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Do we count the weeks from the final chart of a year to the first chart of a new year which in the 80's and 90s was about 3 weeks. It seems ARIA counts it but the charts here just add 1 week. Which is correct
If you're talking about the chart dates on this site, I believe there was a chart date change around the end of 1998 or 1997 which muddled up the archive here, so every date after that point is 6 days ahead of what it should be.
More a referrence to the chart of 1990. in the last chart for that year 'Heart In Danger'had recorded 19 weeks in the top 100. The charts resume from 13/1/91. So does it become 20 weeks or 22 in the T100? Do we just add one week or add the three
Working on a database for 1990-2002 and some songs continue into 1991 so i'm trying to be as accurate with weeks as possible. I've always added the three week gap,but don't know if i'm meant to
for the Christmas break, you're supposed to treat those missing weeks as just holdover/repeats of the prior one, which obviously isn't perfect but it respects the longevity of those songs hanging around there for when ARIA wasn't publishing new charts. And yeah this site is missing those.
The chart dating on the printed top 50 charts & The ARIA Report switched from week ending to week commencing on 12 October 1998. However, the chart surveys have always been dated on the Monday week commencing date by ARIA, even in the ARIA Reports prior to 12 October 1998, e.g. the first ARIA Report (week ending 14 January 1990) has written above the state chart breakdown section 'Survey date: 8-1-1990'. This is how all of the charts are dated on the ARIA database, too.

The dating issue is more of a problem in 1988, however, as ARIA kept the printed top 50 chart week ending date in keeping with the Australian Music Report method of dating the chart a week after the chart survey date. This creates a 13 day gap between the chart survey date and the printed chart week ending date, e.g. the first ARIA-produced chart that was published (chart survey 13/6/1988) is dated week ending 26 June 1988 on the printed top 50 charts.

This also means that there is a week missing at the end of 1988 when ARIA switches to dating the printed charts 6 days after the chart survey date from the first chart survey of 1989. The last chart survey of 1988 (19/12/1988) matches up with the printed top 50 chart dated for the 2 weeks ending 8 January 1989, but there was actually a 3 week gap between it and the next chart survey (9/1/1989, week ending 15 January 1989). ARIA have only added 2 weeks for this 3 week gap on the printed top 50 charts, so the TI (times in) tally will be -1 for anything that charted over the 1988-89 Xmas/New Year's period (e.g. 'Kokomo' actually spent 8 weeks at #1, not 7). The tallies are correct on their database, however, but will be wrong on this site, which is used extensively as a source on the likes of Wikipedia.

The way that ARIA's database is set up, for the Xmas gap years (pre-1997), you count the last chart survey of the year as repeating for any of the weeks without a new chart. So e.g. if something was #100 on the last chart survey of 1990 (17/12/1990 - in this instance, Maxi Priest 'Close To You'), you would count it as also being #100 for 24/12/1990 and 31/12/1990, even though - strictly speaking - the 17/12/1990 chart survey only counted sales for the week prior to that and not for the entire 3-week period up until 30/12/1990.
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In instances where a song carries over into 1991 from 1990(which is what i'm currently working on) i've compiled the weeks in the top 50 from this site which just means a tiny amount of corrections. When i finish the project people should hopefully be aware of that gap.I always include the 3 weeks of sales in the weeks in index
Also worth noting that the 17/12/1990 chart survey was dated as "3 weeks ending 06/01/1991" on the printed chart: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-CBWpXXA65cA/Voep5ht-27I/AAAAAAAAFXk/tbGrnSlB1DQ/s1600/January+6%252C+1991.jpg , but appears on this site as 23/12/1990.
At the time, I was oblivious to the ARIA Report (there was no clear indication what the 'for detailed chart information, send $100 to... for a six month subscription to The ARIA Report' on the bottom of the printed top 50 charts meant), and used to write the top 60 (as they aired at the time) chart down from rage. They aired the last top 60 chart of 1990 on the 22-23 December 1990 weekend, so it was obviously made available to them before the first week of January 1991. Coincidentally, there was no ARIA Report for that week - I'm not sure why, but it was at the end of the first year of them producing the ARIA Report. Maybe they didn't yet have Christmas holiday contingencies in place.
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Something i'm confused on. What's the official last dated chart of 1990? 16th or 23rd? After whichever one it was the first chart for 1991 is the 13th january? Is this correct?
@392 that chart is the one i have listed in my notes as dated 6th January but i was under the impression that it was a repeat of the chart dated 23rd December. So you can begin to see where i get confused.
The first 1991 chart survey is 7/1/1991, which matches with the printed top 50 chart dated week ending 13/1/1991.

The last chart survey of 1990 has 'Close To You' at #100. That chart is repeated (going by how ARIA do it) twice over the Xmas/New Year's break. The first chart survey of 1991 has 'One and Only Man' at #100.
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Thanks very much Nugs.
Regarding being 'a repeat of the chart dated 23/12', that's to do with the (easily misleading) '3 weeks ending' dates ARIA used for the last pre-Christmas chart each year at the time. I'm pretty sure the charts went:

- 10/12/1990 survey, dated as 'week ending 16/12/1990'
- 17/12/1990 survey, dated as '3 weeks ending 06/01/1991' (but listed as 23/12/1990 on this site - presumably mistakenly, possibly due to the lack of an ARIA Report that week)
- 2 weeks without a chart compiled
- 07/01/1991 survey, dated as 'week ending 13/01/1991'

I believe this was the last year they used the '3 weeks ending' dates, so the following year, the last pre-Christmas chart was survey date 16/12/1991 (dated 'week ending 22/12/1991') and the first post-Christmas chart was survey date 06/01/1992 (dated 'week ending 12/01/1992').

I think an easy summary is that, until ARIA stopped using 'week ending' dates in 1998 (but this site's archive continues using them to this day), the survey date and chart date were always 6 days apart, except for:

- all of 1988 (except the last survey of the year) having a 13-day difference
- the 19/12/1988 survey being dated '3 weeks ending 08/01/1989'
- the 18/12/1989 survey being dated '3 weeks ending 07/01/1990'
- the 17/12/1990 survey being dated '3 weeks ending 06/01/1991' (but listed as 23/12/1990 on this site)

(credit to Nugs for this knowledge, and of course correct me if I'm wrong)
So there a point in 1998 where the dates here and the ARIA dates don't align? Is that correct. I don't have all of the full aria report top 100s for 1998 but they list the dates as week ending (e.g 22/2, 4/10) the same as this site lists them. It'll be a while before i get to indexing the charts of 1998 for my spreadsheet but it'll useful info to have
ARIA report #449 is 'week ending' and #450 is 'week commencing' and is roughly in the timeline vicinity of when sales were recorded/monitored (entirely?) electronically rather than phone/fax, a technological marvel at the time some might say and a start of their prolific, self-described 'ARIAnet' theme

ARIA were spruiking their AEROS 'Quick Ordering; Prior~ Deliveries Computerised Recorded Music Catalogue' at the time

#449 singles: 14 bullets
#450 singles: 9 bullets
#449 albums: 20 bullets
#450 albums: 13 bullets
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@Jesse yeah, the changeover was in October 1998 as Nugs posted above. I believe this would be the first 'week commencing' chart: https://australian-charts.com/weekchart.asp?cat=s&year=1998&date=19981018

But this site's archive continues using 'week ending' dates (I would guess just because they set up the database to automatically increment by 7 days and didn't bother to change it), so ARIA's 'week commencing 12/10/1998' is listed as '18/10/1998' on this site, and that continues to this day, eg the '31/01/2021' chart on this site is actually 25/01/2021.

As a mildly interesting(?) side note, on the NZ version of this site (charts.nz), something went wrong in May-June 2019 and there are 2 13/05/2019s and 2 03/06/2019s, and all the dates ever since are 2 weeks off. You can only view one each of the double-ups because they go to the same URL, but both charts are in the database, eg see this chart run: https://charts.nz/showitem.asp?interpret=Alec+Benjamin&titel=Let+Me+Down+Slowly&cat=s

Around the same time, the NZ site also managed to put Ed Sheeran's 2019 hit "Beautiful People" as Chris Brown's completely unrelated 2011 hit of the same title, creating this absurd-looking chart run: https://charts.nz/showitem.asp?interpret=Chris+Brown+feat%2E+Benny+Benassi&titel=Beautiful+People&cat=s When Ed Sheeran's song dropped out then charted again for 2 weeks, they got it right, so the site claims it peaked at #30 rather than #2.
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Jesse'77, this site still uses week ending dates for the charts, when I last checked, even though ARIA switched to week commencing dates on 12 October 1998

NationOfZealots, the ARIA chart has been compiled using 100% electronic point of sale figures since 24 March 1997 (going from memory) - I added that info to the Wikipedia article on the ARIA Charts (with supporting references cited). That was more than 18 months before the dating change to week commencing on the printed top 50 charts/ARIA Report, though the printed top 50 charts had ceased in June 1998, and I am not sure exactly when they resumed (though I think it was by October 1998).



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Jesse, if I were you, I would just re-date all of the pre-October 1998 charts as week commencing. That's how ARIA have them dated on their system, anyway. It will make your spreadsheet more consistent.

As I mentioned earlier, the chart surveys were always dated on the Monday at the time, e.g.:


from the first ARIA Report.
Thanks Nugs and 392.Thankfully i'm only halfway through 1990 so very little correction would have to be done.
Once i'm done i will send it to anyone if they want it,but it'll be a while.I should hopefully have 1990 done by the weekend at this stage
re: electronic point of sale figures, said date on Wikipedia (coming from ARIA's old website) is 17 February 1997, presumably aligning to the 'week ending 23 February 1997' chart, and that chart does have some noticeable moves that could've been caused by it. The most curious one is that Gina G's "I Belong To You" abruptly dropped out from #40 (69-48-48-41-(Xmas)-48-40-34-41-34-40-out) - I don't know if there's some other explanation for that, but it appears to be the highest position a song dropped out of the top 100 from in 1994-1999 altogether, apart from "All I Want For Christmas Is You". There are also numerous rebounds or re-entries of past hits (showing their runs from 1 Dec 1996 - 27 Apr 1997, with 23 Feb 1997 in bold):

Bryan Adams - Let's Make A Night To Remember812151723293744545843496989------
Chynna Phillips - I Live For You9111112142130404860525759-------
La Bouche - Fallin' In Love454644473949435665725793--------
Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet12141718193240576471599978-------
Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever4712203143618077-659198-------
Los Del Mar - Macarena5147494541577687--6810088-------
Newton - Sometimes When We Touch558132727446168867590100-------

Though, granted, Los Del Río did the opposite of Los Del Mar, but maybe that was due to stock or something - I notice that Los Del Río's had also re-entered the exact week the Christmas version dropped out:

Los Del Río - Macarena6153252-----699579--------
Los Del Río - Macarena Christmas--375519253751-----------

It also appears to have gone particularly poorly for The Corrs.

The Corrs - The Right Time------63604444738694100------
The Corrs - Love To Love You27313127364249456064----------

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^ Interesting.

And my memory was a week out with that electronic data change.
Definitely the first AriaNET chart was the week ending sunday 23rd feb. There's online stuff where SARCH lists the date as the 24th but that doesn't correspond. On the AMR chart for that week Gina G was still in at #50. Never seen that big a gap between the ARIA and AMR charts
Also off topic but i ought to make clear that the database i'm working on is all the NEW entries from 1990-2002 and their full chart run. A complete top 100 may eventually come,but the one i'm working on at the moment is a lot less work.

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