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No.1 songs of 1963:

DateWksTitles / Artists
5-Jan-631Big Girls Don't Cry - FOUR SEASONS
12-Jan-631Return to Sender - ELVIS PRESLEY
19-Jan-632Return to Sender - ELVIS PRESLEY
26-Jan-633Return to Sender - ELVIS PRESLEY
2-Feb-631The Boys - The SHADOWS
9-Feb-632The Boys - The SHADOWS
16-Feb-631Little Town Flirt - DEL SHANNON
23-Feb-631Walk Right in - The ROOFTOP SINGERS
2-Mar-631From a Jack to a King - NED MILLER
9-Mar-632From a Jack to a King - NED MILLER
16-Mar-631Hey Paula - PAUL & PAULA
23-Mar-632Hey Paula - PAUL & PAULA
30-Mar-633Hey Paula - PAUL & PAULA
6-Apr-631Walk Like a Man - FOUR SEASONS
13-Apr-631In Dreams - ROY ORBISON
20-Apr-632In Dreams - ROY ORBISON
27-Apr-631Pipeline - The CHANTAYS
4-May-632Pipeline - The CHANTAYS
11-May-633Pipeline - The CHANTAYS
18-May-634Pipeline - The CHANTAYS
25-May-631I Will Follow Him - LITTLE PEGGY MARCH
1-Jun-632I Will Follow Him - LITTLE PEGGY MARCH
8-Jun-631Tamoure - BILL JUSTIS
15-Jun-632Tamoure - BILL JUSTIS
22-Jun-633Tamoure - BILL JUSTIS
29-Jun-634Tamoure - BILL JUSTIS
6-Jul-631It's My Party - LESLEY GORE
13-Jul-631Sukiyaki - KYU SAKAMOTO
20-Jul-632Sukiyaki - KYU SAKAMOTO
27-Jul-631Move, Baby, Move / You'll Never Cherish a Love So True (Until You Lose it) - JOHNNY O'KEEFE
3-Aug-632Move, Baby, Move / You'll Never Cherish a Love So True (Until You Lose it) - JOHNNY O'KEEFE
10-Aug-631Surf City - JAN & DEAN
17-Aug-63155 Days at Peking - ROB E.G.
24-Aug-63255 Days at Peking - ROB E.G.
31-Aug-63355 Days at Peking - ROB E.G.
7-Sep-63455 Days at Peking - ROB E.G.
14-Sep-631Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh - ALLAN SHERMAN
21-Sep-631Bombora - The ATLANTICS
28-Sep-632Bombora - The ATLANTICS
5-Oct-631No Trespassing / Not Responsible - HELEN SHAPIRO
12-Oct-632No Trespassing / Not Responsible - HELEN SHAPIRO
19-Oct-631Blue Bayou / Mean Woman Blues - ROY ORBISON
26-Oct-632Blue Bayou / Mean Woman Blues - ROY ORBISON
2-Nov-631Dance On - KATHY KIRBY
9-Nov-632Dance On - KATHY KIRBY
16-Nov-633Dance On - KATHY KIRBY
23-Nov-631Sugar Shack - JIMMY GILMER & The FIREBALLS
30-Nov-632Sugar Shack - JIMMY GILMER & The FIREBALLS
7-Dec-633Sugar Shack - JIMMY GILMER & The FIREBALLS
14-Dec-631You'll Never Walk Alone - GERRY & The PACEMAKERS
21-Dec-632You'll Never Walk Alone - GERRY & The PACEMAKERS
28-Dec-631I Want to Hold Your Hand - The BEATLES
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
5-Jan-639141I'm Gonna Be Warm This WinterCONNIE FRANCISMGM
5-Jan-63(3) 1914-Go Away, Little GirlSTEVE LAWRENCECoronet
5-Jan-631217-I Saw Linda YesterdayDICKEY LEEPhilips
5-Jan-631726-Surfside / Lisa MareeDIGGER REVELL'S DENVER MENHMV
5-Jan-636010-A Little Bit Now (A Little Bit Later)MAJORS, TheLondon
5-Jan-63887-Freight TrainCHARLES BLACKWELL & HIS ORCHESTRAColumbia
5-Jan-635212-Zip-a-Dee-Doo-DahBOB B. SOXX & THE BLUE JEANSLondon
5-Jan-63778-Hotel HappinessBROOK BENTONPhilips
5-Jan-635911-Some Kinda FunCHRIS MONTEZLondon
12-Jan-63(1) 1178Little Town FlirtDEL SHANNONLondon
12-Jan-632018-The Ballad of Lover's HillTERESA BREWERPhilips
12-Jan-632111-JavaFLOYD CRAMERRCA
12-Jan-63397-It's Up to YouCOLIN COOK with The THIN MEN & The STRANGERSW&G
12-Jan-632510-My Coloring BookSANDY STEWARTPye
12-Jan-63579-Old Devil MoonHANK & DEAN (Hank Jones & Dean Kay)RCA
12-Jan-63428-JavaJOHNNY HAWKER BAND, TheW&G
12-Jan-63579-DarlingDOROTHY BAKERW&G
12-Jan-63537-Go Away Little GirlMARK WYNTERPye
19-Jan-63(1) 1168Walk Right inROOFTOP SINGERS, TheAstor
19-Jan-639201Bachelor Boy / The Next TimeCLIFF RICHARD & The SHADOWSColumbia
19-Jan-6342310Come a Little Bit CloserDELLTONES, TheLeedon
19-Jan-63824-Rainbow / Town CrierTOMMY ROEAmpar
19-Jan-63597-Chicken FeedBENT FABRICColumbia
19-Jan-634410-Willie CanSUE THOMPSONHickory
26-Jan-636228Tell HimEXCITERS, TheUnited Artists
26-Jan-634116-Up on the RoofDRIFTERS, TheAtlantic/London
26-Jan-633510-The Cry of the Wild Goose / Leavin' TownSTRANGERS, TheW&G
26-Jan-63923-Just for KicksMIKE SARNEParlophone
26-Jan-63941-How About ThatDEAN RANDOLPHChancellor
26-Jan-632611-Loop De LoopJOHNNY THUNDERHMV
26-Jan-63836-The PickupCONWAY TWITTYMGM
26-Jan-634812-He's Sure the Boy I LoveCRYSTALS, TheLondon
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
2-Feb-63(2) 1118-Half Heaven-Half HeartacheGENE PITNEYUnited Artists
2-Feb-631513-GlobetrotterTORNADOS, TheDecca
2-Feb-631913-The Cinnamon Cinder (it's a Very Nice Dance)PASTEL SIX, TheLondon
2-Feb-63826-My Coloring BookKITTY KALLENRCA
2-Feb-63877-Everybody Loves a LoverSHIRELLES, TheHMV
9-Feb-63(3) 11710Hey, PaulaPAUL & PAULAPhilips
9-Feb-631916-You're the Reason I'm LivingBOBBY DARINCapitol
9-Feb-631914-Your Used to BeBRENDA LEEFestival
9-Feb-63602-I've Got the World by the TailCLAUDE KINGCBS
9-Feb-633213-Rag Trade RagGRAEME BELL & His All StarsFestival
9-Feb-633315-SukiyakiKENNY BALL & His JazzmenPye
9-Feb-63479-Love (Makes the World Go 'Round)PAUL ANKARCA
9-Feb-632513-Island of DreamsSPRINGFIELDS, ThePhilips
9-Feb-63982-My Coloring BookGEORGE CHAKIRISCapitol
9-Feb-63991-Remember ThenEARLS, TheHMV
16-Feb-63(1) 1168Walk Like a ManFOUR SEASONS, TheFestival
16-Feb-636166Ruby BabyDIONCBS
16-Feb-631413-DiamondsJET HARRIS & TONY MEEHANDecca
16-Feb-633228Blame it on the Bossa NovaEYDIE GORMECBS
16-Feb-63(2) 1219In DreamsROY ORBISONLondon
16-Feb-631614-Butterfly BabyBOBBY RYDELLColumbia
16-Feb-633113-Fly Me to the Moon Bossa NovaJOE HARNELL & His OrchestraKapp
16-Feb-63633-Auf Wiedersehn, My DearBEN E. KINGAtlantic/London
16-Feb-63625-Wild Weekend (Re-issue)THUNDERBIRDS, TheW&G
16-Feb-635011-It Never Came TrueDE KROO BROTHERSFestival
16-Feb-63698-Darkest Street in TownJIMMY CLANTONFestival
16-Feb-63894-Who Stole the Keeshka?MATYS BROTHERS, TheW&G
23-Feb-639163Dance On!SHADOWS, TheColumbia
23-Feb-631613-The Wayward Wind / I'm Smiling NowFRANK IFIELDColumbia
23-Feb-63(3) 1313-Boss GuitarDUANE EDDY & The REBELETTESRCA
23-Feb-63(2) 1912-Greenback DollarKINGSTON TRIO, TheCapitol
23-Feb-63795-What Does a Girl Do?MARCIE BLANELondon
23-Feb-634913-Alice in WonderlandNEIL SEDAKARCA
23-Feb-63982-Sun, AriseROLF HARRISColumbia
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
2-Mar-63(2) 10152What Will My Mary SayJOHNNY MATHISCBS
2-Mar-632187Rhythm of the RainCASCADES, TheWarner Brothers
2-Mar-631114-Let's Limbo Some More / Twenty MilesCHUBBY CHECKERColumbia
2-Mar-632816-MollyBOBBY GOLDSBOROFestival
2-Mar-63549-Shake Me, I Rattle (Squeeze Me, I Cry)MARION WORTHCBS
2-Mar-632512-My Voice is ChangingJACK CLEMENTPhilips
2-Mar-63606-Chi-Chico-TeekJOHNNY DEVLINFestival
2-Mar-63506-I'm in Love Again / That's AllRICK NELSONLondon
2-Mar-632216-The SwanDAVE BRIDGE HMV
2-Mar-63478-The PuzzleGENE McDANIELSLiberty
2-Mar-63806-Wild WeekendREBELS, TheHMV
2-Mar-63793-Mary Had a Little LambPREMIERS, TheAstor
9-Mar-634216-All I Have to Do is DreamRICHARD CHAMBERLAINMGM
9-Mar-634511-Tra Le La Le La TrianglePATSY CLINEFestival
9-Mar-63535-Magic Star (Telstar)MARGIE SINGLETONPhilips
9-Mar-63793-I'm a WomanPEGGY LEECapitol
9-Mar-63577-RonaBOBBY COOKSON with The PREMIERSAstor
9-Mar-63586-Pin a Medal on JoeyJAMES DARRENPye
9-Mar-63812-Walk Right inMOMENTS, TheLondon
9-Mar-633913-South StreetORLONS, TheColumbia
9-Mar-63627-Love for SaleARTHUR LYMAN GROUPHifi Record
9-Mar-632112-I'm Just a Country BoyGEORGE McCURNFestival
9-Mar-63628-I Wanna Be AroundTONY BENNETTCBS
16-Mar-635166Little Band of GoldJAMES GILREATHW&G
16-Mar-639151Our Day Will ComeRUBY & The ROMANTICSKapp
16-Mar-63633-TriangleMARKSMEN, TheAstor
16-Mar-63664-Moon ManATLANTICS, TheCBS
16-Mar-63782-Fly Me to the Moon / Tell HimALMA COGANColumbia
16-Mar-63788-Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart?BOB B. SOXX & THE BLUE JEANSLondon
16-Mar-635210-Please Please MeBEATLESParlophone
16-Mar-63597-Sailor BoyCATHY CARRFestival
16-Mar-633512-Follow the BoysCONNIE FRANCISMGM
16-Mar-63991-Meditation (Meditacao)BILLY VAUGHN & His OrchestraFestival
16-Mar-637610-Everyday I Have to CrySTEVE ALAIMOChess
23-Mar-63(4) 12610PipelineCHANTAYSLondon
23-Mar-635816-Steptoe and Son (Old Ned)GEOFF LOVE & His OrchestraColumbia
23-Mar-63822-What NowADAM FAITHParlophone
23-Mar-63659-Yakety SaxBOOTS RANDOLPHLondon
23-Mar-63881-Without a Shoulder to Cry onBRYAN DAVIESHMV
23-Mar-63695-I Thought I Heard You Call My NameMAX FALCONW&G
23-Mar-63458-Like I DoMAUREEN EVANSW&G
23-Mar-63742-Big, Wide WorldTEDDY RANDAZZOPye
23-Mar-633014-Our Winter LoveBILL PURSELLCBS
23-Mar-63951-If You Want Me toGEORGE HAMILTON IVRCA
23-Mar-63932-Pretty Boy LonelyPATTI PAGECBS
23-Mar-638612-My Little GirlCRICKETS, TheLiberty
23-Mar-633115-Hava NagilaSPOTNICKS, TheW&G
23-Mar-63902-Meditation (Meditacao)PAT BOONELondon
30-Mar-63(2) 12111I Will Follow HimLITTLE PEGGY MARCHRCA
30-Mar-63782-Gonna Take a ChanceTOMMY ROEAmpar
30-Mar-63566-Nervous (Teaser Theme) {from The Dick Powell Show}HERSCHEL BURKE GILBERT ORCHESTRALondon
30-Mar-636212-Let's Turkey TrotLITTLE EVALondon
30-Mar-63694-Let's StompBOBBY CORNSTOCKHMV
30-Mar-634511-I Got a WomanRICK NELSONFestival
30-Mar-63637-Do You Love MeCONTOURS, TheW&G
30-Mar-63783-Meditacao (Meditation)CHARLIE BYRD & His Bossa Nova MusicRiverside
30-Mar-63737-All Over the WorldNAT KING COLECapitol
30-Mar-63971-Queen for TonightHELEN SHAPIROColumbia
30-Mar-63439-Little By LittleSPRINGFIELDS, ThePhilips
30-Mar-635610-Over the MountainBOBBY VINTONEpic
30-Mar-63753-Do the BirdDEE DEE SHARPColumbia
30-Mar-63962-Out of My MindJOHNNY TILLOTSONLondon
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
6-Apr-63(2) 31810Summer Holiday / Dancing ShoesCLIFF RICHARD & The SHADOWSColumbia
6-Apr-638173Can't Get Used to Losing YouANDY WILLIAMSCBS
6-Apr-636233Puff (the Magic Dragon)PETER, PAUL & MARYWarner Brothers
6-Apr-634196Proud of YouJAY JUSTINHMV
6-Apr-639151He's Got the PowerEXCITERS, TheUnited Artists
6-Apr-631220-Surfin' U.S.A.BEACH BOYSCapitol
6-Apr-631321-Mr. Bass ManJOHNNY CYMBALKapp
6-Apr-632013-Young LoversPAUL & PAULAPhilips
6-Apr-633212-The End of the WorldSKEETER DAVISRCA
6-Apr-63574-She'll Never, Never Love You (Like I Do)TERESA BREWERPhilips
6-Apr-63899-LindaJAN & DEANLiberty
13-Apr-632156Foot TapperSHADOWS, TheColumbia
13-Apr-631514-Cast Your Fate to the WindsMEL TORMEAtlantic/London
13-Apr-634211-Marching Thru Madrid / Struttin' with MariaHERB ALPERT'S TIJUANA BRASSFestival
13-Apr-633410-He's So FineCHIFFONS, TheFestival
13-Apr-63794-Ten Lonely WeekendsNOELEEN BATLEYFestival
13-Apr-63913-Burning DesireWADE RAYW&G
13-Apr-63922-PreachermanCHARLIE RUSSOHMV
13-Apr-635311-Tom CatROOFTOP SINGERS, TheAstor
20-Apr-63(2) 7176MeccaGENE PITNEYUnited Artists
20-Apr-634010-Watermelon ManMONGO SANTAMARIA BANDRiverside
20-Apr-63566-TorlidoSTRANGERS, TheW&G
20-Apr-63348-Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)COOKIES, TheLondon
20-Apr-633312-CharmsBOBBY VEELiberty
20-Apr-632114-On BroadwayDRIFTERS, TheAtlantic/London
20-Apr-63447-RobotTORNADOS, TheDecca
27-Apr-631716-Two Kind of TeardropsDEL SHANNONLondon
27-Apr-63(2) 1415-If You Wanna Be HappyJIMMY SOULHMV
27-Apr-63427-Don't Be Afraid, Little Darlin'STEVE LAWRENCECBS
27-Apr-63654-The RumblePHANTOMS, TheW&G
27-Apr-63705-I Watch the SurfDARRYL STEWARTFestival
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
4-May-639132One Broken Heart for SaleELVIS PRESLEYRCA
4-May-634186Jezebel / Stage to CimarronROB E.G.Festival
4-May-63517-One Amony the ManyNED MILLERW&G
4-May-63654-The Yellow BandanaFARON YOUNGPhilips
4-May-63831-There's No Such Thing as LoveANTHONY NEWLEYDecca
4-May-633214-That's What Love Will DoJOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERSAstor
4-May-634411-Nick-Nack Paddy Whack / ButterfliesJOHNNY CHESTER & HIS CHESSMENW&G
4-May-63419-Nobody's Darlin' But MineFRANK IFIELDColumbia
4-May-63916-Some PeopleCAROL DEENEHMV
4-May-633310-Reverend Mr. BlackKINGSTON TRIO, TheCapitol
11-May-63(4) 1199TamoureBILL JUSTISPhilips
11-May-631514-Losing YouBRENDA LEEFestival
11-May-633187How Do You Do it?GERRY & THE PACEMAKERSColumbia
11-May-632013-The Folk SingerTOMMY ROEAmpar
11-May-633911-Love is a BallBILLY ECKSTINE & DAMITA JOPhilips
11-May-63667-Baby WorkoutJACKIE WILSONBrunswick
11-May-63807-Bony MaronieAPPALACHIANS, TheAmpar
11-May-63688-Foolish Little GirlSHIRELLES, TheHMV
11-May-63881-Who Do You Think I Am?LIZA MINNELLILondon
18-May-636307I Love You BecauseAL MARTINOCapitol
18-May-633712-Night Rider / Blue MountainsDENVER MEN, TheHMV
18-May-633013-Scarlett O'HaraJET HARRIS & TONY MEEHANDecca
18-May-634411-(Underneath the) Starlight of Love / Put 'em DownCOL JOYEFestival
18-May-63723-The Love ExpressDIG RICHARDSFestival
18-May-63842-They Should Have Given you the OscarJAMES DARRENAstor
18-May-63882-Skip to M'LimboVENTURES, TheLiberty
18-May-632911-Take These Chains from My HeartRAY CHARLESAmpar
18-May-63852-Don't Wanna Think About PaulaDICKEY LEEPhilips
18-May-63982-The Battle of the Blue and the GreyBEE GEESLeedon
25-May-63(2) 6165Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of SummerNAT KING COLECapitol
25-May-631314-18 Yellow RosesBOBBY DARINCapitol
25-May-63(3) 9183From Me to YouBEATLESParlophone
25-May-631713-Bo DiddleyBUDDY HOLLYCoral
25-May-632922-Steptoe and SonALEXANDER MURRAY SMITH and The Back O' Town SyncopatorsDecca
25-May-633912-DangerVIC DANALiberty
25-May-633514-My Heart Said (the Bossa Nova)IRENE REIDVerve
25-May-632813-Wildwood Days / Will You Be My BabyBOBBY RYDELLColumbia
25-May-63669-Let's Go Steady AgainNEIL SEDAKARCA
25-May-63794-Remember DianaPAUL ANKARCA
25-May-63419-Another Saturday NightSAM COOKERCA
25-May-63764-Don't Make My Baby BlueFRANKIE LAINECBS
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
1-Jun-63(1) 1148It's My PartyLESLEY GOREPhilips
1-Jun-63376-This Little GirlDIONCBS
1-Jun-63575-The BluebirdJOY BOYS, TheFestival
1-Jun-63578-Sweet Little SixteenJERRY LEE LEWISLondon
1-Jun-633215-StillBILL ANDERSONFestival
1-Jun-63754-On the TrailROGER WILLIAMSKapp
1-Jun-63327-I'm Movin' OnMATT LUCASPhilips
1-Jun-633014-Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)CRYSTALS, TheLondon
1-Jun-633310-Birdland / Black CloudCHUBBY CHECKERColumbia
1-Jun-63972-Patty BabyFREDDY CANNONHMV
8-Jun-63(2) 12111Move Baby Move / You'll Never Cherish a Love so True (Until You Lose it)JOHNNY O'KEEFELeedon
8-Jun-633010-If My Pillow Could TalkCONNIE FRANCISMGM
8-Jun-633111-"Four Corners" Theme (Lost Patrol)JOHN BARRY SEVEN & OrchestraColumbia
8-Jun-63743-A Stranger in Your TownSHACKLEFORDS, ThePhilips
8-Jun-63487-Gravy WaltzMEL TORMEAtlantic
8-Jun-63685-Please Girls, PleaseFRANK TRAYNOR'S JAZZ PREACHERSW&G
8-Jun-63525-Lonely Boy, Lonely GuitarDUANE EDDYRCA
8-Jun-635212-Happy CowboyBILLY VAUGHN & His OrchestraLondon
8-Jun-63518-The Hippy Hippy Shake (Re-issue)CHAN ROMEROLondon
8-Jun-634714-Building Castles in the AirDIGGER REVELL with The DENVER MENHMV
8-Jun-63982-Little Latin Lupe LuRIGHTEOUS BROTHERSFestival
8-Jun-637212-HeartKENNY CHANDLERFestival
15-Jun-631217-(I Love You) Don't You Forget itPERRY COMORCA
15-Jun-633134Falling / Distant DrumsROY ORBISONLondon
15-Jun-63656-Ain't That a ShameFOUR SEASONS, TheFestival
15-Jun-633611-Sweet Dreams of You / Back in Baby's ArmsPATSY CLINEFestival
15-Jun-634911-I Wish I Were a PrincessLITTLE PEGGY MARCHRCA
15-Jun-63812-Here I StandRIP CHORDS, TheCBS
15-Jun-636211-Do You Want to Know a SecretBILLY J. KRAMER & The DAKOTASParlophone
15-Jun-63915-Woe is MeHELEN SHAPIROColumbia
15-Jun-632716-Say Wonderful ThingsPATTI PAGECBS
22-Jun-63(2) 1149Sukiyaki (Ueo Muite Arukou)KYU SAKAMOTOHMV
22-Jun-6310151Blue on BlueBOBBY VINTONEpic
22-Jun-632010-On Top of SpaghettiTOM GLAZER & The Do-Re-Mi Children's ChoirKapp
22-Jun-63783-(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna MarryDARLENE LOVELondon
22-Jun-63509-Hello, StrangerBARBARA LEWISAtlantic
22-Jun-63965-The Good LifeTONY BENNETTCBS
22-Jun-63983-It's Been Nice (Goodnight)EVERLY BROTHERS, TheWarner Brothers
22-Jun-63895-HeartWAYNE NEWTON & The Newton BrothersCapitol
29-Jun-63(1) 1189Surf CityJAN & DEANLiberty
29-Jun-633145Atlantis / I Want You to Want MeSHADOWS, TheColumbia
29-Jun-63(2) 1214-Ring of FireJOHNNY CASHCBS
29-Jun-631812-Don't Try to Fight it, BabyEYDIE GORMECBS
29-Jun-63499-Trail BlazerDAVE BRIDGE TRIOHMV
29-Jun-63663-Man of MysteryVIBRATONES, TheLeedon
29-Jun-634012-Sitting in the MoonlightDELLTONES, TheLeedon
29-Jun-633217-AbileneGEORGE HAMILTON IVRCA
29-Jun-63806-Teenage HeavenJOHNNY CYMBALKapp
29-Jun-63844-The Harry Lime ThemeWARREN CARRLeedon
29-Jun-63318-Sting RayROUTERS, TheWarner Brothers
29-Jun-63267-String Along / Gypsy WomanRICK NELSONFestival
29-Jun-634611-Be True to YourselfBOBBY VEELiberty
29-Jun-63703-First QuarrelPAUL & PAULAPhilips
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
6-Jul-636133I Like itGERRY & THE PACEMAKERSColumbia
6-Jul-633349Wipe Out / Surfer JoeSURFARIS, TheLondon
6-Jul-632013-Two Faces Have ILOU CHRISTIERoulette
6-Jul-634011-Lost Patrol (Theme from 'Four Corners')OBERST NICHOLSON'S BANDPolydor
6-Jul-635212-BajaASTRONAUTS, TheRCA
6-Jul-63746-Poor Little Rich Girl / MoreSTEVE LAWRENCECBS
6-Jul-63477-Say Wonderful ThingsRONNIE CARROLLPhilips
6-Jul-637210-Harry the Hairy ApeRAY STEVENSPhilips
6-Jul-632112-From Me to You / Two SilhouettesDEL SHANNONLondon
13-Jul-63(4) 2168(You're the) Devil in DisguiseELVIS PRESLEYRCA
13-Jul-63(2) 6157Easier Said Than DoneESSEX, TheRoulette
13-Jul-63249-Waltzing Matilda / I'm Confessin' (That I Loved You)FRANK IFIELDColumbia
13-Jul-636612-Every Step of the Way / No Man Can Stand AloneJOHNNY MATHISCBS
13-Jul-63744-I Believe in YouSAM FLETCHERRCA
13-Jul-632812-HootenannyGLENCOVES, TheW&G
13-Jul-63941-The Last LeafCASCADES, TheWarner Brothers
20-Jul-634167Lucky LipsCLIFF RICHARD & The SHADOWSColumbia
20-Jul-63(4) 117955 Days at PekingROB E.G.Festival
20-Jul-6310141Green, GreenNEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS, TheCBS
20-Jul-63449-MemphisVENTURES, TheLiberty
20-Jul-63556-One Fine DayCHIFFONS, TheFestival
20-Jul-63615-What a GuyRAINDROPS, TheLondon
20-Jul-63961-Midnight HassleFRANK VIRTUE COMBO, TheW&G
20-Jul-636110-So Much in LoveTYMES, TheColumbia
20-Jul-63715-Not MeORLONS, TheColumbia
27-Jul-63(2) 12611BomboraATLANTICS, TheCBS
27-Jul-63(2) 1113-Blowin' in the WindPETER, PAUL & MARYWarner Brothers
27-Jul-63(2) 1912-I (Who Have Nothing)BEN E. KINGAtlantic
27-Jul-631612-My Whole World is Falling DownBRENDA LEEFestival
27-Jul-631814-True Love Never Runs SmoothGENE PITNEYUnited Artists
27-Jul-631911-Judy's Turn to CryLESLEY GOREPhilips
27-Jul-63357-MemphisLONNIE MACKW&G
27-Jul-633110-MoreKAI WINDINGVerve
27-Jul-63854-Click Go the ShearsPEGGY HYAMAFestival
27-Jul-63536-Get HimEXCITERS, TheUnited Artists
27-Jul-63695-Be Careful of Stones That You ThrowDIONCBS
27-Jul-63934-Detroit CityBOBBY BARERCA
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
3-Aug-638254Judy, Judy, JudyJOHNNY TILLOTSONLondon
3-Aug-631513-Danke SchoenWAYNE NEWTON & The Newton BrothersCapitol
3-Aug-631316-Forget HimBOBBY RYDELLColumbia
3-Aug-631811-Six Days on the RoadDAVE DUDLEYUnited Artists
3-Aug-63773-Kiss and RunTOMMY ROEAmpar
3-Aug-632513-Avalon Stomp / Harbour CruiseDENVERMEN, TheHMV
3-Aug-63991-Three Act PlayJAY JUSTINHMV
10-Aug-63(4) 32710Painted, Tainted RoseAL MARTINOCapitol
10-Aug-631414-Surfin' HootenannyAL CASEY with THE K-C-ETTESW&G
10-Aug-63378-Pedro the FishermanSAXONS, TheW&G
10-Aug-633911-A Young Man's FancyTOMMY SANDSAmpar
10-Aug-63636-A Little Like Lovin'DOROTHY BAKERParlophone
10-Aug-636110-Lonesome 7-7203HAWKSHAW HAWKINSW&G
10-Aug-63882-HopelessANDY WILLIAMSCBS
10-Aug-63844-Riviera CayfLANCE PERCIVALParlophone
10-Aug-635512-Marlena / Candy GirlFOUR SEASONS, TheFestival
17-Aug-63(2) 1259No Trespassing / Not ResponsibleHELEN SHAPIROColumbia
17-Aug-63409-Be-Bop-a-Lula / I Need Your Love TonightCOL JOYEFestival
17-Aug-632911-Brown-Eyed Handsome ManBUDDY HOLLYCoral
17-Aug-63508-How High the MoonFLOYD CRAMERRCA
17-Aug-63547-Saturday SunshineBURT BACHARACHKapp
17-Aug-632711-Drownin' My SorrowsCONNIE FRANCISMGM
17-Aug-63932-Surfie's StompELLIOTT SHAVERSPhilips
17-Aug-632714-Tips of My FingersROY CLARKCapitol
24-Aug-63(1) 1126Hello Muddah, Hello Fudduh! (A Letter from Camp)ALLAN SHERMANWarner Brothers
24-Aug-63(2) 2168If I Had a HammerTRINI LOPEZReprise
24-Aug-639131The Lonely SurferJACK NITZSCHEReprise
24-Aug-639142I Want to Stay HereSTEVE LAWRENCE & EYDIE GORMECBS
24-Aug-631713-Surfer Girl / Little Deuce CoupeBEACH BOYSCapitol
24-Aug-63447-Come on Everybody / The Old Copper KettleJOHNNY CHESTER & HIS CHESSMEN & The THIN MENW&G
24-Aug-632610-The Ninth WaveVENTURES, TheLiberty
24-Aug-63734-At the ShoreJOHNNY CASWELLPhilips
24-Aug-63795-Another Fool Like MeNED MILLERW&G
24-Aug-63861-The Moon is High / I'm the BossBURL IVESFestival
24-Aug-63834-Dum Dum Dee DumJOHNNY CYMBALKapp
24-Aug-636011-Desert PeteKINGSTON TRIO, TheCapitol
24-Aug-632813-Sweets for My SweetSEARCHERS, TheAstor
24-Aug-63795-How Many TeardropsLOU CHRISTIERoulette
31-Aug-634145Blue VelvetBOBBY VINTONEpic
31-Aug-6335520She Loves You / I'll Get YouBEATLESParlophone
31-Aug-631519-Sandy, SandyTOWN & COUNTRY BROTHERSLondon
31-Aug-631813-Bad to MeBILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTASParlophone
31-Aug-63466-Your Baby's Gone Surfin'DUANE EDDYRCA
31-Aug-634312-It's a Lonely Town (Lonely Without You)GENE McDANIELSLiberty
31-Aug-632213-Martian HopRAN-DELLS, TheLondon
31-Aug-63754-Timber!BEE GEESLeedon
31-Aug-633013-Talk Back Trembling LipsERNEST ASHWORTHHickory
31-Aug-63747-Make the World Go AwayTIMI YUROLiberty
31-Aug-63892-Mama Don't AllowROOFTOP SINGERS, TheAstor
31-Aug-63912-MoreDELLA REESERCA
31-Aug-632915-My Boyfriend's BackANGELS, ThePhilips
31-Aug-63933-The DreamerNEIL SEDAKARCA
31-Aug-63962-Hilly-Billy Ding-Dong-Choo-ChooAPPALACHIANS, TheAmpar
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
7-Sep-631420-Petite ChansonJOHNNY CRAWFORDLondon
7-Sep-63695-Talk Back Trembling LipsADRIAN USSHERW&G
7-Sep-63388-Ski RunECHOMEN, TheHMV
7-Sep-63853-Little Yellow RosesJACKIE DE SHANNONLiberty
7-Sep-63529-Treat My Baby GoodBOBBY DARINCapitol
7-Sep-63981-Baby WeemusNINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENSAtlantic
7-Sep-63991-Lollipops, Lace and LipstickJAMES GILREATHW&G
14-Sep-63(2) 5245Maria ElenaLOS INDIOS TABAJARASRCA
14-Sep-63(2) 9142(And Her Name is) ScarletDE KROO BROTHERSFestival
14-Sep-63(2) 1220-Please Don't Talk to the LifeguardDIANE RAYPhilips
14-Sep-63499-Talk Back Trembling LipsDEBBIE STUARTPhilips
14-Sep-63546-FingertipsLittle STEVIE WONDERHMV
14-Sep-633614-You Can Never Stop Me Loving YouJOHNNY TILLOTSONLondon
14-Sep-63673-Hello, Melvin (This is Mama)SANDRA GOULDPhilips
14-Sep-63489-The Old Apple TreePAM and ADEW&G
14-Sep-635012-The Kind of Boy You Can't ForgetRAINDROPS, TheLondon
14-Sep-63835-Ain't I'm a DogJOHNNY REBBCBS
14-Sep-63827-Come on HomeSPRINGFIELDS, ThePhilips
14-Sep-63883-A Doodlin' SongPEGGY LEECapitol
21-Sep-63(2) 1188Blue Bayou / Mean Woman BluesROY ORBISONLondon
21-Sep-63(2) 1711-A Walkin' MiracleESSEX, TheRoulette
21-Sep-63(3) 4205Then He Kissed MeCRYSTALS, TheLondon
21-Sep-631810-Honolulu LuluJAN & DEANLiberty
21-Sep-63478-The Woodpecker SongBOBBY RYDELLColumbia
21-Sep-63604-China Nights (Shina Na Yoru)KYU SAKAMOTOHMV
21-Sep-63556-DeniseRANDY & The RAINBOWSFestival
21-Sep-63754-Over the RainbowDIGGER REVELLRCA
21-Sep-63649-Wonderful! Wonderful!TYMES, TheColumbia
21-Sep-635111-Hello Heartache Goodbye Love / Boy CrazyLITTLE PEGGY MARCHRCA
21-Sep-63931-Hear the BellsTOKENS, TheRCA
28-Sep-637156It's All in the GameCLIFF RICHARDColumbia
28-Sep-63(3) 1209Dance OnKATHY KIRBYDecca
28-Sep-631911-Flipped Over YouPAUL & PAULAPhilips
28-Sep-63416-Just an Old-Fashioned Girl (EP)EARTHA KITTRCA
28-Sep-63665-(Dance With the) Surfin' BandHAL BLAINE & THE YOUNG COUGARSRCA
28-Sep-635413-Second Hand RoseTERESA BREWERPhilips
28-Sep-63399-Bondi StompDAVE BRIDGE TRIOHMV
28-Sep-63726-I'm Coming Back to YouJULIE LONDONLiberty
28-Sep-63846-Hey GirlFREDDIE SCOTTColpix
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
5-Oct-6310141ShindigSHADOWS, TheColumbia
5-Oct-631911-Shake, Baby, Shake / Good Luck CharmJOHNNY O'KEEFELeedon
5-Oct-631413-Point PanicSURFARIS, TheFestival
5-Oct-631613-ApplejackJET HARRIS & TONY MEEHANDecca
5-Oct-6310241Royal TelephoneJIMMY LITTLEFestival
5-Oct-632610-Fools Rush inRICK NELSONFestival
5-Oct-63649-Just Like a ChildWARREN WILLIAMSLeedon
5-Oct-63802-Hootenanny GrannyJIM LOWE20th Century-Fox
5-Oct-63901-Acapulco, 1922KENNY BALL & His JazzmenAstor
5-Oct-633611-That Sunday That Summer / Mr. Wishing WellNAT KING COLECapitol
5-Oct-633610-Donna the Prima DonnaDION DI MUCICBS
5-Oct-634810-You Don't Have to Be a Baby to CryCARAVELLES, TheDecca
5-Oct-634613-I Can't Stay Mad at YouSKEETER DAVISRCA
12-Oct-63(2) 2197Washington SquareVILLAGE STOMPERS, TheEpic
12-Oct-63(2) 5196Hangin' FiveDELLTONES, TheLeedon
12-Oct-63398-Stomp Fever / The Sun-SeekerDENVERMEN, TheRCA
12-Oct-633320-Just Like EddieHEINZDecca
12-Oct-63944-MarnieSTAN RUBINFestival
12-Oct-63777-Washington SquareFRANK TRAYNOR'S JAZZ PREACHERSW&G
19-Oct-63(3) 11911Sugar ShackJIMMY GILMER & The FIREBALLSDot/London
19-Oct-631414-Murphy the SurfieJOY BOYS, TheFestival
19-Oct-63387-BustedRAY CHARLESAmpar
19-Oct-63595-September SongJIMMY DURANTEWarner Brothers
19-Oct-63469-I've Lost the End of My YodelCHARLIE DRAKEParlophone
19-Oct-632613-I Like Your Kind fo LoveBOB LUMAN & SUE THOMPSONHickory
19-Oct-63867-Sally, Go 'Round the RosesJAYNETTS, TheHMV
19-Oct-63863-Wham!LONNIE MACKW&G
19-Oct-63538-I'll Take You HomeDRIFTERS, TheAtlantic
19-Oct-63569-Don't Think Twice, It's All RightPETER, PAUL & MARYWarner Brothers
26-Oct-63(3) 1514-Deep PurpleNINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENSAtlantic
26-Oct-632179Hootenanny HootSHEB WOOLEYMGM
26-Oct-631815-EverybodyTOMMY ROEAmpar
26-Oct-631317-(Down at) Papa Joe'sDIXIEBELLES, The with CORNBREAD & JERRYLondon
26-Oct-631927-Do You Love MeBRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOESDecca
26-Oct-632512-Jeanie MarieTRINI LOPEZW&G
26-Oct-632812-She's a FoolLESLEY GOREPhilips
26-Oct-63962-Little Eeefin AnnieJOE PERKINSLondon
26-Oct-633223-I (Who Have Nothing)SHIRLEY BASSEYColumbia
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
2-Nov-63(2) 12510You'll Never Walk Alone / It's AlrightGERRY & THE PACEMAKERSColumbia
2-Nov-637206Living a Lie / I Love You TrulyAL MARTINOCapitol
2-Nov-632318-Stomp the TumbarumbaJOHNNY DEVLINFestival
2-Nov-632414-Be My BabyRONETTES, TheLondon
2-Nov-63616-Cowboy BootsKEVIN SHEGOGW&G
2-Nov-63674-That's the LoveSTEVE DENVER with The PHANTOMSW&G
2-Nov-63777-Come BackJOHNNY MATHISHMV
2-Nov-635310-Cowboy BootsDAVE DUDLEYHMV
2-Nov-63737-Sweet, Impossible You / The Grass is GreenerBRENDA LEEFestival
2-Nov-635410-Your Other Love / Whatever Happened to RosemarieCONNIE FRANCISMGM
2-Nov-636710-Maria ElenaBILLY MUREMGM
2-Nov-63883-The High LifePHIL BODNER SEXTETRCA
2-Nov-63923-Faded LoveLE GARDE TRIO, TheColumbia
2-Nov-631002-Washington SquareKENNY BALL & His JazzmenAstor
9-Nov-638244Memphis, TennesseeDAVE BERRY & THE CRUISERSDecca
9-Nov-63744-Waltzing MatildaSEEKERS, TheW&G
9-Nov-634012-SoulROB E.G.Festival
9-Nov-63634-The Cruel SeaDAKOTAS, TheParlophone
9-Nov-63791-Give it All You've GotJAY JUSTINHMV
9-Nov-633318-Look Who it is / Walking in My DreamsHELEN SHAPIROColumbia
9-Nov-633110-Sue's Gotta Be MineDEL SHANNONLondon
9-Nov-634410-Yesterday and You (Armen's Theme)BOBBY VEELiberty
9-Nov-63941-It Comes and GoesBURL IVESFestival
16-Nov-634177Bossa Nova Baby / WitchcraftELVIS PRESLEYRCA
16-Nov-63(2) 1919-The White RabbitPETER POSAW&G
16-Nov-632513-AmericaHERB ALPERT'S TIJUANA BRASSFestival
16-Nov-63479-500 Miles Away from HomeBOBBY BARERCA
16-Nov-63695-Goofy FootMIDNIGHTERS, TheRCA
16-Nov-63932-The ScavengerDICK DALECapitol
16-Nov-63961-DragonflyTORNADOS, TheDecca
16-Nov-637111-I'm Leaving it Up to YouDALE & GRACELondon
16-Nov-633912-The Girl Sang the BluesEVERLY BROTHERS, TheWarner Brothers
16-Nov-63559-Walking ProudSTEVE LAWRENCECBS
23-Nov-63(3) 3147DominiqueSINGING NUN, ThePhilips
23-Nov-633137Twenty-Four Hours from TulsaGENE PITNEYUnited Artists
23-Nov-631713-Loddy Lo / Hooka TookaCHUBBY CHECKERColumbia
23-Nov-63(2) 7152The CrusherATLANTICS, TheCBS
23-Nov-631920-He's My Blonde-Headed Stompie Wompie Real Gone Surfer Boy / Stomping at MaroubraLITTLE PATTIEHMV
23-Nov-633611-Midnight MaryJERRY COLECapitol
23-Nov-63567-UndertowSTRANGERS, TheW&G
23-Nov-633911-The MatadorJOHNNY CASHCBS
23-Nov-63953-Mule TrainFRANK IFIELDColumbia
23-Nov-63729-Tennessee StompFOUR TONES, The with The Penny RocketsYoung Modern
23-Nov-63934-Everybody Go HomeEYDIE GORMECBS
30-Nov-63(4) 21710Secret LoveKATHY KIRBYDecca
30-Nov-63(2) 3178Don't Talk to HimCLIFF RICHARDColumbia
30-Nov-63518-Merry Christmas, You SuckersPADDY ROBERTSDecca
30-Nov-633323-There's a Meetin' Here ToniteJOE & EDDIEVogue
30-Nov-63916-Barracuda / BreakwaterPACIFICS, TheParlophone
30-Nov-63854-Talk Back Trembling LipsJOHNNY TILLOTSONMGM
30-Nov-637610-Comin' DownDIG RICHARDSFestival
30-Nov-63855-First Day Back at SchoolPAUL & PAULAPhilips
30-Nov-63952-Love BanditTAYLOR SISTERS, TheHMV
Entry Date(WA)HPW100W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
7-Dec-631313-Now!LENA HORNE20th Century-Fox
7-Dec-634419-Twist and Shout / Twist it UpJOHNNY O'KEEFELeedon
7-Dec-632110-Kansas CityTRINI LOPEZReprise
7-Dec-63578-Sugar and SpiceSEARCHERS, TheAstor
7-Dec-63786-It's All RightIMPRESSIONS, TheAmpar
7-Dec-63764-Anyone ElseGENE McDANIELSLiberty
7-Dec-63786-Be True to Your School / In My RoomBEACH BOYSCapitol
7-Dec-636314-We Shall OvercomeJOAN BAEZAstor
14-Dec-638151Geronimo / ShazamSHADOWS, TheColumbia
14-Dec-63495-The Marvellous ToyCHAD MITCHELL TRIO, ThePhilips
14-Dec-63337-Do You Hear What I Hear?BING CROSBYCapitol
14-Dec-632217-Beach BallJIMMY HANNANRG Records
14-Dec-632418-When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His EyesSUPREMES, TheHMV
14-Dec-63802-Reef RideTELSTARS, TheCBS
14-Dec-63814-Guitars, Guitars, GuitarsAL CASEY with THE K-C-ETTESW&G
14-Dec-636211-That Boy JohnRAINDROPS, TheLondon
14-Dec-63708-What Kind of Fool Am IANTHONY NEWLEYDecca
14-Dec-637412-Beach BunnyTAYMEN, ThePhilips
14-Dec-63899-StewballPETER, PAUL & MARYWarner Brothers
21-Dec-63(7) 14119I Want to Hold Your Hand / This BoyBEATLESParlophone
21-Dec-63(2) 4155Pretty Paper / Beautiful DreamerROY ORBISONLondon
21-Dec-631311-There! I've Said it AgainBOBBY VINTONEpic
21-Dec-633010-Drip DropDION DI MUCICBS
21-Dec-63539-Baby What's WrongLONNIE MACKW&G
21-Dec-633812-What Kind of Fool Am ISHIRLEY BASSEYColumbia
21-Dec-635511-Saturday NightBOBBY FULLERLondon
21-Dec-632618-If Ever I Would Leave YouJERRY VALECBS
21-Dec-63667-I'll Keep You SatisfiedBILLY J. KRAMER & The DAKOTASParlophone
21-Dec-63794-The ChaseVENTURES, TheLiberty
21-Dec-63876-Saturday NightNEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS, TheCBS
28-Dec-635133Daisy Petal Pickin'JIMMY GILMER & The FIREBALLSDot/London
28-Dec-63744-Mystery Wave / Spanish SandsDENVERMEN, TheRCA
28-Dec-633614-KahunaRENEGADES, TheRCA
28-Dec-636611-The First TimeADAM FAITHParlophone
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