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Forum - Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA - Triple J Hottest 100 2021 - Countdown

We've gone through 200 to 101 and now it's almost time for the main event. The Hottest 100 is happening in about 2.5 hours. Despite the 200 being first it's likely I'm still not anticipating a few songs that have made the 100 so expect some shitposts among the regular blurbs.

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100. Holy Holy - How You Been

"How You Been" was not the first single released from Holy Holy's 4th album "Hello My Beautiful World", but it is the most streamed one, which bodes well for it here. Or perhaps it's just that it's the most Holy Holy song ever Holy Holy'd. Nonetheless, the band keep going from strength to strength, scoring their highest ever charting album at #4 last year, as well as a top 3 finish in triple j's album poll.

Previous entries:
2017True Lovers#40
2019Teach Me About Dying#50
2019Maybe You Know#61
My first vote!!
99. Ziggy Ramo (feat. Paul Kelly) - Little Things

Following A.B Original in 2016, Ziggy Ramo (AKA the cooler Ziggy) is another Australian rap artist who has reworked a Paul Kelly song (in this case “From Little Things Big Things Grow”) into a modern context. This new version is a raw and honest take about the history of Australia and its violence against indigenous people. It finishes with the dour note that 441 Indigenous Australians have died in custody since 1991, emphasizing that things are not even close to alright currently. In the J Award nominated music video Ziggy Ramo performs this song on top of the Sydney Opera House.

Previous entries (Paul Kelly):
1993Last Train (with Christine Anu)#61
2001Every Fucking City#9
2016Dumb Things (with A.B Original) (Like A Version)#45
Paul Kelly the economical decade traveller
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98. Adam Newling - Sweetness

Adam Newling has been part of Ruby Fields’ live band for a while (he also has a feature on her album) and in 2021 he started to put out some solo material. “Sweetness” was written as an apology to a friend. He had been working on the song for a while but it didn’t really come together until he included that harmonica solo. Watch out though because arguably the song’s biggest hook doesn’t come until the last minute.
97. Kanye West - Moon

It feels weird to solely credit this to Kanye when it's largely Don Toliver & Kid Cudi singing but here we are.

Previous entries:
2005Gold Digger#13
2006Touch The Sky#86
2008Love Lockdown#89
2011Otis (with Jay-Z)#33
2011Ni**as In Paris (with Jay-Z)#98
2013Black Skinhead#20
2013Bound 2#59
2013Thank You (with Busta Rhymes)#73
2016Ultralight Beam#22
2018Ghost Town#98
2019Follow God#87

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96. Client Liaison - House Of Holy

Well over 2 years after the first single from it was released, Client Liaison put out their second album Divine Intervention (leaving 2018’s Survival In The City albumless). Written with PNAU & Empire of the Sun’s Nick Littlemore, House Of Holy was inspired by the ‘haunted upper floors’ where they wrote the song. Why they didn’t call the song “House Of Haunting” I’ll never know, thought this at least opens the door for a hypothetical Christmas remix called Boughs Of Holly.

Previous entries:
2016World Of Our Love#35
2019The Real Thing#92
Also notably now Kanye has charted 9 (consecutive) studio albums, beating Radiohead's record
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95. alt-J - U&ME

U&ME is apparently about a festival experience of sorts but they’ve told contradictory stories about it. I think this is the first alt-J song to feature a skateboard.

Previous entries:
2012Something Good#81
2014Every Other Freckle#14
2014Left Hand Free#16
2014Hunger Of The Pine#26
2017In Cold Blood#72

first vote in the 200 for me so far
94. Tyne-James Organ - Sunday Suit

Tyne-James Organ has been receiving attention from triple j for a few years now. His debut album Necessary Evil came out in the midst of 2021 with this single coming out a few months prior. I’ve internally noted some of his songs sounding similar to Gang Of Youths but this reminds me more of Spacey Jane. Aside from the Australian touchstones he also did Naïve by The Kooks for Like A Version which makes a lot of sense to me. Based on some comments from him “Sunday Suit” could have also been called Birthday Suit, if you know what I mean.
93. Baby Keem (feat. Kendrick Lamar) - family ties

If the name wasn't enough of a hint, there is a family tie in this song as Baby Keem is Kendrick Lamar's cousin. It's an interesting position for Baby Keem as despite being tahp a the billing, probably more attention is driven to this track for being Kendrick's first single in over 3 years, which would end up accompanied by several more on Baby Keem's album. With multiple Grammy nominations and a bonafide hit single, it's hard to say they didn't get this shit, get this shit, get the shit, get this shit.

Previous entries (Kendrick Lamar):
2012Swimming Pools (Drank)#71
2013F**kin’ Problems (with A$AP Rocky)#79
2015King Kunta#2
2018All The Stars (with SZA)#28
2018Tints (with Anderson .Paak)#67

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I didn't expect this to make it! I even thought the top 200 could be unlikely. I do like this song.
early afternoon though banger.
92. Slowly Slowly - Blueprint

Slowly Slowly started off 2021 with an extended version of their 2020 album Race Car Blues, which was essentially an entirely new album. However, it didn’t take long for them to be back on their bullshit (as they say on this very song) and return with another new single a few months later. “Blueprint” was written pre-COVID inspired by the energy of a massive party at frontman Ben Stewart’s house. They initially planned to release this after COVID had died down a bit. Obviously that hasn’t quite happened but they’ve released it anyway.

Previous entry:
91. Telenova - Bones

“Bones” is the debut single of Melbourne trio Telenova. They consist of Miami Horror’s Joshua Moriarty, Slum Sociable’s Edward Quinn and singer Angeline Armstrong. They formed after being organized into a group at a songwriting camp (apparently the person who organized the groups there was Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla). The song started with the intro which to them sounded like rattling bones. They’ve also described it as being about being trapped in an illusion.
Love Bones. I voted for this so glad it made it! 7 out of 10 now played.
My 2nd vote
90. Hayden James (feat. Yaeger) - Waiting For Nothing

Towards the end of 2021, Hayden James released this single featuring Swedish singer Yeager who is a relative newcomer. Perhaps this is somehow connected with him doing a song with Icona Pop the year before. If you keep reading this sentence for some kind of interesting fact you’ll just be doing what the song title says.

Previous entries (Hayden James):
2015Something About You#44
2018Just Friends#15
2018Better Together#78
2019Nowhere To Go#74
89. Jungle - Keep Moving

In 2018, Jungle released their second album For Ever. triple j did support it fairly well but it didn’t have too much impact. But now in a similar fashion to London Grammar, the lead single for their third album, Loving In Stereo. is their most popular song in a decent while. Jungle described their third album as being the culmination of the sound that they’ve been trying to achieve since the start. It’s their best reviewed album critically, though Pitchfork not reviewing it might have helped out there.

Previous entry:
2014Busy Earnin’#67
Fun surprises so far!
I didn't vote for Jungle but am happy to see it make the top 100
great that they snuck in!
88. Baker Boy (feat. G Flip) - My Mind

Baker Boy’s long awaited debut album arrived in 2021. Even with some of the singles after “Cool As Hell” not making the album, this was still the fifth single from it. Illy did prove in 2020 that a G Flip hook can be not terrible for your Hottest 100 chances. To keep my forced number theme going, if you don’t count this song G Flip released exactly 5 singles in 2021.

Previous entries (Baker Boy):
2017Cloud 9#76
2018Mr La Di Da Di#51
2019Cool As Hell#44

Previous entries (G Flip):
2018About You#38
2018Killing My Time#62
2019Drink Too Much#6
2019I Am Not Afraid#77
2020You & I#44
2020Lady Marmalade (Like A Version)#78
2020Loose Ends (with Illy)#95
87. Holy Holy (feat. CLEWS) - The Aftergone

Holy Holy wanted “The Aftergone” to have a bit of an electronic vibe so Kim Moyes from The Presets helped them out here. “The Aftergone” deals with feelings of uncertainty, like how I was uncertain this song would make the top 100 until yesterday. Sydney indie rock duo CLEWS also show up here. This is not the first time they’ve worked with Holy Holy as they perform background vocals on Holy Holy’s Like A Version of Lorde’s “Green Light”.

Previous entries (Holy Holy):
2017True Lovers#40
2019Teach Me About Dying#50
2019Maybe You Know#61
2021How You Been#100

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GFlip has done well to land a #44, 66, 77 and now 88.

Great song The Aftergone. Sounds a bit like Angus & Julia Stone.
86. FISHER - Just Feels Tight

I wonder how FISHER feels about “Do It To It” being such a big thing. Anyways, FISHER released a single in 2021 too and it sure is a FISHER song. I do not recommend watching the music video for this at work.

Previous entries:
2018Losing It#2
2019You Little Beauty#53
our annual reminder that he released a song that we all missed, and my annual moment of accepting that it's pretty good
I wonder if the club scene not being a thing atm has hindered Fisher from ranking higher this year.
85. The Buoys - Lie To Me Again

Hello everyone and welcome to Bad Music Related Jokes Theater. Today’s theme is Australian indie rock group The Buoys:

- at first Tired Lion released their song Lie To Me and I was like ‘cool’ but then a week later Vera Blue released her song called Lie To Me and I was like ‘Lie To Me, again?’

- well I’m cracking one open with The Buoys by myself

- my Bad Habit is referencing Ed Sheeran in Hottest 100 posts where he is irrelevant otherwise

- (lead singer of Australian indie rock group The Buoys) Zoe Catterall? I hardly know er’ (at) all!

Well we all had fun today, didn’t we? That was it for this week, if you have a suggestion for next week’s theme send it to thisisnotarealemailadress@gmail.com
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also this is so wholesome and great wd!!
villages out here playing 5D chess
84. Teenage Joans - Wine

After taking out Unearthed High in 2020, Teenage Joans continued their momentum in 2021 with an EP that contained several songs that got a lot of triple j airplay. They’ve noted “Wine” as their favorite song they’ve written to date. It’s about a relationship where two people grow apart, simply because they’ve become very different people then they were at the start. It makes sense that Teenage Joans haven’t aged to like wine since I assume they’re not old enough to actually drink it yet.

Previous entry:
2020Three Leaf Clover#87
83. Doja Cat & The Weeknd - You Right

Redemption for the irrelevancy of In Your Eyes remix I guess.

Previous entry (Doja Cat):
2020Boss Bitch#67

Previous entries (The Weeknd):
2015Can’t Feel My Face#9
2015The Hills#19
2016I Feel It Coming#41
2019Blinding Lights#71
2020In Your Eyes#53

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82. Kanye West - Praise God

My favorite thing about this song is Baby Keem’s respone to when someone asked him about his Tame Impala name drop in this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFccM2NwhGc

Previous entries:
2005Gold Digger#13
2006Touch The Sky#86
2008Love Lockdown#89
2011Otis (with Jay-Z)#33
2011Ni**as In Paris (with Jay-Z)#98
2013Black Skinhead#20
2013Bound 2#59
2013Thank You (with Busta Rhymes)#73
2016Ultralight Beam#22
2018Ghost Town#98
2019Follow God#87
Shirley Manson is the lead singer of Wisconsin band Garbage, forming in 1993 and having released seven studio albums. The fifth track on Rich Brian's debut album is titled "Attention" featuring Migos member Offset. I am full of unrelated factoids.
81. Lorde - Stoned At The Nail Salon

“Solar Power” the album was frequently criticized for all sounding a bit dull and same-y. Despite being one of the most low key songs, “Stoned At The Nail Salon” seemed at least slightly exempt to those criticisms. It is maybe the most Lana Del Rey a Lorde song has ever sounded *insert comment about Jack Antonoff here*. Lorde declares here that ‘all the music you loved at 16 you’ll grow out of’, I’m sure a lot of people who were that age when “Pure Heroine” came out disagree with this.

Previous entries:
2013Tennis Court#12
2014Yellow Flicker Beat#18
2014Tennis Court (Flume Remix)#47
2015Magnets (with Disclosure)#10
2017Green Light#6
2017Homemade Dynamite#14
2017Perfect Places#71
80. Billie Eilish - Your Power

While not actually the first single released from "Happier Than Ever", "Your Power" did end up being Billie's first new single released after winning a rare back to back Record Of The Year at the Grammy Awards, something only Roberta Flack & U2 can also boast. But to bring that notability down it is worth mentioning that despite being a recipient of both of those awards (and several others), it is in this (distantly) upcoming award ceremony that the Grammy council have deemed her brother FINNEAS as eligible for Best New Artist. Just like the first go around, Billie worked exclusively with FINNEAS on the 2nd album, only this time there are no messy eccentricities in the metadata: shared co-write on all, sole production on all.

Previous entries:
2018when the party’s over#8
2018lovely (with Khalid)#17
2018you should see me in a crown#46
2019bad guy#1
2019everything i wanted#16
2019bury a friend#35
2019wish you were gay#67
2019all the good girls go to hell#91
2020Therefore I Am#10
2020my future#79
2020No Time To Die#90
79. Dave (feat. Stormzy) - Clash

Though it can often be quite difficult to pin down which UK rap singles will take off, which ones will sputter out and which ones will never arrive, putting Dave & Stormzy on the same track is probably the most obvious route to success you can get in 2021. Primed off the back of this and the Mercury Prize winning success of "Psychodrama", Dave's 2nd album "We're All Alone In This Together" reached #5 in Australia, making it arguably the second highest charting UK rap album ever, behind KSI of course.

Previous entries (Stormzy):
2017Big For Your Boots#91
2019Vossi Bop#27
2020Ain’t It Different (with Headie One)#48
Your Power is so good
78. SZA - I Hate U


Previous entry:
2018All The Stars (with Kendrick Lamar)#28

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wow, feels like ages since this came out
one part party, one part (time) machine
77. Tyler, The Creator (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Ty Dolla $ign) - WUSYANAME

It was only about a week before release that Tyler announced "CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST", his 6th album. A curious decision as it meant a fight to the top for two notable luminaries on Sony's roster where mostly Doja Cat had to settle for second place. Though the album has not yet (a key operating word given Tyler's belated success with tracks like "See You Again" and "NEW MAGIC WAND") produced a big crossover hit, the closest we got was in this mellow, soulful moment. This track was entirely produced by Tyler, although unlike "IGOR", this is not the case for the whole album, as Jamie xx & Jay Versace co-produced a track each.

Previous entry (Tyler, The Creator):

Previous entry (Ty Dolla $ign):
2018Psycho (with Post Malone)#90
76. The Terrys - Our Paradise

This is the breakout single from New South Wales band The Terrys. They named themselves after their landlord Terry, who’s apparently one of those cool landlords like Amy Shark. When they’re singing about how ‘our paradise, it ain’t forbidden’ I can only assume they’re from a place where australian-charts dot com is a properly functioning website. Considering the bands this reminds me of this has either done really well or it has not even come close to the top 100.
75. Genesis Owusu - Gold Chains

Racial inequality is a recurring theme on Genesis Owusu's debut album "Smiling Without Teeth", especially exemplified on tracks like "I Don't See Colour" and "Whip Cracker". There's also a strong introspective look into mental anxiety. Both come together on "Gold Chains" which pairs the emptiness of materialism with the well known motifs of slavery. His measured and engaging songwriting earned praises all over the world in 2021, and even went so far as to net him an ARIA Award for Album Of The Year, an award that had always previously gone to monumentally commercially successful albums.

Previous entry:
2020Don’t Need You#73
Shoulda been higher
I like this song.
74. Tones and I - Cloudy Day

In 2021, Tones and I released her debut album Welcome To The Madhouse which scored the dubious achievement of being the first ARIA #1 album to be aided by NFT sales. Tones struggled to finish her album after a close friend of hers passed away, but after being passed on a saying of the mother another friend of hers ‘on a cloudy day, look up into the sky and find the sun’ she wrote this song. It’s probably not optimal to fly away on a cloudy day but I do believe this is a different song.

Previous entries:
2019Dance Monkey#4
2019Never Seen The Rain#15
2019Johnny Run Away#26
2020Fly Away#58
Good to see Tones make it! Fun and positive song!
great to see some Tones And I love
73. Lizzo (feat. Cardi B) - Rumors

Though not necessarily with the material she released that year, Lizzo had a particularly successful 2019, the last year of the before times. "Rumors" was her first release since then and with a Cardi B feature in tow, made a big splash on arrival even if it didn't end up having the staying power of her previous hits.

Previous entry (Lizzo):

Previous entry (Cardi B):
72. Vera Blue - Temper

While it’s been a while since her last album you can always count on Vera Blue to show up with at least one single every year. In fact if she’s lucky this might be the sixth year in a row she’s showing up in the Hottest 100 but I’ve probably just jinxed her. On this single, Vera Blue tries to maintain a tiny temper and not fall into the temper trap. Carla Wehbe, who’s been getting airplay of some singles of her own on triple j, has a co-writing credit on this.

Previous entries:
2016Papercuts (with Illy)#7
2017Regular Touch#15
2018All The Pretty Girls#26
2019Rushing Back (with Flume)#2
2020Lie To Me#68
I like Rumours. It appears songs with explicit language do well in the countdown.
I always feel like a grouch when it comes to Vera Blue because she does have some good tunes, but this is her best so great that it didn't miss out
71. Halsey - I am not a woman, I'm a god

Anyone with a keen ear to Halsey's releases over the years will have probably noticed her eclectic tastes. Notably in the couple of years since scoring a Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit, she's released multiple punk & rock leaning songs including popular collaborations with YUNGBLUD & Machine Gun Kelly. For her 4th album, she enlisted the help of Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, who themselves have had quite an eclectic time together, getting three quarters of the way to an EGOT with their extensive scoring work. This lead single was the most successful song from the album, albeit one that was overshadowed by the sudden release of Kanye West's "DONDA", which sadly ended Halsey's streak of #2 peaking albums.

Previous entries:
2015Hold Me Down#42
2016Love Yourself (Like a Version)#52
2018Without Me#56
2018Eastside (with Benny Blanco & Khalid)#68
2020You should be sad#19
2020forget me too (with Machine Gun Kelly)#36
absolute fire and you love to see it
Great song. One of her best.
I agree with this being Vera Blue's best. Great tune.
I love anything Hasley releases. She has some catchy tunes. Good to see her make the countdown.
70. The Amity Affliction - Like Love

The Amity Affliction tend to pop up around here rather frequently if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Like Love is a tribute to Sean Kennedy, bassist of I Killed The Prom Queen and Deez Nuts who passed away early on in 2021. This also served as the lead single of the upcoming (maybe?) EP Somewhere Beyond The Blue. I’m not sure if this will end the streak of there being a new Amity Affliction album every 2 years.

Previous entries:
2013Born To Die#40
2014Don’t Lean On Me#64
2014The Weigh Down#71
2015Shine On#25
2016All Fucked Up#65
2016I Bring The Weather With Me#67
2016This Could Be Heartbreak#76
2018Ivy (Doomsday)#94
2020Soak Me In Bleach#64
That desperate lunge you make to change the station when the Amity affliction come on
fittingly 69. Sly Withers - Clarkson

Sly Withers’ second album Gardens appears to have been somewhat of a breakout moment for them, reaching #10 on the ARIA chart and #5 on the triple j album poll. The popular single from it is “Clarkson”, which refers to the suburb in Perth but I bet some of you knew that already. The song is about noticing that the mental health of the people around you is declining and feeling like you’re not able to help them.
Awesome stuff!
68. The Jungle Giants - Treat You Right

You may not be sure whether this or “In Her Eyes” was the song that came out towards the end of 2020 but I’m here to tell you it was “In Her Eyes”. You may be thinking that the female voice in the chorus is the female vocalist of Confidence Man which is because it actually is her. And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile but I think I’ve lost the plot here. Something that probably only I’m thinking is that the lyrics of the pre-chorus slightly evoke “Hold Me Now” by the Thompson Twins. (hold me, stay with me etc.)

Previous entries:
2012She’s A Riot#83
2017Feel The Way I Do#16
2017On Your Way Down#50
2017Bad Dream#57
2017Used To Be In Love#59
2019Heavy Hearted#8
2020Sending Me Ur Loving#8
2020In Her Eyes#89
Good song Treat You Right!
I am not a woman, I'm a god is my second vote!

Really enjoying the uptick in energy at this point in the countdown. U&ME, Bones, Waiting for Nothing, The Aftergone & Stoned at the Nail Salon are all great surprises from earlier ~
67. Olivia Rodrigo - traitor

What, were you expecting Arca? “traitor” became the first post album single from SOUR, probably due to a combination of being early on the album and being accessible enough for radio. Interestingly, triple j only started playing this regularly when the Hottest 100 voting period began, initially favoring another song from the album. “traitor” is about an ex that moved on very quickly after a break up.
66. Tame Impala - A Girl Like You (Like A Version)

With COVID sweeping across the world, only Australian acts have been able to do Like A Version the last 2 years. At the very least triple j were able to get the biggest Australian act to do one. I am of course talking about The Wiggles but the band they covered also did a Like A Version. Here the original Tame Impala trio of Kevin, Jay & Dominic took on “A Girl Like You”, one of the more unique hits of the 90’s and the only major solo hit of Orange Juice frontman Edwyn Collins. Since this Like A Version is from December 2020, it prominently features in the 2021 Like A Version intro as well as a clip of Kevin Parker saying ‘Whenever I hear a song that I love that’d be good to cover, save that for Like A Version’.

Previous entries:
2008Half Full Glass Of Wine#75
2009Remember Me#78
2010Solitude Is Bliss#33
2012Feels Like We Only Go Backwards#9
2015The Less I Know The Better#4
2015Let It Happen#5
2015Cause I’m A Man#61
2019It Might Be Time#43
2020Lost In Yesterday#5
2020Is It True#17
2020Breathe Deeper#33
65. Luude (feat. Colin Hay) - Down Under

Luude is one half of Australian dance duo Choomba, though he released solo music well before they formed. In what could be seen as a changing of the guard moment, Choomba took over The Aston Shuffle’s slot for the resident Friday night dance show on triple j. In fact, I believe “Down Under” originates from a segment on triple j breakfast where he would remix a classic Australian song. It’s save to say this took a life of its own with it hitting the UK top 40 and even #1 in New Zealand. Aside from Colin Hay’s vocal (which was apparently re-recorded especially for this) the only element from the original “Down Under” is the flute, the part that famously got Men At Work into serious legal trouble.
64. G Flip (feat. mxmtoon) - Queen

"Queen" is just one of about 9 singles G Flip has put out in the past couple of years since the release of their first album. Being the first one for 2021 may give it a distinct advantage. Notably all of their 2021 singles have been collaborations, this one from ukelele YouTuber mxmtoon, who admittedly only really provides back up vocals and only barely shows up for the music video.

Previous entries (G Flip):
2018About You#38
2018Killing My Time#62
2019Drink Too Much#6
2019I Am Not Afraid#77
2020You & I#44
2020Lady Marmalade (Like A Version)#78
2020Loose Ends (with Illy)#95
2021My Mind (with Baker Boy)#88

Last edited:
Queen is a great track!
63. Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Lana Del Rey released 2 albums in 2021 but for triple j purposes only the first one is relevant. Perhaps as a delayed side effect of the critical acclaim of “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”, “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” was the first Lana album since “Ultraviolence” to get a triple j feature album spot. This was chosen as the title track because it’s most directly about the people in Lana’s life, something a lot of the album is about.

Previous entries:
2011Video Games#6
2012Born To Die#34
2012Summertime Sadness#86
2013Young and Beautiful#7
2014West Coast#32
2015High By The Beach#89
2019Doin’ Time#85
62. Lorde - Mood Ring

The 3rd single released from "Solar Power", Lorde utilised the modern classic strategy of putting the single out just days before the album, so that when those early curiosity streams get combined with the album launch streams, this song in particular shoots up the charts, becoming a top 30 hit and providing a vague metric in which the album was exactly as successful as "Melodrama".

Previous entries:
2013Tennis Court#12
2014Yellow Flicker Beat#18
2014Tennis Court (Flume Remix)#47
2015Magnets (with Disclosure)#10
2017Green Light#6
2017Homemade Dynamite#14
2017Perfect Places#71
2021Stoned At The Nail Salon#81
61. Dom Dolla - Pump The Brakes

You can do a lot of things with a car. You can buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it, lock it, fill it, call it, find it, view it, code it, jam, unlock it. Or if you're Dom Dolla, put a Hot Wheels flame decal on it. "Pump The Brakes" saw Dom Dolla nominated at the ARIA Awards for Best Dance Release for the 3rd year in a row, and suggests he is only able to win it if RÜFÜS DU SOL didn't release anything. Unlucky for him that "Surrender" is eligible for this year's awards.

Previous entry:
2019San Frandisco#33
Love this! #8 of my votes
60. Olivia Rodrigo - brutal

The way for someone to tell you they're a millennial without telling you they're a millennial is for them to complain about how Olivia Rodrigo ripped off Rogue Traders with this song. Because the internet can be wonderful, Elvis Costello was supportive of Olivia's creative vision while admitting that he himself was just another link in the chain taking inspiration from Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues". Olivia intentionally made it the opening track on her album for the sense of shock. Arguably she succeeded as while many artists leaning into harder rock sounds usually see diminishing returns, "brutal" quickly became a fan favourite and even got an eventual single release.

Previous entry:

Last edited:
Elvis Costello has entered the ch- oh already mentioned it :p
59. Machine Gun Kelly (feat. Kellin Quinn) - love race

The pop punk revival continued to be a thing in 2021. For Machine Gun Kelly this mostly meant “my ex’s best friend” having big time longevity on the Billboard Hot 100 despite only peaking at #20 but he released some new singles too. “love race” features guest vocals from Sleeping With Sirens singer Kellin Quinn. The music video homages several slasher movies such as Friday The 13th. I’m on the ru-uu-uu-un (from a serial killer chasing me).

Previous entry (Machine Gun Kelly):
2020forget me too#36
58. Ruby Fields - Kitchen

Ruby Fields released several singles in 2021 prior to the release of her debut album “Been Doin’ It For A Bit”. Nevertheless, the Ruby Fields song that appears to have resonated the most with voters this countdown is “Kitchen”, which is only a single in the sense that triple j played it a lot after the album came out. The song is about the close friendship she has with the guys in her band.

Previous entries:
2020Pretty Grim#61
57. Gang Of Youths - the man himself

Gang Of Youths have had a largely unchanged lineup since the release of their first album. However in 2019, lead guitarist Joji (not that one) left the band. In his absence, Tom Hobden of Noah & The Whale joined in, and its his violin work you can hear prominently on this track. The track also has choral field recordings of a Cook Islander praise song, as a nod to Dave's Samoan roots.

Previous entries:
2016Strange Diseases#50
2017Let Me Down Easy#2
2017The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows#5
2017What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?#10
2017Blood (Like A Version)#41
56. King Stingray - Milkumana

My ‘I only speak English and that dumb European language’ brain’s first thought was that ‘Milkumana’ means ‘milkman’ but that is of course not true. It’s actually the Yolŋu Matha word for passing on knowledge to future generations through stories and music. They do so here in a highly jubilant fashion. The music video was also nominated for a J Award.
Nothing but love here
55. Skegss - Valhalla

In 2021 Skegss scored their first ever ARIA #1 album. It was preceded by the two singles "Fantasising" and "Under The Thunder" which have already cemented themselves in the Hottest 100 canon, as well as "Wake Up" released in the funny December period. "Valhalla" was the first new single they released in 2021, with a music video that's definitely leaning into the Norse mythology aspect of the title, and probably not the cyberpunk bartending game. You have to wonder if they're fans of Neil Gaiman.

Previous entries:
2017Got On My Skateboard#39
2018Up In The Clouds#11
2018Smogged Out#71
2019Save It For The Weekend#31
2019Here Comes Your Man (Like A Version)#90
2020Under The Thunder#27
54. Ocean Alley - Breathe / Comfortably Numb / Money (Like A Version)

Just like with their first Like A Version, Ocean Alley went back to the 70’s for this one. A full on Pink Floyd medley (which might have been a slightly easier title to remember than this), with “Breathe” and “Money” from The Dark Side Of The Moon and “Comfortably Numb” from The Wall. In the interview with Ocean Alley they mentioned that other songs they considered covering were “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers and “Solid Rock” by Goanna.

Previous entries:
2017The Comedown#48
2018Baby Come Back (Like A Version)#16
2018Happy Sad#100
2019Stained Glass#54
2020Way Down#72
53. The Weeknd - Take My Breath

"Take My Breath" is a recent single by The Weeknd. It ended up being included on his next album called "Dawn FM". It features the noted lucrative partnership of Max Martin, who also wrote a song with The Weeknd called "Blinding Lights". "Take My Breath" was not as successful as "Blinding Lights", but what is?

Previous entries:
2015Can’t Feel My Face#9
2015The Hills#19
2016I Feel It Coming#41
2019Blinding Lights#71
2020In Your Eyes#53
2021You Right (with Doja Cat)#83
52. Cardi B - Up

While Cardi B topping the Billboard chart is a fairly common occurrence, with "Up", she became the first female rapper to do so with two different solo tracks. With that being said, it had a peculiar chart run where it spent 12 weeks in the top 10 but still went recurrent as soon as possible after 20 weeks, meaning it'll no doubt be the one of her 5 #1 hits that has most people struggling to recall. Nonetheless, it utilized its time when it was up in the top 10 to be stuck at the same position three different times.

Previous entries:
2021Rumors (with Lizzo)#73
2nd vote and its fate was sealed nearly a year ago for me
51. The Rions - Night Light

Here we have 2021’s Unearthed High winners. Like most recent winners they did it with a song that had been out for a few months already. Their music teacher in school was none other than Angus & Julia Stone’s dad and he quickly saw their potential. Perhaps unsurprisingly considering their youth, lead singer Noah Blockley has a fairly solid following on TikTok. I’ve seen The Rions compared to just about every big Australian triple j band from the past few years so don’t be surprised if this has done quite well.
50. Kanye West - Jail

Kanye West is not one to back down from poking the controversy bear with a stick. For the roll out of "DONDA", "Jail" proved to be the source of a lot of it. Well, not so much "Jail", as it was "Jail, Pt. 2" which subbed out frequent collaborator JAY-Z for DaBaby & Marilyn Manson, in an exact time period where it could not possibly be more provocative to do so.

Previous entries:
2005Gold Digger#13
2006Touch The Sky#86
2008Love Lockdown#89
2011Otis (with Jay-Z)#33
2011Ni**as In Paris (with Jay-Z)#98
2013Black Skinhead#20
2013Bound 2#59
2013Thank You (with Busta Rhymes)#73
2016Ultralight Beam#22
2018Ghost Town#98
2019Follow God#87
2021Praise God#82
49. Dune Rats - UP

A year on from “Tou Tough Terry” Dune Rats returned with the all (2 letters) caps “UP”, presumably to make it clear that they’re not covering Cardi B. This is a somewhat poppier than usual direction for Dune Rats, something that the music video seems to poke fun at. Nonetheless it retains their raucous energy to an extent, which is probably why it still appears to be another popular song for them.

Previous entries:
2016Scott Green#34
20176 Pack#55
2019No Plans#100
2020Too Tough Terry#85

Last edited:
48. ACRAZE (feat. Cherish) - Do It To It

Often times differing radio demographics in different places can stop songs from penetrating every market. While Cherish's hit single "Do It To It" did quite well in the US, it languished in Australia where the fusion of crunk and R&B didn't quite fit in as well. Things have changed in 2021 thanks to US producer ACRAZE and his reworking of the song making it a top 10 hit. The remake puts much more emphasis on the chorus to the point that part of it even becomes the verses depending on your fancy. Or perhaps with the shifted tempo and emphasis on the previously not highlighted 'oh' vocal run, it ends up sounding more like Ciara's "Oh", a proven top 10 hit. This does come at the expense of the verse of Sean Paul of Youngbloodz fame, not to be confused with one of the four Sean Paul's who feature on "Breathe" by Blu Cantrell.
such a fun banger, and so glad that more than enough people got behind it!
47. Silk Sonic [Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak] - Leave The Door Open

So the funny thing about metadata is that it has never mattered more than it does in the 2020s. What was once merely an advertisement billboard for who you'll be hearing on a track now also can function as both a link to more of an artist's material, but also a stat padder for those all-too-important monthly listeners. Add in Spotify's penchant for commas and you'll have had a messy time in 2021 crediting the previously no-brainer concept of Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak forming a super group. Between Bruno Mars' usual high chart success and Anderson .Paak's regular low success, it makes sense that this project lands somewhere in the middle, although it did manage to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, just don't bring it up to Dua Lipa fans.

Previous entry (Bruno Mars):
2014Uptown Funk (with Mark Ronson)#6

Previous entries (Anderson .Paak):
2016Dang! (with Mac Miller)#46
46. King Stingray - Get Me Out

King Stingray have some fairly notable lineage behind them. Two members of the duo are descendents of Yothu Yindi. They caught attention fairly quickly, earning triple j Unearthed's Feature Artist status back in 2020 off the back of their first ever single. They've since released 2 more, all fairing pretty well into 6 digits for streaming numbers, with this track seemingly the most popular.

Previous entry:
this is mostly my section. What a tune, and my 3rd vote in!
So happy people cared so much about this
Love Get Me Out so much, beautiful song - also my third vote in!

Appreciated the Jail/UP/Do It To It trio of bangers!
45. Wet Leg - Chaise Longue

In what can only feel like a throwback to 2000s indie, Wet Leg's ascent has been especially swift with this being their debut single and it being a song you may have actually heard of. Oddly enough if they do end up going the distance, the duo will not even be the first Isle of Wight band to do so, but they would be the first to do so without paying the monkey back, which is appreciable in this era of NFT hell.
Wet Leg are awesome. Also, happy for King Stingray.
44. Kanye West - Hurricane

It's interesting when a big new album drops to see the roll out of a big new album and see which songs are most popular on day 1, week 1, and in the long run. There's definitely an advantage to songs early in the tracklist, but then the songs people naturally gravitate to take the lead. Or alternatively, one track gets chucked onto major playlists and gets an unassailable advantage which you might question whether or not it's organic. Probably the main reason it was playlisted was that it's the song with The Weeknd & Lil Baby on it. To its credit, it's still the most streamed song on the album though "Praise God" is slowly catching up.

Previous entries:
2005Gold Digger#13
2006Touch The Sky#86
2008Love Lockdown#89
2011Otis (with Jay-Z)#33
2011Ni**as In Paris (with Jay-Z)#98
2013Black Skinhead#20
2013Bound 2#59
2013Thank You (with Busta Rhymes)#73
2016Ultralight Beam#22
2018Ghost Town#98
2019Follow God#87
2021Praise God#82
43. Bring Me The Horizon - DiE4u

Irritating pedants with their slotting into the 'too long to be an EP, too short to be an album' world in 2020, Bring Me The Horizon have promised 3 more "Post Human" releases in the coming years, "DiE4u" being so far the only single released from the forthcoming second one. They were not quite able to troll Radio 1 Chart Show listeners for a 5th time as they landed at the unlucky #41 position on the chart.

Previous entries:
2013Shadow Moses#92
2015Happy Song#86
2015True Friends#99
2020Parasite Eve#38
42. Peking Duk - Chemicals

Both halves of Peking Duk have released solo music recently but Peking Duk itself seems far from over. “Chemicals” sees them once again teaming up with Sarah Aarons, who of course is also the vocalist of “Fire” and has written a lot of music for a lot of people. If this is in the top 100 this will be the 8th (yearly) Hottest 100 in a row for Peking Duk, leaving them only 2 countdowns to match The Living End’s record. Maybe they’ll finally put out an album (lol).

UPDATE: Adam Hyde from Peking Duk announced a solo album shortly after I wrote this

Past entries:
2014Take Me Over#5
2015Say My Name#30
2017Fake Magic#12
2017Let You Down#20
2020Nothing To Love About Love#50
41. Lime Cordiale & Idris Elba - What’s Not To Like

The second single from the strangest musical collaboration of 2021. Unlike “Apple Crumble” it’s Idris Elba who takes on the lead vocals here. Musically, we have slightly (and I do mean slightly) heavier than usual guitars from Lime Cordiale. “What’s Not To Like” is a song about being yourself and not what other people want you to be. The collaborative EP (or ‘mini-album’) Cordi Elba will have come out one week before this.

Previous entries (Lime Cordiale):
2018Dirt Cheap#86
2019Inappropriate Behaviour#13
2019I Touch Myself (Like A Version)#17
2020On Our Own#11
2020Screw Loose#16
2020Addicted To The Sunshine#20
2020Reality Check Please#25
2020No Plans To Make Plans#26
40. girl in red - Serotonin

After her songs had been gaining increasing viral popularity the years prior, Norwegian singer girl in red released her debut album in 2021. To put the viral popularity thing into more inspective, while this is the most streamed song from the album on Spotify this is only her sixth most streamed song overall (respect for not forcing previous big singles onto the album I guess). A lot of girl in red’s other big songs are about queer romance but this one deals with mental health, specifically depression and intrusive thoughts. Matias Tellez produced most of the album but FINNEAS also helped out on this one. (FINNEAS? You know, that guy who was in a few episodes of the final season of Glee? I don’t think he’s known for anything else)
39. Middle Kids - Stacking Chairs

Between the release of their two albums, Middle Kids were busy in other ways, as Hannah & Tim had a child together. "Stacking Chairs" was unabashedly written about this romance, with the title metaphor referring to the notion of being there for each other, even in the mundane or tedious parts of life.

Previous entry:
38. The Rubens - Masterpiece

The Rubens got stuck at #105 the past 2 Hottest 200’s but perhaps they’ll make their Hottest 100 return with “Masterpiece”, which was released all the way back in December 2020. It’s about giving someone up and eventually regretting it. This is the opening track on their album 0202, which you might have noticed is 2020 backwards. I’m genuinely not sure whether the ‘killer disease’ referenced in the chorus is COVID or some kind of weird metaphor.

Previous entries:
2011Lay It Down#57
2012My Gun#10
2012The Best We Got#66
2017Million Man#77
2018Never Ever#21
2018God Forgot#32
37. Doja Cat - Woman

Hot off her much loved 2019 album, perhaps the most dynamic rapper around right now put out her new album in 2021 to big commercial success buoyed by singles like the female empowerment anthem "Woman". But enough about Little Simz let's talk about Doja Cat. "Woman" was not initially pegged as a single but would find itself propelled in classic Doja Cat style by surprise(?) TikTok success, making it one of 4 of her tracks which were outperforming the single that was supposed to be getting promoted.

Previous entries:
2020Boss Bitch#67
2021You Right#83
36. WILLOW (feat. Travis Barker) - t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l

I don’t think you’re legally allowed to make a semi-popular pop punk song in 2021 without doing at least 1 song with Travis Barker. Of course Willow Smith’s actual big 2021 hit was the 2020 released THE ANXIETY’s “Meet Me At Our Spot”, THE ANXIETY being her and Tyler Cole. Tyler Cole did also co-write and produce this song.

Previous entry (Travis Barker):
2020C’MON (with Amy Shark)#65

Last edited:
35. Peach PRC - Josh

In a time when very few Australian artists can get a foothold in the charts, Peach did so rather instantly with her single "Josh". Of course, this was thanks to her first cultivating a very large following on TikTok. In case you were wondering, the PRC is short for Princess as she took her name from the Super Mario character (also befitting her excessively pink aesthetic) but shortened it so it wouldn't take so long to type out. Between this and the guy who lost his 4th game of Jeopardy! because he lost his lead on a $400 question unable to correctly recall the composer of "Evita", "Cats" and "Sunset Boulevard" (Andrew Lloyd Webber, of course), missing out on a Tournament of Champions berth and allowing his opponent to go on and win 37 more games and 1.5 million dollars, it wasn't a good year for Josh.
t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l <3

My 4th vote in the Hottest 200. 2021 is now the first year since 2015 that I've gotten 3 in the Hottest 100 too
34. Doja Cat - Get Into It (Yuh)

It would be fair to compare "Get Into It (Yuh)" to Playboi Carti's flow but in its genesis, the track is a tribute to Nicki Minaj, made clear in the liminal and superliminal lyrical references. Nicki was even asked to be on the song but declined, unable to find a worthwhile addition.

Previous entries:
2020Boss Bitch#67
2021You Right#83
... okay we got there in the end
33. Olivia Rodrigo - déjà vu

Whenever an artist has a breakout smash, there's always the question of whether or not it'll be a one off thing or if they're here to stay. Olivia Rodrigo dispelled that notion fairly quickly as her 2nd single released in 2021, while not a chart topping smash, proved to have quite strong staying power, and only landed 5 places lower than its predecessor on Billboard's End Of Year Hot 100. While not as talked about as her other example, it did fall prey to the post-"Blurred Lines" safety check, where you'll now find Taylor Swift, St. Vincent & Jack Antonoff on the writing credits since as we know, they invented shouting on the bridge with "Cruel Summer".

Previous entries:
32. The Wombats - If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You

The second single of The Wombats’ fifth album is certainly a more conventional one, it certainly wastes no time in getting to the chorus. “If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You” is about how the pandemic has affected interpersonal relationships. Assuming they didn’t delay it again, the album will have come out a week ago.

Past entries:
2007Let’s Dance To Joy Division#12
2010Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)#8
2011Jump Into The Fog#18
2011Techno Fan#26
2011Our Perfect Disease#94
2013Your Body Is A Weapon#25
2015Greek Tragedy#29
2015Give Me A Try#67
2015Be Your Shadow#91
2017Lemon To A Knife Fight#22
2018Cheetah Tongue#69
2020Nothing To Love About Love (with Peking Duk)#50
31. Doja Cat - Need To Know

Imma tell you what you need to hear about Doja Cat’s “Need To Know”. Doja famously declared when this came out that this was ‘just some shit before the next more important single comes out for you to enjoy.’ “Need To Know” would of course perform significantly better in the charts than the next more important single. Even Wikipedia was shady about this for a bit but it has sadly been edited since then. While we know she really got no type, there is no word on whether bad bitches is the only thing that she likes.

Previous entries:
2020Boss Bitch#67
2021Get Into It (Yuh)#34
2021You Right#83
30. Spacey Jane - Here Comes The Sun (Like A Version)

The fact that so many books still name Spacey Jane as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" rock band ever only tells you how far rock music still is from becoming a serious art. Jazz critics have long recognized that the greatest jazz musicians of all times are Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Classical critics rank the highly controversial Beethoven over classical musicians who were highly popular in courts around Europe. Rock critics are still blinded by commercial success. Spacey Jane sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. Jazz critics grow up listening to a lot of jazz music of the past, classical critics grow up listening to a lot of classical music of the past. Rock critics are often totally ignorant of the rock music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that Spacey Jane did anything worthy of being saved.

Previous entries:
2019Good For You#80
2020Booster Seat#2

Solidifying his hit streak, "THATS WHAT I WANT" rapidly moved into top 10 positions all around the world quickly after "MONTERO" was released. If nothing else it was also the easiest track for radio to get on board with, and at least one person will note that it sounds a little bit like "White Lies" by Max Frost so no doubt it fits right at home on triple j too.
28. Amyl and The Sniffers - Hertz

Amyl and The Sniffers had been getting buzz in and out of Australia for a while already. Their self titled debut from 2019 won the ARIA for Best Rock Album and at least one of their singles was playlisted by BBC Radio 1. triple j finally caught up with the hype in 2021 right on time for their second album. “Hertz” came out as a single right before the release of the album. It was written in 2019 but it has been noted that it could come off as a pandemic song. It’s about being frustrated with being stuck in the city and wanting to go to the beach and/or the country.
Fuck yes! The best song by them.
so good!
27. DOPE LEMON - Rose Pink Cadillac

Angus & Julia Stone were very active in 2021, both as a unit and individually. Julia Stone released her first solo album and it featured quite a different sound for her. Angus & Julia Stone together released a soundtrack album for the video game Life Is Strange: True Colors (I believe one of their songs was featured in the first Life Is Strange but of the people writing this I am not the expert on this subject). Lastly, Angus Stone released the title track of the third DOPE LEMON album which came out two weeks before you’re reading this. One lucky person that pre-ordered the album was able to win an actual Rose Pink Cadillac.

Previous entries:
2016Uptown Folks#87
2019Hey You#84
26. Lorde - Solar Power

Ass. In a manner that can only be to give Gen Xers another reason to be arbitrarily mad at Zoomers, Lorde had to admit that she had never heard of Primal Scream before, when it was noted that "Solar Power" sounds a little bit like "Loaded". But if you haven't taken that as a reason to be mad, know that she spoke with Bobby Gillespie himself to make sure everything was okay with it, and he did not even ask for a writing credit. This song also features noted not-quite Hottest 100 entrants Clairo & Phoebe Bridgers on backing vocals. The album of the same name would go on to keep up Lorde's perfect streak of #1 peaks.

Previous entries:
2013Tennis Court#12
2014Yellow Flicker Beat#18
2014Tennis Court (Flume Remix)#47
2015Magnets (with Disclosure)#10
2017Green Light#6
2017Homemade Dynamite#14
2017Perfect Places#71
2021Mood Ring#62
2021Stoned At The Nail Salon#81
25. RÜFÜS DU SOL - Next To Me

As is seemingly the rule that every RÜFÜS DU SOL album needs at least one unabashed love song released as a single, enter "Next To Me". In-between a toast for the douche bags, assholes, scum bags & jerk offs is a sincere message of longing which is just vague enough that it could easily still fit in a post-pandemic world if such a thing really does exist.

Previous entries:
2013Take Me#21
2013Desert Night#34
2015You Were Right#12
2015Like An Animal#28
2016Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)#30
2016Say A Prayer For Me#55
2018Treat You Better#23
2018No Place#50
24. bbno$ (feat. Rich Brian) - edamame

Avid chart watchers from 2019 would of course remember that bbno$ is from the north and in fact from the Canada, but should this manage to poll, Rich Brian would be breaking new ground in the Hottest 100 for being in the north only relative to Australia and being from the Indonesia. It should come as no surprise that these two jokesters ended up going viral on TikTok with this quickfire medieval themed rap that somehow doesn't think to fit 'camelot' into its chorus rhymes.
Not the worst on the album!!
I actually like this song and am happy to see it do well
23. Glass Animals - I Don't Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)

Regrettably we may have been bamboozled. It is not often that you get to see very personal images of indie musicians but last year Glass Animals released the music video for "Space Ghost Coast To Coast", which featured countless naked Daves, none of which had an ass tattoo of Australia. In any case, if for whatever reason people might be inclined to toss a vote to Glass Animals despite this betrayal, the band released a deluxe edition of "Dreamland" featuring this new single. As this song is playing on the radio, it may well be the last time in history that "Heat Waves" is not the most presently listened to Glass Animals song.

Previous entries:
2016Life Itself#63
2016Season 2 Episode 3#98
2019Tokyo Drifting#34
2020Heat Waves#1
2020Your Love (Déjà Vu)#51
22. SZA - Good Days

December is generally a risky time to release a new single, as there's not much attention given to new music, and even if there is, most national charts are inundated with Christmas music taking up space. SZA went one step further and released "Good Days" on Christmas Day, so I imagine most of us didn't hear it until 2021, where true to its sonic stylings, it slow burned its way into the top 10. It's just another chapter in the agonising roll out of SZA's 2nd album, where she herself has expressed frustration at her label for perpetually delaying it.

Previous entries:
2018All The Stars (with Kendrick Lamar)#28
2021I Hate U#78
The first time someone has ever polled with two different December releases in the same countdown!
21. Ball Park Music - Sunscreen

Considering Ball Park Music were #4 in last year’s Hottest 100 they probably could have made the 2021 countdown by releasing an unaltered recording of John Cage’s 4′33″ but of course the person writing this is highly biased in favor of this song so I might be slightly exaggerating. “Sunscreen” is about encouraging you to put down that damn phone. If you’re reading this on your phone though don’t put it down, you need to keep reading these words.

Previous entries:
2011It’s Nice To Be Alive#31
2011All I Want Is You#38
2012Coming Down#23
2014She Only Loves Me When I’m There#19
2014Everything Is Shit Except My Friendship With You#58
2014Trippin The Light Fantastic#99
2017Exactly How You Are#18
2018The Perfect Life Does Not Exist#39
2020Day & Age#63
Love seeing Good Days this high! Still surreal to me that it was as big a hit as it was. My 5th vote in the H200
20. Ocean Alley - Touch Back Down

Showing significant artistic growth over the last 4 years, Ocean Alley are no longer unwilling to come down, but rather, just want to touch back down. The narrative is less clear in "Way Down" so perhaps it was just a transitional phase. If they manage to poll this year then they will have entries in back to back years that could scarcely be further apart: "Touch Back Down" came out 23 months after last year's entry "Tombstone".

Previous entries:
2017The Comedown#48
2018Baby Come Back (Like A Version)#16
2018Happy Sad#100
2019Stained Glass#54
2020Way Down#72
2021Breathe / Comfortably Numb / Money (Like A Version)#54
sorry I was just surfing, what did I miss?
19. RÜFÜS DU SOL - Alive

The release of new RÜFÜS DU SOL has turned into a pretty big deal at this point, or at least they're one of very few Australian artists who can still make the ARIA Charts on pure hype. "Alive" was the first single released from their 4th album "Surrender", and though its length may have scared off crossover success, it did win them their 3rd & 4th ARIA Awards, including their first ever award not for 'Best Dance Release', as they also netted Best Group.

Previous entries:
2013Take Me#21
2013Desert Night#34
2015You Were Right#12
2015Like An Animal#28
2016Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)#30
2016Say A Prayer For Me#55
2018Treat You Better#23
2018No Place#50
2021Next To Me#25
Alive! The best song off their latest album. I really love everything this band does.
18. The Jungle Giants - Love Signs

Something you might have noticed over the years is a change in sound for The Jungle Giants. A heavy instigator of this has been frontman Sam Hales who has gotten increasingly involved in the production side of things. "Heavy Hearted" was his first go at tackling it on his own, and with the strong reception that single received, he was inspired to handle the entire album, which emerged about 2 years later. "Love Signs" saw the band top the charts for the first time, and all things considered, stick around for a decent while longer than often is the case. The solo approach also applies to the music video, where Sam goes full My Dinner With Andre with himself, as inconceivable as that might sound.

Previous entries:
2012She’s A Riot#83
2017Feel The Way I Do#16
2017On Your Way Down#50
2017Bad Dream#57
2017Used To Be In Love#59
2019Heavy Hearted#8
2020Sending Me Ur Loving#8
2020In Her Eyes#89
2021Treat You Right#68
17. Tom Cardy - Mixed Messages

Yeah I didn't see this coming either.
Last edited:
oh hell
Omg Tom Cardy. Hopefully Artificial Intelligence also makes it in lol
16. Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under

In recent years, Sam Fender had worked himself up as one of the most successful artists in the UK without a top 40 hit to his name, coming painfully close multiple times. That looked to still be the case in 2021, when "Seventeen Going Under", the title track to his upcoming 2nd album, debuted and peaked at #44. When the album did arrive though, the track was able to be buoyed into the top 30, which would normally be the end of that story. Weeks after the fact, the song gained unexpected traction on TikTok, where the song's 2nd verse was used to back up survivors of domestic abuse. In the ensuing weeks, the song vaulted up the charts and well into the top 10 where it still is now months later. It's possible that if not for Taylor Swift's new version of "Red" that it could have reached the ARIA top 50.
biggest let down since Catch 22-gate
15. Vance Joy - Missing Piece

One can only assume Vance Joy is being complimentary with this metaphor, and not upholding the most cutting of insults in 'you piece!' made popular by everyone's favourite US Big Brother winner. In any case, this song has proven to be one of Vance Joy's very biggest hits, outlasting all of his hit songs that are known to still exist in terms of ARIA top 50 longevity, as well as getting impressive traction on US genre charts.

Previous entries:
2013Play With Fire#95
2014Mess Is Mine#13
2014First Time#50
2015Fire And The Flood#16
2017Lay It On Me#9
2018We’re Going Home#53
2018Saturday Sun#54
14. Lime Cordiale & Idris Elba - Apple Crumble

Outside of a Split Enz cover for a compilation, this was the first new Lime Cordiale release since the monumentally extended roll out of their 2nd album. It pairs them up with Idris Elba who just conveniently happened to be in Sydney last year shooting a film. He even has a writing credit so you can assume there's no ghosty action going on.

Previous entries (Lime Cordiale):
2018Dirt Cheap#86
2019Inappropriate Behaviour#13
2019I Touch Myself (Like A Version)#17
2020On Our Own#11
2020Screw Loose#16
2020Addicted To The Sunshine#20
2020Reality Check Please#25
2020No Plans To Make Plans#26
2021What’s Not To Like#41

Previous entry (Idris Elba):
2021What’s Not To Like#41
13. Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license

January has always typically been a slow time in the music charts. There's a lack of new releases to build interest from December, and people are still generally vibing on their favourite music from the year before. Anyway, within a single week, at the start of 2021, Olivia Rodrigo built up enough word of mouth for her single "drivers license" that it managed to debut at #1 all around the world. Not only that but it was done with streaming figures so unprecedented that it set a new standard. It's a rare case where you don't even have to say 'not including Christmas songs' because Olivia broke the record for most streams in a single week by nearly 1,000,000, at one point nearly tripling its nearest competitor. It was not actually her first single though, she previously hit the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019 with her soundtrack single "All I Want" from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and in fact her co-star from that musical/musical/series Joshua Bassett was the subject of "drivers license".

Previous entries:
2021déjà vu#33
12. Spacey Jane - Lunchtime

The second single Spacey Jane released in 2021 is more energetic than the first one but has a more serious subject matter. It’s about how lead singer Caleb Harper felt like he had been going through the motions and only doing things because he had to, not because he wanted to. As of right now no word on Spacey Jane’s next album but that could be different by the time this is posted. Speaking of bold assumptions, I’m guessing their Like A Version of “Here Comes The Sun” did not make the top 100. If it did my commentary would have been the Piero Scaruffi copypasta but with every instance of The Beatles replaced with Spacey Jane. I’m sure at least one person would have thought I was being completely serious.

Previous entries:
2019Good For You#80
2020Booster Seat#2
2021Here Comes The Sun (Like A Version)#30
11. Tom Cardy - H.Y.C.Y.BH

Australian comedian Tom Cardy would be known to regular triple j listeners for the Song Sequels segment on the Drive show. In this he would parody various notable Australian songs in a way that would spin off from the original. Despite the sequel name this would include things like a prequel of Hilltop Hoods’ “1955” and an edgy reboot of Lime Cordiale’s “Robbery”. In 2021 he released his first original comedy music on the EP “Artificial Intelligence”. If you haven’t found what the acronym of this song’s title is, I have a suggestion for where you should be looking…..

Previous entry:
2021Mixed Messages#17
Unlikely that he'll find any talent up there
10. Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

Lil Nas X built his career on his social media savvy. It all started with his doing every trick in the book to get "Old Town Road" to catch on, and once it did, riding that wave until he couldn't no more. But despite the follow up single appearing twice in Billboard's Hot 100 End Of Year chart, he was still occasionally seen as a one hit wonder until last year. With "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" was a roll out that no other artist could pull off. Between the song's unabashedly homosexual lyrics and even more provocative music video, it was the song that [as close to] everyone [as you can get in 2021] was talking about.

Previous entry:
9. RÜFÜS DU SOL - On My Knees

Despite being released as the 3rd single, "On My Knees" proved to be the hit with staying power from "Surrender". Not only reaching the ARIA top 50, but having no problem sticking around to the point that it caught up to the streaming totals of its predecessors in just a few months. "Surrender" of course saw the group back on top, having not released it the same week another remake of "A Star Is Born" went to theatres, and also saw them for the first time topping triple j's album poll, throwing down the gauntlet and perhaps prepping a talking point of vote splitting should they not land as high as initially hoped here.

Previous entries:
2013Take Me#21
2013Desert Night#34
2015You Were Right#12
2015Like An Animal#28
2016Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)#30
2016Say A Prayer For Me#55
2018Treat You Better#23
2018No Place#50
2021Next To Me#25
8. Lil Nas X (feat. Jack Harlow) - INDUSTRY BABY

Oddly enough, Kanye West's biggest hit in 2021 didn't come from his own album, but from his production work on "INDUSTRY BABY". Really though it was Lil Nas X's victory lap, as after playing second fiddle to the "Butter" era, it eventually became his 3rd Billboard #1 hit. Furthermore, it came with yet another highly sexualized music video. Initially censored, Lil Nas X later released an uncensored version which must be seen to be believed. If you have problems with that, Jack Harlow probably has a word or two for you.

Previous entries (Lil Nas X):
2021MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)#10

Previous entry (Jack Harlow):

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7. Doja Cat (feat. SZA) - Kiss Me More

Despite already making the Hottest 200 in 2019 and the Hottest 100 in 2020, triple j wasn’t really fully on the Doja Cat train until 2021 (though they did playlist “Won’t Bite” which is like the sixth most popular song from Hot Pink). This means they didn’t really play “Say So” but “Kiss Me More” is probably close enough in a lot of ways. There is a slight Australian connection by way of ‘we don’t want to get sued’ because the chorus is a credited interpolation of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” (meaning it has arguably won back the title of ‘most relevant song named Physical’). According to Doja this song really is just about kissing, but of course there are a lot of places where you can be kissed.

Previous entries (Doja Cat):
2020Boss Bitch#67
2021Need To Know#31
2021Get Into It (Yuh)#34
2021You Right#83

Previous entries (SZA):
2018All The Stars (with Kendrick Lamar)#28
2021I Hate U#78
6. Gang Of Youths - the angel of 8th ave.

Almost certainly one of the most anticipated albums of 2022, Gang Of Youths' upcoming "angel in realtime" follows on the massive success of "Go Farther In Lightness". Given that 2017 saw the band land 3 songs in the Hottest 100 top 10 that year with the highest at #2, there is perhaps a redemption arc brewing (which itself could be argued as what kept the band off the top spot that year). "the angel of 8th ave." is the first single that the band released from the upcoming album with a strong response too, becoming their highest ever charting single just barely. The single was also noted by the band as being the only song from the album that sounds close to what they were making in the past, so it could be seen as a bridging moment. In any case I think it's fair to say that if you want your band to do well in the Hottest 100, get a guy named Dave to sing for you.

Previous entries:
2016Strange Diseases#50
2017Let Me Down Easy#2
2017The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows#5
2017What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?#10
2017Blood (Like A Version)#41
2021the man himself#57
5. Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

If it could possibly be argued that we have a tendency to judge our opinion of songs within a minute or so and not really take in anything after that, look no further than the multitudes of people who out themselves by calling this just another standard, sleepy Billie Eilish track. Incidentally it could be argued that after diminishing returns on successive singles, this title track proved the shot in the arm to rescue Billie's 2nd album from the noted Pop Smoke fame of quickly falling behind its predecessor on the charts.

Previous entries:
2018when the party’s over#8
2018lovely (with Khalid)#17
2018you should see me in a crown#46
2019bad guy#1
2019everything i wanted#16
2019bury a friend#35
2019wish you were gay#67
2019all the good girls go to hell#91
2020Therefore I Am#10
2020my future#79
2020No Time To Die#90
2021Your Power#80
Conflicted because this album is sensational, but I have this as one of the lowlights if I’m honest. I’m thrilled for it though, wd!!
I listened to the album once, but I've listened to this song many times as its a brilliant song. Billie Eilish is a great artist.
4. Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u

All things being said, if there are enough people who thought Lil Nas X ended his one hit wonder status in 2021, there are probably people who figured "deja vu" didn't quite go the distance either. In that particular case, Olivia dispelled all doubt by releasing another single which proved in many ways to be exactly as big as "drivers license". Despite being a long running #1 around the world, it only spent a single week at the top in the US, ahead of an 11 week run at #2, tying Whitney Houston's record set in 1996, no doubt for good reason. It's also unfortunately the victim of labels profiting off of the good natured discourse of 'hey this song sounds a bit like this song'. Or possibly even because a day after the song was released, a popular mash up was made with Paramore's "Misery Business". So months later, Hayley Williams & Josh Farro have a writing credit on the song which is compositionally nothing like the song they wrote. Evidently having nothing to do with these proceedings, Hayley's only response was an Instagram story saying 'our publisher is wildin rn'.

Previous entries:
2021drivers license#13
2021déjà vu#33
maybe copy and paste what I said above except I do think stands out, and I just didn't think the album was as great! well done Olivia even if I would have had the order around differently
Good 4 Olivia!
Didn't know this was her most popular song. I prefered deja vu, and drivers license.
3. Spacey Jane - Lots Of Nothing

The double-edged sword of Hottest 100 success is that while Spacey Jane technically had a lot of success in 2021, it was largely not with the material they actually released that year. Perhaps most impressive in this is how they only squeaked over the line for contention in the ARIA Awards because of their Hottest 100 result and then managed to beat out huge stars like P!nk, Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato to win Australian Single Of The Year. Maybe 2022 will be "Lots Of Nothing"'s time to shine. The song itself is about seeing the parts of yourself that you don't like and coming to terms with how they define you as a person in a non-negative way.

Previous entries:
2019Good For You#80
2020Booster Seat#2
2021Here Comes The Sun (Like A Version)#30
2. The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber - STAY

The Kid LAROI has obviously been a big name for a while now, but for most people, this didn't properly set in until 2021, when he picked up two global smash hits. Arguably the more notable one was "STAY", a hit so instant that it became the fastest song to accumulate a billion streams on Spotify, a number that has never stopped chugging along ever since. If you thought "WITHOUT YOU" hitting #1 was a fluke of circumstance and chart gaming tactics, then "STAY" proved to be anything but, reigning for 14 straight weeks (oddly enough, Drake's one week stint at #2 with "Girls Want Girls" was the only song actually denied the top spot during this reign). On the other hand, "WITHOUT YOU" got the last laugh at the ARIA Awards, as by the time eligibility was locked in, it still was ahead on overall sales, so it beat "STAY" to a nomination for Australian Single Of The Year. As "STAY" did receive nominations for other categories in 2021, it's ineligible to carry over for next year's nominations. In theory, "SO DONE" which was never nominated for anything, should be eligible for 2022 Australian Single Of The Year, provided The Kid LAROI doesn't release a new single in time that outsells it.

Previous entries (The Kid LAROI):
2020SO DONE#37
Thank god it isn't #1
1. The Wiggles - Elephant (Like A Version)

Back in the early 2000s on Merrick and Rosso's drive show on triple j, they had a regular segment where they'd bring in Tripod to make a song in the space of an hour based on absurd listener suggestions. I assume the points don't matter either. One such result in 2002 imagined a world of the distant future, the year 2022 filled with robots. A focal point of this song was the future state of The Wiggles who in a robotic state are still around to look after the robot children, though with some difficulties such as Jeff being in cryogenic sleep. At the time, The Wiggles still had their core original line up, although since then they've had frequent line up changes where as of 2021 we now have a 4th generation Yellow Wiggle. The Ship of Theseus has not yet come to pass but Anthony remains the only original member to this day. Nonetheless, when the greater good calls, The Wiggles will power through, so in case you're a '90s die hard who will settle for nothing less than the original article, you're in partial luck as Murray & Jeff both joined in for the band's cover of Tame Impala's "Elephant" (I don't think anyone would hold it against Greg being absent with his health issues). It's worth noting that though The Wiggles have a very specific primary demographic, it has gone the long yards for them, as they regularly feature as one of the most listened to Australian artists on Spotify every year (in 2021 they were #2 only behind The Kid LAROI), while their consistent winning in the same ARIA Award category (one has to wonder how many ARIA judges now grew up with their music) every other year ranks them behind only John Farnham, Silverchair, Powderfinger, Paul Kelly & Kylie Minogue for the most ARIA Awards in history. Undeniably they're musical royalty in this country.
I'm here for it.
I'm rarely left speechless as anyone on this site will know... yep

I joked in my head when it came out that it could make a play for the top spot all the while knowing what the big contenders would be. This song absolutely slaps, and they absolutely did it justice in their own very fun way
Well there it is. I'm just happy that Elephant becomes the #1. I haven't really watched the Wiggles since the 90s when I was 5 but there you go. This is a funny country.
I voted for Elephant in the 2012 countdown! Great that it has become an enduring classic.
Here are Hijinx's leftover blurbs.

benny blanco, Marshmello & Vance Joy - You

If this collaboration seems odd on paper it's worth noting that Benny Blanco & Vance Joy have worked together before, notably on 2015 hit "Fire and the Flood". Not to mention various Marshmello adjacent artists so it wouldn't be too difficult to work it into your Hottest 100 artist collaboration web. The song narrowly missed out on a top 50 berth upon release which notably makes 2021 the first year ever going back to 2008 that Benny Blanco has not produced a new top 50 hit.
Previous entry (benny blanco):

Previous entry (Marshmello):
2020Come & Go (with Juice WRLD)#40

Previous entries (Vance Joy):
2013Play With Fire#95
2014Mess Is Mine#13
2014First Time#50
2015Fire And The Flood#16
2017Lay It On Me#9
2018We’re Going Home#53
2018Saturday Sun#54


If you were an avid triple j listener in the late 2000s then you might recognise a familiar tune here, specifically the Justice remix of Death From Above 1979's "Blood On Our Hands". In 2021, Jaguar Jonze won triple j's 'Done Good' J Award, recognising her work as a voice representing victims of racial, sexual & industry abuse. This song in particular takes aim at abusers at the top of the corporate ladder, especially pertinent with the stories of systemic abuse this year, including that of Sony Music Australia's Denis Handlin, who Jaguar Jonze spoke out against in the Four Corners special that premiered late last year.

Lil Tjay (feat. 6LACK) - Calling My Phone

On the off chance there's anyone reading this who still doesn't know, his name is in fact pronounced 'black', not 'six-lack'. 2021 saw him and Lil Tjay score their biggest hit to date, with thanks in no small part to a preview snippet of the song which went viral on TikTok before release. As is increasingly the case, once it was released, it vaulted right into the upper echelons of the chart.

PinkPantheress - Just for me

Operating on an above average level of anonymity, PinkPantheress started uploading music online in 2021 and quickly found viral success. Her music prominently as elements of garage, 2 step and drum & bass, as well as a general allergy for the 2 minute mark. "Just for me" has possibly proven to be the most successful so far, particularly if you include its further sampling by Central Cee who flipped it for "Obsessed With You" into ostensibly a much larger chart hit although their streaming totals aren't very far apart.

Rain Radio & DJ Craig Gorman - Talk About

If your first thought is 'Who are these people?', there's no good answer to it. Craig Gorman is an Irish DJ but Rain Radio is an undefined collective of DJs with no real identity. The only breadcrumb is a writing credit for Robbie Yates, an alias of Fred again.., while the song has a further producer credit from Billen Ted who you might recall from the "Wellerman" remix a year ago. The song also of course has writing credits from Nelly Furtado & Darkchild, because as you might have noticed, this song heavily samples "Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)" from 2012, which was not particularly a big hit but certainly a song that's hard to forget if you did hear it. Perhaps next year someone will spin gold from Enrique Iglesias' "Turn The Night Up".

Ruby Fields - R.E.G.O

Given that 75% of her Spotify audience comes from the 5 largest cities in Australia (which makes up about 66% of Australia's population), one can only wonder how much of an international audience Ruby Fields actually has and thus if there's anyone out there to be alienated by naming a song after her overdue rego. "R.E.G.O." was the first new single she released in 2021, accompanied by a video where she gets up to shenanigans dressed up as an elderly woman. Johnny Knoxville would be proud, probably.
Previous entries:
2020Pretty Grim#61

Ruby Fields - Song About A Boy

14 Australian artists had #1 albums in 2021. While that list largely features obvious chart veterans, obvious upstarts, and everyone also thinking 'oh yeah, Illy put out an album last year', probably the least obvious of these was Ruby Fields' debut album. Ruby Fields has spoken of the irony in releasing this song, about a brief non-lasting relationship, but one that ends up being immortalised by having a song written about it out in the world forever.

Previous entries:
2020Pretty Grim#61

Wolf Alice - How Can I Make It OK?

Released just a day before the album, "How Can I Make It OK?" quickly stood out as a popular cut on "Blue Weekend". The album saw Wolf Alice reach new heights in popularity, finally reaching the top spot after twice peaking at #2 in the UK, and even reaching the top 10 in Australia.

Wolf Alice - The Last Man On Earth

Wolf Alice's 3rd album came with a great deal of anticipation. Notably their previous album "Visions Of A Life" won the Mercury Prize in 2018, the only time in the last 7 years it hasn't gone to a solo artist. The British press in particular were out in force when "Blue Weekend" did arrive, vaulting it to the top of the metacritic ratings for 2021 briefly (it sits at #11 at the time of writing in their aggregate of critic end of year lists). Arguably "The Last Man On Earth" maintained the band's habit for odd, curveball lead singles, possibly resulting in it never making the UK Charts behind later singles "Smile" & "How Can I Make It OK?", the former now the band's highest charting single.

Time for me to head to bed now, what a day everyone. See y'all later.
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A pretty enjoyable countdown, and I’m very pleased that seven of my votes made the top 100, with four in the top six. If ever a meme song was going to win, this would be the year, so I’m glad it’s not an objectionable winner although I do prefer most of the rest of the top ten :p
Hahaha that is the funniest slap in the face to all those who sit on their thrones admiring their alternative love songs. The fucking Wiggles!!!! If that isn't pure comedy well i'm a rocket scientist! Triple J and music is dead!
Beanster I thought Triple J died the moment they embraced the manufactured angst rock princess Alanis Morrisette wannabe that is Olivia Rodrigo.

I jokingly said to myself it would be funny if The Wiggles got #1, especially since The Morning Show team thought they had pulled off a miracle getting them to agree, when in fact The Wiggles just seized the opportunity to get free promotion to plug some new work.
Olivia Rodrigo isn't manufactured
I had a great time with this year's Hottest 100 and I think I preferred having 101-200 precede the H100. It wasn't an especially exciting top section for me (good 4 u, Happier Than Ever, Seventeen Going Under & RÜFÜS aside) but there were lots of amazing surprises across the countdown that I'd counted out well before they appeared; Get Into It (Yuh), Chemtrails, Waiting for Nothing, Thot Shit, River, Scream and especially Halsey & Confidence Man among my votes. Thanks to anyone with me in the Discord for making it such a fun couple of days + a special thanks to jinx and villages for the quality blurbs
I'm absolutely ecstatic that the Wiggles took the #1 spot in the end. I strongly remember the day it came out and me and all my friends were tagged and sharing this marvelous event. It was the talk of the week and the stories from my friends, and from many online, described of the shock, bewilderment, and joy this brought to many people. For the month afterwards, I would seek out this song every day, and every time I listened to it, it gave me a great smile on my face.

I think it's insulting to say this that this won because of a joke. It is a smashing cover of a great song, performed by great musicians, and evokes many fond nostalgic memories of one of the greatest Australian bands. The value in joy and happiness that this has brought, in a difficult year for Australians, is priceless. Finally, this song is the biggest win for the station, where such a beloved tradition that is "Like A Version," can finally be honoured with a #1 spot. This could not have been more deserving.
Overall, the Countdown was very enjoyable and I was so pleased to see Sam Fender place fantastically in the top 20 and RUFUS finally grab a top 10 spot in a yearly countdown. I had 7 votes make the top 100 (none in the top 200) which is pretty awesome get as well.

Unfortunately I was whisked away and was unable to do tune into the top 20 live (and was twiddling my thumbs in a room with no internet until a little later) but I am ecstatic with how the rest of the top 20 turned out.

Prediction results will be posted here shortly.
Don't let this result distract you from the fact that Amy Schneider is one game away from overtaking Matt Amodio for the 2nd most consecutive wins on Jeopardy! (which is definitely a sport) as she plays her 39th game on Monday.

To paraphrase Cat & Calmell, I need a doctor to put me in a coma 'cause there's no getting over this tragic snubbing of Wolf Alice.

Gotta say though, I gained a lot of respect for the #1 pick after I spent a decent amount of an afternoon researching into it so that I could put some padding between my typical fashion of ironically comparing everything to ancient thought experiments. Shout out to the dude on reddit who inadvertently was the genesis of the post.

Also more people should read Umineko.
Prediction results: (I hope this table will be easy to read!)

   Final position392antonbenjiBZharleyirelanderOBOnevillageswitnessZacco BR*Eff*OZRocker*
The WigglesElephant 13221213214 221
 Points Awarded  1223231230 223
The Kid Laroi & Justin BieberSTAY 21334132122 462
 Points Awarded  2221223233 103
Spacey JaneLots of Nothing 37473385443 3  
 Points Awarded  0203301223 3  
Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u 42645666698 713
 Points Awarded  1132111100 002
Billie EilishHappier Than Ever 565971054535  10 
 Points Awarded  2301032313  0 
Gang of Youthsthe angel of 8th avenue 64112521351 1056
 Points Awarded  3001410240  45
Doja Cat & SZAKiss Me More 757 847 786    
 Points Awarded  35 425 544    
Lil Nas X & Jack HarlowINDUSTRY BABY 889  9 9  9    
 Points Awarded  54  4 4  4    
RÜFÜS DU SOLOn My Knees 9101056 4796  1  
 Points Awarded  4412  352  0  
Lil Nas XMONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) 10            34
 Points Awarded              00
 Total points:  2123817181515221917 6613
Spacey JaneLunchtime 12           9  
Olivia RodrigoDrivers License 139   8       47
Lime Cordiale & Idris ElbaApple Crumble 14 8 107108877   9
Vance JoyMissing Piece 15           8  
Sam FenderSeventeen Going Under 16  8           
The Jungle GiantsLove Signs 18   9   10 10    
RÜFÜS DU SOLAlive 19      10 10  5 10
Ball Park MusicSunscreen 21  10        6  
LordeSolar Power 26            7 
Amyl And The SniffersHertz 28  6  9        
Wet LegChaise Longue 45             5
King StingrayMilkumana 56             8
Genesis OwusuGold Chains 75            8 
Ruby FieldsSong About A Boy -            9 

#50 prediction
   Actual positionPoints
392LordeSolar Power260
antonVance JoyMissing Piece150
benjiCHVRCHESHow Not To Drown-0
BZAdam NewlingSweetness990
harleyLordeMood Ring620
irelanderGang of Youthsthe man himself577
villagesDune RatsUP499
witnessBring Me The HorizonDiE4u433
ZaccoCardi BUp528
BR*RÜFÜS DU SOLMake It Happen-0
Eff*Teen Jesus And The Jean TeasersAHHHH!1170
OZRocker*Billie EilishYour Power800

#69 prediction
   Actual positionPoints
392Vera BlueTemper727
antonHoly HolyHow You Been1000
benjiWet LegWet Dream1180
BZThe WeekndTake My Breath530
harleyTones And ICloudy Day745
irelanderCHVRCHESHe Said She Said1410
OBOneOlivia Rodrigodéjà vu330
villagesThe Knocks & MallratR U HIGH1210
witnessLizzoRumours (feat. Cardi B)736
ZaccoVera BlueTemper727
BR*The Knocks & MallratR U HIGH1210
Eff*ArchitectsDead Butterflies1320
OZRocker*SZAGood Days220

#100 prediction
   Actual positionPoints
392Something For Katecardigan-0
antonCHVRCHESHow Not To Drown-0
benjiThe War on DrugsI Don't Live Here Anymore-0
harleyJungle GiantsTreat You Right680
irelanderDoja CatNeed To Know310
OBOneGretta RayCherish1470
villagesShouseLove Tonight (David Guetta Remix)1150
witnessCHVRCHESHe Said She Said1410
ZaccoFlight FacilitiesLights Up1720
Eff*Confidence ManHoliday10312
OZRocker*Polish ClubStop For A Minute1240

#101 prediction
   Actual positionPoints
392Nothing But ThievesFutureproof1750
antonThe AvalanchesThe Divine Chord1790
benjiWolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth-0
BZLordeStoned At The Nail Salon810
harleyFlight FacilitiesLights Up1720
irelanderBeddy RaysWeek On Repeat1106
OBOneBaker BoyRide1600
villagesWolf AliceHow Can I Make It OK?-0
witnessFlight FacilitiesMove1550
ZaccoDom DollaPump The Brakes610
BR*The RubensWaste A Day-0
Eff*AURORACure For Me1800
OZRocker*G FlipQueen640

#150 prediction
   Actual positionPoints
392Flight FacilitiesForever-0
antonFoalsWake Me Up-0
benjiFlight FacilitiesForever-0
BZMAY-ATime I Love To Waste1010
harleyThe Lazy EyesFuzz Jam-0
irelanderFoalsWake Me Up-0
villagesMilky ChanceColorado15020
witnessSomething For KateCardigan-0
ZaccoBillie EilishBillie Bossa Nova-0
BR*AlldayStolen Cars1300
Eff*SyccoTime's Up-0
OZRocker*Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!1170

#200 prediction
   Actual positionPoints
392ArchitectsDead Butterflies1320
benjiLondon GrammarHow Does It Feel?-0
BZThe VannsRed Light1670
harleyPendulumCome Alive-0
irelanderIDLESThe Beachland Ballroom-0
OBOnePendulumCome Alive-0
villagesDrakeGirls Want Girls1640
witnessYUNGBLUDActing Like That1190
ZaccoCharli XCXGood Ones1400
BR*Lana Del ReyChemtrails Over the Country Club630
Eff*London GrammarLose Your Head-0
OZRocker*Machine Gun Kellylove race590

392antonbenjiBZharleyirelanderOBOnevillageswitnessZacco BR*Eff*OZRocker*
7000513029915 0120

Total Prediction points:
392antonbenjiBZharleyirelanderOBOnevillageswitnessZacco BR*Eff*OZRocker*
2823817232815512832 61813

Last edited:
Quiz results:

1(1)ARIA #1?StayStayDLStayStayStayStayStayStayg4uStayg4uStay
2(2)How many LAVs?bcbcddcadbcac
3(4)Most entries?OlivRÜFÜSGoYDojaBillieOlivOlivOlivOlivBillieRÜFÜSOlivBillie
4(2)Aussie record?NNNNNNNNNNNNY
5(1)Billie Eilish vs. Olivia RodrigoOlivBillieOlivOlivOlivBillieBillieBillieBillieBillieOlivOlivOliv
6(1)Ball Park Music vs. The Jungle GiantsJungBPMBPMJungBPMBPMJungJungJungJungBPMJungBPM
7(1)Lime Cordiale vs. Ocean AlleyLimeLimeLimeLimeLimeLimeLimeLimeLimeLimeLimeOceanLime
8(1)Amyl and the Sniffers vs. Middle KidsAmylAmylAmylAmylAmylAmylAmylAmylAmylAmylMiddleAmylMiddle
9(1)The Buoys vs. Teenage JoansTeenBuoysTeenBuoysTeenBuoysTeenTeenTeenTeenTeenTeenTeen
10(1)The Rubens vs. Vance JoyVanceVanceRubensVanceVanceVanceVanceVanceVanceVanceVanceVanceVance
11(1)The Amity Affliction vs. Bring Me The HorizonBMTHBMTHAmityBMTHAmityBMTHBMTHBMTHBMTHBMTHAmityBMTHAmity
12(1)Cardi B vs. LizzoCardi BCardi BCardi BCardi BCardi BLizzoLizzoCardi BLizzoCardi BCardi BCardi BCardi B
13(1)Glass Animals vs. The WombatsGlassGlassWomGlassGlassGlassGlassGlassGlassGlassGlassWomGlass
14(1)Baker Boy vs. King StingrayStingStingBakerStingStingStingStingStingStingStingStingBakerSting

Final results:
 392antonbenjiBZharleyirelanderOBOnevillageswitnessZacco BR*Eff*OZRocker*
Predictions:2823817232815512832 61813
Quiz1811713141616171811 11139
FINAL46341529374431684643 173122

Congratulations to our winner, villages, and to Effluvium, the winner of the non-Warm Tunas division!! Villages basically secured the win with that perfect #150 Milky Chance prediction
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Nicely done to the winners, at least I didn't come last
I've posted 2021's Hottest 100 on my site which, as always, includes ARIA peak and EOY rankings...


Annual very long post incoming

I again tracked the data from Warm Tunas. Granted, I barely looked at it until the last week or so, but I had a script running (bar minor hiccups) since voting opened to record it, so I can easily make it seem like I was actively watching all along I have a total of 165 updates, less than before because it usually updated every 6 hours rather than the traditional 3. The top 200 first appeared on 4 January, luckily not waiting until ~20k votes like the last 2 times as that would've taken until almost the end.

It made itself messy to track at the end because when the 101-200 broadcast started, the 101-200 page stopped updating, but the top 100 page continued to do so - and then once 101-200 had been revealed, songs that had placed were removed from the default view of the WT top 100 (but the filter options let the complete top 100 still be viewed). Luckily, none of the songs in the last 101-200 update we got ended up switching places with any of the top 100, so the 2 halves' respective latest updates can be stitched together as if they're consistent with each other. So here's how the numbers have gone:

 WTTotalSample sizeMy table
2010s29,1231,869,6591.56%https://i.imgur.com/rTINqgE.png (sorted by WT) / https://i.imgur.com/nuCsWS3.png (sorted by H200) / https://i.imgur.com/Fpx2FDs.png (sorted by year) / https://i.imgur.com/PSMoXfW.png (every single update) / https://i.imgur.com/0xP7b6L.png (numbers of votes)
202036,1562,790,2241.30%https://i.imgur.com/nAiseoS.png (sorted by WT) / https://i.imgur.com/YMF2RBf.png (sorted by H200) / https://i.imgur.com/EMsWZtE.png (every single update) / https://i.imgur.com/558SzZ3.png (numbers of votes)

The number of votes in the Hottest 100 was lower than the last 3 years but the WT sample size is also a new low, which is probably a reason for some significant differences I'll list shortly. Here's a graph of how the amount of votes in WT has progressed over time each year: https://i.imgur.com/0eipkrj.png

Here's my table, in the same format as the last 2 times - I've condensed it to 1 update per day, and I have TI/HP (times in / highest position) columns on the right to help reflect the updates that aren't shown.

Sorted by WT position: https://i.imgur.com/BJWhIne.png
Sorted by H200 position: https://i.imgur.com/pf6p5Ls.png

And if you want to see what it looks like with all 165 columns: https://i.imgur.com/RODQQCY.png
Or with numbers of votes instead of positions: https://i.imgur.com/Pkiu4eH.png

Here's a graph of how the top 7 songs on WT's votes moved over time: https://i.imgur.com/dBi23xE.png - "the angel of 8th ave." started at #1 and apart from switching places with "Elephant" once on the first day, remained at #1 for a week, then "Elephant" took over for good, but both remained far ahead of the rest the whole time. The next few songs were close much of the time, but "STAY" gradually picked up a lead at #3.

These are the highest songs on WT that didn't make the Hottest 200 (you can see the rest of them stacked at the bottom of the 2nd image above):

74How Not To Drown [Ft. Robert Smith]CHVRCHES
100Kim [with Yung Baby Tate]Tkay Maidza
107How Can I Make It OK?Wolf Alice
111Something About Being SixteenTeenage Joans
124A Song About FishingGenesis Owusu
125The Last Man On EarthWolf Alice
126BLEEDEvie Irie
127Spike The PunchAlex Lahey
129Cardigan [triple j Like A Version 2021]Something For Kate
130Concrete Jungle FeverJerome Farah
133Contraband [Ft. Courtney LaPlante]Make Them Suffer
135Bad HabitThe Buoys
138Bad DecisionsRedHook
139Dino'sGordi x Alex Lahey
140Fuzz JamThe Lazy Eyes
144I Don't Live Here Anymore [Ft. Lucius]The War On Drugs
145The Change [Ft. DMA'S]What So Not
14721Bakers Eddy
149Come AlivePendulum
150Guided By AngelsAmyl And The Sniffers
152Look At The SkyPorter Robinson
153SABRE TEETH [Ft. Genesis Owusu]Moss
154Walk Over My GraveYours Truly
159Baby StepsAmy Shark
160BlueCamp Cope
161FOREVER [Ft. BROODS]Flight Facilities
163Ice CreamTeenage Joans
166Love Me RightGretta Ray

The striking thing about CHVRCHES is that "How Not To Drown" was barely below "He Said She Said" on WT, but plummeted to beneath their lowest entry "Good Girls". This is probably down to being overestimated by WT's twitter and reddit components (which 'famously' had "XS" at #2 and #9 respectively last year); "How Not To Drown" was #30 and #20 respectively on them, while their other 2 songs were #90 and #92 on twitter and not in reddit's top 100. "How Not To Drown" ties Stand Atlantic's "Hate Me (Sometimes)" in 2019 as the highest song on WT not to make the Hottest 200 (at least in 2018-present); the highest in 2020 was "XS" (#82), in EOD was "Dance Yrself Clean" (#75) and in 2018 was Slowly Slowly's "Alchemy" (#94).

Tkay, meanwhile, goes from having the highest song on WT to not make the Hottest 100 last year ("Shook", #31 → #125), to being 2nd in this list. Wolf Alice are probably the artist most distorted by reddit as "The Last Man On Earth" in particular ranked #8 there (although in fairness, with reddit being the smallest component, it would still be around #186 on WT even with no reddit votes). A lot of this list may not have even been particularly close but I'd guess "Something About Being Sixteen" was, since they 'only' fell #39 → #84 with "Wine", and perhaps Flight Facilities too but their WT differences were all over the place ("Move" climbed 20, "Heavy" fell 9, "Lights Up" fell 59).

Also of note is The Kid LAROI's "WITHOUT YOU" (released in November 2020), which was somehow mistakenly included on the list at first then removed. It reached #23 on WT on the first day, then mostly stopped gaining votes after a couple days and gradually sank to #103, then disappeared (presumably the guy who runs WT removed it). If it had been left in WT, it would've finished around #210 (or higher if it gained more votes from belated posts or write-ins). I would guess it easily got enough votes to make the Hottest 200 but was excluded.

These are the songs in the Hottest 200 that never made WT:

17Mixed MessagesTom Cardy
30Here Comes The Sun [triple j Like A Version 2021]Spacey Jane
36t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l [Ft. Travis Barker]WILLOW
67traitorOlivia Rodrigo
78I Hate USZA
79Clash [Ft. Stormzy]Dave
82Praise GodKanye West
83You RightDoja Cat & The Weeknd
97MoonKanye West
102Henny & ReeferChillinit
105p r i d e . i s . t h e . d e v i l [Ft. Lil Baby]J. Cole
126Wake UpSkegss
128letting goZiggy Alberts
133One Right NowPost Malone & The Weeknd
139m y . l i f e [Ft. 21 Savage/Morray]J. Cole
142Knife Talk [Ft. 21 Savage/Project Pat]Drake
144Fair Trade [Ft. Travis Scott]Drake
146SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE [Ft. Brent Faiyaz/Fana Hues]Tyler, The Creator
148Lost CauseBillie Eilish
151Believe What I SayKanye West
152NDABillie Eilish
162I Know You Do KetamineCandy Moore & Abbie Chatfield
164Girls Want Girls [Ft. Lil Baby]Drake
166Way 2 Sexy [Ft. Future/Young Thug]Drake
174happierOlivia Rodrigo
176I Don't Wanna LeaveRÜFÜS DU SOL
186AddictedJorja Smith
189Don't You Forget About Me [triple j Like A Version 2021]Boy & Bear
193Say It [Ft. LP Giobbi & Blush'ko]Choomba

Plus 18 more songs that had made WT at some point but since dropped out, the highest of them being:

54Breathe/Comfortably Numb/Money [triple j Like A Version 2021]Ocean Alley
77WUSYANAME [Ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again/Ty Dolla $ign]Tyler, The Creator
93family ties [with Kendrick Lamar]Baby Keem
107Thot ShitMegan Thee Stallion
114Off The GridKanye West
116We Are MidnightDMA's

There's a giant difference between this list this year and previously. Last year, the highest song in the Hottest 200 that had never made the WT top 200 was Spacey Jane's "Weightless" (#81); in EOD it was J. Cole's "No Role Modelz" (#85); and in 2019 it was Dominic Fike's "Phone Numbers" (#114). A lot of this list is usual suspects, but I had no idea "Mixed Messages" would appear until it did (more on my predictions later).

I'd like to note, since it hasn't been mentioned in the thread, that "I Know You Do Ketamine" made it as a write-in. I'm not an expert on this beyond the most recent years, but I don't know if any other times in, say, the last 10-15 years, that a write-in has actually made it - I know "Ni**as In Paris" was often claimed as one but I believe it was a belated addition to the voting list (as were "Edge Of Town" and "What You Know" in EOD, albeit only 1 day after voting opened). So it feels very significant as before this year I'd have thought write-ins making it was basically impossible short of exceptional circumstances (like if triple j were to forget something very popular on the list that obviously should be there). I had never heard of "I Know You Do Ketamine" (well, it was in the list of invisible songs appended to the voting list that I posted in the other thread, but I only glanced at the things I didn't know there) and never would've predicted it, but I do see that there are several 'news' articles about it being promoted for voting and that its source vocalist seemingly has a large following (I know absolutely nothing about The Bachelor) so I can understand it (and it does sound like something that triple j voters would like, cc "Get On The Beers").

Yet meanwhile, there actually was a write-in that appeared in WT: "All Too Well (10 Minute Version)". When WT first published 101-200 it appeared at #170, then gradually slipped out. I noticed it at the time but hadn't looked at the voting list yet so, thinking WT surely wouldn't be able to track write-ins (I assume it works by doing text-recognition on images then matching that to an existing list of songs i.e. the voting list) - and thinking write-ins wouldn't be in contention even if it did - I guessed it probably was on the voting list, as strange as that would be. I strongly expect the reason it was being tracked is the invisible songs list I posted - as the easiest way to get a well-formatted copy of the voting list is from the source code, where those extra songs also appeared. This made it a giant wildcard to predict, as a WT appearance (and, I'd guess, the likelihood of someone like Taylor to climb from WT) plus its general popularity made it seem genuinely possible, if not necessarily likely, and I wish I could know if it was actually close or not.

There is a 2nd write-in that appeared in WT in a sense too - Rancid Eddie's "Dry" appeared in the components (like it was top 100 on instagram DMs for a while). That also felt like a giant wildcard by being something that, for a moment in October before the plug was pulled, looked to me like a #1 contender and definite top 5 placer as virtually the biggest/fastest breakout for an Australian band on the charts in years, and so at least before seeing that "All Too Well" was in WT and "Dry" wasn't, I'd have seen "Dry" as being the closest thing to 'exceptional circumstances' that could lead a write-in to actually make it, and I could've seen it landing basically anywhere (assuming triple j wouldn't exclude it, which, who knows).

153 of the Hottest 200 were in WT at the end (compared to 155 in both 2020 and EOD, and 162 in 2019), and 171 made WT at some point (compared to 162 in 2020, 166 in EOD and 177 in 2019).

These are the biggest climbs from WT to the Hottest 200 (among songs that were in the final WT top 200):

19037+153WomanDoja Cat
16731+136Need To KnowDoja Cat
18865+123Down Under [Ft. Colin Hay]Luude
14134+107Get Into It (Yuh)Doja Cat
14244+98HurricaneKanye West
17280+92Your PowerBillie Eilish
9411+83H.Y.C.Y.BHTom Cardy
11633+83déjà vuOlivia Rodrigo
16586+79Just Feels TightFISHER
14366+77A Girl Like You [triple j Like A Version 2020]Tame Impala
194119+75acting like that [Ft. Machine Gun Kelly]YUNGBLUD
189115+74Love Tonight [David Guetta Remix]Shouse
178106+72Too Many FeelingsRuel
12260+62brutalOlivia Rodrigo
196134+62Bush TVSkegss
8022+58Good DaysSZA
9641+55What's Not To LikeLime Cordiale & Idris Elba
11461+53Pump The BrakesDom Dolla
200150+50ColoradoMilky Chance
10152+49UpCardi B
155112+43tend the gardenGang Of Youths
8848+40Do It To It [Ft. Cherish]ACRAZE
198161+37Worst Day Of My LifeAmy Shark
10974+35Cloudy DayTones And I
5320+33Touch Back DownOcean Alley
132101+31Time I Love To WasteMAY-A
9868+30Treat You RightThe Jungle Giants

Again a lot of usual suspects, though an interesting contrast for Doja Cat is that "Boss Bitch" only climbed 32 spots last year, and Luude has taken the opposite path to typical D&B (cc all 5 of the Pendulum songs in 2020 and EOD), despite only barely becoming a chart hit in time for the voting period. Ruel climbed 72 spots with his original but actually fell 6 with his LAV, and Gang Of Youths climbed 43 with "tend the garden" but fell 15 with "the man himself". Amy Shark is also one who swapped order with "Baby Steps" being higher on WT but "Worst Day Of My Life" being the one that made it (understandable I think since the latter was a moderate radio hit).

And the biggest falls (among songs that did still make the Hottest 200):

65178-113Most Hated GirlWAAX
72175-103FutureproofNothing But Thieves
75177-102King BrownBarkaa
91179-88The Divine Chord [Ft. MGMT/Johnny Marr]The Avalanches
104187-83TyphoonsRoyal Blood
118200-82Good GirlsCHVRCHES
55136-81QuestionsMiddle Kids
90168-78Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)Fred again.. & The Blessed Madonna
48124-76Stop For A MinutePolish Club
67141-74He Said She SaidCHVRCHES
83153-70SecurityAmyl And The Sniffers
73140-67Good OnesCharli XCX
81147-66CherishGretta Ray
63127-64deathwish [Ft. nothing,nowhere.]Stand Atlantic
97160-63Ride [Ft. Yirrmal]Baker Boy
110173-63Quiet On SetRemi Wolf
117180-63Cure For MeAURORA
3698-62SweetnessAdam Newling
108169-61ScarlettHolly Humberstone
113172-59Lights Up [Ft. Channel Tres]Flight Facilities
4396-53House Of HolyClient Liaison
4092-52BlueprintSlowly Slowly
4494-50Sunday SuitTyne-James Organ
60110-50Week On RepeatBeddy Rays
82132-50Dead ButterfliesArchitects

WAAX are no stranger to this since they've previously gone #49 → #140 ("FU" in 2019) and #23 → #88 ("Labrador" in 2018) and Northlane are basically the most prototypical 'will fall 100 spots' artist, but I am surprised about "Stranded". Nothing But Thieves had a much larger fall than any of their 2020 songs which I'm guessing is because this one is heavier, but then that doesn't work for Polish Club having a metalcore-tier fall with a very pop song. Charli XCX has massively improved from "Gone" going #69 → #188 in 2019, and so have Stand Atlantic from their past annual falls of #44 → #134, #74 → out and #87 → #191. Remi Wolf is another who switched order, with her other entry "Sexy Villain" being almost exactly where it was on WT.

So as I've mentioned above, the component filters (which were introduced last year) still exist. Here's how the 5 individual components compare to the overall WT list: https://i.imgur.com/i9WUw7o.png

Because you can select any combination of the 5 components, that leaves 31 possible sets of results - and with the additional filter of excluding songs that placed in 101-200, there are now 62 possible lists. So as a sort of 'bubbling under WT' list, to see what other songs were getting votes (if only very few), here's a list of songs that appear somewhere in those 62 lists but never made WT overall. The numbers are the highest amount of votes they appear with (i.e. if a song had 10 votes on one component/combination and 15 on another, its maximum would be 15), meaning they had at least that many votes tracked. The ones with a "●" made the Hottest 200. "Sun Came Up" wins by appearing at #88 on instagram posts with 101-200 excluded (and also #99 on instagram posts + reddit with 101-200 excluded).

Sun Came UpSOFI TUKKER & John Summit27 Ready For TomorrowBabe Rainbow4 
HazyGreat Gable20 t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l [Ft. Travis Barker]WILLOW4
Believe AnythingHoly Holy19 ValentineSnail Mail4 
Giving In To The LoveAURORA18 America's CupPond3 
DryRancid Eddie14 CALI SUNOcean Grove3 
Way OutDear Seattle14 CheerleaderTeenage Dads3 
MoonKanye West13Interior PeopleKing Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard3 
On My MindMashd N Kutcher13 Like I Used ToSharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen3 
Not Even In Vegas [Ft. Thomas Headon]G Flip12 LimboRoyal Blood3 
Little ThingsBig Thief10 Lipstick On The GlassWolf Alice3 
Piece Of My MindBROODS10 Many TimesDijon3 
27 ClubTrophy Eyes8 Now (In Space)Montaigne3 
GlowJessica Mauboy8 On My OwnBeddy Rays3 
Everything I Love Is Going To DieThe Wombats7 On The EdgeLOSER3 
This EnchantedHatchie5 Ready For The HighThe Wombats3 
Dog EaredCarla Geneve4 Say What You WillJames Blake3 
MusicianPorter Robinson4 ShanghaiKing Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard3 

And from having checked the components a few times throughout the voting period, here's a (probably very incomplete!) list of other songs that appeared somewhere in them, at some point in the past - for example, "Make It Happen" was #82 on the combination of instagram posts + stories on 21/12 (with 11 votes):

Make It HappenRÜFÜS DU SOL11 Mid YearsGeorge Alice5 
LizRemi Wolf9 Say It [Ft. LP Giobbi & Blush'ko]Choomba5
traitorOlivia Rodrigo9Spit Of YouSam Fender5 
SwimmingTOWNS8 Swing Of ThingsMAY-A5 
HardlineJulien Baker7 Believe What I SayKanye West4
I Don't Wanna LeaveRÜFÜS DU SOL7BlouseClairo4 
That's Just How I FeelNoah Dillon7 DeadbeatBetween You & Me4 
WaitingPUP7 happierOlivia Rodrigo3
Alive And KickingNoah Dillon6 Lose You TooHarley Alaska3 
ARE YOU WITH THAT?Vince Staples6 Strangers [with Mansionair]Dom Dolla3 
Here Comes The Sun [triple j Like A Version 2021]Spacey Jane6Winnie Crushmerci, mercy3 
honeyHalsey6 AmendsOdette2 
WhackPolish Club6 Bottle'oRuby Fields2 
Bells In Santa FeHalsey5 Delicious ThingsWolf Alice2 
Black LungsArchitects5 G R O W [Ft. Travis Barker]WILLOW & Avril Lavigne2 
BLOOD RAVETriple One5 I.C.U.Holy Holy2 
Bunny Is A RiderCaroline Polachek5 Last Day On Earthbeabadoobee2 
DiamondBugs5 Nigel Hittershame2 
Don't You Forget About Me [triple j Like A Version 2021]Boy & Bear5No Hard FeelingsWolf Alice2 
HOLIDAYTurnstile5 Same ThingGenesis Owusu2 
HumanGretta Ray5 That LifeUnknown Mortal Orchestra2 
letting goZiggy Alberts5    

Now, for my predictions Firstly, the day before the 101-200 broadcast, triple j posted a few teaser clues, and one of those was that "3 artists will join the 15-songs-or-over club across all Hottest 100 annual countdowns". I and a couple others tried to come up with possible artists for that, and the only ones we could find were: The Wombats (14 prior and would definitely have at least 1), Billie Eilish (12 prior and could have at least 3), Something For Kate (14 prior and their "cardigan" LAV was #129 on WT so it could be a possibility, as unexpected as it would be), and... no one else, except for Kanye who has 15 prior (16 if they'd count his "Thank You" feature) but 13 if they somehow missed or chose to exclude the 2 Jay-Z & Kanye West tracks. Because of that, I guessed a 3rd Billie track and "cardigan" would be top 100, but neither happened. I believe the presenters said something on air about Kanye hitting 15 so he may have been counted as one (inconsistent as that is when The Wombats' tally includes their Peking Duk collab), but unless I've missed something obvious, I still don't know what the 3rd was meant to be. However, the post-show infographic has a 'big H100 tallies' section listing Kanye as having 19 (so now Jay-Z counts again?), Tame Impala as 17 (already had 16 prior), The Wombats as 15 and Billie as 14, so I assume the clue must have been a mistake.

So this was my top 100 prediction I made the day before the 101-200 broadcast (numbers in brackets are their WT positions at the time): https://pastebin.com/RrpxcGZm It was hard because below around #22, I felt there were so many more songs I expected to fall from WT than climb, so a lot of songs felt like they should be lower than I put them and I wasn't confident the lowest ones would make the top 100. 17 of the songs landed in 101-200 (all of which I had below #70), 82 made the top 100, and 1 didn't make it at all: "cardigan", which I entirely blame the clue for The songs I was furthest off on (apart from "cardigan") were "Stranded" (I had it 105 spots too high), "Quiet On Set" (84 spots), "Marea (We've Lost Dancing)" (71 spots), "Knife Talk" (64 spots, but I did successfully predict that it would be his highest despite none of his 4 having been seen in WT), "Questions" and "Bush TV" (both 62 spots) and "Lost Cause" (60 spots, again perhaps the clue's fault but at least I did predict that it would be her 3rd highest ). In the other direction I had "Get Into It (Yuh)" 43 spots too low (I predicted she'd have 4 in the top 100 but not "You Right") and "Night Light" 40 spots too low (impressed they didn't fall hard). I only got 2 songs in the exact right position, "INDUSTRY BABY" and "Sunscreen", but I did have 19 of the correct songs in the top 21.

After the 101-200 broadcast, I tried to make a second (un-ordered) prediction of the 100 remaining songs. I kept the 83 songs from my original prediction that hadn't been in 101-200 (though I did feel a couple weren't certain, particularly "cardigan" and Tame Impala's LAV and possibly "Waiting For Nothing" or The Terrys), and added: The Buoys, Ziggy Ramo, Lana Del Rey and Lorde ("Stoned...") which were high enough on WT to be safely in; "WUSYANAME" because Tyler had his lower entries and this was the 'biggest hit' of the album and the one that had (formerly) been in WT; "family ties" based on other hip hop and having previously been in WT; "The Aftergone" because Holy Holy probably wouldn't fall >100 spots from WT; "H.Y.C.Y.BH" which was a wildcard but I guessed more likely to be in than out; "Here Comes The Sun" and "Clash" which seemed like probable non-WT appearances; "Praise God" and "Moon" based on having higher Spotify plays than his lower entries; Billie for the sake of the clue and I guessed "Billie Bossa Nova" as slightly more likely than "Oxytocin" (even if I never would've expected either above "Lost Cause" and "NDA"); "The Change"; "Calling My Phone"; "You Right"; and "JUGGERNAUT" based on having roughly level Spotify plays with his lower entries, which seemed slightly more likely than the next best ideas I had (mainly "Down Under", "Dry", "All Too Well" and "I Hate U" - other things like "Motley Crew", "SUN GOES DOWN", "Money Talks", "Talk About", "U&ME", "FOREVER" or another J. Cole song seemed like too much of a stretch).

I got 95 of those 100 songs right: I was wrong about "cardigan", "Billie Bossa Nova", "The Change", "Calling My Phone" and "JUGGERNAUT". The 5 that were instead in were "Mixed Messages", "transparent soul", "Down Under", "I Hate U" and "U&ME". I completely forgot about "transparent soul" (since it was never WT) or else I probably would've picked it (or at least strongly considered it), but as I said before I had no idea about "Mixed Messages". I did not know who Tom Cardy was until I listened to "H.Y.C.Y.BH" 3 days ago (which certainly took me by surprise) but even with WT making "H.Y.C.Y.BH" a possibility, I had no reason to believe he'd have a 2nd. From around #50 onwards I tried to count the songs left and I was certain on all but 3, with "H.Y.C.Y.BH" unsure and the other 2 spots really unsure ("Calling My Phone" this high? "Dry" or "All Too Well" this high????); "transparent soul" cleared up one of those, but led to the stage where I was up to the top 20 and somehow still only sure of 18 songs, and every song that played kept being a predictable one with those wildcard spots just not budging. Tom Cardy really made a journey out of this

I got 5 votes in: "On My Knees" (#9), "Next To Me" (#25), "Clarkson" (#69), "Like Love" (#70) and "Breakfast" (#165). "Breakfast" was a nice surprise - based on WT I thought it could be around #200 but would most likely miss out, given "Cracks" fell 108 spots from WT last year (and they weren't even promoting "Breakfast" on social media, rather "Clarkson" and their "The Scientist" LAV - apart from this meme post https://www.instagram.com/p/CXh1bcDrnUA/ ). Oddly "Breakfast" in fact fell less spots from WT than "Clarkson". I'm really glad for "Clarkson" doing so well, and also congrats to me for contributing to it as "Cracks" is easily now my favourite song in last year's H200, but my vote went to their other single "Explode Into View" which I much preferred at the time (they're now close together) "Like Love" also ended up higher than I expected, both in comparison to WT and in comparison to their performance the last few years, especially "All My Friends Are Dead" missing the top 100 and triple j only playlisting 1 song of theirs in 2020. Interestingly "Clarkson" and "Like Love" are the 4th time I've voted 2 songs in a row, after #12-#13 in 2015 ("You Were Right" and "Ocean Drive"), #2-#3 in 2016 ("Adore" and "Jungle") and #56-#57 in 2019 ("MIDDLE CHILD" and "Jellyfish") I can also add 3 numbers to the list of positions I've voted multiple times (2, 3, 9, 11, 25, 56, 63, 70, 74, 96, 167 - #2 is 3 times and the rest are twice). I'm also glad for RÜFÜS getting their first non-EOD top 10, and 3 in the top 25! It's also an improvement for my votes over last year where I only got 3 votes in, and the highest of them (and the highest of anything in my EOY top 320, for that matter) was #40. From my other 5 votes this year, "Bad Decisions" was #138 on WT and probably the sort of thing to fall 100 spots so I didn't expect it in but it wasn't impossible; "All Too Well" was a wildcard as mentioned; "Bunny Man" was very unlikely because even if Skegss do well it's just a random loose single while they had several other songs to vote; "CALI SUN" and "27 Club" had no chance because they'd probably fall 100 spots from WT if they were in there, which they were not.

My next favourite songs in the top 200 would include: "Juno", "Clockwork", "Typhooooooooons", "Stranded", "Symptomatic", "Most Hated Girl", "I Don't Wanna Leave" (RÜFÜS sneaking a 4th song into 101-200 just like 2018!), "Futureproof", "Quiet On Set", "Security", "He Said She Said", "Bush TV", "Dead Butterflies", "deathwish", "Week On Repeat", "Holiday", "Little Things", "Blueprint", "I am not a woman, I'm a god", "Down Under", "Valhalla", both varieties of "Up", "deja vu", "Rose Pink Cadillac", "Alive", "INDUSTRY BABY", and "Happier Than Ever" if it was the edit

Lastly, I've already mentioned it but I'd just like to note in-thread how last year, jinx made a troll #1 post for "Yummy", and this year, the top 2 are Justin Bieber and a song that says "yummy" a lot
Thank you Hijinx and villages for the enjoyable blurbs as always, 392414 for the insane stats, antonnalan for running the quiz, and everyone who contributed to the discussion throughout. This was one of the most enjoyable H100s for me ever. While I totally understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea, I also enjoyed following Warm Tunas and hearing from those that contributed to its ongoing analysis. I agree in that some of the WT components really skew the data e.g. how "XS" was so overstated last time, not to mention the songs that landed very high on the list despite never featuring on WT at all shows that it doesn't always provide the full picture. Part of it might just also be stan culture which drives up votes for certain artists without this perhaps reflecting on WT but I dunno if the sample size is anywhere near big enough. On the write-in discussion point, while "Ni**as in Paris" is somewhat contentious in this area, to my knowledge "Wheels" by Foo Fighters was never on the 2009 voting list, and I'm positive there would be other examples in some of the '90s countdowns too.

Every year there are pleasant surprises, and to that I had three out of three expected votes make it in all the way through to the top 100 proper. Feeling like alt-J had potentially missed the 200 altogether given I left them out of my top 100 pred, only for them to come in at #95 was the most thrilling part of the day. Those less pessimistic around me about Cardi B's chances made me feel hopeful for "Up", so I was glad when it exceeded my expectations as I felt that it had been a bit forgotten overall. And yeah, King Stingray absolutely rule, and I was hoping "Get Me Out" would be a bit higher but it was interesting that it ended up beating "Milkumana" all along! There were some disappointing aspects such as Wolf Alice not making an impact, WAAX falling very dramatically, as well as aus-charts staple "How Not To Drown" clearly not resonating with voters much which in a way makes sense given it wasn't the one that triple j jumped on for its airplay. While I wasn't particularly cheering it on or anything I was quite surprised with Nothing But Thieves underperforming too.

We all know at this point that it's more than just a list of 100 songs, it's a cultural movement where moments are just as important as new Unearthed bands breaking through the clutter. To dismiss the result as somehow a reflection on anything that's happened recently is to ignore the fact that this is completely consistent with triple j from day one. The voters have a history of elevating left-field choices to the number one spot, namely for the very first countdown where personally I get little out of "Asshole" by Denis Leary, but on the other hand I still find "Thrift Shop" to be mildly entertaining whenever I very rarely listen to it. Regardless of the reason why a particular song lands at a particular spot, there are certain decisions made by the wider voting public that every voter will find strange because - as an individual - they exist within their own lane. I am not unique and that applies to everyone. "STAY" is an immensely popular pop hit that happens to be from an artist who originated from triple j Unearthed, that alone to me shouldn't qualify it for the voting list overall. I think there's a reluctance for the institution to consider the artist more so than the song, sometimes even disregarding its own release date rules in the process in favour of just pushing things that might seem more relevant overall; and while I absolutely love the craziness of this list every year, yeah I'm not a fan of that in particular. But that's just me, and everyone's entitled to see things their own way There's just no doubting that this particular moment is iconic and deserving in its own right - a brilliantly delivered cover of a classic '10s banger? That's yummy yummy.
Table time again! It won't be as informative as 392's excellent tracking of WT, but hopefully interesting nonetheless.

I had a little bit of spare time tonight and decided to calculate which artists had the best "strike rate" in this year's Hottest 200. Entries are taken from the voting list posted earlier in the thread. For simplicity's sake, I've only included artists with at least 3 songs in the shortlist or those who have had 2 or more songs make the top 200. Angus and Julia Stone have been counted separately due to their separate solo entries.

Billie Eilish8  4  50.00% 
Remi Wolf8  2  25.00% 
Flight Facilities7  3  42.86% 
Genesis Owusu69 11 16.67%11.11%
Amy Shark67 11 16.67%14.29%
Baker Boy6  2  33.33% 
Halsey6  1  16.67% 
Kanye West6  6  100.00% 
Lil Nas X6  3  50.00% 
Middle Kids6  2  33.33% 
Olivia Rodrigo6  6  100.00% 
Parcels6  1  16.67% 
Ruby Fields6  1  16.67% 
RÜFÜS DU SOL 6  4  66.67% 
Wolf Alice6  0  0.00% 
AJ Tracey57 00 0.00%0.00%
Doja Cat56 55 100.00%83.33%
Drake56 44 80.00%66.67%
Jungle56 11 20.00%16.67%
Tyler, The Creator56 33 60.00%50.00%
Architects5  1  20.00% 
BROCKHAMPTON5  0  0.00% 
Client Liaison5  1  20.00% 
Courtney Barnett5  0  0.00% 
Gretta Ray5  1  20.00% 
Holy Holy5  2  40.00% 
Julia Stone5  1  20.00% 
Lorde5  3  60.00% 
Sam Fender5  2  40.00% 
Skegss5  3  60.00% 
Tones And I5  1  20.00% 
Tyne-James Organ5  1  20.00% 
The Weeknd5  4  80.00% 
Allday45 11 25.00%20.00%
Dave45 11 25.00%20.00%
G Flip45 34 75.00%80.00%
Amyl and the Sniffers4  2  50.00% 
Beddy Rays4  3  75.00% 
BIRDZ4  0  0.00% 
Drapht4  0  0.00% 
Gang Of Youths4  4  100.00% 
girl in red4  2  50.00% 
J. Cole4  2  50.00% 
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard4  0  0.00% 
KYE4  0  0.00% 
Lana del Rey4  1  25.00% 
Slowly Slowly4  1  25.00% 
The Jungle Giants4  2  50.00% 
The Rubens4  2  50.00% 
The Wombats4  2  50.00% 
Tiny Little Houses4  0  0.00% 
Budjerah34 01 0.00%25.00%
ChillinIT34 11 33.33%25.00%
Ladyhawke34 11 33.33%25.00%
MAY-A34 11 33.33%25.00%
Milan Ring34 00 0.00%0.00%
slowthai34 00 0.00%0.00%
Sycco34 11 33.33%25.00%
Tkay Maidza34 00 0.00%0.00%
Alice Skye3  0  0.00% 
Azure Ryder3  0  0.00% 
B Wise3  0  0.00% 
Babe Rainbow3  0  0.00% 
Between You & Me3  0  0.00% 
Chet Faker3  1  33.33% 
CHVRCHES3  2  66.67% 
Claire Rosinkranz3  0  0.00% 
Dave Winnel3  0  0.00% 
DZ Deathrays3  0  0.00% 
easy life3  0  0.00% 
Eliza & The Delusionals3  0  0.00% 
Every Time I Die3  0  0.00% 
FINNEAS3  0  0.00% 
Fred again..3  1  33.33% 
Gracie Abrams3  0  0.00% 
Greta Stanley3  0  0.00% 
Griff3  0  0.00% 
Hayden James3  3  100.00% 
Hayley Mary3  0  0.00% 
Hiatus Kaiyote3  0  0.00% 
Holly Humberstone3  2  66.67% 
Hope D3  1  33.33% 
Jesswar3  0  0.00% 
Khalid3  0  0.00% 
Kito3  0  0.00% 
Little Simz3  0  0.00% 
London Grammar3  0  0.00% 
Luude3  1  33.33% 
Methyl Ethel3  1  33.33% 
Miiesha3  0  0.00% 
Moss3  0  0.00% 
Noah Dillon3  0  0.00% 
Pink Pantheress3  0  0.00% 
Polish Club3  1  33.33% 
Skrillex3  0  0.00% 
Sly Withers3  2  66.67% 
Spacey Jane3  3  100.00% 
Swedish House Mafia3  1  33.33% 
Teenage Joans3  1  33.33% 
Telenova3  1  33.33% 
The Lazy Eyes3  0  0.00% 
Triple One3  1  33.33% 
Turnstile3  0  0.00% 
Wet Leg3  2  66.67% 
WILLOW3  1  33.33% 
YNG Martyr3  0  0.00% 
Broods25 00 0.00%0.00%
Alice Ivy23 00 0.00%0.00%
Becca Hatch23 00 0.00%0.00%
Crooked Colours23 01 0.00%33.33%
Dallas Woods23 00 0.00%0.00%
Denzel Curry23 00 0.00%0.00%
JK-4723 11 50.00%33.33%
Machine Gun Kelly23 23 100.00%100.00%
Masked Wolf23 00 0.00%0.00%
Ngaiire23 00 0.00%0.00%
Planet Vegeta23 00 0.00%0.00%
Post Malone23 11 50.00%33.33%
PRICIE23 00 0.00%0.00%
Rich Brian23 01 0.00%33.33%
SZA23 23 100.00%100.00%
Thomas Headon23 00 0.00%0.00%
Young Thug23 01 0.00%33.33%
Channel Tres14 01 0.00%25.00%
Nerve14 00 0.00%0.00%
Travis Barker14 01 0.00%25.00%
A$AP Rocky03  0  0.00%
Angus Stone2  2  100.00% 
King Stingray2  2  100.00% 
Lime Cordiale & Idris Elba2  2  100.00% 
Ocean Alley2  2  100.00% 
Peach PRC2  2  100.00% 
PNAU2  2  100.00% 
Ruel2  2  100.00% 
The Vanns2  2  100.00% 
Tom Cardy2  2  100.00% 
Cardi B12 12 100.00%100.00%
21 Savage02  2  100.00%
Lil Baby02  2  100.00%

As you can see, it wasn't just Kanye and Drake with high success rates this year, while only one artist with six or more songs listed didn't feature in the final 200. Genesis Owusu is another unfortunate one when "features" are included into calculations, with only one of nine possible entries. It is also a case of diminishing returns for Courtney Barnett, although these are both easily explained by either songs being ineligible or unfortunately timed album releases.

Not a huge surprise to see UK grime artists struggling this year, but I did also discover through this exercise that featuring Lil Baby or 21 Savage is a surefire way to have a hit in 2021, regardless of being named J. Cole or Drake.
@irish thanks for bringing up "Wheels", I forgot about it.

@OZrocker nice idea on the table! I was thinking Olivia potentially could've gotten a 7th or 8th entry if more songs ("jealousy, jealousy"? "favorite crime"?) were on the list since all her 6 made it, and possibly Doja Cat could've gotten "Ain't Shit" too. They (and Kanye) stand out among the 100% strike artists compared to others that don't have any other 2021 songs in existence (Gang Of Youths landing somewhere in between since they have one other track but I think it's more of a b-side). I didn't realise that Remi Wolf had as many as 8 songs on the list
Did better than last year when I had a shocker and my best was Eves Karydas’s ‘Complicated’ which was just outside the top 10.
I had no idea about Heatwaves at the time though.

I actually voted for the Wiggles, Doja Cat/SZA (Kiss Me More is brilliant, I should have voted for Boss Bitch in 2020), Olivia Rodrigo (‘good 4 u’ reminded me of pop punk) Vance Joy, Willow and Tame Impala (sometimes good covers are ones that are replicated as is). Also voted for Confidence Man after seeing them at AbilityFest in November (SO CLOSE at #103) and Ruel who also made the #101-#200 countdown.

Also really liked Ocean Alley’s Like a Version, Pink Floyd is a tough ask.

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