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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - ARIA 500,000 Diamond accreditation

Does anyone know the approach ARIA's taking to Diamond accreditations for 500,000 album sales?

Part of me thinks it was just a cynical marketing gimmick, given that both Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift just happened to be in the country when theirs were awarded, and there haven't been any more issued since (or so I thought). I'm pretty sure Adele's 25 had been <P>7 for a fair while by the time Diamond was introduced, which must have put it at ~500k, yet she's still not been awarded Diamond and it's now up to <P>9 now, while 21's been <P>15 for ages. Maybe she'll get two Diamond awards in the coming weeks while she's here on tour?

I was thinking maybe ARIA isn't applying Diamond accreditations retrospectively? i.e. anything that was already <P>8 or above when Diamond was first announced will just keep having Platinum accreditations added where relevant... but then I realised Michael Buble's schmaltzy Christmas album jumped from <P>13 to <D>2 accreditation on the 12/12/16 chart, so now I'm confused.

Does anyone actually know what the deal is?
It's up to record companies to apply for those stupid Diamond accreditations.
It honestly should have been 1M sales or at least 10x <P> (700K) for Diamond.
That award shouldn't even exist.
It's interesting that ARIA haven't changed the certification levels for gold and platinum since 1989, even though the population has grown significantly since then, and 'singles' are much cheaper now (if they're even bought at all).
I've been advocating for ARIA to change the numbers for accreditation levels for years. A song that went Platinum x4 in the early 90s like I Will Always Love You looked like a major achievement. These days it feels like a song just has to hit Top 20 to go quadruple platinum (yes I know that's a slight exaggeration).
Perhaps they should reduce the status for albums and increase it for singles. It would have been a better idea than introducing that useless Diamond award.
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See I'd be against increasing the singles quota for the same reason I'm against the diamond certification. All it does is reduce the amount of information we can parse from the certification because it'll thus be only updated half as frequently. Not to mention the huge mess of tackling which songs get to stay under the old system and which under the new.
I see Eminem has been awarded a diamond certification for "The Eminem Show" when it re-entered the chart at #80 on 15th May. It was last in the charts 31st Oct 2016 where it had a Platinum x 9 status.

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