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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Observation on 90's ARIA Charts

Looking through the top 100 weekly singles for 1990 and 1991 and lately i've noticed a common occurrence happening. It's probably coincidence but the fact that it happens repeatedly makes me wonder...Basically you will get weeks where an artist who perhaps has more than one single charting will have two songs at back to back positions. For example check out the top 40 for 3/2/91. Ac/dc have two songs at #30 and #29 (moneytalks and thunderstruck) and it happened with john farnnham in late 1990 with chain reaction and that's freedom being at consecutive numbers. This happens quite often with artists in 1991 and makes me wonder could it be more than just coincidence? I have yet to analyse 1992 charts so don't know if it continued.
Could it be something like double A-sides being counted separately? Either that or having two singles packaged together would be my best guess, but it could be coincidental.
It's coincidental, surely.

Some that spring to mind (not all 90s) are:

Martika 'I Feel the Earth Move' and 'Toy Soldiers' at numbers 10 and 9, in late 1989.

I'm pretty sure Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers' 'Swing the Mood' and 'That's What I Like' were back to back for at least one week, possibly more, while in the top 10 (possibly top 5).

I remember Alannah Myles' 'Black Velvet' and 'Love Is' being back to back in 1990 at numbers 15 and 16 (from memory).
It's more likely to be coincidence but for it to happen a lot in 1991 and then to peter off just seems odd to me. Impossible to know without the raw sales data on how much those songs sold. In the first half of 1992 it happened 3 times, two times outside the top 50 with Clivillies and Cole and Sabrina Johnston and one time in the Top 50 with the KLF. I see now that it happened twice with those two AC/DC singles. (#30 & 29 and #22 and #21 almost a month earlier)
I get what you are saying nugs(at least i hope i do),it's always bound to happen here and there as you have pointed out with those examples, however in the time since my last post i have been doing my homework in order to have actual numbers rather than the vagueness at the top of the thread. In 1991 this thing that i mention of artists having two of their singles back to back in the top 100 happened 7 times in the 6 months from january to june and a huge 12 times from july to december with three artists having this happen twice in the entire year. In comparison looking at the charts for 1992 we find this instance happening 4 times from january to june and only 5 more times in the months from july to december. As you say nugs it has to be coincidence otherwise what's the reason for doing it
Here's some tables of the number of times back-to-back placings have happened within the ARIA Top 50... 1992 to 1997

1992 (8), 1993 (7), 1994 (5), 1995 (3), 1996 (4), 1997 (10)

2/9227314I Adore Mi AmorColor Me Badd
2/92282219All 4 LoveColor Me Badd
3/9215134Diamonds and PearlsPrince & The New Power Generation
3/9216918CreamPrince & The New Power Generation
5/92494317JUSTIFIED AND ANCIENTThe KLF feat. Tammy Wynette
5/92221714Get Ready For This2 Unlimited
5/9223254Twilight Zone2 Unlimited
8/9225214Warm It UpKris Kross
8/92261412JumpKris Kross
8/9224255Warm It UpKris Kross
8/92252613JumpKris Kross
10/92332122As Ugly As They Wanna Be (EP)Ugly Kid Joe
10/9234354NeighborUgly Kid Joe
11/9229273No RegretsTom Cochrane
11/92302115Life Is A HighwayTom Cochrane

3/93161518People EverydayArrested Development
3/9317215Mr. Wendal / RevolutionArrested Development
4/9317176Mr. Wendal / RevolutionArrested Development
4/93181619People EverydayArrested Development
4/9313117I'm Every WomanWhitney Houston
4/9314919I Will Always Love YouWhitney Houston
6/93191326Gimme Little SignPeter Andre
6/9320NEW1Funky JunkyPeter Andre
10/9349R/E4Higher GroundUB40
10/93503920Can't Help Falling In LoveUB40
11/93372712You're So VainChocolate Starfish
11/9338NEW1All Over MeChocolate Starfish
12/9331NEW1Bye Bye BabyMadonna

4/94241920Moving On UpM-People
4/9425236One Night In HeavenM-People
5/94272117Can We TalkTevin Campbell
5/9428256I'm ReadyTevin Campbell
6/94181415Things Can Only Get BetterD:Ream
6/9419266U R The Best ThingD:Ream
6/9432372I Wanna DanceMelodie MC
6/94331716Dum Da DumMelodie MC
6/94443516MountainChocolate Starfish
6/9445NEW14-Letter WordChocolate Starfish

2/957333Self EsteemThe Offspring
2/9581020Come Out And PlayThe Offspring
5/9530412I Can't Be With YouThe Cranberries
5/95312611Ode To My FamilyThe Cranberries
12/95191617You Are Not AloneMichael Jackson
12/9520262Earth SongMichael Jackson
3/9618284PeachesThe Presidents Of The United States Of America
3/96191318LumpThe Presidents Of The United States Of America
4/96302613It's Oh So QuietBjork
7/96413410KittyThe Presidents Of The United States Of America
7/9642NEW1Dune BuggyThe Presidents Of The United States Of America
10/96151524Because You Loved MeCeline Dion
10/9616214It's All Coming Back To Me NowCeline Dion

2/97152225WannabeSpice Girls
2/9716155Say You'll Be ThereSpice Girls
4/979NEW1Abuse MeSilverchair
4/971093Abuse MeSilverchair
6/97463628Sexy EyesWhigfield
6/97474415Gimme GimmeWhigfield
7/9714619Truly, Madly, DeeplySavage Garden
7/9715124Break Me Shake MeSavage Garden
7/9716155Break Me Shake MeSavage Garden
7/97171420Truly, Madly, DeeplySavage Garden
8/97352122When I DieNo Mercy
8/9736402Please Don't GoNo Mercy
10/9740493Buddha BabyLeonardo's Bride
10/97413517Even When I'm SleepingLeonardo's Bride
12/9746NEW1Ooh La LaCoolio
12/97472617C U When U Get ThereCoolio
12/976212Barbie GirlAqua
12/977NEW1Doctor JonesAqua

It was much less common for an artist to have 3 songs within 20 places of each other on a chart.
Within the Top 50 (excluding duets) over the 1990's I only found these:

19/5/1991 Black Box#33 Strike It Up; #40 The Total Mix; #49 Fantasy
16/2/1992 Michael Jackson#11 Black Or White; #15 Remember The Time; #20 Black Or White (C&C Remixes)
21/2/1993 Guns n' Roses#5 November Rain; #14 Yesterdays; #21 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
I found nine instances in 1992 as En Vogue also had two singles back to back. Still those numbers are certainly within the range of coincidence. Nineteen for 1991 is abnormally large. Thanks Dave
From a statistical point of view, the best way to look at this would be to not just count the instances of back to back entries, but compare it to cases of artists having their songs separated by perhaps 1, or within 5 places. See if that strikes as statistically significant compared to other nearby years. This is assuming the implication is on flubbed numbers or a sort of bulk purchasing pattern that was only briefly occurring.
Something else I've been interested in over the years is where songs had their chart runs close to each other as they were rising and falling in the Top 50. It is like they were "near neighbours". I've number crunched quite a few occurrences so will post a few of these every day or two.

Note: these are 'ARIA Top 50 only' stats from the '90s. I looked at songs at least 9 weeks on the chart.

Today we show that 'Love Will Never Do (Without You)' was always within 11 places of 'Love Takes Time' during its 14 week Top 50 run, and amazingly never more than 4 places apart for the first 10 of those 14 weeks.

'Fading Like A Flower' averaged just 3.77 places apart from 'Where Are You Now' over the 13 weeks it charted within the Top 50.

'Key West Intermezzo' was often 1 or 2 places from 'Ready Or Not' and was never further than 12 places away over its whole 10 week span.

Some more close ones... This first one I think I recall. Two big charting dance hits in 1991, never too far from each other on the chart. In fact, 'Wiggle It' and 'Gonna Make You Sweat' were insanely close there for an 11 week stretch. That average (3.71) could have been so much better if not for the first and last week of the chart run of 'Wiggle It', which fell away quicker.

'Mrs. Robinson' and 'Sleeping Satellite' may seem like an unusual pairing, but while The Lemonheads played out their 13 week run in the Top 50, Tasmin Archer was one time 7 places away, and otherwise within 5 places for all other weeks.

What does Celine Dion's 'Falling Into You' and The Smashing Pumpkin's '1979' have in common? Not much, right? Actually, they were incredibly close on the chart. Never more than 4 places apart for the middle 11 week stretch of their respective chart runs. They swapped places a few times, but Celine did deny '1979' a Top 15 peak.
Not much of a surprise they were close on the EOY ARIA chart too: #94 for 1979' and #98 for 'Falling Into You'.

When you look at the positions of the mariah and janet singles outside the top 40 that gap never is too great but both singles exited the top 40 at different times. Mariah's #42 position is from the chart of 7/4/91, while Janet's #42 position is from 2 weeks earlier.

Love Takes Time 42-51-56-77-86
Love Will Never Do (Without You) 42-47-50-81-90
For a number of weeks, 2 In a Room and C&C Music Factory are back to back with one single being ahead of the other

From the week of the 24th february the two songs are next to each other quite a bit even when falling down the chart

Gonna Make You Sweat 3-5-4-8-10-12-15-16-16-23-28
Wiggle it 4-6-3-6-9-11-14-15-17-24-38

Pretty close there for a number of weeks before wiggle it fell to #38
I've discovered that both featured on the compilation album around that time called WIGGLE'N'SWEAT '91. Maybe more than coincidence? It seems an obvious pairing. The circular promotion of club hit, compilation album promotion, radio airplay and video music shows probably all contributed to the similar timing.
Some interesting observations here.

I remember 'Wiggle 'n' Sweat '91'. It was one of the last compilation albums of its kind to add the year to the title - as had been the norm throughout the 70s and 80s. From memory, there was only 'Here We Go '91', 'Hits 4 U '92', '100% Hits '92 Volume 3' (the third volume in the series was called that, for some reason), 'Give It Some '93', 'Sweat It Out '93', 'Hit Machine '93' (the first volume was called that instead of Hit Machine 1) and '100% Hits '97: the music' (in lieu of volume 22) after it. The 100% Hits (started in 1991), Take 40 Australia (only 1 volume, 1991), Can't Beat the Music (1992, only 3 volumes), and Hit Machine (started in 1993) series came next, and then of course (much) later, So Fresh.
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Did here we go '91 have the C&C Music Factory track on it? Hence it had to be part of the title? A Year earlier there was also U Can't Touch This '90
Yes, 'Here We Go '91' had the C + C Music Factory track on it https://www.discogs.com/Various-Here-We-Go-91/release/1041123

The 'U Can't Touch This' compilation was just called that; '90 was not part of the title.
Out of sheer curiosity i looked at the chart positions for Wiggle It and Gonna Make You Sweat when they left the top 40 to see if the close positioning continued and it could not have been further apart.

Wiggle It (leaves top 40 12/5) 52-60-86-OUT
Gonna Make You Sweat -(leaves 19/5) 44-63-67-77-82-OUT

Pretenders comeback single of the mid '90s 'I'll Stand By You' was joined by Marcella Detroit's stand-out solo hit 'I Believe' for 16 weeks on the ARIA Top 50 chart, before both exited at the same time. When 'I Believe' fell away from the Top 20, 'I'll Stand By You' caught up within a couple of weeks, to keep their average below 4 places apart.

F.C.B.'s 'Excalibur' rocketed into the Top 2 just 2 weeks on the Top 50 chart. But Merril Bainbridge's 'Under The Water' moved up quick enough at that time to keep a low average. 12 of the 14 weeks they were in the Top 50 together, the two songs were no more than 4 places apart.

'Slide' and 'Body Movin' ' peaked at #29 and #28 respectively in 1999, and were near enough to average just 3.75 places apart over 12 weeks.

Good example of The Pretenders And Marcella Detroit dave. Looking at their respective positions when they both leave the top 40 in the same week it's close for 1 week but then gets wider.

I'll Stand By You 44-54-66-85-90 (out)
I Believe 46-69-87-94

The last week 'i believe' is on the chart it's 9 places away from the pretenders which it hadn't been quite as close the past 2 weeks before. Had marcella detroit hung in the top 100 for an extra week you might have seen the two singles very close to each other again.
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'Mary Had A Little Boy' and 'On The Way Up' spent most of their Top 50 chart run between the Top 20 and 30. After 11 shared weeks in the Top 50, they averaged 3.64 places apart.

Jimmy Nail and Riff had their one and only ARIA Top 50 chart appearances simultaneously. 'Ain't No Doubt' and 'White Men Can't Jump' stayed within 6 places of each other over a 16 week span. On the end-of-year 1992 ARIA chart, the songs were #33 and #34.

Jennifer Lopez's 'If You Had My Love' denied Britney Spears a #1 with 'Sometimes'. For 15 of the simultaneous 17 weeks Top 50 chart run, the two songs were no more than 4 places apart.

Martika's 'Love ... Thy Will Be Done' tracked fairly close to UB40's 'Here I Am (Come And Take Me)' especially early in their chart run, where they were back to back within the Top 5 for 4 straight weeks.

Blind Melon's 'No Rain' and Radiohead's 'Creep' had reasonably close chart runs within the ARIA Top 50, although 'Creep' was in the Top 10 for 6 charts (compared to 2 for 'No Rain'). Both left the Top 20 and Top 40 in the same weeks. Despite one being perhaps more remembered than the other (depending on your tastes), the two songs averaged just 2.8 places apart over 15 weeks.

Although there was a delayed start to the jump into the Top 10 for 'Your Woman', once it found that surge '2 Becomes 1' was released just in time to be closely aligned with White Town for the remaining chart weeks (ARIA Top 50). Both occupied the Top 5 with similar timing and then fell away reasonably quickly from the Top 10, falling between 4 and 10 places per week thereafter, over the next 6 weeks.

There's a double feature from Bryan Adams today.

'Can't Stop This Thing We Started' moved into the ARIA Top 50 the same week as Prince's 'Gett Off' (both in the top-half at that). Both also exited the Top 50 after 14 chart appearances. For the majority of weeks, the two songs were 5 places apart or less.

'Please Forgive Me' and Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's 'Boom! Shake The Room' are among the closest paired songs so far on this thread. Averaging just 2 places apart over 18 weeks, the two songs occupied the Top 2 side-by-side for 5 consecutive charts, and were within 2 places of each other for 15 of the 18 charts that 'Please Forgive Me' occupied the ARIA Top 50.

Despite each having a kind of see-saw chart run earlier on, 'Movin' Up' and 'In The Summertime' averaged just 3.8 places apart over 15 charts, including peaking in the same week, and having 8 consecutive charts where they were placed within 3 places of each other.

More close ones... with the difference no more than 8 places on any week for all pairings, while both songs were within the ARIA Top 50:

▪ 'Better The Devil You Know' swaps the lead with 'Step By Step' 3 times, never more than 5 places away over 13 weeks.

▪ 'Are You Gonna Go My Way?' and 'Cats In The Cradle' are back-to-back for 10 straight weeks (with Lenny Kravitz denying Ugly Kid Joe a much longer stay at #1). Both fall away at reasonable pace from the Top 10.

▪ 'Have I Told You Lately' follows a similar chart course to 'In Your Arms', although Rod Stewart peaks at #12, compared to Bon Jovi's #10 peak. Their lead changes only twice. The two tracks are within 3 places of one another over 10 of the 13 weeks they graced the Top 50 together.

It's funny how you forget things over time. 'Suicide Blonde' had a fairly short run in the ARIA Top 50, just 12 weeks (I had to double check this). Over those weeks, it was closely placed to Jon Bon Jovi's 'Blaze Of Glory'. Both were in the Top 2 for one week, and otherwise occupied the Top 3 for 3 other weeks. What I'd also forgotten was how long 'Blaze Of Glory' was at #1 (6 weeks). 10 of the 12 weeks they were in the Top 50 together, the pair were no more than 5 places apart, and within 2 places for 7 of those weeks.

Two dance songs rising and falling in sync once again! Another coincidence was, for both acts, this was their first charter on the ARIA Top 50, and each only had a few lower follow up chart successes within the next year. 'Slave To The Music' finally took the lead when 'Give It Up' slipped from #1 to #3 on the chart, but East 17 would deny a #1 placing for Twenty 4 Seven. In the weeks to follow, 'Slave...' and 'Give It Up' would swap their lead a few times as they moved down the chart at moderate pace. In the last 13 weeks that they charted together within the Top 50, the two were never more than 4 places apart.

CDB's 'Hook Me Up' and Harry Connick Jr's '(I Could Only) Whisper Your Name' peaked at #11 and #15 respectively. After 14 shared weeks in the Top 50, they averaged 3.36 places apart, and no more than 8 places over that time.

Some less conventional rock, pop reggae, metal, AC, boy band and europop pairings this time:

▪ 'Black Hole Sun' bulleted into the ARIA Top 50 as 'Baby I Love Your Way' was already climbing into the Top 10. From then on, the two songs were near enough to each other to have a low 3.6 place average over 15 weeks. 'Baby I Love Your Way' kept ranking higher than 'Black Hole Sun' until both had left the Top 50.

▪ 'The Memory Remains' made an abrupt debut into the chart at #6 before slipping back to #18. Then it would hover within the Top 20 for a while, not too far from 'Tell Him' that was also hanging around. Their decline out of the Top 20 was similarly timed. The two tracks were within 5 places of each other over the later 10 week period.

▪ 'All I Have To Give' (#32 EOY) and 'Lollipop' (#19 EOY) debuted in the Top 50 side by side, peaked back-to-back at #4 and #3 respectively, spent 10 weeks in the Top 10 each, and were within 3 places of each other for 12 of the 17 weeks they were in the ARIA Top 50 together.

For the next three pairings, the difference is no more than 8 places on any week:

▪ 'Hot Chilli Woman' stays near to 'Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) over its ARIA Top 50 run. Never more than 7 places apart, they averaged just 3.08 places difference over 12 weeks.

▪ In the 12 weeks George Michael's 'Spinning The Wheel' occupied the Top 50, Neneh Cherry's 'Woman' was within 5 places, except for 3 of those weeks. The pair swapped the lead 6 times.

▪ 'Beautiful Stranger' was accompanied by 'I Want It That Way' for all of its 16 week ARIA Top 50 run in 1999. Over that time, the two songs were never more than 5 places apart. The longer chart run for 'I Want It That Way' allowed for a better #25 end-of year placing, compared with #34 for Madonna.

Both Milli Vanilli and Dannii Minogue had rather quick climbs and falls with their hits of autumn 1990. Back-to-back on 8 different charts with 'Blame It On The Rain' and 'Love And Kisses', the 3.93 place average could have been much closer if not for the 20 place difference in their debut week.

Electric Hippies' 'Greedy People' and Gin Blossoms' 'Hey Jealousy' had more in common than their musings of less than desirable human traits. The two songs were placed within 2 places of each other for 10 of the 11 weeks they both occupied the ARIA Top 50. Their divergence occurred in the 11th week, but both songs (in separate weeks) exited the Top 50 from #49.

Lauryn Hill's double A-side single of 1998/99 had a longer chart run than Jennifer Love Hewitt's 'How Do I Deal', but over the 15 weeks the songs were charting in the Top 50 together, the singles were not more than 6 places apart, and were back-to-back 4 times. Both singles also peaked at #8 on ARIA.


Next time, a look at the closest pairings that charted 20+ weeks together.
It seems 1997 was a key year for longer charting "near neighbour" hits. From memory, it was around this time singles were starting to have lengthy chart runs more often, compared to the earlier '90s.

▪ I find this to be a strong case of two songs propelling each other up the chart. Contemporary R&B had been around much of the '90s but it was hit or miss in Australia, especially compared to the USA market. Babyface-produced 'Last Night' was slowly rising within the ARIA Top 50, almost in the Top 20 after 5 weeks. Just like Az Yet, Ginuwine (with the help of budding producer Timbaland) were looking for their breakthrough single in Australia, as 'Pony' rated slightly better up to this point, making it to the Top 20 level at steady pace. Over the next 11 weeks, the two songs would be within 3 places of each other, including an initial slow climb within the lower Top 20 before bulleting in sync into the Top 3. 'Last Night' peaked at #2, with 'Pony' peaking at #3 on the same 4 (broken) weeks. Somehow, 'Pony' stayed within 7 places of 'Last Night' for all the remaining weeks they both occupied the Top 50. Even some reviews of these songs make some reference to either the other song or the awkward lyrics on offer.

▪ Chances are, if you recall any countdowns when Matchbox 20's 'Push' first charted in Australia, Mr. President's 'Coco Jamboo' was probably placed fairly close. Over 27 shared weeks in the ARIA Top 50, the songs averaged just 3.19 places apart, including a stretch of 20 charts where they were no more than 5 places away. I'd recalled that 'Push' hovered near the lower Top 10 for a while, but now I realise 'Coco Jamboo' was doing the same for just that bit longer.

▪ Speaking of hovering near your chart peak, 'Together Again' did just that between its peak of #4 and #6 (over 9 weeks). 'You Sexy Thing' did the same, but was very stable, with its 6 consecutive weeks at a peak of #6, joined by a further 5 #7 placings on either side of this. Janet did her part to keep T.Shirt just outside of the Top 5.
Most amazing was an average separation of just 2.4 places over 25 weeks for these two big singles. For a 17 week stretch, the two songs were just 2 places apart, a reflection of their slow movement on the charts over that time. It is no wonder some reviews also mention each song's strong chart run, which was interpreted as either a good or poor thing at the time.

I've noticed from looking at my notes for the 90's that 1990 had a number of songs charting over 20 weeks. Songs such as 'More Than Words Can Say' 'Freedom '90' and 'Just The Way It Is, Baby' managed to do over 5 months on the top 100. There didn't seem as many in 1991. B.A.D II 's single 'Rush' being an exception spending 47 weeks total in the top 100 in 1991/1992
More an ARIA question than observation,for anyone out there that has the answer. Boney M's 'Mega Mix' is listed as a new entry in 1993, yet aria has it on the aria report chart dated 21st feb that it's total weeks on the chart is 10, and by that point it had been charting in 1993 for 4 weeks. It also lists it's highest position as #72 whereas in 1993 it had thus far peaked at #77
Boney M's "Megamix" appears to have previously charted in 1989, reaching #72: https://www.top100singles.net/2011/10/every-aria-top-100-single-in-1989.html

I don't know if it was labelled as a new entry in 1993 on the ARIA Report or if that's just from the person who compiled the spreadsheet, but it's possible they changed their mind part-way through the chart run; that did happen with an Atomic Kitten single in 2001: https://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=45348#9
Thanks @392. Yeah it was the spreadsheet that labelled it as a new entry. The Aria report from it's re-entry week is missing but one that shows 100-61 for the 14/2 lists it as having been on the chart for 9 weeks,and then the second half of the chart for the following week lists it as 10 so i figured it had to be a re-entry. I thought it had entered in 1992 and had missed it.
ARIA's chart database unfortunately tends to treat numerous separate releases as being the same title, so e.g. Boney M.'s 'Megamix' single in 1993 is treated as though it was the same as the 1989 release, just re-entering the chart rather than being a new, separate entry.
What puzzled me is that i found reference via wiki of the track in 1989 but figured it was a new mix that had entered the chart in 1993. Since it hadn't cracked the top 50 in 1989 there was no way at the time for me to tell if it had charted prior. If it's the same mix just re-entered when i reach 1993 on my database i'll add a note, since the aria info from june 88 to december 89 vanished into thin air
Nicki French's dance cover of 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' had a strong chart run, joined by the song that kept it out of #1 'Here's Johnny!'. Both songs moved into the ARIA Top 10 in the same week, and also exited in the same week 12 weeks later. For 16 straight weeks, the two singles were just 1 or 2 places apart, including a similarly paced decline down the chart.

Bon Jovi's 'This Ain't A Love Song' made an instant Top 5 presence, but didn't have a long chart run. JX's 'You Belong To Me' was already in the Top 10 at that time. For the 12 weeks both songs were in the ARIA Top 50 together, they were within 3 places of each other on 10 charts. Their lead swapped 5 times.

Keith Sweat's 'Twisted' was charting over all the weeks Whitney Houston's 'Step By Step' occupied the Top 50. Averaging just 2.6 places away, the two singles were never more than 6 places apart over 15 weeks, and were back-to-back 7 times.


After a 10 place gap when Wilson Phillips first moved into the ARIA Top 50, 'Hold On' stayed within 4 places of 'I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But You' by Absent Friends for the next 14 weeks. If it weren't for the bigger differences at the 1st and 16th weeks, the 3.44 place average difference could have been under 2.5.

Bobby Brown's 'Humpin' Around' had a relatively short Top 50 run for a #1 hit. In the meantime Snap's 'Rhythm Is A Dancer' had moved into the Top 10 in the same week. For all 14 weeks both songs were in the ARIA Top 50, they were never more than 5 places apart. Their lead changed 7 times over these weeks. 'Rhythm Is A Dancer' (#15 EOY) had the longer chart run, but 'Humpin' Around' (#25 EOY) had played its part to keep Snap! out of the Top 2.

In the week Janet Jackson's 'Runaway' debuted in the ARIA chart at #20, Peter Andre's 'Mysterious Girl' had also climbed into the Top 20. For 14 consecutive charts, the two singles would be within 4 places. Both songs peaked at #8, and both songs had broken Top 10 runs, although at slightly different times.

Late to the party with the back-to-back positions thing, but speaking as someone who spent most of my income on buying singles for the vast majority of the 90s... I frequently found myself at the record store buying an artist's latest single *and* buying the one they last released at the same time. I guess when I found that I liked a new single, often I became more inclined to buy the previous release too. With almost every example of this you see, it's one of them on its way up the chart, meeting the other on its way down the chart, which kinda makes sense if my theory is right. Or else it really is just coincidence.
Longest consecutive weeks in ARIA Top 50 - 1990s - by artist

This list is where an artist has maintained an unbroken streak in the ARIA singles chart with one or more singles. This references the Top 50 part of the chart only.

ARTISTWeeksFirst ChartLast Chart
Spice Girls8608-Sep-9626-Apr-98
Shania Twain7915-Mar-9812-Sep-99
Mariah Carey7229-Aug-9308-Jan-95
The Living End6925-Jan-9816-May-99
Savage Garden6528-Jul-9619-Oct-97
Alanis Morissette5806-Aug-9508-Sep-96
Celine Dion5825-Feb-9630-Mar-97
Britney Spears5331-Jan-9930-Jan-00
Elton John5210-Sep-8902-Sep-90
Michael Jackson5017-Nov-9125-Oct-92
The Corrs5010-Mar-9616-Feb-97
No Mercy4803-Nov-9628-Sep-97
Presidents Of The United States Of America4505-Nov-9508-Sep-96
Will Smith4510-Aug-9714-Jun-98
Arrested Development4416-Aug-9213-Jun-93
Toni Braxton4428-Jul-9625-May-97
The Goo Goo Dolls4407-Jun-9804-Apr-99
The Outhere Brothers4321-May-9510-Mar-96

Other notable artists:

ARTISTWeeksFirst ChartLast Chart
Bon Jovi4221-Feb-9305-Dec-93
Guns n' Roses4126-Jul-9202-May-93
" "3323-Oct-9404-Jun-95
The Offspring4215-Nov-9829-Aug-99

Beyond 1999:

Vanessa Amorosi7025-Jul-9919-Nov-00

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Dave,what's the one in the other notable artists section under madonna meant to be? with 33 weeks in the chart. Not surprising to see that the majority of stuff on your list came from 1996-1998
I think it is Madonna as well.
Yes, they are both for Madonna. She also had a 30 week run between 1-Mar and 20-Sep-98 with her first 3 'Ray of Light' singles.
Here's something for you to research dave. What singles by madonna or kylie managed to chart for over 20 weeks in the 90s. Kylie i know had a run of singles that would just fall short of the 20 week run and i know madonna charted for i think maybe 25 weeks with vogue. Those two artists just seemed to have singles that debuted and charted high but also plummeted quite fast
Kylie's longest chart run was in the '80s with her first release 'Locomotion' back in her Neighbours days. That was a 27 week run in the Top 50. Since then (as you can see in the artists singles section) her longest was 19 weeks with 'Confide In Me' https://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Kylie+Minogue&titel=Confide+In+Me&cat=s
although I'd actually count that as 20 weeks with the Christmas break week included. These are Top 50 stats only.

Yes I think 'Vogue' was the longest in the Top 100 for the '90s. 'Rain' nearly had as many weeks.

These are the higher artist consecutive weeks for Kylie and Madonna, and I've also added Janet. *Top 50 singles stats only*

ARTISTWeeksFirst ChartLast ChartStarting with...
Kylie Minogue2501-Dec-9117-May-92Word Is Out
Kylie Minogue2511-Sep-9426-Feb-95Confide In Me
Madonna (pre-'90s)4419-Mar-8914-Jan-90Like A Prayer
Madonna3319-Jul-9228-Feb-93This Used To Be My Playground
Janet Jackson3016-Sep-9007-Apr-91Black Cat
Janet Jackson3605-Oct-9707-Jun-98Got 'Til It's Gone

Is it right that the ARIA Report even created a weekly Top 150 Singles Chart (not only a Top 100) since 1989 until ...???
^ No, the ARIA Report only publishes the top 100. The ARIA database, however, goes beyond that (this data has not been published).

Since 1994, The ARIA Report has published top 20 weekly lists of Hit Seekers (singles & albums by artists who have not previously had a top 50 hit). These lists often contain titles that are not within the top 100 chart, but their actual positions are not stated, they only e.g. appear 17th on this list.
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Though I´m right, the complete weekly ARIA Singles Chart as from 1989 includes more than 100 Positions, probably 150 (maybe varied over the Years), and ARIA created, but did not published Positions 101-150.
Or, Nugs, you have more Information?

Yes that is correct.

The chart usually extended beyond #150, though - but the albums chart sometimes finished before #150 in 1989-early 1991. The chart appears to have gone to at least #200 by late 1991, and beyond #200 in the first few months of 1992. The chart went to at least #300 by mid-1997. Now, the chart is calculated beyond #2500.
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Question for anyone who may have the aria report charts. The week of 3rd october 1993 lists 'The Best'by Tina Turner as an entry. My question if anyone has an answer did the aria report chart list this as a new entry or as a re-entry. I'm copying charts for my own personal usage and want it to be as accurate as possible. Thank you
Jesse'77, 'The Best' is listed as a re-entry in 1993. Its TI tally the following week (week ending 10 October 1993) is 29.
Thanks Nugs. I thought it would be a re-entry but i wanted to be sure. The database i'm using as referrence lists it as a new entry. Once again,thank you

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