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Forum - General: Music/Charts related - ARIA Report 1990 - 1995

By request, I present my raw scans of the ARIA Report from the State Library of New South Wales.
Provided as is WITH GAPS and some ERRORS. Please download the zip file "Errors & Info" for more information.
Copies were made at SLNSW on 25 & 26 August 2015, using a Canon IXUS 160 digital camera and Samsung GT-7582 smartphone.

I was a subscriber to the ARIA Report from its inception until 24 February 1993. My father subsequently disposed of almost all the originals without my knowledge (a few issues from late 1990 somehow survived) probably in the late 90s. Before this catastrophe, I copied Top 100 singles, Top 100 albums, singles summary and albums summary into large comb-bound collections, which are nearly complete. Another folder with dance charts from 1992 has also been discovered. The documents I have in my collection are summarised in a spreadsheet called "ARIA have" - this file is in the Errors & Info zip. Documents in this list were NOT photographed/scanned at SLNSW. I recall scanning these comb-bound volumes a few years ago. On checking my archives, I found the scans but it seems I only scanned the National Singles Summary from 1990-01-14 to 1993-02-24 (with a few gaps as per the "ARIA have" spreadsheet - the gaps were filled in at SLNSW). I'll endeavour to find and scan the others later.
I did also scan the State charts I started making in early 1990. ARIA started producing State chart data with the ARIA Report, but did not publish this data as charts. I began doing this but the muse ran out around July and it stopped. For nostalgic reasons, I've shared these in another zip, along with my chartology magnum opus "1990: The Chart Histories", compiled in early 1991 when I was 16. A revison of this publication in 2015 revealed three omissions and a few errors.

ARIA Report scans from SLNSW:
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extreme size of these files they will take many hours to upload - in fact my FTP program reports 31 hours for the first one. My computer will keep chugging on and maybe after 3-4 days (!) it will all be up there. I'll edit this text and activate the links as files finish uploading so check back every now and then.

ARIA Report 1990 http://www.d-wizz.com/junk/chartology/aria/aria-1990.zip - 2.11GB
ARIA Report 1991 http://www.d-wizz.com/junk/chartology/aria/aria-1991.zip - 500MB
ARIA Report 1992 http://www.d-wizz.com/junk/chartology/aria/aria-1992.zip - 764MB
ARIA Report 1993 http://www.d-wizz.com/junk/chartology/aria/aria-1993.zip - 734MB
ARIA Report 1994 http://www.d-wizz.com/junk/chartology/aria/aria-1994.zip - 3.54GB
ARIA Report 1995 http://www.d-wizz.com/junk/chartology/aria/aria-1995.zip - 4.18GB
ARIA Report Errors and Info http://www.d-wizz.com/junk/chartology/aria/aria-errors-info.zip - 77MB

Additional goodies to share:
National Singles Summaries 1990-01-14 - 1993-02-24 - 37MB
Scanned in automatic feeder direct to PDF. There are a few gaps as per the "ARIA have" spreadsheet referred to above.

ARIA State Charts 1990 - 63MB
State Top 40 single and albums generated from ARIA Singles Summaries. A few monthly charts thrown in as well.

1990: The Chart Histories - 9MB
Flawed magnum opus from 16-year-old chartology prodigy. 1991 volume planned but never produced.

ARIA singles 1989-1992 - 1.6MB
Three Excel spreadsheets listing week-by-week chart performance of all singles on the ARIA National Top 100 singles charts for 1990-92. A fourth file for 1989 contains Top 50 chart performances of selected titles - this file does not contain every song from 1989.

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Hmmm. Having problems downloading these files for some reason. I did get the last three links, but none of the links before that. Finn
Never mind. Getting them from your ftp server. Cheers
Yeah...I couldn't get the zip files either
Chris, go to his other post (http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=48311) or use this address (d-wizz.com/junk/chartology/kent) and navigate through his ftp server. You'll get them there.
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Filenames have been fixed up to match the posts, sorry for the error
This is obviously a few years late, but any chance these links to the old reports are still active or can be reuploaded?

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