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Forum - Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA - AMR (Australian/Kent Music Report) Weekly Charts

Here is where I'll post download links for scans of weekly Australian Music Report (Kent Music Report) charts, starting with the first half of 1990...

Jan-Jun 1990 https://top100singles.net/AMR1990a.zip PNG 43 MB
https://top100singles.net/AMR90a-j.zip JPG 11 MB
Jul-Dec 1990 (coming soon)
Jan-Jun 1991 (coming soon)
Jul-Dec 1991 (coming soon)
Jan-Jun 1992 (coming soon)
Jul-Dec 1992 (coming soon)
Jan-Jun 1993 (coming soon)
Jul-Dec 1993 (coming soon)
Jan-Jun 1994 (coming soon)
Jul-Dec 1994 (coming soon)
Jan-Jun 1995 (coming soon)
Jul-Dec 1995 (coming soon)
Jan-Jun 1996 (coming soon)
Jul-Dec 1996 (coming soon)
Jan-Jun 1997 (coming soon)
Jul-Dec 1997 (coming soon)
Jan-Jun 1998 (coming soon)
Jul-Dec 1998 (coming soon)

PNG is higher quality but larger file sizes.
JPG is lower quality but smaller file sizes.

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Great! Do you by any chance have the new releases lists from these reports scanned too?
Thank You!
Nugs: I have the AMR weekly reports for 1978 to 1992 but I don't think they include a new releases list, only playlist additions for each state. I'd upload all the reports I have, but it's over 4 GB in total and I can't spare the webspace on my site and I already have two (almost) full Google Drives. If anyone has the webspace, I'd be happy to upload them, maybe even be able to source the more recent reports.
I'd be interested in the files regardless as i'm working on a KMR/AMR top 100 spreadsheet with the 'significant sales' sections incorporated and i don't have info like weeks in and highest position to hand.

*edited to change what i originally said as i may have misunderstood
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Ok. If you can handle downloading zip files that can get as big as 646 MB in size then I can upload them and email you the links.
Yeah that'll be fine. Cheers
Ok. I'll be uploading three batches of yearly zip files. Each batch is a zip file of about 1.4 to 1.6 GB in size. When you get the link in each of the three emails, you can either download those big-arsed zip files or choose the 'preview' option to download the years as individual zip files. Am I sending them to the email addy in your profile?
Yes send em to the gmail. more likely i'll get notified of receiving an email. Thank ye sir
I would like a copy of these, too. You can use a file hosting service such as wetransfer.com (free), through which you can send files up to 2GB in size. I'll message both of you.
Got em, thanks once again SG. Legennnnddd
If it's not much trouble (not sure if you have to upload them separately for each person or just copy a link) I'd be interested in these too
392: Memo sent.
I think I'm going to have to sign up for a third Google Drive and just dump all the reports there, as is. I just don't have the time to go through them or the webspace to host them.

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