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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Irelander's Hot 100! - 2019

[THREAD] I subject myself to hours of music listening and rank my favourite 100 songs each week.

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Number Ones: 2009-2018

18-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun
23-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun (2)
30-Nov-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life
7-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (2)
14-Dec-09White Rabbits - The Lady Vanishes
21-Dec-09Pearl Jam - The End
28-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (3)
4-Jan-10Pearl Jam - The Fixer
11-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash
18-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash (2)
25-Jan-10Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun
1-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (4)
8-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (5)
15-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk
22-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (2)
1-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (3)
8-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (4)
15-Mar-10The Model School - It's Hard To Dance When Your Legs Are On Fire
22-Mar-10Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known
29-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
5-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (2)
12-Apr-10Deep Sea Arcade - Lonely In Your Arms
19-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
26-Apr-10MGMT - Flash Delirium
3-May-10MGMT - Flash Delirium (2)
10-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
17-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn (2)
24-May-10Local Natives - Airplanes
31-May-10Passion Pit - The Reeling
7-Jun-10Passion Pit - The Reeling (2)
14-Jun-10Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
21-Jun-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
28-Jun-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday
5-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (2)
12-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (3)
19-Jul-10Yves Klein Blue - Digital Love
26-Jul-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat
2-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (2)
9-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (3)
16-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses
23-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (2)
30-Aug-10Grizzly Bear - Dory
6-Sep-10Grizzly Bear - Dory (2)
13-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle
20-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (2)
27-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (3)
4-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (4)
11-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (5)
18-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand
25-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand (2)
1-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic
8-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic (2)
15-Nov-10Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight
22-Nov-10Gyroscope - What Do I Know About Pain?
29-Nov-10Deep Sea Arcade - Keep On Walking
6-Dec-10Washington - Underground
13-Dec-10Washington - Underground (2)
20-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
27-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (2)
3-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (3)
10-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (4)
17-Jan-11The Novocaines - Adhere To
24-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro
31-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro (2)
7-Feb-11The Novocaines - Adhere To (2)
14-Feb-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias
21-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo
28-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo (2)
7-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (2)
14-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (3)
21-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (4)
28-Mar-11Lykke Li - Get Some
4-Apr-11Eddie Vedder - Longing To Belong
11-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (5)
18-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (6)
25-Apr-11Quiet Child - Underage & Well Behaved
2-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight
9-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight (2)
16-May-11Children Collide - Loveless
23-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (2)
30-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (3)
6-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep
13-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (2)
20-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (3)
27-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (4)
4-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
11-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (2)
18-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (3)
25-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (4)
1-Aug-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (5)
8-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look
15-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (2)
22-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (3)
29-Aug-11Metronomy - The Bay
5-Sep-11Taking Back Sunday - Sad Savior
12-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis
19-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (2)
26-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (3)
3-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls
10-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (2)
17-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (4)
24-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (5)
31-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (3)
7-Nov-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (4)
14-Nov-11Children Collide - Asleep On My Feet
21-Nov-11Woe & Flutter - Cities Of The Red Night
28-Nov-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You
5-Dec-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You (2)
12-Dec-11Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know
19-Dec-11Boy - Waitress
26-Dec-11Boy - Waitress (2)
2-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (3)
9-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (4)
16-Jan-12Boy - Little Numbers
23-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (5)
30-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (6)
6-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (7)
13-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (8)
20-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam
27-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam (2)
5-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down
12-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down (2)
19-Mar-12Boy - Waitress (9)
26-Mar-12Boy - Drive Darling
2-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
9-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (2)
16-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (3)
23-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (4)
30-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (5)
7-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On
14-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On (2)
21-May-12Django Django - Default
28-May-12Django Django - Default (2)
4-Jun-12Django Django - Default (3)
11-Jun-12Django Django - Default (4)
18-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American
25-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American (2)
2-Jul-12Portugal. The Man - So American (3)
9-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone
16-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (2)
23-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (3)
30-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (4)
6-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta
13-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta (2)
20-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again
27-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (2)
3-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (3)
10-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (4)
17-Sep-12Loon Lake - Fantastica
24-Sep-12Redcoats - Raven
1-Oct-12Redcoats - Raven (2)
8-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby
15-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (2)
22-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (3)
29-Oct-12Muse - Panic Station
5-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground
12-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground (2)
19-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick!
26-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (2)
3-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (3)
10-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (4)
17-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (5)
24-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness
31-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (2)
7-Jan-13Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (3)
14-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace
21-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (2)
28-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (3)
4-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound
11-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (2)
18-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (3)
25-Feb-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You
4-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (2)
11-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (3)
18-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (4)
25-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (5)
1-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (6)
8-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (7)
15-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (8)
22-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (9)
29-Apr-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine
6-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (2)
13-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (3)
20-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature
27-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature (2)
3-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (4)
10-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (5)
17-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (6)
24-Jun-13Washed Out - It All Feels Right
1-Jul-13Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
8-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action
15-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (2)
22-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (3)
29-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (4)
5-Aug-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (5)
12-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
19-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (2)
26-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (3)
2-Sep-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (4)
9-Sep-13Franz Ferdinand - Love Illumination
16-Sep-13Davey Lane - You're The Cops, I'm The Crime
23-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor
30-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (2)
7-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (3)
14-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (4)
21-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (5)
28-Oct-13The Jungle Giants - Home
4-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (6)
11-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (7)
18-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye
25-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye (2)
2-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart
9-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (2)
16-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (3)
23-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini
30-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini (2)
6-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (3)
13-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (4)
20-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (5)
27-Jan-14Run The Jewels - A Christmas Fucking Miracle
3-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold)
10-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold) (2)
17-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold) (3)
24-Feb-14Holy Holy - Impossible Like You
3-Mar-14Holy Holy - Impossible Like You (2)
10-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters
17-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (2)
24-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (3)
31-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (4)
7-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life
14-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (2)
21-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (3)
28-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (4)
5-May-14Temples - Colours To Life (5)
12-May-14Temples - Colours To Life (6)
19-May-14Run The Jewels - Get It
26-May-14Run The Jewels - Get It (2)
2-Jun-14Run The Jewels - Get It (3)
9-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures
16-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures (2)
23-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures (3)
30-Jun-14DZ Deathrays - Keep Myself On Edge
7-Jul-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year
14-Jul-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year (2)
21-Jul-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash
28-Jul-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (2)
4-Aug-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (3)
11-Aug-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (4)
18-Aug-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year (3)
25-Aug-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys
1-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (2)
8-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (3)
15-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (4)
22-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (5)
29-Sep-14Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck
6-Oct-14The Antlers - Palace
13-Oct-14The Antlers - Palace (2)
20-Oct-14The Love Junkies - In the Belly of My Beast
27-Oct-14The Love Junkies - In the Belly of My Beast (2)
3-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper
10-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (2)
17-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (3)
24-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (4)
1-Dec-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (5)
8-Dec-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (6)
15-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light
22-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light (2)
29-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light (3)
5-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville
12-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (2)
19-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (3)
26-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (4)
2-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (5)
9-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (6)
16-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (7)
23-Feb-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Ray Gun (ft. DOOM)
2-Mar-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
9-Mar-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown) (2)
16-Mar-15Catfish and the Bottlemen - Pacifier
23-Mar-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen
30-Mar-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen (2)
6-Apr-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen (3)
13-Apr-15Mew - Satellites
20-Apr-15Mew - Satellites (2)
27-Apr-15Mew - Satellites (3)
4-May-15Mew - Satellites (4)
11-May-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Food
18-May-15Foam - Oil Well
25-May-15Foam - Oil Well (2)
1-Jun-15Nick Hill - Know This
8-Jun-15The Ocean Party - Charters Towers
15-Jun-15The Ocean Party - Charters Towers (2)
22-Jun-15Boy - We Were Here
29-Jun-15Boy - We Were Here (2)
6-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (3)
13-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (4)
20-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (5)
27-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (6)
3-Aug-15Boy - We Were Here (7)
10-Aug-15Django Django - Found You
17-Aug-15Django Django - Found You (2)
24-Aug-15Django Django - Found You (3)
31-Aug-15FIDLAR - West Coast
7-Sep-15FIDLAR - West Coast (2)
14-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy
21-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy (2)
28-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy (3)
5-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk
12-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk (2)
19-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk (3)
26-Oct-15Boy - Fear
2-Nov-15Metric - The Shade
9-Nov-15Metric - The Shade (2)
16-Nov-15Drake - Hotline Bling
23-Nov-15Beach Baby - Limousine
30-Nov-15Beach Baby - Limousine (2)
7-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (3)
14-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (4)
21-Dec-15Olympia - Tourists
28-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (5)
4-Jan-16Beach Baby - Limousine (6)
11-Jan-16Heron Oblivion - Oriar
18-Jan-16Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon
25-Jan-16Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon (2)
1-Feb-16Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon (3)
8-Feb-16Dumbo Gets Mad - Andromedian Girl
15-Feb-16Sunflower Bean - Wall Watcher
22-Feb-16Sunflower Bean - Wall Watcher (2)
29-Feb-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner
7-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (2)
14-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (3)
21-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (4)
28-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (5)
4-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man
11-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man (2)
18-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man (3)
25-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man (4)
2-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner
9-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (2)
16-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (3)
23-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (4)
30-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (5)
6-Jun-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (6)
13-Jun-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (7)
20-Jun-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (8)
27-Jun-16The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
4-Jul-16Autolux - Change My Head
11-Jul-16The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM) (2)
18-Jul-16Teleman - Düsseldorf
25-Jul-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (2)
1-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (3)
8-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (4)
15-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (5)
22-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (6)
29-Aug-16Crystal Castles - Char
5-Sep-16Crystal Castles - Char (2)
12-Sep-16Crystal Castles - Char (3)
19-Sep-16Glass Animals - Life Itself
26-Sep-16Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam - A 1000 Times
3-Oct-16Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam - A 1000 Times (2)
10-Oct-16Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam - A 1000 Times (3)
17-Oct-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me
24-Oct-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (2)
31-Oct-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (3)
7-Nov-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (4)
14-Nov-16Sleigh Bells - I Can Only Stare
21-Nov-16Temples - Certainty
28-Nov-16Temples - Certainty (2)
5-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (3)
12-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (4)
19-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (5)
26-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (6)
2-Jan-17Temples - Certainty (7)
9-Jan-17Warpaint - So Good
16-Jan-17Warpaint - So Good (2)
23-Jan-17Warpaint - So Good (3)
30-Jan-17Warpaint - So Good (4)
6-Feb-17Peter Doherty - Down for the Outing
13-Feb-17Peter Doherty - Down for the Outing (2)
20-Feb-17Warpaint - So Good (5)
27-Feb-17The Jungle Giants - Feel the Way I Do
6-Mar-17The Jungle Giants - Feel the Way I Do (2)
13-Mar-17The Jungle Giants - Feel the Way I Do (3)
20-Mar-17King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sleep Drifter
27-Mar-17King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sleep Drifter (2)
3-Apr-17King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sleep Drifter (3)
10-Apr-17Alt-J - 3WW
17-Apr-17Crooked Colours - Flow
24-Apr-17Kendrick Lamar - YAH.
1-May-17Kendrick Lamar - YAH. (2)
8-May-17Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
15-May-17Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE. (2)
22-May-17Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE. (3)
29-May-17Kendrick Lamar - LUST.
5-Jun-17Kendrick Lamar - LUST. (2)
12-Jun-17Kendrick Lamar - LUST. (3)
19-Jun-17Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound
26-Jun-17Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound (2)
3-Jul-17Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound (3)
10-Jul-17Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound (4)
17-Jul-17GoldLink - Same Clothes As Yesterday (ft. Ciscero)
24-Jul-17GoldLink - Same Clothes As Yesterday (ft. Ciscero) (2)
31-Jul-17Slowdive - Don't Know Why
7-Aug-17Slowdive - Don't Know Why (2)
14-Aug-17Slowdive - Don't Know Why (3)
21-Aug-17Slowdive - Don't Know Why (4)
28-Aug-17Slowdive - Don't Know Why (5)
4-Sep-17Slowdive - Don't Know Why (6)
11-Sep-17Slowdive - Don't Know Why (7)
18-Sep-17Tiny Little Houses - Garbage Bin
25-Sep-17Tiny Little Houses - Garbage Bin (2)
2-Oct-17NAV & Metro Boomin - Call Me
9-Oct-17NAV & Metro Boomin - Call Me (2)
16-Oct-17NAV & Metro Boomin - Call Me (3)
23-Oct-17NAV & Metro Boomin - Call Me (4)
30-Oct-17NAV & Metro Boomin - Call Me (5)
6-Nov-17NAV & Metro Boomin - Call Me (6)
13-Nov-17SavageRealm & Le$Laflame - Feeling Great
20-Nov-17Samsaruh - Golden to Thrive
27-Nov-17Samsaruh - Golden to Thrive (2)
4-Dec-17Samsaruh - Golden to Thrive (3)
11-Dec-17CyHi the Prynce - Dat Side (ft. Kanye West)
18-Dec-17CyHi the Prynce - Dat Side (ft. Kanye West) (2)
25-Dec-17CyHi the Prynce - Dat Side (ft. Kanye West) (3)
1-Jan-18Protomartyr - Half Sister
8-Jan-18Protomartyr - Half Sister (2)
15-Jan-18Protomartyr - Half Sister (3)
22-Jan-18JANEVA - Humble Beginnings (ft. ZenSoFly)
29-Jan-18JANEVA - Humble Beginnings (ft. ZenSoFly) (2)
5-Feb-18JANEVA - Humble Beginnings (ft. ZenSoFly) (3)
12-Feb-18JANEVA - Humble Beginnings (ft. ZenSoFly) (4)
19-Feb-18JANEVA - Humble Beginnings (ft. ZenSoFly) (5)
26-Feb-18Migos - Stir Fry
5-Mar-18Migos - Stir Fry (2)
12-Mar-18Migos - Stir Fry (3)
19-Mar-18Migos - Stir Fry (4)
26-Mar-18Migos - Stir Fry (5)
2-Apr-18Migos - Stir Fry (6)
9-Apr-18Migos - Stir Fry (7)
16-Apr-18Django Django - Beam Me Up
23-Apr-18BlocBoy JB - Look Alive (ft. Drake)
30-Apr-18BlocBoy JB - Look Alive (ft. Drake) (2)
7-May-18Sarah Blasko - Never Let Me Go
14-May-18Sarah Blasko - Never Let Me Go (2)
21-May-18Sarah Blasko - Never Let Me Go (3)
28-May-18Sarah Blasko - Never Let Me Go (4)
4-Jun-18Sarah Blasko - Never Let Me Go (5)
11-Jun-18Sarah Blasko - Never Let Me Go (6)
18-Jun-18James Blake - Don't Miss It
25-Jun-18James Blake - Don't Miss It (2)
2-Jul-18The Carters - APESHIT
9-Jul-18Saba - LIFE
16-Jul-18Saba - LIFE (2)
23-Jul-18Saba - LIFE (3)
30-Jul-18Rich Brian - Introvert (ft. Joji)
6-Aug-18Rich Brian - Introvert (ft. Joji) (2)
13-Aug-18Saba - LIFE (4)
20-Aug-18Saba - BUSY / SIRENS (ft. theMIND)
27-Aug-18Saba - BUSY / SIRENS (ft. theMIND) (2)
3-Sep-18Saba - BUSY / SIRENS (ft. theMIND) (3)
10-Sep-18Saba - BUSY / SIRENS (ft. theMIND) (4)
17-Sep-18Saba - BUSY / SIRENS (ft. theMIND) (5)
24-Sep-18La Luz - California Finally
1-Oct-18La Luz - California Finally (2)
8-Oct-18La Luz - Mean Dream
15-Oct-18La Luz - Mean Dream (2)
22-Oct-18La Luz - Mean Dream (3)
29-Oct-18Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch
5-Nov-18Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (2)
12-Nov-18Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (3)
19-Nov-18Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (4)
26-Nov-18Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (5)
3-Dec-18Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (6)
10-Dec-18Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (7)
17-Dec-18Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (8)
24-Dec-18Travis Scott - SICKO MODE
31-Dec-18Travis Scott - SICKO MODE (2)

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Number Ones: 2019

7-Jan-19Travis Scott - SICKO MODE (3)
14-Jan-19AlunaGeorge - Superior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
21-Jan-19The Pretty Littles - Don Dale
28-Jan-19The Pretty Littles - Don Dale (2)
4-Feb-19The Pretty Littles - Don Dale (3)
11-Feb-19Two People - Phone Call
18-Feb-19Fat White Family - Feet
25-Feb-19Fat White Family - Feet (2)
4-Mar-19Fat White Family - Feet (3)
11-Mar-19Fat White Family - Feet (4)
18-Mar-19Fat White Family - Feet (5)
25-Mar-19Fat White Family - Feet (6)
1-Apr-19Cage the Elephant - House of Glass
8-Apr-19Cage the Elephant - House of Glass (2)
15-Apr-19ScHoolboy Q - Numb Numb Juice
22-Apr-19ScHoolboy Q - Numb Numb Juice (2)
29-Apr-192 Chainz - Momma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
6-May-192 Chainz - Momma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar) (2)
13-May-192 Chainz - Momma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar) (3)
20-May-192 Chainz - Momma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar) (4)

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Chart Statistics

Most entries by country

9New Zealand14

Most entries by Australian State

1New South Wales379
4Western Australia143
5South Australia27
8Northern Territory2

Most weeks at #1

 Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You20139
3The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner20168
 Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch20188
5Arcade FireReflektor20137
 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville20157
 BoyWe Were Here20157
 SlowdiveDon't Know Why20177
 MigosStir Fry20187
11Those Dancing DaysFuckarias20116
 Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine20136
 TemplesColours To Life20146
 Jonathan BouletCreeper20146
 Beach BabyLimousine20156
 NAV & Metro BoominCall Me20176
 Sarah BlaskoNever Let Me Go20186
 Fat White FamilyFeet20196
20Friendly FiresKiss of Life20095
 Children CollideMy Eagle20105
 Aloe BlaccI Need A Dollar20115
 Kanye West & Jay-ZOtis (ft. Otis Redding)20115
 Arctic MonkeysR U Mine?20125
 The Magnetic FieldsQuick!20125
 Franz FerdinandRight Action20135
 ObitsOperation Bikini20145
 Every Time I DieDecayin' With The Boys20145
 The Dead WeatherImpossible Winner20165
 WarpaintSo Good20165
 JANEVAHumble Beginnings (ft. ZenSoFly)20175
 SabaBUSY / SIRENS (ft. theMIND)20185

Most entries by artist

42Kendrick Lamar16Boy12The Rubens
31Franz Ferdinand16Cloud Control12Yeasayer
31Kanye West16DZ Deathrays11Calvin Harris
28Jay-Z16Pearl Jam11Foo Fighters
23Drake16Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs11Jonathan Boulet
23Father John Misty15Beach House11Surfer Blood
21Django Django15Danny Brown11The Soft Pack
21Flume15Darwin Deez11Those Dancing Days
21Friendly Fires15The Vasco Era11Travis Scott
21MGMT15White Rabbits11Wolf Alice
21Muse13Ball Park Music10Cadence Weapon
21The Love Junkies13Courtney Barnett10Firehorse
21Vampire Weekend13Jack White10Foals
19Kings of Leon13James Blake10Freddie Gibbs
19Taking Back Sunday13Lana Del Rey10La Luz
19Two Door Cinema Club13Run The Jewels10Midnight Juggernauts
18Deep Sea Arcade13Temples10OK Go
18Grizzly Bear13The Strokes10Operator Please
18King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard13The Temper Trap10Pharrell Williams
18Tame Impala12Beyoncé10Red Hot Chili Peppers
17A$AP Rocky12Migos10Rihanna
17Arctic Monkeys12Owl Eyes10The Black Keys
17British India12Parquet Courts10The Jungle Giants
17Children Collide12The Drums10The Kills
17Grinspoon12The Fratellis10The Magnetic Fields
17Kasabian12The Presets10Washington

# of debuts per week


Retirees - 75 weeks

White RabbitsPercussion Gun2009
Franz FerdinandLive Alone2009
Franz FerdinandUlysses2009
Franz FerdinandNo You Girls2009
Friendly FiresKiss of Life2009
Vampire WeekendCousins2009
Grizzly BearReady, Able2010
Grizzly BearTwo Weeks2010
Two Door Cinema ClubI Can Talk2010
Deep Sea ArcadeLonely In Your Arms2010
Operator PleaseLogic2010
MGMTFlash Delirium2010
Ou Est Le Swimming PoolDance The Way I Feel2010
Children CollideMy Eagle2010
Those Dancing DaysFuckarias2011
Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You2013
Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash2014
Jonathan BouletCreeper2014
FIDLARWest Coast2015
The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner2016

Above stats up-to-date as at & including 8 April
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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 7/1/19
Edition No.478
Songs retire at 75 weeks

My chart is still in "SICKO MODE" as Travis Scott is #1 for a third week. To start the new year, there is all amounts of chaos at the top of the chart, with Rich Brian getting his third top 5 hit and we have four debuts inside the top 12.

The debuts are pretty interesting as many of them come without a significant history on this chart. First up is a Sydney band by the name of Johnny Hunter, with a track they dropped back in August titled "1995". It is in at #5, their first entry to date.

I did not expect this. This is easily the most impressive AlunaGeorge song I've heard to date, and it shows with their previous two entries (#93-peaker "Attracting Flies" and #68-peaker "I'm In Control"). At #8 they are in with "Superior Emotion", which happens to be Cautious Clay's first ever entry.

Two big NZ debuts in as many weeks is pretty crazy, and here we have The Beths in at #9 with their first entry "Not Running".

Now for yet another first timer on the chart in The Pretty Littles. They come in with "Don Dale", a politically charged statement which results in an entertaining and emotional listen. It's in at #12.

I have been quite getting into Interpol's latest album and then a few days ago I was lucky to see them live for the first time. Here's a song they sadly didn't play but I quite enjoy, "It Probably Matters" at #20 as the band's 7th entry to date.

Now for a song that was nearly impossible to find on iTunes. UK singer-songwriter LION is in at #29 for her first entry "Oh No".

I'm somewhat perplexed at the beauty of alt-J's remix album "REDUXER". One of the more hypnotic remixes on the record is the first one of "3WW" featuring Little Simz and OTG. It comes in at #35, the latter two's first respective entries and the 16th for alt-J.

I feel like I've missed the Kllo train for some time given they appear to be more popular than first thought on this forum. The Melbourne outfit are in for the first time at #44 with "Potential".

I had no idea where to put this but it simply had to chart. Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer Karen O is apparently releasing an album soon with the one and only Brian Burton a.k.a. Danger Mouse, which should be interesting if this track is anything to go by. At #50 the quite long "Lux Prima" is in, which technically is the first solo entries for both Karen and Brian.

Teleman never seem to be too far away from the chart and this is their highest peaking track in quite some time. Their 7th entry "Between the Rain" is in at #55.

Aussie group Fight Ibis follow up their 2017 EOY hit with their second entry "Woolly Bop" at #60.

And lastly, this week's debuts now include the 3rd and 5th longest entries ever to make it on the chart. Kurt Vile's title track "Bottle It In" is his 4th entry in at #62, clocking in at 10:40 with only MGMT's "Siberian Breaks" and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's "Crumbling Castle" having longer run times.

112213Travis ScottSICKO MODE
21022 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
331118Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
4222 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
5NEW15 Johnny Hunter1995
6452 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
712107 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
8NEW18 AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
9NEW19 The BethsNot Running
10111010 InterpolNYSMAW
1124511 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
12NEW112 The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
13141713 Oh SeesC
148132 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
15785 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
16636 GesaffelsteinReset
17593 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
189186 Thom YorkeSuspirium
1913213 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
20NEW120 InterpolIt Probably Matters
211538 Alex the AstronautHappy Song
2218218 SWIDTPraise
2321421 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
2432324 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
2530825 Owl EyesOn Me
2617107 E^STAlien
2720133 Lana Del ReyMariners Apartment Complex
2816310 The BlazeShe
29NEW129 LIONOh No
3122515 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
3219510 Parquet CourtsDeath Will Bring Change
3323323 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
3425317 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
35NEW135 alt-J3WW (ft. Little Simz) [OTG version]
3626326 Oh SeesOverthrown
3729159 Django DjangoSwimming at Night
3831109 Alex the AstronautWaste of Time
3942239 QuavoWORKIN ME
40331329 QuavoL A M B T A L K
4128117 Mick JenkinsUnderstood
42352013La LuzMean Dream
4334113 The Goon SaxMake Time 4 Love
44NEW144 KlloPotential
4637821 PhosphorescentC'est La Vie No. 2
4738238 Kurt VileRollin With The Flow
48431311 BADBADNOTGOOD x Little DragonTried
49471134 The CoralSweet Release
50NEW150 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
5156251 The RaconteursNow That You're Gone
5240173 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3
5346821 Ice CubeArrest The President
54481235 InterpolFlight of Fancy
55NEW155 TelemanBetween the Rain
5645169 AminéDR. WHOEVER
5750332 GengahrBefore Sunrise
5844724 Sharon Van EttenComeback Kid
59531143 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
60NEW160 Fight IbisWoolly Bop
61511824 SantigoldRun the Road
62NEW162 Kurt VileBottle It In
6341918 BeirutGallipoli
6449154 IDLESSamaritans
65522312La LuzCalifornia Finally
6639820 Metro BoominOverdue (ft. Travis Scott)
67591415 MigosIs You Ready
6855534 Kiran LeonardParalysed Force
6957646 BeneSoaked
7054351 The Goon SaxA Few Times Too Many
71621623 I Know LeopardLandmine
7258820 Ariana Grandethank u, next
7363263 John Butler TrioHome
7468226 KiraIf It Makes You Feel Better
7565553 CanaryTwo Step
7671847 CREOIn The Red
7760737 SG LewisAgain (ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
78642117 The VoidzPermanent High School
79942911The CartersAPESHIT
80751727 The Money WarHollywood
8169153 La LuzThe Creature
8272645 RÜFÜS DU SOLNo Place
83661231 VillagersA Trick of the Light
8461924 Lil WayneMona Lisa (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
85701021 IDLESTelevision
8679233 Denzel CurryBLACK BALLOONS l 13LACK 13ALLOONZ (ft. Twelve'len & GoldLink)
8767656 Cass McCombsSleeping Volcanoes
8873472 GrimesWe Appreciate Power (ft. HANA)
8984774 Young FathersCocoa Sugar
90761323 Tia GostelowOut of Mind
91904717MigosStir Fry
9274639 Oh Pep!Hurt Nobody
93954112BlocBoy JBLook Alive (ft. Drake)
9493380 illuminati hotties(You're Better) Than Ever
9586206 TygaTaste (ft. Offset)
9685766 Young The GiantSuperposition
9783232 The VoidzQYURRYUS
9877669 Friendly FiresHeaven Let Me In
9981754 cupcakKeDangled
100781717 Kurt VileBassackwards

80280 DrakeMob Ties
82545 Bleeding Knees ClubBehind
87192 La LuzDon't Leave Me on the Earth
88646 The VoidzMy Friend The Walls
89176 Ball Park MusicThe End Times
91362 Courtney BarnettCity Looks Pretty
92412 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
96846 Methyl EthelScream Whole
97292 DrakeIn My Feelings
98472 IDLESI'm Scum
992417 DrakeNice For What
100297 FISHERLosing It

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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 14/1/19
Edition No.479
Songs retire at 75 weeks

AlunaGeorge are #1 with "Superior Emotion", overtaking Travis Scott in a week with a notable amount of debuts.

The first of 18 new entries this week comes from the Gengahr album last year, the title track "Where Wildness Grows" is in at #17 for the band's 4th entry.

My commentary this week will be long enough as it is without mentioning the new Lana Del Rey song title in full. But it's an actual 2019 song! Her 13th entry is in at #26.

I would make a joke including the lyrics of "The Face Of God" and how this is the one Camp Cope song I've now charted, but I'm not even sure it's my favourite of theirs Anyway they are in at #31.

Brisbane's Akurei is a newcomer to the chart, with "Ride Home" at #35.

In a week where we lose one power song, we gain another. The last Mavis Staples song with power in it was not good (hey Arcade Fries) but "Nina Cried Power" is Hozier's 4th entry and it's in at #45.

JEFFE is from Sydney and her first entry on the chart is well deserved. At #50 we have "Undecided".

This track reminds me of Nothing But Thieves but it's the second "Alien" in the chart. More political than E^ST's one, it's the first entry from Airways who are in at #55.

Certified banger from Leikeli47 who I've been wanting to chart for a while. She is in at #58 for her first entry with "Girl Blunt".

I now have a song from two different FUR bands in my library so eat your heart Pendulums. The '90s Australian female-fronted band is clearly different to this UK-based one, and we have a first time entry with "Angel Eyes" at #62.

A lovely collaboration with newcomers Loyle Carner and Jordan Rakei entering at #69 with "Ottolenghi".

Ok in the last few weeks I have officially been sold on Mitski's "Geyser". It's in at #71.

I found this song from Chicago singer-songwriter Lala Lala when trying to find if La Luz's label had released any new music videos on YouTube, dat clout though. At #72 is "Scary Movie", her first entry to date.

So many artists new to the chart this week which is just great. Teyana Taylor is another one in at #75 with "3Way".

21 Savage is most certainly not new but here's my favourite track from his new LP. "gun smoke" is his 5th entry to date in at #83.

French Montana now has a second entry with "No Stylist" at #88, it's a 22nd entry for Drake.

Clocking up 4 entries now is Mitski with "Washing Machine Heart" at #91.

Max Styler and TWERL appear to both be male producers so I assume the vocalist is someone else. At #93 they both enter for the first time with "Wasted Time".

In amongst a lot of new stuff in my library, I remember "Are You All Good?" by breathe. because my old last.fm scrobbler seemed to struggle picking it up for some reason. It's another first timer in at #98.

18211AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
212313Travis ScottSICKO MODE
31223 The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
4524 Johnny Hunter1995
57115 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
631218Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
7232 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
8928 The BethsNot Running
9662 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
10432 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
11131811 Oh SeesC
12101110 InterpolNYSMAW
1323513 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
1414142 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
1550215 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
1611611 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
17NEW117 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
181595 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
1920219 InterpolIt Probably Matters
201646 GesaffelsteinReset
2129221 LIONOh No
2234417 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
2317103 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
2418196 Thom YorkeSuspirium
2519313 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
26NEW126 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
2724424 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
282148 Alex the AstronautHappy Song
2933423 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
3022318 SWIDTPraise
31NEW131 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
3225925 Owl EyesOn Me
3336426 Oh SeesOverthrown
3435234 alt-J3WW (ft. Little Simz) [OTG version]
35NEW135 AkureiRide Home
3626117 E^STAlien
3827143 Lana Del ReyMariners Apartment Complex
3932610 Parquet CourtsDeath Will Bring Change
4028410 The BlazeShe
4144241 KlloPotential
4237169 Django DjangoSwimming at Night
4331615 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
4439339 QuavoWORKIN ME
45NEW145 HozierNina Cried Power (ft. Mavis Staples)
46591243 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
4738119 Alex the AstronautWaste of Time
48422113La LuzMean Dream
4946921 PhosphorescentC'est La Vie No. 2
50NEW150 JEFFEUndecided
51401429 QuavoL A M B T A L K
5343123 The Goon SaxMake Time 4 Love
54481411 BADBADNOTGOOD x Little DragonTried
55NEW155 AirwaysAlien
56491234 The CoralSweet Release
5741127 Mick JenkinsUnderstood
58NEW158 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
5951351 The RaconteursNow That You're Gone
6052183 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3
6147338 Kurt VileRollin With The Flow
62NEW162 FURAngel Eyes
6353921 Ice CubeArrest The President
6455255 TelemanBetween the Rain
6560260 Fight IbisWoolly Bop
66652412La LuzCalifornia Finally
67541335 InterpolFlight of Fancy
6862262 Kurt VileBottle It In
69NEW169 Loyle Carner & Jordan RakeiOttolenghi
70611924 SantigoldRun the Road
71NEW171 MitskiGeyser
72NEW172 Lala LalaScary Movie
7357342 GengahrBefore Sunrise
74671515 MigosIs You Ready
75NEW175 Teyana Taylor3Way
7656179 AminéDR. WHOEVER
7764164 IDLESSamaritans
7858824 Sharon Van EttenComeback Kid
7994479 illuminati hotties(You're Better) Than Ever
8073363 John Butler TrioHome
8175653 CanaryTwo Step
82RET422 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
83NEW183 21 Savagegun smoke
8474236 KiraIf It Makes You Feel Better
85793011The CartersAPESHIT
86914817MigosStir Fry
8776947 CREOIn The Red
88NEW188 French MontanaNo Stylist (ft. Drake)
89934212BlocBoy JBLook Alive (ft. Drake)
9068634 Kiran LeonardParalysed Force
91NEW191 MitskiWashing Machine Heart
9281163 La LuzThe Creature
93NEW193 Max Styler & TWERLWasted Time
9486243 Denzel CurryBLACK BALLOONS l 13LACK 13ALLOONZ (ft. Twelve'len & GoldLink)
9569746 BeneSoaked
9672920 Ariana Grandethank u, next
97631018 BeirutGallipoli
98NEW198 breathe.Are You All Good?
9989874 Young FathersCocoa Sugar
10066920 Metro BoominOverdue (ft. Travis Scott)

70351 The Goon SaxA Few Times Too Many
711623 I Know LeopardLandmine
77737 SG LewisAgain (ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
782117 The VoidzPermanent High School
801727 The Money WarHollywood
82645 RÜFÜS DU SOLNo Place
831231 VillagersA Trick of the Light
84924 Lil WayneMona Lisa (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
851021 IDLESTelevision
87656 Cass McCombsSleeping Volcanoes
88472 GrimesWe Appreciate Power (ft. HANA)
901323 Tia GostelowOut of Mind
92639 Oh Pep!Hurt Nobody
95206 TygaTaste (ft. Offset)
96766 Young The GiantSuperposition
97232 The VoidzQYURRYUS
98669 Friendly FiresHeaven Let Me In
99754 cupcakKeDangled
1001717 Kurt VileBassackwards
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 21/1/19
Edition No.480
Songs retire at 75 weeks

A new #1 this week with The Pretty Littles the first Australian act to take top spot in 2019. "Don Dale" overtakes AlunaGeorge's "Superior Emotion" to become the chart's 173rd #1 to date.

The first debut this week is yet another offering from the recent Oh Sees album. At #35 we have "Moon Bog".

Welsh rockers Catfish and the Bottlemen haven't been in the chart for a few years but they now have their 4th entry. At #41 is the new single "Longshot".

Deerhunter are a band that I have paid some minor attention to over the last few years and my persistence has paid off as they have their first entry. At #70 is the track "Plains".

Complete coincidence that we also have debuting this week an Australian producer by the name of Deer. Featuring the excellent name of Beth Duck is the track "Lost", their first entries to date, in at #80, and all going well this will be my last 2018 song to enter on the chart.

I quickly took to this track for a number of reasons but at the top of those is the excellent guitar work. The Lazy Susans are new to the chart in at #92 with "R U OK?".

The duo of Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd have collaborated enough to basically become a band, and they are a great band at that. At #98 is the horny offering "Lost In The Fire", the French producer's 3rd entry and the Canadian singer's 8th.

13311The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
21311AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
322413Travis ScottSICKO MODE
4434 Johnny Hunter1995
55125 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
6836 The BethsNot Running
761318Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
81538 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
9742 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
10972 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
111042 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
12111911 Oh SeesC
1314152 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
14121210 InterpolNYSMAW
1516711 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
1613613 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
1717217 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
1826218 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
1918105 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
2019319 InterpolIt Probably Matters
2121321 LIONOh No
2225413 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
232056 GesaffelsteinReset
2422517 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
2530418 SWIDTPraise
2631226 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
2723113 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
2824206 Thom YorkeSuspirium
2927524 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
3035230 AkureiRide Home
312858 Alex the AstronautHappy Song
3229523 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
3334333 alt-J3WW (ft. Little Simz) [OTG version]
34321025 Owl EyesOn Me
35NEW135 Oh SeesMoon Bog
3633526 Oh SeesOverthrown
3736127 E^STAlien
38461338 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
3944439 QuavoWORKIN ME
41NEW141 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
4238153 Lana Del ReyMariners Apartment Complex
4343715 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
4440510 The BlazeShe
4541341 KlloPotential
4639710 Parquet CourtsDeath Will Bring Change
4758247 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
4842179 Django DjangoSwimming at Night
4945245 HozierNina Cried Power (ft. Mavis Staples)
50482213La LuzMean Dream
5150250 JEFFEUndecided
52491021 PhosphorescentC'est La Vie No. 2
5347129 Alex the AstronautWaste of Time
54511529 QuavoL A M B T A L K
5571255 MitskiGeyser
56541511 BADBADNOTGOOD x Little DragonTried
5753133 The Goon SaxMake Time 4 Love
5855255 AirwaysAlien
6062260 FURAngel Eyes
61561334 The CoralSweet Release
6264355 TelemanBetween the Rain
6379563 illuminati hotties(You're Better) Than Ever
6457137 Mick JenkinsUnderstood
6568362 Kurt VileBottle It In
6660193 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3
6775267 Teyana Taylor3Way
6859451 The RaconteursNow That You're Gone
6965360 Fight IbisWoolly Bop
70NEW170 DeerhunterPlains
7169269 Loyle Carner & Jordan RakeiOttolenghi
72671435 InterpolFlight of Fancy
7361438 Kurt VileRollin With The Flow
74662512La LuzCalifornia Finally
75631021 Ice CubeArrest The President
76702024 SantigoldRun the Road
7782432 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
7872272 Lala LalaScary Movie
79741615 MigosIs You Ready
80NEW180 DeerLost (ft. Beth Duck)
8173352 GengahrBefore Sunrise
8283282 21 Savagegun smoke
8376189 AminéDR. WHOEVER
84864917MigosStir Fry
85894312BlocBoy JBLook Alive (ft. Drake)
8680463 John Butler TrioHome
8781753 CanaryTwo Step
8877174 IDLESSamaritans
8984246 KiraIf It Makes You Feel Better
90853111The CartersAPESHIT
9178924 Sharon Van EttenComeback Kid
92NEW192 The Lazy SusansR U OK?
9393293 Max Styler & TWERLWasted Time
9488288 French MontanaNo Stylist (ft. Drake)
9591291 MitskiWashing Machine Heart
96871047 CREOIn The Red
97961020 Ariana Grandethank u, next
98NEW198 Gesaffelstein & The WeekndLost In The Fire
9994253 Denzel CurryBLACK BALLOONS l 13LACK 13ALLOONZ (ft. Twelve'len & GoldLink)
10092173 La LuzThe Creature

90634 Kiran LeonardParalysed Force
95746 BeneSoaked
971018 BeirutGallipoli
98198 breathe.Are You All Good?
99874 Young FathersCocoa Sugar
100920 Metro BoominOverdue (ft. Travis Scott)
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 28/1/19
Edition No.481
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Don't forget that I will be counting down my favourite songs of 2018 next Sunday night here on the forum. Also shout out to antonnalan's EOY on the preceding Friday night as well!

Two weeks at the top for The Pretty Littles but AlunaGeorge were very close this week.

I should have H100 shenanigans next week but I'm happy with the entries this week. The first debut comes from James Blake and his fantastic new album. "Where's The Catch?" at #10 is the 9th entry for Blake, and the 4th for André 3000.

I still enjoy Snakadaktal, in particular the two songs "Chimera" and "Dance Bear" that made my chart some 8 and 7 years ago respectively. The new project from two people from that band is called... Two People, and their first entry "Phone Call" comes in at #13.

A second entry from the upcoming Karen O & Danger Mouse record, and this time one with a normal length. "Woman" is in at #30.

Seven entries in on this chart and interestingly this track got a mention on Anthony Fantano's video last week. Methyl Ethel are in at #38 with "Trip the Mains".

After everything except the intro made my chart last year from their album, La Luz lead singer Shana Cleveland has a solo record on the way. And unsurprisingly this track is good. "Face of the Sun" is her first solo entry at #60.

11412The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
22411AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
332513Travis ScottSICKO MODE
45134 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
5444 Johnny Hunter1995
6846 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
7646 The BethsNot Running
871418Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
9952 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
10NEW110 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
111082 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
1213162 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
13NEW113 Two PeoplePhone Call
141152 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
1518315 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
16122011 Oh SeesC
1715811 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
1824617 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
19141310 InterpolNYSMAW
2016713 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
2117317 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
2219115 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
2320419 InterpolIt Probably Matters
2430324 AkureiRide Home
2521421 LIONOh No
2622513 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
2725518 SWIDTPraise
2835228 Oh SeesMoon Bog
292366 GesaffelsteinReset
30NEW130 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
3126326 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
3227123 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
3333433 alt-J3WW (ft. Little Simz) [OTG version]
3441234 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
3528216 Thom YorkeSuspirium
3632623 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
3729624 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
38NEW138 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
393168 Alex the AstronautHappy Song
4047340 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
41341125 Owl EyesOn Me
42381438 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
4339539 QuavoWORKIN ME
4437137 E^STAlien
4544610 The BlazeShe
4749345 HozierNina Cried Power (ft. Mavis Staples)
4863648 illuminati hotties(You're Better) Than Ever
4943815 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
5036626 Oh SeesOverthrown
5142163 Lana Del ReyMariners Apartment Complex
5248189 Django DjangoSwimming at Night
53502313La LuzMean Dream
5445441 KlloPotential
5553139 Alex the AstronautWaste of Time
5646810 Parquet CourtsDeath Will Bring Change
5766203 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3
58521121 PhosphorescentC'est La Vie No. 2
5955355 MitskiGeyser
60NEW160 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
6170261 DeerhunterPlains
6251350 JEFFEUndecided
6357143 The Goon SaxMake Time 4 Love
6460360 FURAngel Eyes
65541629 QuavoL A M B T A L K
6658355 AirwaysAlien
6764147 Mick JenkinsUnderstood
6877442 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
7067367 Teyana Taylor3Way
7165462 Kurt VileBottle It In
72561611 BADBADNOTGOOD x Little DragonTried
7368551 The RaconteursNow That You're Gone
74611434 The CoralSweet Release
7569460 Fight IbisWoolly Bop
7662455 TelemanBetween the Rain
77751121 Ice CubeArrest The President
78845017MigosStir Fry
7993379 Max Styler & TWERLWasted Time
80721535 InterpolFlight of Fancy
81742612La LuzCalifornia Finally
8286563 John Butler TrioHome
83762124 SantigoldRun the Road
8482382 21 Savagegun smoke
8578372 Lala LalaScary Movie
8680280 DeerLost (ft. Beth Duck)
8789256 KiraIf It Makes You Feel Better
8881362 GengahrBefore Sunrise
8973538 Kurt VileRollin With The Flow
9083199 AminéDR. WHOEVER
91854412BlocBoy JBLook Alive (ft. Drake)
9271369 Loyle Carner & Jordan RakeiOttolenghi
93791715 MigosIs You Ready
94903211The CartersAPESHIT
9587853 CanaryTwo Step
9688184 IDLESSamaritans
9792292 The Lazy SusansR U OK?
98911024 Sharon Van EttenComeback Kid
99971120 Ariana Grandethank u, next
10094388 French MontanaNo Stylist (ft. Drake)

95291 MitskiWashing Machine Heart
961047 CREOIn The Red
98198 Gesaffelstein & The WeekndLost In The Fire
99253 Denzel CurryBLACK BALLOONS l 13LACK 13ALLOONZ (ft. Twelve'len & GoldLink)
100173 La LuzThe Creature
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 4/2/19
Edition No.482
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Now my EOY is done (feel free to check it out if you haven't already) I can sort of focus on 2019 music... I will still keep H100 entries in consideration for the next couple of weeks or so. "Don Dale" remains #1.

First entry comes from Thundamentals, who have made the chart for the fourth time. Tuka and Jeswon have both charted as featured artists too, not to mention Tuka sneaking into my EOY yesterday. "Everybody But You" comes in at #34.

I feel like it's obligatory to list what Mustard productions have made my chart. "No Mediocre", "Strive" and now this track with Migos titled "Pure Water" at #36. It's now 12 entries for the newest member of my EOY #1 alumni.

And we have a new Vampire Weekend album on the way which is exciting. "Harmony Hall" is one of two new songs without Rostam Batmanglij, the band's 19th entry in at #40.

Maybe not my favourite song about peaches but Broods are finally on my chart! "Peach" at #48.

Wollongong's Hockey Dad make my chart for the third time with H100 entry "Sweet Release" feelin' alright at #58.

A great band name to say is Makthaverskan. "Demands" is the Swedish outfit's 3rd entry to date in at #60.

Jenny Lewis is all over this week's chart, sort of. She provides vocals on the VW song that didn't chart and here we have her second solo entry to date (having also charted with the Jenny & Johnny track "Scissor Runner"). "Red Bull & Hennessy" is in at #65.

11513The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
22511AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
34143 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
4654 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
5554 Johnny Hunter1995
632613Travis ScottSICKO MODE
71027 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
8756 The BethsNot Running
981518Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
1013210 Two PeoplePhone Call
11962 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
121192 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
1315413 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
1412172 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
1518715 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
161462 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
17162111 Oh SeesC
1817911 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
19191410 InterpolNYSMAW
2020813 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
2122125 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
2221417 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
2325521 LIONOh No
2423519 InterpolIt Probably Matters
2530225 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
2624424 AkureiRide Home
2728327 Oh SeesMoon Bog
2826613 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
2934329 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
3027618 SWIDTPraise
312976 GesaffelsteinReset
3231426 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
3338233 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
34NEW134 ThundamentalsEverybody But You
3532133 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
36NEW136 Mustard & MigosPure Water
3735226 Thom YorkeSuspirium
3833533 alt-J3WW (ft. Little Simz) [OTG version]
3936723 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
40NEW140 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
4137724 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
42411225 Owl EyesOn Me
4340440 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
44421538 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
453978 Alex the AstronautHappy Song
46532413La LuzMean Dream
4743639 QuavoWORKIN ME
48NEW148 BroodsPeach
4945710 The BlazeShe
5044147 E^STAlien
5247445 HozierNina Cried Power (ft. Mavis Staples)
5368452 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
5448748 illuminati hotties(You're Better) Than Ever
5550726 Oh SeesOverthrown
5660256 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
5749915 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
58NEW158 Hockey DadSweet Release
5951173 Lana Del ReyMariners Apartment Complex
60NEW160 MakthaverskanDemands
6154541 KlloPotential
6266455 AirwaysAlien
6352199 Django DjangoSwimming at Night
6459455 MitskiGeyser
65NEW165 Jenny LewisRed Bull & Hennessy
6661361 DeerhunterPlains
6756910 Parquet CourtsDeath Will Bring Change
6870467 Teyana Taylor3Way
6962450 JEFFEUndecided
7057213 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3
71651729 QuavoL A M B T A L K
7255149 Alex the AstronautWaste of Time
73785117MigosStir Fry
7471562 Kurt VileBottle It In
7584475 21 Savagegun smoke
7663153 The Goon SaxMake Time 4 Love
77581221 PhosphorescentC'est La Vie No. 2
78812712La LuzCalifornia Finally
8064460 FURAngel Eyes
81721711 BADBADNOTGOOD x Little DragonTried
82741534 The CoralSweet Release
8367157 Mick JenkinsUnderstood
8479479 Max Styler & TWERLWasted Time
8585472 Lala LalaScary Movie
86771221 Ice CubeArrest The President
8782663 John Butler TrioHome
88801635 InterpolFlight of Fancy
8986380 DeerLost (ft. Beth Duck)
9073651 The RaconteursNow That You're Gone
9188372 GengahrBefore Sunrise
9287266 KiraIf It Makes You Feel Better
93943311The CartersAPESHIT
9490209 AminéDR. WHOEVER
95914512BlocBoy JBLook Alive (ft. Drake)
96832224 SantigoldRun the Road
9795953 CanaryTwo Step
9889638 Kurt VileRollin With The Flow
9992469 Loyle Carner & Jordan RakeiOttolenghi
10075560 Fight IbisWoolly Bop

76455 TelemanBetween the Rain
931715 MigosIs You Ready
96184 IDLESSamaritans
97292 The Lazy SusansR U OK?
981024 Sharon Van EttenComeback Kid
991120 Ariana Grandethank u, next
100388 French MontanaNo Stylist (ft. Drake)
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 11/2/19
Edition No.483
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Two People are #1 for the first time with "Phone Call". As I near closer to 500 weeks of this chart, I have only had more prolific weeks of debuts twice before (and one of those was when the chart expanded). As such it is almost a record week in that we have 27 new entries, in part but not entirely due to the H100.

The first chart comes from a band that I had not heard of before this week. Note that the "The" on the iTunes tag of this doesn't appear to be correct which is why I fixed up my scrobbles earlier today. Fat White Family are from the UK and are in with the one of the best songs of the year so far in "Feet" at #5.

H100 song #1 of the week is the Skegss with "Smogged Out", their second entry in at #13.

Possibly but not confirmed to be a Skegss cover band are Good Doogs, of which Daisy is one. "Nobody/Alone" is a ripper, albeit a basic one, in at #15 for the WA band's first entry.

A rap role call song, haven't had one of those on the chart in a while I think! Buddy & friends are in at #18 with "Link Up", with all artists new to the chart.

Hopefully Foals are elected to the 10-entry club this year as their 9th entry comes in the form of "Exits" at #20.

Canadian punk rock band PUP have their second entry "Kids" at #27.

I was surprised to enjoy both G Flip H100 entries but especially "About You", her first entry in at #43.

More H100 shenanigans as DMA'S notch up their second entry to date, following 2017's #27-peaker "Lay Down". At #46 we have "The End" of this paragraph.

I hope to listen to James Blake's album more now that H100 & EOY stuff is out of the way. "Can't Believe The Way We Flow" appears to already be a fan favourite and it's in at #53.

"Groceries" was a surprise top 10 entry in the H100 for me because it wasn't really clicking with me for a style that should have been. However it eventually did and now Mallrat has a debut entry, in at #61.

"Cyboogie" is a new King Gizz track so therefore must be here. 17 entries for them now and it's in at #64.

Cub Sport's album was nice! "As Long As You're Happy" was a real standout and it's in at #72.

Excuse to chart Owl Eyes or not, "Sometime" at #74 is a really tight production. It makes a dozen entries for her, whilst it is the first for LO'99.

A third entry to date for Alison Wonderland at #75 - thanks to the H100 - with "Church".

More H100 and a second entry for King Princess at #78 for "Pussy Is God".

Due to being on Unearthed I downloaded this well before the countdown - not that I properly acquainted myself with it. There is nothing else interesting about this song making the H100 or any potential shenanigans that occurred when it did. Angie McMahon has her first entry with "Missing Me" at #82.

Surprised that this grew on me as much as it has! Kira Puru at #83 with "Molotov" for her first entry.

A break in the H100 nonsense as The Drums return to my chart. They were brief entrants in the very early days of my chart and now in 2019 their 11th entry with "Body Chemistry" at #85.

Cub Sport again! 7 entries for them, "Sometimes" at #87.

11 entries for James Blake as "Mile High" comes in at #89.

Running out of room in my spreadsheet textbox, so in the bottom 10 we have more H100 entries with Anderson .Paak, Nothing But Thieves (first ever Lavvy on my chart iirc?), Trophy Eyes, A$AP Rocky and Thundamentals, whilst new Interpol and Vampire Weekend also chart.

110311Two PeoplePhone Call
21613The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
33153 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
4464 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
5NEW15 Fat White FamilyFeet
62611AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
7564 Johnny Hunter1995
862713Travis ScottSICKO MODE
9737 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
1036210 Mustard & MigosPure Water
1191618Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
1215812 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
13NEW113 SkegssSmogged Out
141172 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
15NEW115 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
1633316 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
1713513 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
18NEW118 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
1912102 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
20NEW120 FoalsExits
21866 The BethsNot Running
2214182 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
2325323 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
24172211 Oh SeesC
25181011 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
2640226 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
27NEW127 PUPKids
2821135 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
2923621 LIONOh No
3030718 SWIDTPraise
31191510 InterpolNYSMAW
3229429 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
331672 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
3426524 AkureiRide Home
3524619 InterpolIt Probably Matters
3622517 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
3720913 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
3827427 Oh SeesMoon Bog
3928713 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
4032526 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
4134234 ThundamentalsEverybody But You
4235143 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
43NEW143 G FlipAbout You
4453462 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
4539823 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
46NEW146 DMA'SThe End
4743540 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
4841824 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
493186 GesaffelsteinReset
5037236 Thom YorkeSuspirium
51441638 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
524588 Alex the AstronautHappy Song
53NEW153 James BlakeCan't Believe The Way We Flow
5456354 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
55462513La LuzMean Dream
56421325 Owl EyesOn Me
5748248 BroodsPeach
5847739 QuavoWORKIN ME
5950157 E^STAlien
6055826 Oh SeesOverthrown
61NEW161 MallratGroceries
6258258 Hockey DadSweet Release
6349810 The BlazeShe
64NEW164 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCyboogie
65571015 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
66735217MigosStir Fry
6754848 illuminati hotties(You're Better) Than Ever
6838633 alt-J3WW (ft. Little Simz) [OTG version]
6961641 KlloPotential
7162555 AirwaysAlien
72NEW172 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
7369550 JEFFEUndecided
74NEW174 LO'99Sometime (ft. Owl Eyes)
75NEW175 Alison WonderlandChurch
7668567 Teyana Taylor3Way
7766461 DeerhunterPlains
78NEW178 King PrincessPussy Is God
7970223 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3
8059183 Lana Del ReyMariners Apartment Complex
81782812La LuzCalifornia Finally
82NEW182 Angie McMahonMissing Me
83NEW183 Kira PuruMolotov
84771321 PhosphorescentC'est La Vie No. 2
85NEW185 The DrumsBody Chemistry
8664555 MitskiGeyser
87NEW187 Cub SportSometimes
8860260 MakthaverskanDemands
89NEW189 James BlakeMile High (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
9063209 Django DjangoSwimming at Night
91NEW191 Anderson .PaakBubblin
92NEW192 InterpolFine Mess
93NEW193 Nothing But ThievesWhat Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
94NEW194 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
95671010 Parquet CourtsDeath Will Bring Change
9684579 Max Styler & TWERLWasted Time
97NEW197 A$AP RockySundress
98933411The CartersAPESHIT
99NEW199 Vampire Weekend2021
100NEW1100 ThundamentalsI Miss You

52445 HozierNina Cried Power (ft. Mavis Staples)
65165 Jenny LewisRed Bull & Hennessy
711729 QuavoL A M B T A L K
72149 Alex the AstronautWaste of Time
74562 Kurt VileBottle It In
75475 21 Savagegun smoke
76153 The Goon SaxMake Time 4 Love
80460 FURAngel Eyes
811711 BADBADNOTGOOD x Little DragonTried
821534 The CoralSweet Release
83157 Mick JenkinsUnderstood
85472 Lala LalaScary Movie
861221 Ice CubeArrest The President
87663 John Butler TrioHome
881635 InterpolFlight of Fancy
89380 DeerLost (ft. Beth Duck)
90651 The RaconteursNow That You're Gone
91372 GengahrBefore Sunrise
92266 KiraIf It Makes You Feel Better
94209 AminéDR. WHOEVER
954512BlocBoy JBLook Alive (ft. Drake)
962224 SantigoldRun the Road
97953 CanaryTwo Step
98638 Kurt VileRollin With The Flow
99469 Loyle Carner & Jordan RakeiOttolenghi
100560 Fight IbisWoolly Bop
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 18/2/19
Edition No.484
Songs retire at 75 weeks

This should be the end of the H100 cycle so that should mark the end of 2018 entries. In any case we have a new #1, and it's a bit unfortunate for the awesome "Phone Call" because an even more awesome song in "Feet" by Fat White Family has taken top spot.

18 entries this week which makes for 45 in a fortnight; the most for any two-week period since the first two weeks of the chart. Up first is a collab of Young Franco, Reva DeVito and Golden Vessel, who are all new to me although I do recall seeing but not listening to a song that the latter collaborated with EOY alumni Akurei. To say the least this is a banger, but I would also go on to say that this has some potential to make a big impact. "Otherside" is in at #3.

Up next is an artist I've never charted but whose biggest hit still isn't (but eventually will be) in my library. I have a track record for paying attention to an artist after they pass away etc. but I try to be fair in my judgement. With all that said, the new song from The Cranberries is really great. "All Over Now" debuts at #8.

If you follow me on Twitter a really funny thing happened over the weekend with me involving "Going Bad" but it was a song that in the past couple of weeks has been rapidly growing on me. My theory is that I had heard so many Drake songs in 2018 that this just couldn't make the grade, so I'd probably prefer that this was released this year. Nonetheless it's in at #12, it's a first entry for Meek Mill and a 23rd for Drake.

I know I should listen to more Sunbeam Sound Machine but I don't. At least Nick Sowersby has his second entry, and in fact this achieves his highest peak on my chart yet, with "Talking Distance" in at #28.

How The Murlocs haven't ended up in my collection or charts up until now is surprising because what they do is definitely for me, especially given the vocalist is from King Gizzard. "Comfort Zone" definitely has a classic rock influence and in a good way, and it's in at #30.

RL Grime is best known on my chart for the second(?) best song called "Waiting". This is the best song I know called "Arcus", which features first-timer graves, and it's in at #40.

he-he-he-he-he-is-a-"Heather"... this song isn't a total rip off of I Know Leopard's debut entry from last year. However it does enter at #45.

The third artist in a row with its second entry to date is American outfit Cage the Elephant with "Ready to Let Go". Feel free to guess what Rubens ripper it most resembles. It debuts at #54.

The Twilight Sad at least from this song are most certainly Scottish. Their debut entry "[10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs]" is pretty dramatic and it's in at #59.

Seaside's first entry last year "Golden Girl" was one that was a pleasure to add to any playlist and hopefully this one has similar playability if that's the word. "Habits" is in at #64.

This song is not a Neil Young cover though it would be rather confusing if it was. Stella Donnelly cuts deep on her first entry to this chart "Old Man" in at #67.

TR/ST or the artist formerly known as Trust now has his fourth entry under his belt. "Gone" is in at #72.

It is important to note that Lala Lala is not a band and WHY? are a band. It's the second entry for the former and the first for the latter, with "Siren 042" at #81.

Given they are one of my all-time favourite bands, it's understandable that Radiohead have now notched up eight entries despite having not released much material in the past decade. "Ill Wind" is a newly released outtake with fantastic single artwork, and was recorded during their previous album era. It's in at #87.

Four entries right at the bottom with three of them being H100-related. Ruby Fields has her first entry with "Dinosaurs".

Little Simz made a big impact on the "3WW" remix recently so now she rightly has a second entry with "Selfish" at #97, which is a first entry for Cleo Sol.

Was lukewarm on it at first but Hockey Dad have 4 entries with "Join the Club" at #99.

First entry for Odette! "Take It To The Heart" at #100.

15211Fat White FamilyFeet
21411Two PeoplePhone Call
3NEW13 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
43163 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
5474 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
6946 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
72713The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
8NEW18 The CranberriesAll Over Now
91529 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
1010310 Mustard & MigosPure Water
1182813Travis ScottSICKO MODE
12NEW112 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
13774 Johnny Hunter1995
14111718Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
156711AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
1613213 SkegssSmogged Out
1716416 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
1827218 PUPKids
1912912 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
2018218 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
211482 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
2226322 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
2320220 FoalsExits
2417613 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
2519112 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
2630818 SWIDTPraise
2722192 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
28NEW128 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
2929721 LIONOh No
30NEW130 The MurlocsComfort Zone
31242311 Oh SeesC
3235719 InterpolIt Probably Matters
332176 The BethsNot Running
34251111 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
3523423 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
3628145 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
3732529 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
3841334 ThundamentalsEverybody But You
39311610 InterpolNYSMAW
40NEW140 RL Grime & gravesArcus
4134624 AkureiRide Home
42371013 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
4343243 G FlipAbout You
443382 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
45NEW145 I Know LeopardHeather
4636617 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
4745923 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
4840626 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
4944472 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
5039813 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
5161251 MallratGroceries
5257348 BroodsPeach
5342153 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
54NEW154 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
5546246 DMA'SThe End
5638527 Oh SeesMoon Bog
5747640 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
58511738 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
59NEW159 The Twilight Sad[10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs]
6072260 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
6153253 James BlakeCan't Believe The Way We Flow
6254454 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
63552613La LuzMean Dream
64NEW164 SeasideHabits
6550246 Thom YorkeSuspirium
6658839 QuavoWORKIN ME
67NEW167 Stella DonnellyOld Man
68561425 Owl EyesOn Me
6962358 Hockey DadSweet Release
70665317MigosStir Fry
7194271 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
72NEW172 TR/STGone
7382273 Angie McMahonMissing Me
7468733 alt-J3WW (ft. Little Simz) [OTG version]
755298 Alex the AstronautHappy Song
76651115 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
7748924 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
7889278 James BlakeMile High (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
7959167 E^STAlien
80812912La LuzCalifornia Finally
81NEW181 Lala Lala & WHY?Siren 042
8274274 LO'99Sometime (ft. Owl Eyes)
8364264 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCyboogie
854996 GesaffelsteinReset
8699286 Vampire Weekend2021
87NEW187 RadioheadIll Wind
8867948 illuminati hotties(You're Better) Than Ever
8978278 King PrincessPussy Is God
9076667 Teyana Taylor3Way
9179233 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3
9260926 Oh SeesOverthrown
9375275 Alison WonderlandChurch
9485285 The DrumsBody Chemistry
9583283 Kira PuruMolotov
96NEW196 Ruby FieldsDinosaurs
97NEW197 Little SimzSelfish (ft. Cleo Sol)
9863910 The BlazeShe
99NEW199 Hockey DadJoin the Club
100NEW1100 OdetteTake It To The Heart

69641 KlloPotential
71555 AirwaysAlien
73550 JEFFEUndecided
77461 DeerhunterPlains
80183 Lana Del ReyMariners Apartment Complex
841321 PhosphorescentC'est La Vie No. 2
86555 MitskiGeyser
87187 Cub SportSometimes
88260 MakthaverskanDemands
90209 Django DjangoSwimming at Night
91191 Anderson .PaakBubblin
92192 InterpolFine Mess
93193 Nothing But ThievesWhat Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
951010 Parquet CourtsDeath Will Bring Change
96579 Max Styler & TWERLWasted Time
97197 A$AP RockySundress
983411The CartersAPESHIT
1001100 ThundamentalsI Miss You
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 25/2/19
Edition No.485
Songs retire at 75 weeks

My top 5 sort of feels like a proper top 5 this week, with every song not from originating from EOY or H100 which is excellent news. I have been listening to and charting more new music recently than I have in a while so this chart is looking quite healthy. Conversely, Fat White Family fatten up their weeks on top with "Feet", whilst Two People and Young Franco are left hungry in positions #2 and #3. The Cranberries and Good Doogs jump into the top 5.

To call it a revival would imply it was dying out, but there has been a nice trend of new Aussie bands getting some decent peaks on my chart this summer, and hopefully it continues. Thanks to hearing this on Double J, first timers Bench Press are in at #7 with "Respite".

Keeping up with the above here. I already knew Dear Seattle before this track but despite giving "Maybe" plenty of chance to grow on me it never really did. In any case "Try" is far better and it's the band's first entry in at #20.

Following in Ariana's footsteps in a sense is Billie Eilish, because I will probably have to hear at least most of her upcoming album for AP purposes but will definitely want to anyway. Or at least "bury a friend" convinced me that I now do. Her third entry is in at #35.

I had this as the lesser of the two Metro Boomin tracks on "Assume Form" initially but now the tides have turned. James Blake now has 12 entries with "Tell Them" at #40, it's a first for Moses Sumney and remarkably the 9th credited entry for Metro Boomin.

So yes I did enjoy "thank u, next" the album and this was a standout for sure. Ariana Grande debuts with "bad idea" at #53, her 6th entry to date.

Three entries now for Cherry Glazerr. "Distressor" was one of the more impressive tracks on the album but I didn't end up buying it. It's in at #72.

One of the most iconic duos in hip hop are back, and no it's not MF Doom and Madlib, it's Freddie Gibbs and Madlib! "Flat Tummy Tea" is #74, 10 entries for Freddie and 8 for Madlib.

The new Offset album came out and... I was a bit underwhelmed. 7 non-Migos entries under his belt now, and it's great to have some actual Offset on my last.fm. "After Dark" is still a tune and it's in at #79.

Two Victorian artists at the back end of the debuts. Firstly is the return of a-c favourite Olympia for her fifth entry. After her #27-peaker "Star City" last year, "Shoot To Forget" popped up late in the week to earn itself an entry at #90.

And lastly a band that (despite narrowly missing out on the top 200 EOY) made a welcomed return to my chart in 2018. For their 4th entry it's Money For Rope and "Actually" at #94.

11312Fat White FamilyFeet
22511Two PeoplePhone Call
3323 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
4824 The CranberriesAll Over Now
5935 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
64173 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
7NEW17 Bench PressRespite
8584 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
91229 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
10656 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
117813The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
1210410 Mustard & MigosPure Water
13112913Travis ScottSICKO MODE
1430214 The MurlocsComfort Zone
1517515 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
161384 Johnny Hunter1995
1716313 SkegssSmogged Out
18141818Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
1920318 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
20NEW120 Dear SeattleTry
2123320 FoalsExits
2218318 PUPKids
2315811AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
24191012 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
2526918 SWIDTPraise
2622422 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
272192 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
2829821 LIONOh No
2928228 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
3024713 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
3125122 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
3227202 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
3332819 InterpolIt Probably Matters
34312411 Oh SeesC
35NEW135 Billie Eilishbury a friend
3652436 BroodsPeach
3745237 I Know LeopardHeather
383386 The BethsNot Running
39341211 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
40NEW140 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
4140240 RL Grime & gravesArcus
4237629 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
4335523 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
4436155 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
4560345 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
4649482 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
47391710 InterpolNYSMAW
4843343 G FlipAbout You
4938434 ThundamentalsEverybody But You
5059250 The Twilight Sad[10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs]
51471023 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
5254252 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
53NEW153 Ariana Grandebad idea
5455346 DMA'SThe End
5541724 AkureiRide Home
56421113 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
5750913 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
5862554 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
5951351 MallratGroceries
604492 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
6148726 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
6253163 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
63581838 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
6464264 SeasideHabits
6546717 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
6657740 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
6771367 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
6878368 James BlakeMile High (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
6961353 James BlakeCan't Believe The Way We Flow
7056627 Oh SeesMoon Bog
71632713La LuzMean Dream
72NEW172 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
7367267 Stella DonnellyOld Man
74NEW174 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibFlat Tummy Tea
75705417MigosStir Fry
7673373 Angie McMahonMissing Me
7765256 Thom YorkeSuspirium
7872272 TR/STGone
79NEW179 OffsetAfter Dark
80681525 Owl EyesOn Me
81761215 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
8283364 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCyboogie
8366939 QuavoWORKIN ME
8481281 Lala Lala & WHY?Siren 042
8579177 E^STAlien
86803012La LuzCalifornia Finally
8769458 Hockey DadSweet Release
8982374 LO'99Sometime (ft. Owl Eyes)
90NEW190 OlympiaShoot To Forget
91771024 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
9289378 King PrincessPussy Is God
9375108 Alex the AstronautHappy Song
94NEW194 Money For RopeActually
9591243 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3
9686386 Vampire Weekend2021
9774833 alt-J3WW (ft. Little Simz) [OTG version]
98100298 OdetteTake It To The Heart
9994385 The DrumsBody Chemistry
10095383 Kira PuruMolotov

8596 GesaffelsteinReset
87187 RadioheadIll Wind
88948 illuminati hotties(You're Better) Than Ever
90667 Teyana Taylor3Way
92926 Oh SeesOverthrown
93275 Alison WonderlandChurch
96196 Ruby FieldsDinosaurs
97197 Little SimzSelfish (ft. Cleo Sol)
98910 The BlazeShe
99199 Hockey DadJoin the Club
I know it's in the other thread but RIP Keith Flint

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 4/3/19
Edition No.486
Songs retire at 75 weeks

"Feet" is so good but the top 10 was a tricky one this week, with The Cranberries and Bench Press also making moves.

An entirely North American set of debuts this week led by Vancouver-based The Jins. I didn't know who they were 6 days ago but they are #7 with "She Said".

As great as 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar are on this track, Pharrell should really have got a credit here for his amazing production reminding me and surely others of N.E.R.D's last album. It's 2 Chainz's 4th entry at #16 is "Momma I Hit a Lick", but it is his first since 2013, and meanwhile Kendrick now has 42 in total.

I can safely say Runnner are in the same boat as The Jins having never charted but this is a totally different vibe. The relaxing but engaging "Eggshell" is in at #19.

Mexico are the 24th country to feature on my chart not including features! It helps that two brothers of Omar from The Mars Volta are in Le Butcherettes and that technically Antemasque and At the Drive-in are American-based. But the very cool "give/UP" is in at #30.
pronoun is the stage name of Alyse Velturo, and this track is some very catchy indie pop. "stay" is her first entry and it comes in at #46.

Another new artist on the chart this week are Tacocat, who to little surprise to me are from Seattle and are also on the same label as La Luz (I didn't find about it them that way though). "Grains of Salt" is in at #58.

Mini Mansions have featured on the chart once before with an Alex Turner-assisted track but this is the first time understandably where I have developed a habit of typing their name without the space. "GummyBear" is #80.

Took some time to grow on me but the new Charly Bliss song is nice. "Capacity" is their first entry in at #85.

And lastly, you may remember I loved Foxygen's last entry on my chart. Well here's one that sounds totally different, if anything I get sort of a Father John Misty vibe. "Livin' a Lie" is their 3rd entry in at #87.

11413Fat White FamilyFeet
22611Two PeoplePhone Call
3433 The CranberriesAll Over Now
4333 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
5725 Bench PressRespite
6545 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
7NEW17 The JinsShe Said
86183 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
9939 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
1014310 The MurlocsComfort Zone
111066 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
12894 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
1312510 Mustard & MigosPure Water
1411913The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
15133013Travis ScottSICKO MODE
16NEW116 2 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
171694 Johnny Hunter1995
1820218 Dear SeattleTry
19NEW119 RunnnerEggshell
2015615 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
2117413 SkegssSmogged Out
22181918Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
2319418 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
2428921 LIONOh No
2526522 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
2621420 FoalsExits
27251018 SWIDTPraise
2822418 PUPKids
2923911AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
30NEW130 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
3127102 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
3245432 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
33241112 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
3429328 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
3535235 Billie Eilishbury a friend
3640236 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
3737337 I Know LeopardHeather
3831132 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
3930813 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
4036536 BroodsPeach
4133919 InterpolIt Probably Matters
4241340 RL Grime & gravesArcus
4352343 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
4472244 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
4550345 The Twilight Sad[10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs]
46NEW146 pronounstay
4732212 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
48391311 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
49342511 Oh SeesC
5043623 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
5154446 DMA'SThe End
5244165 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
5342729 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
543896 The BethsNot Running
5546492 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
5658654 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
57511123 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
58NEW158 TacocatGrains of Salt
5953253 Ariana Grandebad idea
6048443 G FlipAbout You
6173361 Stella DonnellyOld Man
6279262 OffsetAfter Dark
63471810 InterpolNYSMAW
64571013 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
6549534 ThundamentalsEverybody But You
6674266 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibFlat Tummy Tea
6768467 James BlakeMile High (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
6859451 MallratGroceries
6960102 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
7055824 AkureiRide Home
7166840 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
72561213 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
73631938 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
7461826 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
7564364 SeasideHabits
76755517MigosStir Fry
77712813La LuzMean Dream
7862173 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
7967467 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
80NEW180 Mini MansionsGummyBear
81831039 QuavoWORKIN ME
8282464 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCyboogie
8378372 TR/STGone
8465817 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
85NEW185 Charly BlissCapacity
8670727 Oh SeesMoon Bog
87NEW187 FoxygenLivin' a Lie
8876473 Angie McMahonMissing Me
8984381 Lala Lala & WHY?Siren 042
90801625 Owl EyesOn Me
9169453 James BlakeCan't Believe The Way We Flow
9292478 King PrincessPussy Is God
9390290 OlympiaShoot To Forget
9477266 Thom YorkeSuspirium
95911124 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
9689474 LO'99Sometime (ft. Owl Eyes)
97811315 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
98863112La LuzCalifornia Finally
9996486 Vampire Weekend2021
10095253 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3

85177 E^STAlien
87458 Hockey DadSweet Release
93108 Alex the AstronautHappy Song
94194 Money For RopeActually
97833 alt-J3WW (ft. Little Simz) [OTG version]
98298 OdetteTake It To The Heart
99385 The DrumsBody Chemistry
100383 Kira PuruMolotov
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 11/3/19
Edition No.487
Songs retire at 75 weeks

I could be counting it wrong but my chart is down to just 42 songs released last year which, given my investment in this year's H100, is pretty good. It helps that there is so much great new music at the moment, although you wouldn't know it just by looking at the top 2 which remains in the same order for the 4th consecutive week. Fat White Family remain at the pinnacle with "Feet" which I still cannot get enough of, but Two People's "Phone Call" is not going away any time soon at #2. With that said, it's "She Said" by The Jins which rockets to #3 as this week I was really getting into it, which means that The Cranberries' run in the top 3 is short-lived with "All Over Now" back at #4. Meek Mill's "Going Bad" may pretty much be the only 2018 song making any gains but after a big week it impressively jumps up to #5.

And this segues nicely into the debuts because the highest one is #6! In fact it's incredible that for the 5th week in a row there is a top 10 debut, and if you've followed my chart for long enough you'll know that this fluctuates so much as my debuts are often all over the place. Cage the Elephant are the ones to continue this trend with the second teaser track to their upcoming album which all of a sudden I'm quite interested to hear. While their previous entry was surely a nod to the rippers of recent H100 folklore, the verses of "House of Glass" sound like a Young Fathers impersonation while the chorus is the sort of heavy alt-rock that has always been very on brand for me. It's the band's third entry to date.

He may not have a cooler EPL team to support than Dizzee Rascal but as far as UK rap tracks go this one is pretty hard hitting. Dave is new to the chart and "Black" comes in at #21.

First they release a song called "Hollywood" and now they come out with a riff that couldn't sound more like THE Father John Misty song if they tried. But it's beautiful and idc. WA's The Money War have their 3rd entry in "Man's Needs" at #31.

It's hilarious at least to me that Billie Eilish's four entries on my chart all sound like they come from four different artists. At #53 she is in with "WHEN I WAS OLDER".

I may have come across this anyway but this is the first real instance I have of artists tweeting at me obviously just to get on my chart. After positively reacting to their high EOY placing for "Wait For You", I noticed that High Tropics had also tweeted that their new single was not far away, and although not instantly impressive I'm sold on it now. "Feel the Same" is their 3rd entry in at #62.

Michael Benjamin Lerner's project Telekinesis first came across my radar eight or so years ago with his cover of Nirvana's "On A Plain" and this new track definitely has a similar sound to that. Without knowing more about his music, "A Place in the Sun" sort of sounds like Dinosaur Jr? Anyway it's his first entry in at #76.

So many random tracks on my Spotify playlist end up in a position somewhere between finding it hard to write them off and not quite being sold on them. Boy Harsher's "LA" is one recent example but repeated listens have helped it along. The duo are in at #91 for their first entry.

This one popped up late in the week but (although this sounds like the track I was desperate for five years ago) I was convinced pretty quickly. The Black Keys finally have 10 entries and hence can go onto my stats list when I update it again, with "Lo/Hi" at #94.

Not far behind in total entries are The National who - despite only starting their account two years ago - now have 8. "You Had Your Soul With You" rounds out the week at #95.

11514Fat White FamilyFeet
22711Two PeoplePhone Call
3723 The JinsShe Said
4343 The CranberriesAll Over Now
5945 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
6NEW16 Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
7535 Bench PressRespite
81928 RunnnerEggshell
98193 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
10443 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
1110410 The MurlocsComfort Zone
1243412 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
13655 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
1416214 2 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
1513610 Mustard & MigosPure Water
1644316 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
171176 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
1812104 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
19153113Travis ScottSICKO MODE
2032520 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
21NEW121 DaveBlack
2218318 Dear SeattleTry
2330223 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
2428518 PUPKids
25141013The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
2617104 Johnny Hunter1995
2721513 SkegssSmogged Out
28222018Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
29271118 SWIDTPraise
3026520 FoalsExits
31NEW131 The Money WarMan's Needs
3220715 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
3325622 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
34241021 LIONOh No
3536335 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
3634428 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
3723518 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
3831112 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
3937437 I Know LeopardHeather
40291011AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
4135335 Billie Eilishbury a friend
4242440 RL Grime & gravesArcus
4347222 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
4438142 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
4546245 pronounstay
46331212 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
4745445 The Twilight Sad[10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs]
48411019 InterpolIt Probably Matters
4975449 SeasideHabits
5061450 Stella DonnellyOld Man
5139913 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
5240636 BroodsPeach
53NEW153 Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
5456754 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
5551546 DMA'SThe End
56492611 Oh SeesC
5758257 TacocatGrains of Salt
58481411 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
5955502 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
6062360 OffsetAfter Dark
6153829 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
62NEW162 High TropicsFeel the Same
6359353 Ariana Grandebad idea
6450723 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
6566365 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibFlat Tummy Tea
6652175 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
67571223 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
6854106 The BethsNot Running
69641113 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
7060543 G FlipAbout You
7167567 James BlakeMile High (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
72765617MigosStir Fry
73732038 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
7488573 Angie McMahonMissing Me
7593375 OlympiaShoot To Forget
76NEW176 TelekinesisA Place in the Sun
7770924 AkureiRide Home
7879567 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
7968551 MallratGroceries
8080280 Mini MansionsGummyBear
8183472 TR/STGone
82631910 InterpolNYSMAW
8371940 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
84811139 QuavoWORKIN ME
8565634 ThundamentalsEverybody But You
8682564 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCyboogie
87772913La LuzMean Dream
8885285 Charly BlissCapacity
8974926 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
9087287 FoxygenLivin' a Lie
91NEW191 Boy HarsherLA
92721313 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
9369112 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
94NEW194 The Black KeysLo/Hi
95NEW195 The NationalYou Had Your Soul With You
9694276 Thom YorkeSuspirium
9799586 Vampire Weekend2021
9878183 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
9984917 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
10096574 LO'99Sometime (ft. Owl Eyes)

86727 Oh SeesMoon Bog
89381 Lala Lala & WHY?Siren 042
901625 Owl EyesOn Me
91453 James BlakeCan't Believe The Way We Flow
92478 King PrincessPussy Is God
951124 Kacey MusgravesHigh Horse
971315 NAVChampion (ft. Travis Scott)
983112La LuzCalifornia Finally
100253 Ayo & Teo & Lil YachtyAy3
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 18/3/19
Edition No.488
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The top two is finally split up after four weeks, but "Feet" by Fat White Family is #1 for the fifth week. Cage the Elephant jump ahead of Two People with their track "House of Glass" at #2, with "Phone Call" and The Jins' "She Said" each moving down a spot. Meek Mill keeps his spot to create the straight 5s, whilst Cherry Glazerr and Runnner get new peaks just outside the top 5.

An even longer streak than the top two was the five weeks we had of top 10 debuts, and I felt it was unlikely it would continue this week, but it wasn't too far away. Two People have their second entry thanks to it being one of three new albums in my collection. "Give Me Order" stood out immediately on first listen and it's in at #18.

And if you're after a sort of "Daydreaming"/"Suspirium" track with a very subtle electronic beat - almost a male Two People track if you will - we have the first entry by RY X. This was a surprise to see this debut so high but we have "Body Sun" at #27.

Really loving the craziness of Cherry Glazerr's new LP. Off the back of two top 10 hits we now have "Wasted Nun" at #29, their 4th entry to date.

I just had some pasta before writing this. A second entry has arrived for Angie McMahon, who may have benefited off my devious H100 day shenanigans, in at #38 with "Pasta".

There are some mondegreens just waiting to happen because of some strangely pronounced/sung lyrics here I think. Swedish band FEWS are in the chart for their first entry "More Than Ever" at #40.

He would possibly appear on the mind map of Matt Corby copies but this song has some serious Grizzly Bear-esque grunt. Western Australian Noah Dillon is in at #49 with "Holding On" which if you include Flume is still the lowest peaking of the three songs with this title.

Speaking of song titles, and I'm sure there are better times to bring up the Smithies, but this is now the best "Sunshine and T_____" song in my library. Mal de Mer have been touring with DZ Deathrays recently and their first debut "Sunshine and Thunder" is in at #54.

It has been pushing for a couple of weeks now but I finally have Ex Hex in the chart. The Washington D.C. outfit with the colourful album covers are in at #57 with "Cosmic Cave".

Weyes Blood is not entirely new to the chart having previously featured on Drugdealer's 2016 entry "Suddenly". At #62 is the better of the two new tracks I have heard from her, titled "Everyday".

The Drums are in with an improvement on their previous peak and a 12th entry overall. At #70 they have "626 Bedford Avenue", so hey maybe everyone knows where Johnny Pierce lives now.

Unkle Adams doesn't have anything to do with UNKLE and despite being from Canada I know little else about him. This track reminds me a bit of "Rings" by Aesop Rock. "Vivid Things" is Adams' first entry in at #79.

Hot off their H100 success is a band that has far more success on this chart! WAAX are in at #83 with "FU", their 7th entry so far.

And lastly, All We Are team up with Alex Kapranos with both artists each getting their second entries to date. Neither of them have had any other influence on this chart, to the best of my knowledge. Closing out the debuts this week is "Heart Attack" at #93.

11615Fat White FamilyFeet
2622 Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
32811Two PeoplePhone Call
4333 The JinsShe Said
5555 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
61646 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
7837 RunnnerEggshell
8453 The CranberriesAll Over Now
91259 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
10745 Bench PressRespite
119203 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
121053 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
1314313 2 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
1430614 FoalsExits
1511510 The MurlocsComfort Zone
1615710 Mustard & MigosPure Water
171365 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
18NEW118 Two PeopleGive Me Order
1920619 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
2024618 PUPKids
2123321 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
2221221 DaveBlack
231786 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
2418114 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
2531225 The Money WarMan's Needs
26193213Travis ScottSICKO MODE
27NEW127 RY XBody Sun
28251113The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
29NEW129 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
30291218 SWIDTPraise
3122418 Dear SeattleTry
3227613 SkegssSmogged Out
3326114 Johnny Hunter1995
34282118Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
3539535 I Know LeopardHeather
36341121 LIONOh No
3732815 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
38NEW138 Angie McMahonPasta
3933722 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
40NEW140 FEWSMore Than Ever
4136528 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
4235435 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
4345343 pronounstay
4441435 Billie Eilishbury a friend
4537618 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
4649546 SeasideHabits
4738122 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
4843232 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
49NEW149 Noah DillonHolding On
5044152 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
51401111AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
5253252 Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
5350550 Stella DonnellyOld Man
54NEW154 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
55481119 InterpolIt Probably Matters
5642540 RL Grime & gravesArcus
57NEW157 Ex HexCosmic Cave
5857357 TacocatGrains of Salt
5962259 High TropicsFeel the Same
60461312 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
6154854 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
62NEW162 Weyes BloodEveryday
6347545 The Twilight Sad[10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs]
6459512 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
6555646 DMA'SThe End
66511013 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
67562711 Oh SeesC
6860460 OffsetAfter Dark
69581511 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
70NEW170 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
7166185 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
72725717MigosStir Fry
7363453 Ariana Grandebad idea
7465465 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibFlat Tummy Tea
7571667 James BlakeMile High (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
7674673 Angie McMahonMissing Me
77671323 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
78691213 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
79NEW179 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
8078667 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
8180380 Mini MansionsGummyBear
8252736 BroodsPeach
8494284 The Black KeysLo/Hi
85771024 AkureiRide Home
8675475 OlympiaShoot To Forget
87873013La LuzMean Dream
8868116 The BethsNot Running
8964823 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
9086664 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCyboogie
9161929 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
9295292 The NationalYou Had Your Soul With You
93NEW193 All We Are & Alex KapranosHeart Attack
94100674 LO'99Sometime (ft. Owl Eyes)
95732138 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
9681572 TR/STGone
9776276 TelekinesisA Place in the Sun
9890387 FoxygenLivin' a Lie
9988385 Charly BlissCapacity
100841239 QuavoWORKIN ME

70543 G FlipAbout You
79551 MallratGroceries
821910 InterpolNYSMAW
83940 Leikeli47Girl Blunt
85634 ThundamentalsEverybody But You
89926 Camp CopeThe Face Of God
91191 Boy HarsherLA
921313 Ellie Goulding & DiploClose to Me (ft. Swae Lee)
93112 The Glitch MobI Could Be Anything (ft. Elohim)
96276 Thom YorkeSuspirium
97586 Vampire Weekend2021
98183 Denzel CurrySWITCH IT UP l ZWITCH 1T UP
99917 GengahrWhere Wildness Grows
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 25/3/19
Edition No.489
Songs retire at 75 weeks

I did hint earlier in the week in a tweet that Fat White Family may have run their course at the top of my chart, but Cage the Elephant just miss out for the second week running. "Feet" is now up to 6 weeks, a feat that has only been exceeded by 10 songs in the history of the chart. Both Foals and 2 Chainz achieve their highest ever peaks, with "Exits" rocketing up to #3 and "Momma I Hit a Lick" to #5. "Phone Call" by Two People is the only other song to survive in the top 5, albeit slipping down one place to #4.

It might be my growing cynicism with all the music I listen to these days but I didn't expect this to actually happen. It's fair to say that I'm even more excited to hear the new Fat White Family album, whatever it ends up sounding like, as their second entry "Tastes Good With The Money" enters at #11.

I had good reason to anticipate the Karen O and Danger Mouse LP because having listened to it a few times it's really great. The third entry from it is album closer "Nox Lumina". It somewhat recalls one of the dreamy melodies in the title track, and it achieves the same peak as their other entry "Woman". It's in at #23.

At least part of the albums I am listening to a lot at the moment are having an impact as we have a third Two People entry. Debuting at #32 is the track "Fading", which is different to the single version they released in 2016 hence it being titled as an album mix.

The new Foals album is at the top of my to-do list so maybe this week. "In Degrees" was worth listening to in advance and at #52 it is their 10th entry to date.

Another single from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard ahead of their upcoming album. What will be the title track "Fishing for Fishies" is their 18th entry in at #60.

Four years after their first entry, Chromatics are in at #67 with the predictably dreamy "Time Rider".

TIL that CZARFACE is a supergroup and not one rapper, but in any case they have collaborated on a new album with chart alumni Ghostface Killah. "Masked Superstars" is in at #70, the first entry for CZARFACE and the sixth for Ghostface.

This Queensland band have been bubbling for a couple of weeks and finally they get their deserved debut. Concrete Surfers with a familiar sound in my chart at the moment, at #72 with the catchy "My Life On Repeat".

I'm glad this made the leap into chart qualification because it's a really solid collaborative track from Cardi B and Bruno Mars. It might not always be my usual cup of tea but "Please Me" does enough to come in at #77, the 2nd and 4th entries for them respectively.

Another solid rocker from an Aussie band making their first entry on my chart. Private Function in at #92 with "Talking To Myself".

Sort of Tash Sultana-esque vocals here and otherwise a really catchy indie pop track. Tones And I is in at #95 with "Johnny Run Away".

Yet another first timer to close things out this week with the glitchy electronic "Juniper" by American producer Floret Loret. The track was pushing for a while to chart so I'm glad it's in at #99.

11716Fat White FamilyFeet
2232 Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
31473 FoalsExits
43911Two PeoplePhone Call
51345 2 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
6746 RunnnerEggshell
7565 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
8443 The JinsShe Said
9656 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
10969 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
11NEW111 Fat White FamilyTastes Good With The Money
12863 The CranberriesAll Over Now
1311213 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
141055 Bench PressRespite
1518215 Two PeopleGive Me Order
1615610 The MurlocsComfort Zone
1716810 Mustard & MigosPure Water
1820718 PUPKids
191263 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
2021420 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
2122321 DaveBlack
2225322 The Money WarMan's Needs
23NEW123 Karen O & Danger MouseNox Lumina
2419719 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
2527225 RY XBody Sun
261775 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
2729227 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
282396 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
29281213The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
3024124 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
31263313Travis ScottSICKO MODE
32NEW132 Two PeopleFading (Album mix)
3331518 Dear SeattleTry
34301318 SWIDTPraise
3540235 FEWSMore Than Ever
36342218Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
3738237 Angie McMahonPasta
3832713 SkegssSmogged Out
39361221 LIONOh No
4035635 I Know LeopardHeather
4146641 SeasideHabits
4241628 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
4333124 Johnny Hunter1995
4437915 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
4562245 Weyes BloodEveryday
4639822 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
4749247 Noah DillonHolding On
4842535 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
4943443 pronounstay
5044535 Billie Eilishbury a friend
5145718 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
52NEW152 FoalsIn Degrees
5348242 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
5479254 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
5550162 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
5658456 TacocatGrains of Salt
5754254 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
5881458 Mini MansionsGummyBear
5947132 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
60NEW160 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardFishing for Fishies
6153650 Stella DonnellyOld Man
6259359 High TropicsFeel the Same
6365746 DMA'SThe End
6457257 Ex HexCosmic Cave
6552352 Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
66511211AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
67NEW167 ChromaticsTime Rider
68551219 InterpolIt Probably Matters
6961954 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
70NEW170 CZARFACE & Ghostface KillahMasked Superstars
7164522 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
72NEW172 Concrete SurfersMy Life On Repeat
7368560 OffsetAfter Dark
74725817MigosStir Fry
7556640 RL Grime & gravesArcus
7684376 The Black KeysLo/Hi
77NEW177 Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me
78661113 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
79601412 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
8070270 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
8186575 OlympiaShoot To Forget
8273553 Ariana Grandebad idea
8363645 The Twilight Sad[10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs]
8471195 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
85771423 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
8674565 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibFlat Tummy Tea
8789923 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
88672811 Oh SeesC
8980767 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
90691611 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
91873113La LuzMean Dream
92NEW192 Private FunctionTalking To Myself
93781313 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
9490764 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCyboogie
95NEW195 Tones And IJohnny Run Away
9693293 All We Are & Alex KapranosHeart Attack
9798487 FoxygenLivin' a Lie
9892392 The NationalYou Had Your Soul With You
99NEW199 Floret LoretJuniper
10096672 TR/STGone

75667 James BlakeMile High (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
76673 Angie McMahonMissing Me
82736 BroodsPeach
83183 WAAXFU
851024 AkureiRide Home
88116 The BethsNot Running
91929 Catfish and the BottlemenLongshot
94674 LO'99Sometime (ft. Owl Eyes)
952138 Nat VazerKeep Away From Parks
97276 TelekinesisA Place in the Sun
99385 Charly BlissCapacity
1001239 QuavoWORKIN ME
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 1/4/19
Edition No.490
Songs retire at 75 weeks

After a very tight week at the top, "Feet"'s glorious reign has been halted by Cage the Elephant. And it's no April Fool's joke for Fat White Family either, as "House of Glass" is now the chart's 176th #1 and Cage the Elephant become the 154th artist including credits to achieve the top peak. "Feet" drops to #2, while Foals keep steady at #3 with "Exits". It's not all bad news for Fat White Family though, as "Tastes Good With The Money" rockets up to #4. "Phone Call" by Two People remains inside the top 5 which is bad news for 2 Chainz, who slips to #6 with "Momma I Hit a Lick".

Similar to the race at the top, it was a close battle for debuts this week. At the top of the pile surprisingly is James Blake with the title track to his latest album. "Assume Form" is perhaps the most idiosyncratic track of his to chart since "Don't Miss It", which of course could well be a very good sign. It's his 13th entry in at #26.

I remember screenshotting a tweet about this song dropping knowing I would hear it later that week, only to see someone the next day listening to it on the train. I have thankfully recovered from my moment of feeling very slightly behind the times, as ScHoolboy Q comes in at #29 with the brief "Numb Numb Juice".

And in a pretty cool coincidence, ScHoolboy Q has two entries in a row. However the real headline news is that Higher Brothers are the first Chinese artist to have an entry (as main artist) on my chart. It helps that they're signed to 88rising, but the group of four rappers are in at #34 with "Won't Believe". After today's activity, it's ScHoolboy's 9th entry to date.

The last of this tight group of debuts comes from girl in red, a Norwegian singer-songwriter. At #37 is the catchy "i need to be alone.", her first entry to date.

If Tame Impala release a new single you can be sure that it is likely to appear on this chart fairly quickly. "Patience" is #49, the 17th entry from the band to date.

I'm fairly sure I had listened to but disregarded this but then reheard it at a shop when I was on holidays (surprisingly not in NZ though!). Also it's interesting to note that there are 6 countries represented among the 7 debuts this week. For the moment I'm concluding that this might just be Aldous Harding's most impressive track yet, with the Kiwi in at #67 with "The Barrel".

And I'm not a fan of the other new Vampire Weekend track - at all - but this one is quite nice. There's even a part where the riff seems to give off strong "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd vibes. 21 entries for Ezra & co. now with "Big Blue" at #80.

12411Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
21816Fat White FamilyFeet
3383 FoalsExits
41124 Fat White FamilyTastes Good With The Money
541011Two PeoplePhone Call
6555 2 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
7656 RunnnerEggshell
81078 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
9775 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
10966 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
1115311 Two PeopleGive Me Order
12853 The JinsShe Said
131273 The CranberriesAll Over Now
1423214 Karen O & Danger MouseNox Lumina
1518815 PUPKids
1620516 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
1713223 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
1825318 RY XBody Sun
1922419 The Money WarMan's Needs
2017910 Mustard & MigosPure Water
211465 Bench PressRespite
2216710 The MurlocsComfort Zone
2321421 DaveBlack
241973 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
2532225 Two PeopleFading (Album mix)
26NEW126 James BlakeAssume Form
2730134 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
2835328 FEWSMore Than Ever
29NEW129 ScHoolboy QNumb Numb Juice
3027327 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
3124819 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
3245332 Weyes BloodEveryday
33291313The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
34NEW134 Higher BrothersWon't Believe (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
3528106 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
3658536 Mini MansionsGummyBear
37NEW137 girl in redi need to be alone.
382685 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
39313413Travis ScottSICKO MODE
40341418 SWIDTPraise
4154341 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
4233618 Dear SeattleTry
4341741 SeasideHabits
4437337 Angie McMahonPasta
45391321 LIONOh No
4657346 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
47362318Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
4847347 Noah DillonHolding On
49NEW149 Tame ImpalaPatience
5038813 SkegssSmogged Out
5152251 FoalsIn Degrees
5243134 Johnny Hunter1995
5346922 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
5449543 pronounstay
55441015 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
5642728 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
5751818 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
5853252 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
5964357 Ex HexCosmic Cave
6040735 I Know LeopardHeather
6177261 Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me
6276462 The Black KeysLo/Hi
6348635 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
6456556 TacocatGrains of Salt
6550635 Billie Eilishbury a friend
6660260 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardFishing for Fishies
67NEW167 Aldous HardingThe Barrel
6862459 High TropicsFeel the Same
6980369 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
7061750 Stella DonnellyOld Man
7155172 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
7271532 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
73691054 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
74661311AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
7559142 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
7665452 Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
7763846 DMA'SThe End
7867267 ChromaticsTime Rider
79745917MigosStir Fry
80NEW180 Vampire WeekendBig Blue
81871023 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
8273660 OffsetAfter Dark
8375740 RL Grime & gravesArcus
84681319 InterpolIt Probably Matters
8595285 Tones And IJohnny Run Away
86781213 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
87851523 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
88791512 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
8984205 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
9081675 OlympiaShoot To Forget
9186665 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibFlat Tummy Tea
92913213La LuzMean Dream
9398492 The NationalYou Had Your Soul With You
94931413 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
9570270 CZARFACE & Ghostface KillahMasked Superstars
9696393 All We Are & Alex KapranosHeart Attack
9789867 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
9872272 Concrete SurfersMy Life On Repeat
9999299 Floret LoretJuniper
100901711 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing

82553 Ariana Grandebad idea
83645 The Twilight Sad[10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs]
882811 Oh SeesC
92192 Private FunctionTalking To Myself
94764 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCyboogie
97487 FoxygenLivin' a Lie
100672 TR/STGone
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 8/4/19
Edition No.491
Songs retire at 75 weeks

When new songs challenge and the upper echelon refuses to budge, there are more losers than winners. Not that that will bother Cage the Elephant though, who are #1 for the second week with "House of Glass" ahead of Fat White Family who remain steady at #2 with "Feet". It may only be 115 seconds long but ScHoolboy Q is #3 with "Numb Numb Juice" - it is just the second shortest song ever to peak in the top 5 behind The Bloodpoets' "War" (still the shortest song I've charted at 92 seconds) which peaked at #5 seven years ago. "Tastes Good With The Money" is able to edge out "Exits" for the #4 spot, whilst Foals block 2 Chainz from re-entering the top 5.

The first of five debuts this week is from Cherry Glazerr, serving as a reminder of just how good this album is. "Stupid Fish" is #17, their 5th entry to date.

Here's a collab I was interested to hear, but also excited that it's better than expected. Cage the Elephant are now up to 4 entries and this is the 7th for Beck. Looking forward to "Social Cues" even more now with "Night Running" in at #21.

We have another new country to have made my chart if I'm not mistaken. Brazilian band Das Kope sound a lot like Tame Impala and Temples on "Tiger" which enters at #45.

Other than Das Kope this week's debuts are entirely American, and the other complete newbie are Wallows. They are in at #69 with "Remember When", nice.

Aminé gets his 5th entry this week while returning the favour for Injury Reserve, after they collaborated on the "Campfire" last year. Injury Reserve are far from getting to their heights of their other entry "See You Sweat" but this is really good. "Jailbreak the Tesla" debuts at the same peak that "Campfire" achieved, #81.

11512Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
22916Fat White FamilyFeet
32923 ScHoolboy QNumb Numb Juice
4434 Fat White FamilyTastes Good With The Money
5393 FoalsExits
6665 2 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
751111Two PeoplePhone Call
81076 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
91599 PUPKids
10766 RunnnerEggshell
1111411 Two PeopleGive Me Order
12888 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
1316613 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
1428414 FEWSMore Than Ever
15985 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
161263 The JinsShe Said
17NEW117 Cherry GlazerrStupid Fish
1814314 Karen O & Danger MouseNox Lumina
1917233 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
201383 The CranberriesAll Over Now
21NEW121 Cage the Elephant & BeckNight Running
2218418 RY XBody Sun
2332423 Weyes BloodEveryday
2419519 The Money WarMan's Needs
2525325 Two PeopleFading (Album mix)
2636626 Mini MansionsGummyBear
27201010 Mustard & MigosPure Water
2846428 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
2922810 The MurlocsComfort Zone
3026226 James BlakeAssume Form
3123521 DaveBlack
3237232 girl in redi need to be alone.
332483 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
3430427 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
3544435 Angie McMahonPasta
362175 Bench PressRespite
3734234 Higher BrothersWon't Believe (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
3827144 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
3931919 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
40331413The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
4141441 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
4262542 The Black KeysLo/Hi
4343841 SeasideHabits
44393513Travis ScottSICKO MODE
45NEW145 Das KopeTiger
463895 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
47451421 LIONOh No
4835116 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
4949249 Tame ImpalaPatience
5042718 Dear SeattleTry
5151351 FoalsIn Degrees
52401518 SWIDTPraise
53472418Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
5470850 Stella DonnellyOld Man
5550913 SkegssSmogged Out
5652144 Johnny Hunter1995
5761357 Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me
5860835 I Know LeopardHeather
5948447 Noah DillonHolding On
6059457 Ex HexCosmic Cave
6169461 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
6257918 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
6366360 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardFishing for Fishies
64551115 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
6585365 Tones And IJohnny Run Away
6667266 Aldous HardingThe Barrel
6754643 pronounstay
68531022 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
69NEW169 WallowsRemember When
7058262 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
7163735 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
7256828 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
7377946 DMA'SThe End
74811123 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
7564656 TacocatGrains of Salt
7676552 Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
7768559 High TropicsFeel the Same
7872542 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
7965735 Billie Eilishbury a friend
8080280 Vampire WeekendBig Blue
81NEW181 Injury ReserveJailbreak the Tesla (ft. Aminé)
82796017MigosStir Fry
8371182 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
8475152 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
85731154 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
86741411AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
8790775 OlympiaShoot To Forget
8882760 OffsetAfter Dark
8978367 ChromaticsTime Rider
9089215 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
91861313 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
92841419 InterpolIt Probably Matters
9396493 All We Are & Alex KapranosHeart Attack
94923313La LuzMean Dream
9597967 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
96871623 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
9791765 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibFlat Tummy Tea
9895370 CZARFACE & Ghostface KillahMasked Superstars
99941513 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
10083840 RL Grime & gravesArcus

881512 Amyl and the SniffersCup of Destiny
93492 The NationalYou Had Your Soul With You
98272 Concrete SurfersMy Life On Repeat
99299 Floret LoretJuniper
1001711 InterpolIf You Really Love Nothing
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 15/4/19
Edition No.492
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Time's up. Well at least it is for Cage the Elephant who drop down two places to #3 with "House of Glass". And while Fat White Family were close to reclaiming #1 with "Feet", it was a total steel chair out of nowhere that produced the result this week. The shortest #1 was originally Grinspoon's "Battleground" at 2:02 but now the new record song is 7 seconds shorter. If you hadn't figured it out by now, or indeed scrolled down slightly, it is ScHoolboy Q with "Numb Numb Juice". It's his second #1 to date following his debut entry "Man of the Year" back in 2014.

This was on track to chart this week but about halfway through the week it went to a whole new level for me. It's Weyes Blood with her third entry to date, and the stunning "Andromeda" is in at #4.

Even though they have many cool songs™, Plague Vendor still somewhat suffer from one-hit wonder status on my chart, in the sense that nothing I've heard since "Black Sap Scriptures" has really come close. Maybe this could change that as their newest entry is already their 3rd highest peaker. "New Comedown" is the band's 8th entry to date in at #35.

This was set to debut well before I had settled on "Numb Numb Juice" for #1 so it really has been a wonderful week for ScHoolboy Q. After today (and also when I bother updating my stats next), he is officially inducted into the 10 entries club! Meanwhile collaborator here Travis Scott is up to 12. "CHopstix" chop chop chops its way to #43.

While it is pleasing that I'm starting to make proper progress with my 2019 album listening, I've just remembered to now add The Murlocs to the still large yet-to-listen list. At #49 it's the Victorians' second entry to date titled "Problematic Subject".

Now for the first of 3 first-timers to the chart. The most noticeable thing about it is that the vocals are very Mark Foster-esque, but also the production is classy yet quirky. They have a quirky band name too in Kakkmaddafakka! The Norwegians debut at #55 with "Sin".

oh she's sweet but in the chart, a little bit in the chart. Although far less meme-able, I quite like Ava Max's follow-up "So Am I". It's her first entry in at #69.

Occasionally well after H100 has moved on, I have been known to knowingly break my rule of charting songs released in the year. At least in this case we have a song that is about as relevant as you could possibly get right now. Lil Nas X is in at #74, but would be #1 if I did a country chart, with "Old Town Road".

So after hearing Billie Eilish's album I was surprised to learn that my favourite discovery was definitely not a popular choice - particularly given it's already out of the top 50. Her fifth entry "8" lands at #90 (obviously two places away from a more appropriate debut), but at least I can say it's the 8th entry of the week. Yay.

13311ScHoolboy QNumb Numb Juice
221016Fat White FamilyFeet
31612Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
4NEW14 Weyes BloodAndromeda
5675 2 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
6444 Fat White FamilyTastes Good With The Money
75103 FoalsExits
871211Two PeoplePhone Call
9886 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
1014510 FEWSMore Than Ever
119109 PUPKids
121298 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
1313713 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
141076 RunnnerEggshell
1511511 Two PeopleGive Me Order
1617216 Cherry GlazerrStupid Fish
1723517 Weyes BloodEveryday
1826718 Mini MansionsGummyBear
1921219 Cage the Elephant & BeckNight Running
2022518 RY XBody Sun
211595 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
2228522 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
2319243 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
2445224 Das KopeTiger
251673 The JinsShe Said
2618414 Karen O & Danger MouseNox Lumina
2725425 Two PeopleFading (Album mix)
282093 The CranberriesAll Over Now
2924619 The Money WarMan's Needs
30271110 Mustard & MigosPure Water
3135531 Angie McMahonPasta
3232332 girl in redi need to be alone.
3329910 The MurlocsComfort Zone
3437334 Higher BrothersWon't Believe (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
35NEW135 Plague VendorNew Comedown
3634527 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
3731621 DaveBlack
3841538 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
3942639 The Black KeysLo/Hi
4030326 James BlakeAssume Form
413393 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
4238154 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
43NEW143 ScHoolboy Q & Travis ScottCHopstix
4451444 FoalsIn Degrees
453685 Bench PressRespite
46401513The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
4743941 SeasideHabits
48443613Travis ScottSICKO MODE
49NEW149 The MurlocsProblematic Subject
5049349 Tame ImpalaPatience
51471521 LIONOh No
5257452 Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me
53391019 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
5448126 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
55NEW155 KakkmaddafakkaSin
5650818 Dear SeattleTry
5766357 Aldous HardingThe Barrel
5846105 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
5961559 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
6054950 Stella DonnellyOld Man
6165461 Tones And IJohnny Run Away
6256154 Johnny Hunter1995
6358935 I Know LeopardHeather
64532518Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
65521618 SWIDTPraise
6669266 WallowsRemember When
6763460 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardFishing for Fishies
68551013 SkegssSmogged Out
69NEW169 Ava MaxSo Am I
7060557 Ex HexCosmic Cave
7181271 Injury ReserveJailbreak the Tesla (ft. Aminé)
7259547 Noah DillonHolding On
73741223 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
74NEW174 Lil Nas XOld Town Road
75621018 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
76851254 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
7771835 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
78641215 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
7970272 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
80681122 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
8175756 TacocatGrains of Salt
8276652 Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
8378552 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
8479835 Billie Eilishbury a friend
8567743 pronounstay
8683192 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
8772928 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
8880380 Vampire WeekendBig Blue
8984162 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
90NEW190 Billie Eilish8
91826117MigosStir Fry
92731046 DMA'SThe End
9390225 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
9477659 High TropicsFeel the Same
9598470 CZARFACE & Ghostface KillahMasked Superstars
9687875 OlympiaShoot To Forget
97861511AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
9893593 All We Are & Alex KapranosHeart Attack
99951067 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
100943413La LuzMean Dream

88760 OffsetAfter Dark
89367 ChromaticsTime Rider
911313 Lana Del Reyhope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
921419 InterpolIt Probably Matters
961623 Mike WiLL Made-It, Pharrell Williams & Kendrick LamarThe Mantra
97765 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibFlat Tummy Tea
991513 Ok SureSorry (ft. Tanzer)
100840 RL Grime & gravesArcus

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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 22/4/19
Edition No.493
Songs retire at 75 weeks

"Numb Numb Juice" was in my head for much of the week and ScHoolboy Q did enough to stay ahead for a second week. Fat White Family's "Feet" has spent 10 of its 11 weeks inside the top 2, while their other entry "Tastes Good With The Money" moves up to a new peak of #3. 2 Chainz also gets a new peak moving up to #4, which is unfortunate for Weyes Blood and Cage the Elephant who both slip.

It was frustrating when this didn't get an immediate release on iTunes and I had to wait about a week after the amazing video came out. I am talking about the new King Gizzard & The Lizard song which I understand won't be on the new album. The band's 19th entry to date is in at #19(!) titled "Planet B".

The new Flume mixtape thing is really good and I was immediately drawn to "High Beams". With the assistance of first-timers HWLS and slowthai (the latter sounds quite a bit like Danny Brown), it comes in at #33. It's Flume's 22nd entry to date.

From two chart veterans to a relative rookie in FEWS. Following up their hit "More Than Ever", the band are in at #45 with "Limits".

I'm such a bandwagoner for The National but I am looking forward to their new album all the same. For their 9th entry to date they are in at #53 with [s]a hot Pearl Jam cover[/s] "Light Years".

Nilüfer Yanya previously stood out for me for no reason other than distinctly remembering "Thanks 4 Nothing" on my 2018 EOY playlist, despite it being unlucky to not make it past onto the second shortlist. In any case, persistence has paid off and she finally has her first entry in "In Your Head" at #77.

Now for a song that has the diss lyric "it's only "In Your Head"". Some real beef happening amongst my debuts this week, as Courtney Barnett makes her return to my chart. Her 14th entry "Everybody Here Hates Nilüfer Yanya" comes in at #82.

11412ScHoolboy QNumb Numb Juice
221116Fat White FamilyFeet
3653 Fat White FamilyTastes Good With The Money
4584 2 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
5424 Weyes BloodAndromeda
63712Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
71067 FEWSMore Than Ever
87113 FoalsExits
9996 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
1081311Two PeoplePhone Call
1111119 PUPKids
1212108 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
1313813 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
141486 RunnnerEggshell
1522615 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
1643216 ScHoolboy Q & Travis ScottCHopstix
1719317 Cage the Elephant & BeckNight Running
1818818 Mini MansionsGummyBear
19NEW119 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardPlanet B
2020618 RY XBody Sun
2116316 Cherry GlazerrStupid Fish
2224322 Das KopeTiger
2317617 Weyes BloodEveryday
2427524 Two PeopleFading (Album mix)
2515611 Two PeopleGive Me Order
2623253 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
272583 The JinsShe Said
2821105 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
2926514 Karen O & Danger MouseNox Lumina
3028103 The CranberriesAll Over Now
3138631 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
3235232 Plague VendorNew Comedown
33NEW133 Flume & HWLSHigh Beams (ft. slowthai)
34301210 Mustard & MigosPure Water
3529719 The Money WarMan's Needs
3639736 The Black KeysLo/Hi
3731631 Angie McMahonPasta
3832432 girl in redi need to be alone.
39331010 The MurlocsComfort Zone
4036627 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
4134434 Higher BrothersWon't Believe (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
4244542 FoalsIn Degrees
4337721 DaveBlack
4450444 Tame ImpalaPatience
45NEW145 FEWSLimits
4640426 James BlakeAssume Form
4742164 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
484595 Bench PressRespite
49483713Travis ScottSICKO MODE
5041103 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
5155251 KakkmaddafakkaSin
5249249 The MurlocsProblematic Subject
53NEW153 The NationalLight Years
54461613The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
55511621 LIONOh No
56531119 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
57471041 SeasideHabits
5852552 Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me
5957457 Aldous HardingThe Barrel
6059659 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
6166361 WallowsRemember When
6254136 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
6372647 Noah DillonHolding On
6456918 Dear SeattleTry
6569265 Ava MaxSo Am I
6661561 Tones And IJohnny Run Away
6758115 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
68642618Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
6974269 Lil Nas XOld Town Road
70651718 SWIDTPraise
71601050 Stella DonnellyOld Man
72681113 SkegssSmogged Out
7370657 Ex HexCosmic Cave
7462164 Johnny Hunter1995
7571371 Injury ReserveJailbreak the Tesla (ft. Aminé)
76631035 I Know LeopardHeather
77NEW177 Nilüfer YanyaIn Your Head
78731323 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
79751118 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
80781315 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
8167560 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardFishing for Fishies
82NEW182 Courtney BarnettEverybody Here Hates You
83761354 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
8477935 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
8593235 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
8679282 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
8783562 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
8881856 TacocatGrains of Salt
89801222 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
9089172 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
91916217MigosStir Fry
9282752 Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
9384935 Billie Eilishbury a friend
9486202 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
95921146 DMA'SThe End
9690290 Billie Eilish8
9788480 Vampire WeekendBig Blue
9885843 pronounstay
99871028 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
10096975 OlympiaShoot To Forget

94659 High TropicsFeel the Same
95470 CZARFACE & Ghostface KillahMasked Superstars
971511AlunaGeorgeSuperior Emotion (ft. Cautious Clay)
98593 All We Are & Alex KapranosHeart Attack
991067 Trophy EyesYou Can Count On Me
1003413La LuzMean Dream
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 29/4/19
Edition No.494
Songs retire at 75 weeks

2 Chainz has my #1 song of the week! It has been sticking around the top for a while but "Momma I Hit a Lick" leapfrogs last week's top 3 which all move down a spot each.

The first 3 debuts of the week are all from the 2 big albums that dropped just over a week ago. First up is a Cage the Elephant that instantly resonated with me. Their 5th entry "The War Is Over" is #14.

"Serfs Up" is a record worth listening to and I'm a fan already. Fat White Family's 3rd and 4th entries are #25 with the wacky "Fringe Runner", and #38 with a song that also got a music video during the week entitled "When I Leave".

There is a song in the ARIA chart with Ariana Grande in it that I definitely do not like, but that song is not "7 rings". It has been pushing for several weeks and finally her 7th debut is in at #57.

It's the 7th Dutch artist to debut on my chart in the form of Everything Everything-sounding De Staat. Well at least they do a bit with "Fake It Till You Make It", their first entry in at #62.

And it's Chet Faker... but with a new hat! It may be the first entry under his Nick Murphy name but it is his 5th entry overall. "Sanity" is #84.

149112 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
21512ScHoolboy QNumb Numb Juice
321216Fat White FamilyFeet
4363 Fat White FamilyTastes Good With The Money
5534 Weyes BloodAndromeda
66812Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
7777 FEWSMore Than Ever
89106 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
98123 FoalsExits
1015710 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
11101411Two PeoplePhone Call
1211129 PUPKids
1316313 ScHoolboy Q & Travis ScottCHopstix
14NEW114 Cage the ElephantThe War Is Over
1519215 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardPlanet B
1612118 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
1713913 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
1818918 Mini MansionsGummyBear
1924619 Two PeopleFading (Album mix)
201496 RunnnerEggshell
2117417 Cage the Elephant & BeckNight Running
2220718 RY XBody Sun
2322422 Das KopeTiger
2433224 Flume & HWLSHigh Beams (ft. slowthai)
25NEW125 Fat White FamilyFringe Runner
2623717 Weyes BloodEveryday
2753227 The NationalLight Years
2821416 Cherry GlazerrStupid Fish
2926263 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
3025711 Two PeopleGive Me Order
3132331 Plague VendorNew Comedown
3231731 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
3330113 The CranberriesAll Over Now
342793 The JinsShe Said
3528115 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
3629614 Karen O & Danger MouseNox Lumina
3744537 Tame ImpalaPatience
38NEW138 Fat White FamilyWhen I Leave
39341310 Mustard & MigosPure Water
4041534 Higher BrothersWon't Believe (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
4135819 The Money WarMan's Needs
42391110 The MurlocsComfort Zone
4338532 girl in redi need to be alone.
4445244 FEWSLimits
4536836 The Black KeysLo/Hi
4637731 Angie McMahonPasta
4746526 James BlakeAssume Form
4865348 Ava MaxSo Am I
4942642 FoalsIn Degrees
5051350 KakkmaddafakkaSin
51493813Travis ScottSICKO MODE
5240727 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
5343821 DaveBlack
5466654 Tones And IJohnny Run Away
5552349 The MurlocsProblematic Subject
5647174 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
57NEW157 Ariana Grande7 rings
58551721 LIONOh No
5963747 Noah DillonHolding On
6060759 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
6148105 Bench PressRespite
62NEW162 De StaatFake It Till You Make It
6350113 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
6469364 Lil Nas XOld Town Road
65541713The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
6659557 Aldous HardingThe Barrel
6758652 Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me
68571141 SeasideHabits
69781423 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
7061461 WallowsRemember When
71641018 Dear SeattleTry
72561219 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
7377273 Nilüfer YanyaIn Your Head
74682718Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
7582275 Courtney BarnettEverybody Here Hates You
7662146 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
77711150 Stella DonnellyOld Man
7873757 Ex HexCosmic Cave
79831454 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
8081660 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardFishing for Fishies
8167125 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
8275471 Injury ReserveJailbreak the Tesla (ft. Aminé)
83701818 SWIDTPraise
84NEW184 Nick MurphySanity
8585245 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
86761135 I Know LeopardHeather
8787572 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
88841035 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
89916317MigosStir Fry
90721213 SkegssSmogged Out
91801415 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
9274174 Johnny Hunter1995
93931035 Billie Eilishbury a friend
9488956 TacocatGrains of Salt
9586292 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
96791218 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
9790182 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
98951246 DMA'SThe End
9992852 Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
100891322 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall

94202 Cherry GlazerrDaddi
96290 Billie Eilish8
97480 Vampire WeekendBig Blue
98843 pronounstay
991028 Sunbeam Sound MachineTalking Distance
100975 OlympiaShoot To Forget
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 6/5/19
Edition No.495
Songs retire at 75 weeks

There may be feng shui by the mic stand, but no such feng shui at the top of the chart as 2 Chainz celebrates a second week on top with "Momma I Hit a Lick". The top four remains intact, with The National rocketing up 22 places to secure their fourth top 5 hit to date with "Light Years" at #5.

A good week for Flume with "High Beams" getting a new peak and another entry to add to the mix. His 23rd entry to date "How to Build a Relationship" is in much the same vein as the aforementioned song, instead with JPEGMAFIA (2nd entry) providing verses. The song is in at #29.

2019 is going well for Fat White Family who now have five entries. "Rock Fishes" is in at #37.

Took a while for it to grow but "Borderline" by Tame Impala eventually grew on me. Kevin is now up to 19 entries, with this one in at #53.

Samsaruh has a new entry in at #60 with "Subvert", continuing her streak of not quite getting the top 50 after her #1 smash "Golden to Thrive". Maybe she will get it this time, it's her 5th entry overall.

I don't know much about them but I quite like this track from The Cosmics. "Eyes" is their first entry in at #65.

German producer Apparat actually featured in an EOY of mine once but this is his first entry on this chart. "Caronte" is in at #73.

To divert the discussion back to eyes, it's Owl Eyes! "You and I" has bubbled under for a while and now it's in at #79, her 13th entry so far.

I hadn't heard much regarding Lil Uzi Vert since the news that he had apparently retired, so now of course he has a couple of new songs. "Sanguine Paradise" is his 4th entry to date in at #88.

It didn't really cross my mind that this should chart until quite late. A sixth entry for Cage the Elephant with "Love's the Only Way" at #90.

1110122 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
22612ScHoolboy QNumb Numb Juice
331316Fat White FamilyFeet
4473 Fat White FamilyTastes Good With The Money
52735 The NationalLight Years
6544 Weyes BloodAndromeda
71427 Cage the ElephantThe War Is Over
82438 Flume & HWLSHigh Beams (ft. slowthai)
96912Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
10787 FEWSMore Than Ever
1115311 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardPlanet B
128116 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
1310810 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
1413413 ScHoolboy Q & Travis ScottCHopstix
159133 FoalsExits
1612139 PUPKids
1725217 Fat White FamilyFringe Runner
18111511Two PeoplePhone Call
1919719 Two PeopleFading (Album mix)
20181018 Mini MansionsGummyBear
2122818 RY XBody Sun
2216128 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
23171013 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
2421517 Cage the Elephant & BeckNight Running
2520106 RunnnerEggshell
2638226 Fat White FamilyWhen I Leave
2723522 Das KopeTiger
2826817 Weyes BloodEveryday
29NEW129 FlumeHow to Build a Relationship (ft. JPEGMAFIA)
3028516 Cherry GlazerrStupid Fish
3131431 Plague VendorNew Comedown
3237632 Tame ImpalaPatience
3329273 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
3430811 Two PeopleGive Me Order
3532831 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
3633123 The CranberriesAll Over Now
37NEW137 Fat White FamilyRock Fishes
3836714 Karen O & Danger MouseNox Lumina
3944339 FEWSLimits
4035125 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
4134103 The JinsShe Said
4248442 Ava MaxSo Am I
43391410 Mustard & MigosPure Water
4457244 Ariana Grande7 rings
4540634 Higher BrothersWon't Believe (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
4643632 girl in redi need to be alone.
4745936 The Black KeysLo/Hi
4841919 The Money WarMan's Needs
49421210 The MurlocsComfort Zone
5062250 De StaatFake It Till You Make It
51513913Travis ScottSICKO MODE
5247626 James BlakeAssume Form
53NEW153 Tame ImpalaBorderline
5446831 Angie McMahonPasta
5564455 Lil Nas XOld Town Road
5649742 FoalsIn Degrees
5759847 Noah DillonHolding On
5884258 Nick MurphySanity
5954754 Tones And IJohnny Run Away
60NEW160 SamsaruhSubvert
6153921 DaveBlack
62581821 LIONOh No
6350450 KakkmaddafakkaSin
6455449 The MurlocsProblematic Subject
65NEW165 The CosmicsEyes
6660859 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
6756184 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
6852827 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
6963123 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
70691523 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
7175371 Courtney BarnettEverybody Here Hates You
7261115 Bench PressRespite
73NEW173 ApparatCaronte
74771250 Stella DonnellyOld Man
7566657 Aldous HardingThe Barrel
7667752 Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me
77651813The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
7880760 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardFishing for Fishies
79NEW179 Owl EyesYou and I
80681241 SeasideHabits
8173373 Nilüfer YanyaIn Your Head
8285255 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
8376156 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
8487582 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
85742818Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
86791554 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
87896417MigosStir Fry
88NEW188 Lil Uzi VertSanguine Paradise
8970561 WallowsRemember When
90NEW190 Cage the ElephantLove's the Only Way
91721319 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
92831918 SWIDTPraise
9378857 Ex HexCosmic Cave
94711118 Dear SeattleTry
95901313 SkegssSmogged Out
96861235 I Know LeopardHeather
97881135 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
98941056 TacocatGrains of Salt
99931135 Billie Eilishbury a friend
10081135 Good DoogsNobody/Alone

82471 Injury ReserveJailbreak the Tesla (ft. Aminé)
911415 Methyl EthelTrip the Mains
92174 Johnny Hunter1995
95292 CREOPlasticine Mezzanine
961218 BuddyLink Up (ft. Kent Jamz, Bas, Guapdad 4000 & JID)
97182 88rising with Rich BrianHistory
981246 DMA'SThe End
99852 Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
1001322 Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 13/5/19
Edition No.496
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The longevity at the top has been very impressive for 2 Chainz who now has 3 weeks at #1 with "Momma I Hit a Lick", despite new peaks for The National and Cage the Elephant.

While it's looking very possible that the best song they end up releasing is not even on an album, the new King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is still worth the price of admission. They now have 20 entries with "Real's Not Real" at #37.

I might be going over the top a little but the new Cage the Elephant LP is full of great tracks. Their 7th entry "Broken Boy" is #68.

Just the second entry from an artist that I care more about than my chart would suggest. After the #33-peaker "Nightlight" back in 2015, Silversun Pickups are #84 with "It Doesn't Matter Why".

On the other hand, Animal Collective have done rather well with two solid top 20 hits and also a featured entry for Panda Bear on Daft Punk's "Doin' It Right". Now we have the second band member to make the chart in a soloish capacity with Avey Tare making his debut here. "Saturdays (Again)" is #93.

And the debuts this week close with something totally different, and according to their Wikipedia article we have a much-loved band whose career has spanned my lifetime. Lambchop are apparently known for being alternative country, which "The new isn't so you anymore" is most certainly not. If anything I get a Bon Iver / Francis & The Lights vibe kind of? Their first entry to date is in at #97.

1111132 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
22712ScHoolboy QNumb Numb Juice
331416Fat White FamilyFeet
4544 The NationalLight Years
5735 Cage the ElephantThe War Is Over
6483 Fat White FamilyTastes Good With The Money
7847 Flume & HWLSHigh Beams (ft. slowthai)
8654 Weyes BloodAndromeda
91149 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardPlanet B
1091012Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
1114511 ScHoolboy Q & Travis ScottCHopstix
1213910 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
1312126 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
141097 FEWSMore Than Ever
1517315 Fat White FamilyFringe Runner
1616149 PUPKids
1719817 Two PeopleFading (Album mix)
1815143 FoalsExits
19181611Two PeoplePhone Call
20201118 Mini MansionsGummyBear
2129221 FlumeHow to Build a Relationship (ft. JPEGMAFIA)
2221918 RY XBody Sun
2326323 Fat White FamilyWhen I Leave
2422138 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
2530616 Cherry GlazerrStupid Fish
2625116 RunnnerEggshell
27231113 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
2832728 Tame ImpalaPatience
2924617 Cage the Elephant & BeckNight Running
3033283 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
3144331 Ariana Grande7 rings
3227622 Das KopeTiger
3365233 The CosmicsEyes
3437234 Fat White FamilyRock Fishes
3528917 Weyes BloodEveryday
3631531 Plague VendorNew Comedown
37NEW137 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardReal's Not Real
3836133 The CranberriesAll Over Now
3934911 Two PeopleGive Me Order
4042540 Ava MaxSo Am I
4138814 Karen O & Danger MouseNox Lumina
4235931 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
4350343 De StaatFake It Till You Make It
44471036 The Black KeysLo/Hi
4541113 The JinsShe Said
46431510 Mustard & MigosPure Water
4740135 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
4860248 SamsaruhSubvert
4945734 Higher BrothersWon't Believe (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
5053250 Tame ImpalaBorderline
5139439 FEWSLimits
5252726 James BlakeAssume Form
5346732 girl in redi need to be alone.
54491310 The MurlocsComfort Zone
55481019 The Money WarMan's Needs
5658356 Nick MurphySanity
57514013Travis ScottSICKO MODE
58621921 LIONOh No
5954931 Angie McMahonPasta
6055555 Lil Nas XOld Town Road
6157947 Noah DillonHolding On
6259854 Tones And IJohnny Run Away
63611021 DaveBlack
6456842 FoalsIn Degrees
6571465 Courtney BarnettEverybody Here Hates You
6663550 KakkmaddafakkaSin
6766959 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
68NEW168 Cage the ElephantBroken Boy
6973269 ApparatCaronte
7064549 The MurlocsProblematic Subject
7181471 Nilüfer YanyaIn Your Head
7267194 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
73701623 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
7469133 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
7572125 Bench PressRespite
7676852 Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me
7790277 Cage the ElephantLove's the Only Way
7882265 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
7968927 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
8075757 Aldous HardingThe Barrel
8178860 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardFishing for Fishies
8279279 Owl EyesYou and I
83741350 Stella DonnellyOld Man
84NEW184 Silversun PickupsIt Doesn't Matter Why
8588285 Lil Uzi VertSanguine Paradise
8684592 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
87771913The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
88801341 SeasideHabits
8983166 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)
90861654 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
91852918Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
92876517MigosStir Fry
93NEW193 Avey TareSaturdays (Again)
9489661 WallowsRemember When
95911419 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
96971235 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
97NEW197 LambchopThe new isn't so you anymore
98991235 Billie Eilishbury a friend
99951413 SkegssSmogged Out
100961335 I Know LeopardHeather

921918 SWIDTPraise
93857 Ex HexCosmic Cave
941118 Dear SeattleTry
981056 TacocatGrains of Salt
100135 Good DoogsNobody/Alone
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 20/5/19
Edition No.497
Songs retire at 75 weeks

It was a very interesting week on the chart, in that although I thought that no one was safe, 2 Chainz ultimately held on for a 4th week at #1.

He was quite close to top spot but just not enough momentum in the end. The 5th entry for Denzel Curry in at #2 is "RICKY", his highest peak to date after his two big 2018 hits both peaked at #3.

A week ago was just too soon to debut it even though I knew I liked it, but then it really had a big week. I'm talking about Stormzy's new single "Vossi Bop". Remarkably "Big For Your Boots" only spent one week at #96, meanwhile his second entry here debuts at #9.

I quite enjoying watching the video on 2 Chainz's YouTube channel where he explains what this song is about. Granted it was a fairly pointless video because "Money in the Way" is self-explanatory. His 5th entry to date is in at #31.

In a big week for hip hop, we get to an outlier in this psychedelic / dream pop-sounding song. The Undercover Dream Lovers are new to the chart and "All You Need" is #39.

"Cellophane" is easily now my favourite FKA twigs song and I'm really happy it did this well in its first week. Her second entry is #43.

A long time since we've heard from The Chemical Brothers, whose only other entry on the chart was of course "Go" back in 2015. Interpolating a Billboard top 10 hit from the '70s is the track "Got To Keep On", in at #50.

A real change in pace with one of the most melancholic songs I've heard this year. At #57 it's a first time entry for These New Puritans and the beautiful "Where the Trees Are on Fire".

A song produced by Patrick Carney from The Black Keys, which is how I came across it, but I was surprised to hear that it was not bluesy at all. This band is a duo though, and confusingly go by the name of *repeat repeat. "Head On" is in at #67, their first entry.

When it comes to trippy film clips I've watched this week, one of them is "Floating" by ScHoolboy Q featuring 21 Savage. It's now 11 entries for ScHoolboy and 6 for 21.

1112142 ChainzMomma I Hit a Lick (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
2NEW12 Denzel CurryRICKY
331516Fat White FamilyFeet
4544 Cage the ElephantThe War Is Over
52812ScHoolboy QNumb Numb Juice
6454 The NationalLight Years
7757 Flume & HWLSHigh Beams (ft. slowthai)
8693 Fat White FamilyTastes Good With The Money
9NEW19 StormzyVossi Bop
10959 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardPlanet B
11101112Cage the ElephantHouse of Glass
1211611 ScHoolboy Q & Travis ScottCHopstix
13864 Weyes BloodAndromeda
1415414 Fat White FamilyFringe Runner
1513136 Cherry GlazerrDistressor
1617916 Two PeopleFading (Album mix)
17121010 Mal de MerSunshine and Thunder
18201218 Mini MansionsGummyBear
1916159 PUPKids
2014107 FEWSMore Than Ever
2118153 FoalsExits
2221321 FlumeHow to Build a Relationship (ft. JPEGMAFIA)
2333323 The CosmicsEyes
24191711Two PeoplePhone Call
2525716 Cherry GlazerrStupid Fish
2631426 Ariana Grande7 rings
2723423 Fat White FamilyWhen I Leave
28221018 RY XBody Sun
2928828 Tame ImpalaPatience
3024148 Cage the ElephantReady to Let Go
31NEW131 2 ChainzMoney in the Way
3237232 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardReal's Not Real
3326126 RunnnerEggshell
34271213 Le Butcherettesgive/UP
3529717 Cage the Elephant & BeckNight Running
3630293 Kodak BlackZEZE (ft. Travis Scott & Offset)
3734334 Fat White FamilyRock Fishes
3832722 Das KopeTiger
39NEW139 The Undercover Dream LoversAll You Need
4040640 Ava MaxSo Am I
4136631 Plague VendorNew Comedown
4248342 SamsaruhSubvert
43NEW143 FKA twigsCellophane
44421031 Unkle AdamsVivid Things
45351017 Weyes BloodEveryday
4656446 Nick MurphySanity
4743443 De StaatFake It Till You Make It
4838143 The CranberriesAll Over Now
49391011 Two PeopleGive Me Order
50NEW150 The Chemical BrothersGot To Keep On
5141914 Karen O & Danger MouseNox Lumina
52441136 The Black KeysLo/Hi
5350350 Tame ImpalaBorderline
54461610 Mustard & MigosPure Water
5562954 Tones And IJohnny Run Away
56591031 Angie McMahonPasta
57NEW157 These New PuritansWhere the Trees Are on Fire
5845123 The JinsShe Said
5949834 Higher BrothersWon't Believe (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
60551119 The Money WarMan's Needs
6152826 James BlakeAssume Form
6253832 girl in redi need to be alone.
6347145 Meek MillGoing Bad (ft. Drake)
6466650 KakkmaddafakkaSin
65582021 LIONOh No
6677366 Cage the ElephantLove's the Only Way
67NEW167 *repeat repeatHead On
68574113Travis ScottSICKO MODE
69611047 Noah DillonHolding On
7060655 Lil Nas XOld Town Road
71541410 The MurlocsComfort Zone
7268268 Cage the ElephantBroken Boy
73671059 The Drums626 Bedford Avenue
74NEW174 ScHoolboy QFloating (ft. 21 Savage)
75831450 Stella DonnellyOld Man
7651539 FEWSLimits
7765565 Courtney BarnettEverybody Here Hates You
7864942 FoalsIn Degrees
7985379 Lil Uzi VertSanguine Paradise
80631121 DaveBlack
8170649 The MurlocsProblematic Subject
8274143 Young FrancoOtherside (ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel)
8378275 Metro Boomin10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)
8472204 Karen O & Danger MouseLux Prima
85791027 Cherry GlazerrWasted Nun
8671571 Nilüfer YanyaIn Your Head
8786602 MigosWalk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
88731723 Karen O & Danger MouseWoman
8981960 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardFishing for Fishies
9069369 ApparatCaronte
91926617MigosStir Fry
9294761 WallowsRemember When
93872013The Pretty LittlesDon Dale
9475135 Bench PressRespite
9580857 Aldous HardingThe Barrel
9684284 Silversun PickupsIt Doesn't Matter Why
9776952 Cardi B & Bruno MarsPlease Me
9882379 Owl EyesYou and I
99913018Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch
10089176 James BlakeWhere's The Catch? (ft. André 3000)

881341 SeasideHabits
901654 Shana ClevelandFace of the Sun
93193 Avey TareSaturdays (Again)
951419 Cub SportAs Long As You're Happy
961235 James BlakeTell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
97197 LambchopThe new isn't so you anymore
981235 Billie Eilishbury a friend
991413 SkegssSmogged Out
1001335 I Know LeopardHeather

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