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Hi all
Would anyone know why I would need a login and password to view the latest archived aria report on Pandora?
Have searched the site to look for a place to register but can't find it anywhere.
Seems quite weird.

Just change the 'view' in the file's URL to 'pan' and Bob's your aunty.
It appears bob's not my aunty even after changing it still happens
Open this link as a page/tab: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/23790/20160706-0001/Issue1375.pdf

That page will then list a link that can be viewed or downloaded as needed.
Thank you so much Savagegrant
No worries. I'm sure the staff will correct the URL...eventually. lol
Keep in mind that the folks who look after the Pandora archive will only fix a link if they know it's broken.

I've emailed them many times about password prompts and broken links, some related to issues that had been published to the site years earlier - who knows how long they were broken for.

rob1972, if I were you I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to notice the problem with the 4 July issue. Just email them using the email address at the bottom of that page. They usually respond pretty quickly to confirm it's been fixed.
Can someone fix up #822 (28th Nov, 2005), as it's not working on the Pandora archive.

I've also emailed the Pandora archive about it too.
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bulion, it looks like its fixed. Curiously I accessed this very issue back in June 2013 and it worked fine back then.
yeah thanks Shaid, they emailed me a few days after I got in touch with them to say it had been fixed.
Hi all, is it just me or has the Pandora Archive not been updated since the end of September? I see it's all moved over to Trove now but can't see that anything has been added since.
I've been wondering the same and was on this website to ask the same question. I'll keep on checking the pandora website. Hopefully they've just been busy and will continue to update soon.

I can't seem to find any other link on their website that may suggest they are archiving elsewhere.

It's not much but even though it's not listed, the issue 1544 is available here:

I wonder if they've done others like that. I always went to https://webarchive.nla.gov.au/tep/23790#, but like leroy78 said, they haven't updated it since the end of September.
Anyone knows whatever happened to the pandora website?

It hasn't been updated for almost four months now. I've tried to change the URLs and search with the filenames bit it doesn't work.

None that I know of. I've tried all sorts of different ways, but I would say they will no longer provide the charts.

I've resorted to downloading the top 50 from the ARIA website, but you have to do it weekly as they don't archive them from previous weeks on the website. Has anyone got the singles and albums charts for the 17th of Feb? I forgot to save them.
^ Are you looking for the PDFs or the webpage itself? I think these are the right PDFs:


As for the webpage, this link seems to show the 17/2 chart when you first open it, but then reverts several weeks back a few seconds later, somehow: https://web.archive.org/web/20200215115805/https://www.ariacharts.com.au/charts/singles-chart . The album chart page doesn't appear to have been archived this year at all.

I think someone on Wikipedia created a script to archive the PDFs each week, which is why they're there. They had a page collating the links, but stopped updating it 9 months ago: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Record_charts/Sourcing_guide/Australia
Excellent. Thank You.
The physical library where they do the pandora updates has been rearranged and they got rid of some areas that have been used for years there seems to be a revamp and some of the staff you see there just aren't there anymore, so maybe they aren't providing the pandora charts anymore..... Best thing to do to subscribe to ARIA and get the charts sent to you every Tuesday.. It's $220 AUD per year, that way your sure of getting them

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