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Forum - General: General Discussion - In Memoriam, Pt. 2

Angus Young has lost two brothers in a month
David Cassidy, 70s pop star, is in a coma in critical condition.

Sad that David Cassidy and Malcolm Young died of the same thing - complications of dementia.
Keely Smith who had a hit with Louis Prima in 1958 and their cover of "That Old Black Magic" passed away at the age of 89.

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Kim Jong-hyun, lead singer of K-pop act SHINee has passed away at the age of 27 of results of carbon monoxide poisoning.


셜록 (Clue + Note): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kyG5tTZ1iE
3 2 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E5wbJ8ml3w
Guitarist from Japanese band BABYMETAL Mikio Fujioka has died aged 36.

Edward Allan Clarke, aka "Fast Eddie" - guitarist of Motörhead has died aged 67, after a long battle with pneumonia.

Edwin Hawkins has also passed away today.
I love The Cranberries. So young and so sad especially as she leaves 3 kids. RIP.
Also from Chairmen of the Board co-founder Danny Woods at 73. There only chart entry here was the song "Give Me Just a Little More Time" in 1970 (later covered by Kylie Minogue.

Also my Cranberries singer passing article with Oz chartifacts too.

It was pretty tough hearing about Dolores' passing. The Cranberries were a big part of my late teens.

Here's my top 5 singles by The Cranberries:

1. Zombie (1994)
2. Ode to My Family (1995)
3. Linger (1993)
4. Salvation (1996)
5. Dreams (1994)

Jim Rodford, founding member of Argent, and bassist of The Kinks and The Zombies has died, aged 76.

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Mark Salling, formerly of Glee has been found dead - of an apparent suicide - at the age of 35.
Social media has turned quite hostile over this one - as the circumstances are quite ugly. I'm not going to make any comment.

Jóhann Jóhannsson, film composer best known for his work with Denis Villeneuve and on The Theory of Everything, passed away at 48 years old.

local 60's & 70's singer Jeff St. John passed at the age of 71.

I love Jeff's recording of "Fool In Love", along with the ID singles.
Ken Dodd at the age of 90.


He had a Top 10 hit here in 1965 with "Tears".
This is just really odd. He hasn't performed in a couple of years since that health-hiatus and he has looked unhealthy every time I've seen him since then.

And why would he be in Oman of all places

That is horrible news. I liked most of his music too and seen him perform a number of times.

Silouette was my fave track of his.

RIP to someone so young and talented.
That's sad and unexpected news
28 is way too young! Really sad news
wow, I have no words, how incredibly sad for someone whose life is really only beginning
still don't want to believe it. His music dramatically shaped my music tastes so this really hits hard
I'm finding the news particularly tough too. Gone far too soon.
Shocking news to hear this morning, RIP Avicii. Far too young
Way too young to die. Rest in peace
Avicii's family has just released a statement about his death. It's really sad.


Please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 if you ever need somebody to talk to. It can be a life-saver (speaking from personal experience).
Wow, the worse possible way he could've died. So sad to see someone take their own life
Well damn, especially with him being the same age as me and all.
Four months later and I'm still heartbroken over Dolores O'Riordan. One of my favorite singers ever. RIP
Lead singer of Scottish band Frightened Rabbit Scott Hutchinson has died aged just 36. RIP

Damn. They are one of my favourite bands and have charted many songs on my personal charts.
Phil Emmanuel, Australian guitarist, has died. He was best known as a member of the Emmanuel Brothers.

American rapper XXXTentacion has died at the age of 20. https://pitchfork.com/news/xxxtentacion-shot-dead-at-20/
Sad! news.
For all the metal heads out there, the king of skins and legendary Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has passed away at age 54

Richard Swift, former member of The Shins and The Arcs has died, aged 41.

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of soul, has died.

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Huge legend - just listening to a lot of her songs today and remembering how many are jams. Particularly love that late 60s early 70s period. Such beautiful, timeless songs. R.I.P.
Ed King, member of Lyryrd Skynyrd, and songwriter of Sweet Home Alabama, of cancer.

He was also a member of 60s psychedelic group Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Conway Savage, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds pianist, dies age 58

Chas Hodges, one half of the folk-duo Chas & Dave passes at 74.

French veteran singer Charles Aznavour has died, aged 94.


Australian Charted Singles:
1973"The Old Fashioned Way"#24
American singer Bernadette Carroll, formerly of '60s girl-group The Angels has died, aged 74.

The Angels AMR discography:
1963"My Boyfriend's Back"#29
Conductor and Music Educator Richard Gill has died after a year long battle with cancer. He was 76.

This man has been an inspiration to me for many years.
Zac Denton, drummer for The Ocean Party had died, aged 24, from complications relating to a brain cyst.

Too young
Joshua Fauver, former bassist for Deerhunter has died, aged 39.
Lead singer and founding member of Buzzcocks Pete Shelley has died aged 63. Suspected heart attack.
The news of my longtime friend Craig Blair's passing yesterday at only 54 was to say the least a shock to me and my partner, having known Craig since the late 1980's when he and I became fast chart-friends and then eventual best friends, both excelling in our music knowledge and chart histories, for which I will be truly grateful for.

It's true that this chartophile had someone else better than him with the knowledge of music charts, but that only helped to expand my own personal knowledge and music history to where it is today and without Craig being the catalyst to make me strive to be a better historian of music and charts I wouldn't be where I am today.

His vast amount of collected charts is only rivalled by one person in this country, plus his unique record collection, not only endeared him to me but also gave me direction to what kind of musicphile I wanted to become in time.

Blessed be the Wombat (his nick name).

{whilst I know this forum is for passed musicians, this is one person who influenced me more than any other}.

Regards, bulion.
I don't think anyone minds the slight tangent in cases like this, very sorry for your loss bulion
Condolences mate, Losing a friend sucks. Stay strong.
I'm very saddened to hear of your loss Bulion
So sorry to hear bulion. My thoughts are with you mate. Condolences to you and your family and friends.
Mike 'Beard Guy' Taylor from Walk Off The Earth has died. RIP

Ray Sawyer, vocalist from popular '70s/'80s rock band Dr. Hook has died aged 81. My Mum was devastated RIP.

Dr. Hook discography:

"Sylvia's Mother"#1May 1972
"The Cover of 'Rolling Stone'"#32January 1973
"Only Sixteen/The Millionaire"#8January 1976
"A Little Bit More"#10August 1976
"If Not You"#69February 1977
"Walk Right In"#1May 1977
"What A Way Do Go/Who Dat"#41September 1977
"More Like The Movies"#93June 1978
"Sharing The Night Together"#10October 1978
"When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman"#20June 1979
"Better Love Next Time"#24December 1979
"Sexy Eyes"#41March 1980
"Years From Now"#72October 1980
"Girls Can Get It"#3January 1981
"The Wild Colonial Boy"#4March 1981
"Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk"#11May 1982
Ray Sawyer solo chart entries:

LOCEntry DateHPWITitles
AMR17-Jan-774913(One More Year of) Daddy's Little Girl
ADE24-Dec-761x215(One More Year of) Daddy's Little Girl
HOB16-Jun-772411Love Ain't the Question (Love Ain't the Answer)

AMR = Australian Music Report, ADE = Adelaide, HOB = Hobart
Farewell The Captain (Daryl Dragon) from The Captain & Tennille at 76

Goodbye to Marmalade lead singer Dean Ford at 72.


LOCEntry DateHPWITitles
AMR07-Sep-68697Lovin' Things
ADE31-Aug-68811Lovin' Things
AMR04-Jan-69764Wait for Me Mary Anne
ADE21-Dec-681010Wait for Me Mary Anne
AMR18-Jan-692116Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
GoS01-Feb-691810Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
SYD07-Feb-691x824Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (= with The Beatles)
MEL18-Jan-69176Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (= with The Bedrocks/Chris Shakespeare)
BRS25-Jan-6949Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (= with The Bedrocks/Arthur Conley)
ADE18-Jan-691x619Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (= with The Beatles)
PER17-Jan-692x314Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (= with Arthur Conley)
HOB22-Jan-691x320Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (= with all four above mentioned)
AMR02-Mar-70478Reflections of My Life
ADE20-Feb-701x212Reflections of My Life
HOB25-Feb-70128Reflections of My Life
AMR25-Oct-716117Cousin Norman
BRS19-Nov-71315Cousin Norman
ADE15-Oct-7167Cousin Norman
HOB25-Nov-71335Cousin Norman
AMR16-Aug-76896aFalling Apart at the Seams
HOB15-July-76617Falling Apart at the Seams

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Jimmy Hannan passed at the age of 84.


LOCEntry DateHPWITitles
AMR17-May-52201Detour (Les Welch & His Orch. feat...)
AMR14-Dec-6322x217Beach Ball
SYD13-Dec-63317 "
BRS25-Jan-64812 "
AMR21-Mar-645012Hokey Pokey Stomp / You Make Me Happy
SYD20-Mar-641713 " / "
BRS11-Apr-64148 " / "
HOB27-Mar-64482 "
AMR19-Dec-64903Come out Dancin'
MEL26-Dec-64424 "
BRS09-Jan-65362 "
AMR27-Apr-704913Curly / Sheila Ann
GoS25-May-70352 "
MEL09-May-702811 " / "
BRS16-May-701311 "
HOB13-May-701112 "
HOB13-Jan-72228Love is for the Two of us (with Liv Maessen)
AMR22-Sep-75487Chang the Magic Dragon
SYD26-Sep-75344 "

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After a 6-month battle with pancreatic cancer, Australian blues musician Chris Wilson has died, aged 62.
He was a blues guitarist, saxophonist, vocalist and harmonica player, who collaborated with the likes of Johnny Diesel and Paul Kelly, as well as fronting several bands, and a number of solo expeditions.
American singer-songwriter and 2-time Grammy Award winner James Ingram has died of brain cancer, aged 66.

James Ingram singles discography:
1983"Baby, Come To Me" (with Patti Austin)#38
1984"What About Me" (with Kenny Rogers and Kim Carnes)#49
1987"Somewhere Out There" (with Linda Ronstadt)#31
1987"Better Way"#98
1991"I Don't Have The Heart"#78

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New Zealand guitarist Peter Posa at the age of 77.


Entry DateHPWITitle
16-Nov-6319x219The White Rabbit

check out the New Zealand charts.com site for more of hits in that country including at No.1 album this century.
Talk Talk Oz Discography:

Entry DateLOCHPWITitles
21-Jun-92AMR3319Talk Talk
09-July-82SYD468Talk Talk
04-Sep-82MEL158Talk Talk
18-Jun-82PER387Talk Talk
21-May-84AMR7310It's My Life
20-July-84SYD631It's My Life
21-May-84BRS258It's My Life
07-Sep-84PER472It's My Life
17-Mar-86AMR709Life's What You Make it
04-Apr-86PER308Life's What You Make it
RIP Keith Flint. Sad day
Prodigy were amazing. I saw them live four times and still one of the best live shows I have been to. Big loss and he sure will be seen as an iconic artist. I teach a unit about how music changes over the decades and has an influence in our lives and the Prodigy is an artist I use for the 90's and the kids enjoy watching him.
Entry DateLOCHPWITitles
19-Jun-94ARIA4516No Good (Start the Dance)
25-July-94SYD377 "
25-July-94BRS441 "
22-Aug-94ADE333 "
26-Jun-94PER2413 " They mostly perform better in Perth than any other city
09-Oct-94ARIA2423Voodoo People
10-Oct-94SYD1919 "
10-Oct-94BRS1820 "
10-Oct-94ADE618 "
02-Oct-94PER524 "
29-May-95BRS343 "
19-Jun-95ADE401 "
04-Jun-95PER354 "
29-Apr-96SYD298 "
29-Apr-96MEL228 " (first charted T50 song in Melbourne)
22-Apr-96BRS1410 "
22-Apr-96ADE1411 "
14-Apr-96PER712 "
21-Dec-97ARIA4311Smack My Bitch Up
22-July-02ARIA369Baby's Got a Temper
14-Nov-05ARIA799aVoodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
02-Mar-09ARIA584Invaders Must Die
09-Mar-09ARIA831Omen (edit)

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Dick Dale, 50's & 60's guitarist extraordinaire passes at the age of 81.

Entry DateLOCHPWITitles
13-Sep-63HOB228Surfin' and A'Swingin'
16-Nov-63AMR932The Scavenger
16-Nov-63MEL472The Scavenger
Misirlou is so great, RIP Dick Dale
Scott Walker at the age of 76.


Entry DateLOCHPWITitles
24-Oct-59AMR865I Don't Want to Know (as Scott Engel)
25-Oct-59HOB255I Don't Want to Know

of course he had more hits in the group The Walker Brothers, their biggest being "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" (HP-22 from April 1966).

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Ranking Roger of The Beat died yesterday. I only just took his latest song out of my weekly chart last week.
Seattle singer Shawn Smith who was in the band Brad with Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard has passed away aged 53 after complications with diabetes.

Reportedly passing away on April 5th, a date that has become synonymous with Seattle’s music scene – and not in a good way – Smith’s death shares its date with the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, who passed away April 5 1994, and Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley, who died April 5 2002.

Read more at https://www.nme.com/news/music/singer-seattle-alt-rock-band-brad-shawn-smith-died-2473480#ZVZRdToxqTMBeIEm.99

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One of the longest lasting stars of the 1940s, Doris Day has passed away aged 97.

Doris Day Discography:

Entry DateS#Title(WA)HPWI
14-Oct-50S10The River Seine =(2) 321
28-Oct-50S11and Her Country Cousins - I'll Never Slip Around Again =(2) 135
16-Dec-50S12and The Mellomen - Bewitched =(5) 121
24-Mar-51S13and The Mellomen - I Didn't Slip, I Was Pushed, I Fell =115
2-Jun-51S14A Load of Hay98
9-Feb-52S15(Why Did I Tell You I Was Going to) Shanghai =(3) 414
7-Jun-52S16My Life's Desire181
5-Jul-52S17A Guy is a Guy =515
6-Sep-52S18Every Little Movement (Has a Meaning All it's Own)191
25-Oct-52S19and FRANKIE LAINE - Sugarbush912
9-May-53S20and JOHNNIE RAY - Ma Says, Pa Says89
28-May-53SYDIt's a Lovely Day Today45
16-May-53S21and JOHNNIE RAY - A Full Time Job107
10-Oct-53S22When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along201
24-Oct-53S23Mister Tap Toe416
12-Nov-53SYDMister Tap Toe211
21-Nov-53S24and JOHNNIE RAY - Let's Walk That-a Way185a
16-Jan-54S25A Purple Cow(2) 1010
14-Jan-54SYDA Purple Cow(2) 56
21-Aug-54S26Secret Love(3) 223
2-Sep-54SYDSecret Love(2) 214
18-Sep-54S27Blue Bells of Broadway166a
25-Nov-54SYD / I Speak to the Stars(2) 212
18-Dec-54S28with The Mellomen - If I Give My Heart to You =(2) 221
6-Jan-55SYDwith The Mellomen - If I Give My Heart to You311
28-Jan-56S29If I Were a Bell1419
12-Apr-56SYDIf I Were a Bell75
28-Jan-56S30I've Never Been in Love Before306
4-Feb-56S31Ooh Bang Jiggly Jang239
3-Mar-56BRISOoh Bang Jiggly Jang54
17-Mar-56S32I'll Never Stop Loving You3013
4-Aug-56S33Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)(8) 126
30-Aug-56SYDWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)(7) 115
20-Sep-56MELWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)(5) 114
18-Aug-56BRISWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)(1) 111
22-Sep-56S34Something Wonderful =414
27-Jul-57S35Twelve O'Clock Tonight422
9-Nov-57S36Love in a Home =269
31-May-58S37The Party's Over (EP)393
29-May-58MELThe Party's Over93
16-Aug-58S38Teacher's Pet2019
24-Oct-58SYDTeacher's Pet313
14-Aug-58MELTeacher's Pet918
14-Sep-58BRISTeacher's Pet2711
5-Sep-58HOBTeacher's Pet245
11-Oct-58S39Everybody Loves a Lover723
31-Oct-58SYDEverybody Loves a Lover(5) 1013
30-Oct-58MELEverybody Loves a Lover(1) 120
26-Oct-58BRISEverybody Loves a Lover417
24-Oct-58PEREverybody Loves a Lover(2) 1312
9-Dec-58HOBEverybody Loves a Lover (=w/ Connie Miller)199
29-Aug-59S40A Very Precious Love =992
14-Nov-59S41Pillow Talk (EP) =904
18-Apr-64S42Move Over Darling655
11-Apr-64MELMove Over Darling256
10-Apr-64HOBMove Over Darling258
12-Apr-67HOBGlass Bottom Boat (Movie Theme)234

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How is everyone is talking about Doris Day?
Brazilian singer, songwriter, guitarist and pioneer of bossa nova music in the late 1950's João Gilberto has died, aged 88.

One of my favourite jazz albums was 1964's Getz/Gilberto with saxophonist Stan Getz, which I own on vinyl - always a great listen.
Johnny Clegg from South Africa at the age of 66 from cancer.


LOCEntry DateHPWITitles
AMR17-Oct-83933Scatterlings of Africa
ADE14-Oct-83373Scatterlings of Africa

as Juluka.
American singer-songwriter Eddie Money has died, aged 70, after complications from heart surgery.

Eddie Money singles discography:
1978"Baby Hold On"#19
1978"Two Tickets to Paradise"#86
1979"Maybe I'm a Fool"#51
1982"Think I'm in Love"#54
1986"Take Me Home Tonight"#46
Ric Ocasek, lead singer of The Cars, has died


Big influence on many acts that followed.
Ric Ocasek (solo entries)

Entry DateHPWITitlesLocT10
13-Oct-86820Emotion in MotionAMR1wk, #95 of 1986
17-Oct-86719 " SYD2wks
27-Oct-86149 '' MELnone
20-Oct-8678 '' BRIS1wk
13-Nov-86208 '' ADELnone
10-Oct-866x218 '' PER6wks
31-Oct-861313 " HOBnone
09-Feb-871001True to YouAMRnone

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Ginger Baker, drummer and co-founder of rock band Cream has died, aged 80.
Andrew 'Greedy' Smith, co-lead singer and keyboardist with Mental as Anything of a heart attack on Monday December, 2nd, 2019 at the age of 63.

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US rapper Juice Wrld has died, aged 21

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And Pete Shelley, lead singer of the Buzzcocks, has died, also at 63.

Pete Shelley died last year FYI.
Awful week
Virtuosic drummer from Rush Neil Peart has died of brain cancer - aged 67.

New York hip-hop artist Pop Smoke has died, aged 20, after getting shot during a home invasion.
And Andy Weatherall, very influential English DJ, passed away aged 56.
David Roback the founder of Mazzy Star passes at 61 years old.

American singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers has died, aged 81.


Singles discography in Australia

Oct '69Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town (with The First Edition)#9
Oct '69Ruben James (with The First Edition)#10
May '70Something's Burning (with The First Edition)#13
Aug '70Tell It All Brother (with The First Edition)#58
Dec '70Heed The Call / A Stranger In My Place (with The First Edition)#68
Jun '76Love Lifted Me#99
May '77Lucille#7
Nov '77Daytime Friends#69
Mar '78Sweet Music Man#89
Oct '78Whenever I Call You "Friend"#26
Jan '79The Gambler#29
Jun '79She Believes In Me#34
Dec '79You Decorated My Life#61
Feb '80Coward of the County#6
Jun '80Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer (with Kim Carnes)#38
Nov '80Lady#16
Aug '81I Don't Need You#64
Feb '82Blaze Of Glory#91
Jun '82Through The Years#92
Oct '82Love Will Turn You Around#96
Feb '83We've Got Tonight (with Sheena Easton)#11
Oct '83Islands In The Stream (with Dolly Parton)#1
Mar '84This Woman#86
Oct '84What About Me? (with Kim Carnes & James Ingram)#49
Apr '85We Are The World (with USA for Africa)#1
Aug '85Crazy#56
Oct '85Real Love (with Dolly Parton)#45
The artist who put "Mama-say, mama-sa, ma-ma-ko-ssa" into the music world, South African artist Manu Dibango passed from COVID-19 symptoms at 86.


Singles discography for Australia:

Entry DateLocaleHPWITitle
30-July-73AMR2613Soul Makossa
03-Sep-73Go-Set312Soul Makossa
03-Aug-73SYD1410Soul Makossa
10-Aug-73BRIS1014Soul Makossa
03-Aug-73PER159Soul Makossa
30-Aug-73HOB474Soul Makossa

Banjoist and one-hit-wonder-from-a-movie Eric Weissberg (or Eric Weiss on the Australian charts) passed at 80 from Alzheimer's disease.


Singles discography for Australia:
Entry DateLocaleHPWITitle
05-Feb-73AMR3x219Dueling Banjos
26-Feb-73Go-Set3x314Dueling Banjos
02-Mar-73SYD215Dueling Banjos
10-Feb-73MEL217Dueling Banjos
16-Mar-73BRIS213Dueling Banjos
16-Mar-73ADE211Dueling Banjos
23-Mar-73PER11x315Dueling Banjos
15-Feb-73HOB414Dueling Banjos
At the age of 52, Fountains of Wayne member Adam Schlesinger, COVID-19.

Terrible news this morning, RIP
Nashom Wooden (50) also passed from COVID-19
He was a member of The Ones who had a #44 hit in Australia in 2001 with Flawless.
Bill Withers at the age of 81 from heart complications.


Australian Singles discography:
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Oct-711718Ain't No Sunshine (biggest in WA HP-6)
31-July-722416Lean on Me (biggest in QLD HP-2)
18-May-813116Just the Two of Us (duet with Grover Washington Jr. HP-24 in Vic)

All three songs above were covered to great chart heights, with "Lean on Me" done by Club Nouveau in 1987 (HP-5), local Aussie act The Rockmelons with vocals by Deni Hines covered "Ain't No Sunshine" (HP-5, Nov 1991, their first Top 10 hit too), and Will Smith did "Just the Two of Us" in June 1998 (HP-27).
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Patrick Francfort (Gibson) from The Gibson Brothers, 64 from COVID-19 symptoms


Gibson Brothers Oz Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Dec-80927Que Sera Mi Vida (If You Should Go) (biggest in Perth #2)
Tom Brooke-Taylor, comedian, actor and member of the The Goodies at 79 from COVID-19 symptoms.


The Goodies Oz Discography
Entry DateHPWITitle
8-Dec-75874Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me
Geez, Covid has sure left it's mark! I used to love Flawless and saw him live at a festival once. I remember his performance being epic and flawless haha... sad to read that! And Fountains of Wayne singer was young! I don't know much about the band but I do remember the film clip to Stacy's Mom which probably helped it have some success, smart move on their part! Sad to read of his passing too! The Goodies were funny and a classic, sucks to see him pass away! C'mon America don't be stupid now, it's a worry how many more will be added to this page if they don't take matters seriously!
Dave Greenfield, keyboardist from 70s/80s post-punk band The Stranglers has died aged 71, from COVID-19 symptoms.

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Stranglers 😢
Always The Sun, Golden Brown & Skin Deep 👍
Millie (Small) at 73 from a stroke in England.


Australian Chart Entries:
Entry DateHPWITitlespeak locations
02-May-64221My Boy LollipopMEL, BRIS, PERTH & HOB-#1
11-July-642412Sweet WilliamBRIS-9
10-Apr-653411See You Later Alligatoronly in ADEL-34 & HOB-35
11-Feb-74951My Boy Lollipop (R)ADEL-23,HOB-31

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The Stranglers:
Entry DateHPWITitlespeak locations
29-Mar-821015Golden BrownSYD-8
24-Dec-8411x219Skin DeepADEL-4
29-Apr-85904No MercyPERTH-56
22-Dec-862117Always the SunMEL-11

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Florian Schneider co-founder of Kraftwerk passed at 73 (also) from cancer.


Kraftwerk discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlespeak locations
23-Jun-753013AutobahnSYD & MEL-23
09-Oct-81611Pocket Calculatoronly in SYD
19-Apr-823315The ModelADE-14
06-Aug-8460x312Tour de FrancePERTH-33

Hillard "Sweet Pea" Atkinson, vocalist in dance-pop band Was (Not Was) has died aged 74 from a heart attack.


Was (Not Was) discography:
Entry DateTrackPeak
7-Dec-87"Walk The Dinosaur"#9
2-May-88"Spy In The House Of Love"#79
22-Jul-90"Papa Was A Rolling Stone"#75
20-Sep-92"Shake Your Head" [Remix]#47
Little Richard at the age of 87 from cancer.


Australian Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest charted
26-May-56313Tutti Frutti 
16-Feb-57206Rip it Up 
11-May-5719x28Long Tall Sally 
19-Oct-572312Jenny Jenny 
17-May-58488Good Golly Miss MollyPERTH #13
03-Jan-59499Baby Faceonly SYD #31
13-Jun-592811Kansas CityBRIS #9
29-Aug-64714Bama Lama Bama Looonly MEL #34
16-Jan-65972Blueberry Hill 
17-Aug-70962Freedom Blues / Dew Drop Innonly ADE #16
28-Apr-8635x210Great Gosh A'MightySYD #20
RIP Little Richard
An absolute pioneer and it feels like the end of an era for society.
R&B singer Betty Wright has died at age 66 from cancer.

Best known for her single "Shoorah! Shoorah!" in 1974.


Australian Discography:
Entry DateTitlePeak
8-Aug-16"Holy Key" (with DJ Khaled, Big Sean & Kendrick Lamar)#99

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Phil May, lead singer of 60's influential act The Pretty Things at the age of 75.


Australian Chart Entries:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart locale
09-Jan-65655Don't Bring Me DownHOB #23
20-Feb-65679Rosalyn (EP)MEL only #30
05-Jun-655410Honey, I NeedADEL only #5
04-Sep-65--Cry to MeADEL only #30
23-Apr-666210Midnight to Six ManADEL #5
02-July-66923Come See MeADEL only #30
03-Sep-66639A House in the CountryADEL #13

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Musician and producer Rupert Hine at the age of 72 from Cancer.


Oz Chart Entries
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest location charted
08-Jun-812215Misplaced LoveBris #12, charted in all six locales
12-July-82944The Set Upno state chart entries.
Bonnie Pointer at the age of 69.


Oz Chart Entries
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
12-Nov-793131Heaven Must Have Sent You Mel#9, Perth#6 only
21-Apr-805218I Can't Help MyselfMel#24, Perth #18 only

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Welsh pop singer Ricky Valance has died, aged 84.

Best known for his cover of "Tell Laura I Love Her" which went to #1 in the UK in 1960, making him the first Welsh solo artist to top the charts.

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back on April 28th, just reported widely now, Singer Bobby Lewis at 95.


Oz Chart discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
22-July-611716Tossin' and Turnin'Bris #6
1940's & 1950's singer Vera Lynn has passed at the age of 103.


Australian Chart entries:
Entry DateNo.TitlesHPWI
October-40S1The Woodpecker Song =(5) 112m
February-41S2Safe in My Heart =94m
February-41S3A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square =(4) 110m
March-41S4Ferryboat Serenade =(1) 110ma
June-41S5We'll Meet Again =125ma
September-41S6It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow =310m
November-41S7A Little King without a Crown86m
November-41S8Wishing (Will Make it So) =162m
December-41S9Memories Live Longer Than Dreams132m
December-41S10I Shall Be Waiting152m
December-41S11I'm Spending Christmas with the Old Folks82m
February-42S12The Mem'ry of a Rose111m
February-42S13Room Five-Hundred-and-Four191m
April-42S14When They Sound the Last "All Clear"(2) 68ma
July-42S15(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover =(3) 17m
July-42S16I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire =(2) 18m
October-42S17There's a Land of Begin Again =112m
October-42S18Concerto for Two (A Love Song)(2) 38m
October-42S19We Both Told a Lie201m
December-42S20The Anniversary Waltz =510m
January-43S21What More Can I Say? =63m
January-43S22Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat =33m
January-43S23One More Kiss182m
February-43S24That Lovely Weekend =163m
June-43S25How Green Was My Valley93m
July-43S26When the Lights Go on Again (All Over the World) =27m
November-43S27I Had the Craziest Dream =(1) 14m
January-44S28You'll Never Know =(3) 17m
January-44S29Really and Truly33m
January-44S30I've Heard That Song Before =25m
April-44S31Please Think of Me141m
April-44S32With All My Heart(2) 24m
April-44S33Close to You =65m
June-44S34Where in the World152m
July-44S35It Can't Be Wrong =(2) 55ma
August-44S36Kiss Me (Besame Mucho) =36m
April-45S37I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night =142m
October-44S38I'm Sending My Blessing23m
October-44S39No Other Love =(1) 15ma
November-44S40It Could Happen to You =(2) 18ma
February-45S41Long Ago (and Far Away) =(1) 17ma
June-45S42Be Careful, it's My Heart142m
September-45S43My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time =(1) 18m
October-45S44There's a New World Over the Sky Line61m
October-45S45White Christmas63m
April-46S46More and More =23m
April-46S47I'm Beginning to See the Light =(1) 16m
June-46S48Symphony =(2) 18m
September-48S49I'll Make Up for Everything =201m
November-48S50You Can't Be True, Dear =214
1-Nov-52S51Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart =(7) 120
8-Jan-53SYDAuf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart34
20-Dec-52S52Padam... Padam… (How it Echoes the Beat of My Heart) =1010
14-Feb-53S54The Parting Song (from the Time You Say Goodbye) =172
7-Mar-53S55with Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen - The Homing Waltz118
11-Apr-53S56Forget-Me-Not(2) 155
6-Feb-54S57Queen of Ev'ryone's Heart119
15-May-54S58If You Love Me (Really Love Me) =1312a
19-Feb-55S59My Son, My Son =614
17-Feb-55SYDMy Son, My Son(2) 77
27-Apr-57S60The Faithful Hussar335
24-Mar-63HOBWish Me Luck532
Ennio Morricone has died, aged 91.


Such a great loss to the film scoring industry - he was truly one of the all time greats!
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Country legend Charlie Daniels , famous for his worldwide hit “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” has died aged 83.

Charlie Daniels Band:

Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
03-Sep-791425The Devil Went Down to Georgia#5 in Melb.
Glee actress Naya Rivera's death has been officially announced after she was reported missing late last week and her body found overnight (Australia time)


While she never cracked the ARIA Top 50 under her own name, she did provide lead vocals on at least 3 Glee hits that charted in the Top 50 - Landslide (#38, 2001), River Deep Mountain High (#44, 2001) and the mashup Rumor Has It/Someone Like You (#28, 2002)

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Original Fleetwood Mac guitarist and former John Mayall Bluesbreaker member, Peter Green, has passed away aged 73.


Fleetwood Mac actually made the Australian charts three times in 1969 during his time with the band:
Albatross (Highest position #12)
Man Of The World #100
Oh Well #19

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Bent Fabricius-Bjerre “Bent Fabric” has passed away at the age of 95.

He had a #02 hit with Alley Cat in 1962, which was the 16th biggest selling single in Australia that year.
English rock and pop singer Wayne Fontana has died from cancer, aged 74.


Australian discography:
Entry DateTitlePeak
03-Apr-65"The Game Of Love" (with The Mindbenders)#38
31-Jul-65"It's Just A Little Bit Too Late" (with The Mindbenders)#55
19-Mar-66"A Groovy Kind Of Love" (with The Mindbenders)#23
04-Jun-66"Come On Home"#38
10-Sep-66"Ashes To Ashes" (with The Mindbenders)#74
04-Feb-67"Pamela, Pamela"#5
17-Jun-67"24 Sycamore"#33
21-Oct-67"The Impossible Years"#72
27-Jul-68"The Words of Bartholomew"#84

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60's latino star Trini Lopez at the age of 83 from COVID-19.


Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
24-Aug-632x216If I Had a HammerBRIS #1x1
26-Oct-632512Jeanie MarieHOB #14
07-Dec-632110Kansas CityBRIS #12
27-Feb-65559Lemon TreeBRIS #5
27-Nov-65704Sinner ManHOB #21
14-May-66854I'm Comin' Home, CindyADEL #18

he also charted with further tracks
Entry DateHPWITitlesLocations
25-Jan-64309Sinner, Not a SaintADEL only
20-Mar-64335A-m-er-icaHOB only
03-Apr-64353Jailer, Bring Me WaterHOB only
12-Apr-67218Gonna Get Along Without Ya' NowHOB only
04-Oct-67434The Bramble Bush (from 'The Dirty Dozen'*)HOB only
20-Dec-67444TogetherHOB only
24-July-70583Five O'Clock WorldADE only

* from the star he was one of the stars in
Ron Tudor, founder of Fable records in the late 1960's at the age of 96.

Jack Sherman, guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers from 1983-1985 has died, aged 64.

Justin Townes Earle at the age of 38 (cause unknown), country singer and son of Steve Earle.

DJ Erick Morillo passed away a few days ago. He had a few names over the years and was the man behind one of the biggest 90's dance hits - I Like To Move It (Real 2 Real).

Toots Hibbert, of the reggae/ska band Toots & the Maytals, and also one of the most influential jazz musicians ever imo, (widely credited for the genesis of the word "reggae", which pioneered a whole new genre of music), has died, aged 77, due to COVID-19.

Max Merritt at the age of 79 in Los Angeles.


Max Merritt & the Meteors Oz Discography:

Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
07-Aug-65942Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dahonly in BRIS HP-38
02-July-66583Shake / I Can't Help MyselfBRIS HP-38
03-Dec-66884Fannie Maeonly in PERTH HP-34
15-Nov-691516Western Union ManMEL HP-5
08-Feb-71679Good Feelin'BRIS HP-8
01-Dec-752x229Slipping AwayBRIS HP-1x4, Perth HP-1x1
10-May-763217Let it Slide / Coming Back / Whisper in My EarBRIS HP-16
12-Mar-79577Dirty Work *SYD HP-36
17-Feb-03962To Love Somebody **no state entries

* shown as Max Merritt
** shown as Marcia Hines, Brian Cadd, Doug Parkinson & Max Merritt (a Tribubte to Maurice Gibb).
Missed this one earlier in the week, Roy Head at the age of 79 (too). He was the lead singer from the 60's pop group Roy Head & the Traits.

Oz Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesbest chart location
09-Oct-651418Treat Her RightPerth HP-3
19-Nov-65--Just a Little Bitonly in Perth HP-29, no national entry
01-Jan-66517Apple of My EyeADEL HP-12
12-Mar-66--Get Back*only in BRIS HP-40, no national entry

* shown as Roy Head only.


It’s a big one, Helen Reddy just passed away.

*Tommy DeVito - Four Seasons passed recently too.
Helen Reddy at the age of 78 (casue unknown).


Oz Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
04-May-68834One Way Ticketonly in MEL #43
31-May-712x828I Don't Know How to Love HimSYD,MEL & BRIS #1
06-Sep-716610Crazy LoveBRIS #18
13-Nov-722x235I Am WomanSYD & BRIS #2
09-Apr-733611PeacefulSYD only #20
18-Jun-731x525Delta DawnBRIS, ADE, PER, HOB #1
12-Nov-731x422Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)BRIS #1
25-Mar-7422x217Keep on SingingBRIS #3
29-July-74558You and Me Against the WorldBRIS #12
18-Nov-741322Angie BabyPER #2
07-July-75827Free and EasyBRIS #17
22-Sep-751001BluebirdBRIS only #29
03-Nov-75942Ain't No Way to Treat a LadyHOB only #48
18-Mar-76447Somewhere in the Nightonly charted in HOB #44, no national

If you haven't already seen her recent biopic do watch it.
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bulion is right. Do watch the biopic. It’s available on Stan.
Mac Davis at the age of 78 (also) from a heart attack.


Oz Singles Discography;
Entry DateHPWITitlesbest chart location
05-Oct-70687I'll Paint You a Songonly in ADEL #4
11-Sep-722x324Baby Don't Get Hooked on MeADEL #1
30-Apr-73912Dream Me Homenone
08-July-744314One Hell of a WomanADEL #9
11-Nov-74784Stop and Smell the RosesADEL #20
07-July-80931It's Hard to Be HumbleADEL & BRIS #1
14-Jan-82268You're My Bestest Friendno national, only in HOB

Mac also wrote a heap of songs for other artists, most notably "In the Ghetto", "A Little Less Conversation" and "Don't Cry Daddy" for Elvis Presley.
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Lisa Schouw, singer with Girl Overboard (previously known as Separate Tables) has died, succumbing to melanoma.

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Eddie Van Halen has passed at 65... damn...
Johnny Nash at the age of 80 from natural causes (Oct 7th, 2020).


Oz Singles Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
27-Feb-584110The Teen Commandments (with Paul Anka & George Hamilton IV)MEL #24
24-Jan-592626Almost in Your ArmsMEL #2
30-May-59756As Time Goes bynone
05-Oct-68425Hold Me TightPER #1x3
04-Jan-69726You Got SoulADEL #22
09-Oct-723x325I Can See Clearly NowSYD, BRIS, ADEL #3
02-Apr-734810Stir it UpBRIS #14
13-Oct-75694Tears on My PillowHOB #17
23-Aug-76964(What a) Wonderful WorldADEL only #38
09-Mar-87991Rock Me BabyPER only #45

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Spencer Davis of the Spencer Davis Group has died from pneumonia, aged 81.


Australian discography:

Entry DateSongPeak
5-Feb-'66"Keep On Running"#21
21-Jan-'67"Gimme Some Lovin'"#6
4-Mar-'67"I'm A Man"#16
30-Sep-'67"Time Seller"#37
Chet "JR" White of Girls passed away during the week as well.

Jerry Jeff Walker at the age of 78 from cancer.


Aussie discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
10-Aug-682211Mr. BojanglesBRIS & ADEL #10
30-July-73983L.A. Freewayonly in Perth #23
Rockwell T. James on November 1st (born Ronnie Peel).


Oz Singles Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
16-Mar-68525Love Power(& the Rhythm Aces, MEL only #22
23-Aug-76559Come on Home (a Song for Anna)MEL #21
29-Nov-763913RoxanneHOB #11
07-Nov-777910Lady BlueADEL #24
10-Apr-78881Rollin' Onnone
Bones Hillman from Midnight Oil and also The Swingers has died from cancer.
Sad news over the weekend with Bones Hillman, RIP
Didn't realise he was from NZ and in the band that gave us one of our most enduring hit songs ever, RIP
British singer Des O'Connor at the age of 88.


Oz Chart Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
05-Mar-73776Don't Let the Good Life Pass You bySYD only #34
29-Oct-7319x227RememberMEL #1x2
03-Jun-741001My Sentimental FriendHOB #8
25-May-87964Skye Boat Song (with Roger Whittaker)none

extra state-based chart entries:
Entry DateHPWITitlesChart locations
24-Jan-68345Careless HandsHOB
07-Aug-68404I PretendHOB
18-Dec-685121, 2, 3, O'LearyHOB
16-May-69431Dick-a-Dum-Dum (King's Road)ADEL
04-Jun-69474Dick-a-Dum-Dum (King's Road)HOB
19-Nov-70395The Tip of My FingersHOB
08-Nov-74426What'll I DoPERTH

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The ARIA 'In Memoriam' which wasn't fully broadcast this year can be found here:

Country singer Charley Pride has died, aged 86.


This one hurts.

Australian discography:
Entry dateSong TitlePeak
6-Jul-1970Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone#56
19-Oct-1970Wonder Could I Live There Anymore/Piroque Joe#88
20-Sep-1971Me and Bobby McGee#36
24-Jan-1972Wings Of A Dove#95
28-Feb-1972Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'#58
14-Aug-1972All His Children#51
30-Jul-1973Too Weak To Let You Go#93
10-Sep-1973Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love#100
3-May-1982Mountain of Love#76

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Chad Stewart of 60's duo Chad & Jeremy at the age of 79.


Oz Singles Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
16-May-642613Yesterday's GoneHOB #3
08-Aug-64--Like I Love You TodayBRIS only #39
03-Oct-644915A Summer SongHOB #3
12-Dec-64961Willow Weep for MeHOB only #30
10-Apr-65--If I Loved YouADEL #57, HOB #24 only
18-Jun-65--Before and AfterHOB only #53
25-Nov-65--I Have DreamedHOB only #41
Rapper MF DOOM has passed away aged 49


One of the all-time greats. “Madvillainy” is a must listen album and so glad I discovered his music the past 5 years or so. This hurts
Alexi Laiho from Finnish death-metal band Children of Bodom has died, aged 41.

Acclaimed music producer, singer and DJ SOPHIE has died, aged 34.

terrible news with SOPHIE, way too young. RIP
Still don’t want to believe it, one of the most influential artists of the last decade gone too soon. RIP SOPHIE
Doug Parkinson at the age of 74.


Australian chart discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesbest location
24-May-695x219*Dear PrudenceADEL #1x2
20-Sep-694x217*Without You / HairMEL #3
13-Apr-70429*Baby Blue Eyes / Then I RunHOB #13
16-July-73991Love GunADEL only #22
09-Dec-742218Everlasting LoveMEL #14
02-Jun-75951Love is Like a Cloudy DayADEL only #34
11-Sep-7888x25**The Hungry YearsADEL only #33
08-Jan-79100x22**The Hungry Years (R)PERTH only #40
29-Jan-792218**I'll Be AroundSYD #17
05-Nov-79707**You Ain't Going Nowhere Without MeSYD only #42
15-Feb-80----Arcade (TV Theme)ADEL only #46
24-Aug-811814The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine AnymoreMEL #7
04-Oct-8297x22Better Keep Your Hands Off My (Potential New Girlfriend)none
17-Apr-941001Where Would We be without A.B.none
17-Feb-03962#To Love Somebody (Tribute to Maurice Gibb)none

* shown as Doug Parkinson in Focus
** shown as Doug Parkinson & The Southern Star Band
# alongside Marcia Hines, Brian Cadd and Max Merritt.
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Quindon Tarver - Age 38 - Traffic Collision

When Doves Cry #03 (1997) #38 EOY 1997
DMX at the age of 50, heart attack after a drug overdose last week.


Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Feb-16544X Gon' Give it To Ya (from 'Deadpool')
Bay City Rollers' lead singer Les McKeown at 65. RIP

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Jim Steinman not only wrote massive hits for Meat Loaf, Celine Dion and Bonnie Tyler, he also had his own singles chart entries.

Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Jun-811823Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through
26-Oct-81668Dance in My Pants
Nic Weaver of Deep Sea Arcade has passed away aged 37. "Outlands" is one of the best Australian albums this century. Just tragic

Anita Lane, ex of The Bad Seeds passed away this week.
Nick Kamen....Levi jeans fashion model and singer....notably, friend of Madonna in the late 80s...dead at 59
Nick Kamen, bone marrow cancer at the age of 59.


His one big hit overseas was a minor chart-scraper here:

Entry DateHPWITitle
02-Feb-87844aEach Time You Break My HeartAMR info
At age 91, Australian actress (Gold Logie winner) and singer Lorrae Desmond has passed away. Lorrae had a number of singles from 1954 to the early 80s and a couple of albums in the 70s to early 90s, also contributing on the A Country Practice compilation album "All My Friends" in 1983 on J&B Records.
B.J. Thomas at the age of 78 from cancer.


Oz Singles Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart locale
11-Jun-661x123MamaBris 1x3, Mel 1x2, Syd+Adel 1x1
20-Aug-666714Billy & Sue (with The Triumphs)Bris #4
25-Jan-693027Hooked on a FeelingSyd & Perth #9
12-Apr-69----It's Only LoveAdel only #46
29-Nov-692918Raindrops Keep Falling on My HeadSyd 1x4,Perth 1x1 **
04-May-702115Everybody's Out of TownBris #5
03-Aug-703115I Just Can't Help Believin'Bris #1x1
12-Apr-71981Most of AllPerth only #28
19-Apr-71962No Love at AllAdel only #22
03-Apr-724113Rock and Roll LullabyBris #8
31-Mar-751021(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong SongAdel #4
15-Aug-833925Whatever Happened to Old Fashioned LoveHob #6
30-Apr-84914Two Car GarageHob #9

** - equal on the charts with Johnny Farnham's version in those cities

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Wes, a singer from Cameroon, who had a big hit in the 90's in Europe with "Alane", has died. He was 57. https://then24.com/2021/06/26/singer-wes-madiko-author-of-the-hit-alane-died-at-the-age-of-57/
Radio personality....more recently on Studio 10...and in 80s reggae outfit Wide Boy Youth... Jonathan Coleman died at age 65
Jonathan Coleman's only chart entry:

Wide Boy Youth:
LOCEntry DateHPWITitle
AMR30-July-84536Busy Bleeding
SYD13-July-84307Busy Bleeding

U.S. rapper Biz Markie passed away on 16 July aged 57.
In 1989/90 had a huge American hit "Just A Friend".
Dying aged 46, SLIPKNOT founding member & drummer JOEY JORDISON.
Was in Slipknot from 1995-2013.
Wait N Bleed and Psychosocial were big hits for the face-masked thrash metal band.
Jordison also worked with Korn, Marilyn Manson and many others.
SLIPKNOT Australian singles discography

Entry dateSong titlepeak
27-Mar-2000Wait and Bleed#46
25-Sep-2000Spit it Out#99
3-Dec-2001Left Behind#97
^ There's more than that!

11-Aug-2014The Negative One#76
1-Sep-2014The Devil In I#88
American producer/DJ Paul Johnson, known for his 1999 hit "Get Get Down", has died at age 50 from COVID. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/obituary/9610550/paul-johnson-dead-dj-covid-19/
Singer/songwriter Paul Cotton (from American rock band Poco) has died, aged 78.


POCO Australian singles discography:
Entry dateSong titlePeak
25-Oct-'76Rose of Cimarron#51
19-Feb-'79Crazy Love / Barbados#73
Ernie Sigley at the age of 82 after a long battle with Alzheimer's.

Australian Chart Entries:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
29-Jun-579x319Love is a Golden Ringonly MEL #1x2
23-Apr059----Never Be Anyone Else But Youonly in HOB #18
16-Dec-61575Mary's Boy Childonly MEL #35
13-Nov-655215Think About Me / Mona Lisaonly ADEL #1x6
05-Feb-6673x28Hey! Girl / It's About Tomorrowonly ADEL #9
18-Feb-67765True Love / A Bot Without a Girlonly ADEL #14
16-Dec-67855A Clown Am I / A Million Years or Soonly ADEL #17
21-Dec-70991Give Me Love / A Little Thing Called Loveonly ADEL #16
01-Nov-71696City of Angelsonly ADEL #6
30-Sep-742x425Hey Paula (with Denise Drysdale)#1 in Syd, Mel, Adel, Hob
07-Oct-74943Just Thank Meonly HOB 1x5
17-Apr-75----That's Why You Rememberonly HOB #48

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American country singer Tom T. Hall has died, aged 85.


Australian singles discography

28-Aug-‘72Pamela Brown#24
7-May-‘73(Old Dogs, Children and) Watermelon Wine#20
10-Sep-‘73Ravishing Ruby#80
14-Jan-‘74I Love#28
26-Aug-‘74That Song Is Driving Me Crazy#54
8-Mar-‘76I Like Beer#70
Ian Carey at the age of 46.

Get Shaky - #02
Last Night - #15
Shot Caller - #61
Oh no, wow
Wow, awful news FYI he also charted in 2012 with Amnesia (reached #60).
Simply Red keyboardist Fritz McIntyre has died, aged 62.

Producer, remixer and musical pioneer Lee "Scratch" Perry at 85.

Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud fame has tragically passed away aged 39

R.I.P. Alan Lancaster. Founded Status Quo. [72]

Status Quo

#19 Pictures Of Matchstick Men.
#04 Down Down.
#03 Roll Over Lay Down.
#31 Caroline.
#40 Rain.
#08 Wild Side Of Life.
#12 Rockin' All Over The World.
#77 Again & Again.
#22 Whatever You Want.
#62 Living On An Island.
#62 What You're Proposing.
#89 Something 'Bout You Baby I Like.

Party Boys

#100 Bitch.
#01 He's Gonna Step On You Again.
#21 Hold Your Head Up.
#94 Follow Your Heart.
#81 Do-Wah-Diddy.
Barry Ryan passed away on Tuesday, aged 72

Australian chart positions
(with The Majority)
07-Dec-68 Eloise #1
15-Mar-69 Love Is Love #45

Had some hits in the UK prior to this with his twin brother, Paul
radio, tv, musical theatre legend
died on Saturday 30 October, aged 83.

Not renowned for hit singles, Bert did have a
few single releases Including 1981's:
"Bring back the spirit of Christmas"
Astro from British legendary reggae group UB40, dead at age 64.
Biggest Australian hits were:
I got you babe
Red red wine
Here i am (come & take me)
I'll be your baby tonight
Kingston town
Can't help falling in love
....amongst others
Australian singer and songwriter Mark Gillespie.


Entry DateHPWITitlesStates charted
24-Oct-80502Small MerciesPerth only
29-Mar-82468Nothing SpecialAMR
29-Mar-82187Nothing SpecialVic only
Bert Newton discography:

Entry DateHPWITitleinfo
23-Nov-8125x29Bring Back the Spirit of ChristmasAMR

British singer John Miles has passed away at the age of 72. His single "Music" peaked at #38 in Australia in 1976.
Co-founder, keyboardist and writer/producer for
Bronski Beat, Steve Bronski - dead at 61.

The UK dance pioneers had a few big hits between
1984 and 1989...
CHA CHA HEELS (with the late Eartha Kitt)
Mike Nesmith from the Monkees has died as well
John Miles:

##Entry DateHPWITitles

Bronski Beat:
##Entry DateHPWITitles
S123-July-848x419Smalltown Boy
S304-Feb-8558x28It Ain't Necessarily So
S427-May-853411I Feel Love (medley) with Marc Almond
S503-Feb-863x619Hit That Perfect Beat
S619-May-862711C'Mon! C'Mon!
A105-Nov-841223Age of Consent
A216-Jun-86359Truthdare Doubledare

unfortunately "Cha Cha Heels" with Eartha Kitt did not hit the T100

Mike Nesmith:
##Entry DateHPWITitles
S218-Jan-711114Silver Moon
S406-Oct-80941Cruisin' (Lucy & Ramona & Sunset Sam)
A411-Oct-71453Nevada Fighter
A915-Aug-772415From a Radio Engine to the Photon Wing

Lead singer of The Ronettes, Ronnie Spector at the age of 78 from cancer.


Entry DateHPWITitlesbest charted in
02-Nov-632414Be My BabyBris #11
08-Feb-64484Baby, I Love Youonly Bris #24
26-Aug-65---Is That What I Get for Loving You?only in Hob #38
31-May-69826You Came, You Saw, You Conqueredonly Bris #7

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Also, Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes re-entered the Aria charts over tbe past few Christmas.periods.... eventually reaching #16 im Australia in late Dec 2021/first week of Jan 2022... just days before Ronnie's death.
Meat Loaf has died, aged 74.


AUS singles discography:
6-Feb-'78"You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth"#3
5-Jun-'78"Bat Out of Hell"#26
10-Jul-'78"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"#11
12-Oct-'81"I'm Gonna Love Her for Both Of Us"#92
7-Dec-'81"Dead Ringer for Love"#65
10-Jun-'85"Piece of the Action"#98
16-Jan-'89"Paradise By The Dashboard Light"#93
5-Sep-'93"I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)"#1
12-Dec-'93"Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through"#18
12-Jun-'94"Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are"#52
5-Nov-'95"I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)"#7

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Meatloaf sure liked long titles.
^And that list doesn't even include Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

It's a pity that a lot of the coverage has focused on his later career and the much maligned Grand Final performance. He was certainly a great performer in his prime and a very effective vehicle for Jim Steinman's writing.
The media (social or otherwise) love to focus on a sh!tshow Oz. I agree with you. A performer in every sense of the word.
'Paradise by the Dashboard Light" did chart twice in Australia, first as an album track in Hobart it reached No.31 in February of 1979, and on the ARIA Singles Chart it hit No.93 on January 23rd, 1989, charting for two weeks, followed almost two years later by another track from that parent album, a re-entry for it's title track "Bat Out of Hell" (HP-79, March 1991).
Sister Janet Mead at the age of 84 in Adelaide from Cancer.


Entry DateHPWITitlesBest charted
10-Dec-733x428The Lord's Prayer / Brother Sun & Sister MoonMel 1x4

it was also a No.1 single in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth for two weeks apiece.
Glenn Wheatley, a giant and an icon of the Australian music industry who played a huge role, died overnight at the age of 74.

Betty Davis, awesome funk artist from the 70s, has passed away at 76.

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Mark Lanegan, of Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, passed away aged 57.

Gary Brooker, lead singer of 1960s British Band Procol Harum, passed away last Saturday aged 76

Australian Chart Positions (with Procol Harum):
A Whiter Shade Of Pale First charted: 17/6/1967 Highest Position #1
Homburg First charted: 6/10/1967 Highest Position: #5
Conquistador First charted: 6/1/1968 Highest Position: #31
Conquistador (re-release) First charted: 10/7/1972 Highest Position #4

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Ok, I need to go to spec savers or have a power nap as I read one of Gary's chart entries as A Hamburg Shade of Pale.
This one was an awful awful shock
Ernie Carroll, the man behind (or inside) Ossie Ostrich passed away, aged 92.

Ernie/Ossie and Daryl Somers hosted the long-running TV show, Hey Hey It's Saturday and recorded a few albums including 1975's "Hey! Hey! It's Daryl & Ossie" and 1976's "Keep Smiling with Daryl & Ossie".
Tom Parker, band member of British boy-band The Wanted has died, aged 33.

Country singer C.W. McCall at the age of 93.


Oz Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesbest chart location
05-Jan-761x323ConvoySYD #1x5, PER #1x4, BRIS #1x3, HOB #1x1
10-May-76777There Won't Be No Country MusicPER only #33x2
20-Feb-78747Roses for MamaHOB only #26
American pop singer Bobby Rydell has died, aged 79.


Australian singles discography:
30-Jan-1960We Got Love / I Dig Girls#93
26-Mar-1960Wild One / Little Bitty Girl#11
14-May-1960Swingin' School / Ding-A-Ling#1
27-Aug-1960Volare / I'd Do It Again#4
25-Feb-1961Good Time Baby / Cherie#3
10-Jun-1961That Old Black Magic#12
5-Aug-1961The Third House (In From The Right) / The Fish#17
11-Nov-1961Kissin' Time#7
13-Jan-1962I Wanna Thank You / The Door To Paradise#18
17-Mar-1962I've Got Bonnie#32
26-May-1962Teach Me To Twist / Swingin' Together (with Chubby Checker)#49
16-Jun-1962I'll Never Dance Again / Gee, It's Wonderful#13
27-Oct-1962The Cha-Cha-Cha#2
16-Feb-1963Butterfly Baby#16
25-May-1963Wildwood Days / Will You Be My Baby#28
3-Aug-1963Forget Him#13
21-Sep-1963The Woodpecker Song#47
1-Feb-1964It's Time We Parted#85
16-Dec-1967The Loving Things#48
Frontman of Australian rock band The Saints Chris Bailey has died, aged 65.


The Saints Australian singles discography:
28-Mar-1977(I'm) Stranded#98
7-May-1984Ghost Ships#46
10-Mar-1986Just Like Fire Would#29
7-Jul-1986(You Can't Tamper With The) Temple Of The Lord#85
21-Mar-1988Grain Of Sand#81
2-Jan-1989The Music Goes Round My Head#39
Sad new this one.
This is now approaching 2016 levels for great artist losses.
Country singer Mickey Gilley at the age of 86.


Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
29-July-749x326Room Full of RosesSYD #2, BRIS #3
07-Nov-74427I Overlooked an OrchidHOB only #42.
Actor and singer Dennis Waterman at the age of 74.


Entry DateHPWITitlesBest Chart location
22-Dec-80924I Could Be So Good for YouHOB only #33
10-Dec-81----Come Away With MeHOB only #27
25-Oct-829x233I Could Be So Good for You (R)MEL #2, ADEL #3, no Bris entry
Vangelis has died, aged 79.


Australian singles discography:
14-Sep-1981Chariots of Fire#21
2-Nov-1981The Friends of Mr. Cairo (with Jon)#99
22-Mar-1982I'll Find My Way Home (with Jon)#22
Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher at the age of 60.

Blues legend Ronnie Hawkins at the age of 87 (born two days prior to Elvis' birthdate).


Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
05-Sep-59874Forty DaysHOB only No.29
24-Oct-595115Mary Loud (with The Hawks)ADEL No.15
25-May-63----Bo Diddly (with The Hawks)MEL only No.5 (equal with Buddy Holly)
02-Feb-703015Down in the AlleySYD No.16
01-Jun-70616Bitter Green / Forty DaysSYD only No.38

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Julee Cruise has died, aged 65.

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Julee Cruise, aged 65, after suffering a long illness.


Australian Singles Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
10-Mar-911x117Falling (from 'Twin Peaks')ADEL 1x6
24-Sep-901079Rockin' Back Inside My Heartoutside Top 100 info
15-May-00821B(IF) TEk feat - Wired for Sound-
Joel Whitburn at the age of 82. He was the first person to put together chart books, mainly the U.S. Billboard Charts, and where I discovered discographies (pre-Wiki-era).

Sad loss, I have a hard copy of one of his books by my side at all times and it's been an invaluable resource.
early 60's singer Adam Wade at the age of 87 (I only just noticed that he passed away last week as I was amending his discography).


Oz Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
18-Jun-60842Rubyonly in Perth No.34
30-July-60941I Can't Help itnone
22-Apr-61821Take Good Care of HerBRIS/HOB both No.4
08-July-612615The Writing on the WallPERTH No.4
2-Sep-616610As if I Didn't KnowHOB No.18
Happy Mondays co-founder and bassist Paul Ryder has died, aged 58.

James Bond Theme composer Monty Norman has died, aged 94.

Actor and singer Bernard Cribbins at the age of 93.

Oz Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
06-May-62376The Hole in the GroundHOB info only
11-Aug-623515Right, Said FredMEL No.20 (only national entry)
13-Jan-63483Gossip CalypsoHOB info only No.48
04-Aug-67315When i'm 64PERTH info only No.31
Archie Roach at the age of 66.


Oz Discography:
LPEntry DateHPWITitles
A0228-Apr-91862Charcoal Lane
A0321-Mar-935512Jamu Dreaming
A0410-Aug-97526Looking for Butter Boy
A0505-Aug-02595Sensual Being
A0929-Oct-12494Into the Bloodstream
A1021-Nov-16242Let Love Rule
A1211-Nov-1973Tell Me Why
The Seekers lead singer and solo artist Judith Durham at the age of 79.


Her solo singles chart discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
08-July-6761x27The Olive TreeADEL #16
20-Dec-67----MemoriesHOB only #39
29-Apr-71----Climb Every MountainHOB only #49
08-Jun-971716I Am Australian (with Russell Hitchcock)SYD #11

That's heartbreaking to hear, though, sadly not unexpected as she'd been fighting cancer on and off for quite some time now. R.I.P. Olivia.
Dame Olivia Newton-John at 73.


Oz Singles Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
26-Apr-71719If Not for YouSYD #1x1
27-Sep-711x525Banks of the OhioHOB 1x7, MEL 1x6, BRIS 1x3, SYD 1x2
13-Apr-72----What is LifeHOB only #10
22-Mar-73----Take me Home Country RoadsHOB only #10
24-Sep-7311x230Let Me Be ThereBRIS + HOB #2
10-Jun-741122Long Live LoveBRIS #3
30-Sep-741x423I Love You, I Honestly Love YouBRIS 1x7, ADEL+PER 1x4
10-Feb-75222If You Love Me (Let Me Know)BRIS 1x1
07-Apr-7510x220Have You Never Been MellowBRIS #4
11-Aug-7534x216Please Mr. PleaseBRIS+HOB #8
01-Dec-756013Something Better to DoPER #23
15-Jan-76----Let it ShineHOB only #47
17-May-765513Come on OverADEL #12
25-Oct-7693x23Don't Stop Believin'HOB #39
28-Mar-77706SamHOB only #3
23-May-777110Sam (R)HOB still
25-Aug-77----Making a Good Thing BetterHOB only #20
10-Oct-775623Sam (R)PER #2
10-Apr-782930JoleneBRIS #5
29-May-781x932You're the One That I Want*ALL No.1
14-Aug-78221Hopelessly Devoted to YouHOB 1x2
21-Aug-787710Sam (R)BRIS only #22
09-Oct-78616Summer Nights*HOB #2
20-Nov-789x220A Little More LoveHOB #2
16-July-7974x26Deeper Than the NightSYD+PER #46

* = duet with John Travolta.
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ON-J 80's Singles Discography:

Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
09-Jun-80626I Can't Help it (with Andy Gibb)ADEL #28
16-Jun-803214Don't Cry for Me ArgentinaHOB #16
07-July-804x318MagicSYD, BRIS + HOB #2 (P in sales)
18-Aug-802x217Xanada (with ELO)SYD, MEL, BRIS #2 (Gold in sales)
27-Oct-803712Suddenly (with Cliff Richard)ADEL #24
26-Oct-811x528PhysicalALL No.1 (P in sales)
15-Feb-828x215Make a Move on MeMEL+HOB #6
18-Jun-82----LandslidePERTH only #51
04-Oct-822216Heart AttackHOB #6
21-Feb-835410Tied Up (in Promises)MEL #18
28-Nov-834x420Twist of FateHOB #1x1
19-Mar-84815(Livin' in) Desperate TimesHOB #30
28-Oct-852014Soul KissHOB #4
10-Feb-86931Toughen UpPERTH only #45
29-Aug-883411The RumourADEL #31
12-May-911x526Grease Megamix*ALL #1 except BRIS #2 (P in sales)
25-Sep-94357No Matter What You DoBRIS #28
11-May-982717Grease-The Remix EP *MEL+ADEL #21
31-May-10881Physical (with Glee Cast)none
30-May-11791Magic (Peachy & Murphy Mix) with Waccinone

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American Hall Of Fame songwriter, record producer and singer Lamont Dozier has died, aged 81.

Also, bassist from The Pogues Darryl Hunt has died, aged 72.

Scottish singer Darius Campbell Danesh has died aged 41. He placed third on the UK's Pop Idol in 2002 and his debut single "Colourblind" charted at #1 in the UK and #61 in Australia.

@ Darius
Tom Springfield at the age of 88, Duty's brother and co-founder of the 60's folk trio The Springfields. He passed on July 27th, but his death was only confirmed over this past weekend.

Oz Chart Discography for The Springfields
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
11-Aug-62227Silver Threads & Golden NeedlesNo.1 in SYD, MEL, BRIS & ADEL
04-Nov-62----Swahili PapaHOB only No.35
01-Dec-624810Dear Hearts and Gentle PeopleMEL No.19
09-Feb-632513Island of DreamsMEL No.16
30-Mar-63439Little by LittlePER No.7
26-May-63----Say I Won't Be ThereHOB only No.52
14-Sep-63827Come on HomeADEL only No.22
03-Apr-64----If I Was Down and OutHOB only No.56
Margaret Urlich has passed away.

And sadly when I've told my friends I have to explain to them that she was the uncredited female singer on The Horses for them to realise who she was.
She had a successful solo career too - 11 ARIA Top 100 singles (8 made Top 50). It's so sad, she was only 57.
Margaret Urlich singles discography:

3-Jun-1990Only My Heart Calling#46
30-Sep-1990Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night)#24
3-Mar-1991Guilty People#99
26-Jul-1992Boy In The Moon#21
6-Dec-1992Human Race#55
4-Jul-1993Burnt Sienna#33
12-Dec-1993Where Is The Love (with Rick Price)#31
20-Nov-1994All By Myself#100
30-Apr-1995Gonna Make You Mine#29
27-Aug-1995Every Little Thing#50
Margaret also had a couple of outside the top 100 singles:

8-Mar-1993 Second Best #132
6-Sep-1993 Man Overboard #127
26-Feb-1996 All for the Love #148
US rapper PnB Rock has died aged 30. His biggest song "Selfish", from 2016, charted at #51 in the US, and he notably featured on Ed Sheeran's 2019 hit "Cross Me".

British DJ and producer Stu Allan has died aged 60.


ARIA singles discography (Clock):
14-May-95Axel F / Keep Pushin’#42
20-Aug-95Whoomph! (There It Is)#96
9-Nov-97U Sexy Thing#100
Drummer and co-founder of American band The Doobie Brothers John Hartman has died, aged 72.

‘Gangsta's Paradise' rapper Coolio dies at age 59.
Holy shit! He is a hip hop legend. So many good songs - Gangsta's Paradise, 1 2 3 4 (Sumpin' New), Ooh La La, Too Hot, C U When U Get There, It's All the Way Live (Now), Fantastic Voyage. R.I.P.
Coolio at the age of 59 from suspected heart-failure.


Oz Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
28-Aug-943717Fantastic VoyageADEL No.30
18-Dec-9492x24I Remember (feat. J. Ro & Billy Boy)no state entries
08-Oct-951x132*Gangsta's Paradise (feat. L.V.)No.1 in all, BRISx14
24-Dec-954217Too HotADEL No.19
14-Apr-9612221,2,3,4 (Sumpin' New)MEL No.7
18-Aug-96509**It's All the Way Live (Now)PERTH No.38
03-Aug-977x221^C U When U Get There (feat. 40 Thevz)PERTH No.4
07-Dec-973314Ooh La LaPERTH No.20
23-Mar-983015All Night, All Right (Peter Andre feat. Warren G &...)SYD/BRIS/ADE all No.27
25-Sep-06672Gangsta Walk (with Snoop Dogg)no state entries

* = from 'Dangerous Minds'
** = from 'Eddie'
^ = from 'Nothing to Lose'

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*Gangsta's Paradise* spent a record-breaking 13 weeks at ARIA/Australian No.1.
Ed Sheeran finally beat his reign with *Shape of You* didn't he?!
Country singer Loretta Lynn has died, aged 90.


Australian singles discography:
30-Oct-1972One's On The Way#14
25-Mar-1974Don't Come Home a Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)#54
21-Apr-1975The Pill#87
Country singer Jody Miller has died, aged 80.


Australian singles discography:
15-Feb-1964He Walks Like a Man#8
30-May-1964They Call My Guy a Tiger#53
29-May-1965Queen of the House#68
18-Sep-1965Home of the Brave#29
20-Sep-1971He's So Fine#28
Actor, singer and social media star Leslie Jordan at 67.


While he never charted with any of his releases, including music from the TV series 'Sordid Lives' (which also featured songs from Olivia Newton-John), he did release his debut album "Company's Comin'" in April 2021.
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Jerry Lee Lewis at the age of 87.


Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
02-Nov-5711x62*Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' onMEL No.5
22-Feb-581113Great Balls of FirePERTH No.2
21-Jun-582810BreathlessSYD No.22
06-Sep-582016High School Confidential (Movie Theme) HOB No.15
07-Feb-591002Breal-UpHOB only No.22
16-May-595010Big Blon' BabyHOB only No.38
06-May-59----Fools Like MeHOB only No.9
26-Mar-60991I Could Never Be Ashamed of You/Little QueenieHOB Only No.30
27-May-61524What'd I SayMEL only No.30
01-Jun-6578Sweet Little SixteenHOB No.20
16-May-64683Lewis BoogieMEL only No.31
23-May-64607I'm on FireMEL No.23
09-Jan-65726High Heel SneakersHOB No.22
19-Nov-69----Invitation to Your PartyHOB only No.16
08-Jun-70963Once More with FeelingADEL only No.26
23-Oct-70----There Must Be More to Love Than ThisADEL No.24, HOB No.22
07-Nov-70----Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnBRIS only No.30
17-Apr-724013Chantilly LaceADEL No.6
06-July-7----Drinking Wine Spo-Dee O'DeePERTH only No.31
26-Feb-794211Save the Last Dance for MeADEL No.21
25-Sep-8996x22Great Balls of Fire (R) (biopic Movie Theme)none

* The six weeks at No.11 for his first single still stand today as the longest run in that position, while he is also one of the few acts from the 50 & 60's to NOT score a national Top 10 hit, instead his first two singles peaked at No.11.
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US rapper Takeoff, best known as part of the trio Migos, has been fatally shot aged 28. He charted highest in Australia with Migos' single "Stir Fry", which reached #24 in 2018, and last released a collaborative album with fellow Migos member Quavo mere weeks ago.

Still shocked - another one gone way too soon. One of my favourite rappers in recent memory, RIP Takeoff
Aaron Carter at the age of 34!!


Oz Discography:
Entry DateHPWITitlesBest chart location
27-Apr-98920Crush on YouGOLD, ADEL No.7
27-July-982011aCrazy Little Party GirlADEL No.16
08-Nov-98666aShake itno state entries
09-Oct-002718I Want CandyBRIS No.18
22-Jan-01736Aaron's Party (Come Get it)PERTH only No.46
24-Sep-01805Not Too Young, Not to Old (with Nick Carter)no state entries

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That's really sad. Aaron had a lot of issues for a very long time - some of his own making but much that wasn't. It sounds like he passed away in a similar way to Whitney. R.I.P.
Mimi Parker from the band Low has passed away, aged 55, from ovarian cancer. Another favourite of mine

Really sad news that one 😢
Lead singer of Scottish hard rock band Nazareth Dan McCafferty has died, aged 76.

Irish band Boomtown Rats' lead guitarist Garry Roberts has died, aged 72.

American singer Irene Cara has died, aged 63.


Australian singles discography:
20-Oct-1980Out Here On My Own#41
13-Jun-1983Flashdance... What a Feeling!#1
28-Nov-1983Why Me?#5
16-Apr-1984The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream)#84
Irene Cara's first two singles "Fame" and "Out Here on My Own" are taken from the movie musical 'Fame', while producers of the movie later made it into a TV series which ran for SIX seasons (in The USA that is) from 1982 to mid-1987, while here it started in early 1983, which helped the movies theme tune "Fame" to return to the charts in early May of 1983, hitting No.73 and logging a further nine weeks within the Top 100 (from its original 20 weeks in 1980/81). In fact, "Fame" was still charting when "Flashdance... What a Feeling" began its chart run (Fame dropped out July 4th, 1983, while Flashdance started on June 13th, 1983), giving Irene three weeks with two singles on the chart, something which would happen again for another 3 weeks at the end of the 'Flashdance' chart run, as her fourth chart entry was her first NOT from a movie or TV series, "Why Me?" (Entered 28-Nov-1983, 'Flash' leaves 19-Dec-1983).

The movie "D.C. Cab" starring future stars Adam Baldwin and Gary Busey but mainly at the time Mr. T, was a b-grade film, but Irene Cara did the theme tune for it which charted only in Hobart (HP-11), meaning that "The Dream (Hold onto Your Dream)" was her fourth sonf from a movie to chart, while her follow-up single was "Breakdance", which would be her last chart entry. While the film 'Breakin'" was issued in Australian cinemas in May 1984, the song for Irene was not featured in the film, not even related to the movie, that films soundtrack had a cover of "Breakin'... There's No Stoppin' Us" by Ollie & Jerry.

Vale Irene Cara.

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Christine McVie, vocalist from rock band Fleetwood Mac has died, aged 79.

Christine McVie Chart entry:

**Entry DateHPWITitleBest chart location
S120-Feb-845510Got a Hold on MeMEL No.26
A227-Feb-84678Christine McVie-
Terry Hall, lead vocalist from English ska revival band The Specials has died, aged 63.

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R.I.P. Maxi Jazz

Can someone please post the Faithless entries. Thank you.
Sure thing!

Faithless Australian singles discography:
02-Nov-1997Don't Leave#73
27-Sep-1998God Is a DJ#37
04-Jan-1999Take The Long Way Home#73
11-Jun-2001We Come 1#62
04-Feb-2002Crazy English Summer / Tarantula#40
06-May-2002One Step Too Far (ft. Dido)#21
07-Jun-2004Mass Destruction#43
13-Sep-2004I Want More#64
Two more of his chart entries, as a guest performer:

Entry DateHPWITitles
06-May-02307My Culture (1 Giant Leap feat. Maxi Jazz & Robbie Williams)
02-Oct-06891Dance 4 Life (Tiesto feat. Maxi Jazz)

6-5-2, then 2-10-6 for guest entry dates, weird huh!!
I am not sure if it's just me who thinks this but 2022 is up there with 2016 and being a big year of loses in the music world!

Hopefully 2023 will be a better year!
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