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Has anyone ever made a database of the weekly top 50 from week ending 17th july 1983 up until the point before ARIA took the charts in house?
Yes. Not me, but I have such a thing (though it's the top 100). Message me your email address if you want it.
Memo sent. Thank you and thank you for the speedy reply.
@Nugs I would be keen on this as well if that’s cool. Ok to message you?
i'm working on a database compiling all the new entries of the 90's and tracking their chart run and was curious as to what i should do with the songs that re-entered that had charted in 89. Should i include these and mark them as re-entries or just focus on the debuts?
Hi, although coming from europe I am very interested in Australian Charts from 1983 til 1986. I also have some Countdown Shows and they are great.

I found the weekly aria top 50 and a few hints of positions below but I also like to get the complete chart positions from 51 til 100. Has anybody a source where to get them?

Thanks in advance and kind regards
Send me a Memo with your email address MarcGermany, and I can send you charts from that era.
Hey nugs,

that would be sooo great

thank you so much :-), I've send a memo.

Best wishes

I have a chart book on the Amazon kindle store if any one is interested.
has anyone created any databases for the album charts of the 90s and the AMR top 100 up till the end of it being used. I can eventually put together a top 50 albums database but the AMR info looks to not exist on the web in any form.
One issue with the AMR data is that the National Library's (who have the best collection of KMR/AMR in any of the State libraries) AMR collection stops in early 1993.
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and AMR went on till at least 1998. I used to have a tape of the Rock 40 countdown from june 1995 that was compiled by the australian music report but it only went from 23-6. I can pretty much remember the positions of those songs,which i mention just because i can,,not that it's of any help
Was Rock 40 based on AMR? I remember listening to it circa 1991 (hosted by Mike Hammond), and thinking it may have been different to both ARIA and AMR.
In a clip from 1994 where give it up by cut 'n' move was number 1 at the end of the show the announcer says that the rock 40 countdown is compiled by the australian music report. The show from 1995 was hosted by someone else
This seems more of a one thread fits all for questions i don't have answers t,but if anyone has the top 50 albums chart for the week of 14th may 1989 can they confirm that the positions are exactly the same as the previous week with no new entries as shown here https://australian-charts.com/weekchart.asp?cat=a&year=1989&date=19890514

If the above chart is incorrect can someone private message me with the correct positions. Just seems odd to have 50 positions exactly the same for two weeks running.
Actually, it's the chart dated 7 May 1989 here that is wrong. They've duplicated the following week's chart, instead.

They should be:

     ARIA Albums Chart w/c 1-5-1989 
 23241Volume OneTraveling Wilburys
 3171Hits Of '89 Volume 1Various
 42222Sunshine On LeithThe Proclaimers
 5683Johnny Diesel & The InjectorsJohnny Diesel & The Injectors
 6583The Raw And The CookedFine Young Cannibals
 711257EdgeDaryl Braithwaite
 8774Like A PrayerMadonna
 99111Mystery GirlRoy Orbison
 10133110Hold On To MeThe Black Sorrows
 11105210Phantom Of The OperaSoundtrack
 12872Hits Now '89Various
 1316213Sonic TempleThe Cult
 14171414Stop!Sam Brown
 1512303Melissa EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge
 16141512Living YearsMike & The Mechanics
 1719367Appetite For DestructionGuns N' Roses
 1815378UnionToni Childs
 2020615Tour Of Duty IIIVarious
 2122447Open Up And Say... Ahh!Poison
 22234616HysteriaDef Leppard
 2326923Electric YouthDebbie Gibson
 2421521Beach Boys Greatest HitsThe Beach Boys
*2545525Beaches (Soundtrack)Bette Midler
*2647226Live OnThe Seekers
 2724402Heavy NovaPalmer Robert
 28271225New YorkLou Reed
*29581329Remember You're MineFoster & Allen
 30252713Pop ArtTransvision Vamp
*3177231Bondi RoadDragon
 32371532Ancient HeartTanita Tikaram
 3328492Tracy ChapmanTracy Chapman
 3431826SpikeElvis Costello
 35291418The Best Of UB40UB40
 36301014A New FlameSimply Red
*37492119Hold Me In Your ArmsRick Astley
 38341530The Premiere Collection - The Best Of Andrew Lloyd WebberAndrew Lloyd-Webber
 3944439Mr. JordanJulian Lennon
 40391231Shooting Rubberbands At The StarsEdie Brickell & New Bohemians
 4238223Greatest HitsFleetwood Mac
 43512130Not GuiltyRodney Rude
 4535216Young EinsteinSoundtrack
 46432411ConscienceWomack & Womack
 47422026G N' R LiesGuns N' Roses
 4840640Radio OneThe Jimi Hendrix Experience
 49611243Les MiserablesOriginal London Cast
 50332221The Greatest Hits CollectionBananarama

     ARIA Albums Chart w/c 8-5-1989 
*2592Johnny Diesel & The InjectorsJohnny Diesel & The Injectors
 32251Volume OneTraveling Wilburys
 44232Sunshine On LeithThe Proclaimers
 57265EdgeDaryl Braithwaite
 6693The Raw And The CookedFine Young Cannibals
 7381Hits Of '89 Volume 1Various
 810328Hold On To MeThe Black Sorrows
 911539Phantom Of The OperaSoundtrack
 109121Mystery GirlRoy Orbison
 11884Like A PrayerMadonna
 12161612Living YearsMike & The Mechanics
 13141513Stop!Sam Brown
 1415313Melissa EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge
 1513313Sonic TempleThe Cult
 161282Hits Now '89Various
 1717377Appetite For DestructionGuns N' Roses
*18-118The George Thorogood Collection/LiveGeorge Thorogood & The Destroyers
*19291419Remember You're MineFoster & Allen
 2118388UnionToni Childs
 2220715Tour Of Duty IIIVarious
*2331323Bondi RoadDragon
 2425624Beaches (Soundtrack)Bette Midler
 2521457Open Up And Say... Ahh!Poison
 26224716HysteriaDef Leppard
 27231023Electric YouthDebbie Gibson
*2882328The Essential KarajanHerbert Von Karajan
 2927412Heavy NovaPalmer Robert
 30281325New YorkLou Reed
 3124621Beach Boys Greatest HitsThe Beach Boys
 32321632Ancient HeartTanita Tikaram
 3333502Tracy ChapmanTracy Chapman
 3426326Live OnThe Seekers
*35522219And Justice For AllMetallica
*36462511ConscienceWomack & Womack
 37302813Pop ArtTransvision Vamp
 38361114A New FlameSimply Red
 3934926SpikeElvis Costello
 40351518The Best Of UB40UB40
 4139539Mr. JordanJulian Lennon
 42381630The Premiere Collection - The Best Of Andrew Lloyd WebberAndrew Lloyd-Webber
 43472126G N' R LiesGuns N' Roses
 4448740Radio OneThe Jimi Hendrix Experience
 4542233Greatest HitsFleetwood Mac
 46401331Shooting Rubberbands At The StarsEdie Brickell & New Bohemians
 47502321The Greatest Hits CollectionBananarama
*48722443BarcarolleSuzanne Clachair
 49491343Les MiserablesOriginal London Cast
*50701850EverythingThe Bangles

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I must have had my dates wrong,yet i'm going by this website. If you can post the week after which is the one where all the positions are repeated i'd be extremely grateful. Interesting to get the previous weeks positions for albums outside the top 50. Whatever you are able to do nugs. Thank you.
Jesse, I just edited my post above. It is the 7 May 1989 albums chart here that is wrong.
Thanks nugs. I know it's time consuming to type that out so very grateful to you.
Hehe, not even I am that dedicated, Jesse. It was just a copy and paste job.
The chart nugs posted for w/c 1st may is the same chart listed here for the w/c 24-30th april. Word for word it's precisely the same perhaps with some of the previous weeks positions inaccurate.
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OK Jesse, I've checked this site now, and it appears that:

- the albums chart dated w/e 30/4/1989 here is wrong. It should be the chart I've pasted below (w/c 24/4/1989).

- in the above chart's place on this site is the w/e 7/5/1989 chart brought forward one week.

- the w/e 7/5/1989 chart on this site is actually the w/e 14/5/1989 chart brought forward one week.

- the w/e 14/5/1989 chart on this site is correct, but appears as a duplication of the w/e 7/5/1989 chart here.

I know, even I feel a little confused typing this out.

This should be the w/e 30/4/1989 chart on this site:

     ARIA Albums Chart w/c 24-4-1989 
 1161Hits Of '89 Volume 1Various
 22212Sunshine On LeithThe Proclaimers
 33231Volume OneTraveling Wilburys
 5473The Raw And The CookedFine Young Cannibals
 6773Johnny Diesel & The InjectorsJohnny Diesel & The Injectors
 7664Like A PrayerMadonna
 8562Hits Now '89Various
 99101Mystery GirlRoy Orbison
 10105110Phantom Of The OperaSoundtrack
 11132411EdgeDaryl Braithwaite
 1211293Melissa EtheridgeMelissa Etheridge
 13143013Hold On To MeThe Black Sorrows
 14121412Living YearsMike & The Mechanics
 1517368UnionToni Childs
*16-116Sonic TempleThe Cult
 17161316Stop!Sam Brown
 1918357Appetite For DestructionGuns N' Roses
 2019515Tour Of Duty IIIVarious
*2129421Beach Boys Greatest HitsThe Beach Boys
 2220437Open Up And Say... Ahh!Poison
 23224516HysteriaDef Leppard
 2421392Heavy NovaPalmer Robert
 25232613Pop ArtTransvision Vamp
*2635826Electric YouthDebbie Gibson
 27261125New YorkLou Reed
 2825482Tracy ChapmanTracy Chapman
 29241318The Best Of UB40UB40
 3033914A New FlameSimply Red
 3132726SpikeElvis Costello
 33392121The Greatest Hits CollectionBananarama
 34311430The Premiere Collection - The Best Of Andrew Lloyd WebberAndrew Lloyd-Webber
 3527206Young EinsteinSoundtrack
 37381437Ancient HeartTanita Tikaram
 3830213Greatest HitsFleetwood Mac
*39501131Shooting Rubberbands At The StarsEdie Brickell & New Bohemians
 4047540Radio OneThe Jimi Hendrix Experience
 4145933See The LightThe Jeff Healey Band
 42341926G N' R LiesGuns N' Roses
 43372311ConscienceWomack & Womack
 4446344Mr. JordanJulian Lennon
*4567445Beaches (Soundtrack)Bette Midler
 4640221BarnestormingJimmy Barnes
*47-147Live OnThe Seekers
*49752019Hold Me In Your ArmsRick Astley
 5049832RacePseudo Echo
Thank you very much nugs. Trust me,if you felt confused you ought to have seen me today when trying to make sense of the mistakes on this site. I sympathise with you.
There is a dedicated thread for errors on this site if you care to find it. Granted, it doesn't mean the errors ever get fixed.
Apologies if this is a little off topic but on the subject of chart databases and spreadsheets, I recently found a solution to a problem that others may find helpful.

I've always found it frustrating that the weekly ARIA chart doesn't separate Title & Artist into separate columns but combines them into one string of text (with the title all in uppercase).

I had an excel spreadsheet with all of the top 100 singles charts since 1999 showing the title & artist in one column but I wanted to split them into separate columns. To manually go through 115,000+ lines was going to take a LONG time. Then I stumbled across a formula that was able to do most of the work for me.

I used the following formula (where E2 is the cell with the title/artist):

This formula identifies the position of the first lowercase letter in the text string in cell E2. In most cases, the first lowercase letter is the 2nd letter of the artists name. Obviously this isn't always the case. Some artists have no lowercase letters (U2, REM, N*E*R*D, etc.) and some artists have lowercase letters but not in the right position for this formula (2Pac, J. Cole, BLACKstreet, 24kGoldn, etc.).

However in about 97% of cases, the first lowercase letter is the 2nd letter of the artist's name. So adding -2 to the end of the formula above will give you the position of the SPACE between the title and artist (two positions back from the first lowercase letter).
For example, using the above formula on "DANCE MONKEY Tones and I" would return the number 13 which correlates to the space between MONKEY and Tones (i.e. the space between title & artist).

Now we can use another formula to replace that space with a semicolon. Using the Dance Monkey example (where E2 is the title/artist field and L2 is the cell containing the first formula):

The result of this 2nd formula is "DANCE MONKEY;Tones and I"

From here you can copy and paste your data as values then use 'text to columns' in the data menu to separate the data (using semicolon as your delimiter) which will shift everything after the semicolon into the next column.

For the other 3% of cases where this formula didn't work, I had to separate the data manually but that was a far better scenario than doing 100%!

Note: to move the certification at the end of the title/artist into it's own column you can use find/replace (Ctrl-F). Cut and paste the certification symbol into the 'Find what' box and then paste it again into the 'Replace with' box then type a semicolon in front of it. Then you can use text to columns as explained above to move it into the next column.

I hope this saves someone some time!
For anyone who has the 88-2002 spreadsheet, for the week of the 8th october 1995 you might want to make these corrections, as i've compared them to the actual ARIA chart

The spreadsheet lists 'Baby Baby' by corona as dropping from 97 to 100, the correction is it left the chart from the previous weeks position of 98

'Greg The Stop Sign' by TISM listed on the spreadsheet as dropping out
It goes from the previous weeks position of #97 to #100

and finally 'Devil's Diary (Bigger Than Jesus Now' by The Caufields is listed on the spreadsheet as leaving the chart from #98, it actually leaves from #96.

Normally i tend not to post these kinds of corrections if it's only just one, but since i'm working on my own spreadsheet compiling chart runs of new entries from this period i noticed it for the first time. I posted this here as i couldn't find the corrections thread and also it's related to the spreadsheet/database.
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Another database correction this time for the 1991 spreadsheet. The week of 3/2 the person who compiled it mentions the chart is missing and there are positions which are guesswork,however the songs leaving the chart do not match up. six are correct,two are left blank. So change the two blank entries for the following

83 From out of nowhere - faith no more
81 The great song of indifference - bob geldof
Working on a top 50 albums spreadsheet and noticed on here the entry for Hit Pix '88 doubles up quite a few times https://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=&titel=Hit+Pix+%2788+Volume+II&cat=a

I don't have the albums charts for this period so can anyone a) tell me what the correct positions are, and what albums are in the incorrect positions for those repeated weeks (24 & 31/7, 7.14 & 21/8)

Huge ask i get, so any help would be very appreciated

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