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It's not easy to characterize this all-round gifted 19-year-old singer/songwriter. Let's use words like natural, gypsy, bohemian, a hippy muso. But one thing is clear, through her passion for writing, singing and playing instruments, Sarah Reeve definitively catches people with her music - a mix of Soul, Jazz, Blues, Reggae and Pop. We invited her to an interview.

australian-charts.com: Young, good looking, musical and Australian - sounds like a mixture between Norah Jones and Delta Goodrem - how would you describe yourself to the swiss audience?
Sarah: I think every artist is unique in their own way because we're all unique people. You can't have a completely an original thing without it being similar to something else because there are too many things in the world to be extremely original. I think my style of music is soul, blues, pop, jazz. If I was to be compared to other artists, it would be Nora Jones, Alicea Keys or Delta Goodrem, 'cause that's what other people have said my music is similar to.

australian-charts.com: Which artists have inspirated you especially?
Sarah: I don't really listen to music and then say I want to write a song like this. I get my inspiration from life and my own personal experiences. I keep most of my feelings bottled up. All my feelings and emotions come out in my songs. My inspirations come from life and not other peoples music.

australian-charts.com: Jennifer Love Hewitt personafied in the well known "Party Of Five" the Character "Sarah Reeves" - has this played a role in your carreer yet?
Sarah: Someone has told me, but I've never seen "Party Of Five".

australian-charts.com: It looks like you are working on your career maily in Switzerland - do you have a special relationship to our country or was it by chance that you got into contact with a swiss management company through Myspace?
Sarah: It was by chance. I was studying at the Queensland Conservatory of Music in Australia, and I'm studying a bachelor of popular musics, music from the 1920's up to present time. I took a year off to go traveling and I sprained my ankle because I'm very clumsy. I couldn't walk and obviously couldn't travel, so I put my music onto Myspace. It was definitely by chance, but I'm glad it worked out this way because I love Switzerland. I've never been to Europe before, I've only been to China. One of my life passions is traveling, learning about different cultures and languages. Europe was the main place in the world that I wanted to go to and Switzerland was one my favorites.

australian-charts.com: Do you think that it's easier for you to have a breakthrough in Europe?
Sarah: I don't know because I'll never know how it would have worked out if I had tried to make it in Australia first. No one knows that, but I'm really happy I have decided to start my career in Europe because Europe is the biggest market and its hard to get started in Europe anywhere, even if it's a small country like Switzerland. Australia will always be my home and I'll always want to make my music in Australia but I was also keen to have my music in Europe as well.

australian-charts.com: Which kind of listener do you think can identify themself with your lyrics?
Sarah: I think my lyrics are very inspirational. Music should be entertaining, like Hip Hop and R&B because they dance and stuff. My main purpose of music is to be inspired and to want something more from life. I think the people that are most attracted to my lyrics are people that want to be inspired and have passion, have dreams and want to go somewhere.

australian-charts.com: To what extent, do you have a say in your music and the text of your songs. The title of the album "From The Mind Of A Dreamer" sounds very autobiographical.
Sarah: 100 %. I'm very much a dreamer, my parents call me a "space cadet", which means I'm always off in another world. If someone is talking to me, I'm not necessarily listening to them because I'm off dreaming somewhere. I've always been a dreamer. If you have a dream you should definitely go for it, if you have a passion then you should definitely find a way to make your passion worth living. I'm definitely a dreamer and the title could not be better suited to me.

australian-charts.com: There are a lot of sentimental ballads on the album - is there a personal favorite? If yes, why?
Sarah: My personal favorite changes with my mood. I believe that everyone and everything in life has an effect, a positive or a negative. If you are positive and you're smiling, the whole world can see it. I wrote "Don't Steal The Shame" about two years ago. At that time I was feeling really low and depressed all the time. But I didn't want to effect those around me in a negative way because I'm always a happy person. So I wrote this song to let myself know that there are more things in the world than to be sad or feeling down. "Don't Steal The Shame" will always be one of my favorites. But another one is "I'm Flying", track number 14 on the album. That song is very personal to me, the lyrics are very personal.

australian-charts.com: Your biography shows that you know what you want and that you also reach your ambitious goals, especially concerning your education.
Sarah: It is important to have role models, but they should not control you completely. Some teenagers are very lost and confused so they idolize someone and want to be like them, but we all should be ourselves. It does give guidance but people should be individuals. There is a quote from Nelson Mandela "Be the change you want to see in the world".

australian-charts.com: What do you think about stars like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan who who regularly point to themselves with scandals.
Sarah: I don't want to be negative but I feel very sorry for them, how their lives have turned out. There is a point in everyones life where they can say yes or no. A lot of people see them in a negative light, even though they might be wonderful and intelligent people. Most of the world perceives them to be stupid bimbos that go out and drink and take drugs. They always get the bad publicity, but there was a time in their lives where they could have said I don't want this negative publicity.

australian-charts.com: On the right forearm there is a tattoo visible - what does it symbolize?
Sarah: I'ts just a clef with a flat and some notes. Everyone asks me what they symbolize. Notice how they're all going upwards, I wanted them to symbolize growth and just going onwards, reaching for what you want. Anything that points down sort of symbolizes negativity. I wanted them to go upwards and symbolize the positive things.

australian-charts.com: What are your further plans? Does the musical conquest continue or do you also plan to enter the T.V. and movie scene in the near feature?
Sarah: I have been acting since I was six. Acting is definitely another passion of mine. Singing and songwriting is my ultimate dream, nothing can make me happier, but coming a close second to that, is definitely being in musicals. I'd love to be on broadway oneday. I'm very passionate about designing things and artwork and painting. I'd really like to write a novel one day or an inspirational book to help inspire people and guide them into their own.

australian-charts.com: What impressed you most about Switzerland?
Sarah: Definitely the people. There are alot of false people out there especially in the entertaining industry. You could be promised the world and get nothing. Switzerland is very down to the point, but obviously you can't stereotype a whole country. It's a very honest, very warm and welcoming country. Its very similar to Australia in terms of the mentality because its easy to talk to people, so yeah, the people and its beautiful, and the chocolate, I love chocolate.

australian-charts.com: Here's the top 10 of the Swiss Charts. Can you comment the songs?

10. Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - Give It To Me
Sarah: I really like Justin Timberlake, he's an amazing performer, Timbaland is an amazing producer and Nelly Furtado has a fantastic voice, good song.

9. Linkin Park - What I've Done
Sarah: I love Linkin Park, fantastic voice.

8. P!nk - Dear Mr. President
Sarah: I absolutely love Pink, I think the song will make a statement.

5. Mika - Grace Kelly
Sarah: Mika is fantastic, he's my favorite on the whole list.

3. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
Sarah: Nelly Furtado, I don't know that song.

2. Beyoncé & Shakira - Beautiful Liar
Sarah: I love Beautiful Liar. Beyonce and Shakira, they both have fantastic voices, I think they're real women.

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