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Forum - General: Music/Charts related - Star Ratings for Reviews

I'm interested in how everyone rates songs in their reviews. This is how I rate them...

6 stars: Songs that you love the absolute shit out of, i.e. in the 95th percentile (the top 5% of your EOY list)
5 stars: Songs that you love and would not usually skip in your playlists.
4 stars: Songs that you like and would play on a reasonably regular basis.
3 stars: Songs that are ok where you don't mind hearing them but you wouldn't play them in your own time.
2 stars: Songs that you find boring or are in a style of music that you don't generally enjoy.
1 star: Songs that actively annoy you and you want to skip immediately.

How do you guys rate songs?
6 stars songs that chart in my top 5
5 stars top 10
4 stars top 20
3 stars songs that make my top 50
2 stars songs I don't like that much but do tolerate rarely these songs scrape in my top 50
1 star songs I cannot stand

Wow Great thread idea
6 are all time favorites either by song alone or just video, also includes stand alone live versions and mixes

5 are songs that I resonate with for whatever reason and i never tire of but are short of greatness for one reason or another

4 are songs that are really strong and deserve recognition for even the simplest of things i.e melody or lyrics

3 are average run of the mill songs that neither I hate or love, kinda blah

2 are songs i'd have no problem in hearing ever again

1 are songs I just think are intolerable and would have no problem changing the channel/station

I don't listen so much to mp3s but in terms of music videos as a form of music i don't have a star system but i would have three categories. Good, Bad and Indifferent. Good would probably be akin to what people put as a 5 or 6 star i.e something i can listen to and never grow tired of it. Indifferent is what people would put as a 2 or 3 star meaning don't love it, don't hate it...might listen from time to time to bring back the memory of the song and bad is just well bad...nothing redeemable about it
It looks like I had a stoner moment last night.

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