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Forum - General: Music/Charts related - Covid Pandemic-Themed Songs & Music Videos

A Covid thread that's not full of anti-vaxxer crapola. Here we can discuss Covid Pandemic-themed songs & music videos. I'll start off with one that is a current contender for my #1 single of the year...

New Normal by Khalid - https://youtu.be/KnULIl5GvkQ

This song is absolutely sublime. Love it more and more with every listen. It's a shame that it flopped. What are some other Covid Pandemic-themed songs or music videos?
I have a friend in Canberra who made a few songs about covid. I will rank his songs from first to third. 1st- Wearing a mask during sex 2nd-Karenland 3rd-Restrictions
House Arrest by Sofi Tukker was a lockdown anthem.
hi sav,

twenty one pilots' Level Of Concern was one of my favourite singles of 2020, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loOWKm8GW6A

this one's silly but I loved Chromeo's Clorox Wipe too, also from last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAFAuImfGyY

probably quite a few more I can think of but these are always the first two that come to mind for me
I'm Good by Hilltop Hoods is good inclusion for a good Covid playlist!
Ali Barter’s - Four Days
The Cat Empire - Going to Live
Fred Again… - Marea (We’ve lost dancing)
Duke Dumont - Let Me Dance
Blink-182 - Quarantine

Get on the beers!
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To Perth (Before The Border Closes) - Julia Jacklin
Bigteeth: I'm guessing they aren't on EweToob?

K8: That one is a bit of a banger.

harls: I like Level of Concern too and it's great to see the funkmeisters Chromeo still doing their thang. Cute video like the still amazing Old 45's.

thewitness: I was brave listening to the Cat Empire one. I'm still scarred by their Hello single...eeeee! ;P

benj: "Please do not touch the meat" *Beavis and Butt-Head snort-giggles*

Here's one that was written before the pandemic but fits the theme so beautifully, including the spookily predictive "You wanna take my life and fade away" line...

Nothing for Free by Pendulum - https://youtu.be/WeOFimyghIA

The video itself satirises the pandemic in a poignant way and the song will be moved up into the Top 5 of my 2020 EOY list when I can finally be arsed revising it! heh

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