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Anton Awards - Dedicated to recognising the best songs of the year:

Official Number Ones
2/01/2010Owl CityFirefliesUS
9/01/2010Owl CityFirefliesUS
16/01/2010Owl CityFirefliesUS
23/01/2010Owl CityFirefliesUS
30/01/2010Owl CityFirefliesUS
13/02/2010Jay SeanDo You Remember (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon)US
20/02/2010Jay SeanDo You Remember (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon)US
27/02/2010The Black Eyed PeasImma BeUS
6/03/2010Tenth Avenue NorthHealing BeginsUS
13/03/2010Tenth Avenue NorthHealing BeginsUS
20/03/2010Sam ClarkBrokenAU
27/03/2010Sam ClarkBrokenAU
3/04/2010TrainHey Soul SisterUS
10/04/2010TrainHey Soul SisterUS
17/04/2010The Temper TrapLove LostAU
24/04/2010TrainHey Soul SisterUS
1/05/2010Josh WilsonBefore The MorningUS
8/05/2010Josh WilsonBefore The MorningUS
15/05/2010B.o.BAirplanes (feat. Hayley Williams)US
22/05/2010B.o.BAirplanes (feat. Hayley Williams)US
29/05/2010Scouting For GirlsThis Ain't A Love SongUK
5/06/2010PowderfingerSail The Wildest StretchAU
12/06/2010B.o.BAirplanes (feat. Hayley Williams)US
19/06/2010TobyMacGet Back UpUS
26/06/2010TobyMacGet Back UpUS
3/07/2010PowderfingerSail The Wildest StretchAU
10/07/2010Kerrie RobertsNo Matter WhatUS
17/07/2010Kerrie RobertsNo Matter WhatUS
24/07/2010Michael PaynterLove The Fall (feat. The Veronicas)AU
31/07/2010Michael PaynterLove The Fall (feat. The Veronicas)AU
7/08/2010Michael PaynterLove The Fall (feat. The Veronicas)AU
14/08/2010B.o.BMagic (feat. Rivers Cuomo)US
21/08/2010The ScriptFor The First TimeIE
28/08/2010Sanctus RealLead MeUS
4/09/2010The AftersLight Up The SkyUS
11/09/2010The AftersLight Up The SkyUS
18/09/2010The AftersLight Up The SkyUS
25/09/2010The AftersLight Up The SkyUS
2/10/2010Birds of TokyoPlansAU
9/10/2010Brandon FlowersCrossfireUS
16/10/2010Brandon FlowersCrossfireUS
23/10/2010Linkin ParkWaiting For The EndUS
30/10/2010Birds of TokyoPlansAU
6/11/2010Birds of TokyoPlansAU
13/11/2010Birds of TokyoPlansAU
20/11/2010Kings of LeonPyroUS
27/11/2010Kings of LeonPyroUS
4/12/2010Kings of LeonPyroUS
11/12/2010Kings of LeonPyroUS
18/12/2010Kings of LeonPyroUS
25/12/2010Kings of LeonPyroUS
1/01/2011The AftersLift Me UpUS
8/01/2011The AftersLift Me UpUS
15/01/2011Linkin ParkBurning In The SkiesUS
22/01/2011Linkin ParkBurning In The SkiesUS
29/01/2011The ScriptNothingIE
5/02/2011Neon TreesAnimalUS
12/02/2011Neon TreesAnimalUS
19/02/2011Brandon HeathYour LoveUS
26/02/2011Brandon HeathYour LoveUS
5/03/2011Birds of TokyoCirclesAU
12/03/2011Birds of TokyoCirclesAU
19/03/2011Brandon HeathYour LoveUS
26/03/2011Birds of TokyoWild At HeartAU
2/04/2011Matthew WestMy Own Little WorldUS
9/04/2011Mark SchultzWhat It Means To Be LovedAU
16/04/2011Birds of TokyoCirclesAU
23/04/2011Birds of TokyoCirclesAU
30/04/2011Birds of TokyoCirclesAU
7/05/2011The ScriptIf You Ever Come BackIE
14/05/2011The ScriptIf You Ever Come BackIE
21/05/2011360Throw It Away (feat. Josh Pyke)AU
28/05/2011360Throw It Away (feat. Josh Pyke)AU
4/06/2011360Throw It Away (feat. Josh Pyke)AU
11/06/2011ColdplayEvery Teardrop Is A WaterfallUK
18/06/2011ColdplayEvery Teardrop Is A WaterfallUK
25/06/2011Brandon HeathThe Light In MeUS
2/07/2011Brandon HeathThe Light In MeUS
9/07/2011ColdplayEvery Teardrop Is A WaterfallUK
16/07/2011ColdplayEvery Teardrop Is A WaterfallUK
23/07/2011Royal TailorHold Me TogetherUS
30/07/2011ElbowOpen ArmsUK
6/08/2011Panic! At The DiscoReady To Go (Get Out Of My Mind)US
13/08/2011AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
20/08/2011AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
27/08/2011AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
3/09/2011Foster The PeoplePumped Up KicksUS
10/09/2011Nathan TaskerLove Is The CompassAU
17/09/2011Foster The PeoplePumped Up KicksUS
24/09/2011AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
1/10/2011Foster The PeoplePumped Up KicksUS
8/10/2011Foster The PeoplePumped Up KicksUS
15/10/2011Ed SheeranThe A TeamUK
22/10/2011AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
29/10/2011AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
5/11/2011AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
12/11/2011New EmpireGhostsAU
19/11/2011Ed SheeranThe A TeamUK
26/11/2011Ed SheeranThe A TeamUK
3/12/2011Ed SheeranThe A TeamUK
10/12/2011Jason GrayRemind Me Who I AmUS
17/12/2011Foster The PeopleCall It What You WantUS
24/12/2011Boy & BearFeeding LineAU
31/12/2011AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
7/01/2012AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
14/01/2012LeelandI WonderUS
21/01/2012AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
28/01/2012AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
4/02/2012AbandonFeel It In Your HeartUS
11/02/2012Six60Only To BeNZ
18/02/2012Boy & BearPart Time BelieverAU
25/02/2012One DirectionOne ThingUK
3/03/2012One DirectionOne ThingUK
10/03/2012One DirectionOne ThingUK
17/03/2012AviciiFade Into DarknessSE
24/03/2012The AftersLife Is BeautifulUS
31/03/2012AviciiFade Into DarknessSE
7/04/2012The AftersLife Is BeautifulUS
14/04/2012Anthem LightsOutta My MindUS
21/04/2012Anthem LightsOutta My MindUS
28/04/2012Anthem LightsOutta My MindUS
5/05/2012Anthem LightsOutta My MindUS
12/05/2012Jason GrayGood To Be AliveUS
19/05/2012Jason GrayGood To Be AliveUS
26/05/2012Jason GrayGood To Be AliveUS
2/06/2012Jason GrayGood To Be AliveUS
9/06/2012Jason GrayGood To Be AliveUS
16/06/2012Jason GrayGood To Be AliveUS
23/06/2012Matt Redman10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)UK
30/06/2012Matt Redman10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)UK
7/07/2012Jason GrayGood To Be AliveUS
14/07/2012Django DjangoDefaultUK
21/07/2012Django DjangoDefaultUK
28/07/2012Jimmy NeedhamI Will Find You (feat. Lecrae)US
4/08/2012Fun.Some NightsUS
11/08/2012Fun.Some NightsUS
18/08/2012Fun.Some NightsUS
25/08/2012Fun.Some NightsUS
1/09/2012Fun.Some NightsUS
8/09/2012Fun.Some NightsUS
15/09/2012EvermoreFollow The SunAU
22/09/2012EvermoreFollow The SunAU
29/09/2012Calvin HarrisWe'll Be Coming Back (feat. Example)UK
6/10/2012360Run AloneAU
13/10/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
20/10/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
27/10/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
3/11/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
10/11/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
17/11/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
24/11/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
1/12/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
8/12/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
15/12/2012Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)SE
22/12/2012Tenth Avenue NorthWornUS
29/12/2012Tenth Avenue NorthWornUS
5/01/2013Tenth Avenue NorthWornUS
12/01/2013Atlas GeniusTrojansAU
19/01/2013Atlas GeniusTrojansAU
26/01/2013Birds of TokyoLanternsAU
2/02/2013Birds of TokyoLanternsAU
9/02/2013Birds of TokyoLanternsAU
16/02/2013Flight FacilitiesClair de Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)AU
23/02/2013Flight FacilitiesClair de Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)AU
2/03/2013Flight FacilitiesClair de Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)AU
9/03/2013Flight FacilitiesClair de Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)AU
30/03/2013Justin TimberlakeMirrorsUS
6/04/2013Justin TimberlakeMirrorsUS
13/04/2013OneRepublic & AlessoIf I Lose MyselfUS
20/04/2013OneRepublic & AlessoIf I Lose MyselfUS
27/04/2013OneRepublic & AlessoIf I Lose MyselfUS
4/05/2013One DirectionKiss YouUK
11/05/2013One DirectionKiss YouUK
18/05/2013For King & CountryBusted Heart (Hold On To Me)UK
25/05/2013Robin StjernbergYouSE
1/06/2013Robin StjernbergYouSE
8/06/2013Robin StjernbergYouSE
15/06/2013Robin StjernbergYouSE
22/06/2013Hawk NelsonWords (feat. Bart Millard)US
29/06/2013AviciiWake Me UpSE
6/07/2013AviciiWake Me UpSE
13/07/2013AviciiWake Me UpSE
20/07/2013AviciiWake Me UpSE
27/07/2013Vance JoyRiptideAU
3/08/2013Vance JoyRiptideAU
10/08/2013Imagine DragonsRadioactiveUS
17/08/2013Imagine DragonsRadioactiveUS
24/08/2013Kings of LeonWait For MeUS
31/08/2013Imagine DragonsRadioactiveUS
7/09/2013Imagine DragonsRadioactiveUS
14/09/2013Imagine DragonsRadioactiveUS
21/09/2013BastilleThings We Lost In The FireUK
28/09/2013Imagine DragonsMonsterUS
5/10/2013Imagine DragonsOn Top of The WorldUS
12/10/2013Imagine DragonsOn Top of The WorldUS
19/10/2013BastilleThings We Lost In The FireUK
26/10/2013BastilleThings We Lost In The FireUK
2/11/2013Calvin Harris & AlessoUnder Control (feat. Hurts)UK
9/11/2013Taylor HendersonBorrow My HeartAU
16/11/2013Taylor HendersonBorrow My HeartAU
23/11/2013BastilleOf The NightUK
30/11/2013Audio AdrenalineBelieverUS
7/12/2013For King & CountryBaby BoyAU
14/12/2013RudimentalFree (feat. Emeli Sande)UK
21/12/2013For King & CountryBaby BoyAU
28/12/2013For King & CountryBaby BoyAU
4/01/2014RudimentalFree (feat. Emeli Sande)UK
11/01/2014RudimentalFree (feat. Emeli Sande)UK
18/01/2014Foster The PeopleComing of AgeUS
25/01/2014Foster The PeopleComing of AgeUS
1/02/2014Foster The PeopleComing of AgeUS
8/02/2014Foster The PeopleComing of AgeUS
15/02/2014Clean BanditRather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)UK
22/02/2014Clean BanditRather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)UK
1/03/2014Clean BanditRather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)UK
8/03/2014Clean BanditRather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)UK
3/05/2014Andreas MoeOceanSW
10/05/2014Andreas MoeOceanSW
17/05/2014Emmelie de ForestRainmakerDK
21/06/2014Rush of FoolsLay Me DownUS
28/06/2014Taylor HendersonAlready GoneAU
5/07/2014Taylor HendersonAlready GoneAU
12/07/2014Vance JoyMess Is MineAU
19/07/2014Vance JoyMess Is MineAU
26/07/2014Tenth Avenue NorthNo Man Is An IslandUS
2/08/2014Tenth Avenue NorthNo Man Is An IslandUS
9/08/2014Tenth Avenue NorthNo Man Is An IslandUS
16/08/2014Tenth Avenue NorthNo Man Is An IslandUS
23/08/2014Tenth Avenue NorthNo Man Is An IslandUS
30/08/2014Tenth Avenue NorthNo Man Is An IslandUS
6/09/2014Tenth Avenue NorthNo Man Is An IslandUS
13/09/2014Capital KingsFireblazinUS
20/09/2014Capital KingsFireblazinUS
27/09/2014The Kite String TangleArcadiaAU
4/10/2014James BayLet It GoUK
11/10/2014The Kite String TangleArcadiaAU
18/10/2014Peking DukTake Me Over (feat. Safia)AU
25/10/2014Peking DukTake Me Over (feat. Safia)AU
1/11/2014Brandon HeathNo Turning Back (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
8/11/2014Brandon HeathNo Turning Back (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
15/11/2014Brandon HeathNo Turning Back (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
22/11/2014Brandon HeathNo Turning Back (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
29/11/2014Brandon HeathNo Turning Back (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
6/12/2014Brandon HeathNo Turning Back (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
13/12/2014Brandon HeathNo Turning Back (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
20/12/2014Brandon HeathNo Turning Back (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
27/12/2014Brandon HeathNo Turning Back (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
3/01/2015The Kite String TangleStone Cold (feat. Tiana Khasi)AU
10/01/2015The War on DrugsRed EyesUS
17/01/2015The War on DrugsRed EyesUS
24/01/2015ÁsgeirKing And CrossIC
31/01/2015The GriswoldsBeware The DogAU
7/02/2015ÁsgeirKing And CrossIC
14/02/2015ÁsgeirKing And CrossIC
21/02/2015AlessoCool (feat. Roy English)SE
28/02/2015Years & YearsKingUK
7/03/2015Years & YearsKingUK
14/03/2015Years & YearsKingUK
21/03/2015Years & YearsKingUK
28/03/2015Years & YearsKingUK
4/04/2015Walk The MoonShut Up And DanceUS
11/04/2015Walk The MoonShut Up And DanceUS
18/04/2015Walk The MoonShut Up And DanceUS
25/04/2015Clean BanditStrongerUK
2/05/2015Clean BanditStrongerUK
9/05/2015Clean BanditStrongerUK
16/05/2015Years & YearsShineUK
23/05/2015Years & YearsShineUK
30/05/2015Tiesto & KSHMRSecrets (feat. Vassy)NL
6/06/2015Måns ZelmerlöwHeroesSE
13/06/2015Jamie xxLoud Places (feat. Romy)UK
20/06/2015Walk The MoonDifferent ColoursUS
4/07/2015RÜFÜSYou Were RightAU
11/07/2015RÜFÜSYou Were RightAU
18/07/2015RudimentalRumour Mill (feat. Will Heard & Anne-Marie)UK
25/07/2015RudimentalRumour Mill (feat. Will Heard & Anne-Marie)UK
1/08/2015RÜFÜSYou Were RightAU
8/08/2015RudimentalRumour Mill (feat. Will Heard & Anne-Marie)UK
15/08/2015RudimentalRumour Mill (feat. Will Heard & Anne-Marie)UK
22/08/2015Michael BrunTongue Tied July (feat. Roy English)HT
29/08/2015Michael BrunTongue Tied July (feat. Roy English)HT
5/09/2015Michael BrunTongue Tied July (feat. Roy English)HT
12/09/2015Tenth Avenue NorthBreak of DayUS
19/09/2015Michael BrunTongue Tied July (feat. Roy English)HT
26/09/2015Michael BrunTongue Tied July (feat. Roy English)HT
3/10/2015Troye SivanWildAU
10/10/2015Troye SivanWildAU
17/10/2015RudimentalLay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran)UK
24/10/2015RudimentalLay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran)UK
31/10/2015RÜFÜSYou Were RightAU
7/11/2015ColdplayAdventure of a LifetimeUK
14/11/2015St. LuciaDancing on GlassZA
16/01/2016Betablock3rOut of TouchUS
23/01/2016Betablock3rOut of TouchUS
30/01/2016RÜFÜSSay A Prayer For MeAU
6/02/2016Betablock3rWhat You WantedUS
13/02/2016Betablock3rWhat You WantedUS
20/02/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
27/02/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
5/06/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
12/03/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
19/03/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
26/03/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
2/04/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
9/04/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
16/04/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
23/04/2016The 1975Somebody ElseUK
30/04/2016Boyce AvenueImperfect MeUS
7/05/2016Justin TimberlakeCan't Stop The FeelingUS
14/05/2016Justin TimberlakeCan't Stop The FeelingUS
21/05/2016Tenth Avenue NorthWhat You WantUS
28/05/2016Tenth Avenue NorthWhat You WantUS
4/06/2016Honne & Izzy BizuSomeone That Loves YouUK
11/06/2016Honne & Izzy BizuSomeone That Loves YouUK
18/06/2016The 1975A Change of HeartUK
25/06/2016The 1975A Change of HeartUK
2/07/2016St. LuciaHelp Me Run AwayUS
9/07/2016St. LuciaHelp Me Run AwayUS
16/07/2016DrakeToo Good (feat. Rihanna)CA
23/07/2016DrakeToo Good (feat. Rihanna)CA
30/07/2016The 1975This Must Be My DreamUK
6/08/2016The 1975This Must Be My DreamUK
13/08/2016The 1975This Must Be My DreamUK
20/08/2016The 1975This Must Be My DreamUK
27/08/2016The 1975This Must Be My DreamUK
3/09/2016The 1975This Must Be My DreamUK
10/09/2016The 1975This Must Be My DreamUK
17/09/2016HonneTreat You RightUK
24/09/2016HonneTreat You RightUK
1/10/2016Local NativesDark Days (feat. Nina Perrsons)US
8/10/2016Calvin HarrisMy WayUK
15/10/2016Calvin HarrisMy WayUK
22/10/2016HonneTreat You RightUK
29/10/2016Clean BanditRockabye (feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul)UK
5/11/2016HonneGood TogetherUK
12/11/2016Pon ChoFrozen (feat. Paige IV)AU
19/11/2016Pon ChoFrozen (feat. Paige IV)AU
26/11/2016The WeekndI Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)CA
3/12/2016The WeekndI Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)CA
10/12/2016John MayerLove On The WeekendUS
17/12/2016Maggie RogersDog YearsUS
24/12/2016Maggie RogersDog YearsUS
31/12/2016Maggie RogersDog YearsUS
7/01/2017Maggie RogersDog YearsUS
14/01/2017Ed SheeranCastle On A HillUK
21/01/2017Maggie RogersDog YearsUS
11/02/2017FilousGoodbye (feat. Mat Kearney)AT
18/02/2017Will HeardI Better Love YouUK
25/02/2017Will HeardBeep MeUK
5/03/2017Will HeardBeep MeUK
12/03/2017Will HeardBeep MeUK
22/04/2017A R I Z O N AOceans AwayUS
6/05/2017The War on DrugsThinking of a PlaceUS
13/05/2017The War on DrugsThinking of a PlaceUS
20/05/2017The War on DrugsThinking of a PlaceUS
27/05/2017Brandon HeathWhole HeartUS
3/06/2017Roy EnglishOuta My Head 01101110US
10/06/2017Roy EnglishOuta My Head 01101110US
17/06/2017Arcade FireEverything NowCA
24/06/2017DisciplesOn My MindUK
1/07/2017Arcade FireEverything NowCA
8/07/2017RudimentalSun Comes Up (feat. James Arthur)UK
15/07/2017RudimentalSun Comes Up (feat. James Arthur)UK
22/07/2017The War on DrugsStrangest ThingUS
29/07/2017The War on DrugsStrangest ThingUS
5/08/2017Hillsong WorshipCrownsAU
12/08/2017Hillsong WorshipCrownsAU
19/08/2017The War on DrugsStrangest ThingUS
26/08/2017The War on DrugsUp All NightUS
2/09/2017The War on DrugsPainUS
9/09/2017The War on DrugsPainUS
16/09/2017The War on DrugsClean LivingUS
23/09/2017The War on DrugsClean LivingUS
30/09/2017Walk The MoonOne FootUS
7/10/2017Walk The MoonOne FootUS
14/10/2017Walk The MoonOne FootUS
21/10/2017LauvI Like Me BetterUS
28/10/2017LauvI Like Me BetterUS
4/11/2017LauvThe OtherUS
11/11/2017Midnight To MonacoOne Way TicketUS
18/11/2017Midnight To MonacoOne Way TicketUS
25/11/2017ShallouYou And MeUS
2/12/2017ShallouYou And MeUS
9/12/2017Will HeardFallin' 4 UUK
16/12/2017Foster The PeopleSit Next To MeUS
23/12/2017Gang of YouthsThe Deepest Sighs, The Frankest ShadowsAU
30/12/2017Lost KingsDon't CallUS
6/01/2018Gang of YouthsThe Deepest Sighs, The Frankest ShadowsAU
13/01/2018Troye SivanMy My My!AU
20/01/2018Troye SivanMy My My!AU
27/01/2018Troye SivanMy My My!AU
3/02/2018ShallouLie (feat. Riah)US
10/02/2018CamelPhat & ElderbrookColaUK
17/02/2018LauvGetting Over YouUS
24/02/2018LauvGetting Over YouUS
17/03/2018Jordan FelizCount That HighUS
24/03/2018Jordan FelizCount That HighUS
31/03/2018Shawn MendesLost In JapanCA
7/04/2018Shawn MendesLost In JapanCA
21/04/2018The Paper KitesOn The Train Ride HomeAU
28/04/2018The Paper KitesOn The Train Ride HomeAU
5/05/2018The Paper KitesOn The Train Ride HomeAU
12/05/2018The Paper KitesOn The Train Ride HomeAU
19/05/2018Childish GambinoThis Is AmericaUS
26/05/2018Maggie RogersFallingwaterUS
2/6/2018HonneLocation Unknown (feat. Georgia)UK
9/6/2018HonneLocation Unknown (feat. Georgia)UK
16/6/2018HonneLocation Unknown (feat. Georgia)UK
23/6/2018HonneLocation Unknown (feat. Georgia)UK
7/7/2018LakynSweet DaysAU
14/7/2018LakynSweet DaysAU
21/7/2018The Paper KitesDeep Burn BlueAU
28/7/2018The Paper KitesDeep Burn BlueAU
4/8/2018The Paper KitesDeep Burn BlueAU
11/8/2018The Paper KitesDeep Burn BlueAU
18/8/2018RÜFÜS DU SOLUnderwaterAU
25/8/2018RÜFÜS DU SOLUnderwaterAU
1/9/2018The Paper KitesGive Me Your Fire, Give Me Your RainAU
8/9/2018The Paper KitesGive Me Your Fire, Give Me Your RainAU
15/9/2018The Paper KitesGive Me Your Fire, Give Me Your RainAU
22/9/2018The Paper KitesRed LightAU
29/9/2018The Paper KitesWhen It Hurts YouAU
6/10/2018The Paper KitesDon't Keep DrivingAU
13/10/2018The Paper KitesDon't Keep DrivingAU
20/10/2018Maggie RogersLight OnUS
27/10/2018The Paper KitesMess We MadeAU
3/11/2018The Paper KitesWhen It Hurts YouAU
10/11/2018The Paper KitesMess We MadeAU
17/11/2018The Paper KitesWhen It Hurts YouAU
24/11/2018The Paper KitesWhen It Hurts YouAU
1/12/2018Mike PosnerStuck In The MiddleUS
8/12/2018The 1975I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)UK
15/12/2018The 1975I Couldn't Be More In LoveUK
22/12/2018ElderbrookOld FriendUK
29/12/2018RudimentalThey Don't Care About Us (feat. Maverick Sabre & YEBBA)UK
5/01/2019RudimentalThey Don't Care About Us (feat. Maverick Sabre & YEBBA)UK
12/01/2019Christian FrenchSomeone NewUS
19/01/2019Christian FrenchSomeone NewUS
16/02/2019Blake RoseLostAU
23/02/2019Kacey MusgravesLonely WeekendUS
9/03/2019Methyl EthelTrip The MainsAU
16/03/2019Martin GarrixNo Sleep (feat. Bonn)NL
30/03/2019FoalsIn DegreesUK
6/04/2019FoalsIn DegreesUK
13/04/2019James MorrisonSo BeautifulUK
20/04/2019KhalidOutta My Head (with John Mayer)US
27/04/2019Martin GarrixMistaken (feat. Alex Aris)NL
4/05/2019Martin GarrixMistaken (feat. Alex Aris)NL
11/05/2019Shawn MendesIf I Can't Have YouCA
18/05/2019Seeb & HighasakiteFree To GoNO
25/05/2019Tenth Avenue NorthGreater Than All My RegretsUS
1/06/2019Lady AntebellumWhat If I Never Get Over YouUS
8/06/2019Tenth Avenue NorthGreater Than All My RegretsUS
15/06/2019Tenth Avenue NorthGreater Than All My RegretsUS
22/06/2019AviciiHeaven (feat. Chris Martin)SE
29/06/2019Tenth Avenue NorthGreater Than All My RegretsUS
6/07/2019Tenth Avenue NorthGreater Than All My RegretsUS
13/07/2019Tenth Avenue NorthGreater Than All My RegretsUS
20/07/2019Tenth Avenue NorthGreater Than All My RegretsUS
27/07/2019Alan SilvestriThe Real HeroUS
3/08/2019Alan SilvestriThe Real HeroUS
10/08/2019Ed SheeranBeautiful People (feat. Khalid)UK
17/08/2019Dean LewisStay AwakeAU
24/08/2019Dean LewisStay AwakeAU
31/08/2019MokitaInside OutUS
7/09/2019Elderbrook & RudimentalSomething About YouUK
14/09/2019Elderbrook & RudimentalSomething About YouUK
21/09/2019Steve AokiLet It Be Me (feat. Backstreet Boys)US
28/09/2019Steve AokiLet It Be Me (feat. Backstreet Boys)US
5/10/2019Sam FenderThe BordersUK
26/10/2019BeckUneventful DaysUS
2/11/2019Martin GarrixUsed To Love (with Dean Lewis)NL
9/11/2019Martin GarrixUsed To Love (with Dean Lewis)NL
16/11/2019Martin GarrixUsed To Love (with Dean Lewis)NL
23/11/2019COINLet It All Out (10:05)US
30/11/2019Maggie RogersLove You For A Long TimeUS
7/12/2019COINLet It All Out (10:05)US
14/12/2019Maggie RogersLove You For A Long TimeUS
21/12/2019Niall HoranPut A Little Love On MeUK
28/12/2019Harry StylesAdore YouUK

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2020 Number Ones

4/1/2020Harry StylesAdore You10UK
11/1/2020Harry StylesAdore You7UK
18/1/2020Harry StylesAdore You14UK
25/1/2020Post MaloneCircles18US
1/2/2020Billie Eilishi love you29US
8/2/2020Post MaloneCircles10US
15/2/2020Tame ImpalaOne More Year10AU
22/2/2020Tame ImpalaOne More Year7AU
29/2/2020Tame ImpalaOne More Year11AU
7/3/2020Tame ImpalaOne More Year10AU
14/3/2020COINInto My Arms11US
21/3/2020Niall HoranSmall Talk15IE
28/3/2020DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing11AU
4/4/2020DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing20AU
11/4/2020DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing12AU
18/4/2020DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing15AU
25/4/2020DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing21AU
2/5/2020Mac MillerRight15US
9/5/2020The 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)15UK
16/5/2020The 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)10UK
23/5/2020The 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)15UK
30/5/2020Lady GagaRain On Me (with Ariana Grande21US

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4th January

1151Harry StylesAdore You [2 Weeks at #1]
2371Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
3543Sam FenderAll Is On My Mind 
4654Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar 
5761Bombay Bicycle ClubEverything Else Has Gone Wrong 
6846Yumi ZoumaRight Track/Wrong Man 
7252Holy HolyMaybe You Know 
81048Harry StylesTreat People With Kindness 
91639Hot Shade & Mike PerryDive (feat. Chris James) 
1023210Martin GarrixHold On (feat. Michael Zitron) 
1111411RAYEPlease Don't Touch Me 
12451Niall HoranPut A Little Love On Me [1 Week at #1]
1317413Harry StylesGolden 
14981COINLet It All Out (10:05) [2 Weeks at #1]
1521215Joshua HyslopBehind The Light 
1618316Hayden James & Boy MatthewsHold Me Back 
1719317Chris JamesSummertime Madness 
1820318Two PeopleDream Steppin' 
1924419Harry StylesFine Line 
2025420Harry StylesCherry 
2126419Harry StylesCanyon Moon 
2227418Harry StylesSunflower, Vol. 6 
231276Baker BoyMeditjin (feat. JessB) 
241375Boy & BearSuck On Light 
251468Fergus JamesMistakes 
2722227Mighty OaksLost Again 
28NEW128Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
29NEW129Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
3034230FoalsOn The Luna 
31NEW131Bombay Bicycle ClubI Can Hardly Speak 
3231232Holy HolyTeach Me About Dying 
3332233SamiaOde To Sacrifice 
3430234OTR & ShallouHeart 
3535235Sofi TukkerFantasy 
3628433Jarryd JamesLet It Go 
3729432KeaneStupid Things 
3837101Martin GarrixUsed To Love (with Dean Lewis) [3 Weeks at #1]
3938810MadeonNo Fear No More 
4141241Gracie AdamsStay 
4242242OH!Chris James 
4343339Milky ChanceRush (feat. Témé Tan) 
4540427Ava MaxSalt 
4644423Gabrielle AplinMagic 
4733247Kishi BashiPenny Rabbit and Summer Beart 
4836330Yumi ZoumaBruises 
494777Jessie WareMirage (Don't Stop) 
5050338Milky ChanceThe Game 

45240Bag RaidersHow Long (feat. Panama)
461 KeaneLove Too Much
481 Bad SunsThe World And I
49333UsherDon't Waste My Time (feat. Ella Mai)

11th January

1161Harry StylesAdore You [2 Weeks at #1]
2281Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
3653Yumi ZoumaRight Track/Wrong Man 
4353Sam FenderAll Is On My Mind 
5571Bombay Bicycle ClubEverything Else Has Gone Wrong 
6*1746Chris JamesSummertime Madness 
7949Hot Shade & Mike PerryDive (feat. Chris James) 
8*1648Hayden James & Boy MatthewsHold Me Back 
91159RAYEPlease Don't Touch Me 
10NEW110Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
11848Harry StylesTreat People With Kindness 
12464Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar 
13*28212Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
14762Holy HolyMaybe You Know 
1510310Martin GarrixHold On (feat. Michael Zitron) 
1615315Joshua HyslopBehind The Light 
17*29216Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
18NEW117Nightlythe movies 
19NEW118Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
2013513Harry StylesGolden 
211491COINLet It All Out (10:05) [2 Weeks at #1]
23NEW122Mac MillerGood News 
24*31223Bombay Bicycle ClubI Can Hardly Speak 
251261Niall HoranPut A Little Love On Me [1 Week at #1]
26NEW125Devon GifillianThe Good Life 
27NEW126Little Big TownNightfall 
2818418Two PeopleDream Steppin' 
29NEW128The Big MoonBarcelona 
3019519Harry StylesFine Line 
3120520Harry StylesCherry 
3221519Harry StylesCanyon Moon 
3322518Harry StylesSunflower, Vol. 6 
34NEW134KodalineWherever You Are 
352386Baker BoyMeditjin (feat. JessB) 
362485Boy & BearSuck On Light 
372578Fergus JamesMistakes 
38NEW138Shallou & DayaOlder 
3930330FoalsOn The Luna 
4027327Mighty OaksLost Again 
4232332Holy HolyTeach Me About Dying 
4333333SamiaOde To Sacrifice 
4434334OTR & ShallouHeart 
4535335Sofi TukkerFantasy 
4638111Martin GarrixUsed To Love (with Dean Lewis) [3 Weeks at #1] 
48NEW148Pictures ThisWinona Ryder 
4936533Jarryd JamesLet It Go 
5037532KeaneStupid Things 

39810MadeonNo Fear No More
41241Gracie AdamsStay
42242OH!Chris James
43339Milky ChanceRush (feat. Témé Tan)
45427Ava MaxSalt
46423Gabrielle AplinMagic
47247Kishi BashiPenny Rabbit and Summer Beart
48330Yumi ZoumaBruises
4977Jessie WareMirage (Don't Stop)
50338Milky ChanceThe Game

18th January

Haha I still exist

1171Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]
2291Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
3463Sam FenderAll Is On My Mind 
4759Hot Shade & Mike PerryDive (feat. Chris James) 
5656Chris JamesSummertime Madness 
61026Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
7363Yumi ZoumaRight Track/Wrong Man 
8*1828Nightlythe movies 
91339Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
1017310Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
11585Bombay Bicycle ClubEverything Else Has Gone Wrong 
1219212Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
131472Holy HolyMaybe You Know 
14NEW114Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
1516415Joshua HyslopBehind The Light 
1823218Mac MillerGood News 
19858Hayden James & Boy MatthewsHold Me Back 
20969RAYEPlease Don't Touch Me 
21NEW121Bombay Bicycle ClubIs Sit Real 
2215410Martin GarrixHold On (feat. Michael Zitron) 
231158Harry StylesTreat People With Kindness 
241274Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar 
2520613Harry StylesGolden 
2621101COINLet It All Out (10:05) [2 Weeks at #1]
2724323Bombay Bicycle ClubI Can Hardly Speak 
282571Niall HoranPut A Little Love On Me [1 Week at #1]
29NEW129The 1975Me & You Together Song 
3028518Two PeopleDream Steppin' 
31NEW131Alec BenjaminDemons 
3229228The Big MoonBarcelona 
3432619Harry StylesCanyon Moon 
35NEW135Mac MillerHand Me Downs 
3626225Devon GifillianThe Good Life 
3727226Little Big TownNightfall 
3833618Harry StylesSunflower, Vol. 6 
39NEW139The WeekndBlinding Lights 
4034234KodalineWherever You Are 
4130619Harry StylesFine Line 
4231620Harry StylesCherry 
433788Fergus JamesMistakes 
44NEW144Chelsea CultlerSad Tonight 
453596Baker BoyMeditjin (feat. JessB) 
463695Boy & BearSuck On Light 
47NEW147HalseyYou should be sad 
4842432Holy HolyTeach Me About Dying 
4943433SamiaOde To Sacrifice 
5046121Martin GarrixUsed To Love (with Dean Lewis) [3 Weeks at #1]

38138Shallou & DayaOlder
39330FoalsOn The Luna
40327Mighty OaksLost Again
44334OTR & ShallouHeart
45335Sofi TukkerFantasy
48148Pictures ThisWinona Ryder
49533Jarryd JamesLet It Go
50532KeaneStupid Things

25th January

Come on, mate. Get your act together.

1NEW11Post MaloneCircles 
2181Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]
3NEW13BTSBoy With Luv 
4834Nightlythe movies 
5945Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
62101Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
7464Hot Shade & Mike PerryDive (feat. Chris James) 
8566Chris JamesSummertime Madness 
9373Sam FenderAll Is On My Mind 
10636Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
11773Yumi ZoumaRight Track/Wrong Man 
1310410Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
1412312Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
1514214Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
1818318Mac MillerGood News 
1922510Martin GarrixHold On (feat. Michael Zitron) 
201382Holy HolyMaybe You Know
211195Bombay Bicycle ClubEverything Else Has Gone Wrong 
2215515Joshua HyslopBehind The Light 
2321221Bombay Bicycle ClubIs It Real 
2429229The 1975Me & You Together Song 
25NEW125Doja CatBoss Bitch 
2631231Alec BenjaminDemons 
27NEW127Kygo & Avicii & Sandro Cavazza  
2827423Bombay Bicycle ClubI Can Hardly Speak 
2926111COINLet It All Out (10:05) [2 Weeks at #1]
30NEW130InhalerWe Have To Move On 
31NEW131Hayley WilliamsSimmer 
321968Hayden James & Boy MatthewsHold Me Back 
332079RAYEPlease Don't Touch Me 
3439234The WeekndBlinding Lights 
35NEW135JP CooperIn These Arms 
362368Harry StylesTreat People With Kindness 
372484Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar 
3825713Harry StylesGolden 
3930618Two PeopleDream Steppin' 
40NEW140Joel CurryLonely 
4135235Mac MillerHand Me Downs 
422881Niall HoranPut A Little Love On Me [1 Week at #1]
4336325Devon GifillianThe Good Life 
44NEW144Tauren WellsCitizen of Heaven 
4532328The Big MoonBarcelona 
4633233LauvTattoos Together 
4734719Harry StylesCanyon Moon 
4837326Little Big TownNightfall 
4938718Harry StylesSunflower, Vol. 6 
5047247HalseyYou should be sad 

40234KodalineWherever You Are 
41619Harry StylesFine Line 
42620Harry StylesCherry 
4388Fergus JamesMistakes 
44144Chelsea CultlerSad Tonight 
4596Baker BoyMeditjin (feat. JessB) 
4695Boy & BearSuck On Light 
48432Holy HolyTeach Me About Dying 
49433SamiaOde To Sacrifice 
50121Martin GarrixUsed To Love (with Dean Lewis) [3 Weeks at #1]

1st February

I'm still catching up

1NEW11Billie Eilishi love you 
2121Post MaloneCircles 
3291Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]
5323BTSBoy With Luv 
6444Nightlythe movies 
7555Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
86111Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
9774Hot Shade & Mike PerryDive (feat. Chris James) 
10876Chris JamesSummertime Madness 
121046Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
131183Yumi ZoumaRight Track/Wrong Man 
1413510Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
1514412Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
1615314Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
1919610Martin GarrixHold On (feat. Michael Zitron) 
20983Sam FenderAll Is On My Mind 
2118418Mac MillerGood News 
22NEW122Porter RobinsonGet Your Wish 
23NEW123CaribouNever Come Back 
2424329The 1975Me & You Together Song 
25NEW125Yumi ZoumaCool For A Second 
26NEW126Little DragonHold On  
2725225Doja CatBoss Bitch 
2826331Alec BenjaminDemons 
2927227Kygo & Avicii & Sandro CavazzaForever Yours 
30NEW130Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
3130230InhalerWe Have To Move On 
3223321Bombay Bicycle ClubIs It Real 
33NEW133Hayley WilliamsLeave It Alone 
34NEW134Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
35NEW135lovelythebandloneliness for love 
362092Holy HolyMaybe You Know
3721105Bombay Bicycle ClubEverything Else Has Gone Wrong 
3822615Joshua HyslopBehind The Light 
3928523Bombay Bicycle ClubI Can Hardly Speak 
40NEW140HusbandsSpeed Racer 
4129121COINLet It All Out (10:05) [2 Weeks at #1]
4235235JP CooperIn These Arms 
43NEW143BAYNKDOWN (feat. Golden Vessels & Akurei) 
4434334The WeekndBlinding Lights 
4539718Two PeopleDream Steppin' 
46NEW146Trophy EyesFigure Eight 
4731231Hayley WilliamsSimmer 
483278Hayden James & Boy MatthewsHold Me Back 
493389RAYEPlease Don't Touch Me 
504291Niall HoranPut A Little Love On Me [1 Week at #1]

3668Harry StylesTreat People With Kindness
3784Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
38713Harry StylesGolden
40140Joel CorryLonely
41235Mac MillerHand Me Downs
43325Devon GifillianThe Good Life
44144Tauren WellsCitizen of Heaven
45328The Big MoonBarcelona
46233LauvTattoos Together
47719Harry StylesCanyon Moon
48326Little Big TownNightfall
49718Harry StylesSunflower, Vol. 6
50247HalseyYou should be sad

8th February


1231Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1] 
2121Billie Eilishi love you [1 Week at #1] 
33101Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]
4NEW14AbroadAll I Want 
6654Nightlythe movies 
7765Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
91256Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
11NEW111Morgan Page & Matt FaxLongest Road To The Ground (feat. Lissie) 
12984Hot Shade & Mike PerryDive (feat. Chris James) 
131086Chris JamesSummertime Madness 
148121Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
15NEW115Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
1614610Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
1816414Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
1915512Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
20533BTSBoy With Luv 
21NEW121Jack GarrettTime 
2225222Yumi ZoumaCool For A Second 
231393Yumi ZoumaRight Track/Wrong Man 
2430224Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
25NEW125Moses SumneyCut Me 
2721518Mac MillerGood News 
28NEW128Jeremy Zuckeralways, i'll care 
29NEW129Meek MillBelieve (feat. Justin Timberlake) 
3034230Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
3122222Porter RobinsonGet Your Wish 
3223223CaribouNever Come Back 
33NEW133Niall HoranNo Judgement 
34NEW134Blake RoseGone 
3542335JP CooperIn These Arms 
3624429The 1975Me & You Together Song 
3719710Martin GarrixHold On (feat. Michael Zitron) 
382093Sam FenderAll Is On My Mind 
3926226Little DragonHold On  
4035235lovelythebandloneliness for love 
4240240HusbandsSpeed Racer 
4327325Doja CatBoss Bitch 
4431330InhalerWe Have To Move On 
4532421Bombay Bicycle ClubIs It Real 
4628431Alec BenjaminDemons 
4729327Kygo & Avicii & Sandro CavazzaForever Yours 
4833233Hayley WilliamsLeave It Alone 
4941131COINLet It All Out (10:05) [2 Weeks at #1]
5039623Bombay Bicycle ClubI Can Hardly Speak 

3692Holy HolyMaybe You Know
37105Bombay Bicycle ClubEverything Else Has Gone Wrong 
38615Joshua HyslopBehind The Light 
43143BAYNKDOWN (feat. Golden Vessels & Akurei) 
44334The WeekndBlinding Lights 
45718Two PeopleDream Steppin' 
46146Trophy EyesFigure Eight 
47231Hayley WilliamsSimmer 
4878Hayden James & Boy MatthewsHold Me Back 
4989RAYEPlease Don't Touch Me 
5091Niall HoranPut A Little Love On Me [1 Week at #1]

15th February Chart

*One More Year enters the chat.*

1NEW11Tame ImpalaOne More Year 
2422AbroadAll I Want 
3141Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1] 
43111Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]
51125Morgan Page & Matt FaxLongest Road To The Ground (feat. Lissie) 
61526Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
7231Billie Eilishi love you [1 Week at #1] 
8NEW18Tame ImpalaBreathe Deeper 
9966Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
10664Nightlythe movies 
11775Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
1424314Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
16NEW116Sam FenderHold Out 
1721217Jack GarrettTime 
1818514Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
1919612Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
21NEW121San CiscoReasons 
221294Hot Shade & Mike PerryDive (feat. Chris James) 
231396Chris JamesSummertime Madness 
2414131Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
2530325Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
2616710Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
2822322Yumi ZoumaCool For A Second 
29NEW129Doja CatSay So 
3033230Niall HoranNo Judgement 
3125225Moses SumneyCut Me 
3228228Jeremy Zuckeralways, i'll care 
3329229Meek MillBelieve (feat. Justin Timberlake) 
3423103Yumi ZoumaRight Track/Wrong Man 
3527618Mac MillerGood News 
362043BTSBoy With Luv 
3732323CaribouNever Come Back 
3831322Porter RobinsonGet Your Wish 
39NEW139Alec BenjaminOh My God 
40NEW140Cosmo's MidnightDown For You (feat. Ruel) 
4334234Blake RoseGone 
44NEW144RobinsonWatching You 
4535435JP CooperIn These Arms 
46NEW146The StrokesAt The Dppr 
47NEW147Billie EilishNo Time To Die 
48NEW148GrimesDelete Forever 
4936529The 1975Me & You Together Song 

37710Martin GarrixHold On (feat. Michael Zitron) 
3893Sam FenderAll Is On My Mind 
39226Little DragonHold On  
40235lovelythebandloneliness for love 
42240HusbandsSpeed Racer 
43325Doja CatBoss Bitch 
44330InhalerWe Have To Move On 
45421Bombay Bicycle ClubIs It Real 
46431Alec BenjaminDemons 
47327Kygo & Avicii & Sandro CavazzaForever Yours 
48233Hayley WilliamsLeave It Alone 
49131COINLet It All Out (10:05) [2 Weeks at #1]
50623Bombay Bicycle ClubI Can Hardly Speak 

as already mentioned I love At The Door <3 go San Cisco and Billie, and all that Tame Impala too!
22nd February Chart

1121Tame ImpalaOne More Year [2 Weeks at #1] 
2232AbroadAll I Want 
3533Morgan Page & Matt FaxLongest Road To The Ground (feat. Lissie) 
44121Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]
5351Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1] 
6636Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
7*1447Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
8828Tame ImpalaBreathe Deeper 
9*2929Doja CatSay So 
10976Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
1216212Sam FenderHold Out 
1317313Jack GarrettTime 
14741Billie Eilishi love you [1 Week at #1] 
15*21215San CiscoReasons 
181074Nightlythe movies 
191185Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
2025420Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
2130321Niall HoranNo Judgement 
2218614Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
2319712Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
24NEW124Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
2531325Moses SumneyCut Me 
2632326Jeremy Zuckeralways, i'll care 
2733327Meek MillBelieve (feat. Justin Timberlake) 
2828422Yumi ZoumaCool For A Second 
29NEW129Allie XSusie Save Your Love (feat. Mitski) 
31NEW131Purity Ringstardew 
32NEW132COINInto My Arms 
3337423CaribouNever Come Back 
3438422Porter RobinsonGet Your Wish 
3524141Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
3635718Mac MillerGood News 
3726810Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
39NEW139Glass AnimalsYour Love (Déjà Vu) 
4022104Hot Shade & Mike PerryDive (feat. Chris James) 
4123106Chris JamesSummertime Madness 
42NEW142LauvModern Loneliness 
4334113Yumi ZoumaRight Track/Wrong Man 
44NEW144AfrojackAll Night (feat. Ally Brooke) 
45NEW145The StrokesBad Decisions 
4639239Alec BenjaminOh My God 
4740240Cosmo's MidnightDown For You (feat. Ruel) 
4845535JP CooperIn These Arms 
4946246The StrokesAt The Door 
5047247Billie EilishNo Time To Die 

3643BTSBoy With Luv (feat. Halsey)
43234Blake RoseGone
44144RobinsonWatching You
48148GrimesDelete Forever
49529The 1975Me & You Together Song

29th February Chart

It's a leap year!

1131Tame ImpalaOne More Year [3 Weeks at #1] 
2757Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
3*2143Niall HoranNo Judgement 
44131Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]
5935Doja CatSay So 
6561Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1]
7242AbroadAll I Want 
8343Morgan Page & Matt FaxLongest Road To The Ground (feat. Lissie) 
9646Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
10*32210COINInto My Arms 
11838Tame ImpalaBreathe Deeper 
1215312San CiscoReasons 
131086Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
14*20514Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
1612312Sam FenderHold Out 
17NEW117SZA & Justin TimberlakeThe Other Side 
1813413Jack GarrettTime 
191451Billie Eilishi love you [1 Week at #1] 
2024220Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
21NEW121Mac MillerBlue World 
22NEW122Jessie WareSpotlight 
2325423Moses SumneyCut Me 
2422714Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
2523812Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
281884Nightlythe movies 
291995Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
3128522Yumi ZoumaCool For A Second 
3229229Allie XSusie Save Your Love (feat. Mitski) 
33NEW133Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
3431231Purity Ringstardew 
3527427Meek MillBelieve (feat. Justin Timberlake) 
3626426Jeremy Zuckeralways, i'll care 
3733523CaribouNever Come Back 
3834522Porter RobinsonGet Your Wish 
3936818Mac MillerGood News 
4135151Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
4237910Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
4539239Glass AnimalsYour Love (Déjà Vu) 
46NEW146Martin GarrixDrown (feat. Clinton Kane) 
4742242LauvModern Loneliness 
4844244AfrojackAll Night (feat. Ally Brooke) 
4945245The StrokesBad Decisions 
5047340Cosmo's MidnightDown For You (feat. Ruel) 

40104Hot Shade & Mike PerryDive (feat. Chris James)
41106Chris JamesSummertime Madness
43113Yumi ZoumaRight Track/Wrong Man
46239Alec BenjaminOh My God
48535JP CooperIn These Arms
49246The StrokesAt The Door
50247Billie EilishNo Time To Die

7th March

1141Tame ImpalaOne More Year [3 Weeks at #1]
2*1032COINInto My Arms 
3262Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
4353Niall HoranNo Judgement 
5*1465Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
64141Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]
7545Doja CatSay So 
8956Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
9671Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1]
10752AbroadAll I Want 
11853Morgan Page & Matt FaxLongest Road To The Ground (feat. Lissie) 
1220312Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
1317213SZA & Justin TimberlakeThe Other Side 
1421214Mac MillerBlue World 
1522215Jessie WareSpotlight 
1618513Jack GarrettTime 
1712412San CiscoReasons 
181148Tame ImpalaBreathe Deeper 
191396Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
20NEW120LauvInvisible Things 
2216412Sam FenderHold Out 
2325912Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
2423523Moses SumneyCut Me 
25*34331Purity Ringstardew 
26NEW126Freya RidingsCastles 
27NEW127RegardRide It 
2824814Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
31NEW131Christian Frenchcrowded room 
321961Billie Eilishi love you [1 Week at #1] 
33NEW133No Money EnterpriseGerman 
34NEW134HAIMThe Steps 
3531622Yumi ZoumaCool For A Second 
36NEW136Jaguar JonzeRabbit Hole 
3732329Allie XSusie Save Your Love (feat. Mitski) 
3833233Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
40NEW140Alesso & DubVisionOne Last Time 
422894Nightlythe movies 
4329105Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen) 
44NEW144Alec BenjaminThe Book of You & I 
4535527Meek MillBelieve (feat. Justin Timberlake) 
46NEW146Christian PaulHere Tonight 
4737623CaribouNever Come Back 
4838622Porter RobinsonGet Your Wish 
4939918Mac MillerGood News 
5045339Glass AnimalsYour Love (Déjà Vu) 

36426Jeremy Zuckeralways, i'll care 
41151Maggie RogersLove You For A Long Time [2 Weeks at #1]
42910Gabrielle Aplin & Nina NesbittMiss You 2 
46146Martin GarrixDrown (feat. Clinton Kane) 
47242LauvModern Loneliness 
48244AfrojackAll Night (feat. Ally Brooke) 
49245The StrokesBad Decisions 
50340Cosmo's MidnightDown For You (feat. Ruel) 

14th March

1241COINInto My Arms [1 Week at #1] 
2151Tame ImpalaOne More Year [4 Weeks at #1]
3372Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
4574Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
5463Niall HoranNo Judgement 
6755Doja CatSay So 
7NEW17Niall HoranSmall Talk 
86151Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]
91669Jack GarrettTime 
1012410Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
1120211LauvInvisible Things 
12866Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
1313313SZA & Justin TimberlakeThe Other Side 
1414314Mac MillerBlue World 
1515315Jessie WareSpotlight 
1617512San CiscoReasons 
1725417Purity Ringstardew 
18NEW118Yumi ZoumaLonely After 
19981Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1]
201062AbroadAll I Want 
211163Morgan Page & Matt FaxLongest Road To The Ground (feat. Lissie) 
22NEW122The KillersCaution 
23NEW123OneRepublicDidn't I 
2422512Sam FenderHold Out 
25231012Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
261858Tame ImpalaBreathe Deeper 
2719106Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
2924623Moses SumneyCut Me 
3031231Christian Frenchcrowded room 
31NEW131Shallou & Zachary KnowlesMutual Love 
32NEW132Niall HoranHeartbreak Weather 
3333233No Money EnterpriseGerman 
3528914Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
3638333Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
38NEW138Porter RobinsonSomething Comforting 
3926226Freya RidingsCastles 
4027227RegardRide It 
42NEW142Niall HoranBlack And White 
4334234HAIMThe Steps 
4436236Jaguar JonzeRabbit Hole 
4535722Yumi ZoumaCool For A Second 
46NEW146GrouploveInside Out 
4737429Allie XSusie Save Your Love (feat. Mitski) 
4840240Alesso & DubVisionOne Last Time 
49491018Mac MillerGood News 
503271Billie Eilishi love you [1 Week at #1] 

4294Nightlythe movies
43105Jonah BakerIf You Don't (feat. Addison Agen)
44144Alec BenjaminThe Book of You & I
45527Meek MillBelieve (feat. Justin Timberlake)
46146Christian PaulHere Tonight
47623CaribouNever Come Back
48622Porter RobinsonGet Your Wish
50339Glass AnimalsYour Love (Déjà Vu)

21st March

1721Niall HoranSmall Talk [1 Week at #1] 
2151COINInto My Arms [1 Week at #1] 
3261Tame ImpalaOne More Year [4 Weeks at #1]
4*1134LauvInvisible Things 
5484Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
6382Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
7665Doja CatSay So 
8573Niall HoranNo Judgement 
9979Jack GarrettTime 
10*22210The KillersCaution 
118161Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
1210510Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
131276Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
1414414Mac MillerBlue World 
15NEW115WestermanBlue Comanche 
16NEW116DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing 
17NEW117The Kite String TangleNORTH 
1813413SZA & Justin TimberlakeThe Other Side 
19NEW119Mac MillerRight 
2018218Yumi ZoumaLonely After 
2117517Purity Ringstardew 
2215415Jessie WareSpotlight 
2316612San CiscoReasons 
24NEW124Hayey WilliamsRoses/Lotus/Violet/Iris 
251991Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1]
2623223OneRepublicDidn't I 
2724612Sam FenderHold Out 
2830331Christian Frenchcrowded room 
2931231Shallou & Zachary KnowlesMutual Love 
30NEW130Peking DukMove (feat. Alisa Xayalith) 
31251112Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
32NEW132Methyl EthelMajestic AF 
3436433Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
3538238Porter RobinsonSomething Comforting 
37NEW137Sarah CloseStay 
382072AbroadAll I Want
392173Morgan Page & Matt FaxLongest Road To The Ground (feat. Lissie) 
402668Tame ImpalaBreathe Deeper 
4127116Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
4229723Moses SumneyCut Me 
4333333No Money EnterpriseGerman 
45351014Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing 
4632232Niall HoranHeartbreak Weather 
4839326Freya RidingsCastles 
5046246GrouploveInside Out 

40227RegardRide It 
42142Niall HoranBlack And White 
43234HAIMThe Steps 
44236Jaguar JonzeRabbit Hole 
45722Yumi ZoumaCool For A Second 
47429Allie XSusie Save Your Love (feat. Mitski) 
48240Alesso & DubVisionOne Last Time 
491018Mac MillerGood News 
5071Billie Eilishi love you [1 Week at #1]

28th March

Man this chart was tough.

1*1621DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing 
2*1032The KillersCaution 
3443LauvInvisible Things 
4*1524WestermanBlue Comanche 
5131Niall HoranSmall Talk [1 Week at #1] 
6594Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
7261COINInto My Arms [1 Week at #1] 
8371Tame ImpalaOne More Year [4 Weeks at #1]
9692Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
10*17210The Kite String TangleNORTH 
11775Doja CatSay So 
12*19212Mac MillerRight 
13989Jack GarrettTime 
14883Niall HoranNo Judgement 
15*20315Yumi ZoumaLonely After 
1612610Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
171386Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
1811171Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
1918513SZA & Justin TimberlakeThe Other Side 
20*28420Christian Frenchcrowded room 
2114514Mac MillerBlue World 
22NEW1225 Seconds of SummerWildflower 
2321617Purity Ringstardew 
2422515Jessie WareSpotlight 
2524224Hayey WilliamsRoses/Lotus/Violet/Iris 
2626323OneRepublicDidn't I 
2729331Shallou & Zachary KnowlesMutual Love 
2830230Peking DukMove (feat. Alisa Xayalith) 
29NEW129Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
30NEW130Little MixBrea kUp Song 
3123712San CiscoReasons 
32NEW132Dua LipaLevitating 
3325101Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1]
3427712Sam FenderHold Out 
35NEW135Dua LipaHallucinate 
36311212Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want 
3732232Methyl EthelMajestic AF 
3834533Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
3935338Porter RobinsonSomething Comforting 
4037237Sarah CloseStay 
41NEW141Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
42NEW142Baker BoyMove 
43NEW143Shallou & AsheGood Together 
4641126Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday 
47NEW147Little DragonWhere You Belong 
48NEW148Tom Misch & Yussef DayesKyiv 
49NEW149Mokita & Ella VosTake It Back 
50NEW150SheppardSomebody Like You 

3872AbroadAll I Want
3973Morgan Page & Matt FaxLongest Road To The Ground (feat. Lissie)
4068Tame ImpalaBreathe Deeper
42723Moses SumneyCut Me
43333No Money EnterpriseGerman
451014Mura Masa & GeorgiaLive Like We're Dancing
46232Niall HoranHeartbreak Weather
48326Freya RidingsCastles
50246GrouploveInside Out

4th April

1131DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing [2 Weeks at #1] 
2242The KillersCaution 
3353LauvInvisible Things 
4*22245 Seconds of SummerWildflower 
56104Christian Frenchtime of our lives 
6434WestermanBlue Comanche 
7541Niall HoranSmall Talk [1 Week at #1]
81185Doja CatSay So 
9*2059Christian Frenchcrowded room 
1010310The Kite String TangleNORTH 
1112311Mac MillerRight 
121399Jack GarrettTime 
13771COINInto My Arms [1 Week at #1]
14881Tame ImpalaOne More Year [4 Weeks at #1] 
159102Josef Salvatin the afternoon 
16NEW116Troye SivanTake Yourself Home 
1715415Yumi ZoumaLonely After 
181493Niall HoranNo Judgement 
1916710Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
20NEW120Dustin TebbuttWhite Water 
2119613SZA & Justin TimberlakeThe Other Side 
2227422Shallou & Zachary KnowlesMutual Love 
231796Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
2418181Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
25NEW125Garret KatoBreathe It In (feat. Julia Stone) 
2629226Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
27NEW127OTRBroken (with Au/Ra) 
2821614Mac MillerBlue World 
29NEW129Alan Walker & RubenHeading Home 
3023717Purity Ringstardew 
3138633Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
3241232Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
3342233Baker BoyMove 
3443234Shallou & AsheGood Together 
3532232Dua LipaLevitating 
3633111Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1]
3735235Dua LipaHallucinate 
38NEW138Owl EyesTokyo 
3939438Porter RobinsonSomething Comforting 
40NEW140Vulfpeck3 on E 
41NEW141Young BombsHigh Road (feat. Robinson) 
4224615Jessie WareSpotlight 
4325324Hayey WilliamsRoses/Lotus/Violet/Iris 
4426423OneRepublicDidn't I 
4549249Mokita & Ella VosTake It Back 
4650250SheppardSomebody Like You 
4728330Peking DukMove (feat. Alisa Xayalith) 
48NEW148Hayley WilliamsOver Yet 
49NEW149Phil GoodLiving With No One 
50NEW150SurfacesSunday Best 

30130Little MixBreak Up Song
31712San CiscoReasons
34712Sam FenderHold Out
361212Caroline RoseFeel The Way I Want
37232Methyl EthelMajestic AF
40237Sarah CloseStay
46126Tame ImpalaLost In Yesterday
47147Little DragonWhere You Belong
48148Tom Misch & Yussef DayesKyiv

11th April

1141DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing [3 Weeks at #1]
2252The KillersCaution 
34335 Seconds of SummerWildflower 
4363LauvInvisible Things 
55114Christian Frenchtime of our lives
6966Christian Frenchcrowded room 
7895Doja CatSay So
8644WestermanBlue Comanche 
91149Mac MillerRight 
1010410The Kite String TangleNORTH 
11751Niall HoranSmall Talk [1 Week at #1]
1216216Troye SivanTake Yourself Home 
1312109Jack GarrettTime 
1420220Dustin TebbuttWhite Water 
1526326Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
1625225Garret KatoBreathe It In (feat. Julia Stone) 
1715112Josef Salvatin the afternoon
18NEW118Two PeopleA Taste 
19NEW119Twenty One PilotsLevel of Concern 
2022520Shallou & Zachary KnowlesMutual Love 
211381COINInto My Arms [1 Week at #1] 
221491Tame ImpalaOne More Year [4 Weeks at #1]
2319810Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
2417515Yumi ZoumaLonely After 
25NEW125Leon BridgesInside Friend (feat. John Mayer) 
26NEW126Gryffin & Chris LaneHold You Tonight 
2727227OTRBroken (with Au/Ra) 
2821713SZA & Justin TimberlakeThe Other Side 
2924191Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
30NEW130Tash SultanaPretty Lady 
3123106Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
3229229Alan Walker & RubenHeading Home 
3318103Niall HoranNo Judgement 
3431733Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
3538235Owl EyesTokyo 
36NEW136Michael Calfan & Martin SolveigNo Lie 
3728714Mac MillerBlue World 
3830817Purity Ringstardew 
39NEW139Phoebe BridgesKyoto 
40NEW140Methyl EthelCharm Offensive 
41NEW141San CiscoFlaws 
4232332Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
4333333Baker BoyMove 
4434334Shallou & AsheGood Together 
45NEW145GorillazAries (feat. Peter Hook and Georgia) 
4635332Dua LipaLevitating 
4737335Dua LipaHallucinate 
48NEW148The StrokesEternal Summer 
4939538Porter RobinsonSomething Comforting 
5041241Young BombsHigh Road (feat. Robinson) 

36111Post MaloneCircles [2 Weeks at #1]
40140Vulfpeck3 on E 
42615Jessie WareSpotlight 
43324Hayey WilliamsRoses/Lotus/Violet/Iris 
44423OneRepublicDidn't I 
45249Mokita & Ella VosTake It Back 
46250SheppardSomebody Like You 
47330Peking DukMove (feat. Alisa Xayalith) 
48148Hayley WilliamsOver Yet 
49149Phil GoodLiving With No One 
50150SurfacesSunday Best 

18th April

Only one week behind!!

1151DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing [4 Weeks at #1]
2262The KillersCaution
33135 Seconds of SummerWildflower 
4674Christian Frenchcrowded room 
5*1925Twenty One PilotsLevel of Concern 
6956Mac MillerRight 
7473LauvInvisible Things
85124Christian Frenchtime of our lives
97105Doja CatSay So
1010510The Kite String TangleNORTH 
1114311Dustin TebbuttWhite Water 
1218212Two PeopleA Taste 
13854WestermanBlue Comanche 
1413119Jack GarrettTime 
151161Niall HoranSmall Talk [1 Week at #1]
1615416Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
1712312Troye SivanTake Yourself Home 
18*30218Tash SultanaPretty Lady 
19RE219SurfacesSunday Best 
2042420Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
21NEW121Duke Dumont & Say Lou LouNightcrawler 
22NEW122Dillon FrancisTouch (feat. BabyJake) 
2327323OTRBroken (with Au/Ra) 
24NEW124Jeremy Zuckersomebody loves you 
2526225Gryffin & Chris LaneHold You Tonight 
2636226Michael Calfan & Martin SolveigNo Lie 
2717122Josef Salvatin the afternoon
2834828Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
2916325Garret KatoBreathe It In (feat. Julia Stone) 
30NEW130Bon IverBDLIF 
31NEW131girl in redmidnight love 
32NEW132Christian Frenchi think too much 
33NEW133Hayley WilliamsWhy We Ever 
342191COINInto My Arms [1 Week at #1] 
3522101Tame ImpalaOne More Year [4 Weeks at #1]
3629201Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
37NEW137Kygo & Sasha SloanI'll Wait 
3843433Baker BoyMove 
3932329Alan Walker & RubenHeading Home 
4020620Shallou & Zachary KnowlesMutual Love 
4123910Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
4224615Yumi ZoumaLonely After 
4325225Leon BridgesInside Friend (feat. John Mayer) 
44NEW143Kygo & Zak AbelFreedom 
4528813SZA & Justin TimberlakeThe Other Side 
46NEW145DMA'SThe Glow 
4731116Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
48NEW148Max LeoneThe Beach 
4935335Owl EyesTokyo 
50NEW150Lime CordialeOn Our Own 

33113Niall HoranNo Judgement
37714Mac MillerBlue World
38817Purity Ringstardew
39139Phoebe BridgesKyoto
40140Methyl EthelCharm Offensive
41141San CiscoFlaws
44334Shallou & AsheGood Together
45145GorillazAries (feat. Peter Hook and Georgia)
46332Dua LipaLevitating
47335Dua LipaHallucinate
48148The StrokesEternal Summer
49538Porter RobinsonSomething Comforting
50241Young BombsHigh Road (feat. Robinson)

25th April Chart

1161DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing [5 Weeks at #1]
2532Twenty One PilotsLevel of Concern 
3272The KillersCaution
4664Mac MillerRight 
5484Christian Frenchcrowded room 
63535 Seconds of SummerWildflower 
7NEW17Jack GarrettBetter 
8NEW18The 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) 
9*2059Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
1010610The Kite String TangleNORTH 
11783LauvInvisible Things
1218312Tash SultanaPretty Lady 
138134Christian Frenchtime of our lives
149115Doja CatSay So
1519315SurfacesSunday Best 
16NEW115Jack GarrettMara 
1716516Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
1811411Dustin TebbuttWhite Water 
19NEW119Tom MischLast 100 
2012312Two PeopleA Taste 
21NEW121Jack GarrettGet In My Way 
22NEW122Jack GarrettMend A Heart 
231364WestermanBlue Comanche 
2414129Jack GarrettTime 
2517412Troye SivanTake Yourself Home 
2638526Baker BoyMove 
27NEW127Garret KatoMoon 
2821221Duke Dumont & Say Lou LouNightcrawler 
2922222Dillon FrancisTouch (feat. BabyJake) 
3023423OTRBroken (with Au/Ra) 
311571Niall HoranSmall Talk [1 Week at #1]
32NEW132WestermanWaiting On Design 
33NEW133SG LewisChemicals 
3428928Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
3524224Jeremy Zuckersomebody loves you 
3625325Gryffin & Chris LaneHold You Tonight 
3726326Michael Calfan & Martin SolveigNo Lie 
3836211Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
39NEW139RegardSecrets (feat. RAYE) 
40NEW140Jessie WareOoh La La 
4130230Bon IverPDLIF 
42NEW142SheppardCome Back 
4333233Hayley WilliamsWhy We Ever 
4432232Christian Frenchi think too much 
4527132Josef Salvatin the afternoon
46NEW146The KillersFire In Bone 
47NEW147James BlackYou're Too Precious 
4831231girl in redmidnight love 
4929425Garret KatoBreathe It In (feat. Julia Stone) 
50NEW150Everything EverythingIn Birdsong 

3491COINInto My Arms [1 Week at #1] 
35101Tame ImpalaOne More Year [4 Weeks at #1]
37137Kygo & Sasha SloanI'll Wait 
39329Alan Walker & RubenHeading Home 
40620Shallou & Zachary KnowlesMutual Love 
41910Moses SumneyNeither/Nor 
42615Yumi ZoumaLonely After 
43225Leon BridgesInside Friend (feat. John Mayer) 
44143Kygo & Zak AbelFreedom 
45813SZA & Justin TimberlakeThe Other Side 
46145DMA'SThe Glow 
47116Khalid & DisclosureKnow Your Worth 
48148Max LeoneThe Beach 
49335Owl EyesTokyo 
50150Lime CordialeOn Our Own 

2nd May 2020

A 6-way competitive battle for #1 resulted in DMA'S finally being dethroned after 5 weeks on the top spot. They will take consolation in their new Platinum accreditation, however. Their successor? A posthumous awarding Mac Miller who only recently began to appear on this chart. The 1975 are hot on his heels, and certainly appears to be a threat for next week. After their surge last week, Twenty One Pilots steps aside but rounds off the top 3. (Why did I bother with this, no one is going to read it. Also, screw you forbidding a-c).

1471Mac MillerRight [1 Week at #1]
2822The 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) 
3242Twenty One PilotsLevel of Concern 
4171DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing [5 Weeks at #1]
5382The KillersCaution
6727Jack GarrattBetter 
7*1547SurfacesSunday Best 
8594Christian Frenchcrowded room
96635 Seconds of SummerWildflower 
10969Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
11*22211Jack GarrattMend A Heart 
1216212Jack GarrattMara 
1312412Tash SultanaPretty Lady 
1410710The Kite String TangleNORTH 
1513144Christian Frenchtime of our lives
1614125Doja CatSay So
171193LauvInvisible Things
18NEW118Milky ChanceDon't Let Me Down (feat. Jack Johnson) 
1917616Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
2018511Dustin TebbuttWhite Water 
2127221Garret KatoMoon 
2221221Jack GarrattGet In My Way 
2320412Two PeopleA Taste 
2419219Tom Misch & Yussef DayesLast 100 
25NEW125OasisDon't Stop… 
26NEW126Glass AnimalsDreamland 
2726626Baker BoyMove 
28RE228DMA'SThe Glow 
29NEW129KIANEvery Hour 
30NEW130HAIMI Know Alone 
312374WestermanBlue Comanche 
3239232Regard & RAYESecrets 
33NEW133Bruno MajorThe Most Beautiful Thing 
3424139Jack GarrattTime 
3541330Bon IverPDLIF 
3638231Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
3733233SG LewisChemicals 
3830523OTRBroken (with Au/Ra) 
3928321Duke Dumont & Say Lou LouNightcrawler 
4029322Dillon FrancisTouch (feat. BabyJake) 
41NEW141The AvalanchesRunning Red Lights (feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu) 
42NEW142Ocean AlleyHot Chicken 
4325512Troye SivanTake Yourself Home 
443181Niall HoranSmall Talk [1 Week at #1]
4532232WestermanWaiting On Design 
4635324Jeremy Zuckersomebody loves you 
47341028Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
4936425Gryffin & Chris LaneHold You Tonight 
50NEW150Hayden JamesRight Time 

37326Michael Calfan & Martin SolveigNo Lie 
40140Jessie WareOoh La La 
42142SheppardCome Back 
43233Hayley WilliamsWhy We Ever 
44232Christian Frenchi think too much 
45132Josef Salvatin the afternoon
46146The KillersFire In Bone 
47147James BlackYou're Too Precious 
48231girl in redmidnight love 
49425Garret KatoBreathe It In (feat. Julia Stone) 
50150Everything EverythingIn Birdsong 

Doja CatSay So

9th May

1231The 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) 
2181Mac MillerRight [1 Week at #1]
3352Twenty One PilotsLevel of Concern
4481DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing [5 Weeks at #1]
5637Jack GarrattBetter 
61236Jack GarrattMara 
7757SurfacesSunday Best 
8592The KillersCaution
91136Jack GarrattMend A Heart 
101079Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
118104Christian Frenchcrowded room
129735 Seconds of SummerWildflower
1316135Doja CatSay So
1422314Jack GarrattGet In My Way 
1518215Milky ChanceDon't Let Me Down (feat. Jack Johnson) 
1621316Garret KatoMoon 
1720611Dustin TebbuttWhite Water 
1813512Tash SultanaPretty Lady 
1915154Christian Frenchtime of our lives
2014810The Kite String TangleNORTH 
2117103LauvInvisible Things
2225222OasisDon't Stop… 
2319716Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
2423512Two PeopleA Taste 
25NEW125MAALAWater Overhead 
2628326DMA'SThe Glow 
2729227KIANEvery Hour 
2827726Baker BoyMove 
2924319Tom Misch & Yussef DayesLast 100 
30NEW130Something For KateSituation Room 
31NEW131Jessie WareSave A Kiss 
32NEW132RACPassion (feat. Louis The Child) 
33NEW133Fergus JamesGood Man 
3426226Glass AnimalsDreamland 
3537333SG LewisChemicals 
36NEW136Hilltop HoodsI'm Good? 
3732332Regard & RAYESecrets 
38NEW138Lauren DaigleStill Rolling Stones 
3930230HAIMI Know Alone 
4036241Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
4141241The AvalanchesRunning Red Lights (feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu) 
423184WestermanBlue Comanche 
43NEW143WafiaPick Me 
4435430Bon IverPDLIF 
4533233Bruno MajorThe Most Beautiful Thing 
4634149Jack GarrattTime 
4742242Ocean AlleyHot Chicken 
4838623OTRBroken (with Au/Ra) 
4939421Duke Dumont & Say Lou LouNightcrawler 
5040422Dillon FrancisTouch (feat. BabyJake) 

43512Troye SivanTake Yourself Home 
4481Niall HoranSmall Talk [1 Week at #1]
45232WestermanWaiting On Design 
46324Jeremy Zuckersomebody loves you 
471028Phoebe BridgesGarden Song 
49425Gryffin & Chris LaneHold You Tonight 
50150Hayden JamesRight Time 

16th May Chart

1141The 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) [2 Weeks at #1]
2291Mac MillerRight [1 Week at #1]
3362Twenty One PilotsLevel of Concern
4491DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing [5 Weeks at #1]
5645Jack GarrattMara 
6545Jack GarrattBetter 
7767SurfacesSunday Best 
8946Jack GarrattMend A Heart 
91649Garret KatoMoon 
1017710Dustin TebbuttWhite Water 
1115311Milky ChanceDon't Let Me Down (feat. Jack Johnson) 
1225212MAALAWater Overhead 
1313145Doja CatSay So
148102The KillersCaution
1511114Christian Frenchcrowded room
1612835 Seconds of SummerWildflower
1714414Jack GarrattGet In My Way 
181089Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
19NEW119Lennon StellaSummer Feelings (feat. Charlie Puth) 
20NEW120The 1975Guys 
2119164Christian Frenchtime of our lives
2220910The Kite String TangleNORTH 
2321113LauvInvisible Things
2427324KIANEvery Hour 
25NEW125Jacob CollierAll I Need (with Mahalia & Ty Dollar $ign) 
2618612Tash SultanaPretty Lady 
2736236Hilltop HoodsI'm Good? 
2823816Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
2924612Two PeopleA Taste 
3022322OasisDon't Stop… 
3130230Something For KateSituation Room 
3231231Jessie WareSave A Kiss 
33NEW133Martin GarrixHigher Ground (feat. John Martin) 
34NEW134Izzy BizuFaded 
3526426DMA'SThe Glow 
3632232RACPassion (feat. Louis The Child) 
3733233Fergus JamesGood Man 
38RE525Gryffin & Chris LaneHold You Tonight 
3935433SG LewisChemicals 
40NEW140Charlie CunninghamPieces 
41NEW141Moses SumneyBless Me 
42NEW142The MagicianYou And Me 
43NEW143YunaStay Where You Are 
4428826Baker BoyMove 
4529419Tom Misch & Yussef DayesLast 100 
46NEW146Harper FinnNorway 
47NEW147Maisie PetersThe List 
48NEW148G FlipHyperfine 
4940251Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
5041341The AvalanchesRunning Red Lights (feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu) 

Special mention (Breakout) to these debuts that got culled last minute:
Tkazy MaidzaShook
ZHU & TinasheONLY
Joyner Lucas & Will SmithWill (Remix)
Duncan LaurenceSomeone Else
Josef Salvatcall on me

34226Glass AnimalsDreamland
37332Regard & RAYESecrets
38138Lauren DaigleStill Rolling Stones
39230HAIMI Know Alone
4284WestermanBlue Comanche
43143WafiaPick Me
44430Bon IverPDLIF
45233Bruno MajorThe Most Beautiful Thing
46149Jack GarrattTime
47242Ocean AlleyHot Chicken
48623OTRBroken (with Au/Ra)
49421Duke Dumont & Say Lou LouNightcrawler
50422Dillon FrancisTouch (feat. BabyJake)

23rd May Chart!

1151The 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) [3 Weeks at #1]
2552Jack GarrattMara 
32023The 1975Guys 
41234MAALAWater Overhead 
51925Lennon StellaSummer Feelings (feat. Charlie Puth) 
62101Mac MillerRight [1 Week at #1]
7372Twenty One PilotsLevel of Concern
84101DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing [5 Weeks at #1]
9959Garret KatoMoon 
1010810Dustin TebbuttWhite Water 
11655Jack GarrattBetter 
12777SurfacesSunday Best 
13856Jack GarrattMend A Heart 
1433214Martin GarrixHigher Ground (feat. John Martin) 
15NEW115Lady GagaRain On Me (with Ariana Grande) 
16NEW116The WeekndIn My Eyes 
1711411Milky ChanceDon't Let Me Down (feat. Jack Johnson) 
18NEW118The 1975Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy) 
19NEW119Duncan LaurenceWith Someone Else 
2013155Doja CatSay So
2125221Jacob CollierAll I Need (with Mahalia & Ty Dollar $ign) 
2227322Hilltop HoodsI'm Good? 
2314112The KillersCaution
2417514Jack GarrattGet In My Way 
25NEW125HAIMDon't Wanna 
2615124Christian Frenchcrowded room
2716935 Seconds of SummerWildflower
281899Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
29NEW129Petit BiscuitI Leave Again (with Shallou) 
3021174Christian Frenchtime of our lives
31221010The Kite String TangleNORTH 
3223123LauvInvisible Things
3324424KIANEvery Hour 
3434234Izzy BizuFaded 
3528916Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
3629712Two PeopleA Taste 
3731330Something For KateSituation Room 
3832331Jessie WareSave A Kiss 
39NEW139San CiscoOn The Line 
4038625Gryffin & Chris LaneHold You Tonight 
41NEW141Josef Salvatcall on me 
42NEW142Carly Rae JepsenThis Love Isn't Crazy 
4326712Tash SultanaPretty Lady 
44NEW144InhalerFalling In 
45NEW145PNAULucky (feat. Vlossom) 
46NEW146Neon TreesNew Best Friend 
47NEW147Nightlyyou should probably just hang up 
48NEW148Foster The PeopleLamb's Wheel 
4935526DMA'SThe Glow 
5037333Fergus JamesGood Man 

Oliver HeldensRave Machine (feat. Rowetta)
FoxesLove Not Loving You
KygoThe Truth (feat. Valerie Broussard)

30322OasisDon't Stop… 
36232RACPassion (feat. Louis The Child) 
39433SG LewisChemicals 
40140Charlie CunninghamPieces 
41141Moses SumneyBless Me 
42142The MagicianYou And Me 
43143YunaStay Where You Are 
44826Baker BoyMove 
45419Tom Misch & Yussef DayesLast 100 
46146Harper FinnNorway 
47147Maisie PetersThe List 
48148G FlipHyperfine 
49251Harry StylesAdore You [4 Weeks at #1]▲2
50341The AvalanchesRunning Red Lights (feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu) 

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aha wd gaga

1*1521Lady GagaRain On Me (with Ariana Grande) 
2*1622The WeekndIn My Eyes 
3161The 1975If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) [3 Weeks at #1]
4333The 1975Guys 
5262Jack GarrattMara 
6444MAALAWater Overhead 
7535Lennon StellaSummer Feelings (feat. Charlie Puth) 
8782Twenty One PilotsLevel of Concern
96111Mac MillerRight [1 Week at #1]
108111DMA'SLife Is A Game Of Changing [5 Weeks at #1]
111165Jack GarrattBetter 
121366Jack GarrattMend A Heart 
13969Garret KatoMoon 
14NEW114Le YouthAbout Us 
15NEW120Polo GWishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) 
1610910Dustin TebbuttWhite Water 
1714314Martin GarrixHigher Ground (feat. John Martin) 
1818218The 1975Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy) 
191287SurfacesSunday Best
2019219Duncan LaurenceSomeone Else 
2129221Petit BiscuitI Leave Again (with Shallou) 
2225222HAIMDon't Wanna 
2321321Jacob CollierAll I Need (with Mahalia & Ty Dollar $ign) 
24NEW124Galantis x Ship Wrek x Pink Sweat$Only A Fool 
25NEW125Chris MalinchakCan't Quite Understand 
2617511Milky ChanceDon't Let Me Down (feat. Jack Johnson) 
2724614Jack GarrattGet In My Way 
2823122The KillersCaution
2922422Hilltop HoodsI'm Good? 
30NEW130Alec BenjaminMatch In The Rain 
31NEW131Chris MalinchakWhen The World Stops Turning 
3220165Doja CatSay So
3342233Carly Rae JepsenThis Love Isn't Crazy 
34RE234The MagicianYou And Me 
35NEW135Tyron HapiLeave You (feat. Dylan Joel) 
3634334Izzy BizuFaded 
37NEW137Alice IvyBetter Man (feat. Benjamin Joseph) 
3839238San CiscoOn The Line 
3926134Christian Frenchcrowded room
40271035 Seconds of SummerWildflower
4145241PNAULucky (feat. Vlossom) 
4228109Ball Park MusicSpark Up! 
4337430Something For KateSituation Room 
4446246Neon TreesNew Best Friend 
45NEW145SeaforthEverything Falls For You 
46351016Dua LipaBreak My Heart 
47NEW147Georgia JuneBaby Blue 
4830184Christian Frenchtime of our lives
49311110The Kite String TangleNORTH 
5032133LauvInvisible Things

33424KIANEvery Hour
36712Two PeopleA Taste
38331Jessie WareSave A Kiss
40625Gryffin & Chris LaneHold You Tonight
41141Josef Salvatcall on me
43712Tash SultanaPretty Lady
44144InhalerFalling In
47147Nightlyyou should probably just hang up
48148Foster The PeopleLamb's Wheel
49526DMA'SThe Glow
50333Fergus JamesGood Man

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