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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Timothy's Personal Popheads Chart [2020]

I find the ARIA charts a bit boring now and if I did my own actual charts, it would be half filled with songs from the late 2010s instead of the latest tracks.

So, I decided to do a little experimental "personal" chart but instead of using the ARIA top 50, I'm using the top 100 of the r/popheads chart and ranking my top fifty songs. And I'm going to stay committed to this for 50 weeks. Updated every Friday night I guess.

Week 1 out of 50 - September 14th, 2020
1NE11Joel CorryHead & Heart (feat. MNEK)
3NE13K/DATHE BADDEST (feat. (G)I-DLE & Wolftyla)
4NE14Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
5NE15Dua LipaLevitating
6NE16mxmtoonok on your own (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)
7NE17Katy PerryCry About It Later
8NE18Ava MaxOMG What's Happening
9NE19Ava MaxWho's Laughing Now?
10NE110Troye SivanEasy
11NE111Ava MaxKings & Queens
12NE11224kgoldnMood (feat. Iann Dior)
13NE113The WeekndBlinding Lights
14NE114Katy PerrySmile
15NE115Rina SawayamaXS
16NE116Dua LipaHallucinate
17NE117Lady GagaRain On Me (with Ariana Grande)
18NE118Taylor Swiftexile (feat. Bon Iver)
19NE119Dua LipaPhysical
20NE120Calvin HarrisOver Now (with The Weeknd)
21NE121A. G. CookXxoplex
22NE122SZAHit Different (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
23NE123Billie Eilishmy future
24NE124Troye Sivanrager teenager!
25NE125Chloe x HalleDo It
26NE126Lady GagaSour Candy (with BLACKPINK)
27NE127Dua LipaDon't Start Now
28NE128FoxesFriends In the Corner
29NE129Taylor Swiftcardigan
30NE130Katy PerryDaisies
31NE131Madison BeerBaby
32NE132Taylor Swiftmirrorball
33NE133Declan McKennaRapture
34NE134Dua LipaLevitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix)
35NE135Taylor SwiftCruel Summer
36NE136Katy PerryNever Really Over
37NE137Katy PerryNot the End of the World
39NE139Katy PerryChampagne Problems
40NE140Dua LipaLove Is Religion (The Blessed Madonna Remix)
42NE142Charli XCXclaws
43NE143Jessie WareSpotlight
44NE144FletcherThe One
45NE145Big SeanWolves (feat. Post Malone)
46NE146BumperYou Can Get It
47NE147ITZYNot Shy
49NE149Lady Gaga911
50NE150Lady GagaChromatica II
Week 2 out of 50 - September 25th, 2020
1121Joel CorryHead & Heart (feat. MNEK)
2NE22Little MixHoliday
3823Ava MaxOMG What's Happening
41724Lady GagaRain On Me (with Ariana Grande)
5NE15Clean BanditTick Tock (feat. Mabel & 24kGoldn)
7525Dua LipaLevitating
8323K/DATHE BADDEST (feat. (G)I-DLE & Wolftyla)
9424Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
10626mxmtoonok on your own (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)
1150211Phoebe BridgersI Know The End
12727Katy PerryCry About It Later
13NE113Kylie MinogueSay Something
1410210Troye SivanEasy
151221224kgoldnMood (feat. Iann Dior)
1613213The WeekndBlinding Lights
1715215Rina SawayamaXS
1816216Dua LipaHallucinate
19NE119Troye SivanOnly a Dream
2018218Taylor Swiftexile (feat. Bon Iver)
2119219Dua LipaPhysical
2226222Lady GagaSour Candy (with BLACKPINK)
23NE123Phoebe BridgersGarden Song
24NE124Troye SivanSTUD
2527225Dua LipaDon't Start Now
2631226Madison BeerBaby
2720220Calvin HarrisOver Now (with The Weeknd)
2829228Taylor Swiftcardigan
2942229Charli XCXclaws
3049230Lady Gaga911
3150231Lady GagaChromatica II
3223223Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
3322222SZAHit Different (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
3435234Taylor SwiftCruel Summer
3525225Chloe x HalleDo It
3630230Katy PerryDaisies
37NE137Taylor Swiftaugust
38NE138Lady GagaStupid Love
3936236Katy PerryNever Really Over
4032232Taylor Swiftmirrorball
4137237Katy PerryNot the End of the World
4240240Dua LipaLove Is Religion (The Blessed Madonna Remix)
4442242Phoebe BridgersKyoto
45NE145Janelle MonáeTurntables
46NE146Of Monsters & MenVisitor
47NE147Omar ApolloKamikaze
48NE148James BlakeGodspeed
49NE149fromis_9Feel Good (SECRET CODE)
Week 3 out of 50 - October 3rd, 2020
I was (and still am) obsessed with the new Ava Max album . Also, I'm going to update every Saturday Night from now on.
1331Ava MaxOMG What's Happening
2NE12Ava MaxBorn to the Night
3RE23Ava MaxKings & Queens
4NE14Ava MaxRumors
5NE15Ava MaxTattoo
6NE16Ava MaxRing Me Tonight
7RE26Ava MaxWho's Laughing Now?
8NE18Ava MaxBelladonna
9NE19Ava MaxNaked
10NE110Ava MaxH.E.A.V.E.N.
11NE111Ava MaxTorn
12NE112Ava MaxSalt
13NE113Ava MaxTake You to Hell
14NE114Ava MaxSweet But Psycho
15735Dua LipaLevitating
16131Joel CorryHead & Heart (feat. MNEK)
17222Little MixHoliday
18434Lady GagaRain On Me (with Ariana Grande)
1921319Dua LipaPhysical
21NE120A. G. CookOh Yeah
221324Kylie MinogueSay Something
23NE122Sam SmithDiamonds
24833K/DATHE BADDEST (feat. (G)I-DLE & Wolftyla)
25934Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
261036mxmtoonok on your own (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)
27NE127Earth, Wind & FireSeptember
281531224kgoldnMood (feat. Iann Dior)
29NE129Ava MaxSo Am I
30NE130Kylie MinogueMagic
31RE221A. G. CookXxoplex
3216313The WeekndBlinding Lights
332032Taylor Swiftexile (feat. Bon Iver)
341438Troye SivanEasy
35NE135Justin BieberHoly (feat. Chance The Rapper)
361227Katy PerryCry About It Later
3717310Rina SawayamaXS
3819219Troye SivanIn a Dream
3838238Lady GagaStupid Love
40NE140Stray KidsBack Door
41NE141Chloe x HalleUngodly Hour
4224224Troye SivanSTUD
4328328Taylor Swiftcardigan
4429329Charli XCXclaws
4522322Lady GagaSour Candy (with BLACKPINK)
4633322SZAHit Different (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
4734334Taylor SwiftCruel Summer
48NE148Cardi BWAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
4930330Lady Gaga911
5031331Lady GagaChromatica II
Looks like you're enjoying Ava Max, lmao poor So Am I Ungodly Hour, WAP and September debuting is great
Week 4 out of 50 - October 3rd, 2020
New albums from Machine Gun Kelly, Sufjan Stevens and Joji released so there's some new tracks from each of them. Also Rebecca Black makes an appearance

1NE11Machine Gun Kellymy ex's best friend (with blackbear)
2NE12Machine Gun Kellyforget me too (feat. Halsey)
3222Ava MaxBorn to the Night
4141Ava MaxOMG What's Happening
5333Ava MaxKings & Queens
61026Ava MaxH.E.A.V.E.N.
7927Ava MaxNaked
8525Ava MaxTattoo
9626Ava MaxRing Me Tonight
10736Ava MaxWho's Laughing Now?
11828Ava MaxBelladonna
12NE112Machine Gun Kellyall I know (feat. Trippie Redd)
13NE113Machine Gun Kellybloody valentine
141535Dua LipaLevitating
15NE115Joji & DiploDaylight
1611211Ava MaxTorn
1712212Ava MaxSalt
18RE318Dua LipaDon't Start Now
19NE119Sufjan StevensRun Away With Me
20NE120Sufjan StevensVideo Game
21NE121Dorian ElectraEdgelord (feat. Rebecca Black)
2219419Dua LipaPhysical
231844Lady GagaRain On Me (with Ariana Grande)
252234Kylie MinogueSay Something
2623223Sam SmithDiamonds
272544Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
282841224kgoldnMood (feat. Iann Dior)
30NE130Zara LarssonWow (feat. Sabrina Carpenter)
3132413The WeekndBlinding Lights
3214214Ava MaxSweet But Psycho
33NE133food house, Gupi & Fraxiomride
34RE316Dua LipaHallucinate
3530230Kylie MinogueMagic
36NE136JojiPretty Boy (feat. Lil Yachty)
3745422Lady GagaSour Candy (with BLACKPINK)
383342Taylor Swiftexile (feat. Bon Iver)
40RE325Chloe x HalleDo It
41NE141BLACKPINKIce Cream (with Selena Gomez)
423448Troye SivanEasy
4337410Rina SawayamaXS
4438319Troye SivanIn a Dream
4543428Taylor Swiftcardigan
4641241Chloe x HalleUngodly Hour
4742324Troye SivanSTUD
4846422SZAHit Different (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
49NE149The WeekndKing of the Fall
50NE150Melanie MartinezThe Bakery

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