close off with the very spacey "Their Kindness Is Charade" which enters at #32.

Bands I've known of but not bothered to listen to for ages #53097952: of Montreal! Their funky new track "It's Different For Girls" comes in at #35.

As an album "Human Performance" just keeps on delivering. Parquet Courts enter in at #41 with "Keep It Even", their sixth entry to date.

I'm interested to hear more from Cymbals Eat Guitars' new record and now they've got another entry on the chart. "4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)" is their third entry to date and it enters at #47.

A late bolter this week but one cannot ignore obvious fire. "House Work" by Jax Jones featuring Mike Dunn and MNEK comes in at #68. It's Dunn's and MNEK's first entries on the chart, whilst Jax Jones follows up after his contribution to Duke Dumont's "I Got U" back in 2014.

It's amazing to think that Ball Park Music have been kicking about my chart for six years now. However as their recent input has become more prolific I've grown slightly apart from their early zanier work. "Whipping Boy" is their 8th entry to date and it comes in at #74.

I was a pretty big fan of The Delta Riggs' 2014 record "Dipz Zebazios". After being slightly disappointed with their recent single, I was glad I enjoy "Never Seen This Before" much more, which is their 9th entry to date entering at #80.

11713Crystal CastlesChar
24162 Glass AnimalsLife Itself
3333 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
4794 M. WardTemptation
61026 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
79107 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
86112 Middle KidsEdge of Town
91529 Slow ClubIn Waves
10878 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
1111139 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
12555 Alex LaheyIvy League
13NEW113 Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
14132218The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
151275 TelemanSuperglue
1617816 RihannaKiss It Better
1714103 Your FriendGumption
181698 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
1920319 M. WardI'm Going Higher
2022920 MitskiYour Best American Girl
211895 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
2228222 The John Steel SingersWeekend Lover
2319102 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
24211512The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
2525617 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
2630326 Macklemore & Ryan LewisNeed to Know (ft. Chance the Rapper)
2724113 The KillsDays Of Why And How
2823523 Running TouchCourtesy Of
2926917 Alexandra SaviorShades
3027154 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
3129154 The KillsSiberian Nights
32NEW132 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
33311031 The StrokesThreat of Joy
3432627 Glass AnimalsYouth
35NEW135 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
3633433 Violent SohoBlanket
3739537 The ChainsmokersCloser (ft. Halsey)
3835169 RadioheadDaydreaming
3934820 Big ThiefPaul
40361211AutoluxChange My Head
41NEW141 Parquet CourtsKeep It Even
4238912 The KillsLet It Drop
43401025 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
4437537 Father John MistyReal Love Baby
45411510 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
4643192 RadioheadBurn the Witch
47NEW147 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
4842919 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
4945133 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
5044198 YeasayerSilly Me
5150350 Hein CooperOverflow
5346635 Look ParkAeroplane
54471725 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
5552173 M. WardPirate Dial
5648925 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
5757957 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
58491520 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
5953931 BeyoncéSorry
6067560 Mystery JetsThe World Is Overtaking Me
61511118 The AvalanchesSubways
6269262 The KillsThat Love
63551034 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
6475864 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
6556139 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
6658258 TelemanGlory Hallelujah
6764212 Modern BaseballEveryday
68NEW168 Jax JonesHouse Work (ft. Mike Dunn & MNEK)
6959752 MSTRKRFTRunaway
7061455 WarpaintNew Song
71635612FIDLARWest Coast
7260557 Macklemore & Ryan LewisBrad Pitt's Cousin (ft. XP)
73621313 RadioheadDecks Dark
74NEW174 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
7568745 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
7670945 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
77651523 D.D DumboSatan
7873364 Morgan DeltSome Sunsick Day
79722614Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
80NEW180 The Delta RiggsNever Seen This Before
8166941 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
8271940 ANOHNIHopelessness
8380564 SAFIAOver You
8477962 Bat for LashesSunday Love
8583175 SløtfaceSponge State
86891171 White LungHungry
87761222 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
8874739 Mosquito CoastLet's Be Friends
8979472 Holy HolyDarwinism
9081226 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
9192388 SwansWhen Will I Return?
9284292 Wild NothingTV Queen
93781212 CleaCrimson and Clover
94871239 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
95821055 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
9693293 Betty WhoI Love You Always Forever
9788216 LushOut of Control
9885285 D.D DumboWalrus
9986177 The KillsDoing It To Death
100991259 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare

90573 ScHoolboy QBy Any Means
911136 M. WardTime Won't Wait
94278 RadioheadIdentikit
95945 KAYTRANADAGLOWED UP (ft. Anderson .Paak)
96558 Black MountainMothers of the Sun
97139 Death GripsSpikes
98882 MetronomyHang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
100225 Susanne SundførAccelerate
Ooh Jax Jones. It's pretty good. Nice to see Closer still moving up. I did not even notice that Accelerate had re-entered two weeks ago
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 19/9/16
Edition No.358
Songs retire at 75 weeks

A slow but steady rise for most of its 17 weeks has seen Glass Animals capture the #1 spot away from Crystal Castles with "Life Itself" ending the 3-week run for "Char", which falls down to #6. Also among the chaos near the summit are one-place rises each for Sleigh Bells and M. Ward up to #2 and #3 respectively, whilst a bulleting Cymbals Eat Guitars and Gypsy & The Cat round out the top 5.

Partly thanks to iTunes, but also my 2006 work, only four debuts this week; the first of which was destined to be the highest one with Sleigh Bells back doing what they do best at #15 with "It's Just Us Now". It's their fourth entry to date.

Of my 9 artists on lastie with 1000+ plays, 4 are at least partially inactive so I'll take any big name comebacks I can get at this stage! Kings of Leon are already up to album number seven and I can't wait to hear more. "Waste a Moment" is their 15th entry and it debuts at #31. Comparatively their previous comeback singles debuted at #5 ("Radioactive") and #24 ("Supersoaker").

My presently tepid attention to the ARIA charts somewhat abated last week with the return of... Passenger of all artists. I like him; I don't care. He ends a 3-year absence from my chart debuting at #35 with "Anywhere", coming in for his third entry to date.

And lastly, after gaining some minor EOY success last time out, Okkervil River have a new record and "The Industry" is their first entry on this chart debuting at #86.

121711Glass AnimalsLife Itself
2632 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
34103 M. WardTemptation
44724 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
5343 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
61813Crystal CastlesChar
71327 Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
97117 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
10939 Slow ClubIn Waves
1111149 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
128122 Middle KidsEdge of Town
131265 Alex LaheyIvy League
141088 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
15NEW115 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
16201016 MitskiYour Best American Girl
17142318The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
1822318 The John Steel SingersWeekend Lover
191585 TelemanSuperglue
2016916 RihannaKiss It Better
2118108 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
2217113 Your FriendGumption
2326423 Macklemore & Ryan LewisNeed to Know (ft. Chance the Rapper)
2419419 M. WardI'm Going Higher
2527123 The KillsDays Of Why And How
2621105 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
2723112 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
2832228 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
29241612The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
3025717 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
31NEW131 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
32291017 Alexandra SaviorShades
3328623 Running TouchCourtesy Of
3430164 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
35NEW135 PassengerAnywhere
3631164 The KillsSiberian Nights
3735235 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
38331131 The StrokesThreat of Joy
3934727 Glass AnimalsYouth
4036533 Violent SohoBlanket
4137637 The ChainsmokersCloser (ft. Halsey)
4241241 Parquet CourtsKeep It Even
4338179 RadioheadDaydreaming
44421012 The KillsLet It Drop
4539920 Big ThiefPaul
46431125 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
4768247 Jax JonesHouse Work (ft. Mike Dunn & MNEK)
48401311AutoluxChange My Head
4944637 Father John MistyReal Love Baby
50451610 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
5149143 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
5246202 RadioheadBurn the Witch
5360653 Mystery JetsThe World Is Overtaking Me
5453735 Look ParkAeroplane
5550208 YeasayerSilly Me
5651450 Hein CooperOverflow
57481019 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
5955183 M. WardPirate Dial
60571057 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
61541825 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
62581620 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
63561025 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
6466358 TelemanGlory Hallelujah
6564964 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
66591031 BeyoncéSorry
6780267 The Delta RiggsNever Seen This Before
6865149 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
6962362 The KillsThat Love
70631134 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
7174271 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
72611218 The AvalanchesSubways
7367222 Modern BaseballEveryday
74715712FIDLARWest Coast
7569852 MSTRKRFTRunaway
7670555 WarpaintNew Song
7772657 Macklemore & Ryan LewisBrad Pitt's Cousin (ft. XP)
78731413 RadioheadDecks Dark
79761045 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
8075845 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
81771623 D.D DumboSatan
82861271 White LungHungry
83811041 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
8483664 SAFIAOver You
85792714Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
86NEW186 Okkervil RiverThe Industry
87841062 Bat for LashesSunday Love
88871322 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
89821040 ANOHNIHopelessness
9085185 SløtfaceSponge State
9178464 Morgan DeltSome Sunsick Day
9289572 Holy HolyDarwinism
9391488 SwansWhen Will I Return?
9496393 Betty WhoI Love You Always Forever
9588839 Mosquito CoastLet's Be Friends
96931312 CleaCrimson and Clover
97951155 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
9890236 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
991001359 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
10092302 Wild NothingTV Queen

941239 Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Ticonderoga
97216 LushOut of Control
98285 D.D DumboWalrus
99177 The KillsDoing It To Death

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Still can't believe it. I'm going to be an emotional wreck this time next week ~

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 26/9/16
Edition No.359
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Glass Animals' inspiring climb to the top ends just after it starts, being dethroned by a debutant at #1. The entire top 4 from last week shifts down one spot each, with Angel Olsen moving above Gypsy & The Cat to be one place outside the top 5 at #6.

And that #1 debut is in the form of an intriguing collab! Ex-Vampire Weekend artist & producer Rostam Batmanglij and The Walkmen lead singer Hamilton Leithauser have just released an album together, which although interested in doing so I may have put listening to it on the backburner given 2006 work, and the aforementioned emotional trauma, etc. Certainly an exciting new player in the EOY market has emerged today with "A 1000 Times" debuting at #1. Rostam has appeared in the chart on 18 occasions all with Vampire Weekend, and it's Leithauser's second entry following The Walkmen's #90-peaker "Angela Surf City" back in 2011.

Not one but two tasty collaboration singles debuting in the top 10! And although this one may seem more far-fetched, Interpol lead singer Paul Banks has apparently done some hip-hop before. Meanwhile, Wu-Tang Clan alumni RZA needs little introduction despite this being his introduction to my chart. The project known as Banks & Steelz enter at #9 with "Love and War" featuring Ghostface Killah. It is Banks' third entry following two Interpol entries, RZA's first as above, and Ghostface Killah's sixth after five entries with BADBADNOTGOOD last year.

The tracks that appear on this chart from Still Corners are becoming increasingly intense. This is possibly helped by the fact that the lovely "Fireflies" was about as relaxing as dream pop gets, but also because their new offering is rather wild. "Dreamhorse" is their third entry to date coming in at #36.

I should probably hear Swans' "The Glowing Man" a second time, but you know, I have no time for such things. I am rather drawn, however, towards "Finally, Peace" as it doesn't drag on and really packs a punch. It debuts at #45 and is their fourth entry to date.

I for one do not trust last.fm listener statistics but it's plausible that I am one of only 3 listeners of Matt Lamkin's new solo record on the platform. In reality I've only heard three tracks but I'm rather impressed by "The One You Are". Lamkin is the lead singer of The Soft Pack who last released an album in late 2012 which, for those playing at home, was kind of a big deal for me. The closing track to the album "Where I'm Matt" debuts at #51. Although it is his first solo entry it follows his contributions to The Soft Pack's 11 entries spanning from 2010 to 2013.

So this week's debuts comprise of either impressive supergroups or improved follow-up "singles" In this instance it's the former as we have a duo formed by Kiwi singer Connan Mockasin and Sam Dust a.k.a. LA Priest. While it is both their first entries on the chart, I've come close to charting tracks from both of them in recent memory. They call themselves Soft Hair and "Lying Has To Stop" is this week's sixth and final entry coming at #63.

1NEW111Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
211811Glass AnimalsLife Itself
3242 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
43113 M. WardTemptation
5434 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
6736 Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
7553 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
86913Crystal CastlesChar
9NEW19 Banks & SteelzLove and War (ft. Ghostface Killah)
119127 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
121049 Slow ClubIn Waves
1311159 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
1415214 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
151498 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
1612132 Middle KidsEdge of Town
1718417 The John Steel SingersWeekend Lover
181375 Alex LaheyIvy League
1924519 M. WardI'm Going Higher
20172418The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
21161116 MitskiYour Best American Girl
221995 TelemanSuperglue
2328323 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
24201016 RihannaKiss It Better
2531225 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
2621118 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
2725133 The KillsDays Of Why And How
2823523 Macklemore & Ryan LewisNeed to Know (ft. Chance the Rapper)
2922123 Your FriendGumption
30291712The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
3126115 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
3239827 Glass AnimalsYouth
3327122 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
3437334 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
3530817 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
36NEW136 Still CornersDreamhorse
3735235 PassengerAnywhere
38321117 Alexandra SaviorShades
3936174 The KillsSiberian Nights
4053740 Mystery JetsThe World Is Overtaking Me
4133723 Running TouchCourtesy Of
4234174 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
4340633 Violent SohoBlanket
4441737 The ChainsmokersCloser (ft. Halsey)
45NEW145 SwansFinally, Peace
46381231 The StrokesThreat of Joy
47501710 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
4842341 Parquet CourtsKeep It Even
4943189 RadioheadDaydreaming
50441112 The KillsLet It Drop
51NEW151 Matt LamkinThe One You Are
5247347 Jax JonesHouse Work (ft. Mike Dunn & MNEK)
53451020 Big ThiefPaul
54461225 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
55481411AutoluxChange My Head
5654835 Look ParkAeroplane
5759193 M. WardPirate Dial
5849737 Father John MistyReal Love Baby
59651059 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
6051153 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
6152212 RadioheadBurn the Witch
6255218 YeasayerSilly Me
63NEW163 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
64571119 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
6556550 Hein CooperOverflow
67601157 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
6867367 The Delta RiggsNever Seen This Before
69621720 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
7064458 TelemanGlory Hallelujah
71611925 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
7273232 Modern BaseballEveryday
7369462 The KillsThat Love
74661131 BeyoncéSorry
75631125 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
76745812FIDLARWest Coast
7771371 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
78701234 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
7968159 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
8076655 WarpaintNew Song
81721318 The AvalanchesSubways
8275952 MSTRKRFTRunaway
8377757 Macklemore & Ryan LewisBrad Pitt's Cousin (ft. XP)
84781513 RadioheadDecks Dark
85811723 D.D DumboSatan
8684764 SAFIAOver You
87871162 Bat for LashesSunday Love
88791145 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
89821371 White LungHungry
90891140 ANOHNIHopelessness
91831141 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
9280945 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
93852814Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man
9494493 Betty WhoI Love You Always Forever
9593588 SwansWhen Will I Return?
96991459 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
97881422 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
9890195 SløtfaceSponge State
9998246 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
100100312 Wild NothingTV Queen

86186 Okkervil RiverThe Industry
91464 Morgan DeltSome Sunsick Day
92572 Holy HolyDarwinism
95839 Mosquito CoastLet's Be Friends
961312 CleaCrimson and Clover
971155 AdeleSend My Love (To Your New Lover)
I hate missing commenting on charts Nice to see i hate u, i love u move up and House Work having made the top 50 last week.

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 3/10/16
Edition No.360
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Two weeks on top for the duo of Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam, with "A 1000 Times" outlasting Glass Animals and a jump from Angel Olsen.

Kicking off is a band who has been teasing a return for quite some time and finally we have it! From the band that brought you my favourite album of 2014, Temples come in at #19 with "Certainty". It's their 11th entry to date.

A second single has been released rather quickly from Kings of Leon, with "WALLS" becoming their 16th entry to date by debuting at #32.

More all caps but this time in the far more acceptable vein of the artist name. WAAX debut for the third time with "This Everything" at #47.

I don't know much about this band but I really like the versatile vocals and smooth guitars. Pumarosa come in at #56 with "Honey'.

The White Stripes were by far my most played artist on lastie that had not previously featured on my chart - in fact the next best now are The Beatles at #93! (for those playing at home, next in line are The Prodigy #110, Outkast #113, Nirvana #118 and Weezer #139). Of course Jack White has appeared solo and with The Dead Weather but this is the first song actually belonging to the famous duo which has been released in the time that my chart began. "City Lights" was partly recorded around 2005 but remained unfinished until this year. Hence, this acoustic ditty becomes The White Stripes' first every entry on the chart coming in at #93.

And far less dramatically in the context of my biggest loves in music, but possibly more so in the AP context, Illy enters at #95 with "Papercuts" for what is actually his first ever entry too!

11212Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
221911Glass AnimalsLife Itself
3643 Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
4352 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
5544 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
64123 M. WardTemptation
7927 Banks & SteelzLove and War (ft. Ghostface Killah)
8763 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
981013Crystal CastlesChar
111259 Slow ClubIn Waves
1214312 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
1311137 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
1413169 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
1517515 The John Steel SingersWeekend Lover
1615108 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
1725317 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
1816142 Middle KidsEdge of Town
19NEW119 TemplesCertainty
20202518The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
211885 Alex LaheyIvy League
2219619 M. WardI'm Going Higher
2334423 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
24211216 MitskiYour Best American Girl
2523423 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
2636226 Still CornersDreamhorse
2722105 TelemanSuperglue
28241116 RihannaKiss It Better
2928623 Macklemore & Ryan LewisNeed to Know (ft. Chance the Rapper)
3026128 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
3127143 The KillsDays Of Why And How
32NEW132 Kings of LeonWALLS
3329133 Your FriendGumption
3432927 Glass AnimalsYouth
35301812The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
3631125 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
3733132 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
3837335 PassengerAnywhere
3935917 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
4039184 The KillsSiberian Nights
4151241 Matt LamkinThe One You Are
4245242 SwansFinally, Peace
43381217 Alexandra SaviorShades
4440840 Mystery JetsThe World Is Overtaking Me
4543733 Violent SohoBlanket
4642184 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
47NEW147 WAAXThis Everything
4841823 Running TouchCourtesy Of
4944837 The ChainsmokersCloser (ft. Halsey)
5063250 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
51471810 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
52461331 The StrokesThreat of Joy
5358837 Father John MistyReal Love Baby
5449199 RadioheadDaydreaming
5548441 Parquet CourtsKeep It Even
56NEW156 PumarosaHoney
57501212 The KillsLet It Drop
5852447 Jax JonesHouse Work (ft. Mike Dunn & MNEK)
59541325 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
60551511AutoluxChange My Head
61531120 Big ThiefPaul
62591159 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
6356935 Look ParkAeroplane
6457203 M. WardPirate Dial
6568465 The Delta RiggsNever Seen This Before
6660163 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
6762228 YeasayerSilly Me
6861222 RadioheadBurn the Witch
6972242 Modern BaseballEveryday
7065650 Hein CooperOverflow
71641219 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
72671257 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
7480755 WarpaintNew Song
75691820 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
76712025 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
7773562 The KillsThat Love
7870558 TelemanGlory Hallelujah
7983857 Macklemore & Ryan LewisBrad Pitt's Cousin (ft. XP)
80765912FIDLARWest Coast
81751225 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
82741231 BeyoncéSorry
8377471 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
84821052 MSTRKRFTRunaway
85881245 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)
86781334 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
87811418 The AvalanchesSubways
8879169 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
89851823 D.D DumboSatan
90891471 White LungHungry
91871262 Bat for LashesSunday Love
92961559 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
93NEW193 The White StripesCity Lights
94901240 ANOHNIHopelessness
95NEW195 IllyPapercuts (ft. Vera Blue)
96841613 RadioheadDecks Dark
9786864 SAFIAOver You
9895688 SwansWhen Will I Return?
99911241 The AvalanchesIf I Was a Folkstar (ft. Toro y Moi)
100932914Thao & The Get Down Stay DownAstonished Man

92945 Cub SportCome On Mess Me Up
94493 Betty WhoI Love You Always Forever
971422 BADBADNOTGOODTime Moves Slow (ft. Sam Herring)
98195 SløtfaceSponge State
99246 Empress OfWoman Is a Word
100312 Wild NothingTV Queen

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 10/10/16
Edition No.361
Songs retire at 75 weeks

With the top 10 remaining in a very similar order, there is no change at the top as Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam enjoy three from three.

I've not been sure how to approach this one. It feels far too delicate to chart, but then it's not too far removed from the quieter moments on "Push The Sky Away". Yes, if you haven't worked it out yet, I quite like Nick Cave's music and his new album is as haunting as he's ever sounded. "Girl In Amber" is NC&TBS's seventh entry to date coming in at #14.

Aziz Ansari would definitely fit this into his music collection. Danny Brown and friends converse for over five minutes and it's glorious. "Really Doe" comes in at #30 and it's Danny Brown's 9th entry, Kendrick's 16th, Ab-Soul's 2nd and Earl Sweatshirt's 2nd.

A second entry for Victorians Tiny Little Houses with the fun "Song Despite Apathy" entering at #46.

Of the two tracks of his(?) I've heard it's my favourite. Drugdealer enters at #49 featuring Weyes Blood.

So last week we had my #1 album artist of 2014 returning with a new single, this week we have my #2 from that year. Granted, on this occasion DZ Deathrays did release a single earlier this year, but fingers crossed we get an album soon. "Pollyanna" enters at #61 as their 13th entry to date.

With a #1 hit continuing its momentum, Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam enter at #66 with "Sick As A Dog".

And for no discernible reason, Alan Walker re-enters with the ancient "Faded".

11313Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
222011Glass AnimalsLife Itself
3462 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
4353 Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
5554 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
6736 Banks & SteelzLove and War (ft. Ghostface Killah)
76133 M. WardTemptation
891113Crystal CastlesChar
9873 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
1119211 TemplesCertainty
1212412 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
131169 Slow ClubIn Waves
14NEW114 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGirl In Amber
1513147 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
1614179 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
1717417 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
1815615 The John Steel SingersWeekend Lover
1923519 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
2032220 Kings of LeonWALLS
2116118 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
2226322 Still CornersDreamhorse
2318152 Middle KidsEdge of Town
24202618The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
252195 Alex LaheyIvy League
26241316 MitskiYour Best American Girl
2722719 M. WardI'm Going Higher
2838428 PassengerAnywhere
2925523 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
30NEW130 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
3130138 The AvalanchesBecause I'm Me (ft. Camp Lo)
32281216 RihannaKiss It Better
3327115 TelemanSuperglue
3429723 Macklemore & Ryan LewisNeed to Know (ft. Chance the Rapper)
3531153 The KillsDays Of Why And How
36341027 Glass AnimalsYouth
3741337 Matt LamkinThe One You Are
3837142 Parquet CourtsHuman Performance
3933143 Your FriendGumption
40351912The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
4136135 A$AP MobYamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)
4242342 SwansFinally, Peace
43391017 Taking Back SundayTidal Wave
4440194 The KillsSiberian Nights
4550345 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
46NEW146 Tiny Little HousesSong Despite Apathy
47431317 Alexandra SaviorShades
4845833 Violent SohoBlanket
49NEW149 DrugdealerSuddenly (ft. Weyes Blood)
50621250 gnashi hate u, i love u (ft. Olivia O'Brien)
5144940 Mystery JetsThe World Is Overtaking Me
52521431 The StrokesThreat of Joy
5347247 WAAXThis Everything
5446194 What So Not & GanzLone (ft. JOY.)
5556255 PumarosaHoney
5648923 Running TouchCourtesy Of
5783557 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
58511910 DrakeToo Good (ft. Rihanna)
5949937 The ChainsmokersCloser (ft. Halsey)
6054209 RadioheadDaydreaming
61NEW161 DZ DeathraysPollyanna
6253937 Father John MistyReal Love Baby
6365563 The Delta RiggsNever Seen This Before
6455541 Parquet CourtsKeep It Even
6558547 Jax JonesHouse Work (ft. Mike Dunn & MNEK)
66NEW166 Hamilton Leithauser & RostamSick As A Dog
67571312 The KillsLet It Drop
68631035 Look ParkAeroplane
6964213 M. WardPirate Dial
7069252 Modern BaseballEveryday
71591425 Frankie CosmosOutside with the Cuties
7295272 IllyPapercuts (ft. Vera Blue)
73601611AutoluxChange My Head
7468232 RadioheadBurn the Witch
75611220 Big ThiefPaul
7674855 WarpaintNew Song
77806012FIDLARWest Coast
78721357 Cheat Codes x Kris Kross AmsterdamSex
79711319 The AvalanchesThe Wozard of Iz (ft. Danny Brown)
8066173 Cymbals Eat GuitarsWish
8170750 Hein CooperOverflow
8367238 YeasayerSilly Me
84901571 White LungHungry
8577662 The KillsThat Love
8679957 Macklemore & Ryan LewisBrad Pitt's Cousin (ft. XP)
87751920 The Love JunkiesI Had a Party Once
88762125 Band of HorsesIn a Drawer
8993289 The White StripesCity Lights
9088179 ANOHNIDrone Bomb Me
91811325 The AvalanchesSaturday Night Inside Out (ft. Father John Misty & David Berman)
9278658 TelemanGlory Hallelujah
93821331 BeyoncéSorry
94841152 MSTRKRFTRunaway
95961713 RadioheadDecks Dark
96RET1722 Alan WalkerFaded
97861434 Unknown Mortal OrchestraFirst World Problem
98891923 D.D DumboSatan
99921659 Brand NewI Am A Nightmare
100871518 The AvalanchesSubways

851245 Chance the RapperAll Night (ft. Knox Fortune)