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Hi everyone!

So we've come to the time of year where people put together their end of year lists for sharing on this website. So I'm going to lay out a calendar on the top of this thread - anyone wishing to reserve date/s for their list's broadcast (as well as any broadcast details - eg. MRS or Spotify, Top 50 or 100, etc.) need only post it into this thread and i'll add it on. Here goes!

NB: Times shown are AEST (ie. VIC, NSW, TAS, ACT)

JANUARY 2020      
   123 - thewitness - Spotify - Top 103 - 10am4
56 - Eff - Top 100 - MRS - 3pm7891011
12 - Villages13141516 - Hijinx - 5pm1718
1920212223 - timfoxxy - 100-51 - 7pm24 - timfoxxy - 50-1 - 7pm25 - Triple J H100
2627 - Triple J 200-101282930 - 392414 - 5pm31 - Anton 
FEBRUARY 2020      
2 - Irish- Top 100 - MRS - 4pm3 - Zacco - 100-514 - Zacco - 50-15678
9 - harley - 5pm with pre-show101112131415
16 - Eff 2010s - 3pm with pre-show171819 - PMC - #100-5120 - PMC - #50-12122

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I'm going with Jan 3rd - Top 103. Spotify playlist. Probably early in the day like starting 10am.
Jan 19 for me... tentatively
I'd like to tentatively take the 17th

of Jan
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January 12th (tentative date)
I'm going to book in Sunday 2 Feb if that's ok Top 100 on MRS, 4pm-ish start for now
I’m also doing my 100 favourite songs of the decade in late February. Date TBA
Probably don't need a thread for EOD lists as I'm guessing they're probably going to be a lot more spread out across next year.
Perhaps 20th/21st January for me which is around the usual time for me, but not 100% on that one
Will yours be a 50/50 Spotify show like usual?
Going to punt for Thursday the 16th at 5pm
Hi! I'm going to have to postpone my EOY, due to clashes with personal life and I've hit a bit of a mental block putting my EOY together. I'm going to tentatively put down the 31st of Jan for now, if that's ok? Thanks!
I meant to post this the other day but forgot. I've also been very busy this last fortnight so have decided to postpone my EOY broadcast. The new dates will be Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th February, starting from around 7pm-8pm. I'm thinking of doing a plug broadcast instead of a Spotify broadcast like I usually do
I have changed my mind a few times on doing a broadcast, from not doing one at all, to doing a full one in a single night, but I have finally settled on another two-part broadcast. Can I put in for the 23rd and 24th next week starting from 7pm? Thanks
I too will join the chorus of postponers and move my chart to sometime in February. I often do a full 100 all in one day, but this year I’m going to do a two nighter. But I’ll come back with specific dates...
I'm going to go ahead and take Sunday, February 9 if that's okay.
Same deal as usual, pre-broadcast starting from around 4:20pm AEDST with the countdown proper starting at 5pm. Excited! It's been a big year!
Had to delay the start of my broadcast tonight to 7.30pm AEDT, but I will be doing my bottom 50 songs tonight!
I will, believe it or not, be doing mine on Thursday 30/1 starting 5pm
Hi, everyone!

A heads up that I will be doing my EOY tomorrow! Will begin broadcasting but the countdown will start from 5pm. Hope you can join

I will be using plug.dj: https://plug.dj/7470202279405513938
What a frantic few weeks for me. My twin sister gave birth, I’ve been moving house (slowly) and my mum has been sick... so I’m so sorry I’ve been largely absent with the EOY’s (always my fave time of year!!).

I will get around to doing my chart in two parts over two nights. The first time I’ve done it this way. It’ll be the shortest broadcast I’ve ever done. No voice from me this time. Just pure music from start to finish. About 2 1/2 hours for each night.
I’ll do 100-51 on Wednesday 19th Feb and 50-1 on Thursday 20th Feb. I’ll be using Mixlr again and chat over at Chatzy (links to come).

It’s a more somber than usual chart for 2019 which reflected my life (especially earlier in the year).
And to take a leaf out of the JJJ Hottest 100 book... it’s a history making year for my chart

Hope you can join!
I'm supposed to say here that if you've made a list and restricted it to a top 100 for the sake of the combined list, know that I am very strongly considering (and probably will do it) attributing top 200 stats to the combined list, as it is becoming increasingly clear that there is a lot of music out there and a lot of love that goes unattributed, where this would go some way towards giving more data points so it feels less abritrary how it comes together. So if you wanna update an already posted list, feel free.

Don't ask me for a date, I haven't even made a spreadsheet.
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Hey guys, just letting you know my broadcast it still on for tomorrow. I'll be starting the top 100 proper at roughly 4:35pm AEDST (with the pre-broadcast at 4pm), here: http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s42&p=27270
and here: https://us21.chatzy.com/61009173008961

hope you can join (I'm still sorry for going so late this year!)
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hey, I'll be broadcasting my EOY top 100 (once again via plug, I'll repost the link in my thread) on Wednesday night starting from 5pm

Edit: Currently broadcasting here: https://plug.dj/pdz-crew
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Any idea on when the combined list will be? I have made my list, but haven't posted it yet and I am hoping it can be included
Status remains the same, I hope to get started on making the list next week, but it's not certainly on the cards. Post away ~
My turn tomorrow night.

My Pt. 1 EOY Broadcast starts at 7:00 with some pre tracks beforehand for anyone tuning in early.
This year I'm using Plug.dj:

Join me tonight!
6:15 the broadcast will start, with flashbacks and fresh tracks that will lead us into the countdown from 7 pm! See you there!


The final part of my 2019 EOY starts at 7 pm sharp tonight! See you all there.
hey PMC, sorry for missing yesterday, I was coming back from holidays! I'll be there tonight for sure
All good Harley. I had Cub Sport’s ‘I Never Cried... etc.’ in my list and ur name was mentioned lol
I've added up a lot of lists now so I want to put down a deadline for the end of the month for list submission. Potential but unconfirmed exceptions for people who put Owl Eyes or Yuna in their top 10. Once this is done I should be able to work out a broadcast date.
Hijinx - re my 2019 list - i only got as far as a Top 173 - didn't quite get 200. Hope this isn't going to cause too many problems...
That's fine, I don't require anything resembling a 'clean' number
It's March so I can close submission for this. I am going to aim for a Sunday March 8th broadcast, with more details once I'm more certain I'll have everything done in time before then.

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