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Forum - Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA - Smallzy's Fresh 40 (Nova)

Number Ones
Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)

Not sure if this is the right board but recently found out that Nova is bringing back their Fresh 40 program (well I found out a week ago) and might as well catalogue their chart Going to post the current week in a few hours but I got last weeks. Sadly I don't have the first one.

Smallzy's Fresh 40 (29/01/2021) [Issue 2]
1NE11Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2NE12The Kid LAROIWithout You
3NE13Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
4NE1424kGoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
5NE15Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
6NE16Justin BieberAnyone
7NE17Ariana Grandepositions
8NE18SZAGood Days
9NE19Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
10NE110Tate McRaeyou broke me first
11NE111The Kid LAROISo Done
12NE112Tones & IFly Away
13NE113TiestoThe Business
14NE114Billie EilishTherefore I Am
15NE115SigalaLasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)
16NE116Ed SheeranAfterglow
17NE117The WeekndBlinding Lights
18NE118Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
19NE119Internet MoneyLemonade
20NE120The WeekndSave Your Tears
21NE121Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
22NE122Ariana Grande34+35
23NE123Pop SmokeWhat You Know Bout Love
24NE124Taylor Swiftwillow (remix)
25NE125Jason DeruloTake You Dancing
27NE127Shawn Mendes & Justin BieberMonster
28NE128Cardi BWAP
29NE129Justin BieberHoly (feat. Chance the Rapper)
30NE130HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
31NE131Fleetwood MacDreams
32NE132MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
33NE133Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
34NE134Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
35NE135Paul Woolford & DiploLooking for Me (feat. Kareen Lomax)
36NE136Little MixSweet Melody
37NE137Topic / A7sBreaking Me
38NE138Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
39NE139Saint JhnRoses (Imanbek Remix)
40NE140Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved

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Impeccable way to kick off a 'fresh' chart there

(you're good on the sub-forum btw!)
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Interestingly enough #35-#40 this week is #34-#39 from last week
lmao imagine hearing Fleetwood Mac on a "fresh" radio hits countdown.

What are the metrics/criteria for this?
Probably fresh is the wrong name for it. Sort of a catchy buzz word in this instance. Plus you get that alliteration as well. This isn't for me. I'd much rather listen to an archived program counting the charts from 20, 30 or even 40 years ago.
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (05/02/2021) [Issue 3]
1121Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2522Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
3222The Kid LAROIWithout You
442424Kgoldn / Iann DiorMood (feat. iann dior)
5825SZAGood Days
6926Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
7626Justin BieberAnyone
8727Ariana Grandepositions
9323Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
1010210Tate McRaeyou broke me first
1111211The Kid LAROISo Done
1212212Tones & IFly Away
1313213TiestoThe Business
1420214The WeekndSave Your Tears
1514214Billie EilishTherefore I Am
1617216The WeekndBlinding Lights
1718217Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
1819218Internet MoneyLemonade
1915215SigalaLasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)
2021220Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
2130221HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
2222222Ariana Grande34+35
2316216Ed SheeranAfterglow
2424224Taylor Swiftwillow (remix)
25NE125Doja CatStreets
2625225Jason DeruloTake You Dancing
2727227Shawn Mendes & Justin BieberMonster
2828228Cardi BWAP
2929229Justin BieberHoly (feat. Chance the Rapper)
3123223Pop SmokeWhat You Know Bout Love
3232232MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
3333233Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3431231Fleetwood MacDreams
3534234Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
3635235Paul Woolford & DiploLooking for Me (feat. Kareen Lomax)
3736236Little MixSweet Melody
3837237Topic / A7sBreaking Me
3938238Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
4039239Saint JhnRoses (Imanbek Remix)

Biggest Riser: Goosebumps (Remix)
Biggest Faller: Pop Smoke - What You Know Bout Love

Only one new entry this week with Streets by Doja Cat. Sadly, I don't know the metrics/criteria on this but Smallzy does mention Spotify (as well as Apple Music) on this show a couple of time which is safe to say isn't Apple Music exclusive anymore. Strangely enough I think Midnight Sky is way too high for it to be natural and I bet that it's just the "replacement" song for either Whoopty by CJ or Booster Seat by Spacey Jane. Also, lots of stagnation.
It feels like Spotify's a strong influence because Tones and I is otherwise weirdly low in general (though even with that, I can't rationalise Fly Away being below you broke me first. On the other hand Love Not War also strikes me as especially high considering it's totally bombed down on Spotify in the past 2 weeks.
Has anyone heard radio’s latest murdering of a ballad...? ‘You Broke Me First’ is no longer a meaningful, heartfelt breakup ballad but instead is a trashy, cobbled together unoriginal dancefloor remix for attention dodging commercial ears. Sigh.
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (12/02/2021) [Issue 4]
1131Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2232Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
3332The Kid LAROIWithout You
443424Kgoldn / Iann DiorMood (feat. iann dior)
51035Tate McRaeyou broke me first
6535SZAGood Days
71437The WeekndSave Your Tears
8736Justin BieberAnyone
91339TiestoThe Business
10636Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1112311Tones & IFly Away
12933Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
1311311The Kid LAROISo Done
14837Ariana Grandepositions
1516315The WeekndBlinding Lights
1615314Billie EilishTherefore I Am
1717317Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
1818318Internet MoneyLemonade
1919315SigalaLasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)
2021320HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
2120320Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
2222322Ariana Grande34+35
2323316Ed SheeranAfterglow
2425224Doja CatStreets
2524324Taylor Swiftwillow (remix)
2627326Shawn Mendes & Justin BieberMonster
2726325Jason DeruloTake You Dancing
2828328Cardi BWAP
3029329Justin BieberHoly (feat. Chance the Rapper)
3132331MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
3231323Pop SmokeWhat You Know Bout Love
3333333Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3439334Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
3535334Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
3637336Little MixSweet Melody
3736335Paul Woolford & DiploLooking for Me (feat. Kareen Lomax)
3838337Topic / A7sBreaking Me
3934331Fleetwood MacDreams
4040339Saint JhnRoses (Imanbek Remix)

Biggest Riser: The Weeknd - Save Your Tears
Biggest Faller: Ariana Grande - positions

No new entries this week. Very fresh indeed.
And the big riser is an older song than the big faller
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (19/02/2021) [Issue 5]
1141Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2242Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
3342The Kid LAROIWithout You
4944TiestoThe Business
544424Kgoldn / Iann DiorMood (feat. iann dior)
6545Tate McRaeyou broke me first
7645SZAGood Days
8747The WeekndSave Your Tears
9846Justin BieberAnyone
101046Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1113411The Kid LAROISo Done
1111411Tones & IFly Away
131243Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
141447Ariana Grandepositions
1520415HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
1615415The WeekndBlinding Lights
1716414Billie EilishTherefore I Am
1824318Doja CatStreets
1917417Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
20NE120Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
2121420Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
2218418Internet MoneyLemonade
2319415SigalaLasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)
2423416Ed SheeranAfterglow
2522422Ariana Grande34+35
2625424Taylor Swiftwillow (remix)
2726426Shawn Mendes & Justin BieberMonster
2827425Jason DeruloTake You Dancing
2928428Cardi BWAP
3130429Justin BieberHoly (feat. Chance the Rapper)
32NE132Dua LipaWe're Good
3331431MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
3433433Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3534434Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
3632423Pop SmokeWhat You Know Bout Love
3735434Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
3836436Little MixSweet Melody
3937435Paul Woolford & DiploLooking for Me (feat. Kareen Lomax)
4040439Saint JhnRoses (Imanbek Remix)

Currently Smallzy's show is at #6 but I think I can work out what the remaining top five songs are (also got somewhere to be so I'll edit it correctly later if I need to).
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (26/02/2021) [Issue 6]
1251Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
2151Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
3352The Kid LAROIWithout You
4954TiestoThe Business
555424Kgoldn / Iann DiorMood (feat. iann dior)
6856The WeekndSave Your Tears
7755SZAGood Days
8655Tate McRaeyou broke me first
91559HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
101056Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
11956Justin BieberAnyone
1211511The Kid LAROISo Done
1312511Tones & IFly Away
141353Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
1518415Doja CatStreets
1620216Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
1717514Billie EilishTherefore I Am
1816515The WeekndBlinding Lights
1919517Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
201457Ariana Grandepositions
2121520Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
2223515SigalaLasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)
2322518Internet MoneyLemonade
2424516Ed SheeranAfterglow
2526524Taylor Swiftwillow (remix)
2625522Ariana Grande34+35
2728525Jason DeruloTake You Dancing
2832228Dua LipaWe're Good
2927526Shawn Mendes & Justin BieberMonster
30NE130Cardi BUp
3133531MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
3336523Pop SmokeWhat You Know Bout Love
34NE134P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
3534533Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3631529Justin BieberHoly (feat. Chance the Rapper)
3737534Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
38NE138Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
3935534Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
4039535Paul Woolford & DiploLooking for Me (feat. Kareen Lomax)
Biggest Riser: HVME - Goosebumps (Remix)
Biggest Faller: Ariana Grande - positions

So I guess they want to keep Love Story on rotation...
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (05/03/2021) [Issue 7 - We changed the Algorithm Edition]
1161Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
2261Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
3362The Kid LAROIWithout You
4464TiestoThe Business
5666The WeekndSave Your Tears
656424Kgoldn / Iann DiorMood (feat. iann dior)
7967HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
8765SZAGood Days
9865Tate McRaeyou broke me first
101066Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
111166Justin BieberAnyone
1215512Doja CatStreets
131463Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
1413611Tones & IFly Away
1512611The Kid LAROISo Done
1631616MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
1717614Billie EilishTherefore I Am
1830218Cardi BUp
1934219P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
2019517Miley CyrusMidnight Sky
2121620Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
2222615SigalaLasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)
2338223Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
242067Ariana Grandepositions
25NE125Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
2624616Ed SheeranAfterglow
2728327Dua LipaWe're Good
2826622Ariana Grande34+35
2927625Jason DeruloTake You Dancing
3023618Internet MoneyLemonade
31NE131Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
3216316Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
3335633Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3433623Pop SmokeWhat You Know Bout Love
3625624Taylor Swiftwillow (remix)
3740635Paul Woolford & DiploLooking for Me (feat. Kareen Lomax)
3837634Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
3918615The WeekndBlinding Lights
4039634Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
Biggest Risers:
MEDUZA - Paradise (feat. Dermont Kennedy)
P!nk - Cover Me In Sunshine
Cardi B - Up
Biggest Faller:
The Weeknd - Blinding Lights
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (12/03/2021) [Issue 8 - This Was a Mistake Edition]
1171Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
2271Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
3372The Kid LAROIWithout You
4474TiestoThe Business
5675The WeekndSave Your Tears
667424Kgoldn / Iann DiorMood (feat. iann dior)
7777HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
81076Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
9875SZAGood Days
10975Tate McRaeyou broke me first
111176Justin BieberAnyone
1212612Doja CatStreets
1323313Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
1414711Tones & IFly Away
151373Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
1615711The Kid LAROISo Done
17NE117Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
1817714Billie EilishTherefore I Am
1918318Cardi BUp
2019319P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
2116716MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
2240722Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
2321720Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
2422715SigalaLasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)
252477Ariana Grandepositions
2625225Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
2726716Ed SheeranAfterglow
2827327Dua LipaWe're Good
2928622Ariana Grande34+35
3029725Jason DeruloTake You Dancing
3130718Internet MoneyLemonade
3231131Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
3332316Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
3433733Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3534723Pop SmokeWhat You Know Bout Love
3736724Taylor Swiftwillow (remix)
3837735Paul Woolford & DiploLooking for Me (feat. Kareen Lomax)
3938734Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
4039715The WeekndBlinding Lights
Biggest Riser:
Ava Max - My Head & My Heart
Biggest Faller:
MEDUZA - Paradise (feat. Dermont Kennedy)
Number of songs that fell down exactly one spot: 22
lmao! I'm surprised Justin Bieber hasn't debuted as well if they're already pre-empting the ARIA Chart on Leave The Door Open.

Midnight Sky also very suddenly annexed from #20.
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Smallzy's Fresh 40 (19/03/2021) [Issue 9 - The Same Top 10 for Three Weeks Edition]
Meanwhile on Ash London Live on the Hit Network, half of the Justice album by Justin Bieber is playing.
1181Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
2281Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
3382The Kid LAROIWithout You
4484TiestoThe Business
568424Kgoldn / Iann DiorMood (feat. iann dior)
6585The WeekndSave Your Tears
7787HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
8985SZAGood Days
9886Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
101085Tate McRaeyou broke me first
1113411Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
121186Justin BieberAnyone
1312712Doja CatStreets
1417214Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
1514811Tones & IFly Away
1616811The Kid LAROISo Done
171583Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
1818814Billie EilishTherefore I Am
1920419P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
2019418Cardi BUp
2121816MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
2223820Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
2322822Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
2426324Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
2528425Dua LipaWe're Good
262587Ariana Grandepositions
27NE127Justin BieberHold On
2827816Ed SheeranAfterglow
2924815SigalaLasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)
3029722Ariana Grande34+35
3131818Internet MoneyLemonade
3230825Jason DeruloTake You Dancing
3334833Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3433416Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
3535823Pop SmokeWhat You Know Bout Love
3637824Taylor Swiftwillow (remix)
3738835Paul Woolford & DiploLooking for Me (feat. Kareen Lomax)
3839834Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
3932231Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
4040815The WeekndBlinding Lights
Biggest Risers:
Bruno Mars / Anderson Paak - Leave the Door Open
Dua Lipa - We're Good
Biggest Faller:
Rita Ora & Imanbek - Bang Bang
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (26/03/2021) [Issue 10 - RIP Blinding Lights Edition]
1191Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
2NE12Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
3291Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
4392The Kid LAROIWithout You
52725Justin BieberHold On
6494TiestoThe Business
759424Kgoldn / Iann DiorMood (feat. iann dior)
81158Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
9695The WeekndSave Your Tears
1014310Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
11996Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1219512P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
13797HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
141296Justin BieberAnyone
15NE115Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
16NE116GiveonHeartbreak Anniversary
1716911The Kid LAROISo Done
181095Tate McRaeyou broke me first
1915911Tones & IFly Away
2013812Doja CatStreets
211793Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
22895SZAGood Days
2318914Billie EilishTherefore I Am
2419518Cardi BUp
2524424Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
2622920Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
2723922Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
2825525Dua LipaWe're Good
292697Ariana Grandepositions
30NE130Justin BieberUnstable (feat. The Kid LAROI)
3129915SigalaLasting Lover (feat. James Arthur)
3228916Ed SheeranAfterglow
3330822Ariana Grande34+35
3431918Internet MoneyLemonade
3533933Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3634516Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
3721916MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
3835923Pop SmokeWhat You Know Bout Love
3937935Paul Woolford & DiploLooking for Me (feat. Kareen Lomax)
4039331Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
Biggest Riser:
Justin Bieber - Hold On
Biggest Faller:
MEDUZA - Paradise (feat. Dermont Kennedy)
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At least it wasn't the same top 10 for a fourth week
No fresh 40 this week and I wouldn’t be surprised if they quietly cancelled it altogether lol
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (16/04/2021) [Issue 11 - Now with More Commercials Edition]
1221Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
24102The Kid LAROIWithout You
31101Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
4864Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
5NE15Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
66104TiestoThe Business
73101Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
81628GiveonHeartbreak Anniversary
91269P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
10NE110Taylor SwiftMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)
1113107HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
12535Justin BieberHold On
1315213Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1411106Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
15NE115Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
1610410Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
1724617Cardi BUp
189105The WeekndSave Your Tears
19NE119Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
2025520Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
21RE915The WeekndBlinding Lights
22710424Kgoldn / Iann DiorMood (feat. iann dior)
2318105Tate McRaeyou broke me first
24171011The Kid LAROISo Done
2528625Dua LipaWe're Good
2621103Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
2714106Justin BieberAnyone
28RE228Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved
2927822Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
30261020Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
31371016MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
32NE132BANNERSSomeone to You
33191011Tones & IFly Away
3440431Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
35RE934Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
36351033Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3736616Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
38NE138Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
39NE139Maroon 5Beautiful Mistakes (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
40RE629Justin BieberHoly (feat. Chance the Rapper)
Biggest Riser:
Giveon - Heartbreak Anniversary
Biggest Faller:
24kGoldn - Mood (feat. iann dior)
Ah, they realised they'd been too harsh to drop Blinding Lights, Someone You Loved & Watermelon Sugar so soon
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (23/04/2021) [Issue 12 - No RAPSTARS Allowed Edition]
1131Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
23111Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
3523Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
42112The Kid LAROIWithout You
5474Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
66114TiestoThe Business
7837GiveonHeartbreak Anniversary
8978P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
91529Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
1010210Taylor SwiftMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)
1119211Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
1211117HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
131245Justin BieberHold On
1413313Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1514116Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
167111Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
1716410Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
1818115The WeekndSave Your Tears
1920619Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
2017717Cardi BUp
2125721Dua LipaWe're Good
2223115Tate McRaeyou broke me first
232211424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
24211015The WeekndBlinding Lights
25241111The Kid LAROISo Done
2626113Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
2728327Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved
2827116Justin BieberAnyone
2929922Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
30301120Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
3134531Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
3239232Maroon 5Beautiful Mistakes (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
3332232BANNERSSomeone to You
34331111Tones & IFly Away
35311116MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
36351034Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
37361133Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
3837716Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
3938238Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
4040729Justin BieberHoly (feat. Chance the Rapper)
Biggest Riser:
Olivia Rodrigo - déjà vu
Biggest Faller:
Olivia Rodrigo - driver's license
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Smallzy's Fresh 40 (23/04/2021) [Issue 12 - déjà vu Edition]
1141Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
2332Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
32121Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
4584Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
5935Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
64122The Kid LAROIWithout You
76124TiestoThe Business
8747GiveonHeartbreak Anniversary
9888P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
1011310Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
1110310Taylor SwiftMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)
1212127HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
131355Justin BieberHold On
1418125The WeekndSave Your Tears [technically the remix idc anymore]
1514413Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1615126Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1719717Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
1817510Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
1916121Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2021820Dua LipaWe're Good
2120817Cardi BUp
2222125Tate McRaeyou broke me first
232312424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
24241115The WeekndBlinding Lights
2532325Maroon 5Beautiful Mistakes (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
2627426Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved
2726123Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
28251211The Kid LAROISo Done
2928126Justin BieberAnyone
30291022Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
31301220Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
3231631Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
3339333Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
3433332BANNERSSomeone to You
35341211Tones & IFly Away
36351216MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
3738816Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
38361134Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar
39371233Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
4040829Justin BieberHoly (feat. Chance the Rapper)
Fun Fact: An average of 1.6 new songs chart per week.
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (07/05/2021) [Issue 14]
1541Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
2151Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
3242Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
43131Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
5494Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
66132The Kid LAROIWithout You
7857GiveonHeartbreak Anniversary
87134TiestoThe Business
9998P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
1010410Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
1111410Taylor SwiftMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)
1212137HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
131365Justin BieberHold On
14NE114Billie EilishYour Power
151435The WeekndSave Your Tears
1615513Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1716136Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1817817Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
1918610Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
2019131Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2120920Dua LipaWe're Good
2221917Cardi BUp
2322135Tate McRaeyou broke me first
242313424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
25241215The WeekndBlinding Lights
2625425Maroon 5Beautiful Mistakes (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
2726526Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved
2827133Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
29281311The Kid LAROISo Done
3029136Justin BieberAnyone
31301122Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
32311320Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
3332731Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
34NE134Amy SharkLove Songs Ain't For Us (with Keith Urban)
3533433Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
3634432BANNERSSomeone to You
37351311Tones & IFly Away
38361316MEDUZAParadise (feat. Dermot Kennedy)
3937916Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)
40391333Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (14/05/2021) [Issue 15]
1151Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
2352Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
3261Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
44141Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
55104Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
66142The Kid LAROIWithout You
7767GiveonHeartbreak Anniversary
88144TiestoThe Business
99108P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
1010510Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
1114214Billie EilishYour Power
1212147HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
131375Justin BieberHold On
141545The WeekndSave Your Tears
1516513Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1618916Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
1717146Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1819710Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
19211019Dua LipaWe're Good
2011510Taylor SwiftMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)
2120141Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2223145Tate McRaeyou broke me first
232414424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
24251315The WeekndBlinding Lights
2526525Maroon 5Beautiful Mistakes (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
26NE126P!nkAll I Know So Far
27221017Cardi BUp
2827626Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved
2928143Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
30291411The Kid LAROISo Done
3133831Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
32311422Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
3330146Justin BieberAnyone
34321420Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
3534234Amy SharkLove Songs Ain't For Us (with Keith Urban)
3635533Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
3736532BANNERSSomeone to You
38371411Tones & IFly Away
39401433Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
40391016Taylor SwiftLove Story (Taylor's Version)

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Smallzy's Fresh 40 (14/05/2021) [Issue 15]
1161Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
2NE12Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
3262Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
4371Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
54151Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
65114Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
76152The Kid LAROIWithout You
88154TiestoThe Business
99118P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
1010610Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
1111311Billie EilishYour Power
121385Justin BieberHold On
1312157HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
1415613Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
151455The WeekndSave Your Tears
16777GiveonHeartbreak Anniversary
17161016Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
1817156Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1918810Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
20191119Dua LipaWe're Good
2120610Taylor SwiftMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)
2221151Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2322155Tate McRaeyou broke me first
242315424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
25241415The WeekndBlinding Lights
2625625Maroon 5Beautiful Mistakes (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
2726226P!nkAll I Know So Far
28271017Cardi BUp
2928626Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved
3029153Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
31301511The Kid LAROISo Done
3231931Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
33321522Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
3433156Justin BieberAnyone
35341520Dua Lipa & Miley CyrusPrisoner
3635334Amy SharkLove Songs Ain't For Us (with Keith Urban)
3736633Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
3837632BANNERSSomeone to You
39381511Tones & IFly Away
40391533Jason Derulo, NukaLove Not War (The Tampa Beat)
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (28/05/2021) [Issue 17]
1221Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
2171Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
31073Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
4372Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
55161Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
6481Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
76124Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
88164TiestoThe Business
97162The Kid LAROIWithout You
1011410Billie EilishYour Power
111565The WeekndSave Your Tears
1222161Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
131295Justin BieberHold On
1414713Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
159128P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
1637716Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
17171116Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
1818166Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1919910Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
201687GiveonHeartbreak Anniversary
21201219Dua LipaWe're Good
2313167HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
2421710Taylor SwiftMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)
2523165Tate McRaeyou broke me first
262416424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
2727326P!nkAll I Know So Far
28251515The WeekndBlinding Lights
2929726Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved
30NE130Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
3130163Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
32NE132Anne-Marie / Niall HoranOur Song
33311611The Kid LAROISo Done
34321031Rita Ora & ImanbekBang Bang
3534166Justin BieberAnyone
36NE136Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
37331622Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
3836434Amy SharkLove Songs Ain't For Us (with Keith Urban)
3938732BANNERSSomeone to You
40NE140Little MixConfetti (feat. Saweetie)
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (05/06/2021) [Issue 18]
1131Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
2281Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
3383Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
45171Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
5482Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
6691Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
79172The Kid LAROIWithout You
87134Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
91175The WeekndSave Your Tears
1012171Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
118174TiestoThe Business
1313105Justin BieberHold On
1414813Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1510510Billie EilishYour Power
1616816Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
17171216Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
1818176Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
19191010Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
20211319Dua LipaWe're Good
2115138P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
22281615The WeekndBlinding Lights
2323177HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
2424810Taylor SwiftMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)
2525175Tate McRaeyou broke me first
262617424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
2727426P!nkAll I Know So Far
28RE1611Tones & IFly Away
2930229Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
3029826Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved
3131173Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
3232232Anne-Marie / Niall HoranOur Song
33331711The Kid LAROISo Done
34NE134Majestic / Boney MRasputin
3536235Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
36NE136Vance JoyMissing Piece
37371722Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
38NE138GriffBlack Hole
3939832BANNERSSomeone to You
4035176Justin BieberAnyone
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (11/06/2021) [Issue 19]
1141Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
2291Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
3393Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
44181Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
5592Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
67182The Kid LAROIWithout You
76101Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
88144Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
910181Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
10985The WeekndSave Your Tears
1211184TiestoThe Business
1315610Billie EilishYour Power
1414913Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1513115Justin BieberHold On
16NE116Billie EilishLost Cause
1716916Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
1818186Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
19171316Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
20191110Bruno Mars / Anderson PaakLeave the Door Open
21201419Dua LipaWe're Good
2221148P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
23221715The WeekndBlinding Lights
2423187HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
2524910Taylor SwiftMr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor's Version)
2635326Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
272618424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
2829328Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
2939929BANNERSSomeone to You
3027526P!nkAll I Know So Far
3125185Tate McRaeyou broke me first
3232332Anne-Marie / Niall HoranOur Song
3331183Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
3430926Lewis CalpaldiSomeone You Loved
3534234Majestic / Boney MRasputin
3636236Vance JoyMissing Piece
37331811The Kid LAROISo Done
3838238GriffBlack Hole
39371822Ava MaxMy Head & My Heart
40NE140ColdplayHigher Power
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (18/06/2021) [Issue 20
1151Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
22101Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
33103Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
45102Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
54191Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
66192The Kid LAROIWithout You
78154Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
81095The WeekndSave Your Tears
97111Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
109191Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
1116211Billie EilishLost Cause
12171012Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
14141013Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
15NE115LordeSolar Power
1613710Billie EilishYour Power
17NE117Jolyon PetchDreams
1815125Justin BieberHold On
1918196Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
20191416Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
2112194TiestoThe Business
22211519Dua LipaWe're Good
2322158P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
24231815The WeekndBlinding Lights
2524197HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
2626426Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
27NE127Dua LipaLove Again
28291028BANNERSSomeone to You
2928428Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
3030626P!nkAll I Know So Far
3136331Vance JoyMissing Piece
3231195Tate McRaeyou broke me first
3335333Majestic / Boney MRasputin
342719424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
3538335GriffBlack Hole
36NE136AnittaGirl from Rio
37NE137Dean LewisFalling Up
3840238ColdplayHigher Power
3933193Joel Corry & MNEKHead & Heart
4032432Anne-Marie / Niall HoranOur Song
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (25/06/2021) [Issue 21]
1161Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
22111Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
33113Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
44112Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
55201Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
68105The WeekndSave Your Tears
76202The Kid LAROIWithout You
81728Jolyon PetchDreams
99121Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
1019206Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1111311Billie EilishLost Cause
127164Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
1310201Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
14141113Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1515215LordeSolar Power
1616810Billie EilishYour Power
17121112Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
1818135Justin BieberHold On
19201516Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
2127221Dua LipaLove Again
2223168P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
23241915The WeekndBlinding Lights
2433424Majestic / Boney MRasputin
2526525Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
26221619Dua LipaWe're Good
2721204TiestoThe Business
28281128BANNERSSomeone to You
2929528Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
3030726P!nkAll I Know So Far
3131431Vance JoyMissing Piece
3232205Tate McRaeyou broke me first
3336233AnittaGirl from Rio
3435434GriffBlack Hole
353420424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
36NE136Bella PoarchBuild a Bitch
3738337ColdplayHigher Power
3837237Dean LewisFalling Up
3940532Anne-Marie / Niall HoranOur Song
4025207HVMEGoosebumps (Remix)
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (16/07/2021) [Issue 22]
1NE11Justin Bieber x The Kid LAROIStay
2NE22Ed SheeranBad Habits
3171Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
52121Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
65211Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
74122Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
83123Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
910216Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
10NE110Billie EilishNDA
116115The WeekndSave Your Tears
1213211Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
1312174Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
149131Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
15141213Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
16NE116Post MaloneMotley Crew
1725617Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
18NE118Doja CatYou Right (feat. The Weeknd)
1924519Majestic / Boney MRasputin
207212The Kid LAROIWithout You
2131521Vance JoyMissing Piece
2221321Dua LipaLove Again
23171212Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
2427214TiestoThe Business
2522178P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
26191616Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
2729627Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
283521424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
29261719Dua LipaWe're Good
30838Jolyon PetchDreams
31281228BANNERSSomeone to You
3239632Anne-Marie / Niall HoranOur Song
33NE133Ava MaxEverytime I Cry
3438334Dean LewisFalling Up
35NE135Tones & ICloudy Day
3630826P!nkAll I Know So Far
3732215Tate McRaeyou broke me first
38NE138Amy SharkWorst Day of My Life
3918145Justin BieberHold On
40NE140GalantisHeartbreak Anthem (with David Guetta & Little Mix)
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (23/07/2021) [Issue 22]
1121Justin Bieber x The Kid LAROIStay
2381Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
3232Ed SheeranBad Habits
55131Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
66221Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
77132Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
88133Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
99226Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1016210Post MaloneMotley Crew
1110210Billie EilishNDA
1211125The WeekndSave Your Tears
13151313Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1413184Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
1514141Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
1617716Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
1718217Doja CatYou Right (feat. The Weeknd)
1820222The Kid LAROIWithout You
1919619Majestic / Boney MRasputin
2012221Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2122421Dua LipaLove Again
2221621Vance JoyMissing Piece
23231312Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
2427724Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
2524224TiestoThe Business
263048Jolyon PetchDreams
2725188P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
282822424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
29291819Dua LipaWe're Good
30261716Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
31311328BANNERSSomeone to You
3334433Dean LewisFalling Up
3432732Anne-Marie / Niall HoranOur Song
3540235GalantisHeartbreak Anthem (with David Guetta & Little Mix)
3636926P!nkAll I Know So Far
3737225Tate McRaeyou broke me first
3835235Tones & ICloudy Day
3939155Justin BieberHold On
40NE140BTSPermission to Dance
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (30/07/2021) [Issue 24]
1131Justin Bieber x The Kid LAROIStay
2342Ed SheeranBad Habits
3291Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
55141Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
6NE16Lil Nas XIndustry Baby (feat. Jack Harlow)
76231Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
87142Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
98143Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
109236Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1110310Post MaloneMotley Crew
1211310Billie EilishNDA
1312135The WeekndSave Your Tears
14131413Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1514194Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
1622716Vance JoyMissing Piece
1717317Doja CatYou Right (feat. The Weeknd)
1821518Dua LipaLove Again
1918232The Kid LAROIWithout You
2019719Majestic / Boney MRasputin
2116816Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
2224822Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
23231412Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
2420231Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
2515151Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
262658Jolyon PetchDreams
2827198P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
2925234TiestoThe Business
302823424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
31291919Dua LipaWe're Good
3234832Anne-Marie / Niall HoranOur Song
33301816Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
3433533Dean LewisFalling Up
35311428BANNERSSomeone to You
36NE136Camila CabelloDon't Go Yet
37361026P!nkAll I Know So Far
3838335Tones & ICloudy Day
3937235Tate McRaeyou broke me first
4039165Justin BieberHold On
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (06/08/2021) [Issue 25]
For once, I updated it on time.
1141Justin Bieber x The Kid LAROIStay
2252Ed SheeranBad Habits
33101Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
5625Lil Nas XIndustry Baby (feat. Jack Harlow)
65151Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
77241Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
88152Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
99153Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
1010246Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
1116811Vance JoyMissing Piece
1212410Billie EilishNDA
1322913Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
14141513Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1513145The WeekndSave Your Tears
1617416Doja CatYou Right (feat. The Weeknd)
1719242The Kid LAROIWithout You
1818618Dua LipaLove Again
1915204Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
2020819Majestic / Boney MRasputin
21NE121Bruno MarsSkate
22231512Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
2311410Post MaloneMotley Crew
2421916Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
2525161Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
2624241Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
272668Jolyon PetchDreams
2929244TiestoThe Business
30NE130Justin Wellington / Small Jam"Iko Iko (my Bestie)"
313024424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
3228208P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
3336233Camila CabelloDon't Go Yet
34331916Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
3534633Dean LewisFalling Up
36312019Dua LipaWe're Good
37351528BANNERSSomeone to You
38NE138ShouseLove Tonight
3938435Tones & ICloudy Day
4039245Tate McRaeyou broke me first
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (13/08/2021) [Issue 26]
1151Justin Bieber x The Kid LAROIStay
2262Ed SheeranBad Habits
33111Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u
4534Lil Nas XIndustry Baby (feat. Jack Harlow)
66161Doja Cat / SzaKiss Me More
77251Glass AnimalsHeat Waves
8NE18The WeekndTake My Breath
98162Lil Nas XMontero (Call Me By Your Name)
1010256Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)
11131011Marshmello / Jonas BrothersLeave Before You Love Me
1211911Vance JoyMissing Piece
139163Olivia Rodrigodéjà vu
14241014Tom GrennanLittle Bit of Love
15141613Riton / NightcrawlersFriday - Dopamine Re-Edit
1616516Doja CatYou Right (feat. The Weeknd)
1712510Billie EilishNDA
1817252The Kid LAROIWithout You
1915155The WeekndSave Your Tears
2021220Bruno MarsSkate
2120919Majestic / Boney MRasputin
2219214Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean
2318718Dua LipaLove Again
24221612Joel CorryBed (feat. RAYE & David Guetta)
2523510Post MaloneMotley Crew
2625171Justin BieberPeaches (feat. Daniel Caesar, Giveon)
272778Jolyon PetchDreams
2926251Olivia Rodrigodriver's license
3030230Justin Wellington / Small JamIko Iko (my Bestie)
3129254TiestoThe Business
3232218P!nkCover Me In Sunshine
333125424KgoldnMood (feat. iann dior)
34342016Atb / Topic / A7sYour Love (9pm)
3533333Camila CabelloDon't Go Yet
3638236ShouseLove Tonight
37371628BANNERSSomeone to You
38362119Dua LipaWe're Good
3935733Dean LewisFalling Up
4039535Tones & ICloudy Day

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