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No.1 singles for 1961:

DateWksTitles / Artists
7-Jan-613Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know - ELVIS PRESLEY
14-Jan-614Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know - ELVIS PRESLEY
21-Jan-615Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know - ELVIS PRESLEY
28-Jan-616Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know - ELVIS PRESLEY
4-Feb-611Wonderland By Night - BERT KAEMPFERT
11-Feb-612Wonderland By Night - BERT KAEMPFERT
18-Feb-613Wonderland By Night - BERT KAEMPFERT
25-Feb-611Rubber Ball - BOBBY VEE
4-Mar-612Rubber Ball - BOBBY VEE
11-Mar-613Rubber Ball - BOBBY VEE
18-Mar-611One Last Kiss - CRASH CRADDOCK
25-Mar-611Wooden Heart - ELVIS PRESLEY
1-Apr-612Wooden Heart - ELVIS PRESLEY
8-Apr-613Wooden Heart - ELVIS PRESLEY
15-Apr-614Wooden Heart - ELVIS PRESLEY
22-Apr-611Surrender - ELVIS PRESLEY
29-Apr-612Surrender - ELVIS PRESLEY
6-May-613Surrender - ELVIS PRESLEY
13-May-611Runaway - DEL SHANNON
20-May-612Runaway - DEL SHANNON
27-May-613Runaway - DEL SHANNON
3-Jun-614Runaway - DEL SHANNON
10-Jun-615Runaway - DEL SHANNON
17-Jun-616Runaway - DEL SHANNON
24-Jun-611A Scottish Soldier (Green Hills of Tyrol) - ANDY STEWART
1-Jul-611Travelin Man' / Hello Mary Lou - RICKY NELSON
8-Jul-612Travelin Man' / Hello Mary Lou - RICKY NELSON
15-Jul-613Travelin Man' / Hello Mary Lou - RICKY NELSON
22-Jul-614Travelin Man' / Hello Mary Lou - RICKY NELSON
29-Jul-615Travelin Man' / Hello Mary Lou - RICKY NELSON
5-Aug-611I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door - EDDIE HODGES
12-Aug-612I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door - EDDIE HODGES
19-Aug-613I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door - EDDIE HODGES
26-Aug-614I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door - EDDIE HODGES
2-Sep-615I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door - EDDIE HODGES
9-Sep-616I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door - EDDIE HODGES
16-Sep-617I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door - EDDIE HODGES
23-Sep-611Michael - The HIGHWAYMEN
30-Sep-611I'm Counting on You - JOHNNY O'KEEFE
7-Oct-612I'm Counting on You - JOHNNY O'KEEFE
14-Oct-613I'm Counting on You - JOHNNY O'KEEFE
21-Oct-611Mexico - BOB MOORE ORCHESTRA
28-Oct-612Mexico - BOB MOORE ORCHESTRA
4-Nov-611Crying / Candy Man - ROY ORBISON
11-Nov-612Crying / Candy Man - ROY ORBISON
18-Nov-613Crying / Candy Man - ROY ORBISON
25-Nov-611Goodbye Cruel World - JAMES DARREN
2-Dec-612Goodbye Cruel World - JAMES DARREN
9-Dec-611My Boomerang Won't Come Back - CHARLIE DRAKE
16-Dec-612My Boomerang Won't Come Back - CHARLIE DRAKE
23-Dec-613My Boomerang Won't Come Back - CHARLIE DRAKE
30-Dec-614My Boomerang Won't Come Back - CHARLIE DRAKE
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
7-Jan-61(2) 6186MilordEDITH PIAFColumbia
7-Jan-61(3) 3176Calendar GirlNEIL SEDAKARCA
7-Jan-61(2) 1518-You're the LimitDELLTONES, TheCoronet
7-Jan-61564-Just for TodayFRANKIE DAVIDSONW&G
7-Jan-616014-MilordGAYNOR BUNNINGW&G
7-Jan-61539-A Thousand StarsKATHY YOUNG & The INNOCENTSTop Rank
7-Jan-61744-Sad MoodSAM COOKERCA
7-Jan-61843-One of the Lucky OnesANITA BRYANTLondon
7-Jan-61886-Whole Lotta Shakin' Going OnCONWAY TWITTYMGM
7-Jan-612222-Theme from 'The Apartment'FERRANTE & TEICHERLondon
14-Jan-611116-You Don't Want My LoveROGER MILLERRCA
14-Jan-61457-It Doesn't Matter Any MoreROB & ROYCoronet
14-Jan-61437-Where Can the Lovelight BeLE GARDE TWINS, TheLondon
21-Jan-61(3) 11710Rubber BallBOBBY VEELondon
21-Jan-612013-Emotions / I'm Learning About LoveBRENDA LEEFestival
21-Jan-612114-In the Summertime (You Don't Want My Love)ANDY WILLIAMSLondon
21-Jan-614811-Our Language of LoveDIANA TRASKCoronet
21-Jan-61619-Sun-Arise / Tie Me Kangaroo Down Cha ChaROLF HARRISColumbia
21-Jan-61607-Blue TangoBILL BLACK' S COMBOLondon
21-Jan-614010-Angel in a Red and White ScarfTONY BRADY & The CORONETSCoronet
21-Jan-614310-Why Why Bye ByeBOB LUMANWarner Brothers
21-Jan-61735-My Last Date (with You)SKEETER DAVISRCA
28-Jan-615269Wings of a DoveFERLIN HUSKYCapitol
28-Jan-61516-Little KangarooKEVIN SHEGOG & The GOLD-TOPPERSW&G
28-Jan-61489-You Are My Sunshine / Molly-OJOHNNY & The HURRICANESLondon
28-Jan-61748-Wonderland By NightANITA BRYANTLondon
28-Jan-61917-The Key to Love (Theme from 'The Apartment')RUSS CONWAYColumbia
28-Jan-616719-Jealous HeartRUSTY DRAPERMercury
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
4-Feb-614144Corinna, CorinnaRAY PETERSONLondon
4-Feb-612196Calcutta / Last DateLAWRENCE WELK & His OrchestraLondon
4-Feb-61(1) 1219One Last KissCRASH CRADDOCKCoronet
4-Feb-612916-Salvation RockMARV MEREDITH & His OrchestraW&G
4-Feb-613713-Angel on My ShoulderSHELBY FLINTWarner Brothers
4-Feb-61686-Yes, I'm Lonesome TonightDODIE STEVENSLondon
4-Feb-61905-Sound OffTITUS TURNERPye
11-Feb-614185Will You Love Me TomorrowSHIRELLES, TheTop Rank
11-Feb-61(2) 1813-Out of GasFLOYD ROBINSONRCA
11-Feb-61(2) 8257Never on SundayDON COSTA & His Orchestra & ChorusLondon
11-Feb-611614-Johnny GuitarLEEMEN, TheLeedon
11-Feb-611616-As Long as He Needs MeSHIRLEY BASSEYColumbia
11-Feb-613616-Wild WeekendTHUNDERBIRDS, TheW&G
11-Feb-61881-The StrangerSHADOWS, TheColumbia
11-Feb-61695-The Story of My LovePAUL ANKAW&G
11-Feb-61867-Never on Sunday (Uno A Te, Uno A Me)NIKI DAVISW&G
11-Feb-61971-Lovely, Lovely HabitWARREN WILLIAMS with The DELLTONESHMV
18-Feb-611813-Sit Around and Talk to Me / Baby Baby Bye ByeLONNIE LEELeedon
18-Feb-612916-PepeDUANE EDDY & The REBELSLondon
18-Feb-61597-Shop AroundMIRACLES, TheLondon
18-Feb-612217-Baby Sittin' BoogieBUZZ CLIFFORDCoronet
18-Feb-61785-I Love YouCLIFF RICHARDColumbia
18-Feb-613313-Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom WhiteJERRY MURAD'S HARMONICATSCoronet
18-Feb-614411-Rendezvous / Fickle FingersNOELEEN BATLEYRex
25-Feb-61(3) 3176Good Time Baby / CherieBOBBY RYDELLHMV
25-Feb-61(4) 13314Wooden HeartELVIS PRESLEYRCA
25-Feb-618222Walk Right Back / Ebony EyesEVERLY BROTHERS, TheWarner Brothers
25-Feb-611914-KidsKIRBY STONE FOUR, TheCoronet
25-Feb-611114-Spanish HarlemBEN E. KINGLondon
25-Feb-612922-(I Wanna) Love My Life AwayGENE PITNEYCoronet
25-Feb-61499-C'est Si Bon (It's So Good)CONWAY TWITTYMGM
25-Feb-616111-I Count the TearsDRIFTERS, TheAtlantic/London
25-Feb-615511-One Last KissBOBBY VEELondon
25-Feb-61795-RamonaSLIM WHITMANLondon
25-Feb-61886-Strawberry FairANTHONY NEWLEYDecca
25-Feb-618515-There She GoesJERRY WALLACELondon
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
4-Mar-61(2) 22610WheelsSTRING-A-LONGS, TheLondon
4-Mar-615185Where the Boys AreCONNIE FRANCISMGM
4-Mar-611319-You Can Have HerROY HAMILTONPhilips
4-Mar-611716-Don't WorryMARTY ROBBINSCoronet
4-Mar-61438-Standing on the Corner (EP)FOUR LADS, TheCoronet
4-Mar-61842-Zing! Went the Strings of My HeartKALIN TWINSFestival
4-Mar-61932-Let's Stay TogetherDEL REYS, TheCoronet
11-Mar-612417-(Ghost) Riders in the SkyRAMRODS, TheLondon
11-Mar-61804-Once in AwhileCHIMES, TheLondon
11-Mar-61629-We Have LoveDINAH WASHINGTONMercury
11-Mar-61799-Ein Schiff Wird Kommen (A Ship Will Arriver - Never on Sunday)CATERINA VALENTEDecca
11-Mar-61951-Lost WeekendIAN CRAWFORDLeedon
11-Mar-61943-The Hoochi Choochi CooHANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERSParlophone
11-Mar-614511-Charlie MoppsJOHNNY DEVLINFestival
11-Mar-61981-Fly Away, Peter, Fly Away, PaulBARRY SISTERSPye
11-Mar-61991-Ballad of the AlamoBUD & TRAVISLondon
11-Mar-611001-Close the DoorPATTY MARKHAMRex
18-Mar-61(3) 1189SurrenderELVIS PRESLEYRCA
18-Mar-611219-Little Boy SadJOHNNY BURNETTELondon
18-Mar-61(2) 1813-Lazy RiverBOBBY DARINAtlantic/London
18-Mar-611613-Stayin' inBOBBY VEELondon
18-Mar-615212-WheelsBILLY VAUGHN & His OrchestraLondon
18-Mar-61676-Show FolkPAUL EVANSLondon
18-Mar-614211-Wonder / A Teenager in LoveDELLTONES, TheHMV
18-Mar-61727-UtopiaFRANK GARILondon
18-Mar-61664-Dedicated to the One I LoveSHIRELLES, TheTop Rank
18-Mar-61634-There's a Moon Out TonightCAPRIS, TheColumbia
18-Mar-61717-CalcuttaFOUR PREPS, TheCapitol
18-Mar-617510-Lovey DoveyBUDDY KNOXLondon
18-Mar-61981-SailorPETULA CLARKPye
25-Mar-61(3) 22913Theme from ExodusFERRANTE & TEICHERLondon
25-Mar-614187Blue MoonMARCELS, ThePye
25-Mar-611716-Top Forty, News, Weather and SportsMARK DINNINGMGM
25-Mar-61657-The Exodus Song (This Land is Mine) / There's a Moon Out TonightPAT BOONELondon
25-Mar-61764-You Are the Only OneRICKY NELSONLondon
25-Mar-61821-All in My MindMAXINE BROWNLondon
25-Mar-614610-Ja-DaJOHNNY & The HURRICANESLondon
25-Mar-61784-Muskrat RumbleFREDDY CANNONTop Rank
25-Mar-612316-Ram-Bunk-ShushVENTURES, TheLondon
25-Mar-61954-If I Didn't CarePLATTERS, TheMercury
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
1-Apr-616265Asia MinorKOKOMOLondon
1-Apr-615216-Think TwiceBROOK BENTONMercury
1-Apr-61773-Hearts of StoneBILL BLACK' S COMBOLondon
1-Apr-61874-Never on SundayRAY MARTIN & His OrchestraRCA
1-Apr-61874-Never on SundayMARTY GOLD & His OrchestraRCA
1-Apr-61905-Love's a Funny Little GameDE KROO BROTHERS, TheColumbia
1-Apr-61886-Exodus (Main Title)MICHAEL FREEDMAN & His OrchestraW&G
1-Apr-61964-Love, Love, LoveCRESCENTS, TheLeedon
8-Apr-61(1) 13615A Scottish Soldier (Green Hills of Tyrol)ANDY STEWARTTop Rank
8-Apr-615194But I DoCLARENCE "Frogman" HENRYCoronet
8-Apr-619182On the ReboundFLOYD CRAMERRCA
8-Apr-61(2) 1318-Portrait of My LoveSTEVE LAWRENCELondon
8-Apr-61655-Please Love me ForeverCATHY JEAN & THE ROOM-MATESW&G
8-Apr-612815-The Magnificent SevenAL CAIOLA & His OrchestraLondon
8-Apr-61971-The World is Waiting for the SunriseDON GIBSONRCA
8-Apr-61894-The Virgin MaryHOWARD MORRISON QUARTET, TheW&G
8-Apr-616414-Hear My Song, ViolettaDAVID WHITFIELDDecca
15-Apr-61(6) 12012RunawayDEL SHANNONLondon
15-Apr-612177A Hundred Pounds of ClayGENE McDANIELSLondon
15-Apr-618142Pony TimeCHUBBY CHECKERHMV
15-Apr-6110191MemphisDONNIE BROOKSLondon
15-Apr-613315-Mean, Mean ManWANDA JACKSONCapitol
15-Apr-612314-ApacheSONNY JAMESRCA
15-Apr-61736-Para HandyJIMMY SHANDParlophone
15-Apr-61932-CalcuttaVICO TORRIANIDecca
15-Apr-61895-The Great ImposterPILTDOWN MEN, TheCapitol
15-Apr-61825-Watch DogAL TERRYHickory
15-Apr-61835-Tunes of GloryMITCH MILLER with Orchestra & ChorusCoronet
22-Apr-618212Take Good Care of HerADAM WADEHMV
22-Apr-611315-Goin' Steady / Naughty GirlsCOL JOYE & THE JOY BOYSFestival
22-Apr-61605-F.B.I. / MidnightSHADOWS, TheColumbia
22-Apr-612917-Tonight, My Love, TonightPAUL ANKAAmpar
22-Apr-61679-Find Another GirlJERRY BUTLERTop Rank
22-Apr-616318-One Mint JulepRAY CHARLESImpulse!
22-Apr-612217-Theme for a DreamCLIFF RICHARD & The SHADOWSColumbia
22-Apr-613912-That's it, I Quit, I'm Movin' OnSAM COOKERCA
22-Apr-61579-Sleepy Eyed JohnJOHNNY HORTONCoronet
29-Apr-618181Mother-in-LawERNIE K-DOELondon
29-Apr-613112-The BlizzardJIM REEVESRCA
29-Apr-61748-Are You Sure / Theme for a DreamDON DUKE & BOBBY STEVENS / DON DUKEW&G
29-Apr-61459-Someone Else's RosesLUCKY STARRFestival
29-Apr-61779-A Dollar DownLIMELITERS, TheRCA
29-Apr-61626-The Great Snowman / The Pig Latin SongBOB LUMANWarner Brothers
29-Apr-611001-PepeCATERINA VALENTEDecca
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
6-May-614187Flaming Star (EP)ELVIS PRESLEYRCA
6-May-613015-New Orleans BeatTHUNDERBIRDS, TheW&G
6-May-61359-Little Miss Stuck-UpPLAYMATES, TheRoulette
6-May-61485-Thirteen Girls Too MuchJERRY VALECoronet
6-May-613617-Some Kind of WonderfulDRIFTERS, TheAtlantic/London
6-May-613611-Brass ButtonsSTRING-A-LONGS, TheLondon
6-May-61753-You're Gonna Miss Me (Frankie and Johnny)KINGSTON TRIO, TheCapitol
6-May-616911-And the Heavens CriedANTHONY NEWLEYDecca
6-May-61873-Strawberry Blonde (The Band Rocked On)FRANK D'RONEMercury
6-May-61981-TreesPLATTERS, TheMercury
13-May-618172Breaking in a Brand New Broken HeartCONNIE FRANCISMGM
13-May-613217Little DevilNEIL SEDAKARCA
13-May-612112-Theme from DixieDUANE EDDY London
13-May-612614-Artificial Flowers BOBBY DARINAtlantic/London
13-May-614913-You Can Depend on Me / It's Never Too LateBRENDA LEEFestival
13-May-61761-HindustanCol Joye's JOY BOYSFestival
13-May-61855-MargoSCOTT TURNBALLPye
13-May-616313-BonanzaDAVID ROSE & His OrchestraMGM
13-May-61468-Theme from 'The Great Imposter'HENRY MANCINI, His Orchestra & ChorusRCA
13-May-61883-AnotherRUSTY DRAPERMercury
13-May-61961-Theme from 'My Three Sons'LAWRENCE WELK & His OrchestraLondon
13-May-613516-Buttons and BowsDON ROBERTSONRCA
13-May-61981-TenderlyBERT KAEMPFERT & His OrchestraPolydor
13-May-61942-This World We Live inJUNE VALLIMercury
20-May-61(4) 5165Running Scared / Love HurtsROY ORBISONLondon
20-May-616176I've Told Every Little StarLINDA SCOTTColumbia
20-May-612816-The Hokey-PokeyJOHNNY CHESTER with The THUNDERBIRDSW&G
20-May-616919-Hello WallsFARON YOUNGCapitol
20-May-613713-Big, Big WorldJOHNNY BURNETTELondon
20-May-61778-Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'beMAX BYGRAVESDecca
20-May-61846-Foolin' AroundKAY STARRCapitol
20-May-61913-Dark as a DungeonTENNESSEE ERNIE FORDCapitol
20-May-61865-TragedyFLEETWOODS, TheLondon
20-May-612218-SamanthaKENNY BALL & His Jazz BandPye
20-May-61505-ExodusEDDIE HARRISTop Rank
27-May-61(5) 12213Travelin' Man / Hello Mary LouRICKY NELSONLondon
27-May-61(2) 3209Baby Face / How Many TearsBOBBY VEELondon
27-May-61524-What'd I SayJERRY LEE LEWIS & His Pumping PianoLondon
27-May-61429-Bumble BoogieB. BUMBLE & THE STINGERSTop Rank
27-May-61715-The Continental WalkHANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERSParlophone
27-May-612515-You're Driving Me CrazyTEMPERANCE SEVEN, TheParlophone
27-May-614015-Sitting by the RiverLONNIE LEELeedon
27-May-613112-FroggBROTHERS FOURCoronet
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
3-Jun-61(2) 2019-The Bilbao SongANDY WILLIAMSLondon
3-Jun-615719-The Boll Weevil SongBROOK BENTONMercury
3-Jun-61626-Mama SaidSHIRELLES, TheTop Rank
3-Jun-612715-I Feel So Bad / Wild in the CountryELVIS PRESLEYRCA
3-Jun-61685-Halfway to ParadiseTONY ORLANDOPhilips
3-Jun-615212-We Will Never Be as Young as Thing AgainDANNY WILLIAMSHMV
3-Jun-614411-Please Teacher Let Me Have My Apple BackJOHNNY DEVLINFestival
3-Jun-611001-Your Goodnight Kiss (Ain't What it Used to Be)GUY MITCHELLCoronet
10-Jun-611214-That Old Black MagicBOBBY RYDELLColumbia
10-Jun-615217Dream GirlBRYAN DAVIESHMV
10-Jun-614166TemptationEVERLY BROTHERS, TheWarner Brothers
10-Jun-611122-Dream GirlMARK WYNTERDecca
10-Jun-61(2) 2016-Dance On, Little GirlPAUL ANKAAmpar
10-Jun-612419-BonanzaAL CAIOLA & HIS ORCHESTRACoronet
10-Jun-612914-My Kind of GirlMATT MONROParlophone
17-Jun-61(3) 4188Moody RiverPAT BOONELondon
17-Jun-61(2) 2020-Have a Drink on MeLONNIE DONEGAN & His GroupPye
17-Jun-612223-My First Love and Last LoveGAYNOR BUNNINGW&G
17-Jun-612416-You Always Hurt the One You Love / Little SuzyCLARENCE "Frogman" HENRYCoronet
17-Jun-61873-The Ballad of Widder JonesGEORGE HAMILTON IVRCA
17-Jun-616414-Good Time Billy (is a Happiness Fool) / Heavenly LoveCRASH CRADDOCKCoronet
17-Jun-61865-(I Don't Want to Be) A Teenage IdolBARRY STANTONLeedon
24-Jun-614513-Stand By MeBEN E. KINGAtlantic/London
24-Jun-61683-I'm a Fool to CareJOE BARRYMercury
24-Jun-616215-Gee Whiz, It's YouCLIFF RICHARD & The SHADOWSColumbia
24-Jun-61749-WarpaintBROOK BROTHERSPye
24-Jun-61901-Truly TrueBILLY "CRASH" CRADDOCKMercury
24-Jun-61971-A Scottish Soldier (Green Hills of Tyrol)DAVID WHITFIELDDecca
24-Jun-614413-Why Don't You TryJAY JUSTINHMV
24-Jun-61963-Be an Angel, Darlin' / No Foolin'ALLEN BROTHERSHMV
24-Jun-611001-Comanche SunsetROB E.G.Pye
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
1-Jul-611316-Nature BoyBOBBY DARINAtlantic/London
1-Jul-61486-(Dance the) Mess AroundCHUBBY CHECKERColumbia
1-Jul-612221-CupidSAM COOKERCA
1-Jul-61831-Lullaby of the LeavesVENTURES, TheLondon
1-Jul-61782-Model GirlCRESTS, The feat JOHNNY MAESTROHMV
1-Jul-61845-Banned in Boston / The CharangaMERV GRIFFINLondon
1-Jul-611001-You'll Never KnowSHIRLEY BASSEYColumbia
8-Jul-61(7) 12513I'm Gonna Knock on Your DoorEDDIE HODGESLondon
8-Jul-61(3) 2157Hats Off to LarryDEL SHANNONLondon
8-Jul-615166Yellow BirdARTHUR LYMAN GROUPHifi Record
8-Jul-612915-RaindropsDEE CLARKTop Rank
8-Jul-612615-The Writing on the WallADAM WADEHMV
8-Jul-61644-Theme from a Silent MovieKOKOMOLondon
8-Jul-616810-Girl of My Best FriendRAL DONNERViking
8-Jul-61941-Barbara-AnnREGENTS, TheRoulette
8-Jul-612613-Johnny GunslingerSAPPHIRES, TheHMV
15-Jul-616197The Battle's O'er (Soldier Laddie) / Tunes of GloryANDY STEWARTTop Rank
15-Jul-611117-San Antonio RoseFLOYD CRAMERRCA
15-Jul-611611-Quarter to ThreeU.S. BONDSTop Rank
15-Jul-61545-Alice (in Wonderland)DIG RICHARDSRex
15-Jul-61554-TammyELAINE McKENNAW&G
15-Jul-61752-Every Beat of My HeartPIPS, TheTop Rank
15-Jul-61781-Those Oldies But Goldies (Remind Me of You) NINO & The EBB TIDESTop Rank
15-Jul-614611-(The Bells are Ringing) For Me and My GalCOL JOYEFestival
15-Jul-61861-Even Tho'DELLTONES, TheHMV
22-Jul-612187TogetherCONNIE FRANCISMGM
22-Jul-611318-I Fall to PiecesPATSY CLINEFestival
22-Jul-611517-Well I Ask YouEDEN KANEDecca
22-Jul-611716-Tossin' and Turnin'BOBBY LEWISParlophone
22-Jul-61368-Lost GuitarMARKSMEN, TheW&G
22-Jul-614211-Jimmy MartinezMARTY ROBBINSCoronet
22-Jul-613418-Tonight (Could Be the Night)VELVETS, The feat Virgil JohnsonLondon
22-Jul-61687-Please StayDRIFTERS, TheAtlantic/London
22-Jul-61845-Heart and SoulCLEFTONES, TheRoulette
22-Jul-616310-Heart and SoulJAN & DEANLondon
22-Jul-612330-Exclusively YoursMARK WYNTERDecca
22-Jul-61468-Te-Ta-Te-Ta-TaERNIE K-DOELondon
29-Jul-614144Dum DumBRENDA LEEFestival
29-Jul-6110181Sea of Heartbreak / I Think it's Best (to Forget Me)DON GIBSONRCA
29-Jul-614187Smoky MokesJOY BOYS, TheFestival
29-Jul-611715-Skip to My LouDAVE BRIDGE QUARTETHMV
29-Jul-61408-Machine GunTHUNDERBIRDS, TheW&G
29-Jul-61516-Sing AlongMITCH MILLER & The GangCoronet
29-Jul-612710-Ring of FireDUANE EDDY London
29-Jul-61904-Don't Treat Me Like a ChildHELEN SHAPIROColumbia
29-Jul-61914-Star Crossed LoversEDDY & TEDDYLondon
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
5-Aug-61(2) 1711-The Fish / The Third House (in from the Right)BOBBY RYDELLColumbia
5-Aug-61336-Funnel of Love / Right or WrongWANDA JACKSONCapitol
5-Aug-61635-TammyNOELEEN BATLEYFestival
5-Aug-61586-DinahROSE MURPHY TRIO feat Slam StewartFestival
5-Aug-61854-Transistor RadioBENNY HILLPye
5-Aug-61556-Pop Goes the WeaselANTHONY NEWLEYDecca
5-Aug-611001-Ole Buttermilk SkyBILL BLACK' S COMBOLondon
12-Aug-61(2) 8172Pretty Little Angel EyesCURTIS LEELondon
12-Aug-617385Let's Twist AgainCHUBBY CHECKERColumbia
12-Aug-612613-Don't Be Money, Honey / Starlight StarbrightLINDA SCOTTColumbia
12-Aug-614512-A Tear / She's Come BackGENE McDANIELSLondon
12-Aug-615710-I'll Be ThereDAMITA JOWing
12-Aug-612219-A Girl Like YouCLIFF RICHARD & The SHADOWSColumbia
12-Aug-61971-TriangleJANIE GRANTPye
12-Aug-612719-Never on SundayCHORDETTES, TheLondon
19-Aug-61(1) 1189MichaelHIGHWAYMEN, TheCoronet
19-Aug-611716-I Still Love You AllKENNY BALL & His Jazz MenPye
19-Aug-611814-Li'l Ole MeWARREN CARRLeedon
19-Aug-616711-Paco PecoLIMELITERS, TheRCA
19-Aug-61477-Last NightMAR-KEYSAtlantic/London
19-Aug-61876-Yellow BirdJACK VARNEY 5, TheW&G
19-Aug-61797-Blue TomorrowBILLY VAUGHN & His OrchestraLondon
19-Aug-61848-WalkoutPENNY ROCKETS, TheW&G
19-Aug-61784-Sweet Dreams / More and MoreCOL JOYE with The JOY BOYSFestival
26-Aug-61(3) 12611I'm Counting on You / Right NowJOHNNY O'KEEFELeedon
26-Aug-61(2) 4217Donald, Where's Your Troosers?ANDY STEWARTTop Rank
26-Aug-611712-I Just Don't Understand / I Don't Hurt Any MoreANN-MARGARETRCA
26-Aug-61554-Wear My RingArtist Unknown 
26-Aug-612218-Who But the Bomp (in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)BARRY MANNAmpar
26-Aug-61961-Should I / Take a MinuteSTRING-A-LONGS, TheLondon
26-Aug-616812-Stand at Your WindowJIM REEVESRCA
26-Aug-61894-Pink PetticoatsBIG BOPPERMercury
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
2-Sep-61(2) 2189(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame / Little SisterELVIS PRESLEYRCA
2-Sep-611518-Amor / Souvenir of MexicoBEN E. KINGAtlantic/London
2-Sep-61(2) 1619-You Thrill Me / Missing YouRAY PETERSONLondon
2-Sep-611418-Theme from "Come September"BOBBY DARIN & His OrchestraAtlantic/London
2-Sep-61545-Quite a PartyFIREBALLS, TheW&G
2-Sep-612515-HurtTIMI YUROLondon
2-Sep-61698-Wooden HeartJOE DOWELLMercury
2-Sep-615511-Sweet Little YouNEIL SEDAKARCA
9-Sep-6132010Take Good Care of My BabyBOBBY VEELondon
9-Sep-61(2) 5155More Money For You and MeFOUR PREPSCapitol
9-Sep-61437-Drivin' Home / Gidget Goes HawaiianDUANE EDDY London
9-Sep-61555-GirlsJOHNNY BURNETTELondon
9-Sep-614115-Theme from 'Silver City'VENTURES, TheLondon
9-Sep-615811-Lonely StreetCLARENCE HENRYCoronet
9-Sep-61566-Let the Four Winds BlowFATS DOMINOLondon
9-Sep-61963-Yellow BirdLAWRENCE WELK & His OrchestraLondon
9-Sep-61808-You're Driving Me MadJUDY STONEFestival
16-Sep-61(3) 12011Crying / Candy ManROY ORBISONLondon
16-Sep-61(4) 1123-TimeCRAIG DOUGLASTop Rank
16-Sep-614213-I Like it Like ThatCHRIS KENNERLondon
16-Sep-61507-Back Beat No.1RONDELS, TheLondon
16-Sep-614910-Big, Cold WindPAT BOONELondon
16-Sep-61865-School is OutU.S. BONDSTop Rank
16-Sep-617010-Big River, Big ManCLAUDE KINGCoronet
16-Sep-612711-Kissin' on the PhonePAUL ANKAAmpar
16-Sep-61933-Why Not Now / Portrait of My LoveMATT MONROParlophone
23-Sep-61(2) 12111MexicoBOB MOORE & His OrchestraLondon
23-Sep-611313-Without YouJOHNNY TILLOTSONLondon
23-Sep-612017-Can Can Ladies / What a NightJOHNNY CHESTER with THE THUNDERBIRDSW&G
23-Sep-614112-Blue Star (Theme from 'Medic')PATTY MARKHAMFestival
23-Sep-616610-As If I Didn't KnowADAM WADEHMV
23-Sep-616311-You Don't Know What You've Got (Until You Lose it)RAL DONNERParlophone
23-Sep-614612-The Mountain's HighDICK & DEEDEELondon
23-Sep-61834-Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated Quick-Dissolving, Fast-Acting, Pleasant-Tasting Green and Purple PillsRAY STEVENSMercury
30-Sep-615156You Must Have Been a Beautiful BabyBOBBY DARINAtlantic/London
30-Sep-61(2) 6269Sad Movies (Make me Cry)SUE THOMPSONHickory
30-Sep-61454-Transistor SisterFREDDY CANNONTop Rank
30-Sep-61592-Let's Do it AgainArtist Unknown 
30-Sep-614610-Seven-Up and Ice Cream SodaDON CARROLLLondon
30-Sep-615014-You Don't Know / Marvellous LieHELEN SHAPIROColumbia
30-Sep-612313-A Star Fell from HeavenWARREN WILLIAMSLeedon
30-Sep-61802-MichaelLONNIE DONEGANPye
30-Sep-61586-Private EyeBOB LUMANWarner Brothers
30-Sep-61666-Bless YouTONY ORLANDOPhilips
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
7-Oct-61(3) 3197Hit the Road JackRAY CHARLES & His OrchestraAmpar
7-Oct-611723-Good Looking BoyPATSY ANN NOBLEHMV
7-Oct-612518-RomeoPETULA CLARKPye
7-Oct-61398-DaydreamsJOHNNY CRAWFORDColumbia
7-Oct-61447-Black Land FarmerWINK MARTINDALELondon
7-Oct-61765-How Many Nights, How Many Days / I'll Bring Along My BanjoJOHNNIE RAYUnited Artists
7-Oct-616813-Feel itSAM COOKERCA
7-Oct-61921-Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)LENNON SISTERS, TheLondon
7-Oct-612811-Berlin MelodyBILLY VAUGHN & His OrchestraLondon
7-Oct-612616-Don't Blame Me / MuskratEVERLY BROTHERS, TheWarner Brothers
14-Oct-614227Kon-Tiki / 36-24-36SHADOWS, TheColumbia
14-Oct-611615-Five Foot-Two / Ladder of LoveBRYAN DAVIESHMV
14-Oct-61706-Frankie and JohnnyBROOK BENTONMercury
14-Oct-61629-Johnny, Remember MeJOHN LEYTONTop Rank
14-Oct-613716-This TimeTROY SHONDELLLondon
14-Oct-61924-Li'l Ole MeCORNBREAD & JERRYLondon
14-Oct-61798-As Long as He Needs MeMAUREEN EVANSW&G
14-Oct-612719-(He's My) Dreamboat / HollywoodCONNIE FRANCISMGM
21-Oct-612187Big Bad JohnJIMMY DEANCoronet
21-Oct-61(3) 1617-So Long, BabyDEL SHANNONLondon
21-Oct-613115-A Girl for Ev'ry Day / The Best Time for LoveMARK WYNTERDecca
21-Oct-61537-The Way You Look TonightLETTERMEN, TheCapitol
21-Oct-61911-The Way You Look TonightJARMELS, TheTop Rank
21-Oct-612518-Beggin' on My KneesBARRY STANTONLeedon
21-Oct-61916-Don't Go AwayTEDDY RANDAZZOAmpar
21-Oct-61758-Magic Moon (Clair de Lune)RAYS, TheLondon
21-Oct-61585-My Claire De LuneSTEVE LAWRENCEUnited Artists
28-Oct-61(2) 11910Goodbye, Cruel WorldJAMES DARRENPye
28-Oct-613167Tower of StrengthGENE McDANIELSLondon
28-Oct-611417-A Wonder Like You / Everlovin'RICK NELSONLondon
28-Oct-61(4) 3198Runaround SueDIONTop Rank
28-Oct-617354Take FiveDAVE BRUBECK QUARTETCoronet
28-Oct-612021-English Country GardenJIMMIE RODGERSRoulette
28-Oct-616211-My Blue HeavenDUANE EDDY London
28-Oct-61675-Sweets for My Sweet / Loneliness or HappinessDRIFTERS, TheAtlantic/London
28-Oct-612315-Fool No.1 / Anybody But MeBRENDA LEEFestival
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
4-Nov-611514-God, Country and My BabyJOHNNY BURNETTELondon
4-Nov-612811-Stick ShiftDUALS, TheSue
4-Nov-61557-Hey Little AngelJOHNNY DEVLINFestival
4-Nov-61439-Big Things are HappeningTONY BRADYLeedon
4-Nov-61427-Let's Get TogetherHAYLEY MILLS & HAYLEY MILLSDisneyland
4-Nov-61862-JealousyBILLY FURYDecca
4-Nov-61609-DrumsKENNY CHANDLERUnited Artists
4-Nov-612119-Language of LoveJOHN D. LOUDERMILKRCA
4-Nov-61982-All of MeJOHNNY REBBLondon
11-Nov-611228-You're the ReasonBOBBY EDWARDSTop Rank
11-Nov-61(2) 7163Kissin' TimeBOBBY RYDELLColumbia
11-Nov-612718-Is it All Over Now?GAYNOR BUNNINGW&G
11-Nov-61854-Get LostEDEN KANEDecca
11-Nov-614918-Let True Love BeginNAT KING COLECapitol
11-Nov-615611-CrazyPATSY CLINEFestival
11-Nov-613516-The Fly / That's the Way it GoesCHUBBY CHECKERColumbia
11-Nov-61708-Bristol StompDOVELLS, TheColumbia
18-Nov-61(6) 12010My Boomerang Won't Come BackCHARLIE DRAKEParlophone
18-Nov-61(3) 6456Moon RiverHENRY MANCINI, His Orchestra & ChorusRCA
18-Nov-617453Moon RiverJERRY BUTLERTop Rank
18-Nov-616181Walkin' Back to HappinessHELEN SHAPIROColumbia
18-Nov-61367-Sixteen Going on SeventeenMARK WYNTERDecca
18-Nov-614410-Three-Eyed ManBUDDY KNOXLondon
18-Nov-613114-I Love How You Love MePARIS SISTERS, TheTop Rank
25-Nov-61(2) 10182TonightFERRANTE & TEICHERUnited Artists
25-Nov-612207When the Girl in Your Arms is the Girl in Your HeartCLIFF RICHARDColumbia
25-Nov-61466-Flutter FlutterBOBBY COOKSONAstor
25-Nov-61677-HeartachesMARCELS, ThePye
25-Nov-613020-Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie MelodyARETHA FRANKLINCoronet
25-Nov-616510-I Understand (Just How You Feel)G-CLEFS, TheLondon
25-Nov-61796-BoomerangSLIM DUSTYColumbia
25-Nov-616314-The Bridge of LoveJOE DOWELLMercury
25-Nov-61429-Twistin' BellsSANTO & JOHNNYParlophone
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
2-Dec-614204Happy Birthday, Sweet SixteenNEIL SEDAKARCA
2-Dec-617232The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)TOKENS, TheRCA
2-Dec-611224-Gypsy Rover / Cotton FieldsHIGHWAYMEN, TheUnited Artists
2-Dec-614518-Under the Moon of LoveCURTIS LEELondon
2-Dec-61735-In the Middle of a HeartacheWANDA JACKSONFestival
2-Dec-616610-You're the ReasonHANK LOCKLINRCA
2-Dec-614013-Whistling RufusJOY BOYS, TheFestival
2-Dec-61838-Climb Every MountainSHIRLEY BASSEYColumbia
2-Dec-61865-Back at the HopDANNY & The JUNIORSTop Rank
9-Dec-61(1) 1218Let There Be DrumsSANDY NELSONLondon
9-Dec-61(2) 2229Run to Him / Walkin' With My AngelBOBBY VEELondon
9-Dec-612014-Johnny WillPAT BOONELondon
9-Dec-612919-Midnight BusBETTY McQUADEAstor
9-Dec-613716-(You Are My) SunshineWARREN CARRLeedon
9-Dec-614810-I'll Be Seeing YouFRANK SINATRAReprise
9-Dec-616812-You're Following MePERRY COMORCA
9-Dec-61828-My Woman Left MeBROTHERS FOURCoronet
9-Dec-617012-The ComancherosCLAUDE KINGCoronet
16-Dec-61(5) 13913Can't Help Falling in Love / Rock-a-Hula BabyELVIS PRESLEYRCA
16-Dec-61(3) 8246Walk on ByLEROY VAN DYKEMercury
16-Dec-611216-Hey! Little GirlDEL SHANNONLondon
16-Dec-61575-Mary's Boy ChildERNIE SIGLEYPye
16-Dec-61529-I Don't Know WhyLINDA SCOTTColumbia
16-Dec-614211-Yabba Dabba DooFRANKIE DAVIDSON with The SAPPHIRESW&G
16-Dec-61709-Just Out of My Reach (of My Two Open Arms)SOLOMON BURKELondon/Atlantic
16-Dec-61992-Promise MeJAY JUSTINHMV
16-Dec-61933-Beautiful as YouWARREN WILLIAMSLeedon
23-Dec-61(2) 4248NormanSUE THOMPSONHickory
23-Dec-617233The Peppermint TwistJOEY DEE & THE STARLITERSPhilips
23-Dec-61649-SmileTIMI YUROLondon
23-Dec-614014-When the Boy in Your Arms (is the Boy in Your Heart)CONNIE FRANCISMGM
23-Dec-616612-September in the RainDINAH WASHINGTONMercury
23-Dec-618310-Little Miss U.S.A.BARRY MANNAmpar
23-Dec-615011-Gidget Goes HawaiianJAMES DARRENPye
30-Dec-616010-RevengeBROOK BENTONMercury
30-Dec-612715-Peppermint Twist TimeTWISTERS, TheW&G
30-Dec-61882-(How Can I Write on Paper) What I Feel in My HeartJIM REEVESRCA
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