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Forum - General: Forum Games - Aus Charts Survivor: Season 2

Yes! Welcome back to me.

I've been curiously absent from the forums in the past few months but I'm back with a vengeance!

Back with Survivor Season 2! A bigger, better, twistier (not even a word but still...) version from the first go around. I've received compliments from those who played and those who tentatively observed season 1 play out last year, and it's exciting to start this up again. The core game mechanic is basically the same, except I'm holding my cards close to the chest in terms of twists and turns.
I need to note, that I won't begin this massive task without at least 12 players... last year we had 10 to begin with and three were basically knocked out to begin with due to inactivity, so if you say you want to be included, please mean it.

I will split the group into 2 teams... and together as a team, you will answer the trivia questions, and the team with the highest amount of correct answers will gain immunity, whilst the other team will face elimination. The individual team member on the losing team who guessed the highest amount of correct answers, will be immune from the elimination.
An elimination question will be asked to the team up for elimination, and the person who's answer is the farthest from the correct answer, will be eliminated (which is where some added tactics come in to play this year... but all will be revealed later...) It is important to win the first week as it will immediately leave your team with one less person to guess more correct answers. But as last year, we had a strong showing from a player who's team was basically wiped out early and they managed to go VERY far... so it can be done.
Each week I will allocate a 'theme for the week', containing at least 10 questions based on that theme (Note to Season 1 players: the notorious 'Bones' week WILL inextricably be returning lol). The themes will change dramatically throughout the game...
Again, this has the potential to become unfair if you google the answers, so I implore you to please answer as best as you can without any outside help in the interest of fairness... but having said that, who am I to tell you how to play... Survivor is a game of backstabbers and cheaters... so no-one will know if you answer with doctor google by your side...

As last year, just reply to this thread with a "I'm in" post and I will add you to the game! And of course my PM is always open should you want any other information or have any questions you want to ask... Hopefully we can get this game up and running as quickly as possible cos I am as keen as last year!

Players names will be added to this post as we accumulate the numbers. If last year was anything to go by, it was a resounding success and hopefully we will get returning players (now known as veterans yes? Lol.) The game will begin in early July so it gives you about 3 weeks to sign up and for us to gather numbers...

Can Effluvium1 return and back up the stunning Season 1 win...? Only one way to find out... outwit, outplay, outlast!

Confirmed players:

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Naturally I'm keen to give this a shot now.
Since I didn't play last time I'll have a shot this season! Hopefully I can fully commit to it
I watched last season and wished I was playing, so I'm in.
I'm in!
Count me in.
OK I'll play
6 people! Thanks guys! We are half way.
I'm gonna give it a bump and disguise that fact by restating that we will need 12 people to get Season 2 underway!
Count me in bruh
I'm playing!
Wasn't going to but now I'm in!
We need at least 3 more players for this to kick off. The cut-off is now the end of July (Australian Survivor starts on Channel Ten on July 30th!), that's when I'll close the sign ups and decide whether to proceed. Thanks for the interest so far guys!
Well if you haven't guessed already... this is dead in the water. One and done it seems. Thanks for the 9 of you who showed interest
I'm in
Hmmmm.... NateBoi lol.... 10 players might change things...
Hey Nate if you're reading this thread, did you get my memo? It was about a month ago so it might be in your archive.
I'll have a go
Hijinx; I got your memo. I have a week off from the 6th so I'll get onto it around then.

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