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Forum - General: General Discussion - Personal Broadcast Set Up Guide

♪♫ 'Tis the season to do a broddy. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. ♪♫

This particular guide is for all versions of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and I've kept it as concise as possible.

Download the following free software files:

● Latest version of Winamp: http://winamp.meggamusic.co.uk/winamp5666_full_all_redux.exe
● Latest version of SHOUTcast: http://download.nullsoft.com/shoutcast/tools/shoutcast-dsp-2-3-5-windows.exe

Create a free MyRadioStream account:

● Go to http://myradiostream.com/ and click on the Register FREE link then create and confirm account.
● Log into your account, click on the Home link and keep the web page open.

Install Winamp:

● Run the winamp5666_full_all_redux.exe file.
● Choose English and Full Install and choose a skin (I used Winamp Modern for this guide) and finish install.

Install and set up SHOUTcast for Winamp:

● Make sure Winamp is not running and then run the shoutcast-dsp-2-3-5-windows.exe file.
● Choose Full Install and finish the install. Restart Winamp if the SHOUTcast installer hasn't.
● If SHOUTcast window in Winamp isn't open, press Ctrl+P, Plug-ins, DSP/Effect, double click SHOUTcast option.
● Click on Output tab, then Login tab and enter Server Address from your MyRadioStream page.
● Enter Port and Password from your corresponding MyRadioStream page sections too.
● In the Connect using section choose v1.x mode (legacy servers).
● Click on Directory tab and choose a name for your broadcast in the Name section.

Start a broadcast:

● On your MyRadioStream page, click on the green Start button near the top of the page.
● In the SHOUTcast Source DSP window of Winamp, click on the Connect button.
● Drag and drop your music files into the Playlist Editor section of Winamp and press the Play button.
● In the Direct Stream URLs section of your MyRadioStream page, share your Stream URL with friends.

P.S. This guide was written with less than three hours of sleep so if there's any errors or omissions then please let me know! I will be posting some supplemental information about changing broadcast audio formats/bitrates and a few other things soon. Since this guide is only for Windows, if anyone has tips for setting up a broadcast for other operating systems, e.g. for Apple devices, etc. then please post them if you can.
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(OPTIONAL) Change broadcast audio format and bitrate:

● In Winamp press Ctrl+P, go to Plug-ins, DSP/Effect, double click SHOUTcast option.
● Click on Output tab, then Encoder tab of the SHOUTcast Source DSP window.
● Select an option from the Encoder Type drop-down menu and click on Encoder Settings button.

Free MyRadioStream accounts allow for audio bitrates up to 128kbps so technically you can choose a bitrate from anywhere between 8kbps and 128kbps (inclusive), depending on the format. In practice, however, it's best to choose a bitrate that's not too low as to degrade the audio quality significantly but is not higher than about 80% of what your actual/average upload speed is (go to http://www.speedtest.net/ and times the result by 100 to get an approximate 80% 'max' bitrate). Going higher increases the risk of buffering issues and poor connectivity.

SHOUTcast offers a choice of four audio formats. MP3, AAC LC (a.k.a. standard AAC), HE-AAC (a.k.a. HE-AAC v1) and HE-AAC v2. MP3 has better player compatibility than the AAC formats but that shouldn't be a problem for the most popular media players. I can only recommend using MP3 for that reason, given that all three AAC formats outperform MP3 in audio quality at every single bitrate up to and including 128kbps for two channel (stereo) broadcasts. If you must use MP3 then the ideal choice is 128kbps in stereo but if you require a lower bitrate then 64kbps to 112kbps in mono only will maintain decent audio quality as long as 44100Hz is selected.

For the highest possible audio quality using SHOUTcast with a free MyRadioStream account, always choose AAC LC at 80kbps to 128kbps. For bitrates from 40kbps to 76kbps, always choose HE-AAC (v1) and for bitrates below 40kbps, always choose HE-AAC v2. I can only recommend using bitrates below 40kbps if you have a really low actual/average upload speed, poor internet connectivity or unusually low bandwidth requirements for you or your listeners.

By the way, the default setting for SHOUTcast (when using my set up guide) is 48kbps HE-AAC, which I think is an excellent choice. It maintains decent audio quality while keeping the bitrate low enough to minimise the risk of buffering issues and poor connectivity for most people.
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Also to be specific, selecting MP3 means you can stream directly from the myradiostream page, whereas AAC means you have to scroll down the page and select a music player of your choice.
(OPTIONAL) Change track title formatting in Winamp and broadcast:

● In Winamp press Ctrl+P, go to General Preferences, Titles, Advanced Title Formatting section.
● Change track title formatting in the Advanced title display format box. Click on the ATF Help link for more info.

The default format for Winamp is: Artist - Title (if the music file has a tag, otherwise its filename is displayed)

Artist and title can be swapped by simply changing to: $if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%))[ - %artist%]
Add fields, e.g. year, album: [%artist% - ]$if2(%title%,$filepart(%filename%))[ '('%year%')'][ '['%album%']']
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I look at this and it all reads as gobbledegook to my tech challenged brain. I vote we turn SG's phone number into a help line
I was kinda expecting a totally unhelpful and unnecessary comment from you and there it is.
well it's good to know i can be relied upon to deliver . You're meant to be the one helping,i'm just the comedy relief
After reading all that I have realised how out of touch with modern technology I really am.
The majority of that I still don't understand, my brain can't handle so much jargon.
Did more than me lifts,i barely skimmed it. At least i'm not the only one out of touch with modern tech lol
Thankyou savagegrant, as a Windows 10 user, I got stuck at the Shoutcast plugin, trying to open the installer gives the message "This app can't run on your PC" (I also got this same message from the initial winamp download link however I found the correct version). I had to right-click > download to get the Shoutcast installer to download properly, most likely a site issue.

I used the other latest Winamp version and got it to work: http://winamp.meggamusic.co.uk/winamp5666_full_en-us_redux.exe

Currently stuck with sound card problems, I'm able to broadcast, but as soon as the next song plays the audio becomes severely distorted and I've played with a lot of the winamp and sound settings but can't find a workaround this issue.
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I've been wanting to give this a go for some time.

Before I start, will I have to convert files in order to enable them to play - i.e. they are all AAC files, therefore only compatible with some players. Also do I have to import each file one by one?

Just want to clarify because that will greatly affect the amount of time it will take.
Importing the files is super easy, because you don't have to do it one at a time. You can just select them all and drag them into a Winamp playlist. This can be done in a folder, or perhaps more easily you could organise the playlist in iTunes, highlight it, and just drag it in from there!
Mint, this looks really good
The winamp stuff is surprisingly easy, just gotta do the final bit with myradiostream which seems to be having server issues
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Yeah. I love Winamp. In a few months' time I will have been using it for 20 whole years now (oh, how time flies!) You see, I only use iTunes to buy music. If you wanna test your broadcast, you can load your stream into iTunes from a 'Listen in your preferred player' link in the middle of your stream's webpage. I use VLC media player to test mine, therefore I always click on the .m3u link provided.

You may also wish to queue up some countdown number audio files in between the EOY songs in your Winamp playlist. I recorded my own in an oh-so-fab bogan voice but if you ask Jinxie he may be able to point you in the right direction to get them in a pommie lady's voice or Stephen Hawking voice, etc. Just let me know if you want me to send mine. lool
NoZ: by severely distorted do you mean clipping? (i.e. sounding like the speakers can't handle the audio at a high volume). If the Winamp equaliser is on then the preamp may need to be set lower. I should be home most of today so holler if you need some help/testing of your broadcast. (:
I'm doing my broadcast with my voice in full flight! I was hopefully going to be comfortable enough to do it live, but there's no way. Maybe next year lol. From he feedback of the countdowns I've done, my broadcasts have been good times had by all so hopefully that will continue on!
This year will be pre recorded again
I can't wait to broadcast mine! And to tune in to as many EOY's as I can this (or technically next) year.
I'd just like to point out something that's changed since I wrote this guide a year ago. The Stream/Server URL that's listed on your MRS server settings page now points to your Shoutcast server page instead of your personal MRS page that features an embedded MP3 player and numerous links to stream from a preferred media player. Your listeners normally cannot connect to your stream via your Shoutcast server page, so you will need to provide a URL that points to your personal MRS page.

Your Steam/Server URL looks like this: http://s[SERVER#].myradiostream.com:[PORT#]/
For example, my Stream/Server URL is: http://s28.myradiostream.com:24752/

Your personal MRS page is: http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s[SERVER#]&p=[PORT#]
Therefore my MRS page is: http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s28&p=24752

If you're unsure about what your URL needs to be, just let me know and I can tell you.
If you listen in VLC Player, the Stream/Server URL can be handy as you can go to Media > Open Network Stream, and paste it there. It saves the slight inconvenience of downloading and opening a file

I think you can do the same in iTunes with File > Open Stream, and Winamp with File > Play URL.
I think I have setup a stream of sorts, I dont know how it will work though, would need a tester
How do I set up MRS on a Mac?

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