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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Effluvium1's TRACK OF THE WEEK (2019)

Hi all!!

I'm going to try it again! - However, this time instead of putting together a full Top 20 - I am just going to post up my favourite new song of the week every Wednesday. Hopefully I can keep this going!

And my first track of the week starting 23/01 is:

"Daisy" by POND

In the last few years, Pond have really transformed their sound from sludge-ridden garage psychedelica into epic pop-rock anthems, and yet still retains their brash and untamed tangents - thanks in large parts to the vocalist Nick Allbrook's unhinged delivery. In the video he hops around a technicoloured outback like a lunatic, while dressed like a 1950's Dean Ambrose cosplayer.

Since their last big single "Sweep Me Off My Feet" back in '17, it seems that Pond can do no wrong - and this style change for them has worked; arguably the best since The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Watch out for their new album Tasmania, coming out on March 1.

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Track of the week starting 30/01

"Land Of The Free" by THE KILLERS

If there is any doubt in your mind about the delicate and reprehensible state of USA's government, society and general status, then look no further. A blatant slap in the face to Trump and his chauvinistic stance. Flowers' voice has never sounded so powerful and poignant, and he definitely has no problem with the lack of sugar-coating in his lyrics - the polar opposite, in fact. "Incarceration's become big business/It's harvest time out on the avenue", all the while pining about a once beautiful "land of the free". Complete with big choirs, a brutal video and the sap that you'd expect from a Flowers ballad, this is a track that not just USA, but the rest of the world needs.

Track of the week starting 06/02

"Fire and Wings" by WHITE LIES

The absolute cracker of a final track from their newest album "Five", released on the 1st of February. I've always loved it when a band creates a record that shifts their sound from what listeners are perhaps used to, or at least what they were expecting, and having it pay off.

White Lies, while always providing some excellent indie rock anthems in the past such as "Unfinished Business" and "To Lose My Life", have never really shimmered or shined as much as they do here. Taking quite an ambitious step they've managed to incorporate more synths and more echoey guitars and wall-of-sound production to create this masterpiece. Although this track hasn't been released as a single, it is easily my favourite from the album.

Track of the week starting 13/02


Close your eyes, open your minds, think of 1981 as hard as you can, and listen. Arguably one of the best albums released that year was "Dare" by The Human League. Completely crushing the notion that pop mediocrity was synonymous with excellence and success, "Dare" was, and still is a pop masterpiece, with Phil Oakey's cynical, yet daringly witty lyrics and vocal style, and synth hooks that were injected with the pure essence of euphoria.

One such masterpiece was the epic track "Seconds". While not the biggest hit, it always got over when performed live, and its retrospective beauty shines like none other.

LCD Soundsystem are in many ways a lot like The Human League - and this cover version of "Seconds" is probably the finest example. James Murphy has embraced the dulcet tones of '80s pop to perfection.


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