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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts - Zacco333's 2018 End of Year Charts

Hey! So the first half of my End of Year will be tomorrow and I'm getting pretty excited. Third year in a row that I've been terrified of having to finish by the deadline but I'm almost done Also for a third year in a row there'll be a top 250

My plan:

Monday 21st January - countdown of #100 to #51 with a pre-broadcast lasting around 30-40 minutes
Tuesday 22nd January - countdown of #50 to #1 with a pre-broadcast lasting around 30-40 minutes

It'll start sometime around 7-8pm AEDST both nights

I'll come up with some EOY questions and if you want you can also do a pred of the top 10 or 20 or whatever
Top 250:

Peak and TI stats as of 19th January 2019 chart

01Half Love - Elohim#1 x727USA #1
02Freefall - POOLCLVB featuring Doolie#1 x530Australia #1, Australia #2
03Leo - Holiday Sidewinder#1 x715*Australia #3
04Everybody Wants To Be Famous - Superorganism#125UK #1
05Falling Into Me - Let's Eat Grandma#1 x228UK #2
06Church - Alison Wonderland#1 x323Australia #4
07Cherish - Shay Lia#2 x224Canada #1 / Djibouti #1
08Violet City - Mansionair#1 x426Australia #5
09WHITNEY - Gavin Turek#1 x620*USA #2
10Oddest Goddess - Otto Orlandi & The Chordz featuring Ayah Marar#123Italy #1, Italy #2, UK #3 / Jordan #1
11Hope For Tomorrow - Autograf, Klingande & Dragonette#1 x622USA #3, France #1, Canada #2
12Crayons - CupcakKe#122USA #4
13Hot Pink - Let's Eat Grandma#3 x225UK #4
143 x 11 - ALPHAMAMA#1 x418*Australia #6
15Lost - Sharam Jey & KLP#1 x322*Germany #1, Australia #7
16Night Time - Superorganism#222UK #5
17deep end - Lykke Li#3 x319Sweden #1
18Potential - Kllo#2 x323Australia #8
19Lay Down - Alice Gray#2 x422USA #5
20No - Alison Wonderland#5 x319Australia #9
21Carried Away - KLP featuring Milwaukee Banks#318Australia #10, Australia #11
22Boots - Leony#221Germany #2
23Assemble - Feels featuring ZĀN#2 x313*Australia #12, Australia #13
24Stuck In Orbit - What So Not featuring BUOY#720Australia #14, Australia #15
25Lose Myself - Post Precious#520USA #6
26Love Me Right - Amber Mark#5 x221USA #7
27Mother - Kiesza & Chris Malinchak#4 x317Canada #3, USA #8
28Just Werrrk - French Horn Rebellion & Jody Watley#217USA #9, USA #10
29Everybody Needs A Kiss - Benny Benassi & Sofi Tukker#5 x320Italy #3, USA #11
30Stop Talking - Miya Folick#218*USA #12
31Elastic State Of Mind - Highasakite#6 x319Norway #1
32Flying Away - POOLCLVB featuring Reva DeVito#417*Australia #16
33Show You - CXLOE#5 x319Australia #17
34Lightyears - Kimbra#717New Zealand #1
35Make Me Feel - Janelle Monáe#1021USA #13
36On My Own - 3LAU & Nevve#10 x318USA #14, USA #15
37Immaterial - SOPHIE#9 x218UK #6
38Doesn't matter - Christine And The Queens#819France #2
39Geyser - Mitski#719Japan #1 / USA #16
40On Me - Owl Eyes#310*Australia #18
41Funky Thang - Shay Lia#5 x218Canada #4 / Djibouti #2
42Didn't Know Better - Lindstrøm featuring Ronika#519Norway #2, UK #7
43Who We Are - Tep No#522Canada #5
44Polarised - Cosmo's Midnight#619Australia #19
45Take It From Me - Satin Jackets featuring Emma Brammer#8 x218Germany #3, UK #8
46Closure - Will Sparks featuring Bianca#819Australia #20, Australia #21
47Tongue - MNEK#1220UK #9
48Paper Cut - Indiana#518UK #10
49Venus x Mars - KLP#317Australia #22
50Crazy World - MNEK#8 x222UK #11
51Little Things - Allie X#5 x315*Canada #6
52Profiteroles - Starling#9 x219UK #12
53Don't Give Me Up - Otto Orlandi & Molly Marrs#3 x211*Italy #4, USA #17
541950 - King Princess#1414USA #18
55In The Night - Claptone featuring Ben Duffy#12 x216Germany #4, UK #13
56Into You - French Horn Rebellion featuring DeModa#12 x214USA #19, USA #20
57Move - Sleepy Tom & Sophia Black#514*Canada #7, USA #21
58Do You Wanna Be Loved Like This? - Kelli-Leigh#916UK #14
59Sunday Morning - Matoma featuring Josie Dunne#411*Norway #3, USA #22
60Goh - What So Not & Skrillex featuring KLP#1518Australia #23, USA #23, Australia #24
61They Need Us - Feels featuring Stella Donnelly#9 x218*Australia #25, Australia #26
62Ooh Lordy - Youngr#1218UK #15
63On Your Own - Nite Jewel#7 x217USA #24
64Need You - Flight Facilities featuring NÏKA#15 x213Australia #27, New Zealand #2
65Rosebud - U.S. Girls#13 x216USA #25
66All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar & SZA#1814USA #26, USA #27
67Want Me More - NAATIONS#11 x216USA #28
68Take It To The Heart - Odette#12 x216Australia #28
69On My Way - Robbie Rivera & L'Tric featuring Jordan Kaahn#818USA #29, Australia #29, France #3
70Gimme A Break - Nicole Millar#1116Australia #30
71I Want You - Elohim#1017USA #30
72Glow - Digitalism#818Germany #5
73Faceshopping - SOPHIE#1515UK #16
74Freakin' Out - SAFIA#14 x213Australia #31
75All The Work - Amber Mark#13 x216USA #31
76Primordial - Satin Jackets featuring Niya Wells#11 x215Germany #6, USA #32
77Side Effects - The Chainsmokers featuring Emily Warren#1217USA #33, USA #34
78Sun In Our Eyes - MØ & Diplo#15 x215Denmark #1, USA #35
79G.A.L. - Touch Sensitive#606*Australia #32
80Heavy, California - Jungle#1216UK #17
81So Long - Akouo#1015*Australia #33
82Only You - Shift K3Y#1515UK #18
83Holding Out For You - Lizzy Land featuring Schier#13 x214USA #36, USA #37
84Outside - ËMMË & Lamalo featuring Georgia Fair#1013*Australia #34, Australia #35, Australia #36
85Carrie (I Want A Girl) - Moaning Lisa#1411Australia #37
86Flying Illusion - Tez Cadey featuring Míng#13 x214France #4,
87Okay - Alison Wonderland#1814Australia #38
88Sometimes - Cub Sport#810*Australia #39
89Future Lover - NÏKA#1514New Zealand #3
90Rivers - Tez Cadey featuring Brodie Barclay#414France #5, UK #19
91Settle - Baynk featuring Sinead Harnett#13 x215New Zealand #4, UK #20
92Simple Luv - Oscar Key Sung#18 x315Australia #40
93Beat 54 (All Good Now) - Jungle#14 x217UK #21
94Like I Did - Leadley#910*UK #22
95First Time - M-22 featuring Medina#1716UK #23 / Germany #7, Denmark #2
96We Could Be - Mishegas & JAIE#1008*USA #38, Malaysia #1
97Head Games - Catey Shaw#13 x217USA #39
98Science - Allie X#13 x217Canada #8
99Soaked - Bene#1713New Zealand #5
100Sorry - Ok Sure featuring Tanzer#2015Australia #41, Australia #42
101Fire - Peking Duk#1712Australia #43
102No Worries - Jean Tonique featuring Larry Houl#1915France #6,
103Save Some Love - HANDSOME#20 x212Australia #44
104I'm Good - Wafia#1915Australia #45
105SAD AND BORED - bülow featuring Duckwrth#1613Germany #8, USA #40
106White Rose - Tkay Maidza#19 x214Australia #46
107Started Out - Georgia#1112*UK #24
108When I'm With Him - Empress Of#1108*USA #41
109Red Light - Ria Mae & Shura#1914Canada #9, UK #25
110Dangerous (Touch Sensitive Remix) - Umii#1114USA #42, Australia #47
111Love Me Right - Bingo Players#1715Netherlands #1
112You See Me - Oh Boy featuring imbi the girl#2014Australia #48, Australia #49
113Zoom - Kota Banks#1715Australia #50
114Yours - Lanks featuring Akouo#2014Australia #51, Australia #52
115Curious - Hayley Kiyoko#2714USA #43
116You - Lils#2513USA #44
117Nightmares - Set Mo featuring Scott Quinn#2614Australia #53, UK #26
118Take The Night - Maniatics featuring Ayah Marar#1516Spain #1, UK #27 / JOR #2
119Out Of Your Mind - The Presets featuring Alison Wonderland#1911Australia #54, Australia #55
120Northern Lights - Woodes#2314Australia #56
121Tokyo Nights - Digital Farm Animals, Shaun Frank & Dragonette#22 x214UK #28, Canada #10, Canada #11
122Keep Hiding - Disco Despair featuring SHEARE#16 x213Finland #1, USA #45
123Blame - Ekali & Zhu#2413Canada #12, USA #46
124Santorini - Donny Benét#1815Australia #57
125Give A Little - Maggie Rogers#1712USA #47
126Body High - Sam Bluer#1614Australia #58
127Overtime - Jessie Ware#1612UK #29
128Missing U - Robyn#1914Sweden #2
129Baby Don't Talk - LÉON#1613Sweden #3
130Every Way - Antonio Giacca#1815Italy #5
131Love Is You - Sophie Ellis-Bextor#1713UK #30
132Shadows - Roosevelt#18 x212Germany #9
133Hush - Eves Karydas#1913Australia #59
134Honey - Robyn#1914Sweden #4
135Let You Go - Savoy#2413USA #48
136Sleepwalking - Elderbrook#2412UK #31
137It's Not Just Me - Let's Eat Grandma#2312UK #32
138Blowjob - E^ST#17 x212Australia #60
139Roots - Nora En Pure#1512Switzerland #1
140Easy - Alison Wonderland#2114Australia #61
141Sounds Good To Me - Hanne Mjøen#15 x217*Norway #4
142Deeper - Bondax featuring Aquilo#16 x216*UK #33, UK #34
143Crush (It's Late, Just Stay) - Yumi Zouma#1712New Zealand #6
144Amnesia - KLP#18 x212Australia #62
145Hibernia - Brendan Maclean#1815Australia #63
146No Strings - Nicole Millar#1111Australia #64
147Friends - Raye#1911UK #35
148Your Love - BASTIAN featuring Ariela Jacobs#2112???, Australia #65
149Falling Out - Golden Features#2414Australia #66
150Charlie Brown - Rejjie Snow & Anna Of The North#2010Ireland #1, Norway #5
151My Way - Thandi Phoenix#2714Australia #67
152In Camera - Yumi Zouma#1813New Zealand #7
153Couch - Eves Karydas#19 x212Australia #68
154Until I Die - Panda 8 featuring Ayah Marar#19 x214???, UK #36 / JOR #3
155Clumsy Love - Thelma Plum#2611Australia #69
156Figured Out - ALTA#2511Australia #70
157Hurting - SG Lewis & AlunaGeorge#2614UK #37, UK #38
158Just A Stranger - Kali Uchis featuring Steve Lacy#3311USA #49, USA #50
159A Shot - Sarah Blasko#3511Australia #71
160Pussy Is God - King Princess#15 x210*USA #51
161Tokyo - St. Lucia#20 x212*South Africa #1
162Fuck Your Money - Elohim#2112USA #52
163High - Stace Cadet featuring KLP#2312Australia #72, Australia #73
164Love For The Weekend - Happy Sometimes#2514USA #53
165Together We're Screwed - Robotaki featuring Nevve#2113Canada #13, USA #54
166Hummingbird - LCAW featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor#1910Germany #10, UK #39
167The Heights Of Trees - The Kite String Tangle#2812Australia #74
168Tessellating - MUTO featuring Oliver Dibley#2611Australia #75,
169Love Me Back - French Horn Rebellion & Glassio#1306*USA #55, USA #56
170Jupiter - Haiku Hands#2612Australia #76
171Warning - Cookin' On 3 Burners featuring Kaiit#2512Australia #77, Australia #78
172Something True - Jon Lemmon#2614New Zealand #8
173Drive Lights - Chapel#2610Australia #79
174Ordinary Pleasure - Toro y Moi#16 x207*USA #57
175Collide - GIVERS#1813USA #58
176Funky Sensation - Disclosure featuring Gwen McCrae#2711UK #40, USA #59
177Electricity - Silk City & Dua Lipa#2012*USA #60 / UK #41, UK #42
178Nobody - Mitski#2813Japan #2 / USA #61
179Heaven's Basement - Neon Indian#1805*USA #62
180Patagonia - Patawawa#2212UK #43
181Your Power - Birdee featuring Stee Downes#2411USA #63, Ireland #2
182Lovers - Louis La Roche & Mylo#2813UK #44, UK #45
183Till The World Falls - Chic featuring Mura Masa, Cosha & Vic Mensa#2710USA #64, UK #46, UK #47, USA #65
184Alone - Claptone featuring Blaenavon#2811Germany #11, UK #48
185Loyal - ODESZA#2013USA #66
186Duck Duck Goose - CupcakKe#3709USA #67
187Disco Yes - Tom Misch featuring Poppy Ajudha#2613UK #49, UK #50
188Do What You Want - Juno Disco#2813Australia #80
189Stay Open - MØ & Diplo#2514Denmark #3, USA #68
190Do You Feel It - Otosan & Shaun Warner featuring PT#3012Australia #81, Australia #82, New Zealand #9
191Molotov - Kira Puru#3709Australia #83
192Swell - imbi the girl#2613Australia #84
193Give It Time - The Kite Stringle Tangle featuring Aalias#3211Australia #85, USA #69
194Lost - Jai Wolf & Chelsea Jade#24 x310*USA #70, USA #71
195Forever - Ekali & Medasin featuring Elohim#2314Canada #14, USA #72, USA #73
196Rhythm In My Blood - Icona Pop#2313*Sweden #5
197Feel It - ARLE & L'Tric#2414*Australia #86, Australia #87
198Hours (Carl Louis Remix) - Ponette#22 x210*Norway #6, Norway #7
199Move Me - ALPHAMAMA#23 x210*Australia #88
200Lights - Otosan featuring Metoyer#2712Australia #89, New Zealand #10
201Go To Sleep - Bearson & Kailee Morgue#2712Norway #8, USA #74
202Fire - Draper featuring Gigi#2810UK #51,
203If I Can't Have You - SNBRN featuring Harloe#2912USA #75, USA #76
204Space Odyssey - Just A Gent featuring Thandi Phoenix#2911Australia #90, Australia #91
205Lie - Shallou & Riah#2814USA #77, USA #78
206Remember - Youngr#3013UK #52
207Endless - Lucianblomkamp#2412Australia #92
208Shut You Up - Chela featuring Banoffee#2114*Australia #93, Australia #94
209Superior Emotion - AlunaGeorge featuring Cautious Clay#3311UK #53, USA #79
210Make It Out Alive - Nao featuring SiR#2514UK #54, USA #80
211Sweetheart - Glades#2512*Australia #95
212Focus - Charli XCX#2512UK #55
213Hold - Arroyo#2614*Australia #96
214Connect - Elohim#2511*USA #81
215GOLDMINE - LKA#2008*Finland #2
216Call Me - Josie Moon#2109*New Zealand #11
217Stupid World - Hermitude featuring Bibi Bourelly#2811Australia #97, USA #82
218Sway Daisy - Little Dragon#4011Sweden #6
219Sky Full Of Song - Florence + The Machine#4111UK #56
220Pynk - Janelle Monáe featuring Grimes#3912USA #83, Canada #15
221Another You - Breakbot featuring Ruckazoid#2613France #7, France #8
222Love Me - Gorgon City featuring Lulu James#3511UK #57, UK #58
223Change My Mind - Woodes#3111Australia #98
224Intoxicated - Pomo fetauring Harrison Brome#3212Canada #16, Canada #17
225Cloud Party - MUTO#3012Australia #99
226As I Sleep - Tobtok & Adrian Lux featuring Charlee#2912Sweden #7, Sweden #8,
227Can't Help The Way That I Feel - Sneaky Sound System#3310Australia #100
228Dished (Male Stripper) - Purple Disco Machine#3310Germany #12
229Sometimes Love (Oriental Cravings Remix) - Alison Wonderland & SLUMBERJACK#25 x211*Australia #101, Australia #102, Australia #103
230Falling - LÉON#27 x210*Sweden #9
231Change - Fluir#3310Australia #104
232I Like That - Janelle Monáe#4608USA #84
233Don't Run - Paces featuring Doolie#4010Australia #105, Australia #106
234PARADE(w/m)E - Sylvan Esso#2310USA #85
235Come Over - The Internet#4608USA #86
236Never Let Me Go - Sarah Blasko#5906Australia #107
237Logic - Tez Cadey#2405*France #9
238Velvet Rope - Rita Ora#2510*UK #59
239I'm A Mess Without You - Maribelle#4609Australia #108
240Human - Kimbra#4709New Zealand #12
241No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande#6907USA #87
242Sweet But Psycho - Ava Max#3610*USA #88
243Don't Wreck My Holiday - Black Saint featuring Kelli-Leigh#2608*UK #60, UK #61
244Oh Man - Jain#2707*France #10
245Think About You - Delta Goodrem#5906Australia #109
246So Good - Oh Boy featuring Tashka#3005*Australia #110, Australia #111
247Ghost - Magdalena Bay#3405*USA #89
248Love Lasts Forever - All Saints#4110UK #62
249when the party's over - Billie Eilish#3504*USA #90
250Such A Remarkable Day - Charlotte Gainsbourg#3603*UK #63

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Quiz if anyone cares

Question 1: How high will Freefall and Falling Into Me be?
Question 2: How many songs with an Australian artist on them will be in my top 100?
Question 3: Which artist or artists will have the most top 100 entries?
Question 4: How many artists will have one or more entries in the top 100?
Question 5: Will any artist have two songs make the top 20?
Question 6: What non-#1 song will be the highest? And if you want to guess what position that song will be in feel free to
Question 7: How many ARIA top 50 hits will make it into the top 100? If any do make it, which top 50 hits will they be?
Question 8: How many ACI #1s will make the top 100?
Question 9: #69 and #100 preds?

#1, top 5, top 10, top 20, top 50, top whatever predictions are also welcome ofc

I might think of more questions idk
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Honourable mentions:

Aunty Tracey's Cookies - Joyride

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/NgiAnNS.png

Unfortunately this just missed out on my 2017 EOY, so it deserves a mention here. I love Joyride's charisma, rhymes and personality. I've always got amusement out of the title - I do have an aunty called Tracey. She doesn't make cookies though It's very wholesome that Joyride has an aunty Tracey, whose cookies have made sure musicians feel comfortable and happy when they visit Victoria in the words of Joyride himself. It's also produced by Hermitude which is another reason to love this.

Cartoons - CupcakKe

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/UEyAXBU.png

This is a crazy track. CupcakKe is on fire here and I love it. Some fun rhymes here and I love how fast paced it is. It's over quickly but does make the most of that time.

u + i - JAIE

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/7iNPQR2.png

JAIE's first hit on my chart and it's absolutely lovely. This one is a little different stylistically to "We Could Be", but there's still some similarities and they both hook me in. I do also think this charted at a good time for success because it was quite relatable in January last year.

See Me - Maya Hirasedo

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/fjvVGZq.png

This description as seen here about the song sums up how I feel well:

"See Me reflects not only Hirasedo's stunning vocal range but also her deeply personal, emotive songwriting. Matched with smoky, sensual and bass-driven production, the track gives a first taste of her experience and inspirations with a debut full release to follow."

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#110 to #101

#101 Fire - Peking Duk

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/O1K4w1D.png

This is pretty typical of Peking Duk, perhaps too much which is why I initially didn't care much. But after a while I really got into it. It's got some of those guitar licks, and production wise it's a proven Peking Duk formula that works for me. Must admit I am surprised how well it did on the ARIA chart, though.

#102 No Worries - Jean Tonique featuring Larry Houl

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/e44DZ1a.png

This is pretty cool. A funky track from a producer that has had success on my chart before, with top 5 hit "Guest" in 2015 being the biggest of those prior tracks. I think this track is pretty simple but it works. I like the vocalist and thinks he suits the music he's singing to. Good stuff.

#103 Save Some Love - HANDSOME

Chart run: https://imgur.com/RUBpsJm.png

An interesting song. I like this kind of electronic track though, as you can probably tell. Beautiful female vocals, some vocoder and calm vibes. Also, I really like the way HANDSOME describes the song below

"Save Some Love is a reminder to love yourself. We allow ourselves too often to give all of our energy, positivity and love out to other people, we often for get to leave a little for ourselves. This song has many different stories to it, many heroines that I have met in my life that have done and said things that have reminded me how important self-love and authenticity truly is."

#104 I'm Good - Wafia

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/gUoAauk.png

Wafia sure loves those #19 peakers that get boosted up right before my EOY is done This is not as good as "Bodies" but is a very groovy effort. I just love what Wafia does here, it's a very catchy and memorable chorus and would absolutely be a big pop hit if there were justice in the world. I do like the sound of Wafia's voice as well and the tone that she uses.

#105 SAD AND BORED - bülow featuring Duckwrth

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/6yRr9li.png

I've really come to like this. There's something about the dark and mysterious sounding performance by bülow and the dark electronics that really sucks me in. I'd say it's appropriate given the title of "SAD AND BORED". Duckwrth makes a good contribution.

#106 White Rose - Tkay Maidza

Chart run: https://imgur.com/5OKvIv8.png

I like Tkay Maidza more than her EOY presence would suggest. She has only had M.O.B. (#167 2015) and Simulation (#238) make it in before. So "White Rose" has become her highest appearance in an EOY list. I'd possibly put M.O.B. in my top 100 of 2015 nowadays Anyway this was a really nice diversion from what I've come to expect from Tkay. More ballad like and it gives a chance to hear her beautiful singing voice.

#107 Started Out - Georgia

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/xClzdCp.png

This isn't something I initially would've expected to do so well but it has really clicked as of late. I think Georgia sounds great here, and I do like the choppy vocal sections too. Well produced to top it all off.

#108 When I'm With Him - Empress Of

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/LegXmTD.png

I've seen this featured in a number of EOYs and this is another where you'll see it It's currently at its #11 peak and is one of the newest songs (in terms of time since debuting on my chart) that is in the top 110 section of my EOY. I love her voice here and I do like the structure of the song. The structure feels a bit odd to me but it works well. Like many songs in my EOY, I also connect with the emotions in the lyrics.

#109 Red Light - Ria Mae & Shura

Chart run: https://imgur.com/0BHj5pM.png

An interesting collaboration given Shura is just listed as a remixer. I think the original isn't as good, the chorus is fantastic but I think the rest is lacking. It could just be that I heard the remix first, but I think the speed up works surprisingly well. Considering Ria Mae's first hit on my chart was due to Great Good Fine OK's remix, maybe it isn't so much a surprise that a remixed song of hers could have success on my chart

#110 Dangerous (Touch Sensitive Remix) - Umii

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/rcQ7FNg.png

This is very blissful. Touch Sensitive's touches have turned it into a more blissful electronic track in comparison to the funky original. Both versions are good however.
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#100 Sorry - Ok Sure featuring Tanzer

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/xUMWigG.png

Interesting in the way that it's not what I expected from the title and artist names. It relies a lot on particular lyrics, but does so in a way that draws me in and keeps me in. The beats here are fantastic and blend well with the vocal manipulation. Approriately dark sounding.
#99 Soaked - Bene

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/V7lef6p.png

Without any Lorde hits in 2018 I thought my top 100 would only have maybe one or two NZ songs in it. Bene is one of those that has made it in with "Soaked". I was a little late on it but I really did appreciate it a lot after I did listen to it. This was also very weird to place so high but the more I listened to it during the End of Year process the more I realised it's worthy of being this high. Well done Bene
#98 Science - Allie X

Chart run: https://imgur.com/ytKGgoF.png

After a string of releases post- "Too Much To Dream" that didn't captivate me a lot, Allie X came back with two good tunes in 2018. This was the first of the 2018 ones I got into. It's very cute. All of the elements come together to make a good pop song.
#97 Head Games - Catey Shaw

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/u5h2XeN.png

This takes me back to "The Ransom" and the dynamics between Catey and the other person within a toxic relationship. Also makes me think of a situation two months ago where I got drunk because of the way someone was screwing over my emotions. And of course the toxic relationship my sister is in. If only it wasn't so prevalent but it does make for an interesting song at least
#96 We Could Be - Mishegas & JAIE

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/4vLoZ5G.png

JAIE's brother is an acquaintance of mine, he recommended me her music and I really enjoyed it instantly. I didn't think so initially, but I think I prefer this to her #17 hit "u + i" on my chart at the beginning of 2018 JAIE is from Malaysia and doesn't live in Australia, but this sounds a lot like some random Aussie electronic track by a Triple J Unearthed artist That's not a bad thing, however. I do like how chill this is and JAIE's soulful voice is very pleasing to listen to.
#95 First Time - M-22 featuring Medina

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/gAtmTv6.png

I think someone said somewhere that the beat sounds a little like "Thinking About You" by Calvin Harris which is an interesting comparison. After hearing that I do see the similarities with Calvin Harris productions Anyway, I do really enjoy what is going on. It's a very straightforward and enjoyable dance pop track.
#94 Like I Did - Leadley

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/bYG2M36.png

Angry breakup song with a lot of emotion. Well it's not a shouty one but you can tell how disappointed the singer is at the actions of her boyfriend. I've been enjoying this a lot lately.
#93 Beat 54 (All Good Now) - Jungle

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/ZxwZ7cv.png

A solid follow up to "Heavy, California". With "Beat 54 (All Good Now) they have gotten it right yet again. Funky and soulful vibes that are very appealing. I'm pleased that this sounds fresh, as I was worried that after four years of waiting for new material that I'd be disappointed.
#92 Simple Luv - Oscar Key Sung

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/YtdgviH.png

Oscar Key Sung's 2015 effort "Skip" is much more electro and slow. This goes for a more upbeat and pop sound that is very rewarding. His voice is fantastic and he really shows his off here. Production wise this is stellar too.
#91 Settle - Baynk featuring Sinead Harnett

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/1xV4QkK.png

After some songs that peaked around the #30 area of my chart, Baynk hit it big by getting as high as #13. Sinead Harnett is best known to me as a Rudimental collaborater so it's no surprise that she has a soulful feel to her voice. It's no surprise that it goes with Baynk's production style. Here we have some synth and steel drums that really hook me in. Well done.
#90 Rivers - Tez Cadey featuring Brodie Barclay

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/UFaRj8Y.png

This debuted on my chart a year after "Ivory" did. Not at #1, but #4 is still a very good spot to debut at. At first I thought it would go further than #4 but the opposite happened. As you can see, I did get sick of it pretty quickly. I think the thing that brings it down is that production wise it's not as good as other favourites from Tez Cadey. It did hit me right in the feels at the time and its sadness has come back many times during the year.
#89 Future Lover - NÏKA

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/bdgLxqw.png

It's a weird world where NÏKA scores two top 100 entries in my EOY while Broods' aus-charts popular song "Peach" never made my chart Anyway this is a lot of fun and very cute. The fast pace makes it feel like it's over too quickly, not so much helped by an actual short length. But still, I'm not going to complain too much if she's going to release dance pop as good as this.
#88 Sometimes - Cub Sport

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/nPFzq2E.png

I really wanted to get into "Chasin'" but it never managed to get to more than "it's good" territory for me. This on the other hand I kne would debut on my next chart after first hearing it on the ACI. Here Tim Nelson's voice is beautiful. Also what a great chorus and it's also very good production wise. I'm really happy I could really get into this one, easily my favourite.
#87 Okay - Alison Wonderland

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/pdwfCHV.png

For a prominent producer and DJ, Alison Wonderland does take on a lot of the vocal duties. "Okay" sees Alison's vocals become much less recognisable and muffled. It does provide something different though and I like the hectic nature it creates. I find it notable that her voice goes back to normal during the bridge where she shouts "can we be okay?" numerous times.
#86 Flying Illusion - Tez Cadey featuring Míng

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/KMRGuJ1.png

A lower peak than "Rivers" but I've decided within the last week that I like this one more. I think this is very well produced, and I like that it sounds different to "Seve" and "Ivory" in that regard. The wordplay is great also. Ends up being a lot of fun to listen to.
#85 Carrie (I Want A Girl) - Moaning Lisa

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/CnKNLbU.png

I feel like this is relatable to a lot of my women friends who love women It's almost always nice to hear LGBTI perspectives on love and sexuality, and that is on display here. I also find the dig at the straight friend funny The lyrics are fun, and I must admit I find the choices of women that she says she wants interesting.
#84 Outside - ËMMË & Lamalo featuring Georgia Fair

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/91wjYo6.png

A Triple J discovery that is quite a banger. I actually heard this around 1am one early Sunday morning in October in fact. It's great. I get excited by the drops and I also like the vocals a lot. I think that's about all I can say haha.
#83 Holding Out For You - Lizzy Land featuring Schier

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/LJrT9CI.png

Whether I enjoy it more than the lower charted "Sweet Melodies" it's a struggle to say at this point in time. I was pleasantly surprised at how much this clicked with me. I think it's a pretty typical upbeat trop-pop track in sound, though in quality I'd say it's better. Anyway it's very catchy and stays in my head long after listening to it and the trumpet in the drop section of the track.
#82 Only You - Shift K3Y

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/3VsIUcD.png

His 2014 hits on my chart are good, but this tops both of those in quality. The fast paced nature of Shift K3Y's vocals and the accompanying production are definitely a throwback to "Touch". It gives me so much energy and the first time I listened to it I knew it would become popular in nightclubs all over the world. Simple formula but effective.
#81 So Long - Akouo

Chart run: https://i.imgur.com/Vf1yliD.png

Now this is a great track from a fellow Tasmanian. I've charted Akouo before, but this is without a doubt my favourite from him. I like how it doesn't get boring at all throughout, always adding in a few switches to the production to keep things lively and interesting.
#80 Heavy, California - Jungle

Chart run: https://imgur.com/2zM01cQ.png

Jungle scored two top 10 hits on my chart in 2014. They went quiet for quite a while after that though. In 2018 they returned with "Happy Man" at first, which I charted but got sick of after a while. Luckily this track was very good and the quality I expect from them. Stylistically I don't think it's too different to their 2014 album, but I'm not saying that's a bad thing. It's a lot of fun.
#79 G.A.L. - Touch Sensitive

Chart run: https://imgur.com/MZs11dD.png

After a big 2017, Touch Sensitive has not unsurprisingly had a quieter 2018. Still, his remix of Umii's "Dangerous" and this really clicked with me. I had no idea this was coming out, so it was a very pleasant surprise in this case. It retains a lot of what I loved about "Visions". It's a bit repetitive but makes me feel good and the general sentiment "don't need your money, you are all I need" is nice.
#78 Sun In Our Eyes - MØ & Diplo

Chart run: https://imgur.com/4tpsInh.png

I feel like MØ doesn't stay too far away from my chart. This is my favourite track from her this year. MØ and Diplo are a fantastic pairing, as has been proven in the past. MØ sounds brilliant here and I love the upbeat vibe to this. Production wise, the piano stands out here.
#77 Side Effects - The Chainsmokers featuring Emily Warren

Chart run: https://imgur.com/3MHin9t.png

I've grown tired of The Chainsmokers since "Don't Let Me Down" because I feel like a lot of their releases lack what I enjoyed so much about tracks like "Don't Let Me Down" and "Roses". I've enjoyed some of those releases since, but until "Side Effects" nothing made me that excited. "Side Effects" has become one of my favourites from them. Emily Warren is a frequent collaborater and I think she shines here yet again. I like the funkier sound to it and I find it very catchy also.
#76 Primordial - Satin Jackets featuring Niya Wells

Chart run: https://imgur.com/RMpS8fA.png

I remember hearing this at a bar two months ago and getting very excited because I wouldn't have expected to hear it in public That bar has a lot of good music that plays To compare this to "Take It From Me", it's in a similar style but I'd say at a slightly faster pace. I love what Satin Jackets does here yet again. Niya Wells' voice is great too.
#75 All The Work - Amber Mark

Chart run: https://imgur.com/xh4Fav8.png

This was another strong Amber Mark release. I like how some of the instruments here are ones that were prominent in "Heatwave", but have been used in a different but effective way. Amber Mark's voice is on point again and that's a quirky and catchy chorus.
#74 Freakin' Out - SAFIA

Chart run: https://imgur.com/7IwS13f

Reminds me a bit of "Counting Sheep" at times which is possibly why it clicked for me so much? Ben's vocals have been electronically manipulated for much of the song, talks about with the robot vocals in particular coming out at the end of the chorus where the title drop is. Also mentions ticking and sleeping This song is not short though and isn't as good. But hey, SAFIA have done well here.
#73 Faceshopping - SOPHIE

Chart run: https://imgur.com/T7F5Nt0.png

This was yet another great release from SOPHIE. I'm disappointed I was too late on "Ponyboy" for it to make my 2017 EOY, so I'm really pleased that this has made it in this year. An interesting look at the world of social media and what SOPHIE calls "faceshopping". Lots of cool sounds.
#72 Glow - Digitalism

Chart run: https://imgur.com/0VseJOv.png

Instantly reminds me of "One More Time" with the instrumental. I love how that is consistent throughout. Vocally modified vocals make the Daft Punk comparison even more relevant. Sometimes I think it drags on a little too much, but otherwise it's a good listen.
#71 I Want You - Elohim

Chart run: https://imgur.com/5eQpyhl.png

This quickly became one of my favourites from her album. This has a lot of what I usually adore about Elohim. Her voice and her odd lyrics tie this together well. That drop is quite good too and I like the post-chorus section a lot.
#70 Gimme A Break - Nicole Millar

Chart run: https://imgur.com/1GjeSiN.png

This is really quite a fun listen. Nicole Millar has a knack for making good pop music and providing vocals for dance tunes. I think "Gimme A Break" would be my favourite of her solo stuff simply because of all of the energy present. Fun pop song.
#69 On My Way - Robbie Rivera & L'Tric featuring Jordan Kaahn

Chart run: https://imgur.com/u9ffWEj.png

L'Tric have always appeared on my chart every now and again. In 2018 they got their second most successful hit on my chart in "On My Way", alongside first time charters Robbie Rivera and Jordan Kaahn. This is a great track, very much in the style of "This Feeling" and that's a good thing.
#68 Take It To The Heart - Odette

Chart run: https://imgur.com/658tbEJ.png

A very nice listen that has become my favourite from Odette. Her voice is beautiful and I really like the piano.
#67 Want Me More - NAATIONS

Chart run: https://imgur.com/3T6JagW.png

Definitely goes on a bit too long but I enjoy it nonetheless. I also surprisingly enjoy it more than "Real Life". The key here is Nat Dunn's vocals and the way the production progresses throughout. Quite emotional lyrically too which is not something I notice a lot I must admit.
#66 All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar & SZA

Chart run: https://imgur.com/PFBiw2Q.png

Used effectively in Black Panther and has become a favourite of mine from both of their discographies. The production stood out to me quickly and I love both of their contributions, but in particular SZA's chorus. Very catchy and I'm glad it has done so well on the charts.
#65 Rosebud - U.S. Girls

Chart run: https://imgur.com/LIgNU71.png

It's really interesting the places where I've heard vocals that sound like Kylie Minogue. Not the only song in this countdown to have that trait in fact. This track is really nice. It's hard to pinpoint any particular things I like about it. I can say that the product as a whole is very appealing.
#64 Need You - Flight Facilities featuring NÏKA

Chart run: https://imgur.com/ynwgxHQ.png

I still think NÏKA has issues in differentiating herself from older sister Georgia, and I feel it's especially notable here where her vocals are very reminescent. But enough with negativity. I think this is a really sweet track. Her vocals suit the toned down production that Flight Facilities offer here and the lyrical content. I do like the change in production towards the end to include that flute like instrument.
#63 On Your Own - Nite Jewel

Chart run: https://imgur.com/B87eCc8.png

As you might be able to tell, it has suffered a bit of a decline since its peak. But still, what a great track. Nite Jewel's vocals go great on this type of song. There's just something about the constant questioning in this song that was what got me hooked from the start.
#62 Ooh Lordy - Youngr

Chart run: https://imgur.com/skFes5A.png

Disco has definitely seen a decline on my chart. Which is understandable as it was 2014 when it started becoming so prevalent, and I'm no longer 17/18 This is one example of a song that has done well in 2018 however. It's fast paced, fun and Youngr's voice goes well with the disco beat.
#61 They Need Us - Feels featuring Stella Donnelly

Chart run: https://imgur.com/WYCFCF4.png

I do love the way Stella repeats what has been said to her in the past because of her gender. This exposé of the bad attitudes all too prevalent within the industry is fantastic. It's done in a witty fashion, with plenty of sarcasm mixed in within the important criticism of this behaviour by men. Stella takes on this role well and is accompanied by the awesome production work of female duo Feels. Good beats to compliment a good message. It's a different type of track to say "The Opener" by Camp Cope but it's a good way of going about this issue.
#60 Goh - What So Not & Skrillex featuring KLP

Chart run: https://imgur.com/P5OWvTy.png

This was not what I was expecting when I first heard that they'd all done a song together. There's something about the way KLP's vocals sound recognisable as her (to me anyway) while also feeling more anonymous than what she usually appears in that makes for an interesting change. Much like other songs from both What So Not and Skrillex, this is a banger.
#59 Sunday Morning - Matoma featuring Josie Dunne

Chart run: https://imgur.com/Qz2iisP.png

For an EDM track, this is very soulful. Matoma has been around for a while but this is surprisingly his first entry into my chart. It has done very well considering. Josie Dunne goes well from speaking softer in the verses to increasingly getting louder in the pre-chorus. The chorus is a real moment and often brings a smile to my face. The passion is there and it makes me feel so good.
#58 Do You Wanna Be Loved Like This? - Kelli-Leigh

Chart run: https://imgur.com/iEHqyXZ.png

I love this as a total diva tune. Focusing the hook around the title, question mark included, makes it fun, singable and relatable. Kelli-Leigh's vocals are fantastic and I love the energy she brings here.
#57 Move - Sleepy Tom & Sophia Black

Chart run: https://imgur.com/t9NObGC.png

Three years after "Be Right There", Sleepy Tom has come back with his biggest hit since that #2 peaker. I like this a lot. It's really cute and such a young love themed song. The saxophone is a great addition and it does make me want to move.
#56 Into You - French Horn Rebellion featuring DeModa

Chart run: https://imgur.com/tIgiARQ.png

French Horn Rebellion have a way of keeping me drawn in despite the risks of their brand of nu-disco getting old. I think of all of their songs this is the one that strongly sounds like Daft Punk. The emphasis on putting the vocoder on the vocals plays a part in that, but also the well crafted disco beats are a treat. The drop of sorts at the end of what could be called the chorus is a great addition that pays off well. Pretty good for a b-side to their track "Rooftops", this track sounds quite different to that one.
#55 In The Night - Claptone featuring Ben Duffy

Chart run: https://imgur.com/BtHcgMi.png

Takes me back to Claptone's 2015 material, but not so much that it sounds stale and worth chucking in the bin. I was definitely impressed here. Claptone is on point again and Ben Duffy adds a spark that helps this transcend being just another Claptone song. It has managed to become my second favourite Claptone song as a result.
#54 1950 - King Princess

Chart run: https://imgur.com/o1WXr54.png

Took a while to really click, which I regret. But hey, I did get into it eventually and I'm very pleased because it's such a cute song about love between two women in King Princess' case, while also being a general acknowledgment of queer love. I have a lot of admiration for the way King Princess sings so passionately about her own experiences. The way it's expressed here is very interesting indeed.
#53 Don't Give Me Up - Otto Orlandi & Molly Marrs

Chart run: https://imgur.com/YYEwIo7.png

This is a bit different to Otto Orlandi's previous hit "Oddest Goddess" and I'm liking the change. Molly's vocals are amazing and I think overall this is a good electronic track with good beats. I also think it's fun the way it confuses me sometimes by repeating certain sections multiple times and also how it feels like it's about to end but then starts back up again. It can be really nice when songs disobey conventional song structure.
#52 Profiteroles - Starling

Chart run: https://imgur.com/YTr5U2n.png

One of my favourite quirky pop songs of 2018. Starling's voice appropriately fits the beat, lyrics and the overall fun vibes I get. It also became another moment where I heard a song I love in a random place, this time it was in Hobart's H&M store in September
#51 Little Things - Allie X

Chart run: https://imgur.com/dJ9tNiH.png

"Little Things is one of my favourites on the record, and I wrote this one also pretty quickly. I woke up one morning and the curtains in my bedroom, they were open slightly and there was this sliver of light that was shining on my face – and I got really angry. Like, really angry. And I just thought to myself, “what is wrong with you? Why are you so angry about this little inconsequential thing that you could fix?” And then I just started writing about how these little things really drag me down, and kind of questioning why – and beyond that, why when something really bad happens to me, I kind of take it like a soldier?
I was sort of trying to figure all that out. I take the tiniest little things that should feel like a feather brush like a punch in the face, and I don’t know why, and it’s a real issue with me, and I don’t figure it out in the song! But at least I’m aware, and observing it."

- Allie X describing the song

I love the attitude here and it's part of why this has become my favourite song of hers since her two 2016 top 10 hits. The voice, the tempo changes, the "I PUT MY HEAD ON MY SHOULDERS TRY TO BE SOMEONE, YEAH" towards the end, the catchy chorus etc. all add up to make a brilliant song.
Thanks to everyone who listened in, chatted or just followed the thread tonight as my countdown was happening. Really appreciate it and had a lot of fun. See you all tomorrow around the same time for the top 50!
#50 Crazy World - MNEK

Chart run: https://imgur.com/rzqP133.png

I love how MNEK makes this so universal, but also has a clear connection to the lyrics in the way of being black and gay and being the target of discrimination and hate because of it. The fast paced nature and MNEK's beautiful voice tops off what is a brilliant track and one of my favourites from him. Good inclusion of Becky Hill as well
#49 Venus x Mars - KLP

Chart run: https://imgur.com/tV5ND6m.png

This track showcased even more of KLP's abilities. I do love the dark vibe to this and the way KLP's voice blends in with the beats for a lot of it. Her whispery voice makes a change from many of my KLP favourites but it has worked out well. I really enjoyed hearing KLP play it live and it only cemented my strong liking. Has become one of my favourites in her discography.
#48 Paper Cut - Indiana

Chart run: https://imgur.com/CfkFmZi.png

The type of pop that connects with me very well. I like how dark it sounds, both lyrically, vocally and production wise. There's something about that description of doing something that feels and is considered wrong, yet also feels so right, good and enjoyable along with all the other elements that makes this such an appealing pop song.
#47 Tongue - MNEK

Chart run: https://imgur.com/uCKwZZF.png

MNEK is such a fascinating musician. I love his voice and the way he crafts his music. Here his voice is fantastic. The lyrics are a bunch of fun, rather cute and relatable. The whispering chorus reinforces the anxiety of navigating love and relationships by contrasting his voice in the rest of the song. That's a great beat too.
#46 Closure - Will Sparks featuring Bianca

Chart run: https://imgur.com/Hyc2sCY.png

Will Sparks did very well on my chart in 2013 and 2014 but didn't have any entries between February 2015 and August 2017. I like that this is somewhat different to what he'd usually do in 2013 and 2014. It's a pumping EDM track and Bianca does the job on vocals well.
#45 Take It From Me - Satin Jackets featuring Emma Brammer

Chart run: https://imgur.com/qTygo0G.png

Cool chill disco vibes. I charted a song of theirs in 2015 but it didn't make it into the top 50. This has easily my favourite from Satin Jackets. Similarly to "Primordial" earlier, the female vocals on top of some calm disco beats really sells this track.
#44 Polarised - Cosmo's Midnight

Chart run: https://imgur.com/7SpjCTL.png

Production wise this reminds me of Breakbot's "Still Waters". This one has vocals though, which is a nice touch. I think they suit what's going in the background, as they're not overpowering and are quite cruisy. It has become my favourite Cosmo's Midnight track.
#43 Who We Are - Tep No

Chart run: https://imgur.com/qcUwAvv.png

This feels very reminiscent of the likes of "Seve" and other chill house tracks from 2013-2015. Tep No is a name I had heard of but had never charted until 2018. I always thought I had though. "Who We Are" became a song that really clicked with me. Tep No's production efforts are suitably combined with the laid back vocals and lyrics.
#42 Didn't Know Better - Lindstrøm featuring Ronika

Chart run: https://imgur.com/3tBKoO0.png

After 2017's "Make Your Move", Ronika came back to feature on another top 5 hit. This is more disco than "Make Your Move" which is probably why it clicked with me much like "Make Your Move" did. Prior to this Lindstrøm only had one entry on my chart, back in 2015 when disco was more prevalent in my chart. This is fun, funky and Ronika sounds great yet again.
#41 Funky Thang - Shay Lia

Chart run: https://imgur.com/me2OzYz.png

The contrast between this and earlier hit "Cherish" is interesting. This is a fun funky jam that shows a lot of attitude. I love her voice again also. Ooh ooh ooh ooh ah for sure.
#40 On Me - Owl Eyes

Chart run: https://imgur.com/9QfOgHU.png

I've actually only charted Owl Eyes twice, although I do enjoy every song I've heard from her. Her other entry with Flight Facilities in "Heart Attack" made it to #13 and this has gone even further. Firstly I'd just like to state about the content of this song that I've fucking been there. Whenever I think deeply while listening to this, it all comes back and makes me want to thank Owl Eyes for putting into song experiences that are a lot like mine. It does also help that it's a song with production that is really nice and up my alley, while Brooke's voice is absolutely beautiful.
#39 Geyser - Mitski

Chart run: https://imgur.com/zfKOTz5.png

I'm a little surprised that I've enjoyed this as much as I do. But it really snuck up on me and after a while it became a top 10 hit on my chart. Mitski's voice is fantastic and I love the way she builds it up slowly, until you get to the explosive I'M A GEYSER FEEL IT BUBBLING FROM BELOW. Sometimes I still wish it went on for longer because it does feel like it ends so abruptly but I've gotten used to it.
#38 Doesn't matter - Christine And The Queens

Chart run: https://imgur.com/nR6nwFj.png

The first song from Christine that I've really gotten into. I think it was Clinton who compared it to Shura and that comparison totally makes sense. This is particularly noticeable with the production. Christine's voice is a little different to Shura but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Very memorable for me. Both chorus and verses are fantastic.
#37 Immaterial - SOPHIE

Chart run: https://imgur.com/gz8hdnz.png

Another interesting and banging release from SOPHIE. When it comes to awesome loudness, I liken it to "Ponyboy". I'm not sure which song I prefer, but the main thing is that this is awesome. I kinda like how it explores the Barbie trope while giving it a unique spin. It really makes you think.
#36 On My Own - 3LAU & Nevve

Chart run: https://imgur.com/L1GlSCu.png

This is the first 3LAU song to really click with me. I think it's a good electronic track that has loud production but not too loud. Nevve's vocals are well suited to the song and are reminiscent of famous crossover dance hits with female vocals from the past.
#35 Make Me Feel - Janelle Monáe

Chart run: https://imgur.com/p1LFuAy.png

Janelle Monáe is someone who I haven't listened to enough tbh. This was hyped a lot upon release and for good reason. Janelle does really well here. I love her voice, and I love the whispering in the chorus too. It feels so empowering, uplifting and absolutely crammed with energy and hooks. I also keep taking amusement out of mishearing the lyric as "it's like I'm powerful with a little bit of tinder"
#34 Lightyears - Kimbra

Chart run: https://imgur.com/AlQ7eUa.png

Surprisingly after all of this time, this has probably become my favourite Kimbra song. She really went there with this track. This is yet another song in my top 100 EOY that has such a huge pop chorus, and won't be the last in fact. Little touches in the production and standout verses and the bridge all contribute to making this track fantastic too.
#33 Show You - CXLOE

Chart run: https://imgur.com/UK7bsXM.png

I actually prefer this to "Sicklaced" now This is such a great pop song though. I think my favourite part of the song would be the pre-chorus, in fact definitely more rewarding than the chorus. It's all good though.
#32 Flying Away - POOLCLVB featuring Reva DeVito

Chart run: https://imgur.com/X7Vp7X0.png

Another good release from POOLCLVB after a 5 week #1 in "Freefall". Chill, while Reva's vocals are a bit more soulful than blissful but still work a treat. I'm really keen to see what POOLCLVB does next, and I'm a little disappointed I didn't go to that set he played in a Hobart nightclub last year because I'm sure I would've enjoyed it a lot
#31 Elastic State Of Mind - Highasakite

Chart run: https://imgur.com/cJx9Msi.png

I did like "Someone Who'll Get It", but this was the first Highasakite song I really loved. The repeated "none of those games, love" has always stuck out to me, and the chorus is very explosive and memorable. 'Elastic State Of Mind' is also a fascinating title.
#30 Stop Talking - Miya Folick

Chart run: https://imgur.com/HaRfudx.png

I like how this just goes out there and she states exactly how she feels. I think it's a rather common idea she has to work with but Miya Folick really makes this a worthwhile listen by adding in some quirks. Her voice and the production keep things interesting and some of the lyrical choices hook me further in.
#29 Everybody Needs A Kiss - Benny Benassi & Sofi Tukker

Chart run: https://imgur.com/b5Fk469.png

I haven't found anywhere that says this was released for the world cup. Must admit I'm shocked. Because this definitely sounds like a song released for a sporting event. Particularly with the whistle and the anthemic "Everybody needs a kiss. Everybody, kiss somebody". It's so much fun and fantastic to walk to I must admit. Another great release from Sofi Tukker and it was also nice to see Benny Benassi back and score a hit on my chart. I didn't expect this to perform so similarly to "Best Friend" on my chart, though.
#28 Just Werrrk - French Horn Rebellion & Jody Watley

Chart run: https://imgur.com/suF7UZI.png

Instant hit on my chart. This is a lot of fun. Jody Watley's voice is brilliant and I think is well suited to French Horn Rebellion's music style. The horns really make this track so fun and add a lot of character. It also differentiates this from quite a few other French Horn Rebellion tracks.
#27 Mother - Kiesza & Chris Malinchak

Chart run: https://imgur.com/7cT3D6z.png

The concept of the lyrics in the song is weird. But I liked this song. A lot. It's kinda funny how this 2014 sounding song, particularly with the two artists involved, became a top 5 hit on my chart in 2018. I like Kiesza's voice here, it's an interesting change to her usually showing off her vocal pipes. Perhaps the 2014 nostalgia really clicked here.
#26 Love Me Right - Amber Mark

Chart run: https://imgur.com/OCWoMj3.png

This is a fantastic ballad. It's interesting to compare this to "Heatwave", her hit that was #18 in last years's top 100. Amber Mark's voice is amazing and sounds great in this type of track. Love the harmonising towards the end. Also a song that my nearest Woolworths has played a few times, surprisingly
#25 Lose Myself - Post Precious

Chart run: https://imgur.com/DTvBGUF.png

Post Precious are another artist who had a hit on my chart in 2017 and then went on to get an even bigger hit in 2018. I liked "Lose Myself" from the moment I first heard it, and it has endured well ever since that moment. I really dig this kind of pop music. Alex Winston's voice is beautiful and suits the emotional feeling of the song.
#24 Stuck In Orbit - What So Not featuring BUOY

Chart run: https://imgur.com/0xatPTA.png

This is a banger. I've liked What So Not's music before, but this was the first time he got a big hit on my chart. BUOY is fantastic. Beats are great. That drop is very satisfying. Quite a massive tune.
#23 Assemble - Feels featuring ZĀN

Chart run: https://imgur.com/jc70hzd.png

This is interesting. After "They Need Us", along comes this track from Feels. I do love Feels' production efforts. The bouncy synths are really cool and why I've been hooked to this and "They Need Us". ZĀN's voice is absolutely beautiful also. It's very fun when he sings fastly in the second verse. It's interesting reading about ZĀN's background and his motivation for making the music he does - to document his experience as a queer Pakistani (or queeristani as he calls himself) migrant in Australia and give a shoutout to other migrant Australians in a fun and creative way.
#22 Boots - Leony

Chart run: https://imgur.com/95oyeqi.png

There's something I really love about the lyric "If I'm gonna dig my grave I'll be digging it with my boots on". There's an attitude and a resistance to being forced into something Leony doesn't want to do that is effectively on display here. It's also catchy as hell. Reminiscent of 2000s bubblegum pop imo.
#21 Carried Away - KLP featuring Milwaukee Banks

Chart run: https://imgur.com/qgRxO8N.png

Absolutely her most pop release so far. It was a lovely surprise when it came out. It's very catchy and KLP's voice is beautiful. Grabbing Milwaukee Banks who scored a top 5 hit on my chart not long before this debuted was a good choice. I think it could do without that drop though as it doesn't suit the song imo.
#20 No - Alison Wonderland

Chart run: https://imgur.com/om9WNGq.png

Songs that have the noise of kids in the background do make my chart a fair bit I feel It's not as good as the two big singles but there's a lot to like. I like how echoy this is and it would've been amazing to hear it live, but I went to see her before this was released so I didn't have that experience. Well produced and I really enjoy the main hook of "They will always tell you "Yes", but I'll tell you "No". Forever, forever".
#19 Lay Down - Alice Gray

Chart run: https://imgur.com/l6RJQH6.png

Quite a bit different to Touch Sensitive's "Lay Down" I must admit But I do like it. It's a very good pop song that could easily become a pop hit if it was given the right promotion. Detailing the feelings of desire and regret in going back to an ex over and over again, Alice does really well in crafting such a catchy and appealing tune. Also an interesting fact: A girl called Alice Gray was in my home group in high school
#18 Potential - Kllo

Chart run: https://imgur.com/LWBMIDQ.png

The kind of song you crave when you're thinking sorrowfully on a relationship gone by. Lots of memories and lots of sadness that more memories couldn't be made. Sometimes I think of past relationships and it can be sad to think of what could've been. Especially when your current dating life is a failure. This is a brilliant song regardless of how exactly I feel at any one time though. The vocals are so lovely and suit the soft electronic production and deep thinking lyrics. It has become my clear favourite from Kllo.
#17 deep end - Lykke Li

Chart run: https://imgur.com/m5mwvRX.png

Another song detailing the dive into something that will cause you trouble and pain at some point, yet the dive into that swimming pool still happens. It's difficult to get yourself out of that mess and I feel like the repetition of "swimming pool" helps reinforce that feeling. Lykke Li is someone who I haven't paid enough attention to in the past. This certainly captured my attention. It'll be a while before I don't think of this song whenever I see or hear the words 'swimming pool'.
#16 Night Time - Superorganism

Chart run: https://imgur.com/7tPZNcT.png

Now this is a lot of fun! It has such a great sound, and I love the vocals here. Fun lyrics, and more than anything on this album it comes across as a total party jam. Really catchy chorus and just an all round tune. The yawn at the end is a good touch.
#15 Lost - Sharam Jey & KLP

Chart run: https://imgur.com/NqHLpdE.png

There's a shortened version, but I didn't notice that until after I'd gotten used to the club mix. I prefer listening to this club mix. Anyway, KLP does well here. Her voice goes great with the electronic beats and feels beautiful as the song drifts on and on. It feels very relatable with the way it goes on about searching for love never being enough.
#14 3 x 11 - ALPHAMAMA

Chart run: https://imgur.com/9MzpBkw.png

3 x 11 = 33 maybe that's part of the reason I like it so much This is a funky effort. I do love the music and how ALPHAMAMA's bouncy vocals make this really stand out. ALPHAMAMA's reasoning for this song, it being a call out of the ageism in the music industry, helps it stand out as not just a fun song but also an important one.
#13 Hot Pink - Let's Eat Grandma

Chart run: https://imgur.com/fYejEWj.png

I love this way this calls out the enforcement of traditional notions of masculinity and femininity onto people. I guess it's appropriate that SOPHIE produced this for that reason, and also for the reason that the loud production is totally banging and makes me so happy. Some fun pronunciations courtesy of their British accents makes the song sound even more eccentric.
#12 Crayons - CupcakKe

Chart run: https://imgur.com/wzTu4Ed.png

Debuted on the very first chart of 2018 and it quickly became my favourite from CupcakKe. Maybe CupcakKe deserves to be 2018's queen of the gays, with this being one of numerous shoutouts to her queer fans. CupcakKe's charisma and personality is on display here yet again and I really enjoy how she makes this song so fun. Goes above and beyond what many straight allies do. Very appreciative of CupcakKe's presence in this world.
#11 Hope For Tomorrow - Autograf, Klingande & Dragonette

Chart run: https://imgur.com/zUG4ZAR.png

This is definitely a change up from what I'd usually expect of a song that speaks of war. These kind of lyrics to a rather quiet chill electronic track feels odd. The drop slotted in there confuses even more. There's something about Dragonette's vocals that are reminiscent of Kylie Minogue and that drop does work really well for me and those are the main interests when listening to this. Very unlucky to be #11, it was a tough call. Still, amazing track.
#10 Oddest Goddess - Otto Orlandi & The Chordz featuring Ayah Marar

Chart run: https://imgur.com/Fh3LcHW.png

I didn't expect it when I first listened to it, but this has become my favourite from Ayah since "Dusk Funk" back in 2014. Ayah is absolutely on fire here. It's so good to hear such a crazy drum n bass drop as well as they are rare on my chart in recent years. This track is further proof of how well Ayah and drum n bass turns out. It's also really catchy.
#9 WHITNEY - Gavin Turek

Chart run: https://imgur.com/MkyyYZD.png

A fun track. Absolutely what I expect from Gavin Turek and that's a good thing. In a similar style to "My Delight", which was my 2017 End Of Year #1 after all. This was an instant hit for me. It's just a positive and upbeat disco track with Gavin's beautiful voice yet again drawing me in. A bit of vocoder in there as well doesn't do any harm.
#8 Violet City - Mansionair

Chart run: https://imgur.com/WGiDjtH.png

A song about the hectics of life, and how worrying about it can make things worse! I can definitely relate. There's a SAFIA feel at times to this, particularly with the lead singer's falsetto. This really surprised me as nothing else that I'd heard from them beforehand sounded like this.
#7 Cherish - Shay Lia

Chart run: https://imgur.com/0OqyGok.png

With origins in Djibouti, Shay Lia is not just another pop r&b singer. Her voice here is lovely and it really stands out when it comes to the "ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh yeah" parts. Kaytranada's touch is very much welcomed here to compliment that. I also love how it's been written about the Syrian refugee crisis. It's great to see people who care about such issues express their feelings through art. Well done.
#6 Church - Alison Wonderland

Chart run: https://imgur.com/Ep9UL5A.png

Well I guess I do prefer this to "Happy Place" now I think this one is a bit more conventional but that's not necessarily a bad thing. This track is banging. I love Alison's assertiveness here and I think the church metaphor was an interesting way to go about the song's topic. It's also really amusing to me now as I did actually (briefly) date someone who was a Christian after this song's release. He would always cancel on me and not spend much time with me and that's why we broke up
#5 Falling Into Me - Let's Eat Grandma

Chart run: https://imgur.com/xbh4xRL.png

How crazy and fucking brilliant is this? In almost six minutes we get an epic track detailing through the insecurities, the build up of tension, the want to be confident, the want to initiate, the want to be loved, the rush when you finally do and say what you want to do, the fears of it all going wrong. The inclusion of lyrics such as "I pave the backstreet with the mist of my brain", "I cross the gap between the platform and train", "You left a dent in my home screen" and "it’s just the necessary price you pay. If you listen to your instincts" really display how committed they are to the theme of the song. Also wow that production, it's a journey of its own and I love how it breaks out into some saxophone near the end.
#4 Everybody Wants To Be Famous - Superorganism

Chart run: https://imgur.com/nXb9bMB.png

This song and CupcakKe's "Crayons" debuted on my chart on the first week of 2018. I remember jinx saying something along the lines of this being his favourite song of 2018 so far around that time. Anyway I remember saying it was my second favourite, with "Crayons" being my favourite. How the tables have turned!

From my first listen I loved how bouncy and fun the vocal performance is, and it only got better from there. There's also the production which hits hard and provides a unique listening experience - with added touches such as the cash register making it all so brilliant. I wasn't familiar with them before this point but as you can see with both this and "Night Time" they've really made a mark on my chart during 2018.
#3 Leo - Holiday Sidewinder

Chart run: https://imgur.com/3o4K38r.png

I had to see it in a review to notice it, but wow this does sound like Madonna in parts. In particular the chorus reminds me of Like A Virgin era Madonna. Holiday Sidewinder's vocals are beautiful and I like the fun and funky feel to the song. As you can tell, I really came to love this song a lot over the past few months. Perfect summer song.
#2 Freefall - POOLCLVB featuring Doolie

Chart run: https://imgur.com/f92yAgI.png

This song is absolutely chill and relaxing. Doolie's voice matches the music perfectly. I love these chill beats with a touch of guitar licks thrown in there to sweeten the deal. Does help me to let it go when I'm feeling stressed.
#1 Half Love - Elohim

Chart run: https://imgur.com/ZpzrciT.png

Fuck. Slay me Elohim. What a tune! The funky beat, the shouting in the vocals, the sax or whatever it is after the chorus/bridge. All so good and makes this the perfect pop song imo. I didn't half love it, that's for sure <3
Just want to say thanks to everyone who listened to my broadcast, and to anyone just following along in the thread also. It was yet another great year for my EOY and I really appreciate everyone's interest
I'm so sorry I missed this Zacco. I tried I really did. I'm especially sorry because there are some serious gems in this list. Elohim, Suoerorganism, Janelle Monae,Mansionair, CupcakKe, Lykke Li, Chris Malinchak, French Horn Rebellion, Miya Folick, Highasakite, MNEK, Allie X, Matoma, Kendrick, Nicole Miller, SAFIA, The Chainsmokers, Cub Sport, MØ

*SPOILERS* Some of these artists will feature in my 100... but not all of course... my God it was a solid Top 100!
Thanks PMC. It was good to see you pop up in the first half. Excited for your EOY!
I am very sorry I couldn't be there for your chart Zacco, Spotify is very difficult to work with when its not a live broadcast

Half Love ended up being #1! Very nice track
Also good to see Alison Wonderland in the Top 10, the rest I am not as familiar with

I am very surprised Hope For Tomorrow did not make it into the Top 10, I had thought it would even make the Top 5!
As far as other songs in the Top 50, its good to see Boots, Lose Myself, Mother, Everybody Needs A Kiss (my favourite in your chart), Make Me Feel, and Doesn't Matter
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Quiz Answers:

Question 1: Freefall and Falling Into Me were #2 and #5 respectively
Question 2: 32 songs with one or more Australian artists on them
Question 3: KLP with 4
Question 4: 19 artists. KLP had 4 entries and Alison Wonderland had three. The following artists had two entries: Allie X, Amber Mark, Elohim, Feels, French Horn Rebellion, Jungle, Let's Eat Grandma, MNEK, NÏKA, Otto Orlandi, POOLCLVB, Satin Jackets, Shay Lia, SOPHIE, Superorganism, Tez Cadey and What So Not.
Question 5: Alison Wonderland (Church at #6 and No at #20), Let's Eat Grandma (Falling Into Me at #5 and Hot Pink at #13) and Superorganism (Everybody Wants To Be Famous at #4 and Night Time at #16) all had two entries make the top 20. KLP came close with Lost at #15 and Carried Away just missing the top 20 at #21
Question 6: It was Cherish by Shay Lia at #7
Question 7: 1950 and All The Stars were the only two to make it. Fire just missed out, being #101.
Question 8: The following ACI #1s made it: Everybody Wants To Be Famous (#4), Faaling Into Me (#5), deep end (#17), Stuck In Orbit (#24), Doesn't matter (#38), Geyser (#39), On Me (#40) and Soaked (#99). I can also reveal a further six ACI #1s made it into the #101-#250 section

Thanks to harley for participating and to 392 for doing a pred
I've updated the #110 to #101 post with commentaries I did for those tracks. I'll update the top 250 post at some point within the next week.
Well it's late - I just updated the top 250 post. Enjoy all of the stats that are in the table also

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