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Top 25 Singles of 1973

01Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak TreeDawn feat Tony Orlando
02Never, Never, NeverShirley Bassey
03You're So VainCarly Simon
04Heaven is My Woman's LoveCol JoyeOz
05Crocodile RockElton John
06Delta DawnHelen ReddyOz
07Can the CanSuzi Quatro
08I'd Love You to Want MeLobo
09And I Love You SoPerry Como
10Daisy a DayJud Strunk
11Funny FaceDonna Fargo
12BenMichael Jackson
13I Am WomanHelen ReddyOz
14Top of the WorldThe Carpenters
15I Don't Wanna Play HouseBarbara Ray
16The Morning AfterMaureen McGovern
17Killing Me Softly With His SongRoberta Flack
18He Did With MeVicki Lawrence
19AngieThe Rolling Stones
20Last SongEdward Bear
21Monster MashBobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
22Rubber Bullets10 C.C.
23Dancin' (On a Saturday Night)Barry Blue
24My LovePaul McCartney & Wings
25Say Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy RoseDawn feat Tony Orlando
No.1 Singles of 1973:

DateWksNo.HomeTitles / Artists
1-Jan-734  Ben - MICHAEL JACKSON
8-Jan-735  Ben - MICHAEL JACKSON
15-Jan-736  Ben - MICHAEL JACKSON
22-Jan-737  Ben - MICHAEL JACKSON
29-Jan-738  Ben - MICHAEL JACKSON
5-Feb-731425USI'd Love You to Want Me - LOBO
12-Feb-732  I'd Love You to Want Me - LOBO
19-Feb-731426USYou're So Vain - CARLY SIMON
26-Feb-732  You're So Vain - CARLY SIMON
5-Mar-733  You're So Vain - CARLY SIMON
12-Mar-734  You're So Vain - CARLY SIMON
19-Mar-735  You're So Vain - CARLY SIMON
26-Mar-736  You're So Vain - CARLY SIMON
2-Apr-737  You're So Vain - CARLY SIMON
9-Apr-731427USKilling Me Softly With His Song - ROBERTA FLACK
16-Apr-732  Killing Me Softly With His Song - ROBERTA FLACK
23-Apr-731428USTop of the World - The CARPENTERS
30-Apr-732  Top of the World - The CARPENTERS
7-May-733  Top of the World - The CARPENTERS
14-May-734  Top of the World - The CARPENTERS
21-May-731429USTie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree - DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO
28-May-732  Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree - DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO
4-Jun-733  Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree - DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO
11-Jun-734  Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree - DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO
18-Jun-735  Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree - DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO
25-Jun-736  Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree - DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO
2-Jul-737  Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree - DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO
9-Jul-731430USDaisy a Day - JUD STRUNK
16-Jul-732  Daisy a Day - JUD STRUNK
23-Jul-731431USThe Morning After - MAUREEN McGOVERN
30-Jul-731432OzHeaven is My Woman's Love - COL JOYE
6-Aug-732  Heaven is My Woman's Love - COL JOYE
13-Aug-731433OzDelta Dawn - HELEN REDDY
20-Aug-732  Delta Dawn - HELEN REDDY
27-Aug-733  Delta Dawn - HELEN REDDY
3-Sep-734  Delta Dawn - HELEN REDDY
10-Sep-735  Delta Dawn - HELEN REDDY
17-Sep-731434WalesNever Never Never - SHIRLEY BASSEY
24-Sep-732  Never Never Never - SHIRLEY BASSEY
1-Oct-731435USCan the Can - SUZI QUATRO
8-Oct-732  Can the Can - SUZI QUATRO
15-Oct-733  Can the Can - SUZI QUATRO
22-Oct-734  Can the Can - SUZI QUATRO
29-Oct-735  Can the Can - SUZI QUATRO
5-Nov-736  Can the Can - SUZI QUATRO
12-Nov-731436USHe Did With Me - VICKI LAWRENCE
19-Nov-731437EngAngie - The ROLLING STONES
26-Nov-732  Angie - The ROLLING STONES
3-Dec-733  Angie - The ROLLING STONES
10-Dec-734  Angie - The ROLLING STONES
17-Dec-735  Angie - The ROLLING STONES
24-Dec-731438OzLeave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) - HELEN REDDY
31-Dec-732  Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) - HELEN REDDY
EntryDate = Date the song entered the Top 100
(WA)HP = (Weeks at) Highest Position
W100 = Weeks in Top 100
W20 = Weeks in Top 20
W10 = Weeks in Top 10

EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
01-Jan-73(4) 2271914Crocodile RockELTON JOHNDJM
01-Jan-73152504-Wig Wam BamSWEETRCA Victor
01-Jan-73161302-Summer BreezeSEALS & CROFTSWarner
01-Jan-733410--Sittin'CAT STEVENSIsland
01-Jan-737406--Walk on Water / High Rolling ManNEIL DIAMONDMCA
01-Jan-737503--Santa Claus is Coming to Town4IP GOOD GUYSRCA Australia
01-Jan-739003--LiesJ.J. CALEShelter
08-Jan-73(7) 1261613You're So VainCARLY SIMONElektra
08-Jan-7309190401Me and Mrs. JonesBILLY PAULCBS
08-Jan-734811--TomPETER McLEANCherry Pie
08-Jan-738106--Witchy WomanEAGLESAsylum
08-Jan-738302--I Won't Look BackTED MULRYAlbert
08-Jan-739801--Close the Door LightlyREG LINDSAYFestival
15-Jan-73111506-Gudbuy T'JaneSLADEPolydor
15-Jan-73201601-Living Next Door to AliceNEW WORLDRak
15-Jan-733227--The Cover of Rolling StoneDR. HOOK & THE MEDICINE SHOWCBS
15-Jan-733611--Living in the PastJETHRO TULLReprise
15-Jan-734410--I Wanna Be With YouRASPBERRIESCapitol
22-Jan-7305201107Your Mama Don't DanceBOOTLEG FAMILYBootleg
22-Jan-7310221001Wedding Song (There is Love)PETULA CLARKPolydor
22-Jan-73(2) 122208-Jambalaya (On the Bayou)BLUE RIDGE RANGERS feat JOHN FOGERTYFantasy
22-Jan-732319--Crazy HorsesOSMONDSMGM
22-Jan-735813--Join TogetherWHO, ThePolydor
22-Jan-738407--MazurkaOLE HOYER ORCHESTRAColumbia
22-Jan-738809--Get Up and DanceDOORSElektra
22-Jan-739703--Been to CanaanCAROLE KINGOde / A&M
29-Jan-733715--You Turn Me On I'm a RadioJONI MITCHELLAsylum
29-Jan-736906--Papa Was a Rolling StoneTEMPTATIONS, TheTamla Motown
29-Jan-7310001--The Lights on the HillSLIM DUSTYColumbia
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
05-Feb-73(4) 1251511Top of the WorldCARPENTERSA&M
05-Feb-73(2) 3191109Dueling BanjosERIC WEISS & HIS BANJOSWarner
05-Feb-73(2) 8170805Separate WaysELVIS PRESLEYRCA Victor
05-Feb-732216--Looking Through the Eyes of LovePARTRIDGE FAMILYBell
05-Feb-732909--Hi, Hi, Hi / C MoonWINGSApple
05-Feb-733016--Your Mama Don't DanceLOGGINS & MESSINACBS
05-Feb-734020--Something's Wrong With MeAUSTIN ROBERTSRCA Victor
05-Feb-735011--Solid Gold Easy ActionT.REXT-Rex
05-Feb-737109--What's Made Wilwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser out of Me)ROD STEWARTMercury
05-Feb-738404--High Rollin' ManJOHNNY O'KEEFEFestival
12-Feb-7302321713Funny FaceDONNA FARGODot
12-Feb-73(3) 163704-Pretty MaidTONY MARSHALLInterfusion
12-Feb-732615--Beautiful YouNEIL SEDAKARCA Victor
12-Feb-732926--BlockbusterSWEETRCA Victor
12-Feb-734823--Wishing WellFREEIsland
12-Feb-737814--Suzanne, Beware of the DevilDANDY LIVINGSTONEInterfusion
12-Feb-739503--SuperstitionSTEVIE WONDERTamla Motown
19-Feb-733215--Catfish JohnHAWKING BROTHERSFable
19-Feb-733413--Blue MoonWINSTON FRANCISCreole
19-Feb-733418--DreidelDON McLEANUnited Artists
19-Feb-735310--Good Time Charley's Got the BluesDANNY O'KEEFEAtlantic
19-Feb-735510--Keeper of the CastleFOUR TOPSProbe
19-Feb-738505--Slippin' and Slidin'BLACKFEATHERInfinity
19-Feb-739008--The MasterpieceCHARLES RANDOLPH GREANE SOUNDEInterfusion
19-Feb-739202--I'm Stone in Love With YouSTYLISTICSAvco Embassy
26-Feb-73(2) 1241610Killing Me Softly With His SongROBERTA FLACKAtlantic
26-Feb-73(2) 9251102Space OddityDAVID BOWIERCA Victor
26-Feb-73(4) 191504-Do You Want to Dance?BETTE MIDLERAtlantic
26-Feb-732116--Pardon Me, SirJOE COCKERA&M
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
05-Mar-73(3) 2201311Last SongEDWARD BEARCapitol
05-Mar-73122308-Dead SkunkLOUDON WAINWRIGHT IIICBS
05-Mar-733712--You Are What I AmGORDON LIGHTFOOTReprise
05-Mar-733914--I'm Just a Singer (in a Rock and Roll Band)MOODY BLUES, TheThreshold
05-Mar-734420--Drift AwayDOBIE GRAYMCA
05-Mar-737706--Don't Let the Good Life Pass You ByDES O'CONNORAstor
05-Mar-738002--Mama Was Right All AlongSPRINGFIELD REVIVALPolydor
12-Mar-73(2) 4221108Don't Expect Me to Be Your FriendLOBOPhilips
12-Mar-73(2) 112408-Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah)GARY GLITTERBell
12-Mar-73(2) 202002-The Night the Lights Went Out in GeorgiaVICKI LAWRENCEStateside
12-Mar-732517--Tweedlee DeeLITTLE JIMMY OSMONDMGM
12-Mar-737007--Ball Park IncidentWIZZARDHarvest
12-Mar-737905--I'll Be AroundSPINNERSAtlantic
12-Mar-738207--Can't Keep it inCAT STEVENSIsland
12-Mar-738703--Danny's SongANNE MURRAYCapitol
19-Mar-732416--Dream LoverGREYHOUNDBlue Mountain
19-Mar-734712--Everything in YouG.WAYNE THOMASWarn & Genuine
19-Mar-734907--Oh No, Not My BabyMERRY CLAYTONOde / A&M
19-Mar-736406--Wild Thing ®TROGGSDJM
19-Mar-736713--Sweet SurrenderBREADElektra
26-Mar-73(3) 9120703Everything is Out of SeasonJOHNNY FARNHAMHMV
26-Mar-732917--Marrow SongFANTASYHMV
26-Mar-734307--OneyJOHNNY CASHCBS
26-Mar-735009--Handbags and GladragsJON ENGLISHWarm & Genuine
26-Mar-736007--Rock and Roll BumDANIEL BOONEPenny Farthing
26-Mar-739503--My Mother Was Her NameHURRICANE SMITHColumbia
26-Mar-739901--When You've Gotta GoSOLOMON KINGPolydor
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
02-Apr-73(7) 1322418Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak TreeDAWN feat TONY ORLANDOBell
02-Apr-7302161107Part of the UnionSTRAWBSA&M
02-Apr-7304221006Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)DEODATOCTI
02-Apr-732717--Daddy's HomeJERMAINE JACKSONTamla Motown
02-Apr-733109--Goodbye LollypopMADDERLAKEMushroom
02-Apr-733609--Captain StraightmanTHUMP'N PIG & PUFF'N BILLYHavoc
02-Apr-733908--Rocky Mountain HighJOHN DENVERRCA Victor
02-Apr-733911--Leader of the Pack ®SHANGRI-LASKama Sutra
02-Apr-734008--Whiskey in the JarTHIN LIZZYDecca
02-Apr-734810--Stir it UpJOHNNY NASHCBS
02-Apr-736006--Do it AgainSTEELY DANProbe
02-Apr-738404--Tears (Behind My Eyes)JIMMY STEVENSAtlantic
09-Apr-73(3) 9140906The Goondiwini GreyTEX MORTONPicture
09-Apr-73161704-Pinball Wizard/See Me, Feel Me (Medley)NEW SEEKERSPolydor
09-Apr-733611--PeacefulHELEN REDDYCapitol
09-Apr-733710--I Can't Get Sunday Out of My MindROD KIRKHAMImage
09-Apr-734214--The Jean GenieDAVID BOWIERCA Victor
09-Apr-734911--Bitter BadMELANIENeighbourhood
09-Apr-735307--Roll Over BeethovenELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRAHarvest
16-Apr-73(2) 1241512Daisy a DayJUD STRUNKMGM
16-Apr-73(2) 6221206Get DownGILBERT O'SULLIVANMAM
16-Apr-73(2) 162102-Stuck in the Middle With YouSTEALERS WHEELA&M
16-Apr-732527--Why Can't We Live TogetherTIMMY THOMASPolydor
16-Apr-733113--Power to All Our FriendsCLIFF RICHARDEMI
16-Apr-733711--So Much Love (in My Heart)MR. GEORGEPhilips
16-Apr-734412--Every Mother's SonBRIAN CADDBootleg
16-Apr-734911--By the Devil (I Was Tempted)TROUPADORSM7
16-Apr-739303--UlyssesGLEN CARDIERInfinity
23-Apr-73(1) 1261712The Morning AfterMAUREEN McGOVERN20th Century-Fox
23-Apr-73132104-Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)LINDA GEORGEImage
23-Apr-734208--But I DoBOBBY VINTONEpic
23-Apr-7310001--Walk on the Wild SideLOU REEDRCA Victor
30-Apr-73181903-I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star)GLEN CAMPBELLCapitol
30-Apr-73(2) 1261815Heaven is My Woman's LoveCOL JOYEATA
30-Apr-73(2) 2171109The Twelfth of NeverDONNY OSMONDMGM
30-Apr-73(2) 7180905DanielELTON JOHNDJM
30-Apr-734809--Baby, I Love YouDAVE EDMUNDSRCA Victor
30-Apr-735306--Cindy IncidentallyFACES, TheWarner
30-Apr-736211--Let's PretendRASPBERRIESCapitol
30-Apr-737010--Yesterday's GirlGARY TRAVERSM7
30-Apr-739101--Love TrainO'JAYSCBS
30-Apr-739102--Dream Me HomeMAC DAVISCBS
30-Apr-739501--How I Love Them Old SongsJIM ED BROWNRCA Victor

Last edited:
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
07-May-73112205-Well HelloYELLOWSTONE & VOICERegal Zonophone
07-May-73122405-Cum on Feel the NoizeSLADEPolydor
07-May-73151803-Hocus PocusFOCUSPolydor
07-May-73204101-(Old Dogs, Children and) Watermelon WineTOM T. HALLMercury
07-May-736107--The Laughing SongB.J. BERGMCA
07-May-738808--Blue Suede ShoesJOHNNY RIVERSUnited Artists
07-May-739602--Summer SongJENNIFER RYALLWarner
14-May-7303401813I Don't Wanna Play HouseBARBARA RAYRCA Victor
14-May-7307240903Susie Darlin'BARRY CROCKERFestival
14-May-732619--Destiny SongBAND OF LIGHTWarner
14-May-733815--Saw a New MorningBEE GEESSpin
14-May-734611--Keep on SingingAUSTIN ROBERTSRCA Victor
14-May-735209--Cherry Cherry (Live)NEIL DIAMONDMCA
14-May-735711--Thank YouBURKE & WILLSImage
14-May-736707--The Goondiwindi GreyJOHNNY GREENWOODRCA Victor
14-May-737307--Slow Down Go DownHOLLIESParlophone
14-May-738807--Wooden Heart (Muss ich Denn)ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDSRCA Victor
21-May-73(2) 5211410My LovePAUL McCARTNEY & WINGSApple
21-May-73(3) 172003-You Gave Me a Mountain / Steamroller BluesELVIS PRESLEYRCA Victor
21-May-734809--Country LadyHEADBANDPolydor
21-May-735108--Rooftop SingingNEW WORLDRak
21-May-736506--Thinking of YouLOGGINS & MESSINACBS
21-May-739402--Don't Cross the RiverAMERICAWarner
28-May-7305170904VenusJAMIE REDFERNFestival
28-May-73(3) 10150703You Are the Sunshine of My LifeSTEVIE WONDERTamla Motown
28-May-73191901-Playground in My MindJOHNNY ASHCROFTEMI
28-May-732824--Teddy Bear SongBARBARA FAIRCHILDCBS
28-May-733322--First Cut is the DeepestKEITH HAMPSHIREA&M
28-May-734910--The Loco-Motion ®LITTLE EVALondon
28-May-735611--I Don't Want to Know About itROSS RYANEMI
28-May-739102--Big City Miss Ruth AnnGALLERYSussex/A&M
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
04-Jun-73(2) 1292017Never, Never, NeverSHIRLEY BASSEYUnited Artists
04-Jun-7307161005Boogie Woogie Bugle BoyBETTE MIDLERAtlantic
04-Jun-73111506-Give Me Love (Give me Peace on Earth)GEORGE HARRISONApple
04-Jun-735704--20th Century BoyT.REXT-Rex
04-Jun-735712--Letter to LucilleTOM JONESDecca
04-Jun-736007--The HookTONY COLEInterfusion
04-Jun-738604--July You're a WomanREG LINDSAYFestival
04-Jun-738904--I Though You Weren't My FriendCHAINMushroom
11-Jun-73(2) 112416-Hello! Hello! I'm Back AgainGARY GLITTERBell
11-Jun-73(2) 181702-Hound DogSHERBETInfinity
11-Jun-733211--Hearts of StoneBLUE RIDGE RANGERS feat JOHN FOGERTYFantasy
11-Jun-734913--Hell RaiserSWEETRCA Victor
11-Jun-736205--The GhostFIELDING & DYERATA
11-Jun-739501--Hello HurrayALICE COOPERWarner
11-Jun-739601--PyjamaramaROXY MUSICIsland
18-Jun-73(5) 1251512Delta DawnHELEN REDDYCapitol
18-Jun-73(4) 2311811And I Love You SoPERRY COMORCA Victor
18-Jun-7309171002If We TryDON McLEANUnited Artists
18-Jun-73(3) 123015-See My Baby JiveWIZZARDHarvest
18-Jun-73182602-Behind Closed DoorsCHARLIE RICHEpic
18-Jun-73191401-Wind and RainBLUESTONEBootleg
18-Jun-734909--It Sure Took a Long, Long TimeLOBOPhilips
18-Jun-736602--Just Another Rock and RollerJOHNNY YOUNGFestival
18-Jun-738011--Super Kind of WomanFREDDIE HARTCapitol
18-Jun-739801--FireSISTER IRENE O'CONNORPhilips
25-Jun-73191501-FrankensteinEDGAR WINTER GROUPEpic
25-Jun-733113--KodachromePAUL SIMONCBS
25-Jun-733812--The Free Electric BandALBERT HAMMONDCBS
25-Jun-734212--I'm Leaving YouENGELBERT HUMPERDINCKDecca
25-Jun-735016--One and One is OneMACHINE HEADPolydor
25-Jun-735208--RingsNORMIE ROWEFestival
25-Jun-736605--Playground in My MindCLINT HOLMESEpic
25-Jun-736705--I Like YouDONOVANEpic
25-Jun-738504--Soul and Inspiration / Just Once in My LifeJOHNNY MATHISCBS
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
02-Jul-7305371209You Don't Own MeORMSBY BROTHERSEMI
02-Jul-7308281202The World's Greatest MumJOHNNY CHESTERFable
02-Jul-73(2) 10150702Je T'Aime (I Love You)ABIGAILFestival
02-Jul-734112--Hallelujah DayJACKSON FIVETamla Motown
02-Jul-735811--The Indelible ShuffleINDELIBLE MURTCEPS, TheEMI
02-Jul-736906--Danny BoyFRANK HYDEParlophone
02-Jul-738905--Ain't No Woman (Like the One I Got)FOUR TOPSProbe
09-Jul-7303301707Rubber Bullets10 C.C.Decca
09-Jul-735308--ShambalaTHREE DOG NIGHTProbe
09-Jul-736207--Reeling in the YearsSTEELY DANProbe
09-Jul-737208--SupermanDONNA FARGODot
09-Jul-737305--Close Your EyesEDWARD BEARCapitol
09-Jul-738004--Friend and a LoverPARTRIDGE FAMILYBell
09-Jul-738005--Waltzing MatildaCOLLEEN HEWETTFestival
09-Jul-739204--Woman From TokyoDEEP PURPLEPurple
16-Jul-7305201108Touch Me in the MorningDIANA ROSSTamla Motown
16-Jul-73202501-Satin SheetsJEANNE PRUETTMCA
16-Jul-733210--I Am a ClownDAVID CASSIDYBell
16-Jul-735908--Pillow TalkSYLVIA (Robinson)London
16-Jul-739901--Love GunDOUG PARKINSONPolydor
23-Jul-73(2) 154210-Any Dream Will DoMAX BYGRAVESAstor
23-Jul-732134--Standing on the InsideNEIL SEDAKAMGM
23-Jul-734307--Peter GunnKUSHWarner
23-Jul-734614--Music, Music, Music ®TERESA BREWERPhilips
23-Jul-736504--Litte WillySWEETRCA Victor
23-Jul-738404--I'm in Love With the WorldVANITY FAREPhilips
30-Jul-73191202-I Can't Dance to Your MusicJOHNNY FARNHAMEMI
30-Jul-732613--Soul MakossaMANU DIBANDOAtlantic
30-Jul-732619--I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More BabyBARRY WHITE20th Century Fox
30-Jul-738503--Sunshine LoverDANIEL BOONEPenny Farthing
30-Jul-739303--Too Weak to Let You GoCHARLEY PRIDERCA Victor
30-Jul-739501--I'm Doin' FineNEW YORK CITYRCA Victor
30-Jul-739601--Nevertheless (I'm in Love With You)EVE GRAHAM & The NEW SEEKERSPolydor
30-Jul-739803--L.A. FreewayJERRY JEFF WALKERMCA
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
06-Aug-73(6) 1291512Can the CanSUZI QUATRORak
06-Aug-732117--Swamp WitchJIM STAFFORDMGM
06-Aug-733010--The HurtCAT STEVENSIsland
06-Aug-733212--Movie QueenBILLY THORPEAtlantic
06-Aug-735411--Don't Knock My BoogieFATTY LUMPKINClarion
06-Aug-735614--Early MorningMISSISSIPPIBootleg
06-Aug-737107--Jailhouse Rock ®ELVIS PRESLEYRCA Victor
06-Aug-739901--Will it Go Round in CirclesBILLY PRESTONA&M
13-Aug-73111706-Bad Bad Leroy BrownJIM CROCEVertigo
13-Aug-73122204-Welcome HomePETERS & LEEPhilips
13-Aug-73(1) 1311610He Did With MeVICKI LAWRENCEStateside
13-Aug-73(2) 4220906Half-BreedCHERMCA
13-Aug-73(2) 9180703Yesterday Once MoreCARPENTERSA&M
13-Aug-735720--Summer BreezeSEALS & COFTSWarner
13-Aug-737314--RandyBLUE MINKEMI
13-Aug-737905--I Love a Sunburnt FootballFRANKIE DAVIDSONM7
13-Aug-738307--You'll Never Get to Heaven (if You Break My Heart)STYLISTICSAvco Embassy
13-Aug-738605--CloudsDAVID GATESElektra
13-Aug-7310001--Keep You On the Move (EP)MOONSHINE JUG & STRING BANDSphere
20-Aug-73(3) 2251209Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy RoseDAWN feat TONY ORLANDOBell
20-Aug-732912--Play Mumma, Sing me a SongJOHN J. FRANCISWarner
20-Aug-734710--Play Mama PlayRUMOURWarm & Genuine
20-Aug-735504--Goin' HomeOSMONDSMGM
20-Aug-735706--Broken Down AngelNAZARETHPhilips
20-Aug-736505--Hallelujah DayFAMILY, The (Oz)M7
20-Aug-737307--The Answer (Should I Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree?)CONNIE FRANCISGRP
20-Aug-737503--My Little WomanPOP TOPSImage
27-Aug-7303271510Monster Mash ®BOBBY (BORIS) PICKET & THE CRYPT-KICKERSLondon
27-Aug-7305211207Live and Let DieWINGSApple
27-Aug-73(2) 10140502Young Love / A Million to OneDONNY OSMONDMGM
27-Aug-732421--The Old Fashioned WayCHARLES AZNAVOURBarclay
27-Aug-733912--Skweeze Me, Pleeze MeSLADEPolydor
27-Aug-737108--Armed and Extremely DangerousMARCIE JONESAtlantic
27-Aug-739803--Right Place Wrong TimeDR. JOHNAtlantic
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
03-Sep-732627--Alright, Alright, AlrightMUNGO JERRYAstor
03-Sep-733024--Loves Me Like a RockPAUL SIMONCBS
03-Sep-733109--Saturday Nights Alright for FightingELTON JOHNDJM
03-Sep-733613--Brother LouieHOT CHOCOLATERak
03-Sep-734509--When Bouzoukis PlayedVICKY LEANDROSPhilips
03-Sep-734710--The Last Thing on My Mind / Canta LibreNEIL DIAMONDMCA
03-Sep-739801--Twistin' the Night AwayROD STEWARTMercury
10-Sep-73112409-I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am!)GARY GLITTERBell
10-Sep-733212--Mess of the BluesCOLOURED BALLSEMI
10-Sep-733515--12lb ToothbrushMADDERLAKEMushroom
10-Sep-734410--Do You Wanna BoogieROBIN JOLLEYFable
10-Sep-734912--How Can I Tell HerLOBOPhilips
10-Sep-735816--Long Train Runnin'DOOBIE BROTHERSWarner
10-Sep-738007--Ravishing RubyTOM T. HALLMercury
10-Sep-739001--Everyone's Agreed That Everything Will Turn Out FineSTEALER'S WHEELA&M
10-Sep-7310001--Don't Fight the Feeling of LoveCHARLEY PRIDERCA Victor
17-Sep-7302381812I Am PegasusROSS RYANEMI
17-Sep-7308160301The Band Played the BoogieC.C.S.Rak
17-Sep-73(3) 9241003CassandraSHERBETInfinity
17-Sep-733114--HappyMICHAEL JACKSONTamla Motown
17-Sep-735511--My MariaB.W. STEVENSONRCA Victor
17-Sep-735512--The PeacemakerALBERT HAMMONDCBS
17-Sep-735706--Ying Tong SongGOONS, TheDecca
17-Sep-736606--Jamaican FarewellARIELEMI
17-Sep-738904--Open Up Your HeartROGER MILLERCBS
17-Sep-739002--That's When the Music Takes MeNEIL SEDAKARCA Victor
24-Sep-73(2) 113013-Let Me Be ThereOLIVIA NEWTON-JOHNInterfusion
24-Sep-73(2) 8200802Rock and Roll (I Gave You the best Years of My Life)KEVIN JOHNSONGood Thyme
24-Sep-734608--Brother LouieSTORIESKama Sutra
24-Sep-734908--The Long Way HomeNEIL DIAMONDStateside
24-Sep-736004--Velvet Mornings / Forever and EverDEMIS ROUSSOSPhilips
24-Sep-736108--As Time Goes ByNILSSONRCA Victor
24-Sep-736206--MexicoLES HUMPHRIES SINGERSTelefunken
24-Sep-736207--Higher GroundSTEVIE WONDERTamla Motown
24-Sep-736310--In the Midnight HourCROSS COUNTRYAtlantic
24-Sep-736507--Hello Funny FaceJAMIE REDFERNFestival
24-Sep-737405--Feelin' Stronger Every DayCHICAGOCBS
24-Sep-738004--Kids Say the Darndest ThingsTAMMY WYNETTEEpic
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
01-Oct-73(4) 2251510Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)BARRY BLUEBell
01-Oct-73(5) 1201412AngieROLLING STONESRolling Stones
01-Oct-733421--GayeCLIFFORD T. WARDCharisma
01-Oct-733718--Going to a PartyBLUE ECHOES, TheImage
01-Oct-739801--Delta DawnNOLA FRANCISFable
08-Oct-732131--Mare, Mare, Mare, MareADA MORIM7
08-Oct-733916--Touch the MorningDON GIBSONHickory/M7
08-Oct-734017--Get the FeelingHUSHWarner
08-Oct-734209--Rhapsody in BlueDEODATOCTI
08-Oct-736904--Can You Do itGEORDIEEMI
08-Oct-738404--Free RideEDGAR WINTER GROUPEpic
08-Oct-739702--Lord, Mr. FordJERRY REEDRCA Victor
08-Oct-739801--DaydreamDAVID CASSIDYBell
15-Oct-7309341101Like Sister and BrotherDRIFTERSBell
15-Oct-7310200701Knockin' on Heaven's DoorBOB DYLANCBS
15-Oct-73122307-You've Never Been This Far BeforeCONWAY TWITTYMCA
15-Oct-73132805-MockingbirdJOHNNY O'KEEFE & MARGARET McLARENFestival
15-Oct-73(2) 5281409For the Good TimesPERRY COMORCA Victor
15-Oct-733614--All I KnowART GARFUNKELCBS
15-Oct-734814--(I Don't Wanna Love You But) You Got me AnywaySUTHERLAND BROTHERSIsland
15-Oct-737705--It Might as Well Rain Until SeptemberDOVEWarner
15-Oct-739901--Just Another Pretty FaceFANTASYEMI
22-Oct-7307221007Summer (the First Time)BOBBY GOLDSBOROUnited Artists
22-Oct-735414--Smoke on the WaterDEEP PURPLEPurple
22-Oct-735707--Oh No Not My BabyROD STEWARTMercury
22-Oct-736218--Believe in MeRICK SPRINGFIELDWizard
22-Oct-736406--Reggae My WayCHUBBY CHECKER20th Century
22-Oct-736509--Let Me in / One Way Ticket to AnywhereOSMONDSMGM
22-Oct-738704--We're an American BandGRAND FUNKCapitol
22-Oct-739601--Born to Be With YouDAVE EDMUNDSRCA Victor
29-Oct-73(1) 123141048 CrashSUZI QUATRORak
29-Oct-7308251305Rock OnDAVID ESSEXCBS
29-Oct-73(2) 192702-RememberDES O'CONNORAstor
29-Oct-732121--FoolELVIS PRESLEYRCA Victor
29-Oct-732635--I Remember When I Was YoungMATT TAYLORMushroom
29-Oct-733114--Ooh BabyGILBERT O'SULLIVANMAM
29-Oct-735513--If I Could Write a Love SongDIGBY RICHARDSRCA Victor
29-Oct-738704--SkywriterJACKSON FIVETamla Motown
29-Oct-739202--Where the Lilacs GrowSLIM WHITMANUnited Artists
29-Oct-739404--I'm Coming HomeJOHNNY MATHISCBS
29-Oct-7310001--Believe in HumanityCAROLE KINGOde / A&M
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
05-Nov-7302251714The Ballroom BlitzSWEETRCA Victor
05-Nov-734015--The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGeeHOLLIESParlophone
05-Nov-738605--Yes, We Can CanPOINTER SISTERSBlue Thumb
05-Nov-739303--What About MeANNE MURRAYCapitol
12-Nov-73(4) 1221511Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)HELEN REDDYCapitol
12-Nov-73(1) 1211309PhotographRINGO STARRApple
12-Nov-73(2) 4311611Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadELTON JOHNDJM
12-Nov-73122308-Paper RosesMARIE OSMONDMGM
12-Nov-732921--BeNEIL DIAMONDCBS
12-Nov-733611--JesseROBERTA FLACKAtlantic
12-Nov-734312--Ramblin' ManALLMAN BROTHERS BANDCapircorn
12-Nov-736606--Today I Started Loving You AgainTOM JONESDecca
12-Nov-737506--Jimmy Loves Mary-AnneLOOKING GLASSEpic
12-Nov-738302--The Melbourne CupHAWKING BROTHERSFable
12-Nov-738305--NashvilleRAY STEVENSMGM
12-Nov-739202--Ring RingBJORN & BENNY, ANNA & FRIDARCA Victor
19-Nov-734010--Way Out WestDINGOES, TheMushroom
19-Nov-734209--Angel FingersWIZZARDHarvest
19-Nov-734424--My Friend StanSLADEPolydor
19-Nov-739302--JoybringerMANFRED MANN'S EARTH BANDVertigo
19-Nov-739402--Willie the Whingeing PomTED EGANRCA Australia
26-Nov-73(3) 6240904Heartbeat-It's a LovebeatDeFRANCO FAMILY20th Century
26-Nov-73(2) 164705-Sky DiverDANIEL BOONEPenny Farthing
26-Nov-734515--Our Day Will ComeLINDA GEORGEImage
26-Nov-734813--Shake a HandJOHNNY FARNHAMEMI
26-Nov-735217--Wouldn't I Be SomeoneBEE GEESSpin
26-Nov-737707--Handy Man / Keep on Rockin'BRIAN CADDBootleg
26-Nov-738408--Me and Bobby McGee ®CHARLEY PRIDERCA Victor
EntryDate(WA)HPW100W20W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
03-Dec-7306321106The Star of MykonosKATJA EBSTEINUnited Artists
03-Dec-73(2) 7221005The Most Beautiful GirlCHARLIE RICHEpic
03-Dec-73161301-Mind GamesJOHN LENNONApple
03-Dec-73(3) 171606-Helen Wheels / Country DreamerPAUL McCARTNEY & WINGSApple
03-Dec-736307--Hey BillySTUART & McKAYAtlantic
03-Dec-738004--Pick Up the PiecesHUDSON-FORDA&M
03-Dec-739004--ChangesTONY BARBERRCA Australia
03-Dec-739802--Pasadena's on My MindGARY TRAVERSM7
03-Dec-738705--Nutbush City LimitsIKE & TINA TURNERUnited Artists
10-Dec-73(4) 3281812The Lord's PrayerSISTER JANET MEADFestival
10-Dec-732324--Just You 'N' MeCHICAGOCBS
10-Dec-734311--Let's Build a Love TogetherJOHNNY CHESTERFable
10-Dec-735708--Minnie, MinnieMOUTH & MacNEALPhilips
10-Dec-735811--Giving it All AwayROGER DALTREYPolydor
10-Dec-736508--I'm Gonna Miss You, BabeCHAINMushroom
10-Dec-738007--Lazy SusanMR. GEORGEPhilips
10-Dec-739901--Smarty PantsFIRST CHOICEBell
10-Dec-735505--Merry Xmas EverybodySLADEPolydor
17-Dec-7310280801Daydreamer / The Puppy SongDAVID CASSIDYBell
17-Dec-73132811-Eye LevelSIMON PARK ORCHESTRAColumbia
17-Dec-733817--Do You Wanna Dance?BARRY BLUEBell
17-Dec-735706--Please DaddyPHIL GOLOTTAImage
17-Dec-736112--China GroveDOOBIE BROTHERSWarner
17-Dec-738002--Please, Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)4IP GOOD GUYSRCA Australia
24-Dec-73(2) 1241510SorrowDAVID BOWIERCA Victor
24-Dec-73(7) 1261716My Coo Ca ChooALVIN STARDUSTEMI
24-Dec-732918--We May Never Pass This Way AgainSEALS & COFTSWarner
24-Dec-733717--Raised on RockELVIS PRESLEYRCA Victor
24-Dec-739401--Sit Yourself DownCOLLEEN HEWETTFestival
24-Dec-739506--Now I'm Stuck on YouPAT CARROLLInterfusion
24-Dec-739602--Mummy, it's No Fun Without DaddySINGING KETTLESEMI
31-Dec-73(3) 4221411I Love You Love Me LoveGARY GLITTERBell
31-Dec-73151602-Who's in the Strawberry Patch with SallyTONY ORLANDO & DAWNBell
31-Dec-73192702-Spiders and SnakesJIM STAFFORDMGM
31-Dec-733016--Are You Lonesome TonightDONNY OSMONDMGM
31-Dec-734912--I Got a NameJIM CROCEPhilips
31-Dec-737404--Roll in My Sweet Baby's ArmsHANK WILSON (aka Leon Russell)Shelter
Here's an unofficial Top 100 of 1973 which has been compiled by Kevin Pollard and is primarily based on the Top 20 chart runs. He has given me permission to post this list and this is what he had to say about how it was calculated...

"These top 100s were based on a points system (20 points for #1, 19 points for #2) but also took into consideration weeks in the top 100 and David Kent's year end top 100 (from his book 'the Chart Chronicles'). I also compared top 100s from 1974-1979 to see how those charts were calculated. I'm fairly sure I've nailed them. Probably out by 2 or 3 chart places either way."

Rank Title Artist 
1 Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree Dawn featuring Tony Orlando 
2 Never, Never, Never Shirley Bassey 
3 You're So Vain Carly Simon 
4 Heaven is My Woman's Love Col Joye Oz
5 Crocodile Rock Elton John 
6 Delta Dawn Helen Reddy Oz
7 Can the Can Suzi Quatro 
8 I'd Love You to Want Me Lobo 
9 And I Love You So Perry Como 
10 Daisy a Day Jud Strunk 
11 Funny Face Donna Fargo 
12 Ben Michael Jackson 
13 I Am Woman Helen Reddy Oz
14 Top of the World Carpenters 
15 I Don't Wanna Play House Barbara Ray 
16 The Morning After Maureen McGovern 
17 Killing Me Softly With His Song Roberta Flack 
18 He Did With Me Vicki Lawrence 
19 Angie The Rolling Stones 
20 Last Song Edward Bear 
21 Monster Mash Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers 
22 Rubber Bullets 10cc 
23 Dancin' (On a Saturday Night) Barry Blue 
24 My Love Paul McCartney & Wings 
25 Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose Dawn featuring Tony Orlando 
26 The Twelfth of Never Donny Osmond 
27 Dueling Banjos Eric Weiss and His Banjos Oz
28 You Don't Own Me The Ormsby Brothers Oz
29 I've Got to Have You Carly Simon 
30 Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend Lobo 
31 Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress) Helen Reddy Oz
32 Dreams Are Ten a Penny Kincade 
33 Mouldy Old Dough Lieutenant Pigeon 
34 Get Down Gilbert O'Sullivan 
35 Part of the Union Strawbs 
36 Live and Let Die Wings 
37 You're a Lady Peter Skellern 
38 Touch Me in the Morning Diana Ross 
39 Nights in White Satin The Moody Blues 
40 The Ballroom Blitz The Sweet 
41 Your Mama Don't Dance The Bootleg Family Band Oz
42 The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A. Donna Fargo 
43 Half-Breed Cher 
44 Hello! Hello! I'm Back Again Gary Glitter 
45 Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001) Deodato 
46 I Can See Clearly Now Johnny Nash 
47 I Am Pegasus Ross Ryan Oz
48 Mad About You Bruce Ruffin 
49 The World's Greatest Mum Johnny Chester Oz
50 48 Crash Suzi Quatro 
51 See My Baby Jive Wizzard 
52 For the Good Times Perry Como 
53 Photograph Ringo Starr 
54 Venus Jamie Redfern Oz
55 Daniel Elton John 
56 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Bette Midler 
57 Space Oddity David Bowie 
58 The Goondiwindi Grey Tex Morton Oz
59 Wedding Song (There is Love) Petula Clark 
60 If We Try Don McLean 
61 Susie Darlin' Barry Crocker Oz
62 Separate Ways Elvis Presley 
63 Cassandra Sherbet Oz
64 Rock and Roll (I Gave You the Best Years of My Life) Kevin Johnson Oz
65 Yesterday Once More Carpenters 
66 Dead Skunk Loudon Wainwright III 
67 Everything is Out of Season Johnny Farnham Oz
68 Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah) Gary Glitter 
69 Je T'Aime (I Love You) Abigail 
70 I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am!) Gary Glitter 
71 Four and Twenty Hours Nana Mouskouri 
72 Children of the Revolution T. Rex 
73 Wings of an Eagle Russell Morris Oz
74 You Are the Sunshine of My Life Stevie Wonder 
75 Jambalaya (On the Bayou) Blue Ridge Rangers 
76 Like Sister and Brother The Drifters 
77 It Never Rains in Southern California Albert Hammond 
78 Mama Weer All Crazee Now Slade 
79 Summer (The First Time) Bobby Goldsboro 
80 Gudbuy T'Jane Slade 
81 Don't You Know it's Magic Johnny Farnham Oz
82 Me and Mrs. Jones Billy Paul 
83 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) George Harrison 
84 Well Hello Yellowstone & Voice 
85 Let Me Be There Olivia Newton-John Oz
86 Cum on Feel the Noize Slade 
87 Clair Gilbert O'Sullivan 
88 Bad Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce 
89 Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye) Linda George Oz
90 Happy Xmas (War is Over) John Lennon & Yoko Ono and The Plastic Ono Band 
91 Young Love / A Million to One Donny Osmond 
92 Knockin' on Heaven's Door Bob Dylan 
93 Pretty Maid Tony Marshall 
94 Wig Wam Bam The Sweet 
95 Burning Love Elvis Presley 
96 Welcome Home Peters & Lee 
97 The Band Played the Boogie C.C.S. 
98 One's on the Way Loretta Lynn 
99 You Gave Me a Mountain / Steamroller Blues Elvis Presley 
100 (Old Dogs, Children And) Watermelon Wine Tom T. Hall 

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