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As one of the admins for the australian-charts.com Facebook page I am vetting people to know whether they are members here.
There are currently requests from the following persons, can anybody shed any light on these people and whether they are members on this site and also musicphiles.

Jeremy P R Buddle

Denham Herft

and this one has been there for awhile... Sufaid Khan.

Anybody who can let me know about these people, please do so on this thread.
Is it not possible to message them on Facebook? It feels awkward to post unknown people's real names on here without their permission or knowledge.
I have tried that, but if they are not part of MY FB messenger it goes to them but in a different section of messenger. Most people don't look in this section.
Ah, I didn't know that.
I have since found two of the above looking in the members section of this site (Denham and Jeremy), plus I also just approve J. Mitchell too.
What's the forum thread for the Facebook aus-charts group? I can't seem to find it anywhere

Could someone please post the link here?

EDIT: Never mind, I went back through a bunch of old threads and found it. Thanks anyway
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Not quite what this thread is about, but as a user with multiple (music video) youtube channels, I have noticed recently a spike in spambots, copying other users' comments (often combining parts from several different users' comments, resulting in repetitive gibberish). There are so many fake accounts out there, nowadays.
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thanks Nugs, that's why I wanted to ask if people knew those requesting access to the FB page. Thankfully only 1 person above is unknown to us, or hasn't said who they are. S. Khan.
Since I put this post up last week there has been a "question" on the FB page that asks you to tell me your online moniker (like mine is bulion). So if you don't answer that question you won't get approved as fast as normally.

Currently looking to see who Justin Downey is on this site to approve him for the FB page. (he has been messaged too).

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