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I will be broadcasting my 100 favorite songs of 2017 (and small snippets of 101-200) from 3PM AEDT riiiiiiiiiiiiight here: https://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s40&p=17068

Although I will start at roughly 2:35 with a few 2016 songs that I only properly got into this year.

See you there.
200The Jungle GiantsPeople Always Say
198Willow BeatsErosion
197Marika HackmanMy Lover Cindy
195KimbraEverybody Knows
194Great GrandpaTeen Challenge
193Grace MitchellFrench Becky
192Daktyl (feat. MOONZz)Monochrome
191Dan CrollAway From Today
190Hazel EnglishLove Is Dead
189LCD Soundsystemcall the police
187GordiBetter Than Then, Closer To Now
186MiguelTold You So
184The War On DrugsPain
183AustraWe Were Alive
182Sue The NightWonderland
179King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardHorology
178Hurray For The Riff RaffHungry Ghost
177PumarosaMy Gruesome Loving Friend
176Ecca VandalClosing Ceremony
175Mount Kimbie (feat. Andrea Balency)You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure)
174The NationalGuilty Party
173The PreaturesGirlhood
172PriestsLelia 20
171Sylvan EssoDie Young
170Mount Kimbie (feat. Micacho)Marilyn
169Vallis AlpsEast
168Run The Jewels (feat. Kamasi Washington)Thursday In The Danger Room
167SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
166Emily Haines & The Soft SkeletonStatuette
165Angel OlsenSpecial
164Childish GambinoBoogieman
163LCD Soundsystemamerican dream
162The War On DrugsUp All Night
161N.E.R.D & RihannaLemon
159Jess LockePaper Planes
157Vince StaplesBagBak
156Emily Haines & The Soft SkeletonFatal Gift
155Tove LoDisco Tits
153Broken Social SceneVanity Pail Kids
152Japanese BreakfastThe Body Is A Blade
150Wolf AliceSpace & Time
148Broken Social SceneHalfway Home
147Wolf AliceSt. Purple & Green
146Gang Of YouthsDo Not Let Your Spirit Wane
145Father John MistyBallad Of The Dying Man
144Mac DeMarcoMoonlight On The River
143Perfume GeniusSlip Away
142Washed OutGet Lost
141At The Drive InIncurably Innocent
139alt-JIn Cold Blood
138LordeHomemade Dynamite
137Real EstateDarling
136Vera BlueMended
135Rae MorrisReborn
134sleepmakeswavesTo Light And Then Return
133SlowdiveGo Get It
132WidowspeakThe Dream
131SZA (feat. Travis Scott)Love Galore
130Slowly SlowlyAliens
129GirlpoolYour Heart
128Chelsea Wolfe16 Psyche
126Dirty ProjectorsLittle Bubble
124Wolf AliceYuk Foo
123WAAXWild & Weak
122The NationalDay I Die
121King KruleDum Surfer
120Chelsea WolfeThe Culling
119Cable TiesThe Producer
117GeorgiaFeel It
116MGMTLittle Dark Age
115Vince StaplesBig Fish
113Vera BluePedestal/Cover Me
112The NationalThe System Only Dreams In Total Darkness
111The xxReplica
110Touch SensitiveLay Down
109Manchester OrchestraThe Gold
107Methyl EthelL’Heure Des Sorcieres
106The DrumsMirror
105King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardBillabong Valley
104Oh WonderUltralife
103Mount Kimbie (feat. King Krule)Blue Train Lines
102Tei ShiHow Far
101AlgiersThe Underside Of Power

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100The BelligerentsSleeping For Days
99AirlingGive Me All You Got
98Broken Social SceneProtest Song
97St. VincentNew York
96Kendrick Lamar (feat. U2)XXX.
95Gold ClassRose Blind
94SamsaruhBeautiful Killer
92Everything EverythingDesire
91Camp CopeThe Opener
90Hundred WatersWave To Anchor
89Ali BarterTokyo
88AlvvaysIn Undertow
87Willow BeatsSpecial
86Wild OnesInvite Me In
85Gang Of YouthsFear And Trembling
84GoldfrappMoon In Your Mouth
83Cloud ControlTreetops
82Alex LaheyBackpack
81Heaps Good FriendsOlympic Sneakers
80The xxDangerous
79LordeWriter In The Dark
78(Sandy) Alex GBobby
77Dream WifeFire
76The War On DrugsHolding On
75Ecca VandalBroke Days, Party Nights
74Sylvan EssoSignal
72King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCrumbling Castle
71Maty NoyesLondon
70Tyler, The CreatorI Ain’t Got Time!
69Holy HolyThat Message
68The War On DrugsStrangest Thing
67PriestsNothing Feels Natural
65Fleet FoxesThird Of May / Ōdaigahara
64Grizzly BearThree Rings
63Methyl EthelFemme Maison/One Man House
62ProtomartyrA Private Understanding
61Golden Vessel (feat. OKBADLANDS)Less~More
60The War On DrugsThinking Of A Place
58Vallis AlpsSo Settled
57Stella DonnellyMechanical Bull
56Middle KidsNever Start
55Broken Social SceneHug Of Thunder
53Calvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)Slide
52Charly BlissPercolator
51Kendrick LamarLUST.
50AlvvaysNot My Baby
49Methyl EthelWeeds Through The Rind
48Run The JewelsLegend Has It
47Gorillaz (feat. Vince Staples)Ascension
44Tourist (feat. Ardyn)We Stayed Up All Night
43Wolf AliceHeavenward
42The HorrorsSomething To Remember Me By
40Marika HackmanBoyfriend
39Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
35TennisNo Exit
33Broken Social SceneStay Happy
32The New PornographersThis Is The World Of The Theater
31The xxSay Something Loving
30SZA Drew Barrymore
29Middle KidsOld River
28CultsI Took Your Picture
27Wolf AliceDon’t Delete The Kisses
26Gang Of YouthsSay Yes To Life
25Methyl EthelUbu
22Grizzly BearMourning Sound
21Arcade FireEverything Now
20Great GrandpaFade
19SlowdiveDon’t Know Why
18Melody’s Echo ChamberCross My Heart
17Gang Of YouthsThe Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows
16Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
15Kendrick LamarDNA.
14Kacy HillArm’s Length
13The Golden Age Of TVDust
12Grace MitchellNow
11Gang Of YouthsLet Me Down Easy
10LordeGreen Light
9Wolf AlicePlanet Hunter
8VagabonCold Apartment
7Gang Of YouthsThe Heart Is A Muscle
6Gang Of YouthsWhat Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
5St. VincentLos Ageless
4Mister and MississippiLush Looms
3Methyl EthelDrink Wine
2Holiday PartyI’m Still Here
1Ali BarterThe Captain

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100. The Belligerents - Sleeping For Days
♫ What’s the channel? How can I change your frequency? ♫
Chart run: 37-32-28-27-22-14-11-13-14-19-?
99. Airling - Give Me All You Got
♫ And you take the bullet, put it in your mouth ♫
Chart run: 26-22-26-26-23-28-x
98. Broken Social Scene - Protest Song
♫ How can I tell you’re here the way you are? ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
97. St. Vincent - New York
♫ I have lost a hero, I have lost a friend ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
96. Kendrick Lamar (feat. U2) - XXX.
♫ He said: "K-Dot, can you pray for me? It been a f**ked up day for me" ♫
Chart run: 21-18-15-18-16-12-9-14-21-31-37-x
95. Gold Class - Rose Blind
♫ I smiled to the blurry borders, I begged in the murky waters ♫
Chart run: 34-31-24-18-19-25-33-x
94. Samsaruh - Beautiful Killer
♫ Cut the air with your deathly breeze, pollute our veins with your poison envies ♫
Chart run: 28-22-16-10-?
♫ First off, f**k Dolce & Gabbana ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
92. Everything Everything - Desire
♫ Can I tell you that I'm empty? This is all that I see clearly ♫
Chart run: 30-25-19-16-15-13-8-9-12-15-25-34-x
91. Camp Cope - The Opener
♫ Yeah, tell me again how there just aren't that many girls in the music scene ♫
Chart run: 30-28-22-16-?
90. Hundred Waters - Wave To Anchor
♫ Who have I lived for? ♫
Chart run: 23-17-?
89. Ali Barter - Tokyo
♫ I'm afraid to say what I'm feeling out loud and you're not that brave with your headphones up so loud ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
88. Alvvays - In Undertow
♫ "What's left for you and me?" I ask that question rhetorically ♫
Chart run: 33-29-28-28-21-18-14-21-19-34-x
87. Willow Beats - Special
♫ I don’t know where I’m going. Well, nobody does ♫
Chart run: 25-21-17-12-9-6-10-11-?
86. Wild Ones - Invite Me In
♫ Don't you feel like a fraud sometimes? ♫
Chart run: 23-17-14-14-11-15-22-25-34-x
85. Gang Of Youths - Fear And Trembling
♫ "Oh, a weary heart", they say, "it shatters it all" ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
84. Goldfrapp - Moon In Your Mouth
♫ We are perfection, life and desire ♫
Chart run: 14-11-11-10-7-9-10-14-18-22-31-x
83. Cloud Control - Treetops
♫ You cover everything like the atmosphere around me ♫
Chart run: 29-26-19-16-13-8-9-13-18-?
82. Alex Lahey - Backpack
♫ I know life's too short to settle down and you move faster than the world spins round ♫
Chart run: 26-16-13-15-13-13-10-12-19-23-29-38-x
81. Heaps Good Friends - Olympic Sneakers
♫ I know we’re not together but I wanna break up ♫
Chart run: 20-17-13-13-12-12-10-12-21-24-32-40-x
80. The xx - Dangerous
♫ They say we're in danger, but I disagree ♫

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79. Lorde - Writer In The Dark
♫ Now she's gonna play and sing and lock you in her heart ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
78. (Sandy) Alex G - Bobby
♫ I’d leave him for you if you want me to ♫
Chart run: 24-13-?
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77. Dream Wife - Fire
♫ Your accent is changing, your words rearranging ♫
Chart run: 23-20-17-13-11-10-11-11-20-32-x
76. The War On Drugs - Holding On
♫ Ain't no way I'm gonna last ♫
Chart run: 21-20-15-10-14-23-21-19-20-27-32-39-x
75. Ecca Vandal - Broke Days, Party Nights
Chart run: 25-16-11-9-7-7-12-17-24-31-x
74. Sylvan Esso - Signal
♫ Can you catch up to the cars on the highway? Run them down ♫
Chart run: 24-22-25-x
73. Paramore - Pool
♫ As if the first cut wasn't deep enough ♫
Chart run: 33-31-29-33-40-x
72. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Crumbling Castle
♫ I see through the bricks, to the sea, crumbling castle ♫
Chart run: 20-15-9-6-10-11-14-?
71. Maty Noyes - London
♫ The fear escaped my bones when I told you I wasn't coming home ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart
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70. Tyler, The Creator - I Ain’t Got Time!
i love this sample
Chart run: 31-23-18-13-9-9-13-19-27-32-x
69. Holy Holy - That Message
♫ Cause this paradise is only for the clinically insane ♫
Chart run: 18-14-11-9-12-12-12-16-24-29-x
68. The War On Drugs - Strangest Thing
♫ Now the sky is painted in a wash of indigo ♫
Chart run: 34-30-28-22-14-7-5-8-10-14-23-28-34-40-x
67. Priests - Nothing Feels Natural
♫ No it’s not for anyone and I can’t wait until it’s done ♫
Chart run: 27-x
66. alt-J - Pleader
♫ How green was my valley? ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
65. Fleet Foxes - Third Of May / Ōdaigahara
♫ Aren't we made to be crowded together, like leaves? ♫
Chart run: 18-8-7-8-15-16-21-21-25-x

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64. Grizzly Bear - Three Rings
♫ I want you to see things clearly. I wanna make it alright ♫
Chart run: 19-12-9-7-7-7-9-9-13-22-34-x
63. Methyl Ethel - Femme Maison/One Man House
♫ I’m so tired. I’m real tired ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
62. Protomartyr - A Private Understanding
♫ She’s just trying to reach you ♫
Chart run: 35-31-27-18-22-28-29-15-10-8-9-7-?
61. Golden Vessel (feat. OKBADLANDS) - Less~More
♫ I tried to call but the static’s picked up and now big cities break ♫
Chart run: 14-5-4-7-6-11-20-15-20-32-x
60. The War On Drugs - Thinking Of A Place
♫ I'm moving through the dark of a long black night ♫
Chart run: 10-7-6-6-4-6-9-16-23-32-40-x
♫ When you have no fire it’s f**king cold in the hills ♫
Chart run: 19-15-13-11-11-14-12-10-8-13-22-29-34-40-x
58. Vallis Alps - So Settled
♫ And time you are a little bit slow ♫
Chart run: 25-17-12-5-5-?
57. Stella Donnelly - Mechanical Bull
♫ I need to be alone. You’ve been at my throat ♫
Chart run: 20-14-11-11-10-7-7-7-12-15-?
56. Middle Kids - Never Start
♫ All of this time and there’s been no change ♫
Chart run: 8-2-2-3-10-12-21-21-26-x
55. Broken Social Scene - Hug Of Thunder
♫ All along we're gonna feel some numbness, oxymoron of our lives ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
54. sleepmakeswaves - Tundra
♫ Tundra, tundra, lightning and the tundra ♫
Chart run: 21-15-11-9-10-14-14-14-19-27-x
53. Calvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) - Slide
♫ Good gracious, hopping out the diamond while I’m staring at the spaceship ♫
Chart run: 19-14-8-11-9-10-12-15-24-30-x
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52. Charly Bliss - Percolator
♫ I’m gonna die in a getaway car ♫
Chart run: 19-9-?
51. Kendrick Lamar - LUST.
♫ Door and his Nike Air Rattles. Rush the fire exit, no time for battles well I, I never expected♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
50. Alvvays - Not My Baby
♫ The night is like a fading radio ♫
Chart run: 24-17-15-11-6-3-?
49. Methyl Ethel - Weeds Through The Rind
♫ And I'm leaving, don't repeat this, said I love you, I was right this time ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
48. Run The Jewels - Legend Has It
♫ Doctors of death, curing our patients of breath ♫
Chart run: 14-7-6-7-4-7-17-15-14-29-29-x
47. Gorillaz (feat. Vince Staples) - Ascension
♫ You are now tuned into the tomb of Jehova ♫
Chart run: 11-7-7-5-4-6-9-9-13-23-29-31-x
46. Ásgeir - Unbound
♫ Nothing holds me back now and I will be standing my ground ♫
Chart run: 19-7-4-3-4-4-5-7-9-18-29-x
45. Sløtface - Slumber
♫ Even as a child I know that I'll never have friends like these again ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
44. Tourist (feat. Ardyn) - We Stayed Up All Night
♫ I remember cause you told me you were going away ♫
Chart run: 24-16-10-6-4-4-4-6-7-8-11-14-19-24-32-x
43. Wolf Alice - Heavenward
♫ I'm gonna celebrate you forever ♫
Chart run: 23-17-13-10-7-5-5-7-8-8-13-15-18-20-?
42. The Horrors - Something To Remember Me By
♫ When the answers only divide, when you never question the doubts in your mind ♫
Chart run: 31-27-23-20-15-10-10-6-5-5-7-10-16-23-32-x
41. Lorde - Sober
♫ Night, midnight, lose my mind ♫
Chart run: 25-21-18-16-18-24-36-x
40. Marika Hackman - Boyfriend
♫ You came to me for entropy and I gave you all I had ♫
Chart run: 22-13-10-7-4-1-1-4-6-9-17-24-x
39. Cloud Nothings - Enter Entirely
♫ There's someone I would like to be if I could be but the path is frightening ♫
Chart run: 13-9-8-8-7-7-7-13-17-24-x
♫ I got a record but I’m clean as they come. I’m Godzilla, when they see me they run ♫
Chart run: 25-20-16-12-12-9-8-6-6-8-7-10-14-17-29-33-?
37. Sløtface - Galaxies
♫ Laughing in pain, no one can explain why ♫
Chart run: 35-27-27-21-20-15-13-10-9-9-6-5-3-3-2-4-?
36. Makthaverskan - Eden
♫ Is this all we want or is it all we know? ♫
Chart run: 25-17-8-3-3-3-2-5-3-8-?
35. Tennis - No Exit
♫ From where we are we’re never gonna come back ♫
Chart run: 23-13-8-8-8-5-4-4-4-4-5-6-12-16-26-31-?
34. Cayetana - Mesa
♫ I hold my breath as you're breathing with my kaleidoscope vision I pass out in your kitchen ♫
Chart run: 18-8-6-6-6-5-4-6-7-16-28-28-x
33. Broken Social Scene - Stay Happy
♫ You set me straight at love with your fists up and your bracelet ♫
Chart run: 35-15-8-3-3-3-3-8-10-16-22-29-39-x
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32. The New Pornographers - This Is The World Of The Theater
♫ Is it too late to live in your heart, too late to burn all your civilian clothes? ♫
Chart run: 25-18-11-8-6-4-3-7-8-11-15-19-22-28-37-x
31. The xx - Say Something Loving
♫ Before it slips away ♫
Chart run: 10-5-1-3-3-10-11-10-13-20-23-26
30. SZA - Drew Barrymore
♫ Why is it so hard to accept the party is over? ♫
Chart run: 24-20-14-12-10-12-12-12-16-15-13-19-23-29-34-x
29. Middle Kids - Old River
♫ If you don't go there, it'll come to you and eat you up ♫
Chart run: 18-12-15-18-23-x
28. Cults - I Took Your Picture
♫ It's hard to miss you, cause you're the one thing moving in the background ♫
Chart run: 12-9-3-3-3-1-1-4-3-5-7-12-18-23-32-x
27. Wolf Alice - Don’t Delete The Kisses
♫ I might as well write all over my notebook that you rock my world ♫
Chart run: 23-19-13-5-1-1-3-6-6-7-7-9-14-18-28-36-x
26. Gang Of Youths - Say Yes To Life
♫ Don’t forget about your brothers if you go at it alone ♫
Chart run: Did not make my chart.
25. Methyl Ethel - Ubu
♫ Now you cut yourself off from your friends it's not just a personality thing ♫
Chart run: 13-9-5-3-3-2-2-5-10-20-29-x
24. Pixx - Waterslides
♫ Don’t follow me into my dreams you don’t belong here ♫
Chart run: 27-10-8-6-3-5-7-6-11-16-21-29-33-40-x
23. alt-J - 3WW
♫ Girls from the pool say: ‘Hi!’ ♫
Chart run: 17-5-4-3-1-1-4-5-12-16-20-26-x
22. Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound
♫ It’s the sound of distant shots and passing trucks ♫
Chart run: 16-11-6-3-1-1-3-5-7-9-12-16-23-30-36-x
21. Arcade Fire - Everything Now
♫ Every inch of sky's got a star ♫
Chart run: 15-10-3-2-1-1-3-3-7-11-19-25-34-39-x
20. Great Grandpa - Fade
♫ Stumble down to the bus stop grey washed to bluster in casted out thoughts ♫
Chart run: 28-17-8-2-2-2-4-6-5-9-14-15-18-22-30-37-x
19. Slowdive - Don’t Know Why
♫ Put it all behind you, put it in a song, yeah I don't want to know about it ♫
Chart run: 28-8-5-5-5-5-4-3-5-5-8-7-10-17-20-23-26-29-34-37-x
18. Melody’s Echo Chamber - Cross My Heart
♫ I can't keep falling from so high and all the oceans keeping us apart ♫
Chart run: 13-11-22-15-8-5-3-2-2-3-4-8-15-22-27-32-40
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17. Gang Of Youths - The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows
♫ And if everything is temporary I will bear the unbearable, terrible triteness of being ♫
Chart run: 20-11-6-4-5-2-2-3-2-3-4-6-9-14-23-28-37-x
16. Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
♫ Soprano C, we like to keep it on a high note ♫
Chart run: 5-4-3-3-2-3-6-7-7-12-15-23-29-40-x
15. Kendrick Lamar - DNA.
♫ Tell me something, you mother***ers can’t tell me nothing ♫
Chart run: 14-10-8-4-3-3-2-1-2-4-7-11-14-27-35-x
14. Kacy Hill - Arm’s Length
♫ You come and go and you stay as you please ♫
Chart run: 24-17-12-8-7-5-4-4-5-2-4-6-?
13. The Golden Age Of TV - Dust
♫ Don’t mind if you think we’re better off lying ♫
Chart run: 28-13-8-6-4-2-2-2-2-5-5-6-9-15-26-32-40-x
12. Grace Mitchell - Now
♫ Forget about your friends, they'll leave you in the end ♫
11. Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy
♫ I got solipsism, baby, and I brought lemonade ♫
Chart run: 7-4-1-1-1-1-2-3-6-8-9-15-18-24-26-28-35-x
10. Lorde - Green Light
♫ Cause honey I’ll be seeing you down every road ♫
Chart run: 18-9-6-5-2-5-6-8-11-17-27-x
9. Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter
♫ It was never ever gonna last long and it was only ever gonna go wrong ♫
Chart run: 17-10-9-6-3-1-1-1-2-2-4-4-8-12-?
8. Vagabon - Cold Apartment
♫ I know it’s my fault, I gave up on everything ♫
Chart run: 22-19-13-6-3-2-2-2-3-6-8-9-16-27-30-38-x
7. Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
♫ Cause I wanna overcome and try to love someone ♫
Chart run: 2-2-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-?
6. Gang Of Youths - What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
♫ This is the sound of a soul in tune ♫
Chart run: 12-4-1-2-3-3-3-2-6-9-10-16-18-23-29-30-x

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5. St. Vincent - Los Ageless
♫ How could anybody have you and lose you and not lose their minds? ♫
Chart run: 31-5-4-4-1-1-1-3-3-6-9-11-19-25-25-?
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4. Mister and Mississippi - Lush Looms
♫ Part of me still left behind, part of me wants to move on ♫
Chart run: 11-2-1-2-1-1-1-2-4-11-21-28-x

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3. Methyl Ethel - Drink Wine
♫ I’d pull teeth to try and tell you my part ♫
Chart run: 3-1-1-1-2-5-5-5-11-18-22-26-36-38-x
2. Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
♫ Are you still waiting? Waiting for something else? ♫
Chart run: 12-4-1-1-1-1-1-2-2-2-2-4-4-5-6-11-16-18-23-30-33-39-x
1. Ali Barter - The Captain
♫ How’s the quiet treat you now? You say it’s in the name of love. Well I hope it all works out ♫
Chart run: 17-10-7-6-4-1-1-1-1-1-2-4-6-10-14-20-25-31-37-37-40-x

Great countdown! Wish I was available yesterday to be online for it

Glad to see you have the objectively correct opinions of The Heart Is A Muscle and DNA being above Let Me Down Easy and Humble

Particularly love seeing Los Ageless top 5, some (belated!) Kacy Hill love, Say Something Loving and Ascension being the highest songs from their respective bands, but a shame to see one of my fave Tei Shi songs just miss the top 100!

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