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Past #1's

16/03/08Birds of TokyoSilhouettic
23/03/08Birds of TokyoSilhouettic
30/03/08Birds of TokyoSilhouettic
06/04/08GyroscopeAll in on One
13/04/08GyroscopeAll in on One
20/04/08GyroscopeAll in on One
27/04/08GyroscopeAll in on One
04/05/08GyroscopeAll in on One
11/05/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
18/05/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
25/05/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
01/06/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
08/06/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
15/06/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
22/06/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
29/06/08Tom Ugly (formerly [is])Cult Romance
06/07/08Tom Ugly (formerly [is])Cult Romance
13/07/08Tom Ugly (formerly [is])Cult Romance
20/07/08The Living EndWhite Noise
27/07/08The Living EndWhite Noise
03/08/08CogSay Your Last Goodbye
10/08/08CogSay Your Last Goodbye
17/08/08CogSay Your Last Goodbye
24/08/08CogSay Your Last Goodbye
31/08/08Kings of LeonSex on Fire
07/09/08Kings of LeonSex on Fire
14/09/08GyroscopeThese Days
21/09/08GyroscopeThese Days
28/09/08GyroscopeThese Days
05/10/08GyroscopeThese Days
12/10/08GyroscopeThese Days
19/10/08MGMTWeekend Wars
26/10/08MGMTWeekend Wars
02/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
09/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
16/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
23/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
30/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
07/12/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
14/12/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
21/12/08Tom UglyRoll Again
28/12/08Tom UglyRoll Again
04/01/09Tom UglyRoll Again
11/01/09Tom UglyRoll Again
18/01/09Tom UglyRoll Again
25/01/09Tom UglyRoll Again
01/02/09Tom UglyRoll Again
08/02/09Children CollideFarewell Rocketship
15/02/09Children CollideFarewell Rocketship
22/02/09Children CollideFarewell Rocketship
01/03/09The Butterfly EffectIn These Hands
08/03/09The Butterfly EffectIn These Hands
15/03/09The Butterfly EffectIn These Hands
22/03/09The Temper TrapScience of Fear
29/03/09The Temper TrapScience of Fear
05/04/09The Temper TrapScience of Fear
12/04/09The Temper TrapScience of Fear
19/04/09SiaSoon We'll Be Found
26/04/09Silversun PickupsPanic Switch
03/05/09Silversun PickupsPanic Switch
10/05/09VaudevilleRunning on Empty
17/05/09Tom UglyBad With Love
24/05/09Tom UglyBad With Love
31/05/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
07/06/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
14/06/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
21/06/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
28/06/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
05/07/09MetricSick Muse
12/07/09MetricSick Muse
19/07/09MetricSick Muse
26/07/09MetricSick Muse
20/09/09Silversun PickupsIt's Nice to Know You Work Alone
27/09/09Silversun PickupsIt's Nice to Know You Work Alone
04/10/09Silversun PickupsIt's Nice to Know You Work Alone
11/10/09MuseUnnatural Selection
18/10/09MuseUnnatural Selection
25/10/09MuseUnnatural Selection
01/11/09MetricGimme Sympathy
08/11/09MetricGimme Sympathy
15/11/09Midnight JuggernautsThis New Technology
22/11/09Midnight JuggernautsThis New Technology
29/11/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
06/12/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
13/12/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
20/12/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
27/12/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
03/01/10MuseMK Ultra
10/01/10MuseMK Ultra
17/01/10MuseMK Ultra
24/01/10GyroscopeLive Without You
31/01/10GyroscopeLive Without You
07/02/10GyroscopeLive Without You
14/02/10GyroscopeLive Without You
21/02/10White RabbitsPercussion Gun
28/02/10GyroscopeLive Without You
07/03/10British IndiaBeneath the Satellites
14/03/10MGMTFlash Delirium
21/03/10MGMTFlash Delirium
28/03/10MGMTFlash Delirium
18/04/10Birds of TokyoThe Saddest Thing I Know
25/04/10Birds of TokyoThe Saddest Thing I Know
02/05/10Two Door Cinema ClubUndercover Martyn
09/05/10Two Door Cinema ClubUndercover Martyn
16/05/10Two Door Cinema ClubUndercover Martyn
23/05/10Two Door Cinema ClubUndercover Martyn
13/06/10Plan BShe Said
20/06/10Plan BShe Said
27/06/10Arcade FireThe Suburbs
04/07/10Arcade FireThe Suburbs
11/07/10Arcade FireThe Suburbs
18/07/10Arcade FireThe Suburbs
25/07/10Brandon FlowersCrossfire
01/08/10Brandon FlowersCrossfire
08/08/10Brandon FlowersCrossfire
26/09/10Birds of TokyoIn the Veins of Death Valley
03/10/10Birds of TokyoIn the Veins of Death Valley
10/10/10My Chemical RomanceNa Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
17/10/10My Chemical RomanceNa Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
24/10/10My Chemical RomanceNa Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
31/10/10GyroscopeWhat Do I Know About Pain?
07/11/10Band of HorsesCompliments
14/11/10Cee Lo GreenBright Lights Bigger City
21/11/10Cee Lo GreenBright Lights Bigger City
28/11/10Jimmy Eat WorldMy Best Theory
05/12/10Jimmy Eat WorldMy Best Theory
12/12/10Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
19/12/10Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
26/12/10Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
02/01/11Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
09/01/11Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
23/01/11Boy & BearFall at Your Feet
30/01/11Boy & BearFall at Your Feet
06/02/11Boy & BearFall at Your Feet
13/02/11Boy & BearFall at Your Feet
20/02/11Young KnivesLove My Name
27/02/11Young KnivesLove My Name
06/03/11Young KnivesLove My Name
13/03/11Young KnivesLove My Name
17/04/11Foo FightersRope
24/04/11Rise AgainstArchitects
01/05/11Rise AgainstArchitects
08/05/11Rise AgainstArchitects
15/05/11Rise AgainstArchitects
22/05/11Rise AgainstArchitects
29/05/11Friendly FiresLive Those Days Tonight
05/06/11Calling All CarsReptile
12/06/11Boy & BearFeeding Line
19/06/11Boy & BearFeeding Line
26/06/11Boy & BearFeeding Line
03/07/11Boy & BearFeeding Line
10/07/11The WombatsOur Perfect Disease
17/07/11The WombatsOur Perfect Disease
24/07/11Owl EyesRaiders
31/07/11Owl EyesRaiders
07/08/11Owl EyesRaiders
14/08/11Owl EyesRaiders
21/08/11GotyeSomebody That I Used To Know (feat Kimbra)
28/08/11GotyeSomebody That I Used To Know (feat Kimbra)
04/09/11Owl EyesFaces
11/09/11Owl EyesFaces
18/09/11Owl EyesFaces
25/09/11Owl EyesFaces
02/10/11Owl EyesFaces
09/10/11Owl EyesFaces
16/10/11Trial KennedyLiving Undesigned
23/10/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
30/10/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
06/11/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
13/11/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
20/11/11Young The GiantCough Syrup
27/11/11Young The GiantCough Syrup
04/12/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
11/12/11Portugal. The ManSo American
18/12/11The JezabelsTrycolour
25/12/11Portugal. The ManSo American
01/01/12Portugal. The ManSo American
08/01/12Portugal. The ManSo American
15/01/12Portugal. The ManSo American
22/01/12Portugal. The ManSo American
29/01/12HuskyThe Woods
05/02/12HuskyThe Woods
12/02/12HuskyThe Woods
19/02/12HuskyThe Woods
26/02/12HuskyThe Woods
04/03/12HuskyThe Woods
11/03/12HuskyThe Woods
18/03/12Sleigh BellsComeback Kid
25/03/12Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
01/04/12Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
08/04/12Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
15/04/12The Temper TrapRabbit Hole
22/04/12The Temper TrapRabbit Hole
29/04/12The Temper TrapRabbit Hole
06/05/12Owl EyesCrystalised
13/05/12Owl EyesCrystalised
20/05/12Owl EyesCrystalised
27/05/12LadyhawkeSunday Drive
03/06/12LadyhawkeSunday Drive
10/06/12Beach HouseMyth
17/06/12Beach HouseMyth
24/06/12The Gaslight Anthem45
01/07/12Beach HouseMyth
08/07/12Beach HouseMyth
15/07/12Beach HouseMyth
22/07/12Beach HouseMyth
29/07/12Beach HouseLazuli
05/08/12MS MRHurricane
12/08/12MS MRHurricane
19/08/12MS MRHurricane
26/08/12MS MRHurricane
02/09/12MS MRHurricane
09/09/12Frank OceanSweet Life
16/09/12Owl EyesLove Run Dry
23/09/12Frank OceanSweet Life
30/09/12Frank OceanSweet Life
07/10/12Owl EyesLove Run Dry
14/10/12Owl EyesLove Run Dry
21/10/12MetricSpeed The Collapse
28/10/12MetricSpeed The Collapse
04/11/12MetricSpeed The Collapse
11/11/12Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
18/11/12Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
25/11/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
02/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
09/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
16/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
23/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
30/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
06/01/13Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
13/01/13Cloud NothingsWasted Days
20/01/13Cloud NothingsWasted Days
27/01/13Cloud NothingsWasted Days
03/02/13Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
10/02/13Winter PeopleTwo's Company
17/02/13Winter PeopleTwo's Company
24/02/13Winter PeopleTwo's Company
03/03/13Winter PeopleTwo's Company
10/03/13British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
17/03/13James BlakeRetrograde
24/03/13James BlakeRetrograde
31/03/13James BlakeRetrograde
07/04/13James BlakeRetrograde
14/04/13James BlakeRetrograde
21/04/13Owl EyesClosure
28/04/13Owl EyesClosure
05/05/13Owl EyesClosure
12/05/13CHVRCHESThe Mother We Share
19/05/13CHVRCHESThe Mother We Share
26/05/13CHVRCHESThe Mother We Share
02/06/13CHVRCHESThe Mother We Share
09/06/13Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
16/06/13Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
23/06/13Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
04/08/13Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
18/08/13Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
25/08/13PhoenixOblique City
01/09/13PhoenixOblique City
08/09/13Kings of LeonSupersoaker
15/09/13Arcade FireReflektor
22/09/13Arcade FireReflektor
29/09/13Arcade FireReflektor
06/10/13Arcade FireReflektor
13/10/13Arcade FireReflektor
20/10/13Arcade FireReflektor
27/10/13London GrammarStrong
03/11/13London GrammarStrong
08/12/13The CairosObsession
15/12/13The CairosObsession
22/12/13The CairosObsession
29/12/13Big ScaryBelgian Blues
05/01/14Big ScaryBelgian Blues
12/01/14Big ScaryBelgian Blues
19/01/14WarpaintLove Is To Die
26/01/14Broken BellsAfter The Disco
02/02/14Broken BellsAfter The Disco
09/02/14Broken BellsAfter The Disco
16/02/14Broken BellsAfter The Disco
23/02/14Broken BellsAfter The Disco
23/03/14Katy BCrying For No Reason
30/03/14Foster The PeoplePseudologia Fantastica
06/04/14Foster The PeoplePseudologia Fantastica
13/04/14Foster The PeoplePseudologia Fantastica
20/04/14Foster The PeoplePseudologia Fantastica
27/04/14Foster The PeoplePseudologia Fantastica
04/05/14The War On DrugsRed Eyes
11/05/14The War On DrugsRed Eyes
18/05/14The War On DrugsRed Eyes
25/05/14Porter RobinsonSad Machine
01/06/14Porter RobinsonSad Machine
08/06/14Porter RobinsonSad Machine
15/06/14Porter RobinsonSad Machine
22/06/14Porter RobinsonSad Machine
29/06/14Porter RobinsonSad Machine
06/07/14Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
13/07/14Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
20/07/14Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
27/07/14Pulled Apart By HorsesHot Squash
03/08/14The AntlersPalace
10/08/14The AntlersPalace
17/08/14The AntlersPalace
24/08/14Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
31/08/14Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
07/09/14Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
14/09/14Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
21/09/14Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
28/09/14Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
05/10/14Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
26/10/14MastodonChimes At Midnight
02/11/14Royal BloodTen Tonne Skeleton
09/11/14Royal BloodTen Tonne Skeleton
16/11/14Royal BloodTen Tonne Skeleton
23/11/14Flight FacilitiesHeart Attack (feat Owl Eyes)
30/11/14Flight FacilitiesHeart Attack (feat Owl Eyes)
07/12/14Flight FacilitiesHeart Attack (feat Owl Eyes)
14/12/14The DøTrustful Hands
21/12/14The DøTrustful Hands
28/12/14The DøTrustful Hands
04/01/15The DøTrustful Hands
11/01/15The DøTrustful Hands
18/01/15The DøTrustful Hands
25/01/15D'Angelo & The VanguardAin't That Easy
01/02/15Purity RingBegin Again
08/02/15Purity RingBegin Again
15/02/15Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
22/02/15Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
01/03/15Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
08/03/15Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
15/03/15Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
22/03/15Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
29/03/15Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
05/04/15Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
12/04/15Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
19/04/15Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
26/04/15Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
03/05/15Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
10/05/15Tame ImpalaLet It Happen
17/05/15Jamie xxLoud Places (feat Romy)
24/05/15Jamie xxLoud Places (feat Romy)
31/05/15Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
07/06/15Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
14/06/15Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
21/06/15Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
28/06/15Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
05/07/15Sufjan StevensShould Have Known Better
12/07/15OlympiaThis Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
19/07/15Wolf AliceFluffy
26/07/15Wolf AliceFluffy
02/08/15Wolf AliceFluffy
09/08/15Wolf AliceFluffy
16/08/15Wolf AliceFluffy
23/08/15WAAXI For An Eye
30/08/15WAAXI For An Eye
06/09/15Beach HouseSpace Song
13/09/15Beach HouseSpace Song
20/09/15Beach HouseSpace Song
27/09/15Ainslie WillsConstellations
04/10/15Ainslie WillsConstellations
11/10/15Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
18/10/15Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
25/10/15Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
01/11/15Big GramsGoldmine Junkie
08/11/15MontaigneClip My Wings
15/11/15Jamie WoonSharpness
22/11/15Jamie WoonSharpness
29/11/15Jamie WoonSharpness
06/12/15Jamie WoonSharpness
13/12/15Susanne SundførAccelerate
20/12/15Susanne SundførAccelerate
27/12/15Susanne SundførAccelerate
03/01/16Susanne SundførAccelerate
10/01/16Susanne SundførAccelerate
17/01/16Susanne SundførAccelerate
24/01/16Susanne SundførAccelerate
31/01/16Susanne SundførAccelerate
07/02/16HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
14/02/16HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
21/02/16HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
28/02/16HighasakiteSomeone Who'll Get It
06/03/16Kanye WestUltralight Beam (feat Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price & The-Dream)
13/03/16Kanye WestUltralight Beam (feat Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price & The-Dream)
20/03/16Kanye WestUltralight Beam (feat Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price & The-Dream)
27/03/16Kanye WestUltralight Beam (feat Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price & The-Dream)
03/04/16Kanye WestUltralight Beam (feat Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price & The-Dream)
10/04/16Kanye WestUltralight Beam (feat Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price & The-Dream)
17/04/16Kanye WestUltralight Beam (feat Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price & The-Dream)
15/05/16M83Go! (feat Mai Lan)
22/05/16M83Go! (feat Mai Lan)
29/05/16M83Go! (feat Mai Lan)
24/07/16GoldLinkUnique (feat Anderson .Paak) (Louis Futon Remix)
31/07/16GoldLinkUnique (feat Anderson .Paak) (Louis Futon Remix)
07/08/16GoldLinkUnique (feat Anderson .Paak) (Louis Futon Remix)
14/08/16GoldLinkUnique (feat Anderson .Paak) (Louis Futon Remix)
21/08/16Middle KidsEdge Of Town
28/08/16Middle KidsEdge Of Town
04/09/16Middle KidsEdge Of Town
11/09/16Gretta RayDrive
18/09/16Gretta RayDrive
25/09/16Gretta RayDrive
02/10/16Gretta RayDrive
09/10/16RöyksoppNever Ever (feat Susanne Sundfør)
16/10/16RöyksoppNever Ever (feat Susanne Sundfør)
23/10/16RöyksoppNever Ever (feat Susanne Sundfør)
30/10/16RöyksoppNever Ever (feat Susanne Sundfør)
06/11/16Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
13/11/16Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
20/11/16Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
27/11/16Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
04/12/16Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
11/12/16Maggie RogersDog Years
18/12/16Maggie RogersDog Years
25/12/16A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (feat Busta Rhymes)
01/01/17Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
08/01/17Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
15/01/17Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
22/01/17Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
29/01/17Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
05/02/17Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
12/02/17Run The JewelsThursday In The Danger Room (feat Kamasi Washington)
19/02/17Run The JewelsThursday In The Danger Room (feat Kamasi Washington)
26/02/17Run The JewelsThursday In The Danger Room (feat Kamasi Washington)
05/03/17Run The JewelsThursday In The Danger Room (feat Kamasi Washington)
12/03/17Run The JewelsThursday In The Danger Room (feat Kamasi Washington)
19/03/17Run The JewelsThursday In The Danger Room (feat Kamasi Washington)
26/03/17Gang Of YouthsWhat Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
02/04/17Gang Of YouthsWhat Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
09/04/17Gretta RayTowers
16/04/17Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
23/04/17Kendrick LamarLUST.
30/04/17Kendrick LamarLUST.
07/05/17Kendrick LamarLUST.
14/05/17Kendrick LamarLUST.
21/05/17Kendrick LamarLUST.
28/05/17Melody's Echo ChamberCross My Heart
04/06/17Melody's Echo ChamberCross My Heart
11/06/17Melody's Echo ChamberCross My Heart
18/06/17Ainslie WillsRunning Second
25/06/17Ainslie WillsRunning Second
02/07/17Ainslie WillsRunning Second
09/07/17Ainslie WillsRunning Second
16/07/17Emily Haines & The Soft SkeletonFatal Gift
23/07/17Emily Haines & The Soft SkeletonFatal Gift
30/07/17Jessie WareMidnight
06/08/17Jessie WareMidnight
13/08/17Jessie WareMidnight
20/08/17SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
27/08/17SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
03/09/17SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
10/09/17SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
17/09/17SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
24/09/17SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
01/10/17SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
08/10/17SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
15/10/17Wolf AlicePlanet Hunter
22/10/17Wolf AlicePlanet Hunter
29/10/17Wolf AlicePlanet Hunter
05/11/17Wolf AlicePlanet Hunter
12/11/17Wolf AlicePlanet Hunter
19/11/17Wolf AlicePlanet Hunter
26/11/17GyroscopeCrooked Thought
03/12/17GyroscopeCrooked Thought
10/12/17Kira PuruTension
17/12/17Kira PuruTension
24/12/17Kira PuruTension
31/12/17Camp CopeThe Opener
07/01/18Camp CopeThe Opener
04/03/18Sarah BlaskoA Shot
11/03/18Sarah BlaskoA Shot
18/03/18Sarah BlaskoA Shot
25/03/18Sarah BlaskoA Shot
01/04/18Sarah BlaskoA Shot
08/04/18Courtney BarnettNeed A Little Time
15/04/18Courtney BarnettNeed A Little Time
22/04/18Courtney BarnettNeed A Little Time
29/04/18Courtney BarnettNeed A Little Time
06/05/18Moaning LisaCarrie (I Want A Girl)
13/05/18Moaning LisaCarrie (I Want A Girl)
20/05/18Moaning LisaCarrie (I Want A Girl)
12/08/18MetricDark Saturday
19/08/18MetricDark Saturday
26/08/18MetricDark Saturday
02/09/18SamsaruhSpeaking Fire
09/09/18SamsaruhSpeaking Fire
16/09/18SamsaruhSpeaking Fire
23/09/18WafiaI'm Good
30/09/18WafiaI'm Good
07/10/18OlympiaStar City
14/10/18OlympiaStar City
21/10/18OlympiaStar City
28/10/18OlympiaStar City
04/11/18OlympiaStar City
09/12/18Owl EyesOn Me
16/12/18Owl EyesOn Me
23/12/18Owl EyesOn Me
30/12/18Owl EyesOn Me
06/01/19GrimesWe Appreciate Power (feat HANA)
13/01/19GrimesWe Appreciate Power (feat HANA)
20/01/19GrimesWe Appreciate Power (feat HANA)
27/01/19GrimesWe Appreciate Power (feat HANA)
03/02/19Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
10/02/19Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
17/02/19Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
24/02/19Billie EilishWHEN I WAS OLDER
03/03/19Methyl EthelTrip The Mains
10/03/19Methyl EthelTrip The Mains
17/03/19Methyl EthelTrip The Mains
14/04/19Little SimzWounds (feat Chronixx)
21/04/19Little SimzWounds (feat Chronixx)
28/04/19Little SimzWounds (feat Chronixx)
05/05/19Little SimzWounds (feat Chronixx)
12/05/19Owl EyesYou And I
19/05/19Owl EyesYou And I
26/05/19Owl EyesYou And I
02/06/19Owl EyesYou And I
09/06/19Owl EyesYou And I
11/08/19YunaPink Youth (feat Little Simz)
18/08/19YunaPink Youth (feat Little Simz)
25/08/19YunaPink Youth (feat Little Simz)
01/09/19YunaPink Youth (feat Little Simz)
08/09/19YunaPink Youth (feat Little Simz)
15/09/19Ainslie WillsMountains
22/09/19Ainslie WillsMountains
29/09/19Ainslie WillsMountains
06/10/19Ainslie WillsMountains
13/10/19Ainslie WillsMountains
20/10/19Grimes & i_oViolence
27/10/19Grimes & i_oViolence
03/11/19Grimes & i_oViolence
10/11/19Grimes & i_oViolence
17/11/19Grimes & i_oViolence
24/11/19Grimes & i_oViolence
01/12/19Grimes & i_oViolence
08/12/19CHVRCHESDeath Stranding
15/12/19CHVRCHESDeath Stranding
02/02/20Billie Eilisheverything i wanted
09/02/20Mac MillerGood News
16/02/20Mac MillerGood News
23/02/20Mac MillerGood News
01/03/20Mac MillerGood News
08/03/20Mac MillerGood News
15/03/20Mac MillerGood News
22/03/20Mac MillerGood News
29/03/20Mac MillerGood News
05/04/20Hockey DadItch
12/04/20Hockey DadItch
19/04/20Hockey DadItch
26/04/20Shuraelevator girl (feat Ivy Sole)
03/05/20Shuraelevator girl (feat Ivy Sole)
10/05/20Shuraelevator girl (feat Ivy Sole)
17/05/20Shuraelevator girl (feat Ivy Sole)
24/05/20Shuraelevator girl (feat Ivy Sole)
31/05/20Lennon StellaFear Of Being Alone
07/06/20Lennon StellaFear Of Being Alone
14/06/20Lennon StellaFear Of Being Alone
21/06/20Terrace Martin & Denzel CurryPig Feet (feat Kamasi Washington, G Perico & Daylyt)
28/06/20Terrace Martin & Denzel CurryPig Feet (feat Kamasi Washington, G Perico & Daylyt)
05/07/20Terrace Martin & Denzel CurryPig Feet (feat Kamasi Washington, G Perico & Daylyt)
12/07/20Terrace Martin & Denzel CurryPig Feet (feat Kamasi Washington, G Perico & Daylyt)
19/07/20Terrace Martin & Denzel CurryPig Feet (feat Kamasi Washington, G Perico & Daylyt)
26/07/20Terrace Martin & Denzel CurryPig Feet (feat Kamasi Washington, G Perico & Daylyt)
02/08/20Terrace Martin & Denzel CurryPig Feet (feat Kamasi Washington, G Perico & Daylyt)
09/08/20Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux)
16/08/20Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux)
23/08/20Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux)
30/08/20Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux)
06/09/20Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux)
13/09/20Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux)
20/09/20Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux)
27/09/20Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux)
25/10/20girl in redrue
01/11/20girl in redrue
08/11/20亜咲花I believe what you said
15/11/20亜咲花I believe what you said
22/11/20亜咲花I believe what you said
29/11/20亜咲花I believe what you said
06/12/20亜咲花I believe what you said
13/12/20亜咲花I believe what you said
20/12/20亜咲花I believe what you said
27/12/20亜咲花I believe what you said
#1's as of this thread

03/01/21JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice)
10/01/21JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice)
17/01/21JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice)
24/01/21JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice)
31/01/21JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice)
07/02/21Cat & Calmelldramatic
14/02/21Cat & Calmelldramatic
21/02/21Cat & Calmelldramatic
28/02/21Julien BakerHardline
07/03/21Julien BakerHardline
14/03/21彩音Irregular entropy
21/03/21彩音Irregular entropy
28/03/21彩音Irregular entropy
04/04/21Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth
11/04/21Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth
18/04/21Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth
25/04/21Gretta RayReadymade
02/05/21Gretta RayReadymade
09/05/21Gretta RayReadymade
16/05/21Gretta RayReadymade
23/05/21Gretta RayReadymade
30/05/21Gretta RayReadymade
27/06/21CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
04/07/21CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
11/07/21CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
18/07/21CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
25/07/21CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
01/08/21CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
08/08/21CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
15/08/21CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
19/09/21Moaning LisaCold Water
26/09/21Moaning LisaCold Water
03/10/21Moaning LisaCold Water
10/10/21Moaning LisaCold Water
17/10/21Moaning LisaCold Water
24/10/21Gretta RayCare Less
31/10/21Gretta RayCare Less
07/11/21Gretta RayCare Less
14/11/21Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
21/11/21Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
28/11/21Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
05/12/21Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
12/12/21Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
19/12/21WetBound (with Blood Orange)
26/12/21WetBound (with Blood Orange)

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#2's since '09

4Birds of TokyoWhite Witch
2Empire of the SunWe Are the People
3PlaceboBattle For the Sun
1Birds of TokyoAn Ode to Death
1Manchester OrchestraI've Got Friends
2Numbers RadioBoring
1Passion PitThe Reeling
2MuseUnited States of Eurasia
3Arctic MonkeysCrying Lightning
1Simian Mobile DiscoAudacity of Huge
3Tegan & SaraHell
2Them Crooked VulturesMind Eraser, No Chaser
1SiaYou've Changed
1The Temper TrapLove Lost
1The xxCrystalised
4Miike SnowBillie Holiday
2MuseNeutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)
2Calling All CarsRun Away
2Serj TankianLeft of Center
2The Naked and FamousYoung Blood
1Ed KowalczykGrace
1Mark Ronson & The Business IntlThe Bike Song (feat Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock)
1Papa vs. PrettyWrecking Ball
3The StrokesUnder Cover of Darkness
1The NovocainesSummer Waiting
4The Black KeysLonely Boy
4HowlerBack Of Your Neck
1Black LipsFamily Tree
3BattleshipsIn Retrospect
2Tame ImpalaApocalypse Dreams
4PoliçaDark Star
2Atoms For PeaceDefault
2MusePanic Station
2Father John MistyNancy From Now On
1Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
1Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory Of Music Youth Chorale)
1Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
1ÁsgeirGoing Home
2Architecture In HelsinkiI Might Survive
2JUCE!6th Floor
4Death Cab For CutieBlack Sun
2Kanye WestAll Day (feat Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
5Carly Rae JepsenMaking The Most Of The Night
2Susanne SundførDelirious
3Ali BarterFar Away
3BABYMETALAwadama Fever
2Danny BrownWhen It Rain
2Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
1Methyl EthelUbu
1DaughterBurn It Down
1Baker BoyMarryuna (feat Yirrmal)
2Ok SureSorry (feat Tanzer)
2Kali UchisJust A Stranger (feat Steve Lacy)
1Lykke Lideep end
1Dizzee RascalDon't Gas Me
2Anderson .PaakTints (feat Kendrick Lamar)
2HatchieStay With Me
2Amber MarkWhat If
4Jess BSo Low (feat Paige)
2LastlingsLast Breath
2GeorgiaNever Let You Go
5MitskiCop Car
2SamsaruhI Am A Woman
2Max LeoneCautious
1Rina SawayamaXS
3Jaguar JonzeDeadalive
5King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
3Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
3SpelllingLittle Deer
1LAURELWild Side
2SpelllingBoys At School
2KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
1Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)

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Most weeks at number one
1st9Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
2nd8Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
2nd8Susanne SundførAccelerate
2nd8SamsaruhGolden To Thrive
2nd8Mac MillerGood News
2nd8Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux)
2nd8亜咲花I believe what you said
2nd8CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
10th7Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
10th7Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
10th7Tom UglyRoll Again
10th7HuskyThe Woods
10th7Cymbals Eat GuitarsWarning
10th7Kanye WestUltralight Beam (feat Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price & The-Dream)
10th7Grimes & i_oViolence
10th7Terrace Martin & Denzel CurryPig Feet (feat Kamasi Washington, G Perico & Daylyt)

Highest Debuts (Since '09)
1st1MGMTFlash Delirium
1st1CHVRCHESThe Mother We Share
1st1Arcade FireReflektor
1st1Kendrick LamarThe Blacker The Berry
1st1Jessie WareMidnight
7th2Owl EyesFaces
7th2Beach HouseSpace Song
7th2Run The JewelsThursday In The Danger Room (feat Kamasi Washington)
7th2Kendrick LamarLUST

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Most entries per artist
1stKendrick Lamar223Swimming Pools (Drank); F**kin' Problems; Never Catch Me; i; The Blacker The Berry; King Kunta; No More Parties In LA; untitled 08 l 09.06.2014; l untitled 02 l 06.23.2014; untitled 06 l 06.30.2014; Freedom; Really Doe; HUMBLE.; The Heart Part 4; LUST.; DNA.; XXX.; Don't Don't Do It!; Tints; Mona Lisa; Look Over Your Shoulder; family ties
2ndOwl Eyes168It Can Wait; Raiders; Faces; Crystalised; Love Run Dry; Closure; Nightswim; Find Out; Something About Us; Heart Attack; On Me; Sometime; You And I; You Don't Know Love; Tokyo; Silver And Gold
3rdBirds of Tokyo154Silhouettic; Broken Bones; Wild Eyed Boy; White Witch; Head In My Hands; An Ode to Death; The Saddest Thing I Know; Plans; In the Veins of Death Valley; Wild at Heart; Circles; This Fire; Lanterns; When The Night Falls Quiet; Brace
3rdCHVRCHES154Recover; The Mother We Share; Gun; Lies; Dead Air; Leave A Trace; Never Ending Circles; Clearest Blue; Get Out; My Enemy; Death Stranding; How Not To Drown; Good Girls; California; Cry Little Sister
5thMuse153Map of the Problematique; United States of Eurasia; Uprising; Resistance; Unnatural Selection; MK Ultra; Undisclosed Desires; Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever); Survival; Madness; Follow Me; Panic Station; Psycho; Dead Inside; Reapers
6thMGMT152Kids; Electric Feel; Weekend Wars; The Youth; Of Moons, Birds & Monsters; Flash Delirium; It's Working; Siberian Breaks; Alien Days; Little Dark Age; When You Die; Hand It Over; Me And Michael; In The Afternoon; The Divine Chord
7thKanye West151Alors on danse; Ni**as In Paris; Black Skinhead; Thank You; Only One; All Day; Blessings; Real Friends; No More Parties In LA; Ultralight Beam; Champions; Ghost Town; Reborn; everything; Life Of The Party
7thTkay Maidza151U-Huh; Switch Lanes; M.O.B.; Ghost; Carry On; Glide; Awake; IDC IF U BE DEAD; Shook; Don't Call Again; You Sad; Kim; Syrup; Cashmere; Onto Me
9thBeach House143Myth; Lazuli; Wild; Sparks; Space Song; The Traveller; Majorette; Chariot; Lemon Glow; Dive; Drunk In LA; Alien; Once Twice Melody; New Romance
10thTame Impala141Half Full Glass Of Wine; Solitude Is Bliss; Apocalypse Dreams; Elephant; Feels Like We Only Go Backwards; Mind Mischief; Let It Happen; 'Cause I'm A Man; The Less I Know The Better; Patience; Borderline; It Might Be Time; Lost In Yesterday; Breathe Deeper

Not far behind

15thGretta Ray124
16thBillie Eilish, Samsaruh122
19thThe Weeknd110
20thBritish India, Grimes102
22ndSampa The Great100
24thWolf Alice93
25thKings Of Leon92
26thDisclosure, The National, SAFIA, Tired Lion90
30thArcade Fire, Silversun Pickups82
32ndAnderson .Paak, Foster The People, Kučka, Methyl Ethel81
36thBeyonce, Chairlift, Lorde80
39thBoy & Bear, Little Simz, The Temper Trap72
42ndArctic Monkeys, Art vs. Science, BENEE, BROODS, Children Collide, Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, London Grammar, Montaigne, MS MR, Rise Against, Shura, WAAX71
55thDanny Brown, Dead Letter Circus, Florence + The Machine, Gorillaz, Haim, Radiohead, San Cisco, Stonefield70

Titles which have charted 4 times

Rabbit HoleThe Temper Trap/Jess Day/Jaguar Jonze/Cherry Glazerr

Titles which have charted 3 times

CirclesBirds Of Tokyo/Moreton/Megan Thee Stallion
Far AwayCut Copy/Ali Barter/Jessie Reyez
MoveLittle Mix/Peking Duk/Baker Boy
ParadiseColdplay/Cub Sport/Wongo
Radio SilenceJames Blake/Gretta Ray/Samsaruh
TimeMint Royale/Gretta Ray/Free Nationals

Titles which have charted 2 times

AliveAdrian Lux/Sia
BabyClean Bandit/Madison Beer
BelieverCaiti Baker/Cyn
BlueBlanke/Madison Beer
Broken BonesBirds of Tokyo/The Holidays
BrotherLittle Birdy/Matt Corby
Carry Onfun./Tkay Maidza
Coming Of AgeFoster The People/Julia Jacklin
ControlJebediah/Broken Bells
CrystalisedThe xx/Owl Eyes
Dead And GoneThe Black Keys/Jess Locke
DefaultDjango Django/Atoms For Peace
DemonsFenech-Soler/The National
Do It AgainEdwyn Collins/Röyksopp & Robyn
DreamsBeck/Gorgon City
DriveAinslie Wills/Gretta Ray
EmbracePnau/Oliver Tank
EnergyDrake/Liyah Knight
FreedomBeyonce/Sampa The Great
GasolineAlpine/Caiti Baker
GhostTkay Maidza/Husky
GoDelilah/The Chemical Brothers
GraceEd Kowalczyk/The View
HalcyonDelphic/Glass Towers
HandsThe Ting Tings/Alpine
HappyKitchen Knife Wife/Mitski
Holding OnDisclosure/The War On Drugs
HollywoodArt vs. Science/The Money War
HomeAustra/Joe Goddard
KingYears & Years/Bianca
Lie To MeTired Lion/Vera Blue
MidnightLeft./Jessie Ware
MiracleThe Temper Trap/Kimbra
MonsterProfessor Green/Paramore
MythBeach House/Tsar B
Need You NowCut Copy/Hot Chip
Only OneKanye West/Sarah Blasko
PsychoMuse/Mia Rodriguez
RadioactiveKings of Leon/Imagine Dragons
ReptileCalling All Cars/Citizens!
RunawayMr Little Jeans/REI AMI
Say My NameODESZA/Peking Duk
SonWarpaint/City Calm Down
SorryOk Sure/beabadoobee
StarsThe Money War/Denise Le Menice
SunlightBag Raiders/The Magician
Take Me OverCut Copy/Peking Duk
TokyoNumbers Radio/Owl Eyes
Told You SoCub Sport/Miguel
Wake UpDead Letter Circus/Circa Waves
YouthPale Honey/Ásgeir

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Jan 3rd

As is tradition, I have exiled all 2020 music in favour of a fresh start. However that's a bit much so in reality we're still slogging through the year that doesn't end. On the other, other hand, it does come with a new #1. Jantoje and Jade Alice do so with "Bad Minded", which makes for a curious pattern where the last 4 #1s have been from artists who have never charted before. If you extend to acknowledging any artist featured among a pack, then the last 9 #1s can also take this. Asaka has thus been pushed down to #2, just ahead of the only non-new-to-the-chart artist in the top 5, King Princess at #3. Dante Knows is now up to #4 with "Laced", swapping the spot with System of a Down who are now #5. Not done with new-to-the-chart artists though, we can also greet KIAN into the top 10, as "Sunbeam" climbs up to #9.


The ol-switcheroo continues yet again. Biig Piig of course just had a biig hiit with "Don't Turn Around" reaching #11 just 2 months ago, and in fact this week it's dropped out of the chart. Just in time to be replaced however as "Feels Right" slots in at #28 this week.
She's not the only artist to score a 2nd hit this week though, as Madison Beer also first did so last year with "Baby", and now follows through at #32 with "BOYSHIT".
If there's one thing this chart never has enough of, it's wistful pop by artists I've otherwise never heard of. Winning this month's sweepstakes is Arlo Parks, with "Caroline" in at #35.
Lastly, fresh from racking up a lot of streams which I'm sure are organic, Bea Miller gets her first entry ever with "making bad decisions" at #39.

1381JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {1 Week @ #1}
21121亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
32112King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
4574Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
5493System Of A DownGenocidal Humanoidz
6696Jess LockeDestroy Everything
7877BENEEHappen To Me
81058Liyah KnightEnergy
107113James BlakeBefore
1112811SG LewisFeed The Fire (feat Lucky Daye)
129152Jaguar JonzeDeadalive
1319313RIIKIGood Times
1416614RedHookCure 4 Psycho
15111010Cosmo's MidnightA Million Times
1618516Azure RyderOh What A Relief
1713136flowerkidmiss andry
1821318Genesis OwusuThe Other Black Dog
1923319derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
2015163mxmtoonok on your own (feat Carly Rae Jepsen)
2126221SamsaruhRadio Silence
2217147Ok SurePortals
2328423LastlingsOut Of Touch
2420241SyccoDribble {3 Weeks @ #1}
2524424Busta RhymesLook Over Your Shoulder (feat Kendrick Lamar)
2631226Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
2722191girl in redrue {2 Weeks @ #1}
28NE128Biig PiigFeels Right
3036230Hooligan HefsSEND IT!
3127920Hope DMiscommunicate
32NE132Madison BeerBOYSHIT
3330251Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux) {8 Weeks @ #1}
34291510Vera BlueLie To Me
35NE135Arlo ParksCaroline
3632531Eliza & The DelusionalsSentimental
3738237Evie IrieMisfit
3833727Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsTally-Ho
39NE139Bea Millermaking bad decisions
4034629CHAIIWOW (Look At Me)

4135146clipping.Say The Name
43371411Biig PiigDon't Turn Around
4640917HermitudeJanela (feat Kimbra)
Jan 10th

Jantoje's 2nd week at #1 is locked with "Bad Minded". Asaka holds #2 with "I believe what you said", facing new competition with Dante Knows' "Laced" at #3. King Princess is down to #4, next to KIAN whose first top 5 hit is "Sunbeam" at #5. Speaking of things that sound like BENEE, RIIKI also has her first top 10 hit this week, with "Good Times" at #10.


It's a landmark moment as the first 2021 song arrives on the chart. From an unlikely source, but that can often be the case early in the year. It's Odette who capitalises with her 2nd ever chart entry "Amends" which instantly becomes her highest chart position at #23.
Speaking of unlikely sources, or more specifically, things colliding in unexpected ways, The Avalanches are back with a 2nd entry off of their latest album, and 4th overall as "The Divine Chord" comes through at #30. It adds to MGMT's impressive resume of 15 chart entries, while it's the first time ever for Johnny Marr.
Last time Odette did appear on the chart, it was alongside more proved hitmaker Gretta Ray, so you could possibly make the claim that she was easing her into the chart, especially now that she's outdebuted her 'mentor'. Nonetheless, after a 2 year chart absence, Gretta Ray returns with "Passion" at #33, her 7th chart entry.
It's been much more recent for Megan Thee Stallion, who first charted just a few months ago with "WAP". Proving that not to be a gimmicky fluke, Megan is now charting on her own, and even higher with "Circles" at the lofty height of #36.

1191JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {2 Weeks @ #1}
22131亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
3483Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
43122King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
6786BENEEHappen To Me
7867Liyah KnightEnergy
85103System Of A DownGenocidal Humanoidz
96106Jess LockeDestroy Everything
1013410RIIKIGood Times
1111911SG LewisFeed The Fire (feat Lucky Daye)
1221312SamsaruhRadio Silence
1314713RedHookCure 4 Psycho
1426314Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
1519415derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
1618418Genesis OwusuThe Other Black Dog
1712162Jaguar JonzeDeadalive
1810123James BlakeBefore
1916616Azure RyderOh What A Relief
2023520LastlingsOut Of Touch
21151110Cosmo's MidnightA Million Times
2217146flowerkidmiss andry
2428224Biig PiigFeels Right
2520173mxmtoonok on your own (feat Carly Rae Jepsen)
2622157Ok SurePortals
2724251SyccoDribble {3 Weeks @ #1}
2832228Madison BeerBOYSHIT
2930329Hooligan HefsSEND IT!
30NE130The AvalanchesThe Divine Chord (feat MGMT & Johnny Marr)
3125524Busta RhymesLook Over Your Shoulder (feat Kendrick Lamar)
3235232Arlo ParksCaroline
33NE133Gretta RayPassion
3439234Bea Millermaking bad decisions
3527201girl in redrue {2 Weeks @ #1}
36NE136Megan Thee StallionCircles
37311020Hope DMiscommunicate
3833261Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux) {8 Weeks @ #1}
3937337Evie IrieMisfit

41341510Vera BlueLie To Me
4236531Eliza & The DelusionalsSentimental
4538727Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsTally-Ho
4840629CHAIIWOW (Look At Me)
Jan 17th

It's a 3rd week at #1 for Jantoje and his similarly starting & ending company on "Bad Minded". But Dante Knows what's coming and now so do you, as "Laced" now moves up to #2. "I believe what you said" takes a slide to #3, right next to KIAN whose "Sunbeam" now sits at #4. King Princess is now down to #5 having spent 10 weeks in the top 5. Making the late charge for 2020 releases, we've got two top 10 arrivals this week, firstly Cherry Glazerr scoring a 3rd ever top 10 hit with "Rabbit Hole" at #9, and then Samsaruh who I believe is up to 8 top 10 hits thanks to the forward momentum of "Radio Silence" at #10.


The new year presses on and we've got a healthy injection this week. Making a big statement in fact is FRITZ who has previously had a couple of moderate sized hits a couple of years ago. Blowing them out of the water right away is "Die Happily" which vaults straight in at #19, a 3rd chart entry.
Making a big move for the first time, it's Cat & Calmell which what I believe is only their 2nd ever single, "dramatic". It makes a quick impression though to arrive at #22.
Also a chart debutant, but one that feels strange to categorise as such. It's just that technically Julien Baker has not ever charted before, but finally notches up a proper entry with "Hardline" coming in at #25.
And after the fun 2021 side of things, we've still got 2020 singles sneaking their way through. Firstly it's Yuna picking up her 4th chart entry now with "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" at #36.
Little Dragon make their very semi-regular appearance once more. Teaming up with Moses Sumney, they score a 3rd entry to date with "The Other Lover" at #39, waiting to see if it will peak at #35 like the other two.

11101JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {3 Weeks @ #1}
2392Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
32141亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
54132King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
61056RIIKIGood Times
7777Liyah KnightEnergy
8696BENEEHappen To Me
91449Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
1012410SamsaruhRadio Silence
118113System Of A DownGenocidal Humanoidz
129116Jess LockeDestroy Everything
1315513derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
14111011SG LewisFeed The Fire (feat Lucky Daye)
1513813RedHookCure 4 Psycho
1716516Genesis OwusuThe Other Black Dog
1820618LastlingsOut Of Touch
19NE119FRITZDie Happily
2024320Biig PiigFeels Right
2117172Jaguar JonzeDeadalive
22NE122Cat & Calmelldramatic
2319716Azure RyderOh What A Relief
2418133James BlakeBefore
25NE125Julien BakerHardline
2630226The AvalanchesThe Divine Chord (feat MGMT & Johnny Marr)
2728327Madison BeerBOYSHIT
28211210Cosmo's MidnightA Million Times
2922156flowerkidmiss andry
3033230Gretta RayPassion
3132331Arlo ParksCaroline
3229429Hooligan HefsSEND IT!
3336233Megan Thee StallionCircles
3425183mxmtoonok on your own (feat Carly Rae Jepsen)
3534334Bea Millermaking bad decisions
36NE136YunaDance Like Nobody's Watching
3726167Ok SurePortals
3827261SyccoDribble {3 Weeks @ #1}
39NE139Little Dragon & Moses SumneyThe Other Lover
4031624Busta RhymesLook Over Your Shoulder (feat Kendrick Lamar)

4135201girl in redrue {2 Weeks @ #1}
44371020Hope DMiscommunicate
4338261Tkay MaidzaDon't Call Again (feat Kari Faux) {8 Weeks @ #1}
4639337Evie IrieMisfit
Jan 24th

"Bad Minded" has held the top spot all month, and will be waiting next week to see if it can get a 5th week and secure a ToC slot...I mean anyway it's holding off "Laced" which sits again at #2. KIAN moves "Sunbeam" up to #3, swapping "I believe what you said" to #4, while RIIKI takes "Good Times" to #5.


2021 is coming in thick and fast, and what better image to capture that than "Pukebox". Psychedelic Porn Crumpets keep up their pace of 1 entry per year, must faster than usual as they get their 3rd in at #23.
Also returning to the chart it's arguably the biggest veteran of the lot this week in Jess Locke. She just had a big top 10 hit with "Destroy Everything", and follows it up swiftly with "Dead And Gone" at #27, her 4th chart entry.
I am here to make the controversial statement that I like the song that many other people seem to like. As such, Olivia Rodrigo makes her debut to the chart at #30 with "drivers license".
A little over 2 years since she first appeared on the chart, Alice Glass returns to get a 2nd entry. She is once again shouting two very specific demands as "SUFFER AND SWALLOW" gets in at #35.
Probably the last 2020 song that'll make the chart though I guess technically it's way older than that. Anyway, Maggie Rogesr can finally lay claim to having more than 1 top 40 hit by the slimmest of margins, as "Celadon & Gold" enters at #40.

11111JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {4 Weeks @ #1}
22102Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
43151亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
5665RIIKIGood Times
6956Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
75142King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
8787Liyah KnightEnergy
91059SamsaruhRadio Silence
108106BENEEHappen To Me
1213612derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
1322213Cat & Calmelldramatic
1411123System Of A DownGenocidal Humanoidz
1519215FRITZDie Happily
1612126Jess LockeDestroy Everything
1718717LastlingsOut Of Touch
18141111SG LewisFeed The Fire (feat Lucky Daye)
1915913RedHookCure 4 Psycho
2020420Biig PiigFeels Right
2117616Genesis OwusuThe Other Black Dog
2225222Julien BakerHardline
23NE123Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
2426324The AvalanchesThe Divine Chord (feat MGMT & Johnny Marr)
2521182Jaguar JonzeDeadalive
2623816Azure RyderOh What A Relief
27NE127Jess LockeDead And Gone
2827427Madison BeerBOYSHIT
2930329Gretta RayPassion
30NE130Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
3133331Megan Thee StallionCircles
3231431Arlo ParksCaroline
3324143James BlakeBefore
3436234YunaDance Like Nobody's Watching
36281310Cosmo's MidnightA Million Times
3732529Hooligan HefsSEND IT!
3829166flowerkidmiss andry
3939239Little Dragon & Moses SumneyThe Other Lover
40NE140Maggie RogersCeladon & Gold

4234183mxmtoonok on your own (feat Carly Rae Jepsen)
4135334Bea Millermaking bad decisions
4537167Ok SurePortals
4338261SyccoDribble {3 Weeks @ #1}
4640624Busta RhymesLook Over Your Shoulder (feat Kendrick Lamar)
Jan 31st

It's 5 weeks at #1 for Jantoje and his jaded company. Dante Knows has to stay contented with a 3rd week at #2, while KIAN gets to be moderately less jaded with the whole situation only having a 2nd week at #3. RIIKI at least currently has the last 2020 song to still be climbing up the chart with "Good Times" now at #4, moving "I believe what you said" down to #5. The top 10 this week also gets a bit fresher with some actual 2021 arrivals. Firstly it's Cat & Calmell with their first ever entry "dramatic" at #7, while Odette may as well be on her first for how much "Amends" is exceeding her past performance at #8.


Maybe a month ago I was saying that I didn't know anything about Arlo Parks but now with her album out, a lot of people are talking about her. I probably should look further into it, but for now, she has the top debut of the week with "Hope" at #19, her 2nd entry.
As for artists I really know nothing about though, Tiarnie has released a bunch of singles that mostly hover in the 4 digit range of streams on Spotify, and the one of those I'm highlighting here is the latest, "Sorry (Too Much)" which lands at #25.
How about a moderate throwback. After all it was just 2 weeks after sitting at his #22 peak with "Do You Remember" that Jarryd James was last seen on this chart, but nearly 6 years later he's back in action with "Overdue" at #30, his 2nd entry.
Mia Wray achieved some notoriety last year with her single "Work For Me", which is another of those songs I seemed to disproportionately hear on the radio. It didn't quite make it to the top 40 but "Never Gonna Be The Same" gets the job done for her, coming through at #36.

11121JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
22112Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
4574RIIKIGood Times
54161亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
6666Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
71337Cat & Calmelldramatic
9969SamsaruhRadio Silence
107152King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
1122311Julien BakerHardline
12897Liyah KnightEnergy
1315313FRITZDie Happily
1412712derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
1510116BENEEHappen To Me
1623216Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
1717817LastlingsOut Of Touch
1814133System Of A DownGenocidal Humanoidz
19NE119Arlo ParksHope
2016136Jess LockeDestroy Everything
2120520Biig PiigFeels Right
2227222Jess LockeDead And Gone
2330223Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
24191013RedHookCure 4 Psycho
25NE125TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
26181211SG LewisFeed The Fire (feat Lucky Daye)
2721716Genesis OwusuThe Other Black Dog
2824424The AvalanchesThe Divine Chord (feat MGMT & Johnny Marr)
2929429Gretta RayPassion
30NE130Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
3126916Azure RyderOh What A Relief
3235232Alice GlassSUFFER AND SWALLOW
3325192Jaguar JonzeDeadalive
3428527Madison BeerBOYSHIT
3531431Megan Thee StallionCircles
36NE136Mia WrayNever Gonna Be The Same
3734334YunaDance Like Nobody's Watching
3832531Arlo ParksCaroline
3933153James BlakeBefore
4037629Hooligan HefsSEND IT!

42361310Cosmo's MidnightA Million Times
4538166flowerkidmiss andry
4139239Little Dragon & Moses SumneyThe Other Lover
4340140Maggie RogersCeladon & Gold
Feb 7th

It's a similar situation to last year in terms of the pace of a new #1 arriving. 2021 has truly begun as Cat & Calmell take "dramatic" all the way to #1, having sharply risen every week since debuting. Jantoje is down a spot to #2 with "Bad Minded", if this were like real charts then either of these two would be the biggest song of the year. "Laced" drops a spot to #3, while "Sunbeam" is also down to #4. Really it's a consistent theme as "Good Times" is down a spot to #5. Julien Baker is also making fast moves as "Hardline" becomes her first top 10 hit at #6.


It's perhaps the most obvious hit to arrive this year. I'm not yet sure if 2020 is considered a weird year, but until then, Tkay Maidza is back with a new single, roping in Yung Baby Tate for "Kim", which is of course inspired by everyone's favourite white rapper...Jack Harlow, who also referenced Kim Possible last year. Tkay has now amassed 12 chart entries as she gets in at #17.
Dance punk is back baybeee. Well maybe not, but this unearthed band Bad/Love are bridging the already shrinking gap between vintage Klaxons and Ocean Grove. "Feel Good" gives them their first entry at #23.
To keep 2021 pacing similarly to 2020, we have this year's Celeste Chart Entry. It was a year ago she briefly flirted with chart action on "Stop This Flame", and now she has a UK #1 album. From that is "Tonight Tonight" in at #29, her 2nd entry.
Making a first impression is King Stingray, who I believe to be descendants of Yothu Yindi members. Their 2nd single "Get Me Out" gets them an entry at #37.

1741Cat & Calmelldramatic {1 Week @ #1}
21131JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
32122Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
5484RIIKIGood Times
61146Julien BakerHardline
75171亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
9676Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
10979SamsaruhRadio Silence
1113411FRITZDie Happily
1210162King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
1319213Arlo ParksHope
1416314Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
1512107Liyah KnightEnergy
1614812derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
17NE117Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
1822318Jess LockeDead And Gone
1923319Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
2025220TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
2115126BENEEHappen To Me
2217917LastlingsOut Of Touch
23NE123Bad/LoveFeel Good
2418143System Of A DownGenocidal Humanoidz
2530225Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
2621620Biig PiigFeels Right
2720146Jess LockeDestroy Everything
2832328Alice GlassSUFFER AND SWALLOW
29NE129CelesteTonight Tonight
30241113RedHookCure 4 Psycho
3136231Mia WrayNever Gonna Be The Same
3229529Gretta RayPassion
33261311SG LewisFeed The Fire (feat Lucky Daye)
3427816Genesis OwusuThe Other Black Dog
3528524The AvalanchesThe Divine Chord (feat MGMT & Johnny Marr)
36311016Azure RyderOh What A Relief
37NE137King StingrayGet Me Out
3835531Megan Thee StallionCircles
3933202Jaguar JonzeDeadalive
4034627Madison BeerBOYSHIT

4137334YunaDance Like Nobody's Watching
4338531Arlo ParksCaroline
4739153James BlakeBefore
4640629Hooligan HefsSEND IT!
Feb 14th

It's been just over a year since the last time there's been a 1 week #1. That would be the perfect time to repeat the feat but Cat & Calmell have retained the spot for a 2nd week. Julien Baker made some strides to prevent this though, as "Hardline" becomes one to watch at #2, although I say that knowing that it's most likely going to be moving a lot more slowly now. The old runners continue to filter further down the chart as Jantoje takes #3, Dante Knows at #4, and KIAN at #5. Arlo Parks arrives in the top 10 for the first time with "Hope", and she's not alone, like you think she is, as FRITZ does the same with "Die Happily" at #10.


I have said on record before that it's clear I'll have gone too far if I end up charting the new Higurashi Gou ED. Realistically I probably should have, but anyway, the show now has a new ED with the same vocalist and of course it's perfectly valid to get in on this. It's extremely in line with "I believe what you said" if only because it also has a funny dubstep bit that doesn't make it to the shortened version, but nonetheless Ayane has her first entry with "Irregular entropy" at #20.
My extremely exciting story is that I saw this song on The Singles Jukebox and I thought it sounded like it was in fact as good as touted. I otherwise know nothing about Baby Queen but "Raw Thoughts" is entering at #25.
Despite multiple notable singles, Brent Faiyaz got his first Billboard chart entry with "Gravity", where it's not clear who's doing the most legwork on the initial hype. I can't even say I was being swayed by Tyler, The Creator, because once again I was totally on board with the song before his verse even started. It does net him his 5th entry to date at #32 though.
Stepping away from the typical field of sitting alongside Joey Bada$$ on several songs, Nyck Caution gets in on his own for his 2nd chart entry "Bad Day". Or he would except I guess Denzel Curry is also showing up here. At #35, it's his 6th chart entry.

1151Cat & Calmelldramatic {2 Weeks @ #1}
2652Julien BakerHardline
32141JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
43132Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
7594RIIKIGood Times
87181亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
91339Arlo ParksHope
1011510FRITZDie Happily
11986Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
1217212Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
131089SamsaruhRadio Silence
1414414Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
1518415Jess LockeDead And Gone
1619416Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
1712172King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
1823218Bad/LoveFeel Good
1920319TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
20NE120彩音Irregular entropy
2115117Liyah KnightEnergy
2216912derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
2325323Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
2429224CelesteTonight Tonight
25NE125Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
2628426Alice GlassSUFFER AND SWALLOW
2721136BENEEHappen To Me
28221017LastlingsOut Of Touch
2931329Mia WrayNever Gonna Be The Same
3024153System Of A DownGenocidal Humanoidz
3126720Biig PiigFeels Right
32NE132Brent Faiyaz & DJ DahiGravity (feat Tyler, The Creator)
3327156Jess LockeDestroy Everything
3437234King StingrayGet Me Out
35NE135Nyck CautionBad Day (feat Denzel Curry)
3632629Gretta RayPassion
37301213RedHookCure 4 Psycho
3835624The AvalanchesThe Divine Chord (feat MGMT & Johnny Marr)
3934916Genesis OwusuThe Other Black Dog
40331411SG LewisFeed The Fire (feat Lucky Daye)

42361016Azure RyderOh What A Relief
4138531Megan Thee StallionCircles
4339202Jaguar JonzeDeadalive
4440627Madison BeerBOYSHIT
Feb 21st

It's a 3rd week at #1 for Cat & Calmell which is not at all a dramatic turn of events but then how often do these things line up. Julien Baker is being quite dramatic at #2 with "Hardline" again though, just ahead of Jantoje at #3 & Dante Knows at #4, nothing new to note there. What is new is that Odette's "Amends" has moved to #5 this week. But that's not all that's happening in this crazy top 10 that is not particularly crazy this week, as Tkay Maidza's "Kim" is up to #10, which is now her 4th top 10 hit.


OH HE AT IT AGAIN. Anyway it might not be apparent because of the way I've included her name in my table but Asaka has been doing quite good for herself with the very lucrative route of making a song for the new Higurashi anime. In fact that's kind of her thing she does based on her Spotify discography. In fact quite recently she's done another one, for an anime I don't remember the name about or know anything about, but I listened to the song completely out of context and was vibing with it, allowing for the extremely unlikely turn of events where Asaka actually has a 2nd song on the chart, and it sounds absolutely nothing like the first. "Seize The Day" enters at #23 this week.
This time it's the artist I know precious little about apart from them releasing an EP just this week. Lava La Rue's "Magpie" has a great melodic foundation though, and enters immediately at #25.
She's not the only debutant though, as the equally mysterious The Million come through at #31 with "Last Call", which is a bit of a banger tbh.

1161Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
2262Julien BakerHardline
33151JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
44142Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
6946Arlo ParksHope
87104RIIKIGood Times
91069FRITZDie Happily
1012310Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
118191亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
1218312Bad/LoveFeel Good
1316513Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
1415514Jess LockeDead And Gone
151196Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
1620216彩音Irregular entropy
1719417TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
1814514Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
191399SamsaruhRadio Silence
2024320CelesteTonight Tonight
2123421Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
2225222Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
23NE123亜咲花Seize The Day
2417182King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
25NE125Lava La RueMagpie
2626526Alice GlassSUFFER AND SWALLOW
2732227Brent Faiyaz & DJ DahiGravity (feat Tyler, The Creator)
28221012derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
2921127Liyah KnightEnergy
3029429Mia WrayNever Gonna Be The Same
31NE131The MillionLast Call
3234332King StingrayGet Me Out
3335233Nyck CautionBad Day (feat Denzel Curry)
3427146BENEEHappen To Me
35281117LastlingsOut Of Touch
3630163System Of A DownGenocidal Humanoidz
3731820Biig PiigFeels Right
3833166Jess LockeDestroy Everything
3936729Gretta RayPassion
40371313RedHookCure 4 Psycho

4138624The AvalanchesThe Divine Chord (feat MGMT & Johnny Marr)
4439916Genesis OwusuThe Other Black Dog
47401411SG LewisFeed The Fire (feat Lucky Daye)
Feb 28th

It's a new #1 week. As the fast acceleration over recent weeks may have implied, Julien Baker has now taken the top spot with "Hardline". This is continuing a rather absurd streak of 11 months where every #1 hit features at least one artist that has never charted before. It's one of those also interesting cases where the new & incumbent both debuted on the same week, as Cat & Calmell drop to #2. Arlo Parks continues her big rise to #3 with "Hope", while Jantoje is still hanging on at #4 with "Bad Minded". Odette retains the #5 slot with "Amends". Vaulting into the top 10 this week is Ayane whose "Irregular entropy" jumps 8 places to #8, naturally her first top 10 hit. Bad/Love also score a first top 10 hit with "Feel Good".


Wait it's a shocker of a moment because a Wolf Alice song is on the chart. In fairness the shock is that they've actually finally released new music. It's been over 3 years but "The Last Man On Earth" gives them their 9th entry to date, as well as the highest debut of 2021 so far at #14.
The second wave of KUČKA chart smashing keeps rolling through. She's now up to 7 chart entries as the latest "No Good For Me" gets in at #27.
Back in the middle of last year I was listening to "Mother" by UMI and "Green" by MAY-A in unison, and as two songs that don't blatantly showboat their titles by artists I was previously unfamiliar with, I frequently had myself stumbling over which song was which even if they don't sound very similar. That will surely no longer be a problem as MAY-A is finding 2nd success with "Time I Love To Waste", which sounds enough like "Green" that I should be able to get it right in the future. It's also nearly higher than that ever got, debuting at #30.
We're just a couple weeks shy of it being 10 years since Rise Against debuted on the chart with their big #1 smash "Architects". On an unrelated note, the song "Dead Butterflies" gives Architects their first ever chart entry at #36.
Lastly is an artist I'd certainly never confuse for any similarly name artists, and perhaps this chart entry will aid in that as well. "Blame Game" is the first time on the chart for Beach Bunny at #38.

1271Julien BakerHardline {1 Week @ #1}
2171Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
3653Arlo ParksHope
43161JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
61046Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
74152Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
81638彩音Irregular entropy
9979FRITZDie Happily
1012410Bad/LoveFeel Good
1213612Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
138114RIIKIGood Times
14NE114Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth
1514614Jess LockeDead And Gone
1611201亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
1717517TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
1823218亜咲花Seize The Day
1925219Lava La RueMagpie
2020420CelesteTonight Tonight
2122321Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
2215106Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
2219109SamsaruhRadio Silence
2321521Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
2418614Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
2627326Brent Faiyaz & DJ DahiGravity (feat Tyler, The Creator)
27NE127KUČKANo Good For Me
2831228The MillionLast Call
2926626Alice GlassSUFFER AND SWALLOW
30NE130MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
3130529Mia WrayNever Gonna Be The Same
3224192King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
3332432King StingrayGet Me Out
3433333Nyck CautionBad Day (feat Denzel Curry)
35281112derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
36NE136ArchitectsDead Butterflies
3729137Liyah KnightEnergy
38NE138Beach BunnyBlame Game
3934156BENEEHappen To Me
40351217LastlingsOut Of Touch

4136163System Of A DownGenocidal Humanoidz
4237820Biig PiigFeels Right
4538166Jess LockeDestroy Everything
4439729Gretta RayPassion
47401313RedHookCure 4 Psycho
Mar 7th

It's a 2nd week at #1 for Julien Baker, and that's the "Hardline" because I said so. Cat & Calmell retain the #2 spot which isn't very "dramatic". Arlo Parks will have to "Hope" she can climb higher than #3, but she has competition as Ayane's "Irregular entropy" can't really be fit into a sentence. Tkay Maidza is also now up to #5 with "Kim". Wolf Alice vault into the top 10 with "The Last Man On Earth" which is their 6th top 10 hit to date.


The on-brand is back. Her last single didn't quite crack the chart, but Jaguar Jonze has quickly made up for it with "Curled In" which jumps in quite high at #21. This is now her 6th song to chart.
Now for less obvious territory. We have new first time entrants with Louis Baker and Kings of that one song that was big in New Zealand a few years ago fame. "Overdrive" is a rather chilled out affair which enters at #30.
Speaking of chilled out affairs, one of the biggest benefactors of it of late has been Surf Mesa who scored a bizarre crossover hit last year. He's gotten together with Madison Beer who's done pretty good with getting moderate hits on these parts lately, "Carried Away" is now her 3rd at #32.
Lastly it's another song featuring NZ royalty, as Bad Sounds have brought in Broods for "Move Into Me" which creeps in at #40. This is their 6th time on the chart.

1181Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
2281Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
3363Arlo ParksHope
4844彩音Irregular entropy
5655Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
71057Bad/LoveFeel Good
81428Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth
9989FRITZDie Happily
104171JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
117162Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
1212712Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
1319313Lava La RueMagpie
1418314亜咲花Seize The Day
1621416Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
1720517CelesteTonight Tonight
1813124RIIKIGood Times
1917617TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
2015714Jess LockeDead And Gone
21NE121Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
2216211亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
2327223KUČKANo Good For Me
2428324The MillionLast Call
2530225MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
2623621Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
2726426Brent Faiyaz & DJ DahiGravity (feat Tyler, The Creator)
2822116Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
2924714Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
30NE130Louis BakerOverdrive (feat Kings)
3125119SamsaruhRadio Silence
32NE132Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away
3338233Beach BunnyBlame Game
3436234ArchitectsDead Butterflies
3529726Alice GlassSUFFER AND SWALLOW
3633532King StingrayGet Me Out
3731629Mia WrayNever Gonna Be The Same
3834433Nyck CautionBad Day (feat Denzel Curry)
3932202King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
40NE140Bad SoundsMove Into Me (feat Broods)

41351112derykBrains [HOME DEMO]
4237137Liyah KnightEnergy
4339156BENEEHappen To Me
44401217LastlingsOut Of Touch
Mar 14th

Mar 14th

It happened in 2020, and it happened in 2021. I know I can't believe it either, I have another dubstep song at #1. Ayane's "Irregular entropy" climbs up to #1 this week from #4, which is continuing the pattern of all #1s having newly charting artists which runs all the way back to the start of April last year. Those former first time charting artists Julien Baker and Cat & Calmell are down a spot each to #2 & #3. Arlo Parks didn't get to #1 nor is with her first charting hit, but "Hope" is also down a spot to #4, while Tkay Maidza holds the #5 spot with "Kim". This is the first week where the entire top 10 is from 2021, as Lava La Rue breaks through to #9 with "Magpie".


It's a big week for Ainslie Wills, or rather soundalikes. The first of which comes close to home, as another solo singer which a slight penchant for hitting #1 on this chart. It's the second new entry this year for Gretta Ray, who actually released two singles this week, though I've more quickly taken to "Readymade" of those. It arrives at #18 as her 8th chart entry.
Even more blatantly sounding like an Ainslie Wills song, is a new song from CLOVES. It's been a few years since she made her debut with "Wasted Time", and now she's hit a new high with "Manic" which strips her of any sort of one hit wonder banner at #26.
Also getting a second hit, though a little bit quicker, is the still rising Baby Queen, whose "Raw Thoughts" is closing in on the top 10, but now joined by "These Drugs" at #33.

1451彩音Irregular entropy {1 Week @ #1}
2191Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
3291Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
4373Arlo ParksHope
5565Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
6836Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth
7767Bad/LoveFeel Good
91349Lava La RueMagpie
10999FRITZDie Happily
1112811Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
1214412亜咲花Seize The Day
1316513Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
1421214Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
1510181JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
1617616CelesteTonight Tonight
1711172Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
18NE118Gretta RayReadymade
1923319KUČKANo Good For Me
2025320MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
2224422The MillionLast Call
2319717TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
2418134RIIKIGood Times
2530225Louis BakerOverdrive (feat Kings)
2720814Jess LockeDead And Gone
2832228Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away
2922221亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
3026721Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
3133331Beach BunnyBlame Game
3227526Brent Faiyaz & DJ DahiGravity (feat Tyler, The Creator)
33NE133Baby QueenThese Drugs
3428126Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
3529814Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
3634334ArchitectsDead Butterflies
3736632King StingrayGet Me Out
3831129SamsaruhRadio Silence
3940239Bad SoundsMove Into Me (feat Broods)
4035826Alice GlassSUFFER AND SWALLOW

4337629Mia WrayNever Gonna Be The Same
4138433Nyck CautionBad Day (feat Denzel Curry)
4639202King PrincessOnly Time Makes It Human
Mar 21st

It's a 2nd week at #1 for Ayane's "Irregular entropy", though we shall see how it proceeds from here on as Higurashi's season ended this week (though it wasn't actually played on the last episode either). Julien Baker holds the #2 spot with "Hardline", while Wolf Alice find themselves in familiar territory with "The Last Man On Earth" now up to #3. In a similar manner, Jaguar Jonze has vaulted up to #10 with "CURLED IN" which is now her 5th top 10 hit


I have been putting off listening to Noname's music needlessly for a long time. An impromptu conversation recently got me to listening to her "Room 25" album and yeah, it's great. More relevant of late is her newest single "Rainforest" which gets her in for the first time at #24.
It's a threepeat! Shannen James first charted in 2019, was back again with an even bigger hit in 2020, and now results are pending for 2021, but she's managed the first step, with "Superstitious" doing the trick at #28.
Maybe it shuold have been obvious but I'm just now realising that Emotional Oranges is a group. I was well established on Biig Piig not being one though, as she's now up to her 3rd entry, but for those oranges, it's their first time, getting in with "Body & Soul" at #32.
Finally, we're still waiting to see if Hayley Mary can vault her solo career to serious heights here, though a steady hit rate is not at all a bad thing either way. Now up to 3 entries, "Would You Throw A Diamond?" is the latest at #36.

1161彩音Irregular entropy {2 Weeks @ #1}
22101Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
3643Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth
43101Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
5483Arlo ParksHope
6956Lava La RueMagpie
7777Bad/LoveFeel Good
8575Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
1014310Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
1113611Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
1210109FRITZDie Happily
1318213Gretta RayReadymade
1412512亜咲花Seize The Day
1511911Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
1620416MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
1716716CelesteTonight Tonight
1819418KUČKANo Good For Me
2015191JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
2122521The MillionLast Call
2217182Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
2325323Louis BakerOverdrive (feat Kings)
2528325Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away
2723817TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
28NE128Shannen JamesSuperstitious
2933229Baby QueenThese Drugs
3031430Beach BunnyBlame Game
3124144RIIKIGood Times
32NE132Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)
3327914Jess LockeDead And Gone
3430821Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
3529231亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}
36NE136Hayley MaryWould You Throw A Diamond?
3732626Brent Faiyaz & DJ DahiGravity (feat Tyler, The Creator)
3837732King StingrayGet Me Out
3939339Bad SoundsMove Into Me (feat Broods)
4034136Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole

4135814Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsPukebox
4336334ArchitectsDead Butterflies
4538129SamsaruhRadio Silence
4640826Alice GlassSUFFER AND SWALLOW
Mar 28th

Ayane has been #1 for 3 weeks now, whose "Irregular entropy" is of course very relatable as someone who did spend most of their week re-rolling outcomes until I liked them. Wolf Alice come ready for blood or something along those lines with "The Last Man On Earth" at #2. Julien Baker is down to #3 with "Hardline", while Cat & Calmell hold the #4 spot which continues to not be a "dramatic" outcome. Lava La Rue is new to the top 5 though, at the much coveted #5 location with "Magpie". Vaulting into the top 10 this week too is Gretta Ray, who's not seen these heights in a few years, but now "Readymade" becomes her 4th top 10 hit at #7, knocking out Odette in the process who she charted alongside a little while back. There's also the arrival of Baby Queen at #10 with "Raw Thoughts", who is quite new to this chart.


Though they're quite used to debuting low and charting low with one slight exception (that of course is "Old River" which was the highest debut of its week), Middle Kids are here to show that in some instances they do better than others. The others I mean are everyone else, as "Today We're The Greatest" is the highest new entry this week at #21, which surprisingly is now their 6th chart entry.
The important thing this week is that it's all about building things up and giving artists another shot. Which is to say that a year ago REI AMI had a very big hit in "Runaway" but has not been seen on the chart since then, until now. "do it right" is a bit more low key and not just because of the way the title is written. She brings in Amine who now has 3 entries to his name at #35.
There is one artist here who haven't charted before, it's yet another random rock band from Sydney. These lads are called You Am I, and have their first ever imprint on the chart this week at #35 with a song called "The Waterboy".
Lastly, SG Lewis sheds his own one chart entry wonder title, by going to the proven formula of putting Lastlings on a song because it'll probably end up on this chart at some point. After all, this is only his 2nd entry, but they're now up to 6 themselves, as "All We Have" lands at #37.

1171彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
2352Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth
32111Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
44111Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
5665Lava La RueMagpie
6593Arlo ParksHope
71337Gretta RayReadymade
8787Bad/LoveFeel Good
91049Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
1011710Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
11885Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
1316513MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
1412119FRITZDie Happily
1614612亜咲花Seize The Day
1718517KUČKANo Good For Me
1921619The MillionLast Call
20151011Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
21NE121Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
2223422Louis BakerOverdrive (feat Kings)
2317816CelesteTonight Tonight
2425424Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away
2528225Shannen JamesSuperstitious
2620201JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
2729327Baby QueenThese Drugs
2832228Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)
2930529Beach BunnyBlame Game
3022192Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
31NE131REI AMIdo it right (feat Amine)
3227917TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
3336233Hayley MaryWould You Throw A Diamond?
35NE135You Am IThe Waterboy
3634921Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
37NE137SG LewisAll We Have (feat Lastlings)
3831154RIIKIGood Times
39331014Jess LockeDead And Gone
4035241亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}

4437626Brent Faiyaz & DJ DahiGravity (feat Tyler, The Creator)
4238732King StingrayGet Me Out
4139339Bad SoundsMove Into Me (feat Broods)
4740136Cherry GlazerrRabbit Hole
Apr 4th

It's somewhat poetic that a curious stat I've been hinting towards a while ago happens to end right as it crosses the 1 year anniversary. Specifically I'm talking about the stat where every single #1 hit on this chart since the start of April 2020 has had at least one credited artist who had never charted before. Now on the first week of April 2021, the new #1 comes to smash that trend in style, as it's one step further to be an artist that already has multiple #1's. Now Wolf Alice have a 3rd with "The Last Man On Earth" completing its ascent. Ayane's "Irregular entropy" drops back to #2, while ascending perhaps higher than initially expected, Lava La Rue's "Magpie" is up to #3. Gretta Ray is now up to #4 with "Readymade", which might be a good omen as all her prior top 5 hits have hit #1, while Julien Baker's only top 5 hit, "Hardline", now drops back to #5.


I'm not saying it's just because it sounds like that Beach House song but it does help a little with what is already a pretty compelling track. Deb Never makes her first ever chart appearance with "Someone Else" in at #26.
Royal Blood had a pretty tidy start to their charting career on their debut album, which netted a #1 hit. Success since then has been limited but they've not been relegated to has-been status yet. A good showing for them is scoring a #30 debut this week with "Limbo", which is higher than anything they've ever charted with since "Ten Tonne Skeleton". It's their 5th entry overall.
Evidently we're back in Gretta Ray season as she picks up a 3rd entry for this year (although it feels weird to consider "Passion" as that). Now up to 9 overall, the latest is the more popular of the two she released simultaneously last month "Bigger Than Me" at #35.
Lastly it looks to be the last time in the chart for Slum Sociable, who called it quits before releasing their last EP this week. From it we have "Questions" which at #38 is their 3rd time on the chart, having gotten as high as #19 in 2018 with "Afterthought".

1261Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {1 Week @ #1}
2181彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
3573Lava La RueMagpie
4744Gretta RayReadymade
53121Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
64121Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
7957Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
86103Arlo ParksHope
9897Bad/LoveFeel Good
1010810Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
1113611MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
131195Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
1421214Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
1714129FRITZDie Happily
1817617KUČKANo Good For Me
1919719The MillionLast Call
2016712亜咲花Seize The Day
2122521Louis BakerOverdrive (feat Kings)
2224522Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away
2325323Shannen JamesSuperstitious
24201111Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
2528325Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)
26NE126Deb NeverSomeone Else
2731227REI AMIdo it right (feat Amine)
2827427Baby QueenThese Drugs
2923916CelesteTonight Tonight
30NE130Royal BloodLimbo
3129629Beach BunnyBlame Game
3233332Hayley MaryWould You Throw A Diamond?
3335233You Am IThe Waterboy
3426211JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
35NE135Gretta RayBigger Than Me
3637236SG LewisAll We Have (feat Lastlings)
3730202Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
38NE138Slum SociableQuestions
39321017TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
40361021Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)

4238154RIIKIGood Times
46391014Jess LockeDead And Gone
4540241亜咲花I believe what you said {8 Weeks @ #1}

Last edited:
Apr 11th

It's a 2nd week at Wolf Alice, who are you to ask for anything more? Ayane also retains #2 with "Irregular entropy". Gretta Ray has "Readymade" going up to #3, swapping with Lava La Rue's "Magpie" at #4. Finally Jaguar Jonze's "CURLED IN" is at #5 now this week. But actually in an unusual fashion, there are 3 songs reaching the top 10 this week. First is CLOVES who gets her first ever with "Manic" at #7. Same goes for MAY-A with "Time I Love To Waste" at #9. Middle Kids finish things off with "Today We're The Greatest" which is their 2nd, they've not seen these heights since "Edge Of Town" in 2016.


It's big debutant hours at the top end this week. First off it's Slayyyter whose debut is extremely belated all things considered. Nonetheless, "Cowboys" is an immediately addictive release whose guitar tone deserves the description of 'disgustingly good'. It's in at #16.
A song I nearly skipped over on first listen, this is now the arrival week of KALI with "I Just Wanna", which I have not much to say about but lands at #30.
According to my Twitter feed, BROCKHAMPTON have a new album out this week. From it we have the single "BUZZCUT". It's now their 14th entry, while featured Danny Brown is now up to 7 at #36.
Lastly, it's the latest in the series of chart entries from Madison Beer that will probably continue to not quite land in the top 20. But hey, nothing to knock about racking up more entries. She's now up to 4 as "Blue" enters at #39.

1171Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {2 Weeks @ #1}
2291彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
3453Gretta RayReadymade
4383Lava La RueMagpie
5765Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
65131Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
86131Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
91179MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
1014310Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
119107Bad/LoveFeel Good
128113Arlo ParksHope
1410910Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
1513105Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
1817139FRITZDie Happily
1919819The MillionLast Call
2023420Shannen JamesSuperstitious
2126221Deb NeverSomeone Else
2225422Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)
2322622Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away
2418717KUČKANo Good For Me
2527325REI AMIdo it right (feat Amine)
2620812亜咲花Seize The Day
2730227Royal BloodLimbo
2821621Louis BakerOverdrive (feat Kings)
2935229Gretta RayBigger Than Me
30NE130KALII Just Wanna
3133331You Am IThe Waterboy
3228527Baby QueenThese Drugs
3332432Hayley MaryWould You Throw A Diamond?
34241211Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
3538235Slum SociableQuestions
3731729Beach BunnyBlame Game
3836336SG LewisAll We Have (feat Lastlings)
39NE139Madison BeerBlue
40291016CelesteTonight Tonight

4134211JantojeBad Minded (feat Jade Alice) {5 Weeks @ #1}
4237202Danté KnowsLaced (feat Tasker)
45391017TiarnieSorry (Too Much)
43401021Jarryd JamesOverdue (feat Trapo)
Apr 18th

It's a 3rd week now at #1 for Wolf Alice. For those playing at home, their other two #1 hits lasted 5 & 6 weeks at #1 so it's got a way to go before meeting up. Gretta Ray might have something to say however, probably using some obscurity plucked from the thesaurus, as "Readymade" moves on up to #2, swapping with Ayane's "Irregular entropy" at #3. Jaguar Jonze finds another new peak with "CURLED IN" at #4. Finally Lava La Rue finishes up the top 5 at #5 with "Magpie".


I've had a slow cascade of dreamy synth pop bubbling under this chart for a while which is of course my brand, and it's being satiated and then some with this new single by Micra. "Undercover Lover" is the sort of thing that definitely is my bag, baby, and it's in at #19.
Racking up chart entries very quickly now is Biig Piig. It was only 7 months ago that she made her first entrance, and now she's already up to 4, as new single "Lavender" lands at #32.
Now new to the chart but not new at all, it's one of those 'When was the last time you thought of this band' bands. Jungle also don't seem to have changed very much in 7 years but the result is pretty pleasing, with "Keep Moving" in at #35.
Another artist who racked up chart entries quickly a while back, though this one hasn't been seen in nearly 2 years. It's the return to the chart for bülow, who now has 5 entries to her name courtesy of #37 debut "First Place".

1181Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
2362Gretta RayReadymade
32101彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
4574Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
5493Lava La RueMagpie
71047Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
86141Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
9989MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
108141Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
1311117Bad/LoveFeel Good
1412123Arlo ParksHope
1521315Deb NeverSomeone Else
16141010Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
1720517Shannen JamesSuperstitious
1815115Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
19NE119MicraUndercover Lover
2022520Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)
2118149FRITZDie Happily
2227322Royal BloodLimbo
2429324Gretta RayBigger Than Me
2519919The MillionLast Call
2625425REI AMIdo it right (feat Amine)
2730227KALII Just Wanna
2823722Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away
2936229BROCKHAMPTONBUZZCUT (feat Danny Brown)
3031430You Am IThe Waterboy
3124817KUČKANo Good For Me
32NE132Biig PiigLavender
3326912亜咲花Seize The Day
3435334Slum SociableQuestions
35NE135JungleKeep Moving
3628721Louis BakerOverdrive (feat Kings)
37NE137bülowFirst Place
3839238Madison BeerBlue
3933532Hayley MaryWould You Throw A Diamond?
4032627Baby QueenThese Drugs

42341211Olivia Rodrigodrivers license
4337729Beach BunnyBlame Game
4138336SG LewisAll We Have (feat Lastlings)
45401016CelesteTonight Tonight
Apr 25th

While years of late have been characterised by persistent long runs at #1, 2021 seems to be bucking the trend as we have yet another new #1. Yet again it's a familiar face too, as Gretta Ray lays claim to her 3rd #1 hit, following "Drive" in 2016 and "Towers" in 2017. Doing the deed is "Readymade" climbing up in its 7th week on the chart. Wolf Alice drop back to #2 but it's not a bad week for them by any stretch. Ayane retains #3 with "Irregular entropy", holding off Jaguar Jonze at #4 for another week. CLOVES hits a new high of #5 this week with "Manic". There were no climbers into the top 10 last week but this time there are two, both from first time charters as Slayyyter takes "Cowboys" to #8 and Noname's "Rainforest" is at #10.


It's not an especially common event to have a debut on the very week of release, and this week is especially absurd as that applies to every debut. This can be understandable when it's familiar names across the board, but the top debut is anything but. Eleura gets her first ever entry with "Petty" at #15.
On the other hand, familiar faces do work pretty well, and I am continuing to report in as being very fond of what Wolf Alice tend to do. It's a big milestone too as they now have 10 chart entries, thanks to "Smile" coming through at #17, just 3 places lower than "The Last Man On Earth" debuted.
A little less familiar to the chart, Amber Mark hasn't been seen here since 2019 when "What If" proved very fortuitous peaking at #2. She'll be hoping to replicate the feat with "Worth It" which is her 3rd entry at #23.
It would be somewhat poetic if "What If"'s #2 peak were blocked by either of 2019's big reigns from Little Simz but actually she missed it by a week. Nonetheless she's back on the chart with her 5th entry to date "Introvert" at #27.

1271Gretta RayReadymade {1 Week @ #1}
2191Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
33111彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
4484Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
6756Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
75103Lava La RueMagpie
9999MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
118151Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
1215412Deb NeverSomeone Else
1310151Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
1519215MicraUndercover Lover
1613127Bad/LoveFeel Good
17NE117Wolf AliceSmile
1817617Shannen JamesSuperstitious
1924419Gretta RayBigger Than Me
2022420Royal BloodLimbo
2114133Arlo ParksHope
2220620Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)
23NE123Amber MarkWorth It
24161110Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
2527325KALII Just Wanna
2618125Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
27NE127Little SimzIntrovert
2829328BROCKHAMPTONBUZZCUT (feat Danny Brown)
2932229Biig PiigLavender
3021159FRITZDie Happily
3126525REI AMIdo it right (feat Amine)
3335233JungleKeep Moving
34251019The MillionLast Call
3530530You Am IThe Waterboy
3628822Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away
3737237bülowFirst Place
3834434Slum SociableQuestions
3931917KUČKANo Good For Me
4038338Madison BeerBlue

4133912亜咲花Seize The Day
4536721Louis BakerOverdrive (feat Kings)
4639532Hayley MaryWould You Throw A Diamond?
5040627Baby QueenThese Drugs
May 2nd

Much like the rampant run of 3 time winners on certain television-based competitions, there have been a plethora of 3 week #1's lately. So now we begin the mystery of whether or not Gretta Ray's "Readymade" will join that club, now taking a 2nd week at #1. One might think it best to wait until it's actually gotten to that 3rd week, but perhaps it won't get a chance, or more likely, my observation will be painfully outdated a week from now anyway. Wolf Alice hold the #2 spot with "The Last Man On Earth" and Ayane's "Irregular entropy" is defying its name and staying still at #3. Middle Kids are now top 5 material with "Today We're The Greatest" at #4, and just behind them is the fast pace of Slayyyer's "Cowboys" now up to #5. Also moving fast though is Eluera, who I egregiously misspelled on last week's chart, but now she's correctly being credited with a top 10 entrance for "Petty" at #8. Deb Never is also hanging around in these parts with "Someone Else" at #10.


It's throwback time this week and how. Well in the year of our lord 2021, the top new entry comes from The Chemical Brothers, who prove that if you have in the past made very good songs, there is not necessarily any reason that cannot be true in the present. "The Darkness That You Fear" is their 2nd ever entry, in at #25.
Maybe this one doesn't feel like a throwback but in fairness it has been about 4 years since London Grammar last graced these parts. In the meantime I've enjoyed myself with Dot Major's profane other side but actually on this song Hannah gets her swear jar on as well. It's compelling for other reasons for sure too. "Lord It's A Feeling" in at #30 is their 7th chart entry.
Technically a debut but also technically not depending on where your technicalities lie. After all, in 2010 I perhaps made some acknowledgement of charting The Veronicas as a guest spot on Michael Paynter's "Love The Fall", though they were technically not credited. All ambiguity is gone as they're certainly on the chart this week with "GODZILLA" at #33.
There have been plenty of additions to the one chart entry wonders of late, particularly ones that get to the top of the chart. This week we're actually removing one of those because 7 years after the fact, Big Scary have finally scored their 2nd chart entry, as "Get Out!" lands at #37, and I'll have you know I'd have given them a 3rd entry if I could.

1181Gretta RayReadymade {2 Weeks @ #1}
22101Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
33121彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
4664Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
7494Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
97113Lava La RueMagpie
1012510Deb NeverSomeone Else
129109MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
1315313MicraUndercover Lover
1417214Wolf AliceSmile
1511161Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
1619516Gretta RayBigger Than Me
1713161Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
1823218Amber MarkWorth It
1920519Royal BloodLimbo
2029320Biig PiigLavender
2116137Bad/LoveFeel Good
2227222Little SimzIntrovert
2325423KALII Just Wanna
2418717Shannen JamesSuperstitious
25NE125The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
2628426BROCKHAMPTONBUZZCUT (feat Danny Brown)
2722720Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)
2821143Arlo ParksHope
29241210Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
30NE130London GrammarLord It's A Feeling
3133331JungleKeep Moving
3226135Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
33NE133The VeronicasGODZILLA
3431625REI AMIdo it right (feat Amine)
3537335bülowFirst Place
3630169FRITZDie Happily
37NE137Big ScaryGet Out!
3835630You Am IThe Waterboy
4036922Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away

41341019The MillionLast Call
4338434Slum SociableQuestions
4639917KUČKANo Good For Me
4440338Madison BeerBlue
May 9th

Well what would you know, Gretta Ray's now #1 for a 3rd week, an exact mark met by 3 other songs already this year. Next week we'll find out if "Readymade" can be the longest runner apart from "Bad Minded" for 2021. In the meantime, Wolf Alice still hold the #2 spot with "The Last Man On Earth", though on the way up is Slayyyter's "Cowboys" at #3. Middle Kids stay at #4 with "Today We're The Greatest", and Eluera is up to #5 with "Petty". It's pretty familiar territory also this week as Wolf Alice's "Smile" is up to #9, making it their 7th top 10 hit. In 2017 they spent 5 weeks in a row with two simultaneous top 10 entries in "Don't Delete The Kisses" and "Planet Hunter".


Last week was a big '90s throwback in the sense that the top debut was from The Chemical Brothers. On an unrelated note, this week's top debut is from Garbage. It was something of a novel moment 5 years ago when they scored a big hit with "So We Can Stay Alive", but wouldn't be even more novel if they did so now?? For the time being, "No Gods No Masters" is off to a strong start at #24, their 2nd entry.
We have just one debuting artist this week and it's quite an unlikely source. Or only unlikely because I've probably said some unsavoury things about twenty one pilots in the past but hey, I can be won over. Doing just that this week is "Shy Away", which gets in at #28.
Now it's time for an independent artist that can't seem to get much radio attention over here despite putting out some killer singles. I'm obviously talking about Olivia Rodrigo who scores her 2nd ever entry with "deja vu" at #33.
Finishing things off is the artist most familiar to the chart by far. It's hard to believe but Tkay Maidza now has 13 chart entries to date, with the latest being "Syrup" at #37.

1191Gretta RayReadymade {2 Weeks @ #1}
22111Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
4474Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
63131彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
81068Deb NeverSomeone Else
91439Wolf AliceSmile
107104Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
1113411MicraUndercover Lover
129123Lava La RueMagpie
1318313Amber MarkWorth It
1416614Gretta RayBigger Than Me
1620416Biig PiigLavender
1712119MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
1822318Little SimzIntrovert
1925219The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
2015171Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
2119619Royal BloodLimbo
2223522KALII Just Wanna
2317171Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
24NE124GarbageNo Gods No Masters
2526525BROCKHAMPTONBUZZCUT (feat Danny Brown)
2630226London GrammarLord It's A Feeling
2721147Bad/LoveFeel Good
28NE128twenty one pilotsShy Away
2924817Shannen JamesSuperstitious
3031430JungleKeep Moving
3133231The VeronicasGODZILLA
3227820Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)
33NE133Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
3435434bülowFirst Place
3537235Big ScaryGet Out!
3628153Arlo ParksHope
37NE137Tkay MaidzaSyrup
38291310Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
3932145Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
4034725REI AMIdo it right (feat Amine)

4136169FRITZDie Happily
4238630You Am IThe Waterboy
4540922Surf Mesa & Madison BeerCarried Away
May 16th

It's a 4th week at #1 now for Gretta Ray, which it must be said, is radically unprecedented territory for a 2021 release (albeit, one that was written way back in 2019). Perhaps things will change in the near future though as there are contenders running up the list. Slayyyer's "Cowboys" is now up to #2, and just behind her is Eluera's "Petty" at #3, meaning it's quite likely we'll return to the world of artists getting their first #1 hit with their first entry. In the world of former #1 artists of the past, Wolf Alice are down to #4 with "The Last Man On Earth" and Middle Kids have "Today We're The Greatest" at #5. But back to newbies and we have Micra getting their first ever top 10 hit with "Undercover Lover" at #9.


It's also just a big week for new artists in general. First off is an exceedingly on brand for me song in "Tranquilize", whose very title drop even just reminds me of Melody's Echo Chamber or something like that just in how the syllables hit in an aurally pleasing way. That's from Telenova who enter at #21 with their first ever entry.
It was about 2 years ago that Sofia Karlberg had a big hit in "Spotless Mind", which I found curious as an exceedingly appealing to me sort of song from an artist who otherwise is a lot more famous for just doing covers of popular songs. We have another of those this week and it comes from Australia, as Sydney's own Bianca actually has a remarkable 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, largely doing just that. The original track that she just put out though, "King", was an instant winner for me, and enters at #26.
It's perfect timing for Baby Queen who just now leaves the chart with her first entry "Raw Thoughts", but maintains her chart presence as it's time for her latest entry "Dover Beach" to come in at #33, which is her 3rd entry.
Lastly it's time for the new Ali Barter single I mean it's a first time on the chart for Charlie Collins, whose "F**k It" has finally stopped being pushed out by quickly ascending new entries. So it just sneaks in at #38.

11101Gretta RayReadymade {4 Weeks @ #1}
42121Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
5484Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
6946Wolf AliceSmile
7877Deb NeverSomeone Else
86141彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
91159MicraUndercover Lover
1113411Amber MarkWorth It
1216512Biig PiigLavender
1314713Gretta RayBigger Than Me
1418414Little SimzIntrovert
1510114Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
1612133Lava La RueMagpie
1719317The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
1824218GarbageNo Gods No Masters
2025620BROCKHAMPTONBUZZCUT (feat Danny Brown)
2217129MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
2326323London GrammarLord It's A Feeling
2428224twenty one pilotsShy Away
2522622KALII Just Wanna
2721719Royal BloodLimbo
2820181Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
2923181Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
3031330The VeronicasGODZILLA
3133231Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
3227157Bad/LoveFeel Good
33NE133Baby QueenDover Beach
3437234Tkay MaidzaSyrup
3530530JungleKeep Moving
3629917Shannen JamesSuperstitious
3734534bülowFirst Place
38NE138Charlie CollinsF**k It
3935335Big ScaryGet Out!
4032920Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)

4136153Arlo ParksHope
46381310Baby QueenRaw Thoughts
4539145Tkay MaidzaKim (with Yung Baby Tate)
4340725REI AMIdo it right (feat Amine)
May 23rd

It's the 5th week at #1 for "Readymade", which solidifies it as the longest runner of the year and a future ToC entrant, I mean now isn't it interesting that it's actually Gretta Ray's longest reigning #1? Contending to change this is Eluera whose "Petty" now sits at #2, swapping with Slayyyter's "Cowboys" which is down to #3. Also doing some swapping is the pecking order of Wolf Alice entries, as "Smile" jumps up to #4 ahead of "The Last Man On Earth" now down to #5. Jumping into the top 10 is Biig Piig's "Lavender" at #10. This is her first top 10 after "Don't Turn Around" was cruelly denied a place at #11.


Making an immediate strong impression on me on first lesson and once the song actually got into action, this week sees the first ever entry for the incidentally difficult to spell Spellling, and "Little Deer" which lands at #19.
Now it's business as usual as not only do we have a familiar artist, but even a familiar artist combo, as Little Simz scored her first ever entry in 2019 alongside Cleo Sol on "Selfish". Now she's up to 6 and they're back at it again with "Woman" at #26.
A while back I got to see Karnivool live which apart from being great, taught me that I should probably listen to more Hiatus Kaiyote as they were constantly playing over the loudspeakers before the set and I was consistently enjoying what I was hearing. Apropos of nothing, here they are with a newer release in "Red Room" at #34.

11111Gretta RayReadymade {5 Weeks @ #1}
4654Wolf AliceSmile
54131Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
6594Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
71157Amber MarkWorth It
8968MicraUndercover Lover
9787Deb NeverSomeone Else
1012610Biig PiigLavender
118151彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
1214512Little SimzIntrovert
1418314GarbageNo Gods No Masters
1517415The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
1613813Gretta RayBigger Than Me
19NE119SpelllingLittle Deer
2015124Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
2116143Lava La RueMagpie
2224322twenty one pilotsShy Away
2320720BROCKHAMPTONBUZZCUT (feat Danny Brown)
2423423London GrammarLord It's A Feeling
26NE126Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
2722139MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
2833228Baby QueenDover Beach
2931329Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
3025722KALII Just Wanna
3134331Tkay MaidzaSyrup
3230430The VeronicasGODZILLA
3327819Royal BloodLimbo
34NE134Hiatus KaiyoteRed Room
3529191Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
3638236Charlie CollinsF**k It
3728191Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
3832167Bad/LoveFeel Good
3935630JungleKeep Moving
4037634bülowFirst Place

4236917Shannen JamesSuperstitious
4339335Big ScaryGet Out!
4540920Emotional OrangesBody & Soul (feat Biig Piig)
May 30th

All references to 2021 #1 hits have largely been ignoring "Bad Minded" due to it being a 2020 release, but now we can include it just to shut it down, as "Readymade" has held the top spot for a Jantoje-surpassing 6 weeks, the longest of the year. It continues to hold off competition from Eluera whose "Petty" maintains #2, while Slayyyter & Wolf Alice are still #3 & #4 respectively. Amber Mark now has her 2nd top 5 hit as "Worth It" climbs up 2 spots to #5. Alongside this, Little Simz climbs into the top 10 with "Introvert" at #10, which is her 4th top 10 hit.


As we await to see if we'll have another member in the 'has a #1 hit and nothing else' club, Sycco has just ejected herself from it. Perhaps in hindsight she should've had another entry with "Germs", but rather than ponder that hypothetical, we can enjoy the very clear assertion of her latest entry at #21. "Time's Up" is of course the prog version of whatever genre of music Sycco makes, and is her 2nd entry to date.
The rest of the entries this week come from artists already on the chart, which is always fun. Perhaps the most unusual from that is this novel return to the chart for Garbage, who possibly were helped by Kanye West in fixing up "Wolves" but now have 3 chart entries to date as it enters at #28.
I have the slightest suspicion that I'm going to look back on the #22 peak for "I Just Wanna" and wonder why it didn't get higher, but until then, KALI has consolation on securing a second hit, as "Too Tired" enters at #35.
Finally, Olivia Rodrigo continues to enjoy an impressive hit rate in 2021, as now she's out of the hole with "good 4 u" at #37. This is her 3rd entry to date and though it's the lowest debut this week, it means she gets to select first next round.

11121Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
4464Wolf AliceSmile
5765Amber MarkWorth It
6876MicraUndercover Lover
75141Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
86104Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
91079Biig PiigLavender
1012610Little SimzIntrovert
1114411GarbageNo Gods No Masters
12997Deb NeverSomeone Else
1311161彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
1515515The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
1719217SpelllingLittle Deer
1916913Gretta RayBigger Than Me
2022420twenty one pilotsShy Away
21NE121SyccoTime's Up
2226222Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
2328323Baby QueenDover Beach
2421153Lava La RueMagpie
2520134Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
2629426Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
2724523London GrammarLord It's A Feeling
2931429Tkay MaidzaSyrup
3023820BROCKHAMPTONBUZZCUT (feat Danny Brown)
3234232Hiatus KaiyoteRed Room
3327149MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
3430822KALII Just Wanna
35NE135KALIToo Tired
3636336Charlie CollinsF**k It
37NE137Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
3832530The VeronicasGODZILLA
3933919Royal BloodLimbo
4035201Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}

4337191Julien BakerHardline {2 Weeks @ #1}
4138167Bad/LoveFeel Good
4639630JungleKeep Moving
4440634bülowFirst Place
Jun 6th

She has in fact done it. That could refer to a lot of people but in this instance, it's Eluera who's taken her first ever chart entry to #1 with "Petty", quite a good showing all things considered. Thus ends Gretta Ray's 6 week reign as "Readymade" drops to #2. Wolf Alice are still on the up with "Smile" as it's up to #3 now, while Amber Mark's "Worth It" is also up to #4. Slayyyter's "Cowboys" is down to #5. Garbage also climb into the top 10 with "No Gods No Masters" at #10, their 2nd top 10 hit, 5 years after the first.


It's a pretty big week right now as we've got one of those increasingly rare Very High Debuts. Since the start of 2019 there'd been only one top 10 debut which was "Don't Call Again", which perhaps says something of the prestige that CHVRCHES find themselves in with newest track "How Not To Drown" in at #6. It's their 6th top 10 hit in fact, and 12th entry overall. For featured Robert Smith, he was last seen on the chart over a decade ago, featured on Crystal Castles' "Not In Love".
A fairly belated first time entry to the chart this week comes for Aly & AJ. Obviously I should've given "Hothouse" the respect it deserved at the time though that would lead to confusing crediting history so maybe it's for the best. "Don't Need Nothing" though is their first entry at #28.
I realised earlier today that I've actually charted completely unrelated artists named Millions & The Million. The latter is back with the 2nd entry that Millions could never muster. "Stop/Go" won't have you trying to memorise where the PlayStation 2 is on the grid after copying the kid who went before you but it is entering at #35.
Seemingly never far from the chart these days, KUČKA is now up to 8 entries. It has been a slow climb but "Eternity" now finds its way in at #38.

1271ElueraPetty {1 Week @ #1}
21131Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
3473Wolf AliceSmile
4574Amber MarkWorth It
6NE16CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
7686MicraUndercover Lover
81078Little SimzIntrovert
9989Biig PiigLavender
1011510GarbageNo Gods No Masters
117151Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
128114Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
1417314SpelllingLittle Deer
1612107Deb NeverSomeone Else
1715615The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
1821218SyccoTime's Up
1913171彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
2022320Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
2123421Baby QueenDover Beach
2220520twenty one pilotsShy Away
2526525Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
26191013Gretta RayBigger Than Me
2729527Tkay MaidzaSyrup
28NE128Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
2924163Lava La RueMagpie
3032330Hiatus KaiyoteRed Room
3125144Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
3235232KALIToo Tired
3327623London GrammarLord It's A Feeling
3437234Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
35NE135The MillionStop/Go
3630920BROCKHAMPTONBUZZCUT (feat Danny Brown)
3736436Charlie CollinsF**k It
4034922KALII Just Wanna

4133149MAY-ATime I Love To Waste
4238530The VeronicasGODZILLA
4439919Royal BloodLimbo
4540201Cat & Calmelldramatic {3 Weeks @ #1}
Jun 13th

Eluera maintains her top spot standing with "Petty". Gretta Ray is just behind again with "Readymade", which puts it only narrowly below the feats of recent hits "I believe what you said" and "Don't Call Again" in terms of weeks spent in the top 2. Wolf Alice will continue to try and challenge this standing though from #3, that's what the point of the "Smile" is. Alternatively, there's also CHVRCHES taking their big debut from last week in a shockingly upward direction, as "How Not To Drown" moves up to #4. They shift Amber Mark down a spot with "Worth It" at #5.


It's another of those weeks where we don't get a chance to greet new artists to the chart, and in fact most of them are already on the chart again. The first of which is CLOVES, who seems to be in an unheard of imperial phase as she picks up her 2nd entry for the year, and 3rd overall with "Screws", which I briefly wrote down in my spreadsheet as being a CLEWS song. While that would be a better world, this one is in at #27.
Speaking of new imperial phases, Gretta Ray has done away with her very scattershot entry pattern to the point that she now has 3 songs simultaneously on the chart. It also means that she's had 4 entries this year which is a tough bar to match given my tendency to be scarce about these sorts of things (hence the relative lack of Wolf Alice songs on the chart at the moment). Incidentally, "Human" is the duology pairing to that tossed aside early 2021 debut "Passion", and appropriately it's already matched the peak of #29. This is her 10th entry to date.
It's fairly uncommon for me to chart cover versions, but it's especially uncommon for me to chart cover versions of songs that I'm already abundantly aware of. So what I'm saying is that the true second coming of Denzel Curry's "Bulls On Parade" cover is of course, Julia Jacklin & RVG covering "Army Of Me", which manages to distinguish itself enough to be a worthwhile listen detached from the original. It's in at #35 and is Julia's 4th chart entry (also I guess I lied about there being no new artists).

1181ElueraPetty {2 Week @ #1}
22141Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
3383Wolf AliceSmile
4624CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
5484Amber MarkWorth It
7887Little SimzIntrovert
8796MicraUndercover Lover
91069GarbageNo Gods No Masters
10999Biig PiigLavender
1114411SpelllingLittle Deer
1418314SyccoTime's Up
1511161Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
1620416Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
1712124Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
1821518Baby QueenDover Beach
1917715The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
2016117Deb NeverSomeone Else
2228222Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
2319181彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
2425624Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
2527625Tkay MaidzaSyrup
2622620twenty one pilotsShy Away
29NE129Gretta RayHuman
3030430Hiatus KaiyoteRed Room
3132331KALIToo Tired
3234332Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
3335233The MillionStop/Go
34261113Gretta RayBigger Than Me
35NE135Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
3629173Lava La RueMagpie
3833723London GrammarLord It's A Feeling
3931154Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
4037536Charlie CollinsF**k It

4136920BROCKHAMPTONBUZZCUT (feat Danny Brown)
4340922KALII Just Wanna
Jun 20th

Eluera now manages her 3rd week at #1 with "Petty". It's pretty steady at the top I suppose so Gretta Ray is #2 again with "Readymade". CHVRHCES are still on the up and up with "How Not To Drown", specifically up 1 spot to #3. They've swapped with Wolf Alice's "Smile" at #4, while Little Simz has now slowly climbed up to #5 with "Introvert", her 4th top 10 hit. Moving into the top 10 for the first time this week is Spellling, with "Little Deer" at #9.


A pattern emerges! After scoring two chart entries in 2018, two chart entries in 2019, and let's ignore 2020, bülow has now scored two chart entries in 2021, which if you don't wanna do the quick maths which is more about reading comprehension than mathematics, you'll know that she's up to 6 entries with "Revolver" in at #22.
We have a fun connection this week too, as renforshort commented "IT'S SO GOOD" on bülow's instagram post for "Revolver", and here she is also debuting this week with "wannabe". It's her first ever entry at #28.
But it's not just Canadians this week, as King Princess is back with her 5th entry. This is potentially setting up a similar pattern to bülow because she's had 2 entries per year on 2 occasions as well, with "House Burn Down" at #34 her first for this year.
Speaking of which, Stellie scored two entries last year, though she's yet to have a real major smash. Maybe "22 Pieces" will be that one? It wouldn't be the first time a #39 debut that took ages to chart would do it, but well let's see in the future.

1191ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
22151Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
3433CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith)
4393Wolf AliceSmile
5795Little SimzIntrovert
6594Amber MarkWorth It
8978GarbageNo Gods No Masters
91159SpelllingLittle Deer
108106MicraUndercover Lover
1314413SyccoTime's Up
1410109Biig PiigLavender
1516515Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
1618616Baby QueenDover Beach
1722317Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
1815171Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
2017134Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
2119815The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
2425724Tkay MaidzaSyrup
2524724Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
2629226Gretta RayHuman
2720127Deb NeverSomeone Else
2923191彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
3035230Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
3126720twenty one pilotsShy Away
3230530Hiatus KaiyoteRed Room
3332432Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
34NE134King PrincessHouse Burn Down
3533333The MillionStop/Go
3631431KALIToo Tired
39NE139Stellie22 Pieces
40341213Gretta RayBigger Than Me

4136173Lava La RueMagpie
4238723London GrammarLord It's A Feeling
4539154Jaguar JonzeCURLED IN
4340536Charlie CollinsF**k It
Jun 27th

It might have seemed like a bit of a surprise when CHVRCHES came back towards the end of the last decade to score their 3rd #1 after gradually waning success but who's to say it wasn't the harbinger of more to come? They now notch their 4th #1 as "How Not To Drown" climbs up two places to #1, surprising absolutely no one in the present context. They move Eluera & Gretta Ray down a spot each in the top 3, while Little Simz grabs the extremely belated #4 slot for "Introvert". Belated in her own way, Spellling is now in at #5 with "Little Deer". There's just one arrival into the top 10 this week and it's Telenova taking their first ever entry "Tranquilize" up to #10. They're one of 4 artists in the top 10 charting with their first ever entry.


Last week I was right to be in a bad mood on a Thursday night so maybe new music wasn't what I was after. In fairness I still have the reason to feel this way but it didn't blindside me the same way, but either way I went through new releases this week with satisfying results. Granted most of the debuts this week are a bit older than that, the top couple just dropped. First it's LAUREL making her debut to the chart with "Wild Side", which I'm not prepared to say is better than everything she's done before just that nothing has clicked with me quite as quickly. It enters at #22.
It's funny how these things work out. Anyway, WILLOW dropped another banger and this time it sounds like '90s post-grunge or rather it has a similar tone to "Interstate Love Song" of all things. "Lipstick" is her first ever entry in at #28.
I will perhaps always remember 박혜진 Park Hye Jin for constantly appearing in New Music Friday playlists and me having to Google her name every time so I could type it out correctly, back when I had to do that. Anyway, she's now getting her first entry by teaming up with Clams Casino and the guy who produced "Mo Bamba" to make "Y DON'T U" at #29. She might be the first Korean artist to ever make my chart if you don't want to count Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
The debut artists keep coming but also stop here with Cautious Clay who's been putting out some strong singles lately, and perhaps could be seen here again with another song, but for now, he's getting his first entry with "Strange Love" at #33.
It might be a good omen that Tkay Maidza's latest single sounds a bit like "Don't Call Again", and here we have "Cashmere" arriving at #35. This also means that she has the 5th most chart entries ever, picking up her 14th.
Lastly we have the oldest chart veteran here though one of the more sporadic ones, as Ladyhawke picks up her 5th entry to date with "Mixed Emotions" at #37.

1341CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {1 Week @ #1}
21101ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
32161Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
45104Little SimzIntrovert
5965SpelllingLittle Deer
64103Wolf AliceSmile
76104Amber MarkWorth It
8888GarbageNo Gods No Masters
1113511SyccoTime's Up
1310116MicraUndercover Lover
1415614Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
1517415Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
1616716Baby QueenDover Beach
1914119Biig PiigLavender
2126321Gretta RayHuman
22NE122LAURELWild Side
2330323Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
2418181Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
2624824Tkay MaidzaSyrup
2720144Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
29NE129박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
3025824Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
3121915The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
3234232King PrincessHouse Burn Down
33NE133Cautious ClayStrange Love (feat Saba)
3427137Deb NeverSomeone Else
35NE135Tkay MaidzaCashmere
3629201彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}
37NE137LadyhawkeMixed Emotions
3831820twenty one pilotsShy Away
3935433The MillionStop/Go
4033532Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u

4232530Hiatus KaiyoteRed Room
4336431KALIToo Tired
4139139Stellie22 Pieces
50401213Gretta RayBigger Than Me
Jul 4th

It's a 2nd week at #1 for CHVRCHES, which is also how long "Death Stranding" spent at #1 so there's that. Eluera is still at #2 with "Petty", and Gretta Ray still maintains #3 with "Readymade", an impressive 13 weeks in the top 3. Spellling has climbed up a spot to #4 with "Little Deer" switching with Little Simz's "Introvert" at #5. Lower down, Sycco has her 2nd ever top 10 hit with "Time's Up" at #7.


Here's a slight throwback. It's been roughly 5 years since "Love Somebody" which broke Ta-ku & Wafia onto this chart in a big way as it went to the top 5. Wafia in particular has gone from stride to stride since then, and the return of this combination alongside Masego brings her a 7th chart entry, with "Wide Open" in at #25.
Nothing But Thieves had a big run of hits in 2017/2018 but haven't been seen since then. They make their flashy return at #34 with "Futureproof", their 5th entry to date.
Also this week is a debutant, with first time entrant Holly Humberstone at #37 with "The Walls Are Way Too Thin", which steers just far away enough from sounding like yet another "Every Breath You Take" clone to still be interesting.
Lastly we have a return to the chart for Cat & Calmell, unseen since scoring a #1 hit earlier this year with 'dramatic". They strip that one hit wonder title now with "get old" which lands in at #39.

1151CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {2 Weeks @ #1}
22111ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
33171Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
4574SpelllingLittle Deer
54114Little SimzIntrovert
66113Wolf AliceSmile
71167SyccoTime's Up
9898GarbageNo Gods No Masters
107114Amber MarkWorth It
1215512Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
1314713Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
1622216LAURELWild Side
1713126MicraUndercover Lover
1921419Gretta RayHuman
2023420Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
2216816Baby QueenDover Beach
25NE125WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
2629226박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
2719129Biig PiigLavender
2835228Tkay MaidzaCashmere
2932329King PrincessHouse Burn Down
3024191Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
3133231Cautious ClayStrange Love (feat Saba)
3226924Tkay MaidzaSyrup
3327154Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
34NE134Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
3530924Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
3637236LadyhawkeMixed Emotions
37NE137Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
38311015The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
39NE139Cat & Calmellget old
4036211彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}

4134137Deb NeverSomeone Else
4638820twenty one pilotsShy Away
4339433The MillionStop/Go
4440532Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
Jul 11th

It's 3 weeks straight now for CHVRCHES and Robert Smith, perhaps the book will be out by the time the song's reign is over. Eluera still maintains the #2 slot with "Petty", but moving on up is Spellling's "Little Deer" which I suspiciously have decided I like more than I did last week. It also just moves ahead of Gretta Ray's "Readymade" while rounding out the top 5 is Sycco's "Time's Up" at #5. Aly & AJ's first ever chart entry is also their first ever top 10 as "Don't Need Nothing" climbs to #9.


There is a slight video games theme to this week's entries except not really. Except as you may or may not have seen someone point out, Billie Eilish's newest song has some serious Among Us meeting jingle vibes. It might feel like a decent while between drinks if only because she's put out so many singles lately but it was less than a year ago she last debuted with "my future". Now "NDA" becomes her 12th chart entry at #26.
Telenova continue to be on the up and up with "Tranquilize" in the top 10, but now they have a new entry to the fold as "Blue Valentine" joins in at #28.
On the topic of Billie Eilish, have you ever wondered if there could possibly be a meeting point between "bad guy" and the UNDERTALE soundtrack? No I can't say I have either, but if I had, then AURORA would be finally delivering this answer with "Cure For Me" at #33. It's been a long time between drinks for her too, having charted 3 times in 2015 and not at all since until now, so she now has 4 entries.

1161CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {3 Weeks @ #1}
22121ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
3483SpelllingLittle Deer
43181Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
5775SyccoTime's Up
75124Little SimzIntrovert
86123Wolf AliceSmile
91269Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
109108GarbageNo Gods No Masters
1116311LAURELWild Side
1410124Amber MarkWorth It
1513813Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
1619516Gretta RayHuman
1720517Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
2025220WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
2328323Tkay MaidzaCashmere
2417136MicraUndercover Lover
2526325박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
26NE126Billie EilishNDA
2729427King PrincessHouse Burn Down
28NE128TelenovaBlue Valentine
3022916Baby QueenDover Beach
3134231Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
3231331Cautious ClayStrange Love (feat Saba)
33NE133AURORACure For Me
3437234Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
3527139Biig PiigLavender
3636336LadyhawkeMixed Emotions
3739237Cat & Calmellget old
3830201Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
3933164Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
40321024Tkay MaidzaSyrup

4135924Olivia Rodrigodeja vu
45381015The Chemical BrothersThe Darkness That You Fear
4740211彩音Irregular entropy {3 Weeks @ #1}

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Jul 18th

As we wait for the endless June to end, CHVRCHES maintain #1 for a 4th week in a row with "How Not To Drown". Spellling would be looking to end that with "Little Deer" which is now up to #2, swapping over from Eluera's "Petty" at #3. Sycco keeps on climbing with "Time's Up" now at #4, which itself is swapping with Gretta Ray's "Readymade" down to #5. Lower down we have LAUREL getting her first ever top 10 hit with her first ever entry "Wild Side" at #8. bülow is now up to her 4th top 10 hit with "Revolver" at #10.


It's been a long time between drinks. Ngaiire burst onto the chart in 2015 with "Once" getting all the way to #3, and with some near misses, she's not been seen on the chart since. That changes today with "Him" coming in at #17, slightly higher than the original debut of "Once".
Not quite a one hitter and for that matter not quite as long apart, but anyway here's Clairo with her first entry since the one-two hit of her "Immunity" singles. Now she's back in with "Amoeba" at #26 to make 3 chart entries.
I have assembled Voltron, or alternatively, now every member of boygenius has appeared on the chart. Rounding us out is Lucy Dacus with "Brando" which references a movie I haven't seen yet, and is in at #34.
It was only 2.5 years ago that Little Simz made her first appearance on this chart, and now she's racked up 7 entries for herself including two #1 hits. On the lower end of that spectrum at least for now is latest "Rollin Stone" which sneaks in at #40.

1171CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {4 Weeks @ #1}
2392SpelllingLittle Deer
32131ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
4584SyccoTime's Up
54191Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
7977Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
81148LAURELWild Side
97134Little SimzIntrovert
118133Wolf AliceSmile
1216612Gretta RayHuman
1310118GarbageNo Gods No Masters
1417614Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
1520315WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
1814134Amber MarkWorth It
1915913Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
2023420Tkay MaidzaCashmere
2226222Billie EilishNDA
2528225TelenovaBlue Valentine
2725425박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
2931329Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
3033230AURORACure For Me
3127527King PrincessHouse Burn Down
3224146MicraUndercover Lover
3334333Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
34NE134Lucy DacusBrando
3532431Cautious ClayStrange Love (feat Saba)
3637336Cat & Calmellget old
3736436LadyhawkeMixed Emotions
39301016Baby QueenDover Beach
40NE140Little SimzRollin Stone

4135139Biig PiigLavender
4538201Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth {3 Weeks @ #1}
4739164Middle KidsToday We're The Greatest
49401024Tkay MaidzaSyrup
Jul 25th

The time seems to fly as CHVRCHES now notch a 5th week at #1 with "How Not To Drown", which matches their previous best tally with "Gun" back in 2013. Spellling holds on at #2 with "Little Deer" with the looming threat that is Sycco's "Time's Up" at #3. Eluera's "Petty" is down to #4 just ahead of LAUREL who hits a new high of #5 with "Wild Side". There's just one new arrival to the top 10 this week and it's from Gretta Ray whose "Human" becomes her 4th top 10 hit to date.


Spellling is of course riding high currently on the chart with "Little Deer", but she's quickly proving not to be a one hit wonder as it's followed up by "Boys At School" which itself makes a big impression with a #16 debut.
On the other hand, it's time for a big asterisk-laden 'technically' moment, as Kevin Abstract gets his first ever entry that's not part of BROCKHAMPTON. For that we go to "SLUGGER" at #24 which also brings in $NOT & slowthai, a 2nd entry for the latter.
Following on is another more real debut, coming from the surprising source of Gorgon City who make their chart debut with "Dreams" at #33.
Lastly we enter a new era of sorts because I now want to use the term Tate McRae clone to refer to this new track by Nessa Barrett. It's also a compliment because I happen to think "counting crimes" is pretty rad, and it enters at #37.

1181CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {5 Weeks @ #1}
22102SpelllingLittle Deer
3493SyccoTime's Up
43141ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
5855LAURELWild Side
65201Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
8787Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
1012710Gretta RayHuman
1214712Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
1315413WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
149144Little SimzIntrovert
1511143Wolf AliceSmile
16NE116SpelllingBoys At School
1722317Billie EilishNDA
1820518Tkay MaidzaCashmere
2013128GarbageNo Gods No Masters
2325323TelenovaBlue Valentine
24NE124Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
2518144Amber MarkWorth It
2630326AURORACure For Me
2729427Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
28191013Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
3134231Lucy DacusBrando
3233432Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
33NE133Gorgon CityDreams (feat Jem Cooke)
3427525박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
3631627King PrincessHouse Burn Down
37NE137Nessa Barrettcounting crimes
3840238Little SimzRollin Stone
3936436Cat & Calmellget old
4035531Cautious ClayStrange Love (feat Saba)

4232146MicraUndercover Lover
4137436LadyhawkeMixed Emotions
47391016Baby QueenDover Beach
Aug 1st

Time adds up quickly and it's now a 6th week at #1 for CHVRCHES. Not only is this their longest ever reign at #1, but it's also the equal longest reign for 2021, tying "Readymade". Spellling thus has to make do with #2 for "Little Deer" while Sycco's "Time's Up" also holds at #3. This means that every song in the top 5 is at its peak currently as LAUREL moves up to #4 with "Wild Side", and is also joined by the rising "Revolver" for bülow at #5. Ngaiire scores her 2nd top 10 hit ever with her 2nd entry "Him" now up to #7, and Wafia now claims 4 top 10s with "Wide Open" moving up to #10, which is also 2 top 10s for Ta-ku as a subset of that 4.


I lavish in the opportunity to inform you that Higurashi's latest anime adaptation is still at it. Actually it's been at it for a solid month now but as is tradition it seems, the OP was not released in its full version until this week, so I've previously been feasting on only the first 90 seconds of it. That turns out to be much more representative of the full song than in the past though it still has a crazy dubstep section for reasons unknown. It's also again by Ayane whose OP from the 2nd half of the previous season, "Irregular entropy" hit #1 earlier this year. We'll have to see if she can make it two for two as "Analogy" lands at #15.
For a band I've had such a storied past with who are possibly responsible for me winning a lot of money that one time, things took a crazy turn last year when I charted a 5SOS song for the first time. That is in fact to be completely outdone as the #27 peak of "No Shame" has instantly been beaten by this week's new entry from Luke Hemmings, who I suppose is doing Tame Impala better than Tame Impala currently, as "Motion" enters at #28.
It's been seven years since The Jezabels released their 2nd album. It was not without its fair share of bangers, one of which was the title track which I decided against charting but was very fond of. I'm not charting it now but I am charting a song with the same name, courtesy of perhaps the biggest star of 2021 on this chart Gretta Ray. For those not keeping count, she's now had 5 songs chart this year which I suspect has not been done since 2017 when BROCKHAMPTON had 7 debuts in one calendar year. Anyway, if not clear from the prior lead up, her latest is "The Brink" in at #28, which is her 11th chart entry.
Lastly just sneaking in is a return to the chart for Nina Nesbitt. She previously charted in late 2018 with "Colder" and now scores a 2nd ever entry at #39 with "Summer Fling".

1191CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {6 Weeks @ #1}
22112SpelllingLittle Deer
33103SyccoTime's Up
4564LAURELWild Side
64151ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
86211Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
91089Gretta RayHuman
1013510WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
11897Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
1216212SpelllingBoys At School
1312812Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
1417414Billie EilishNDA
1718617Tkay MaidzaCashmere
1924219Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
2115153Wolf AliceSmile
2223422TelenovaBlue Valentine
2314154Little SimzIntrovert
2426424AURORACure For Me
25NE125Luke HemmingsMotion
2620138GarbageNo Gods No Masters
2727527Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
28NE128Gretta RayThe Brink
3031330Lucy DacusBrando
3133231Gorgon CityDreams (feat Jem Cooke)
3225154Amber MarkWorth It
3332532Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
34281113Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
3637236Nessa Barrettcounting crimes
3834625박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
39NE139Nina NesbittSummer Fling
4038338Little SimzRollin Stone

4136627King PrincessHouse Burn Down
4639436Cat & Calmellget old
4740531Cautious ClayStrange Love (feat Saba)
Aug 8th

It's a big week for CHVRCHES. "How Not To Drown" logs a 7th week at #1 which makes it the outright longest running #1 of 2021. That being said, it weathers a massive seachange below it with the top 10 shifting around a bit this week. Benefitting strongly is LAUREL whose "Wild Side" now moves up to #2. bülow is also seeing new heights as "Revolver" becomes her highest ever charter at #3, an achievement close to being done also for Ngaiire, with "Him" up to #4. Sycco manages to hang on in the top 5 with "Time's Up" though it's down 2 spots. While not in the top 5 any more, Spellling is making moves this week as "Boys At School" moves up to #7, becoming her second top 10 hit.


It's a relatively quiet week or at least the debuts are the lowest they've been in a little over a year. A week after that particular week was when UMI had her first ever chart entry, and now she has her 2nd, teaming up with Tkay Maidza on "Onto Me", which for Tkay brings her up to 15 entries, equal 3rd highest for all artists.
For the second time this year, Hayley Mary enters the chart, racking up a respectable run of moderate hits. "Sullen Kink" is probably not a cover of "Life Is A Game Of Changing" and is her 4th entry, at #34.
Lastly, having seen both sides of the spectrum of hit size, Cat & Calmell are back again for their 3rd entry this year, "therapist" at #38.

11101CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {7 Weeks @ #1}
2472LAURELWild Side
53113SyccoTime's Up
62122SpelllingLittle Deer
71237SpelllingBoys At School
81068WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
9999Gretta RayHuman
106161ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
118221Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
1314513Billie EilishNDA
1411107Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
1519315Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
1713912Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
1817717Tkay MaidzaCashmere
1925219Luke HemmingsMotion
2024520AURORACure For Me
2122521TelenovaBlue Valentine
2328223Gretta RayThe Brink
2527625Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
2631326Gorgon CityDreams (feat Jem Cooke)
2721163Wolf AliceSmile
2830428Lucy DacusBrando
2923164Little SimzIntrovert
30NE130Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
3133631Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
3226148GarbageNo Gods No Masters
3336333Nessa Barrettcounting crimes
34NE134Hayley MarySullen Kink
3639236Nina NesbittSummer Fling
3738725박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
38NE138Cat & Calmelltherapist
3932164Amber MarkWorth It

41341113Little SimzWoman (feat Cleo Sol)
4440338Little SimzRollin Stone
Aug 15th

The era of CHVRCHES extends to an 8th week. If you tally up all their #1 hits they have an impressive 20 weeks spent at #1, the 2nd most of any artist behind Owl Eyes' 31 weeks. Attempting to get her 1st and interrupting this is Ngaiire, whose "Him" is now up to #2, shuffling down LAUREL to #3, and bulow to #4. Spellling is quickly finding a replacement hit in the top reaches of the chart, as "Boys At School" moves up to #5 this week. Also moving up is Ayane's "Analogy" at #7, becoming her 2nd top 10 hit, while Billie Eilish takes "NDA" to #10, becoming her 5th top 10 hit, of which 3 of those have peaked at #10.


We have a return to the chart this week for Moaning Lisa. You may recall they had a storming run in 2018 including a #1 hit with "Carrie (I Want A Girl)" but haven't been seen since. That changes thanks to the immediate strong impression I got from "Cold Water" which enters at #23 as their 4th chart entry.
The elephant in the room with CHVRCHES' #1 dominance is that they'd already released another single since then that was notably not in the room at all. Rather it's just been gracefully climbing towards the chart each week and finally breaks through, allowing "Good Girls" to become their 13th chart entry at #36.
Lastly we have the debuting act that I've known the longest but they've actually never charted before. This is partly because a lot of their big singles tend to grow on me well after the fact. Depending on your perspective, this might still be a bit after the fact as The Jungle Giants take the title track from their new album "Love Signs" in at #38. It's the second song I know to use the lyric 'love s____, baby', and it says 'pick it up' enough times to be legally considered ska.

11111CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
3282LAURELWild Side
5745SpelllingBoys At School
6876WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
85123SyccoTime's Up
99109Gretta RayHuman
1013610Billie EilishNDA
116132SpelllingLittle Deer
1215412Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
1419314Luke HemmingsMotion
1511231Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
1610171ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
1720617AURORACure For Me
1823318Gretta RayThe Brink
1921619TelenovaBlue Valentine
2014117Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
21171012Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
2218817Tkay MaidzaCashmere
23NE123Moaning LisaCold Water
2425724Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
2526425Gorgon CityDreams (feat Jem Cooke)
2630226Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
2831728Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
2928528Lucy DacusBrando
3133431Nessa Barrettcounting crimes
3234232Hayley MarySullen Kink
3338233Cat & Calmelltherapist
3427173Wolf AliceSmile
3537825박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
36NE136CHVRCHESGood Girls
3729174Little SimzIntrovert
38NE138The Jungle GiantsLove Signs
3936336Nina NesbittSummer Fling
4032158GarbageNo Gods No Masters

4439164Amber MarkWorth It
Aug 22nd

We have a new #1 this week, and it comes from everyone's favourite Powerpuff Girls villain, "Him". Rather specifically though, it actually comes from Ngaiire, doing so for the first time. She replaces CHVRCHES who drop down to #2, just ahead of the rising Spellling with "Boys At School". LAUREL slides down to #4 with "Wild Side" and Wafia finishes off the top 5 with a climb for "Wide Open". Also on the rise this week is Kevin Abstract, whose first ever solo entry "SLUGGER" also becomes his first ever top 10 hit at #9.


It feels like it's been a long time but it was only actually 4 months that MAY-A was riding in the top 10 with "Time I Love To Waste". She's not charted since then until now, as "Central Station" becomes her 3rd ever entry at #26.
In the aspect of an actually decent amount of time between entries, though not for lack of close attempts, we see the return of Ruby Fields to the chart. She last charted with "Dinosaurs" in 2018 and that's arguably still true because "Song About A Boy" is just "Dinosaurs" again. Nonetheless it's her 3rd entry at #33.
Lastly it's a debut entrance this week for Soccer Mommy. The extreme pedant in me wants to point out that the song is called "rom com 2004" but the artwork has a Nintendo Mii which didn't exist until 2006. The music lover in me wants to include the song in my chart because I like it, so it's #38.

1261NgaiireHim {1 Week @ #1}
21121CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
3553SpelllingBoys At School
4392LAURELWild Side
5685WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
81078Billie EilishNDA
91259Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
109119Gretta RayHuman
1214412Luke HemmingsMotion
138133SyccoTime's Up
1418414Gretta RayThe Brink
1517715AURORACure For Me
1611142SpelllingLittle Deer
1723217Moaning LisaCold Water
1819718TelenovaBlue Valentine
1915241Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
2016181ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
2124821Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
2226322Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
2328823Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
2425524Gorgon CityDreams (feat Jem Cooke)
2520127Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
26NE126MAY-ACentral Station
27211112Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
2822917Tkay MaidzaCashmere
2933329Cat & Calmelltherapist
3032330Hayley MarySullen Kink
3236232CHVRCHESGood Girls
33NE133Ruby FieldsSong About A Boy
3431531Nessa Barrettcounting crimes
3529628Lucy DacusBrando
3638236The Jungle GiantsLove Signs
3735925박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
38NE138Soccer Mommyrom com 2004
4034183Wolf AliceSmile

4537174Little SimzIntrovert
4239336Nina NesbittSummer Fling
4740158GarbageNo Gods No Masters
Aug 29th

It's a 2nd week at #1 for Ngaiire's "Him". She now contends with Spellling who is no stranger to the #2 position, but the song "Boys At School" is a stranger to it as it rises up from #3. CHVRCHES drop down a spot to #3 with "How Not To Drown", meeting up with Ayane who scores her 2nd top 5 hit with "Analogy". Finishing up the top 5 again is Wafia's "Wide Open". There was quite a bit of competition to move up into the top 10 this week, and the sole beneficiary is Moaning Lisa, who score their 3rd top 10 hit with "Cold Water" at #10.


There are lots of different mediums from which to examine things from, and so some times you get a good perspective and sometimes you don't. What I'm trying to say is that while James Blake's new album cover makes me feel queasy whenever I see it, it doesn't mean the music has to be bad as well, so "Life Is Not The Same" takes top debut honours this week at #24. This is his 6th charting song.
A song that I initially added to my playlist by accident before I'd even listened to it, it's been fortuitous for Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers as they've actually managed to beat the song I intended to add to manage to debut on the chart. "AHHHH!" is their 2nd entry following the success of "Desk Chair" last year.
No stranger to the chart is Samsaruh who even on a slow year can manage to get into the chart time and time again. She's now up to 12 entries as the optimistically titled "333" enters at #39.
Lastly, for the past month the chart has been home to Nessa Barrett hovering around the bottom, which she is still doing, but now she has a 2nd song to do so with "i hope ur miserable until ur dead" in at #40 because when have I ever gone with the grain?

1171NgaiireHim {2 Weeks @ #1}
2362SpelllingBoys At School
32131CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
5595WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
64102LAURELWild Side
7967Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
8888Billie EilishNDA
1017310Moaning LisaCold Water
1112511Luke HemmingsMotion
1214512Gretta RayThe Brink
1415814AURORACure For Me
1510129Gretta RayHuman
1618816TelenovaBlue Valentine
1713143SyccoTime's Up
1823918Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
1922419Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
2021920Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
2116152SpelllingLittle Deer
2226222MAY-ACentral Station
2319251Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
24NE124James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
2524624Gorgon CityDreams (feat Jem Cooke)
2629426Cat & Calmelltherapist
2720191ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
2830428Hayley MarySullen Kink
2932329CHVRCHESGood Girls
3033230Ruby FieldsSong About A Boy
3125137Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
32271212Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
33281017Tkay MaidzaCashmere
34NE134Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!
3538235Soccer Mommyrom com 2004
3736336The Jungle GiantsLove Signs
3834631Nessa Barrettcounting crimes
40NE140Nessa Barretti hope ur miserable until ur dead

4135628Lucy DacusBrando
4337925박혜진 Park Hye JinY DON'T U (feat Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)
4640183Wolf AliceSmile
Sep 5th

Ngaiire has a 3rd week at #1 with "Him", one for each letter of the title which not many songs can lay claim to. Spellling is still at #2 with "Boys At School", while Ayane's "Analogy" is up to #3. CHVRCHES drop another spot to #4 with "How Not To Drown" while Moaning Lisa climb into the top 5 with "Cold Water". Moving into the top 10 this week is Gretta Ray who picks up her 3rd top 10 hit this year and 6th overall with "The Brink", while Luke Hemmings gets his first with "Motion" at #10.


Speaking of which, the chart domination this year continues for Gretta Ray who picks up her 6th chart entry from this year alone, truly the impact of "Passion"'s late debut. The latest of which is "Care Less", the final track on her new album which brings up her career chart entries to 12 as it enters at #21.
Making her first ever appearance on the chart this week is merci, mercy. She caught me off guard with how quickly I was taken in by "Winnie Crush", which lands at #29.
Also releasing an album last week was CHVRCHES and I am quite approving of it. Giving them a 3rd entry from it and 14th overall is "California" at #33.
Lastly it's another debut, and it's the first time in the chart for Nyxen, with "Tunnels" at #38.

1181NgaiireHim {3 Weeks @ #1}
2272SpelllingBoys At School
43141CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
51045Moaning LisaCold Water
6776Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
75105WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
86112LAURELWild Side
91269Gretta RayThe Brink
1011610Luke HemmingsMotion
11898Billie EilishNDA
1214912AURORACure For Me
14181014Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
1516915TelenovaBlue Valentine
1619516Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
1824218James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
1922319MAY-ACentral Station
2015139Gretta RayHuman
21NE121Gretta RayCare Less
22201020Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
2317153SyccoTime's Up
2426524Cat & Calmelltherapist
2521162SpelllingLittle Deer
2629426CHVRCHESGood Girls
2730327Ruby FieldsSong About A Boy
2823261Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
29NE129merci, mercyWinnie Crush
3028528Hayley MarySullen Kink
3134231Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!
3225724Gorgon CityDreams (feat Jem Cooke)
3435334Soccer Mommyrom com 2004
3527201ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
3740237Nessa Barretti hope ur miserable until ur dead
3931147Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
40321312Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me

41331017Tkay MaidzaCashmere
4237336The Jungle GiantsLove Signs
4638631Nessa Barrettcounting crimes
Sep 12th

It's 4 weeks now at #1 for Ngaiire's "Him". Some former #1 holders are coming to contest currently though, as Ayane's up to #2 with "Analogy" and Moaning Lisa are up to #3 with "Cold Water". Spellling drops down to #4 with "Boys At School" and CHVRCHES finish the top 5 with "How Not To Drown". Also this week is AURORA climbing into the top 10 with "Cure For Me" at #9, this is her 2nd top 10 hit, coming 6 years after her first, "Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)".


The all-caps are back, according to Spotify. As thus it's the semi-regular return to the chart of BROODS with latest track "Piece Of My Mind" at #20. It's their 6th chart entry to date.
The rest of this week is new artists to the chart, starting with Magdalena Bay with the somewhat belated debut of "Chaeri" at #36.
I did not realise it was a debut because I had mixed up the songs "Panic" and "Panic Attack", so it's also a debut to the chart for Annie Hamilton, whose "Exist" is at #39.

1191NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
3553Moaning LisaCold Water
4282SpelllingBoys At School
54151CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
6686Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
7977Gretta RayThe Brink
81078Luke HemmingsMotion
912109AURORACure For Me
107115WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
11141111Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
128122LAURELWild Side
1321213Gretta RayCare Less
1416614Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
1518315James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
1611108Billie EilishNDA
1719417MAY-ACentral Station
18151015TelenovaBlue Valentine
20NE120BROODSPiece Of My Mind
2124621Cat & Calmelltherapist
2329223merci, mercyWinnie Crush
2426524CHVRCHESGood Girls
2627426Ruby FieldsSong About A Boy
2720149Gretta RayHuman
28221120Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
2923163SyccoTime's Up
3031330Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!
3125172SpelllingLittle Deer
3328271Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
3434434Soccer Mommyrom com 2004
3530628Hayley MarySullen Kink
36NE136Magdalena BayChaeri
3737337Nessa Barretti hope ur miserable until ur dead
39NE139Annie HamiltonExist
4032824Gorgon CityDreams (feat Jem Cooke)

4135201ElueraPetty {3 Week @ #1}
4539147Aly & AJDon't Need Nothing
46401312Julia Jacklin & RVGArmy Of Me
Sep 19th

It's a big week if you have in some way contributed to the recording and release of Moaning Lisa's "Cold Water", given that it's not getting no higher on the chart than it is right now, the #1 position. This is the band's second #1 hit after "Carrie (I Want A Girl)" back in 2018. Ngaiire's now former #1 "Him" slides down to #2, with Ayane's "Analogy" right behind it at #3. Spellling manages to maintain the #4 slot with "Boys At School". Gretta Ray returns to the top 5 but this time with a different song, "The Brink" now at #5. It's not her only good news however, as also "Care Less" moves up into the top 10 at #10, which is her 7th top 10 hit I think. She's not alone however, as the much easier to verify first top 10 hit for Holly Humberstone belatedly arrives with "The Walls Are Way Too Thin" at #9 having taken quite a while to get there.


Hear me out, what if there was a song that was a cross between Linkin Park and Susanne Sundfor's "Accelerate" and it was by an Australian hip hop group? It doesn't make any sense but nonetheless I find myself very fascinated by Triple One's latest track "BLOOD RAVE" which lands the top debut at #17.
I am not above having opinions that don't line up with anything really at all. Case in point, I actually quite like Drake's new album which I imagine would have a slightly better reception if everyone didn't go into it absolutely tired of Drake's schtick but also if it didn't have such a bafflingly bad cover. Well I mostly just like the front end of it and it trails off quite a bit after that but still, we do get a gem in that midst via "Fair Trade", which sees the proven-from-"Company" & "Portland" team up with Travis Scott to great effect. This is Drake's 13th chart entry and Travis Scott's 4th as it enters at #24.
A nice surprise that I wasn't particularly familiar with was Beddy Rays getting into the Hottest 100 at the start of the year with "Sobercoaster", a song I continue to enjoy more and more. To my delight they've released it again and this time called it "Week On Repeat", which nets their first ever entry at #31.
Assuming I remember to post this on time I will be posting it at the very toppest moment of the morning to which I say Baby Keem's here for the first time and has also brought along Kendrick Lamar who needs no introduction except for the frequent tallying of entries. In case he needed more of an extension on his lead as the artist with the most chart entries, here comes "family ties" at #33 to give him his 22nd debut.

1361Moaning LisaCold Water {1 Week @ #1}
21101NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
4492SpelllingBoys At School
5785Gretta RayThe Brink
6886Luke HemmingsMotion
75161CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
89118AURORACure For Me
911129Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
1013310Gretta RayCare Less
11696Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
1214712Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
1315413James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
1410125WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
1520215BROODSPiece Of My Mind
1617516MAY-ACentral Station
17NE117Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
1823318merci, mercyWinnie Crush
1912132LAURELWild Side
2021720Cat & Calmelltherapist
2116118Billie EilishNDA
23181115TelenovaBlue Valentine
24NE124DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
2624624CHVRCHESGood Girls
2726526Ruby FieldsSong About A Boy
2930429Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!
31NE131Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
3236232Magdalena BayChaeri
33NE133Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamarfamily ties
3427159Gretta RayHuman
35281220Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
3639236Annie HamiltonExist
3734534Soccer Mommyrom com 2004
3829173SyccoTime's Up
3931182SpelllingLittle Deer
4037437Nessa Barretti hope ur miserable until ur dead

4133271Gretta RayReadymade {6 Weeks @ #1}
4335628Hayley MarySullen Kink
4940824Gorgon CityDreams (feat Jem Cooke)
Sep 26th

It's a relatively quiet week. Moaning Lisa hold a 2nd week at #1 with "Cold Water", ahead of a similarly steady top 3, with Ngaiire at #2 and Ayane at #3. Gretta Ray takes up another step to #4 with "The Brink" swapping out with Spellling's "Boys At School" at #5.


The theme for this week is second innings. Every artist debuting this week has had one lead entry prior to this week. Leading the way is Let's Eat Grandma, who shockingly had not already released a song titled "Hall Of Mirrors" before this week. They of course had a top 20 hit in 2018 with "Hot Pink" and now they instantly add another of those at #18.
Incidentally sharing space with Let's Eat Grandma at that time was Kacey Musgraves's "Velvet Elvis". She also gets a 2nd entry this week with "simple times" at #26.
For a faster turn around on chart entries, we turn to LOSER who chart less than two years ago with "Come To Terms (Meditate)". They prove it not a fluke as "Skyward" enters at #36.
And for perfect commentary synergy, it was just a week before LOSER debuted to the chart that Halsey also scored a first lead entry with "Experiment On Me". They're actually is up to 3 entries though as there was also "11 Minutes" with YUNGBLUD before that. Now it's time for "I am not a woman, I'm a god" to have a turn at #38.

1171Moaning LisaCold Water {2 Weeks @ #1}
22111NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
4594Gretta RayThe Brink
54102SpelllingBoys At School
6696Luke HemmingsMotion
71047Gretta RayCare Less
88128AURORACure For Me
99139Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
107171CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
1115311BROODSPiece Of My Mind
1213512James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
1317213Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
1416614MAY-ACentral Station
1512812Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
1618416merci, mercyWinnie Crush
1711106Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
18NE118Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
2014135WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
2124221DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
2220820Cat & Calmelltherapist
2319142LAURELWild Side
2431224Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
2521128Billie EilishNDA
26NE126Kacey Musgravessimple times
27231215TelenovaBlue Valentine
2832328Magdalena BayChaeri
3026724CHVRCHESGood Girls
3133231Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamarfamily ties
3329529Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!
3427626Ruby FieldsSong About A Boy
3736336Annie HamiltonExist
38NE138HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
3940537Nessa Barretti hope ur miserable until ur dead
4037634Soccer Mommyrom com 2004

4134159Gretta RayHuman
42351220Nothing But ThievesFutureproof
4438173SyccoTime's Up
4639182SpelllingLittle Deer
Oct 3rd

Moaning Lisa run the #1 spot for a 3rd week running with "Cold Water". Ngaiire thus is remaining behind at #2 with "Him". As seems to be the theme of 2021, Gretta Ray is racing on up towards the top, this time with "The Brink" at #3 but it's not alone because "Care Less" also climbs to #5. Between these two, Ayane has the #4 spot with "Analogy". Moving on up into the top 10 is BROODS who maintain their pace of a top 10 hit per album, as "Piece Of My Mind" becomes their 4th at #8. Just behind is Triple One who score their first top 10 with "BLOOD RAVE" at #9.


Leading the pack this week are some debutants to the chart. KYE teams up with Jerome Farah to come through at #24 with "Tuesday".
On another aspect, Holly Humberstone has charted before, with "The Walls Are Way Too Thin", which has just been booted out of the top 10. This is countered by her getting a second chart entry at #34 with "Scarlett".
Our most chart familiar artist this week is Caiti Baker, who charts every couple of years. Now she's in at #36 with her 4th entry, "Mellow".

1181Moaning LisaCold Water {3 Weeks @ #1}
22121NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
34103Gretta RayThe Brink
5755Gretta RayCare Less
65112SpelllingBoys At School
76106Luke HemmingsMotion
81148BROODSPiece Of My Mind
91339Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
108138AURORACure For Me
119149Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
1218212Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
1316513merci, mercyWinnie Crush
1414714MAY-ACentral Station
1512612James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
1610181CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
1821318DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
1915912Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
2024320Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
2117116Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
2226222Kacey Musgravessimple times
2320145WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
24NE124KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
2528425Magdalena BayChaeri
2622920Cat & Calmelltherapist
2831328Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamarfamily ties
2923152LAURELWild Side
3025138Billie EilishNDA
3238232HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
33271315TelenovaBlue Valentine
34NE134Holly HumberstoneScarlett
3530824CHVRCHESGood Girls
36NE136Caiti BakerMellow
3733629Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!
3934726Ruby FieldsSong About A Boy
4037436Annie HamiltonExist

4339537Nessa Barretti hope ur miserable until ur dead
4440634Soccer Mommyrom com 2004
Oct 10th

It's a 4th week at #1 for Moaning Lisa with "Cold Water", they have peculiar competition this week as it comes from Gretta Ray whose "Care Less" is hoping to be her 2nd #1 hit of 2021 and 4th overall, which itself supplants her own "The Brink" which holds at #3. Ngaiire is thus down to #4 with "Him", and Ayane is down to #5 with "Analogy". Let's Eat Grandma score their first ever top 10 hit this week as "Hall Of Mirrors" moves up to #9.


It doesn't feel like it's been particularly long of a wait but that's mainly because it was only a year and a half ago that Mitski scored a very big hit in "Cop Car". Now she's back with a proper non-soundtrack single in "Working For The Knife" and it's doing the trick as it comes in at #23, as her 4th chart entry to date.
Following up we have a double of pop rock debutants, firstly Sarah Saint James at #32 with "Heather" and The Buoys at #35 with "Lie To Me Again".
Finally, seeming to hog up so much of the chart presently is CHVRCHES as they now appear with 4 songs simultaneously. The latest of these is a non-non-soundtrack single in "Cry Little Sister" which is not on their latest album and enters at #38. It takes them to an impressive tally of 15 entries to date.

1191Moaning LisaCold Water {4 Weeks @ #1}
2562Gretta RayCare Less
33113Gretta RayThe Brink
42131NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
6856BROODSPiece Of My Mind
7947Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
86122SpelllingBoys At School
91239Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
107116Luke HemmingsMotion
1113611merci, mercyWinnie Crush
1210148AURORACure For Me
1311159Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
1514814MAY-ACentral Station
1618416DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
1720417Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
1824218KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
1915712James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
2022320Kacey Musgravessimple times
2116191CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
2225522Magdalena BayChaeri
23NE123MitskiWorking For The Knife
24191012Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
2621126Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
2832328HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
2923155WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
3034230Holly HumberstoneScarlett
3128428Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamarfamily ties
32NE132Sarah Saint JamesHeather
33261020Cat & Calmelltherapist
3436234Caiti BakerMellow
35NE135The BuoysLie To Me Again
3629162LAURELWild Side
3730148Billie EilishNDA
38NE138CHVRCHESCry Little Sister
39331415TelenovaBlue Valentine
4035924CHVRCHESGood Girls

4137629Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!
4739726Ruby FieldsSong About A Boy
4540436Annie HamiltonExist
Oct 17th

It's a 5th week at #1 for Moaning Lisa. Considering that they only managed 3 weeks at #1 the first time around, it's a considerably boom for them this time around. They're still holding off multiple Gretta Ray songs as "Care Less" is at #2 and "The Brink" is at #3. Moving on up is BROODS who if nothing else maintain their pace of having a top 5 hit on every album with "Piece Of My Mind" at #4, while Triple One are quite new to the proceedings as "BLOOD RAVE" rises to #5. Also quite new to certain precedings is merci, mercy, who scores her first ever top 10 hit with "Winnie Crush" at #9.


It is not often that this chart serves to pay disrespect to PARTYNEXTDOOR but here we are. Kali Uchis of course released "fue mejor" last year on her album, featuring the one and only. It's here instead though with a new version that substitutes him out for SZA but is otherwise the same song. It's actually the first time ever on the chart for SZA though Kali Uchis has the familiarity of 5 former entries, which becomes 6 this week as she has the top debut at #22.
Turning an almost into an actual, Nessa Barrett has now scored her 3rd chart entry for the year with "keep me afraid", which in fact has already outpeaked her last two, so she'll be hoping to pass the dreaded threshold of the top 30 as she enters at #31.
Never far from the chart, Methyl Ethel return this week with their first entry for this year. "Matters" is their 8th overall and it comes through at #37.
Lastly it's a return to the chart for Amber Mark, who just earlier this year had a big hit in "Worth It". It's been a long time coming but now "Foreign Things" takes the honour at #39, being her 4th entry now.

11101Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
2272Gretta RayCare Less
33123Gretta RayThe Brink
4664BROODSPiece Of My Mind
5755Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
6946Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
74141NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
91179merci, mercyWinnie Crush
108132SpelllingBoys At School
1217512Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
1310126Luke HemmingsMotion
1418314KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
1516515DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
1612158AURORACure For Me
1720417Kacey Musgravessimple times
1813169Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
1923219MitskiWorking For The Knife
2022620Magdalena BayChaeri
2115914MAY-ACentral Station
22NE122Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
2521201CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
2628426HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
2719812James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
2830328Holly HumberstoneScarlett
2932232Sarah Saint JamesHeather
30241112Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
31NE131Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid
3238232CHVRCHESCry Little Sister
3335233The BuoysLie To Me Again
3426136Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
3534334Caiti BakerMellow
3631528Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamarfamily ties
37NE137Methyl EthelMatters
3829165WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
39NE139Amber MarkForeign Things
40331120Cat & Calmelltherapist

4136162LAURELWild Side
4237148Billie EilishNDA
44391415TelenovaBlue Valentine
4640924CHVRCHESGood Girls
Oct 24th

You would be right in thinking I have a stick in the mud with regards to giving artists multiple #1 hits in the same calendar year. But exceptions were made to be made and this week Gretta Ray scores her 4th #1 hit to date and 2nd this year with "Care Less". It's also the 199th #1 which is moderately interesting. Moaning Lisa drop back to #2 and meet up with Let's Eat Grandma who are at an all time high of #3 with "Hall Of Mirrors", followed by Triple One who are indeed all the way up at #4 with "BLOOD RAVE". BROODS finish off the top 5 with "Piece Of My Mind" at #5. Furthermore this week, KYE scores a first ever top 10 hit, as does Jerome Farah with "Tuesday" at #8.


This week nearly breaks what I believe is a chart record. It was back in 2019 that The Butterfly Effect returned to the chart with "Unbroken" pretty much on the dot 10.5 years since their last chart debut. Missing that mark by about a month or so, it's actually a return this time for The Wombats. They also barely qualify for this status because "Emoticons" got excruciatingly close at #42 in 2015. So in fact their last song to chart was "Techno Fan", although "Our Perfect Disease" obviously outlasted it after a slightly earlier debut. So ending this drought is "Ready For The High", which I think almost qualifies as ska. At #26 it's their 4th entry to date.
Wasting no time except that I kept forgetting to actually put it on the chart, Magdalena Bay score a 2nd entry to date while their first is still climbing. "Secrets (Your Fire)" debuts at #33.
Also a gap between entries though not quite as much, this week sees the return for RÜFÜS DU SOL for the first time since "Innerbloom" charted in 2015. They get through at last with "On My Knees" which is their 3rd entry to date at #36.

1281Gretta RayCare Less {1 Week @ #1}
21111Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
3653Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
4564Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
5474BROODSPiece Of My Mind
63133Gretta RayThe Brink
7987merci, mercyWinnie Crush
81448KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
97151NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
1212612Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
1310142SpelllingBoys At School
1417514Kacey Musgravessimple times
1515615DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
1619316MitskiWorking For The Knife
1722217Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
1820718Magdalena BayChaeri
1913136Luke HemmingsMotion
2016168AURORACure For Me
2218179Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
2426524HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
2529325Sarah Saint JamesHeather
26NE126The WombatsReady For The High
27211014MAY-ACentral Station
2831228Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid
2928428Holly HumberstoneScarlett
3032330CHVRCHESCry Little Sister
3125211CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
3233332The BuoysLie To Me Again
33NE133Magdalena BaySecrets (Your Fire)
3437234Methyl EthelMatters
3527912James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
36NE136RÜFÜS DU SOLOn My Knees
37301212Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
3836628Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamarfamily ties
3935434Caiti BakerMellow
4039239Amber MarkForeign Things

4134136Kevin AbstractSLUGGER (feat $NOT & slowthai)
4538165WafiaWide Open (feat Ta-ku & Masego)
46401120Cat & Calmelltherapist
Oct 31st

1191Gretta RayCare Less {2 Weeks @ #1}
2362Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
32121Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
4474Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
5855KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
6584BROODSPiece Of My Mind
7797merci, mercyWinnie Crush
86143Gretta RayThe Brink
91279Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
109161NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
1117311Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
1416414MitskiWorking For The Knife
1514614Kacey Musgravessimple times
1618816Magdalena BayChaeri
1713152SpelllingBoys At School
1815715DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
2026220The WombatsReady For The High
2125421Sarah Saint JamesHeather
2224622HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
2420178AURORACure For Me
2528325Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid
2619146Luke HemmingsMotion
27NE127Vera BlueTemper
2830428CHVRCHESCry Little Sister
2922189Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
3033230Magdalena BaySecrets (Your Fire)
3134331Methyl EthelMatters
3229528Holly HumberstoneScarlett
33NE133Azure RyderLadder To The Moon
3436234RÜFÜS DU SOLOn My Knees
35271114MAY-ACentral Station
3632432The BuoysLie To Me Again
3831221CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
4038728Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamarfamily ties

4135912James BlakeLife Is Not The Same
44371212Tkay MaidzaOnto Me (with UMI)
4639434Caiti BakerMellow
4240239Amber MarkForeign Things
Nov 7th

It's week 3 at #1 for Gretta Ray's "Care Less". She's heading up a pretty slow week at the top where Let's Eat Grandma maintain #2 and Moaning Lisa are steadfast at #3. KYE is up to #4 with "Tuesday" swapping out for Triple One's "BLOOD RAVE" down to #5. Moving into the top 10 this week is Kali Uchis' "fue mejor" which is her 3rd top 10 hit at #9.


Love is clearly all around this week because the debuts are wet, wet, wet. Most of that is courtesy of the top debut from Wet Leg. I can't believe it's not Phantastic Ferniture but "Wet Dream" is in at #23.
From one perspective, the next extra is only half as wet, but arguably it's pure Wet. This is a long time between entries for the group, who first charted at the start of 2016 with "It's All In Vain". They now have a new chart peak of #26 thanks to new entry "Bound", which is also Blood Orange's first entry.
Lastly, it's a throwback to that Golden Features song, not the one that features Julia Stone, but actually "Tell Me" which incidentally I find that "Got Me" recalls quite a bit. It's not Golden Features though, but instead Maya Jane Coles who gets her first ever entry at #36.

11101Gretta RayCare Less {3 Weeks @ #1}
2272Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors
33131Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
4564KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
5484Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
67106merci, mercyWinnie Crush
7694BROODSPiece Of My Mind
8988Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
91149Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
108153Gretta RayThe Brink
1114511MitskiWorking For The Knife
1210171NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
1320313The WombatsReady For The High
1416914Magdalena BayChaeri
1821518Sarah Saint JamesHeather
1915714Kacey Musgravessimple times
2027220Vera BlueTemper
2125421Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid
2218815DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
23NE123Wet LegWet Dream
2417162SpelllingBoys At School
2522722HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
26NE126WetBound (with Blood Orange)
2728527CHVRCHESCry Little Sister
2830328Magdalena BaySecrets (Your Fire)
3133231Azure RyderLadder To The Moon
3224188AURORACure For Me
3334333RÜFÜS DU SOLOn My Knees
3431431Methyl EthelMatters
3526156Luke HemmingsMotion
36NE136Maya Jane ColesGot Me (feat Julia Stone)
3729199Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
3936532The BuoysLie To Me Again
4032628Holly HumberstoneScarlett

42351114MAY-ACentral Station
4338221CHVRCHESHow Not To Drown (feat Robert Smith) {8 Weeks @ #1}
4540728Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamarfamily ties

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Nov 11th

We have a new #1 this week and it's a moderately landmark one at that because it's the 200th #1 in this chart's history. Taking the honour is Let's Eat Grandma who get over the line with "Hall Of Mirrors", their first ever #1. They swap spots with Gretta Ray whose "Care Less" is down to #2, but rising behind is KYE now up to #3 with "Tuesday". Moaning Lisa are down to #4 with "Cold Water" while Triple One still maintain their top 5 standing with "BLOOD RAVE". Rising into the top 10 this week is Mitski with "Working For The Knife" which becomes her 3rd top 10 hit at #10, the other two of course getting right up to the pointy end of things.


It's been a bit of a break between entries for both artists, but Silk Sonic finally make their first ever chart appearance courtesy of closing track "Blast Off". It's in at #23 which gives Bruno Mars his 5th entry, and Anderson .Paak his 8th.
Also having attempted to get onto the chart for a while now but doing so for the first time is Alice Ivy. She gets there with the help of the quite chart familiar Sycco who is now up to 3 entries as "Weakness" enters at #30.
Also a return from a reasonable gap of entries. Years & Years now return for their 6th entry, with recent single "Crave" at #36.
Lastly we mark things off with a debut which keeps this as a particularly silky week. Anfa Rose scores a first ever entry with "SILK ROAD" at #39.

1281Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors {1 Week @ #1}
21111Gretta RayCare Less {3 Weeks @ #1}
3473KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
43141Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
5594Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
66116merci, mercyWinnie Crush
7957Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
8898Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
97104BROODSPiece Of My Mind
1011610MitskiWorking For The Knife
1113411The WombatsReady For The High
1210163Gretta RayThe Brink
13141013Magdalena BayChaeri
1412181NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
1518615Sarah Saint JamesHeather
1720317Vera BlueTemper
1921519Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid
2023220Wet LegWet Dream
2226222WetBound (with Blood Orange)
23NE123Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars & Anderson .PaakBlast Off
2419814Kacey Musgravessimple times
2628426Magdalena BaySecrets (Your Fire)
2722915DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
2831328Azure RyderLadder To The Moon
2927627CHVRCHESCry Little Sister
30NE130Alice Ivy & SyccoWeakness
3124172SpelllingBoys At School
3236232Maya Jane ColesGot Me (feat Julia Stone)
3325822HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
3433433RÜFÜS DU SOLOn My Knees
36NE136Years & YearsCrave
3734531Methyl EthelMatters
39NE139Anfa RoseSILK ROAD
4032198AURORACure For Me

4135156Luke HemmingsMotion
4437199Holly HumberstoneThe Walls Are Way Too Thin
4239532The BuoysLie To Me Again
4640628Holly HumberstoneScarlett

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Nov 21st

It's one of those seemingly increasingly common weeks where the entire top 3 is locked into place. Let's Eat Grandma secure a 2nd week at #1 with "Hall Of Mirrors", while Gretta Ray has "Care Less" at #2 and KYE's "Tuesday" is #3. Kali Uchis keeps moving on up with "fue mejor" to #4, while Triple One hold onto their #5 spot with "BLOOD RAVE" for the 3rd week in a row. Never thought I'd be saying this but The Wombats have scored their 2nd ever top 10 hit, just 10 years after the first, with "Ready For The High" at #8.


It's a good week for former #1 artists which is to say that they make up all of the debuts this week. You have to go back quite a ways to when Beach House were reigning on the chart but they're back this week with their first entry in 3 years. "Once Twice Melody" enters at #24 and is their 13th entry to date.
It's less of a throwback to when Mitski was on top of the chart, as it was only 3 years ago. Not to mention she's been on the chart as recently as now with her last single. Now she adds another to the fold with "The Only Heartbreaker", which at #31 is her 6th entry.
Lastly, we go for even less of a throwback if you can believe it, to the time that Lennon Stella was #1 on the chart. That was last year, and until now, was her only charting entry. She is absolutely back though as "Fancy" finally enters at #35.

1191Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors {2 Week @ #1}
22121Gretta RayCare Less {3 Weeks @ #1}
3383KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
4764Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
55104Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
64151Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
76126merci, mercyWinnie Crush
81158The WombatsReady For The High
91079MitskiWorking For The Knife
108108Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
119114BROODSPiece Of My Mind
1215712Sarah Saint JamesHeather
1317413Vera BlueTemper
14131113Magdalena BayChaeri
1522315WetBound (with Blood Orange)
1620316Wet LegWet Dream
1712173Gretta RayThe Brink
1823218Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars & Anderson .PaakBlast Off
1914191NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
2119619Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid
24NE124Beach HouseOnce Twice Melody
2530225Alice Ivy & SyccoWeakness
2626526Magdalena BaySecrets (Your Fire)
2728427Azure RyderLadder To The Moon
2932329Maya Jane ColesGot Me (feat Julia Stone)
3024914Kacey Musgravessimple times
31NE131MitskiThe Only Heartbreaker
32271015DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
3329727CHVRCHESCry Little Sister
3436234Years & YearsCrave
35NE135Lennon StellaFancy
3639236Anfa RoseSILK ROAD
3734533RÜFÜS DU SOLOn My Knees
3933922HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
4031182SpelllingBoys At School

4137531Methyl EthelMatters
4640198AURORACure For Me
Nov 28th

It's a 3rd week at #1 for Let's Eat Grandma, which means that much like a lazy student who won't do their homework, they're running out of grandparents. New competition arrives though, as KYE is up to #2 with "Tuesday", and Kali Uchis is at #3 with "fue mejor". Gretta Ray drops back down to #4 with "Care Less", making unexpected company with The Wombats whose "Ready For The High" is now up to #5. Rising into the top 10 for the first time ever is Wet, continuing to reach new limits with "Bound" now up to #10.


I'm quite on the record as thinking that "DONDA" is good. Too long for sure, but it's good. I also didn't chart a single song on it as I just couldn't really find a fit for it but also at the time when I might have been considering it, I wasn't being allowed to cherry pick the album on iTunes so it was all very convenient. Anyway any complaints about it being too long are now irrelevant because the deluxe edition arrived recently and my god is it too long. But what we do get from it is a new entry. It's a pretty noteworthy collaboration too as we have Andre 3000 in tow, who has not charted before actually. Kanye's used to this rodeo but it's been a few years since he was last seen on "everything" by Nas which I now postulate sounds a little similar to "Life Of The Party", which enters at #21.
Here is your sales pitch, what if there was a parody version of "Amoeba" by Clairo. That doesn't really exist but the first time I heard this I thought it might have been a cover due to the similar instrumentation and heck, it's hard not to think when the actual singer's name is Claire Rosinkranz. In a manner similar to that of "The Leanover", I found myself addicted by the off kilter nature of the song, so "don't miss me" enters at #29.
Conan Gray has put out some moderate hit singles that I've not had strong positive or negative feelings about. Now a month ago he put out a new and improved version of "Physical" by Dua Lipa which is instead called "Telepath". It enters this week at #35 for his first chart entry.
If that wasn't off brand enough for me, let's close things out with a TikTok influencer whose younger sister is possibly the most famous TikTok influencer. Who am I to discredit any of it? Anyway here's Dixie D'Amelio with her first chart entry "The Real Thing" #37.

11101Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors {3 Week @ #1}
2392KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
3473Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
42131Gretta RayCare Less {3 Weeks @ #1}
5865The WombatsReady For The High
65114Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
76161Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
8988MitskiWorking For The Knife
97136merci, mercyWinnie Crush
1015410WetBound (with Blood Orange)
1113511Vera BlueTemper
1212812Sarah Saint JamesHeather
1310118Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
1416414Wet LegWet Dream
1511124BROODSPiece Of My Mind
1618316Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars & Anderson .PaakBlast Off
1824218Beach HouseOnce Twice Melody
19141213Magdalena BayChaeri
2025320Alice Ivy & SyccoWeakness
21NE121Kanye WestLife Of The Party (feat Andre 3000)
2217183Gretta RayThe Brink
2329423Maya Jane ColesGot Me (feat Julia Stone)
2521719Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid
2627526Azure RyderLadder To The Moon
2719201NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
2831228MitskiThe Only Heartbreaker
29NE129Claire Rosinkranzdon't miss me
3026626Magdalena BaySecrets (Your Fire)
3235232Lennon StellaFancy
3336333Anfa RoseSILK ROAD
35NE135Conan GrayTelepath
36301014Kacey Musgravessimple times
37NE137DixieThe Real Thing
3834334Years & YearsCrave
3933827CHVRCHESCry Little Sister
40321115DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)

4237533RÜFÜS DU SOLOn My Knees
4339922HalseyI am not a woman, I'm a god
4740182SpelllingBoys At School
Dec 5th

It's slow times going at the top of the chart which is entirely on me with being lazy about new music lately. It's entirely good news for Let's Eat Grandma as "Hall Of Mirrors" is now #1 for a 4th week running. KYE settles for #2 with "Tuesday" and Kali Uchis still holds #3 with "fue mejor". The Wombats are up a step to #4 with "Ready For The High" and Gretta Ray finishes off the top 5 with "Care Less". Also this week is Vera Blue scoring her 3rd top 10 hit with "Temper", maintaining a perfect rate when her lead artist entries make it to the stage.


Perhaps also hoping for her 3rd top 10 hit would be AURORA. She scored a big second one this year with "Cure For Me", and here she is not with her new single, but the random soundtrack fodder she put out a week before. "Midas Touch" is in at #29 and is her 5th entry to date.
Making a long belated first time entry to the chart this week is Jessica Mauboy, who many will point out cynically that this is a point of bankable names behind the scenes although I would like to note that I clicked with the song completely divorced from this information, so at that point it's merely questioning my taste in general, and that's not very fun. What is fun though is "Glow" entering at #35.
Lastly it's also a first time entry but for the slightly less prolific Cannons, who sneak into the chart after a lengthy climb for "Ruthless", at #39.

11111Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors {4 Week @ #1}
22102KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
3383Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
4574The WombatsReady For The High
54141Gretta RayCare Less {3 Weeks @ #1}
61056WetBound (with Blood Orange)
7897MitskiWorking For The Knife
86124Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
91169Vera BlueTemper
107171Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
119146merci, mercyWinnie Crush
1314513Wet LegWet Dream
1416414Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars & Anderson .PaakBlast Off
1518315Beach HouseOnce Twice Melody
1612912Sarah Saint JamesHeather
1720417Alice Ivy & SyccoWeakness
1821218Kanye WestLife Of The Party (feat Andre 3000)
1913128Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
2015134BROODSPiece Of My Mind
2123521Maya Jane ColesGot Me (feat Julia Stone)
22191313Magdalena BayChaeri
2329223Claire Rosinkranzdon't miss me
2428324MitskiThe Only Heartbreaker
2526625Azure RyderLadder To The Moon
2625819Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid
2722193Gretta RayThe Brink
29NE129AURORAMidas Touch
3035230Conan GrayTelepath
3133431Anfa RoseSILK ROAD
3232332Lennon StellaFancy
3330726Magdalena BaySecrets (Your Fire)
3427211NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
35NE135Jessica MauboyGlow
3637236DixieThe Real Thing
40361114Kacey Musgravessimple times

4138334Years & YearsCrave
4339827CHVRCHESCry Little Sister
42401115DrakeFair Trade (feat Travis Scott)
Dec 12th

5 weeks at #1 for Let's Eat Grandma? If that's preferable to you then you've come to the right place because "Hall Of Mirrors" is #1 for a 5th week and it's also a Let's Eat Grandma song. Kali Uchis climbs up to #2 with "fue mejor" which is now her 2nd ever song to peak at #2. She swaps with KYE's "Tuesday" which is down to #3, while Wet are up to #4 with "Bound". The Wombats finish up the top 5 with "Ready For The High" in the bottom position of the top 5, which this week is #5. Proving that a low debut is not always a death sentence, Charley climbs to #10 this week with "Arizona" which is her first top 10 hit.


A year ago I got to see Karnivool live which was pretty ballin' all things considered and in addition to a lot of songs I did know and a few songs I couldn't remember well, they played a song I had no way of realistically knowing beforehand because it was new. It's now slightly less new but also actually released, and it makes a big impression immediately as "All It Takes" debuts at #9. This is the band's 6th chart entry and 5th top 10 hit, having last charted 8 years ago.
There's not long left in the year to make an end of year provisional impression so you gotta rush into the chart to make it count. Doing just that is WILSN who, a week after Jessica Mauboy made her debut, is debuting with a song that I could totally see her also having recorded. "You Know Better" lands at #21.
She's not the only debutant and also not the only one to do so in record time as only just having dropped is this new song by Ruby Frost which is making a quick impression to land at #31. "Never Be Your Baby" is that song.
Lastly we have an artist you would be able to remember seeing on this chart in the last 8 years, mostly during the last 6 months though. Holly Humberstone seemingly caps off a solid year on the charts with a 3rd entry in "Friendly Fire" at #37.

11121Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors {5 Week @ #1}
2392Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
32112KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
4666WetBound (with Blood Orange)
5484The WombatsReady For The High
65151Gretta RayCare Less {3 Weeks @ #1}
77107MitskiWorking For The Knife
8978Vera BlueTemper
9NE19KarnivoolAll It Takes
118134Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
1213612Wet LegWet Dream
1314513Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars & Anderson .PaakBlast Off
1415414Beach HouseOnce Twice Melody
1510181Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
1618316Kanye WestLife Of The Party (feat Andre 3000)
1717517Alice Ivy & SyccoWeakness
1811156merci, mercyWinnie Crush
1923319Claire Rosinkranzdon't miss me
2021620Maya Jane ColesGot Me (feat Julia Stone)
21NE121WILSNYou Know Better
22161012Sarah Saint JamesHeather
2324423MitskiThe Only Heartbreaker
2429224AURORAMidas Touch
2520144BROODSPiece Of My Mind
2630326Conan GrayTelepath
2719138Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
28221413Magdalena BayChaeri
2925725Azure RyderLadder To The Moon
3031530Anfa RoseSILK ROAD
31NE131Ruby FrostNever Be Your Baby
3226919Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid
3332432Lennon StellaFancy
3435234Jessica MauboyGlow
3527203Gretta RayThe Brink
3636336DixieThe Real Thing
37NE137Holly HumberstoneFriendly Fire
4033826Magdalena BaySecrets (Your Fire)

4134211NgaiireHim {4 Weeks @ #1}
46401114Kacey Musgravessimple times
Dec 19th

I ceremoniously dub a new #1 this week, which is admittedly not something that you can just expect to come up with 200 new turns of phrase to describe but by golly I'll give it my best. On that note, Wet have climbed to #1 for the very first time with "Bound" which is pretty good going for a group with a sole #30 hit to their name for so many years. They replace Let's Eat Grandma who drop down to #2 and no longer dominate the whole omniverse. Kali Uchis is also down to #3 with "fue mejor" and KYE is down to #4 with "Tuesday", almost as if something moved up those 3 places to make this happen. Moving up into the top 5 this week is Karnivool, heights they have not seen in a very, very long time as "We Are" capped at #6, meaning we have to go back to 2009's "Goliath" as the last time they landed at this tier.


What's that coming over the hill is it more Beach House? You know it is, because who am I to pass up on their extremely generous offer of monthly new music. Arriving this time is "New Romance" at #26 which is their 14th chart entry to date.
It was last year that Northlane scored their first ever chart entry with "Enemy Of The Night" getting to #34. Not a bad showing all things considered but what if I told you that they've already surpassed it with their next chart entry, as "Echo Chamber" lands at #32, managing to tickle all manner of 2007 specific nostalgia mainly because it really sounds like Expatriate or something.
An even more unexpected face all things considered, but welcome to the stage Ocean Alley, as "Touch Back Down" comes through at #37 for their first ever entry.

1471WetBound (with Blood Orange) {1 Week @ #1}
21131Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors {5 Week @ #1}
32102Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
43122KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
5925KarnivoolAll It Takes
6594The WombatsReady For The High
77117MitskiWorking For The Knife
9888Vera BlueTemper
106161Gretta RayCare Less {3 Weeks @ #1}
1113611Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars & Anderson .PaakBlast Off
1216412Kanye WestLife Of The Party (feat Andre 3000)
1314513Beach HouseOnce Twice Melody
1412712Wet LegWet Dream
1521215WILSNYou Know Better
1619416Claire Rosinkranzdon't miss me
1711144Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
1817617Alice Ivy & SyccoWeakness
1915191Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
2023520MitskiThe Only Heartbreaker
2120720Maya Jane ColesGot Me (feat Julia Stone)
2224322AURORAMidas Touch
2326423Conan GrayTelepath
2418166merci, mercyWinnie Crush
2531225Ruby FrostNever Be Your Baby
26NE126Beach HouseNew Romance
27221112Sarah Saint JamesHeather
2830628Anfa RoseSILK ROAD
2934329Jessica MauboyGlow
3025154BROODSPiece Of My Mind
3127148Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
32NE132NorthlaneEcho Chamber
3337233Holly HumberstoneFriendly Fire
3429825Azure RyderLadder To The Moon
3536435DixieThe Real Thing
36281513Magdalena BayChaeri
37NE137Ocean AlleyTouch Back Down
3933532Lennon StellaFancy
40321019Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid

4235203Gretta RayThe Brink
4540826Magdalena BaySecrets (Your Fire)
Dec 26th

This week could be considered "Bound" 2, for it is the second week that this particular song is at the #1 spot. All it takes is something new to take over and perhaps that could be "All It Takes", which climbs up to #2 this week for Karnivool. It thus takes over "Bound"'s job of last week for supplanting "Hall Of Mirrors" down to #3, and "fue mejor" to #4. Climbing into the top 5 also is Charley's "Arizona" which has done quite well for itself after a relatively low key debut. Rising into the top 10 this week for the first time in a decent while is Kanye West, as "Life Of The Party" is at #9 and aptly is his 9th top 10 hit. Just behind is "Blast Off", which is Bruno Mars' first ever top 10 hit, and Anderson .Paak's 5th, in a reversal of how these stats usually play out for Silk Sonic tracks.


There wasn't much in the way of new music I came across this week but I'm glad that I took at least some effort to look into it because it's made me discover Sydney artist tiffi, who unlike most seemingly unheard of Australian artists I find on Spotify, actually does pretty good numbers all things considered. Debuting for her is "vivienne" at #20.
I won't pretend I think about Best Coast very often especially lately but I got a nice surprise last week when it turned out they put out a new single and it kinda shreds. They last charted back at the start of 2015 which is nearly 7 years ago with "California Nights", but now they pick up a 2nd entry and it's instantly their biggest ever, as "Leading" lands at #26.
Speaking of Sydney, or rather its hue, the next entry is a double debut, giving Milan Ring and BLESSED their first ever entry. That is the slow climbing "Sydney Hue" which finally reaches the chart at #35.
And I suppose technically the last debut of the year is also a first time entrant, and it comes from Mura Masa, whose "2gether" is oddly appealing in a way I can't describe. It enters at #39.

1181WetBound (with Blood Orange) {2 Weeks @ #1}
2532KarnivoolAll It Takes
32141Let's Eat GrandmaHall Of Mirrors {5 Week @ #1}
43112Kali Uchisfue mejor (feat SZA)
64132KYETuesday (feat Jerome Farah)
76104The WombatsReady For The High
87127MitskiWorking For The Knife
91259Kanye WestLife Of The Party (feat Andre 3000)
1011710Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars & Anderson .PaakBlast Off
11998Vera BlueTemper
1215312WILSNYou Know Better
1316513Claire Rosinkranzdon't miss me
1413613Beach HouseOnce Twice Melody
1518715Alice Ivy & SyccoWeakness
1610171Gretta RayCare Less {3 Weeks @ #1}
1720617MitskiThe Only Heartbreaker
1814812Wet LegWet Dream
1925319Ruby FrostNever Be Your Baby
2123521Conan GrayTelepath
2226222Beach HouseNew Romance
2317154Triple OneBLOOD RAVE
2422422AURORAMidas Touch
2519201Moaning LisaCold Water {5 Weeks @ #1}
26NE126Best CoastLeading
2729427Jessica MauboyGlow
2821820Maya Jane ColesGot Me (feat Julia Stone)
2932229NorthlaneEcho Chamber
3024176merci, mercyWinnie Crush
3133331Holly HumberstoneFriendly Fire
3228728Anfa RoseSILK ROAD
33271212Sarah Saint JamesHeather
3437234Ocean AlleyTouch Back Down
35NE135Milan RingSydney Hue (feat BLESSED)
3630164BROODSPiece Of My Mind
3735535DixieThe Real Thing
3831158Beddy RaysWeek On Repeat
39NE139Mura Masa2gether

4134825Azure RyderLadder To The Moon
43361513Magdalena BayChaeri
4539532Lennon StellaFancy
47401019Nessa Barrettkeep me afraid

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