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Ja Rule

Ja Rule Clap Back 2003 14/12/2003 43 6
Ja Rule Reign 2003 13/07/2003 5 18
Ja Rule feat. Ashanti Always On Time 2002 14/04/2002 3 13
Ja Rule feat. Ashanti Mesmerize 2002 23/03/2003 5 16
Ja Rule feat. Bobby Brown Thug Lovin' 2002 15/12/2002 7 14
Ja Rule feat. Case Livin' It Up 2001 16/12/2001 6 22
Ja Rule feat. Charli "Chuck" Baltimore Down A** Chick   18/08/2002 37 4
Ja Rule feat. Lloyd Caught Up 2004 01/05/2005 34 4
Ja Rule feat. R. Kelly & Ashanti Wonderful 2004 12/12/2004 6 17
Ja Rule 6 Feet Underground        
Ja Rule Always On Time 2001      
Ja Rule Bitch Betta Have My Money 1999      
Ja Rule Caught Up 2004      
Ja Rule Count On Your Nigga        
Ja Rule Destiny 2002      
Ja Rule Dial M For Murder 2001      
Ja Rule Down A** B**ch 2001      
Ja Rule Father Forgive Me        
Ja Rule Get Up        
Ja Rule Holla Holla        
Ja Rule Let's Ride        
Ja Rule Life Ain't A Game 2001      
Ja Rule Livin' It Up 2001      
Ja Rule Lost Little Girl 2001      
Ja Rule Love Me, Hate Me        
Ja Rule Man Is Down        
Ja Rule Me        
Ja Rule Murder Reigns 2002      
Ja Rule Never Again 2001      
Ja Rule Never Had Time        
Ja Rule Never Thought 2004      
Ja Rule Nigguz Theme        
Ja Rule One Of Us        
Ja Rule Only Begotten Son        
Ja Rule Pain Is Love 2001      
Ja Rule Passion 2004      
Ja Rule Pop Niggas 2002      
Ja Rule R.U.L.E. 2004      
Ja Rule Race Against Time        
Ja Rule Rockstar 2002      
Ja Rule Six Feet Underground        
Ja Rule Smokin And Ridin 2001      
Ja Rule So Much Pain 2001      
Ja Rule Story To Tell        
Ja Rule Style On Em        
Ja Rule The Inc Intro 2004      
Ja Rule The Inc. 2001      
Ja Rule The Manual 2004      
Ja Rule The March Prelude        
Ja Rule The Rule Won't Die        
Ja Rule The Warning 2002      
Ja Rule Watching Me        
Ja Rule We Here Now        
Ja Rule What's My Name 2004      
Ja Rule Worldwide Gangsta 2001      
Ja Rule X 2001      
Ja Rule & Christina Milian Between Me And You 2000      
Ja Rule fat. Lil Wayne Uh-Ohhh        
Ja Rule feat. 01 & Vita F*** You        
Ja Rule feat. 2Pac So Much Pain 2002      
Ja Rule feat. Anita Louise Real Life Fantasy        
Ja Rule feat. Ashanti, Ja Rule, Nas And 2Pac The Pledge Remix 2002      
Ja Rule feat. Ashley Joi Body 2008      
Ja Rule feat. Black Child Gun Talk 2004      
Ja Rule feat. Black Child Last Of The Mohicans 2004      
Ja Rule feat. Black Child, D.O. Cannons & Young Merc Things Gon' Change        
Ja Rule feat. Caddillac Tah, Black Child & Young Merc Bout My Business 2004      
Ja Rule feat. Cadillac Tah & Alexi Murder Me 2002      
Ja Rule feat. Cadillac Tah, Black Child & Ashanti The INC.        
Ja Rule feat. Cadillac Tah, Black Child, Boo & Irv Gotti Worldwide Gangsta        
Ja Rule feat. Case Suicide Freestyle        
Ja Rule feat. Charlie Baltimore Last Temptation 2002      
Ja Rule feat. Claudette Ortiz Get It Started 2004      
Ja Rule feat. DMX & Jay-Z It's Murda        
Ja Rule feat. Eastwood & Crooked I Connected 2002      
Ja Rule feat. Eric Sermon E-Dub & Ja        
Ja Rule feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss New York 2004      
Ja Rule feat. Jay-Z Kill 'Em All        
Ja Rule feat. Jodie Mack & 01 Smokin' And Ridin'        
Ja Rule feat. Lil Mo I Cry 2001      
Ja Rule feat. Lil' Mo & Vita Put It On Me 2001      
Ja Rule feat. Lil Wayne Uh Ohhh        
Ja Rule feat. Lloyd Where I'm From 2004      
Ja Rule feat. Memphis Bleek Murda 4 Life        
Ja Rule feat. Memphis Bleek & Tah Murdah The Murderers        
Ja Rule feat. Missy Elliott & Tweet X        
Ja Rule feat. Nemesis World's Most Dangerous        
Ja Rule feat. Ronald Isley Daddy's Little Baby        
Ja Rule feat. Shade Sheist It's Your Life        
Ja Rule feat. Tah Murdah, Black Child & Dave Bing Die        
Ja Rule feat. Tah Murdah, Black Child & Jayo Felony Extasy        
Ja Rule feat. Trick Daddy & Chink Santana Life Goes On 2004      
Ja Rule feat. Vita Put It On Me        
Ja Rule feat. Vita and 01 Furious 2001      
Ja Rule feat. Young Life & Chink Santana Emerica 2002      

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