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Snap! Cult Of Snap 1990 18/11/1990 27 8
Snap! Mary Had A Little Boy 1990 10/03/1991 18 11
Snap! Mega Mix 1991 02/06/1991 28 6
Snap! Ooops Up 1990 02/09/1990 4 18
Snap! Rhythm Is A Dancer 1992 26/07/1992 3 19
Snap! Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 2003 06/07/2003 32 3
Snap! The Power 1990 24/06/1990 13 20
Snap! feat. Niki Haris Exterminate! 1992 28/02/1993 50 1
S.N.A.P. Baby, Can You Feel My Love        
S.N.A.P. Snap Your Body!        
Snap Doo Wah Diddy 1979      
Snap Roly, Roly, Roly, Poly 1979      
Snap ie? De geile krokodil 2005      
Snap! Angel (Rays Of Love)        
Snap! Beauty Queen 2005      
Snap! Believe In It 1992      
Snap! Believe The Hype 1990      
Snap! Blasé Blasé 1990      
Snap! Colour Of Love 1991      
Snap! Don't Be Shy 1992      
Snap! Dream On The Moon 1994      
Snap! Etrenity        
Snap! Ex-Terminator 1992      
Snap! Green Grass Grows (Earth Follows) 1994      
Snap! Homeboyz 1992      
Snap! I'm Gonna Get You (To Whom It May Concern) 1990      
Snap! It's A Miracle (People Need To Love One Another) 1994      
Snap! It's Not Over 1994      
Snap! Jumping 2008      
Snap! Keep It Up 1990      
Snap! Madman's Return 1992      
Snap! Mary Had A Little Boy (Remix) 1990      
Snap! Megamix 2009 2010      
Snap! Money 1992      
Snap! Only Human 1990      
Snap! Rhythm Is A Dancer (Remixes 2010) 2010      
Snap! Rhythm Is A Dancer 2008 2008      
Snap! Rhythm Is A Dancer Remix '96 1996      
Snap! Sample City 1992      
Snap! See The Light 1992      
Snap! The Power Of Shanghai        
Snap! Waves 1994      
Snap! Where Are The Boys, Where Are The Girls? 1994      
Snap! Who Stole It? 1992      
Snap! Witness The Strength 1990      
Snap! feat. Einstein Ex-Terminator 1992      
Snap! feat. Einstein The Power '96 1996      
Snap! feat. Maxayn And Turbo B. Gimme A Thrill 2000      
Snap! feat. NG3 Ooops Up! 2003      
Snap! feat. Niki Haris Do You See The Light (Looking For) 1993      
Snap! feat. Rukmani Rame 1994      
Snap! feat. Sarah Martin Excited 2006      
Snap! feat. Summer Syn Perk Dump 1995      
Snap! feat. Summer The First The Last Eternity 1994      
Snap! feat. Summer The World In My Hands 1994      
Snap! feat. Summer Welcome To Tomorrow 1994      
Snap! vs. Motivo The Power (Of Bhangra 2003) 1990      
Snap! vs. Plaything Do You See The Light 2002      
Snap! vs. Twin When You're Near        
Snapcase Energy Dome        
Snapcase Truth Hits Everybody        
Snapped Ankles Drink And Glide        
Snapped Ankles Rechargeable        
Snapped Ankles Rhythm Is Our Business        
Snapped Ankles The Prince Is Back        
Snapper Buddy 1988      
Snapper Cause Of You 1988      
Snapper Death And Weirdness In The Surfing Zone 1988      
Snapper Hang On 1988      
Snapper Snapper        
Snappie Ki, ka koe, konijn 2005      
Snappie Nanananana, Snappie hou op! 2005      
Snappie Snappie de kleine krokodil 2005      
Snappie Snappie, Snappie? 2005      
Snapshot A la carte 1984      
Snapshot Aber dabei 1983      
Snapshot Dans dans med mig 1983      
Snapshot De kolde hvide rum 1983      
Snapshot Dejligt du kom 1984      
Snapshot Du og jeg 1989      
Snapshot Gi'r du et knus 1983      
Snapshot Helge 1988      
Snapshot Hvordan tror du jeg har det 1983      
Snapshot Made in Hong Kong 1985      
Snapshot Savner dig lidt 1985      
Snapshot Sommer med dig 1985      
Snapshot Sommer, sommer 1985      
Snapshot Souvenir 1983      
Snapshot Tid til lidt kærlighed 1988      
Snapshot Ud af køen 1983      
Snapshot med Bamse Hej smukke 1984      

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