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FeedBack! is not quite at 600 posts yet but it's getting close at 557 so might as well make a part 2 now.
Part 1. http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=30348
Yep, I fully endorse this part 2 making. Feel like the In Memoriam thread could use the same treatment but it's always so hard to find a non-facetious time to do it.
I feel like the australian-charts website is a little bit broken at the moment. I can't access any songs that are currently charting (for review purposes) or can't access the homepage without it coming up with a 403 Forbidden error.
Anyone who is accessing it getting a 403 Forbidden error?
yes, getting a forbidden error on the homepage.
The previous issues I’ve raised have never been resolved.

ARIA Accreditation’s cannot be updated as the site doesn’t like bulk information posted and certain words trigger issues.

Maybe we need to source someone internet savvy and overhaul these issues
Is there any reason the chart bars are blank on song/album pages? Harder to gauge something's chart run and i have to zoom in to 200% to see the blank outline.
Can’t access any song right now for review purposes without 403 Forbidden errors
I haven't been able to post my charts in my thread since the first week of the year due to the 403 Forbidden error.
Have you tried posting via hitparade? (Change 'australian-charts.com' in the URL to 'hitparade.ch')
I kept getting a 403 a few days ago when trying to post a large amount of data pasted from the clipboard, which may be a related issue.
Can we please have a discussion surrounding the regular error messages?

Who are the moderators of this site?

Previous requests have fallen on deaf ears.

ARIA Accreditations / Unavailable On iTunes have both been halted for quite some time as I'm unable to paste information.

Someone, somewhere changed a setting along the line and we've been stuck on it forever.

… Anyone...
As far as I'm aware the moderators do not have the ability to address the errors that the site is experiencing.
No one who reads the forum has the power to fix anything. I'm pretty sure only Steffen can, and it's anyone's guess if he'll ever have time for it. (I believe he was told about it when it started. I did memo him once myself about the broken chart run bar images on song pages as that should be an easy fix, but didn't get a reply. I eventually 'fixed' that one for myself with a browser extension.)

I'm not sure anyone changed a setting - these things (along with the chart run bars, the lack of lines between posts, and the chat room breaking) started in January last year when the site was 'attacked' (no idea in what way).

In case you've forgotten, the 'forbidden' errors can be averted by posting via hitparade instead (change 'australian-charts.com' to 'hitparade.ch' in the URL). I'm not sure about the 'too large' errors if those are still happening though.
Don't know why this is but Lizzo's Good As Hell has according to this site 957 Chart Points, but I've added them up multiple times and keep getting 916.

Also noticed its missing 13 points for Hey Brother, which I can see is due to its re-entry being listed as a new entry.
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I know the answer to that Lizzo issue. If you look at this week's chart https://australian-charts.com/weekchart.asp?year=2020&date=20200126&cat=s you can compare to the previous week and see that every song (besides the new entries) has gained 2 on the previous week. I suspect every single song on that week's chart has been counted twice, hence Lizzo getting 41 extra points since she was #10.

It's an amusing by-product of this that since many debuts are marked as re-entries due to weird database errors and start on 0 WI, you have cases like Purple Hat whose WI is correct, only because these two errors cancel each other out
Same Love's re-entry at #4 in 2017 also didn't get counted in its points.

It gets worse because for 2 weeks in June 2019, the charts were added incorrectly, and though they were later fixed, the peaks weren't and I don't think the points were either. So EARFQUAKE's run is correctly shown as 11-9-11-13-18-23-39, but it still lists an #8 peak from those incorrect charts, and I can't figure out how you'd come to 254 points from that either way. Meanwhile, James Arthur's Falling Like The Stars was in actuality #51 and #65 on those weeks (and never made the top 50), but was put at #49 on both incorrect charts, and now if you search it, you'll see a supposed #49 peak, and if you try to click on it, you'll get a 403 Forbidden.

Also Good News debuted on that 26/01/2020 chart and charted 43-27-42, and the only way I can see to produce the claimed 42 points from that is if 26/1 was not counted at all for it, and 9/2 was double-counted
The odd thing is that this miscalculation hasn't occurred for every song for the chart dated 26/01/2020. Ride It's figure is incorrect while Don't Start Now's is correct.
I had nothing to do with this, but it seems like several errors in the database have been fixed:

- the incorrect BOAT points as mentioned above
- a couple incorrect peaks that remained from June 2019, like EARFQUAKE
- the 02/12/2018 and 10/03/2019 charts not showing in chart runs
- possibly, the issue with some new entries incorrectly showing as re-entries or showing below-#50 LW positions

Please correct me if you notice those errors still present somewhere

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