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Forum - General: Music/Charts related - Why were they big? (artist question)

First off apologies for the vague title,but i was stuck on how else to ask. But recently looking through artist histories i got wondering what made the band Suede so big here in australia? Their first two singles made the top 100, the first making top 40. Britpop was a thing in 1993 but i wouldn't have thought it became big in australia until 1994. I thought maybe they played the big day out but looking at the line up in 1993 they definitely weren't there. Anyone have any theories as to why i would say out of nowhere they became as big as they did?
In my opinion Suede weren't so big in Australia as the other big Britpop bands like Oasis and Blur.
I would agree that blur and oasis ultimately became bigger beanster, but suede went top 40 with their first single released in australia. It took oasis 3 singles to go top 40 and it took 5 for blur. Granted suede wouldn't have another (and their last) top 100 until 1999
Triple J exposure/hype probably had something to do with Suede's early 'success' here.

I remember when 'Metal Mickey'/'The Drowners' debuted in the rage top 60 (they showed both videos back to back during its chart run). I had never heard either song before, or even heard of Suede, at that point. It was unusual back then for me to have never have heard of an act that made it into the top 60. But my non-chart music interests were always more in dance/pop than 'alternative'/guitar-based music.

I suspect they may have done a promo tour here to coincide with the release.
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Suede weren't really big here but they were certainly the most hyped band in the English music press in 1993 as they were the first big self declared Britpop band and that does have a trickle down effect to both Triple J and the local music press (thinking Drum Media and OtS in Sydney at the time) which would have gotten them into the charts I reckon. I was certainly very aware of them at that time (and a big fan to this day).

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