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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Top 200 Albums of the 1970s - Kent Music Report

I produce a program on the Community Radio Network around Australia called "It's Time". Based on the BBC's "Pick of the Pops" formula, playing the music from the charts from this weeks date from a year in the past. Our show covers the years 1960-1989, using the Kent Music Report and Australian Music Report data of the period.

A couple of years back, I calculated a top 100 albums chart for the 1970s for broadcast using data from the Kent Music Report. This was calculated using the top 20 positions only, as album charts in early 1970 tended not go past No 20 as a rule. Below are the top 200, as calculated.

As far as I am aware, David Kent never published a top 100 albums or singles end of chart of the decade, for the 1970s.

Data is taken from the AUSTRALIAN CHART BOOK 1970-1992 by David Kent

"weeks in" generally reflects number of weeks in the weekly top 100 album charts over the decade, as reported in the Australian Chart Book 1970-92. As stated, album charts from the early 1970s however, tended to be limited to a much smaller number of positions. This number gradually increased during the early 1970s and reached 100 by 1974. Also note that some figures spill over into the 1980s. "weeks in" does not include weeks that albums charted in 1969 however.

TOP 200 ALBUMS OF THE 1970s - based on Kent Music ReportHPWks@#1date rchd posweeks infirst charted
1HOT AUGUST NIGHT, Neil Diamond12921-May-7322411-Dec-72
2RUMOURS, Fleetwood Mac1811-Apr-778014-Feb-77
3TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN, Cat Stevens2 22-Nov-719612-Apr-71
4A NEW WORLD RECORD, Electric Light Orchestra1918-Apr-777820-Dec-76
5JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, Original Recording6 22-Mar-7114121-Dec-70
6BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER, Simon and Garfunkel1156-Apr-70716-Apr-70
7THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, Pink Floyd2 8-Oct-7314228-May-73
8TEASER AND THE FIRECAT, Cat Stevens1156-Dec-716915-Nov-71
9GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, Elton John1318-Mar-748119-Nov-73
10BAND ON THE RUN, Paul McCartney and Wings178-Apr-7410317-Dec-73
11SILK DEGREES, Boz Scaggs11813-Jun-7710228-Jun-76
12ABBA, Abba1118-Dec-75658-Sep-75
13A NIGHT ON THE TOWN, Rod Stewart11030-Aug-766128-Jun-76
14SLADE ALIVE, Slade11225-Sep-72513-Jul-72
15BEST OF ABBA, Abba11629-Mar-767022-Dec-75
16LIVIN' IN THE 70s, Skyhooks11624-Feb-755614-Oct-74
17GREASE, Motion Picture Soundtrack11114-Aug-781015-Jun-78
18MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN, Joe Cocker3 8-Feb-71577-Dec-70
19COCKER HAPPY, Joe Cocker185-Jul-715731-May-71
20COSMO'S FACTORY, Creedence Clearwater Revival11914-Sep-705731-Aug-70
21SIMPLE DREAMS, Linda Ronstadt1513-Feb-788219-Sep-77
22SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, Original Movie Soundtrack11320-Mar-786626-Dec-77
23JUST A BOY, Leo Sayer3 3-Mar-756918-Nov-74
24BAT OUT OF HELL, Meat Loaf1819-Jun-7813223-Jan-78
25JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH, Rick Wakeman2 9-Sep-74628-Jul-74
26HOTEL CALIFORNIA, Eagles11217-Jan-775213-Dec-76
27VENUS AND MARS, Wings2 7-Jul-75549-Jun-75
28CAN THE CAN, Suzi Quatro2 8-Jul-74643-Dec-73
29TUBULAR BELLS, Mike Oldfield1420-May-745414-Jan-74
30JOHN DENVER'S GREATEST HITS, John Denver4 27-Jan-7510811-Mar-74
31BREAKFAST IN AMERICA, Supertramp1616-Apr-795626-Mar-79
32DON'T SHOOT ME I'M ONLY THE PIANO PLAYER, Elton John1330-Apr-73625-Mar-73
33RED ROSE SPEEDWAY, Paul McCartney & Wings139-Jul-73444-Jun-73
34RAM, Paul & Linda McCartney3 12-Jul-71385-Jul-71
35FLEETWOOD MAC, Fleetwood Mac3 8-Nov-766312-Jul-76
36ATLANTIC CROSSING, Rod Stewart1224-Nov-75841-Sep-75
37LED ZEPPELIN II, Led Zeppelin152-Mar-703827-Dec-69
38LET IT BE, The Beatles1415-Jun-70518-Jun-70
39BEST OF BEE GEES, Bee Gees6 9-Aug-71616-Dec-69
40BACK HOME AGAIN, John Denver2 18-Nov-747322-Jul-74
41WILLY AND THE POORBOYS, Creedence Clearwater Revival2 23-Mar-70372-Mar-70
42CARIBOU, Elton John11012-Aug-744815-Jul-74
43QUATRO, Suzi Quatro1621-Oct-744130-Sep-74
44THICK AS A BRICK, Jethro Tull11110-Jul-724019-Jun-72
45TAPESTRY, Carole King3 11-Oct-714419-Jul-71
46DÉJÀ VÛ, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young1213-Jul-703618-May-70
47MACHINE HEAD, Deep Purple1226-Jun-725429-May-72
48ON THE LEVEL, Status Quo2 16-Jun-754731-Mar-75
49JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL, Soundtrack/ Neil Diamond1428-Jan-74423-Dec-73
50A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, Queen1215-Mar-764312-Jan-76
51HARVEST, Neil Young1119-Jun-724913-Mar-72
52DISCOVERY, Electric Light Orchestra1623-Jul-794625-Jun-79
53ENDLESS FLIGHT, Leo Sayer7 20-Dec-765422-Nov-76
54TAKE IT GREASY, Ol' 553 28-Jun-763924-May-76
55CANDLES IN THE RAIN, Melanie2 7-Dec-703219-Oct-70
56THEIR GREATEST HITS, Eagles3 29-Mar-76721-Mar-76
57AMERICAN PIE, Don McLean1113-Apr-72346-Mar-72
58AN EVENING WITH JOHN DENVER, John Denver4 7-Apr-756410-Mar-75
59DIAMANTINA COCKTAIL, Little River Band2 27-Jun-77479-May-77
60SCHOOL'S OUT, Alice Cooper5 2-Oct-72427-Aug-72
61THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, Jeff Wayne / Various Artists172-Oct-786931-Jul-78
62LED ZEPPELIN IV, Led Zeppelin2 6-Mar-724020-Dec-71
6352nd STREET, Billy Joel1525-Dec-783713-Nov-78
64EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY, Rod Stewart151-Nov-71324-Oct-71
65DIRE STRAITS, Dire Straits134-Dec-785016-Oct-78
66CATCH BULL AT FOUR, Cat Stevens1723-Oct-72342-Oct-72
67ABBEY ROAD, The Beatles185-Jan-704525-Oct-69
68CHICAGO, Chicago5 10-Aug-703325-May-70
69THE STING, Motion Picture Soundtrack1717-Jun-744029-Apr-74
70PHYSICAL GRAFFITI, Led Zeppelin2 31-Mar-75423-Mar-75
71BEAUTIFUL NOISE, Neil Diamond1426-Jul-76365-Jul-76
72MADE IN JAPAN, Deep Purple3 18-Jun-733830-Apr-73
73EASY RIDER, Soundtrack4 15-Jun-703213-Apr-70
74GREAT HITS / FIRST IMPRESSIONS, Olivia Newton-John3 7-Apr-754610-Feb-75
75BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN, Rod Stewart1629-Jan-79304-Dec-78
76GREATEST HITS, Elton John1520-Jan-755118-Nov-74
77NILSSON SCHMILSSON, Nilsson2 15-May-723113-Mar-72
78WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE, Alice Cooper5 27-Oct-7510117-Mar-75
79FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE, Peter Frampton8 9-May-77885-Apr-76
80HOUSES OF THE HOLY, Led Zeppelin134-Jun-734023-Apr-73
81DEEP PURPLE IN ROCK, Deep Purple1221-Jun-71605-Oct-70
82WOODSTOCK, Various Artists2 24-Aug-703227-Jul-70
83OUT OF THE BLUE, Electric Light Orchestra3 20-Feb-78317-Nov-77
84FOOTLOOSE & FANCY FREE, Rod Stewart1928-Nov-77287-Nov-77
85WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND, Wings2 24-May-76325-Apr-76
86DYNASTY, Kiss2 29-Oct-79652-Jul-79
87TOUCH ME, Gary Glitter11 12-Nov-73489-Jul-73
88TOM JONES LIVE IN LAS VEGAS, Tom Jones2 26-Jan-70286-Dec-69
89GOAT'S HEAD SOUP, The Rolling Stones1426-Nov-73398-Oct-73
90THE STRANGER, Billy Joel2 17-Apr-785731-Oct-77
91ALL THINGS MUST PASS, George Harrison1822-Mar-71288-Feb-71
92NIGHTFLIGHT TO VENUS, Boney M7 28-Aug-784124-Jul-78
93SEVENTH SOJOURN, The Moody Blues2 19-Feb-734015-Jan-73
94LIVING IN THE USA, Linda Ronstadt3 16-Oct-78362-Oct-78
95DADDY WHO? DADDY COOL, Daddy Cool1730-Aug-712619-Jul-71
96THE DIVINE MISS M, Bette Midler7 26-Mar-734019-Feb-73
97SLIPSTREAM, Sherbet3 4-Nov-743523-Sep-74
98FELICIANO 10 TO 23, Jose Feliciano2 16-Mar-702415-Nov-69
99PINUPS, David Bowie4 4-Feb-74363-Dec-73
100HAIR, Australian Cast Recording3 5-Jan-70321-Nov-69
101AND I LOVE YOU SO, Perry Como6 26-Nov-734920-Aug-73
102PARANOID, Black Sabbath5 15-Feb-71304-Jan-71
103MOODS, Neil Diamond4 30-Oct-723831-Jul-72
104NEVER A DULL MOMENT, Rod Stewart3 23-Oct-723618-Sep-72
105BRIAN CADD, Brian Cadd3 11-Dec-723811-Sep-72
106TOMMY, London Symphony Orchestra & Chambre Choir with Guest Soloists4 19-Mar-73338-Jan-73
107NO SECRETS, Carly Simon1619-Mar-732919-Feb-73
108ONCE UPON A STAR, Bay City Rollers4 29-Sep-753916-Jun-75
109WISH YOU WERE HERE, Pink Floyd1413-Oct-754822-Sep-75
110HAIR, The Original Broadway Cast Recording (#1 x 28 weeks in 1969)2 12-Jan-702822-Mar-69
111IMAGINE, John Lennon1210-Jan-724829-Nov-71
112CHICAGO X, Chicago3 6-Dec-76412-Aug-76
113PEARL, Janis Joplin1517-May-712212-Apr-71
114ALICE COOPER GOES TO HELL, Alice Cooper4 11-Oct-764612-Jul-76
115CITY TO CITY, Gerry Rafferty3 19-Jun-78328-May-78
116NOT FRAGILE, Bachman Turner Overdrive2 3-Mar-753423-Dec-74
117NOW AND THEN, The Carpenters3 1-Oct-734320-Aug-73
118SPIRITS HAVING FLOWN, Bee Gees1512-Mar-793012-Feb-79
119LET'S STICK TOGETHER, Bryan Ferry128-Nov-763818-Oct-76
120LED ZEPPELIN III, Led Zeppelin1425-Jan-712821-Dec-70
121PENDULUM, Creedence Clearwater Revival131-Mar-71258-Feb-71
122RINGO, Ringo Starr2 21-Jan-743817-Dec-73
123ABRAXAS, Santana1122-Feb-712425-Jan-71
124ONE OF THESE NIGHTS, Eagles5 8-Mar-765614-Jul-75
125BAND OF GYPSYS, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, Billy Cox3 2-Nov-702724-Aug-70
126THE BOB SEEGER COLLECTION, Bob Seeger1228-May-796416-Apr-79
127SOME GIRLS, Rolling Stones3 14-Aug-783426-Jun-78
129EGO IS NOT A DIRTY WORD, Skyhooks11121-Jul-75297-Jul-75
130IN YOUR MIND, Bryan Ferry2 25-Apr-772621-Mar-77
131THE VERY BEST OF LEO SAYER, Leo Sayer116-Aug-79384-Jun-79
132EVEN IN THE QUIETEST MOMENTS, Supertramp5 23-May-773325-Apr-77
133ARRIVAL, Abba1822-Nov-763522-Nov-76
134GLITTER, Gary Glitter8 7-May-737025-Dec-72
135HOWZAT, Sherbet1219-Jul-76365-Jul-76
136SWEET BABY JAMES, James Taylor7 15-Feb-714321-Dec-70
137SLAYED?, Slade165-Feb-732615-Jan-73
138JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, Original Australian Cast13 27-Nov-725430-Oct-72
139SERENADE, Neil Diamond172-Dec-74354-Nov-74
140IT'S A LONG WAY THERE, Little River Band4 6-Nov-78292-Oct-78
141BLACK SABBATH VOL. 4, Black Sabbath3 22-Jan-732727-Nov-72
142HARD ROAD, Stevie Wright2 19-Aug-74323-Jun-74
143DOWN TWO THEN LEFT, Boz Scaggs4 9-Jan-78265-Dec-77
144THE KICK INSIDE, Kate Bush3 29-May-784124-Apr-78
145SHINING, Marcia Hines3 13-Dec-763515-Nov-76
146MARCIA SHINES, Marcia Hines4 12-Jan-765213-Oct-75
147LIVING IN THE PAST, Jethro Tull2 15-Jan-732918-Dec-72
148WHO'S NEXT, The Who3 22-Nov-712511-Oct-71
149HONKY CHATEAU, Elton John4 21-Aug-723224-Jul-72
150TOMMY, Original Soundtrack Recording6 26-May-754031-Mar-75
151WINDSONG, John Denver1210-Nov-75296-Oct-75
152FIREBALL, Deep Purple5 27-Dec-712615-Nov-71
153L.A. WOMAN, The Doors9 4-Oct-713019-Jul-71
154KAYA, Bob Marley5 3-Jul-783324-Apr-78
155RICKIE LEE JONES, Rickie Lee Jones1611-Jun-792723-Apr-79
156DECEPTIVE BENDS, 10CC8 11-Jul-773930-May-77
157NEVER NEVER NEVER, Shirley Bassey4 17-Sep-732527-Aug-73
158T.N.T., AC/DC2 1-Mar-76305-Jan-76
159DESIRE, Bob Dylan1323-Feb-762619-Jan-76
160GET YER YA YAS OUT, The Rolling Stones2 30-Nov-70192-Nov-70
161DIAMOND DOGS, David Bowie3 22-Jul-74313-Jun-74
162GREAT HITS OF THE CARPENTERS, Carpenters3 10-Jul-724015-May-72
163WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE? Deep Purple5 16-Apr-732619-Mar-73
164A STAR IS BORN, Soundtrack, Barbra Streisand, Kris Kristofferson3 16-May-773914-Feb-77
165A NOD IS AS GOOD AS A WINK TO A BLIND HORSE, Faces4 10-Apr-72256-Mar-72
166COMES A TIME, Neil Young6 30-Oct-78439-Oct-78
167BURN, Deep Purple7 22-Apr-742911-Mar-74
168MY NAME MEANS HORSE, Ross Ryan3 22-Apr-74264-Mar-74
169A QUESTION OF BALANCE, The Moody Blues4 4-Jan-711926-Oct-70
170THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII, Rick Wakeman12 17-Sep-73382-Apr-73
171PARALLEL LINES, Blondie2 30-Apr-793313-Nov-78
172TOTO, Toto2 2-Apr-792715-Jan-79
173BARBRA STREISAND'S GREATEST HITS VOL. 2, Barbra Streisand2 19-Feb-792911-Dec-78
174PARABRAHM, Brian Cadd6 15-Oct-732610-Sep-73
175461 OCEAN BOULEVARD, Eric Clapton2 28-Oct-743826-Aug-74
176THE WHO LIVE AT LEEDS, The Who6 16-Nov-702321-Sep-70
177SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH, Black Sabbath5 25-Mar-74454-Feb-74
178SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE, Stevie Wonder6 22-Nov-763618-Oct-76
179SHERBET'S GREATEST HITS, Sherbet116-Oct-75274-Aug-75
180AZTECS LIVE, Aztecs8 24-Apr-723313-Dec-71
181KING ARTHUR AND THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE, Rick Wakeman2 19-May-752814-Apr-75
182AQUALUNG, Jethro Tull3 9-Aug-713712-Jul-71
183INNER SECRETS, Santana5 22-Jan-792913-Nov-78
184WINGS OVER AMERICA, Wings2 31-Jan-772627-Dec-76
185SWEET SINGLES ALBUM, The Sweet2 6-Oct-753916-Jun-75
186BAD COMPANY, Bad Company6 23-Sep-74415-Aug-74
187IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR, Led Zeppelin3 10-Sep-792327-Aug-79
188MACHO MAN, Village People5 10-Jul-78318-May-78
189STICKY FINGERS, The Rolling Stones1226-Jul-71195-Jul-71
190AZTECS LIVE AT SUNBURY, The Aztecs4 25-Sep-722328-Aug-72
191CAROLE BAYER SAGER, Carole Bayer Sager4 12-Sep-772725-Jul-77
192SLEEPER CATCHER, Little River Band4 15-May-783024-Apr-78
193I'M GLAD YOU'RE HERE WITH ME TONIGHT, Neil Diamond5 19-Dec-772428-Nov-77
194WONDERLAND, Stevie Wonder6 17-Feb-753425-Nov-74
195SLADEST, Slade3 3-Dec-73285-Nov-73
196BREAKFAST AT SWEETHEARTS, Cold Chisel4 30-Apr-79325-Mar-79
197TUMBLEWEED CONNECTION, Elton John4 17-May-713526-Apr-71
198ARABIAN NIGHTS, The Ritchie Family3 14-Feb-77344-Oct-76
199SLOW TRAIN COMING, Bob Dylan128-Oct-792510-Sep-79
200AMERICA, America3 5-Jun-722310-Apr-72

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