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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts - Effluvium1's EOY Lists - Part 1

Hi everyone!

It's that time again - my 2006 list is complete and ready for broadcast.

For the sake of consistency, I'm going to start placing all my EOY lists in more compressed threads (4 per thread), in line with Hijinx and irelander's method - just because otherwise it may become a bit superfluous.

All my other lists are scattered through the PC:YSOC section of the forum - I will eventually post links in this thread, but for now I'll make several tables summarising the salient bits of each countdown (ie. #1's, most entries).

See you in a few weeks!
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2004"Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand
2005"Soul Meets Body" - Death Cab For Cutie
2006"The Funeral" - Band of Horses
2007"Peacebone" - Animal Collective
2008"I Will Possess Your Heart" - Death Cab For Cutie
2009"Sea Within A Sea" - The Horrors
2010"Big Jet Plane" - Angus & Julia Stone
2011"I Follow Rivers" - Lykke Li
2012"Born To Die" - Lana Del Rey
2013"Blurred Lines" (ft. T.I. & Pharrell) - Robin Thicke
2014"High" (ft. Nicole Millar) - Peking Duk
2015"Let It Happen" - Tame Impala
2016"Starboy" (ft. Daft Punk) - The Weeknd
2017"Low Blows" - Meg Mac
2018"What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?" {triple j Like a Version} - Nothing But Thieves
2019"Daisy" - Pond
2020"circle the drain" - Soccer Mommy

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I have made the decision to change the date to Sunday June 9th starting at 4:00pm AEST.

See you there!
Hi everyone

Just a reminder that my 2006 EOY list will be broadcast this afternoon.

Hope to see you there!
Stream Link:


Stream will start with a pre-show at 3:00pm, the actual countdown to begin at 4:00pm.
2006 Full List

1"The Funeral"BAND OF HORSES
2"The Greatest"CAT POWER
3"We Are Your Friends"JUSTICE vs. SIMIAN
4"You Only Live Once"THE STROKES
5"Atlantis To Interzone"KLAXONS
6"Wolf Like Me"TV ON THE RADIO
7"Razorblade"THE STROKES
8"Steady, As She Goes"THE SABOTEURS
11"Long Distance Call"PHOENIX
12"Dancing Shoes"ARCTIC MONKEYS
14"Heart In A Cage"THE STROKES
16"4 In the Morning"GWEN STEFANI
18"Famous Last Words"MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE
19"She Moves In Her Own Way"THE KOOKS
20"Knights Of Cydonia"MUSE
21"When The Sun Goes Down"ARCTIC MONKEYS
22"Prayer Of The Refugee"RISE AGAINST
23"Hang Me Up To Dry"COLD WAR KIDS
25"Cigarettes and Suitcases"SOMETHING FOR KATE
26"In The Morning"JUNIOR BOYS
27"Come On, Come On"LITTLE BIRDY
28"Local Foreigner"PLANNINGTOROCK
30"Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken"CAMERA OBSCURA
32"Naive"THE KOOKS
33"Jesus Christ"BRAND NEW
35"One Crowded Hour"AUGIE MARCH
37"Welcome To The Black Parade"MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE
39"Chelsea Dagger"THE FRATELLIS
42"Just Passing Through"AUGIE MARCH
43"Writing On The Walls"UNDEROATH
44"The Blues Are Still Blue"BELLE AND SEBASTIAN
45"Elevate Myself"GRANDADDY
46"Seeing Double at the Triple Rock"NOFX
47"The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song"THE FLAMING LIPS
48"In Regards To Myself"UNDEROATH
49"Stranger Strange"AUGIE MARCH
50"Loud Pipes"RATATAT
51"You Can't Hide, You Can't Run"DILATED PEOPLES
52"Me Plus One"KASABIAN
53"On The Other Side"THE STROKES
55"Over And Over"HOT CHIP
56"Up Your Speed"SWAY
57"Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings"SUNSET RUBDOWN
59"If Looks Could Kill"CAMERA OBSCURA
60"Bang Bang You're Dead"DIRTY PRETTY THINGS
61"Strange Days" (Thievery Corporation Remix)THE DOORS
62"Can't Be Saved"SENSES FAIL
63"World, Hold On" (ft. Steve Edwards)BOB SINCLAR
65"Yea Yeah"MATT & KIM
66"Come And Check Your Head"BLUE KING BROWN
67"When You Were Young"THE KILLERS
71"Booyaka 619"P.O.D.
72"A Pillar Of Salt"THE THERMALS
73"Blackened Blue Eyes"THE CHARLATANS
74"Sweet Pea"AMOS LEE
75"Left Side"KID KOALA
76"Think Long"MATES OF STATE
78"Long Time Traveller"THE WAILIN' JENNYS
80"Stuck Between Stations"THE HOLD STEADY
82"Hot Cookin'"G. LOVE
83"Valerie"THE ZUTONS
86"Stormy Weather"WILEY
87"The Garden"CUT CHEMIST
89"Never Let You Go"EVERMORE
90"Toop Toop"CASSIUS
91"Don't You Think It's Time?"BOB EVANS
92"Mr. Tough"YO LA TENGO
93"Weekends And Bleak Days (Hot Summer)"YOUNG KNIVES
94"So Many Ways"MATES OF STATE
95"Setting Sun"HOWLING BELLS
96"Situations"ESCAPE THE FATE
97"Hands"MS. JOHN SODA
98"In The Margins"ANI DIFRANCO
100"What Goes Around... Comes Around"JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE

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Hi everyone!!

Today is the day of my 2019 EOY - countdown will start at 3pm AEDT, with a bit of a pre-show for early-comers at around 2-2:30.

Stream link: http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s28&p=23982

IF THAT ONE DOESN'T WORK: https://myradiostream.com/embed/free.php?s=392414&btnstyle=default&id=500704&n=28&p=23982

Chat link: https://us21.chatzy.com/61009173008961

See you all there!
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100. “VOSSI BOP” - Stormzy

♫ I could never die, I’m Chuck Norris, f**k the government, and f**k Boris, yeah ♫
99. “Hero” - Michael Kiwanuka

♫ To die a hero is all that we know now ♫

Past entries:
2012”Home Again”#20
98. “Contact” - Big Thief

♫ She gives me gills, helps me forgive the pills, she makes me sing, she is both dreamer and dream ♫
97. “NASA” - Ariana Grande

♫ But gravity seems to be the only thing that’s pulling me, you’ll be my rise and shine soon as the stars align. ♫

Past entries:
2018”No Tears Left To Cry”#64
96. “Joy” - BΔSTILLE

♫ I’m your walking disaster, keep on dragging me from self-pity, poor me ♫
95. “Own It” - Stormzy ft. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy

♫ I used to love being alone but now I can’t stand it, reaching out my palm for you to put your hand in ♫

Past entries (Stormzy):
2019”VOSSI BOP”#100

Past entries (Ed Sheeran):
2009”You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”#99

♫ This is not supposed to be a way of living, tear my temple down into a prison ♫
Past entries:
2018”NEW ORLEANS”#30
2018”THUG LIFE”#44
93. “Trip The Mains” - Methyl Ethel

♫ There is a point of no return, it’s easy to see, you’re slipping away from me ♫

Past entries:
2017”No. 28”#77
92. “2all” - Catfish & the Bottlemen

♫ Oh, convinced me every time that I needed fooling, so that I’d go and get it right ♫

Past entries:
91. “Standing At The Bottom Of The Ocean” - Telefon Tel Aviv

♫ What good are we if we can’t see? The things we knew - they can’t save you ♫
90. “Greaze Mode” - Skepta ft. Nafe Smallz

♫ Rollin’ trees from overseas, smoke for free, n***a please ♫

Past entries (Skepta):
89. “New Love Cassette” - Angel Olsen

♫ Wanna show you my love all the time, wanna hold you close and let you lie ♫

Past entries:
2016”Shut Up Kiss Me”#31
2014”White Fire”#69
88. “I Am” - Waax

♫ I didn’t cut you off, you phased me out, and that’s fair enough, I’m breaking down ♫
87. “Open Sea” - ionnalee

♫ The careless knot I knew wouldn’t hold pulled you out to open sea ♫
86. “Not Angry Anymore” - Thelma Plum

♫ ‘Cause I’m not perfect, I’m still learning how to stop and let it go ♫
85. “Burning” - Maggie Rogers

♫ And if you’re giving up, would you tell me? ♫
84. “Paradise” - Tropical Fuck Storm

♫ Everything dies, and that’s the way it’s always been ♫
83. “RNP” - YBN Cordae ft. Anderson .Paak

♫ Put your f**king hands up, this the f**king anthem, smiling ‘cause I’m rich, young, black, and I’m handsome ♫
82. “Alone With You” - In Her Own Words

♫ And you’re just so sure of yourself when I’m alone with you ♫
81. “White Mercedes” - Charli XCX

♫ You know it’s hard to admit it, but the only good inside of me is you ♫
80. “Better In Blak” - Thelma Plum

♫ If i knew what I know now maybe I would take it back, but f**k that, I look better in blak ♫

Past entries:
2019”Not Angry Anymore”#86
79. “Anna”- The Menzingers

♫ Please come back to Philadelphia, this place ain’t the same without you Anna ♫
78. “Girls Need Love” (remix) - Summer Walker & Drake

♫ We could start with a handshake baby, I’ma need more than a hug ♫

Past entries (Drake):
2013”Hold On, We’re Going Home” (with Majid Jordan)#18
2013”Started From The Bottom”#33
2013”Live For” (with The Weeknd)#40
2011”Take Care”#20
2011”Shot For Me”#94
77. “Cattails” - Big Thief

♫ Still the question sings like Saturn’s rings, maybe she knows and won’t tell ♫

Past entries:
76. “Bloodline” - Northlane

♫ I was raised to bleed, bad blood runs wild and free ♫

Past entries:
75. “Big Blue” - Vampire Weekend

♫ So am I learning my lesson, or am I back on my own? ♫

Past entries:
2013”Diane Young”#6
2013”Ya Hey”#8
2010”White Sky”#6
2008”One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”#54
2008”Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”#69
2007”Mansard Roof”#33
74. “Social Cues” - Cage The Elephant

♫ Close your eyes, don’t be afraid, take some of these, they’ll ease the pain ♫

Past entries:
2011”Shake Me Down”#10

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73. “Maybe You’re The Reason” - The Japanese House

♫ Now I’m looking for something else, I found myself, I’m someone else ♫
72. “IN-TO-IT” - DZ Deathrays

♫ The room won’t stop spinning, I feel my blood thinning, and I’m in-to-it ♫

Past entries:
2014”Reflective Skull”#97
71. “Bad As The Boys” - Tove Lo ft. ALMA

♫ I’m just a memory of good times, she’s not mine ♫
70. “Unsainted” - Slipknot

♫ Make a move and you pay for it, pick a lord and you pray to it ♫
69. “bad guy” - Billie Eilish

♫ Creeping around like no one knows, you think you’re so criminal ♫
68. “Longshot” - Catfish & the Bottlemen

♫ So yeah, go ahead and tell me something real, come on, how’d you feel? ♫

Past entries:
67. “Norman fucking Rockwell” - Lana Del Rey

♫ God damn, manchild, you f**ked me so good that I almost said “I love you” ♫

Past entries:
2014”West Coast”#53
2012”Born To Die”#1
2012”Blue Jeans”#8
2012”Summertime Sadness”#19
2012”National Anthem”#73
2011”Video Games”#4
66. “I’m Not Coming Back” - Meg Mac

♫ You were feeling low and I didn’t even notice ♫

Past entries:
2017”Low Blows”#1
2017”Maybe It’s My First Time”#99
65. “IGOR’S THEME” - Tyler, The Creator

♫ Ridin’ round town, they gon’ feel this one ♫

Past entries:
2017”911 / Mr Lonely” (with Frank Ocean)#98
64. “Cheap Queen” - King Princess

♫ I’m a real queen, I can make grown men cry ♫
63. “Unbearably White” - Vampire Weekend

♫ There’s an avalanche coming, don’t cover your eyes, it’s what you thought you wanted ♫

Past entries:
2019”Big Blue”#75
2013”Diane Young”#6
2013”Ya Hey”#8
2010”White Sky”#6
2008”One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”#54
2008”Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”#69
2007”Mansard Roof”#33
62. “Just How It Is” - Young Thug

♫ I escaped every one of the licks, ‘cause I was supposed to be rich ♫
61. “holy terrain” - FKA Twigs ft. Future

♫ Send my girl to church with some drug money, told her pay for college, take there ♫

Past entries:
2014”Two Weeks”#94

♫ Get nervous, my stomach churning, burning, I’m beat, ready to knock some teeth out of his ass ♫

Past entries:
2018”NEW ORLEANS”#30
2018”THUG LIFE”#44
59. “2021” - Vampire Weekend

♫ I could wait a year, but I couldn’t wait three ♫

Past entries:
2019”Unbearably White”#63
2019”Big Blue”#75
2013”Diane Young”#6
2013”Ya Hey”#8
2010”White Sky”#6
2008”One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”#54
2008”Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”#69
2007”Mansard Roof”#33
58. “wish you were gay” - Billie Eilish

♫ If three’s a crowd and two was us, one slipped away ♫

Past entries:
2019”bad guy”#69
57. “The Barrel” - Aldous Harding

♫ Water’s the shell and we are the nut, but I saw a hand arch out of the barrel ♫
56. “Token” - Panda Bear

♫ Let me give you something hot to brave the coldest cold ♫

Past entries:
2015”Sequential Circuits”#33
55. “Close Your Eyes” - Kim Petras

♫ And I try, try to resist, but the devil always wins, yeah ♫
54. “Tasmania” - Pond

♫ Seems these kids just wanna live and let live, so take my love and get your kicks with it ♫

Past entries:
2017”Sweep Me Off My Feet”#7
2013”Midnight Mass (At The Market St. Payphone)”#67
53. “Andromeda” - Weyes Blood

♫ Now I know it’s just one dream, all these others gonna tear me apart ♫
52. “FU” - Waax

♫ I used to think we had purpose, like a house without a roof, or a car without wheels ♫

Past entries:
2019”I Am”#88
51. “Am I Doing It Right?” - Alex Lahey

♫ I have no home, just a place to stay, but I still miss my mum when I have to go away ♫

Past entries:
2017”Every Day’s The Weekend”#89
50. “Melody Of Love” - Hot Chip

♫ I always seem to hesitate, too little always comes too late ♫

Past entries:
2015”Huarache Lights”#10
2015”Need You Now”#39
2008”Ready For The Floor”#52
2006”Over and Over”#55
49. “Ready To Let Go” - Cage The Elephant

Past entries:
2019”Social Cues”#74
2011”Shake Me Down"#10
48. “Almeda” - Solange

Past entries:
2012”Losing You”#58
47. “cellophane” - FKA Twigs

Past entries:
2019”holy terrain” (with Future)#61
2014”Two Weeks”#94
46. “Unspoken History” - Alex Lahey

Past entries:
2019”Am I Doing It Right?”#51
2017”Every Day’s The Weekend”#89
45. “I THINK” - Tyler, The Creator

Past entries:
2019”IGOR’S THEME”#56
2017”911 / Mr Lonely” (with Frank Ocean)#98
44. “Exits” - Foals

Past entries:
2013”My Number”#12
2010”Spanish Sahara”#12
2008”Two Steps, Twice”#56
43. “City Of Sound” - Big Wild
42. “BOP” - DaBaby
41. “Doin’ Time” - Lana Del Rey

Past entries:
2019”Norman fucking Rockwell”#67
2014”West Coast”#53
2012”Born To Die”#1
2012”Blue Jeans”#8
2012”Summertime Sadness”#19
2012”National Anthem”#73
2011”Video Games”#4
40. “This Life” - Vampire Weekend

Past entries:
2019”Unbearably White”#63
2019”Big Blue”#75
2013”Diane Young”#6
2013”Ya Hey”#8
2010”White Sky”#6
2008”One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”#54
2008”Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”#69
2007”Mansard Roof”#33
39. “Lark” - Angel Olsen

Past entries:
2019”New Love Cassette”#89
2016”Shut Up Kiss Me”#31
2014”White Fire”#69
38. “BMO” - Ari Lennox
37. “Something Tells Me” - Meg Mac

Past entries:
2019”I’m Not Coming Back”#66
2017”Low Blows”#1
2017”Maybe It’s My First Time”#99
36. “We Could Leave” - Mansionair
35. “Ice Plant” - Ty Segall
34. “You’ll Never Find Me” - Korn
33. “Georgia” - Kevin Abstract
32. “Back In The Woods” - Rival Sons
31. “Teeth” - 5 Seconds of Summer

Past entries:
30. “Stay Flo” - Solange

Past entries:
2012”Losing You”#58
29. “Radio” - Ty Segall

Past entries:
2019”Ice Plants”#35
28. “All Mirrors” - Angel Olsen

Past entries:
2019”New Love Cassette”#89
2016”Shut Up Kiss Me”#31
2014”White Fire”#69
27. “You Ain’t The Problem” - Michael Kiwanuka

Past entries:
26. “Whitecaps” - Watsky
25. “Drive Me Round” - Mallrat
24. “When A Demon Defiles A Witch” - Whitechapel
23. “Heart In Hand” - Opeth
22. “You Had Your Soul With You” - The National

Past entries:
2017”The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness”#18
2013”I Should Live In Salt”#7
2013”Sea Of Love”#90
2010”Bloodbuzz Ohio”#19
2007”Fake Empire”#96
21. “Selfish” - Little Simz ft. Cleo Sol
20. “Alibi” - Mansionair

Past entries:
2019”We Could Leave”#36
19. “bury a friend” - Billie Eilish

Past entries:
2019”bad guy”#69
2019”wish you were gay”#58
18. “Teach Me About Dying” - Holy Holy

Past entries:
2017”That Message”#80
17. “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” - Ariana Grande

Past entries:
2018”No Tears Left To Cry”#64
16. “EARFQUAKE” - Tyler, The Creator

Past entries:
2019”I THINK”#45
2019”IGOR’S THEME”#56
2017”911 / Mr Lonely” (with Frank Ocean)#98
15. “Low” - Wage War
14. “1 SIDED LOVE” - blackbear
13. “Bags” - Clairo
12. “Charlie” - Mallrat

Past entries:
2019”Drive Me Round:#25
11. “Permanent Way” - Charlie Cunningham
10. “7 rings” - Ariana Grande

Past entries:
2019”break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”#17
2018”No Tears Left To Cry”#68
9. “The Kids Are Coming” - Tones And I
8. “Peach” - Kevin Abstract

Past entries:
7. “Fishing For Fishies” - King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

Past entries:
2016”Gamma Knife”#26
6. “Harmony Hall” - Vampire Weekend

Past entries:
2019”This Life”#40
2019”Unbearably White”#63
2019”Big Blue”#75
2013”Diane Young”#6
2013”Ya Hey”#8
2010”White Sky”#6
2008”One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”#54
2008”Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”#69
2007”Mansard Roof”#33
5. “U.F.O.F.” - Big Thief

Past entries:
4. “Sweettalk My Heart” - Tove Lo

Past entries
2019”Bad As The Boys” (with ALMA)#71
3. “Taste” - Ty Segall

Past entries:
2019”Ice Plant”#35
2. “Dance Monkey” - Tones And I

Past entries:
2019”The Kids Are Coming”#9
1. “Daisy” - Pond

Past entries:
2017”Sweep Me Off My Feet”#7
2013”Midnight Mass (At The Market St. Payphone)”#67
since I last commented in chat, yay bury a friend, 7 rings, The Kids Are Coming, Harmony Hall, Sweettalk My Heart, Dance Monkey and most of all Daisy!!!! <3 <3 great list overall, nice way to end the decade!

2"Dance Monkey"Tones and I
3"Taste"Ty Segall
4"Sweettalk My Heart"Tove Lo
5"U.F.O.F."Big Thief
6"Harmony Hall"Vampire Weekend
7"Fishing For Fishies"King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
8"Peach"Kevin Abstract
9"The Kids Are Coming"Tones and I
10"7 Rings"Ariana Grande
11"Permanent Way"Charlie Cunningham
14"1 Sided Love"Blackbear
15"Low"Wage War
16"Earfquake"Tyler, The Creator
17"Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored"Ariana Grande
18"Teach Me About Dying"Holy Holy
19"Bury A Friend"Billie Eilish
21"Selfish" (ft. Cleo Sol)Little Simz
22"You Had Your Soul With You"The National
23"Heart In Hand"Opeth
24"When A Demon Defiles A Witch"Whitechapel
25"Drive Me Round"Mallrat
27"You Ain't The Problem"Michael Kiwanuka
28"All Mirrors"Angel Olsen
29"Radio"Ty Segall
30"Stay Flo"Solange
31"Teeth"5 Seconds of Summer
32"Back In The Woods"Rival Sons
33"Georgia"Kevin Abstract
34"You'll Never Find Me"Korn
35"Ice Plant"Ty Segall
36"We Could Leave"Mansionair
37"Something Tells Me"Meg Mac
38"BMO"Ari Lennox
39"Lark"Angel Olsen
40"This Life"Vampire Weekend
41"Doin' Time"Lana Del Rey
43"City Of Sound"Big Wild
45"I Think"Tyler, The Creator
46"Unspoken History"Alex Lahey
47"Cellophane"FKA Twigs
49"Ready To Let Go"Cage The Elephant
50"Melody Of Love"Hot Chip
51"Am I Doing It Right?"Alex Lahey
53"Andromeda"Weyes Blood
55"Close Your Eyes"Kim Petras
56"Token"Panda Bear
57"The Barrel"Aldous Harding
58"Wish You Were Gay"Billie Eilish
59"2021"Vampire Weekend
60"No Halo"Brockhampton
61"Holy Terrain" (ft. Future)FKA Twigs
62"Just How It Is"Young Thug
63"Unbearably White"Vampire Weekend
64"Cheap Queen"King Princess
65"Igor's Theme"Tyler, The Creator
66"I'm Not Coming Back"Meg Mac
67"Norman Fucking Rockwell"Lana Del Rey
68"Longshot"Catfish and the Bottlemen
69"Bad Guy"Billie Eilish
71"Bad As The Boys" (ft. ALMA)Tove Lo
72"IN-TO-IT"DZ Deathrays
73"Maybe You're The Reason"The Japanese House
74"Social Cues"Cage The Elephant
75"Big Blue"Vampire Weekend
77"Cattails"Big Thief
78"Girls Need Love" (Remix)Summer Walker & Drake
79"Anna"The Menzingers
80"Better In Blak"Thelma Plum
81"White Mercedes"Charli XCX
82"Alone With You"In Her Own Words
83"RNP" (ft. Anderson .Paak)YBN Cordae
84"Paradise"Tropical Fuck Storm
85"Burning"Maggie Rogers
86"Not Angry Anymore"Thelma Plum
87"Open Sea"Ionnalee
88"I Am"Waax
89"New Love Cassette"Angel Olsen
90"Greaze Mode" (ft. Nafe Smallz)Skepta
91"Standing At The Bottom Of The Ocean"Telefon Tel Aviv
92"2all"Catfish and the Bottlemen
93"Trip The Mains"Methyl Ethel
95"Own It" (ft. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)Stormzy
97"NASA"Ariana Grande
98"Contact"Big Thief
99"Hero"Michael Kiwanuka
100"Vossi Bop"Stormzy
101"Audacity" (ft. Headie One)Stormzy
102"Dawn Chorus"Thom Yorke
103"The View"Oso Oso
104"Don't Be So Hard On Yourself"Alex Lahey
105"Carousel"Eat Your Heart Out
106"Giving Up"Whitney
107"Bambina"Vampire Weekend
108"Thoughts"Charli XCX
109"Valleys (My Love)"Whitney
110"Dirty Laundry"Danny Brown
111"Body"Julia Jacklin
112"Conversation"Lucy Rose
113"Redefined"As I Lay Dying
114"Chaos From Within"Bad Religion
117"Homecoming Queen"Thelma Plum
119"The Hell I Overcame"Bad Omens
120"Up Late"Ari Lennox
121"RICKY"Denzel Curry
122"Deflector"Touche Amore
123"House Of Glass"Cage The Elephant
124"Free At Last"PUP
125"BOOM"X Ambassadors
126"Purple Hat"Sofi Tukker
127"Cyanide"Daniel Caesar
130"Sympathy"Vampire Weekend
131"Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile"The New Pornographers
132"Another Place"Bastille & Alessia Cara
134"Leona"Strange Ranger
135"Tenderness"Jay Som
136"Shanalala"White Denim
137"Fear Inoculum"Tool
138"All My Friends"Madeon
139"Don't Call Me Up"Mabel
140"Better Than Ever" (ft. Aloe Blacc)Flight Facilities
141"Never Seen The Rain"Tones and I
142"Hold Me While You Wait"Lewis Capaldi
143"Hope"Meg Mac
144"Ray Of Light" {Like A Version}Pond
145"Heavy Hearted"The Jungle Giants
146"Skin"San Cisco
147"Head Away"Meg Mac
148"Baby Boy"Kevin Abstract
149"See You At Your Funeral"PUP
150"Glad He's Gone"Tove Lo
151"Land Of The Free"The Killers
152"All The Good Girls Go To Hell"Billie Eilish
153"Heavy Jacket"The Courteeners
154"Still No Change"DZ Deathrays
155"I'm So Tired..."Lauv & Troye Sivan
156"Follow God"Kanye West
157"Ruiner"Methyl Ethel
158"Bullet From A Gun"Skepta
159"Imagine"Ariana Grande
161"No Plans"Dune Rats
162"Congratulations" (ft. Brando)Don Diablo
164"Sugar"Peking Duk & Jack River
165"San Frandisco"Dom Dolla
166"Black Madonna"Cage The Elephant
167"Lights Up"Harry Styles
168"Highest In The Room"Travis Scott
169"Futsal Shuffle 2020"Lil Uzi Vert
170"Don't Let A Good Girl Down"Thelma Plum
172"Doom Days"Bastille
173"Corpus Christi"Kevin Abstract
Hi everyone!!

I have finished compiling my Top 100 list for 2005

I plan to broadcast the list on Saturday, August 15th, starting at about 4pm, on MRS.

Links to the stream and chat will appear below as the week wears on.

Hope to see you all there!
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Hi everyone!!

Tomorrow is the day of my 2005 EOY - countdown will start at 4pm AEDT, with a bit of a pre-show for early-comers at around 3-3:30.

Stream link: Stream: http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s36&p=14784

IF THAT ONE DOESN'T WORK: https://myradiostream.com/embed/free.php?s=Effluvium1&btnstyle=default&id=501153&n=36&p=14784

Chat link: https://us21.chatzy.com/61009173008961

See you all there!
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^ You've retained my stream links from the time you had to try streaming through mine Your links are in your EOD thread: https://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=59401
Thanks, 392!

1"Soul Meets Body"Death Cab For Cutie
2"Checkmarks"The Academy Is...
3"Little Sister"Queens Of The Stone Age
4"Walk Away"Franz Ferdinand
6"Songbird"Bernard Fanning
7"It Ends Tonight"The All-American Rejects
8"I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor"Arctic Monkeys
9"Are You The One?"The Presets
10"B.Y.O.B."System Of A Down
11"Joker & The Thief"Wolfmother
12"DOA"Foo Fighters
13"Dare" (ft. Shaun Ryder)Gorillaz
14"Sugar, We're Goin' Down"Fall Out Boy
15"I Will Follow You Into The Dark"Death Cab For Cutie
17"Opportunity"Pete Murray
18"Technologic"Daft Punk
19"Blue Orchid"The White Stripes
21"Concrete Boots"After The Fall
23"Maybe You Can Owe Me"Architecture In Helsinki
24"Star 2 Fall"Cabin Crew
25"This Modern Love"Bloc Party
26"Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends"Fall Out Boy
27"Dance, Dance"Fall Out Boy
29"Do You Want To"Franz Ferdinand
30"The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth"Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
31"How To Save A Life"The Fray
32"The Good Ones"The Kills
33"Do-Do's and Whoa-Oh's"Kisschasy
34"Don't Lose Touch"Against Me!
35"Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"LCD Soundsystem
36"Apply Some Pressure"Maxïmo Park
37"Hung Up"Madonna
38"Wish You Well"Bernard Fanning
39"Juicebox"The Strokes
40"Abel"The National
41"Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)"Eels
42"Use It"The New Pornographers
43"Chicago"Sufjan Stevens
44"Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em"Parkway Drive
45"Fred's Got Slacks"The Flatliners
46"Fuck Forever"Babyshambles
47"Water"Blue King Brown
48"Hide And Seek"Imogen Heap
49"Here It Goes Again"OK Go
50"The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage"Panic! At The Disco
51"Roll If Ya Fall"Barefoot Truth
53"Kiss Me, Kill Me"Mest
54"Tiny Paintings"Architecture In Helsinki
55"Open Book"The Rakes
56"Let's Take The Long Way Home"The Beautiful Girls
57"Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"Panic! At The Disco
58"Heartbreaking Music"Lagwagon
60"First Day" (ft. Brian Molko)Timo Maas
61"Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo"Bloodhound Gang
62"Feels Like"Masha Qrella
63"Speed Of Sound"`Coldplay
64"Heaven"Dead Meadow
65"Crooked Teeth"Death Cab For Cutie
66"St. Petersburg"Supergrass
67"The Infanta"The Decemberists
68"Hope There's Someone"Antony & The Johnsons
69"I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)"Fall Out Boy
70"My Friend Dario"Vitalic
71"Private Education"Josh Pyke
73"Modern Girl"Sleater-Kinney
75"Little Ghost"The White Stripes
76"Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games"Of Montreal
77"Just For Now"Imogen Heap
78"Move Along"The All-American Rejects
79"All Sparks"Editors
80"Galvanize" (ft. Q-Tip)The Chemical Brothers
81"Pump It"The Black Eyed Peas
82"What Would Happen?"Pegz
83"Shiver"Natalie Imbruglia
84"Celebration Song"Unwritten Law
85"Switch"Will Smith
86"The Kill"Thirty Seconds To Mars
87"Going Through The Motions"Aimee Mann
88"Bucky Done Gun"M.I.A.
89"Feel Good Inc." (ft. De La Soul)Gorillaz
90"Diamonds From Sierra Leone" (Remix) (ft. Jay-Z)Kanye West
91"Do The Whirlwind"Architecture In Helsinki
92"First Day Of My Life"Bright Eyes
93"In My Head"Queens Of The Stone Age
94"Elliott Gould Is In California Split"Head Of Femur
95"Fistful of Fury"The Turbo A.C.'s
96"The Bucket"Kings Of Leon
97"Fast Girl"Gyroscope
98"But It's Better If You Do"Panic! At The Disco
99"Hey Scenesters!"The Cribs
100"I Write Sins Not Tragedies"Panic! At The Disco
Hi everyone!

As EOY season commences, I would like to declare my EOY for 2020 ready to go, and will be broadcast on Sunday the 17th of January, at 3PM AEDT.

Links to the broadcast and chat will appear in the coming weeks.

See you all there!

A year to forget...for many reasons...

And yet, we all come together to appreciate once again what we perceive to be the finest music laid out for us in the past twelve of the most challenging, agonising, and at times debilitating months of our lives. It almost doesn't seem right, does it?

Not to worry, mind, as this has been, in my humble opinion, one of the finest years that music has had to offer. If we had to shred every single offering laid at our feet into one simple epitaph, two words spring immediately to mind: Nostalgia, and Revival.

So many of the artists had the good graces to indulge us with such earnestly bittersweet melodies and lyrics, it really does paint a nice picture of the aforementioned epitaph. And we see acts like Fiona Apple, The Killers and The Strokes stringing together arguably some of their finest and most critically acclaimed works some 15-20 years since their prime.

In terms of revival, we hear Tame Impala squeezing the proverbial new-wave fruit to a pulp, HAIM are on a collision course to becoming one of the best Fleetwood Mac tribute-acts out there (an epithet which by no means discounts their immense talent and accolade in their own right), and Dua Lipa (God bless her heart) even released a lovely record called Future Nostalgia. FUTURE. NOSTALGIA. Genius.

So, for the music, well, 2020 has been a year to remember...for so many reasons.

I hope you enjoy my selections of my favourite bops of the year, which will be broadcast this Sunday (17th Jan), as mentioned in above posts.
Hi everyone!!

Today is the day of my 2020 EOY - countdown will start at 3pm AEDT, with a bit of a pre-show for early-comers at around 2-2:30.

Stream link: Stream: http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s36&p=14784

IF THAT ONE DOESN'T WORK: https://myradiostream.com/embed/free.php?s=Effluvium1&btnstyle=default&id=501153&n=36&p=14784

Chat will be happening on Discord - shoot either myself or Hijinx a memo for a link.

See you all there!
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100. Wizkid (ft. H.E.R.) - Smile

99. Sylvan Esso - Ferris Wheel

98. Real Estate - The Main Thing

Past entries:
2014Talking Backwards#30

97. Whethan (ft. STRFKR) - Stay Forever

96. Beach Bunny - April

95. Louis The Child - Don't Mind

94. The Killers - Blowback

Past entries:
2006When You Were Young#67
2007Tranquilize (ft. Lou Reed)#90

93. Ball Park Music - Spark Up!

Past entries:
2009Sea Strangers (I Don't Really Know You)#75
2014She Only Loves Me When I'm There#17
2014Trippin' The Light Fantastic#73
2016Whipping Boy#21
2016Nihilist Party Anthem#28
2018The End Times#25
2018Hands Off My Body#45
2018I Am A Dog#55
2018If It Kills You#84

92. Triple One - Loverose

91. Headie One (ft. AJ Tracey & Stormzy) - Ain't It Different

Past entries (Stormzy):
2019Own It (ft. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)#95
2019Vossi Bop#100
90. ChillinIT - Laying Low

89. Lola Marsh - What Am I

88. Jessie Ware - Spotlight

Past entries:
2012Wildest Moments#26

87. Blossoms - My Swimming Brain

86. Hockey Dad - Itch

Past entries:
2018I Wanna Be Everybody#36

85. TOPS - I Feel Alive

84. Bombay Bicycle Club - I Can Hardly Speak

Past entries:
2009Always Like This#37

83. Sufjan Stevens - Video Game

Past entries:
2010Futile Devices#37
2010I Walked#65
2015Should Have Known Better#22
2015No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross#24

82. Childish Gambino - Algorhythm

Past entries:
2009Almost There#74
2013Do Or Die (with Flux Pavilion)#56

81. Soccer Mommy - yellow is the color of her eyes

"‘yellow is the color of her eyes’ is a song that is really important to me. The song was inspired by a time when I was on the road constantly and I felt like I was losing time - specifically with my mother. It’s also a song that I feel really showcases my writing when it comes to instrumentation, so it’s one that makes me really proud." ~ Sophie Allison (a.k.a. Soccer Mommy)
80. Real Estate - Paper Cup

Past entries:
2014Talking Backwards#30
2020The Main Thing#98

79. Lil Uzi Vert - P2

78. Tame Impala - Is It True

Past entries:
2008Half Full Glass Of Wine#7
2010Solitude Is Bliss#2
2010Alter Ego#22
2012Feels Like We Only Go Backwards#4
2012Apocalpse Dreams#41
2012Mind Mischief#55
2015Let It Happen#1
2015The Less I Know The Better#26

77. Maribou State - Mother

Past entries:

76. Green Day - Oh Yeah!

Past entries:
2016Bang Bang#23

75. IDLES - Mr. Motivator

74. boy pablo - honey

73. Day Wave - Potions

72. AJJ - Body Terror Song

71. IDLES - Grounds
70. Gus Dapperton - First Aid

69. Cold War Kids - You Already Know

Past entries:
2006Hang Me Up To Dry#23
2011Louder Than Ever#60
2013Miracle Mile#15

68. boy pablo - hey girl

Past entries:

67. Stand Atlantic - Shh!

66. Waxahatchee - Fire

Past entries:
2013Hollow Bedroom#39

65. Dune Rats - Bad Habits

64. Gunna (ft. Yung Thug) - DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD

Past entries (Young Thug):
2019Just How It Is#62

63. Grimes - Delete Forever

Past entries:
2015Flesh Without Blood#40

62. Lil Baby - Sum 2 Prove

61. Little Dragon - Hold On

Past entries:
2011Ritual Union#40
2014Klapp Klapp#55
60. LASTLINGS - Take My Hand

59. Ryan Beatty - Evergreen

58. Caribou - Never Come Back

Past entries:
2014Our Love#41

57. Phoebe Bridgers - I Know The End

56. San Cisco - Alone

Past entries:
2015Too Much Time Together#15
2017Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?#22

55. The Killers - Dying Breed

Past entries:
2006When You Were Young#67
2007Tranquilize (ft. Lou Reed)#90

54. Fontaines D.C. - Televised Mind

53. Ball Park Music - Day & Age

Past entries:
2009Sea Strangers (I Don't Really Know You)#75
2014She Only Loves Me When I'm There#17
2014Trippin' The Light Fantastic#73
2016Whipping Boy#21
2016Nihilist Party Anthem#28
2018The End Times#25
2018Hands Off My Body#45
2018I Am A Dog#55
2018If It Kills You#84
2020Spark Up!#93

52. Aminé - Riri

51. San Cisco - Messages

Past entries:
2015Too Much Time Together#15
2017Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?#22
50. Hockey Dad - In This State

Past entries:
2018I Wanna Be Everybody#36

49. Jack Harlow - Tyler Herro

48. The Strokes - Bad Decisions

Past entries:
2006You Only Live Once#4
2006Heart In A Cage#14
2006On The Other Side#53
2011Under Cover Of Darkness#3
2013One Way Trigger#41

47. The Weeknd - In Your Eyes

Past entries:
2013Live For (ft. Drake)#40
2015The Hills#97
2016Starboy (ft. Daft Punk)#1
2017Curve (with Gucci Mane)#13
2018Call Out My Name#2

46. San Cisco - Flaws

Past entries:
2015Too Much Time Together#15
2017Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?#22

45. Perfume Genius - Describe

Past entries:
2017Slip Away#39
2017Die 4 You#90

44. Alice Ivy (ft. Benjamin Joseph) - Better Man

Past entries (Benjamin Joseph)
2016Make Them Wheels Roll (with SAFIA)#93

43. Tame Impala - One More Year

Past entries:
2008Half Full Glass Of Wine#7
2010Solitude Is Bliss#2
2010Alter Ego#22
2012Feels Like We Only Go Backwards#4
2012Apocalpse Dreams#41
2012Mind Mischief#55
2015Let It Happen#1
2015The Less I Know The Better#26
2020Is It True#78

42. Deftones - Ohms

41. Cut Copy - Cold Water

Past entries:
2007Hearts On Fire#9
2008Feel The Love#11
2014We Are Explorers#42
2017Standing In The Middle Of The Field#43

Last edited:
40. Alpha Wolf - Akudama

39. Dune Rats - Rock Bottom

Past entries:
2020Bad Habits#65

38. San Cisco - On The Line

Past entries:
2015Too Much Time Together#15
2017Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?#22

37. Violent Soho - Lying On The Floor

Past entries:

36. Tricky (ft. Marta) - Fall Please

Past entries (Tricky):
2008Puppy Toy (ft. Alex Mills)#63

35. The Killers - Caution

Past entries:
2006When You Were Young#67
2007Tranquilize (ft. Lou Reed)#90
2020Dying Breed#55

34. Phoebe Bridgers - Garden Song

Past entries:
2020I Know The End#57

33. Little Dragon - Are You Feeling Sad?

Past entries:
2011Ritual Union#40
2014Klapp Klapp#55
2020Hold On#61

32. Fit For A King - Breaking The Mirror

31. Blossoms - If You Think This Is Real Life

Past entries:
2020My Swimming Brain#87
30. Fiona Apple - I Want You To Love Me

Past entries:
2012Every Single Night#24

29. Aminé - Shimmy

Past entries:

28. HAIM - I Know Alone

Past entries:
2012Don't Save Me#99
2017Want You Back#10

27. Four Tet - Baby

Past entries:
2008Atoms For Peace {remix of Thom Yorke track}#100
2010Angel Echoes#30
2013Parallel Jalebi#49

26. Perfume Genius - On The Floor

Past entries:
2017Slip Away#39
2017Die 4 You#90
25. Juice WRLD - Righteous

24. Headie One & Drake - Only You Freestyle

Past entries (Headie One):
2020Ain't It Different (ft. AJ Tracey & Stormzy)#91

Past entries (Drake):
2011Take Care#20
2011Shot For Me#94
2013Hold On, We're Going Home (ft. Majid Jordan)#18
2013Started From The Bottom#33
2013Live For (with The Weeknd)#40
2019Girls Need Love (Remix) (with Summer Walker)#78
23. Juice WRLD - Wishing Well

Past entries:
22. Lime Cordiale - Addicted To The Sunshine

This reminds me of one of the daggiest tracks from the 1970s that I grew up absolutely loving - "January" by Pilot. An easy breezy verse/chorus structure, and nothing overblown instrumental-wise. It's a charming little ditty.
21. Joji - Run

It's hard not to feel something from hearing that voice enter after one round of the guitar picking - it's simply breathtaking. Superb production, a catchy chorus, and charged with lots of emotion in the lyrics. And Joji's performance here is gorgeous.
20. SAINt JHN - Roses {Imanbek remix}

Although this track has solidifed its place as a must-have in both the US and UK dance club scenes, is it fair to conscribe it to just one genre? Absolutely not. There's some juicy rubber-band style bass, the vocals feel more at home in a smoky New Orleans bar, and the whole thing just seems very well constructed and not overblown. Pop. Hip-Hop. EDM. Psych. House. etc.
19. Charli XCX - claws

Heckin' beatz be bamboozl...!

A delectable banger that only someone like Charli XCX could pull off. SOPHIE-like heckin' beatz, sharp and jagged synths, and that chorus is quite delish. It's only 2-and-a-half minutes long, but similar to Cub Sport's "Sometimes", I always repeat it 5 or 6 times when I listen.

Past entries:
2019White Mercedes#81

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18. HAIM - The Steps

Do they wear their guitars in their sleep or something? That's what I'd like to know...

Anyway the track - umm... starting at the top, that riff is quite catchy, the higher counter-riff is even catchier, the rich harmonies throughout are breathtaking. It's the perfect sampler for what is a fantastic album.

Past entries:
2012Don't Save Me#99
2017Want You Back#10
2020I Know Alone#28
17. Bleed From Within - The End Of All We Know

I've heard bits and pieces of BFW over the years - but when I first heard this track I danced around like a dog on a dashboard. Hook after gritty hook adorns this track beautifully, and I'd say this is probably their strongest track yet.
16. Phoebe Bridgers - Kyoto

A charming little ditty that encapsulates in an unusually upbeat fashion how simply one bad experience can ruin everything. Phoebe dreams about seeing the world, but the experience of "seeing the world" wasn't what she thought it would be.

This can definitely relate to anybody's perception of a dream life. It's not until something is experienced that we get to make up our minds or not whether the life we have chosen is truly living the dream. And, of course, "living the dream" might not feel like the right experience at the time either.

Past entries:
2020Garden Song#34
2020I Know The End#57
15. Tame Impala - Breathe Deeper

THIS is what Luke Million's "Arnold"'s backing track should have been. Heh.

The first 3 seconds or so hook you in straight away, with Parker's lush layering of piano chords and arpeggios over the top of a chilled-out funky drum and bass motif.
Similar lyrics to Spin Doctors' "Two Princes", and yet in typical Parker fashion, it never gets in the way of itself. The "Mind Mischief" of The Slow Rush.

Past entries:
2008Half Full Glass Of Wine#7
2010Solitude Is Bliss#2
2010Alter Ego#22
2012Feels Like We Only Go Backwards#4
2012Apocalpse Dreams#41
2012Mind Mischief#55
2015Let It Happen#1
2015The Less I Know The Better#26
2020One More Year#43
2020Is It True#78
14. Cut Copy - Love Is All We Share

It's enough to make the non-sealegged feel a trifle seasick the way the synths flange up and engulf the Phil Collins-esque vocal harmonies. Kind of like "One More Night" played through two channels, with one channel a microsecond behind the other. But then, it ascends into a gorgeous cacophony of swooshing, bleeping, and flourishing.

Past entries:
2007Hearts On Fire#9
2008Feel The Love#11
2014We Are Explorers#42
2017Standing In The Middle Of The Field#43
2020Cold Water#41
13. Dua Lipa - Break My Heart

She literally released an album called "Future Nostalgia". FUTURE. NOSTALGIA. I mean, what more can be said?

It's quite a remarkable feat to release an album full of the best memories of our younger lives, and yet it still sounds as fresh and original as it possibly can be.

This track in particular has many things going for it. The chorus right away plays on the INXS "Need You Tonight" rhythm that is peppered throughout the track beautifully, the verses channel both Banks and Sister Sledge at the same time (!). It's just pure genius songwriting and musical craft.
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12. Lime Cordiale - On Our Own

I'll admit that I am a self-proclaimed late bandwagoner. Before last year's H100, I had never really listened to Lime Cordiale - nor did I know much about them. And when they had so many songs appear in the list, my eyes rolled and I thought to myself "ugh, not another nothing Australian act getting a ridiculous unprecedented amount of votes!".

Well, that was until the album attached itself to the top of my album recommendations on last.fm for several months when I decided "OK, fine!" and went and had a listen. I don't know how, but this song became my most scrobbled song for 2020 - mainly because I just never skipped it. And then when I went to listen to it properly, and not just have it on the background like I had for a few weeks, I realised that it's a damn catchy effort. They nailed the chorus, and the instrumentaion is spot on.

Past entries:
2020Addicted To The Sunshine#22
11. Washed Out - Too Late

I've only really heard one St. Lucia song - that being "Elevate" - and it's one of those songs that you just know somehow that it's gonna stick around for a long time in the non-skippable section of your library. This song had an almost identical effect - along with an almost identical drum fill. And that chorus is simply sublime.

Past entries:
2011Amor Fati#21
10. Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez - Past Life

There's quite a poignant quote in the film "Kingsman: Secret Service", and it goes like this.

"Being a gentleman is not about being superior to your fellow man - it's about being superior to your former self."

I chose this version because it perfectly ecapsulates how sexism often has a lot to do with how toxic relationships are perceived. Here we find both Daniel and Gomez embracing their own power, finding their courage, and standing up for themselves, all the while singing that gorgeous chorus in the face of their former lovers - or perhaps to their former selves.
9. Protomartyr - Processed By The Boys

Immediately attention-demanding, and attention-keeping, with those staccato minim stab chords punching holes in your chest every second. They need you to hear this, and it will get heard one way or the other. The message is clear: Musicians are "essential workers" too.
8. Like Moths To Flames - Habitual Decline

What the f*ck is faith? A pertinent question - for better or worse.

LMTF have certainly kept themselves busy during this year's ongoing global bastard situation - and it shows with perhaps metalcore's most technical and roaring stomper put out in 2020. BLEEGHH!!!
7. Silverstein (ft. Aaron Gillespie) - Infinite

Post-hardcore is a hard genre to keep fresh nowadays, especially for a band that have been around for almost 20 years. It's songs like this that give hope, and I simply cannot get enough of this song's catchiness.

Past entries (Silverstein):

Past entries (Aaron Gillespie):
2006Writing On The Walls (with Underoath)#43
2006In Regards To Myself (with Underoath)#48
2010In Division (with Underoath)#88
6. Galantis - Unless It Hurts

Just about as Galantis-y as it gets - only thing is that this track actually contains coherent lyrics that are easy to follow. Oh and the chorus beat drop is as corny and silly as ever. Oh, how I needed this! Please never change, Galantis!

Past entries:
5. Mura Masa & Ellie Rowsell - Teenage Headache Dreams

Everyone had a bit of a reminisce in 2020, didn't they? Mura Masa, an absolute genius of his craft, has put together a collage of everything that has haunted/blessed him throughout his teenage years - and the result hits every one of us hard.

Ellie's soaring vocals provide hope at the end of a fiery tunnel constructed from Mura Masa's own nightmares and heartbreaks, the view is distorted from the absolute lightness and darkness from each respective point of view - and it's not until one path is chosen that the resolution finally arrives when the final beat kicks in. A harrowing journey that we all know too well.

Past entries (Ellie Rowsell):
2015Bros (with Wolf Alice)#50
4. San Cisco - Reasons

Idina Menzel had better be careful or she may be usurped for any future incarnations of Disney's Frozen.

San Cisco are a band that have always been in my peripheral ever since their debut - and to see how far they've come since "Awkward" is remarkable. This album is full of bangers, but none bangs as hard as this - and yet it still seeps out little morsels of their past - eg. when Scarlett joins in for the pre-chorus. This band are still going strong, and are still happy to do so, and that makes me happy.

Past entries:
2015Too Much Time Together#15
2017Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?#22
2020On The Line#38
3. Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday

"Hiya, Barbie!" "Hi, Ken!" - is what the chords SCREAM out at the start. Heh.

This track could be anyone - Tears For Fears, Eurythmics, Fleetwood Mac (!), and yet it just HAS to be Tame Impala, doesn't it? I mean, how versatile has Mr. Parker become lately? That beat is simply gorgeous throughout, and yet it has a rather sophisticated underscore of swirling synths and syncopated bass lines, and that guitar theme after each chorus is just *chef kiss*.

Past entries:
2008Half Full Glass Of Wine#7
2010Solitude Is Bliss#2
2010Alter Ego#22
2012Feels Like We Only Go Backwards#4
2012Apocalpse Dreams#41
2012Mind Mischief#55
2015Let It Happen#1
2015The Less I Know The Better#26
2020Breathe Deeper#15
2020One More Year#43
2020Is It True#78
2. Joji - Gimme Love

I'm sure everyone on here knows how much I adore Death Cab For Cutie, and The Postal Service song "Such Great Heights". Well, when I came across Joji on last.fm, and subsequently found out that his Nectar album had some remarkable hype about it, I immediately streamed it.

This track stood out the most, mainly because it packs so much into it's relatively MOR time of 3-and-a-half minutes. It starts off with a cheeky SGH-style beat and chant routine, then it transforms into a stately choral waltz at the 2-minute mark.

Past entries:
1. Soccer Mommy - circle the drain

THIS TRACK! OK, so I'll get all the "ongoing global bastard" superlatives out of the way first. I honestly was quite afraid and confused when lockdown swept the world off its feet, and I was also intrigued as to how this would affect new music. However, as mentioned many times throughout this list though, this year has been such a buffet of nostalgia and revival (hell, if it was sped up it would basically be "Lovefool"), and this track was the one that got me through it all.

I never, EVER skipped it when it came on (which rarely happens), and every time, I just let it sink itself deeper into my soul, cleansing all the adversity and sorrow as it manifested, which is a remarkable feat, and is something I haven't truly experienced in music since Foals' "Spanish Sahara". I would tingle. I would sob. I would zone out to my surroundings.

And the funny thing is, it feels like such a familiar song too. Like an old dear friend or relative weaving a blanket out of kisses, hugs, and comfort, and then dutifully placing it over you so that no warmth can escape, and letting you know that everything is going to be fine. Honestly, I'm choking up even writing about this. It's just such a special song.

Past entries:
2020yellow is the color of her eyes#81
1"circle the drain"Soccer Mommy
2"Gimme Love"Joji
3"Lost In Yesterday"Tame Impala
4"Reasons"San Cisco
5"Teenage Headache Dreams"Mura Masa & Ellie Rowsell
6"Unless It Hurts"Galantis
7"Infinite" (ft. Aaron Gillespie)Silverstein
8"Habitual Decline"Like Moths To Flames
9"Processed By The Boys"Protomartyr
10"Past Life"Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez
11"Too Late"Washed Out
12"On Our Own"Lime Cordiale
13"Break My Heart"Dua Lipa
14"Love Is All We Share"Cut Copy
15"Breathe Deeper"Tame Impala
16"Kyoto"Phoebe Bridgers
17"The End Of All We Know"Bleed From Within
18"The Steps"HAIM
19"claws"Charli XCX
20"Roses" {Imanbek Remix}SAINt JHN
22"Addicted To The Sunshine"Lime Cordiale
23"Wishing Well"Juice WRLD
24"Only You Freestyle"Headie One & Drake
25"Righteous"Juice WRLD
26"On The Floor"Perfume Genius
27"Baby"Four Tet
28"I Know Alone"HAIM
30"I Want You To Love Me"Fiona Apple
31"If You Think This Is Real Life"Blossoms
32"Breaking The Mirror"Fit For A King
33"Are You Feeling Sad?"Little Dragon
34"Garden Song"Phoebe Bridgers
35"Caution"The Killers
36"Fall Please" (ft. Marta)Tricky
37"Lying On The Floor"Violent Soho
38"On The Line"San Cisco
39"Rock Bottom"Dune Rats
40"Akudama"Alpha Wolf
41"Cold Water"Cut Copy
43"One More Year"Tame Impala
44"Better Man" (ft. Benjamin Joseph)Alice Ivy
45"Describe"Perfume Genius
46"Flaws"San Cisco
47"In Your Eyes"The Weeknd
48"Bad Decisions"The Strokes
49"Tyler Herro"Jack Harlow
50"In This State"Hockey Dad
51"Messages"San Cisco
53"Day & Age"Ball Park Music
54"Televised Mind"Fontaines D.C.
55"Dying Breed"The Killers
56"Alone"San Cisco
57"I Know The End"Phoebe Bridgers
58"Never Come Back"Caribou
59"Evergreen"Ryan Beatty
60"Take My Hand"Lastlings
61"Hold On"Little Dragon
62"Sum 2 Prove"Lil Baby
63"Delete Forever"Grimes
64"DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD" (ft. Young Thug)Gunna
65"Bad Habits"Dune Rats
67"Shh!"Stand Atlantic
68"Hey Girl"boy pablo
69"You Already Know"Cold War Kids
70"First Aid"Gus Dapperton
72"Body Terror Song"AJJ
73"Potions"Day Wave
74"Honey"boy pablo
75"Mr. Motivator"IDLES
76"Oh Yeah!"Green Day
77"Mother"Maribou State
78"Is It True"Tame Impala
79"P2"Lil Uzi Vert
80"Paper Cup"Real Estate
81"yellow is the color of her eyes"Soccer Mommy
82"Algorhythm"Childish Gambino
83"Video Game"Sufjan Stevens
84"I Can Hardly Speak"Bombay Bicycle Club
85"I Feel Alive"TOPS
86"Itch"Hockey Dad
87"My Swimming Brain"Blossoms
88"Spotlight"Jessie Ware
89"What Am I"Lola Marsh
90"Laying Low"ChillinIT
91"Ain't It Different" (ft. AJ Tracey & Stormzy)Headie One
92"Loverose"Triple One
93"Spark Up!"Ball Park Music
94"Blowback"The Killers
95"Don't Mind"Louis The Child
96"April"Beach Bunny
97"Stay Forever" (ft. STRFKR)Whethan
98"The Main Thing"Real Estate
99"Ferris Wheel"Sylvan Esso
100"Smile (ft. H.E.R.)Wizkid
101"Can't Sleep"Anna Burch
Hi folks!

My 2004 EOY list is complete and ready for broadcast

It will be broadcast on Sunday June 27th, starting at 6:00pm AEDST.

See you there!
Hi everyone!!

Tomorrow is the day of my 2004 EOY - countdown will start at 6pm AEDT, with a bit of a pre-show for early-comers at around 5:30pm.

Stream link: Stream: http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s36&p=14784

IF THAT ONE DOESN'T WORK: https://myradiostream.com/embed/free.php?s=Effluvium1&btnstyle=default&id=501153&n=36&p=14784

Chat will be happening on Discord on the usual EOY channel.

See you all there!

1"Take Me Out"Franz Ferdinand
2"Four To The Floor" {Thin White Duke Remix}Starsailor
3"Walk Idiot Walk"The Hives
4"Smoke"Eskimo Joe
5"This Fire"Franz Ferdinand
6"Behind These Hazel Eyes"Kelly Clarkson
7"All These Things That I've Done"The Killers
8"Bless My Soul"Powderfinger
9"Hard Act To Follow"Grinspoon
10"Float On"Modest Mouse
11"Us"Regina Spektor
12"Rebellion (Lies)"Arcade Fire
13"Wake Up"Arcade Fire
15"Shelter"Xavier Rudd
16"Club Foot"Kasabian
17"Smile Like You Mean It"The Killers
18"Somebody Told Me"The Killers
19"Free"Donavon Frankenreiter & Jack Johnson
20"Let Me Love You"Mario
21"Banquet"Bloc Party
22"Neighborhood #2 (Laïka)"Arcade Fire
23"Leaving New York"R.E.M.
24"La La"Ashlee Simpson
25"Fit But You Know It"The Streets
26"Numb All Over"Dallas Crane
28"I'd Rather Dance with You"Kings of Convenience
29"On Top"The Killers
30"Almost Here"Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem
31"Scar"Missy Higgins
32"Godhopping"Dogs Die In Hot Cars
33"Jacqueline"Franz Ferdinand
34"Self Destruct In Five"Epicure
35"Dry Your Eyes"The Streets
36"The Special Two"Missy Higgins
37"Better Off Alone"Grinspoon
39"All That I've Got"The Used
40"Metalingus"Alter Bridge
41"Beautiful To Me"Little Birdy
42"L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)"Kasabian
43"The Dress Looks Nice On You"Sufjan Stevens
44"Numb/Encore"Jay-Z & Linkin Park
45"Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones"The Hives
46"Analog"Strung Out
47"Ocean Breathes Salty"Modest Mouse
48"Signs" (ft. Justin Timberlake & Charlie Wilson)Snoop Dogg
49"Drop It Like It's Hot" (ft. Pharrell)Snoop Dogg
50"Older Than You"Eskimo Joe
51"Mirror Mirror"After The Fall
52"Carnivores Unite"Blockhead
53"For One Day"Evermore
54"Disconnect The Dots"Of Montreal
55"It's Too Late"Evermore
56"Hold On Me"Grinspoon
57"What You Want"The John Butler Trio
58"From The Sea"Eskimo Joe
59"Galang" (ft. Lil Vicious)M.I.A. & Diplo
60"Sprout and the Bean"Joanna Newsom
61"Section 12 (Hold Me Now)"The Polyphonic Spree
62"Drop The Pressure"Mylo
63"The Rat"The Walkmen
64"Bleed You Dry"Grinspoon
65"Haiti"Arcade Fire
66"Black Betty"Spiderbait
67"In The Backseat"Arcade Fire
68"Pressure Point"The Zutons
69"Revolution"Authority Zero
70"Pull Out"Death From Above 1979
71"On My Way"Ben Kweller
72"Soldier" (ft. T.I. & Lil Wayne)Destiny's Child
73"Famous Friends and Fashion Drunks"A Wilhelm Scream
74"Horror With Eyeballs"The Dissociatives
75"Wallet/Puffer/Smokes/Keys"The Cops
76"(Reach Up For The) Sunrise"Duran Duran
77"No Ordinary Thing"Opshop
78"Lounger"Dogs Die In Hot Cars
79"First Of The Gang To Die"Morrissey
80"Just Lose It"Eminem
81"Foxtrot Yankee"The Cops
82"Predictable"Good Charlotte
83"Tonight's The Night"Little Birdy
84"Music When The Lights Go Out"The Libertines
85"This Unavoidable Thing Between Us"Evermore
87"My Happy Ending"Avril Lavigne
89"These Kids"Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets
90"Saturday Night"Ozomatli
91"One Perfect Day"Lydia Denker
92"No Voice Of Mine"Strung Out
93"Cutt Off"Kasabian
94"Reason Is Treason"Kasabian
95"The One You Love"Rufus Wainwright
96"Ladyflash"The Go! Team
97"Pieces"Sum 41
98"Cherry Blossom Girl"Air
99"On The Lash"The Icarus Line
100"Filthy/Gorgeous"Scissor Sisters

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