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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts - aus-charts EOY countdowns calendar - 2017

Hey everyone, I haven't been around much on here this year, but for those who don't know, I have been making a chart this year (albeit very late) and I'm starting to shift my thoughts towards my EOY chart. Now that Danger Zone and all that is out of the way, and seeing popmusicity's thread helped me last year, I thought I would repeat this again this year.

So, you know the drill, if you would like to broadcast or do some sort of live countdown of your EOY chart, post it here, dates and times you'd like to do it, top 50 or 100, and a link if you have one at this stage.

I hope this helps someone and long live end-of-years!
DateMemberTime (AEDT)SizeLink
Mon 18/12/2017thewitness9:00am100https://goo.gl/z6mQuw
Tue 19/12/2017    
Wed 20/12/2017    
Thu 21/12/2017    
Fri 22/12/2017    
Sat 23/12/2017    
Sun 24/12/2017    
Mon 25/12/2017    
Tue 26/12/2017    
Wed 27/12/2017    
Thu 28/12/2017    
Fri 29/12/2017    
Sat 30/12/2017    
Sun 31/12/2017NationOfZealots8:45pm50https://goo.gl/jmqZfd
Mon 1/01/2018    
Tue 2/01/2018    
Wed 3/01/2018Effluvium14:00pm100https://goo.gl/vpYHSK
Thu 4/01/2018savagegrant4:00pm100https://goo.gl/iRBti6
Fri 5/01/2018    
Sat 6/01/2018    
Sun 7/01/2018villages~3:00pm100https://goo.gl/dHMcA3
Mon 8/01/2018bryc36:00pmARIA 
Tue 9/01/2018    
Wed 10/01/2018timfoxxy7:30pmlower 50 
Thu 11/01/2018timfoxxy7:30pmtop 50 
Fri 12/01/2018    
Sat 13/01/2018antonnalan3:30pm100 
Sun 14/01/2018popmusicity3:30pm100 
Mon 15/01/2018Clinton4:00pm100 
Tue 16/01/2018    
Wed 17/01/2018    
Thu 18/01/2018    
Fri 19/01/2018    
Sat 20/01/2018Hijinx4:00pm100 
Sun 21/01/2018harleyrules1704:00pm100 
Mon 22/01/2018Zacco333~7:30pmlower 50 
Tue 23/01/2018Zacco333~7:30pmtop 50 
Wed 24/01/2018    
Thu 25/01/2018    
Fri 26/01/2018    
Sat 27/01/2018Triple J's Hottest 10012:00pm100http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/listen-live/player/
Sun 28/01/2018Triple J's Hottest 20012:00pm100http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/listen-live/player/
Mon 29/01/2018    
Tue 30/01/2018    
Wed 31/01/2018    
Thu 01/02/2018    
Fri 02/02/2018    
Sat 03/02/2018    
Sun 04/02/2018    
Mon 05/02/2018    
Tue 06/02/2018    
Wed 07/02/2018    
Thu 08/02/2018    
Fri 09/02/2018irelander 100 

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I'll selfishly jump in first and reserve January 21 for myself
I will claim Jan 7th
I'll have to give it a bit more thought but copying the previous two years by having mine on the 22nd/23rd aka the two days directly after yours harley should work well for me
I might set myself a challenge and have an all day banger fest on Monday the 15th. Starting at 4pm, streamed on my YT live channel (which is only ever active for my EOYs lol)
Thanks guys, added you all in! If you change your mind Zacco just shout out and I'll update
I'll do my T100 on Dec 31 from between 5-6pm until midnight, hopefully I can stream it this year if I can get the process down pat.
Can I take the 8th of January at 6:00pm for my Personal ARIA EOY? (I posted my personal the other day)
Thanks for doing this Harley! Will get back to you soon
I will try for Friday Jan 19th for the time being I suppose (at 4pm then to be like everyone else).
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WEDNESDAY the 3rd for me - top 100 commencing at 4:00 AEST on MRS
Maybe please tentatively pencil me in for 14/01/18... starting at 3:30... My 100
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I'm going to work through my Top 103 of 2017 tomorrow (18th December) from 9am. No broadcast but I will create a Spotify playlist in correct order so you can follow along or listen at a later date if you want.
thanks guys, added you all in

That's the link to The Spotify playlist in correct countdown order from my EOY that I posted on Monday if you want a listen
I'm gonna move mine 1 day back to Sat Jan 20
Updated! Thanks for letting me know
Well I shall confirm the dates I listed above for my EOY. Mondays and Tuesdays are the days when I'm least likely to have something happening at night so those dates should work best for me
Due to 2017 being a bad year in music, my countdown will now be a Top 50 to better represent the small impact of music this year. Access to music has changed and also ability to research music was at an all time low this year.

My 2017 Top 50 countdown will air 8:45pm to 11:45pm

I'll develop this into a Top 100 eventually once I retrofit it with more songs from catch-up listening and a-c member recommendations from their EOY lists and update the main page for my EOYS lists at:
Updated and linked your thread NoZ!
Hi all, I would like to broadcast my Top 100 of the year around mid-week next week, but I would like to know which you prefer: 50-50 split over two consecutive nights, or the full Top 100 in one sitting?
Hi Tim, I don't mind either way, whatever suits you best

Eff's link is up even though he's already halfway through
I would like to take the 13th please! Streaming from 3:30pm for a 4pm start, top 100
Updated for you anton
it's savage's turn! He's currently running a pre-pre-broadcast before the pre-broadcast at ~3:00pm and the top 100 at approximately 4:00pm

lol harls. ...and here's the link for mobile users: http://top100singles.net/radio/
Set me up for Thursday 11th at 4pm please. I will try to aim for 10-11pm finish, depending on if I have a little intermission or not. I will be doing a Top 100
Done tim! Sounds good, I've added you to the list, looking forward to it!
it's villages' turn for an EOY today! Tune in at around 3:00pm for an assorted smorgasbord of hits and otherwise!

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Harley, I want to change my broadcast as Ive decided that I don't want to do 100 in one night. Lower 50 will start at 7.30pm Wednesday and run for around 3 hours. Top 50 will still be on Thursday, but instead begin at 7.30pm for around the same amount of time.

The Lower 50 will not be required to listen to due to the short notice. I will prob open the stream a bit early on both days and play some pre-chart stuff like below Top 100 songs for example.

Sorry for the late change!
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no worries tim, I've updated you in the table, and as always, if you have a link, post it here so I can link to it
Did bryc do his EOY tonight? Just curious.
Crap. only just remembered (I've been super busy lately) I'll try and do it in a few days
This should be the link to my broadcast:

I'm going to have to do a quick test stream before the broadcast so that I don't screw up
Hi everyone! My End of Year Broadcast is happening today. It is happening on plug.dj which is a music sharing site where there is a chat function AND you can watch the accompanying music videos to all the songs that will appear! Hope to see you there! (Unfortunately you need either Facebook or you will need to make an account via email)

Here is the link: https://plug.dj/-3234712812713610176

Will also hang around a-c chat
I can’t make it Anton... sorry... I have a 21st to go to
popmusicity is up this afternoon!
our 5th day of the last 6 with broadcasts today! It's Clinton's turn this time, from 3pm! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5QAMXKaUGqWHLG7kBsmyBg/live
Thanks, Harls!
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thanks to jinx saving my bacon again(!), I'm ready to go! https://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s42&p=27270

proper countdown starting at about 4:45 and finishing around 11!
Great broddy harley! I've decided my EOY will be on Friday 9 February, starting time TBC
thanks irelander added you into the table

Zacco is up tonight! Starting at around 7:30pm with his 51-100
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and I have a broadcast link! It'll be via Spotify like the past couple of years.


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