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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Timfoxxy's Weekly Charts (2012)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to start by explaining why I am starting a 2012 edition of my weekly charts in 2016! There is a long explanation that I will go into detail shortly. The short version is that I did not like the large gap I had during that year of no charts and I want to remake them.

In detail, I finished off 2011 with two full years of Top 50 charts, and around that point I got sick of making very hard charts due to the difficulty of obtaining them through the sole source of YouTube followed by a video downloader to get them onto my computer, and then editing them to my liking! (some songs were too long for example)

All of that effort became taxing which lead to nearly half a year gap of making no charts. In the end I cut down my charts to 40 songs which lasted for less than a year before I dived into a super long absence from chart making (over 2 and a half years) until I ended up with my current charts which you all know about by now!

With my new setup of Spotify and iTunes for chart making, I plan to remake my 2012 charts to Top 50. However, I will be referencing everything from the old charts and I will try to keep most of the Top 40 lists intact, but extended them to 50 songs. Also, with my original Summer/Autumn chart, I will try to keep most of those estimated peaks the same, but don't be surprised if they aren't reached. You may see some fluctuations with chart runs in the updated charts!

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask!
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2011 thread (carry over chart):

Original 2012 thread:

Here is the first brand new (but still old) chart from 2012!!

Week 1 (2/1/2012):

1171Midnight Run (3 weeks at #1)Example
2261Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
3523Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
44121The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
53103Read All About ItProfessor Green & Emeli Sande
66106Runaway BabyBruno Mars
7967Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
8873Marry The NightLady GaGa
97171Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
1013710International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
1116511StrongerKelly Clarkson
1211142PapiJennifer Lopez
1310810BreathingJason Derulo
141295Try With MeNicole Scherzinger
1519515Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
1615107Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna
171769Where Have You BeenRihanna
1824618Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
1918142We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
2014814Raining DiamondsRicki-Lee
2120131Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
2226422Set It OffTimomatic
2323112LightningThe Wanted
2421916GalaxyJessica Mauboy & Stan Walker
2535325CannonballLittle Mix
262598Light It UpStan Walker
272785Im Still HotLuciana
2822622UpJames Morrison & Jessie J
2932229Get BackAlexandra Stan
3029181Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
31NE131Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
3230135It Will RainBruno Mars
3338533AnywayCee-Lo Green
3428724My Heart Takes OverThe Saturdays
3540435Still SpeedingSway
3633164Get ItHavana Brown
3736192Night Of Your LifeDavid Guetta & Jennifer Hudson
3846338Lonely BoyThe Black Keys
3931631Don’t Worry Be HappyGuy Sebastian
4037173All Fired UpThe Saturdays
4144241Forever YoursAlex Day
4339167CollideLeona Lewis
4442542Count On MeBruno Mars
4541167Mr Know It AllKelly Clarkson
4643341HurtLeona Lewis
4747212WetNicole Scherzinger
48NE148Summer ParadiseSimple Plan & Sean Paul
49451511Got 2 Luv USean Paul & Alexis Jordan
5048833A Thousand YearsChristina Perri

Good Night - Reece Mastin
Lucky Day - Nicola Roberts
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Some great songs there - faves are Wet, Count On Me, All Fired Up (great run), Night Of Your Life, Wild Ones, Radioactive (ended up loving that well after it was out), Raining Diamonds, We Found Love, Dance With Me Tonight, Princess Of China, Breathing (love), Papi, The One That Got Away and Midnight Run.
Here is chart #2

This becomes Example's final run at #1 (almost exactly as my EP predicted) before Nadia Ali's 'Rapture' takeover in week 3 Laurent Wery appears to fall short of his #2 prediction this time, and I am uncertain if it will be reached later. Same with Read All About It

Week 2 (9/1/2012):

1181Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
2NE12RaptureNadia Ali
3271Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
4333Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
54131The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
6776Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
75113Read All About ItProfessor Green & Emeli Sande
81088International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
91169StrongerKelly Clarkson
106116Runaway BabyBruno Mars
119181Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
1218712Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
13883Marry The NightLady GaGa
1412152PapiJennifer Lopez
1515615Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
1625416CannonballLittle Mix
1722517Set It OffTimomatic
1814105Try With MeNicole Scherzinger
1913910BreathingJason Derulo
2015117Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna
2119152We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
2229322Get BackAlexandra Stan
231779Where Have You BeenRihanna
24NE124Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
2521141Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
2631226Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
2723122LightningThe Wanted
2820914Raining DiamondsRicki-Lee
2933629AnywayCee-Lo Green
3026108Light It UpStan Walker
3130191Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
32241016GalaxyJessica Mauboy & Stan Walker
33NE133TroublemakerTaio Cruz
342795Im Still HotLuciana
3535535Still SpeedingSway
3638436Lonely BoyThe Black Keys
3732145It Will RainBruno Mars
3828722UpJames Morrison & Jessie J
3936174Get ItHavana Brown
40NE140Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert
4137202Night Of Your LifeDavid Guetta & Jennifer Hudson
4241341Forever YoursAlex Day
4334824My Heart Takes OverThe Saturdays
4440183All Fired UpThe Saturdays
4548245Summer ParadiseSimple Plan & Sean Paul
4643177CollideLeona Lewis
4839731Don’t Worry Be HappyGuy Sebastian
49NE149Do It Our WayAlesha Dixon
5044642Count On MeBruno Mars

Mr Know It All - Kelly Clarkson
Hurt - Leona Lewis
Wet - Nicole Scherzinger
Got 2 Luv U - Sean Paul & Alexis Jordan
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
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In this chart week, Nadia Ali's 'Rapture' claims the new #1 spot over Example to become the better charting song of the two Rapture hits. Avicii and Laurent Wery remain stationary, just ahead of an unexpected entry to my Top 10 collection as 'Dance With Me Tonight' by Olly Murs rises to #5.

On another good note, Kelly Clarkson reaches her estimated peak of #6! International Love climbs up slightly, but may not reach its EP of #5. Kelly Rowland has fallen short of its EP as well

Week 3 (16/1/2016):

1221Rapture (1 week at #1)Nadia Ali
2191Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
3381Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
4443Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
51285Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
6976StrongerKelly Clarkson
7897International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
85141The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
91769Set It OffTimomatic
10686Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
1116511CannonballLittle Mix
127123Read All About ItProfessor Green & Emeli Sande
1315713Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
1411191Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
1510126Runaway BabyBruno Mars
161393Marry The NightLady GaGa
1714162PapiJennifer Lopez
1824218Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
1922419Get BackAlexandra Stan
2018115Try With MeNicole Scherzinger
2126321Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
2221162We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
23191010BreathingJason Derulo
2433224TroublemakerTaio Cruz
2525151Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
2620127Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna
272389Where Have You BeenRihanna
28NE128Midnight CityM83
2927132LightningThe Wanted
3036530Lonely BoyThe Black Keys
3131201Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
3229729AnywayCee-Lo Green
3330118Light It UpStan Walker
3434105Im Still HotLuciana
35281014Raining DiamondsRicki-Lee
36NE136Want U BackCher Lloyd
3740237Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert
3837155It Will RainBruno Mars
39321116GalaxyJessica Mauboy & Stan Walker
4035635Still SpeedingSway
4139184Get ItHavana Brown
4238822UpJames Morrison & Jessie J
4341212Night Of Your LifeDavid Guetta & Jennifer Hudson
4445344Summer ParadiseSimple Plan & Sean Paul
4542441Forever YoursAlex Day
4644193All Fired UpThe Saturdays
4746187CollideLeona Lewis
4849248Do It Our WayAlesha Dixon
4943924My Heart Takes OverThe Saturdays
50NE150If I Had A GunNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Anticipate - Skream
Don’t Worry Be Happy - Guy Sebastian
Count On Me - Bruno Mars
Rapture remains at #1 for this chart, matching the estimation I made back then! In fact, all of my Top 6 songs remain where they are, another rare occurrence on my chart

Timomatic gets closer to his estimated peak of #6 by reaching #7, but Little Mix gets a surprise entry into the Top 10 with 'Cannonball' at #8. Looks like International Love only managed a #7 peak after all. JLS now makes their Top 10 entry (the estimated peak is #8 for the song, but it wont make it).

Week 4 (23/1/2012):

1131Rapture (2 weeks at #1)Nadia Ali
22101Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
3391Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
4453Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
5595Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
6686StrongerKelly Clarkson
7977Set It OffTimomatic
81168CannonballLittle Mix
97107International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
1013810Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
118151The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
1218312Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
131096Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
1412133Read All About ItProfessor Green & Emeli Sande
1519515Get BackAlexandra Stan
1614201Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
1724317TroublemakerTaio Cruz
1816103Marry The NightLady GaGa
1917172PapiJennifer Lopez
2021420Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
2115136Runaway BabyBruno Mars
22NE122AntidoteSwedish House Mafia VS Knife Party
2328223Midnight CityM83
2422172We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
2520125Try With MeNicole Scherzinger
26NE126One ThingOne Direction
2725161Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
2830628Lonely BoyThe Black Keys
29231110BreathingJason Derulo
3026137Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna
3136231Want U BackCher Lloyd
3231211Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
332799Where Have You BeenRihanna
3429142LightningThe Wanted
3537335Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert
3633128Light It UpStan Walker
3734115Im Still HotLuciana
3832829AnywayCee-Lo Green
3938165It Will RainBruno Mars
4044440Summer ParadiseSimple Plan & Sean Paul
41351114Raining DiamondsRicki-Lee
4241194Get ItHavana Brown
4340735Still SpeedingSway
44NE144The Hardest EverWill.i.am, Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez
4543222Night Of Your LifeDavid Guetta & Jennifer Hudson
4642922UpJames Morrison & Jessie J
47391216GalaxyJessica Mauboy & Stan Walker
48NE148No Light, No LightFlorence & The Machine
4948348Do It Our WayAlesha Dixon
5045541Forever YoursAlex Day

All Fired Up - The Saturdays
Collide - Leona Lewis
My Heart Takes Over - The Saturdays
If I Had A Gun - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
In this next chart, Nadia Ali moves down from the top spot to #2 to make way for the next #1 by Redlight with 'Get Out My Head'. The prediction for Redlight was 3 weeks at #1, so lets see how that goes!

Timomatic moves up to #5 with 'Set It Off' and actually beats the estimated peak of #6 this time. Little Mix stays at #8 this time, so it doesn't look like that will go up any further. Pixie Lott reaches the Top 10 with "Kiss The Stars' at #9, again it is another new song to my Top 10 collection

Also, I wont be doing any more of these for at least 2 days after this, so if you are to throw in a comment or two, now is the time!

Week 5 (30/1/2012):

1NE11Get Out My Head (1 week at #1)Redlight
2141Rapture (2 weeks at #1)Nadia Ali
33101Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
42111Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
57105Set It OffTimomatic
6463Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
75105Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
8878CannonballLittle Mix
91249Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
10696StrongerKelly Clarkson
1117411TroublemakerTaio Cruz
1215612Get BackAlexandra Stan
1311161The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
149117International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
1510910Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
1622216AntidoteSwedish House Mafia VS Knife Party
1713106Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
1820518Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
1923319Midnight CityM83
2016211Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
2126221One ThingOne Direction
2214143Read All About ItProfessor Green & Emeli Sande
2319182PapiJennifer Lopez
2418113Marry The NightLady GaGa
25NE125Turn This Club AroundR.I.O & U-Jean
2621146Runaway BabyBruno Mars
2731327Want U BackCher Lloyd
2824182We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
2928728Lonely BoyThe Black Keys
3025135Try With MeNicole Scherzinger
3127171Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
32NE132TwilightCover Drive
3332221Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
34291210BreathingJason Derulo
3535435Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert
3630147Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna
3733109Where Have You BeenRihanna
3834152LightningThe Wanted
3937125Im Still HotLuciana
4036138Light It UpStan Walker
4140540Summer ParadiseSimple Plan & Sean Paul
4244242The Hardest EverWill.i.am, Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez
4339175It Will RainBruno Mars
4428929AnywayCee-Lo Green
45NE145LaserlightJessie J & David Guetta
4648246No Light, No LightFlorence & The Machine
4742204Get ItHavana Brown
4843232Night Of Your LifeDavid Guetta & Jennifer Hudson
4943835Still SpeedingSway

Raining Diamonds - Ricki-Lee
Up - James Morrison & Jessie J
Galaxy - Jessica Mauboy & Stan Walker
Do It Our Way - Alesha Dixon
Forever Yours - Alex Day
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It has been more than a month since I posted the last chart, so here is a new one!

The Top 4 stay where they are this time, giving Redlight 2 weeks at #1, and if it gets one more, that will match the estimated #1 run for the song! Taio Cruz blasts up to #5, coming close to the estimated peak of #3. Swedish House Mafia enters the Top 10 at #10, but it has little way to go to match the estimated peak of #5. Alexandra Stan edges up one spot to #11, two spots below the estimated peak of #9...

Week 6 (6/2/2012):

1121Get Out My Head (2 weeks at #1)Redlight
2251Rapture (2 weeks at #1)Nadia Ali
33111Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
44121Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
51155TroublemakerTaio Cruz
6673Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
75115Set It OffTimomatic
8888CannonballLittle Mix
9959Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
1016310AntidoteSwedish House Mafia VS Knife Party
1112711Get BackAlexandra Stan
127115Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
1310106StrongerKelly Clarkson
1421314One ThingOne Direction
1513171The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
1618616Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
1719417Midnight CityM83
18151010Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
1914127International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
2025220Turn This Club AroundR.I.O & U-Jean
2117116Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
2220221Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
2327423Want U BackCher Lloyd
2423192PapiJennifer Lopez
2522153Read All About ItProfessor Green & Emeli Sande
2632226TwilightCover Drive
2724123Marry The NightLady GaGa
28NE128Alone AgainAlyssa Reid
2935529Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert
3028192We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
3131181Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
3226156Runaway BabyBruno Mars
3330145Try With MeNicole Scherzinger
3433231Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
35341310BreathingJason Derulo
3636157Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna
3729828Lonely BoyThe Black Keys
3842338The Hardest EverWill.i.am, Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez
3938162LightningThe Wanted
4037119Where Have You BeenRihanna
41NE141Call It What You WantFoster The People
4245242LaserlightJessie J & David Guetta
4340148Light It UpStan Walker
4439135Im Still HotLuciana
4546345No Light, No LightFlorence & The Machine
4641640Summer ParadiseSimple Plan & Sean Paul
4743185It Will RainBruno Mars
48NE148Video GamesLana Del Rey
49441029AnywayCee-Lo Green
5048242Night Of Your LifeDavid Guetta & Jennifer Hudson

Get It - Havana Brown
Still Speeding - Sway
Rockstar - Dappy
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These old revised charts are back! It took me too long to feel like resuming them again. Please comment if you feel like it, but there is no pressure!

Redlight stays at #1 for 3 weeks, matching the length I predicted! Nadia Ali stays at #2, ahead of Alexandra Burke's debut at #3 with 'Elephant'. The song was estimated a run of 4 weeks at #1, so lets see when it gets there and for how long!

Taio Cruz remains at #5 this time, but still not sure if it will get any higher. Swedish House Mafia reaches #8 now, but it still is a bit below the estimated peak of #5. Alexandra Stan reaches #10, one spot below the estimated #9 peak.

Week 7 (13/2/2012):

1131Get Out My Head (3 weeks at #1)Redlight
2261Rapture (2 weeks at #1)Nadia Ali
3NE13ElephantAlexandra Burke
43121Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
5565TroublemakerTaio Cruz
64131Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
7683Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
81048AntidoteSwedish House Mafia VS Knife Party
97125Set It OffTimomatic
1011810Get BackAlexandra Stan
1114411One ThingOne Direction
12969Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
1316713Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
14898CannonballLittle Mix
1520315Turn This Club AroundR.I.O & U-Jean
1612125Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
1717517Midnight CityM83
1815181The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
1913116StrongerKelly Clarkson
2023520Want U BackCher Lloyd
21NE121Give Me All Your Lovin'Madonna
2219137International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
2326323TwilightCover Drive
2422231Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
2528225Alone AgainAlyssa Reid
26181110Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
2721126Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
2824202PapiJennifer Lopez
2929629Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert
3027133Marry The NightLady GaGa
3125163Read All About ItProfessor Green & Emeli Sande
3230202We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
3331191Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
34NE134Drive ByTrain
3534231Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
3638436The Hardest EverWill.i.am, Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez
3733155Try With MeNicole Scherzinger
3832166Runaway BabyBruno Mars
3936167Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna
40351410BreathingJason Derulo
4141241Call It What You WantFoster The People
4239172LightningThe Wanted
4340129Where Have You BeenRihanna
4437928Lonely BoyThe Black Keys
4542342LaserlightJessie J & David Guetta
4648246Video GamesLana Del Rey
4744145Im Still HotLuciana
4843158Light It UpStan Walker
49NE149Ass Back HomeGym Class Heroes & Neon Hitch
5045445No Light, No LightFlorence & The Machine

Summer Paradise - Simple Plan & Sean Paul
It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
Anyway - Cee-Lo Green
Night Of Your Life - David Guetta & Jennifer Hudson
Well this was a surprise! I managed to allow Redlight an extra week at #1! Which means that it beats the estimated run at #1 and Alexandra Burke doesn't yet get to #1 this time. The next few songs don't do very much, so we look down at Swedish House Mafia creeping up to #7, not quit up to the estimated peak yet.

Madonna blasts into the Top 10 at #8 with 'Give Me All Your Lovin'', and since the estimated peak is #2, it still has a long way to go to overtake the huge songs near the top. Alexandra Stan also manages to reach the estimated peak of #9 finally! And One Direction sneaks into the Top 10 with 'One Thing', but still has a long way to go to reach #4.

Week 8 (20/2/2012):

1141Get Out My Head (4 weeks at #1)Redlight
2322ElephantAlexandra Burke
3271Rapture (2 weeks at #1)Nadia Ali
44131Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
5575TroublemakerTaio Cruz
66141Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
7857AntidoteSwedish House Mafia VS Knife Party
82128Give Me All Your Lovin'Madonna
91099Get BackAlexandra Stan
1011510One ThingOne Direction
11793Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
1215412Turn This Club AroundR.I.O & U-Jean
1313813Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
149135Set It OffTimomatic
151279Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
16NE116Read All About It (Part 3)Emeli Sande
1717617Midnight CityM83
1820618Want U BackCher Lloyd
1914108CannonballLittle Mix
2018191The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
2123421TwilightCover Drive
2216135Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
23NE123Part Of MeKaty Perry
2425324Alone AgainAlyssa Reid
2519126StrongerKelly Clarkson
2624241Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
2722147International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
2828212PapiJennifer Lopez
29NE129Turn Up The MusicChris Brown
3034230Drive ByTrain
3127136Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
3230143Marry The NightLady GaGa
33261210Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
3429729Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert
3533201Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
3632212We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
3735241Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
38NE138We Are YoungFun
3931173Read All About ItProfessor Green & Emeli Sande
4037165Try With MeNicole Scherzinger
4136536The Hardest EverWill.i.am, Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez
42NE142Next To MeEmeli Sande
4339177Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna
4446344Video GamesLana Del Rey
4538176Runaway BabyBruno Mars
46401510BreathingJason Derulo
47NE147Hot Right NowDJ Fresh & Rita Ora
4842182LightningThe Wanted
4941341Call It What You WantFoster The People
5043139Where Have You BeenRihanna

Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
Laserlight - Jessie J & David Guetta
Im Still Hot - Luciana
Light It Up - Stan Walker
Ass Back Home - Gym Class Heroes & Neon Hitch
No Light, No Light - Florence & The Machine
It's been a few months passed, so here is a new old chart!

Alexandra Burke makes it to #1 finally, and since its estimated run at #1 was 4 weeks, lets see how long this one lasts! Redlight is down as expected, so we go to Madonna jumping to #4 and its just two spots away from the estimated peak of #2. One Direction also moved up the Top 10 to #6, also two positions away from their estimated peak of #4.

Emeli Sande reaches the Top 10 at #9, although she was estimated to reach #6 on the chart. RIO & U-Jean also make it to the Top 10, but is also estimated to peak at #7 as well Finally, Flo Rida and M83 are very close to the Top 10 now, lets how they do in the coming charts

Week 9 (27/2/2012):

1231Elephant (1 week at #1)Alexandra Burke
2151Get Out My Head (4 weeks at #1)Redlight
3381Rapture (2 weeks at #1)Nadia Ali
4834Give Me All Your Lovin'Madonna
54141Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
61066One ThingOne Direction
76151Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
8585TroublemakerTaio Cruz
91629Read All About It (Part 3)Emeli Sande
1012510Turn This Club AroundR.I.O & U-Jean
11767AntidoteSwedish House Mafia VS Knife Party
1213912Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
1317713Midnight CityM83
1411103Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
1518715Want U BackCher Lloyd
169109Get BackAlexandra Stan
1723217Part Of MeKaty Perry
181589Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
1921519TwilightCover Drive
2014145Set It OffTimomatic
2124421Alone AgainAlyssa Reid
2220201The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
2330223Drive ByTrain
2419118CannonballLittle Mix
2529225Turn Up The MusicChris Brown
2622145Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
2726251Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
2838228We Are YoungFun
2925136StrongerKelly Clarkson
3028222PapiJennifer Lopez
31NE131Throw Your Hands UpQwote, Pitbull & Lucenzo
3227157International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
3332153Marry The NightLady GaGa
3442234Next To MeEmeli Sande
3531146Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
36331310Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
37NE137StarshipsNicki Minaj
3835211Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
3934829Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert
4037251Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
4144441Video GamesLana Del Rey
4236222We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
4339183Read All About ItProfessor Green & Emeli Sande
4440175Try With MeNicole Scherzinger
45NE145EarthquakeLabrinth & Tinie Tempah
4641636The Hardest EverWill.i.am, Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez
4747247Hot Right NowDJ Fresh & Rita Ora
4843187Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna
4945186Runaway BabyBruno Mars
50461610BreathingJason Derulo

Lightning - The Wanted
Call It What You Want - Foster The People
Where Have You Been - Rihanna
I thought there were some good ones here. I charted 13 of these in the same week. That's a fairly good strike rate.
'Turn Me On' was also a former #1 for me.
'Elephant' would chart for me about a month later, reaching my Top 5.
Good seeing Fun and Video Games in there.
Thanks for some comments on these old charts! Helps to know some people see them

Alexandra Burke continues at #1, as it still has two more weeks to go to match the estimated run there. Madonna creeps up to #3, just one spot away from the estimated peak! Madeon debuts at #5 with 'Icarus', as I distinctly remember loving it straight away, and it already reaches the estimated peak anyway

M83 finally reaches the Top 10, but it is still 3 positions away from the estimated peak of #7. Flo Rida/Sia looks set to settle at #11 instead of #9 as predicted, but that is okay with me (I was being a bit too generous anyway). Perhaps Cher Lloyd will grab a new Top 10 hit instead?

Week 10 (5/3/2012):

1141Elephant (2 weeks at #1)Alexandra Burke
2261Get Out My Head (4 weeks at #1)Redlight
3443Give Me All Your Lovin'Madonna
4391Rapture (2 weeks at #1)Nadia Ali
6676One ThingOne Direction
75151Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
8938Read All About It (Part 3)Emeli Sande
97161Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
1013810Midnight CityM83
11121011Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
1215812Want U BackCher Lloyd
13895TroublemakerTaio Cruz
1417314Part Of MeKaty Perry
151177AntidoteSwedish House Mafia VS Knife Party
1623316Drive ByTrain
1710610Turn This Club AroundR.I.O & U-Jean
1814113Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
1921519Alone AgainAlyssa Reid
2019619TwilightCover Drive
2125321Turn Up The MusicChris Brown
2216119Get BackAlexandra Stan
231899Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
2428324We Are YoungFun
2522211The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
26NE126Live My LifeFar East Movement & Justin Bieber
2724128CannonballLittle Mix
2820155Set It OffTimomatic
2931229Throw Your Hands UpQwote, Pitbull & Lucenzo
3027261Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
3134331Next To MeEmeli Sande
32NE132Led AstrayFriction
3326155Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
3429146StrongerKelly Clarkson
3530232PapiJennifer Lopez
3637236StarshipsNicki Minaj
3733163Marry The NightLady GaGa
38NE138What Can You Do For MeUtah Saints
3932167International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
4035156Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
41361410Do You Feel What I FeelJLS
4245242EarthquakeLabrinth & Tinie Tempah
43NE143She Doesn't MindSean Paul
4440261Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
4538221Radioactive (1 week at #1)Marina & The Diamonds
46NE146SkyscraperDemi Lovato
4741541Video GamesLana Del Rey
4842232We Found LoveRihanna & Calvin Harris
4939929Better Than I Know MyselfAdam Lambert

Read All About It - Professor Green & Emeli Sande
Try With Me - Nicole Scherzinger
The Hardest Ever - Will.i.am, Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez
Hot Right Now - DJ Fresh & Rita Ora
Princess Of China - Coldplay & Rihanna
Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars
Breathing - Jason Derulo
In this chart, Alexandra Burke holds at #1 again, while the next two songs also hold their position, meaning Madonna is not yet at the estimated peak of #2 yet. One Direction move up to their estimated peak of #4 finally, and Emeli Sande also does the same thing by reaching #6!

Cher Lloyd grabs her first Top 10 hit with 'Want U Back' hitting #8, right above one of the biggest songs of the year as Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' debuts at #9 (this was one of the hardest debuts to decide where to place as I don't remember how much I liked it at the beginning). Katy Perry, Train and Alyssa Reid are all close to the Top 10 and they still have a bit of work to do to reach their estimated peaks!

Week 11 (12/3/2012):

1151Elephant (3 weeks at #1)Alexandra Burke
2271Get Out My Head (4 weeks at #1)Redlight
3353Give Me All Your Lovin'Madonna
4684One ThingOne Direction
54101Rapture (2 weeks at #1)Nadia Ali
6846Read All About It (Part 3)Emeli Sande
81298Want U BackCher Lloyd
9NE19Call Me MaybeCarly Rae Jepsen
107161Levels (3 weeks at #1)Avicii
1114411Part Of MeKaty Perry
129171Midnight Run (4 weeks at #1)Example
1316413Drive ByTrain
1410910Midnight CityM83
1519615Alone AgainAlyssa Reid
16111111Wild OnesFlo Rida & Sia
1721417Turn Up The MusicChris Brown
1813105TroublemakerTaio Cruz
1920719TwilightCover Drive
201587AntidoteSwedish House Mafia VS Knife Party
2126221Live My LifeFar East Movement & Justin Bieber
2217710Turn This Club AroundR.I.O & U-Jean
2332223Led AstrayFriction
2424424We Are YoungFun
2518123Hey Hey HeyLaurent Wery, Swiftkid & Dev
2622129Get BackAlexandra Stan
27NE127Seven Nation ArmyMarcus Collins
2831428Next To MeEmeli Sande
2923109Kiss The StarsPixie Lott
3025221The One That Got Away (3 weeks at #1)Katy Perry
3138231What Can You Do For MeUtah Saints
3229329Throw Your Hands UpQwote, Pitbull & Lucenzo
3327138CannonballLittle Mix
3430271Domino (4 weeks at #1)Jessie J
35NE135Oh My GoodnessOlly Murs
3628165Set It OffTimomatic
3736336StarshipsNicki Minaj
3843238She Doesn't MindSean Paul
3933165Dance With Me TonightOlly Murs
40NE140HangoverTaio Cruz & Flo Rida
4134156StrongerKelly Clarkson
4242342EarthquakeLabrinth & Tinie Tempah
4335242PapiJennifer Lopez
4446244SkyscraperDemi Lovato
4537173Marry The NightLady GaGa
4644271Turn Me On (3 weeks at #1)David Guetta & Nicki Minaj
47NE147Love MeStooshe & Travie McCoy
4840166Down For WhateverKelly Rowland
4939177International LovePitbull & Chris Brown
50411510Do You Feel What I FeelJLS

Radioactive - Marina & The Diamonds
Video Games - Lana Del Rey
We Found Love - Rihanna & Calvin Harris
Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert
Climax - Usher

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