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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Villages' Personal Chart (2019)

2017 charts: https://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=48063
2018 charts: https://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=51435

List of #1’s
18/12/16Hazel English - Make It Better
25/12/16Childish Gambino - Redbone
01/01/17Childish Gambino - Redbone
08/01/17Childish Gambino - Redbone
15/01/17Sarah Belkner - Cellophane
22/01/17The xx - Say Something Loving
29/01/17Warpaint - So Good
05/02/17Warpaint - So Good
12/02/17Warpaint - So Good
19/02/17Mister and Mississippi - Lush Looms
26/02/17Gang Of Youths - What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
05/03/17Mister And Mississippi - Lush Looms
12/03/17Mister And Mississippi - Lush Looms
19/03/17Mister And Mississippi - Lush Looms
26/03/17Marika Hackman - Boyfriend
02/04/17Marika Hackman - Boyfriend
09/04/17alt-J - 3WW
16/04/17alt-J - 3WW
23/04/17Methyl Ethel - Drink Wine
30/04/17Methyl Ethel - Drink Wine
07/05/17Methyl Ethel - Drink Wine
14/05/17Ali Barter - The Captain
21/05/17Ali Barter - The Captain
28/05/17Ali Barter - The Captain
04/06/17Ali Barter - The Captain
11/06/17Ali Barter - The Captain
18/06/17Kendrick Lamar - DNA.
25/06/17Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound
02/07/17Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound
09/07/17Arcade Fire - Everything Now
16/07/17Arcade Fire - Everything Now
23/07/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
30/07/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
06/08/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
13/08/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
20/08/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
27/08/17Wolf Alice - Don’t Delete The Kisses
03/09/17Wolf Alice - Don’t Delete The Kisses
10/09/17Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy
17/09/17Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy
24/09/17Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy
01/10/17Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy
08/10/17Cults - I Took Your Picture
15/10/17Cults - I Took Your Picture
22/10/17St. Vincent - Los Ageless
29/10/17St. Vincent - Los Ageless
05/11/17St. Vincent - Los Ageless
12/11/17Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter
19/11/17Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter
26/11/17Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter
03/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
10/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
17/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
24/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
31/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
05/01/18Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
09/02/18Hop Along - How Simple
16/02/18Hop Along - How Simple
23/02/18Hop Along - How Simple
02/03/18Hop Along - How Simple
09/03/18Hop Along - How Simple
16/03/18Lucy Dacus - Addictions
23/03/18Lucy Dacus - Addictions
30/03/18Sidney Gish - Sin Triangle
06/04/18Sidney Gish - Sin Triangle
13/04/18Sidney Gish - Sin Triangle
20/04/18Sidney Gish - Sin Triangle
27/04/18Sidney Gish - Sin Triangle
04/05/18Sidney Gish - Sin Triangle
11/05/18Ball Park Music - The End Times
18/05/18HANDSOME - Save Some Love
25/05/18Let's Eat Grandma - Falling Into Me
01/06/18Let's Eat Grandma - Falling Into Me
08/06/18Let's Eat Grandma - Falling Into Me
15/06/18Half Waif - Torches
22/06/18Mitski - Geyser
29/06/18Mitski - Geyser
06/07/18Jenny Hval - Spells
13/07/18Jenny Hval - Spells
20/07/18Jenny Hval - Spells
27/07/18Jenny Hval - Spells
03/08/18Jenny Hval - Spells
10/08/18Jenny Hval - Spells
17/08/18Jenny Hval - Spells
24/08/18Hater - It's So Easy
31/08/18Hater - It's So Easy
07/09/18Hater - It's So Easy
14/09/18Hater - It's So Easy
21/09/18Hater - It's So Easy
28/09/18Hater - It's So Easy
05/10/18Frida - So Simple
12/10/18Frida - So Simple
19/10/18Frida - So Simple
26/10/18The Beths - Not Running
02/11/18Hater - Fall Off
09/11/18Moaning Lisa - Lily
16/11/18Moaning Lisa - Lily
23/11/18Moaning Lisa - Lily
30/11/18Moaning Lisa - Lily
07/12/18Moaning Lisa - Lily
14/12/18Moaning Lisa - Lily
21/12/18Moaning Lisa - Lily
28/12/18Hatchie - Adored
04/01/19Hatchie - Adored
11/01/19Farao - Marry Me
18/01/19Farao - Marry Me
25/01/19Farao - Marry Me
01/02/19Farao - Marry Me
08/02/19Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger
15/02/19Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger
22/02/19Stella Donnelly - Lunch
01/03/19Stella Donnelly - Lunch
08/03/19Weyes Blood - Everyday
15/03/19Weyes Blood - Everyday
22/03/19Weyes Blood - Everyday
29/03/19Weyes Blood - Everyday
05/04/19Weyes Blood - Everyday
12/04/19Weyes Blood - Everyday
19/04/19Weyes Blood - Andromeda
26/04/19Ruby Fields - Climate
03/05/19Ruby Fields - Climate
10/05/19Ruby Fields - Climate
17/05/19Ruby Fields - Climate
24/05/19Ladytron - Tower Of Glass
31/05/19Stealing Sheep - Show Love
07/06/19Stealing Sheep - Show Love
14/06/19Stealing Sheep - Show Love
21/06/19Stealing Sheep - Show Love

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January 4, 2019

2019 is off to a fresh start as a song released in March 2017 enters the top 10.

010110Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
020804Farao - Marry Me
030508Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
040211Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
050308EUT - Sour Times
060409The Goon Sax - Make Time 4 Love
070706Sharon Van Etten - Jupiter 4
080904Gauci - Paradise
091403Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger
101205Ex:Re - Romance
111011Friendly Fires - Heaven Let Me In
121507Julia Jacklin - Head Alone
130611Jack Grace - owe u one
141603Donna Missal - Jupiter
152102Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
161113Clea - Dreaming
172304Foxing - Lich Prince
181804Parcels - Exotica
192805TEEN - Only Water
202902Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
212402Disq - Communication
222203Ceres - Kiss Me Crying
231312Lupa J - Drift
241710Yumi Zouma - Powder Blue / Cascine Park
253602MorMor - Pass The Hours
263103Luboku - 50 Days
273202Young The Giant - Superposition
28NE01Haley Blais - Best Thing
292007Akouo - So Long
303402Holiday Sidewinder - Whispers
311906Gwenno - Eus Keus?
32NE01Amanda Shires - Leave It Alone
332706Cloud Nothings - Offer An End
343702Thyla - Blue
35NE01Men I Trust - Say, Can You Hear
362514Methyl Ethel - Scream Whole
37NE01David Bazan - Thread
382613Sleepclub - Slow Down
393005CLEWS - Crushed
403309Laura Jean - Girls On The TV

Anna Calvi - Eden
Nite Jewel - On Your Own
Mick Jenkins - Understood
upsidedownhead ft. E^ST - future loser
January 11, 2019

Just a reminder that on January 14th & 15th I'll be counting down my top 100 songs of 2018. Both halves will kick off at 6 PM AEDT.
After a big leap last week Farao's "Marry Me" hits #1 making her the second Norwegian artist to get there. On the debut front is the very first 2019 release to make it in here. Priests made my chart early on in 2017 with a song that I knew was from 2016, so this could be considered poetic justice of sorts. The remaining new entrants are very different Australian 2018 leftovers from The Ocean Party & Ivey.

010205Farao - Marry Me (1 week at #1)
020111Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
030309Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
040412Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
050509EUT - Sour Times
060805Gauci - Paradise
070904Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger
080707Sharon Van Etten - Jupiter 4
090610The Goon Sax - Make Time 4 Love
101503Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
111006Ex:Re - Romance
121705Foxing - Lich Prince
131208Julia Jacklin - Head Alone
141906TEEN - Only Water
152003Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
161404Donna Missal - Jupiter
171112Friendly Fires - Heaven Let Me In
182103Disq - Communication
192204Ceres - Kiss Me Crying
202503MorMor - Pass The Hours
211312Jack Grace - owe u one
222703Young The Giant - Superposition
232802Haley Blais - Best Thing
242604Luboku - 50 Days
251805Parcels - Exotica
263003Holiday Sidewinder - Whispers
271614Clea - Dreaming
283202Amanda Shires - Leave It Alone
292313Lupa J - Drift
302411Yumi Zouma - Powder Blue / Cascine Park
313502Men I Trust - Say, Can You Hear
323702David Bazan - Thread
33NE01Priests - The Seduction Of Kansas
343403Thyla - Blue
35NE01The Ocean Party - What It’s Worth
362908Akouo - So Long
373307Cloud Nothings - Offer An End
383107Gwenno - Eus Keus?
39NE01Ivey - Won’t Be
403906CLEWS - Crushed

Methyl Ethel - Scream Whole
Sleepclub - Slow Down
Laura Jean - Girls On The TV
January 18, 2019

The amount of 2019 music doubles!

010106Farao - Marry Me (2 weeks at #1)
020212Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
030310Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
040705Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger
050606Gauci - Paradise
060413Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
070510EUT - Sour Times
081004Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
091206Foxing - Lich Prince
100808Sharon Van Etten - Jupiter 4
111407TEEN - Only Water
121504Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
130911The Goon Sax - Make Time 4 Love
141107Ex:Re - Romance
151309Julia Jacklin - Head Alone
161605Donna Missal - Jupiter
171804Disq - Communication
181905Ceres - Kiss Me Crying
192004MorMor - Pass The Hours
202303Haley Blais - Best Thing
212204Young The Giant - Superposition
222405Luboku - 50 Days
232604Holiday Sidewinder - Whispers
242803Amanda Shires - Leave It Alone
252506Parcels - Exotica
26NE01Stella Donnelly - Old Man
273203David Bazan - Thread
283302Priests - The Seduction Of Kansas
291713Friendly Fires - Heaven Let Me In
30NE01Stevie Jean - Estranged
312715Clea - Dreaming
323103Men I Trust - Say, Can You Hear
333502The Ocean Party - What It’s Worth
343404Thyla - Blue
352113Jack Grace - owe u one
362914Lupa J - Drift
373708Cloud Nothings - Offer An End
383902Ivey - Won’t Be
39NE01Daughters - The Reason They Hate Me
403808Gwenno - Eus Keus?

Yumi Zouma - Powder Blue / Cascine Park
Akouo - So Long
CLEWS - Crushed
January 25, 2019

On my chart this week:
- 3 songs actually released in 2019 debut! The 2 2018 debuts are December releases at least.
- It's been a very good week for Cub Sport and now they debut here as well.
- I am somehow charting an artist that has collaborated with Tom Walker.

010107Farao - Marry Me (3 weeks at #1)
020406Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger
030311Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
040213Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
050805Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
060907Foxing - Lich Prince
070507Gauci - Paradise
080614Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
091108TEEN - Only Water
101205Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
110711EUT - Sour Times
121009Sharon Van Etten - Jupiter 4
131312The Goon Sax - Make Time 4 Love
141606Donna Missal - Jupiter
151408Ex:Re - Romance
161705Disq - Communication
171806Ceres - Kiss Me Crying
181905MorMor - Pass The Hours
191510Julia Jacklin - Head Alone
202004Haley Blais - Best Thing
212602Stella Donnelly - Old Man
222105Young The Giant - Superposition
232206Luboku - 50 Days
24NE01Cub Sport - Summer Lover
253002Stevie Jean - Estranged
262305Holiday Sidewinder - Whispers
272803Priests - The Seduction Of Kansas
282404Amanda Shires - Leave It Alone
292704David Bazan - Thread
30NE01Weyes Blood - Andromeda
313303The Ocean Party - What It’s Worth
32NE01dodie - Monster
332507Parcels - Exotica
343405Thyla - Blue
35NE01A.D.K.O.B - Chalkline
363902Daughters - The Reason They Hate Me
373116Clea - Dreaming
392914Friendly Fires - Heaven Let Me In
403204Men I Trust - Say, Can You Hear

Jack Grace - owe u one
Lupa J - Drift
Cloud Nothings - Offer An End
Ivey - Won’t Be
Gwenno - Eus Keus?
February 1, 2019

Not much going on in the top of the list but at least all 5 debuts were actually released in 2019!

010108Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
020207Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger
030312Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
040414Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
050506Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
060608Foxing - Lich Prince
070708Gauci - Paradise
080909TEEN - Only Water
091006Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
100815Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
111407Donna Missal - Jupiter
121707Ceres - Kiss Me Crying
131806MorMor - Pass The Hours
141606Disq - Communication
151112EUT - Sour Times
162103Stella Donnelly - Old Man
172503Stevie Jean - Estranged
182005Haley Blais - Best Thing
192402Cub Sport - Summer Lover
201509Ex:Re - Romance
211210Sharon Van Etten - Jupiter 4
222206Young The Giant - Superposition
231313The Goon Sax - Make Time 4 Love
24NE01Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
252704Priests - The Seduction Of Kansas
262307Luboku - 50 Days
273202dodie - Monster
28NE01Alice Merton - Learn To Live
29NE01The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
303002Weyes Blood - Andromeda
312805Amanda Shires - Leave It Alone
323502A.D.K.O.B - Chalkline
333104The Ocean Party - What It’s Worth
341911Julia Jacklin - Head Alone
352506Holiday Sidewinder - Whispers
36NE01Sunflower Bean - Fear City
38NE01Deerhunter - Plains
392905David Bazan - Thread
404005Men I Trust - Say, Can You Hear

Parcels - Exotica
Thyla - Blue
Daughters - The Reason They Hate Me
Clea - Dreaming
Friendly Fires - Heaven Let Me In
February 8, 2019

2017 has officially begun! Benifitting from me taking Spotify release dates at face value, Cathedrals' nearly 2 year old "Don't Act Like A Stranger" graces the #1 spot this week. This means the honeymoon is over for Farao as "Marry Me" is pushed down to #2. Methyl Ethel hold on "Real Tight" at #3. Caroline Rose & Foxing both climb 1 spot to round out the top 5 this week. Stevie Jean's belated 2018 charter "Estranged" jumps up to #10, making her the second former Unearthed High finalist to score a top 10 after Lupa J.

My jinx imitation continues as there are 6 debuts this week. Stella Donnelly follows up "Old Man" rather quickly with "Lunch". It's her 3rd entry to date and instantly her 3rd top 20 hit as well. She also has 2 of the 3 highest 2019 songs on the chart currently.
The first beneficiary of my effort to better keep track of which songs I consider album highlights. Sharon Van Etten also gets her 3rd chart entry with "No One's Easy To Love".
They had a few songs in my 2014 playlist and although nothing actually made my EOY, Ex Hex did feel like a band that I could potentially get into at some point. That might be coming true now with "Tough Enough" debuting at #29.
Nilüfer Yanya very briefly made my chart last year with "Thanks 4 Nothing" which reached #36. "In Your Head" instantly outpeaks it by entering at #31.
Methyl Ethel were already the first artist to get 5 entries here and now they are also the first to get 6. "Trip The Mains" the 3rd single of their 3rd album enters at #33 while "Real Tight" is #3.
While listening to the Hottest 100 this year I realized I really enjoy Thelma Plum's "Clumsy Love". Perhaps this could be seen as compensation but "Not Angry Anymore" is a genuinely strong follow-up and it comes in at #38 this week.

010208Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (1 week at #1)
020109Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
030313Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
040507Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
050609Foxing - Lich Prince
060415Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
070709Gauci - Paradise
080810TEEN - Only Water
090907Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
101704Stevie Jean - Estranged
111407Disq - Communication
121307MorMor - Pass The Hours
131604Stella Donnelly - Old Man
141108Donna Missal - Jupiter
151208Ceres - Kiss Me Crying
161016Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
172402Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
181903Cub Sport - Summer Lover
19NE01Stella Donnelly - Lunch
201806Haley Blais - Best Thing
211513EUT - Sour Times
222802Alice Merton - Learn To Live
233602Sunflower Bean - Fear City
242703dodie - Monster
253003Weyes Blood - Andromeda
262902The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
27NE01Sharon Van Etten - No One’s Easy To Love
282505Priests - The Seduction Of Kansas
29NE01Ex Hex - Tough Enough
303203A.D.K.O.B - Chalkline
31NE01Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
322010Ex:Re - Romance
33NE01Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
342314The Goon Sax - Make Time 4 Love
352111Sharon Van Etten - Jupiter 4
363802Deerhunter - Plains
38NE01Thelma Plum - Not Angry Anymore
392207Young The Giant - Superposition
403106Amanda Shires - Leave It Alone

Luboku - 50 Days
The Ocean Party - What It’s Worth
Julia Jacklin - Head Alone
Holiday Sidewinder - Whispers
David Bazan - Thread
Men I Trust - Say, Can You Hear
From your #1s (where I must acknowledge The xx, Ali Barter, Kendrick, double Wolf Alice!, Cults, St. Vincent, BROCKHAMPTON, Let's Eat Grandma & Mitski <3) and what I do know here, I trust your taste enough that I will enjoy what I check out from here! I know Marry Me, which is very dreamy, as is every Hatchie song. Happy to see Stella, Moaning Lisa, Vampire Weekend, Cub Sport, Ex:Re & HEALTH here & new entries for Stella, Methyl Ethel and Thelma Plum! poor Holiday Sidewinder seemingly crashing out but glad someone knows it, it's great :p (also I'm not complaining at anyone else openly imitating other people's charts since that was me with my 2015 charts & 392's chart layout, rip to both charts )
February 15, 2019

It feels like 2019 music is really starting to settle in for me. You will not notice that based on the top 5 this week which is identical to last week's top 5. Otherwise there's plenty going on however. Stella Donnelly scores her second AND third top 10 hit with "Lunch" and "Old Man". "Lunch" also matches the #7 peak of "Mechanical Bull". Vampire Weekend also enter the top 10 with "Harmony Hall". Part of me thinks this would be their first top 10 hit even if I did this chart for a longer time but it's hard to say for sure.

I was extremely late on Charly Bliss' 2017 single "Percolator", which peaked at #2 on my chart at around this time last year. I am sort of making up for it now with "Capacity", the lead single of their second album, making a quick impression at #23.
I have only heard two Weyes Blood songs and they are both on my chart currently. True love is making a comeback as "Everyday" enters at #25.
Partially because of the ACI and partially because of Buzzjack's reshuffle game, Mabel's UK top 10 hit "Don't Call Me Up" is #31.
I believe they are releasing a new song on the day that I post this. But "Exits", the lead single of the first of two albums Foals plan to release this year, debuts at #34.
This artist just released a new song and her album also comes out the same day as Foals' coincidentally. Former Cherry Glazerr member SASAMI debuts at #37 with "Jealousy".

010109Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (2 weeks at #1)
020210Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
030314Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
040408Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
050510Foxing - Lich Prince
061005Stevie Jean - Estranged
071902Stella Donnelly - Lunch
080710Gauci - Paradise
091703Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
101305Stella Donnelly - Old Man
110616Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
121804Cub Sport - Summer Lover
130811TEEN - Only Water
140908Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
152504Weyes Blood - Andromeda
161108Disq - Communication
171208MorMor - Pass The Hours
182902Ex Hex - Tough Enough
192203Alice Merton - Learn To Live
201617Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
213102Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
223302Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
23NE01Charly Bliss - Capacity
242404dodie - Monster
25NE01Weyes Blood - Everyday
262603The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
272702Sharon Van Etten - No One’s Easy To Love
282303Sunflower Bean - Fear City
291509Ceres - Kiss Me Crying
303004A.D.K.O.B - Chalkline
31NE01Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
321409Donna Missal - Jupiter
332114EUT - Sour Times
34NE01Foals - Exits
352007Haley Blais - Best Thing
363802Thelma Plum - Not Angry Anymore
37NE01SASAMI - Jealousy
383603Deerhunter - Plains
392806Priests - The Seduction Of Kansas
403211Ex:Re - Romance

The Goon Sax - Make Time 4 Love
Sharon Van Etten - Jupiter 4
Young The Giant - Superposition
Amanda Shires - Leave It Alone
February 22, 2019

The top of my chart is 22 months fresher than it was last week. That's right, I finally have a #1 that was released in 2019. I have skipped breakfast and gone straight to "Lunch" by Stella Donnelly. It's the 40th song to hit #1 to date. "Don’t Act Like A Stranger" and "Marry Me" drop 1 spot each to fill out the top 3. Stevie Jean's "Estranged" moves up to #4 matching the peak of fellow Unearthed High alumni Lupa J. New to the top 10 are Weyes Blood's "Andromeda" ("Everyday" is also up to #12) and Cub Sport's "Summer Lover".

A more low key week for debuts as they're all below #30 but there's still 4 of them, all from artist new to the chart.
I quite like the new Broods album! There were a few album tracks that had chart potential but I decided to go with "Why Do You Believe Me?" which is the highest debut this week at #31. Contrary to what I just said I nearly charted "Won't Hurt" by The Venus Project (a solo outing from Georgia Nott) last year.
I was vaguely aware of Terror Jr before this year and decided to listen to their album out of curiosity. Yet another album track here as "Have You" comes in at #34.
The obligatory Australian debut comes from dreampoppers Seaside with "Habits" at #36. I'm torn between making a Tove Lo or a Bishop Briggs reference here.
Finally there's American rock band FEELS with "Awful Need" at #38. They should not be confused with Australian production duo Feels who incidentally did a song with Stella Donnelly last year. To paraphrase Kiiara there are way too many feels.

010703Stella Donnelly - Lunch (1 week at #1)
020110Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (2 weeks at #1)
030211Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
040606Stevie Jean - Estranged
050409Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
060904Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
071006Stella Donnelly - Old Man
081505Weyes Blood - Andromeda
090315Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
101205Cub Sport - Summer Lover
110511Foxing - Lich Prince
122502Weyes Blood - Everyday
131803Ex Hex - Tough Enough
142203Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
152302Charly Bliss - Capacity
160811Gauci - Paradise
172103Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
181904Alice Merton - Learn To Live
191312TEEN - Only Water
201409Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
212405dodie - Monster
222604The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
231117Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
241709MorMor - Pass The Hours
252804Sunflower Bean - Fear City
263102Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
272703Sharon Van Etten - No One’s Easy To Love
282018Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
291609Disq - Communication
303005A.D.K.O.B - Chalkline
31NE01Broods - Why Do You Believe Me?
323402Foals - Exits
333804Deerhunter - Plains
34NE01Terror Jr - Have You
353603Thelma Plum - Not Angry Anymore
36NE01Seaside - Habits
373702SASAMI - Jealousy
38NE01FEELS - Awful Need
392910Ceres - Kiss Me Crying
403210Donna Missal - Jupiter

EUT - Sour Times
Haley Blais - Best Thing
Priests - The Seduction Of Kansas
Ex:Re - Romance
March 1, 2019

Stella Donnelly & Cathedrals maintain their #1 & #2 positions respectively but there are some shifts right below that could change that soon. Vampire Weekend’s “Harmony Hall” is up 3 spots to #3. Weyes Blood’s “Everyday” continues its fast ascent as it moves up from #12 to #4 surpassing her previous single “Andromeda”. Also, because I have to maintain my brand, Methyl Ethel’s “Trip The Mains” becomes their fifth top 10 hit out of their six entries right as “Real Tight” leaves the top 10.

Once again there are 4 debuts. None of these artists have charted before but they’ve all had music I’ve enjoyed previously.
The top debut this week is for Jessie Ware. “Your Domino”, obviously everyone’s favorite 2017 Jessie Ware single, did come somewhat close previously. “Adore You” enters at #27.
I feel like my chart has been lacking bangers these past few months but that changes right now. While “Jupiter” (number undetermined) from last year was fairly impressive it’s “Dare You Not To Dance” that gets Haiku Hands over the line at #29.
And I’m not done with dance-ish Australian stuff surprisingly. Alice Ivy’s previous material was somewhat Avalanches-esque old timey sample based stuff but this song is a bit closer to featured artist Flint Eastwood’s work. A clear case of The New ARIA Logo impact, “Close To You” debuts at #32.
Little May did very well in my 2015 list with “Home”. The battle with Austra’s “Home” in my end of decade list will be quite something. Like Olympia they’ve already reached the Double J phase of their career two albums in, but of course that doesn’t mean the music isn’t good all of a sudden. “Apples” at #38 should keep the doctor away.

010104Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
020211Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (2 weeks at #1)
030605Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
041203Weyes Blood - Everyday
050312Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
060707Stella Donnelly - Old Man
070806Weyes Blood - Andromeda
081006Cub Sport - Summer Lover
090407Stevie Jean - Estranged
101404Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
110510Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
121503Charly Bliss - Capacity
131304Ex Hex - Tough Enough
141704Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
150916Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
161112Foxing - Lich Prince
172205The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
181805Alice Merton - Learn To Live
192106dodie - Monster
202505Sunflower Bean - Fear City
212603Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
221612Gauci - Paradise
232704Sharon Van Etten - No One’s Easy To Love
242010Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
251913TEEN - Only Water
263402Terror Jr - Have You
27NE01Jessie Ware - Adore You
283102Broods - Why Do You Believe Me?
29NE01Haiku Hands - Dare You Not To Dance
303504Thelma Plum - Not Angry Anymore
313006A.D.K.O.B - Chalkline
32NE01Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
333602Seaside - Habits
343203Foals - Exits
352819Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
362318Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
373703SASAMI - Jealousy
38NE01Little May - Apples
392410MorMor - Pass The Hours
403305Deerhunter - Plains

Disq - Communication
FEELS - Awful Need
Ceres - Kiss Me Crying
Donna Missal - Jupiter
March 8, 2019

It was a close call but Stella Donnelly’s “Lunch” has receded from the #1 spot after only 2 weeks. Replacing it is Weyes Blood’s “Everyday” which was simply the logical choice for this week. The whole top 5 this week is from 2019, Vampire Weekend remain at #3 with “Harmony Hall”. At #4 & #5 it’s Stella Donnelly & Weyes Blood with the songs released before their #1’s that reach new peaks this week. I believe this is the first time 2 artists have 2 songs in my top 5 at the same time. Ex Hex & Nilüfer Yanya enter the top 10 for the first time, bringing it closer to being all 2019.

5 debuts this week. I have not heard anything from Slow Club, the band British artist Self Esteem was in before she went solo. This song from her album quickly emerged as a standout for me. “Monster” comes in at #23. It doubles the “Monster” count on my chart and doubles the chances of me making a reference to that one Jay-Z verse in my EOY.
I think I’ve called Sloan Peterson a band in the past but I believe she is actually a solo act. Certainly an appropriate entry for this week considering a song called “Rats” made our combined list last week. “Here”, which certainly does not share its title with anything else, enters at #26. Her entry from last year, “Our Love”, only reached #36 so this is already a new peak for her.
I’ve heard this on the radio a bit and it’s grown on me a lot so I’m charting it now. Pond make their mark with “Daisy” at #32. Which means that largely due to the timing of when I started my chart Pond have made my chart before Tame Impala have.
The definition of perfect timing, Hatchie has just left the chart with #1 hit “Adored” and here is her new song. “Without A Blush” modestly comes in at #35.
Better Oblivion Community Center is the collaborative effort between Phoebe Bridgers and Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst. It’s the first time in for both of them although I slightly regret not charting Phoebe Bridgers’ “Motion Sickness” back in 2017. “Exception To The Rule” has been bubbling under for a little while and it is #38 for this week.

010404Weyes Blood - Everyday (1 week at #1)
020105Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
030306Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
040608Stella Donnelly - Old Man
050707Weyes Blood - Andromeda
060212Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (2 weeks at #1)
070807Cub Sport - Summer Lover
081305Ex Hex - Tough Enough
091405Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
101005Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
111204Charly Bliss - Capacity
120908Stevie Jean - Estranged
130513Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
141111Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
151706The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
162702Jessie Ware - Adore You
172006Sunflower Bean - Fear City
182104Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
191907dodie - Monster
202603Terror Jr - Have You
211806Alice Merton - Learn To Live
222902Haiku Hands - Dare You Not To Dance
23NE01Self Esteem - Monster
243005Thelma Plum - Not Angry Anymore
251613Foxing - Lich Prince
26NE01Sloan Peterson - Here
273202Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
282803Broods - Why Do You Believe Me?
293303Seaside - Habits
301517Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
312305Sharon Van Etten - No One’s Easy To Love
32NE01Pond - Daisy
332213Gauci - Paradise
343802Little May - Apples
35NE01Hatchie - Without A Blush
362514TEEN - Only Water
372411Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
38NE01Better Oblivion Community Center - Exception To The Rule
393404Foals - Exits
403520Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)

A.D.K.O.B - Chalkline
Hatchie - Adored (2 weeks at #1)
SASAMI - Jealousy
MorMor - Pass The Hours
Deerhunter - Plains
March 15, 2019

Stella Donnelly’s album came out last week so I could have put “Lunch” back at #1 but I did not and it’s #2 again. Instead, Weyes Blood gets a second week at #1 with ”Everyday”. The top 3 remains the same as last week while Weyes Blood’s other entry “Andromeda” moves up 1 spot to #4. Lower down, Charly Bliss score their second top 10 hit with “Capacity”.

A bumper week with 6 debuts, there’s a lot of good stuff around at the moment. I first heard of The Japanese House thanks to “Cool Blue” which triple j played a decent bit and is a song I enjoy. Several fairly solid singles followed but it’s an album track from her debut which is her first appearence here. “You Seemed So Happy” enters at #23.
I did not chart “Dinosaurs” by Ruby Fields but it grew on me to the point that it made my top 300 of 2018. “Climate” was a lot more instant for me and it comes in at #26.
Pom Poko are not the first Norwegian band to make my chart after hearing of them through triple j but they’re quite different from Sløtface I think. “My Work Is Full of Art” is an interesting beast and it’s #30 this week.
Barrie were quite unlucky with “Canyons” just missing my EOY top 100 last year. Maybe they can do it this year though? Their second entry “Darjeeling” is #34.
Having a slighty weird band name is certainly a good way to get my attention. Other than that Tacocat’s “Grains Of Salt” is just a very me-core song though and it debuts at #35.
Lastly, there had been no debuts by Dutch artists on my chart in 2019 up until now but this week I’m charting someone from here. Someone’s “From Here” debuts at #38.

010105Weyes Blood - Everyday (2 weeks at #1)
020206Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
030307Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
040508Weyes Blood - Andromeda
050409Stella Donnelly - Old Man
060906Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
070806Ex Hex - Tough Enough
081006Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
091105Charly Bliss - Capacity
100708Cub Sport - Summer Lover
110613Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (2 weeks at #1)
121603Jessie Ware - Adore You
131707Sunflower Bean - Fear City
141507The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
151805Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
161209Stevie Jean - Estranged
172302Self Esteem - Monster
182004Terror Jr - Have You
192602Sloan Peterson - Here
201314Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
212203Haiku Hands - Dare You Not To Dance
222703Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
23NE01The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
241908dodie - Monster
253202Pond - Daisy
26NE01Ruby Fields - Climate
272107Alice Merton - Learn To Live
281412Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
293502Hatchie - Without A Blush
30NE01Pom Poko - My Work Is Full Of Art
312406Thelma Plum - Not Angry Anymore
322904Seaside - Habits
333403Little May - Apples
34NE01Barrie - Darjeeling
35NE01Tacocat - Grains Of Salt
362804Broods - Why Do You Believe Me?
373802Better Oblivion Community Center - Exception To The Rule
38NE01Someone - From Here
392514Foxing - Lich Prince
403018Methyl Ethel - Real Tight

Sharon Van Etten - No One’s Easy To Love
Gauci - Paradise
TEEN - Only Water
Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain
Foals - Exits
Moaning Lisa - Lily (7 weeks at #1)
March 22, 2019

For a third week in a row the top 3 is the same and #4 is also the same as last week. As far as movement in the top 10 goes, Ex Hex reach #5 with “Tough Enough” and The Lazy Susans make the top 10 for the first time with “R U OK?”.

Only 3 new entries this week and they’re all from Oceania. Gold Fields are perhaps most notable for at one point having the most played song on triple j that was originally uploaded to triple j Unearthed. “Cocoon” impressed me rather quickly and it enters at #28.
Approachable Members Of Your Local Community stand out because of their name of course. They make my chart for the first time thanks to a collaboration with Heaps Good Friends, who have made my chart before and tend to have quite eye-catching song titles. The potentially table destroying “One I Need” debuts at #35.
I did not realize Tiny Ruins were from New Zealand until I saw that their album charted there. “Sparklers” from that album is quite a solid deep cut and it’s #37 this week.

010106Weyes Blood - Everyday (3 weeks at #1)
020207Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
030308Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
040409Weyes Blood - Andromeda
050707Ex Hex - Tough Enough
060510Stella Donnelly - Old Man
070807Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
080906Charly Bliss - Capacity
091408The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
100607Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
111009Cub Sport - Summer Lover
121204Jessie Ware - Adore You
131703Self Esteem - Monster
141506Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
151114Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (2 weeks at #1)
162602Ruby Fields - Climate
171805Terror Jr - Have You
182302The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
191903Sloan Peterson - Here
201308Sunflower Bean - Fear City
211610Stevie Jean - Estranged
222015Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
232204Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
242104Haiku Hands - Dare You Not To Dance
252503Pond - Daisy
263402Barrie - Darjeeling
272903Hatchie - Without A Blush
28NE01Gold Fields - Cocoon
293002Pom Poko - My Work Is Full Of Art
303304Little May - Apples
313502Tacocat - Grains Of Salt
322813Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
333107Thelma Plum - Not Angry Anymore
342409dodie - Monster
35NE01Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need
363802Someone - From Here
37NE01Tiny Ruins - Sparklers
383205Seaside - Habits
392708Alice Merton - Learn To Live
403703Better Oblivion Community Center - Exception To The Rule

Broods - Why Do You Believe Me?
Foxing - Lich Prince
Methyl Ethel - Real Tight
March 29, 2019

Weyes Blood’s “Everyday” is #1 for a fourth week meaning it has been #1 every day for the past 28 days. “Andromeda” has moved up to #2 meaning Weyes Blood is the second artist to have both of the top 2 songs in my chart at the same time, Gang Of Youths previously did in September 2017 with “Let Me Down Easy” and “The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows”. Gang Of Youths did not replace themselves at #1 so it remains to be seen if it can happen now. In other news, Jessie Ware enters the top 10 for the first time with “Adore You”.

A total of cuatro (four) debuts this week. Cate le Bon’s “I Can’t Help You” did not make my 2013 EOY but I liked it enough that I did a very poorly written review of it about a year ago. Anyways, “Daylight Matters” is the highest debut this week at #29. She becomes the second Welsh artist to make my chart after Gwenno (who unlike Cate le Bon also sings in Welsh, these are the interesting factoids you’ve been missing in the time I didn’t do commentary).
Now for something much heavier than, well, pretty much anything I’ve charted. That said, Baroness did place fairly high in my 2015 EOY with “Shock Me” so this is not exactly unprecedented. They have returned with “Borderlines” at #31.
It’s by far the most obscure album I’ve heard this year so far (it’s an Australian release, of course) but Married Man’s “Hard Bargain” is a fairly enjoyable listen. The title track enters at #35.
triple j stockholm syndrome is an immensely powerful force because yes that’s right I’m charting Ocean Alley. Flume and Kendrick Lamar have both made my chart previously but Ocean Alley are the first Hottest 100 winners to chart after having actually wo- wait I’ve charted Kimbra like 3 times. Uh, regardless “Stained Glass” comes in at #37.

010107Weyes Blood - Everyday (4 weeks at #1)
020410Weyes Blood - Andromeda
030208Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
040508Ex Hex - Tough Enough
050807Charly Bliss - Capacity
060309Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
070708Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
081008Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
091205Jessie Ware - Adore You
100909The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
111304Self Esteem - Monster
120611Stella Donnelly - Old Man
131110Cub Sport - Summer Lover
141407Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
151603Ruby Fields - Climate
161803The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
172504Pond - Daisy
181904Sloan Peterson - Here
192305Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
202603Barrie - Darjeeling
211706Terror Jr - Have You
222009Sunflower Bean - Fear City
231515Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (2 weeks at #1)
242704Hatchie - Without A Blush
252111Stevie Jean - Estranged
262802Gold Fields - Cocoon
273005Little May - Apples
282903Pom Poko - My Work Is Full Of Art
29NE01Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
302216Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
31NE01Baroness - Borderlines
322405Haiku Hands - Dare You Not To Dance
333502Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need
343103Tacocat - Grains Of Salt
35NE01Married Man - Hard Bargain
363702Tiny Ruins - Sparklers
37NE01Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
383308Thelma Plum - Not Angry Anymore
393603Someone - From Here
403806Seaside - Habits

Caroline Rose - Getting To Me
dodie - Monster
Alice Merton - Learn To Live
Better Oblivion Community Center - Exception To The Rule
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April 5, 2019

Her album is out this week and Weyes Blood still occupies the top 2 spots on my chart this week and in the same order as before. Moving up to #3 is Ex Hex with “Tough Enough”. Self Esteem & Ruby Fields enter the top 10 for the first time with their respective entries.

The total of debuts is 4. That is also the amount of entries Middle Kids have as of this week. From their upcoming [s]EP[/s] mini-album “Real Thing” enters at #24.
Ladytron were gone for a little while to the point that their last album before this came out before where I currently am with my retroactive EOY’s. It’s the second week in a row with a glass entry because “Tower Of Glass” debuts at #26.
Just like Middle Kids, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever enter with their fourth entry to date. Notably they have not made the top 25 here before however. Maybe that will change with “In The Capital” which enters at #30 for now.
Finally, in the category of bands I can’t say much about other than they have a slightly weird name. British group Stealing Sheep debut at #31 with “Show Love”. In somewhat amusing timing it slightly reminds me of I Know Leopard’s “Rather Be Lonely”.

010108Weyes Blood - Everyday (5 weeks at #1)
020211Weyes Blood - Andromeda
030409Ex Hex - Tough Enough
040508Charly Bliss - Capacity
050309Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
060610Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
070906Jessie Ware - Adore You
080709Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
091105Self Esteem - Monster
101504Ruby Fields - Climate
110809Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
121705Pond - Daisy
131805Sloan Peterson - Here
141010The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
151604The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
161212Stella Donnelly - Old Man
171311Cub Sport - Summer Lover
181906Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
192004Barrie - Darjeeling
201408Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
212603Gold Fields - Cocoon
222902Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
232107Terror Jr - Have You
24NE01Middle Kids - Real Thing
252405Hatchie - Without A Blush
26NE01Ladytron - Tower Of Glass
273702Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
283102Baroness - Borderlines
292210Sunflower Bean - Fear City
30NE01Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital
31NE01Stealing Sheep - Show Love
323303Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need
332804Pom Poko - My Work Is Full Of Art
342316Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (2 weeks at #1)
353502Married Man - Hard Bargain
363603Tiny Ruins - Sparklers
372706Little May - Apples
382512Stevie Jean - Estranged
393017Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
403404Tacocat - Grains Of Salt

Haiku Hands - Dare You Not To Dance
Thelma Plum - Not Angry Anymore
Someone - From Here
Seaside - Habits
April 12, 2019

There is some movement this week but Weyes Blood still has the top 2 songs and in the same order as before. Charly Bliss get closer to matching the #2 peak of “Percolator” with “Capacity” moving up to #3. Self Esteem and Ruby Fields enter the top 5 for the first time and The Japanese House and Pond enter the top 10 for the first time.

Hatchie is still charting with “Without A Blush” currently and because she’s not done “Stay With Me” is the highest new entry this week at #29. It’s her third entry overall.
I almost forgot to listen to the new Priests album because well, look at the top 2 of my chart currently. Album closer “Texas Instruments” is quite impressive and it becomes Priests’ fourth entry here, debuting at #32.
Now for something that hasn’t been on my chart before if I remember correctly: british rap! I think I need to give Dave’s album another full listen at some point. I’ve been enjoying the most popular song from it though, the Burna Boy-featuring “Location”, so it’s in at #34.
Lastly, this has been in my bubbling under playlist for a while but I finally found room for it here this week. Annie Bass’ “In Your Arms” is in at #38.

010109Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
020212Weyes Blood - Andromeda
030409Charly Bliss - Capacity
040906Self Esteem - Monster
051005Ruby Fields - Climate
060310Ex Hex - Tough Enough
070510Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
081206Pond - Daisy
090707Jessie Ware - Adore You
101505The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
110611Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
120810Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
131905Barrie - Darjeeling
141306Sloan Peterson - Here
152602Ladytron - Tower Of Glass
162203Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
172104Gold Fields - Cocoon
182402Middle Kids - Real Thing
191110Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
201807Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
213102Stealing Sheep - Show Love
222506Hatchie - Without A Blush
232703Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
243002Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital
253204Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need
261712Cub Sport - Summer Lover
271613Stella Donnelly - Old Man
282308Terror Jr - Have You
29NE01Hatchie - Stay With Me
302009Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
312803Baroness - Borderlines
32NE01Priests - Texas Instruments
331411The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
34NE01Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
353503Married Man - Hard Bargain
362911Sunflower Bean - Fear City
373305Pom Poko - My Work Is Full Of Art
38NE01Annie Bass - In Your Arms
393604Tiny Ruins - Sparklers
403707Little May - Apples

Cathedrals - Don’t Act Like A Stranger (2 weeks at #1)
Stevie Jean - Estranged
Farao - Marry Me (4 weeks at #1)
Tacocat - Grains Of Salt
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April 19, 2019

After 6 weeks of Weyes Blood’s “Everyday” being #1 there’s a new #1 on my chart….. which is also by Weyes Blood. “Andromeda” has pulled a The Hills on this chart by reaching #1 after the arguably more accessible single that followed it up. Finishing off the top 3 is Ruby Fields with “Climate”.

I don’t know much about Hey Violet but they had an ARIA top 100 hit in 2016 so they’re probably one of the more notable artists on my chart currently. “Better By Myself” is the highest debut this week at #29.
Because it is apparently 2010 again, Yeasayer chart for the first time with “Fluttering In The Floodlights” at #31.
Someone, the Dutch artist with a very generic name but quite nice single cover art, is back on my chart. “I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You” already passes the #36 peak of “From Here” by debuting at #33.
Another artist that has made my chart before this year except they are still currently charting. It’s Charly Bliss who get their third entry in total with “Hard To Believe” getting in at #35.

010213Weyes Blood - Andromeda (1 week at #1)
020110Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
030506Ruby Fields - Climate
040407Self Esteem - Monster
050310Charly Bliss - Capacity
060807Pond - Daisy
071006The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
080611Ex Hex - Tough Enough
090711Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
100908Jessie Ware - Adore You
111306Barrie - Darjeeling
121503Ladytron - Tower Of Glass
131705Gold Fields - Cocoon
141112Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
151604Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
162103Stealing Sheep - Show Love
171803Middle Kids - Real Thing
181407Sloan Peterson - Here
192008Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
202304Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
212505Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need
221211Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
232902Hatchie - Stay With Me
242403Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital
251911Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
262207Hatchie - Without A Blush
273202Priests - Texas Instruments
283402Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
29NE01Hey Violet - Better By Myself
302613Cub Sport - Summer Lover
31NE01Yeasayer - Fluttering In The Floodlights
322714Stella Donnelly - Old Man
33NE01Someone - I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You
342809Terror Jr - Have You
35NE01Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
363010Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
373802Annie Bass - In Your Arms
383104Baroness - Borderlines
393504Married Man - Hard Bargain
403312The Lazy Susans - R U OK?

Sunflower Bean - Fear City
Pom Poko - My Work Is Full Of Art
Tiny Ruins - Sparklers
Little May - Apples
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April 26, 2019

010307Ruby Fields - Climate (1 week at #1)
020114Weyes Blood - Andromeda (1 week at #1)
030211Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
040408Self Esteem - Monster
050608Pond - Daisy
060707The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
070511Charly Bliss - Capacity
081107Barrie - Darjeeling
090912Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
100812Ex Hex - Tough Enough
111204Ladytron - Tower Of Glass
121604Stealing Sheep - Show Love
131306Gold Fields - Cocoon
141009Jessie Ware - Adore You
151704Middle Kids - Real Thing
161505Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
171413Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
182106Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need
192005Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
202404Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital
212303Hatchie - Stay With Me
222212Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
232703Priests - Texas Instruments
242902Hey Violet - Better By Myself
252803Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
263502Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
272608Hatchie - Without A Blush
281909Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
291808Sloan Peterson - Here
302512Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
313102Yeasayer - Fluttering In The Floodlights
323302Someone - I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You
333014Cub Sport - Summer Lover
343410Terror Jr - Have You
353703Annie Bass - In Your Arms
36NE01MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
373215Stella Donnelly - Old Man
383805Baroness - Borderlines
393611Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
40NE01Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor

Married Man - Hard Bargain
The Lazy Susans - R U OK?
May 3, 2019

010108Ruby Fields - Climate (2 weeks at #1)
020409Self Esteem - Monster
030312Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
040608The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
050215Weyes Blood - Andromeda (1 week at #1)
060509Pond - Daisy
070808Barrie - Darjeeling
081105Ladytron - Tower Of Glass
091205Stealing Sheep - Show Love
100712Charly Bliss - Capacity
111505Middle Kids - Real Thing
121606Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
131307Gold Fields - Cocoon
140913Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
151013Ex Hex - Tough Enough
162104Hatchie - Stay With Me
171410Jessie Ware - Adore You
182005Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital
192304Priests - Texas Instruments
202403Hey Violet - Better By Myself
211906Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
222603Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
23NE01Jade Bird - Side Effects
242504Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
25NE01Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
261807Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need
271714Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
283203Someone - I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You
29NE01Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind
302213Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
313602MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
323103Yeasayer - Fluttering In The Floodlights
332709Hatchie - Without A Blush
344002Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor
352810Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
363411Terror Jr - Have You
372909Sloan Peterson - Here
383504Annie Bass - In Your Arms
393013Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
403315Cub Sport - Summer Lover

Stella Donnelly - Old Man
Baroness - Borderlines
Mabel - Don’t Call Me Up
May 10, 2019

010109Ruby Fields - Climate (3 weeks at #1)
020409The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
030210Self Esteem - Monster
040709Barrie - Darjeeling
050806Ladytron - Tower Of Glass
060313Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
070906Stealing Sheep - Show Love
080610Pond - Daisy
091207Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
101106Middle Kids - Real Thing
110516Weyes Blood - Andromeda (1 week at #1)
121308Gold Fields - Cocoon
131013Charly Bliss - Capacity
141605Hatchie - Stay With Me
152502Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
162302Jade Bird - Side Effects
172902Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind
182004Hey Violet - Better By Myself
191414Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
202204Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
212405Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
221905Priests - Texas Instruments
231514Ex Hex - Tough Enough
241711Jessie Ware - Adore You
253103MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
262804Someone - I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You
271806Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital
283403Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor
29NE01Tacocat - Hologram
303204Yeasayer - Fluttering In The Floodlights
312107Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
32NE01Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
33NE01Stevan - Timee
342608Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need
352715Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
36NE01Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
373310Hatchie - Without A Blush
383511Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
393014Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
403805Annie Bass - In Your Arms

Terror Jr - Have You
Sloan Peterson - Here
Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
Cub Sport - Summer Lover
May 17, 2019

010110Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)
020210The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
030507Ladytron - Tower Of Glass
040707Stealing Sheep - Show Love
050410Barrie - Darjeeling
060311Self Esteem - Monster
071007Middle Kids - Real Thing
080908Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
090614Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
101603Jade Bird - Side Effects
110811Pond - Daisy
121503Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
131406Hatchie - Stay With Me
141703Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind
151805Hey Violet - Better By Myself
162005Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
171117Weyes Blood - Andromeda (1 week at #1)
181209Gold Fields - Cocoon
192106Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
201314Charly Bliss - Capacity
212504MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
222804Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor
232206Priests - Texas Instruments
241915Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
252902Tacocat - Hologram
263202Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
273602Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
28NE01Bene - Evil Spider
292315Ex Hex - Tough Enough
302412Jessie Ware - Adore You
31NE01Mellow Gang - Little Half
322707Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital
333302Stevan - Timee
34NE01SOAK - Déjà Vu
352605Someone - I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You
363005Yeasayer - Fluttering In The Floodlights
37NE01Of Monsters and Men - Alligator
383108Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
393711Hatchie - Without A Blush
403409Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need

Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall
Alice Ivy ft. Flint Eastwood - Close To You
Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains
Annie Bass - In Your Arms
May 24, 2019

010308Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
020408Stealing Sheep - Show Love
030111Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)
040708Middle Kids - Real Thing
050211The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
060809Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
070511Barrie - Darjeeling
081004Jade Bird - Side Effects
091204Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
101404Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind
110612Self Esteem - Monster
121606Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
131506Hey Violet - Better By Myself
140915Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
151307Hatchie - Stay With Me
161907Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
172603Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
181112Pond - Daisy
192105MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
202205Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor
212503Tacocat - Hologram
221718Weyes Blood - Andromeda (1 week at #1)
231810Gold Fields - Cocoon
24NE01Hatchie - Obsessed
252703Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
262802Bene - Evil Spider
272015Charly Bliss - Capacity
283102Mellow Gang - Little Half
292307Priests - Texas Instruments
303702Of Monsters and Men - Alligator
312416Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
323303Stevan - Timee
33NE01Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
343402SOAK - Déjà Vu
352916Ex Hex - Tough Enough
363013Jessie Ware - Adore You
373208Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital
38NE01TEEN - Shadow
393506Someone - I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You
403809Ocean Alley - Stained Glass

Yeasayer - Fluttering In The Floodlights
Hatchie - Without A Blush
Approachable Members Of Your Local Community ft. Heaps Good Friends - One I Need
May 31, 2019

010209Stealing Sheep - Show Love (1 week at #1)
020805Jade Bird - Side Effects
030109Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
040409Middle Kids - Real Thing
050312Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)
060905Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
071207Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
081005Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind
090610Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
100512The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
111307Hey Violet - Better By Myself
120712Barrie - Darjeeling
131704Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
141906MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
152104Tacocat - Hologram
161608Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
172006Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor
181113Self Esteem - Monster
191416Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
201508Hatchie - Stay With Me
212402Hatchie - Obsessed
222504Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
232603Bene - Evil Spider
242803Mellow Gang - Little Half
25NE01Cry Club - Two Hearts
263302Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
273003Of Monsters and Men - Alligator
281813Pond - Daisy
29NE01Clairo - Bags
302219Weyes Blood - Andromeda (1 week at #1)
313802TEEN - Shadow
323403SOAK - Déjà Vu
33NE01Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
343204Stevan - Timee
352311Gold Fields - Cocoon
36NE01KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
372716Charly Bliss - Capacity
382908Priests - Texas Instruments
393117Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
403709Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital

Ex Hex - Tough Enough
Jessie Ware - Adore You
Someone - I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You
Ocean Alley - Stained Glass
June 7, 2019

010110Stealing Sheep - Show Love (2 weeks at #1)
020206Jade Bird - Side Effects
030410Middle Kids - Real Thing
040310Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
050806Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind
060606Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
070708Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
080513Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)
091305Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
101505Tacocat - Hologram
111108Hey Violet - Better By Myself
121407MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
130911Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
142502Cry Club - Two Hearts
151609Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
162902Clairo - Bags
172603Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
182103Hatchie - Obsessed
191013The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
20NE01Barrie - Chinatown
211213Barrie - Darjeeling
22NE01Desperate Journalist - Satellite
232205Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
242404Mellow Gang - Little Half
252304Bene - Evil Spider
261707Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor
271917Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
283103TEEN - Shadow
293302Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
301814Self Esteem - Monster
312009Hatchie - Stay With Me
323602KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
332704Of Monsters and Men - Alligator
343204SOAK - Déjà Vu
35NE01Ibibio Sound Machine - Tell Me (Doko Mien)
363405Stevan - Timee
372814Pond - Daisy
38NE01Younghusband - Translation
393512Gold Fields - Cocoon
403020Weyes Blood - Andromeda (1 week at #1)

Charly Bliss - Capacity
Priests - Texas Instruments
Stella Donnelly - Lunch (2 weeks at #1)
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In The Capital
June 14, 2019

010111Stealing Sheep - Show Love (3 weeks at #1)
020207Jade Bird - Side Effects
030507Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind
040311Middle Kids - Real Thing
050607Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
060411Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
070906Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
080709Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
091403Cry Club - Two Hearts
101704Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
110814Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)
121603Clairo - Bags
131006Tacocat - Hologram
142202Desperate Journalist - Satellite
152002Barrie - Chinatown
161804Hatchie - Obsessed
172306Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
182804TEEN - Shadow
191208MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
202903Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
212405Mellow Gang - Little Half
221109Hey Violet - Better By Myself
231312Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
24NE01Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
252505Bene - Evil Spider
261914The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
271510Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
28NE01Samia - Ode To Artifice
292608Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor
30NE01Mal De Mer - Sunshine and Thunder
313203KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
322718Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
332114Barrie - Darjeeling
343502Ibibio Sound Machine - Tell Me (Doko Mien)
35NE01Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
363802Younghusband - Translation
373405SOAK - Déjà Vu
383305Of Monsters and Men - Alligator
393110Hatchie - Stay With Me
403015Self Esteem - Monster

Stevan - Timee
Pond - Daisy
Gold Fields - Cocoon
Weyes Blood - Andromeda (1 week at #1)
June 21, 2019

010112Stealing Sheep - Show Love (4 weeks at #1)
020308Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind
030208Jade Bird - Side Effects
040508Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
050707Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
061503Barrie - Chinatown
071403Desperate Journalist - Satellite
080612Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
090904Cry Club - Two Hearts
101204Clairo - Bags
110412Middle Kids - Real Thing
120810Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
131005Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
141605Hatchie - Obsessed
151707Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
161307Tacocat - Hologram
172004Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
181805TEEN - Shadow
191115Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)
202402Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
212106Mellow Gang - Little Half
22NE01Grace Lightman - Zero Impact
232802Samia - Ode To Artifice
24NE01Beach Baby - Lovin' Feeling
253002Mal De Mer - Sunshine and Thunder
261909MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
27NE01Holly Herndon - Eternal
283104KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
293502Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
302210Hey Violet - Better By Myself
312313Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
323911Hatchie - Stay With Me
332506BENEE - Evil Spider
343219Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
35NE01Pom Pom Squad - Heavy Heavy
363403Ibibio Sound Machine - Tell Me (Doko Mien)
372909Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor
382615The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
392711Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
40NE01MUNA - Number One Fan

Barrie - Darjeeling
Younghusband - Translation
SOAK - Déjà Vu
Of Monsters and Men - Alligator
Self Esteem - Monster
June 28, 2019

"Read My Mind" is the first #1 with a male vocalist since Ball Park Music's "The End Times" was #1 in May of last year. Speaking of, "The End Times" dropped from #1 to #6 in a week and "Show Love" ties that record this week.

010209Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind (1 week at #1)
020309Jade Bird - Side Effects
030704Desperate Journalist - Satellite
040604Barrie - Chinatown
050905Cry Club - Two Hearts
060113Stealing Sheep - Show Love (4 weeks at #1)
070508Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
080409Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
091005Clairo - Bags
100813Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
111306Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
121406Hatchie - Obsessed
132402Beach Baby - Lovin' Feeling
142303Samia - Ode To Artifice
151508Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
161705Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
172202Grace Lightman - Zero Impact
182003Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
191113Middle Kids - Real Thing
201211Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
211608Tacocat - Hologram
222702Holly Herndon - Eternal
232503Mal De Mer - Sunshine and Thunder
241806TEEN - Shadow
252805KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
262903Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
271916Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)
282107Mellow Gang - Little Half
29NE01Hot Chip - Spell
304002MUNA - Number One Fan
313212Hatchie - Stay With Me
32NE01So Below - Us
332610MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
343502Pom Pom Squad - Heavy Heavy
353307BENEE - Evil Spider
363604Ibibio Sound Machine - Tell Me (Doko Mien)
37NE01Alex Lahey - Isabella
383011Hey Violet - Better By Myself
393114Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
403420Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)

Lady Lamb - Even In The Tremor
The Japanese House - You Seemed So Happy
Dave ft. Burna Boy - Location
July 5, 2019

010210Jade Bird - Side Effects (1 week at #1)
020110Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind (1 week at #1)
030305Desperate Journalist - Satellite
040506Cry Club - Two Hearts
050405Barrie - Chinatown
060906Clairo - Bags
070614Stealing Sheep - Show Love (4 weeks at #1)
081107Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
091404Samia - Ode To Artifice
100709Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
111207Hatchie - Obsessed
120810Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
131303Beach Baby - Lovin' Feeling
141606Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
151703Grace Lightman - Zero Impact
161014Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
171804Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
182203Holly Herndon - Eternal
192902Hot Chip - Spell
202604Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
211509Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
222506KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
232012Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
241914Middle Kids - Real Thing
252109Tacocat - Hologram
262304Mal De Mer - Sunshine and Thunder
273003MUNA - Number One Fan
283202So Below - Us
29NE01Patience - Moral Damage
302407TEEN - Shadow
313403Pom Pom Squad - Heavy Heavy
322717Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)
332808Mellow Gang - Little Half
343113Hatchie - Stay With Me
35NE01Summer Flake - In The Dark
363702Alex Lahey - Isabella
373605Ibibio Sound Machine - Tell Me (Doko Mien)
38NE01The Vanns - Mother
393311MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
403812Hey Violet - Better By Myself

BENEE - Evil Spider
Cate le Bon - Daylight Matters
Weyes Blood - Everyday (6 weeks at #1)
July 12, 2019

010306Desperate Journalist - Satellite (1 week at #1)
020407Cry Club - Two Hearts
030506Barrie - Chinatown
040111Jade Bird - Side Effects (1 week at #1)
050607Clairo - Bags
060211Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind (1 week at #1)
070808Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
080905Samia - Ode To Artifice
091304Beach Baby - Lovin' Feeling
100715Stealing Sheep - Show Love (4 weeks at #1)
111705Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
121504Grace Lightman - Zero Impact
131211Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
141010Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
151804Holly Herndon - Eternal
161903Hot Chip - Spell
171108Hatchie - Obsessed
181407Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
192005Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
202704MUNA - Number One Fan
211615Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
22NE01Olympia - Come Back
232902Patience - Moral Damage
24NE01Polish Club - Breakapart
252803So Below - Us
262207KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
273502Summer Flake - In The Dark
28NE01Sofi Tukker - Fantasy
292110Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
302313Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
312605Mal De Mer - Sunshine and Thunder
32NE01Sir Babygirl - Everyone Is A Bad Friend
332510Tacocat - Hologram
342415Middle Kids - Real Thing
353104Pom Pom Squad - Heavy Heavy
36NE01Carla Geneve - Yesterday’s Clothes
373008TEEN - Shadow
383802The Vanns - Mother
393414Hatchie - Stay With Me
403218Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)

Mellow Gang - Little Half
Alex Lahey - Isabella
Ibibio Sound Machine - Tell Me (Doko Mien)
MØ - Theme Song (I’m Far Away)
Hey Violet - Better By Myself
July 19, 2019

010107Desperate Journalist - Satellite (2 weeks at #1)
020307Barrie - Chinatown
030508Clairo - Bags
040208Cry Club - Two Hearts
050806Samia - Ode To Artifice
060412Jade Bird - Side Effects (1 week at #1)
070612Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind (1 week at #1)
080709Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
090905Beach Baby - Lovin' Feeling
101505Holly Herndon - Eternal
111106Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
121016Stealing Sheep - Show Love (4 weeks at #1)
131205Grace Lightman - Zero Impact
142202Olympia - Come Back
151604Hot Chip - Spell
161312Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
172005MUNA - Number One Fan
182303Patience - Moral Damage
192402Polish Club - Breakapart
201411Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
211808Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
221709Hatchie - Obsessed
231906Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
242703Summer Flake - In The Dark
252802Sofi Tukker - Fantasy
263202Sir Babygirl - Everyone Is A Bad Friend
27NE01Luke Million ft. Asta - Heard It On The Radio
282504So Below - Us
292116Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
302608KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
313602Carla Geneve - Yesterday’s Clothes
323505Pom Pom Squad - Heavy Heavy
333014Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
34NE01Jay Som - Tenderness
353311Tacocat - Hologram
36NE01Flume ft. London Grammar - Let You Know
373803The Vanns - Mother
382911Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
393106Mal De Mer - Sunshine and Thunder
403709TEEN - Shadow

Middle Kids - Real Thing
Hatchie - Stay With Me
Ruby Fields - Climate (4 weeks at #1)
July 26, 2019

010108Desperate Journalist - Satellite (3 weeks at #1)
020309Clairo - Bags
030208Barrie - Chinatown
040507Samia - Ode To Artifice
051107Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
060409Cry Club - Two Hearts
071403Olympia - Come Back
080906Beach Baby - Lovin' Feeling
091706MUNA - Number One Fan
101006Holly Herndon - Eternal
110613Jade Bird - Side Effects (1 week at #1)
121306Grace Lightman - Zero Impact
131505Hot Chip - Spell
140810Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
152603Sir Babygirl - Everyone Is A Bad Friend
161903Polish Club - Breakapart
170713Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind (1 week at #1)
182503Sofi Tukker - Fantasy
191804Patience - Moral Damage
202404Summer Flake - In The Dark
211217Stealing Sheep - Show Love (4 weeks at #1)
222702Luke Million ft. Asta - Heard It On The Radio
231613Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
242307Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
252805So Below - Us
262012Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
272210Hatchie - Obsessed
28NE01Ekkah - Homesick
293103Carla Geneve - Yesterday’s Clothes
303206Pom Pom Squad - Heavy Heavy
313402Jay Som - Tenderness
322917Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
332109Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
34NE01Lower Dens - I Drive
353602Flume ft. London Grammar - Let You Know
363704The Vanns - Mother
373009KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
38NE01Kate Davis - rbbts
393315Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
403512Tacocat - Hologram

Marika Hackman - i’m not where you are
Mal De Mer - Sunshine and Thunder
TEEN - Shadow
August 2, 2019

010210Clairo - Bags (1 week at #1)
020109Desperate Journalist - Satellite (3 weeks at #1)
030408Samia - Ode To Artifice
040508Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
050704Olympia - Come Back
060309Barrie - Chinatown
070907MUNA - Number One Fan
080807Beach Baby - Lovin' Feeling
091306Hot Chip - Spell
100610Cry Club - Two Hearts
111604Polish Club - Breakapart
121504Sir Babygirl - Everyone Is A Bad Friend
131114Jade Bird - Side Effects (1 week at #1)
141804Sofi Tukker - Fantasy
151007Holly Herndon - Eternal
162005Summer Flake - In The Dark
172203Luke Million ft. Asta - Heard It On The Radio
181207Grace Lightman - Zero Impact
19NE01Lupa J - Pull Me Under
201905Patience - Moral Damage
211411Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
222506So Below - Us
232802Ekkah - Homesick
241714Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind (1 week at #1)
252408Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
262904Carla Geneve - Yesterday’s Clothes
272314Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
282118Stealing Sheep - Show Love (4 weeks at #1)
29NE01Geowulf - I See Red
303802Kate Davis - rbbts
31NE01SACHI ft. CXLOE - Love Me Now
323007Pom Pom Squad - Heavy Heavy
333103Jay Som - Tenderness
343402Lower Dens - I Drive
353218Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
36NE01Lola Kirke - Omens
372613Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
383503Flume ft. London Grammar - Let You Know
393310Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
402711Hatchie - Obsessed

The Vanns - Mother
KDA ft. Angie Stone - The Human Stone
Charly Bliss - Hard To Believe
Tacocat - Hologram
August 9, 2019

010111Clairo - Bags (2 weeks at #1)
020309Samia - Ode To Artifice
030505Olympia - Come Back
040409Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
050210Desperate Journalist - Satellite (3 weeks at #1)
060708MUNA - Number One Fan
071902Lupa J - Pull Me Under
080907Hot Chip - Spell
091405Sofi Tukker - Fantasy
100808Beach Baby - Lovin' Feeling
110610Barrie - Chinatown
121105Polish Club - Breakapart
131205Sir Babygirl - Everyone Is A Bad Friend
141704Luke Million ft. Asta - Heard It On The Radio
151011Cry Club - Two Hearts
161606Summer Flake - In The Dark
172303Ekkah - Homesick
182605Carla Geneve - Yesterday’s Clothes
192207So Below - Us
201315Jade Bird - Side Effects (1 week at #1)
211508Holly Herndon - Eternal
222006Patience - Moral Damage
231808Grace Lightman - Zero Impact
242902Geowulf - I See Red
253102SACHI ft. CXLOE - Love Me Now
26NE01The New Pornographers - Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile
272112Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
282509Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
293602Lola Kirke - Omens
30NE01Moody Beach - Slave
312415Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind (1 week at #1)
323304Jay Som - Tenderness
333403Lower Dens - I Drive
342819Stealing Sheep - Show Love (4 weeks at #1)
35NE01Girl Unit ft. Taliwhoah - Stuck
36NE01Girl Ray - Show Me More
372715Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
383003Kate Davis - rbbts
39NE01Jesca Hoop - Red White and Black
403804Flume ft. London Grammar - Let You Know

Pom Pom Squad - Heavy Heavy
Ladytron - Tower Of Glass (1 week at #1)
Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie
Rosemary Fairweather - Cotton Candy
Hatchie - Obsessed
August 16, 2019

010112Clairo - Bags (3 weeks at #1)
020210Samia - Ode To Artifice
030306Olympia - Come Back
040703Lupa J - Pull Me Under
050609MUNA - Number One Fan
060410Lydia Ainsworth - Can You Find Her Place
070511Desperate Journalist - Satellite (3 weeks at #1)
080906Sofi Tukker - Fantasy
090808Hot Chip - Spell
101405Luke Million ft. Asta - Heard It On The Radio
111806Carla Geneve - Yesterday’s Clothes
121009Beach Baby - Lovin' Feeling
131111Barrie - Chinatown
141206Polish Club - Breakapart
151704Ekkah - Homesick
161306Sir Babygirl - Everyone Is A Bad Friend
172403Geowulf - I See Red
182503SACHI ft. CXLOE - Love Me Now
191607Summer Flake - In The Dark
201908So Below - Us
211512Cry Club - Two Hearts
222903Lola Kirke - Omens
232602The New Pornographers - Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile
242016Jade Bird - Side Effects (1 week at #1)
252109Holly Herndon - Eternal
262207Patience - Moral Damage
27NE01Holy Holy - Maybe You Know
283602Girl Ray - Show Me More
293002Moody Beach - Slave
30NE01Yeasayer - Ecstatic Baby
313205Jay Som - Tenderness
32NE01Nasty Cherry - Live Forever
333502Girl Unit ft. Taliwhoah - Stuck
343304Lower Dens - I Drive
352309Grace Lightman - Zero Impact
36NE01N.Y.C.K. - Alive
372810Tyler, The Creator - I THINK
382713Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist
393902Jesca Hoop - Red White and Black
403420Stealing Sheep - Show Love (4 weeks at #1)

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind (1 week at #1)
Japanese Breakfast - Essentially
Kate Davis - rbbts
Flume ft. London Grammar - Let You Know

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