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No.1 Songs of 1969:
DateWksTitles / Artists
4-Jan-691White Room / Those Were the Days - CREAM
11-Jan-692White Room / Those Were the Days - CREAM
18-Jan-691Eloise - BARRY RYAN
25-Jan-692Eloise - BARRY RYAN
1-Feb-693Eloise - BARRY RYAN
8-Feb-691Lily the Pink - SCAFFOLD
15-Feb-692Lily the Pink - SCAFFOLD
22-Feb-691I Started a Joke - BEE GEES
1-Mar-692I Started a Joke - BEE GEES
8-Mar-691Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The BEATLES
15-Mar-692Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The BEATLES
22-Mar-693Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The BEATLES
29-Mar-694Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The BEATLES
5-Apr-695Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The BEATLES
12-Apr-696Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The BEATLES
19-Apr-691Where Do You Go to (My Lovely) - PETER SARSTEDT
26-Apr-692Where Do You Go to (My Lovely) - PETER SARSTEDT
3-May-693Where Do You Go to (My Lovely) - PETER SARSTEDT
10-May-694Where Do You Go to (My Lovely) - PETER SARSTEDT
17-May-691The Real Thing - RUSSELL MORRIS
24-May-692The Real Thing - RUSSELL MORRIS
31-May-691Get Back / Don't Let Me Down - The BEATLES
7-Jun-692Get Back / Don't Let Me Down - The BEATLES
14-Jun-693Get Back / Don't Let Me Down - The BEATLES
21-Jun-694Get Back / Don't Let Me Down - The BEATLES
28-Jun-691Hair - The COWSILLS
5-Jul-692Hair - The COWSILLS
12-Jul-691The Ballad of John and Yoko - The BEATLES
19-Jul-692The Ballad of John and Yoko - The BEATLES
26-Jul-693The Ballad of John and Yoko - The BEATLES
2-Aug-694The Ballad of John and Yoko - The BEATLES
9-Aug-691In the Ghetto - ELVIS PRESLEY
16-Aug-692In the Ghetto - ELVIS PRESLEY
23-Aug-693In the Ghetto - ELVIS PRESLEY
30-Aug-694In the Ghetto - ELVIS PRESLEY
6-Sep-691Honky Tonk Woman / You Can't Always Get What You Want - The ROLLING STONES
13-Sep-692Honky Tonk Woman / You Can't Always Get What You Want - The ROLLING STONES
20-Sep-693Honky Tonk Woman / You Can't Always Get What You Want - The ROLLING STONES
27-Sep-694Honky Tonk Woman / You Can't Always Get What You Want - The ROLLING STONES
4-Oct-695Honky Tonk Woman / You Can't Always Get What You Want - The ROLLING STONES
11-Oct-691Part Three into Paper Walls / The Girl That I Love - RUSSELL MORRIS
18-Oct-692Part Three into Paper Walls / The Girl That I Love - RUSSELL MORRIS
25-Oct-693Part Three into Paper Walls / The Girl That I Love - RUSSELL MORRIS
1-Nov-691The Star - ROSS D. WYLIE
8-Nov-692The Star - ROSS D. WYLIE
15-Nov-691Something / Come Together - The BEATLES
22-Nov-691Penny Aracade - ROY ORBISON
29-Nov-692Something / Come Together - The BEATLES
6-Dec-693Something / Come Together - The BEATLES
13-Dec-694Something / Come Together - The BEATLES
20-Dec-695Something / Come Together - The BEATLES
27-Dec-691Suspicious Minds - ELVIS PRESLEY
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
4-Jan-69(2) 12010I Started a JokeBEE GEESSpin
11-Jan-69(3) 31610I STARTED A JOKE / KILBURN TOWERSBee GeesGo Set
4-Jan-6922210Build me Up ButtercupNEW FOUNDATIONSAstor
18-Jan-69(1) 11912BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUPThe New FoundationsGo Set
4-Jan-691417-I'm Gonna Make You Love Me / A Place in the SunDIANA ROSS & The SUPREMES & The TEMPTATIONSTamla Motown
25-Jan-691713-I'M GONNA MAKE YOU LOVE ME / A PLACE IN THE SUNDiana Ross & The Supremes & The TemptationsGo Set
4-Jan-69(2) 1615-Such a Lovely WayGROOP, TheCBS
1-Feb-69(3) 1310-SUCH A LOVELY WAYThe GroopGo Set
4-Jan-69792-You'll Never Walk AloneELVIS PRESLEYRCA
4-Jan-69764-Wait For Me Mary AnneMARMALADEEpic
4-Jan-697714-Vance / Little Children Run and PlayROGER MILLERMercury
4-Jan-69861-What a Wonderful Day to Fall in LoveFRANKIE DAVIDSONFestival
4-Jan-69726-You Got SoulJOHNNY NASHFestival
4-Jan-69904-It's All Happening / It's GreatLEAPY LEEAstor
4-Jan-69697-Bimbo / It's Such a Pratty WorldHENDRY SISTERS, TheRCA
4-Jan-69984-Hang 'em HighBOOKER T. & The M.G.'sStax
4-Jan-692517-One Times, Two Times, Three Times, FourZOOTColumbia
11-Jan-69(3) 1521-AtlantisDONOVANEpic
15-Feb-691915-ATLANTIS / I LOVE MY SHIRTDonovanGo Set
11-Jan-69359-Bella LindaGRASS ROOTS, TheStateside
11-Jan-69505-A Ray of HopeRASCALS, TheAtlantic
11-Jan-69735-Good Time GirlNANCY SINATRAReprise
11-Jan-69657-Coming Home Late AgainHANS POULSENParlophone
11-Jan-69952-Only Forever Will Do / Follow MeCILLA BLACKParlophone
11-Jan-696810-Say GoodbyeJOHN ROWLESCBS
11-Jan-69904-Bluebirds Over the MountainBEACH BOYS, TheCapitol
18-Jan-691214-I'm the Urban SpacemanBONZO DOG DOH-DAH BANDLiberty
25-Jan-69(2) 1511-I AM THE URBAN SPACEMANThe Bonzo Dog Doodah BandGo Set
18-Jan-69(5) 22011Edge of Reality / If I Can DreamELVIS PRESLEYRCA
1-Feb-69(3) 21511EDGE OF REALITY / IF I CAN DREAMElvis PresleyGo Set
18-Jan-69516-Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaCHRIS SHAKESPEAREParlophone
18-Jan-69628-Isn't it Lonely TogetherO.C. SMITHCBS
18-Jan-692116-Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaMARMALADECBS
1-Feb-691810a-OB-LA-DI OB-LA-DAMarmaladeGo Set
18-Jan-696710-Reach OutMERRILEE RUSHStateside
25-Jan-69(2) 7207Fox on the RunMANFRED MANNFontana
8-Feb-697147FOX ON THE RUNManfred MannGo Set
25-Jan-693325-Race With the DevilGUN, TheCBS
15-Feb-69354-RACE WITH THE DEVILGunGo Set
25-Jan-694215-Chitty Chitty Bang BangNEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS, TheCBS
25-Jan-69778-Worst That Could HappenBROOKLYN BRIDGEBuddah
25-Jan-69857-ToyCASUALS, TheDecca
25-Jan-693027-Hooked on a FeelingB.J. THOMASScepter
31-May-69355-HOOKED ON A FEELINGB.J. ThomasGo Set
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
1-Feb-698162Ring of FireERIC BURDON & The ANIMALSMGM
15-Feb-6910101RING OF FIREEric Burdon And The AnimalsGo Set
1-Feb-69476-Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaARTHUR CONLEYAtlantic
1-Feb-693811-Lily the PinkIRISH ROVERS, TheFestival
1-Feb-69614-Hey JudeWILSON PICKETTAtlantic
1-Feb-69705-Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)LOVE MACHINE, TheFestival
1-Feb-69574-Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaBEDROCKS, TheColumbia
1-Feb-69567-Something is HappeningMATT FLINDERSAstor
1-Feb-695611-Sabre DanceLOVE SCULPTUREParlophone
1-Feb-69894-AngelicaCASTAWAYS, The feat Frankie StevensColumbia
8-Feb-693197Crimson and CloverTOMMY JAMES & The SHONDELLSRoulette
22-Feb-69(2) 4126CRIMSON AND CLOVERTommy James & The ShondellsGo Set
8-Feb-69(2) 10142Touch MeDOORS, TheAstor
22-Feb-6910111TOUCH METhe DoorsGo Set
8-Feb-69(2) 2248DizzyTOMMY ROEStateside
1-Mar-69(2) 2209DIZZYTommy RoeGo Set
8-Feb-69(3) 9203Games People PlayJOE SOUTHCapitol
8-Mar-691015a1GAMES PEOPLE PLAYJoe SouthGo Set
8-Feb-693711-Cross Town TrafficJIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCEPolydor Int.
8-Mar-69381-CROSSTOWN TRAFFICJimi Hendrix ExperienceGo Set
8-Feb-692514-Something's HappeningHERMAN'S HERMITSColumbia
22-Feb-692010a-SOMETHING'S HAPPENING / IT'S NICE TO BE OUTHerman's HermitsGo Set
8-Feb-69765-Sleep in the GrassANN-MARGARET & LEE HAZLEWOODLHI
8-Feb-69717-Listen Listen / Just One More ChanceAVENGERS, TheColumbia
8-Feb-692815-This Magic MomentJAY & The AMERICANSUnited Artists
22-Feb-692710-THIS MAGIC MOMENTJay And The AmericansGo Set
8-Feb-69725-Fly With MeAVANT-GARDECBS
15-Feb-691715-This Girl's in Love With YouDIONNE WARWICKScepter
8-Mar-691910-THIS GIRL'S IN LOVE WITH YOUDionne WarwickGo Set
15-Feb-69(2) 1814-Monsieur DupontSANDIE SHAWAstor
8-Mar-691411-MONSIUER DUPONTSandie ShawGo Set
15-Feb-693413-Relax MeGROOVE, TheColumbia
22-Mar-69(2) 382-RELAX METhe GrooveGo Set
15-Feb-69476-I Shall Be ReleasedTREMELOES, TheCBS
15-Feb-693511-Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.-D.O.O.)ARCHIES, TheRCA
15-Mar-69265-FEELIN' SO GOODThe ArchiesGo Set
15-Feb-69981-Reach Out of the DarknessFRIEND and LOVERVerve
22-Feb-69(6) 12211Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / While My Guitar Gently WeepsBEATLESApple
1-Mar-69(6) 11912OB-LA-DI OB-LA-DA / WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPSThe BeatlesGo Set
22-Feb-69(4) 1217-AlbatrossFLEETWOOD MACCBS
15-Mar-69(2) 1112-ALBATROSSFleetwood MacGo Set
22-Feb-69(2) 1416-Blackberry WayMOVE, TheFestival
15-Mar-691410-BLACKBERRY WAYThe MoveGo Set
22-Feb-69(3) 1721-HayrideFLYING CIRCUSColumbia
22-Mar-69(3) 2316-HAYRIDEFlying CircusGo Set
22-Feb-69395-Great Balls of FireTINY TIMReprise
22-Feb-694912-I've Gotta Be MeSAMMY DAVIS Jr.Reprise
22-Feb-693217-Please Don't GoDONALD PEERSColumbia
22-Feb-696311-The Way it Used to BeENGELBERT HUMPERDINCKDecca
22-Feb-69944-Soul Sister, Brown SugarSAM & DAVEAtlantic
22-Feb-69739-Everyday PeopleSLY & The FAMILY STONEEpic
22-Feb-69962-ShakeSHADOWS OF KNIGHTBuddah
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
1-Mar-69(2) 5174Indian Giver1910 FRUITGUM Co.Buddah
15-Mar-69(2) 4146INDIAN GIVER1910 Fruitgum Co.Go Set
1-Mar-692323-The Sounds of Silence ®SIMON & GARFUNKELCBS
29-Mar-69377-THE SOUNDS OF SILENCESimon And GarfunkelGo Set
1-Mar-69802-Here Comes the RainLEAPY LEEFestival
1-Mar-694513-CrossroadsCREAMPolydor Int.
1-Mar-695010-I Heard it Through the GrapevineMARVIN GAYETamla Motown
29-Mar-69(2) 402-I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINEMarvin GayeGo Set
1-Mar-694318-Time of the SeasonZOMBIES, TheCBS
1-Mar-69587-HeavenRASCALS, TheAtlantic
1-Mar-69952-Silent Voices (La Voce del Silenzio)TONI LAMONDPhilips
1-Mar-69817-River Deep - Mountain HighDEEP PURPLEParlophone
1-Mar-69775-Born to Be With YouSONNY JAMESCapitol
1-Mar-693625-Picture BookKINKS, TheAstor
31-May-69401-PICTURE BOOKThe KinksGo Set
8-Mar-69(3) 1516-First of May / LamplightBEE GEESSpin
22-Mar-69(2) 1311-FIRST OF MAY / LAMPLIGHTBee GeesGo Set
8-Mar-693311-I'm Livin' in ShameDIANA ROSS & The SUPREMESTamla Motown
22-Mar-69(2) 287-I'M LIVING IN SHAMEDiana Ross And The SupremesGo Set
8-Mar-69387-The WeightARETHA FRANKLINAtlantic
8-Mar-692413-Surround Yourself with SorrowCILLA BLACKParlophone
22-Mar-69(3) 2210-SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SORROWCilla BlackGo Set
8-Mar-69579-Porpoise SongMONKEES, TheRCA
8-Mar-69893-The Candy KidCOWSILLS, TheMGM
8-Mar-69826-Sweet Cream LadiesBOX TOPS, TheStateside
8-Mar-69829-(If Paradise is) Half as NiceAMEN CORNERImmediate
15-Mar-69(4) 12010Where Do You Go to (My Lovely)PETER SARSTEDTUnited Artists
29-Mar-69(4) 11610WHERE DO YOU GO TO (MY LOVELY)Peter SarstedtGo Set
15-Mar-69(3) 1916-Boom Bang-a-BangANNE HAWKERAstor
5-Apr-69(2) 10122BOOM BANG-A-BANGAnne HawkerGo Set
15-Mar-694510-Love is LoveBARRY RYAN with The MAJORITYMGM
15-Mar-694710-Gentle on My MindDEAN MARTINReprise
19-Apr-69372a-GENTLE ON MY MINDDean MartinGo Set
15-Mar-69717-My World is Empty Without You / Hey BabyJOSE FELICIANORCA
15-Mar-69786-Lovin' ThingsGRASS ROOTS, TheDunhill/Stateside
15-Mar-69724-Mr. Sun Mr. MoonPAUL REVERE & The RAIDERSCBS
15-Mar-694212-Merry-Go-Round / Linda LindaMASTER'S APPRENTICES, TheColumbia
15-Mar-69725-The Grooviest Girl in the WorldFUN & GAMES, TheFestival
15-Mar-69953-Old Time MoviesJON ISHERWOODParlophone
15-Mar-69981-RolyRAYMOND FROGGATTPolydor
15-Mar-694614-Good Times (Better Times)CLIFF RICHARDColumbia
24-May-69382-GOOD TIMES (BETTER TIMES)Cliff RichardGo Set
15-Mar-69945-SometimesMIREILLE MATHIEUColumbia
22-Mar-69(2) 12613The Real ThingRUSSELL MORRISColumbia
5-Apr-69(1) 12413THE REAL THINGRussell MorrisGo Set
22-Mar-69(4) 7246GalvestonGLEN CAMPBELLCapitol
5-Apr-69(2) 5186GALVESTONGlen CampbellGo Set
22-Mar-6910151I Can Hear MusicBEACH BOYS, TheCapitol
12-Apr-69(2) 1310-I CAN HEAR MUSICThe Beach BoysGo Set
22-Mar-691517-Boom Bang-a-BangLULUColumbia
12-Apr-69(2) 1510-BOOM BANG-A-BANGLuluGo Set
22-Mar-69757-The LetterARBORS, TheCBS
22-Mar-69838-You Gave Me a MountainFRANKIE LAINEStateside
29-Mar-69(3) 8176Sorry SuzanneHOLLIES, TheParlophone
12-Apr-696146SORRY SUZANNEThe HolliesGo Set
29-Mar-694209Aquarius - Let the Sunshine in (The Flesh Failures)5TH DIMENSION, TheLiberty
19-Apr-69(2) 3169AQUARIUS - LET THE SUNSHINE INThe Fifth DimensionGo Set
29-Mar-691516-MendocinoSIR DOUGLAS QUINTETMercury
12-Apr-692211-MENDOCINOSir Douglas QuintetGo Set
29-Mar-694412-Brother Love's Travelling Salvation ShowNEIL DIAMONDFestival
29-Mar-693811-These are Not My PeopleJOHNNY RIVERSImperial
26-Apr-69(2) 286-THESE ARE NOT MY PEOPLEJohnny RiversGo Set
29-Mar-692914-Games People PlayALLISON DURBINColumbia
29-Mar-69797-ZazuieraHERB ALPERT & The TIJUANA BRASSA&M
29-Mar-69678-To Susan on the West Coast WaitingDONOVANEpic
29-Mar-695911-God Knows I Love YouNANCY SINATRAReprise
29-Mar-691001-Reach for the SunJON BLANCHFIELDRCA
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
19-Apr-69(2) 6166PROUD MARYCreedence Clearwater RevivalGo Set
5-Apr-692229GoodbyeMARY HOPKINApple
19-Apr-69(2) 3159GOODBYEMary HopkinGo Set
5-Apr-69(2) 1512-Don JuanDAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICHFontana
26-Apr-69138-DON JUANDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichGo Set
5-Apr-69733-Yours Until TomorrowDREAM, TheFestival
5-Apr-692412-Don't Give in to HimGARY PUCKETT & The UNION GAPCBS
3-May-69(2) 276-DON'T GIVE IN TO HIMGary Puckett And The Union GapGo Set
5-Apr-69539-Any Old Time (You're Lonely and Sad)TOWN CRIERS, TheFestival
5-Apr-692114-Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'CRAZY ELEPHANTStateside
3-May-692210-GIMME GIMME GOOD LOVIN'Crazy ElephantGo Set
5-Apr-69991-Time WasCANNED HEATLiberty
5-Apr-691001-EbeneezerVALENTINES, ThePhilips
12-Apr-695011-2000 WeeksTERRY BRITTENColumbia
12-Apr-69882-Daddy Sang BassJOHNNY CASHCBS
12-Apr-692411-In the Bad, Bad Old Days (Before You Loved Me)FOUNDATIONS, TheAstor
10-May-69(2) 196-IN THE BAD OLD DAYSThe FoundationsGo Set
12-Apr-69647-Buona Sera Mrs. CampbellMIKE PRESTONSpin
12-Apr-69826-How'd We Ever Get This Way / Harry the Happy HooliganRONNIE BURNSSpin
12-Apr-69991-Bubble Gum MusicROCK and ROLL DUBBLE BUBBLE TRADING CARD Co. of PHILADELPHIA 19141, TheBuddah
12-Apr-69458-Pinball WizardWHO, ThePolydor Int.
19-Apr-693188GitarzanRAY STEVENSMonument
3-May-69(3) 4158GITARZANRay StevensGo Set
19-Apr-69(2) 8174The Boxer / Baby DriverSIMON & GARFUNKELCBS
10-May-697124THE BOXER / BABY DRIVERSimon And GarfunkelGo Set
19-Apr-69(3) 1414-You've Made Me So Very HappyBLOOD, SWEAT & TEARSCBS
3-May-691511-YOU'VE MADE ME SO VERY HAPPYBlood Sweat And TearsGo Set
19-Apr-691529-Funny ManROSS D. WYLLIEFestival
24-May-691715-FUNNY MANRoss D. WyllieGo Set
19-Apr-69664-DaydreamWALLACE COLLECTION, TheParlophone
19-Apr-69933-Good NewsIGUANA, TheFestival
19-Apr-69962-The Wedding CakeCONNIE FRANCISMGM
19-Apr-69952-Rock MeSTEPPENWOLFDunhill/Stateside
19-Apr-696736-My WayFRANK SINATRAReprise
19-Apr-69894-A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnDOUG ASHDOWNPhilips
26-Apr-69(2) 12713HairCOWSILLS, TheMGM
10-May-69(2) 12111HAIRThe CowsillsGo Set
26-Apr-693411-Move in a Little Closer BabyMAMA CASSDunhill/Stateside
24-May-69335-MOVE IN A LITTLE CLOSERMama CassGo Set
26-Apr-69516-Love StoryJETHRO TULLReprise
26-Apr-69558-Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G Major (First Movement)WALTER CARLOSCBS
26-Apr-69867-Step Inside Love (EP)CILLA BLACKParlophone
26-Apr-69854-Do You Believe in Magic?SOUNDBENDERS, TheFestival
26-Apr-69954-Afterglow of Your LoveSMALL FACESImmediate
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
3-May-695166The IsraelitesDESMOND DEKKER & The ACESW&G
17-May-693136ISRAELITESDesmond Dekker And The AcesGo Set
3-May-69635-Everything I Touch Turns to TearsJEFF PHILLIPSFestival
3-May-692313-MercyOHIO EXPRESSBuddah
17-May-691810-MERCYOhio ExpressGo Set
3-May-693913-Hot Smoke and SasafrassBUBBLE PUPPY, TheFestival
3-May-69863-Promises, PromisesDIONNE WARWICKScepter
3-May-692213-Happy HeartPETULA CLARKAstor
31-May-69207-HAPPY HEARTPetula ClarkGo Set
3-May-69974-Nothing But a HeartacheFLIRTATIONS, TheDeram
3-May-695519-SeattlePERRY COMORCA
14-Jun-69315-SEATTLEPerry ComoGo Set
3-May-696312-Little Yellow AeroplaneLEAPY LEEFestival
10-May-69(4) 11911Get Back / Don't Let Me DownBEATLES with BILLY PRESTONApple
17-May-69(5) 11611GET BACK / DON'T LET ME DOWNThe BeatlesGo Set
10-May-69(2) 1910-MemoriesELVIS PRESLEYRCA
31-May-69236-MEMORIESElvis PresleyGo Set
10-May-692211-Happy HeartANDY WILLIAMSCBS
24-May-69217-HAPPY HEARTAndy WilliamsGo Set
10-May-69617-Anything for YouRONNIE BOND of the TROGGSPage One
10-May-693114-Love is All I Have to GiveCHECKMATES LTD.A&M
28-Jun-69383a-LOVE IS ALL I HAVE TO GIVECheckmates Ltd.Go Set
10-May-692221-My Old Man's a Groovy Old ManVALENTINES, ThePhilips
28-Jun-692312-MY OLD MAN'S A GROOVY OLD MANThe ValentinesGo Set
10-May-694912-Lovely LorettaGATHERING, TheFestival
10-May-69812-Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'WHICHWHATParlophone
10-May-695515-To Know You is to Love YouBOBBY VINTONEpic
10-May-693113-Lady ScorpioSTRANGERS, ThePhilips
21-Jun-69362-LADY SCORPIOThe StrangersGo Set
10-May-69991-My Friend / Southbound Jericho ParkwayROY ORBISONLondon
17-May-695167Love Me TonightTOM JONESDecca
31-May-694137LOVE ME TONIGHTTom JonesGo Set
17-May-69(3) 3198Bad Moon Rising / LodiCREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVALLiberty
31-May-69(4) 3158BAD MOON RISING / LODICreedence Clearwater RevivalGo Set
17-May-69(2) 32610My Sentimental FriendHERMAN'S HERMITSColumbia
7-Jun-693188MY SENTIMENTAL FRIENDHerman's HermitsGo Set
17-May-694910-I'm a DrifterBOBBY GOLDSBOROUnited Artists
17-May-69598-Sweet Cherry WineTOMMY JAMES & The SHONDELLSRoulette
17-May-69752-Another Saturday NightPAUL McKAY SOUND, TheFestival
17-May-69725-Wings of LoveNIRVANAFestival
17-May-69844-Proud MarySOLOMON BURKEStateside
17-May-69833-Pretty WorldSERGIO MENDES & BRASIL '66A&M
24-May-69(2) 5198Dear PrudenceDOUG PARKINSON IN FOCUSColumbia
7-Jun-695168DEAR PRUDENCEDoug Parkinson in FocusGo Set
24-May-699153Heather HoneyTOMMY ROEStateside
14-Jun-69(2) 8104HEATHER HONEYTommy RoeGo Set
24-May-69(2) 10222Time is TightBOOKER T. & THE M.G.'sStax
7-Jun-691516-TIME IS TIGHTBooker T And The MGsGo Set
24-May-691817-Mr. Ragamuffin ManMANFRED MANNFontana
14-Jun-691512-MR. RAGAMUFFIN MANManfred MannGo Set
24-May-69448-EmmarettaDEEP PURPLEParlophone
24-May-69436-BadgeCREAMPolydor Int.
14-Jun-69381-BADGECreamGo Set
24-May-69508-Get a Little Dirt on Your HandsLOVE MACHINE, TheFestival
21-Jun-69381-GET A LITTLE DIRT ON YOUR HANDSLove MachineGo Set
24-May-69736-FairylandDONNIE SUTHERLANDdu Monde
24-May-69685-Michael and the Slipper TreeEQUALS, ThePresident
24-May-69715-Singing My SongTAMMY WYNETTEEpic
24-May-69971-Plastic ManKINKS, TheAstor
24-May-69981-I'll Pick a Rose for My RoseMARV JOHNSONTamla Motown
31-May-69(2) 1917-Oh Happy DayEDWIN HAWKINS SINGERS, TheBuddah
21-Jun-69207-OH HAPPY DAYEdwin Hawkins SingersGo Set
31-May-694912-Today Has Been CancelledHELEN SHAPIROAstor
31-May-69665-Dear WorldANNE & JOHNNY HAWKERAstor
31-May-69872-The ComposerDIANA ROSS & The SUPREMESTamla Motown
31-May-69826-You Came, You Saw, You ConqueredRONETTES, TheA&M
31-May-69757-What is a ManFOUR TOPSTamla Motown
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
7-Jun-691124-La LaFLYING CIRCUSColumbia
21-Jun-69(2) 9182LA LAFlying CircusGo Set
7-Jun-693219-Lazy LifeHEART 'N' SOULFestival
19-Jul-69377-LAZY LIFEHeart 'N' SoulGo Set
7-Jun-69676-Butterflies / Tell MeDAISY CLOVERFestival
7-Jun-69802-My Sly SadieDERRICK & The SOUNDSAstor
19-Jul-69(2) 239-BLACK PEARLSonny Charles And Checkmates Ltd.Go Set
7-Jun-69825-From Both Sides NowDIONFestival
7-Jun-69389-Marley Purt DriveJOSE FELICIANORCA
5-Jul-69314-MARLEY PURT DRIVEJose FelicianoGo Set
7-Jun-692810-Teardrop CityMONKEES, TheRCA
21-Jun-69284-TEARDROP CITYThe MonkeesGo Set
7-Jun-694014-Windmills of Your MindDUSTY SPRINGFIELDPhilips
7-Jun-69796-Think it All OverSANDIE SHAWAstor
7-Jun-69778-Love (Can Make You Happy)MERCYLondon
14-Jun-69(2) 8133Frozen Orange JuicePETER SARSTEDTUnited Artists
28-Jun-696115FROZEN ORANGE JUICEPeter SarstedtGo Set
14-Jun-691313-Come Back and Shake MeCLODAGH RODGERSRCA
28-Jun-691512-COME BACK AND SHAKE MEClodagh RodgersGo Set
14-Jun-691712-Where's the Playground SusieGLEN CAMPBELLCapitol
21-Jun-69128-WHERE'S THE PLAYGROUND SUZIEGlen CampbellGo Set
14-Jun-694110-More Today Than YesterdaySPIRAL STAIRCASECBS
14-Jun-692810-Tomorrow TomorrowBEE GEESSpin
5-Jul-69196-TOMORROW TOMORROWBee GeesGo Set
14-Jun-69468-Twiddle-E-DeeAVENGERS, TheColumbia
14-Jun-69836-Only the Strong SurviveJERRY BUTLERMercury
14-Jun-69757-Without HerHERB ALPERT A&M
14-Jun-697512-Morning GirlNEON PHILHARMONIC, TheWarner Brothers
21-Jun-69(4) 1199The Ballad of John and YokoBEATLESApple
21-Jun-69(2) 1519-Baby I Love YouANDY KIMDot
12-Jul-691611-BABY I LOVE YOUAndy KimGo Set
21-Jun-69349-The Day They Freed the NoiseDOUG ASHDOWNSweet Peach
21-Jun-69605-Potion of LoveCAM-PACTFestival
21-Jun-692615-Running Bear SONNY JAMESCapitol
12-Jul-69(2) 346-RUNNING BEARSonny JamesGo Set
21-Jun-692510-Friend, Lover, Woman, WifeO.C. SMITHCBS
19-Jul-69244a-FRIEND, LOVER, WOMAN, WIFEO.C. SmithGo Set
21-Jun-69665-Rainy JaneNEIL SEDAKAAtlantic
21-Jun-696511-Windmills of Your MindNOEL HARRISONReprise
21-Jun-69952-Warmth of the SunSOUNDS INCORPORATEDDecca
28-Jun-695163Spinning WheelBLOOD, SWEAT & TEARSCBS
12-Jul-69(2) 5125SPINNING WHEELBlood Sweat And TearsGo Set
28-Jun-692710-SeeRASCALS, TheAtlantic
19-Jul-69362a-SEEThe RascalsGo Set
28-Jun-695212-Come Back and Shake MeSTRAWBERRY FAIRClarion
12-Jul-69302-COME BACK AND SHAKE MEStrawberry FairGo Set
28-Jun-695210-It's Getting BetterPAUL JONESColumbia
28-Jun-696210-She's My BabyJON BLANCHFIELDRCA
28-Jun-693812-Big ShipCLIFF RICHARDColumbia
12-Jul-69297-BIG SHIPCliff RichardGo Set
28-Jun-69647-I Threw it All AwayBOB DYLANCBS
28-Jun-69843-Oh Happy DayS.C.I. YOUTH CHOIRDunhill/Stateside
28-Jun-69716-The Walls Fell DownMARBLES, ThePolydor
28-Jun-69539-It's Getting BetterMAMA CASSDunhill/Stateside
28-Jun-693613-Monty and MeZOOTColumbia
19-Jul-69335-MONTY AND MEZootGo Set
28-Jun-693916-OneTHREE DOG NIGHTDunhill/Stateside
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
5-Jul-69(4) 12411In the GhettoELVIS PRESLEYRCA
12-Jul-69(3) 11610IN THE GHETTOElvis PresleyGo Set
5-Jul-69476-Special Delivery1910 FRUITGUM Co.Buddah
5-Jul-692416-Yesterday When I Was YoungROY CLARKDot
9-Aug-69(2) 246-YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS YOUNGRoy ClarkGo Set
5-Jul-69923-You've Gotta Live LoveGROOP, TheCBS
5-Jul-69905-I'm a GamblerLACEPage One
5-Jul-69972-Truck StopJERRY SMITH and His PianoStateside
5-Jul-69981-Grazing in the GrassFRIENDS OF DISTINCTION, TheRCA
5-Jul-69991-DenverRONNIE MILSAPScepter
5-Jul-691001-These EyesGUESS WHO, TheRCA
12-Jul-692189In the Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)ZAGER & EVANSRCA
26-Jul-69(2) 2158IN THE YEAR 2525Zager And EvansGo Set
12-Jul-691313-Along Came JonesRAY STEVENSMonument
26-Jul-6910111ALONG CAME JONESRay StevensGo Set
12-Jul-696249Sugar SugarARCHIES, TheRCA
26-Jul-695189SUGAR SUGARThe ArchiesGo Set
12-Jul-695320-Nick Nack Paddy WhackVALENTINES, ThePhilips
12-Jul-69616-Himara Festival (Fiesta a Himara)FACIO SANTILLIANFestival
12-Jul-69813-I've Been HurtBILL DEAL & The RHONDELSPolydor Int.
12-Jul-69826-The WindGROOVE, TheColumbia
12-Jul-69835-BreakawayBEACH BOYS, TheCapitol
19-Jul-696155Give Peace a ChancePLASTIC ONO BANDApple
2-Aug-694115GIVE PEACE A CHANCEPlastic Ono BandGo Set
19-Jul-69(2) 9172Ruby Don't Take Your Love to TownKENNY ROGERS & The FIRST EDITIONReprise
2-Aug-695144RUBY DON'T TAKE YOUR LOVE TO TOWNKenny Rogers & The First EditionGo Set
19-Jul-69(4) 42611One / Mr. WhippyJOHNNY FARNHAMColumbia
26-Jul-69(3) 4218ONE / MR. WHIPPYJohnny FarnhamGo Set
19-Jul-691820-5.10 ManMASTER'S APPRENTICES, TheColumbia
16-Aug-691611-5.10 MANMasters ApprenticesGo Set
19-Jul-69509-Catchin' Up on FunNEW DREAM, TheFestival
19-Jul-692118-St. LouisEASYBEATS, ThePolydor
16-Aug-692112-ST. LOUISThe EasybeatsGo Set
19-Jul-693615-ConversationsCILLA BLACKParlophone
16-Aug-69(2) 307-CONVERSATIONSCilla BlackGo Set
19-Jul-69806-Color Him FatherWINSTONS, TheFestival
19-Jul-69794-Bazza Razza / Have a Giggle and Go - Ho!BARRY ION, PETER PLUS & The COACHMENRCA
26-Jul-69(5) 12112Honky Tonk Women / You Can't Always Get What You WantROLLING STONES, TheDecca
2-Aug-69(5) 11912HONKY TONK WOMEN / YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT The Rolling StonesGo Set
26-Jul-698191Listen to the Band / Someday ManMONKEES, TheRCA
9-Aug-698153LISTEN TO THE BAND / SOMEDAY MANThe MonkeesGo Set
26-Jul-69574-Mrs. RobinsonBOOKER T. & The M.G.'sStax
26-Jul-69759-My Cherie AmourSTEVIE WONDERTamla Motown
26-Jul-69876-Let's DanceOLA & JANGLERSPhono Vox
26-Jul-69952-The Days of Sand and ShovelsBOBBY VINTONEpic
26-Jul-69843-Good Morning StarshinePISCESEpic
26-Jul-693820-Please Don't GoBARRY CROCKERFestival
26-Jul-69955-Snake in the GrassDAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICHFontana
26-Jul-691001-Man of the WorldFLEETWOOD MACImmediate
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
2-Aug-69(3) 7175Saved By the BellROBIN GIBBSpin
9-Aug-69(2) 9135SAVED BY THE BELLRobin GibbGo Set
2-Aug-6910161Good Morning StarshineOLIVERCBS
16-Aug-69(2) 8143GOOD MORNING STARSHINEOliverGo Set
2-Aug-6910251Love Theme from "Romeo & Juliet"HENRY MANCINI, His Orchestra & ChorusRCA
23-Aug-69(2) 1315-LOVE THEME FROM ROMEO AND JULIETHenry ManciniGo Set
2-Aug-692211-That's the Way God Planned itBILLY PRESTONApple
9-Aug-692210-THAT'S THE WAY GOD PLANNED ITBilly PrestonGo Set
2-Aug-692715-Jack and JillTOMMY ROEStateside
30-Aug-69227-JACK AND JILLTommy RoeGo Set
2-Aug-69891-California GirlTOMPALL & The GLASER BROTHERSMGM
2-Aug-694710-True GritGLEN CAMPBELLCapitol
2-Aug-69954-Medicine Man (Parts 1 & 2)BUCHANAN BROS.Festival
2-Aug-69876-Way of LifeFAMILY DOGGStateside
2-Aug-69903-Muddy RiverJOHNNY RIVERSImperial
9-Aug-69(4) 3189A Boy Named SueJOHNNY CASHCBS
23-Aug-692157A BOY NAMED SUEJohnny CashGo Set
9-Aug-69(2) 3157Something in the AirTHUNDERCLAP NEWMANPolydor Int.
23-Aug-69(2) 3138SOMETHING IN THE AIRThunderclap NewmanGo Set
9-Aug-697224Polk Salad AnnieTONY JOE WHITEMonument
6-Sep-69(2) 8133POLK SALAD ANNIETony Joe WhiteGo Set
9-Aug-692913-My Pledge of LoveJOE JEFFREY GROUPScepter
27-Sep-69401-MY PLEDGE OF LOVEJoe Jeffrey GroupGo Set
9-Aug-693210-Big BruceSTEVE GREENBERGAtlantic
20-Sep-69401-BIG BRUCESteve GreenbergGo Set
9-Aug-694413-Beer Drinkin' MusicRAY SANDERSImperial
9-Aug-69738-Goodnight, MidnightCLODAGH RODGERSRCA
9-Aug-69971-Moments to RememberVOGUES, TheReprise
9-Aug-69853-Playing Games of LoveGENE PITNEYCBS
16-Aug-69(3) 12113Part Three Into Paper Walls / The Girl That I LoveRUSSELL MORRISColumbia
23-Aug-69(4) 11711PART THREE INTO PAPER WALLS / THE GIRL THAT I LOVERussell MorrisGo Set
16-Aug-691321-Make Me an IslandJOE DOLANAstor
6-Sep-691614-MAKE ME AN ISLANDJoe DolanGo Set
16-Aug-697212Soul DeepBOX TOPS, TheStateside
20-Sep-69(2) 8132SOUL DEEPBox TopsGo Set
16-Aug-69605-The Smallest Astronaut (A Race to the Moon with the Red Baron)BARRY WINSLOWFestival
16-Aug-692818-Mr. Guy FawkesDAVE MILLER SETSpin
18-Oct-69(3) 288-MR. GUY FAWKESDave Miller SetGo Set
16-Aug-69809-Crystal Blue PersuasionTOMMY JAMES & The SHONDELLSRoulette
16-Aug-692811-Barabajagal DONOVAN with The JEFF BECK GROUPEpic
6-Sep-69194-BARABAJAGALDonovan with The Jeff Beck GroupGo Set
16-Aug-69824-The Prophecy of Daniel and John The DivineCOWSILLS, TheMGM
16-Aug-693411-Good Old Rock 'N' Roll (Medley)CAT MOTHER & The ALL NIGHT NEWS BOYSPolydor Int.
13-Sep-69215-GOOD OLD ROCK 'N' ROLLCat Mother And The All Night News BoysGo Set
30-Aug-696115GREEN RIVER / COMMOTIONCreedence Clearwater RevivalGo Set
23-Aug-69(4) 2018-Lay Lady LayBOB DYLANCBS
6-Sep-69(2) 1812-LAY LADY LAYBob DylanGo Set
23-Aug-691928-The Sounds of GoodbyeKAMAHLPhilips
11-Oct-69(3) 2214-SOUNDS OF GOODBYEKamahlGo Set
23-Aug-693516-Love Me AgainTOWN CRIERS, TheFestival
1-Nov-69352-LOVE ME AGAINThe Town CriersGo Set
23-Aug-694811-Working on a Groovy Thing5TH DIMENSION, TheLiberty
23-Aug-694211-Look at MinePETULA CLARKAstor
27-Sep-69285-LOOK AT MINEPetula ClarkGo Set
23-Aug-692711-Marrakesh ExpressCROSBY, STILLS & NASHAtlantic
13-Sep-69214-MARRAKESH EXPRESSCrosby, Stills And NashGo Set
23-Aug-694714-Rain / She's a WomanJOSE FELICIANORCA
18-Oct-69(2) 364-RAIN / SHE'S A WOMANJose FelicianoGo Set
23-Aug-69767-I'll Never Fall in Love AgainBURT BACHARACHA&M
23-Aug-69982-He's Bad Bad BadALLISON DURBINColumbia
23-Aug-69876-The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)BANANA SPLITS, TheFestival
30-Aug-691216-She's My Baby (Re-Recorded)JOHNNY O'KEEFELeedon
13-Sep-692211-SHE'S MY BABYJohnny O'KeefeGo Set
30-Aug-69(3) 1521-Put a Little Love in Your HeartJACKIE DE SHANNONImperial
20-Sep-692111a-PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEARTJackie De ShannonGo Set
30-Aug-692517-Early in the MorningVANITY FAREPage One
27-Sep-691810-EARLY IN THE MORNINGVanity FairGo Set
30-Aug-69604-Year of WarFRANK LEWISFestival
30-Aug-69797-I'm a Better ManENGELBERT HUMPERDINCKDecca
30-Aug-69895-Behind a Painted SmileISLEY BROTHERSTamla Motown
30-Aug-698211-Simple Song of FreedomTIM HARDINCBS
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
6-Sep-693199Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)NEIL DIAMONDMCA
20-Sep-692159SWEET CAROLINENeil DiamondGo Set
6-Sep-6910161Don't Forget to RememberBEE GEESSpin
6-Sep-69(5) 43112Picking Up PebblesMATT FLINDERSAstor
4-Oct-69(4) 42212PICKING UP PEBBLESMatt FlindersGo Set
6-Sep-69557-Zoom Zoom ZoomCAM-PACTFestival
6-Sep-69579-Groovy BabyMICROBECBS
6-Sep-693019-Real True Lovin'ANNE & JOHNNY HAWKERAstor
8-Nov-69393-REAL TRUE LOVIN'Anne And Johnny HawkerGo Set
6-Sep-69767-Odds and EvensDIONNE WARWICKScepter
6-Sep-697112-Sunshine RiverGEMINIClarion
6-Sep-69884-I Take a Lot of Pride in What I DoDEAN MARTINReprise
6-Sep-69767-Muddy Mississippi LineBOBBY GOLDSBOROUnited Artists
6-Sep-697511-Love Theme from "Romeo & Juliet" (A Time for Us)JOHNNY MATHISCBS
6-Sep-694412-Everybody Knows MatildaDUKE BAXTERFestival
18-Oct-69352-EVERYBODY KNOWS MATILDADuke BaxterGo Set
6-Sep-697315-Ruby With Red HairMARTY RHONESpin
13-Sep-691417-Don't it Make You Want to Go HomeJOE SOUTHCapitol
27-Sep-691313-DON'T IT MAKE YOU WANT TO GO HOMEJoe SouthGo Set
13-Sep-691915-Natural Born BugieHUMBLE PIEImmediate
11-Oct-699105NATURAL BORN BUGIEHumble PieGo Set
13-Sep-694111-Dynamite WomanSIR DOUGLAS QUINTETMercury
13-Sep-692710-Clean Up Your Own BackyardELVIS PRESLEYRCA
11-Oct-69293a-CLEAN UP YOUR OWN BACKYARDElvis PresleyGo Set
13-Sep-693414-Keem-O-SabeELECTRIC INDIAN, TheUnited Artists
8-Nov-69363-KEEM-O-SABEThe Electric IndianGo Set
13-Sep-695510-Early in the MorningCLIFF RICHARDColumbia
13-Sep-69859-Any Way That You Want MeEVIE SANDSA&M
13-Sep-69954-MoonflightVIC VENUSBuddah
13-Sep-69933-Poor MoonCANNED HEATLiberty
20-Sep-69(2) 12110The StarROSS D. WYLLIEFestival
4-Oct-69(2) 1169THE STARRoss D. WyllieGo Set
20-Sep-69(2) 4178Without You / HairDOUG PARKINSON IN FOCUSColumbia
27-Sep-69(2) 5157WITHOUT YOU / HAIRDoug Parkinson in FocusGo Set
20-Sep-691613-This Girl is a Woman NowGARY PUCKETT & The UNION GAPCBS
4-Oct-691312-THIS GIRL IS A WOMAN NOWGary Puckett And The Union GapGo Set
20-Sep-699182Get TogetherYOUNGBLOODS, TheRCA
18-Oct-69(2) 1310-GET TOGETHERThe YoungbloodsGo Set
20-Sep-691538-SachaHANK B. MARVINColumbia
22-Nov-69(2) 2024-SACHAHank B. MarvinGo Set
20-Sep-69981-You've GuessedHELEN SHAPIROAstor
20-Sep-69953-Does Your Mother Know?IRENE PETRIESweet Peach
27-Sep-69(1) 12614Penny ArcadeROY ORBISONLondon
18-Oct-69(2) 12214PENNY ARCADERoy OrbisonGo Set
25-Oct-69(3) 5137JEANOliverGo Set
27-Sep-693036-Everybody's Talkin'NILSSONRCA
1-Nov-69(2) 384-EVERYBODY'S TALKINGNilssonGo Set
27-Sep-694713-IncenseISSY DYFestival
27-Sep-693214-I'm Gonna Make You MineLOU CHRISTIEBuddah
1-Nov-69286-I'M GONNA MAKE YOU MINELou ChristieGo Set
27-Sep-69685-The Train1910 FRUITGUM Co.Buddah
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
4-Oct-69(2) 52510I'll Never Fall in Love AgainBOBBIE GENTRYCapitol
25-Oct-696178I'LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAINBobby GentryGo Set
4-Oct-694511-Love's Been Good to MeFRANK SINATRAReprise
4-Oct-692718-Unforgotten DreamsKING FOXdu Monde
4-Oct-69696-Hare Krishna MantraRADHA KRISHNA TEMPLEApple
4-Oct-69646-Sausalito (Is the Place to Go)OHIO EXPRESSBuddah
4-Oct-69853-Son of a Lovin' ManBUCHANAN BROTHERSParlophone
4-Oct-69892-Move OverSTEPPENWOLFStateside
4-Oct-69924-Where Do I Go - Be-In (Hare Krishna)HAPPENINGS, TheB.T. Puppy
11-Oct-69597-Carry Me BackRASCALS, TheAtlantic
11-Oct-69597-Runnin' BlueDOORS, TheAstor
11-Oct-69645-Easy to Be HardSHARON REDDSpin
11-Oct-69606-Mah-Na Mah-NaSweden Heaven & Hell Soundtrack, PIERO UMILANIParlophone
11-Oct-69589-Throw Down a LineCLIFF RICHARD & HANK B. MARVIN (Cliff & Hank)Columbia
8-Nov-69381-THROW DOWN A LINECliff And HankGo Set
11-Oct-69534-Peculiar Hole in the SkyEASYBEATS, TheParlophone
11-Oct-69965-Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With YouIMAGINATION, TheParlophone
18-Oct-6910141Ruben JamesKENNY ROGERS & The FIRST EDITIONReprise
8-Nov-691411-RUBEN JAMESKenny Rogers & The First EditionGo Set
18-Oct-69(2) 2019-Wedding Bell Blues5TH DIMENSION, TheLiberty
15-Nov-691711-WEDDING BELL BLUESThe Fifth DimensionGo Set
18-Oct-692913-Little WomanBOBBY SHERMANFestival
8-Nov-69(2) 189-LITTLE WOMANBobby ShermanGo Set
18-Oct-693812-So Good TogetherANDY KIMDot
29-Nov-69285-SO GOOD TOGETHERAndy KimGo Set
18-Oct-69716-The Ways to Love a ManTAMMY WYNETTEEpic
18-Oct-69629-Is That All There isPEGGY LEECapitol
18-Oct-69788-Sugar on SundayCLIQUE, TheLondon
18-Oct-69991-It Doesn't Mean a ThingJERRY DORSEYAstor
25-Oct-69(5) 12013Something / Come TogetherBEATLESApple
1-Nov-69(4) 11913SOMETHING / COME TOGETHERThe BeatlesGo Set
25-Oct-69(3) 12213Suspicious MindsELVIS PRESLEYRCA
15-Nov-69(2) 11813SUSPICIOUS MINDSElvis PresleyGo Set
25-Oct-699182TracyCUFF LINKS, TheFestival
15-Nov-69(4) 9144TRACYThe Cuff LinksGo Set
25-Oct-699225Arkansas GrassAXIOMParlophone
29-Nov-697185ARKANSAS GRASSAxiomGo Set
25-Oct-698311He Ain't Heavy… He's My BrotherHOLLIES, TheParlophone
22-Nov-691725a-HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHERThe HolliesGo Set
25-Oct-692719-The HunterPACIFIC GAS & ELECTRICTempo
27-Dec-69383-THE HUNTERPacific Gas And ElectricGo Set
25-Oct-694112-BirthPEDDLERS, TheCBS
25-Oct-69971-The Love of a WomanSAMANTHA SANGParlophone
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
1-Nov-6910241Jesus is a Soul ManLAWRENCE REYNOLDSWarner Bros/7 Arts
22-Nov-691211-JESUS IS A SOUL MANLawrence ReynoldsGo Set
1-Nov-69582-Don't You Believe itJACKIE TRENT & TONY HATCHAstor
1-Nov-692615-You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'DIONNE WARWICKScepter
6-Dec-69(2) 346-YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVIN' FEELINGDionne WarwickGo Set
1-Nov-694712-Heighty HiLEE MICHAELSA&M
1-Nov-693412-Delta LadyJOE COCKERFestival
1-Nov-69529-Boeing Boeing 707 / Where Have all the Average People GoneROGER MILLERMercury
1-Nov-69791-Mickey the MonkeyTINY TIMReprise
1-Nov-69873-When You Walk AwayVIRGIL BROTHERSParlophone
1-Nov-69795-Grooby GribwormHARLOW WILCOXFestival
8-Nov-691319-Good Clean Fun / Mommy and DaddyMONKEES, TheRCA
29-Nov-691311-GOOD CLEAN FUN / MOMMY AND DADDYThe MonkeesGo Set
8-Nov-691315-Try a Little KindnessGLEN CAMPBELLCapitol
8-Nov-69666-Here Comes Love AgainMIXTURES, TheCBS
8-Nov-694415-Katy JaneRONNIE CHARLESFestival
27-Dec-69363-KATY JANERonnie CharlesGo Set
8-Nov-69863-Il Silenzio (re-issue)NINI ROSSOCarinia
8-Nov-69876-Groove With What You've GotMARK IV (Australia)Spin
8-Nov-69972-Room Full of RosesCLODAGH RODGERSRCA
8-Nov-69834-I'm FreeWHO, ThePolydor Int.
15-Nov-694158And When I DieBLOOD, SWEAT & TEARSCBS
29-Nov-693138AND WHEN I DIEBlood Sweat And TearsGo Set
15-Nov-696177Take a Letter MariaR.B. GREAVESAtlantic
29-Nov-694158TAKE A LETTER MARIAR.B. GreavesGo Set
15-Nov-691115-Yester-Me, Yester-You, YesterdaySTEVIE WONDERTamla Motown
6-Dec-691210-YESTER-ME, YESTER-YOU, YESTERDAYStevie WonderGo Set
15-Nov-691516-Western Union ManMAX MERRITT & The METEORSRCA
6-Dec-691311-WESTERN UNION MANMax Merritt & The MeteorsGo Set
15-Nov-693416-Sunday Mornin' Comin' DownRAY STEVENSMonument
13-Dec-69(2) 278-SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWNRay StevensGo Set
15-Nov-694714-Star ChildJUNIOR'S EYESFestival
15-Nov-69726-Make Your Own Kind of MusicMAMA CASS ELLIOTStateside
15-Nov-696411-Our Love Will Rise AgainBOBBY RUSSELLStateside
15-Nov-693024-The Carroll County AccidentBOBBY & LAURIERCA
20-Dec-69(2) 2812a-CARROLL COUNTY ACCIDENTBobby And LaurieGo Set
15-Nov-69991-Saint PaulSHANEColumbia
15-Nov-69769-Dig That Crazy DidgeridooBILL (Moon Man) RENFREYFestival
22-Nov-69(2) 2209Down on the Corner / Fortunate SonCREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVALLiberty
13-Dec-69(2) 2148DOWN ON THE CORNER / FORTUNATE SONCreedence Clearwater RevivalGo Set
22-Nov-691919-Oh WellFLEETWOOD MACReprise
13-Dec-691712-OH WELLFleetwood MacGo Set
22-Nov-691621-You're EverythingDON LANESpin
27-Dec-692210a-YOU'RE EVERYTHINGDon LaneGo Set
22-Nov-695014-Suite: Judy Blue EyesCROSBY, STILLS & NASHAtlantic
22-Nov-69751-Am I the Same GirlDUSTY SPRINGFIELDPhilips
22-Nov-692330-Nobody's ChildKAREN YOUNGDecca
27-Dec-692115a-NOBODY'S CHILDKaren YoungGo Set
22-Nov-693024-Leaving on a Jet PlanePETER, PAUL & MARYWarner Brothers
22-Nov-697312-About Time / Sha La LaZOOTColumbia
22-Nov-697911-Viva Bobby JoeEQUALS, ThePresident
22-Nov-69934-I Love MarieEASYBEATS, ThePolydor
22-Nov-69942-Oh, How HappyBLINKY & EDWIN STARRTamla Motown
29-Nov-69(7) 12412Raindrops Keep Falling on My HeadJOHNNY FARNHAMColumbia
6-Dec-69(7) 12214RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEADJohnny FarnhamGo Set
29-Nov-69(3) 2257SmileyRONNIE BURNSSpin
13-Dec-692209SMILEYRonnie BurnsGo Set
29-Nov-693615-Silver Threads and Golden NeedlesCOWSILLS, TheMGM
29-Nov-69693-Cherry Hill ParkBILLY JOE ROYALCBS
29-Nov-69535-Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With YouBOB DYLANCBS
29-Nov-695113-Smile a Little Smile for MeFLYING MACHINE, TheAstor
29-Nov-692918-Raindrops Keep Falling on My HeadB.J. THOMASScepter
29-Nov-696610-I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York CityNILSSONRCA
29-Nov-69971-Maxwell's Silver HammerGOOD SHOP LOLLIPOP, TheW&G
29-Nov-69867-Mr. Turnkey / Cara Lynn JavesZAGER & EVANSRCA
29-Nov-69639-Son of a Simple ManJON BLANCHFIELDRCA
29-Nov-692513-Cold TurkeyPLASTIC ONO BANDApple
20-Dec-69228-COLD TURKEYPlastic Ono BandGo Set
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
6-Dec-693178Holly HolyNEIL DIAMONDMCA
20-Dec-693148HOLLY HOLYNeil DiamondGo Set
6-Dec-695312-Stone FreeJIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCEPolydor Int.
6-Dec-69803-Seventeen Ain't YoungFRANKIE HOWSONAstor
6-Dec-695211-TeresaJOE DOLANAstor
6-Dec-69619-Son of A Travellin' ManED AMESRCA Victor
6-Dec-69848-Road RunnerLEVI SMITH'S CLEFSSweet Peach
6-Dec-697816-Winter World of LoveENGELBERT HUMPERDINCKDecca
13-Dec-695175Jam Up Jelly TightTOMMY ROEStateside
5-Jan-704125JAM UP JELLY TIGHTTommy RoeGo Set
13-Dec-691317-Run, Run, RunFLYING CIRCUSColumbia
19-Jan-701911-RUN RUN RUNFlying CircusGo Set
13-Dec-69676-Heaven KnowsGRASS ROOTS, TheStateside
13-Dec-69702-Roosevelt & Ira Lee (Night of the Mossacin)TONY JOE WHITEMonument
13-Dec-69942-Put a Little Love in Your HeartDAVE CLARK FIVEColumbia
13-Dec-697312-UndunGUESS WHO, TheRCA
20-Dec-692197I Thank YouLIONEL ROSEFestival
5-Jan-70(1) 1168I THANK YOULionel RoseGo Set
20-Dec-691418-Without LoveTOM JONESDecca
19-Jan-70(2) 1510-WITHOUT LOVETom JonesGo Set
20-Dec-69(2) 1216-Think About Tomorrow TodayMASTER'S APPRENTICES, TheColumbia
20-Dec-691518-Jingle JangleARCHIES, TheRCA Victor
19-Jan-701410-JINGLE JANGLEThe ArchiesGo Set
20-Dec-694215-Oh Me, Oh My (I'm a Fool for You Baby)LULUAtlantic
12-Jan-70332-OH ME OH MYLuluGo Set
20-Dec-695214-Someday We'll Be TogetherDIANA ROSS & The SUPREMESTamla Motown
20-Dec-695716-Highway 31JOHNNY CHESTERPhilips
20-Dec-692118-Wheeling West VirginiaNEIL SEDAKAFestival
19-Jan-702012-WHEELING WEST VIRGINIANeil SedakaGo Set
20-Dec-695118-Yes, Mr. PetersROY DRUSKY with Priscilla MitchellMercury
20-Dec-69764-Everything's All RightBILLY PRESTONApple
20-Dec-693917-You've Got to LearnKAMAHLPhilips
26-Jan-70384a-YOU'VE GOT TO LEARNKamahlGo Set
20-Dec-692520-GroupieNEW DREAM, TheFestival
20-Dec-69647-La La La (If I Had You)BOBBY SHERMANFestival
27-Dec-69498-One Million YearsROBIN GIBBSpin
27-Dec-692414-Hitchin' a RideVANITY FAREPage One
27-Dec-696111-Lonely RoadSECT, TheColumbia
27-Dec-693011-Wonderful World, Beautiful PeopleJIMMY CLIFFFestival
27-Dec-69972-Baby, Baby (I Know You're a Lady)DAVID HOUSTONEpic
27-Dec-69982-Mellow Mersey MoonNEW PALAIS HOTSHOTS, TheVan Diemen
27-Dec-69991-Living in the PastJETHRO TULLReprise
Go-Set information is Top 40, the rest is Top 100 information.
Thanks for posting these lists buls! It's been very much appreciated!

I've noticed that some familiar song titles pop up in the lists that I never knew were actually covers in more recent years, e.g. "Walk Away Renee" by Rick Price which I thought was his own song but it is very likely to be a cover of the Left Banke song.
cheers bulion for all the 60's posts (my fav decade in contempary music), great to have a comprehensive list of charting singles in Australia through this ground breaking decade...the decade that changed music as we know it.... forever....
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Thanks for the 60's posts bulion! Without these there is NOTHING on the net relating to the Aussie charts through this era. The US charts (Billboard) are everywhere but the Aussie charts pre ARIA always seem to miss out.
no probs dodo.

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